An Unexpected Date @emerald
Chapter 4

The scene opened up to show TME and Atomsk while they were going over some notes from last chapter since its been awhile since he and Atomsk wrote a chapter for this story.

"So… last I remember and may need to read the last few chapters… but last time we had Finn and Bronwyn go at it in public, they were at Breakfast princess's nude beach and met quite a number of people and a monkey man named Sarutobi if I remember right, and because of what Finn said, seems like many men who want to get with Bronwyn, and females for Finn or Bronwyn will need to pay top tier gold in order to get a shot with them… is that the basic idea were going with from here on out?" TME said while he went over one part of the story to see if that helped with remembering things for Atomsk.

"Oh yeah. That's exactly where we are right now." Atomsk said.

"Yeah though if I remember there is a party going to happen soon in the fire kingdom right?, pretty sure Marceline and Phoebe will be there because I remember seeing Flambo talking to Marceline about a party and after that, Phoebe was planning the party herself so should be intense." TME said while he looks at a few other notes.

"Hehe, oh yeah. Plus I think Bronwyn may have an admirer so Finn better watch his back." Atomsk said as he chuckled.

"Hehe yeah, Sarutobi was being really flirty… something tells me he won't be away from Bronwyn for long." TME said while he chuckles at how angry Finn would be if that was the case.

"Hehe, no kidding. But anyway, big apology to Lexboss on the big waited update since TME and I have been busy with personal stuff and commissions." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, we rarely get paid stuff and this requester is doing a lot of requesting for paid stuff so we have been busy, and even if it wasn't that we just lost track of time with other stories so sorry again for the wait, hopefully this will show this story, and the rest of your stories have not been abandoned… if they were the story summary would show that." TME said while he had a serious look on his face.

"Damn straight. TME and I never abandoned our stories… even if a bunch of them have been gathering dust, we managed to get to them." Atomsk said with crossed arms.

"Yeah… lots of… dust." TME said when he looked at another story with a sweatdrop when he saw that it was DDS and TDS, the co-op and solo works respectively were covered with dust like no other.

Atomsk sweatdrops as well.

"Yes… But regardless of things, TME and I always manage to get things done no matter what obstacle is there." Atomsk said.

"Well aside from time or internet down… to quote a certain saying and twisted it a bit… we are men not gods!" TME said while he had a serious look in his eyes.

"No kidding. If we were, our jobs would be very easy. Make clones of ourselves and they would update each story." Atomsk said.

"Wouldn't the clones try and make their own clones and that would just spiral out of control… remember the Naruto episode where those shadow clones rebeled… and then there is Twice from Boku no hero… guy made his clones so much that they turned against him and well… guy was messed up when he didn't know if he was a clone or the real deal after everything that happened." TME said when he could see how things could go wrong so fast if that kind of ability was abused.

Atomsk blinked a bit.

"I… don't remember those two, but I recall seeing a Simpsons episode where Homer got a hammock and it helped made him clones before they started running around causing a ruckus… only way they stopped them was a giant donut. Sadly, real Homer got killed while Marge got the clone."

"Huh… I don't watch the simpsons but if that was canon then looks like the clone took over as the main homer after that huh?, anyway were getting off topic so why don't we start the story already?" TME said while he tried to get things back on track.

"Oh yeah. Lead the way my good sir." Atomsk said.

"Right… anyway this story starts out a few days after the Nude Beach area…." TME said while the scene shifts to...

Ooo/ Treefort/ Living room/ Finn, Bronwyn, BMO

The scene showed Finn and Bronwyn while they were sitting next to one another to watch a movie that was playing on BMO, it was a simple comedy romance movie and the main hero was trying to get to his date on time but thanks to some comical moments… while he did get to the date… he was covered in chicken feathers and had a half lidded look on his face while his girlfriend laughed at him a bit.

Bronwyn laughs a bit.

"Oh Glob, this is so funny." She said as she laughs more.

Finn chuckles while he held Bronwyn.

"Hehe, yeah, heard from Marceline this is a good movie when I last visited her to see what kind of stuff she found." Finn said while he remembered Marceline laughing a lot during the movie so it didn't have the same gut busting level it had but was still funny to him.

Bronwyn did blush from being held before she snuggles closer to Finn while watching the movie.

While that went on, outside of the house, Huntress Wizard was approaching Finn's home and she knocked on the door a moment later to see if anyone was home since she couldn't see inside of the house.

Bronwyn blinked in confusion.

"I think someone's at the door."

That caused Finn to hum before he got up from the couch and he walked to the door and when he opened it, he was surprised to see Huntress at the door.

"Huntress?, need something?" Finn asked which made Huntress nod her head.

"Indeed, may I enter the house first?" Huntress asked while she waits for Finn to let her inside.

Finn blinks a bit in confusion.

"Um sure." He said before making space for Huntress to enter.

When she entered, she saw Bronwyn sitting at the couch before she nods her head.

"Good, you two are here, makes things easy to talk about then." Huntress said while she sounded a bit cryptic for some reason to the duo.

Finn and Bronwyn blinked in confusion after hearing that.

"Um hello? And who are you?" Bronwyn said but when she looks at Huntress and her mask, it made the hybrid realize something.

"Wait… are you… Huntress Wizard?"

"Indeed, its an honor to meet one such as yourself… Bronwyn right?, I saw plenty of videos where you and Finn pretty much show everyone how beastly you two are." Huntress said while she bowed politely a little towards Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushes brightly after hearing that.

"Um, thanks." She said as Finn was a little surprised.

"So Huntress, not that I don't mind that you visit, but what brings you here and what do you need from me and Bronwyn? Is something troubling you?" Finn said.

"Simple… you heard that there is a party being planned in the Fire Kingdom right?, I ask because I have a reason for starting things with that question." Huntress said while she had a hard to read stoic look on her face.

Finn and Bronwyn blinked after hearing that.

"Hmmm, I think I did hear about it. Though I don't know if going. Then again, I don't have an invitation." Finn said.

Though Huntress tossing a few fancy letters on a nearby nightstand and her saying this was a shocker.

"Now you two do, part of the reason why I'm here is to give you and your girlfriend these invites, I have one as well and Marceline is playing the main act in a band for the party, also before you ask why I'm passing these… well…" Huntress said before she snapped her fingers and a large sack was summoned and it crashed to the ground with a loud thud and Huntress smirks when the bag opens and a lot of gold was seen.

"Also this is a combined pile of mine, the Queen of flames, and Marceline's share to have a good time with you and Bronwyn later, I can explain more but in a nutshell the party is a mix of an adult only party and an orgy since this time of the year is when Flame people go into a heated state, obviously there are sections of the kingdom sealed off so kids won't be there to get scarred but its more or less just everyone working out their lust, I'll be using a special flame shield that CB uses so I won't run out of time so that I won't get burned… tested that one out when the Queen of Flames and I had a wild time when we met." Huntress said while she had a light smirk on her face.

Finn and Bronwyn were not only shocked about the invitations but they were more shocked that not only Phoebe, Marceline and HW paid big to have a good time with the duo but that Huntress admitted to having fun with the Queen of Flames.

"S-Seriously?... you and Phoebe?... and now…" Finn said as he looks at the sach of gold.

"Don't forget Marceline as well, that fun time with the Queen of flames was just a test to see how well that flame shield revision would work with me since I'm a plant based being and I must say… not bad with the shield and not bad of a lover with the Queen of Flames so close to her heat cycle… I'm sure Bronwyn would love it as well with how intense that other half of her is like in public settings." Huntress said with a small smirk on her face.

Finn blinked a bit after hearing this before he looks at Bronwyn to see what she thinks.

All she did was have a blush on her face since she couldn't find a counter for that and the image of her and the Queen of freaking flames did cause an image where… she was the one dominating the Queen or having the Queen dominate her in pretty hardcore ways and Bronwyn blushed more while Huntress ignored her to look at Finn while she starts to walk to the door.

"I'll see you and Bronwyn at the Party Finn, and Bronwyn… oh and in case you get confused Finn… this isn't romance, we're beasts after all but I never said you couldn't come to me to have a good time if you remember." Huntress said before she hopped down to the front door area while Huntress's words rang in Finn's head… he could have had fun with her anytime!?

'Wait what?!' Finn thought as he couldn't believe what he heard.

