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The camera fades back in to show DME and Atomsk while the guards of Valhalla and Heimdall would had their eyes on the duo.

"So… any ideas or do I just take these guys out." DME whispered to Atomsk while he kept his eye on Heimdall.

Atomsk took a moment to think before speaking.

"I say...go nuts."

DME chuckles before looking to Heimdall.

"Word of warning all seeing eye… unless you point those weapons another way… I won't be held responsible for what I'll do." DME said with a grin while killing intent was felt by everyone as the intent grew stronger and stronger.

"Do your worse." Heimdall said.

DME shrugged before he spoke up again.

"Alright… and one last thing if Odin's watching, we came here by accident, we were heading to this Dimensions Earth and got taken here for some reason… just straightening things out first… now… still want to fight or…" DME said with a twisted grin before he vanished and reappeared a moment later before the guards fell to the ground with groans which showed that they were still alive.

Heimdall was shocked when he saw that.

Atomsk smirked after watching that.

"So why not pass a message to Odin that the Mask or someone related to the Mask that Loki made is back… I'm sure Odin will be interested in hearing that, Atomsk and I will wait here if you want since I don't want to get into a battle right now, I'm just defending myself after all…" DME said while he keeps the chilling grin on his face.

Heimdall took a moment to think before speaking.

"I will...pass this message to Odin. Try not to cause...severe trouble."

DME shrugged before he spoke up.

"I'm already dealing with that annoying reality bender and I don't need the Norse God's on my ass as well, the only reason I didn't kill these guards was simple if a guy as smart as you thought about it, Like I said, Atomsk and I will wait here." DME said while he points right where he and Atomsk stood.

"Very well. I shall return with what Odin has to say." Heimdall said before he heads to the castle.

DME then placed his hands behind his hands before looking to Atomsk.

"Well, might as well get this story started and get these guys back on their feet, you speak to the readers, I'll wake these guys up." DME said while he approved a downed guard.

Atomsk nods to DME before looking at the readings.

"Hey everyone, sorry you had to see that...but at least no one got hurt or killed. Anyway, welcome to ch.10 of DDS. I, along with DME and TME, if he was here, like to apologies for the late update to DDS. He and I were busy with other stuff, plus with the whole Hurricane Irma thing. Which by the way, we hoped that anyone that lived by where the hurricane hit were okay and safe. So while me and DME wait for Heimdall, we hope you enjoy reading this." Atomsk said while DME grabbed a guard's arms, placed his knee on the guard's back and pulled back his arms while the guard screamed while DME had a half lidded look on his face before and heading to another guard after letting go while the first Guard used his arms to support his body.

Atomsk cringed for what's about to happen.

"And now let's roll the story." He said before the scene changes to Rachel's house as the sun rose while another guard screamed from DME repeating his action.

S.B. Dimension/ Rachel's home/ Lillum's guest room/ Cedric, Rachel, Rachel's heartless (Female form) (Bed one)/ Azure, Sticks (Bed two)

The sun shown through the Window before the light slowly heads towards Cedric's bed.

Thankfully, Rachel and the Heartless were out of the ray's reach… but Cedric got hit in the face by the sunlight.

Said wolf groans a bit from that before he moved his head a pit from the sun's rays before opening his eyes a bit.

A sound got his attention a moment later from nearby, his waking brain didn't fully register it until the noise starts to sound familiar… and it was coming from Azure's bed.

Cedric finally regained his vision so he can see who was making that noise.

To his shock… Sticks had removed the blanket from her and Azure...and was deep throating Azure's dick for some reason while she made gagging noises while Azure blushed in her sleep.

Cedric blushed at the sight before speaking.

"Morning Sticks."

Sticks looked over before smirking while she pulled away for a moment.

Instead of saying anything right now, she got off the bed and bent down to show Cedric her ass before she resumed blowing Azure in her sleep while she used one hand to play with herself.

Cedric's hollow spoke up a moment later in his head.

"Hot damn look at that ass!, you just gonna sit there or join?, cause this is hot either way." Cedric's hollow said with a perverted tone.

Cedric hate to admit it, but his hollow form was right about that.

"You're right it is hot. But you forget that we have Rachel and her heartless sleeping soundly and I don't want to wake them up." Cedric mentally said.

"We got ninja skills right?, use one to switch with the blanket that Sticks tossed away." The Hollow suggests to Cedric.

"Hmmm...that could work, but aren't those skills reseted after entering Rachel's world?" Cedric mentally questioned.

"Try and remember… the power is reset, not the know how or you wouldn't be able to fight like you did, you can test it, and besides do you want to miss a chance at that ass now and get rid of that boner?, You got a boost of stamina and she didn't, might as well get a sample before she levels up and makes it tough for you." The Hollow said while Sticks slid a finger in her hole.

Once again Cedric had to agree with his hollow form. He really had to get rid of that boner.

'Oh what the hell.' He thought before he did the hand signs to switch places with the blanket.

For a moment, nothing happened before a poof of smoke appeared from the Blanket and Cedric before it fades to reveal that Cedric was where the blanket was and the blanket was where he was which was hugged by Rachel and her Heartless when the Blanket was warm thanks to Azure's body heat.

Sticks noticed, and while she had questions, decided to hold back for now when she noticed his erection and wiggles her ass while continuing to blow Azure who pants a bit faster.

"Oh freaking yes, a tight ass to help get the day started." Cedric's hollow thought while Sticks continues to wiggle her ass.

Cedric blushed again before feeling his dick twitch.

He couldn't wait anymore. So he got behind Sticks before grabbing her hips.

He angled his dick to the badger's ass before rubbing it which caused Sticks to shudder before she stopped sucking to look back while the hollow spoke up.

"Remember the top bitches lesson, turbocharge your dick and short out her systems." Cedric's hollow thought with a perverted tone.

Cedric sweatdrop from that before he acknowledges the advice before he inserts his dick inside Sticks's ass.

Stick's eyes widen at the action before she calmed down a moment later and resumed to blow Azure while her dick starts to twitch in Sticks mouth.

Cedric groaned a bit from how tight said badger's ass was.

'Oh man, her ass feels great.' Before he starts thrusting.

For a few minutes nothing happened other then the sound of slapping flesh before Azure let out a small groan before she unloads right in Sticks mouth which showed that her body shuddered as a result.

Stick's eyes widen a bit from the amount before she tries to drink it down but slowly fails.

"Damn… if it was a guy then I would be pissed but a sight like that is hot!" Cedric's hollow said with a perverted tone.

Cedric agreed with his hollow form as he continues to thrust in Sticks's ass.

A bit after she stopped cumming, Sticks pulled away with a gasp before looking to Cedric.

"Keep going, show me what you got before I go level up." Sticks moans out with half lidded look, lust filled eyes.

Cedric groans before smirking at Sticks.

"Ask and you shall recieve my cute badger." He said before he used his hollow form's advice and caused electrical energy to go into his dick which caused electrical energy to shock the inside of Sticks's ass which caused her to gasp out while her mind barely registered the pain and more on the pleasure.

Cedric groans again as he continues thrusting before he brought his fingers to Sticks's pussy.

Before Cedric could do anything else, the bed shifts which got the duo's attention which showed that Azure sat up and her legs hanged off the bed around Sticks while she still had an erection… the look in her eyes seemed unfocused, like she was still waking.

Cedric sighed with relief for a bit before he resumes thrusting in Sticks's ass with a little more boost before he starts fingering her pussy.

"G-Good mor-!" Sticks tried to say before Azure gripped the top of Sticks head and to hers and Cedric's shock, forced Sticks to fully take Azure's dick into her mouth and gagged greatly while Azure spoke up.

"Shut the fuck up bitch and don't you dare stop or I'll make you regret it." Azure said with a cold tone when she forced Sticks's head back and forth on her dick while the hollow spoke up.

"Uhh… by any chance… is she still dreaming or think this is a dream?, Cause I remember that the big breasted bitch said that Azure was the dominant one of the ladies." The hollow wondered while Azure kept the cold look on her face.

Cedric lift his head a bit and was surprised to see that her eyes were opened but doesn't seemed to be angry at him.

"Definitely dreaming." He mentally thought.

"Try saying something." The hollow suggests since it was a bit hard to tell with the cold look on Azure's face while she continues to use Sticks head as her toy.

Cedric's eyes widen from that.

"Are you crazy?!" He mentally questioned.

"You got a better idea to be sure?" The hollow countered since they were dick deep in Sticks's ass.

Cedrice had no way to counter it before he sighed in defeat.

"Uh...Azure? Are you awake?" He asked.

Azure just looks to him before speaking up.

"Just keep quiet and fuck her ass or I'll make you my bitch by doing the same thing to you that you're doing to her." Azure said with a dominant cold tone while pulling and holding Sticks's head all the way on her dick to prove that she wasn't kidding about that before pulling her head away which caused Sticks to gasp before Azure repeats the action again.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that before paling at the thought.

"Y-Yes Azure. Sorry my love." He said before he resumed thrusting in Sticks's ass with a little more electric boost before he continues fingering the badger's pussy.

Sticks could barely breath thanks to Azure, she was getting electrocuted in her ass, and Cedric was fingering her.

All in all, she was caught off guard but she was loving every second of this while she tried to breath when Azure pulled away a few times to let her breath.

"Damn, the big breasted bitch wasn't kissing, Azure really is aggressive… and if this is her just warming up then I worry for our body." The Hollow said with a tone that said he was feeling the opposite when he pictured an aggressive Azure going against him.

Cedric was in the same boat as he continues thrusting in Sticks's ass while fingering her pussy.

For a few minutes nothing happened before Sticks felt Cedric's dick twitching while Azure was now slamming Sticks's face and thrusting her hips which made it look like she was fucking her throat.

Cedric felt his dick twitch as well, but he was gonna make sure to hold his climax a bit longer before going rougher on Sticks's ass.

Sticks groans around Azure's dick before Azure gripped Sticks's head with both hands before speaking to Cedric.

"Lift her from the bed and set her on her feet." Azure ordered Cedric while she pulled Sticks's head off her dick which caused her to gasp and cough from her throats abuse.

Cedric was a bit worried for Sticks before doing what Azure said while Azure supported her by holding her head in the air before Sticks was held in the air by the duo and was set on her feet while Sticks had her hand on Azure's hips to support her body.

A moment later, Azure looked to Cedric before speaking up.

"Start fucking her again, disobey and I'll make you beg me to stop after a few days of fucking." Azure said with a cold look on her face.

Cedric was nervous, but felt turned on after hearing that. But was worried if it was that kind of fucking, or the...other.

He didn't want to make her angry however.

"Yes dear." He said before he resumed thrusting hard in Sticks's ass before adding more electric boost to his dick.

Sticks gasped out before Azure took the chance to force Sticks to take her dick into her mouth before she starts to thrust her hips with a cold look still on her face, and it was hard to tell if she was blushing or not thanks to her red fur.

While that was going on, the trio didn't notice Rachel and the Heartless waking up.

"Hmmm, what's going on...oh my God." Rachel said with wide eyes while blushing at the scene.

The Heartless noticed as well but looked to Rachel before she wrapped an arm around Rachel's waist after using the blanket between them to cover their bodies with the first blanket and after placing her other hand over her mouth, grew a dick which shot right into her ass with no warning before she starts to hump Rachel while her hand prevented her from speaking up while Rachel was forced to watch the show in front of her while the pleasure of the heartless was sent back to her..

Said hedgehog was shocked at what her heartless was doing before she starts moaning in the heartless's hand.

Thankfully for the duo, they were to silent while Azure kept quiet when she felt her dick twitching, however instead of saying anything she just forced Sticks to deepthroat her dick before she starts to unload in her mouth and throat while semen flowed out of her mouth and nose while she gurgled from the unexpected cumshot while Azure showed no mercy by holding her still.

Cedric groaned as well before he unloaded a big dose of his cum in Sticks's ass. There was an electric charge added to his semen which caused Sticks to scream when she felt herself getting close but cursed her stamina when she didn't cum yet.

After a few more seconds and when Sticks felt like passing out, Azure pulled Sticks's head off of her dick which showed a face that showed that Sticks was twitching, while she tried to recover.

Cedric grunted before he stopped cumming. However, he didn't pull out.

Azure noticed before she looked around the room before realizing what happened, but even if she woke up now, she was now pissed which caused her to pull Sticks off of Cedric by force and tossed her on the bed before walking to Cedric with a cold look in her eyes, and on the way she looked to Rachel when she noticed shifting covers which showed that Rachel was getting it from her heartless before she looked to Cedric… with an even colder look.

"I… am a little scared now, impressive for many reasons." The Hollow said while Azure stopped in front of Cedric.

Cedric was backing up a bit before he was at the wall while Azure continued to walk till she stopped in front of him after she pressed the flame like icon which returned her to normal and tossed the dildo which conked Rachel on the head.

Said hedgehog groaned from that while watching.

"You know, thanks to that wake up call, I feel refreshed, but I'm also extremely pissed now, mind guessing why?" Azure said while looking right into Cedric's eyes.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"It's because I did something stupid as usual and I broke a rule?"

"Oh no… you didn't per say, but I'll explain and leave you and Rachel to think about it when I leave, Rachel and I made a bet and from what I can guess, we lost, and somehow ended up in Lillum's room, now tell me, since you probably trained with Lillum, did you do anything with Sticks or Rachel last night?" Azure asked while keeping a blank look on her face now.

Cedric was really nervous before speaking.

"For my test...it was with Rachel and the heartless."

However that seemed like a very bad move when Azure's body emitted a purple mist for half a second.

"I see…, and Sticks blowing me and you screwing her ass is because?" Azure asked while she waits for an answer.

Cedric then said this.

"Azure, we both know that if I say anything else, you'll end up getting angry and probably hate me."

"Oh I'm angry alright, but not about that per say since I did get a bit of Anger out on Sticks and we did agree to give her a shot… I'm pissed at the order… try to think for a second, who was first, second, third,.. And now fucking last to you." Azure said before she turned away and after grabbing her clothing, walked out of the door and if anyone was in her way… anyone would feel bad for them.

Cedric was confused before his eyes widen in realization.

"What have I done? Azure wait." He called out.

"Dude, I have to say let her cool down for now, remember what Emerald said, you'll only make things worse and probably get punched through a wall, besides I think Rachel took that hard as well." The Hollow said to Cedric to get him to see reason.

Cedric sighed with defeat after remembering what Emerald's clone said to him.

Rachel felt bad as well after realizing what happen.

Sticks groans on the bed before she sat up while holding her head.

"Oh my head… I may like it rough but not that rough." Sticks said with a slightly sore sounding voice while she used a towel nearby to wipe her face and body clean, though she still needed a shower.

"You okay Sticks?" Cedric asked with concern while not facing her.

"Ugh... I think so, I'll need to get something for my aching throat later." Sticks said while she tried to clear her throat to help it get to normal.

Cedric however just slide down to the floor before putting his head in his hands

"Oi, what the hell are you doing?, we might not be able to go to Azure now, but there are a few people here who could talk to her for us." The Hollow said before Rachel or Sticks could say anything.

"Probably not a good idea. I mean who am I gonna ask to vouch for us?" Cedric mentally questioned.

"Maybe Emerald or the big breasted bitch, or even Charles, now before you say anything stupid, Charles is a kid and seems to keep her calm around him, I still recommend the first two since they can actually speak with her, Charles is a backup, still, if you won't go, I'll force you since I don't want to lose Azure to anyone else… are you gonna let that happen?, just think of Azure in another man's arms." The Hollow thought to provoke Cedric into action.

Cedric frowned before speaking

"Like hell I'm gonna let that happen."

"Then get dressed and get your ass moving, the others should be up by now." The Hollow said to hurry Cedric along.

Said wolf acknowledged it before he got up and went to get his clothes.

It was only a few minutes before Cedric was fully dressed.

Stick watched what was going on before speaking up.

"Where are you heading Cedy?" Sticks asked with a slightly confused tone since he was mostly silent to her.

Cedric sighed before looking at his badger girlfriend.

"To try and fix things with Azure. I did something stupid and I need to fix it or I might lose her forever." He said.

Stick's eyes widen before looking to Rachel while the Heartless pulled free of her ass which caused semen to flow from her ass before the heartless sat up to look to Rachel.

Said hedgehog pants a bit before looking at her heartless.

The Heartless just tilts her head since she was having trouble with getting the situation.

Rachel shook her head before looking at Cedric with a concern look.

"Cedy, we have to fix this." She said.

"Have Rachel and Sticks go get Lillum while you get Emerald, I get a feeling we'll need both of their help." The Hollow said while surprising Cedric by actually calling Lillum by her name.

Cedric was surprised that his hollow got Lillum's name right before acknowledging that advice.

"Okay, you two go find Lillum, while I get Emerald." He said.

Rachel nods to her boyfriend before she gets up from bed, followed by a groan.

"You ok Rachel?" Sticks asked with a concerned look while she stood up like she wasn't just used like a toy for Azure and Cedric which showed that her stamina kicked in.

"Y-Yeah. Apparently while you three were doing it, this one over there decided to give my ass a good fucking." Rachel replied before pointing at her heartless.

Sticks got a bit confused while the Heartless tilts her head.

"Must have been that you got horny or something, aren't you two connected?" Sticks asked with a raised eyebrow.

Rachel shrugged before speaking.

"Yeah, pretty much." She said before grabbing her clothes and tried to get dressed.

Sticks walked in the bathroom to wash up while Looking to Rachel.

"Wanna share the shower?, no surprises since we need to hurry and fix this." Sticks said with a serious tone.

Rachel nods to her with a serious look.

"Alright, while you two get cleaned, I'm gonna find either Lillum or Emerald." Cedric said.

Sticks nods before she walked over and grabbed the back of Rachel neck and before she could react, set her on Stick's skirt and shoved her into the bathroom before a crash was heard while Sticks looked to Cedy.

"I'll help Rachel get ready, you go on ahead now." Sticks said before she walked into the bathroom and shut the door while the Heartless tilts her head before looking to Cedric.

Cedric looks to the Heartless before speaking.

"Just wait here till they're done." He said.

The Heatless nods before she got off the bed and sat on the edge while the more adult features of her body vanished which just gave her a female mobian shaped figure.

Cedric then left the room before closing door.

He then came downstairs to look for Lillum or Emerald

Thankfully, Emerald was in the living room in his cat mobian form while he rests his arm on Maite while she laid against his body, it looked like the date yesterday went well from the pleased expression on Maite's face, they seemed to be watching TV and Emerald noticed Cedric.

"Hey Cedric, Wanna join us?, I'm seeing what is on right now before we start lessons later, maybe get that hollow under control first." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

"Uh...maybe later. I was gonna ask you something but do you know where Lillum is?" Cedric asked.

Emerald raised an eyebrow before responding.

"Last I saw, she was in the bathroom after she woke, she and Maite went in there and Maite came here first, so Lillums now relaxing." Emerald explained while he sent a slightly teasing grin Maite's way.

Said hedgehog blushed while snuggling with Emerald

"So do you need something?, or do you need Lillum herself?" Emerald asked with a raised eyebrow.

Cedric rubbed the back of his head before speaking.

"Well...I need you both, but you and Maite are enjoying each other's company so I shouldn't bother you.

"Nonsense, you seem troubled, Hey Maite, wanna help Cedric a bit by listening to him?" Emerald said while he adjusts his body to make himself and Maite comfortable.

"Sure Emerald. Just tell us what happened Cedric." Maite said with a smile.

Cedric blushed a bit before speaking.

"Okay, I did something stupid and Azure is really mad at me."

"Uh… on a scale of 1 to 10 since you seem to do that a lot." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face since Cedric does get Azure angered easily.

"I would say 9.5." Cedric said.

"Dang… Ok, time to get serious, explain what happened to cause it." Emerald said with a rare serious look on his face.

"Okay. While Azure and Rachel went to deal with Sticks, I asked Lillum to train me on how to please a woman so that way my first time with the two would be special. I also want to make sure to please Sticks because I have feelings for her now. Anyway Lillum brought them to the room and gave me a test. Sticks was tired and Azure was out cold, so, and I'm sorry to say this Maite, I did it with Rachel and the Heartless. So the next day Azure was upset that I didn't take her first since she was my first girlfriend." Cedric explained while feeling bad.

"Well aside from so many questions I have now about you bumping uglies with a tiny puff ball, I don't think it's the fact that she was last that pissed her off but the fact that you went for two technical strangers first, I mean you recently met Sticks and the heartless recently right?, so I think that's why she's pissed." Emerald said while he took a thinking posture.

Maite shook her head at the wolf while blushing a bit knowing that Rachel had her first time with Cedric.

"Well first I should point out that the Heartless can shapeshift into a woman's body. And now second...Dang. I really have to fix this. I don't want to lose her."

Emerald sighed before looking to Maite.

"Wanna help repair a relationship Maite?" Emerald asked while he got up all of a sudden after he made sure Maite sat up first.

Said hedgehog got up before speaking.

"Absolutely. Seeing how desperate he wants to fix things with Azure shows how responsible he is."

Emerald then returned to his human form before he seemed to zone out for a moment while his eyes glow before he blinked a few times.

"Found her, and thankfully she's near an area that Maite and I been to before… we had some fun at the end of the date to help break in my mobian form." Emerald said with a teasing grin.

Maite blushed before she playfully slap his arm.

Cedric blushed a bit after hearing that before speaking.

"Let's just find Azure so I can fix this."

Emerald nods before he touched Maite and Cedric's arms before they vanish with a flash of light.

S.B. Dimension/ ?/ Emerald, Maite, Cedric

When they appeared, they found themselves at a cliffside that looked over a beautiful cape… and at the distance Azure was sitting at the cliff side while she had her head on her knees.

Emerald gave the shushing gesture before he tapped Maite before he points to Azure to see if she could break the ice first.

Maite nods to him before she approaches the troubled feline.

It wasn't long till Maite was behind her.

"Hey Azure. You wanna talk?" She asked with a concerned tone.

"Can you three leave… I'm not in the mood." Azure said with twitching ears which caused Emerald to sigh.

"Freaking heightened hearing." Emerald said before he approached Azure and sat next to her.

"We already heard about what happened from Cedric…, and while I get while you are mad… I'm also disappointed in you." Emerald surprisingly said which caused Azure to jolt before glaring at him.

"What?" Azure growled out before Emerald surprised everyone by bopping her on the head before speaking up.

"Before you respond, you should think for a moment after I explain this, you maybe Cedric's first girlfriend but you have to understand that your sharing Cedric so things are going to be hard at first, you can ask Maite after I'm done since she is the newest lady in the group." Emerald said while Azure waits for Emerald to get to the point.

