An Unexpected Date @emerald
Chapter 8

A scene opens up with Atomsk and TME talking.

"Man… I feel like an archeologist here." Atomsk said.

"This because I had to get pickaxes to get the caked on dust off this story?" TME said with a half lidded look as he, Emerald, Cedric, and Atomsk we're doing a comical hit by hit pattern to get the dust off An Unexpected Date that built up and pressured onto the story after so long.

Atomsk sweatdrops.

"Pretty much." He said before hearing Cedric groan in annoyance.

"You two really need to take better care of your works."

"Your right, next time we make a story, we will put you in charge of the caretaking of a stack of chapters and we will see how well it does after so many months of not getting worked on since Atomsk and I have other stories just as neglected." TME said while giving Cedric a look that said watch it man we try our best.

Cedric jolts before he quickly went back to pickaxing, making Atomsk sweatdrop again.

"Okay… ease up there man. We got an audience anyway."

"Yeah… mind explaining what happened last chapter while Emerald, Cedric, and I get this chapter de-stoned so to speak?" TME said as he, Cedric, and Emerald moved to hot the encased story more.

"Yeah… first off, sorry for the big delay lex. You know TME and I are busy with things. Anyway, for those of you reading this, last chap was the celebration of the jungle kingdom as Death knocks up Elena. Not to mention that everyone is seeing ghosts of dead relatives and loved ones. Even Finn reunited with his wife." Atomsk said.

"I may have to reread things but wife?... Wait… the ghost of Roselinen right?" TME said as he looks at Atomsk for a moment.

"Yeah. She was in that episode where Finn went to that pillow world." Atomsk said.

"Ah, what about before and how do Emerald and Lillum fit in again?" TME said when he saw the list he got of couples.

"Finn and Bronwyn first met Emerald at that restaurant in the Candy Kingdom. Then later at the flame kingdom celebration, Emerald brought Maite and Lillum and I think Cedric and Azure also came or they came to the Jungle Kingdom." Atomks said as he looks through some old chaps that were freed.

"Oh yeah… they are not as important as Finn and Bronwyn here… so what happened last chapter at the end?, May help if we have a part 2 or a new kingdom to go to." TME said when he looks curious.

"Looking… hmmm… let's see, turns out that Dawn gave Sarutobi her blessing to date Marceline. Then he and Bubblegum made a bet before they went to dominate Marceline." Atomsk.

"Really?, What was the bet about?" TME asked when he looks curious again.

"Hmmm… apparently… They have a one on one contest later that we can decide, once a month we could dominate one another… loser does whatever the winner says tier wise for an entire week after and we do this a month after and so on. However… if it happens to be a tie, Bubblegum and Sarutobi, decide who gets to dominate the other for 3 days and swap after. The 7th day can be a throwaway day to end things early." Atomsk said.

"Ah… may have to reread the festival from the start and stuff… anything else of interest?" TME asked when he rubs his head a bit.

"Hmmm… well during the festival, Finn was having fun with Life so he can see if Roselinen can have a body again or something." Atomsk said.

"Ah yes… there was also that bit with Death that I'm remembering now…" TME said when he rubs his head since he was reread the part two of the festival to try and remember things.

"Yup. So how should we start things. Days after the festival?" Atomsk said.

"Yeah, from what I saw last chapter, we had things end for the festival of the dead, may as well go to Finn's home a bit and keep it as a go to for after filming and stuff." TME said when he figured this would be good starting points after films.

"Sounds good to me." Atomsk said.

"Great, want to say anything else before we start?" TME said when he looks at Atomsk.

"Yeah, sorry again Lex for the delay. Hope you enjoy it." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, sorry for the late updates but we have plenty of stories to update and stuff and some want them paid for, but thanks for the patience." TME said when he rubs his head a bit.

"Yeah. Anyway, let's get things started." Atomsk said.

"Right." TME said as the scene shifts to the treefort a few days after the Festival of the dead.

Ooo/ Treefort

The scene showed Finn as he was cooking breakfast for him and Bronwyn while Tei and Lei were out of the treefort right now for business on their ends as Bronwyn sat at the table.

"Hey Bronwyn, how do you like your eggs cooked?" Finn said.

"Hmmm… scrambled and with that new salt we got from Emerald, Sea Salt right?" Bronwyn said while she smiles at Finn… all she wore was simple panties and a shirt for some modesty but she was still cute looking today.

Finn blushes from that getup while smiling at his girlfriend.

"You betcha." He said before applying the sea salt.

Bronwyn smiles as the sound of sizzling was heard before a sense of dajavu happened when knocking was heard at the front door.

Finn blinks a bit.

"Who can that be?"

"I'll go check." Bronwyn said before she gets up and heads to the door before looking through the peephole.

She was surprised to see that there were three people at the door, Roselinen as a ghost still, Emerald who looked a bit tired, and finally Rebecca, the Jungle warrior female who gave the invitation to the festival a few days ago… odd combo of people.

Bronwyn was surprised before she opens the door while not caring that she wasn't wearing pants.

"Hey guys. What's up?"

The Trio at the entryway blinked as Rebecca chuckles.

"Well would ask if you just woke up based on the state of your dress or you just making it easy for your man to have fun with you?" Rebecca said when she looks amused.

