An Unexpected Date @emerald
Chapter 5

The scene showed TME and Atomsk while they were walking near one another in the Candy Kingdom while they were talking ideas for this chapter.

"Ok, I think that since we missed a few people last chapter in some pairings, we should use a different kingdom to help with the next public thing while making things very surprising… got a kingdom in mind for our next public sex scene with our favorite couple of this story?" TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

"Hmmm, I do but I thought we were continuing the party in the Fire Kingdom. Or we skip it?" Atomsk said.

"Really?, guess I forgot what happened last chapter more then I thought, mind giving a synopsis of the story so I can remember what happened last time?" TME said when he looked curious… his memory wasn't the best so Atomsk was the better of the two for memory based things.

Atomsk nods his head before he looks at the readers.

"Hello everyone, sorry for the late update since TME and I are busy. Anyway, last chapter, Finn and Bronwyn got invited to a party in the Fire Kingdom thanks to Huntress Wizard who brought a big sack of gold which was payment from Huntress, Marceline and even Phoebe to have fun with Finn and Browyn. Emerald makes another comeback and he brought Lillum and Maite along. Finn and Phoebe are getting along, then again they did became friends again in the canon… for now (in this story) hehe. Not only that, Sarutobi also came and he scored a date with Marceline and brought his two sisters that have a thing for Finn and convinced Bronwyn to let Finn have a harem which makes Bronwyn the head lady."

"Ah… I remember now, going to need more details with the actual last chapter to read while you sleep, I've been up all night for the last few days… then again its a common thing so I have insomnia… not as bad as my mom and sister but still bad enough on my end to make turns tough… good thing I wake most of the time before 6 PM on my end so we can take turns… anyway I remember you talking about having more lemons in the Fire Kingdom so… sure, but lets try and keep them brief, need to keep things more… open like our requester asked, we have free range of all that but considering the story, need to keep things with mainly public to keep a theme going." TME said while he rubbed the back of his head while he looked nervous at his lack of memory and shitty sleep habits.

Atomsk pats TME on the back.

"No worries. And just in case we pick a different kingdom for the next chapter, how about… Jungle Kingdom?" He said.

"Works for me, we could even have Finn join in on the fun there with Bronwyn, remember the whole Death making a deal with the current princess or Queen?, well what if we have that still stand and Finn and Bronwyn see the fun happen and what not?" TME said while he grins at Atomsk, it was implied in ANVK but never used officially yet.

Atomsk chuckled.

"Hehe, works for me." He said.

"Great, so want to start out in the fire Kingdom or go to a few days later and have the lemons with each pairing in the fire kingdom be told in small flashbacks to help spice up the story until we get to the Jungle Kingdom fun?" TME said when he suggests the two ideas here.

"Hmmm for the sake of things… go with option 2." Atomsk said.

"Great… want to do the honors of getting the story started?, you have been getting better at it after all." TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

"Hehe, alright. Guess it can be… a few days after the sex party in the Fire Kingdom, and Finn would be training at this moment." Atomsk said before the scene fades black just a bit before shifting to Finn training at the treefort.

Ooo/ Grasslands/ Treefort/ Finn

It was a nice day on Ooo and Finn was literally working up a sweat as he was doing his usual training exercise as he practiced his sword fighting with his shirt off.

Funnily enough, Bronwyn, while she was talking with Tei and Lei who had decided to visit her were escorting her to Finn's place and were talking about the future trip to Tei and Lei's kingdom so Finn and Bronwyn could have fun there.

"...and after your training, we can relax in a thing called a hot spring, its like a natural warm to hot bath but its more fun since we don't have to sit in small tubs." Tei said while she grins at Bronwyn when the trio didn't notice Finn yet.

Bronwyn blushes a bit.

"W-Well that does sound like a fun thing to do."

"Hehe, trust us, once you step in the hot spring, you'll feel like not getting out." Lei said.

"Yeah, maybe after my sis and I show you a good time there, sex isn't forbidden there and who knows, we could see that heated you if there is a crowded day… mixed bathing as well." Tei said while she grins at her sister after wiggling an eyebrow at Bronwyn.

Lei giggles as Bronwyn blushes a bit more as the trio got close to the treefort.

When they did they heard swinging sounds and the sounds of various impacts which confused the trio and when they went to look with Tei and Lei leading after drawing Kunai just in case, they all blink when they saw Finn training with a magically enchanted training dummy that looked like some kind of mannequin and had a dull sword in one hand and was fighting Finn, seems Finn had this thing bought from Wizard city since this wasn't living wood, it was just wood enchanted to move on commands and seems Finn gave this one a command to spar with him and they all saw Finn shirtless with his muscles seen and tense with each attack and block and saw how sweaty he was which caused his muscles to glisten as a result.

Bronwyn blushes brightly as she sees her boyfriend's sweaty torso while Lei licked her lips.

"Hmmm, nice." She said.

"Indeed Sister, what do you say we help Finn relax if he is near the end of this training… need to help him train his sexual stamina as well as other things so could consider this training for him… we are Kunoichi after all and who better to teach Finn this then us or that Succubus Lillum… and since she is not here…" Tei said before she grins at her sister as she puts her Kunai away.

Lei grins as well as she puts away her Kunai while feeling a bit excited on helping Finn with his stamina.

For a bit, Finn keeps on training before he noticed the three ladies of his now formed harem and gestured for the training doll to stop which it did on Finn's command.

He looks at the three ladies and smiles.

"Hey Bronwyn, Tei, Lei, how you three doing?" Finn said when he walked up to them as he grabbed a nearby bottle of water to drink.

"Hehe, well Finn, Tei and I were having a nice chat with Bronwyn while coming to see you before catching a nice scene of your training. Not bad." Lei said but was thinking more of Finn's shirtless body.

"Oh thanks, was wanting to try and use something that Huntress mentioned and this thing here really helps with training, cost a bit of gold to as well, had various enchantments like self repair, defense modes against intruders, other things." Finn said when he looks at the training doll.

"Well I think it was worth it Finn. You look great when training." Bronwyn said with a smile.

"Thanks, you look beautiful yourself, so what were you three cuties talking about?" Finn said while he grins at the three women before him.

"Oh just telling Bronwyn of the training she will do at our kingdom and then later enjoy a nice dip in the hot spring." Lei said.

"Oh I see… well it may have to be another day, I got this message from Jungle Princess and plenty of gold from her, looks like she wants us to join her at her kingdom for another event on her end after hearing and seeing what we can do… said this is also some kind of important event that happens once a year for her and its not a birthday… not sure what it is though." Finn said while he points to a letter and a large bag of gold on it on a nearby chair Finn set up so Bronwyn could look at it if she wanted.

Bronwyn blinked in surprise when she saw the big bag of gold before going to the letter to see what it says.

"Dear Finn and Bronwyn, based on various factors, I Jungle Princess hereby invite you to the Jungle Kingdom to join in a celebration that happens once a year, its not a birthday so no need to bring gifts other than your bodies, I have sent this letter with payment so I can officially buy your service to have tier 15 with you and your girlfriend, if you don't want to come then please have the messenger who will return for your answer on if you are coming or not take the letter and gold back and if you have an emergency, you can keep the gold but would owe me a personal time later for tier 15, anyway see you at my kingdom if you join, there are directions for a safe route into the Jungle Kingdom so please take this route to not tire yourselves out and you can bring guests of your choosing if they are interested in joining."

"Your's truely, Jungle Princess"

The letter cuts off with directions to the safe route to the Jungle Kingdom being shown and nothing else… though there was some kind of kiss mark on the end… looks like JP wanted to spice the letter up in many ways.

Brownyn blinks a few times after reading the letter a few times before looking at Finn.

"Okay… don't know what kind of celebration this is… unless if it's like that party in the Fire Kingdom. Though the way Jungle Princess left that kiss mark must be a secret message to you Finn."

"Well thats why I'm leaving the choice in your hands with this Bron… do we stay or go and not only that… do I try and claim JP as one of my ladies?, thanks to you, Tei, and Lei here, I really need to step up my game, but if I'm going to be doing this harem thing, might as well go all in since others seem to be pretty up for it and I might as well not fight it anymore." Finn said since he was given many calls and what not over the last few days since many heard about Finn's harem.

Though funnily enough LSP was flying towards the treefort from nearby which got everyone's attention and Finn got a half lidded look on his face.

"For the love of… Training Doll… operation Lumping defense." Finn said while the training Doll moved to attack LSP to drive her away while the sounds of LSP in pain were heard every now and then, thankfully the Doll was enchanted to use non lethal attacks on LSP so she wouldn't be killed.

"You will be lumping mine Finn!" LSP said before running away.

"NOT UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOUR WAYS AND LOOKS ENTIRELY!... And she's gone… damn, ever since people heard about this harem LSP has been trying to jump me every day at this time… the main reason this doll here was so pricy is that I had to have it enchanted to adapt to custom orders on my end so it won't kill LSP by accident, give me more room for commands and what not with this guy but all in all, had to use all the gold we got from Marceline, Huntress, and Phoebe AND half of my total gold to get this guy just right… has an auto patrol thing as well enchanted on him so he will repel anyone not registered as friends on my end when I'm asleep so I can sleep peacefully at night." Finn said while the doll returns and stood near Finn to wait for another command.

Bronwyn, Tei and Lei blinks in surprise after fully realizing how expensive is the doll.

"Wow." Bronwyn said.

"Indeed. But luckily I think we know a way to help you relax Finn." Lei said with a smirk.

"Really?, what?" Finn said before Lei kissed him out of the blue surprisingly while Tei chuckled a bit.

"I think you get the idea now… why not drop the pants and lets have some fun here, who knows, being out in the open could be fun and get Bronwyn heated… and maybe could get the Water Nymph's attention as well." Tei said while she watched as Finn returned the kiss without much issue, seems he was OK with that when he gripped Lei's ass with a strong grip.

Lei moans from that action as she kissed Finn more before wrapping her arms around Finn's neck.

Finn keeps the kiss up while he keeps on fondling Lei's ass while he worked to get her worked up more while he was slowly getting hard in his pants.

Bronwyn blushes at the scene as Lei moans as she kissed Finn more before Lei starts rubbing the bulge on Finn's pants.

Finn groans from the feeling and felt Lei move her hand to fish out Finn's cock and starts to stroke it hard and Finn shuddered when he used one hand to unbutton his pants and unzipped them which made his pants fall to the ground to give Lei better access to his cock, seems Finn went commando since he was not wearing underwear and he kicked his pants away after a moment.