"Simply put, from what I heard, you were knocked out, and Rachel was awake at the time, and since Rachel's heartless was connected to her, you got to expect a package deal with those two now, and for Sticks… well she did jump him in the bathroom and you got irritated at him so what is the real issue?" Emerald asked which caused Azure to frown.

"Fine… it's because Cedric seems to get more and more women who seem to get in the way before I can do anything personally, and knowing this pattern if it's a repeating thing, I'm sure there are others just waiting around the corner who will continue to do that… I'm… pissed off that I never seem to get even a short time alone with him and I feel like the one who is the third wheel in a sense." Azure said with a slight blush on her face.

Maite felt sad after hearing that while Cedric who was silent, now felt very terrible about this.

'Oh Azure. If only I knew.' He thought while a tear left his eye.

"Hmm… how about this… you and Cedric go on a double date with Maite and myself to show you you around town, after that you two can pick out certain spots to hang out at alone… and probably have your own one on one fun if you get what I mean while Maite and I do the same." Emerald teased to help diffuse the situation.

Maite blushed big after hearing that while Cedric had the same reaction and hoped that Azure agrees.

Azure had a thoughtful look on her face before speaking up.

"Yeah right, we would get attacked again most likely, either from another assassin or a robot, what guarantees that you can stop that." Azure asked which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"Oh don't worry, with a little help, you two can enjoy some serious one on one time… that's a promise." Emerald said while he got a serious look while his eyes glowed a bit which showed how serious he was which caused Azure to sigh.

"...Fine, I'll give it a shot, but I'm not expecting much since the track record here isn't good." Azure said before she stood up with Emerald doing the same.

Maite also stood as well.

"So Cedric, want to say anything?" Emerald said while looking to Cedric with one eye.

Cedric did want to say something before he approached the trio.

"Azure I am so sorry about everything. If only I knew what you wanted. Well this time I'm gonna fix this by giving you a real first date since the last one got ruined due to the assassin targeting me. But anyway, I promised Azure that during this date, it's gonna be all about you." Cedric said.

Azure gave him a look that showed she was having a hard time believing it.

"Are you sure, I mean what if something else happens… I just feel like the world is screwing with me and making it so I can't find love… you remember my story right?" Azure said while she looked to the ground with a blank expression on her face.

"I remember Azure. And you're not the only one. I was in the same boat too thinking I wasn't gonna find love. But I have you now, along with Rachel and Sticks. But you are important to me Azure and you do deserve to be loved, because I love you Azure."

However instead of being cheered up, she just sighs.

"Whatever... let's just head back and get this over with, I'm still expecting an island to blow up or for an Amy or someone related to her getting kidnapped." Azure said with an even worse mood than before.

Cedric felt shocked that Azure didn't respond to his "I love you." It was reminding him of Kyra.

"R-Right let's get going." He said while hoping Azure will feel better.

Maite was shocked at said feline's response. Now she was getting a bit upset for that.

Emerald looked to Maite with a slightly worried tone before he spoke up.

"Alright, before things get worse, let's head back so we can sit in chairs and talk." Emerald said before he summoned a clone that touched before he and Maite vanished before Emerald did the same with his students.

S.B. Dimension/ Rachel's home/ living room/ Emerald, Maite, Cedric, Azure

When the group reappeared, the clone vanished before Azure just sat on a sofa nearby and closed her eyes while Emerald frowned before looking to Maite and Cedric.

Said Cedric didn't say anything for a few seconds before speaking up.

"I'm gonna go get ready." He said before going up stairs.

"I'll let you keep an eye on Azure Maite, I'll be back." Emerald said before he vanished in a flash of light which left her alone with a depressed Azure.

Maite sighed before she sat down next to her.

"I understand how upset you are, but how long do you want to keep hurting him?" She asked.

Instead of getting angry she opens one eye which looked to Maite.

"Have you ever lost control of your powers?, have you destroyed an entire village with many good people in it?, I mean no insult when I say this but I've seen people I care about die while your home and your ex's are still alive… so tell me… how do you understand me?" Azure said with a blank look in her eyes.

Maite was shocked after hearing that before speaking.

"Well I'm might not understand that...but I do how it is to feel hurt. However, Cedric seems to be the only one that understands you. I mean you should've been there at breakfast. He was worried of losing control to his hollow form." Maite said.

"Then tell me how you got used to Emerald already?, you heard them, there are more ladies in his life but unlike Rachel and Sticks, Emerald seems to have you and Lillum on a daily basis only and there system of sorts which keeps things in control." Azure asked with her head resting on the chair while a couple pair of footsteps were heard before Rachel and Sticks walked down the stairs before they noticed Azure.

"AZY!" Sticks called before she rushed over and hugged her… but instead of reacting, Azure didn't react except for looking to her for a moment.

Rachel was worried about that before speaking.

"Thank Möbius you're safe Azure we were worried for you."

"Whatever…. It's not like I was in real danger." Azure said in a blank tone while she stares at the ceiling.

Rachel was surprised after hearing that before looking at Maite for answers.

Maite sighed before speaking.

"Apparently after finding Azure, we found out that she never got a little alone time with Cedric. So Emerald suggested that they go on a double date with Emerald and I. However she seems to have doubts. Then Cedric tried to help make feel better and said I love you. But sadly her response was whatever."

Rachel was shocked after hearing that before looking at Azure.

"Way to make me out as a bitch." Azure said with a dull tone.

Maite frown at her before speaking.

"I wasn't trying to say it. But you clearly didn't see how hurt he felt after that reply. Now it's gonna remind him about Kyra."

To the trio's shock, Azure chuckles before speaking up with a hurt expression.

"So I'm just causing trouble huh?, makes sense given what my life is like so far." Azure said before she chuckles again.

Maite was now getting angry.

"Okay you need to stop this right now. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't gonna solve anything. You have a troubled past. You think you're the only one? Clearly you never wondered why the assassin was targeting Cedric during your date with him." She said.

Azure then stood up before giving Maite a cold look.

"I can ask the same, do you have the right to say anything?, aside from the occasional eggman attack, the worst you had was getting dumped multiple times before finding Emerald, have you ever got your hands dirty to survive, have you ever been treated by a monster for something you can't control?, tell me… aside from Cedric and possibly the teachers and Daniel… can you even relate to what I'm feeling when life keeps kicking me down the moment I find happiness… monsters attacked the village I was staying at and killed the two people who saved me from death and were like parents to me, then right after you explode like a bomb in the middle of said village, doing more damage then the monsters combined and seeing so many horrified and scared looks…. I didn't say this before but those villagers tried to FUCKING KILL ME!, I WAS FORCED TO RUN FROM THE PLACE I CALL HOME!" Azure said before she yelled at Maite with tears running down her face before she knelt down before speaking up with a low tone.

"...I found that note by chance and decided to leave that world to start over and I thought I finally found someone to actually love, but issues keep happening that just make me feel worse and worse… I Know I'm acting like a Bitch right now, but wouldn't you feel frustrated and angry when things just won't stop getting in your way…" Azure said before she covered her face before actually crying.

The trio was were shocked after seeing that before Maite got up and approached Azure.

She then got on her knees before hugging the sad feline.

"I might not understand your pain. But I will say this...I'm sorry. Even though issues will come, no matter where you are, just remember the people who care and love you now. They're not gonna leave you no matter. But try not to push them away. You deserve happiness."

Little did the girls know Cedric was listening in from upstairs. And he felt very sad for Azure… but what was said next would shock all.

"W-Why… was I born anyway?… I'm… worried that everything is just a dream and I-I'm still in my own world a-alone… I… l-love everyone in the school… here… the teachers… Emerald, Lillum… even Demonga… the students…. Rachel… Cream… Strike...Lavender… Daniel…. But… I love Cedric and I was a complete bitch when he told me he loved me…. *H-Hic*... AAAAAAAHHHHH!" Azure said before she broke down with more crying.

Maite continues to hug Azure while trying to soothe her.

"There there. Everything will be okay."

Rachel was crying at the scene before she went to hug Azure.

"O-Oh Azure. I'm so sorry." She said before crying to tears as well.

Cedric was now crying after hearing it before his hollow spoke up.

"You know… I really feel like murdering those sons of bitches if they try even one thing to harm our woman when we get to Azure's world… and I don't think anyone can stop me." The Hollow growled out with raw anger in his voice.

Cedric frown while still crying.

"I'm thinking of the exact same thing. But I don't think that's what she wants us to do. I don't think killing them will fix it."

"Maybe, but if they harmed her, I doubt you will hold back after hearing this." The Hollow points out to Cedric.

"You're wrong. There would never be any holding back since I'll let out the first time it happens." Cedric mentally thought.

"I'll leave you alone then, but remember, whether you like it or not… if someone harms Azure at all… I'll take over whether you like it or not, even if you get control… I'm your instinct remember and that can never be fully controlled." The Hollow said before falling silent and it's presence fades for now.

"I'll remember that." Cedric mentally thought while he continues to cry.

Meanwhile in the kitchen…

Amy and Sonic were in the kitchen and they overheard Azure's story and Amy practically placing her face on Sonic's chest to cry on it after hearing Azure question why she was born.

Sonic pated Amy on the back to comfort her, while feeling sad for Azure.

A few moments later in the living room, Emerald appeared with a flash of light and got really confused at what was going on.

"Uhhh… do I need to leave for a bit more?, cause I just got done with what I needed to do." Emerald said with a worried look.

Maite looked at him before speaking.

"No, stay. We're trying to help Azure feel better." She said while still hugging said feline.

However to the group's surprise, Emerald grins.

"Oh I got a remedy for that… hey Azure, I hope you don't mind but I got you a gift for your date with Cedric." Emerald said before a box appeared in his hand with a flash of light with a classic style bow which got Azure to stop crying after she calmed down a minute later, though she still made a few sniffles every now and then.

Rachel and Maite wondered what Emerald got her.

Cedric peeked his head a bit to see as well.

Emerald placed it on the ground next to Azure with a smile while Azure sniffed again before she turned to open the present after pulling the bow off.

Azure reached in and pulled out the item which caused her eyes to widen when she saw it was a beautiful black dress, it had no shoulder straps, it was simple and there was heeled shoes and a headband that complete the outfit while Emerald grinned at her reaction.

Rachel and Maite were surprised at how lovely the dress is.

Cedric blushed while thinking how beautiful she would look in that dress.

"But… why... " Azure tried to ask before Emerald gave her a smile.

"I got the four of us a reservation at the best restaurant here on the island, don't ask how since I want to keep some secrets… and I did say that it was a double date at first for the tour only but I don't think you want to do it on an empty stomach." Emerald said while he kept his grin on his face.

Rachel and Maite was shocked that Emerald did that while Cedric had the same reaction but hoped that Azure agrees.

Azure was silent before looking to Emerald.

"And… after eating… it'll just be me and Cedric right?... no one will interrupt?" Azure asked with a tone that was hard to pin down while Emerald nods.

"Yep, I'll have some backup watching around town to make sure you two have a nice night, you may see them but they'll just be doing their own thing." Emerald explained while Azure fell silent to think while the others watched.

Everyone hope that Azure agrees, while Cedric blushed at the thought of him and said feline being alone.

Azure was silent for a moment more before she spoke up.

"Alright… I'll go." Azure said to the group, but it looked like she had a bit of trouble agreeing with herself, probably from the experiences she had.

Everyone, especially Cedric, sighed with relief with that answer.

That's when Maite said something.

"Come on then Azure. Rachel and I will get you ready." She said while said hedgehog agreed with her sister.

Emerald stood up as well while Azure did the same after she placed the items in the box before speaking up.

"Welp, if anyone needs me I'll be heading upstairs to get ready, Maite, what form would you like?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face.

Maite took a moment to think before speaking.

"Hedgehog please."

Emerald grins before he nods and turned to walk upstairs, he knew that Cedric was listening in with his senses and decided to speak with Cedric as well.

Cedric heard the footsteps getting closer. So he used his speed to get up and head to Rachel's room.

While the ladies helped Azure after Emerald left moment later, knocking was heard on Rachel's door before Emerald spoke up.

"Cedric, you decent?... doing things in a girlfriend's room that you shouldn't?" Emerald said before deciding to tease a response out of said wolf.

Cedric blushed in embarrassment before responding.

"Yes, I'm decent."

Emerald walked in before looking at Cedric.

"I'm guessing you heard everything huh?" Emerald said with a look that he wasn't playing around.

Cedric was shocked that he was caught before sighing in defeat.

"Yeah, I did." He said before Emerald then gave a serious look to the wolf before he spoke up.

"Look, I'll try to help with your date as much as I can, but after the meal, it'll be all on you, the ladies and I did our best but it'll be you to get her out of that state she's in, I wasn't lying about getting help, I went to the other students and they agreed to help by looking out for anything suspicious." Emerald said with crossed arms.

Cedric was surprised after hearing.

"Thank you Emerald. I appreciate this. Including everyone else that's doing this. Believe me, I don't want Azure to feel sad about anything." He said.

Emerald sighs at that before speaking up.

"Listen… reality isn't simple and life isn't fair… so I'll give you some advice…" Emerald said while some bad memories flashed through his head which gave him… something like a broken look.

Cedric was a bit concern when he looked at Emerald.

"Um...Emerald?" He called which caused Emerald to sigh before he put a mask up to hide his pain.

"The best I can say is this… no matter what, don't betray or hurt your friends and family…. You might not get what I'm saying now since you don't know what I'm talking about… but believe me, I did actions that I didn't know I did and it really hurt others… so this is the full advice… learn to read people more…" Emerald said while his face was… blank.

Cedric was surprised after hearing this before speaking.

"I have no intention to betray anyone Emerald, but I will follow that advice to the heart."

"Maybe… but what if you had to betray your friends and family in order to protect them?" Emerald cryptically asked before he sighs.

Cedric was confused with that question.

"What do you mean?" He questioned.

"Like I said, you might not get it now thanks to your inexperience and from how young you are, but believe me, I didn't say it for no reason… I'll give some examples if you're willing to listen." Emerald said with a serious look.

Cedric took a moment to think before nodding to Emerald.

"Alright, I'll use yourself, Azure, Rachel, and Sticks as an example." Emerald said to help Cedric get where he was going.

"Alright." Said wolf replied.

"OK, Let's use this situation as an example as a lesson to learn how to read others, whether you like it or not, you seem like a magnet for attracting the ladies, but you have no experience with dealing with them… do you?" Emerald said while he crossed his arms.

Cedric thought he understood women when his parents taught him, but unfortunately with the way he's getting in trouble, it seems he doesn't fully understand women at all.

"Apparently not." He said while putting his head down in shame.

"Don't think I'm insulting you, think for a moment, if it was just Azure you would do fine right?" Emerald said while patting Cedric's head a few times before kneeling in front of him like a father talking with a son of his.

Cedric took a moment to think before speaking.

"Part of me hope it goes well...but the other part worries that I might mess this up." He said with concern.

"That's not what I'm asking… if it was just Azure or Rachel or Sticks or even Kyra if she was here… then would you be having trouble like this?... not a multiple romance but a one on one romance." Emerald asked while he tried to get his question through.

Cedric took another moment to think on this before speaking.

"I say yes."

"Did your parents even explain what happens if you try to date more than one woman?" Emerald asked in a roundabout way.

"No just what I'm suppose to do when I go out with a girl, which is to be a gentleman." Cedric replied.

"While that's all good… and I can't believe I'm saying this…. But acting like a gentleman in this situation won't work 100% of the time, manners are good but you are dating multiple women and possibly more are on the way if we get more female students." Emerald bluntly said to the confused wolf.

Cedric was indeed confused for a moment before he finally understood that part since he remembered what Sticks said in the woods to Rachel.

"I think I understand what you're saying. I also remember what my dad told me about giving what a woman wants." He said.

"Yeah but did he say anything about juggling multiple women in private?, did he have experience in that area?" Emerald asked with a half lidded look.

"My dad never talked much about his past. See back before I was born, my father was one of the leading generals to the Acorn Family, who were supporting the Freedom Fighters that were against the Doctor Robotnik from my dimension. He met my mom back when she was a nurse. But to answer your question, no. I don't think I've seen anyone doing that." Cedric answered.

"I see, nice to know that… but I have one question if so… would you be able to ask your parents advice if the same situation here, happened there?" Emerald said while he sat in front of the wolf.

Cedric took a moment to think on this before speaking.

"Hmmm...to be honest, I don't know. I was always told that if I have to get the job right, then I have to do it myself."

"And is it working now?, doing it yourself is fine but asking others advice if the person is in a similar situation works many times better… and I have an idea that can help you juggle the women in your life and to not piss them off." Emerald said with a grin.

Cedric would like to hear it.

"What is it?" He questioned.

"Simple… use the home field advantage tactic… I use it and it works surprisingly well." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Cedric took a moment to think on that before speaking.

"So what you're saying is, depending which woman goes first on any dimension?"

"Not quite, think of it like this… Emerald said before he summoned a clear bubble in his hand before images of multiple woman's heads appeared, one was of Lillum, and the other of Maite while the rest were strangers to Cedric.

"To put it in simple terms, the women here have a home field advantage in their original home Dimension, and by that I mean they call the shots in their world, for example." Emerald said before the image showed Maite at the top instead of Lillum.

"Maite would be the one who calls the shots since were in her world right now, but because of her inexperience, she is taking Lillum's lessons, which in turn make it so that Lillum is taking the lead for now until Maite gets a better understanding." Emerald said before the images changed while he spoke.

"Same thing in Lillum's home, she calls the shots there… but in your case…" Emerald said before an image of Cedric's head, Azure's head, Rachel's head, and Stick's head appeared.

"You would need to speak with them in order for them to agree to this, but if you do this then things will go many times smoother, mainly for the fact that there is some organization in the group." Emerald said before Rachel's head popped under Cedric.

"If you manage to do so then Rachel, who is the leading lady from this world, followed by Sticks, would be able to call the shots here, but in Angel City, if Azure is really Lavender's sister..." Emerald said before Azure's head popped to the top.

"Then Azure would be able to call the shots, AKA, the home field advantage tactic, there is some issues that need ironing out but this is the best bet that you and I have in order to get things under control." Emerald explained before looking to Cedric to see if he followed so far.

Cedric finally understood what Emerald was saying before speaking.

"I think I finally understood Emerald. I'm gonna have a talk with Azure, Rachel and Sticks later. Hopefully they'll agree to that idea." He said.

"Yeah but what these ladies of your lack is experience, take Azure as an example, she may be calm when not pissed off but she is emotionally unstable, so for now, you'll have to convince Rachel and Sticks to treat her like Lillum, and by that I mean give Azure special treatment, I don't mean to sound like an ass but compared to you, Rachel, and Sticks… Azure had is worse." Emerald simply states to the wolf before waiting for a reaction.

Cedric almost felt insulted before speaking.

"That is true. But I thought Demonga was the ass in this group." He said like a joke.

Though Emerald actually slugged Cedric in the chest which knocks him onto his back before speaking up.

"I may like jokes but this is not the time, Azure is in a critical state right now and she could either live or actually fucking die if something bad happens… remember my saying about breaking the rules and scum…" Emerald said with narrowed eyes to the wolf.

Cedric gave him a serious look before speaking.

"No I have not forgotten your sayings. The last thing I want is anything bad happening to Azure."

"Then listen well since I understand her with 100% of my being… everything…" Emerald said before that broken look was seen on his face.

Cedric was once again spooked by that look.

"Emerald?" He called while Emerald spoke up.

"I… let my guard down once… in a certain world…" Emerald said before he fell silent and looked to Cedric.

"I don't know if I told you this but I have a hunch about who the real leader of that group that you know is… believe me… you get where I'm going with this in a moment." Emerald said with a regretful tone.

Cedric was shocked after hearing this.

"Emerald, you know I really want to know who it is...but judging from the look you have, maybe it's best if I don't know for now." He suggested.

But what the duo, thanks to Emerald's current state, didn't know was that Azure, Rachel, Maite, and Sticks who wanted to help with Azure's makeover, were helping Azure past Rachel's room but they heard something that caused them to stop.

"Maybe… but you might meet him anyway and a warning and a story will help you understand how horrible that man is and why I'm completely understanding of Azure right now." Emerald said from the other side of the door which had a crack in it.

Cedric was now curious.

"Something tells me that the assassin was trying to send you a message if he failed. So who was he?" He asked.

"First off, I want to make one thing perfectly clear… this man has amassed a group of very powerful men… some who could even kill me easily if I don't get serious, in fact I'm sure he wouldn't care if your entire dimension and your enemy assassins group burns and he would just laugh since he's controlling them like puppets." Emerald points out to the wolf.

Cedric was shocked when he heard that. Now he was worried for his friends, Kyra and his mom and sister.

"Go on." He said.

"Now understand Cedric, I'm not telling you this so you can fight them… I'm telling you this so that you and the others run… I'm not saying you're weak… but that how strong they are." Emerald said before continuing.

"And I understand your pain as well… I lost my original family and a person who was like a second father to me from his plans… and nearly lost Lillum as well if I didn't learn a certain ability." Emerald said while he took a moment to let the info sink in.

Cedric was shocked when he heard that before asking.

"Which is what?"

"The ability… to revive the dead in conjunction to fully restore a body to full health.." Emerald said with a look so serious that there was no room for anything else.

Rachel and Maite were shocked that Emerald can do that while Stick' eye's widen in shock while Azure's covered her mouth.

Cedric's eyes widen in shock when hearing that.

'I remember that ability while studying in the academy. I wanted to learn it but Kyra didn't let me see it. Maybe if I can learn it from Emerald, I can use it to revive my dad.' Cedric thought.

"Don't think it's as simple as you might think… I made a certain deal to learn it and Lillum is a perfect example of it's power… since I had to revive her from the dead… but the cost is something that no one should learn unless you have an alternate way of getting around that condition." Emerald said when he noticed where Cedric's thoughts were when he saw the expression on his face.

Said wolf was surprised that Emerald knew what he was thinking before speaking.

"What deal was that?" He asked.

"Learning and using the move is easy as walking… but the normal permanent cost when used the very first time… is the destruction of your soul if you die." Emerald said with a serious look on his face.

Maite and Rachel were shocked before paling at the thought of that deal.

Cedric was more shocked after hearing that.

'Boy. I guess I should thank Kyra for not letting me see that ability.' He thought.

