An Unexpected Date @emerald
Chapter 6

A scene opens up with Atomsk and TME talking.

"Been awhile since last chap. Lex would be happy about this." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, pretty happy on my end as well, last I remember this chapter is supposed to have the trip to Jungle Princess's home and everything." TME said when he grins in an excited way.

Atomsk was thoughtful for a moment.

"I believe so… unless we missed something."

"Hmmm… there is the fact we may have Marceline with Sarutobi here and the fact that Ash was killed by him… pretty sure Sarutobi is making a deal with Death to revive Ash in a female form so there maybe an Ashley soon in this story, not only that we had Sarutobi make a pretty intense video with Marceline as well to boot." TME said when he looks back at the previous chapter just now.

"That's true. Plus we did a nice Flashback with Sarutobi and Bronwyn. And didn't Finn get an I.O.U since he still hasn't had fun with Phoebe yet?" Atomsk said.

"I… don't think he gave her a I.O.U… but I know for a fact he didn't give her a good time yet so I guess we can have Phoebe get a free fun time with Finn at the party Jungle Princess is having." TME said as a suggestion to Atomsk.

"Works for me. Maybe later Bronwyn gets another alone time with Sarutobi or perhaps one of his siblings." Atomsk said with a grin.

"Why do you think were bringing Sarutobi's siblings into this and Mistress… hehe, going to be very interesting, but for now we should get into the chapter so want to do the usual advertisement?, I need to handle something real quick so be right back." TME said as he ran out of the room for a moment.

"While TME is gone, we are doing paid commissions in case anyone forgets. If you have certain ideas of a new story idea, or have old story that needs adoption, you can contact me or TME to talk pricing and stuff. Though we have ground rules. We don't use scat and piss scenes. No yaoi scenes, even if it's mentioned slightly. We may do dark lemons but we don't do anything extreme. Also the only incest we're doing is Mother x Sister and sister x sister." Atomsk said.

TME came back after the sound of a toilet flushed and hands were washed.

"Yup, nothing sick or disguesting like that, also unless its a style of writing we are unfamiliar with… no more free requests… need to make some cash, you can PM me for more details." TME said as he got next to Atomsk.

"Indeed and welcome back." Atomsk said.

"Thanks… oh and I just got a message from Yugi asking for a bit of help so… hey people, Yugiohfan163 is taking requests for commissions on his end, he makes stories like the crazy trouble with love series or the list of oneshot series… please give him a look if you are interested in seeing his work, he does a good job and boy he does one hell of a job with story writing... anyway we should start this story more or less right as the Messenger approaches Finn's place for his answer… that good for a start?" TME said as he looks at Atomsk.

"Works for me." Atomsk said.

"Great… guess this story starts out in the middle of the morning the day after Sarutobi and Marceline had their fun." TME said as he grins at the readers and the scene shifts to Finn's treefort the morning after as Finn was making him and Bronwyn some breakfast with Tei and Lei joining in since they spent the night as well and were watching Finn cook.

Ooo/ Treefort/ Kitchen/ Finn, Bronwyn, Tei, Lei

Finn was humming a bit as he cooked some eggs on the stove while Bronwyn, Tei, and Lei were watching Finn a bit, they got a small letter saying that the Messenger for Finn's answer for Jungle Princess's party would be here in a few hours and sent this warning in advance to make their choice if they haven't made it yet.

"So Finn, did you made your decision regarding the Jungle Princess's party?" Lei said.

"Pretty much, just need to wait for the messenger to get here an-!" Finn tried to say before knocking was heard.

"Oh looks like the messenger is here, can one of you ladies get the door?, I would get it but I can't let the eggs burn." Finn asked while he flipped the eggs a few times.

"I'll get it." Tei said as she gets up and heads for the door before opening it.

When she got there, she saw a couple Jungle Warriors, one male, strong and tall and with a skull instead of a normal head of all things, one female, Amazon like and while not taller then Tei, she was pretty toned.

"Pardon us but is Finn the Human home?, we have a message from our Princess and its for his ears mainly." The female warrior said with a serious tone to her voice.

Tei sees the serious look.

"Well he is here but is busy making breakfast. I can bring you to him if necessary." She said.

"That will be helpful, please and thank you, sorry for my bodyguard here if he unsettles you, he is part of the Death Clan so having skeleton like heads or parts is the normal for his kind, I don't mean it in a bad way, its just his species of humanoid is similar to this and he is one of the lesser odd looking ones." The Jungle Female said as she waits for Tei to move so she and the Death Clan warrior can enter.

"No worries. It's understandable." Tei said before she motions for the duo to follow.

Once the duo entered, they followed Tei to the Kitchen to watch as Finn sets some plates of eggs and bacon on the table before he noticed the duo with Tei.

"Hey Finn. These two wanted to talk with you since its a personal matter." Tei said.

Finn went back to the stove to put more food on some plates.

"Oh hey, sorry I can't greet you two properly, just setting up breakfast, want to join us before you head back?" Finn asked as he sets more eggs and some bacon on a few plates after they were cooked.

The Jungle Female looked thoughtful.

"Hmmm, we did walk all the way here so yes, we'll join."

"Alright, want the bacon extra crispy or just lightly cooked?" Finn asked as he worked to make extra food for the guests and when everyone finished, Finn placed the dishes in a sink nearby to clean.

"Phew, nice food… now… you wanted my answer right?... I believe the message said as long as I agree and stuff I can bring guests right?" Finn asked while he looks at the female warrior.

"Yes, that was the arrangement of the message." The Jungle Female said.

"Alright, as long as its not too much of a hassle, I'll agree on the condition that I can bring a number of friends with me, pretty sure some will want to join in on the fun and the more people the better right?" Finn said while he smiles at the female warrior.

The female warrior chuckled.

"Indeed, and I'm quite impressed when I viewed those videos. Interesting performance." She said with a smirk.

Finn chuckles while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Thanks, still owe Pheebs a one on one time though, maybe I should invite her to the party… though as long as we're in JP's kingdom… I wouldn't mind giving you a fun time later, and before you ask, yes, I did just ask you for some fun later, call it… me going numb to this whole swing thing in public, I mean why fight it when many want to get in these videos?" Finn said when he smirks at the female warrior.

The female warrior blinked a bit before smirking.

"Wise words. Though hope you don't mind if my bodyguard has fun with your ladies. He can be quiet powerful."

"Well as long as he doesn't try and knock them up first I won't mind, and he would have to do this in your kingdom, if I let every person male or female come here to have fun I wouldn't be able to have fun with my special ladies in private moments… you understand right?, got to separate business and pleasure in this case even if both are pretty pleasurable… besides Bronwyn doesn't get heated unless she is watched by who knows how many people." Finn said while he pointed a thumb at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushes brightly for a bit.

"I-It's true." She said while feeling embarrassed.

The Skull headed warrior chuckles a bit with a slight echo as he looks at Bronwyn and winked at her in a teasing way.

Bronwyn blushes more as Tei and Lei giggles at this.

"Well not to worry Finn the human. My bodyguard knows not to take things too far with someone else's woman." The female warrior said.

"I hope so, would hate to knock his skull off if he tried to force himself on my lady here." Finn said with a teasing grin while the Skull headed warrior rolled his non existent eyes so only small dots of energy moved to show that he had some form of sight.

Bronwyn blushes a bit while Lei and Tei smirked. Though they felt happy when Finn had their backs.

The Female Warrior giggles before she and her guard get up from the table.

"Well I'll let Milady know your answer, the party will be held 3 days from now so try and not be late, trust me this will be a party for the ages, happens once a generation for the current princess of the Jungle Kingdom who are about to become Queens." The Female warrior said as she had a smirk on her face.

Tei chuckles.

"Oh don't worry. We won't be late for something like this."

"Yeah… though mind if I ask what do you mean once a generation?, is it a kinky crowning ceremony?" Lei asked as the female warrior looks amused.

"Not quite, sure that is a grand occasion… but no… you see there is a tradition, made way back when the first Queen of the Jungle took power one that in order to not only have the strongest Shamen's of the kingdoms, but help bring her kingdom prosperity, she made a deal with the Globs of Life and Death and in exchange of birthing a child of Death's, every princess or Queen who came of age would do the same and in exchange, not only will the dead be able to visit once a year as spectral ghosts with physical touches to reunite with lost loved ones for a day, the child birthed from the current princess or Queen would be raised in the Death clan to be a powerful warrior, this is one of them, he is one of the top fighters of the kingdom and I doubt many could match him." The female warrior said as the skull headed warrior rubbed the back of his head bashfully at the phrase.

Finn, Bronwyn, Lei and Tei were surprised to hear that.

"W-Wow… that's shocking." Bronwyn said.

"Y-Yeah… wait?, is Jungle Princess alright with this?" Finn asked while the female warrior looked puzzled.

"Alright with this?, she is actually excited for this, not only will she be graced with the Glob of Death's time as a lover for a day, she will not only birth a new Warrior for the kingdom but also get to see her parents who died years ago, this celebration is one that is welcomed and accepted by all, sure it may seem strange but considering how strange it is to say go to a new kingdom and have different customs so different from our own, I could counter by asking how strange it is that you don't have more women given your strength and skills in combat and what not." The female warrior said when she had a confused look on her face.

Finn rubbed the back of his head.

"Well… you have a point there. Can't judge a kingdom's custom for no reason."

"Yeah… anyway here is a map and it will mark the location of where the simplest path to take to the kingdom will be, Grigori here will meet you at that spot three days from now so try and not be late, the time is… how you clock users would say… 1 PM?... its when the sun starts to set… anyway lets get going Grigori, our Princess will be expecting a swift delivery of this answer." The Female warrior said as she and the now identified Grigori bow to Finn and the others and exit the Treefort before he female warrior popped her head back in for a second.

"Oh and my name is Rebecca, see you later Finn, I hope you try and find me during the festivities." Rebecca said when she winked at Finn and left the treefort officially.

Finn lightly blushes before looking at his girlfriends.

"Wow… that was interesting."

"Yeah, looks like we will be getting down and dirty three days from now, how you doing Finn?, any thoughts on JP possibly being a expecting mother three or so days from now?" Lei said when she grins at Finn.

Finn blinked a bit.

"Well it's shocking to be honest. Though I have no reason to be against it. I mean JP isn't my lady… yet if anything. And like I said, can't judge a kingdom's custom. But though the thought of JP and Death… doing it is mind blowing."

"Hehe, yeah, and probably intense if that boner in your pants is anything to go by." Tei said with an amused tone to her voice when she noticed Finn getting hard in his pants.

Lei had the same look as Bronwyn blushes while Finn looks down before blinking in surprise at the bulge in his pants before chuckling nervously.

"Hehe… oops?"

"Hehe, no need for that, why don't Lei and I leave and let Bronwyn handle that, we need to get geared up if we're going to a Jungle Kingdom party, heard they can be very intense." Tei said before she gestured for Lei to follow her.

Lei chuckled.

"Have fun you two." She said before following her sister leaving Finn and Bronwyn alone.

Bronwyn blushed from that and as she went to help Finn… the scene went to three days later to show Finn and Bronwyn meeting Grigori at the meeting point while a surprising number of people showed up as well.

For one group, Sarutobi was here with many other monkey humanoid like last time, some were even in ninja gear like Tei and Lei, there were even a few older women who looked important when they wore intricate armor.

Another who was with Sarutobi was Marceline while she was under a large umbrella.

Another group was Phoebe, some flame knights, CB, Jake 2 and 3, a few other flame wolves, and beings like Flambo.

There was another group from the candy kingdom this time, Princess Bubblegum, Peppermint Butler, and some Candy people.

There was beings like Huntress, some were new people… all in all this was turning into a larger and larger group as time went on.

"Wow… almost everyone we knew is here." Finn said with a surprised look.

"Y-Yeah… would we have enough space in the Jungle Kingdom for everyone?" Bronwyn asked as Grigori chuckles and he gave her a thumbs up to show that this sized group was fine as Marceline floats to the duo with an amused look on her face.

"Hehe, nice to see you two here, hopefully we won't have many issues on paying you two for more fun during this party." Marceline said when she summoned a bag of gold and passed it to Finn while she winked at him and Bronwyn.

Finn and Bronwyn blinked in surprise when they saw the gold.

"N-Not at all Marcy." Finn said.

"Y-Yeah… looks like more than what you paid for last time." Bronwyn said when Marceline shrugged.

"Eh, I got a bit extra so consider this me paying in advance for not only this time, but next time if you get invited to an orgy." Marceline said while Sarutobi smirks as he passed Bronwyn his own bag of gold.