Though he wasn't able to confirm what he just heard while the only proof that Huntress was here was the gold and the invitations left from Huntress's visit and Bronwyn looks at Finn to see what he would do since he did have that gold condition so others could have fun with her and Finn.

Finn rubs the back of his head a bit before he looks at his hybrid girlfriend.

"Well… this was… shocking."

"Yeah… though more like burning in this case since we now have to go to the fire kingdom now and pretty much get it on with heated Flame people, Huntress, and… Marceline as well… it seems." Bronwyn said while she blushed when she heard about how beautiful Marceline was from Finn and a few others.

Finn blushes as well.

"Hey, if you don't want to go, I could call Huntress and tell her a different reason and give back the money."

Bronwyn blinks at that before she blushed a bit.

"N-No!... I mean no, Huntress took the time to invite us and it would be rude to decline, besides if we turn down this first payment we ever get, people may wonder why we declined the payment and it could make us go back to the old way of doing things and possibly causing trouble." Bronwyn said though seems the first No part being yelled showed she wanted to go… seems she was turning into a real exebitionist it seems.

Finn blinked a bit after hearing that but knew Bronwyn was right before he grabbed her hand.

"Well… if you're sure then we'll go. Last thing I want is for you to feel uncomfortable at something."

Bronwyn blushed from that before she smiles at Finn.

"Thanks Finn… but I'm fine, guess I'm getting used to the idea of being seen in public and I'm not as uncomfortable… seems many are pretty accepting of what we are doing." Bronwyn said while she gave Finn a smile like no other, one that was relaxed as well.

Finn returns the smile.

"They sure are." He said before leaning in and kissed Bronwyn on the lips.

Bronwyn returned the kiss though both Finn and Bronwyn got wide eyes when they heard an aww and looked to see BMO who was still in video mode and looked pretty happy to see Finn and Bronwyn kissing one another after all this.

Finn chuckles nervously.

"Whoops… almost forgot about BMO."

"More like forgot about the Little guy, sorry if you heard anything bad." Bronwyn said while BMO giggles.

"Oh no worries, I heard and seen worse with Finn's search history when Finn tried to loo up-!" BMO tried to say by Finn when he interrupted BMO by covering their mouth part of their face to quiet BMO from saying anything more.

"Uh, Don't mind BMO. Probably talking about what Jake did yeah." Finn said as he really hoped that Bronwyn didn't catch this.

Though Bronwyn just had a raised eyebrow to show she was not fooled but she lets it go when she gets to her feet.

"Well either way I'm going to get ready for the party later, seems it's in a few days on these letters since the date is on the front so better grab a gift for the queen or something, you know her better then I after all." Bronwyn said before she starts to plan for the party while she hums a bit which left Finn and BMO alone while the little bot had an eyesmile on their face.

Finn sighs before he uncovers BMO's mouth.

"Too close BMO. You shouldn't tell people what I was… looking at."

"Really?, but you are pretty open about what you do in public yet you don't want people to see what you watch?" BMO said while they gave Finn a half lidded look.

Finn blushes brightly.

"T-That's different BMO."

"Really?, even that video with that Me-Mow like woman or that one video where Marceline leaked a sex tape of her and Bubblegum when they were younger and you paid to buy that one?" BMO said while they raised an eyebrow at Finn.

Finn blushed more till he gave a good impression of a tomato.

"Yes… No… I don't know."

BMO smirks a bit while they got to their feet.

"I'll just see myself out now, better make sure you hide that tape though, hard to hide it when you had it labed as Finn's fantasy." BMO said before they walked out of the room and left Finn alone.

Finn jolts a bit before he hurries to his room and made sure that the tape was well hidden.

While that happened, the scene went to much much later, a few days in fact to show Finn and Bronwyn riding in Finn's car while he drove to the fire Kingdom, they had to ditch the car near the border of the fire kingdom and walk the rest of the way so the car wouldn't melt and thanks to Flambo, the duo wore special flame shields with special amulets that would last 24 hours, only people who showed the invites that Finn and Bronwyn got would get the amulets and it protected them from the heat and when they got to the Fire Kingdom, they saw many people flirting with one another while many warnings were shown to bring their children to the safe zones so that when the heat started, no child would be scarred from the soon to be heat cycle orgy.

"Wow… this is going to be interesting." Finn said.

"Yeah… seems we have an hour… might as well go see the Queen of flames and Marceline if they are together, same with Huntress if she came by early." Bronwyn said before she starts walking towards the castle while a few eyes from a few men and the occasional woman look at her before some ladies noticed Finn and giggle when they saw him and wink at him in a flirting way.

Finn blushes from the winking before slightly waving a bit at the ladies as he catches up to Bronwyn while holding a gift for Phoebe.

When they got to the castle, they were allowed into the castle with no trouble and were escorted to the main lobby of the castle and saw Marceline while she was talking to some ghostly bands while Phoebe was nearby while she was talking with some planners and they were walking away before she noticed Finn and Bronwyn approaching her.

"Oh, Finn, Bronwyn, nice to see you, and nice to meet you Bronwyn, first time offically meeting right?" Phoebe said while she held a hand out for Bronwyn to shake when she tried to be friendly with Bronwyn though Marceline noticed Finn and Bronwyn now when she heard Phoebe talking.

Bronwyn took Phoebe's hand and shook.

"Thank you, and its nice to meet you as well Queen Phoebe. Finn told me alot about you."

"I see… well I know a lot about you… a lot from the internet… anyway I'm setting up a small party to help fuel everyone who comes here so that we can really have fun later, I see you got the amulets, Huntress helped test them so they should last 24 hours at best, if you have issues then I'll cast a spell to help make a normal flame shield so we can get you out of the flame kingdom so no burns happen." Phoebe said with a smile on her face.

Bronwyn did blush a bit brightly when Phoebe mentioned the internet but still smiled nonetheless.

"Well that's good to know. We also brought a gift for you as thanks for the invite. But Finn put more thought to it."

Phoebe smiles at that before she looks at Finn.

"Great, what gift did you get?, granted its not that kind of party but gifts are nice." Phoebe said while she smiles at Finn.

Finn did blush a bit.

"Well I could say something but… it would ruined the surprise." He said before handing her the present.

Phoebe blinks at that before she opened the present and saw it was a fancy looking necklace.

"Wow… and it doesn't even melt at the touch, thanks for the necklace Finn." Phoebe said while she equipped the necklace and it sat around her neck.

Finn smiles a bit.

"It also has a neat ability. It would deflect any water attacks that'll come at you."

"Really?" Phoebe said before she got a bit of a dirty idea and smirks when she starts to walk by Finn to place the present box on a nearby table.

"Well maybe I should take it off when we have our fun later… pretty sure a load from you might as well count as an attack with how productive you are." Phoebe said while she smirks at Finn at the rather perverted tease while Bronwyn did blush but she had to hold back a giggle when it was technically true… Finn was pretty productive after all.

Finn blushes brightly after hearing that as Marceline, who heard it, snickered.

That got Finn's attention and hoped she could help change the subject.

"H-Hey Marcy… nice to see you here, surprised you well um… sent Huntress with a payment…" Finn said while he blushed a bit since Marceline was paying for a good time with him and Bronwyn later.

"Hehe, well after what I saw what you did with Bonnie and at that Beach and that bench in Bonnie's place, I would be a fool if I didn't get in on that fun… especially when I saw how large you are… gotta say Bron, congrats on being able to take this guys lower greatsword." Marceline said while she had a teasing look in her eyes.

Finn and Bronwyn blushes brightly after hearing that.

"Y-Yes… well it will be nice to get to… know you and… stuff." Bronwyn said.

Marceline smirks while she placed an arm around Bronwyn.

"Oh I get the feeling we will… now onto an important question… want to meet the band?, they were pretty famous when they were alive so…" Marceline said before she dragged Bronwyn towards the ghostly band which left Finn and Phoebe alone before Bronwyn could do anything to stop Marceline.

Finn blinked a bit before glancing at Phoebe.

"You look… great with the necklace by the way."

"Thanks… you look great as well, same style of outfit though, ever consider changing your wardrobe?" Phoebe said while she noticed Finn was in his own iconic outfit, though again it was a bigger size to match his larger frame.

Finn did look thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmmm, I guess I haven't. Though since I'm older, maybe a new style wouldn't kill me."


LSP was floating through the woods while she was minding her own business before she shuddered and looked around.

