Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
The school opens

A portal opens near a massive building before TME appeared with a grin on his face when he looks to the readers.

"Hello readers, nice to see you again, and I'm glad to introduce my second collaboration with a different writer, the first is a secret... now I'd like to introduce Atomsk who helped me with writing this story." TME said before he stepped away from the portal before a figure appeared a moment later.

"Hello folks Atomsk's the name and it's great to be here." Atomsk said before he bowed to the readers while TME grins.

"Sorry about Atomsk everyone, it's his first time with using google doc and he's using an ipad on his end so try and go easy on him." TME said while he also bowed to the readers for a moment before he looked to Atomsk.

"Anything to say before I get into the main part of the intro Atomsk?" TME asked before he crossed his arms.

"Nope. I'm good." Atomsk replied before he waits for TME to start.

"Alright, first off, I'd like to say that this is a what-if story, and second it has the main cast of the Dimensional Saga and possible future OC's as teachers, though three will be used at the start." TME said while he got a serious look on his face before he continues.

"The main stars will be the student's who are training with them, and this was practiced before Atomsk and I start this so we should be good with the plot so far, any objections Atomsk?" TME explained before he looked to Atomsk.

"Nope. Let's get the show on the road." Atomsk replied while feeling excited.

"One last thing, Atomsk and I took turns with the OC's, so if there is any confusion about the way we write things and it turns out odd, please let me know since Atomsk and I talked about it and decided to place it in my AO3 account, did I say anything wrong Atomsk?" TME asked with a serious expression on his face.

Atomsk took a moment to think before saying "Everything's in order. Let's roll."

TME nods with a grin before he looked to the readers.

"Alright everyone, just a warning, but there will be lemons in the later chapters so I'm saying this now so no one can complain later when we do Lemon warnings…. now get ready for an interesting story." TME said before the scene shifts to a massive floating island about a town.


The Camera shifts to the massive floating island in the sky… normally it was known as Angel island in the past, but in this story at this time…. It's called Angel City thanks to a certain incident in the past which caused the island to grow to the point that it outgrew Station square in size by many times, it's a Dimensional hub for people who travel the multiverse.

The details of how this change occurred to Angel Island would be ignored for now while the camera centers on a large building near the center of the massive floating city.

This building was created to train and guide Rookie Dimensional Drifters, or R.D.D's for short.

However this building opened recently and in order to get students to join, special notes were sent to various Dimensions with possible applicants.

The scene then shifts to when the school was opening for it's first official day and the camera went to the front gate to show a figure, a mobian one while a few other student's passed the Mobian by.

Standing at the front gate is a dark-blue mobian male wolf who was wearing an outfit like Cloud from "Final Fantasy VII" and he's carrying a duffel bag on his back.

The reason he's here was in the letter that he was holding.

"To all Dimensional Drifters new and old, accidental drifters or regular drifters who want to learn more about the trade, if it's about Physical arts, magical arts, or more, please place a drop of blood on the seal below and it will open a portal to Angel City….

Angel City is a Dimensional hub that acts as a nexus for many Visitors… more will be told when you arrive, and if you're not interested then please burn this note for security reasons…


The Principal of the school and leader of Angel City.

After reading it again, the young wolf looked at the building.

"Well, this is the place." He states before he looked to the school to get a good look at it.

The school in question was massive to say the least, and the power he sensed from various areas was insane…looks like this school would be interesting in one way or another.

He was about to enter the building when he heard the sound of footsteps from behind him and the power felt… was strong which was surprising since the person managed to get so close in the first place.

The young wolf turns around to see who it was.

The person in question looked like an average looking 5-6 foot tall male human, and if looks were anything, then this guy would normally make most strong looking fighters lower their guard from underestimating him.

From head to feet, He had shoulder length brown hair that waved here and there, he wore heavy looking clothing, a black trench coat, a long sleeved shirt, cargo pants with green stripes on the side, and black hiking boots.

He also wore a dragon necklace pendant and a fidget ring on his right hand's middle finger, but the real eye opener was a gem like object actually embedded in his chest and acted like an icon.

A moment later, the man noticed the Wolf Mobian which caused the man to grin.

"Hey, you here for the school?" The man asked when he stops near the Wolf Mobian to get a good look at the school.

Said wolf nods with a grin as well.

The man nod before he took a few step towards the school while the… icon on his chest and his eyes glowed with a green light for a moment.

The Wolf Mobian was wondering what was going on when he felt this strange power source, He didn't know what it was, so he shrugged it off and followed the man a moment later.

After the man and Wolf entered, more students were entering the school, a few that passed by were seen.

One was a black furred female cat Mobian.