Lei smirks a bit before pulling away from the kiss.

"My my, not wearing underwear Finn? Kinky." She said with a lustfulled smirk as she stroke Finn's dick more.

"Hehe, well with how things are going, might as well not worry about underwear, faster to get undressed and helps when I'm sleeping in bed… oddly refreshing… now why don't you get undressed or do you want to suck my cock first?" Finn said while he grins at Lei.

Lei grins as well before she stopped stroking Finn's dick and starts to undress but did it slowly to tease the human.

Finn chuckles at that and teased Lei a bit.

"Not bad… but with you going this slow, might as well say hello to your sister first." Finn said while he gestures for Tei to approach him.

Tei smirks and was gonna start walking but Lei wanted first dibs before she quickly got undressed and got on her knees before she starts stroking Finn's cock again after grabbing it.

Finn groans from that and looks at Lei with a smirk on his face to show he just tricked Lei into speeding up to get to Finn.

Lei blinked a bit before she realized what Finn did before pouting.

"You trickster."

"Hehe, sorry but weren't you supposed to help with my stress?" Finn said while he used a finger to poke his cock and had it aim at Lei's mouth.

Lei did want to suck Finn's cock before looking at the human.

"You're lucky you're cute." She said before she opens her mouth and swallows Finn's dick as much as she can before she already starts bobbing her head.

Finn groans and chuckle a bit.

"Yeah, and you are a sexy monkey woman who enjoys our fun times and really enjoys corrupting me into having fun with you sisters more and more." Finn said while he stopped Lei with his hand to pet her for a moment.

Lei blushes from the petting which made her look a bit cute to Finn before Lei gently grabbed the human's ball sack and starts to massage them.

Finn groans from that and grins when he gripped her head and forced her to take his cock deep into her mouth, he learned two things these last few days, they were more experienced then him no doubt, but they had some interesting kinks.

Tei first of all liked getting fucked hard but at the same in a classy way to not make it seem rough, the romantic of sorts… Lei on the other hand… well… the face she made when Finn went to dominate her throat when he starts to face fuck her told everything.

Lei was getting a slightly fucked up look as she gags a bit but took Finn's cock anyway as she enjoys getting dominated.

Bronwyn blushes a bit brightly at the sight but was feeling a bit turned on.

This went on for a bit with Finn grinning the entire time before the group heard foot steps and when they looked, they saw the water Nymph sisters, Denise, Lapis, and Lazuli approaching from around the corned and looked amused when they saw Finn fucking Lei's mouth.

"Hey Finn, how's it going, though I think we know the answer to that." Demise said with a smirk.

"Hehe, yeah though wish you three were at the Fire Kingdom, it was a blast." Tei said while she grins at the Water Nymph sisters, they were filled in on the harem thing and while they were not interested yet since they did like to party around, they did get permission from Bronwyn so they could have fun with Finn when he was alone and needed relief.

"I bet considering how wild you guys were." Lazuli said as Lei kept sucking Finn's cock.

"Oh yeah, Finn was a real animal… still needs work but hey, thats what a trip to my sister and my kingdom will fix so he can train to last much longer and please women better, though seems Finn has an invite to the Jungle Kingdom so unless has any complaints, want to come with us there?, could be a good party since JP paid to bring in Finn and Bronwyn but he's allowed to bring guests." Tei said while she looks over and saw Finn getting close by how tense he looks and kept fucking Lei's mouth more and more until…

Finn groans as he tossed his head back and climaxed inside Lei's mouth.

That caused Lei's cheeks to puff a bit from the amount before she worked to swallow Finn's load as best as she could while everyone looks on and Denise smirks a bit.

"Hehe, well I can speak for my sisters when I say we are in, we can even star in a movie if you plan on making one in the Jungle Kingdom, then we should at least get some fun with Finn and Bronwyn here, just to check do we have to pay since we already have the green light to have fun with Finn off camera?" Denise said while she and her sisters look at Bronwyn since Finn was busy when Lei finished drinking Finn's load and was forced onto her back by Finn and he moved to get over her and after he moved the cloth covering her pussy out of the way, Finn pushed his cock balls deep into her and starts to fuck her right then and there, hard and fast.

As Lei groans and moans loudly before she wrapped her legs around Finn, Bronwyn blushes brightly for a bit but she did hear Denise before looking at her.

"Hmmm, tell you what, you three won't have to pay but be extras in any videos that will be planned in the future." Bronwyn said before looking back at Finn and seeing him how rough and wild he was making the young hybrid remember a certain monkey man she sometimes has fun with.

That monkey man was Sarutobi, apparently a regular if this pattern was a normality and he had gold to spare.

That did cause her to blink at looks at Tei.

"Hey Tei, are you telling Sarutobi about this?" Bronwyn asked which made the monkey woman smirk.

"Hooo… our bro getting your attention now or you just like it when he fucks you on camera now?" Tei teasingly said while she grins at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushes brightly.

"J-Just curious is all."

"Hehe, well I'm about to actually and going to see if he can bring Finn's soon to be training Mistress as well, should at least give her a test moment to see how well Finn does and cut out the middle man so to speak." Tei said while she went to a pocket on her outfit and pulled out a phone.

"Or want me to keep quiet?" Tei asked while she smirks at Bronwyn while shaking her phone a little.

Bronwyn blushes and though she greatly cares for Finn and won't leave him, she somehow can't say no to Sarutobi for obvious fun reason.

"Y-You can… call him." She said.

"Great, give me a few minutes then… doubt we would miss much with my sister having fun here." Tei said before she walked away from the group after calling her brothers number.

"Hey bro… yeah its me Tei… yeah… yeah… Finn's treating us well… yeah… Lei's busy with Finn… yeah… nah… alright… anyway onto another matter you see…" Tei said before she explained things to Sarutobi and after a few minutes, Tei hung up on sarutobi and came back to Bronwyn and the others.

"Sarutobi will be joining us once we get the time from the messenger and all that, he will bring plenty of our brothers and sisters with him as well and a few training Mistresses as well, and even bring in training beasts as well, he's bringing mine and Lei's soon before that happens so we can have Bronwyn demo some of them when they get here, and don't worry Bronwyn, looks aside they are real sweeties when not fighting enemies and what not." Tei said when she grins at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushes brightly after hearing that.

"T-That's good to hear."

"Hehe, yeah, anyway Bronwyn I do have to ask, how you feeling right now?, sure my sister and I talked you into this harem thing but it was mainly on the spur of the moment at the time and while thought out on my sisters and I's side, but we never did really talk with you much about it." Tei said when she gave Bronwyn a serious look to show she was talking seriously now.

Bronwyn blinked a bit at the question.

"Well… to be honest, I felt a bit nervous about sharing Finn despite the fact that he and I had fun with other people. I was hesitant at first but knowing Finn's stamina… it wouldn't hurt if he got extra training. Plus I get the chance to know you and Lei better since you're both helping me to last longer."

"Hehe, aint that the truth… speaking of which its your time for training so you might as well strip so we can have fun near your Hubby and his concubine while these sisters record this… can label this video as Finn and Bronwyn's training time." Tei said in a teasing way to Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blinked before looking at the water nymphs and comically enough, they had recording cameras ready.

That caused Bronwyn to look back and blinks when Tei was already nude in no time and has used a spell to grow a cock on her body so she could have some fun with Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushes brightly at first before she took notice of Tei's cock.

She had made it 11 inches long and 3 in width while it looked pretty human like compared to past cocks that Bronwyn seen, even came complete with testicles though Tei smirks when she moved it aside to show her pussy to Bronwyn when she looked confused.

"Special magic my family knows, has a better knock up rate then the usual dick growth spells thanks to the balls that come with the cock, I know a birth control spell as well so now issues right?" Tei said while she grins at Bronwyn while she stroked herself off a bit.

Bronwyn blushes more after hearing that.

"Y-Yeah… right."

"Nice… why don't you strip then and lets get started with a blowjob shall we?" Tei said while she stroked her cock to full mast in no time.

Bronwyn gulped before she starts to undress for a moment before she was finally nude.

That caused Tei to smirk and gestures for Bronwyn to approach her while Denise and Lapis were filming this from different angles after stripping so that they could join in later while Lazuli went to film things up close with Finn and Lei.

Bronwyn was slightly nervous as she got close to Tai while Lei was moaning loud with ecstasy.

"O-Oh fuck yeah Finn!"

Finn didn't say anything but he did growl deeply when he fucked Lei harder and Lazuli got a close up of Finn's cock entering and exiting Lei's pussy so everyone who could watch this later after editing would be able to see how deep Finn was going.

Lei kept moaning before she wraps her arms around Finn's neck and pulls him down for an intense kiss.

That caused Lazuli to smirk when she moved to get that on film on the side.

In the meantime as Finn returned the kiss, Bronwyn was on her knees and was being facefucked by Tei while Denise and Lapis filmed things from different angles, Denise from the right side, and Lapis from above for a POV shot from Tei's point of view.

Bronwyn gags a few times before her heated side started to effect her causing Bronwyn to suck Tei's dick as she bobs her head back and forth.

"F-Fuck… now were talking!" Tei moans while she grins at Bronwyn past the camera, if it was one thing that got Bronwyn worked up into a heated state was getting watched and this going to be seen all over Ooo was really working Bronwyn up.

Bronwyn made groan like noise as she bobs head faster and harder before she cups Tei's balls and starts massaging them.

Tei moans from that and stayed still when she watched as Bronwyn quickly adjusts and sucks her cock more and more on her own while her balls start to throb as a result from how well Ll loom Bronwyn was doing.

Bronwyn moans as she kept up her actions before using her tongue to lick the tip a few times.

"O-Oh fuck… really work that cock… about to cum… fuck its been to long… overly sensitive." Tei said while her dick throbs more and more in Bronwyn's mouth.

That caused Bronwyn as to bob her head faster and harder as continue to please Tei's balls.

A moment later, Tei grits her teeth but surprised Bronwyn when she pulled her hips back and her cock out of Bronwyn's mouth and her balls clinched hard when she starts to climax on Bronwyn's face and open mouth.

Bronwyn moans as she feels Tei's cum hit her face while trying to catch the monkey woman's cum with her mouth and tongue.

For a moment or two, Tei keeps on cumming hard on Bronwyn's face before she tapped off with a groan and pants for breath from a moment when the orgasm was rather intense.