"What in the glob?... it felt like… some kind of disturbance was about to happen… something that would make a normally same dressed kind of guy look hotter… I must find the source!" LSP said before she floats in a random direction like a princess on a mission while back in the Flame Kingdom…

Finn shuddered while he oddly felt a chill up his spine and Phoebe looked confused.

"Something wrong Finn?" Phoebe asked while Finn looked confused.

"I-I don't know… for some reason I feel like I should keep an eye out for some reason if I change my look." Finn said which was oddly specific.

"I-I see… well good luck with that. Though if you decide to change, I would very much like to see it." Phoebe said with a smile.

Finn nods his head when he heard that and was glad for the distraction.

"Great, though I must say you look pretty good Phoebe, new look it seems or is this for this party?" Finn said while he looks at Phoebe and saw she was wearing a new outfit, it looked like a robe like outfit that seemed fancy, she went barefoot like normal but the outfit wasn't as poofy aside from the neck area which had some fluff there and it had a bit of a opening in the front to show some cleaveage… and it could be Finn's imagination… but was Phoebe not wearing a bra?

"Well for the party." Phoebe said before smirking as she leans in and whispers in Finn's ear.

"And also for the bedroom."

Finn blushed brightly from that and when Pheoebe leaned in so Finn could get a feel… the material felt pretty thin and… holy crap she was nude under the outfit… Finn found that out when he not only was able to see down Phoebe's front, but Phoebe carefully moved Finn's hand to her ass and Finn blushed when he gripped Phoebe's ass and felt nothing aside from the robe blocking him from Phoebe and she groans lightly before she stepped away from a blushing Finn and winked at him.

"Oh and just so you don't get surprised later… its not just Marceline, Huntress, and I that will be having fun with you and Bronwyn… well… mainly Bronwyn but a few ladies I know wanted to pay for a good time with you in person so… better get ready Finn because things are about to get very steamy for you since many people here came for you and Bronwyn mainly… think of it as easy cash with this Party." Phoebe said before she walked away from Finn with a swing of her hips and a teasing look in her eyes.

Finn, though surprised, was blushing brightly after hearing that before he was actually looking at Phoebe's ass.

'Damn… even though we're ex's and friends… Somehow she's so… cute when being flirty and plus… her ass.'

Though Finn heard a familiar chuckling a moment later and looked to see… Sarutobi!?, granted he was wearing a flame shield but Finn would recognize that face anywhere and while his outfit was mainly ninja themed, he could see that annoying grin no problem.

"Hey Finn… you got the invite to the party too?" Sarutobi said while he had a large sack that looked a bit heavy.

"Uhhh… yeah… though I'm surprised to see you hear Sarutobi." Finn said while wondering about the bag.

"Well lets just say thanks to that vid I help make with your lovely girlfriend, it helped make me a bit famous so I get plenty of tail now… oh and before I forget, mind taking this?" Sarutobi said while he wanted to pass the large bag to Finn for some reason.

Finn was confused before he took the bag.

"Okay... but what for?"

Sarutobi grins before he points his index fingers at Finn.

"My payment for tapping your girlfriend's ass what else?, see you later and enjoy the gold." Sarutobi said and before Finn could stop him, Sarutobi ran off and went to say hi to Marceline and Bronwyn.

Finn facepalm.

"Glob dammit… I should've seen that coming."

Meanwhile with Marceline and Bronwyn…

Bronwyn was busy at the moment getting an autograph from a ghost while Marceline was writing her own before Bronwyn was surprised when she was slapped on the ass and heard a familiar voice.

"Hey beautiful, been awhile and a greeting to the sexy Vampire Queen." Sarutobi said while he stopped to stand next to Bronwyn with a teasing grin on his face.

Bronwyn, after jolting was surprised when she saw the monkey humanoid.

"S-Sarutobi?... you got invited too?" She said.

"Hey I'm surprised as you are but when the Vampire Queen personally gave me an invitation and a good time to show her skills after I showed mine on that vid you and I made… well… I would be stupid to decline and I did just pay your boyfriend a lot of gold so I hope you keep that ass pretty tight for me when the real afterparty starts." Sarutobi said while he gripped Bronwyn's ass with one hand and gripped the ass cheek and pulled away when he liked what he felt.

Bronwyn jolts again from that action before blushing brightly and looks at Marceline.

Marceline chuckles.

"Hey the guy gave a good performance so he's earned it. Plus from the vid, you were really enjoying your time with him." She said with a smirk which made Bronwyn blush more.

"W-Well… yes." Bronwyn said.

"Hehe, well if you think I'm good, then you and the Queen here maybe happy to know since this thing can allow me to bring a few guests on my end like a plus one type of thing, and well… brought in a few of my brothers and sisters here so they can enjoy the party and they are just as fun as I am, should be getting here soon as well with their own gold so they can have fun with you and Finn here beautiful." Sarutobi said while he grins at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn's eyes widened.

"R-Really?" She said.

"Well… I would tell but you may have a better time asking the Vampire Queen here… she helped me pick out some of my sibs after testing them herself so she can vouch for how good they are and how flexable the females of my family are… and since she told me about the afterparty… well… my family and I had a lot of fun with her when she wanted to see how well we work together if you get what I mean and I gotta say… damn… the Vampire Queen is a really sexy woman when she showed who was in charge and gotta say… loved every moment pleasing a real Queen." Sarutobi said while he held a hand towards Marceline while he looked amused when he bowed to her like she was a Globbes.

Bronwyn was again surprised when she heard that as Marceline chuckles.

"I aim to please. So hope you and Finn are prepared well Bronwyn." She said as Bronwyn lightly gulped while blushing.

Sarutobi chuckles before he walked over to Marceline and took her hand in his own and kissed the hand and smirks at Marceline.

"Pardon me for going above my station and asking a Royal of your level this, but if possible, would you give this lowly monkey a chance to ask you out on a date so I can repay you for what you did?... honestly after all that happened I would feel bad if I don't at least get a good meal in a lovely lady such as yourself and… maybe more after a few days if willing?" Sarutobi asked while being oddly gentlemen like though he never lost the grin.

Bronwyn was surprised to hear Sarutobi asking Marceline on a date.

Marceline blinked at the gesture before smirking.

"Considering the performance you gave me… sure. I'll give you a shot." She said which made Bronwyn feel more surprised.

"R-Really?" Bronwyn asked which made Marceline chuckle.

"Well you and I know Sarutobi can be pretty good in the sack but how much of a gentleman he can be I have yet to know, besides… with Finn being claimed and me and Bonnie being… eh… not sure?... need to be able to relax with someone and who better than a fun craving monkey man who knows how to give it good?" Marceline said while she smirks at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn, again surprised, was blushing brightly as she remembers how Sarutobi acted.

"Well… that is true." She said as she couldn't find no fault to Marceline's logic.

"Yeah, besides it's not like I would be selfish… if Sarutobi wants to have fun with you and pays a bit of gold to do so, he can't complain if I have fun with your man if I pay my own gold so at least the sex life will be fun… well either Finn or you… shapeshifter after all just like you so guess who can play for both teams so to speak?" Marceline said while she grins at Bronwyn.

"W-Well… guess you have a point." Bronwyn said as she glances at Sarutobi.

Sarutobi chuckles while he grins at Bronwyn.

"What?, can't say I wouldn't pay for a good time with that sexy ass of yours, gripped my cock in just the right ways, a guy could get addicted to that ass… now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get a bite to eat from the non-flame people food area, gotta love wizards in this case." Sarutobi said before he jogged away from the two ladies while Marceline looks at Sarutobi and smirks when his outfit didn't hide much of his body since it was a tight outfit and she and Bronwyn could see Sarutobi's tight looking ass.

Bronwyn blushes as she can see Sarutobi's ass even if he was away from the duo.

Marceline chuckles while she looks at Bronwyn.

"Anyway here's my autograph and the rest of the band, made extra copies so give them to your friends or sell them for all I care." Marceline said while she grins at Bronwyn.

"O-Oh… well thanks Marceline." Bronwyn said after her train of thought was interrupted.

Time passed to a bit later to show the Party about to start and many people were here or there in the room like CB, plenty of flame guards, some wood nymphs with amulets to keep them from being harmed and Huntress as well, Sarutobi and his family which had similar outfits and amulets to keep themselves from being burned, plenty of flame wolves and flambits were there, even Flambo as well while he sat on Marceline's head, even some candy Citizens and Bubblegum was there shockingly enough and more to the shock, Emerald was there while some chefs were placing some food on various tables… looks like Elemental Cusine catered to flame people… is there places were he and his employees don't go while Phoebe walked onto a small stage to get everyone's attention.