Bronwyn blushes a bit.

"Well… Finn was actually making breakfast."

"Ah a blast from the past than… mind if we come in?" Rebecca asked while she smiles at Bronwyn.

"Sure." Bronwyn said before she lead the trio to the kitchen.

"Oh Finn, we have guests." She said.

When Finn saw the trio with Bronwyn, he smiles at them.

"Emerald, Rebecca, Roselinen, nice to see you three, mind if I ask why you three are here?, Thought you were busy with other things you two and thought you were trying to get a new body from Life Rosey." Finn said while he grins at Roselinen last.

Roselinen giggles.

"It's happening. I just wanted to see my hubby first."

Bronwyn was still getting used to that hubby thing as Emerald looks at Finn.

"Actually, Death wanted me to bring Roselinen here since she wouldn't be able to help much with her new body being made and should be ready in a few hours from now and Rebecca tagged along as a bodyguard, won't be pillow-like as well from what I heard since Life can't make a body like Roselinen's past body, bit too unique to someone like Raggedy princess and stuff if that makes sense… different world, different body of sorts if that makes sense." Emerald said when he crossed his arms a bit.

Finn was thoughtful for a bit.

"Yeah, guess you have a point." He said.

"Yup, so Roselinen decided to give you one last hurrah in her current form before she gets a new one, ironically enough Finn, you got an invite for a new video to be made with Bronwyn that would be perfect for this." Emerald said when he passed Finn and Bronwyn some invitations.

Finn and Bronwyn blinked a bit.

"Really? Where?" Bronwyn said.

When Finn opened the letter, he saw it was from the formerly named Nameless Kingdom now to Nightmare Kingdom… and the invitation said it was from Slumber, Lullaby, and Nightmare Princess.

"Well I'll be… haven't heard from them for while." Finn said as Bronwyn was confused.

"Who are they?"

"Well a while back, me and Jake were on a mission and…" Finn said before telling the group about the Nameless Kingdom and their Princesses.

"After that PB was peeved since we were not supposed to pick Nightmare but thanks to the fact that I heard that many adventurers level up fast there, seems NP is really doing well in making the nightmare Kingdom one that is for adventures and stuff, it's been awhile so we should go there Bronwyn." Finn said when he finished the story.

The group were a bit surprised after hearing the story.

"Wow… that is quite a story, Finn." Roselinen said.

"Yeah, wonder how the three are doing since it's been a few years… really should visit more but given how many things have happened, kept slipping my mind till now." Finn said before he noticed Emerald on his phone.

"Uh… who's he talking to?" Finn said.

"You know you could ask… I'm calling Cedric and Azure so we can hire some new people to watch Elemental Cuisine while Lillum, Maite, Cedric, Azure, and I head to the Nightmare Kingdom to see if we can make a deal with the Nightmare Princess and cater the soon to be party that will be held… can't get better info about this than from the invited party and if not, we could do things if she has her own catered food that may get us hired to help with some parties next time." Emerald said when he grins at Finn.

Finn blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Oh okay. So how long before they come here?"

"Well actually we're going on ahead now, if things go well we can make a link to the Nightmare Kingdom at Elemental Cuisine, looks like the party won't be started until 4 days from now so you should get supplies like some presents and stuff for your friends you haven't seen in a number of years and maybe spend time with your wife here hehe… wonder if it's Bronwyn or Roselinen now… anyway I'll give you guys a text when the link is made since having an Elemental Cuisine in the Nightmare Kingdom would be good business if we can get more adventurous people there." Emerald said as he got ready to leave while Rebecca walked with him.

"So need a lift back to the Jungle Kingdom milady?" Emerald teased when he grins at Rebecca… seems the duo had fun at the Jungle Kingdom last time off screen and stuff.

Rebecca giggles.

"Sure. Can give you a nice reward once we get there." She said with a smirk.

"Hehe, great, may as well give a free meal later." Emerald said while he looks amused as Finn, Bronwyn, and Roselinen we're left alone in the Treefort now.

"Well… guess it's just me and my two favorite ladies." Finn said while grinning.

"Hehe, yup, sorry for dropping in like this, not much to do in the dead world while Life works up a new body for me and stuff." Roselinen said while she rubs the back of her head.

Finn smiles kindly at his ghostly wife.

"No worries Rosey. I'm glad you're here."

Roselinen smiles at Finn while Bronwyn sweatdrops when she saw how lovestruck the duo where… even saw comical hearts over the duo and Bronwyn cleared her throat to remind Finn she was still here.

Finn did jolt before he went to his hybrid girlfriend.

"I haven't forgotten about you Bronwyn. You're also important too." He said before kissing her.

Bronwyn smiles when she was kissed on the cheek a few times.

"Hehe, thanks, but Finn… you were cooking remember?" Bronwyn said while Finn got a panicked look and he rushed to the stove while Bronwyn giggles as Roselinen sat near her.

"You know, it's gonna be weird when I start eating things that are not pillows. Then again, Finn was like that when he ate pillows in my world." Roselinen said.

"Really?, Well hopefully your new body will be able to enjoy some food… Finn is a pretty good cook here." Bronwyn said with a smile on her face.