"Make that a payment plus one more up front for here and in the future, will save time for me to tap that sexy booty of Bron's here." Sarutobi said when he grins at Bronwyn while Marceline looks amused.

Bronwyn blushes brightly after hearing that.

"G-Good to know Sarutobi." She said.

"Yup… hehe, really going to enjoy our fun while my Mistress here tests you and Finn." Sarutobi said while a rather shapely yet well trained monkey woman approached Finn and Bronwyn, she wore a pink Leotard that showed her curvy body while she wore various armor like bits on her arms, shins, shoulders, and even a helmet with a mask as she looks Finn and Bronwyn up and down quietly.

Finn and Bronwyn blinks in surprise when they saw the Mistress before the duo blushes a bit.

"U-Um hi. You're Sarutobi's Mistress?" Finn said.

The woman however ignored Finn when she looks at Sarutobi.

"Hmph, seems like your sisters are right in these two needing training Sarutobi, their bodies look poorly trained… especially this female here." The woman said in a blunt tone as she looked at Bronwyn mainly.

Bronwyn blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Hey." She said when she thought that the Mistress sounded rude to her and Finn.

"Eh don't worry about her, she is just a straight shooter and can be as blunt as Huntress Wizard in personality, this is my Mistress, Milady Sakura, in terms of sexual skills she far surpasses Tei and Lei and myself, she came to gauge you two more or less." Sarutobi said while Sakura crossed her arms.

"Indeed and I'm not impressed, maybe I can change my mind somewhat with that heated version of you I hear about but as far as I'm concerned, your boyfriend barely makes it to the tolerable mark while you at a glance are way under it." Sakura said when she looked Bronwyn in the eyes unflinching with an iron will backing her gaze.

Finn did frown a bit.

"Blunt or not. I'll definitely show you."

"We will see… how about a bet, if you can wow me enough as unlikely as it sounds, you or your mate, I'll pay full price for your work, if not… I get a free time with the two of you, consider it a test to see if you two are even worth my while in training later." Sakura said when she looked Finn and Bronwyn in the eyes.

Finn was silent before he looks at Bronwyn to see what she thinks.

She had a determined look on her face and surprised Finn when she speaks.

"Your on!" Bronwyn said while Sakura smirks under her mask.

"At least you have courage… but I heard about you from what happened when Tei had her way with you… expect pain if you didn't train your formed cock since then." Sakura bluntly said when she walked away from Finn and Bronwyn as Sarutobi rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeaaaaah… sorry about her… can't say much for her people skills but her skills in sex are nothing to scoff at, thanks to her I can outlast Marceline if I hold my orgasms back so should say alot when it comes to her teaching skills." Sarutobi said as Marceline blushed but didn't counter that which spoke volumes.

Finn blinks a few times in surprise before he had this thought.

'We're in trouble.'

Bubblegum then approached the group with a smile on her face and she was confused when she saw a blush on Marceline's face, a nervous looking Finn, and a determined look on Bronwyn's face.

"Something happened?" Bubblegum asked as a few Banana guards carried a large sack of gold towards Finn and Bronwyn and sets it near them to show she paid for a good time with them.

Finn jolted a bit before looking at Bubblegum.

"O-Oh hey PB." He said but was surprised when he saw the gold for a bit.

"Hey Finn, hope this is enough for some time with you and Bronwyn later." Bubblegum said with a smile on her face as she looks at the duo.

Bronwyn was surprised when she saw the bag just now before looking at Bubblegum.

"I-It is PB."

Bubblegum smiles before she looks at Sarutobi.

"Since I have the fun with Finn covered… do I need to pay some gold to have fun with you or do I need Marceline's permission to have fun?" Bubblegum said while she smirks at Sarutobi and Marceline.

Sarutobi chuckled.

"Don't know about paying but what do you think Marceline?" He said with a smirk to the Vampire Queen.

Marceline, though surprised by Bubblegum pretty much coming into her and Sarutobi, smirks when she looks at The monkey king.

"Oh I don't mind, I know Bonnie and I know she can take it as much as she can give it." Marceline said when she looks amused at the slight blush on Bubblegum's face.

Sarutobi chuckles.

"Well there you have it, your highness. More the merrier." He said.

Bubblegum blushed more from that and she nods her head as Phoebe approached the group.

"Hey Finn, everyone, looks like you got invited as well?" Phoebe said when she showed her invite to the others while Sarutobi, Marceline, Bubblegum, and a few others showed their invites while the rest were guests.

"Uh, yup." Finn said as he and Bronwyn showed theirs.

"Yeah… I was sent an invite as well, I happen to know the Jungle Princess here quite a bit so I got an invite." Huntress said when she made herself known.

"Huh, neat." Finn said.

"Yeah though this is still gonna be an... interesting celebration." Bronwyn said.

"Indeed, though I believe Finn owes Phoebe an IOU for not giving her a good time last time." Marceline said with a smirk on her face.

Finn jolts a bit before chuckling a bit as he looks at his friend who was also his ex.

Phoebe looks amused while she held an amulet in her hand and tossed it to Finn.

"Make that two times he owes me now, this is a special Flameproof amulet that is similar to CB's hat, it makes a person flameproof as long as they have the magic to spare, so I won't have to worry about burning Finn alive now." Phoebe said when she smirks at Finn.

Finn blinks a bit when he looks at the amulet for a bit.

"W-Wow. Thanks Phoebe. Guess I do owe you big time."

"Yup, and you can pay me back when JP's party starts, speaking of which I'm sure our guide who is waiting patiently must be waiting for all of us to finish speaking so…" Phoebe said as she points at Grigori who was oddly enough playing blackjack 21 with a few banana guards while one of the guards threw his cards down when he overshot the 21 and Grigori chuckles as the guard stomped away from the loss.

"She's right. Best we don't keep him waiting." Bubblegum said.

"Right!" many people said as they look at Grigori, who after seeing everyone look at him, gathers the cards with spectral fire surprisingly enough and passed them back to a nearby Banana guard and gestured for everyone to follow him.

Everyone, after getting over their surprise, follows Grigori through the jungle path.

As they followed, they noticed that the path was mostly safe while Grigori showed safe pathways that would otherwise wouldn't be noticed by outsiders and after 30 minutes of walking through a surprisingly calm path… the group approached a massive jungle themed wall with a massive stone gate in front and Finn saw a few jungle warrior guards in front of it and Grigori signaled everyone to stop when a guard approached him.

"Grigori, these the guests that our lady invited and their guests?" The guard said while Grigori nods his skull like head as he looks at the gate guard.

Finn and Co showed the guard their invitations.

"I see, very well all of you may enter, however try and not cause trouble on this day of days, not only is security around here tripled to prevent LSP from getting in, but to also keep order, some of you maybe royals but remember you are here on peaceful terms, I hope you all remember that since you are representing your Kingdoms while you are here." The Gate Guard said as he gave everyone, mainly the Royal's of the group a serious look.

"Well no need to be concerned kind sir. We won't cause any trouble." Phoebe said.

"My apologize Queen of Flames but I'm just doing my job, if I don't give this warning something may happen, this is a day where Death himself comes, possibly with his wife Life, and many beings who passed on can come back to the living world as ghosts with him on this 24 hour, one day a year, trip back to see loved ones and I don't want anything bad to happen… it wouldn't look good for anyone if they cause issues here… just saying… so please… no one cause trouble… I'll open the gate so please wait here since it opens like a drawbridge." The Gate guard said as he used some wood based magic to have the gate move like a drawbridge like he said it would and when it hits the ground with a thud, he stepped out of the way and bowed to the others.

"Please enjoy your time here in the Jungle Kingdom, for those who want to change outfits and enjoy the full Jungle experience, please stop by the marketplace, for this day only one outfit per customer is free so take advantage of the situation, there is a limit on the price though so try and not grab a top of the line outfit." The Gate Guard said as he gestured for everyone to enter.

Everyone nod their heads before entering while making sure to not cause issues.

Once everyone was inside, the Gate guardian closed the drawbridge and everyone looks around as they saw a massive Jungle themed Kingdom with many hut like buildings and various other things like high in the tree treehouses that far outclassed Finn's treefort in size alone… gotta give it to the Jungle Kingdom… no one could beat them when it came to being in tune with nature next to Wood Nymphs.

"Wow, talk about neat homes. Maybe I can get tips on decorating the treefort." Finn said with an impressed look.

"Yeah, either that or learn wood magic so you can remake the Treefort if you want." Huntress said when she points out a nearby Wood Nymph in a rather revealing outfit that was jungle themed was selling books on wood based magic from simple grow spells all the way to making a wood golem that could follow commands.

Finn blushes when he saw that.

"I-I see… Guess I'll take a look at it later."

"Either that or have fun with the wood nymph for free a copy." Marceline said before chuckling.

"Eh I don't know, I'll have to check a few books to see if they are legit first, can't have the lady get all the goods if Finn gives her a good time yet she cheats him out of a good spell." Huntress said with a smirk on her face which caused her and Marceline to chuckle a bit in sync.

Finn blushes a bit as everyone else chuckles.

This caused Huntress to walk to the Wood Nymph, pick up a few books and gave a quick thumb through them and after a bit of talk with the Wood Nymph, she picked up a couple more and passed them to Finn oddly enough.

"You're welcome, told her you would give her a good time in exchange for these instead of gold during the party, and given how pricey some spells are which are good, you would be a fool to pass up on learning to not only have plant healing powers, AKA repairing the holes in your fort… B, make addons to the treefort so you can have more rooms… C… make a huge wall to prevent intruders… and D… make plant clones that you can use from the nearby plants so you can have an army of plant Finn's please others to not burn yourself out or make female plant doubles to help you practice… I normally use the doubles to have some fun when I'm bored so I know its not a waste of time." Huntress said when she gave Finn a stoic look.

Finn blinks in surprise after hearing that.

"Wow, thanks Huntress. Guess I owe you too. Luckily, I know the best way to pay you back." He said with a smirk.

"Indeed, looks like I get a free few rounds with you… the grand total of the books you have, which I suggest you store by the way is…" Huntress said before she whispered in Finn's ear and he got bug eyed at the price and carefully put them in his backpack which oddly enough could store them all and not look any different… must be a storage enchantment or something.

Everyone blinked at that and wondered what HW whispered as Finn looks at the wood nymph.

"Yeah… definitely gonna give you a few rounds… maybe more."

Huntress looks amused before she looks at everyone else.

"Now that is settled, might as well get changed in new outfits, follow me, I know where the place to get changed is, and don't worry Queen of Flames, they have enchantments that can adapt to the wearer so no worries about burning the outfit." Huntress said as she gestured for everyone to follow her.

Phoebe felt a bit relieved to hear that before they start following Huntress to the changing area.

When they got there, they saw a peppy Jungle Kingdom woman with an eyesmile on her face smiles at the massive group.

"Hello everyone, if you are here to take part in the ceremony being held soon, I highly suggest taking one of our complimentary basic outfits so you can fit in better with the celebration, there is a price cut on higher quality goods so please take a look on what you want since you can take it home with you after you purchase one." The clerk said in a friendly manner when she gestured to the outfits, many were basic outfits for men and women of the jungle kingdom while the fancier looking outfits had a decent price to them but looked like the price was worth it in the Jungle Kingdom territory.

Everyone nod their heads before they start browsing around so they can see what's good.

For Huntress, she went with a slightly higher grade outfit which cost her a few gold.

This one was mainly her wearing a fur based outfit, she got a price cut since this outfit was designed for males and given that she returned the vest for one of the basic bra like bits, she wore a fur hood that had the paw like furs going to cover her breasts for added effect, she wore a long loincloth, and had fur boots on her feet, she also wore a bone necklace that was made with sharp teeth… all in all Huntress looked good in the outfit.

Most blushed at the sight as Marceline smirked.

"Looking good Huntress."

"Thanks… your turn Marceline." Huntress said when she gave Marceline the go ahead to pick an outfit.

Marceline was thoughtful for she found one that looked just right.

The outfit she picked was a specialty handmade fur bra that had an interesting design pattern and was also wearing a matching loin cloth.

"Not bad… next." Huntress said when she looks at Bubblegum.

She blushed and went to get her own outfit, this one cost a bit more but thats because it looked like she was wearing a fur robe with fur shoes which covered most of her body and looked comfortable.

Marceline chuckled.

"Wow, an interesting outfit Bonnie."

Bubblegum blushed a bit from that.