"Hello everyone, welcome to the annual Fire Kingdom royal celebration, for those who don't know, this time celebrates the flame kingdom being able to come together and have interesting times with loved ones… the start of this party is mainly just to have food, drinks, and mingle with people, Marceline the Vampire Queen is playing the music and after the initial party is over with, the real afterparty is going to kick off, I hope all of you with children left your kids at the designated safety zones for children because adults only from here on out…. Now… any questions before the party starts?" Phoebe asked while she waits for some questions from anyone.

One man raised his hand.

"Can anyone ask for a requested song?"

"Of course, but remember songs maybe limited to 5 songs to make sure this party doesn't go on for too long." Phoebe said while she had a smile on her face.

Some of the people seemed to nod their heads in agreement.

A moment later, Marceline got a small list of songs from various people and she picked 5 out of that list while Phoebe looks at the partygoers.

"Alright, if there is nothing else, I would suggest we get the party started." Phoebe said while she waits to see if anyone had anything to ask.

The partygoers had thoughtful looks but they all shook their heads as they had nothing else to ask.

"Alright, everyone enjoy the party and remember that the afterparty is where the real party is so fuel up and get ready to see a flame kingdom tradition held at this time of year." Phoebe said which caused many to cheer and start eating some food here or there.

Finn did chuckle as he was close by the Queen of Flames.

"Nice speech Phoebe."

"Thanks, I had practice… anyway lets get something to eat and you might as well mingle with people here for now to help pass the time." Phoebe said while Marceline and her band started out with one of the requested songs and it was a mix of rocking and oddly gentle with this song, so a good introduction song for the party.

While that happened, Bronwyn was busy eating some food that she had gotten while she was busy talking with Emerald who was with Cherry Root after all the food was set up and the duo were eating their own meals and noticed Bronwyn approaching.

"Man Emerald, once again the food is awesome." Bronwyn said as she took another bite.

Emerald chuckles while he looks at Bronwyn.

"Thanks, though considering this was all donated to help make a deal with the Queen of flames to open a Fire Kingdom Branch here, its well worth the cost… granted going to need to make an actual building here since flame people and non flame people do not normally mix and could be a safety and fire hazard… also I'm waiting for someone and my wife is going to appear soon as well so you might as well get to meet her, remember Lillum the Succubus?, I mentioned her right after helping you guys when people tried to follow you and Finn into my restaurant in the Candy Kingdom Branch." Emerald said while he smiles a bit while Cherry Root smiles as well oddly enough… guess Lillum was well liked by Cherry Root as well.

Bronwyn blinks a few times after hearing.

"Oh she's coming here? And who else is coming?"

"Welllll… lets just say that thanks to my culture where I'm from and thanks to the fact this is a pretty open place, Maite is my Fiance so soon to be second wife believe it or not, unlike Lillum, Maite can kick some serious ass and looks good doing it, honestly if you like Amazon like women who look both sexy and sensual… well you might as well like Maite." Emerald said before he chuckles at the play on words at the end since might and Maite sounded the same.

Bronwyn blinks in surprise as Cherry Root giggles.

"Really?, so when are they getting here?" Bronwyn asked which made Emerald hum and he pulled out a phone with the time on it.

"Hmmm… Maite should get here any minute… so… why not introduce you to Lillum first?" Emerald cryptically said much to Bronwyn's confusion since no one was approaching them as far as she knew… was Lillum invisible or something?

"Wait is your wife here already and… invisible?" Bronwyn said as she looks around.

"Hmmm… sorta but not quite… Cherry Root if you would be so kind." Emerald said when he looks at Cherry Root who smiles before her form starts to glow with a dim pink light while Finn, Phoebe, and Huntress who was walking Bronwyn's way since Finn and Phoebe were heading there so she would meet them halfway and saw Cherry Root glowing before she starts to grow and her form starts to reform while Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler, who tagged along to help serve Bubblegum, saw this as well while they came close so Bubblegum could speak with Finn.

That caused others to look Cherry's way as well before the glow fades when her form was changed so much that she was a different person entirely… she looked human… had demonic wings on her back, wore a fancy red dress for the party but floats over the ground and went barefooted, had large D Cup breasts that were barely held by the dress and looked like it could fall from her breasts at any moment, she had a perfectly curvy body, had some muscle here or there, had long brown hair braided to be behind her back and to top it all off, glowing pinkish eyes that radiate power while her fireshield amulet fell off her and she seemed fine while Cherry Root? Smiles at the crowd that gathered around her and waved with a smile.

"Hey there, sorry for the trick but Cherry Root is my alias when I work with Emerald in Elemental Cusine… my real name is Lillum Demonica and Emerald's loving first wife, nice to meet you." Lillum said while she winked cutely at many in the room.

Bronwyn, along with Finn and co that saw what was happening, was surprised while blushing brightly.

"W-Wait… you mean you were Cherry Root the whole time? But why need a disguise if you want to be close to your husband?" Bronwyn said.

"Simple, would you go to a place like that for eyecandy for food?, you would be surprised how my beauty distracted from sales so I came up with this Cherry Root form so I could keep the place calm… though it doesn't stop me from having fun with Emerald in my Cherry root form and I have to hold my real form back for now so I don't cause penises to blow before the real fun starts… hehe lets just say my real figure would be a knockout and thanks to my excess magic, I can support that frame no problem and if I run out I could just go Cheery Root and it helps with quick recovery or use the form you see before you… lets just say my breasts alone are much bigger than this and its not a shapeshift thing… all natural… G Cup breasts and I have a much rounder ass as well." Lillum said while she giggles a bit near the end.

Everyone blushes brightly as they can picture Lillum's… figure as Bronwyn clears her throat.

"Y-Yes… I can see your point." She said.

"Hehe, not as much as you will when I show you a good time later, one good thing about Orgies… I'm pretty much one of the last standing when I'm in them… and lets just say since many here are natural shapeshifters like myself… well… you can already get where I'm going with this so just need to wait for Maite… who by the way will enter the room in 3… 2… 1…" Lillum said before a woman with pink hair rushed in while she carried a pair of heels in her right hand and wore a short dress so it wouldn't get in the way while she wore one of the amulets that gave the 24 hour flame shield and when she got close, many blushed when she was a looker as well and unlike Lillum, this woman was pretty powerful looking, had muscles all over her body, was a bit taller then Lillum which backed the Amazonian build, had a sensual body as well when her cup size matched Lillum's so guess Lillum borrowed this woman's build and all that… all in all she looked a bit winded while she wiped her forehead when she got to Emerald and Lillum.

"S-Sorry you two… had to leave my ride out of the fire kingdom border and had to hoof it… nearly got jumped by a flame wolf who was starting to lose it thanks to the heat about to hit and lets just say glad I'm trained otherwise I would have lost this outfit I bought." The woman said while Emerald chuckles a bit.

"Eh no worries Maite, Party just started offically a few minutes ago and thanks to the deal made, I can make a branch of Elemental Cusine here, if you want to talk plans with Cedric who has the blueprints, he and Azure are with the other chefs here right now to learn recepies and will be here shortly." Emerald said while he grins at his Fiance

Bronwyn and everyone else was surprised when they saw Emerald's fiance as Maite smiles.

"Well that's great news dear." She said before going to Emerald and kiss his lips.

Emerald returned the kiss while he placed a free hand on her waist and everyone saw that Maite was a few inches taller then Emerald but all in all, seems that Emerald nor Maite had no issues with this before Emerald pulled away from the kiss and looks at Phoebe.

"Your highness, this is my Fiance Maite, my soon to be second wife, I mentioned her before but you two never met until now, anyway seems like we have to talk about ways to let vehicles or other ways of transportation being able to be shielded against the heat here… I mean seriously?, my Fiance had to run where she left her ride… and during this time of year?, when she was almost jumped by a Flame wolf in heat?... granted if the situation was different she would like the attention but come on… we have a party here." Emerald said when he gestured to all the guests that were not flame people so they all had to walk from the border to here and would have to walk back again much later.

Phoebe rubs the back of her head as some of the non-flame people groan since they have to walk back to their cars after the party and whatnot.