"It's nice to talk with you again Roselinen, after we left and stuff, Finn was worried about you." Bronwyn said when she look at Roselinen with a smile.

Roselinen returns the smile.

"I felt the same way. I always wished I get to see Finn again. Guess this is fate's way of helping me. And I will say this Bronwyn, I think you and I will get along great. Plus, I have stories to tell you after meeting Finn. Like one time…" She said before she mentioned an embarrassing moment Finn did.

"… who knew he scream like a girl when he accidentally used me as a towel."

Bronwyn couldn't hold back her laughter as Finn came in with a couple plates of food and looks confused.

"O-O-Oh my G-Glob!...hehehe!" Bronwyn said before she laughed a lot as Roselinen giggles a bit.

"What's so funny?" Finn said.

"Oh nothing much, just some stories of you and I in the Pillow world… one where I was used as a towel once." Roselinen said with a teasing look on her face as Bronwyn laughs more.

Finn was blushing brightly in embarrassment.

"Oh come on!"

Roselinen and Bronwyn giggle again before Roselinen watched as Finn and Bronwyn eat some food together.

Bronwyn smiles at Finn as she enjoys her eggs.

Finn returns the smile while Roselinen looks curious.

"Hey Finn I'm curious but…" Roselinen said as Finn was drinking some tea and Roselinen asked this.

"Do you have a preference in species?" Roselinen asked all of a sudden.

This made Finn cough a bit from his tea.

"H-Huh… What?"

"Well, considering you're dating Bronwyn, Tei, Lei, and may go for other women, I'm curious on it you have a preference in species, I am getting a new body so why not something pleasing to you, never had an organic body like flesh and stuff so curious on what my first choice would be like if Life gave me the option." Roselinen said when she smiles at Finn.

Finn was a bit surprised after hearing that.

"U-Um… well… I never did think of that."

"Really?... hmmm… well what if I suggested some species and you give a good or bad sign for them, could be interesting and want to chip in Bronwyn?" Roselinen asked when she looks at Bronwyn with a smile.

Bronwyn was thoughtful.

"Okay sure."

"Great, first option, hmmm… how about a dog woman like Bronwyn or maybe a bear?... Hard to tell what is the best seen species in her." Roselinen said while she smiles as Finn and Bronwyn saw a shapely bear humanoid female with Roselinen's hair and a dog humanoid female but not as shapely.

Finn was thoughtful for a bit.

"Hmmm… a bear sounds nice. What do you think Bronwyn?"

"Hmmm… maybe, both seem cute but got any other ideas Roselinen?" Bronwyn asked as Roselinen hums.

"Hmmm… well… why not a cute cat humanoid?, Heard from Finn once at the festival about this Me-Mow woman and wanted to give her some payback for some things she did… and given we were at a tier based party I could guess what that meant." Roselinen said when she caused a picture of a cute cat humanoid to appear in Finn and Bronwyn's heads making them blush a bit from how cute Roselinen could be as a shapely cat person.

"Well… you would look cute in that form." Finn said.

"Hehe this because Rosey would look good as a good version of Me-Mow?" Bronwyn teased since Finn didn't object to what Roselinen said.

Finn blushes more as Roselinen giggles.

"What do you think Bronwyn?, or want me to pick something else?"

"Hmmm… well… why not a human like Finn?, Well… maybe not like Finn otherwise people may ask things but human more or less." Bronwyn surprisingly said when she smiles at Roselinen.

"Hmmm… does sound interesting." Roselinen said as she was thoughtful for a bit.

"I'll try it."

"Nice, but will Life just let that happen easily if she already has a species in mind?" Bronwyn asked when she looks really curious on what Life would pick herself.

"True… Well whichever species she picks, we can work things out." Roselinen said.

"Hopefully, still that may not be for a bit… want to join us in a trip to the Nightmare Kingdom later?, Could be now if we want to say hello and stay for the party in 4 days or head there when it's the fourth day and say hi than." Finn asked when he looks at Roselinen.

"Hmmm… well I don't mind going there early. Can give me time to see what the Kingdom is like." Roselinen said.

Finn nods his head as he got up from the table.

"Welp, may as well get ready and leave in a few hours after I make some calls, you may want to do the same with your dad Bron so he doesn't worry about you and stuff." Finn said when he smile at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn returns the smile.

"Yeah you're right." She said before getting up.

After this happens and a few hours pass, Finn, Bronwyn, and Roselinen met up with Emerald, Lillum, and Maite while Emerald finished packing a bag.

"Still surprised you want to join us and stuff, managed to get some jobs at the Nightmare Kingdom, as long as you carry some things Finn, I don't mind if you tag along with us with your wives alright?" Emerald said in a teasing way when he mentioned Roselinen and Bronwyn being his wives… mainly to tease Finn and Bronwyn a bit.

Said duo blushes brightly as Roselinen giggles.

"W-Well I wanted to see how the Nightmare Kingdom is doing." Finn said.

"And to woo those Princesses as well." Maite said with a smirk.

"Better sound the wedding bells… possibility times 3 if Finn goes for all the sexy ladies there." Lillum teased when she gave the thought of Finn in a wedding with women around him.

Finn was blushing brightly as Bronwyn and Roselinen giggles.

"Joke aside… let's get going." Bronwyn said.