"W-Well its unique, can't say anything bad about it." Bubblegum said before the group looks at Phoebe to see what she would wear… this would be interesting given her fiery nature.

Phoebe was looking around till she found something good even though it's a bit pricey.

The outfit she was wearing was a fur based dress that looked leopard spotted but the fur was red like her element and she also had a few bracelets for her wrists and ankles.

Many clapped in awe when the outfit looked good on her.

"Wow Phoebe. You look great." Finn said when he admired the Flame Queen's outfit.

Phoebe blushed quite a bit from that and she twirled a bit to show off the outfit as Tei and Lei went to get outfits of their own, when they came back they wore mirroring outfits with Tei wearing a one shoulder style bra with a fur loincloth while Lei wore the same style, just with the shoulder strap being on the other shoulder.

Most people whistled and clap at this while Finn supported them since they were his ladies.

Tei and Lei smiles and waves at the crowd while Sarutobi went to get changed and winked at the ladies.

When he came back, he had fur armguards, shinguards, a fur loincloth, a leather vest, and a headband with a skull on it plus a bone necklace and winked at everyone when he looks pretty amused by the ladies reactions.

Ladies along with Bubblegum, Phoebe and even Bronwyn blushes when they saw Sarutobi while Marceline smirks.

"Damn you look hot Sarutobi."

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself, might as well give the ladies some eyecandy… speaking of which, hey Finn, considering you got paid by JP, might as well splurge a bit on a new set of clothes to fit in." Sarutobi said when he gestured for Finn to get a new outfit.

"Oh right." Finn said before he starts looking around till he spot a few things that caught his eye.

The human, who was barefooted, was now wearing a nice looking loincloth that had tribal markings with a leather belt that had a skull in the center.

He also had red markings added on his muscled chest as his hair was tied to a ponytail after removing his bear hat.

To all the jungle ladies and to some in Finn's group, Finn looked like a sexy warrior.

Many ladies blushed while Sarutobi grins and clapped his hands.

"Not bad, some say clothes make the man and my man you look like a primo Jungle warrior." Sarutobi said with an amused look in his eyes.

Finn chuckles a bit as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Thanks." He said as he enjoyed the attention he was getting.

The rest of the people there got dressed in Jungle outfits and while many people were familiar to him, he saw Bronwyn in her own jungle themed outfit.

Her outfit had ring like anklets and bracelets, a simple skirt like loincloth, and bra like bit but she had a vest on as well to boot to give her a cute look while she went without a hat or helmet to show her head in full.

Finn smiled excitedly.

"Wow Bronwyn. You look amazing." He said.

Bronwyn blushed from the attention.

"T-Thank you, hopefully we will fit in well here." Bronwyn said as she smiles at Finn.

Finn smiles as well.

"Oh I think we'll fit in fine." He said before kissing Bronwyn's lips for a moment.

Bronwyn gave a light hum as she returned the kiss, after the duo parted ways to breath, many people were actually looking on in amusement and Sarutobi smirks when the duo jolts at being looked at.

"Oh don't stop on our account." Sarutobi said with an amused tone to his voice when he crossed his arms.

The duo felt embarrassed from that as they chuckled nervously.

Everyone left the changing area though they were stopped when Finn hears a voice nearby.

"My my, looks like the Jungle warrior look suits you Finn the Human." Finn heard before he and everyone looks to see Jungle Princess… though she looked very different… for one she wore an intricate looking robe, her bracelets doubled and she wore bone anklets on her ankles… the robe hid most of her body from view and she had some powerful Death Clan warriors at her side to protect her when she approached.

Finn blushes a bit when he sees JP.

"H-Hey JP. How's it going?"

"Pretty good considering what will happen later today, I take it the walk here went smoothly thanks to your guide?" JP asked when she smiles at the group.

"Indeed. The guide was quite informative on what paths are safe to take and whatnot." Bubblegum said.

"Though he was pretty quiet all things considered." Marceline said as JP giggles.

"Well considering he doesn't have a working jaw, it would be hard for him to talk so he wears a false jaw." JP said as Grigori removed his lower jaw to show it was indeed a falsy while he had a long bluish tongue that wiggled a bit before Grigori equipped the false jaw again.

Everyone was surprised when they saw that.

A few females may have blushed when they saw Grigori's tongue.

JP giggles again at that before she looks at the others.

"Anyway, everyone take a look around town, Finn, Bronwyn, please follow me, I'll be showing you two where the event will be held and what you may expect there." JP said when she gestured for Finn and Bronwyn to follow her.

Said duo looked to one another before they start following the JP as everyone else did their own sight seeing.

Once Finn, Bronwyn, JP, and her guards were alone so to speak while passing people by, JP looks at Finn.

"So how are you liking the Jungle Kingdom so far?, heard you got some free spell books and what not." JP said when she smiles at Finn.

"Yeah. Thanks to Huntress Wizard. But I will say, your kingdom looks awesome JP. Wish I've gone here sooner." Finn said.

"Thank you, though I'm sure we can talk about other things on your mind since I've felt your gaze on me… excited for much later?" JP teased when she smirked at FInn as they approached the kingdom plaza.

Finn blushes a bit.

"Y-Yeah. Though I wonder if you're okay since you're gonna be… having tier 15 with Death."

"And why wouldn't I be?, I am honored a Glob will grace me with his presence, more so in a rather intimate way, I mean most can't say that don't get with a Glob or Globbess normally right?, and I'm talking literal, my ancestors have records saying nothing but good things of their time with the Glob of Death and that I shouldn't worry about issues later, The Globbess of Life will make sure I not only am adjusted but survive the birthing later when the child is developed enough." JP said with a smile on her face.

"I see… and sorry if I offended you. Was just concerned. I mean if I was going with a Globbess, I would be nervous. I may have not met this Globbess of Life but I did met Death once." Finn said.

"I see, well from what I can tell, Life is pretty gentle yet is fierce enough to keep Death in line so I wouldn't worry, I mean my family welcomes Death every year so he is not a bad guy… he just gets a bad rap since he is what most normally meet at the end of their lives." JP said when she smiles at Finn more.

Finn did blush a bit at the smile when he thought JP looked cute.

"Well if what you say is true then I'll take your word for it. Don't want to cause any issues here." He said.

"Oh I know, if you wanted to cause trouble my guards would have had to subdue you, Warriors from the Death clan are not to be trifled with since they inherited some strength from their Globbly ancestor… anyway here we are, where the fun will happen." JP said when she, Finn, and Bronwyn got to a massive plaza while many food stands, some graves on one side which had massive gates, and various other things were seen like shops and what not, on the far end was a massive Wooden castle on a large massive treestump bigger then all the other trees so it was a wonder on how it was cut so cleanly.

"Holy… it's so huge." Bronwyn said when she was surprised.

"Yeah, Death when he first came to this plane of existence, on the request of my ancestor after they first made their pact, cut down this tree and used it to build the castle you see before you, this place is pretty much the birthplace of many for a reason." JP said when she smiles at how her kingdom came along over the centuries.

"Really?... Wow reminds of how PB's kingdom was built." Finn said making Bronwyn blink.

"She also made a pact with Death?" She said.

"No. Let's just say I have connections to some past lives and I found out that PB was a lot older than she looked. Like the same age level as Marceline." Finn said.

"Oh you mean Shoko?, Death told me about Bubblegum's past once when he came to check on the Death clan one time, heard he has issues with her for trying to revive the dead… twice… not exactly a good thing in his book and not only that, not sure if you heard or not but Bubblegum used the ice King to nearly ice the Flame Kingdom core years ago didn't give him any good impressions." JP said when she gave Finn a half lidded look.

Bronwyn blinked in surprise before she looked at her boyfriend.

Finn rubbed the back of his head.

"Okay… one time… we did revive the dead and it went bad… Second time… I had no hand in this and though PB didn't intend to do that, she shouldn't have kept the piece of zombie flesh. Though the thing with the Fire Kingdom Core… big news to me." He said with wide eyes since he wasn't aware of this.

"Ah, well no worries on the whole death in the fire kingdom thing, ironically enough any flame people who died then were from old age or illnesses that got them so Death said she had a close save from being punished in one of the lower dead worlds." JP explained to ease Finn's worries.

"I-I see…" Finn said as he felt slightly better.

"But still… why did PB do that?" He said since he still couldn't believe one of his friends did that.

"Apparently it's from some kinda paranoia thing from what I gather, this was pretty much the end point of Bubblegum's spying so I believe she found out something she wasn't supposed to and messed with kingdoms she had no authority over to protect her own kingdom, honestly I'm surprised Phoebe didn't wage war against Bubblegum for that." JP said as she crossed her arms.

Finn and Bronwyn's eyes widened after hearing this.

"Oh Glob… if only I knew. No one told me. Not even Phoebe." He said.

"Eh this was a while ago, no use bringing up old wounds here since it looks like those two are over it, not sure about Death though." JP said when she shrugged her shoulders and approached her castle home.

Bronwyn looks at Finn.

"What happens when Death is mad?"

Finn gulped.

"Don't know… and I don't want to find out."

"Good call… let's just say that a few generations ago that one of my ancestors' husbands tried to stop Death and well… lets just say that the guy was jawless like Grigori but not as pleasant since Grigori is naturally jawless… nuff said… also Death threatened to end the returning ghosts time on Ooo for good if he tried to attack Death again… as you can see… didn't happen so the festivities are still going." JP said when she led Finn and Bronwyn up the stairs.

The duo were surprised when they heard that as they followed the Princess.

Bronwyn though was curious about something.

"Finn, what made you go see Death?"

Finn had a sweatdrop look on his face.

"Well this was before your dad and his siblings were born. PB asked me and your grandpa Jake to watch her plant when she was away. Sadly it was a mistake on her end. Peppermint Butler told me how to find Death so I can get the plant soul. Though we had to deal with flesh crazed skeletons, Jake lost his memory by some magic water, and I had to duel Death at a music battle. Of course I lost. Would've lost my soul if I didn't mention Pepbut's name. I got the plant's soul back, Jake got his memories back by… getting kissed by Death. PB didn't even know what happened when she came back."

"Ah, the Kiss of Death, heard it helps with good dreams later and stuff, I wonder what that Peppermint Butler did to get Death's favor, I mean Pepbut kinda makes me think of Bubblegum's Butler here." JP said when she overheard the conversation.

"That is who I'm talking about. Pepbut is really Peppermint Butler. Though I don't know what he did but… when I came back he wanted some of my skin as payment for showing me where the dead world was. But I bet it's all that dark magic he did." Finn said.

Bronwyn though felt disturbed.

"He… wanted your skin? And the Princess had no idea?"

"Either that or she ignores him since he pretty much works for her under hand and foot, I'm not sure and I never said anything since he never came for my skin." Finn said as JP smirks.

"Good call, probably the only reason you have that smooth skin of yours… anyway here is my home, hope you enjoy the interior, may not look like much on the outside but should be more comfortable on the inside, sorry but in case you are wondering, no I don't want fun before the party or want to see you two have fun before me… save that kind of energy for the party… besides I doubt Death would want sloppy thirds and I just bathed recently." JP said in a teasing way as she held the door open for the duo.

Finn and Bronwyn blushes a bit brightly after hearing that before they went inside JP's home.

The duo got some tea from JP while she got herself some and as the trio sat in the living room of her home, JP looks at Finn and Bronwyn with a smile.

"So… how have you two been doing since this whole swinging thing started?" JP asked since she didn't mind making small talk for now.

Finn and Bronwyn blushes a bit.

"It's been going great. I mean at first it was a bit awkward that we were sleeping with other people and also to the fact that I'm forming a harem but we got use to it together since Bronwyn and I are a team." He said before taking Bronwyn's hand.

Bronwyn blushed at that as JP looks amused.

"Cute, very cute, though considering I heard you have not one, but three ladies already, you planning on gathering others soon?" JP asked since she looked curious.

Finn blushes a bit.

"Well… not trying to rush things. I mean despite Lei and Tei, who are also helping me and Bronwyn get better. Want to take it a bit slow."

"Smart move, heard about Tei and Lei's clan and boy when it comes to stamina and sexual techniques, they are probably third or fourth with Succubus's like Lillum being number one, Vampires maybe being two or three with Wood Nymph's being the two or three holder for obvious reasons for both parties… and finally them… though my kingdom may take that number 4 spot later hehe." JP teased when she leaned back in her seat as a servant of JP's came into the room.

"Milady, the summoning circle is reacting and this is a double reaction, looks like Death is bringing Life into this plane of reality." The servant said with the sudden announcement.