"There are other ways of reviving the dead but they have some kind of sick twist or some kind of hurdle to do… but this ability is a true revival ability… an ability of a god… and I'm not being religious... but in order to learn this… you have to make a deal with the Primal Death… or the very first Death in the entire multiverse and that guy… is someone that not even a god of destruction like Beerus can take, think of him like the Omni-king if you know who I'm talking about." Emerald said while he hoped Cedric passed through a DBZ Dimension or at least heard of him in Angel City.

Said wolf shook his head since he never heard of him which made Emerald sweatdrop before he spoke up.

"Then think like this… unless he is humoring you… then not even all the Elemental's of Angel city combined could stop him... " Emerald said with narrowed eyes.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"I'll make sure to remember that."

"Hopefully you'll never have to meet that being… anyway… I saw the cost of what happens when you die after you use it… since my own master died after he used it… and since I had the ability… I saw his soul shatter right in front of me and I couldn't do a thing." Emerald said with a blank look but his eyes said different.

"Did he...use the ability on you?" Cedric questioned.

"No… I never found out." Emerald said before looking to Cedric.

"He fought the man the assassin spoke of and his right and left hand or second and third in command alone and managed to drive them away during a moment of weakness that I have to this day once ever year… but his injuries were too much..." Emerald said while a few tears feel down his face.

Maite and Rachel were now in tears after hearing that.

Cedric felt terrible when he heard that. That's when he remembered his father's passing.

"I'm sorry to hear that." He said before turning his head away while a couple of tears left his eyes.

"Try and remember boy that unlike your father… my master's soul was destroyed… I can help your father if I can if certain conditions are right… but there is no bringing my master back… once a soul is destroyed, it is game over… no afterlife, reincarnation… nothing." Emerald said with some killing intent in his eyes while he held his rage back.

Cedric was shocked when he heard that but still couldn't face him when felt that killing intent.

Everyone listening in shivered before Emerald calmed down before he spoke up.

"Sorry… I… anyway, I'm not done with telling you who he is and why I understand Azure as well." Emerald said after shaking his head.

Cedric looked at Emerald before speaking.

"It's fine. Maybe you don't have to tell me everything today." He said.

"No… I'll say what I need to say…. The man if he is really in charge… is named Bordux… former Sage of the Master Emerald of Angel City when it was called the Master Core." Emerald said to the wolf.

Cedric was shocked when he heard that before before speaking.

"Wait...did you say Bordux?" He asked.

"Yeah… why?" Emerald said since this thrown him for a bit of a loop.

"Well there was something I left out in the story. You see, me and Kyra both thought that Tosagare had a secret lab for his experiments. After he died, we found a ledger of all his accounts. And in there, we found Bordux's name in the book. Which meant that he was Tosagare's partner. But we never did find him."

What Cedric didn't expect was Emerald being silent.

Cedric was wondering what Emerald was looking at before turning his head and getting the shock of his life at what he saw.

What he saw… was a shocked...frightened look on Emerald's face.

"Then… I'm afraid that Tasogare is still alive if Bordux is working with him…" Emerald said which showed that he heard what happened in Cedric's story.

Cedric was shocked when he heard that.

"N-No...that can't be true. I saw him die. My hollow form made sure of that." He said.

However what Emerald said next would shock all to their core.

"Unless Bordux… or his weapon partner's ability made an exact double of Tasogare…" Emerald said with a look that showed that he knew more than what he was talking about.

Cedric didn't know what to think before he realized something.

"Oh my God. I got warn my group, including Tails and Sonic and...Oh no, my mom and sister...they can be in danger." Cedric said while being in panic mode.

"Don't worry… I know Bordux enough to know one thing, unless we go to your world first… he won't let Tasogare do anything…that is how strong he is, and his right hand man, a giant looking human named Aggro is even stronger, Bordux is the brains and Aggro is the muscle… though I am worried about one thing." Emerald said with a worried look.

"What's that?" Cedric asked while still worried for his friends and family.

"What if Bordux caused the issue with you and your family when you were a kid to get rid of your dad… he seemed like the strongest fighter there right?" Emerald said with a worried tone when he remembered Cedric's story.

Cedric was confused about that before speaking up.

"Well from the stories he tells me about his involvement in the Freedom Fighters, yes. He always told me about this special sword he uses that's been in my family for generations. He said there was special powers in the blade, but I never seen it in action when he trains me. But he did say when I get the sword that someone important would train me on how to use it."

Emerald fell silent when he had a few ideas but he spoke up again.

"And the reason you have a hollow… is probably because of me…" Emerald said with a regretful look on his face.

Cedric was once again confused.

"How is it your fault?" He questioned.

"Remember what I said… Bordux is my enemy but he's also is a smart one… he probably came up with the idea of hollow soldiers by another and used my hollow mask as an example and went with that… and what better than to use those assassins… and yourself… and most likely Kyra if he knows about her in his experiments… I wouldn't put it past him to do that to anger me." Emerald said with narrowed eyes.

Cedric was shocked at the realization before getting angry.

"Emerald...this is not your fault in anyway. But this Bordux has really crossed the line. I don't like being used like a child's toy. But now all I want to do is get strong and maybe finally you, me and everyone else can finally kill him."

However what Emerald said… was shocking.

"Impossible…" Emerald said with shadow's covering his eyes.

"Nothing is impossible. Like Spirit said in orientation, he dies then you bring him back and if you die, Spirit brings you back. Bottom line is no one is that invincible." Cedric said.

"I didn't say he was… remember what I said about Tasogare most likely being a clone?... well Bordux can do the same to himself… and make a clone of himself to do the dirty work while he sits safely in his base." Emerald said while he grit his teeth.

Cedric took a moment to think on that before speaking.

"Then perhaps if we study how he acts, we can beat him in his own game." Cedric suggested.

"You think I haven't tried?... remember that I left my story off… about letting my guard down…" Emerald said while he clinched his hands.

Cedric did remember that part before realizing his error.

"Look Emerald, I'm not trying to cause any damage here." He said trying to calm him down.

"Then shut up and listen… Because what that monster made me do... would make what Azure did seem like a drop of blood compared to the ocean I created single handedly to show you how much of a monster he is..." Emerald said which shocked Azure and Stick's greatly… so much so that they covered their mouths to keep silent while their eyes went wide.

Maite and Rachel were in the same boat as them.

Cedric was shocked when he heard that before shivering a bit from the sound of Emerald's voice.

"It all started in a different Dimension like I said…" Emerald said before the scene flashed back.

?/?/?/ Emerald

Emerald at this point in time was walking along a long path after exiting the town… he was enjoying the view with his hand behind his head as he passed a few people here and there.

For a few moment's nothing strange happened…. Until a person bumped into him and Emerald's body froze in shock when his body wouldn't obey his commands.

"W-What…?" Emerald thought before he heard chuckling and a person walked in front of him… the person who bumped into him.

"Well, well, well, I must say that you really let your guard down… Emerald." the man said before his form shifts before Bordux was seen… and if Emerald could walk or talk, his eyes would be the first thing that would move.

"Hehehe.. Now now, no need to worry, I won't harm you… but I'll be having you harm others." Bordux said with a twisted grin while Emerald had one last thought before his hellish nightmare began.

"No….." Emerald thought before his body turned back to the town while Bordux watched with a grin as a crest appeared on his and Emerald's foreheads before the scene went back to the present.

Present/ S.B. Dimension/ Rachel's home/ Emerald, Cedric

"Obviously that is an abridged slightly edited version to get what caused the situation in the first place… but the part that happened would caused a lot of people to see me as a monster…" Emerald said while he fell silent when he had trouble saying the next part.

Maite and Rachel got teary while hearing it.

Cedric felt bad after hearing it.

"Oh my God, Emerald. I'm so sorry. I had no idea. I feel like a complete jackass now." He said before putting his head between his hands.

"I'm not saying this for sympathy… I'm telling you this to let you know that Bordux wouldn't hesitate unless he finds someway to use you or the others in his plan." Emerald said with a serious expression.

Cedric still hasn't faced Emerald before speaking.

"Yes...but I said things without thinking. I'm a fool."

"Don't think like that, I didn't tell you this to get you down, I told you this to let you know what happened… after I somehow got free of his control…" Emerald said with memories going through his head.

Azure, Sticks,Maite, Rachel and Cedric were shocked after hearing that.

"I still don't know fully how it happened, maybe my predecessor who passed his form and memories to me left some defenses or maybe I was pushed too far and I broke his control somehow… but the damage was already done… I was forced to kill so many people that I'm sure that world is still recovering to this day… and I was forced to watch everything like a backseat viewer while my body did things under Bordux's control." Emerald said when he had trouble remembering how he got free.

Maite couldn't take anymore of this before she grabbed the handle to Rachel's door and opened it making the male duo look in shock.

After seeing the group outside… Emerald got a regretful look on his face since he forgot to keep his senses up before speaking to Cedric after looking to Azure for a moment.

"Listen… after I somehow got back… I was in a similar… no...even a worse state then Azure here… I wanted to kill myself many times… but because of certain reasons… I couldn't… being immortal isn't as fun as others make it out to be… and everyone of my friends managed to keep me grounded… barely." Emerald admits to the group with a blank look while Shadow's covered his eyes.

Azure's eyes widen in shock while Stick covered her mouth in shock.

Maite, Cedric and Rachel were feeling the same thing after hearing that.

Maite then approached Emerald before wrapping her arms around him.

"I'm so sorry Emerald." She said while tears left her eyes while hugging him.

Emerald returned the hug for a moment with one arm before speaking up.

"Sorry you had to hear that Maite, everyone… but I said that to tell Cedric that Bordux is a heartless monster… and Azure…" Emerald said which got Azure's attention.

"Yes?" Azure said while Emerald sighs.

"Don't let your mistakes bring you down like mine did to me… I know you still feel bad even after hearing this… but worse things can happen." Emerald said to Azure who got a thoughtful look on her face.

Everyone else had thoughtful looks.

Cedric still thinks he feels like a fool for not thinking things through after hearing Emerald's story.

Emerald then got up after he had Maite let him go before he stretched his body.

"Well… enough sad stuff, I'll be getting ready for the date, same with Cedric, and Azure still needs help getting ready, so ladies, time for you to leave." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face while he somehow herded the ladies out of the room which surprised Azure and Sticks.

Maite and Rachel were surprised as well before they were out of the room.

"Now before you ladies ask questions, the date is to cheer Azure up, but we can also have fun ourselves, so Maite, Rachel, please help Azure get ready, Sticks, could you head to this location after if you get a chance?, I got some people to help keep an eye out for things and you can lend a hand." Emerald said while summoning a slip of paper and passed it to the confused Badger.

Cedric wondered about that while Maite and Rachel nods to Emerald before Maite motions for him to come closer.

Emerald bent down a bit with a raised eyebrow to hear what she had to say while a question mark appeared over his head.

Instead of speaking, Maite surprised everyone, especially Emerald, when she kissed him on the lips which caused the question mark over Emerald's head to turn into an exclamation mark.

All in all Emerald didn't see that coming which was obvious by the blush on his face and the wide eyes look while he let Maite continue, whether on purpose or from his body freezing, no one would know.

It only took a few moments before Maite separate her lips from Emerald's.

She looked at him with a smile before blushing.

Emerald blinked a few times before he cleared his throat with a blush.

"Uh...well… uh…" Emerald tried to say but couldn't since he was caught off guard again.

Cedric, Rachel, Azure and Sticks were surprised at Emerald's reaction before they heard Maite giggle before she spoke.

"Just to help you feel better."

Emerald blushed a bit more before he shook his head to clear it.

"Well… surprising kiss aside… we should get ready… I'll be out in a moment." Emerald said before bending down and whispering into Maites ear.

"Get ready to have some fun at the end of our date Maite for that surprise kiss, I won't hold back like I did during your first time." Emerald teased with a grin.

Maite blushed before she grinned back at him.

"I love it when you go rough." She whispered back which caused Emerald to grin.

"Oh trust me, you haven't even seen me get serious yet." Emerald whispered back before he turned back to Rachel's room.

"I'll say one last thing to Cedric and get ready, see you ladies in a bit." Emerald said before he closed and locked the door to make sure no one else would surprise him.

Maite continues to blush before speaking.

"Okay girls. Let's get Azure ready for her date." She said before motioning them to follow her.

The rest of the women nod before following while the camera went back into the room.

"Geez… forgot to make sure no one was around.." Emerald muttered before he looked to Cedric and spoke up.

"Where were we again?" Emerald asked since he wanted to get a point across.

"About the warning, the home field advantage thing or something else?" Cedric replied.

"Ah yes… I was telling my shortened story before they came in right?" Emerald said to the wolf.

"Yes. But Emerald, you don't have to say more because I get the picture now. But I do have some things to say." Cedric said.

"Mind if I say one last thing first?" Emerald said with crossed arms.

"Okay." Cedric said.

"I didn't just explain all that for a sob story, I was making a point in that if pushed far enough over the edge… Azure might do something that you would regret for the rest of your life, I understand you two a lot and I'm willing to help in any way I can to make sure you two get along again, trust me, things could be a lot worse if Azure fully lost it." Emerald said to get the point across to the wolf.

"I understand." Cedric said while hoping nothing bad happens.

"So… what do you want to ask?" Emerald asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well first, I want to say thank you for helping me and I appreciate the advice you give me. I'll make sure to follow that. Second, no matter what happens in the past, you're still a great person and an excellent teacher to me." Cedric said.

"Maybe… but that's something I hope you students don't have to deal with for a long time, I also meant what I said, run if you ever meet one of Bordux's men, the weakest is about two to three times stronger than you or the other students right now." Emerald said with a serious expression on his face.

"I understand... mentor." Cedric said which made Emerald chuckle.

"Just Emerald is fine for now…" Emerald said with a teasing grin.

"...Or brother in law will work since I'm dating Maite while you're dating Rachel." Emerald teased with a grin on his face.

"Hehe...yeah." Cedric said before speaking.

"Now I have one more that's been bugging me."

Emerald raised an eyebrow before shrugging.

"Go ahead, it can't be bad right?" Emerald asked with a curious tone.

"Well…back at Angel City, is Cream's mom part of your harem?" He asked

"Uhhh… I… yeah… why?" Emerald asked since that question came out of left field for him.

"Well, when you showed me the chart, I didn't see her picture in there."

"That was just an example with random woman pulled to help explain the home field advantage tactic while I used Maite and Lillum since you know them already, trust me, if I pulled up the full list, you're eyes would pop right out of your skull." Emerald said with an amused tone.

Cedric was shocked after hearing that.

"R-Really?" He asked.

"You do realize that I am way older then I look right?... Anyway… got any more questions?" Emerald asked.

Cedric did have some, but he believed it wasn't right to ask this.

"No, I'm good." He said while Emerald gave him a half lidded look.

"Quick tip with aura users in Angel City… we can tell if a person is lying or not based on how stable their aura is and yours just got really unstable." Emerald explained with a half lidded look.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you...Are you married to some of the women in your harem? And if so are Lillum and Vanilla your wives as well?"

"Huh… thought you would ask a tough question… anyway that is a grey area... yes I am married to some women, Lillum and Vanilla… no for various reasons, Lillum cause… well you already know how she's like right?... As for Vanilla... that conversation never came up, she mainly had me help with her heat for the most part, she's a nice woman and I wouldn't mind but I'm normally away in another Dimension so the chances of asking are slim...as for the others… it was mainly accidents that I got married… for example…" Emerald said before pulling down the collar of his shirt which showed a mark of sorts

Cedric was surprised when he saw that.

"Oh I see. I always assume you were since you're like a father to Cream and all. Which brings to my next question...Did you ever have any kids with them?" He asked.

Emerald blinked a few times before sighing.

"Adopted or by blood?" Emerald asked with a serious look.

Cedric didn't see that coming.

"I would say blood, but let's go with both."

"I adopted and helped raised some kids in certain Dimensions and lost count… as for blood… I try... not to with Bordux around… you should get the reasons right?" Emerald said but it did bring up a question from what Emerald said...tried not to?

Cedric took a moment to think before speaking.

"Right I see what you mean. Now one last question, do you trust Daniel?" He asked.

Emerald was now confused which made him raise an eyebrow before he chuckles.

"I trust all of my students… what's with the question?" Emerald asked with a slightly confused look.

Cedric rubbed the back the back of his head before speaking.

"Well when you had me, Daniel and Rachel to fight you, Cream cheered him on and you gave him a weird grin after he gave her a thumbs up. Everyone saw that you know?"

"... First off I thought it was because she felt bad for him since I'm like a superboss compared to you three… at least that's what I thought till…" Emerald said while he remembered what Cream and Amanda talked about before a rain cloud popped up over his head before it starts to rain on him while everything else was ok.

Cedric sweatdrops before speaking.

"Hehe, right."

"Anything else?" Emerald asked after he swat the cloud away.

"No I'm good." Cedric said which caused Emerald to nod before speaking up.

"Alright, if you think of more, don't hesitate to ask... but for now we should really get ready, here, take this... " Emerald said while he tossed Cedric a similar looking box that Azure received.

"Thanks Emerald. You know if you want, when we go to my dimension, I can set you and Maite up for a nice date there if you want." Cedric said which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"Alright, but for now, get ready, the place is one of those high class places and you'll need the items in the box." Emerald said before he walked to the door and after exiting, made sure he closed it.

Cedric was confused before he starts to open the package.

What he saw was a tuxedo that had all of the trimmings, shoes, tie, etc.

Cedric was surprised when he saw that.

"Wow. Now I really got to thank him." He said before he starts getting dressed while the scene shifts.

S.B. Dimension/ Rachel's dimension/ Azure, Rachel, Maite, Sticks

Shortly after they left Emerald and Cedric, they went to Maite and Amanda's room to get Azure ready for the date.

Azure… seemed conflicted with herself from hearing Emerald's but kept quiet while she followed the group.

Rachel sees this before speaking.

"Are you okay Azure?" She asked with concern.

"I… don't know…" Azure said as honestly as she could, but she still sounded a bit dull with her response, like she was thinking about something when she answered.

Rachel looked Azure in the eyes before speaking.

"Azure, you know if you want to talk about something, I'm hear for you. I love you and Cedric."

Azure nods but kept quiet for a bit to try and word her question right… but Sticks talking with Maite got her attention.

"So Maite, how was your date with Emerald last time?, Seems it went well if you two are joining for a double date this time." Sticks asked with a teasing grin while Azure listened in.

Maite blushed before smiling at Sticks.

"It went great auntie. Like you wouldn't believe it." She said.

Rachel heard that before speaking.

"Well tell us what happened."

Maite smiled again before speaking.

"Well here's what happened…" She said before the scene changes back to Zooey's clothing store right after Emerald got caught on the zippers...

Flashback/ Zooey's clothing store/ Emerald (Cat mobian form), Maite, Zooey

Maite cringed after hearing Emerald yelp before hanging up the phone.

"Are you okay Emerald?" She asked with a worried look.

"Yeah… just thinking that taking a mobian form is a bad idea… hold on, nearly done." Emerald said before rustling was heard for a bit before it got silent.

Maite and Zooey waited for Emerald to finish getting ready.

A moment later, the curtain opened to show a surprising sight.

Emerald was now wearing a green colored jeans with zippers in the middle of the legs to allow the jeans to turn into shorts, he wore a black tank top while his Core was seen which seemed to burn a hole through for some reason, finally he had a dark green scarf to complete the look while he waits for the ladies response to the new look….his form had surprising muscle underneath the previous heavy clothing.

Maite was surprised, but confused about that before she blushed brightly at Emerald.

"Wow Emerald. You look so hot." She said while blushing which in turn caused Emerald to blush for a moment before looking to Zooey to see if the look worked for her.

Said fox was liking what she was seeing. Even though she's married to Tails and loves him, she will admit that Emerald was indeed hot.

"I agree with Maite on that. It definitely works for you." She said which caused Emerald to grin before speaking up.

"So no complaints at all?" Emerald asked before he rubbed the back of his head.

The two shook their heads before Maite spoke.

"Absolutely not. But what's with the green thing and why is it burning a hole in the tank top?"

Emerald sweatdrops before speaking up.

"Well you two can touch it if you want, it won't burn you, as for the clothing, I guess it does that without me knowing, normal clothing doesn't last long in a fight so I don't question it much, best I can say is that this thing is like my Icon." Emerald said to the two ladies.

Maite and Zooey were confused before Maite walked forward.

She put one hand at the core while the other went to his muscled chest.

She was surprised that the core didn't burn her hand before blushing when she felt his chest.

But she felt his Core… beating like a heart surprisingly while she… heard… purring?... from Emerald.

"Are you purring?" Maite asked with a surprised look.

Emerald blinked a few times before realizing he was before grinning.

"What can I say, I got a beautiful woman touching me when all I said was to feel my core, not my fault that you caused it." Emerald teased Maite with a flirting look.

Maite blushed after hearing Emerald call her beautiful before smiling at him.

"Well I'm happy that I'm with handsome man who has a big heart." She said before hugging him.

Emerald blushed a bit but returned the hug before looking to Zooey.

"So how much would this outfit cost?, I'll pay for the shirts for obvious reasons." Emerald said after he hugged Maite for a minute.

Zooey smiled at the sight before speaking.

"Don't worry. This one is on the house." She said.

"Really?, Thanks but are you sure?" Emerald asked since this outfit did seem pricy.

"I'm positive. Since I never seen Maite this happy before. Consider it as a thank you." She said.

"No thanks are necessary, I mean I should thank those idiots since I got to date a woman as beautiful as Maite, though that does make me question their preferences…" Emerald said with 100% honesty… though he got confused a bit at the end… after he remembered the… two dudes at the time.

Maite blushed again at the beautiful comment before she hugs Emerald a little tight while Zooey waved her hand at Emerald before speaking.

"Ah who cares. They got what they deserved. Whenever they dump Maite, she would come to my store and hide somewhere to cry. But I would find her and comfort her in anyway."

Emerald's eye twitched before speaking up.

"Think it would be Overkill if I did more to those bastards?" Emerald asked… with a surprisingly scary look on his face.

Zooey was spooked by that before speaking.

"I don't see why not. But maybe later. Aren't you two still on a date?"

Emerald blinked a few times before he went from scary looking to humored at a scary fast pace when he looked to Maite.

"She has a point, want to get some ice cream?, I should be able to enter the ice cream store now." Emerald said while grinning down to Maite.

Maite smiled at Emerald before she nods at him.

Emerald grins before looking to Zooey.

"Thanks for the outfit again, but we should be going now, I'm making this a date for Maite to remember for a long time after all." Emerald said while teasing Maite a bit with a flirting look again.