"Well I see your point. I will make sure to fix the situation."

"Yeah so… hey everyone who is not a flame person… I'll make a deal with you all… for a small fee after the party is over with from the each of you, I'll personally teleport you to each of your rides or back home if you came here directly from there in other ways, consider it a small gift of sorts for the teleport but the fee is for the targeted spell since it would take a bit out of me… but would be worth it since not only would you be at your ride or back him without issue but you wouldn't have to worry about burning up in 24 hours when these amulets enchantments wear off." Emerald said while he smiles at the partygoers with a businessman look on his face.

A bunch of the partygoers all nod their heads at Emerald as they all didn't want to do the long walk again to their cars or homes.

Lillum chuckles and shakes her head.

"Emerald, always looking for a quick buck…" Lillum said before she leaned in to whisper this to Bronwyn.

"Between you and me, Emerald would do this for free if time was of the essence and everyone needed a quick out of the Fire Kingdom, granted people may end up on the other side from a random teleport but better then burning alive right?" Lillum whispered before she giggles a bit at the image of a panicking Emerald quickly teleporting non flame people out of the flame kingdom in a rush.

Bronwyn blinked a bit after hearing that but sweatdrops at the image.

"So true." She whispers back.

Lillum giggles before she looks at the group around her.

"So… got any questions for Maite and I?, we are technically new in my revealed form here and you all met the sexy Maite here… who knows… depending on how this goes we could have F-U-N with a lot of you… an orgy after this after all." Lillum said while she gave a teasing lick of her lips when she looked at a lot of people… mainly Finn for a moment for some reason… maybe Bronwyn could ask why she did that.

"Umm… why did you just did that when you looked at Finn?" Bronwyn said as Finn blinked when he noticed.

"Well its just aside from Emerald thanks to various magics he found that made him immortal so he wouldn't die before Maite and I, Finn here is the only other human that I know of at the moment… well before those other human's came to Ooo, unfortnatly I… sampled some of them while I was disquised in a different form but none of them match the quality of energy that Emerald gave me… also met this woman named Minerva but she seemed a bit off lately even with those robotic doubles… think it was after she saw a few other humans looking at a video of Finn and Bronwyn during their act during the first time but I'm not sure why that would happen… I mean its not like she's related to Finn right?, she's a robotic army after all." Lillum said while unaware of the finer details of Minerva and her controlled army of robotic doubles.

Finn's eyes widened in comical proportions.

"Oh… crap."

Bronwyn looks at Finn.

"Finn? What's wrong?"

Finn was silent for a bit.

"My mom… saw our vids. That's what's wrong."

Bronwyn got wide eyes when she heard that and all she said was this.

"Ohhh…" Bronwyn said when this felt like a reverse of when KKW found out about this… though the real question is mainly WHEN Minerva might pop up… or one of her robotic doubles… either that or maybe a messanger if her bots can't work far enough from the village of Human's that was made recently.

Though Bronwyn's question was surprisingly answered when something metallic was coming their way.

"Interesting I should hear about my creator and her son." A metallic voice said which made many look to see a robotic humanoid who mainly looked like he was made out of a silver metal and his joints looked like they were made with some kind of blue electrical energy or some kind of wiring that glowed like that for looks… either way the robot looked pretty advanced.

"Who are you?" Lillum said while the robot bowed a bit to everyone and bowed deeply to Phoebe.

"First off, greetings Queen of Flames, my creator sends her regards, as for who I am, I am a creation of Minerva Campbell with the Designation of Pluton, Finn's mother and she is the leader of the Human village where she and the other human's reside… I was made to assist humans as a next generation helper bot though as you can see I'm not linked to Minerva's main network and I'm not designed like a Minerva bot… I would explain more but Finn looks like he is about to hyperventilate if my health scanners are running right in this heated place." Pluton said when he introduced himself and had a stoic look on his robotic face that would give Huntress a run for her money in the stoic department.

Everyone blinked when they heard that before they look at Finn and true enough, he was hyperventilating while having a pale look in his face.

Bronwyn quickly went to her boyfriend and gave him a hug.

"Please calm down Finn. It'll be alright."

"Indeed, though aside from her sending me here to request your presence, she is surprisingly proud of you since you became a man and there could possibly be grandbabies for her to spoil… her words… not mine… though she did question why you didn't charge anyone cash for this sooner since logically you being a desireable male to the mainly female royal populous and what not…. Well it seems like a missed opportunity until now." Pluton surprisingly said while he didn't seem put off on the part with Finn charging others now.

Finn after calming down, was surprised after hearing this.

"W-Wait… Seriously? She actually said that?" He said as he probably missed the grandbaby remark.

"Indeed, while she was shocked at first and questions why you did things in public, she understands if its a culture thing since many seemed to welcome it, even if not, she is happy that you are finally a man and are in a relationship that is going well, she sends her blessing and wished she could be here but the range of the antennas are limited and relays will need to be made later so I was sent here to give you and Bronwyn Minerva's blessing in case you two get married." Pluton said while he never lost his calm look on his face.

Finn and Bronwyn were surprised after hearing that before blushing brightly.

"I-I see… that's great to hear." Finn said as he kept blushing though he was also happy that his mom approves… despite seeing the vids.

"Indeed, oh and just one other thing from Minerva in case you start getting more women… make sure to visit her to make sure you didn't get STD's or HIV's in case you didn't know its sexually transmitted deseases that you shouldn't underestimate, pretty sure it doesn't affect non humans but you can never be to careful… and just in case…" Pluton said before he walked to Finn, had a needle come out from a slot on his arm, he inserts the needle and drew some blood and pulled the needle out and the surrounding heat cauterized the wound and Pluton put away the needle for safe keeping.

Finn groans from the needle before rubbing his arm.

"Yeah… not sure about the more women part but I'll definitely visit mom… even if it'll feel awkward since she… saw the videos." Finn said as he blushes in embarrassment.

"Well to be fair thanks to you many humans have started to do what you and Bronwyn do and find it pretty thrilling, even Minerva has her fun as well when she made various programs that look like a lot of man and women you know and has fun with them, she is technically the only human mortal ever to become something more and join the immortal cyberworld so to speak, even I had the pleasure of being tested by her before I was given this body and she gave me plenty of functions that would allow me to join this afterparty in full." Pluton said while he looks around the room at the mingling people.

Finn's eyes widened after hearing that.

"Okay… a bit much on the info." He said as Marceline, who listens, chuckles.

"Wow… talk about some good info."

"Maybe, but to be fair, Minerva is pretty much the only one of her kind now and is pretty much controlling many robotic bodies at once so she maybe stressed beyond belief so all in all this is just one relief for her so she won't worry if you manage to make a family or not in the future." Pluton said before he starts to walk by Finn.

"I'm going to mingle now, see you later Finn and remember, the sooner you visit your mother the better." Pluton said before he walked away with metallic thuds from his feet which left Finn with the others minus Pluton now.

Everyone else looked at Finn.

"You alright Finn?" Bronwyn asked.

"Ask me that when I stop feeling embarressed." Finn said which caused Phoebe to hum before she looks at Bronwyn.

"Hey Bronwyn… look over here for a second." Phoebe said while she had a fun idea in her head.

Bronwyn blinked in confusion before she looks at the Queen of Flames to see what she needed.

Though to her, and everyone's shock… Phoebe pretty much moved to hug Bronwyn and kissed her on the lips with a lustful look in her eyes.

Finn noticed and had the same reaction as the audience.

Bronwyn, who was caught off guard, surprisingly felt heated thanks to the kiss before the hybrid starts to return the kiss after hugging Phoebe.

Phoebe returned the kiss with a passion and had her tongue interact with Bronwyn's while Phoebe's hands went to Bronwyn's ass and gripped them with a strong grip.

Bronwyn's heated state grew a bit before she moans into the kiss.

Bronwyn even went to grip Phoebe's ass in the same manner as Bronwyn uses her tongue to fight Phoebe's tongue more.

While this happened, A few other couples were following suit when they start to make out with one another and in no time, the people who were full were making out while others watched, some even pulled out some phones and cameras so they could upload this to the internet later.

Marceline was liking what she was seeing and decided to record this herself.

Huntress had a small smirk as Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler blush brightly at the sight.

Finn, who was shocked that Phoebe, his ex and friend, was kissing Bronwyn, his current girlfriend, who was actually returning the kiss.