"Ah, excellent. Seems the celebration just got grander." JP said.

"Indeed, they will be here in 5 minutes with how the circle's magic is getting stronger, I suggest getting ready with the preparation spells Milady to help with the conception rate." JP's servant said when she gave JP a well mannered smile.

"Thank you Delilah." JP said with a smile.

The Servant bows before she left the room as JP looks at Finn and the others.

"Well you heard her, I need to get ready so I can bare Death's child, you two enjoy some food and drinks here while I get ready." JP said as a few servants brought in some tea and various meat and cheese based foods for Finn and Bronwyn to snack on while they wait as JP gets to her feet.

Finn and Bronwyn blushes after hearing that before taking some food and drinks from the servants before thanking them.

The servants bowed at the duo before they left the duo alone for a moment which left said couple with their food in a surprisingly calm setting.

"Hmmm, the food does taste good." Finn said.

"Yeah… really good, wonder what they do to make the meat this good… feels like the meat melts off the bone and the cheese, not too strong and goes well with it." Bronwyn said as chuckling was heard.

"Why thanks, though we really should stop meeting like this when food is mentioned." A Familiar voice said which caused Finn and Bronwyn to look over and see Emerald himself nearby from a hallway, he was wearing a fur loincloth, some fur armguards and shin guards, a leather jungle vest, and had a simple headband with a wave pattern on it to keep his hair out of his eyes as he walked into the room.

"E-Emerald?... Didn't know you were here too." Finn said.

"Yeah well when you know there is a party, you know good eats will need to be catered and since I was helpful with Phoebe's party, I got a request from Jungle Princess to cater this with the help of some lovely cheffets from her kingdom, they helped me make the food you are eating, small sample of the larger batch more or less, still working out a couple kinks since I'm working out the recepie but eh… work in progress." Emerald said while he grins at the duo.

"W-Wow… still though, the food is great." Bronwyn said as she took a bite on her meal.

"Thanks, maybe I should make a contract with you guys to give you a percentage of the profits from these parties since we always seem to meet up like this, could be interesting since it would help business boom and probably get more Royals to book you two." Emerald suggests since he was meeting up with the duo more and more lately.

The duo lightly blushes after hearing that.

"So… how are things on your end Emerald? Besides the business part." Finn said.

"Hmmm… pretty good, Maite is getting along more with the others at Elemental Cusine, Lillum and the others are showing her the ropes and she is surprisingly popular, in fact she actually got hit on quite a bit here in the Jungle Kingdom, makes sense as to why since Maite is from an Amazon like culture so seeing a top tier woman like her must make many Jungle men jealous hehe." Emerald said while he looks amused from a few moments in the past.

Finn and Bronwyn blinked when they heard that.

"Surprising but good to know." Finn said.

"Yeah. Though what about your chef friend from the Candy Kingdom?" Bronwyn said.

"You mean Cedric?, he is actually here as well with Azure, those two are helping with the food, I maybe the recipe maker but they actually put their cooking skills to good use and make the magic happen, you may see them during the party, I have no sense of smell so they are the ones who pretty much make the good smelling food for you two, we hired a few chefs for the other branches so while the Candy Kingdom branch is our main base, we have other chefs in other kingdoms but for kingdom placement… Cedric and Azure are the top chefs I know, and they travel with me, Cedric and Azure are in a relationship to boot so if you see them, make sure to say hi since they made the good food again." Emerald said with a smile on his face.

Finn lightly chuckled.

"We'll make sure to do that." He said.

"Great, anyway I'll be checking up on the others so eat up, the more energy you get the more fun you'll have later, hopefully if this goes well I can have Elemental Cusine go Dimensional with a branch in the dead world, Lillum knows how to make food for ghosts and what not so it would be a crime to not give the dead good eats right?" Emerald said before he left the room with a spring in his bare footed step.

Finn then looks at Bronwyn.

"Well… things got more interesting."

"Yeah… any chance we get invited to the deal world for a Glob based party next?" Bronwyn said with a grin when she found that one unlikely to happen.

Finn chuckles again.

"Well… considering how many Glob like beings that I met, it's possible."

Bronwyn sweatdrops from that when she saw how serious Finn looked at that while she nibbles on her food for a moment in an awkward silence for a second.

Finn noticed.

"You okay?"

"Huh?, oh yeah, just amazed that you can say you met Glob like beings daily like it was a normal thing and I guess its just hitting home my boyfriend is Finn the freaking heroic human who saves people everywhere and gets into trouble in other Dimensions and what not." Bronwyn said with an amused tone to her voice.

Finn chuckles nervously.

"You could say that." He said.

"Yeah, I got the best guy around as my man and I doubt many can refute that." Bronwyn said when she leaned in and nuzzled up to Finn to relax a bit.

Finn blushes a bit before smiling a bit at his girlfriend.

"And I have the best girlfriend ever. Sure I may have a harem but… you're number 1." He said before kissing Bronwyn's lips.

Bronwyn blushed as she returned the kiss with a moan and used a hand to pet Finn's chest for a moment.

Finn moans as he kept the kiss up as his hands groped Bronwyn's ass a bit.

Bronwyn blushed at the feeling but she didn't stop Finn from continuing his actions while she keeps rubbing Finn's chest before a deep and amused voice speaks up nearby to get their attention.

"My my, looks like we get a small show, eh Life?" A familiar voice said which made Finn and Bronwyn blink before they look to see Death, Life, and JP in the room while all three looked amused at the duo.

Said duo was blushing brightly as Finn chuckled nervously.

"H-Hey Death… long time no see." Finn said.

"Eh not long enough in this case, pretty sure I should only see a mortal like you when its your time to go but you keep finding ways to appear before me… you don't have a… Deathwish do you?" Death said while making a joke and chuckles from it while Life did a double facepalm.

"Oh Deathy that… that was horrible." Life said as Death chuckles more.

"Eh, I'm not sorry for that, human had that one coming, not my fault he is here in the first place." Death said when he grins at Life.

Finn blinked a bit as Bronwyn looks at Life.

"S-So you're the… Globbess of Life?" She said.

Life recovered from her off state from the bad joke Death made and she smiles at Bronwyn.

"Indeed, its nice to meet you Bronwyn." Life said as she bent down to shake Bronwyn's hand for a moment.

Bronwyn blinks a bit as she shook Life's hand.

"H-How'd you know my name?"

"Hehe, I'm life Sweety, do you really think I wouldn't know each and every person's name?" Life said with an amused tone to her voice… she was life after all and Life didn't need to ask much to get names and what not.

Bronwyn blushes a bit in embarrassment.

"N-No. Guess not."

Life giggles at that and she pets Bronwyn on the head.

"No worries, still onto important matters… Jungle Princess… how are Death's children?, I rarely get to come to this part of the world so its been awhile since I last saw them, they are all like adopted children of mine after all for obvious reasons." Life said since she was curious on how the Death clan had prospered.

"Oh no need to worry. The Death Clan have been lively to this day." JP said with a smile.

"Was that a pun?... still its nice Death's children have been doing well, while I had rare contact here I heard that a few talented warriors are being scouted by Deathy for some kind of new security team for the Dead world." Life said as Death chuckles.

"Well only if they die of natural causes or have no attachments to this plain of reality, they still have mortal lives here but I make sure any kid of mine who dies doesn't get a cheap Dead world to live in… not like I would give any good soul a cheap afterlife, just saying I make it extra special for my kids." Death said with a grin on his skull like face.

That made Finn chuckle.

"Well that's what any parent would do for their kids. Pretty sure I'll do the same when Bronwyn and I have a family someday."

"Hehe… someday?... at this rate all it takes is a missed Anti-pregnacy spell or something and BAM… knocked up ladies… heard from Hunson thanks to some talk with Marceline in that you are making a harem though you are starting out… gotta say not bad sense it helps repopulate the human species, I maybe Death but I would hate to see the human race go extinct… interesting creations of Life after all." Death said while he rubbed his chin.

Finn blushes brightly.

"W-Well yes… but I should at least wait til I get married first so I don't rush things."

"Try telling Elena that since she would be carrying my child outside of marriage." Death said while pointing a bony thumb at an amused and now identified Elena. (Note from TME: The Elena name is one used in Fiery Crusader's work like Taken Aflame or Queen's in Heat, read the stories if you want to read more about Fiery Crusader's version of Elena.)

Finn and Bronwyn were surprised to hear that.

"R-Really?" Finn said before looking at Elena.

"D-Didn't know you had a pretty name."

Elena looks amused when she crossed her arms.

"Careful Finn, you may be trying to get another lady for your harem if you keep this up." Elena teased when she smirks at Finn.

Finn blushes as he chuckles nervously.

"W-Well wouldn't mind having you in my harem. You are strong and… pretty."

Elena looks surprised and chuckles a bit.

"Maybe I could join after I give birth, still need to hold my end of the Deal with Death here and since he and Lady Life are here, we can get the festivities started before the real afterparty starts, I hope you two do not mind the wait with a party beforehand, should help everyone loosen up before the real fun starts." Elena said when she looks at Death and Life and bows a bit to them while Death waved her off.

"Eh no bowing, your ancestors kept their end of the deal and you are continuing that so no need for that formal crap, besides Life can have fun with a few of my kids to see how some are doing, who knows, Mr. Harem King may try and get a few of my daughters on his side… though just a heads up… cross the Death clan and expect a swift Death Human… pretty sure they won't take issues lightly." Death said when he looks at Finn.

Finn did gulp at the serious look Death was giving.

"M-Message received." He said.

Death eyesmiles before he looks at Elena.

"Good, might as well get some grub so Life and I will see you later Elena when you are ready, might as well let you get some last minute prep done before we have fun." Death teased before he and Life were escorted out of the castle by a servant of Elena's.

Finn still felt a bit nervous as Bronwyn pats his back.

"Everything's fine Finn. Just don't cross his kids."

"Yeah or they may cross you, the Death Clan value honor and strength above all so as long as you prove your worth, you'll be fine." Elena said to try and cheer Finn up.

"R-Right… and how do I do that?" Finn said.

"Just continue being a strong hero, like I said, the Death Clan value Honor and strength and I'm sure a few ladies in and out of the clan here will enjoy their time with you, now come on, since Death and Life are here we might as well get the initial party started." Elena said as she gestured for Finn and Bronwyn to follow her outside.

Though Finn was a bit nervous, Bronwyn made sure to grab his hand before she starts dragging him out.

Once the trio was outside, many people were called to the plaza and Elena was announcing the start of the celebration with Life and Death at her side.

Finn and co were able to get front row seats as they heard Elena speak.

"Greetings one and all, Citizen's of the Jungle Kingdom and guests from other Kingdoms, I am Elena, current princess of the Jungle Kingdom, and I am here to announce the start of the celebration that happens once a generation now that the Globs of Life and Death are here for 24 hours, currently this will be starting with a reunion of the dearly departed and what not so that everyone can have a heartfelt meeting with those who may not be in this world, please, eat, drink, and be merry, but remember not to have too much fun, you don't want to miss out on the afterparty right?... and no need to worry, any children here in the kingdom are already sent to a part of the kingdom that will take care of them free of charge until the celebration is over with or when you leave and go to collect your children… until then… the Shamens will begin the summoning of the dearly departed." Elena said as she gestures to a few aged and young shamans of the Jungle Kingdom who nod their head with intricate masks on their faces before they start to dance and chant in a mysterious language for a couple minutes… nothing happened at first but then the lights seemed to dim around everyone and the light in the sky dims as well to a near pitch blackness while a chill went up everyone's spines for a moment.

"W-What is that feeling?" Bronwyn said as she shivered again.

"Maybe the spell to summon the ancestors has this effect?" Finn said when he couldn't think of anything else that could cause this.

A moment later, Finn heard a voice he never thought he would hear again in his lifetime.

"You got that right Finn, pretty interesting spell bringing me and the misses of all spirits here as well." The familiar voice said which made Finn's eyes widen and when he turned his head… he saw the spirits of Joshua and Margeret behind Finn while they smile at him.

Bronwyn blinks at surprise when she saw the ghost but she was shocked when she heard Finn say this.

"M-Mom?... Dad?" Finn said as he couldn't believe that his parents were here.

"Got that right sport, or do you think a lady as lovely as this and I would look any different since we died?, then again I can do this as a spirit now so..." Joshua said with an amused tone before he freaked Finn out when he grew to a human in height, bulked up, and comically flexed to really mess with Finn as Margeret giggles near her husband and his antics.