Maite blushed before she kissed Emerald on the cheek while Zooey smiled at the couple before speaking.

"It was my pleasure. Now have fun you two." She said.

"Oh we plan to, bye Zooey, tell Tails I said hi and sorry for what Sticks did." Emerald said before he walked out of the store while he gently held Maite's hand.

Maite blushed from that while walking with him before Zooey waved bye to the couple before she resumed her duties.

After a bit of walking… they found themselves at the ice cream store… with a bordered up window while Emerald got a bit nervous which caused his grip to tighten a bit.

Maite felt that before looking at him.

"You okay Emerald?"

"Yeah… just worried we might get kicked out… I did cause a bit of incident here remember?" Emerald said while chuckling nervously.

Maite hugged Emerald to comfort him before speaking.

"Don't worry, if the owner says something, I'll use my secret weapon on him."

"Dare I ask?" Emerald asked cause a woman's secret weapon could be a couple things… both which made him nervous.

Maite giggled before speaking.

"You'll find out." She said before she dragged Emerald in.

At first, the place looked normal, but look back at the wall and you would see a large hole that was boarded up.

The duo walked to the stand and saw a rough looking dog Mobian at the counter who smiled a bit at Maite.

"Hey Maite, been awhile since you've been here, place would look better but some psycho crashed into a cart which crashed into here as you can see…" the vendor said while pointing a thumb at the wall while Emerald sweatdropped nervously.

"I see. Did you get a good look at the guy?" Maite asked while pretending she doesn't know.

"You kidding, Humans are a rarity her so I can't forget him even if I wanted, I personally chewed him out and had him pay for the damages, he said something about your little brother, a bet, and a puddle." The Vendor said while Emerald sweatdrops.

Maite shook her head before speaking.

"That's Charles for you. But can you really blame the guy for that? I mean who else haven't lost a bet to Charles? I'm sure that the man in question feels sorry about that." Maite said.

"Yeah, but why doesn't he speak up for himself instead of hiding behind you… right?" The Vendor said before glaring at Emerald which made him jolt.

Maite was surprised on the inside but kept her cool.

"What makes you think it was him?" She asked.

"Does anyone else here have that thing on their chest" The gender said while tapping Emerald's core which in turn made Emerald facepalm.

Maite also facepalm before speaking.

"Okay, you got us. But come on, Emerald is very sorry about that."

"He crashed through my wall and nearly hurt my customers… I didn't ban him from here because of what I heard, but my irritation at him won't vanish anytime soon." The vendor said with a half lidded look while Emerald rubbed the back of his head nervously.

Maite gave the vendor a half lidded look.

"Okay look, I want to enjoy my date with Emerald, but if you're gonna be like that, then we'll leave. But I'm gonna do something you won't like."

"Look, I'm mainly irritated because of what nearly happened to my customers Maite, I also remembered what happened the last time you got dumped… so sorry if I'm not a little irritated in general, I'll serve you two like normal but I got my eye on this… boyfriend of yours." The Vendor said before growling at Emerald for a moment which made Emerald chuckle nervously when he got the message.

"Thank you Rufus. And I'm sorry about that." Maite said.

"No worries, you and your family have been customers for years, even when this place started out as a simple stand, so it's no trouble at all." Rufus said with a fanged grin.

Maite smiled back before looking at Emerald.

"Know what you like Emerald sweety?"

"Uh… chocolate?" Emerald asked while Rufus frowned.

"Yeah…" Rufus said before he smiles at Maite.

"You Maite?" Rufus said with a smile.

"Cookies and Cream please." Said hedgehog requested.

Rufus nods with a smile before he went to get the orders.

Maite then wrapped her arm around Emerald's before she snuggled her head on his arm.

Emerald blushed a bit while grinning… before he got a bowl of ice cream thrown in his face while Maites order was slid to her… Emerald was silent.

Maite was shocked before looking at Rofus.

"Was that necessary Rufus?" She asked with a half lidded look.

"Consider it an advance if he hurts you, I'm not pulling punches anymore since I know what can happen if it does happen… besides I heard from Zooey that this guy has other ladies in his life." Rufus said with slightly narrowed eyes while Emerald pulled the ice cream off his face which had a frown on it… and bits of ice cream on it.

Maite facepalm before speaking.

"Really Zooey?...Well thanks Rufus, but Emerald would not do anything like that. Plus you shouldn't hate him for that. You have to understand where he's from. I love Emerald very much. And I know he loves me the same way he loves the other ladies." She said before hugging Emerald.

Emerald blushed while he used a napkin to clean his face while Rufus sighed.

"Well I'll keep my thoughts to myself but a lot of people heard about your boyfriend already from Zooey and the word is spreading fast… so expect worse from the more protective people here." Rufus said before he tossed a couple spoons to Emerald who caught them before Rufus left to go back to his stand.

Maite sighed before she grabbed a napkin to help clean Emerald.

"Sorry about that Emerald. Didn't realize Aunt Zooey would spread word like that." She said.

Emerald blushed a bit from Maite helping him before speaking up.

"Well considering what's going on in your dimension and your past love life, it is understandable that people here would worry for you." Emerald said with an understanding tone.

"Yeah, but I hope that doesn't ruin our date." Maite said.

"Well, possible situations aside, I'm glad the people so far are protective of you." Emerald said with a grin before he led Maite to a empty table.

Maite smiled before speaking.

"Hehe, yeah." She said before sitting down.

"Wanna split my ice cream with me?" She asked.

Emerald grinned at the question before he bit into his ice cream before surprising Maite by gripping her chin and after kissing her, slipped some ice cream into her mouth with his tongue.

Maite blushed while being caught off guard by that before moaning a bit from that.

Emerald pulled away before speaking up.

"Wanna return the favor?" Emerald teased which showed that he hanged around Lillum for too long and she was corrupting him.

Maite blushed brightly before grinning at him.

"Okay." She said before grabbing a spoon of ice cream in her mouth before leaning in to kiss Emerald before slipping her tongue in with the ice cream.

Emerald chuckles a bit before gripping Maites chin before he wraps his tongue around Maites and, after a minute of kissing, pulled away with a grin.

"Tasty, we should do that more often." Emerald teased with a grin before he kissed Maite back for a moment and leaned back to enjoy his ice cream.

Maite grins before she whispered something.

"Maybe when we're alone in the bedroom."

Emerald blushed a bit before he grins and whispered back.

"Well… we don't just have to use the bedroom… I mean we have an entire island to have… fun with after all." Emerald teased before he ate more of his ice cream.

Maite blushed before whispering.

"You're right." She said before she ate her ice cream.

"Maybe after the date, we could have some fun before we head back." Emerald teased before he got up when he finished his ice cream and went to the counter which left Maite alone for a few moments.

Said hedgehog blushed after hearing that before she continues enjoying her treat.

A minute later, Emerald came back with a grin on his face.

"Well, I payed for the ice cream, you nearly done?" Emerald asked Maite after he got back.

"Actually yes. Sorry again about Rufus. He's lucky I didn't use my secret weapon." Maite said.

Emerald chuckles before he spoke up.

"The puppy dog pout right?" Emerald asked with a grin.

Maite blinked a few times before she started chuckling.

"Is that what you thought I was gonna do?"

"Either that or flirt with the guy to get him off guard, Lillum did that a lot… which really irritated me, it worked but still irritated me." Emerald said with a half lidded look a moment later.

Maite chuckled again before speaking.

"Oh Emerald, it's neither. Mine would've been much worse."

"Crocodile tears?" Emerald asked with a frown since that was a rare one to see.

Maite shook her head while smiling.

"Ok… now I'm lost, mind telling me what that secret weapon is?" Emerald asked with a curious tone.

Maite chuckled before speaking.

"Well two things. 1) I can have my parents ban Charles from going here since he's their number one customer of the year." She said before pointing to a picture of him at a wall.

"Well that explains why the Vendor cooled down greatly when I bought so much ice cream and payed for the repairs here." Emerald said with a sweatdrops.

"Yeah. Now second, if Rufus was really mean to you in some way, excluding the ice cream thing, I would've showed him my...special weapon." She said while grinning.

Emerald had to grin before gripping her chin.

"Seems your a bad girl if the situation demands it, me like." Emerald said before he kissed Maite again.

Maite moan a bit before kissing back.

It was a few seconds before Maite pulled away with a blush on her face.

That's when she said.

"I can show it to you if you like."

Emerald chuckled a bit before looking to Maite with some lust.

"Maybe later, for now we got a date to continue." Emerald said before he got up from his seat.

Maite nods to him before getting up as well.

The duo then left the ice cream parlor before Emerald looked to Maite.

"So… any other place you recommend?" Emerald asked since this was Maite's home town.

Said hedgehog took a moment to think before speaking.

"I know there's a dolphin show we can catch that starts in a few minutes."

"Alright, anything after that?" Emerald asked to help continue the date.

"Hmmm...we can watch a movie." She suggested.

"Alright… mind leading the way to the dolphin's?" Emerald asked.

"Absolutely." Maite said before she grabbed Emerald's hand and starts dragging him.

Emerald chuckles mentally before taking the time to read Maites expression.

Said hedgehog was getting giddy about how the date is going so far.

'This date is going great! Emerald is completely different than the other guys. Maybe later I can show him my special place.' Maite thought with excitement while hoping nothing else goes wrong.

However on the way, while Emerald got dragged to the dolphin's, they heard someone speaking up which got their attention.

"What the… Maite?... And who the hell are you dragging?" The person said which showed a similar looking cat Mobian that looked a bit like Emerald but had a black fur color instead… who had an arm around a woman.

The woman in question was a Mobian koala, like Barby but with the classic grey fur.

'Huh… been a long time since I saw a koala, wonder how Marine and her crew are doing.' Emerald thought about those funny koalas that hanged around Marine before he watched what was going on.

Maite was confused about couple before speaking.

"I'm sorry but who are you?" She asked which caused the black furred cat Mobian to facepalm.

"We dated remember?, I gave you a doll or something from a fair half a year ago." The black furred Mobian said with a half lidded look at Maite's memory.

It took Maite a couple of seconds before things started to click.

"Thomas?" She said which caused Thomas to roll his eyes.

"Yeah, finally remember now?" Thomas said while Emerald watched in silence… for now.

Maite then frowned at the cat Mobian before speaking.

"Oh I remember alright. We dated for a month, then you stopped calling." She said.

"Yeah... I should really thank you for helping me and the others in the past…" Thomas said before getting a cruel smirk on his face.

Maite was confused on that.

"What do you mean?" She questioned.

That's when Thomas's girlfriend spoke.

"It so obvious, those guys only dated you just so they can get their ex's back. Like they really care about an ugly girl like you." She said with a grin on her face.

Maite was shocked after hearing that.

'So all this time…' She thought before the cat Mobian spoke up.

"Yep, you weren't even on your other dates radar, well… it's cause some played for the other team but you get our point right… you weren't even girlfriend material to us, I mean I remember how clingy you were… and are from what I can see now." Thomas said with a twisted grin when he saw Maite's grip on Emerald who keep silent through the conversation.

Maite surprisingly got angry before letting go of Emerald.

"You bastard. All this time I thought something was wrong with me. But the thing is... it's you that's what's wrong. You and the rest of those guys played with an innocent woman's heart just for your pleasure. You men are awful. And you know what else? Your girlfriend is a bit trampy." She said.

Thomas however grins at Maite before speaking up.

"Ask yourself this then… aren't you in a similar boat… I mean you keep going for guys who want to make their exes jealous each and every time… what's to say this guy you're dragging around isn't the same?, I mean think… we maybe bastards to you… but how many times have you fallen for it?... You know the saying… fool me once… shame on you… fool you who knows how many times… well… you get where I'm going right, even if my girl here is… trampy looking like you said… at least she's smarter than you are." Thomas said with a twisted grin.

Thomas's girlfriend frowned at that remark before grinning at the smart remark.

Maite glares at Thomas before speaking.

"I'm not gonna fall for that. I dated those guys because I thought you guys were sweet until you all shown your true colors."

Before anyone else could say anything, Emerald spoke up.

"Good grief, I listen for now and this is what I get…" Emerald said to the trio before he rubbed the back of his head when he got next to Maite.

Thomas looked at Emerald before speaking.

"Listen pal, you can do better than her. I mean what is she good for anyway?" He asked.

Emerald was silent for a moment before he spoke up with a grin.

"Well for starters she's very beautiful in heart and body… I should thank you and her exes for dumping her, I mean I wouldn't meet Maite otherwise…" Emerald said with no embarrassment whatsoever.

Maite was surprised to hear that before blushing.

Thomas's girlfriend chuckled before speaking.

"Haha...Beautiful? You need to get some glasses if you think that."

"I do and still think that, I mean I got a sexy woman here… all I see is just a glorified bitch talking right now anyway... so to me… you might as well just not exist… so I'll be ignoring you from here on out." Emerald said with a fanged grin.

Maite chuckled at the insult while Thomas's girlfriend got angry.

"Babe, this man hurt my feelings. Beat him up for me please." She said.

"One thing before you do… the reason I think Maite is sexy is because she is also a great lover for me and my other girlfriends… yes girlfriends, multiple... You see I'm from out of town and where I'm from it's legal to date multiple women as long as I get their permission and if Maite is fully willing… take a guess on what she said." Emerald said to get this Thomas pissed off.

Maite then spoke.

"I said I will do it since Emerald made me happy. And that I want to be by his side forever."

Emerald grins before he wrapped an arm around Maite's waist.

"Thanks Maite, I'll be repaying that later when we find a private place." Emerald said before kissing Maite on the lips before stepping away from Maite to look to the ex duo.

Maite blushed from the kiss before looking at said duo.

The girlfriend grit her teeth at the sight and from the fact that Emerald had experience dealing with multiple women… and somehow kept them from killing him before glancing to see how Thomas was doing.

Said cat was glaring at Emerald before speaking.

"You sir disgust me. One person cannot have that many women. I think it's time to teach you a lesson." He said before going over to punch Emerald.

Emerald however just grins and… the punch hits him which sent him flying onto his back while Thomas's girlfriend giggles.

"That's right Thomas, make him pay!" Thomas's girlfriend said before Emerald chuckles for some reason while he was on his back.

The girlfriend was surprised by that.

"What's so funny?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well… take a look around first and you'll see." Emerald cryptically said while he flipped back onto his feet while Thomas looked around.

The girlfriend was confused before looking around.

What they saw was some people looking their way while Emerald grins while his cheek recovered in front of Thomas and his girlfriend's eyes.

"To the public eye here… you attacked me first… try and think of what I can do to you now." Emerald said with a grin which showed that he let Thomas hit him.

The girlfriend and Thomas was surprised after seeing that.

"Hit him again honey." The girlfriend suggested.

Emerald raised a hand for a moment to stop them.

"A little cultural lesson first, you said you were disgusted with me for dating multiple women right?, Even after saying that others back home do the same?, Still, even if you ignore that… can you say the same thing again when you used Maite?, Seems to me that you would be a disgrace back home for not respecting women." Emerald said with a cold look.

Maite smiled at Emerald while the crowd believed that he was right before glaring at Thomas.

"Still… considering who you want after, makes me wonder if something's wrong with your head… I mean why leave a kind hearted woman like Maite and go for an easy looking woman like that Barbie reject?" Emerald said with a teasing grin while he placed his hands in his pockets.

The girlfriend was steaming mad after being called that.

Maite was chuckling after hearing that.

Thomas grit his teeth before he charged Emerald with a fist raised while Emerald grinned when he got close.

A moment later, Thomas...seemed to go through Emerald before Emerald vanished somehow and Thomas stumbled before he felt something on his shoulder which made him look to see to his shock that Emerald was looking where he was while using his hand to block sunlight.

"Hmm… wonder where that good looking guy went." Emerald teased with a fanged grin.

The girlfriend was shocked at what she was seeing.

Thomas growled before trying to slug Emerald again but Emerald vanished before the pattern repeats a few time and a sun hat was placed on Maite's head with Emerald appearing next to her.

"Figured you might like that since we got a few minutes to kill in the sun… why not pass the time by messing with this guy." Emerald said like Thomas wasn't a threat to him.

Maite giggled after hearing that before kissing Emerald on the cheek.

"That's true. And I do love the hat." She said.

However a shadow covered the duo, and Emerald was hit on the back of the head with something metallic which made him stumble a bit and a frown appeared on his face when blood ran down his head before he looked back and saw that Thomas had a metal pipe of all things in his hand.

The crowd was shocked that Thomas did that while the girlfriend was grinning evilly.

Maite was shocked at that.

Emerald however grinned to everyone's surprise while his wound recovered to everyone shock.

"Since you got your own weapon out… I might at well do the same." Emerald said while he held his hand out and a crest appeared while he got an irritated look on his face.

"Still… you used that and could have harmed Maite if I dodged… so don't expect mercy from me…" Emerald said since he did remember that he was so close to Maite.

"Come forth… Onimusha!" Emerald called out before the demonic greatsword shot from the crest and Emerald caught it with one hand and he rests it on his shoulder which caused Thomas to pale a bit when he compared his metal pipe… and Emerald's greatsword.

The crowd and Thomas's girlfriend was shocked after seeing the weapon.

Maite was very surprised before remembering what Emerald said about said Mobian cat almost hurting her.

She glared at Thomas before she surprised everyone by bringing out her weapon from out of nowhere like Amy and Maite do with their weapons.

It was an axe-sword like Lexeaus's weapon.

"Uh… that… is unexpected… thought it would be a hammer." Emerald said when he saw the… oddly familiar weapon since he fought a few organization members in the past while Thomas paled more when things started looking more and more bad for him.

Maite still glared at Thomas before speaking.

"Thomas it's time for you and that tramp to leave. Be happy that I'm sparing you. But if you so much as come near me or try to hurt my precious Emerald...I'M GONNA CASTRATE YOU AND SHOVED THOSE BALLS OF YOURS DOWN YOUR THROAT!"

Everyone was silent for a moment before Thomas bolts with surprising speed and runs past his girlfriend while shouting.

"RUN BABE RUN!" Thomas shouts to his girlfriend.

Said girlfriend was now terrified before following him.

The crowd made room for them before yelling out 'Boo' to Thomas and his girlfriend.

A few moments later, an angered Maite was gripped around the waist, dipped a bit, and kissed on the lips by Emerald who pulled away a moment later to grin to Maite while the crowd oohed which made Emerald sweatdrop before he spoke to Maite.

"Geez, you got a hot side to you when you get angry, what do you say we forget the dolphin's for now and… find a quiet place for ourselves." Emerald teased while he made his weapon vanish and rubbed Maite's cheek with his now freed hand.

Maite was surprised by that before blushing.

She then smiled at him before speaking.

"I agree and I have the perfect spot for us."

Emerald grinned before he set Maite back on her feet before speaking up.

"Mind leading the way my dear?" Emerald teased with a fanged grin.

Instead of replying, Maite just grinned at Emerald before grabbing his hand and starts dragging him to her favorite spot.

The crowd cheered at the couple as they leave before the crowd left to do their own thing.

?/?/?/ Emerald, Maite

It turned out that Maite led Emerald to a cliff looking over a beautiful view of the town and ocean which caused Emerald to forget the original reason for the duo being here for a moment to take the sight in.

"Whoa…" Emerald said with an impressed tone.

Maite giggled before speaking.

"I know. I come here whenever I want to have a moment for myself. No one knows where it is. I kept it a secret but I had planned to bring someone special to this place. And you're that special someone, Emerald."

Instead of saying anything, Emerald surprised Maite by kissing her out of the blue and pulled away with a grin.

"Well then, why don't I make this place a bit more special to you then to repay you for showing me a rare sight like this." Emerald said before he kissed a sensitive spot on Maite's neck.

It caused said hedgehog to laugh a bit before speaking.


"Well then, let's see what this form is packing." Emerald said before he decided to tease Maite by slowly stripping for her by removing his scarf first followed by his tank top which showed a muscular chest.

Maite blushed brightly when she saw Emerald's chest. She was also getting a little impatient at the teasing.

Emerald chuckles at Maite's irritated aura before he placed the tank top next to the scarf and then gripped the waists of his pants before sliding them down which showed that he was now in his boxers only.

Maite blushed with a little excitement when she saw Emerald's boxers.

Emerald grins before he gripped the waistband of his boxers before he slowly slid them off and tossed them onto his pile of clothing before looking to Maite while his dick was seen which was somewhat erect, it was hard to tell how long it was in this new form and since it wasn't fully erect yet and it had many barbs running along the dick.

"Mind returning the favor and giving me a show?" Emerald teased while he sat on the ground in front of Maite in the nude.

Maite blushed before thinking of giving Emerald a taste of his own medicine.

She grins before nodding to Emerald before she starts taking off her clothes...slowly.

She brought her foot on a rock before taking off her shoes. Then she brought her hand to her long socks before removing it completely so she can let Emerald see her leg.

Emerald just grins at the sight while his dick twitched a few times while it slowly grew erect in full view of Maite's display.

Said hedgehog grins when she saw Emerald's dick before going over to her other leg and repeat the same process.

Next she brought her hands to the hem of her shirt before bringing it over her head.

The only thing on her chest was her bra that wrapped around her big breasts.

Emerald licked his lip a bit while his dick twitched more at the sight, his dick grew till it was nearly completely erect now.

Maite then grins at Emerald before she brought her hands around her back before unhooking her bra.

Her breasts bounced a bit after her bra was off.

Emerald's dick was now at full mast at the display, around 8 to 9 inches in length, which seemed to match his cat mobian frame in size.

Emerald kept his grin while he wait for Maite to remove her panties.

Said hedgehog believed Emerald waited enough. So she brought her hands to her pants before bringing them down to her feet.

Luckily for Emerald, her panties also went down with it.

Maite was now fully naked in front of him which caused Emerald to smirk at the sight before he surprised Maite by vanishing with a burst of speed and Maite felt something gripping her breasts and something rubbing on her ass cheeks before a voice whispered into her ear.

"I gotta say, monstrous forms are nice but breaking in this form is going to be interesting." Emerald said while he lightly kneads Maite's breasts and rubs his barbed dick on Maite's ass.

Maite blushed from that action before moaning a bit.

She then turned her head to look at Emerald who took the opportunity to kiss Maite on the lips for a few seconds before pulling away to kiss and nip at her neck lightly.

Maite moaned bit from that action before Emerald pulled his hips back and slid his dick past her hips which caused Maite to rest on his dick before Emerald slowly grind between her hips and against her pussy lips which caused all of the barbs to scrap Maite with each pull and push.