"Yeah let's get going, burning daylight and stuff." Emerald said when he and the others went to get going while the time went to a couple days later to show Emerald and Finn leaving Bronwyn, Roselinen, Lillum, and Maite while they worked with a Cedric and a black furred Cat woman named Azure to help with the party prep with others helping as Emerald and Finn enter the lobby of the Nightmare Kingdom's first castle where Nightmare Princess lived and met with Pillowment Butler.

"Hey Pillowment, sorry for the delay in getting here, some trouble happened and we had to resupply in a nearby town." Emerald said when he looks at the Pillowmint Butler with a smile.

"Oh no worries Emerald. You're here now so it's all good." Pillowmint Butler said.

"Indeed, how is Nightmare Princess and her sisters doing?, Finn wouldn't stop talking about them on the way, nearly drove me mad a few times." Emerald teased while nudging Finn a bit.

Finn blushes brightly as Pillowmint Butler chuckles.

"Oh not to worry. Miladies have wondered when Master Finn returns. They'll be very happy to see him." He said making Finn blush more as everyone else looked amused.

"Hehe, I'll bet, why don't we let Finn visit Nightmare Princess real quick while you and I talk details in the branch of Elemental Cuisine being here in the Nightmare Kingdom." Emerald said as he and Pillowment Butler went to talk business as Finn was left alone and with a straight shot to NP's room.

As everyone else mingled outside, Finn did gulp before he starts walking down to NP's room.

When he walked up the stairs into a room that looked like something Marceline would decorate when it seemed like pumpkins, fake bats, and other things that were meant to be spooky were seen along a massive TV and a large bed in the middle of the room… right now he heard humming and noticed a shower running and looks to see that there was a bathroom and NP must be inside of it while oddly enough a large hole was a bit from the door oddly waist high.

'Huh… wonder what's in the hole?' Finn thought as he went to look for a bit.

Though as he looks around, he heard the shower going on more and he went to knock and heard this.

"Hey, if you're here for the stress shift, just do the usual and drop your pants and put your cock through the hole." Finn heard when he looks at the nearby hole… was that why it's there!?

Finn backed away.

"Uh actually NP… it's me."

Though it seemed the shower was too loud for NP to hear and best she got was just a few words.

"Sorry hard to hear, couldn't hear much besides me or something... look I won't be able to do much with talking right now, either stick a cock through the hole or leave since I have guests to talk with later." NP said on her end as the showering went on… well NP was technically giving permission and Finn's body was acting up a bit at the kinky situation…

Finn after a minute surprisingly unzips his pants and drops them to the floor before he slides his cock through the hole.

When he did, he heard a gasp.

"My my… not sure who you are but you're definitely not a Guard here at least not a normal one… a newbie maybe?… well I can ask things later… for now…" NP said and Finn felt his cock get stroked a few times by a smooth hand.

Finn shudders a bit before he let out a groan as he starts to feel good.

After a minute, NP moved to kneel on the shower floor and moved to suck Finn's cock after licking the head a few times.

"O-Oh fuck!" Finn groans when he felt how rough NP sucked his cock.

NP hums when she enjoys the taste and stroked what she couldn't take for a minute.

Finn groans more before he had this thought.

'Glob… is this what her guard goes through?'

Though if this was a bad thing, sure didn't feel like it as NP sucked Finn off before she stopped.

"F-Fuck… my jaw hurts… bet a massive cock like this will enjoy these…" NP said as she moved to place some rather impressive breasts around Finn's cock and moved her slicked breasts up and down to please Finn greatly.

Finn groans a bit loud when he felt that.

'Glob… her breasts must be… C or D size.' He thought.

It was hard to tell from the feeling alone, but NP chuckled when she could tell Finn was getting close and moved to lick the head of his cock to tease him more and more until…

Finn groans a bit louder till he shot his load out onto NP's face and breasts.

NP moans at the feeling while she worked her breasts more a she waits for Finn to ride out his orgasm, a reminder for many was that NP thought Finn was a guard and didn't know Finn was well… Finn.

After about 15 seconds, Finn finally taps off.

Once this happens, NP giggles as she removed her breasts from Finn's cock and saw he was still iron hard.

"My my, you may be my new favorite guard, maybe I should come over and get better acquainted with you or maybe invite you into the shower." NP said in a teasing way and Finn could only imagine NP licking the sperm off her if the shower didn't do much.

This made Finn feel more turned on before he pulls his cock out of the hole.

That's when he got undressed and actually enters the bathroom.

When he entered he saw NP in the nude and she had a shapely figure like he thought but more so with E cup breasts and a strong body while she had one hell of an ass… when she saw Finn she blushed big time.

"F-Finn!?... What are you… wait were you the-!?" NP said while she blushed more when she said so many things that she blushed big time as Finn drank in her figure.

"I can answer your questions later NP. For now, how about you and I… starting catching up." Finn said with lust in his eyes before he got close to NP.

NP blushed and in no time, Finn was kissing NP and after she got over her shock, she returned the kiss as she wrapped her arms around Finn's neck.

Finn moans into the kiss as he hugs her back before the human brought his hands down and grope NP's ass.

NP moans into the kiss and she lets Finn enjoy her body as one of her legs were lifted in no time and Finn's cock was pressed against her folds and he pushed his hips forward making NP moan when she felt Finn's cock go deep inside of her again and again.