Surprisingly though… Finn was actually liking this and was turned on.

That resulted in Huntress smirking since she was the closest and while many others start to make out with Lillum and Maite starting things nearby when Lillum pulled Maite into a kiss.

Maite moans into the kiss before she returns it after hugging her.

Emerald noticed when he returned to the group after getting of plenty of gold and IOU's before he smirks at the sight.

"Wow, guess the afterparty is starting now huh?, we doing this here or we getting seperate rooms for smaller private parties?" Emerald said while he watched his wife and soon to be wife make out in front of him.

Phoebe, who heard that, pulls her lips from Bronwyn and looks at Emerald.

"Whatever you want. Some don't mind doing this outside." Phoebe said with a smirk.

"Nice to know… well then hope some of you don't mind if Lillum, Maite, and I stick around, got nothing to hide so…" Emerald said before he snapped his fingers and all his clothes vanished to show a strong human looking body and a large cock, either all natural or magical but it was nearly a foot long… 11 inches and 2 and a half in width to be exact and Emerald smirks at the looks he got from many ladies around him.

Phoebe, Bronwyn and other ladies blushes brightly when they saw Emerald's physique and his… greatsword.

Lillum and Maite lick their lips as they enjoy seeing their man in the nude.

Marceline also licked her lips as she got a good view on Emerald.

Huntress smirks before she looks at Finn to see how he was doing when Emerald seemed to have all the attention right now.

Comically enough, Finn felt a bit irked when he sees Bronwyn eyeing Emerald's bod like a piece of meat.

Made the human believe that he should get in better shape.

Granted however, Finn in that slightly jealous state, threw caution to the wind and just starts to strip while Huntress smirks when she saw that and gave a slight whistle to get everyone's attention so that they would look Finn's way.

The ladies stop looking at Emerald for a moment before they started to whistle when they started to look at Finn's bod.

Bronwyn blushed more when she saw Finn and his body while Phoebe, Marceline, Huntress, and Bubblegum blushed to various degrees while Lillum got a really lustful look in her eyes when she eyed Finn and his cock.

Maite and a few ladies also lick their lips as they look at Finn's dick.

His cock like last time was 9 inches long and 2 in width… that made Lillum smirk and she used a quick snap of her fingers and a spark of magic flew towards Finn's cock and it pretty much was grown to a full foot long and 3 in width and add to that… all of the fat on Finn's body vanished giving him a toned look that needed to fill out more muscle wise but all in all looked pretty good while Lillum blew on her index finger like it was a gun.

"Hehe, consider that a gift if you make more commercials for Emerald and all that with this cutie here." Lillum said while she winked at Bronwyn like she did her a favor.

Bronwyn blushes brightly after hearing that but was blushing more at Finn's new and improved look.

Honestly… she was liking it already.

"D-Deal." She said as Finn blinked at his new look.

"W-Whoa… How did this happen?"

"Just a simple redistribution spell, pretty simple to use, I just… well may not be so simple but changed your body fat ratio to near 0 so that your body would lose weight and all that extra weight was shifted to your cock… I could turn you back if you want…" Lillum said while she counts down from 3...2..1..

"No!" Many ladies said which made Lillum smirk while some ladies like Bubblegum and Phoebe blush a bit when they were part of the mix… seems this new Finn was more desirable than Finn would have thought.

Bronwyn blush brightly as she was part of the mix as well. Same applis for Huntress and Marceline but said duo didn't blush but looked nervous since Huntress broke her normally calmed state and Marceline… well she was normally declining any of Finn's advances in the past.

Finn was blushing brightly after seeing this.

Lillum smirks before she looks at the ladies.

"Now then… to make sure people see a lot and see that Elemental Cusine helped with this…" Lillum said before she summoned multiple demonic cameras and they all shot to circle the entire room so that the entire room would be filled from multiple angles and Lillum smirks when she looks at the others.

"We got a guy who can edit the film later so it should be uploaded to the internet within a week or two after this… if you want your own recordings… well better get your phones out." Lillum said with a grin on her face while she had a hand on Maite's waist.

Maite chuckles as she had her hand on Lillum's waist before a bunch of the partygoers got their phones out.

While this went on, Emerald looks at the ladies and spoke up to get their attention.

"Now then… since we showed our bods, and Marceline is still playing with the…" Emerald said before he blinks when he saw Marceline near him and Finn and another was still playing with the band much to his and many's confusion which she answered.

"Cloning trick I found out, bit of multitasking and takes 1/10th of my power to make a clone but worth it so I can have as much fun as I want." Marceline said while she answered why there were two Marceline's… though she and the clone winked at Bubblegum to show the possibilities and fun were multiplied now if Bubblegum wanted if she and Marceline wanted to have fun.

Bubblegum blinked a few times after hearing that before blushing brightly.

Finn was very surprised when he saw the clone.

"Wow Marcy. Never knew you could clone yourself."

"Well considering I learned quite a bit about myself after the whole VK incident, I trained with my powers a bit when I didn't think of much else and aside from a few tricks, I found out this fun ability, mix the Hirophants shapeshifting with the Moon's regeneration and bam… full body clone who if done right won't vanish and I can call her back at any time if I want and I can summon her again with her mind and memories intact." Marceline said while she grins at Finn.

Finn was again surprised after hearing that.

"Wow. That's very neat." He said with an impressed look.

"Hehe, yup, still need to work out a kink or two on power channeling so I don't give too much by accident, but all in all I can make 9 other me's for 10 total Marceline's… 10 times the hottness and 10 times the badassness." Marceline said while she gave Finn a fanged grin.

"And… 10 times the fun next time if I pay for another round in a future video." Marceline said while she smirked at Finn and winked at him.

Finn was blushing brightly before he starts picturing 10 Marcelines pleasing him in many ways.

Ironically enough… it made his dick get hard without Finn realizing it.

Many women blushed and Marceline smirks at the teasing moment here.

"Wow, looking to poke an eye out with that thing Finn?, looks ready to pierce something right now." Marceline said while she had an amused and lustful look on her face when she looked at Finn's groin.

"Huh?" Finn said before looking down and his eyes widened when he saw his erection before feeling embarrassed.


Marceline noticed before she looks at Bronwyn.

"Hey Bronwyn, mind if I have some fun with your man since you seem busy with Pheebs there?, should help him with relaxing and all that." Marceline said while she grins at Bronwyn.

Finn blinked a bit in surprise as Bronwyn, though surprised, was thoughtful for a bit.

"Hmmmm… okay, sure."

"Great…" Marceline said before she floats towards Finn and surprised many by shapeshifting so that her clothing fell off her body and she reformed to float towards Finn in the nude and she smirks when Finn's eyes pretty much went to look at her nude body.

Marceline had a well balanced figure with D cup breasts, more on the C size or inbetween and a well rounded ass and a thin waist… all in all Marceline looked sexy as hell right now while she sees Finn's jaw drop and she used a finger to close his jaw for him and to help him snap out of his stunned state.

Finn was blushing brightly for a moment but was still looking at Marceline's figure. It reminded the human when he saw her naked the first time when he and Jake hid in Marceline's closet.

Marceline at this time smirks more while she used a hand to grip Finn's cock and stroked it lightly for a moment to see how he would react.

Finn jolts from that action before he lightly groans while actually enjoying the feel of Marceline's hand on his dick.

That caused some to blush while Bronwyn smirks thanks to her more heated side coming out and she stepped back from Phoebe for a moment, winked at her, and starts to strip in front of everyone which showed off her shapely body to all.

Phoebe lightly blushes before smirking as she watches the hybrid strip while the partygoers liked what they were seeing.

When Bronwyn stripped, her clothing was placed in a fireproof basket that Lillum summoned but Bronwyn pulled out her panties for some reason.

"Hey… to any non flame being… raise a hand if you want my panties." Bronwyn said while she gave the crowd a teasing wink.

In the crowd, the men, and surprisingly the ladies, who are non flame beings, quickly raised their hands as they each wanted Bronwyn's panties.

Bronwyn chuckles before she said this.

"I'll do this… the first to catch these gets to keep them and to make it fair…" Bronwyn said before she turned around and after bundling her panties up… tossed them behind her towards the crowd so even she wouldn't know whose hand it would land in.

The non flame beings quickly try to catch Bronwyn's panties as it was every man, and woman,for themselves.