Said hedgehog moan again from action which caused Emerald to grin.

"So… any fantasy you want to do while we're on a cliff?" Emerald asked while he continues to thrust between Maite's hips.

Maite moaned a bit before speaking.

" I would...like to be on top this time." She said which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"As you wish." Emerald said before he pulled away and after walking in front of Maite, he laid on the ground near the edge which caused his dick to stand like a tower.

"Your throne awaits milady, mind if I warm you up first?" Emerald said with a teasing grin while pointing a thumb at his face.

Maite blushed before she approached Emerald.

She turned around to face his dick before she squat down till her folds were on Emerald's face.

A moment later, Emerald's tongue, now scratchy, slowly licks Maite's folds while he held her ass cheeks.

Maite' lips quivered before letting out a soft moan.

She then surprised Emerald by grasping his dick with her hand before giving it a couple of strokes.

Emerald moans for a moment before stepping things up by using his thumbs to open Maite's folds a bit before he slid his tongue around the outside of her folds while being careful to not hurt her.

Maite moaned a bit loud while stroking Emerald's dick.

That's when she did the unexpected when she leaned down a bit and brought her tongue out before licking the head of Emerald's dick.

Emerald shuddered a bit before changing target by focusing on licking Maite's bud while a finger gently pushed into her folds and wiggles a little when it slowly pulled in and out.

Maite's eyes widen a bit from that action before she started licking the tip.

Emerald actually moaned for a moment before he got a cheshire like grin when he pulled his hand away and held his index finger to Maite's bud, a moment later, a tiny bluish sphere appeared which seemed to have many rings in it rotate before he lightly pressed it on the bud which caused it to vibrate madly.

Maite moaned while shuddering at the feeling.

She surprised Emerald by opening her mouth wide before inserting his dick in her mouth before she starts bobbing her head up and down.

Emerald grit his teeth for a moment before he opened his mouth and a green mist emits from it before he latched it around Maite's lower lips while keeping the tiny energy orb going on Maite's bud before sliding his tongue, and energy into her folds, the same energy which hit so many sweet spots like last time.

Maite groan from that action while her moans were muffled as she continues to suck Emerald's dick.

She even brought her hand down to massage his balls.

New form or not, Emerald had a lot more experience than Maite and did something surprising.

He used his other hand to pull one of her ass cheeks apart before he slid his middle finger in after coating it with the same energy which caused her to get hit in all of the sweet spots of her ass.

Maite's eyes widen in surprise from that action.

She moaned a bit loud, even though it was muffled.

'Who knew it felt so good in my ass.' She thought while Emerald pulled away with a chuckle.

"Seems I found your weak point, want to surrender and let me take charge?" Emerald teased while his energy danced in Maite's ass.

Maite sees where this is heading before she starts to suck Emerald's dick harder.

Emerald chuckles a bit before he resumed to eat Maite out, this time he wasn't holding back with eating her out when his energy shot into her to please each sweet spot in her body and as an added bonus, energize her.

Maite moans at the pleasure while she continues to suck Emerald's dick.

She even gave his balls a nice, but gentle, squeeze which caused Emerald to grin before he felt Maite's pussy twitching and decided to spike his energy to set her off from the unexpected move.

Said hedgehog did felt that after feeling her pussy twitched. But she wanted to hold out a little more to make him cum at least.

So she sucked Emerald's dick harder while moving her tongue around.

Both fortunately and unfortunately for her, Emerald's dick did start twitching slowly, but Emerald took things up a notch by sliding a second finger into her ass and used it to pour more energy into her while he increased the power of the tiny energy orb to really get Maite to lose it.

Luckily for him, said hedgehog couldn't take it anymore before she climaxed hard on Emerald's face.

Emerald lapped up as much of Maite's juices as he could before he pulled away when the flow slowed and he lowered the energy slowly to help Maite ride out her orgasm.

It only took a few moments before Maite finally stopped.

She took her mouth off of Emerald's dick to breathe for a bit while panting.

Emerald chuckles a bit more while lightly spanking Maite's ass to tease her.

"So… ready to ride my Queen?" Emerald teased while he lightly teased her ass again.

Maite blushed brightly after being called that while Emerald grins to wait for Maite's response.

Instead of saying anything Maite shifts her body around till she was looking at Emerald in the eyes.

Emerald grinned before he shifts till his dick rests between Maite's ass cheeks and he raised his body to kiss Maite which caused her to taste her own juices.

Maite was shocked that she was tasting her own juices. It was bitter. But she didn't mind that as she melted in Emerald's kiss.

She wrapped one arm on the back of Emerald's head to deepen the kiss before slipping her tongue in.

For a few minutes, nothing happened before Emerald pulled away with a grin before speaking up.

"You did say you want to ride me, want to start things now?" Emerald teased by lightly thrusting his hips which teased Maite's ass.

Said hedgehog let out a soft moan before looking at Emerald with a smile while blushing.

"Yes...my King." She said before getting up and positioning her pussy lips above Emerald's dick.

Emerald grinned while he place his hand on Maite's hips before he slammed himself all the way in one go before locked his legs to keep himself in Maite to see how she reacts.

Said hedgehog's eyes widened from that action before moaning loud.

Emerald in turn, carefully lowered himself and Maite to the ground before he waits for her to get used to the unexpected intrusion.

Maite took a couple of deep breathes before she tries to adjusted while Emerald chuckles before he spoke up.

"Just relax, it's our second time after all and I want to take the time this time." Emerald said while he gently grinds into Maite.

Maite groans before nodding to Emerald.

She leans down till she was looking at Emerald in the eyes before kissing him on the lips so she can relax.

Her breasts were touching his chest which caused Emerald to slip a tongue into Maite's mouth.

He kept grinding gently while he held Maite's ass with one hand and had one hand on her back to help Maite keep steady.

Maite moan in Emerald's mouth before she cupped his cheeks and slip her tongue in Emerald's mouth to interact with his tongue.

Emerald's tongue fought with Maite's for a bit while he continues to slowly grind in Maite, he brought his left hand on her back to her right breast before giving it a good squeeze.

Maite was surprised by that before moaning a bit before her tongue fought against his.

Emerald then made slow gentle thrusts into Maite while he kept massaging Maite's breast and used his right hand to massage her asscheek.

Maite moaned and groans in Emerald's mouth. She kept her lips on his before she starts moving her body up and down.

Emerald took a second to match her thrusts before speaking up.

"Want me to go rougher Maite?" Emerald asked while he continues to gently thrust into Maite.

Maite blushed before speaking.

"Yes please."

A moment later, Emerald placed a hand on the ground under him before he spoke up.

"As you with my Queen!" Emerald growled out before his hips blurred when he jackhammers in and out of Maite with super speed.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite yelled in ecstasy before moaning loudly which caused Emerald to grin before he used his free hand to make Maite lean down before he latched on one nipple and used his free hand to get her other nipple into his mouth before he starts to suck and nip at both nipples before his free hand to grip Maite's jiggling ass to keep her from jolting off of him when he resumed thrusting.

Maite moan and groan from these actions before she held Emerald's head close to her breasts.

"KEEP SUCKING MY TITS EMERALD!" She yelled which caused Emerald to grin before he sucks on Maite's nipples with a vigor while he felt himself getting close, but with the speed that he was thrusting at, Maite wouldn't know.

Maite was moaning like crazy from this pleasure before she felt her pussy tighten around Emerald's dick.

A moment later, Emerald roars when he unloads right into Maite, but the twist was that Emerald mixed a fire elemental and made it extremely hot.

Maite's eyes widen from that.

"AAAAHHH!" She yelled before climaxing hard on Emerald's dick when she felt his cum going to her womb.

A few moments later, Emerald stops unloading into Maite and looks to her to make sure that she doesn't hurt herself if she fell… it looked like her womb was a bit bloated from the amount that Emerald shot into her.

Said hedgehog was panting to catch her breath before looking at Emerald.

"W-Wow...Emerald." She said between pants.

Emerald grins before he used his speed to place Maite on her stomach which caused her breasts to squish into the ground while her ass was on full display, another moment later, Emerald was on top of Maite while his dick was squished between her asscheeks while he had his arms on either side of her body in a pushup like position.

Maite was surprised by that before groaning a bit since her stomach was on the ground.

"Mind if I make a backdoor entrance?" Emerald teased after he leaned down and slowly thrusts between Maite's asscheeks.

Said hedgehog giggled as she understood what Emerald said.

She turned her head to look at him before speaking.

"Whatever you want my dear Emerald. Go rough on me as much as you want."

Emerald grins before he pulled his hips back before he points his dick at Maite's ass before slowly entering to help her adjust.

Maite grinds her teeth a bit before groaning from this action.

A few adjustments later and Emerald was fully hilted in Maite's ass with his barbed dick.

"Take your time milady, you need to get use to this if you want to fit in with the other ladies I know." Emerald teased while he just grinds in Maite again to help her relax.

Maite looks at Emerald before nodding to him.

She groaned a bit as she felt the inside of her ass matching the shape of Emerald's dick.

It took about 5 minutes at least till she finally got use to the dick.

She looks back at Emerald with a blush on her face before speaking.

"I'm ready...my love."

Emerald grins at that before he slowly thrusts in and out of Maite's ass with a slight blush on his face.

"Oh… 4th to 6th tightest ass I ever felt… and you only did this twice… makes me wonder if you're some kind of super masochist or something." Emerald teased while he continues to thrust in the inexperienced hedgehogs ass.

"GAAAAHHH!" Maite yelped before speaking.

"I just train a lot and stuff."

"Says the woman who's soaking wet with a dick in her ass right now, maybe I should send you to Lillum and have her really break this ass in… I heard she did that with Rachel already..." Emerald teased with a grin before he pressed his torso into Maite's back which pinned her to the ground while he starts to slowly speed up his thrusts.

Maite was shocked after hearing that before moaning from this pleasure.

"I-I don't...mind. I just want to make sure to pleasure you greatly." She said which caused Emerald to grin.

"Well then, maybe during Lillum's lessons, she could tie you up and have Rachel have her way with you… you remember Lillum's certain item right?... The one which let Lillum have her way with your mom…" Emerald teased more while he speed up again before he slipped his arms around Maite and locked his fingers behind her head which fully pinned her to the ground.

"GAAAAHHH!" Maite yelped again from that action before speaking.

"I-I remember. I don't mind learning more from Lillum. But please keep going rough on me. Make my body know that it's yours." She groans out which caused Emerald to grin before he oddly stops and adjusts himself.

"Get ready then my beautiful slut… because I'm going to make what happened earlier seem like a light jog in comparison." Emerald growled out while his body emits a green mist.

Maite wondered what's happening since she was still pinned down.

Her question was answered when Emerald's hips move at such speed that he made not one, two, but three different blurs while he used his energy to amp his thrusts way past the normal speed as they wreak Maite's ass into oblivion.

Said hedgehog was moaning as loud as she ever had before yelling with wide eyes.


Instead of responding, Emerald roars while he keeps up his actions for the next few minutes.

Maite continues to moan like crazy from this intense pleasure while Emerald snarled a few times before he roars again when he slammed himself one more time into Maite's ass and unloads another load of semen into the pour hedgehogs ass… this time it was ice cold which was opposite of the fire elemental based semen.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite yelled while her body shuddered from that.

Emerald grunts a few times before he pulled out of Maite's ass which caused a few freezing shots of semen to hit Maite's ass and back while Emerald placed his arms next to Maite's body again.

Said hedgehog groans before panting a bit.

She turned her head to at Emerald before speaking.

"I-I...love you, Emerald."

Emerald blushed again but grinned this time before kissing Maite on the lips before pulling away.

"Don't think I'm done yet my lovely hedgehog… 6 more flavors to go." Emerald teased with glowing green eyes.

Maite was shocked before blushing after hearing that. But she felt...excited.

"Then let's fuck till the sun rises." She said.

Emerald grinned at what Maite said before Emerald whispers in her ear.

"Might as well use more flavors than… by the time I'm done with you… you'll be reeking of my scent." Emerald teased while he got off of Maite which showed he could go on for that long if he wanted to.

Maite grins this time before speaking.

"That's exactly what I want. Make my body and soul remember this pleasure."

Emerald then grins while he points to a nearby rock.

"Mind taking a seat then?" Emerald teased after he helped Maite to her feet.

Maite nods to him before heading towards that rock. But not before she gave him a nice swing to her hips.

She looked back a bit to see Emerald's reaction.

What she didn't expect was Emerald already behind her from that teasing, and with a few speedy actions, already went balls deep into her ass and had Maite supporting herself on the rock with her arms while Emerald held her legs wide apart before he starts to thrust with insane speeds again.

"OH YES!" She yelled in ecstasy while Emerald grins before he spoke up.

"Not a good idea teasing me right now, I may take you anywhere if you do that, maybe I should do that in the center of town and show everyone who you belong to… is that what you want!" Emerald growled out with a fanged grin while he watched Maite's ass jiggle under his barrage.

"GAAAAHHH!" Maite yelped before speaking.

"I don't care if people see me...tell the world that I belong to you!" She groan before moaning.

Emerald then summoned a few cat Mobian clones which held Maite's legs wide apart before Emerald raised both hands and starts to spank Maite's ass while he kept up his thrusting.

"Tell me, who do you belong to again!" Emerald growled out while he kept his actions up.

"Gah!..Y-You!" Maite groans out while Emerald grinned when he speed up his actions.

"I can't hear you… I want this entire Island to hear you scream!" Emerald growled out when he felt himself getting close again.

"GAAAAHHH!" Maite yelped before yelling out...


Emerald grinned when he heard the scream echo before he gripped Maite's sore ass cheeks and slammed himself in before unloading another round of Semen in Maite… this time with a serious electrical boost this time.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite yelled with ecstasy before she came hard again while her body shuddered greatly from that boost.

Emerald grins when he felt that before a couple clones used one hand each to rubbed Maite's sore ass with recovery energy while Emerald stayed hilted in Maite's ass to ride out his orgasm.

A few shots pass before he tapped off and pulled himself free while the clones held her steady while more healing energy was used on her body.

A couple clones even used the energy while they played with her breasts.

Maite moan from that action before turning her head a bit before speaking.

"Emerald honey. You're not out yet right?" She asked with a cute smile.

Emerald chuckles before speaking up.

"Oh trust me Maite… I can go for days if I wanted to… I got a source of infinite energy after all… the only one who could keep up is Lillum and she feeds off my energy… I'll be making sure that you won't even look at another man without running back to me to beg for another sex marathon." Emerald said while tapping his core a few times while his dick stayed erect to prove his point.

Maite still smiled at Emerald before speaking.

"Oh Emerald, you shouldn't worry. Why should I look at another man when there's sexy hunk standing right there?"

"Oh trust me, a I had to… break a few woman's will when those women threatened my friends and family… I'm giving you short breaks and recovery moments so you won't end up like them… I'll do anything to protect my friends even if it makes me look bad, well… some ladies you might know help with breaking the very bad woman… I'm being nice now…" Emerald teased with a look in his eye which showed that he was serious.

Maite understood before giving Emerald a kind smile.

"I understand Emerald. But I would never betray you for anything. I love you so much. If I was forced to...I would end my own life just to protect you." She said.

Whatever good mood Emerald had and the clones had was gone which was seen by the look in their eyes.

"You know… what you just said actually makes me want to break you in somewhat… want to know why before I do just that?" Emerald said while he approved Maite with a very irritated pressure emitting from him.

Maite was spooked by that a bit before she nods at him.

"Simple… I got onto Daniel about this when he tried to offer his life to me when I stopped Demonga and him from critically injuring one another… want to know what I said." Emerald said while he slid a finger on Maite's body after he passed a few clones who gripped Maite's arms now which fully held Maite in the air while the original walked in front of her head with a erect throbbing dick that was out of reach.

Maite was surprised to hear that on the inside, but kept calm.

She blushed when she saw Emerald's dick before she nods at him.

"Simple… those who break the rules are scum… but those who betray their allies are worse than scum… how do you think I would feel if you took your own life for my sake… I'm immortal and I can't die, if I do then I'll just revive at the Master Emerald, a much larger version of this core I have with no issue, so tell me… if you kill yourself for my sake… how do you think I would feel since I have to carry that regret for the rest of eternity." Emerald said with a look that shows many emotions.

Maite was shocked when she realized what she said.

She put her head down in sadness before speaking.

"I-I'm sorry Emerald. I didn't mean to cause that…" She said before stopping.

Tears started coming out of her eyes.

What Maite didn't expect was her quills being gripped and her head pulled up to see a frowning Emerald while he wiped her tears away.

"Oh don't worry… I meant what I said about partially breaking you… I'll make it so that you won't ever think of killing yourself again and would do anything to stay alive to come back to me... get ready Maite cause I'm not holding back from here on out to do just that." Emerald said while his dick seemed to grow a few inches bigger somehow when more blood was pumped into it.

Maite blushed before she smiled at him.

"Then let's keep going…my love." She said before puckering her lips.

However Emerald just grins before speaking up.

"Guess you don't get it… When I said I would break you some…" Emerald said before quicking standing up and placing the head of his dick at Maite's puckered lips before he continues.

"I fucking meant it!" Emerald growled when he fully hilts his dick in Maite's mouth and held her there by the back of her head while the clones held her steady.

Maite was both surprised and caught off guard by that action.

She hoped to get a kiss from Emerald before starting, but oh well. She actually enjoyed tasting his dick.

Emerald noticed before nodding to a few clones who moved for some reason while Emerald pressed a bit harder into Maite's mouth to cut off Maite's airway.

Maite gagged a bit from that before she tried to breathe through her nose.

However it seemed like Emerald was even blocking her nose with how hard he was pressing her into his groin.

Maite continues to gag from that. She knows that Emerald was serious about the breaking part, so the only thing she has to do is try to endure it.

A few moments pass while Emerald watched her eyes and aura to make sure he doesn't choke her to death… his eyes showed how serious he was while something pressed at Maite's pussy and ass before they slide in before quickly thrusting while Emerald continues to hold Maite's head steady.

Said hedgehog moaned from the double penetration before gagging again from from Emerald's dick. She was starting to lose consciousness for a bit but was still able to see.

Emerald waits till Maite's eyes look unfocused before pulling her head off of Emerald's dick for a moment to let her breath.

Maite was trying catch her breath before looking at Emerald, even though her vision was a bit groggy.

Emerald however showed no mercy when he thrusts his dick back in just as deep as last time before Emerald forces Maite to deepthroat his cock while the two clones continue to thrust into Maite with no mercy before Maite's arms were gripped before she was forced to give two clones handjobs when the pair of hands wrapped around her own… she was being used like a toy by Emerald and the clones now.

Maite was surprised at the position she's in...but surprisingly she doesn't care.

'This is gonna be a while to getting use to, but as long as I have my Emerald, I don't care.' She thought before she moans before gagging greatly at Emerald's dick in her mouth before she tried stroking the clones's dicks.

Emerald noticed before he looks to the clones who nod before Maite was turned onto her back before she was forced to take the dicks again while she felt a new clone get on top before a dick was placed between her breasts before the new clone starts to roughly fuck her breasts.

Emerald forced Maite to lay back before he starts deep throating her again which showed a bulge in her throat with every single one of Emerald's thrusts, and to get her to feel it more, Emerald placed a hand on her throat and squeezed lightly to let her know what was going on while his balls rest on her nose.

Maite does sees this before moaning a bit before gagging.

A moment later the multiple Emerald's resume before 1 minute turned into 2, 2 into 10, and 10 to nearly an hour with Maite cumming again and again while none of the Emerald came in return… it looked like he was serious about going all out.

Maite moans and gagged at each orgasm while she continues to pleasure Emerald and the clones.

'This is a tough challenge. But I got to keep doing it. Even if it kills me.' She thought.

A few moments later, all of the Emerald's roar out when they hilt whatever part of Maite that had and filled her insides to the brim with unusually thick and heavy semen while the clones out of her body gave her one hell of a cumshot which practically covered her body in semen, the clone on top of her was missed thankfully while he gives Maite's breasts a decent coat after he held her breasts together.

Maite came as well before her body shuddered at all the cum on her body.

Maite was then set on the ground nearby while a clone summoned a semen absorbing crest which pulled all of the semen off of her body.

Maite was catching her breath before looking at the Emerald's.

They didn't even seem winded before one Emerald, the original spoke up.

"Don't expect us to stop anytime soon… in fact, were just starting." Emerald said before he and the clones approached Maite again.

Said hedgehog spoke.

"Emerald wait. Before we continue, I'm sorry for upsetting you for what I said. The last thing I want is to hurt you. Do you forgive me?" She asked.

"Only if you learned your lesson… we got many hours before nightfall and I'm serious… I want the truth… would you still sacrifice you life for mine?... Try and remember that an aura users can tell if a person lies or not by the stability of their aura." Emerald said after he and the clones stop walking.

Maite took a moment to think hard on her answer before speaking.

"To be honest…I would do anything I can to protect you, even if I know you're very powerful. But I don't want to kill myself knowing it would affect you greatly." She said.

The Emerald's look to one another before the original grins.

"What do you think fellas… think she really learned her lesson?" Emerald teased before another Emerald grins.

"I don't know… she still seems defiant to me… might as well continue for a couple more hours and ask again later." A clone said which caused the others to grin.

Maite sees before speaking.

"It doesn't matter how long it'll take because I still learn my lesson Emerald. All I want is to be by your side forever. But if all of you aren't still convinced, then let's make this a punishment marathon." She suggested with some seriousness in her voice.

The Emerald's grin before one Emerald spoke up.

"Challenge accepted." Emerald said before he zoomed over and kissed Maite on the lips.

"Get ready Maite, cause you be screaming my name for hours before were done with you." Emerald said before he gently pushed Maite onto her back before he and the clones approached, not with angry looks, but with lust filled looks.

Maite sees the looks before she grinned at each one before speaking.

"Bring it on baby."

Emerald knelt in front of Maite before he inserts himself back in Maite's tunnel before the scene went to a few hours later.

Maite was now giving a couple clones handjobs while she road the original who pounds into Maite.

"AAAAHHH! EMERALD!" She yelled his name in ecstasy before the three Emerald's groan when they unload their semen, the clones gave her a good facial while the original filled her with a large amount of semen before time skipped again.

This time Maite was on all fours while one clone pounds her pussy, the original takes her ass, while another clone was thrusting his dick into Maite's mouth.

Said hedgehog moan and gagged a bit, but mostly moan from that action.