Bronwyn took a moment to breath as she swallows any of the cum that went into her mouth before she cleans her face and breasts as she scoops up Tei's cum with a couple of fingers and sticks it in her mouth.

Tei blushed at the sight while her cock stayed iron hard to show she was far from out of this sexy fun.

Once Bronwyn was done cleaning herself she looks Tei.

"What do you want to do next… Mistress?" She said.

Tei smirks at that while she had her cock vanish.

"Summon a cock then so I can see how long you can last… my sexy shapeshifting slave." Tei said while she gave Bronwyn a dominant look.

Bronwyn blushes before she nods her head and stands up before summoning her cock.

Once that was done, Tei pushed Bronwyn onto her back and Tei moved to stand over her.

"Considering you called me Mistress, might as well act like one so you and Finn know what you are getting into… no offense to anything I say, just think of it as a demo of what they will do to the two of you when you come for lessons." Tei said in a warning that she would roleplay as a Mistress so Finn, when he stopped fucking Lei to look and listen for a second, and Bronwyn, wouldn't get offended by what Tei would do.

Bronwyn was a bit caught off guard from the push before looking at Tei.

"No offense taken. Give me everything you got." She said with a smirk.

"Alright… this is me in character then." Tei said while she got a serious look on her face while she looks at Bronwyn.

"Better get ready my pet because I'll make sure you are shooting blanks before I'm through." Tei said before she sat and in one go had Bronwyn's cock go balls deep into her and unlike possible times with Tei and Bronwyn… Tei's pussy was so unbelievably tight that Bronwyn gasped when she came out of nowhere while Tei rolled her eyes.

"Pathetic, you couldn't please a real woman even if your life was in danger huh?, well don't worry… I'm here to fix that after all." Tei said while sperm leaked onto Bronwyn's body from Tei's pussy when the sperm leaked from Tei while Finn looks surprised at the sight… it was like Tei MADE Bronwyn cum on her own command.

Lei chuckled as she tries to get Finn's attention.

"I told you before Tei and I take our training seriously."

"N-No kidding." Finn said while Bronwyn tapped off but she grits her teeth and groans again when she came in Tei after she starts to ride Bronwyn and didn't stop doing what she did to really make a mess on the ground while Bronwyn was helpless to stop the pleasure though after so many constant orgasms her cock was starting to hurt when she never seemed to stop climaxing.

As Bronwyn groans in discomfort from the climaxing, Lei cupped Finn's face to make the human look at her.

"Don't worry, she'll be okay. Now then, let's focus on you and I." She said with a lust in her eyes.

Finn blinks at that before he grins at Lei.

"Of course, though hope Denise or Lapiz clean up the mess… pretty sure we will need to get a good meal in Bronwyn later so after this I'll order some things from the breakfast kingdom branch of Elemental Cusine, was getting a bit hungry thanks to all this training." Finn said before he smashed his lips on Lei's and starts to fuck her while Denise chuckles and she gestured for Lapis to help her and she and Denise used some water nearby to clean up the sperm from Bronwyn and the ground while Bronwyn was a pleasure filled fucked up mess when she couldn't stop cumming as Tei keeps riding her cock while she had a dominating look in her eyes.

As Lei moans before kissing Finn back Bronwyn moans and groans loudly and she may have been seeing things but her fucked up mind made the hybrid say this.

"O-Oh… Sarutobi." She groans.

Tei blinks at that and smirks at Bronwyn.

"Oh Sarutobi huh?, well I'm sure he would be happy if he heard you thinking about him while I drain you dry!" Tei said while she placed her hands on Bronwyn's breasts and really rides Bronwyn's orgasming cock.

Bronwyn moans from that action.

"Y-Yes… Sometimes I… t-think of him whenever I… p-please myself."

"Ho ho… well hope I get thought up when I get Serious!" Tei growled out when she really rides Bronwyn's cock to make the pain and pleasure heighten so much that Bronwyn's eyes start to cry but no sobbing was heard, it was like she was in a constant state of pain and pleasure.

Bronwyn's groans got louder as her toes curled greatly from the intense please she was getting.

Time passed to a bit later with Finn and Lei finishing up with one final orgasm with finn filling her up and was about to get ready to leave for the breakfast kingdom, but noticed that Tei was still not letting up on Bronwyn and saw that Bronwyn was barely twitching and what not, barely muttering as well while more sperm was forced from Bronwyn and saw it stop to a trickle but Tei still kept going.

Lei pants a she enjoys afterglow before noticing Finn looking.

"H-Hehe, yeah she's not stopping yet. Just remember, that's exactly, how you're gonna get trained."

Finn would have said something but was stopped by Lei when she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah, Sarutobi, my sister and I went through this… and just to let you and Bronwyn know… Tei is not done by a long shot." Lei said… huh?... what did she mean… wait… wasn't there something about firing blanks?

"W-Wait? What about firing blanks?" Finn said.

"Oh that, well once the Mistress drains the student dry, she keeps on fucking them till they beg to stop and even then she wouldn't, its to build up a pain tolerance and to build stamina, Tei may go easy since its a demo and may just leave Bronwyn a twitching mess on the ground, but normally after this kind of session, well… lets just say Sarutobi wouldn't want to masturbate thanks to how painful his dick was after his Mistress pretty much drained him dry till his balls nearly imploded… and since you know how long our brother lasts… well…" Lei said while Tei gave the greatly weakened Bronwyn an evil smirk and a thought entered Bronwyn's head on how fucked she was.

'Oh fuck… I don't know if I'll make it.' Bronwyn thought.

That's when Tei summoned a ball gag and equipped onto Bronwyn and used a spell to bind her arms and legs to the ground.

"Don't worry… you maybe starving and may feel like you are on deaths door by the time I train this pathetic cock into a mean fucking machine, but you won't end up like my brother who would pass out and be near Death… want to know why you are not getting dehydrated after unloading all that cum?... I'm using my magic to replenish your fluids… bit of a trade secret until later." Tei said while she slowly raised her hips in a dramatic fashion till the head of Bronwyn's cock was the only thing inside of Tei while she grins evilly at Bronwyn and her gagged face.

Bronwyn blinked and tried to say something but couldn't thanks to the ball gag.

That caused Tei to smirk before she slammed her hips down and Bronwyn muffly screams into the ball gag when Tei rides Bronwyn's cock while everyone looked on while Denise, Lapis, and Lazuli all record the scene at various angles while they did look a bit worried, they did know Tei was a pro so...

Bronwyn was muffly groaning loudly making the ball gag get wet from her saliva before she had this thought.

'Fuck!... she's being so rough… just like Sarutobi.'

Though it seemed that unlike Sarutobi, Tei was more rough when she was merciless, she didn't use that trick to try and get Bronwyn to climax again but thanks to how long Tei was riding Bronwyn, Bronwyn's orgasm got closer and closer until…

Bronwyn muffly groans loudly as she climaxed inside Tei's pussy.

Or she would have if her cock didn't have nothing left, her cock throbbed, pulsed and what not but nothing came out while Bronwyn had a rather intense dry orgasm, she couldn't fire another drop in her body right now.

It wasn't long before Bronwyn taps off but unfortunately… it's not over.

Tei grins evilly and fucked one dry orgasm out of another from Bronwyn and now during this final one, her cock hurt so bad that she was thrashing to try and get away but Tei wouldn't have that while Finn looked really worried.

'Oh Glob… I knew this is training but I didn't think it was that crazy!' Finn thought as he thought of helping Bronwyn.

Though one look from Lei stopped Finn before she smirks,

"Don't worry, if Bronwyn is still awake even after all this, Tei will reward her greatly for enduring all this, interrupt and Bronwyn won't feel better after this." Lei said while Tei keeps riding the thrasting Bronwyn's cock, she was even shaking her head no again and again when she could feel an orgasm coming and the building pain from it which gave her some desperate thoughts.

'Oh fucking Glob! Make it stop!' Bronwyn thought as she didn't know if she'll make it.

However Tei kept going and going while Bronwyn's painful orgasm was getting closer and closer until…

Bronwyn groans loudly again before she let out another painful orgasm even though nothing came out.

Tei quickly stands up so Bronwyn could ride out her orgasm in peace and everyone saw how badly the cock was throbbing and even Bronwyn's muffled cries and even her sobs through it all.

The water nymphs were worried for Bronwyn but not as much as Finn as he was beyond worried for his girlfriend's health before Bronwyn finally taps off.

Thats when she sobbed and cried when she couldn't take the pain anymore and she couldn't even focus enough to get rid of her cock and Tei smiles gently at Bronwyn.

"There there… considering you lasted this long, I might as well reward you, do you want the pain to go away?" Tei said while she moved to look at Bronwyn's ball gag covered face.

Bronwyn cries more and can only nod her head at Tei.

"Alright, it may hurt at first since I need to get your cock hard, think you can power through one more stroking for a few moments?" Tei said when she gave Bronwyn a look that begged her to trust her.

Bronwyn was hesitant but she really want the pain to stop before she nods her head again.

Tei nods her head while Lei looks at Finn.

"Get ready to see one of the trade secrets of our clan Finn, its the reason why none of our males or cock summoning females get impotent or feel as much pain." Lei said when she looks at Finn before she and Finn look back at Tei and Bronwyn and saw Tei gently grip the flaccid and abused cock and slowly strokes it to see how Bronwyn would react.

Bronwyn lightly thrashed since her cock was very sore from earlier but tries to power through it.

It took a bit but Bronwyn's cock got erect again and Tei lets it go before she had her head over Bronwyn's cock.

"Now, get ready to feel a cooling soothing sensation and the pain flip to pleasure." Tei said before she opened her mouth and it starts to give a blue color and she took Bronwyn's cock into her mouth slowly while she made sure to use a finger to rub Bronwyn's folds to help distract from any pain while she worked whatever magic she was doing while a cold sensation went over Bronwyn's cock as Tei starts to bob her head when she sucks it hard but slowly.

Bronwyn groans from the pain for a bit before a moment later, she starts to feel a little relaxed.

Lei had her hand on Finn's shoulder while giving him a reassuring look that tells him that everything will be okay.

This caused Finn to blink when he looks to see Bronwyn panting and moaning when the pain was fading and was slowly turning into pleasure for her, it was like Tei was draining the pain right out of her body.

Bronwyn then starts to moan as she felt more relaxed from this feeling.

Lei looks at Finn.

"I will admit that this was extreme Finn but I promise you that it will be worth it once you and Bronwyn become pros at this."