Finn groans when he felt how warm and tight NP's pussy was as he continues to push his cock further.

Once he felt NP's cervix, he thrusts away vigorously while NP moans intensely at the feeling as she had her legs wrap around Finn's waist while he gripped her ass to support her.

Finn grunts and groans as he kept thrusting his cock up in NP's pussy.

"F-Fuck NP… You're pussy is so tight!"

"A-And your cock is so.. M-Massive!" NP moans out while she loved how deep Finn went into her a few times.

Finn groans a few times.

"A-And it's all for you!" He groans as he fuck NP's pussy harder now.

After a bit of time, the duos orgasms were approaching as time went on, so much so that Finn snarls when he pushed his hips forward band came had in NP's womb directly.

NP moans loudly as she climaxed hard on Finn's cock as her pussy tightens around it.

After the duo ride out their orgasms, the scene showed the duo had dried off a bit though Finn left his cock untouched and the reason was seen when the duo went to NP's bed and Finn had her on all fours and he teasingly rubs the head of his cock against NP's asshole.

"Get ready NP. Gonna give that sexy ass of yours a big pounding." Finn said while grinning.

Np blushed but she relaxed as she waits for Finn to start.

Finn sees this before he starts inserting his cock inside NP's asshole.

NP really groans from this as she grips the sheets with her fingers and toes.

Finn groans when he felt how tight NP's ass was as he kept pushing his cock further before finally reaching the hilt.

Once this happens, Finn starts to fuck NP as NP groans intensely from each thrust while he made sure to not to blow anytime soon.

"Oh fuck! Your ass is more tight than your pussy NP!" Finn groans.

NP could only moan from this and she groans when Finn smacks her ass a few times.

Finn grins as he kept smacking NP's ass while fucking her faster and harder.

Looks like the horny human already intends to try claiming the Nightmare Princess for his harem.

As this happens, Bronwyn, curious on what was talking Finn so long ran into Emerald as he was exiting the castle.

"Hey Emerald, know where Finn is?" Bronwyn said.

"Hmmm?, Well Finn should be talking with the princess and stuff, everything OK?" Emerald asked while he looks at Bronwyn with some concern.

"Well it's just that he's been gone for a while." Bronwyn said as she was a bit worried.

"Well knowing Finn's luck, either the talk is taking awhile since it's been years or chances are he is getting lucky and stuff." Emerald said with an amused look on his face.

Bronwyn, though blushing, sweatdrops.

"If that's the case, he still shouldn't make us worry. I know Roselinen is worried."

"Well if you want if you are on a break… we could have some fun if you want or you could head inside to Finn, just got a deal with Peppermint and as long as we cater the party in four days, we can set up a branch here meaning fast travel for many hehe." Emerald said when he was in a good mood.

Bronwyn did blush a bit after hearing that but considering Finn is fooling around with NP…

"Well… I'm not doing anything so… may as well help celebrate the new deal."

"Hehe, great… want to have this recorded and say the title as… hehe… party set up in the nightmare Kingdom?... Could get others here and make the party a really good one." Emerald said when he grins at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushes more but was already feeling turned on at the recorded part.

"Sure. Sounds like a great plan." She said with a smirk.

"Good… I'll have Lillum and Maite join in and bring in some guards since I know how much you like getting watched." Emerald teased as he walked by Bronwyn and smacked her on the ass in passing a while Roselinen showed up and was a bit surprised when she saw that and how eager Bronwyn looked.

"Bronwyn? You okay?" Roselinen said.

"Hmm?, Oh yeah Rosey, I'm good." Bronwyn said when she grins at Roselinen.

Roselinen blinks a bit when she thought Bronwyn was shy.

Guess she either didn't hear about Bronwyn getting worked up by others seeing her and stuff of may have forgotten if it was a one time mention.

Bronwyn giggles at the look and had a thought.

"Hey Rosey… want to help me with something?" Bronwyn asked when she grins at the ghostly wife of Finn.

Roselinen blinks in confusion.

"Like what?"

Bronwyn grins as she gestures Roselinen to follow her as Bronwyn ass sways in Roselinen's view.

Roselinen blushes when she saw that while again surprised at the hybrid's attitude before actually following her.

After she did, she followed Bronwyn to a large building that she saw a few pickle or cucumber guards go into with Emerald, Maite, and Lillum carrying some items as Bronwyn giggles and enters the building.

Roselinen didn't know where they come from as she follows Bronwyn more.

Once the duo enter the building, Roselinen saw Bronwyn looking pretty excited when she saw many Cucumber guards, Emerald, Lillum, Maite, and surprisingly from looks at profile pics… Slumber and Lullaby Princess in the room somehow while many floating cameras were getting setup.

"What's going on here?" Roselinen said.

"You don't know?, We're about to make a porno and stuff with Bronwyn as the lead, Slumber and Lullaby Princess wanted in on the fun and with Maite and Lillum… hehe, things will get intense and knowing Bronwyn's kink would get her excited in no time with so many people here and soon to be more when they watch the fun." Emerald said to remind Roselinen about Bronwyn's trigger for her heated state.