A moment later the trio unload into Maite again which caused them to groan out before time skipped again and again with Emerald and the clones pleasing Maite until…

The clones were jerking themselves off in a ring of sorts while Maite sucked Emerald off in the middle who had a hand on Maite's head while she did the work this time.

Said hedgehog was moaning before using her tongue to lick around.

Slurping sounds were heard if you listen closely.

What the duo didn't know, or at least not know was a certain duo approaching, Thomas and his current girlfriend from earlier… they heard of a hidden spot that one rarely goes to and Thomas's girlfriend wanted to have… some fun time with the unlucky cat.

"Come on Thomas. I'm so anxious to get started." Thomas's girlfriend said which caused Thomas to chuckle when he gripped his girlfriend's rear.

"No worries Babe… I hear that no matter how rough you get, no one will interrupt, so you and I can get as wild as we want." Thomas teased while they got closer to the spot.

The girlfriend blushed before grinning at him.

While Thomas continues to fondle his girlfriend, they heard some noises nearby which made Thomas raise an eyebrow.

"Think someone else is here?" Thomas wondered when he let go of his girlfriend.

The girlfriend frowned before speaking.

"They better not. This is our spot." She said before she went to tell the people to get out.

She peeked her head out of the bushes to tell the people off before her eyes widen in shock while blushing brightly.

"Oh. My. God." She said.

Thomas was confused at his girlfriend's reaction before he knelt down to look as well… what he saw caused him to feel shocked, enraged, and jealous for many reasons.

The field was littered with what looked like semen, the scent of sex was heavy in the air… but the sight of what looked like multiple well muscled Emerald's with… impressive equipment as most stroked themselves over Maite who continues to suck one Emerald off was the real eye catcher, Maite for Thomas when he saw her figure… as for his girlfriend…

Said koala frown with jealousy seeing Maite with that many Emeralds with...special equipment of their own.

'Who does this slut think she is. She has no right to be surrounded by the many impressive dicks.' She thought.

Thomas was having similar thoughts but in reverse when he saw Maites figure.

"I could have had a babe like that worshipping my dick but instead…" Thomas thought while he glanced at his girlfriend's body.

It was average looking. Her breasts were B to C size at least.

The girlfriend glanced at her boyfriend as she was comparing his dick to Emerald's.

While Thomas was around 5 to 6 inches in length, a slightly above average number when most were just around 4 to 5 inches, Emerald seemed to eclipse that with his near 10 inch dick, he forced blood into it to make it bigger.

Before the duo could say anything, they heard Emerald speaking up.

"M-Maite… gonna… gonna…" Emerald said before he quickly took a step back to stroke himself while the clones continue to do the same when all of the Emerald's looked close to cumming.

Maite opened her mouth and stick out her tongue letting all the Emeralds know that she's ready.

Thomas's girlfriend's eyes widen when she saw that.

'She can't possibly take all that cum.' She thought.

Thomas eyes were in a simple state while he grit his teeth.

'Dammit, I doubt those Bastards can even shootout much.' Thomas thought before they heard the Emerald's speak out in unison.

"Cumming!" The Emerald's groan before they start unloading one by one with insane amounts onto Maite and her open mouth.

One's cumshot was steaming when it hit between Maite's breasts.

Two's cumshot shot out like a firehose into Maite's stomach which splashed everywhere.

Three's cumshot actually sparked when it hit between her legs.

Four's actually flew through the air for a moment look like it was carried with a gust of wind and hits Maite on her forehead.

Five's cumshot hit her torso above her breasts and actually knocked her onto her back.

Six's cumshot actually shone like a lamp when it hits Maite's left arm.

Seven's cumshot was actually pure black when it hit Maite's opposite arm and seemed to absorb light that came close to it.

All in all so far, the cumshot were large in volume.

Emerald himself was still stroking himself off but was close with the way he looked.

Thomas and his girlfriend were shocked while their jaws dropped after seeing all that cum.

Emerald then spoke up when he got close to Maite and spoke up.

"O-Open your mouth...nearly… there." Emerald muttered while he got on all fours and his dick points right at Maite's mouth while his right continues to stroke himself.

Maite nods to him before doing what he said.

A few moments pass before Emerald groans out when he unleashed a green glowing cumshot right into Maite's mouth which quickly filled it up and then some when it starts to overfill her mouth.

Thomas and the girlfriend was once again shocked after seeing Maite take that much cum.

Said hedgehog gagged a bit before she closed her mouth.

She moved it around to savor it before swallowing it completely.

Emerald chuckles while he wringed his dick a few times to get the rest out before standing up to wait for the effect to kick in.

What the effect was obvious after Maite swallowed his load.

Maite's tired body was now fully recovered, she had more energy than before and any soreness was gone when her body emits a greenish glow for a moment before it fades.

Maite gave Emerald a happy sigh after feeling better before standing up.

Emerald chuckles before speaking up while a clone summons a cleaning crest to clean Maite's body while the rest do the same for the rest of the field.

"How's it feel to feel the effect of mating with an Elemental?" Emerald said with a teasing grin.

Maite blushed before speaking.

"It was...it was...amazing."

"Well then, want to continue this back at your place with Lillum, it's getting late and I'd like to continue this in bed, don't get me wrong, going for around 6 hours or so is fun but another 12 should be done with a few more ladies to back you up, still want a quick explanation on what just happened?" Emerald said with a grin when he wanted to continue this with Lillum in a bed.

Maite blushed before looking at Emerald with a grin before speaking.

"No need to explain. I don't mind to continue with Lillum. But is it part of my punishment? Or am I forgiven?" She asked.

"Oh don't worry, that wasn't a punishment at the end, but since I'm immortal I should let you know that for an Elementals mate, having sex practically means that you get an immortality effect as long as you keep coming back to me, it wears off after a while but that won't happen for years." Emerald explained the fountain of youth effect he had.

Thomas and the girlfriend were surprised after hearing that.

Maite was also surprised before she approached Emerald and hugged him.

"I love you Emerald. You don't know how lucky I am to have met you. And I do want to keep seeing you." She said while still hugging him.

Emerald chuckles while he returns the hug before a couple clones grab Maite's and Emerald's clothing before placing them in a barrier.

"So… want to have fun on the way back?, We could give Lillum a present." Emerald teased when he gripped Maite's asscheeks a moment later.

Maite jolts a bit before she nods at Emerald with a blush on her face.

Emerald grinned while he made a barrier around the duo before they flew away when the barrier turned see through to see Emerald and Maite already going at it while the clones stayed behind for last minute clean up.

Thomas and the girlfriend still couldn't believe what they saw after everything that happened.

"Did… you see… what I saw?" Thomas said while he rubbed his eyes.

"Uh yeah." His girlfriend said with a deep blush on her face.

"Did you hear what I hear?" Thomas said while he tried to wrap his head around what he heard.

"Definitely." She said.

"Guess that means we can't let you two go then." A familiar voice said from behind the duo.

Thomas and his girlfriend jolt before turn around to one of the Emerald clones who was still in the nude and his dick was on full display, it was flaccid.

Thomas avoid his gaze before speaking.

"D-Dude! Put some clothes on."

"Well considering you won't remember this, it doesn't really matter." The clone cryptically said to the duo, or more exactly Thomas.

"What do you mean won't remember?" Said Mobian Cat questioned.

His girlfriend also wondered about that.

Their question was answered a moment later when the clone held out two fingers and a white crest appeared on Thomas's forehead before he fell to the ground with closed eyes.

The girlfriend's eyes widen in shock before yelling out...

"TOMMY! What did you do to him?!"

"Oh just stage one for him… for you since you joined this ass… let's just say we'll make it so that no other man can satisfy you." The clone said while it's dick grew fully erect.

The girlfriend blushed big at the sight before her eyes widen in shock.

"S-Stay back." She said before going backwards.

Which caused the clone to grin when Thomas's girlfriend fell through the bushes and in the middle of surprised clones while the clone walked through the bush while dragging a knocked out Thomas which caused them to raise an eyebrow before looking back to Thomas's girlfriend with grins when their own dicks grew erect.

The girlfriend was now shivering with fear.

The clone dropped Thomas before one clone gripped the girlfriend's shirt and ripped it clean off while another clone spoke up.

"Well boys, let's go all out and break this woman, she might make an excellent servant for Maite." The clone said while the rest of the clones grin.

The girlfriend's eyes widen in shock before yelling out…


A few hour pass since then and the scene fades in to show a semen filled and covered woman who was twitching on the ground with a broken look in her eyes while the clones looked to her with a amused grins.

"I gotta say, did not last long, gonna need to send her to Lillum for training." A clone said before kneeling next to the fucked up koala.

"So… who is your new master and Mistress?" The clone said to the barely conscious koala.

The girlfriend stuttered before speaking

"M-Maite is my new master and mistress."

"And Emerald?, The main boss who makes us look like low grade lays if he wanted to." The clone said.

"H-He's also my master." The girlfriend said.

"Now… what is your name." The clone asked with a grin.

"S-Slave." She said.

"Hehe, good, but what is your real name to not draw suspension?" The clone asked.

"Audrey." The girlfriend known as Audrey said.

"Well Audrey, after you recover and clean yourself, head to this location, we'll have your Mistress's Mistress train you to please anyone like a pro… and please keep it a secret for now, we want to surprise your new mistress...do that and the boss might make a personal visit himself." The clone said with a grin when a crest sent the location to Audrey's mind.

Audrey nods to the clone with an excited look.

"Well then, sleep for now and we'll take care of the rest, as for your ex… we'll let you be blunt while breaking up with him since he deserves it… don't worry one of us will be nearby in case he tries anything stupid." The clone said while he fingered Audrey to keep her focused for a moment.

Audrey nods again to the clone.

"Well boys, you heard the plan, one of you poof away to let the boss know and the rest of us will take care of things here." The clone said when he stood up and took his fingers out of Audrey's pussy.

Said koala pouted since she wants more.

The clone noticed with a grin before speaking up.

"Patience slave… after all you get personal lessons from a sex demon herself… that should give you enough control to last until then." The clone teased when one clone poofed away while another clone starts to clean Audrey's body with a crest.

Audrey blushed before nodding to the clone.

The clone then placed a couple fingers on Audrey's forehead before a green crest appears before Audrey was put to sleep before the clone picked her up.

"Well then gentleman, I bid you adieu." The clone said before summoning clothing for himself while he repaired Audrey's clothing and after grabbing Thomas, vanished while the rest of the clones continue cleaning while the scene shifts to Rachel's home, more exactly Emerald, Maite, and Lillum's room while they rest.

Rachel's home/ Emerald's guestroom/ Emerald, Maite, Lillum.

Emerald was sleeping with Lillum and Maite next to him, Lillum was a bit more frisky for some reason but he couldn't complain.

Though the clones memories jolting him awake did make him blink a few times.

'Oh great… how do I explain that… clones and their slightly altered personalities.' Emerald thought before he adjusts himself a bit and wrapped his arms around Maite and Lillum more before he does off while the scene went to reality.

Present/ Rachel's home/ Maite's room/ Maite, Rachel, Sticks, Azure

The group entered the room a bit ago while Azure went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Maite's story took awhile, but when she got to the part where Emerald and her went to Maite's secret spot… she… didn't really hold back details on her part, though they had no idea about what the clones did… since that part of the flashback was from the clone's perspective.

"So after everything, Emerald forgave me for what I said. And I tell you...it was the best date I ever had." She said with a big blush on her face.

Sticks while blushing at the uncensored story spoke up.

"Remind me to ask Emerald to teach Cedy to make clones." Sticks said when her imagination caused her to get a dream look in her eye.

Rachel blushed greatly at the story while nodding with Sticks on that.

Maite sweat drop before speaking.

"I'm sure Emerald will teach him that. Besides, I think he's telling him something about the harem thing."

"Yeah, still I have a question, since you and Emerald are going on a double date, what do Rachel and I do since I get the feeling that we should stay out of this one for now." Sticks said with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Well, you both can have your own fun, or you can join the others to make sure nothing goes wrong. After all the date has to go perfect. Isn't that right Azure?" Maite asked to said feline who walked back into the room with just a set of black colored panties and a black bra with a thoughtful look on her face… seems she's still thinking about what she heard earlier.

Sticks grins before looking to Rachel with a teasing grin.

"Well you heard her, we can either help with the date or have some fun of our own, and knowing how Emerald is with his plans… I'm going for having fun to see what you and that Heartless was it called can do." Sticks teased with a slight blush on her face.

Rachel blushed brightly before speaking.

"I don't mind doing it with you auntie, unless the other's need help."

"Well we can ask later, for now, mind helping Azure with her hairstyle you two?, I don't think she knows what to do." Sticks said while she points to Azure who looked to all of the hair care products with a confused look since there were similar looking brands.

Rachel sees this before going over to her feline girlfriend.

"Don't worry Azure, me and Maite are gonna give you an excellent hairstyle."

Maite nods to her in agreement.

Azure just sighs since she didn't know what to do.

"Just… make it simple alright, I don't want to put too much work in it if something causes trouble later." Azure said with a slight frown… she's not very optimistic about her chances.

Maite sees this before speaking.

"Azure I promise you that this date will be perfect. Everyone is gonna be on guard for anything. Besides even Cedric wants to make sure it goes perfect. He really wants it to be special."

"I'll believe that when nothing blows up, remember my own track record?, I'm like a trouble magnet." Azure said while she waits for someone to lend her a hand with a hairstyle.

"So is Cedy, yet we still love him." Rachel said before she helped with Azure's hair.

"At least until a new woman comes from out of nowhere and gets his attention, if I'm a magnet for trouble then Cedric must be some kind of chick magnet." Azure said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Well Azure, remember he has you, Rachel and auntie Sticks. He loves you all equally. I doubt he's gonna do something like that. And before you say something, remember that it's your call since you're the head girlfriend and all." Maite said.

Azure scoffed at that before looking to Maite while keeping her head still.

"More like Rachel's the head girlfriend here, I can't even use whatever these products are and from what I saw a few days ago in a fight when I'm not snapping, I'm weak, I mean I kept missing that bot and nearly blew my top… tell me, do I really deserve that when I seem to the the weakest in a all around fashion here?" Azure said when she remembered her mistakes after getting here and her blowing her top against Cedric a few times.

Maite and Rachel looked at each other before Rachel spoke.

"Don't say that Azy, you do deserve to be the top girlfriend. I don't mind and I'm sure auntie Sticks doesn't mind either."

Then Maite spoke.

"Yes, plus you're not weak and you weren't really missing that bot. I overheard my dad telling Emerald that he believes that the Eggman in my world was getting outside help. I think that they were testing you guys and I think Eggman wanted to see you blow up Azure."

"Ok… two things… one… has anything for me gone right since we got here?, I mean really think about that, aside from the fact that I'm in a relationship with Cedric and Rachel, Sticks is now added to that since Rachel and I lost to her… and from what I heard, The Eggman of your dimension and whoever he's working with probably don't even consider me a threat, Shadow had to destroy it for me while everyone else who was at the same level I was able to do it easily after learning that new way of attacking, and add the fact that Rachel is stronger then me here and you lose some sway with that argument." Azure said when she remembered how humiliated she was when she had to have Shadow rescue her.

Maite sighed before speaking.

"Look Azure, I might not have the answer, but you should remember that when you enter someone's dimension, one person will be stronger than everyone else. I'm mean Rachel is stronger because you're in our home dimension. If you guys entered Cedric's, he'll be powerful as well. And also you should know that it's not just you, Rachel got hurt when she tried to protect Cedric since he was the target and all. Plus after hearing that Cedric's old enemy is still alive and working with that Bordux person, he's now worried for his friends and family back home. Also that Bordux really did cross the line if he messed with Cedric's life. I mean aren't you concerned for him?."

Rachel remembered after that while feeling sad and worried for her boyfriend.

"I know!" Azure growls out while clinching a fist.

"I get that some issues might not match up or even strength for some Dimensions, but can you tell me just one thing I did on my own, with no help from anyone at all, that ended right?" Azure said with a begging tone.

Maite took a moment to think before speaking.

"Well there was that assassin you de-armed. I say you did a great job. Everyone would've wanted to do the same to him."

"I would've killed him painfully if Emerald didn't knock me out." Azure points out with a half lidded look.

"Well Azure, Cedric did say we needed him alive for information. If only we found out sooner if that other assassin didn't show up and killed him." Rachel said.

"There was another assassin?" Azure said with a worried look and tone.. she was out for that part.

"Yeah, apparently they sent that guy to kill his comrade in case the mission failed."

Azure facepalmed before speaking up.

"What are the chances the second will try something during the date?, Was the second even caught?" Azure asked since that seemed like a red flag to her.

Rachel shook her head before speaking.

"No. But I don't think he/she wants to stick around knowing what teachers we have."

"Well just in case, I might as well bring a weapon or something since ranged attacks don't work well for me." Azure said with a half lidded look when she thought the worst.

Maite shook her head before speaking.

"The only thing you should worry now is your date with Cedric. Like I said before, everyone will be keeping watch for anything. But if it makes you feel better, I'll bring my weapon just in case."

"Just to let you know, my flames burn things to ash instantly… not a good capture method in case the guy pops up." Azure points out to Maite for the just in case moment if the second assassin gets by the watching group.

Maite sighs before speaking.

"Okay. But only if the situation gets worse. Plus one other condition." She said.

"What condition?" Azure asked while she watched Rachel doing more to her head fur to give it a style.

"To have a good time on this date. Don't think anything bad. Just enjoy spending time with the man that loves you for who you are." Maite said.

"I'll try but I don't think I can relax until the date ends." Azure said to meet Maite halfway.

Maite sighs before speaking.

"Alright, but try not to feel down with Cedric okay?"

"Like I said I'll try, I'll put up a front or something if I want to try and make the date work." Azure said while she looked to Rachel to see how she was doing so far.

Said hedgehog was still working on it before Maite spoke.

"Alright then."

That's when Rachel spoke.

"Aaaaand... done. What do you think Azure?"

Azure looked to see that her head fur was swepped back which trailed down her back with some natural waves for the longer parts that gave her a wavy hair look.

"Whoa… never noticed that before, normally their just pony tailed." Azure said with a slightly happy tone at her new hairstyle.

Rachel smiled before speaking.

"I'm happy you like it. Want me and Maite to do your nails and toes?"

"Uh…" Azure said before looking at her claws, they never really got a touch up since Azure never really cared about looks.

"Might as well go all out, just… go easy with the makeup alright?" Azure said with a worried tone when she thought she might look like a clown or something.

Rachel giggled before speaking.

"Don't worry, by the time we're done, you'll be like a princess." She said before she and Maite got to work on her nails.

Rachel started on her fingers while Maite worked on her toes.

The duo had a tough time since Azure's claws were durable… they lost a few files and they made them look halfway decent after 5 minutes much to Azure chagrin who watched the entire time.

"Uh… this might be a bad idea... maybe working on claws are tougher than nails." Azure said with a slight frown.

Maite and Rachel both nod to her before Rachel spoke.

"Yeah. Want us to paint them instead?"

"No thanks, if I use my abilities once then the paint will burn off, I'll wait for the filing to be done and get the clothing on." Azure said to help the duo.

Rachel pout before speaking.

"Okay. Maybe we can have a girls night out if you want."

"Uh… maybe another time… I don't even know what to do in those situations." Azure said with a confused look.

Maite and Rachel were shocked after hearing that.

"Really?, It's where it's just us girls. We hang out, give ourselves a manicure, a facial, read magazines, sometimes watch a movie." Rachel said.

"Uh…. You do remember my story right Rachel?... Never really got a chance to do that before the incident." Azure said with a raised eyebrow.

Rachel was then sad.

"I'm sorry Azure."

"Well it's no real issue, I normally just trained before coming here and that's fun, guess I'm not very… woman like if I think that." Azure said with a frown at the end when she remembered nothing about hanging out with woman.

"Then maybe when we're not training we can make a day of it. I can invite Cream, Lavender and Strike to join us. Maybe I can invite Sam as well." Rachel said.

"Sam?... Did a new lady join when I was knocked out or something?" Azure asked since that name was a mystery to her.

Rachel blinked before speaking.

"No, remember when I told you and Cedy about my friends, along with Tails and Zooey's daughter?"

"Oh yeah, guess I get knocked out so much I must be losing some memories… I should really be worried about that..." Azure said with a worried tone.

Rachel waved her hand at Azure before speaking.

"It's okay Azure. You were worked up after that assassin thing."

"That's putting it mildly… I got red fur from it all over my body as a side effect and you got that new arm of yours..." Azure said when she looked her body over which showed the dark red fur and looked at Rachel's arm with the heartless symbol on it.

Said hedgehog gripped Azure's chin before speaking.

"Your fur maybe different, but I still love you for who you are Azy. Same thing goes to Cedy and auntie Sticks." She said before kissing her on the lips.

Azure blushed a bit at the action before pulling away.

"Easy for you to say, I heard that I could be Lavender's sister and had blue fur… what colors next if I lose it again?... I'm more like a chameleon then a cat now." Azure said to Rachel while Sticks and Maite listen in.

"You're not a chameleon Azy. You are beautiful woman. And you shouldn't worry, we're all here for you if anything. Me, Cedy and Sticks will never leave you for anything. That's a promise." Rachel said.

"And don't forget Emerald, you heard him right?, I'm sure he would do anything to protect you as long as he cared about his students protection, even if it makes him look like a fool or something." Sticks said with a chuckles at more of Emerald's funny moments.

Maite frowned a bit before speaking.

"Let's not make fun Emerald, auntie. He is my boyfriend after all."

"Hehe, sorry, but you have to admit that Emerald would do anything to protect you right?, I mean you're dating the guy so you should know what he would do to please you right?" Sticks said to Maite with a teasing tone while Azure blushed when she remembered the later part of Maite's story.

Said hedgehog blushed brightly before nodding to Sticks.

"And if this date goes well… it might not be just one person getting lucky tonight." Sticks teased which made Azure practically glow when she blushed brightly.

Rachel giggled while blushing at the thought.

"So… think Emerald can top a clone gangbang?" Sticks bluntly said to Maite with a teasing grin which caused Azure's mind to go into overdrive if Cedric learned how to make clones of his own.

Rachel was having similar thoughts while blushing with excitement.

Maite chuckled at both girls reaction before speaking up.

"Okay, let's get Azure ready."

Sticks chuckles before going to the box with Azure's outfit.

"Alright… time to get serious." Sticks said before approaching Azure to help while the scene shifts to later in the living room with Emerald and Cedric.

Rachel's home/ living room/ Emerald, Cedric

The scene showed that Emerald was in his hedgehog form and the duo was wearing tuxedo's.