"Y-Yeah… though why so painful again?" Finn asked while Lei chuckles.

"Well think of it like this… you get your swords tempered and enchanted right?, well think of that like this… Tei, the Mistresses and I can hammer out the kinks in your untrained swords and forge them into magnificent great swords so to speak, I mean would you use a old rusty sword or one that was sharpened to perfection?" Lei said while Tei keeps on sucking Bronwyn's cock while another orgasm approached… however Bronwyn felt something off like something would come from this orgasm.

Bronwyn didn't know what that feeling was but she kept moaning as Finn rubbed the back of his head.

"Well… I guess I would use the sword being sharpened to perfection." He said.

Lei however smirks.

"Trick question Finn, with a Rusty Sword you can work it to your liking with repairs and enchantments galore… with a sword sharpened to perfection you can't do much with it." Lei said when she chuckles a bit at what she did though it was a thought provoker… turn a low grade thing, a fresh canvas into something grand… can't do that with a grand canvas since its already well made… same with weapons… legendary enchanted swords can be hard to find and powerful but rely on them to much or not have a way to fix and improve them… well… not good when the weapon finally breaks or loses effect… with a simple sword it can be fixed again and again and upgraded to ones hearts content.

"Oh." Finn said as he felt embarrassed.

"Oh don't worry Finn, I'm messing with you somewhat, if you want to know why I gave that comparison… its not fun building up a guy who can already keep up right?, I mean for the Mistresses and us, we like to build up the perfect guys, besides… the perfect guys normally have egos that do not mix well and they act arrogant as the Nightosphere… Tei and I had a few missions seducing and fucking a man while we worked to get info from him, had stamina out the yin yang but just had the worse personality to go with it, I mean no insult when I say you lack stamina and finesses with the ladies Finn, but you have a personality that makes you leagues better then that guy… and if we train you up, you would be even better than that fucker." Lei said while she grins at Finn.

Hearing this made Finn having a determined look.

"Oh yeah? Well I'll show you both that I'll be 10 times better than that guy."

"Great…, then you should get ready because a few mistresses may want to polish that sword later… see what's happening with Bronwyn?... well think of this… soundproof room to not let others hear you scream, real Mistresses lasting many times longer, and lets just say they don't mind birthing a child or two of a student they teach as a reward if the students endures the training." Lei said while she smirks at Finn.

Finn blinks a few times after hearing that.

"S-Seriously? I mean I want to have a family. Just thought I wait to be married before that."

"Oh don't worry, once a Mistress is knocked up, unless you want to move in, then the Mistress doesn't mind taking care of the child herself, Tei and I are actually twins from our mother who was a single Mistress, she is one of the popular ones who can last a lot longer then us and looks a lot better since even if Tei and I are 18, were still developing, not sure about humans but we keep developing and what not till we hit our 40's, our kind can live up to 200 years if we train well and our elders can fight like they were in their prime… granted doesn't help if their hips get thrown out or they pull something, but point is Tei and I are from a hardy species of humanoids, same with Sarutobi who is stronger, you could call him an Alpha of our kind, he is the next in line for the throne of our kingdom after all, I think it was mentioned before right?." Lei said when she tried to see if Finn heard anything about this.

Finn blinked a few times as he let what Lei said sink in.

"Um, I think you did. But if I did get a Mistress… pregnant, I'm not gonna let her handle this on her own."

Lei however tilts her head in confusion.

"Why?, sure its a nice gesture but you should know that we have a special group of trained caretakers who help raise the children in the village, many fighters while home sometimes are gone for long periods of times and even if the mistress you knocked up raises them, the caretaker assigned to them would take care of their needs while the Mistress goes back to train other low level members, in fact Tei and I knocked up our Mistresses long ago before our 18th birthday when we showed talents for sex and we have a few kids, were even knocked up before as well by our mistresses in order to get us used to childbirthing since we were given roles of Mistresses ourselves, well in the future once we gain more experience, were still low level compared to some mistresses… to get a comparison… they use sex for combat and can crush a cock in their pussy with ease, best Tei and I can do is just lock a person in place with our holes." Lei said while she didn't seem weirded out by a lot of what she just said.

Finn though was surprised when he heard that.

"I-I see… still though, I've been told to take responsibility for my actions. But I guess it's up to whichever Mistress that I might possibly knocked up."

"Well its not like you can't make a request to have the Mistress move in with you but don't expect much, unless they are like Tei and I, they won't move out for culture reasons, I mean even Tei and I had to get permissions from the Elders before we could go to the Fire Kingdom to test you to see if you have the talent to grow into being our man." Lei said while she gestured for Finn to follow her so she and Finn could get ready to get food, might as well join so she could help carry food back to the others later.

Finn follows Lei before he was walking next to her.

"Well it would be nice to get to know whichever Mistress I meet but I can respect culture. I'll just need to be patient until. Right now I want to focus on getting better at Tier 15."

"That's the spirit, anyway better get plenty of bags to get lots of take out… your first training moment is simply to carry ALL of the food on the way back here." Lei said while she smirks at Finn.

Finn blinked a bit before he smirked.

"Bring it on. I can use another workout."

"Alright, then I'll order extra dessert then." Lei said while she grins at Finn.

Finn chuckled.

"Fine by me. Hopefully later they'll be enough desert for you, me, Bronwyn and Tei later." He cryptically said before smacking Lei's ass.

Lei jolts before she smirks at Finn.

"Hehe, careful otherwise you may end up like Bronwyn soon before you get a meal in you, we still need to get to the Jungle Kingdom as well after you let the messenger know your answer." Lei said before she keeps on walking while Finn followed behind.

Though Finn did say this to Lei.

"You know, I actually did some ninja training in the ice arts."

"Really?, how come I never heard you use them then?" Lei said which showed she had info gathered on Finn's skills yet seems the ice ninja skills were not one of them as far as she knew.

Finn chuckled.

"That was years ago. Don't know if I still got it." He said but did look thoughtful.

"Though I wonder…" He said before using his memory and did some hand signs and a moment later a shuriken of ice appeared.

Though it seems a bit off thanks to the lack of practice and broke apart a moment later.

"Hmmm… interesting, may need to ask who taught you this and see if you can practice again, looks like you may have a knack for Ninjutsu." Lei said when she saw that Finn's handsigns seemed a bit slow.

"Hehe, funny thing, I learned from some books and stuff. But it would be awesome to learn that again." Finn said.

"Really?, well if you learned how to use the stuff well, might as well teach you some real Jutsu, try using this handsign, its an ability to make solid clones, should be helpful if you have many woman and can't keep up if you have constant rounds." Lei said before she made a cross sigh with two fingers on each hand, the index and middle finger before a second Lei appeared, they both moved to touch Finn's shoulders and both felt real.

Finn was surprised for a moment.

"Whoa… now I have two sexy Lei's." He said with a smirk.

"Well… its not that simple, unless you have good control and a lot of energy, the clone won't last long, best I can make is a clone that can last a few hours, good for some quick fun or to make an impromptu team member in the fight, but for some sexy fun times… well hehe… they last long enough… though one thing… try and not make too many, this is a highly advanced move since unless you have practice, you could use too much energy and be drained greatly, with the way you train you may have no issues but until you practice, I would say at best, only make 3 clones max for 4 Finns." Lei said while the clone smiles at Finn.

Finn blushes at the clone's smile before looking at the original Lei.

"I see… Then I better make sure to retrain my ninja skills and get better so I can please my ladies." He said before squeezing both Lei and the clone's asses.

The duo jolts before they smirk and the clone moved to cup Finn's balls through his pants and Lei gripped Finn's cock through his pants.

"Careful, double the trouble if you get us worked up more." Lei said while the Clone grins at Finn.

"Yeah… try and not chew more then you can handle sexy, need some more training before you can take us on single handed… try and summon a clone and I may suck your cock later if we get home fast enough…. More clones means more arms to carry the food so less return trips…" Lei's clone said while Finn got shadows over his eyes when he stepped back and he made a cross hand gesture with his fingers and thanks to him remembering the Ice Ninja thing more he was able to make 2 clones though it did make him feel a bit winded from summoning them.

Though what Finn forgot was that while he did get his pants on before following Lei, he forgot his shirt which resulted in the clones having no shirts so Finn and the clones rubbed the back of their head and chuckle a bit.

"Woops." Finn and the clones said while Lei and her clone smirk when they saw the shirtless clones.

"Don't know about that but good job." Lei said as she licked her lips at the 3 Finns.

"Yeah, plenty of fun if you want to tag team Bronwyn later and really show her a good time." The clone said which made Finn and the Finn's blush at the idea… this would also be a good surprise to show later while one clone chuckles a bit.

"Hehe, yeah… maybe this could be a surprise later when we have fun with JP at her Kingdom later… really make the big reveal something to surprise a lot of ladies who watch our videos." The Finn clone said while he grins at everyone.

"Heck yeah. The ladies will be greatly surprised at what we can do." The second Finn clone said with another grin.

"Well there is that but also remember this fact boys." Lei's clone said before she and Lei smirk evilly at the trio.

"Once you reveal this skill…. Many ladies may try and pull an LSP moment just to get with you so you better be prepared to either fight the ladies away or run." The two beings said while Finn and his clones hugged each other in fear when Lei and her clone looked pretty scary right now.

Finn looks at his clones.

"L-Let's make sure that doesn't happen." He said as he didn't want someone like LSP going after him.

"R-Right… if we show this… better get more of those training dolls to guard us 24/7." One of the Finn clones said while Lei and her clone smirk.

"Then again, showing you can make a small squad of Finn's could be a good deterrent of sorts… why not see how many would react in the breakfast kingdom when many Finn's carry plenty of food back, unless you three want to get disguises from the Treefort… we can wait but I'm sure my clone and I would make it worth while for you boys." Lei said while she and her clone hugged one another a bit and gave one another some light kisses before they let go and moved to walk in the breakfast kingdom's direction which left the blushing male trio behind when they felt so conflicted… dispel the clones for the surprise at the Jungle Kingdom or risk getting seen at the breakfast kingdom and letting rumors spread… either way people would find out… it was just a matter of time now.

Finn wanted to be hidden but knowing what Lei can do…

"I don't think we can hide that for long." He said to the two clones.

"No kidding. Plus… can we really refuse what Lei is offering to us?" One Finn clone said.