Though thanks to the chaos, the panties somehow bounced here and there and… landed in Peppermint Butler's hands much to his shock… though he did scream a bit when he saw that in surprise and that resulted in the panties somehow bouncing again and this time they land on Marceline's head when she was not aware of what was going on and blinks when she used a hand to pull the panties off her head and blinks when she saw them and saw that they were panties… and from the scent Bronwyns while her mind quickly got things when she looked to see a smirking Bronwyn and disapointed people… guess Bronwyn tossed her panties and Marceline got the prize it seems.

"Well congrats Marceline. You won the prize." Bronwyn said with a smirk.

Marceline blinks at that before she smirks and she used a spell to store the panties for later.

"Thanks, might as well use them later… who knows… could be in a next video and toss them to someone else if they want in… who knows, could be a free pass to have a good time with you or Finn here and could be like a icon of your videos hehe." Marceline said while she went back to stroking Finn's cock again.

Finn, who was watching, blushes brightly when he saw his girlfriend's underwear before he went back to groaning.

Phoebe at this time walked to Bronwyn and with a smirk, looks Bronwyn up and down.

"You know… you look a lot better in person then on video… so… want you or I to form a cock or want to go purely female on female for now?" Phoebe said while she smirks at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn also smirks.

"How about you form a nice tasting cock? Though the robe should be taken off first."

Phoebe smirks while she untied her robe and had it fall from her body to show her body, she had a curvy well proportioned body with C to D sized breasts and wide hips with more roundness around her body since she was made of living fire and didn't have a normal body like organics and her ass looked really rounded to really catch the eyes… all in all she was a beautiful Queen of flames and future generations would hear legends about this beauty years from now.

The partygoers whistled as they were liking seeing the Queen of Flames in the nude before some took some pictures of Phoebe.

Finn, who was still groaning from Marceline's actions, noticed what was going on and was blushing when he saw Phoebe's bod.

'So beautiful… No offense to Bronwyn but… Makes me really wish I didn't betray Phoebe those years ago.'

Though while that went on, Lillum smirks when she read that thought thanks to her magic and she smirks when she had a few ideas in mind for later… but for now while Marceline went to get Finn's attention by stroking him off at a harder rate, Lillum looks at Maite and gave her gentle kisses again to help Maite not feel left out while Phoebe approached Bronwyn with a swing of her hips while she formed a cock on her body that looked huge in size, around the 10 inches mark while she was two inches in width though she did one up many single cocked beings when she formed a second cock from her body above the first cock and smirks at Bronwyn a bit.

Maite shudders from Lillum's kisses as the ladies in the audience licked their lips when they eyed Phoebe's two dicks.

Bronwyn was feeling a bit excited as she sees Phoebe getting closer.

"Now that's what I'm talking about." She said with a smirk.

Phoebe smirks before she walked up to Bronwyn and pulled her in for an intense kiss while Bronwyn felt the two cocks touch her stomach and could feel how hot Phoebe was even with the flame shield protecting her from the heat around her.

Bronwyn shudders a bit before she moans into the kiss and returns it before the hybrid grabs Phoebe's dicks and lightly strokes them.

Phoebe moans from the feeling before she used a finger to rub Bronwyn's folds which started the floreplay between her and Bronwyn in full while many people watch while some record the footage for later.

Bronwyn moans as she continues to stroke Phoebe's dicks before Bronwyn was able to use a bit of her stretchy powers to make another hand before using it to tease the Queen of Flame's folds.

That really caused Phoebe to moan and rubbed Bronwyn's folds more and more and slipped a finger inside of Bronwyn's pussy and starts to finger her a few times.

Bronwyn groans from that action before she decides to return the favor by putting a finger inside Phoebe's pussy.

For a bit, this went on while on Finn's side of things, he was getting his cock sucked off by Marceline while she showed how top tier she was when she deepthroat's Finn's augmented cock with ease even with his large size… add to the fact that Marceline wasn't living persay and she had no need to breath while she used a hand to fondle Finn's balls.

Finn, who was surprised, groans and moans as he was loving this pleasure he was receiving.

"O-Oh fuck Marcy." He said before he starts to thrust his hips a few times.

Marceline gagged a bit when Finn's cock when inside of her throat again and again while she keeps on fondling Finn's balls while Huntress looks amused and looks to see how Bubblegum was doing so far since she was mainly looking at Marceline earlier.

Bubblegum was blushing brightly as she watched the Vampire Queen sucked Finn's dick. The sight alone was making her feel a bit wet.

Huntress used a quick motion to strip her body off and used a spell to store her leaves for later and with some quick stealth actions, she moved behind Bubblegum and hugged her gently from behind with a smirk.

"H-Huh?!" Bubblegum said as she turns her head with a surprised look.

"Hey don't be too surprised, this is an orgy remember?, might as well have fun or are you shy now that everyone saw how sexy you can be in that video you helped make?" Huntress said before she kissed and nipped at Bubblegum's neck a few times.

Bubblegum shudders from that action while blushing brightly.

"N-Not… shy."

Huntress pulled away from the neck kissing and teasing to smirk at Bubblegum.

"Then show me what you got and lets see how sexy you can get… all that viewing of Finn and Bronwyn got me hot and bothered lately." Huntress said while she smirks at Bubblegum more after she let Bubblegum go.

Bubblegum gulps as she was blushing brightly but she was gonna prove she was not shy before she starts removing her clothes much to Peppermint Butler's surprise despite the fact it's an orgy.

Huntress licked her lips when she saw more and more of Bubblegum's body.

"Wow… a video does not do that beauty of yours justice… I can see why Finn would lust after you for years on end." Huntress said while she looked Bubblegum's currently blue flame shielded body up and down a few times to admire the sight.

Bubblegum blushes brightly.

"Y-Yes… So shall we… get started?"

"Indeed… and for starters…" Huntress said while she walked to Bubblegum and the scene went to a minute later to show Huntress and Bubblegum in the 69 position while Huntress was on top and was eating out Bubblegum's folds while she had her hands on Bubblegum's ass cheeks.

Bubblegum groans from that action as she was eating out Huntress's pussy as well.

All in all, the duo were enjoying themselves in no time and while this went on, Emerald chuckles while he used a bit of magic to make floating cameras that were pointed at Finn and Marceline, Bronwyn and Phoebe when Bronwyn started to blow Phoebe's lower cock, and Bubblegum and Huntress while they ate one another out while another points at Lillum and Maite who had stripped fully from their clothing and Lillum was on her knees while she ate out Maite's pussy.

All in all everyone started to get into the lust more and more while Emerald looks around to see if anyone wanted to try coming to him.

Luckily for him a couple of ladies walked up to him. One was a flame elemental and the was non elemental, Cat humanoid.

Emerald blinks a few times before smiles at the duo.

"Well hello ladies, how may I help you two?" Emerald said while he smiled at the ladies.

The flame elemental chuckled.

"Well we figured since you're by yourself, we give some good… company." She said as she licks her lips at Emerald.

"Indeed… were hoping a big boy like yourself would take some time to have fun with us." The Cat humanoid said while Emerald chuckles and made another floating camera appear above him.

"Alright… lets see what you two ladie got and we will get to the fun part." Emerald said while he grins at the ladies while his dick pulsed a few times.

The flame elemental smirks before, with the snap of her fingers, her clothes vanished which revealed that she has a strong looking body with a nice hourglass figure as her breasts were D size.

The Cat humanoid removed her clothing with a smirk and stands next to the flame elemental, she had a more petite figure with B cup breasts, a thin waist, and looked toned as hell.

All in all Emerald got hard in no time when he looked the duo up and down a few times.

"Hehe, like what you see?" The flame elemental said as she did a sexy pose.

"Oh yeah… really like what I see." Emerald said which made the Cat Humanoid female smirk while she walked to Emerald.

"Well then… time for us to have serious fun." The cat humanoid said before she kissed Emerald on the lips and he returned the kiss and had his hands on her toned ass in no time.

The cat humanoid moans when she felt that before using her tail to rub on Emerald's balls after angling it.

Emerald groans from that and keeps on rubbing the cat woman's ass and back and starts to hear her purr after a moment while the flame elemental woman who watched…

The flame elemental smirked before she get next to the duo before getting on her knees.

That's when she took Emerald's dick with one hand before stroking it while at the same time the flame elemental fingered the cat woman's pussy.