The second was a slightly taller person wearing a hood... The figure looked female from the person's body shape.

The third was a pink female hedgehog in a royal looking outfit.

The fourth was a odd looking female in familiar armor.

The fifth looked like a male Panda in robes while he carried a Katana at his side.

The sixth was another pink female hedgehog with blue here and there in her quills while a red bow was on one side of her head.

More students enter while the camera went back to the man and Wolf while they walked along a long hallway.

The man had his hands in his pockets while he had a relaxed grin on his face.

"Something good gonna happen?" The young wolf said when he noticed the relaxed grin.

The man's grin widens before he glanced to the Wolf.

"You could say that…" The man said cryptically before he fell silent.

The Wolf Mobian shrugged at the short reply and continued walking with the man.

A few moment's later the duo approached a large pair of double doors before the man turned away to walk down another hall before he stopped when he remembered something.

"Oh yeah...See you on the inside, I need to take another way…and the final touch before I go." The man said before pulled a sign from… somewhere before he placed it on the door which read student entrance.

The Wolf Mobian looked surprised and spoke up which got the man's attention

"Okay, how'd you did that?" The Wolf said which caused the man to chuckle.

"Sorry but that's for a later day." The man said before he starts to walk away again while waving back to the Wolf Mobian.

"See you later." The man said before he turned a corner and a flash of light was seen from where he went.

The young wolf checked that very corner to see what was happening, only to see that the man vanished, He decided to let it go and kept walking.

When he walked back, he saw that many students were already walking into the room that the man placed the sign on before he walked in to join said students.

When he walked through the doorway however, his vision was blinded for a few moments when a flash of light engulfed him and the nearby students which caused him to cover his eyes to avoid it.

'What hell is that?' The Wolf Mobian thought as he continues shielding his eyes.

When the light fades…a shocking sight was seen… there was a massive arena with a stage in the center while some people stood on it, and every student was placed next to one another to circle the arena in an orderly manner.

Everyone was surprised at the size of this place while some had different thoughts.

"Whoa!" Said one male Mobian.

"This place is huge!" Said one female Mobian.

The young Wolf Mobian had a different thought.

"The inside is bigger than the outside!" He thought while he looked amazed at the sight.

A moment later a flash of light on stage got everyone's attention before a figure appeared in front of the other people on stage.

The figure… seemed blank?... like it had no features other than a wide grin on it's pure white body while a black mist of sorts gave it a blurry human like outline which caused a lot of people to be spooked by the figure's look.

"How can this guy see with no eyes?" The Wolf Mobian thought as he too had the same reaction like everyone else.

"Greetings everyone, I'll be keeping this intro short by saying I am the spirit of the Master Emerald, or to be exact… the Master Emerald of this Dimension, the form you all see allows me to go to certain places while my body rests on the alter." The Spirit said with a wide grin on it's face when it acts like it's form was common knowledge.

However to the students... everyone was shocked after hearing this.

The young Wolf Mobian was completely speechless.

"He's the Master Emerald?!" He thought when he couldn't believe it.

The Spirit grins at the reactions while it placed its hands behind it's back.

"So… any questions before we get to the faculty introduction?" The Spirit asked while a student next to the Wolf Mobain raised a hand.

The the wolf turned his head, his eyes widen a bit as he saw that it was the black Mobian Cat he saw earlier in the line.

"She's cute." The young wolf thought as he got a look at her.

The black furred cat Mobian wore a simple red t-shirt and with black and red shorts that looked easy to replace, she had sandals on her feet as well.

For a moment, her fur seemed to shimmer which showed a tattoo like pattern of sorts… but it was so feint that it might have been a trick of the light.

She had one green colored eye which seemed to glow with an otherworldly energy and a red colored one which glowed like fire... again it might have been a trick of the light.

"My name is Azure, can you please elaborate about being the spirit of the Master Emerald?, I've traveled through a few Dimensions before finding myself here and most Master Emerald's normally don't do much except for keeping the islands floating and controlling the chaos emeralds." The black furred cat Mobian now know as Azure said while the Spirit's grin widens at the question.

The young Wolf Mobian continued to stare as he thought her eyes were quite captivating. But then he turned his head to hear the Spirit speak, since he also like to hear this.

"That depends.. that question will be filled out in your history classes on a later date, but how about a vote… who here wants to go ahead and hear a shorted version of how I came to be?" The spirit asked before it waits for the Student's replies.

The young Wolf Mobian along with a handful of others raised their hands to hear the short version.

The spirit shrugged before it responds.

"The short version it is then… in a nutshell I was suppose to be a power source for multiple Dimensions but because of a certain ...incident... which will be covered in a later lesson, I was given the form of the Master Emerald you all know and I was sent here since I was unable to fit my original purpose." The spirit said before taking a moment to let it sink in so far.