"Right… men it was nice knowing you in case the worse happens… it was an honor being summoned so smoothly." The second Finn clone said before he saluted Finn and the other clone while tears streamed from his eyes while Finn and the first clone had similar looks.

The Lei clone sweatdrops when she noticed before looking at the original.

"A bit dramatic huh?"

"Eh, considering the clones need the original alive to make more clones and since finn is only one person, getting mobbed by women would be a death sentence for him when he may have to fuck for his life… too much of a good thing in this case, anyway we should get going so we can get some food, I'll get some things to carry the food it… you round up the drama trio here so we can get going." Lei said when she points a thumb at the sobbing trio before Lei left the Lei clone alone with them.

The Lei clone looks at said trio before sweatdropping again as she sees them still crying.

This caused the scene to go a bit later to the Breakfast Kingdom with Breakfast Princess walking through the town where her Castle resided and smiles and waved to a few people while some guards were with her, she was going to Elemental Cusine again since the food there was pretty healthy and diverse being from various kingdoms… however on the way, she wondered if she was seeing double and triple when she saw two Lei's and three Finn's walk into the restaurant… granted the Finn's had different shirts but still she rubbed her eyes and she looks at the guards who looked just as surprised.

"Um… I know humans can have things called twins and triplets thanks to humans moving into Ooo recently but did we just see three Finn and two Lei's pass by?" Breakfast Princess said which showed she watched the view of what happened at the Fire Kingdom.

"Y-Yes my Queen. I'm definitely seeing… more than one." one of the maple guards said.

"I see… well lets go and find out whats going on, maybe Finn has brothers or something that we never knew about." BP or BQ said before she walked to the front door of Elemental Cusine with her guards in tow.

When she and the guards enter, they saw finn and the clones with Lei and her clone talking with Lillum, thanks to the party, many knew about Lillum's Cherry Root form so now she went with her normal self… just dressed modestly to not scar children, she wore a greeting outfit while she smiles at Finn and the clones and Lei and her clone when they approached with BQ and her guards walking to stand near them so they could hear Lillum speak when it seems Finn and the others asked for something.

"...To go boxes huh?, alright, I'll let the cooks know about the large order to go, want to order something to eat here since you all came this way?... Oh hello your highness, nice to see you." Lillum said when she looked by Finn and Lei and the clones which made the group look back to see a surprised BQ and her guards.

"Uh hey BQ. How's it going?" Finn said as he was surprised to see Breakfast Queen here.

"Uh hey Finn… what are you doing here?, not like I'm complaining but… do you have brothers or something?... you never mentioned having two guys looking exactly like you… same with this Lei lady and… her sister?... Thought she wore a different color outfit and had a different hair style… saw the video by the way with the Fire Kingdom in case you didn't know… not bad by the way." BQ said while she looks at Finn and his clones and Lei and her clone with some confusion.

Finn blushes a bit as he rubs the back his head.

"Thanks… and as for the look alikes you see, they're actually mine and Lei's clones. It's a ninja thing."

"Clones?, did Bubblegum make them?, heard rumors that she can make clones of her citizens as well… is she a ninja?" BQ asked which made Lei and her clone chuckle since she and the clone knew that Bubblegum's own method of cloning would cause plenty of confusion.

"Well first, Kunoichi would be the proper term for female ninja. Second, Princess Bubblegum didn't make them, me and Finn created clones though I should explain it thoroughly." Lei said before telling BQ a bit about ninja and kunoichi.

BQ and the guards looked surprised when they heard that and Lei proved more when she made another clone, she couldn't make many in quick succession but making one after the other if she was given some time to recover was another story and the newly made clone smiles when she waved to BQ and the others.

"... and as it turns out, Finn had some ninja skills but needs to retrain himself. But if you think about… a lot of Finns means for more fun." Lei said as she smirks at BQ.

BQ blushed at that when she could imagine a number of Finn's pleasing her which funnily enough made BQ get a nose bleed and she covered her face in embarrassment though before everyone could say something, the doors opened to Elemental cuisine and to some surprise, Sarutobi and Marceline came into the restaurant while Marceline carried her umbrella.

Sarutobi blinks a bit when he noticed the crowd and his sister and her clones.

"Huh?, sis what are you doing here?... and whats with the clones?, you trying to sneak free food again?" Sarutobi asked Lei when he and Marceline approached the group and Marceline noticed Finn and his clones.

"Well not sure about free food but did Bonnie finally manage to make clones of Finn here?" Marceline said when she looked confused right now.

Lei, Finn and their clones sweatdropped at the question.

"Not quite Marcy, I'm a bit of a ninja." Finn said before he tried to summon another clone to prove his point.

Though he did summon a clone… he fell on the ground with a groan while he twitched a bit.

"Finn… remember not to summon too many clones… you summoned these two earlier and got winded, your recovery from that would take a bit longer then my own and I have more experience so I don't waste a lot of energy like you did… hey Lillum make Finn's order bigger… he will need the energy and hey new guy, guess who gets to carry the original back." Lei said while she smirks at the newest Finn clone while Marceline looked really intrigued at this since she wasn't the only one to summon clones now.

Finn felt embarrassed at the third clone when the clone had to pick him up and carry Finn on his back before looking at Marceline.

"Well despite what you saw, you get where I'm going with this Marcy?"

"Hehe, oh yeah but nice to know that I'm not the only to make clones." Marceline said with a smirk.

"Yeah, though from what I heard, the way you make it is different then our way, think we could trade notes later?... though I do have to ask… on a date with my bumbling bro here?, he may be pretty good with seducing the ladies but doesn't have much dating experience yet thanks to his profession." Lei said when she teased her brother a bit.

Lei's clone chuckled as Finn blinked a few times.

"Oh come on sis, I can be romantic." Sarutobi said.

"Is that during or after a mission is over when you seduce a target?, most times you don't even go back to them hehe, same as Tei and I, but we have more experience dating since we like to have fun with a few guys back at the kingdom… not really serious like it is with Finn here but still experience... If you did see someone, where is the lady in question hmmm?" Lei teased when she leaned in to get a close look at her bro's face while he leaned back to avoid the teasing look in Lei's eyes.

Sarutobi blushes in embarrassment as Finn tries to fight back a chuckle before looking at Marceline.

"So today was your date with him Marcy?" Finn said.

"Hehe, yeah, decided to wait a few days before we come here, Sarutobi had a few things to take care of so I made a reservation here after clearing it with him, not sure what he does exactly since he can't talk about some missions but I did hear that he works as a ninja so guess its one of those hush hush type things so I don't ask much, I also heard about the Jungle Kingdom Finn… if you think I'm not joining that fun you got another thing coming hehe." Marceline said when she grins at Finn and the clones.

Finn and the clones blinked a bit though Finn did chuckle.

"Well you were there at the Fire Kingdom sex party and I had a feeling you might come to the Jungle Kingdom. But I'm not complaining. More the merrier, right guys?" He said to his clones.

"Heck yeah!" They said.

"Yeah, still need to give Bronwyn a good time since I didn't get to have fun with her so got an IOU with her name all over it hehe, heard Sarutobi had fun with her after he finished his fun with me, if you want details might want to talk with Saru here." Marceline said while she grins at Finn and the clones.

Finn and the clones blinked before looking at Sarutobi.

Sarutobi chuckles and shrugged his shoulders.

"Hehe, its true, had plenty of fun with your gal when I was done with Marcy here and she had more fun with Flambo, gotta say after her fun with the Queen of Flames, she was still energetic…" Sarutobi said while he explained what happened on that day.

Flashback/ Fire Kingdom/ Throne room/ Sarutobi, Bronwyn

Seems after Sarutobi left Marceline alone to get fucked by Flambo, he went to the throne to see what Bronwyn was doing and saw that she was resting near the throne while Phoebe was getting fucked hard by a few Fire wolves nearby, in fact looked like she was getting gangbanged by Jake 3 when she rides his cock, his sire Jake 2 when he fucked Phoebe's ass, and two more flame wolves were getting stroked off next to her.

Phoebe was moaning and groaning loudly with a very fucked up look on her face while Bronwyn was horny at the sight.

Thats when she heard a throat clearing and when she looked over, she blinks a bit when she saw Sarutobi near her with a hardon on display.

"Yo… need a cock beautiful?" Sarutobi asked while he winked at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushes a bit before smirking at the monkey man.

"You have no idea you handsome stud." She said.

Sarutobi smirks when he approached Bronwyn.

"Well lets skip the talk and get to the fun… want to suck my cock or pick a position?, doubt we need much foreplay after all the fun we had so far." Sarutobi said when he saw how wet Bronwyn was.

Bronwyn chuckled.

"Hehe, true though why don't we get a room and be more comfortable." She said seductively.

Sarutobi smirks when he picked Bronwyn up bridal style.

"My thoughts exactly, had plenty of fun in front of others so might as well go have a private moment." Sarutobi said while he carried Bronwyn from the room though he noticed a flying demonic camera following them and shrugged when he didn't mind being filmed.

Bronwyn noticed as well but didn't care as she was excited for what was gonna happen as she hugged Sarutobi a bit.

This resulted in Sarutobi carrying Bronwyn to a random guestroom and sets her on the bed and noticed that Bronwyn was a bit different… more shy looking.

"Hmmm… looks like I get to meet the shyer version of you huh?, now that I think about it, heard your heated side only comes out in public huh?" Sarutobi said when he was now speaking with the more controlled version of Bronwyn.

"Y-Yeah…" Bronwyn said as she blushes cutely at Sarutobi.

"Hehe, oh don't worry beautiful… I won't do anything too intense at first so…" Sarutobi said before he leaned down and lightly kissed Bronwyn on the lips while the demonic camera got this on film, would be a good extra to view later for those who want to watch something more one on one.

Bronwyn blushes a bit before she slowly returns the kiss and let out a soft moan.

Sarutobi hums from that while he moved to get on the bed and gets over Bronwyn and used a hand to gently fondle a breast on Bronwyn's body.

Bronwyn shudders from that action before she made a slight groan as she continues kissing Sarutobi.

Sarutobi keeps this up before he pulled away from the kiss and smiles kindly at Bronwyn.

"So… what do you want to do instead of your heated side?... your wish if my command Milady." Sarutobi said with a smile on his face to help Bronwyn relax.

Bronwyn blushes brightly.

"Well… I would like to… please your cock."

Sarutobi smiles more while he stands on the bed while he stands over Bronwyn.

"Alright, pick a way to please this cock and I'll go with it." Sarutobi said while his cock throbbed a few times.