As Finn was a bit flabbergasted Bronwyn's eyes sparkled.

"N-No way… I'm actually seeing my great grandparents."

"Well we sure are not fairies thats for sure sweetie, though Margeret and I were surprised our boy here is technically dating our granddaughter, we could stomach it since he has no blood relation to you at all so try and not take insult to that." Joshua said as he returned to his classic form to help Finn relax as Margeret smiles at Bronwyn.

"It's nice to meet you deary, hope Finn isn't giving you too much trouble, he can be a bit of a handful… literally too since he could sit in my hands when he was younger as a baby… oh how I wish I could show you all those baby pictures but they are at the old home and Investigation base Joshy and I used to own." Margaret said when she gave her great granddaughter an eyesmile.

Finn rubbed the back of his head.

"Uh actually mom, the office still stands but… the old home was… burned down."

"Eh I would have complained about that if the situation didn't call for it, but since you got Jermaine out of there to live his own life, pretty sure we can all agree it was for the best… shame though… so many monster hunting items gone… oh well I'm dead so can't really complain right?" Joshua said as Marceline and Sarutobi heard that and Marceline chuckles when she floats near Finn.

"Hehe, pretty chill dad you got Finn." Marceline said making herself known to the group.

"Oh hey Marceline. Mom, dad this is my friend Marceline." Finn said.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Abadeer, I'm Joshua, and this lovely lady is Margeret, sorry if our son caused you issues… though considering we saw you in his life sometimes… not cool kicking our kids out of the treefort… twice… and giving the deed to KKW?... really?" Joshua said when he gave Marceline a half lidded look while Margeret gave Marceline the same look.

Most people that was close blinked at the news while Bronwyn was surprised at this info.

Marceline chuckled nervously.

"In my defense, your grandkid tempted me with a new guitar. But yeah… sorry for that Finn."

Finn shook his head.

"No worries. This was KKW's beef with Jake since he didn't like the lifestyle we were doing."

"Yeah well still not cool… pretty sure that lovely ghostly lass here will have more to say though." Joshua said with an amused tone to his voice which confused Marceline… though her eyes widened when she heard a voice she hasn't heard in a long time.

"Got that right, pretty sure I raised you enough to not kick people out of their homes at least." Marceline heard behind her… what's with ghosts appearing behind people today?

Finn and co wondered who this ghost was but most had a good guess as Marceline slowly turns around and her eyes widened at the ghost behind.


Aside from a blue hue which hid her skin tone, Marceline saw her mother standing before her while she had a smile on her face.

"Hey Marceline, been awhile." Marceline's mother said while Joshua, using his ghostly attributes, floats up to whisper in Finn and Bronwyn's ears.

"Her name is Dawn by the way, interesting given how Dawn's daughter is the Queen of the Night huh?" Joshua said before he floats to stand on the ground again.

Finn and Bronwyn were surprised to hear that.

Marceline was still shocked that her mom was here before her eyes start to water.

"I-I can't believe it… you're really here."

"Yeah well I only have 24 hours or so before I head back to my current life's body, unlike Joshua and Margeret, I happen to go into various people over the generations instead of staying in an afterlife and got quite a bit of knowledge as time went on, for example… did you know that during one of Bubblegum's more wild years when she took a break in that she was actually a party girl for a few months?, I happened to be in one of the dancers of a female humanoid Cat at the time, was pretty interesting to say the least." Dawn said when she smirks at Bubblegum who was listening and blushing big time nearby.

"Oh really now?" Marceline said with a smirk as she got some teasing material to use.

Finn, who blushes a bit, was confused.

"Wait… earlier you said current body. Which body were you in?"

Dawn looks at Finn and grins at him.

"Well first off nice to meet you Finn, I'm Dawn, second, I believe its the one you call Huntress Wizard, her real name is Dusk by the way, irony right?, thanks to some meditation and other things, she already has a few of my memories so she is pretty friendly towards Marceline here as you already noticed in case she was acting a bit too emotional for your tastes." Dawn said when she keeps grinning at Finn.

Most people, especially Finn and Marceline, were shocked at the news.

"W-Whoa what?!" Finn said before looking for Huntress.

Huntress, or Dusk, just shrugged her shoulders and points a thumb at Dawn.

"Hey, not the first past life I managed to tap into, pretty sure you had a similar experience Finn, heard from Jake and others when he told stories around places that you saw some kind of ghost while you were… Prince Hotbod was it?... also there was that part with some kind of pendant under your house and a body but didn't get much details there… so getting flashes of past lives memories isn't too far fetched." Dusk said when she gave Finn a stoic look.

Everyone blinked a bit at the info.

"Prince Hotbod?" Bronwyn said making Finn feel embarrassed.

"Don't ask."

"Yeah, but very informative and helpful, once the 24 hours are up, Dawn will be resting in my body again so looks like I may hang around Marceline more since Dawn's memories show Marceline as a pretty emotional person who likes to hang around friends and given how she doesn't act stupid nowadays, she won't be annoying like trying to cause explosions in Bubblegum's lab again by sneaking up on her… heard from a few guards in the candy Kingdom about a few of those." Dusk said as Dawn looks at her daughter with an amused look in her eyes.

Bubblegum's eye twitched at those memories as Marceline chuckles nervously.

Finn though had a question.

"Say Dawn, if you were Marcy's mom that means you married her dad right? How come I didn't see you in the Nightosphere?"

Dawn blinks at that and looks at Finn.

"Well there are three things… one… Huntress is my current life so unless she dies I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, two… considering the stupid stuff Hunson does… especially with that amulet of his that I heard about I'm really wondering why I fell for him in the first place when he forced our little girl and by proxy you to wear the damn thing when he knows that only he can wear that given his mentality… and finally… well Death says that unless I or Huntress do evil acts, he pretty much won't let me go to the Nightosphere… the place is technically a hellish… err… hell is technically another word for the Nightosphere… so it's a hellish Dead world meant to punish souls and evil demons, I mean why else would it be chaotic and full of evil or rude beings?" Dawn said while she shrugged her arms while Death put his arms up in defense.

"Hey in my defense… Hunson is an ass who really ticks me off sometimes, I never said anything about not telling him about who his wife's current life was but he knows the rules… his fault for not being smart enough to ask me about who Dawn's current life was, I'm a busy Deity so I can't visit the Nightosphere normally." Death said when some people look at him at that last part.

"Okay… sorry that I ask." Finn said when he felt there was an awkward moment.

"Eh no worries, though before you get the idea of letting Hunson know about Dawn being in Dusk, in case you want to try and add Dusk to your harem, maybe letting the lord of chaotic evil know about her would be a bad idea unless you have a way to keep him in line… nuff said." Death said which brought up a good point… Hunson had no morals and given his feelings for Dawn… well aside from not being able to come on his own to Ooo, if he heard about Dawn… well… would get pretty ugly.

Though Dusk looks amused when she raised an eyebrow at Finn to see if he would try and refute that harem part with her in it.

Finn jolt a bit but did pale at the thought of Hunson knowing.

"Well… it would ugly if I tell Marcy's dad and… well I wouldn't mind having Hun… er Dusk in my harem given our history."

"Well you'll have to impress me first though maybe a bit odd given that I'm technically Dawn's latest life." Dusk said before a new voice speaks.

"If you think that's odd, try being a thief in a past life who made a huge mistake." A female voice said which made everyone look over to see a new ghost… though to many she looked like a stranger… to Finn and Bubblegum however...

"Shoko!?" Finn and Bubblegum said as one when they look at the slightly amused looking past life of Finn.

"Hey… would say surprise but given Dawn being here, would make sense for me to pop up as well… I would also ask how you doing PB but I saw how your life has been going for a while recently from inside of Finn… nice job with the Candy kingdom being complete instead of a half completed tower and wall." Shoko said when she smiles at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was still shocked when she saw her old friend.

"It's been a long time Shoko. I thought you didn't make it when you fell until Finn showed me your body."

"Really?, pretty sure that Ooze stuff would be pretty hazardous, was still conscious in that goop and saw that Gumball guardian's arm melt before I pulled myself from that goop… I… don't want to go into detail of what I turned into but got my arm back before I croaked next to the tree where Finn and Jake live now… anyway its nice to see you, hope you got that pendent stored away safely so no one else tries and steals it from you." Shoko said while she looked regretful at the end.

Bubblegum did felt sad.

"It is. But I wished you told me. I could've helped you."

"Yeah… but what's past is past, and nothing can change that, hopefully the future will look better then what happened to me and from what I saw, it has… though it has its ups and downs, it looks pretty good… though I heard about a certain… incident while I was listening in during Finn's meeting with Elena a bit ago…I should really chew you out for that one since it dealt with the Fire Kingdom." Shoko said with crossed arms as she gave Bubblegum a half lidded look.

Bubblegum jolt making Marceline raised her eye.

"Wait what did she do at the Fire Kingdom?" She said before Bubblegum intervene.

"N-Nothing!... You don't want to know." She said.

"Bonnie… considering who you used to get that incident started… you may want to tell Marceline later in private… Finn more or less knows thanks to putting two and two together so best advice I can give is come clean later… pretty sure if Finn doesn't say anything… a certain someone else will if this talk becomes a recent rumor and she happens to ask them… would be hypocritical to not come clean with her since I had regrets of not coming clean on my end." Shoko said when she gave Bubblegum a pointed look.

Bubblegum facepalms as she can't believe her past mistake was coming back to her as Finn felt awkward before looking at Death.

"There aren't any other surprised ghosts right?"

"Hmmm… well for you not sure since I don't keep track of past lives… though for a certain flame Royal…" Death said as he points away from Finn and the others and when they all looked… they saw Phoebe hugging a female ghost similar looking to herself and the ghost was patting her back in a comforting way as fiery tears flowed from Phoebe's eyes.

"Considering her mother died on Phoebe's birth… I'm not surprised a reunion like this would hit her hard." Death said as everyone was pretty much told that the ghost Phoebe was hugging… was her long deceased mother.

"Oh mom… I missed you so much." Phoebe said with tears of joy.

"I know dear… I know… I'm really proud of you and how you are ruling the kingdom… I would have kicked your father's ass if I was still around but glad you are out of that lamp late than never." Phoebe's mother said while she pets her daughter on the back of her head in a comforting way to try and calm Phoebe.

Phoebe sniffles a bit as she kept hugging her mom.

Phoebe's mother keeps on hugging her daughter before she lets her go.

"Now now, enough tears, this is supposed to be a joyous time today right?, can't waste it all on crying and what not?, I may have been watching you from the afterlife but I never pried too much, why not tell me about yourself in detail like meet anyone lately?, after you broke up with Finn you stayed single so I'm wondering if you ever tried to date anyone else… maybe that new advisor you hired recently?, Blaze I think?" Phoebe's mother said in a teasing way when she messed with her daughter a bit.

Phoebe blushes brightly.

"N-No… I mean Blaze and I would have fun but… I haven't dated anyone since Finn."

"Hooo… well no one is saying anything bad about this but shouldn't a Queen of Flame's have a significant other?, you really should find someone you care about so you can keep that Queenly status, pretty sure Marceline being the only Vampire as far as we know pretty much makes it her default title, but you… pretty sure some lucky flame person or maybe a certain human if he can somehow become fireproof tries to wow you again and before you ask… yes I mean Finn, your father pulled many stupid stunts yet I married him for a reason not just because he was strong… he was actually good at one point in time… certain things made him into what he was and my death was pretty much the nail in that side of him… point is, all men at some point in their lives do some pretty stupid stuff so unless you hear their reason in full you may not get why… one perk of being a ghost is that I happen to know why Finn caused that fight between you and the Ice King… it deals with his brother." Phoebe's mother said while she grins at her daughter.

Phoebe blinks a bit as Finn jolts.

"You mean Jake?... What did he had to do with this?" Phoebe said.

"Oh Finn can explain more later, just know the Cosmic dingus of an Owl has a reason for that… just saying that you should remember that key part later when you grill your ex for info… for now though we should party, I met a few ghostly beings that I pal around with and some still wonder this plain of reality, some are even pretty cute, you should meet them." Phoebe's mother said as she started to lead Phoebe away from everyone else… though Phoebe's mother looks at Finn and gave him a scary grin… don't piss off a mother who can watch her daughter from the great beyond… or situations like this would get great payback moments set up.

Finn was now paling badly at the look.

'Oh… I'm in deep shit.' He thought before actually thinking of an exit plan.