"In a sense...I was suppose to be… a stronger version of the Master Emerald originally, but the differences between myself and my other variants were small in the beginning." The spirit said before it continues.

"We were made by the gods, we channel chaos energy on such a large scale that it could only be called infinity, we have chaos emerald's at our disposal, but as you can see…I'm much more than that nowadays." The Spirit said with the ever present grin on it's face.

That's when one Mobian male student raised his hand.

"What happens if you or your counterparts are in the same room or if one of you get killed?"

The spirit's grin stays on it's face before it replied.

"For the multiple me's, they act as more of a relay network if I need to look in another dimension and as for if I am killed… well, Emerald if you could step forward please." The spirit said before the man, who was now known as Emerald, that the wolf saw earlier walked forward with a grin on his face.

"Hey everyone, some of you may not know this already, but my name's Emerald, nice to meet you all" Emerald said with a wave of his hand to the confused students.

The young wolf however had his eyes widen when he saw the man, known as Emerald.

'Are you kidding me?' He thought while still focusing on Emerald.

The Spirit got everyone's attention when it walked in front of Emerald before pointing to the object on Emerald's chest… the gem like object which got everyone to focus on it.

The young wolf was curious about the gem, and wonder what it does.

"While I have the Elemental's and the other guardian's guarding me, I like to have a bit of a back-up plan in case things go south…" The spirit said before turning to the students.

"That gem in his chest is a fragment of myself, and if anything happens to me, then Emerald can break off a piece of his core which would allow me to regenerate in full while Emerald's core would take a moment to recover." The Spirit said before taking a moment to let it sink in so far.

"And if Emerald is killed then I can revive him from my body at the altar in the center of Angel City, ergo, as long as I exist, Emerald exists, and as long as Emerald exists… I exist." The spirit said while it takes a moment to see how some would react.

Everyone was speechless after hearing this info. Some were trying to process after hearing it.

Azure went a bit wide eyed when she heard about the duo.

The person with the hood just smiles.

The royal looking hedgehog just looked neutral.

The one in the armor just crossed her arms.

The young Mobian Wolf had the same reaction as the others.

'I had no idea he was that important.' He thought.

The panda, that sat behind the wolf, was quite surprised but kept his composure.

Next to the wolf was a female hedgehog with blue and pink quills, and she had her jaw drop when she heard everything.

Everyone looked to Emerald which made him rub the back of his head from all of the attention he was getting.

However, before anyone could ask anything else, the spirit spoke up which got everyone's attention again.

"Now then, if we can continue the school introduction, I'd like to get into the class types." The spirit said which caused more confusion.

The young wolf decides to raise his hand.

"What type of classes?" He asked since he was curious which caused the spirit to grin before he held up five fingers.

"There are 5 class types, Physical arts which deal with many skills for the body." The spirit said when a light shown on six of the people on stage to reveal a man in military gear, and another who held a spear, another was…Goku in a god of destruction outfit while Whis stood near him!?, Vegeta and Broly!?, just what the hell happened in this Dimension!?, though Whis seemed like he was just here to keep an eye on Goku so five for now.

The light shifts a bit before the spirit continues.

"Magical arts that deal with abilities of the mind." The spirit said before the light shown on three people.

One was a tired looking woman who looked like she just got out of bed, another was wearing a hoodie which covered part of her head while she read a book.

The final one… was a large breasted shapely woman who floats above the ground with demonic wings on her back.

The light shifts again before the spirit continues.

"Ability arts which deal with the unique abilities that each of you own." The spirit said before the lights shown on more people.

One was a….pretty boy who could give general armstrong a run for his money in the pride and sparkle department.

Another was a dark skin woman in a tribal like outfit while she had actual flaming hair.

Another was a tan man who wore some Hawaiian look outfit, open tee shirt, shorts and sandals which showed a tone figure, but the catch… actual hair made of water.

The light then shifts again when the spirit continues.

"Dark arts which allows one to tap into the darker side that you keep in check without losing yourself." The Spirit said before focusing on a few people.

Two were twin kids actually which was surprising since they emitted a strong pressure.

Another was a man with a scythe resting on his shoulder… and he gave off a feeling that he shouldn't be messed with.

"And finally…the all art class which deals with all four classed in one class." The spirit said which caused surprise among students for multiple reasons, the strong people, the class types, and the fact that there was an all type class.

The young Wolf Mobian was gonna have trouble picking which class, but after hearing about the All Arts Class, he'll definitely pick that.

And it wasn't just him both the Panda Mobian and Female Hedgehog had similar thoughts.