Bronwyn blushes a bit more.

"U-Um… perhaps in a… 69 position?"

"Nice… but first…" Sarutobi said before he muttered something and Bronwyn was cleaned from head to toe in no time, even the sperm on her body and folds had vanished.

"There, now we won't have to worry about a mess for now." Sarutobi said while he grins at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blinks as she looks at her clean body for a bit before looking at Sarutobi and slightly nods her head at him.

"Good… so who is on top?" Sarutobi asked while he smiles at Bronwyn in a calming way.

Bronwyn was thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmmm… I'll be on top."

That caused the scene to go to a minute later with Sarutobi on his back while he was licking Bronwyn's folds gently while she was sitting on his face so she could get in position to suck his cock.

Bronwyn groans from having her folds licked as she took her time to please Sarutobi as she made sure to suck his dick good.

Sarutobi groans when he felt her suck his cock, it wasn't intense as what her heated self would do but this more careful approach had its benefits since her heated self would rush but Bronwyn took her time to suck Sarutobi's cock and her tongue ran over the shaft and tip to really get a good taste of the dick.

Bronwyn moans as she kept up her action while enjoying the taste of Sarutobi's cock as the young hybrid used her tongue to lick every part including the tip.

Sarutobi moans from the feeling while he made sure not to get rough with Bronwyn, unlike her heated self, her calm self was not as… forward… so Sarutobi wondered what she was thinking through all of this.

'Okay… so far so good. Sarutobi really knows how to be gentle which is sweet of him and I will say this… his cock really taste good.' She thought as she bobs her head a bit fast.

Though not as fast as she would have normally gone which made Sarutobi groan while he ate out Bronwyn more while he made sure to focus on her bud more than anything else while his hands gripped her ass cheeks.

Bronwyn muffly moans from that action before a moment later, she cupped Sarutobi's balls and gave them a nice massage.

Sarutobi moans more from that while he worked to suck and lick Bronwyn's bud more and used a finger to tease her asshole when he had his index finger rub it.

Bronwyn lightly jolts from that as she massaged Sarutobi's balls more while sucking his dick.

That caused Sarutobi's dick to throb more and more as time went on before he slowly pushed a finger into Bronwyn's asshole.

Bronwyn groans from that action as she felt her orgasm approaching before she thought of something… daring before using her other hand to… tease Sarutobi's asshole.

Sarutobi jolts from that but didn't do much else while he fingers Bronwyn's asshole while he keeps on licking her bud before he moved to have his tongue go into her pussy to really eat her out.

Bronwyn moans for a bit before she got slightly rough as she bobs her head while teasing Sarutobi's ass more.

This continued for a bit while Sarutobi with his training was able to keep himself from cumming for quite a bit while he and Bronwyn get closer and closer until…

Bronwyn moans a bit loud before she climaxed on Sarutobi's face.

That caused Sarutobi to lap up the juices that hit his face while he surprisingly didn't climax yet while he waits for Bronwyn to ride out her orgasm.

It took a bit before Bronwyn finally taps off.

Though to her surprise when she pulled her mouth off Sarutobi's cock, his cock was still iron hard and had yet to climax while Sarutobi wiped his face clean.

'W-What the? Why didn't he cum?' Bronwyn thought before looking back at Sarutobi.

"Hehe… figured I should get a bit serious and start holding back my loads." Sarutobi surprisingly said to Bronwyn.

Bronwyn was surprised after hearing that.

"I-I see… Should we get to the main event then?"

Sarutobi chuckles while he surprised Bronwyn when he used some interesting agility to move to get over Bronwyn and she fell onto the bed fully before she felt her wrists and ankles getting gripped by Sarutobi's hands and his hand like feet so she couldn't move at all while Sarutobi smirks at the surprised Bronwyn.

"Ready?, I'm going to get a bit serious like I said." Sarutobi said while he teasingly rubbed the tip of his cock on her folds.

Bronwyn was surprised at what just happened before blushing brightly as she looks at Sarutobi.

"D-Do it."

Sarutobi nods once and lowered his body and his cock slipped into Bronwyn's pussy in no time, he then surprised Bronwyn more when his muscles bulge and he starts to lift and lower his own body at a quick pace and his cock pistons in and out of Bronwyn's pussy.

Bronwyn groans at the penetration before moaning at this feeling as she looks at Sarutobi with a low growing lust.

Sarutobi didn't see that for a moment thanks to how concentrated he was on fucking Bronwyn while he made sure to not fall on her, though he did notice when he managed to get a steady rhythm going and leaned down to kiss her on the lips when he angles his body to do so while he keeps fucking her hard.

Bronwyn moans more before she returns the kiss while looking at the monkey man in the eyes before Bronwyn slides her tongue in his mouth.

This caused the two to make out while Sarutobi keeps on fucking Bronwyn while her orgasm was getting closer and closer until…

Bronwyn muffly moans loudly before she climaxes a bit hard on Sarutobi's dick.

That caused Sarutobi to groan and this time he came hard inside of Bronwyn's pussy with great force that made his nuts throb as a result.

Bronwyn groans as her climax got stronger for a moment before she taps off.

Sarutobi took a few more seconds then Bronwyn to finish climaxing with a groan before he pulled free of the kiss and grins at Bronwyn.

"Fuck… heated or not you got a tight pussy." Sarutobi said while he grins at Bronwyn more while his cock was iron hard still.

Bronwyn panted while blushing brightly.

"A-And you have a… s-strong cock with… l-lively cum."

"All the more to have fun with cuties like you and I'm nowhere near done." Sarutobi said while he pulled his cock free of Bronwyn's pussy and after aiming at her ass, he thrusts his cock balls deep inside of her and starts to fuck her ass in no time.

Bronwyn groans loudly from the penetration.

"O-Oh Sarutobi!" She moans.

The scene then went back to reality with the others in the lobby of Elemental Cuisine.

Present/ Elemental cuisine/ Lobby/ Finn X 4, Lei X 3, Marceline, Sarutobi, Lillum, Breakfast Queen, Maple Guards

"...So as you can tell the rest went pretty well with me outlasting Bronwyn that time, she wasn't heated so she wasn't as daring as her heated self but man she was still a fine lady, Finn… or Finn's… you guys are lucky humans to get a lady as fine as her, it would make me jealous if I wasn't on a date with one of the most desirable ladies in all of Ooo right now." Sarutobi said when he tease Marceline when he smacked her on the ass lightly before he held her waist.

Marceline jolts at first before she lightly blushes a bit.

Finn and his clones brightly after hearing details of what Sarutobi did with his girlfriend.

"W-Well I… we're glad to have Bronwyn in our lives." Finn said as he and his clones rubbed the back of their heads.

"Hehe, yeah, better watch out or someone may try and steal her from you, not many gals like her hehe." Sarutobi said before he looks at Marceline.

"Come on Marcy, lets go get to our table, I made a reservation, might as well use it." Sarutobi said before he kissed Marceline on the cheek and starts to walk away from Marceline which left her behind with the others.

Marceline blushes from the peck before chuckling and looks at Finn.

"Well I'll see you later Finn. Time to enjoy my date." She said before she follows Sarutobi after say bye to Lei and the clones.

Though Finn had a determined look which shows that he wasn't gonna let anyone take Bronwyn, not even Sarutobi.

This caused Lillum to giggle before she led Marceline and Sarutobi away.

"Follow me you two, I'll take care of the seating… oh and Finn, Lei, I'll take care of the take out in a moment so could… all 7 of you please move to the waiting area over there?" Lillum said when she points to a waiting lobby.

Lei chuckled.

"No sweat Lillum. Take as much time as you need."

That caused Finn and Lei with the clones to follow her into the lobby and after 30 minutes of waiting, Emerald was the one who came in followed by Maite in a waitress outfit.

"Hey guys, nice to see you Finn, and hello Lei, nice to see you again as well, got your food ready and in case you ask Finn, Maite is working here to learn how to work well with others… her tribe don't exactly get along well with others but figured now would be a good time… few close calls though… nearly had to help a few people from getting punched… guys who liked to try and grope her… sure she wouldn't mind guys with manners but guys like that… better as walking coin pouches then me paying for their stay at the hospital." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head.

Finn and Lei sweatdrops after hearing that.

"Well it's good to see you again Maite and at least you can work closely with Emerald."

"Hehe, yeah, I'm learning a lot thanks to him and Lillum and the others here… still wish I could have caved that guy's head into his chest cavity but can't cause trouble for Emerald here." Maite said while Emerald smiles while he held Maite's hand.

"Don't worry Maite, if anyone gives you trouble again you know you can come to Lillum and I, we will always be there for you, and if any try and force themselves on you… that is when you start breaking heads." Emerald said when he grins at his Fiance and kissed her on the lips.

Maite blushes as she hugs Emerald before kissing back.

This caused the duo to make out for a moment before Emerald pulled away from the kiss and he looks at Finn and Lei.

"Alright, Finn, Lei, and your clones, got everything ready, so please follow me, I'll let Maite go back to work now in the meantime." Emerald said while he gestured for Finn and Lei and the clones to follow him.

Said group nods their heads before they followed Emerald as Maite went back to working her shift.

When the group followed Emerald outside, the food was in a floating barrier and he grins at Finn while he points a thumb at the barrier.

"Here it is, just push it and it will float in the direction like a balloon, so I doubt you would need the doubles here." Emerald said while he smirks at Finn while the clones looked a bit bummed that they wouldn't get to shine.

"Well, the cart is helpful." Finn even though he can tell his clones wanted to do the heavy lifting.

The Lei clones smirk when they walked to the clones.

"Oh don't worry… you'll guys do more heavy lifting when we get back… say some serious tag team action tier 15 wise?, should be good practice before the trip to JP's place." One Lei clone said before she and the other Lei clones winked at the Finn clones to cheer them up.

The Finn clones perked up as their eyes sparkled with excitement.

Lei chuckles while she looks at Finn.

"Guess that means we get to have fun as well… better get pushing Finn, we got a long walk ahead of us." Lei said while she smirks at Finn.

Finn smirked back.

"Sure thing beautiful." He said before giving Lei's ass a good smack before he starts heading for the cart.

Lei jolts before she smirks when she knew she would have a good time later, this resulted in Finn walking as his clones gave chase while they flirt with the Lei clones and Lei followed along while Emerald smirks at the sight.

"Hehe, nice sight more or less… welp time to get back to work." Emerald said before he went back into his shop before the scene went to much later with Sarutobi and Marceline while they were laughing when Sarutobi was walking Marceline back home.