Roselinen forget about the trigger before realizing why Bronwyn asked her to join.

"So that's why you asked me to follow you." She said to the hybrid.

"Hehe, second thoughts?" Bronwyn said when she grins at Roselinen.

Roselinen was quiet before smirking.

"Nope. I'm no pillow chicken."

"Good." was all Bronwyn said as She stripped from Her outfit showing her nude form to many.

Lullaby and Slumber licked their lips.

"Talk about a sexy bod my dudette." Slumber said.

"Indeed, such a wonderful body… will give a reason for many here in the room to let out nice noises." Lullaby Princess said when she smiles at many of the guards here.

The guards blushes from the smile while a few got a good look at Bronwyn's bod.

Many got hardons thanks to her and unlike Banana guards these guys didn't have coverage aside from green colored pants to hide their nude forms just in case resulting in Bronwyn seeing many 10 to 12 inch hardons on many guards.

Brownyn grins.

"That's right boys. Take a good look. Some of you lucky ones will get pleased by me." She said before winking at them.

"After one thing first." Emerald said while he summons pieces of paper to his hand.

"Uh… what are those?" One of the cucumber men said.

"Waivers for legal reasons, I'll need each of you guys to sigh on many lines before we start, I've been told that unless we do this we can't start since we were nearly sued when LSP tried to fake that many men had their way with her after she was brought in… now unless we have your signature in magical ink showing the truth only, we won't have to deal with a situation like that… also I'm not liable for injuries in case Finn gets angered if he didn't like getting left out… your risk in signing it if you want a fun time with Bronwyn here." Emerald said as he summons a pen and had a look that showed he was serious.

The guards blinked after hearing that but after looking at Bronwyn's figure again, they quickly looked over the contract before signing it.

Emerald chuckles before he gave some papers to Slumber and Lullaby.

"Sorry but if LSP caused issues, don't want to risk issues with other royals." TME said while he rubs his head a bit.

Slumber and Lullaby sweatdrops.

"Understandable… we heard of her and what she does." Lullaby said.

"Not to mention those gossips. Not cool dude." Slumber said.

"Tell me about it…" Emerald said when he got the papers signed and Emerald smiles when he looks around.

"So everyone, ready for some serious fun?" Emerald said when he grins at the others in the room.

Group cheered in yes making Roselinen giggle as Bronwyn feeling more excited.

"Just one more thing… Lillum are the cameras rolling?" Emerald asked when he looks at his Succubus lady.

Lillum grins.

"Oh they are Emy, baby."

Emerald nods as one camera came to look him in the eyes.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to a pre party video to help tide you eager viewers until the real video, in this we have some two tasty guest stars of Lullaby and Slumber Princess and to help Bronwyn… we have a surprise guest here… Roselinen the ghostly wife of Finn the human… its a long story but let's just say Finn got hitched in a different world and when he came back, he lost his memories of that world but thanks to a trip to the Jungle Kingdom to watch Elena the Jungle Princess get knocked up by the Glob of Death, many ghosts came to Ooo to gave fun with relatives of ages past, and Roselinen was no exception… right now she is getting a new body made by Life so she may be in a different species but all in all she would be Finn's wife in body and especially soul… and she is backing Bronwyn on when she and Bronwyn team up with Maite, Lillum, Slumber, and Lullaby, as we males here team up against them so may as well comment on who would win at the end of the video the aged old question of guys VS girls… and my money is Bronwyn and Lillum being the MVP's here for obvious reasons… now want to say anything to the viewers to be ladies?" Emerald said when he grins at the women mentioned.

"Yeah. Hope you guys… and ladies watch closely as we have some serious fun. Also, to anyone that forgets, if you want to have a good time with me than you better bring some good coin. I know you will, Sarutobi." Bronwyn said before winking at the camera like if she was sending Sarutobi a message.

Emerald and a few others like Maite chuckles at Bronwyn.

"That before or after you give Sarutobi a freebie thanks to the addon cash he paid for last time?" Emerald teased when he grins at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushes a bit as she chuckles nervously.

"Can you blame me? Besides Finn, Sarutobi is very wild."

"And there you have it people, seems Bron here has a favorite number two, wonder if that means anything Sarutobi eheh?" Emerald said when he nudged the air under the camera.

Little did the group knew, Sarutobi was watching and he grins in excitement after hearing this… seems this recording was live as well.

After that happened, Emerald looks at the ladies.

"Ladies… you may undressed now for the cameras, men, do the same, lets give Ooo some eye candy and for those in Ooo, remember this video and many more are endorsed by Elemental Cuisine, main branch is in the Candy Kingdom while branches will be made in other kingdoms so enjoy fine eats there… also this video is also 3 days before the party in the Nightmare Kingdom, please come by for more fun with food and pleasure." Emerald said as he moved away from the camera to get ready to undress as many in Ooo watched as Emerald and the Cucumber guards undress while the camera turns to the ladies who have yet to do that.

Besides Bronwyn and Roselinen, since she's a ghost, the females smirked as they begin to undress but teased the male and female viewers with a striptease.

Many viewers look on as the Princesses, Succubus, and Maite teased the viewers while Lillum gave a line.

"Hope you people enjoy… may grace your cocks and pussies with my touch if you're lucky." Lillum teased before she licks her lips and rubs her nipples when she was nude and gave a teasing moan.