"So… think you'll be ok after Maite and I split from you two?, You have eyes on your side helping you, but the date itself will be all you." Emerald said while he adjusts his tie.

Cedric took a deep breath before speaking.

"I believe I can do this. All I have to do is show Azure a wonderful time." He said before putting on a pair of cufflinks he got from his bag.

"Yeah, you got the list of areas to go to?, They'll be away from Maite and myself after the meal for a one on one time... we might run into you two at the park here but most likely in passing." Emerald said to said wolf.

Cedric nods to him before checking in the mirror to make sure if everything's not out of place.

A moment later passed before Sticks came down with a grin on her face.

"Well you two, after helping Azure get ready, we got Maite ready, take a look." Sticks said before a pair of footsteps were heard.

Both guys waited to see their dates come down stairs.

First to come out is Maite.

She was wearing a red cocktail dress that sparkled a bit in the light.

Emerald was silent when he saw it before a clone appeared next to him in wolf Mobian form made him sweatdrop when the wolf clone howled at Maite and hit itself on the head a few times like a cartoon character while Emerald facepalmed with a bright blush.

Maite sweatdrop before blushing.

"What do you think Emerald?" She asked before doing a nice twirl.

It turns out her it was backless.

"Hehe, like the best looking woman from this dimension, excluding other women here to not piss them off." Emerald said to not insult Maite's family or Sticks.

Maite blushed from that.

She knew that Emerald means well.

"Thanks. And you look very handsome in that tuxedo. Like James Bond."

"Bond… James Bond." Emerald said while making a James Bond impression before he looked around.

"Where's Azure?" Emerald asked Maite.

Cedric also wondered that but worried if she changed her mind.

Their answer was heard when Rachel shouts to the group.

"HOLD… ON… AZURE'S GETTING A BIT… OF STAGE FRIGHT… come here you!" Rachel shouts before a bit of a shuffling was heard before Azure was carefully pushed down the stairs with Rachel gripping said felines shoulders.

"So Cedy… what do you think." Rachel said with a teasing grin.

What was seen was Azure in the outfit… her long wavy hair was pinned down carefully by the headband… the dress showed off all of her curves well, unlike Rachel and Maite who had extremely developed figures, she had a lesser developed but just as beautiful figure which really suited her.

Her claws on her hands seemed to shimmer after the cleaning they went through.

Her face was lightly touched with makeup… the only things were slight touches of eyelash makeup to make them more pronounces, a very light touch of lipstick to make her lips shine…

The heels gave her an inch in height and made her rear a bit more pronounced.

All in all, it looked like Azure had a few changes to her looks, but those small changes made one hell of a change for her.

Though Azure was trying to not look at anyone with the brightest blush she ever had on her face.

Cedric was just speechless when he saw said feline.

"Wow, Azure. You look so...breathtaking." He said.

"Y-You're just… s-saying that…" Azure said with an even brighter blush on her face if that was even possible… she looked like a stoplight now.

"No I mean it. You're really beautiful." Cedric said which caused Azure to actually steam when she somehow blushed brighter than ever which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"As fun as it is to see Azure turning into a lamp, I suggest we head out or we'll miss the reservation." Emerald said while he looked to his unique cellphone's clock which worked through Dimensions.

Cedric and Maite nods to Emerald before Cedric brought his hand out for Azure to hold.

Azure blushed brightly when she did grab Cedric's hand, her hand seemed to shake a bit from how nervous she was.

Emerald gripped Maite's hand lightly before walking to the door.

"So… wanna walk or teleport there?" Emerald suggests to the three.

Maite and Cedric both took a moment to think before they both said…


Azure didn't have an opinion so she kept quiet which caused Emerald to nod while he opened the door.

"Alright then, ladies first." Emerald said before he let go of Maite's hand to bow to the door a bit and used his free hand to gesture the trio to exit.

Maite went first. Then Cedric let go of Azure's hand so she can go next.

Or… he would have if Azure's hand wasn't latched on his now like she was scared of letting him go.

"I-I'll just stick by Cedric here." Azure said with a nervous tone.

Said wolf was wondering what's wrong.

"You okay Azure?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah… just nervous… and worried that something might go wrong… I want to enjoy this but..." Azure said with a nervous look on her face while she fell silent.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that before he brought his other hand to her cheek before speaking.

"Azure...I promise you with my life that nothing will go wrong. All I want to do is enjoy a wonderful night with a beautiful woman standing right in front of me." He said before kissing her forehead.

Azure's ears twitched a few times before she spoke up.

"A-Alright...see you outside…" Azure said with a tone that showed that she wasn't convinced yet while Emerald rubbed his head when Azure passed him before he spoke to Cedric.

"Don't worry Cedric, I got the other students and Demonga around your areas so you two should have no trouble, but it looks like Azure won't fully relax unless this date goes well… can't really blame her since… well... you know." Emerald said with a shrug before he gestures for Cedric to exit.

Said wolf sighed before speaking.

"Yeah I know." He said before he heads out.

After the four left… it was just Rachel and Sticks.

"So… wanna have some fun in bed while they eat?" Sticks teased while she points a thumb at the stairs.

Rachel blushed a bit before saying…


"Hehe, well grab that heartless and meet me in your bedroom… And grab a few of your teacher's toys." Sticks teased before she walked up the stairs with a slight swing of her hips.

Rachel blushed again before she went up to get what Sticks wanted while the scene went to the double dating duo.

S.B. Dimension/ town/ Emerald, Maite, Cedric, Azure

When the four made it to town, they followed Emerald to a classy part of town before they stopped at the door of a beautiful restaurant.

It was called The Mermaid's Tear, a restaurant that specialized in seafood.

"So, what do you think?, Think I could have gone for a higher class or is this the best one on the island?" Emerald said with a grin while he points a thumb at the door.

"Actually this place looks excellent." Cedric said.

Maite agreed with the wolf… Azure… was looking at the store with a wide eyes look when the smell of fish hit her nose which caused her to swallow.

Cedric noticed that look before he brought his hand to her shoulder.

"You alright Azure?" He asked.

"H-Huh?… oh yeah… it's not like I'm thinking of fish right now." Azure said before her stomach growled greatly which caused her to blush with a nervous look on her face.

Cedric and Maite were shocked from that before Cedric spoke.

"Oh, excuse me." He said so he can make Azure feel less embarrassed.

Though… a second growl did cause the group to look to Emerald who chuckles while he pat his stomach.

"Hehe, not really sorry for that, it's a natural thing… besides what's the point of coming here if you don't have an empty stomach?" Emerald said which caused Azure to shudder before she starts to laugh lightly from Emerald's point… why come to a restaurant if you're not eating.

Cedric and Maite also laughed before agreeing with Emerald's logic.

Emerald then walked to the door before he opens it.

"So ladies and gentlemen, shall we dine on tasty Fish now?" Emerald said while Azure smiles before she gripped Cedric's hand… and actually pulled him into the door which caused Emerald to sweatdrop before looking to Maite.

"If those rumors are true about Azure being related with Sonic from my Dimension, then I guess fish are like chili dogs for Azure." Emerald said while he held an arm out for Maite to take.

Maite smiled before she entered.

That's when she surprised Emerald by whispering in his ear.

"I can't wait to taste your chili dog later." She whispered before heading to Cedric and Azure.

Emerald froze and blushed brightly for a moment before he followed after the trio and walked to the receptionist.

"Yes?" The receptionist asked before Emerald held up four fingers.

"Table for four under Ranmyaku." Emerald said while the receptionist took a bit to look through the list slowly since the names on it were tiny.

A minute passed before the Receptionist stood up.

"Follow me, I'll show you four to a table." The receptionist said before leading the group… though Emerald did surprise Maite by whispering into her ear when she passed him.

"Keep the teasing up and we might as well get to the real fun after we eat… you'll need the energy later." Emerald teased before he walked past Maite with a grin that showed that he was serious.

Maite blushed before grinning a bit.

'Hehe, I have you now Emerald.' She thought while following the group to their table.

After the four sat at the table, they made small talk after they made their orders to pass the time.

Maite then asked something to Cedric.

"So Cedric, what are the Sonic and Tails like in your dimension like?" She asked with curiosity.

"Well surprisingly, like Lavender, the Sonic of my dimension is also king. But he's not married to Amy Rose or Blaze the Cat." Said wolf replied.

Emerald raised an eyebrow before speaking up.

"How did that happen?, Was Sonic a natural born royal?" Emerald asked.

"Well actually my dad told me how Sonic had a thing for this woman named Sally Acorn who was a princess at the time during the war against the Eggman of my dimension." Cedric said.

"Huh, I think I heard of this Sally in a few Dimensions, never meet her before… at least I think I didn't…" Emerald said with a thoughtful look.

Then Maite asked this.

"Does the Eggman in your world still causes trouble?"

That's when Cedric said something surprising.

"No, because he's...dead. After the freedom fighters bombarded him in his tower."

Emerald raised an eyebrow before chuckling.

"Well at least you don't have to deal with a bad egg anymore." Emerald said with a dark tone.

Cedric however was not chuckling.

"I wouldn't be too sure Emerald. You see my dad told me how Eggman had a nephew named Snively. And let's just say he was more evil than his uncle. They didn't know where his body was. Some thought he got vaporized in the blast. But my dad and the others knew that he made it out. So over the years while the people of Möbius enjoyed peace, Sonic along with everyone else are prepared in case Snively returned. But so far nothing."

"Well… looks like after I level up a bit in your Dimension… I'll be hunting for a spawn of a bad egg." Emerald said with a cold look that made Azure shudder from the coldness Emerald emitted… just what made Emerald despise Robotnik so much?

Cedric and Maite had the same feeling before Cedric spoke.

"Also to your second question Maite, the Tails from my dimension is actually mayor of my home town."

"Does he still invent things?" Azure asked with a curious tone.

"Oh yeah. He's Sonic's top scientist and inventor in the kingdom." Cedric replied.

"Hmm… do they have any family, like Rachel, Azure or Maite here as an example?" Emerald asked since they ran into the Sonic family here.

Cedric took a moment to remember before speaking.

"Well Sonic and Sally both have twins, around my age. One son name Manic and a daughter name Aleena. As for Tails, I didn't actually meet his family but I did saw a portrait of his daughter and his…"Cedric said before stopping as he widen his eyes in shock.

"Oh man." He said before chuckling.

Emerald had a question mark appeared above his head while Azure got a confused look on her face.

Maite was also confused before speaking.

"What is it?"

"Tails's wife was actually...Cream but older." Cedric said before chuckling a bit more.

Emerald sweatdrops before he chuckles.

"Oh… Daniel will find this amusing." Emerald said while he shuddered a few times when he remembered the talk Amanda and Cream had.

Azure chuckles since it would be an odd moment if Daniel finds out.

Cedric and Maite chuckled a bit before Maite had another question.

"So Cedric, do you have any close friends that are like family to you?"

Said wolf took a moment to think before speaking.

"Well there's Sonic and Sally. They treated my parents like family during the war, they sometimes visit me during my birthdays. Like Rachel, Tails was like an uncle to me since he gave me some cool inventions as gifts. And then there's Dulce."

"I'll ask about who Dulce is in a moment… But Oh really?, You think of Rachel like an aunt?, isn't she younger than you?" Emerald said with a grin.

Cedric was shocked before speaking.

"Whoa man, Rachel and I are the same age."

"Hey you said it…*clears throat*... like Rachel, Tails was like an uncle to me… did I say that wrong?" Emerald teased while Azure giggles.

Cedric didn't know what to say before releasing the joke.

"You just love to tease me."

"Oh I don't know… maybe I should ask Aunt Rachel what she thinks." Azure said this time before covering her mouth to giggle.

Cedric was surprised to hear that.

"Really Azure?" He asked before he started chuckling.

"What do you think Maite… think Aunt Rachel should know what Cedy thinks…*Chuckles*" Emerald said before chuckling.

Said hedgehog couldn't hold it anymore before she started chuckling behind her hand.

Emerald and Azure joined her in her laughter about Cedric's mix up while said wolf just laughed since it was funny. Even though the joke was on him.

It took a moment before everyone stopped laughing.

"Very funny you guys. Anyway, to answer your next question Emerald, Dulce is a friend to my family. She happens to be a dragon." Cedric said.

"Now I'm reminded of Core... does this Dulce have a human or humanoid form?" Emerald asked with a thoughtful look.

"Uh... neither." He said.

"I see… now for a question for Maite while I think of a few Dulce questions, what is that weapon you used to scare off your ex?, I think I ran into a guy with one that looked similar but I never found out what it's called." Emerald asked while Azure blinked a few times while she looked to Maite with a curious look.

Cedric was intrigued since he never heard about this.

"Well, I got it from this strange man wearing a black hooded cloak. I didn't see his face but he was big. He called it an axe/sword. But it was strange to call it that. After he gave it to me, he vanished out of thin air." Maite explained.

Emerald froze when he heard that before speaking up.

"Uh… was he taller than me in my human form, looked bulky and had a serious tone?" Emerald said with a worried tone.

Maite took a moment to remember before speaking.

"Actually yeah."

"I… see… did he say that his name was Lexaeus?" Emerald said with a serious look on his face.

Maite was shocked.

"How'd you know that?" She asked.

"...I fought him a few times in the past… powerful bastard that could hit like no other… he was in an organization of being called nobodies called Organization XIII, I heard that an ally of mine… killed him when he tried to kill my ally." Emerald said with a regretful look on his face.

Cedric and Maite were shocked after hearing that.

"I do have some good news… when a heartless is formed...a...nobody...is… oh damn…" Emerald said while facepalming when he remembered that fact.

"What is it?" Cedric questioned.

"It's Rachel, she got infected by something that created a heartless, for all we know a nobody was formed from her in another location, I'm not 100% sure of that since she wasn't fully transformed but she was transformed nonetheless." Emerald said with a serious look on his face.

Cedric and Maite were shocked after hearing that.

"So for all we know we might meet and face an alternate version of my sister?" Maite asked.

"Possibly, or Cedric could charm her nobody like he did Rachel's heartless… anyway once a heartless and nobody are destroyed, they soon reform back into the original person they formed from, so for all we know, Lexaeus could be alive in a slightly different form, and with another name since the X part of his and his other allies names were added in after they were shuffled." Emerald said with a tone that said that he knew more than he let on.

Maite, Cedric and Azure were surprised after hearing that.

"So this Lexeaus guy could be alive, just in his former state?" Azure asked to see if she kept up so far while Emerald nods.

"Yeah, I know living proof that a person reforms after their heartless and nobody is destroyed and from a master of something called a keyblade, the guy who is living proof is called Axel or Lea, he's a good guy I know… and the bad is Xehanort… a really twisted guy who is probably even craftier than Bordux… the guy was turned into a heartless and nobody but he even planned for them to be destroyed and he could reform for some plan he had." Emerald said while he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"Do you think this Xehanort guy could be working with him as well?"

"Unfortunately I know he is working with Bordux, but after a certain incident after a mark of mastery exam for a couple of my allies, it seemed like Xehanort went into hiding for now." Emerald said when he remembered what happened in the Nobody base.

The trio seemed to calm down after hearing that.

"You know, I do wonder Cedric, what did your group do in your dimension?" Emerald asked when he was reminded of Cedric's band of seven.

"Well it started out as me and Kyra. Then we started looking for other members. First was Bruce. He's a skunk and half cyborg. He can hack into anything. Second was Yami. He's a wolf like me, but with different fur color. He can cast some illusions. Next came Kuma. He's a big bear. He can be...very sadistic when it comes to beating his opponents. He carries a big sword and can control water. And finally our two last members I like to call the Sage Sisters. I call them that because they're great with magic. But their names are Hebi, who's a snake and Nami, a swallow. Now I know you're confused but they are sisters by blood. Even I don't how that's possible." Cedric explained.

Emerald sweatdrops before speaking up.

"Same dad maybe… could have had some fun with a few woman but didn't take responsibility?" Emerald asked with a slight shrug of his arms.

Cedric shook his head before speaking.

"Not quite. Tails had a machine that can track down any surviving blood relative. It turns out they had two different dads, whom are both deceased, but they have one same mother. Unfortunately, it didn't say who was the mother."

"So how do you know they have the same mom?, It could be that they just think of one another as sisters, or do they have a feature on them that says otherwise?" Emerald asked with a raised eyebrow.

Cedric took a moment to think before speaking.

"Actually yes. If you looked at their eyes, they both have X shaped pupils in them."

Emerald jolts before speaking up.

"Uh...did you say X… shaped… pupils…?" Emerald said which caused Azure to raise an eyebrow in confusion while she just listened.

Cedric and Maite were also confused.

"Uh, yeah why? You seen that before?" Cedric asked.

"Uh… I… maybe wrong… but… they could be… related to Lillum… either that… or a family member of her but I can't be too sure unless one of us sees Hebi or Nami in person." Emerald said when a lot of questions popped into his head.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that.

"Well, how many family members does Lillum have?" He asked.

"Uh… around 500 or so daughters if that number hasn't increased since a few hundred years ago…" Emerald said with a sweatdrop while Azure went bugged eyed.

"You mean to say… that there is over 500 sisters to Lillum!?" Azure said with a shocked tone.

Maite and Cedric were also shocked after hearing that.

"Well considering who their dad is… it might make sense." Emerald said with a slightly nervous look.

"Who's the dad?" Cedric asked.

"The king of hell… Lucifer or A.k.a…. Satan in certain religious lore." Emerald said while he waits for the barrage of questions.

Cedric, Maite and Azure went bug eyed after hearing that.

"Satan is her dad!?" Cedric asked.

"Yep… guy cares for his family in a screwed up but not sick sense sort of way… but a real ass if you never met him in person but he is one of the strongest bastards I know, for example, because of him getting drunk once, I had to fight a freaking Archdemon or Lillum would have been forced to marry the bastard… one of the rare times I lost it and I actually slugged Lucifer right through a wall." Emerald said when he remembered that week.

The trio were shocked after hearing that.

"Yeah… while Lucifer had a wife… she needed the breaks so Lucifer had fun with other demonesses and the kids just kept piling up, Lillum was actually his wife's kid, not from a mistress." Emerald said while rubbing his head.

"Wow." Cedric said with a surprised look.

"If you think that's surprising, Lillum's mom was originally human, but because she married Lucifer she got extended life so she's still alive even to this day… Lillum looks like an almost exact double of her is you want looks… just picture a dress that covers her body and take away the demon features." Emerald said to help describe Lillum's mom.

Maite took a moment to think on that before blushing at said thought.

Cedric would have thought about it, but decided not to since he's with Azure.

Azure had similar thoughts before speaking up.

"Was Lillum's mom ok with the arranged marriage?" Azure asked which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"Oh no, Lillum's mom, Serina, actually made Lucifer hide in the castle, now that is one angry woman, would make mine or Azure's angriest moment a simple issue compared to that day." Emerald said with an amused grin while Azure sweatdrops.

Cedric gulped a bit before sweating at the thought.

'Okay note to self: If I somehow meet Lillum's mom or her family; Don't make them mad. Also side note; Gotta stop making Azure mad at me.' He thought.

"Hehehe, still I wouldn't worry, aside from that day, Serina is a practical pacifist, in fact compared to Lillum, she's normally reserved so think of her as Lillum's opposite." Emerald said with an amused tone.

Cedric felt a bit relieved but still wanted to keep his guard up.

"I would be more worried about Lillum's sisters though, some of them are even more out of control about sex then Lillum is believe it or not… just saying that you would need to stick in a group and not be alone if we head to Lillum's home… I'm not talking to just Cedric here, I'm also talking about Maite and you Azure… and the other students as well." Emerald said with an amused tone at the blush that formed on Azure's face.

Maite and Cedric also blushed from that.

Before another question was asked, a Butler who pushed a large cat appeared with four orders on it, two of which were bigger then the others.

"Your orders Sir's and Madam's." The Butler said before placing the covered food on the table, the larger ones went to Emerald and Azure while the smaller ones went to Cedric and Maite before the Butler pulled the lid off of the tray's one by one.

Cedric had ordered the surf and turf, while Maite ordered a grilled salmon with spinach and broccoli.

Emerald's order was a lobster bisque with sushi on the side either dipping sauce while Azures was a extra large grilled tuna and some salad with ranch on it.

All in all the dishes look good.

"Wow. This food looks delicious." Cedric said.

"Yeah, I think Azure is fighting herself to keep in control right now." Emerald said with a sweatdrop when he looked Azure's way… and saw that she kept her mouth close while he stomach lightly rumbles which caused her to rub the back of her head from being found out.

Cedric was surprised after seeing that. But he thought it was cute.

"Well why don't we all dig in then." He said.

"Gladly." Emerald said before he dug into his dish after placing the napkin he had on his lap.

Azure did the same but the taste of the fish made it hard for her to slow down when she kept taking large bites with her fork.

Cedric and Maite sweatdrop a bit from that before they start eating.

A few moments later, Cedric had a question for Azure.

"Azure, would you like a piece of lobster?" He asked which caused Azure to blink a few times.

"Oh sure… want some of my food?" Azure asked about her tuna.

Cedric nods to her before bringing a piece of lobster to her plate while Azure did the same with a piece of her tuna for Cedric's plate.

She bit into the piece before humming for a moment when she tastes it.

"What do you think?" Cedric asked before he bit into the tuna.

After she swallowed her food she spot up.

"Not bad but I prefer fish over lobster." Azure said with a smile.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"That's okay. But this is the best tuna I've tasted." He said.

"Well this place does make the best seafood on the island, but in the gourmet world, this stuff would be low level food." Emerald said when he bit into his meal before looking to Maite.

"Wanna try a bite Maite?" Emerald asked with a grin when he realized he made a funny rhyme.

Maite giggled from that before speaking.

"Only if you try mine."

"Sure, here, some of my lobster bisque." Emerald said after carefully placing a bit on to Maite's plate.

Maite did the same to Emerald before taking a bite.

"So?, How's it taste?" Emerald asked before he got an idea which gave him a slight grin.

Cedric and Aure noticed that before Maite hummed.

"It tastes delicious. How's the salmon?." She asked.

"Oh I'll find out in a second, mind leaning a bit close though?" Emerald cryptically said to Maite.

Maite was wondering what he needed before doing what he said.

Emerald's body seemed to blur for a second before he took Maite's chin in hand and kissed her on the lips before he slipped his tongue in… with her own food on it to really surprise her while Azure blushed brightly at the sight.

Cedric was surprised at the scene. He was now thinking of doing that with Azure. Including Rachel and Sticks.