Though that would be for later, for now the scene showed many people mingling and what not with various ghosts and Finn and the others like Bronwyn were palling around with ghosts like Joshua and Margeret while Joshua was telling embarrassing stories about Finn to Bronwyn.

"...should have seen him, I squish his belly just a little and he starts to cry unlike Jake who giggles, I mean Finn may have grown to be a man now but back then and possibly to this day with a sad moment, he is still partially a crybaby hehe." Joshua said when he grins at his granddaughter.

Bronwyn couldn't help but giggle as Finn felt embarrassment.

"Oh come on dad. There's nothing wrong with crying. I'm still Ooo's great hero."

"Yeah… still can be a crybaby though hehe." Joshua said while Margeret smiles at Finn.

"Maybe but at least Finn made you proud in many ways, remember that dungeon you made for Finn or how he beat the Lich a number of times." Margert said while Joshua pouts.

"Oh alright, I'll admit Finn is a top tier hero… but still a crybaby when it counts, let a ghostly dad so some haunting teases when he can dear, got 24 hours only to do so after all." Joshua said while he crossed his arms and got a half lidded look on his face.

The trio sweatdrops a bit.

"If it makes you feel better dad, you can tease me more." Finn said.

"Eh doesn't have the same effect if I get the go ahead, good thing the afterparty will happen later so I can have some fun with my sweet sweet lady here." Joshua said while he placed an arm on Margert's shoulder.

Margaret giggles at her husband.

"Can't wait. It would be just like when we were making our family. I recall being the dominant one here." She said with a smirk.

Joshua had a teasing look in his eyes.

"Oh is that before or after I wear you down sugar lips and turn the tables?" Joshua said before he and Margeret tease one another and Bronwyn shuddered before she looks at Finn.

"Lets get something to eat." Bronwyn said when she hoped Finn got the message on her not wanting to see her grandparents pretty much flirt with one another like this.

Finn was already thinking the same thing.

"Yes let's." He said before he grabs Bronwyn's hand before the duo starts heading out for food.

This left Joshua and Margeret alone while Finn and Bronwyn went to a large table to grab some food.

While this went on, the camera turned to show Dawn speaking with Marceline and Sarutobi.

"...So you got rid of that ass of an ex for my little girl huh?, gotta say surprised no one else got rid of him before you did, not sure about that revival as a female and what not but gotta say, if you want my blessing to date Marceline or more, you got it, can't say if Marceline will agree but I did see you two in interesting situations so pretty sure she is at least cool with you." Dawn said while Sarutobi bashfully grins as he rubbed the back of his head when he got so much phrase from Marceline's mother.

Marceline blushes brightly after hearing that.

"W-Well thanks mom. Just glad I don't have to deal with that donk no more. If I knew he was gonna be a major ass, I would've said no on him."

"Well better learn about him now then later, not only that, isn't Sarutobi planning on having Death revive that ass as a female?... pretty sure that means you could be a pain in the he turned shes ass later if you ask nicely." Dawn said with a Marcelineesk like grin.

Marceline blinks a bit before chuckling.

"Well, I'm sure Sarutobi will let me help break in the new 'lady' if I give him what he wants." She said as she smirks at the monkey man.

Sarutobi blushed a bit though he grins at Marceline.

"Oh come on, given your past with the idiot, I would be a fool to keep you from breaking their ass wide open, planning on having Death give the he to she a really sexy but hard to manuver body so they won't be able to run at all… hehe… will have plenty of time to break that bitch in." Sarutobi said when he could picture all of the intense things he could do… made his loincloth raise a bit from the thoughts.

Marceline and Dawn noticed making Dawn smirked before Marceline clears her throat.

Sarutobi blinks before he looks at the duo.

"Need something Marcy?" Sarutobi asked when he heard the throat clearing from her and didn't notice his rising problem.

"No but your friend decided to come and say hello." Marceline said.

Sarutobi blinks and looks down while he chuckles nervously.

"H-Hehe, sorry, damn thing doesn't know when to pop out or not." Sarutobi said when he was fully hard though the loincloth hid things as Dawn smirks and looks at her daughter when many people around were seemingly finished with their meals and stuff and were starting their own fun either with ghosts or with other living beings.

"Well I'm sure not many will mind, though Marceline… want to try tag teaming this monkey and make it hard for him to really keep in control?" Dawn teased when she grins at her daughter.

Marceline blinks a bit in surprise after hearing that but did smirk at the idea.

"Sounds like a plan."

"Good… off with the loincloth monkey man and lets see if this ghostly body of mine can please a man like it used to do." Dawn said when she licked her lips when she looks at Sarutobi's hidden cock.

Sarutobi blinks a bit before chuckling.

"Ask… and you shall receive."

This caused Sarutobi to remove his loincloth and a moment later, Dawn and Marceline where knelt next to Sarutobi's cock after Marceline used some quick shapeshifting to shrink and grow back to her usual size so her clothes dropped to the ground and Dawn just made her clothing vanish and the duo were using their tongues to lick the sides of Sarutobi's cock while Dawn and Marceline used a hand each to fondled his balls.

Sarutobi shudders before letting out a pleased groan as he was loving this tingling feeling.

The two women below him smirk for a moment and double their actions while away from the group, Life, Death, and Elena look on as more and more people get lustful in their actions.

"Welp… looks like its time… you ready Elena?, not going to lie this will be intense given my size." Death said when he looks at the Jungle Princess.

JP giggles.

"I'm ready, Lord Death. I won't back down."

"Alright, considering were being public with this, remove the robe and we can start, though how you doing Life?" Death said when he snapped his fingers and his clothing vanished to show his skeletal body though he had a massive spectral cock on his pelvis which was bluish in color, about 13 or so inches long and 4 in width.

Life in the meantime had a hand on a male Death clan man's shoulder and a female Death clan female's shoulder while she looks amused.

"I believe I'll be fine for now, have fun Deathy, I might as well be the life of the party with the crowd." Life said when she moved to lead the two Death clansmen away while Death looks amused before he looks at Elena to see what she thought when she saw his cock.

JP blushes brightly when she saw Death's cock which caused her to feel a bit wet between her legs but no one can tell since she has her robe on.

Death smirks before he used a spell to have Elena's robe vanished and he smirks when he liked what he saw underneath.

JP had an excellent figure thanks to her training as a warrior.

Though her arms and legs look slender, she had some nice muscles.

She also has an hourglass figure with good hips which is perfect for child bearing.

Her ass looked plump and round as her breasts were D size.

Death licked his bony maw and gestures for Elena to approach him.

Elena did so as she got close to the Glob of Death.

Once Elena was near Death, he used a hand to pick her up carefully and slipped a spectral tongue into Elena's mouth to give her a faux kiss of sorts.

Elena blushes a bit while surprised by this action before she slowly returns the faux kiss as her tongue rubs on Death's tongue.

Death keeps this faux kiss up for a minute before he pulled away from the kiss and licked Elena's nipples a few times to tease her a bit.

Elena blushes again as she shudders from the teasing.

Death keeps this up for a moment before he held Elena carefully and with his large fingers on her ass, he used his thumbs to force Elena's legs apart and her folds were seen by the Deathly Glob.

Elena blushes a bit more when she saw that Death can see her folds which are a bit wet now when Elena saw Death's cock earlier.

Death looks amused though instead of saying anything he just licked at her folds a few times to see how she would react when Death starts to eat her out with a long blue, partially see through tongue.

Elena shudders again before she lets out a groan as she felt Death's tongue touching her pussy.

Death hums at the flavor and looks at Elena with an amused look.

"Not bad… like mother like daughter, sweet pussies that not many can match." Death teased before he slowly forced his tongue deep in Elena's pussy to really eat her out.

Elena blushes a bit brightly at the praise.

"T-Thank you Lord Death… I-I aim to… p-please."

Death however was unable to speak when he really starts to eat out Elena when his tongue thrusts in her pussy.

That caused Elena to groan again a few times before she starts to moan as her toes curled a bit.

While this went on, the camera turned to show Emerald while he was talking with a blue furred and well muscled wolf man as the duo stood next to one another while some Jungle warrior women were sucking their cocks… well, more like one of them licking Emerald's cock with a long spectral tongue that was long enough to stroke his cock off thanks to this female being from the Death clan and having a fememine skull like head and a shapely body.

"D-Damn… really enjoying this fun time… how about you Cedric?, pretty sure you deserve the break from all that cooking." Emerald said when he pets the Death Clan woman on her skull like head.

As the Death Clan woman eyesmiles at Emerald, Cedric groans as he was enjoying having his cock licked from a normal Jungle woman.

"O-Oh yeah… definitely needed this after all that cooking."

"W-Well expect more fun later… having a few of Lillum's demon minions record things so we can focus on our fun, how is Azure doing?, saw her with a few Jungle warriors a moment ago." Emerald said when he tried to focus on holding an orgasm back, this skull headed woman was pretty eager to please him so he was trying to show he had stamina to last while many floating eyeball demons with floating cameras were floating around many people to record the show so it can be edited later for future viewing with a couple cameras pointing at Emerald and Cedric from various angles to show the women with them mainly.

"O-Oh Azure is fine I believe I see her enjoying herself." Cedric said as he looks to where his girlfriend is at while petting the female jungle warrior's head.

The woman blushed from the petting and went to suck Cedric's cock though from Cedric's gaze, he saw a black furred Cat humanoid while she was getting fucked on all fours by a Jungle warrior while she had a slightly extended belly to show she was a bit on her way and she was sucking another Jungle warrior off with a pregnant belly on the black furred cat humanoid's belly and the warriors were being careful with her to not harm her while Azure groans, purrs, and moans as she worked to suck the warrior before her off as she thrusts her hips back to the warrior behind her… seems this was Azure and seems in this story… Cedric and Azure were a serious thing and were already having a kid on the way… though if the duo was married or not was unknown, but seeing a small necklace on Azure's neck with a wedding band on the necklace, seems it was something in progress of planning at the least.

Cedric smiles a bit as he kept watching Azure as the two male warriors continue to fuck her.

That caused the wolf man to thrust his cock a bit in the female warrior's mouth.

The female warrior gagged a bit from that while she worked to fondle Cedric's balls and Emerald chuckles when he looks at Cedric.

"At this rate might as well have this be your bachelor party and Azure having her Bachelorette party, not sure where Lillum and Maite are here but pretty sure they are having fun… so… you consider that Idea I suggested when the marriage happens?, still want me to invite Finn and Bronwyn for that or just want a normal marriage?" Emerald asked as he looks at the Death clan woman as she removed her top and her large breasts were seen before she used them to get Emerald a decent titfuck, the female warrior with Cedric wasn't well endowed but she was able to deepthroat his cock again and again to make up for that.

Cedric groans a bit as he pets the woman's head again.

"E-Eh, sure why not? They seem like fun people." He said as he agrees to Emerald's suggestion.

"H-Hehe, nice to know, though you sure?, could have the real wedding happen beforehand and make a fake one later so that if things break out into an orgy, it won't be much of an issue later… your call… though you and Azure may want to pal around with Finn and Bronwyn a bit to get to know them first otherwise they may feel awkward at the real or possibly fake wedding… then again I doubt you could wait to take Azure on a honeymoon so I'm sure you will pretty much bend her over the alter and go with the flow if things went that way." Emerald said as he shuddered when the Death clan woman used her long tongue to lick the head of his cock as it popped up between her breasts.

"Hmmm… good point. Perhaps I'll talk about this with Azure later." Cedric said as he thrusts his cock again in the jungle woman's mouth.

The woman gagged a bit while Emerald chuckles as he focused on his current lady.

The camera then turned to Finn and Bronwyn when they were split up for a moment when Phoebe's mother dragged Finn away and thanks to her spectral state, he was not burned at all towards a blushing Phoebe.

Bronwyn in the meantime was blushing up a storm when she was surrounded by a number of Death clan members both male and female and seems like all of them had cocks thanks to a spell that they had for the females cases… there were about 10 people around her and Bronwyn's heat started to get to her when others start to look on and a few demonic cameras start to record everything for later viewing.

"Oh my… so many… delicious cocks." Bronwyn said with a smirk as she licks her lips.

The Death clan members all had amused looks while Bronwyn removed her outfit and tossed it to the side to get later while a demon with a camera went to make sure the clothing wouldn't go missing and she was in the nude before the warriors while they all drank in her figure when she posed a bit before them.

A moment later Bronwyn was sucking off one Death clan male's cock as she was stroking off the female one's cock with gusto as she enjoys the taste before switching.

Those two warriors groan from the feeling as a demonic cameraman got a few close up shots while Bronwyn worked her magic on sucking off plenty of cocks when more warriors joined in.