'A class with all types. I accept that challenge.' The panda thought with grin.

'The all types class works for me. Maybe I'll meet a cute boy.' The female hedgehog thought while feeling very excited.

Azure was interested in the Dark arts class or the all type class for her own reason which caused her to get a serious look on her face.

The woman in the hoodie just keeps her smile since it didn't really matter to her.

The one in the armor was silent.

The royal looking one was the same as the armor one… silent.

The spirit then walked forward on the arena before speaking up.

"Now you're wondering which class you would be sort into right?, I mean, there's more teachers but 5 classes right?" The Spirit asked with a grin on it's face which got everyone's attention.

Everyone nodded but some were confused.

'What did he mean by sorted?' The young Mobian Wolf thought before the spirit held it's hand up... and in front of each student a ring appears.

"It's simple, grip the ring and it will tell us what class type your in." The spirit said while the ring float in front of each student.

The young wolf hesitated but was the first to touch the ring in front of him. Then the female hedgehog touched hers follow by the panda.

Azure, The armored Mobian, the royal looking Mobian, and the hooded woman gripped the rings before theirs turned pure white which caused the spirit to grin.

"Seems we have multiple all types right off the bat." The spirit said while a lot of students looked at the all type class with surprise, shock, or some jealousy on their faces.

The young wolf grin since he was glad to be sorted to that class. Though part was even more happy since the Black Mobian Cat known as Azure will be there.

The panda smirked with triumph believing that fate granted him that wish.

The female hedgehog was super excited about being in the All Type Class.

'This is great! Now all I need is to find my future husband.' She thought while she blushed a little.

The rest of the all types were silent except for Azure who had a slight grin on her face while the hoodie wearing woman kept smiling.

After the rest of the students got sorted out, only seven went into the all type class while the rest got sort out into the other classes.

After a few minutes of getting things sort out for the students living arrangements, only the all type class was left with the Spirit and three of the people on the arena stand.

"Now… shall I introduce you seven to your teachers?" The spirit said with a wide grin on it's face before the scene fades to black.

The Camera fades back to show TME and Atomsk who noticed the readers.

"Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoy the story so far, by the time you read this, I'll have made the necessary tweaks to make it perfect." TME said before he looked to Atomsk.

"And give a big hand to Atomsk who stuck through it, it may be a chapter but it was a long one." TME said while he clapped his hands with the sound of more being heard.

Atomsk smiles as he takes a bow.

"Thank you TME. I have feeling that this story is gonna turn out great. It's going to be awesome working with you."

Atomsk looks to the readers.

"And I hope you all enjoy the story as well. Until next time, see yeah later."

He gives the readers a peace sign.

TME looked to Atomsk after raising his eyebrows to the readers for a moment.

"Hay Atomsk, want to head home in style?" TME asked with an innocent look on his face.

Atomsk was a bit weary on that look.

"Sure, why not." He replied after shrugging it off.

TME grinned when he snapped his fingers before a portal opened under Atomsk while gravity went a little cartoony so TME could wave to him.

"See you later Atomsk." TME said with a smile on his face before he took out a sign from nowhere and passed it to Atomsk while the readers could see it before gravity slowly kicks back in.

Atomsk looks at the sign which says: Bye-Bye

"Aaaaaaaggghh!" Atomsk screamed as he falls through the hole.

"Hmmm, actually, let me try a interesting landing for him." TME said when he changed the exit portal's well… exit for a different angle to give Atmosk a safe but a funny landing.

Atomsk continues to scream as he fell in his bed.

While TME was chuckling, he didn't notice his surroundings which got his guard to lower for a bit while he was near the portal edge.

That's when he heard a whisper from right behind him...


"AAAAAHH!" TME yelled out while he jumped a bit from the scare which… put him over his own portal unfortunately while gravity halts for a moment to let TME wave to the readers with one hand before he fell through before it starts to close with a bang but not before he saw who scared him.

It was Atomsk himself as he gave him a smirk.

TME was shocked and before he could say anything, the portal ends up swallowing him.

Atomsk looks at the readers.

"I knew he was gonna do something like that. Good thing I learned the Shadow Clone jutsu. Anyway, good night everyone."

Atomsk waves at the readers before disappearing before TME walked onto the scene with a burger in hand.

"Well played Atomsk, but it seems like we think alike." TME said before he ate the burger and looked to the readers a moment later.

"Seems that we got a comedy war going on people… Atomsk VS Your's truly, who do you think will win in the end?, find out in future chapters of the D.D.S. or the Dimensional Drifting school while we get deeper into the story." TME said before he gave a small bow to the readers while the scene fades to black.

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