Maite was caught off guard before moaning a bit in the kiss.

For a few moments the duo continues before Emerald pulled away with a grin before he licked his lips.

"Not bad thanks to a side of Maite that made it much better." Emerald teased when he sat back in his chair.

Maite blushed brightly before going back to her seat.

Cedric was still surprised after see that before he resumed eating.

Azure took another bite before glancing to Cedric before she blushed a bit.

"H-Hey Cedric…" Azure said to get the wolf attention while she bit into her food again.

Said wolf stopped eating to look at his feline girlfriend.

"Yes." He said.

Instead of saying anything, Azure surprised everyone by kissing Cedric on the mouth and slipping her tongue into the wolf mouth… and just like Emerald, she used her tongue to pass Cedric some of her food which made Emerald chuckle at the sight.

Maite was surprised at Azure's action before smiling at the couple.

Cedric was indeed caught off guard by that action before blushing. But he returned the kiss nonetheless.

For a few moments Emerald and Maite watched the couple kiss before Azure pulled away with a grin.

"How was that Cedy… the food taste better when really shared?" Azure said when she teased Cedric a bit.

Said wolf still blushed before replying.

"It was better. But your lips tasted great." He said with a grin.

Azure blushed a bit while she resumed eating, but not before freeing her foot from her shoe and rubbing on Cedric's leg while the tablecloth hid her action from sight.

Cedric jolt a bit before looking at Azure who gave him an innocent smile while her foot starts to travel northward.

Cedric sees what Azure is doing before he pretends like nothing happens.

Azure's foot goes higher before she rubs it a bit on a certain part of Cedric's body through his clothed pants while she bit into her food again.

"Is something wrong Cedric?" Azure asked while she kept her action up which got Emerald and Maite's attention while they were eating.

"N-No." Cedric replied while trying to be cool.

Azure kept her smile up while she pulled her leg a bit before messing with Cedric again.

Cedric jolted for a bit before having an idea.

'Alright Azy, two can play this game.' He thought before removing one shoe and brought his leg up to Azure doing the same thing she did.

Azure froze for a second mid bite before she acts like normal to take a bite and used her toes to actually grip the zipper of Cedric's pants and gave him a hidden look that said she would do it if he kept that up during her fun.

Cedric took moment to think his next move. He could back out...but he believes Azure's bluffing.

So his choice was obvious; he continued his action before putting his toes on her folds.

Azure jolts greatly but thankfully for her, Emerald and Maite we're focused on their food at the moment which caused her to glance at Cedric before surprising him by actually gripping the zipper of his pants with her toes before pulling them down with a hidden smirk.

Cedric was surprised by this before he sent Azure a grin before he used his toes to move her panties out before going to her folds again.

Azure shudders before she grinned at Cedric before using a toe to touch Cedric's underwear covered dick before it starts to heat up from Azure raising it's temperature.

Cedric shudder a bit before grinning back at his girlfriend. He somehow sent an electric boost to his toes making it vibrate against her folds which caused Azure's eyes to widen a bit while she fought back a moan.

Though what Emerald said next would cause them to stop their game or at least put Cedric on the defensive.

"Hey Maite, do you have a cellphone?" Emerald asked before he took out his phone with confusion.

Said hedgehog looked at Emerald before pulling out her cell phone.


"Strange, I could have sworn I heard a phone vibrating just now, did you set yours on vibrate?" Emerald asked since he got nothing so far on his phone.

"No, I turned mine off." Maite said.

"Huh… hey Cedric, do you have a phone?" Emerald asked since the vibration came from his right where Maite was and part of Cedric was at.

Cedric decided to *turn* off his foot, but kept rubbing Azure's slit before speaking.

"Yes, but my phone is on silent." He said trying to act cool.

"Huh… strange, I didn't hear anything from Azure… maybe the people behind you." Emerald said before he shrugged and resumed eating while Azure smirked when she made her folds extremely hot to the touch for Cedric's toes she was messing with him a little but she was going for payback now.

Cedric grind his teeth a bit before moving his leg down a bit to rub Azure's leg.

Azure grins when she pulled out her other foot and angled her feet to touch Cedric's underwear before more heat starts to form for the disadvantaged wolf.

Cedric groan a bit from that action while he continues to rub her leg.

A moment later, a bit of smoke rose from Cedric's underpants while when Azure raised the temperature of her feet more.

Maite began to sniff the air a few times before speaking up.

"Is… something burning?" Maite asked when she looked around for smoke while Azure grins when she increased the temperature a bit more.

"Probably an accident in the kitchen, I'm sure it'll pass in a moment." Azure said… right before a hole was burned through Cedric's underwear and his dick popped free before Azure stopped using her powers.

Cedric was shocked after feeling that before glancing at said feline.

Said feline just smiled an innocent smile, right before her feet rub against Cedric's dick slowly to help bring it to life while the burning smell fades.

Cedric shuddered a bit at this action as he continues to rub Azure's leg.

Azure smiles while she continues her actions for a few minutes while she eats every now and then while Emerald and Maite did the same with their meals… unaware of what was happening right next to them.

Cedric then gave Azure a kind smile while rubbing her leg before he continues eating every now and then.

Azure smiles as well when she felt Cedric's erect dick twitching from an approaching orgasm… she was tempted to continue but looked to see how Cedric was doing while she slowed a bit to help him build up.

Said wolf shudder again after feeling his dick twitch.

Fortunately for Cedric, Azure decided to pity the wolf a bit before *accidently* dropping her fork… or it would have looked like an accident if her movement didn't cause one of Cedric's toes to hit her panties which really caused her to drop her fork which bounced under the table.

"Excuse me for a moment, dropped my fork." Azure said before she went under the table and the sheets when the forked bounced farther than it should have which caused Azure to smirk at a rapidly throbbing dick which looked like it would go and second.

Cedric groaned a bit before thinking.

'Oh man. I really want to cum. But not with people here.'

Azure adjust herself on the ground for a second, she had 15 seconds at best before she raised a hand and opened her mouth before quickly and quietly latching her lips around the head of Cedric's dick and quickly stroked him off to get him to blow.

Said wolf jolts a bit before his eyes widen upon realization.

'Oh. My. God. She's actually doing it. Oh man does her mouth feel good.' He thought.

Azure in the meantime heats up her mouth and hand to get Cedric to cum, she has around 8 seconds left before things look odd.

About a few moments later, Cedric kept his mouth closed before groaning as he let loose in Azure's mouth. But not before adding an electric boost to his semen.

Azure was a bit caught off guard from the amount and the electrical boost to Cedric's semen but aside from a few drops that went down her chin a little, Azure was surprisingly able to take his load while the napkin was held underneath to catch anything.

During the ejaculation Emerald noticed Cedric acting funny.

"Hey Cedric?, You ok man?" Emerald asked with a concerned tone.

Maite also looked to the young wolf as well.

Cedric had to keep his cool for anything.

"Huh?...Oh I'm fine... Just can't believe how good the stake is..." He said before taking a bite of his while Azure continues to pump her hand during Cedric's ejaculation to wring him dry.

"Uh... you got a lobster remember?, Serf and turf… this is a seafood place." Emerald said with a raised eyebrow before Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"How clumsy of me to forget." He said before taking a bite of said shellfish while his ejaculation tapped off and Azure licked him clean before sliding his dick back into his pants before wiping her mouth with the napkin before coming back up to sit in her chair.

"Sorry for the wait, lost my napkin as well and it blended into the tiles for a bit… I'll need a new fork though." Azure said while she placed a fork on the table.

That's when Maite noticed something.

"Azure, you got something white on your chin. Is that butter? Here, let me take it off for you." She said before leans forward to help wipe it off.

Cedric and Azure were both scared at what's happenin. But it's too late. When Maite wipe it off, a little bit got on her finger.

Maite chuckled a bit before speaking.

"Got a little dirty there. Oh well." She said before she surprised the couple by licking her finger clean.

Azure had slightly wide eyes but quickly calmed herself by eating her fish to get rid of her current breath.

'I really hope there was no electricity there or we might have trouble.' Azure thought while she focused on her food while Cedric was very worried if Maite caught on.

"Hmm… Azure I would ask the chef if the butter went bad, I don't think it's suppose to be slightly sour… not bad otherwise… unless that is what they were going for and if it works for the fish then I might ask for what you got next time." Maite said with a smile which caused Azure to sweatdrop at Maite's sense of taste.

"R-Right…" Azure said before she wiped the butter on the fish off and continued to eat while Cedric mentally sighed with relief before he continued eating.

For a few minutes nothing happened other than Emerald glancing at Azure and Cedric every now and then before the group finished eating and the group got ready to leave.

"Oh man, that was some excellent dishes." Cedric said.

"I'll say, we may have to come here again soon… maybe for one on one dates this time." Azure said while winking at Cedric while said wolf blushed before smiling at Azure.

"Sounds like a plan." He said before winking back before Emerald cleared his throat before speaking up.

"Well Cedric, Maite, and I are heading out and in a different direction now, good luck on your end." Emerald said before he went to the receptionist to pay for the meal.

Cedric understood that before looking at Azure with a smile.

Azure's smile seemed a bit forced now after hearing about splitting up but more or less she was happy to have some private time with Cedric.

Maite was liking where this is going for the couple and hoped that it turns out great.

The group then exit the building while Emerald had one hand on Maite's shoulder.

"Good luck you two, I'll be taking Maite for a surprise now, remember, if anything does happen, shoot a bolt of lighting towards the sky and everyone who sees will come to you." Emerald said with a grin.

Cedric nods to Emerald in agreement before grabbing Azure's hand.

Azure gripped Cedric's tightly before Emerald starts to walk away with Maite in tow… to the cliff area again for Maite's surprise.

Cedric waited for Maite and Emerald to be far away before speaking.

"Boy that was close." He said which would have caused Azure to giggle if she wasn't nervous.

"Y-Yeah…" Azure said while she glanced around the area.

"Well milady, where would you like to go?" Cedric asked.

"Uh… I don't know… surprise me." Azure said when she had no idea what to do right now.

Cedric took a moment to think before speaking.

"I think I know what we can do." He said before he starts dragging her.

Azure was a bit surprised at the sudden motion before she followed Cedrin in silence while she kept an eye out for trouble.

It took about 7 minutes before before Cedric brought them to this building.

Music can be heard outside.

Azure was a bit confused before looking to Cedric.

"What is this place?" Azure asked when her ears twitched a bit at the music inside.

Cedric smiled before speaking.

"Well you said you wanted to be surprised, so I thought you and I can do some dancing." He said.

Azure blushed a bit before smiling.

"Well then, why not try to sweep me off my feet with your dance moves?, I never danced before so I hope you're good teacher." Azure teased while she walked to the building with a slight swing in her hips.

Cedric blushed from that before following her inside.

Meanwhile with Emerald and Maite…

Emerald had an arm on Maite's shoulder before speaking while he led them up the path.

"So… you figure out what Cedric and Azure did during the dinner we had?, I got a thought if you want to hear it." Emerald said while he glanced to Maite.

Said hedgehog glanced back before speaking.

"Oh trust me, I already figured it out with the way Azure was under the table a little long and tasting that *butter*. " Maite said.

"Hooo… and you still licked your finger clean of said *butter* anyway… maybe I should keep the surprise my clones left for us myself and have a clone escort you back home." Emerald said with a raised eyebrow.

Maite pouted before speaking.

"Come on Emerald, don't be like that. I was only helping Azure out. It was either me or someone else to notice. I'm surprise neither of them stopped me. Besides you have to admit it's good that the two are doing something daring. Wish I did that to you at the table." She said with a grin.

"Maybe but you could have used a napkin… I'll forgive you on two conditions." Emerald said with a grin while he took Maite's chin in his hand.

"What is it my handsome Emerald?" Maite questioned.

"One, I'll be having you take my dick right down that throat for awhile so you can forget about that wolf's taste… remember that you're mine." Emerald said with a possessive tone while he grins.

Maite blush before using the cuteness in her eyes.

"I'll always be yours Emerald. You should remember how much I love you. Plus your cum is always tastier than Cedric's." She said.

Emerald chuckles at that before speaking up.

"Still need to convince me my dear… condition two is more of a hear me out after I show you moment… you'll get why in a bit." Emerald said while he continues to lead Maite to the cliff and for some reason to the edge.

"I think I already know the answer… but do you trust me?" Emerald asked while he picked up Maite like a bride.

Maite blushed at the position she in before wrapping her arms around Emerald's neck.

"I trust you completely Emerald. And I'm sorry for upsetting you. I'll do whatever I can to earn your trust back." She said.

Emerald grinned at that before he surprisingly jumped down the cliff and towards the water below.

Maite snuggled her head to Emerald's neck during the fall.

The duo land… on the water while Emerald emits blue energy from his feet.

"Hehe, take a look." Emerald said while he walked in a certain direction.

Maite opened her eyes to look before she was surprised at what she's looking at.

There was a massive cave in front of her while Emerald actually walked on the water towards the cave with a grin on his face.

"What is this place Emerald?" Maite asked.

Emerald sweatdrops before looking to Maite.

"Thought you would be more surprised with the water walking… as for your question, while we flew away in the barrier, I noticed this place out of the corner of my eye… I added some things inside to make our night here extremely exciting." Emerald teased while he gripped Maite's ass through her dress while he neared the cave entrance.

Maite smiled at Emerald before she kissed him on the cheek.

"Oh Emerald." She said before snuggling to his neck.

Emerald then set Maite down with a grin before he kissed her on the cheek and points to the inside.

"Take a look at your surprise." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Maite was indeed intrigued with the surprise before going in to look.

What she saw to her surprise was a sex dungeon of sorts with a large room built into one area… but someone familiar was tied to a bed with a gag in her mouth… Audery… but she looked differenty?

Maite was shock before looking at Emerald.

"What she doing here?" She questioned.

"Remember the hear me out condition?" Emerald asked with a finger raised.

Maite raised an eyebrow before nodding to him.

"I'll go step by step then so ask me questions when I give permission to ok? It'll help things go smoother." Emerald asked with a serious expression.

Maite took a moment think before saying…


"Well first off it turns out that Thomas and Audrey here spied on us a bit during our last session and I didn't know until they did what they did to her after a clone dispelled itself... when I make clones, they sometimes have a more… twisted personality trait then the average clone." Emerald said to see if Maite was following so far.

Said hedgehog was surprised after hearing that.

"Go on."

"Also remember the breaking woman part?… well… one of my clones had the idea to *Break* Audrey here and wipe who knows how much of Thomas's memories away since they were ass's to us and well… they really broke her good." Emerald said while he facepalmed at how his clones go out of control sometimes.

Maite was shocked after hearing that.

"One of them then talked with Lillum and after she used a special time seal… well… take a look at her and see what Lillum did." Emerald said while pointing to Audrey.

Maite indeed looked at said koala and was shocked again at what she saw.

It seems Lillum gave Audrey a brand new figure, Audrey was barely anything before… but now she had a figure that could rival Maite's.

"Yeah… Lillum really didn't hold back with *breaking* her further and customizing her to be a perfect slave after hearing about how much of a bitch she was." Emerald said while he realized how twisted this situation was again.

Maite was now more shocked than ever now.

'Holy mackerel.' She thought.

"So she's Lillum's slave?" Maite asked.

"Ehh… more like pet to help for lessons now, she's… more like your and my slave now since my clones broke her in the first place." Emerald said with a slight shrug.

Maite was surprised after hearing that.

"Wow...So what are we gonna do?" She asked.

"Well if you want, you can give her any order you want and she won't deny an order unless given a contradictory or a sick one, take off the gag and see for yourself." Emerald said while he crossed his arms.

Maite went over before taking off the gag.

The moment she did, Audrey spoke or more like begged to Maite...

"Please Mistress… please give me an order…" Audrey begged with a lust filled look which proved Emerald right.

Maite was shock after hearing that before looking at Emerald.

"Like I said, Lillum did a good job, give an order and remove the cuffs." Emerald said with a slight shrug of his arms.

Maite shrugged as well before removing said cuffs off of Audrey.

Audrey sat up and looked to Maite with lust filled eyes before waiting for an order.

Maite blushed a bit from the look before grinning.

"Did you learn your lesson when you messed with me and my boyfriend?" She questioned.

"Indeed I did… Master showed me what I was missing and Mistress Lillum gave me a much better figure during my training with her magic… your order Mistress." Audrey said with a lust filled look before she got onto her feet which showed in the light that she had a serious lack of clothing.

She did have a figure that rivaled Maite now, though her hips were a bit more shapely but her breasts were a size smaller.

She had a collar with some kind of lock on it while she wore no other clothing.

Instead of replying Maite grin before she went down and took off her shoe and sock before putting her foot on the bed.

"Kiss my foot."

Audrey, a moment later, actually did as told and kissed the top of Maite's foot while Emerald chuckles when she pulled away to wait for a new order.

"Why not show Maite what you learned from Lillum, Audrey?" Emerald said which caused Audrey to smile.

"Of course Master." Audrey said before looking to Maite.

Said hedgehog looked at the koala with a grin.

"In the meantime, I'll be back in a minute… I need an outfit change before we get down and dirty." Emerald teased when he walked to the room to store the tux.

Maite smirk before speaking.

"Don't take too long my love. I still want to taste your...chili dog." She said in a teasing tone as well.

Emerald sent Maite a grin before he entered the room which left Maite alone with Audrey.

Maite looked at Audrey with a smirk.

"Now Audrey, how about you help me get out of these clothes." She ordered.

"Of course Mistress." Audrey said with a smile when she walked to Maite.

Maite smirk before holding her arms up before Audrey starts working on removing the dress.

A couple minutes later and it was placed carefully on the bed along with the shoes which left Maite in her bra and panties.

Maite grins at Audrey before she removed said bra and panties before putting them on the bed.

"Like what you see?" She asked which caused Audrey to smile.

"Of course Mistress, I don't know why men in the past gave up a beauty like you." Audrey compliments.

Maite chuckles before speaking.

"Good answer. Here's your reward." She said before she leans in and kissed Audrey on the mouth.

Audrey moaned a bit at the this before they heard Emerald speaking up.

"A lovely sight if I ever saw one, but I hope you don't mind if we have company." Emerald cryptically said to the duo.

Maite stopped kissing Audrey to look at Emerald before her eyes widen in surprise at the company he brought.

It turns out that Emerald returned to his human form in battle mode for the muscles and summoned three clones, one took the hedgehog form, one took the cat form, and another took the wolf form… all four were nude and at full erection.

Maite felt very excited after seeing that. She already felt wet after thinking of the fun they're gonna have.

Audrey was thinking the same thing before the wolf Emerald spoke up with a fanged grin.

"So ladies, which two Emerald's do you want for now?" Wolf Emerald said with a teasing grin.

Maite licked her lips before speaking.

"I'll take the human Emerald along with the hedgehog Emerald."

Said Emerald's approached Maite while the wolf and cat Emerald's approached Audrey.

Said koala looked at said Emerald's with lust in her eyes.

"Well ladies… shall we begin?" The Human Emerald said with a grin before the scene fades to black.

The scene fades back in with DME doing a last minute check on the groaning guards while the camera centered on Atomsk.

"How's it going over there DME?" Atomsk questioned.

"We aside from bruised egos and bodies and a now needed trip to a chiropractor, their good." DME said with a half lidded look while a guard gave him a middle finger which caused DME to point a thumb at the guard.

"See, healthy enough to do that." DME said with another half lidded look.

Atomsk sweatdrop before looking at the readers.

"Welcome back everyone, looks like DME is done with that guards. Talk about a long chapter. What are your thoughts DME?" Atomsk asked before looking at DME.

"Eh could have used more blood here and there but not bad, and the fun Azure had with Cedric in the restaurant and Emerald and Maite's fun on the cliff was interesting." DME said with a grin.

"Oh most definitely. I'm also excited what those Emerald's are gonna do to Maite and Audrey. But I hope that Cedric and Azure continue to have a good time on their date." Atomsk said.

"Yep, and for those who are curious, don't worry, the next chapter is another set of lemons before the students lessons start up again." DME said while he walked next to Atomsk.

Atomsk nod in agreement before speaking.

"Indeed. Hmmm...Wonder what's taking Heimdall so long."

Right when Atomsk asked that, Heimdall appeared with an older looking man who wore ancient armor and on eye patch over one eye which showed that it was Odin… King of the Norse God's.

"Well, here they are." Atomsk stated.

"Yep… and since my first impression was so poor… good luck!" DME said before he shoved Atomsk forward and towards Odin and Heimdall.

Atomsk send DME a half lidded look before speaking to Odin.

"Oh wise Odin, King of Asgard, my friend and I have come to seek your council." He said before bowing to Odin.

Odin was silent for a moment when he looked around at his downed guards.

"I heard from Heimdall that one of you took out all of my guards instantly… was it you." Odin said while he gave Atomsk a pointed glare.

Before Atomsk spoke, Heimdall interjected.

"Actually my king, it's his companion over there." He said while pointing at DME who waved back with a grin.

"I see, then could you explain your reason for trespassing here." Odin said while he looked to Atomsk with a less than pleased look.

Atomsk gulped before speaking.

"That one is my fault your highness. I said something stupid that caused us to be here. But we do need your help. You see, I accidently started a pranking war with a different friend which brought out the Mask man. You probably remembered him right?, since he's Loki's creation." Atomsk explained which caused Odin to send a glare at Atomsk.

"Before I act… Mind explaining why there are so many people watching us, ever since I got here, I felt the gaze of many people for some reason." Odin said while he looked around.

"Ah you see, me and my friend here are hosting stories that we write for the people to read and stuff. In fact, they're looking at what we're doing right now." Atomsk explained.

"Eh, just ignore them, all they can do is watch, anyway do you know if Loki is here, we got a possible mask problem and we need to speak with him." DME said with a nonchalant tone.

Odin sighs before looking to Atomsk.

"Is that true boy." Odin said to confirm the story.

Atomsk nods to Odin.

Odin sighs before muttering to himself.

"If it's not one thing, it's another." Odin muttered before turning his back to the group.

"Follow me, the sooner we deal with this the sooner I can get rid of this headache." Odin said before he walked to the city.

Atomsk looked at DME before he motioned him to follow.

DME had his hands behind his head and shrugged while he walked past Atomsk and followed Odin.

Atomsk looked at the readers before speaking.

"Well folks, looks like me and DME were able to get Odin's help. I don't want to say anything that might jinx us. So see you all later. Deuces." Atomsk said with two fingers before he followed DME and Odin before the scene fades to black.

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