While that went on, the camera turned to show Phoebe's mother hugging Finn from behind and stroking Finn off vigorously as Phoebe was knelt in front of Finn and was blushing as she watched Finn getting stroked off… she was told to not use a flame shield yet by her mother while she looks amused at her daughter squirming when she couldn't do anything yet.

Finn didn't know what was happening but was groaning from having his cock stroke off by Phoebe's mom of all… spirits.

Phoebe's mother smirks while she took a second to suck the side of Finn's neck and pulled away to tease him after she gave him a hicky.

"Feels nice doesn't it?, shame I don't have the same heat I used to have but I'm a lot hotter then most ghosts so this should feel pretty soothing… my name is Flara by the way, in case no one told you." Phoebe's mother or Flara said when she smirks at Finn as she keeps on stroking him off.

Finn blushes from having his neck licked and getting a hicky.

"N-No… Had no idea." He said before groaning again.

"Well nice to meet you, shame we had to meet like this since it must be a really big tease to not get touched by Phoebe right now… especially when she is pretty much masturbating in front of you… but you were such a bad boy… makes me wonder if I should let this mean ol cock of yours anywhere near my daughter." Flara said while she smirks at Finn when she stroked him off harder while Phoebe was indeed fingering her pussy in Finn's view while Flara brought up the Ice Kingdom incident.

Finn blushes brightly at the scene before he tries to look at Flara.

"I-If its about what I… d-did… I apologies to Phoebe and took… r-responsibilty."

"Hooo… you mean just becoming friends and what not after you bungled a bit when trying to aide my daughter?... tell me… how is that taking responsibility?" Flara asked with a smirk as she stroked Finn off harder and faster as his cock throbbed in Flara's hand.

Finn groans a bit loud from that.

"O-Okay… I can admit that I… screwed up both those times."

"Indeed… you maybe a hero of Ooo but to me you are a bad bad boy who deserves to be punished… so Phoebe… how do you want to punish this naughty human for all the wrongdoings he did?... maybe let one of these strapping Death clan warriors have their way with you?... use a partial flame shield so that while not leaving lasting burns, you will really give Finn's cock here a heated moment?... so many choices and so little time before he climaxes all over that teasing body of yours." Flara said when she could feel Finn about to blow while she grins at her daughter who was really fingering her pussy big time while she breathed a bit on Finn's cock with really heated air hitting the overly sensitive cock.

Finn's eyes widened a bit when he heard that as Phoebe felt more heated.

"Fuck… I think I should… Let one of the Death Clan members ravish me." She said.

"Maybe if you want to give him a show… unless this bad boy here wants to do ANYTHING to get in your good graces again… why don't you lick the head of his cock… no flame shield… don't worry being a spectre I know a few spells that I picked up in the afterlife… how about a chilling touch so this bad boy's massive throbbing needy cock won't shy away from a hot eager mouth." Flara teased as her hand gained a bluer tint and Finn's cock actually looked a bit colder then usual, not frostbite levels but damn was it close… this was so damn ironic that Finn would have to put his unshielded cock in Phoebe's mouth or have her suck his cock to get his dick warm again.

Phoebe did lick her lips before she starts licking Finn's dick a bit.

The end result was Finn getting wide eyes and groaning either from pain and pleasure, or relief from the feeling of his cock getting warmed up as Phoebe used her scalding tongue to lick Finn's dickhead again and again to get it warm again while Flara smirks as she cooled it just as fast while she continues to stroke him off.

Finn groans a few times as Phoebe kept licking Finn's cock with her hot tongue.

"Hehe, thats right, lick that cock good dear… really make this bad boy beg for you to take more… really give him a reason beg for your forgiveness by teasing it out of him." Flara said when she felt turned on by watching this as she slapped Finn's dickhead against Phoebe's tongue a few times.

Finn grinds his teeth from that action as Phoebe kept going causing the human to almost let out a tear or two.

Flara keeps stroking Finn off with a cooling hand while she waits for Finn to break as she stroked him off more and more while making sure his orgasm was denied until…

Finn couldn't take no more.

"O-Okay okay... I'll do anything."

Flara smirks as she cools Finn's cock more.

"Good… really want to get Phoebe's forgiveness then do these three things… one… after this is over with and I'm back in the dead world, try and romance my daughter again and this time don't let that cosmic fuck up of a bird mess that up this time… second… make sure to find a way to be fireproof, won't really work long term if a relationship happens again if you just get burned… finally… prove to Phoebe here and now how manly you are by letting her deepthroat your cock, warm it up… and blow right down her throat… do that and bare with the pain and I'll heal any issues you get with your cock and we can start the real fun." Flara teased when she looks at Phoebe and saw how turned on she was when Finn was looking at her.

Finn blushes at the look before looking at Flara.

"O-Okay… I'll agree to it."

"Good… Phoebe… take this cock and make the human scream when he cum's." Flara said when she looks at Phoebe over Finn's shoulder and lets go of Finn's cock while it was still chilled greatly.

Phoebe didn't need to be told twice before she opens her mouth and took Finn's cock in and immediately starts sucking his cock.

Finn threw his head back and groans loudly when he felt his cock instantly warming up in Phoebe's mouth and as she worked to suck Finn off, his orgasm was getting close fast thanks to all the teasing that happened and as pain starts to form on Finn's cock, Phoebe sucked Finn off more and more until…

Finn groans as he tries to bare through the pain before he shot his load straight down Phoebe's throat.

Phoebe muffly groans with a twitching eyebrow at the feeling, thanks to how turned on she was, the pain she felt from the sperm as it boiled down her throat was an interesting combo to say the least and thanks to it not being purely a liquid of sorts, it didn't sting as much as water would so she worked to drink Finn's load as he rode out his orgasm.

It wasn't long before Finn finally taps off between 15-20 seconds and slightly pant for breath.

When that happened, Phoebe pulled her head off Finn's cock with a gasp while Flara smirks when she watched her daughter pant a bit with a blush on her face.

"Hehe… bet that felt interesting huh Phoebe?, bet drinking that load really got you worked up more huh?, think this human will get the honor of scratching that itch you have?" Flara teased when she saw how turned on Phoebe was right now.

Phoebe blushes brightly for a moment.

"Y-Yes… I think he's earned it."

"Good… I'll do the honors of doing this…" Flara said when she muttered something like a remixed flame shield spell and smirks at Finn when he seemed a mix of his usual coloring and the blue of the flame shield when the blue was on his cock, hands, and parts of his body that Phoebe would normally touch in this case while other parts like his head and back were unshielded.

"There… should make things really interesting now… so Phoebe… why not pick a position so we can see how well this human can fuck a top grade heated pussy." Flara teased while she grins at her daughter.

Phoebe nods her head before she lays on her back and spreads her legs so Finn can see her folds causing the human to blush brightly.

Flara smirks when she placed her hands on Finn's shoulders.

"Now then… you can see my daughter is eager to sheath your greatsword so what are you waiting for human?... get to fucking." Flara ordered before she used a hand to smack Finn on the ass to get him moving.

Finn jolts from that action before he goes to Phoebe and gets on top of her.

His instincts were already saying to not be gentle given Phoebe's state.

That's when shoves his cock deep inside the Flame Queen's pussy and starts fucking her hard but he did it in a way a jungle warrior does thanks to his outfit.

Phoebe groans from the feeling and moans when she felt Finn's cock go deep inside of her again and again, she rarely felt this full and Finn was the main cause right now, and honestly… she loved every second of the feeling and scratched at his back which thanks to being unguarded, her fingers lightly dug into his skin and Finn felt like his back was hit with scratch marks made of fire just now, though tolerable it caused Flara to smirk when Finn fucked Phoebe harder.

"Oh ho… looks like we got a masochist… really claw his back dear, plenty of healers around so no issue with leaving temporary marks right?" Flara teased while a Death Clan warrior walked up to her and while he did have some bulk, he looked a little shy when he looks at Flara.

Phoebe didn't noticed as she kept clawing Finn's back making the human groan but fucks Phoebe harder like he was mating with her.

The Death Clan Warrior clears his throat at Flara.

Flara blinks before she looks at the warrior and smirks.

"Oh… and how can I help a strong warrior like you?" Flara teased when she saw that he had a hardon like no other.

The Death warrior tries to speak.

"Y-You… company."

Flara smirks when she approaches the Death clan warrior, she knew guys like him could speak better but the language… it probably wasn't his first language to learn it seems hence the broken english.

"Cute, asking me for fun when you should just force me on the ground and take me like the warrior you are, we are in an orgy after all so why be mannered when we all know were here to fuck like animals." Flara said while she used a hand to stroke the Death clan warrior off while she stands in front of him to grin his face teasingly.

The Death Warrior may have blushed before he actually leans in and kisses Flara.

Flara moans into the kiss and she stroked the cock in her hand off more before she felt her ass getting gripped by the Death clan warrior.

The Death Clan warrior kept the kiss up before he starts to tease Flara's ass for a moment before giving it a good smack.

Flara moans from that and after a few smacks, she grins when she forced the warrior onto his back when she made him trip and fall back and as he was recovering, Flara moved to stand over the warrior's cock and used a hand to grip the dick and had it tease her folds while she bit her lower lip in anticipation of what will happen.

The Death Clan Warrior was a bit caught off guard before shuddering at the feeling of Flara's folds.

Flara licked her lips a moment later and groans when she starts to lower her body and her pussy eagerly gobbled up the Death clan warrior's cock and thanks to her somewhat transparent body, he could see how deep he was, even the bulge part when his cock busts into her womb and while no details of her womb was seen, he could see his cock squishing up against something that stopped him from going further deeper into Flara's pussy.

The Death Clan Warrior groans a bit and waits for a moment before he grabs Flara's hips and starts thrusting his cock up hard.

Flara groans from the feeling and used her hands to play with her breasts while the camera turned to Tei and Lei as they were getting pleased by a few Jungle warriors when two were fucking the twins asses and two others were fucking their pussies when they lift and lower the duo onto their cocks.

"F-Fuck yeah!... Keep it up!" Tei said as she tightens her holes on the two Jungle Warrior's dicks.

Lei did the same thing as she was enjoying this.

The warriors in turn growl or grunt as they worked to fuck Tei and Lei harder while nearby thanks to Phoebe bringing Jake 2 and 3 with CB, who was having his own fun nearby, Sarutobi's mistress, Sakura, was riding Jake 2's cock after using a flame shield spell and was getting her ass fucked hard by Jake 3, she gave the occasional grunt or growl when she tightened her holes on their cocks.

"Come on you beasts!, fuck me harder or do I need to find real lovers to please me?" Sakura said in a dominating way as she grinds her body on the duo's cocks to egg them on.

That caused both father and son to growl with determination and fuck Sakura's holes as hard as they can.

This caused Sakura to groan while the scene showed Death as he really ate out a groaning Elena while she had a few orgasms and was approaching her latest orgasm which Death brought her too after awhile until…

Elena moans a bit loud as she climaxed a bit hard on Death's face.

Death didn't mind as he quickly enjoyed Elena's juices on his tongue and waits for her to ride out her orgasm.

Elena continues to climax for about 20-25 seconds before finally tapping off.

Death pulled his tongue free of Elena's folds and he smirks at her.

"Ready for the real deal Elena?" Death said while his cock was beyond hard right now thanks to all the teasing he did with Elena.

Elena blushes a bit after recovering.

"Yes. I'm ready."

"Good…" was all Death said before he lowered Elena and the head of his cock was aimed at her folds while Elena had enough time for one good thought as Death dramatically brought his dickhead closer and closer to her folds.

'This is it… I'm gonna experience what mother went through.'

And experience she did when she felt Death's cock force its way into her pussy and she could feel how massive he was as he slowly inched his way into Elena's eager pussy and he had to stop a few times to let her adjust since he didn't want to harm Elena in any way.

Despite her training, Elena groans as she lightly grinds her teeth before taking a bit to adjust before letting Death continue.

As that went on, Death could see Elena's pussy bulging a bit as his cock worked it way deeper and he felt the head of his cock bump into Elena's cervix a minute later and Death waits for Elena to adjust more while he shuddered from how tight she was, she was no virgin thanks to her training but she was still tight beyond belief.

It took a moment or two before Elena looks at Death.

"You can start… M-My lord."

Death nods before he starts to lift and lower Elena onto his cock while he lightly pants and groans as he watched his cock slowly go into Elena at a decent constant pace so he could work the smaller female up to a more intense fucking and it was like Death was treating her has a lover.