The men with Emerald were turned on when they heard that which caused their cocks to get harder.

This caused Maite to grin as she gave her own line.

"As you can see from my muscles, I can take on any strong looking cock so bring it on." Maite said with a challenging grin as she tightened her ass muscles when she shows her shapely ass.

Lullaby and Slumber on their end surprised many when they kiss one another while their bodies as shapely as NP's look at the camera lustfully.

"Yeah that's right. We may be sisters, doesn't mean we still can't have fun with each other." Lullaby said with a smirk.

"Indeed, hard to find good men willing to have fun with us… if any are interested in coming for a good time… try the Nightmare Kingdom hehe… we should all feel the love dudes." Slumber said when she grins at the camera.

The guards were now feeling more turned on after hearing that and were waiting for Emerald to give the signal.

Emerald blinks at that.

"Hey its the ladies call on who they want so ladies… may as well pick your partners now." Emerald said when he grins at the ladies.

The ladies giggle.

"Okay, I'll take you four." Maite said as he looks at the cucumber guards.

"Same with you four… maybe add one more so I can get something in my mouth hehe." Lillum teased while Lullaby and Slumber Princess look at the other guards.

"We will take the rest of you for now… so look like Bronwyn goes to Emerald by default." Lullaby Princess said with a smirk on her face.

"Hehe, lucky me." Bronwyn said as she grins at Emerald's direction.

Emerald chuckles at this as he gestured for Bronwyn to approach and for the Cucumber guards to go to their current partners.

The guards went to the females that picked them as Bronwyn approaches Emerald before she enticed him with the swing of her hips.

Emerald licks his lips as he moved to pull Bronwyn in for a kiss as he gripped her ass cheeks tightly.

Bronwyn moans into the kiss before she returns it while hugging Emerald's neck.

After this happened, Emerald moved to rub Bronwyn's folds while he sucks her right nipple as a few cameras got close up shots of the show.

Bronwyn groans a bit as she starts to enjoy it.

"Oh yes." She said.

Emerald chuckles as he continues his actions, with Lillum, she was already in the act when she was sucking and stroking many cocks that were near her while some of the guards stroke themselves off to keep themselves warmed up.

The cucumber guards that are getting their cocks stroked and sucked off groan as they were enjoying Lillum's actions.

Lillum eyesmiles when she sucked off a large cock before her while enjoying the taste.

"Oh fuck… her mouth feels so good." Said the one guard that was getting his cock sucked.

"T-Try her hands… fuck she knows what spots to rub." Another guard moans out when Lillum rubs various parts of his cock.

The other cucumber guards that weren't getting pleased by Lillum, groans as they wished it was them while making sure to keep their cocks hard.

Lillum got a teasing look in her eyes when she used a spell to form many magical hands and mouths that went to lick, suck, and stroke off the other cocks while Lillum was busy.

The guards really groan while happy they were getting pleased whether by magic or not.

While this happened, the camera turned to show Lullaby and Slumber Princess while they rode some cocks as others fucked their asses, they stroked off two guards each and sucked off one guard each.

"Oh fuck… this pussy is tight." Said one guard who was having his cock ridden by Lullaby.

"Y-You should try this one's ass." Said another guard who was fucking Slumber's ass.

Slumber groans before grinning at the guard.

"If you love it so much then keep fucking away dude."

This caused the guards to really get wild as the ones getting sucked off face fucked Lullaby and Slumber while the ones fucking their asses and pussies really went wild there.

Slumber and Lullaby moans and groans loud with pleased looks on their faces as they let the guards have their way.

Thanks to all this, plenty of people were having fun this day from Finn and NP to Bronwyn and the others in the building they were in, and a camera floats over Bronwyn's shoulder to get a reverse POV shot of Emerald eating out her pussy vigorously.

"Oh fuck yes!… D-Don't stop!" Bronwyn groans before she starts playing with her breasts to tease Emerald.

This egged Emerald on when he continues to eat Bronwyn out and he used a finger to tease Bronwyn's ass a bit.

This caused Bronwyn to groan more as her toes curled on the ground.

Emerald keeps his actions up in pleasing Bronwyn more and more until…

Bronwyn groans loud as she throws her head back before climaxing on Emerald's tongue.

Emerald keeps on pleasing Bronwyn more when he lapped up her juices while fingering Bronwyn's ass while waiting for her to ride out his orgasms.

After a moment, Bronwyn lightly taps off before panting a bit.

Once this happened, Emerald chuckles when he stands and picked Bronwyn up and sets her on a table.

"So… ready for some real fun?" Emerald teased when he stroked his cock a few times.

Bronwyn chuckles.

"You bet I do, you hunky stud."

Emerald grins more as he rubs the head of his cock against Bronwyn's folds before he slipped his cock inside while he made sure to be gentle with the insertion.

Bronwyn groans a bit as she feels Emerald's cock going inside her pussy.

After he got deep enough he was thrusting his hips while making sure to fondle Bronwyn's breasts to help her feel as good as possible.

Bronwyn groans a few times as she starts to enjoy it before wrapping her legs around Emerald's waist.

This results in Emerald getting rougher before he leaned down and kissed Bronwyn on the lips as he worked to find Bronwyn's sweet spots.