"...And I told that guy you can kiss my left nut before I kicked his ass, honestly that guy was a dumbass of the finest degree when he threated to kill me over a simple bump when I passed by him, I was in a crowd so how was I going to avoid him easily?" Sarutobi said while he chuckles at the story he was telling.

Marceline chuckled.

"Hehe, I feel you. One time some guy, whom I regrettably know, thought that he can make me date him by wiping my memory. Too bad for him it backed fired and I gave him a good kick in the balls."

"I see, not sure who that guy is but if he is anything like the creep who has been following us for a bit… well I really pity him right now." Sarutobi said before he threw a shuriken out of the blue near a tree that he and Marceline were going by and hit a branch with enough force to cut it and before it could hit the group and low and behold, someone did fall from the side to avoid the branch… the same person who Marceline hated the most right now… Ash the Donkass Wizard but how did he get this close to her and how did Sarutobi find out where he was?

Marceline's eyes widened.

"Ash?!... What the fuck are you doing here?" She said before glaring at him.

"Ash huh?... I'm guessing this the guy who is bugging you?, seems like a Stalker to me for the most part." Sarutobi said while he held his hands behind his head when he looks at Ash as he picked himself up from the ground.

"Sadly… he's my donk of an ex." Marceline said.

"That's what you think Mar-Mar. I'm not leaving till I make you my woman again." Ash said.

That made Marceline's eyes glow red.

"I'm not some object you dumbass. Now leave or else."

"Or else what?" Ash said while Sarutobi rolled his eyes.

"Or I'll kick your ass before I kill you, Marceline is half right about one thing… but lets give it a slight twist." Sarutobi cryptically said while he walked in front of Marceline protectively while he had a relaxed look on his face when he got in a small combat stance.

Though Marceline felt touched she raised her eyebrow when Sarutobi said she was half right.

Ash scoffed before he brought out his cherry blossom wand.

"Bring it on monkey boy."

Sarutobi smirks while he held up one finger.

"A riddle for you then Wiz boy… same to you Marcy… ever hear of the being called Sun Wukong?" Sarutobi said while he grins a bit while shadows covered his eyes.

Both Marceline and Ash blinked in confusion.

"Sun Wu… What?" Ash said.

Sarutobi smirks when he reached his hand to his head and after gripping a small amount of fur, plucked them and more grew from the fur that was plucked.

"Simple… you could call him an overseas Glob of sorts who was long forgotten about… one so old that most would forget about him… and like how Marceline is Hunson's daughter… I'm Sun Wukong's descendant… same with my sisters as well… many in my home are not since they are different monkey based humanoids but point is… my family are half globs… unlike Marceline who is half demonic… so she and I have familiar things in common… and as for why I called her half wrong is pretty simple, she is right about you leaving but wrong in that I would let that happen… she is right she is not an object… she is a powerful woman who should be treated with respect and since I'm a man dating her currently… well trying to get in my territory when you are so fucking weak really pisses me off." Sarutobi said when he dropped his hairs besides one while his tone of voice turned into an echo at the end before the hairs he plucked turned into clones of himself and he formed a staff from one hair in his hand and when he twirls in and slammed one end into the ground, the ground actually shook a bit from the impact and Sarutobi smirks at Ash stumbling.

"Let me give you one thing flower boy… where I'm from I'm the next in line for my people's throne and trained to become strong… so while I can take it if Finn wants to try and steal Marceline away from me, all is fair… you on the other hand… you should know your place as a piece of shit and you should have stayed away…" Sarutobi said while he spun his stalf and held it to the side for a moment.

Ash took a step back but he foolishly uses his wand and fires some kind of attack at Sarutobi.

One of the clones knocked the hit away while the clone looks at his hand while Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously?... are you that weak?, my clones can take a few hits but pretty sure Finn could take one out with a good hit of a sword… this is just pathetic… so… might as well put you out of your misery."Sarutobi said before he moved with shocking speed to stand behind Ash and with one swing of his staff… he crushed Ash with one hit into a bloody mess and Sarutobi didn't bat an eye at the gory mess he just made on the ground while he made his staff vanish and dusts off his hands and saw that Ash was dead thanks to his skull pretty much being split open.

Marceline's eyes widened as she couldn't believe what happened.

"Dude… you actually did it."

"Yeah well guy deserved it for ticking you off… I meant what I said on being cool with Finn dating you if he stole you away but this guy… he just died from a light tap… talk about pathetic." Sarutobi said while he looks at the clones.

"Get this body back to our home and have a deal made with Death to revive this guy, and have Life turn this fucker female, got a new soon to be bitch for our training beasts and may break the soon to be bitch in myself… always wanted a sexy toy after all so might as well make this soon to be bitch the female object." Sarutobi said while the clones smirk and nod before one picked up Ash's corpse and jumped away while the others gave chase.

Marceline floats to Sarutobi and grips his shoulders before Marceline kissed his lips hard.

Sarutobi looked a bit surprised by that and returned the kiss a moment later when he gripped Marceline by the waist, he wasn't sure where that came from but wasn't complaining right now.

Marceline continues the kiss before she pulls away.

"Hehe, that's thanks for finally ending that donk."

Sarutobi smirks when he heard that.

"Oh really?, from what I heard he deserved more than a quick death… and all I get is a kiss?... well I can take that but if you don't want to see what I can do with my own brand of clones then I guess I can just be a gentleman and walk you to your front door before I head home." Sarutobi said while he grins at the Vampire Queen.

Marceline playfully rolled her eyes.

"I didn't say it was a full thank you." She said before she hooked her arms around Sarutobi's arm before she starts to drag him to her house.

Sarutobi just looked amused when that happened and just lets it happen for a moment before he moved to walk by Marceline while they get to her home and when they did, Sarutobi opened the door and gave a grin when he gave a bow for her to enter.

Marceline smirked before she floats inside her home.

After that happened, Sarutobi came into the house and after Marceline surprised him with another make out session, she and Sarutobi just fucked it and undressed and Sarutobu was leaning against Marcelines counter in the living room and groans when Marceline was sucking his cock hard while she was on her knees on the ground.

"F-Fuck… s-still not sure about ass and P-Pussy but you have the number 1 mouth around for stuff like this!" Sarutobi groans when he watched Marceline deepthroat his cock nonstop, not even the Mistresses he trained with could take his cock for this long… they needed to breathe after all.

Marceline just gave Sarutobi an eye smile as she sucked his cock hard while using her tongue to lick around.

"S-Shit!... you trying to suck my soul from my cock!, heard you can suck souls because if this is the way I go with my soul through my cock… then what a way to go with a beauty like you!" Sarutobi got out when he could feel his cock throbbing already which was a shocker since he had more stamina then this, was Marceline holding back last time at the Fire Kingdom or was she just really turned on after what Sarutobi did to Ash?

Though there was no answer as Marceline kept sucking Sarutobi off before she uses her tongue to roughly lick the tip.

"O-Oh f-fuck… g-gonna… g-gonna… F-FUCK!" Sarutobi groans out before yelling that last one when he gripped the counter edge and came hard inside of Marceline's mouth hard with surprising force.

Marceline groans before she starts swallowing the monkey man's load as she stroke his dick with her hand to make Sarutobi cum more.

Sarutobi grits his teeth when he rides out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan and pants for breath while he looks at Marceline with a blush on his face.

Marceline smirks as she swallows the rest of Sarutobi's cum before she uses her mouth to clean his cock.

Sarutobi chuckles before he used a few hairs to summon more clones and with a silent command, they moved to get around Marceline with hardened cocks and some even moved to pet various parts of Marceline's body to help her feel good.

Marceline lightly blushes but licks her lips at the many hardened cocks.

This caused some clones to smirk while they had moved to aim their cocks at Marceline's head… seems some wanted attention while Sarutobi himself summoned a clone in the kitchen to get him a drink since he would be awhile.

Marceline grins before she grabs both clone's cocks with her hands before stroking them.

The clones groan while they enjoyed the work and when Sarutobi got his drink and downed it, he placed the glass on the counter and went to join the clones when he moved to get near Marceline's ass and rubbed her ass cheeks in a teasing way when his fingers nearly touched her asshole a few times.

Marceline groans from that action before she took the first clone's dick in her mouth before sucking it while stroking off the second clone's dick.

The clones really groan from that and Sarutobi lifts Marceline so that she was floating in the air and Sarutobi licks his lips when he starts to eat Marceline's ass out and the second clone used a finger to rub her folds when he reached around Marceline's ass to to so.

Marceline groans from these actions as she kept sucking off the first clone's dick before switching to the second clone's dick and sucked it hard.

That caused the second clone to groan while the first took the chance to rub Marceline's bud while she was distracted while Sarutobi slipped his tongue into Marceline's ass and really worked to get her lubed up for the fun to be.

Marceline groans again but did have a sneaky idea as she had her hair turned into a hand.

She then uses it to grab Sarutobi's cock and stroke him off.

Sarutobi groans and wiggles his tongue deeper into Marceline's ass to counter that and really get her worked up, he could feel her getting close, it was only a matter of time until it happens.

Marceline groans but tries to hold off her orgasm to last longer as she stroked Sarutobi's cock more while sucking the clones's cocks.

Though she underestimated how long Sarutobi would last and long before Sarutobi would climax, Sarutobi keeps eating her out more and more until…

Marceline groans a bit loud before she climaxed on Sarutobi's tongue.

Sarutobi worked to lap up the juices while he waits for Marceline to ride out her orgasm.

After about 15 seconds, Marceline finally taps off.

Sarutobi then pulled Marceline away from the clones when he moved to hold her in his arms bridal style and sat her on the counter while she was turned to face him… perfect height for him to fuck her if she wanted to just make a mess on her counter, but Sarutobi doubted she cared right now if the look on her face was a good indicator… he could just have a clone clean the mess later so no real issue on his end.

Marceline grins at the monkey before she opens her legs to show Sarutobi her soaked folds.

Sarutobi licks his lips while he moved to aim his cock at her folds and a moment later, slowly pushed his way in gently so Marceline wouldn't feel any discomfort at all.

Marceline did groan but not in discomfort before smirking at Sarutobi.

"Don't worry. I like it when things get… rough."

Sarutobi chuckles when he gripped Marceline's ass when his cock was halfway in Marceline's folds.