Elena was groaning a few times as she can feel Death's cock going in and out of her pussy.

"O-Oh fuck." She groans.

"That's right… enjoy yourself my dear Jungle Queen… soon you'll be an expecting mother of a New Death Clan member and be an offical Queen to boot… though you'll still need to marry someone first I'm sure a past Death clan member will do, not all are related to you after all." Death teased when he gave Elena a toothy grin before he raised an eyebrow.

"Either that or that human who seems to be gathering ladies for a harem… so you got options hehe… but for now might as well take quite a bit of time and make these 24 hours count before I return to the dead world." Death said before he starts to buck his hips a bit so he could get a bit rough with Elena.

Elena did blush brightly when she heard that but couldn't speak as she was now moaning from how good the pleasure was as her toes curled.

Death was amused by that and he fucked Elena harder, his cock starting to force Elena's cervix open with each thrust and nearby with Life, who was not only getting her pussy fucked by the male Death clan member while she was on her back, but she was fucking a female Death Clan member's pussy when the clan member rode her, all in all she was groaning and one of her heads was making out with the female on her while her other snake head looks amused a bit when she noticed how loving Death was with Elena, was usual of him to act like this during this kind of event.

As some members on the clan helped please Life, Elena's face starts to look fucked up as she was really enjoying this.

"P-Please Lord Death… G-Give me more!" She moans before trying to wrap her legs around Death's waist.

Death had no issue with that as he fucked Elena harder, he even had his tongue go into her mouth for a faux kiss to make this more special with Elena when he fucked her like a lover and a dominating warrior… I mean Death was well… Death… can't get any more manly since all meet him in the end.

Elena moans loudly as she returns the kiss while looking at Death's eyes with lust.

Death returned the look and as he fucked Elena harder, his orgasm was approaching and he held his orgasm back to fuck Elena harder and faster while a demon cameraman got a close up of Death's cock in Elena's pussy to film the shot until…

Elena moans loudly into the kiss before she climaxed hard on Death's cock.

Death growled on his end when he gave one good thrust and his cock bashed into Elena's womb and he climaxed hard inside of her with serious force, pretty much guaranteeing a knock up for Elena as Death's spectral balls throbbed hard to unload as much as they could into Elena's eager womb.

Elena moans more as her climax got stronger as the Jungle Queen's toes curled again while feeling her womb getting filling up.

Once Death tapped off with a groan, he pulled his tongue from Elena's mouth and smirks at her and her slightly extended belly.

"Hehe, looks like you will be a mother with that much… though given how miniscule some chances are and I only have 24 hours… why don't we make sure every crevice of you womb is coated in my load." Death teased since one orgasm was not enough for him which showed with his cock being iron hard inside of Elena.

Elena blushes when she heard that but did lick her lips.

"Y-Yes. I want my womb to be really full from your seed. Although…" She said as she blushes again.

Death looks really amused while he grins at Elena.

"Oh don't worry… I'll make sure every hole is filled way before those 24 hours are up… though I will say this… if you ever want a Glob level fuck and want more… just ask Peppermint Butler on how to get to the Dead world and maybe ask that human to be a guide to my place… pretty sure no one will complain if I get the occasional visit from you to be sure you are carrying my spawn." Death teased when he flexed his hips and his cock pulsed for a moment to tease Elena.

Elena blushes brightly after hearing that before groaning.

However, she did felt excitement for a moment.

"I-I'll make sure to remember that. But before we continue I also want you to… kiss me more as if I'm your woman."

Death was really amused by that.

"Oh but of course, just remember that Life is my number 1 lady though… however I don't think she minds if I have a sexy Jungle Queen as my Number 2 if I happen to be in the area or she plans unexpected visits." Death teased while he slipped his tongue from his maw and Elena could see it was longer then last time so Death could really kiss her good in a moment.

Elena did smirk at this.

"Of course. Have no reason to object."

"Great… don't care if you have lovers or families on this mortal plane but if you ever visit me… know that I can be quite selfish in wanting to have fun in my world… not much to do there after all… so don't be surprised if I bend you over something and fuck you while a lover of yours watches." Death growled out in a dominating way as he sent his tongue deep into Elena's mouth before he fucks her hard in no time again and didn't care if sperm felt onto the ground as a result… he would put more in her again soon after all.

Elena's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she moans into the kiss before returning it as she hugs Death.

As this went on, the camera turned to Sarutobi as he fucked Dawn's pussy while she was on her back on the ground and Marceline was surprised when Dawn had Marceline sit on her face and Dawn was eating Marceline out intensely while Sarutobi was kissing Marceline.

Marceline was still surprised by her mom's actions but she let that go as she groans while making out with Sarutobi before the Vampire Queen sent her tongue to the monkey man's mouth.

Sarutobi fought back with his own tongue work while he fucked Dawn harder, she was gripping Marceline's ass as she ate her daughters pussy out and even ate out Marceline's ass a few times after fingering it.

Marceline, who was surprised, groans from that action before having this thought.

'Damn… talk about a surprising day. First my mom returns as a ghost and now I'm in a threesome with her and Sarutobi. But can't complain here.' She thought as she kept kissing Sarutobi more.

As this went on, Huntress or again, Dusk in this story, was finished with having fun with a few leaf wolves and Jungle Kingdom warriors and was taking 5 to drink a drink as a new ghost appeared all of a sudden near her and… unlike most… this one looked… pillowy?

Dusk blinked a bit when she saw this ghost.

"Um hello. Who might you be?"

The Ghostly pillow woman looks around and blushes a bit at the orgy around her.

"W-Well… I'm Roselinen, though I could be asking where I am, last I remember I was in the afterlife and next thing I know I was called here by something for some reason… though it felt rather weak so it took me awhile to get here… what is going on?, who are you and whats with this strange world?, no one looks like they are made of pillows… the people, the land and buildings… I'm reminded of those stories Finn told me about when he was alive." Roselinen said when she looks around while unaware of her current situation and what she just said to Dusk.

Dusk blinked a bit.

"Did you say Finn?"

"Yeah, Finn, Finn the human, he was my husband when he was still alive, he found his way into the place he called the Pillow world and…" Roselinen explained as she went over her time with Finn.

"And then he…" Roselinen explains as she explained their children.

"And near the end of our journey to find the door…" Roselinen explains as she explained how it took years to try and even locate the sage who would know where the door was but turned out to be a wild goose chase that Finn gave up on and spend the rest of his days with his family before dying on his deathbed.

"So as you can see, I'm confused on why I'm here, I mean I can guess this is Finn's world with how similar you non Pillowy beings are but Finn shouldn't be here since he should be dead… then again he could be in this worlds afterlife since that thought did cross my mind a few times… still doesn't explain why I'm here though aside from some kind of weird song." Roselinen explains as Dusk realized that Roselinen must have heard the shamanistic summoning ritual for the ghosts of the dearly departed and while too weak to get Finn's full family in the pillow world, it had enough Oomph, most likely from Life and Death being here to get Roselinen here at least.

Dusk was surprised at the story.

"Okay… well I think I know how you're here." She said before telling Roselinen about the Jungle Kingdom and it's celebration regarding a contract between Death and Elena's ancestors before explaining the song part.

"... so the shamans did a ritual song to allow anyone's loved ones that die to visit for only 24 hours and I guess it affected you since you were… Finn's wife. Though this would be a bit awkward to tell you this since… well first, this is Finn's world but he isn't dead."

"Wait… how is that possible?, I saw him die in his bed pretty peacefully." Roselinen said while she looked greatly confused now.

"Well you may have to talk to the Glob of Death but I think its because since Finn wasn't really from your world, his death was probably a way for him to come back here to the very world he was born on. And if you don't think he's alive well… this would be the awkward part… for you." Dusk said before pointing at the direction to where Finn is.

Roselinen looked confused by that before she looks over and her eyes widened at the sight of Finn pounding away at Phoebe's pussy nonstop while she moans for more and Dusk clears her throat.

"Also see those two monkey ladies?... also his ladies… apparently he is getting a harem and the leading lady right now is that woman over there getting spitroasted by those Death clan members…. Bit of a long story there but… Finn and his main lady here are pretty much exibitionists and have sex in public more or less because its Bronwyn's kink that puts her in a heated state… I would explain more but I bet you are having trouble processing what I explained just now huh?" Dusk said when it looks like Roselinen was a bit overwhelmed by the info she just got.

"P-Pretty much. So shocking and confusing. I don't even know what to do." Roselinen said.

"Eh you want my advice… forget about the finer details and have fun for now, not sure about you since you were dragged here from a Different world so you could be stuck here since different dimensions, different laws of physics and natural orders… but pretty sure if Finn remembers you, he will be happy to see you, and just to let you know since you are a ghost, you don't have to worry about normal things like getting burned or harmed, unless someone knows how to exorcise a ghost, pretty hard to get rid of them since there are many ghosts roaming Ooo so its not like you can't fit in here... so pretty sure the Queen of flames can't do much to you so why not make yourself known and considering I may want some fun times with Finn since Phoebe looks like she is having fun, may give you a good time first since you seem pretty wound up, or are you a complete virgin when it comes to ladies?, not sure about your world but many females hook up and what not so its not unusual to see well… that." Dusk said when she points to another group and saw Bubblegum making out with a Jungle warrior female while she fucked the woman up the ass with a shapeshifted cock.

Roselinen was shocked at the display.

"N-never happened before." She said.

"Interesting… still before I help you bust a few virginities out of the way, why don't we let Finn know you are here, technically he isn't cheating on you since A, if he did somehow forget, its probably because the memories of that world were sealed away on his death, B, he technically lived a full loving life with you so its not really cheating when he died loving you, and C… well… considering how beastly Finn looks right now, do you think many females would hesitate on getting with a beast like Finn?" Dusk teased when she stands next to Roselinen with a relaxed grin on her masked face.

Roselinen blushes brightly.

"W-Well no. Then again he was… rough when we tried to make our kids."

Dusk chuckles when she gestured for Roselinen to follow her.

"Well pretty sure if he was that intense on making kids, wonder how he will react when he sees you, just to remind you he may not remember so he may need a spell or something to remember things from different worlds." Dusk said when she walked from Roselinen while her ass swayed in Roselinen's view.

Roselinen blushes when she saw that and didn't know why before she starts to follow the wood nymph.

When she did, she saw how intense others were and even a few Death clan members and other people even flirted with her, honestly it was surprising how open people were with her.

Roselinen was blushing brightly a few times from this as she kept following Dusk.

When the duo got to Finn and Phoebe, Finn was really pounding away at Phoebe's pussy while she was clawing at his back while begging him to fuck her harder while her toes curled and she had a fucked up look on her face.

Finn, who was unaware of Dusk and Roselinen, continues to keep giving Phoebe what she wants.

"F-Fuck Phoebe… Y-You're so damn hot." He said.

Phoebe however couldn't speak right aside from begging for more and as Dusk and Roselinen look on, Finn fucked Phoebe harder and faster before she gasped and climaxed hard on Finn's cock with great force.

A moment later, Finn made a snarl like noise and pushed cock deeper into the Flame Queen's pussy before Finn climaxed hard as his semen went straight to her womb.

The human even smashed his lips on Phoebe's lips.

Though it did lightly burn Finn's lips, he powered through the kiss as Phoebe's eyes rolled back in her skull when she had a rather intense orgasm as Finn's load boils in her womb while she waits for him to tap of.

Almost 25 seconds pass before Finn taps off and quickly pulls his lips away.

Phoebe pants for breath after that and as Finn recovers… he heard a clearing throat behind him which got his attention.

Finn turns his head and though he was surprise to see that it was Dusk, he was confused on the ghost next to her.

"Um hey Dusk. Did you want a turn? Though whose your friend?" He said.

Roselinen kinda felt bad when she hoped that Finn would remember before remembering what Dusk said.

Dusk smirks when she points a thumb at Roselinen.

"Well I don't mind getting a turn soon but I believe your Pillow Wife should be first… before you question why I said that… doesn't she look familiar?" Dusk said when she moved a bit so Roselinen was in Finn's view fully.

Finn blinked in confusion as he had no idea why Dusk said that before looking at Roselinen.

She looked a bit worried and as Finn had a confused look… she did look familiar…

Though he was still unaware of her… a certain name escaped his lips when that name for some reason seemed to fit her.

"Rose...lin...en?" Finn said with a somewhat confused look in his eyes as the scene fades to black.

End of the part 1 of Jungle Kingdom public filmed orgy arc, part 2 will be made in the future.

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