Bronwyn moans before she kisses Emerald back after hugging him while letting Emerald have his way with her.

Emerald used a hand to smack Bronwyn's ass a few times while he chuckles at how lustful Bronwyn looked right now, sure not many were around to look at her but the thought of so many viewing her live seemed to supplement the heat effect while the recording for the fine tuning to be would be used later and stuff.

Bronwyn groans before she grins lustfully at Emerald.

"More!" She groans.

Emerald did as ordered before he moved Bronwyn onto her front on the table while her legs hung off it so he could really fuck her while the camera got a good look at the fucked up look on her face… hell she even gave a peace sign while with a few viewers…

With Sarutobi…

Sarutobi was stroking his cock a few times as he was turned on seeing Bronwyn act like that.

"D-Damn… Bronwyn is so hot. Wish I was there. If only she was my woman." He said.

Though comically Sarutobi's mistress, Sakura, walked by his room and gave him a half lidded look.

"First off Sarutobi if you're jerking it close the door and second if you want that woman just outfuck the human and then some, by the way Marceline stopped by with a letter and its an invitation to a party at the Nightmare Kingdom, know anything about this?" Sakura said while she moved to pass Sarutobi the letter and it was an invitation to the Nightmare kingdom.

Sarutobi was a bit embarrassed when Sakura walked in but the letter threw him off a bit.

"Uh yeah… watching the pre party video." He said.

"I see… you want to jerk it or have fun with a woman?... pretty sure this will be recorded." Sakura said when she gave Sarutobi a half lidded look… he was pretty much a leader of the clan besides elders and he jerked it to videos when women like her, pretty much training him in tiers, was around and he was doing this.

Sarutobi chuckles nervously.

"Right… how about we forget what you saw and I please my favorite mistress."

"The bed then." Sakura said when she gripped Sarutobi on top of the head and comically threw him onto his bed while she walked to him with swaying hips to tease him when he got reoriented to show this wasn't a rare thing and was used to the throws.

Sarutobi lightly chuckles as his cock got hard from the teasing.

Though before more could be seen the scene went to Marceline after she took a stop at an inn to cool down thanks to the sun being out and was looking at the live feed of Bronwyn while she was getting fucked by Emerald relenentlessly.

"Damn… if I knew there was an orgy, I would've definitely gone there. Wonder where Finn is? He wouldn't miss this." Marceline said.

Though now that Marceline thought about it, when she saw the video with Lullaby and Slumber… by process of elimination, Marceline chuckles when only one thing could happen and its Finn getting lucky with Nightmare princess off camera and stuff.

"Well no surprises there." Marceline said before she looks at the video again.

She looks at the clock and chuckles… she did have 30 or so minutes to cool down and she was in a bedroom after all so…

Marceline takes off her clothes and starts pleasing herself as she sits on the bed while watching the video.

Though like with Sarutobi, before more could be seen, the scene went to Bubblegum's place while she was looking at the video of Bronwyn and the others in her lab… though she was more curious about Nightmare Princess and the Nightmare Kingdom than anything right now, seems she was getting numb to the videos and stuff somewhat… still worked her up but she was still in control of herself now.

"Boy that sure looks like fun. But I can wait. Maybe I'll go to the Nightmare Kingdom and see how things are going. I trust Finn but need to make sure." Bubblegum said.

As Bubblegum made some notes for supplies to take with her to the Nightmare Kingdom for test purposes… she did blush when she looks at the video and jots down a note to get a gift for Nightmare Princess and her sisters and other things while the scene went to one final place with Finn and Nightmare to be exact as they laid on the bed while panting for breath.

"F-Fuck… talk about sudden." Nightmare said when she looks at Finn with an amused smile on her face while she blushed a bit.

Finn had the same reaction before chuckling.

"Y-You said it but damn… that was fun." He said.

"Yeah… wonder what the others are up to." Nightmare said when she heard her phone vibrate and stuff.

"Huh?" Nightmare princess said when she used some shadows to bring the phone over and when she got it, she blinks when she saw the video with Emerald fucking Bronwyn intensely while Roselenin who was not shown yet, was surprisingly using a camera on her end to get her own angles when she grabbed one and was having fun pretending to be a film crew of sorts… she could join in but wanted to make sure that no good angles were missed which would explain some of the POV shots or close up shots.

Finn was surprised.

"Huh… didn't expect that." He said.

"No kidding… ticked that your girlfriend is getting fucked by this guy?... gotta say not bad of a bod on him but not as good as yours hehe." Nightmare princess said when she teased Finn a bit.

Finn blushes a bit.

"Thanks and I'm not mad. Bronwyn and I do fuck other people. But if someone tries to steal her or any other woman of mine, then that's when the line gets drawn."

"Well I pity any who try that… for now want to put this on the big screen and we continue the fun while we watch things?" Nightmare said with a teasing grin on her face when her TV had internet capabilities it seems.

Finn smirks.

"No problem with that beautiful." He said before leaning and kiss NP's lips.

NP moans into the kiss as she and Finn get ready to continue their fun as the scene fades to black… looks like the prelude to the party in the Nightmare Kingdom was really kicking up and stuff… wonder what else could happen before the party.

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