"Alright… lets get rough!" Sarutobi said when he moved Marceline off the counter and all the way onto his cock and a clone moved to get behind Marceline and in no time, the clone forced a cock up her asshole thanks to Sarutobi holding her ass cheeks apart which made Marceline groan with her holes tightening on the cocks while one clone smirks at moved to grab Sarutobi's phone.

"Hey boss, why don't we make our own porno and show folks how intense we can get?" The clone asked when he suggests that to Sarutobi while Sarutobi and the clone wait for Marceline to adjust to the double penetration she just got surprised with.

Marceline groans from her sudden anal penetration before she was finally able to adjust.

"Hmmm… alright… might as well give it this title… Sarutobi's reward for ending a certain Stalker's life… for now… people should get the context even if confused by the title." Sarutobi said while he grins at the clone who nods his head before he turned the phone on and starts recording which caused Sarutobi and the clone with the cock up Marceline's ass to grin when they start to lift and lower Marceline on their cocks.

Marceline groans a bit as she starts feeling both dicks going in and out of her ass and pussy.

Sarutobi and his clone then thrust their hips in time with the drop and their cocks went in and out of Marceline at an intense but controlled rate as a result.

"O-Oh fuck!" Marceline groans before she wraps her arms and legs around Sarutobi to make him thrust deeper.

This resulted in the clone holding the phone to stroke himself off while he recorded what was going on and saw the clone fucking Marceline smack her ass a few times to give her a thril with the dominating act.

Marceline's face starts to look pleased as she starts moaning from that pleasure.

"Oh yes!" She moans as her breasts bounced.

That caused Sarutobi to lick his lips again and with a signal, he had the ass fucking clone move to have Marceline's nipples moved together and Sarutobi latched his mouth on both nipples and sucked on them hard as a result and that caused the clone that was recording to stroke himself off more.

Marceline moans more from that action as she tightens her hold on Sarutobi as her toes curled.

This repeats with Sarutobi fucking Marceline more and more while the clone did the same with her ass for who knows how long until…

Marceline throws her head back before moaning loud as her holes tightened on the duo's dicks before climaxing on them.

Though to her shock while she rides out her orgasm… Sarutobi didn't climax yet, nor his clone and just keep fucking her through the orgasm even if the tightness made it hard to do so.

Though Marceline taps off, she was moaning loudly as her face slowly starts to look fucked.

This caused Marceline to get fucked up more when Sarutobi and the clone grit their teethed and fucked Marceline for so long and hard in various ways that the sun that was initially going down was now down fully and Sarutobi and the clone were sweating up a storm when they finally felt their orgasms approaching which Marceline could finally feel much to her relief when she thought they would never cum which was a shocker in of itself… she heard Sarutobi was trained to last long but this long!?... this was insane!

Marceline looks at Sarutobi.

"C-Come on Sarutobi, give this Queen's pussy your royal semen."

This caused Sarutobi to grin when he stopped all of a sudden.

"Well if you want a creampie…" Sarutobi said when the clone pulled his cock free of her ass and aimed ait at her already stuffed pussy… while Sarutobi had an evil look in his eyes when the throbbing cock of the clone was forced into Marceline's pussy to join Sarutobi's which really stretched out her over stimulated pussy and the two start to fuck Marceline harder and faster then every before she could adjust..

"O-OH FUCK YEAH!" Marceline groans loudly from how intense the duo was to her.

This went on for a minute with the two growling for a minute straight right before the two forced themselves balls deep into Marceline and roars when they came hard inside of Marceline, flooding her womb with sperm.

Marceline moans loudly before she climaxed hard again on the duo's cocks.

This caused all three to ride out their orgasms while the two clones ride out their orgasms a bit longer than Marceline did thanks to how built up they were and when they tapped off, they saw a greatly winded Marceline and Sarutobi smirks when he looks at the Clone holding the Phone.

"You get everything man?" Sarutobi says when he grins at the camera holding clone.

The Clone gave Sarutobi a thumb's up even though he was still recording.

"Great… end the recording and send it to everyone on Marceline's contact list after you send it to her Phone, the first porno is the long one, maybe I should hold back hehe… still should be an eye opener and should help people appreciate other porn stars hehe, how you doing Marceline?, think you can go more after you recover?" Sarutobi said when he looks at Marceline with a smile.

Marceline pants a bit while blushing before she looks at Sarutobi.

"O-Oh yeah… N-Not done yet."

"Great…." Sarutobi said while the scene shifts a bit a few times.

Candy Kingdom/ Bubblegum's lab/ Bubblegum

Bubblegum was in her lab when she was working on a new experiment, she had her phone near her and when she was done, her Phone started to ring and vibrate with Marceline's ring tone all of a sudden.

"Hmm, I wonder what Marceline needs." She said before she grabs her phone and opens it.

She saw a video message…. This kind of situation felt a bit familiar to her… it couldn't be what she thought it would be right?

"Hmmm, normally I'm thinking of a video with Finn and Bronwyn and other guests. Unless Marceline decided to do one with Finn." Bubblegum said before she plays the video.

That… was half right… this was a long two hour video of Marceline getting fucked by Sarutobi and to Bubblegum looked like a twin of his while she could barely see a third guy stroking himself off at the very bottom of the screen a few times when the camera was brought over to get good angles and saw that the cock belonged to another monkey man who had a similar fur color to Sarutobi.

Bubblegum, though surprise, was blushing brightly at what she was seeing.

'Oh my… is Marceline having an orgy with… triplets?'

Bubblegum was a bit curious on how long this would go… but to her shock when she fast forward through the video… she saw Marceline climaxing practically notstop on his and his *Brother's* cocks while they had not came once and it was only near the end that they finally came when they double stuff her folds and gave her a rather intense creampie… not very diverse but still if this was not edited… then Sarutobi and his *Brother* seemed to be very gifted.

'O-Oh Glob… It's like these two haven't climaxed once and Marceline has plenty. Never thought I see the day of someone else outlasting Marceline.' Bubblegum thought.

A small message was made when the third *Brother* turned the camera at the end.

"To all you sexy ladies watching this video, no this is not edited, this is real, the guy fucking Marceline is Sarutobi and thanks to a little ability, he was able to clone himself, and yours truely is one of them, if you want o have more fun contact this number in the phone I'm about to provide and some gold and who knows, you could start in something like this as well… just with more moneyshots and creampies when the main me and us clones don't try and keep our orgasms in check hehe… anyway.." The clone said before he explained the phone number to call and all the requirements for having fun with Sarutobi.

Bubblegum blushes brightly after hearing the message but was shocked that this Sarutobi person can make clones of himself.

However… seeing the Vampire Queen getting pounded was actually making Bubblegum turned on.

Though the question was… does she want this number… or not?

She however did know one thing, thanks to an earlier message with Marceline, she knew about the meetup with the trip to the Jungle Kingdom… maybe she could go there and bring some gold… enough for some fun with Sarutobi and Finn at the same time.

After thinking this through, Bubblegum obviously made her choice as she wrote down Sarutobi's number.

"Would be interesting if I… get to know Sarutobi. Just need to make sure I bring enough to gold to have fun with him and Finn." She said.

While she went to calculate things, the scene went to Huntress Wizard who got the same video on her end.

Wizard City/ Huntress's home/ Huntress

Turns out Huntress was doing something similar how the last video went, and was getting fucked by a plant double of Finn with its cock up her ass while the Sarutobi double fucked her pussy when they were really having their way with one her, the double of Sarutobi was on his back while Huntress rode him while she faced the double, and the Finn double was gripping her breasts from behind when he fucked her breasts hard and fast.

Huntress Wizard was groaning loudly as she was greatly enjoying the pleasure.

The sounds of Huntress moaning were filling the room while she was greatly enjoying herself, not just because of the video but because in a bonus message from Marceline or Sarutobi's clone at the time, she got a message that said Ash was dead for now and she was celebrating the occasion.

'Finally that fucker is gone. Now Things can get even better. Plus this Sarutobi is interesting. I think I recall seeing him and two Monkey ladies that were talking to Finn. I think I should save plenty of gold to have fun with the duo.' Huntress thought.

This resulted in the two doubles fucking Huntress more and more until…

Huntress groans loudly before she climaxed hard on the duo's dicks.

A moment later, they pushed their faux cocks balls deep into Huntress's holes and unload sticky sap into her to give the feel of regular sperm for the Wood Nymph to enjoy.

Huntress groans loudly with a pleased look as her climax got stronger while waiting for the look alikes to tap off.

When they tapped off, they pulled their faux cocks free and after that, returned to simple looking flowers thanks to a long root connecting them to nearby flower pots and that left Huntress alone when she fell onto the bed to pant for breath.

"Fuck… T-That felt good." Huntress said as she enjoys the afterglow.

The scene then went to one last scene to show the Jungle Kingdom.

Ooo/ Jungle Kingdom/ Jungle Princess's room/ Jungle Princess

The scene showed Jungle Princess while she was laying on a bed and looking at her own Phone to see the video with Sarutobi and Marceline… she didn't have many things in the ways of technology since her place was first and foremost a Jungle Kingdom, but even she knew she had to have some form of communication with others so aside from herself, and a few other high ranking people in her kingdom, not many else had Phones, sure there was the occasional computer set up in various homes so no one was ignorant of the outside worlds knowledge and news, but in terms of tech… only 5 percent of people in the kingdom actually used them.

Though while that would explain why people like JP had a phone and what not, didn't mean she or others knew how they worked for the most part and some just held onto them for communication only purposes, while some did figure out more things like JP when she was not busy and needed a way to kill time which resulted in her figuring out how to access the internet on the phone and finding the many videos that Finn and Bronwyn made and also getting the Sarutobi and his clone fucking Marceline Video… that caused her to smirk when she knew that inviting Finn and Bronwyn with some gold was a good idea and if Sarutobi came by… more fun for her later… especially since in a few days… a rather important and fertile event is going to take place.

"Hehe, this will be a great event. Can't wait to have some fun with Finn and possibly that Sarutobi guy. Might make it a test to see which one can be a good husband material." JP said.

Though JP knew that while that either of them could be good husband material… she had to settle a deal with Death that was made during the first ruler of the Jungle Kingdom's time… should be good practice when she becomes a mother of Death's child.

"Though I need to settle the deal with Death first. But at least I get first hand approach on being a mom. Hopefully Finn and the others can understand." JP said.

Though she did smirk when this would be a very interesting time in a few days.

The scene then fades to black with many things happening around Ooo as many start to turn in for the day.

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