The duo groans from the feeling and keep on making out while Emerald and the cat woman's tongue fight for dominance while the cat woman spreads her legs a bit to give the flame woman a better access to her holes.

The flame woman smirks before she added another finger inside the cat woman's pussy before she strokes Emerald's dick a bit rough.

Emerald groans from that while the cat woman moans from the feelin and her juices drip onto the flame elemental woman's hand while with Lillum and Maite.

Maite was still getting her pussy licked while she roughly gripped Lillum's hair to keep her there and Lillum in turn ate out Maite at a harder rate to please Maite more.

Maite was groaning as she was enjoying the pleasure she was getting.

"Oh fuck." She groans as she pushes Lillum's head a bit deep on her crotch.

That caused Lillum to really eat Maite out while she used a finger on Maite's pussy to really get her to feel good and the wetness of Maite's folds showed she was really enjoying things.

Maite moans as she was really enjoying the sensation.

"Oh yes Lillum. Really dig in there." She said before petting Lillum's head.

That caused Lillum to eyesmile and really eats out Maite's pussy more and more while she could feel her getting closer and closer until…

Maite moans a bit loud before she climaxed on Lillum's face as Maite's juices sprayed out.

Lillum lapped up the juices while she waits for Maite to ride out her orgasm while she held onto Maite's ass cheeks.

It took Maite about 15 seconds before she finally taps off and let go of Lillum's head.

Lillum licks her lips while she smirks at Maite a moment later and her shaking knees.

Maite pants a bit before she smirks at Lillum.

"Man, that felt good. But I know we have more to do."

"Indeed… why don't you get on those knees and return the favor before we get to the fun part." Lillum said before she got to her feet and looks up a bit at Maite's face with a dominating look on her smirking face.

Maite licks her lips before a moment later, Maite was seen on her knees as she was eating out Lillum's pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Lillum shuddered from that and gave Maite gentle pets on her head.

"Good girl… follow these lessons well and you can really please Emerald well on the honeymoon when you and him have a serious 1 on 1 moment." Lillum said while she had a grin on her face.

Maite had some excitement in her eyes before she really ate out Lillum's pussy as Maite pictures herself with Emerald.

Though while that happened, the scene showed Marceline in a 69 position with Finn while she was on bottom and Finn was over her while he fucked her throat mercilessly and ate out her pussy with serious tongue motions aiding him while he had his hands on Marceline's ass cheeks.

'Oh man… still can't believe I'm doing this with Marcy… It's like a dream come true.' Finn thought as he ate out Marceline's pussy with gusto.

Marceline just keeps on sucking Finn's cock while she used a hand to fondle his balls to really get him worked up while she used her hair hands that she formed from her hair to grab Finn's ass cheeks and fondles them so he would thrust away at a harder rate while Marceline enjoyed how deep Finn's tongue was going inside of her pussy as he ate her out.

Finn groans from that action which made him thrust his cock more harder inside Marceline's mouth and throat as the human continues to eat her out before Finn uses one hand to play with Marceline's bud.

Marceline groans but wasn't going to be outdone when she sucked Finn's cock harder and faster and deepthroats his cock with such skills more and more until…

Finn muffly groans before he shot his load deep inside Marceline's throat while still eating her pussy hard.

That caused Marceline to groan while she drank the load down and came hard on Finn's face which caused her juices to hit his face while her toes curl from the pleasure.

Finn kept climaxing as he lapped up Marceline's juices before the human taps off while waiting for the Vampire Queen to do the same.

When she tapped off, Marceline and Finn sat on the ground in front of one another while Marceline cleared her throat.

"H-Hehe, nice load Finn, so what you going to do now that I had my fun first?" Marceline said while the foreplay time was done now.

Finn blushes a bit as he did have an idea.

"Well… there is one thing that I… always wanted to do." He said before he cupped Marceline's cheeks before leaning in and… kissed her lips.

Marceline blushed at the action but just went with it when she placed a hand on Finn's free cheek and kissed him back while her tongue went to fight with his.

Finn moans as he uses his tongue to fight Marceline's before Finn pulls her in closer.

That resulted in Marceline climbing on top of Finn this time and keeps on making out with him while she could Finn's erect cock move between her ass cheeks to tease her a bit.

Finn kept kissing Marceline before he wraps his arms around her before Finn rubs her back before using his dick to rub Marceline's ass cheeks.

Marceline groans from the feeling and used a hair hand to grip Finn's cock and aimed it at Marceline's folds and she groans when she had Finn's cock enter her while she moved her body back so that she could let Finn every single inch of his cock enter her tight folds.

Finn groans as he can feel Marceline's pussy squeezing his dick and pulled his head away from the kiss.

"F-Fuck… Your pussy is very tight Marcy."

Marceline groans while she leaned back and moans when she could feel Finn's cock press her cervix hard and stretch her folds out wide.

"W-Well you got a massive cock… lets see if you can take this kind of ride." Marceline said before she starts to lift and lower her body which caused her to moan and groan when she could feel Finn's cock pierce her pussy again and again.

Finn groans a few times as he starts to enjoy the feel of Marceline's pussy as the human lets her do her thing for a moment.

This resulted in Marceline moaning and groaning while she enjoyed herself and her pussy keeps on squeezing Finn's cock with strength far surpassing Bronwyn, BP's, or other ladies pussy grip strength like it was trying to keep Finn's cock from leaving her pussy.

Finn groans again before he tries to take charge by grabbing Marceline's hips and flip her over making Finn on top before he starts fucking her hard.

Marceline moans and groans from the feeling and adapted when she wrapped her arms and legs around Finn's body so he could thrust his hips deeper and faster than before.

Finn groans as he kept pounding Marceline's pussy before Finn starts kissing Marceline's neck, including her bite marks.

Marceline moans from that while her toes curled a bit more while she lets Finn have his way with her while she hugged Finn tightly.

Finn hugged Marceline back as he made sure that his cock hit Marceline's womb a few times before Finn smash his lips on her grey lips again before kissing her hard with passion.

Marceline's eyes roll back into her head before she muffly moans when she came hard on Finn's cock and her pussy gripped his cock so tightly that Finn was slowly greatly as a result while his pelvis was coated in pussy juice.

Finn groans from the tightness, but it didn't stop him from mercifully pounding Marceline's pussy as if part of him… was trying to claim her for himself.

Marceline just moans from the feeling while she could feel Finn getting close as time went on more and more while she could feel his orgasm approaching until…

Finn groans loudly in Marceline's mouth before giving the Vampire Queen a serious creampie as Finn's cum floods her womb.

Marceline groans loudly when she felt that and her body shook from how intense her orgasm was.

Finn kept climaxing for about 20-25 seconds or so before he finally taps off and waits for Marceline to ride out hers.

She did ride out her orgasm and managed to ride out of it with a gasp and relaxed on the floor for a moment so she could enjoy the afterglow.

Finn, who pulls his lips away, pants a few times as he lays on top of Marceline.

"F-Fuck… Marcy… T-That was… a-awesome." He said as he hugged her still.

Marceline chuckles a bit while she used a hand to pat Finn's back.

"H-Hehe… it was… much better then most though can't call you a weenie now with such a large sausage so got to think of a new nickname for you now." Marceline said with an amused tone to her voice before footsteps were seen and Sarutobi was seen while he smirks at the duo.

"Finn… Buddy… seems like we keep meeting one another in interesting ways, though I must say interesting position you got yourself in, but looks like a few of my sisters want a good time with you and I'm hoping to get a good time with my soon to be date so she won't feel left out." Sarutobi said while two monkey like humanoids who looked pretty cute waved at Finn from behind Sarutobi, they looked like twins though they had hair covering one eye each, though one had the left eye covered while the other had the right covered.

Finn blushes when he sees Sarutobi's sisters but blinked when he heard the word 'date'.

"Wait… date?" He said before looking at the Vampire Queen since this was the first time he heard it.

Marceline chuckles a bit while she rubbed the back of her head.

"Well… he's funny for starters, and the guy did ask in a pretty suave way believe it or not and I could give him a shot, Bonnie and I are not dating right now so unless she wants to complain, she may have to answer why she looks angry… anyway not a problem for you right Finn?... after all you got Bronwyn and unless she gave you the OK to date other ladies, you may not be able to say much to stop me… then again I can make plenty of clones so not like I can't have one clone date Sarutobi, another date you since you are no longer a kid and over 18, and another date Bonnie if she still has feelings for me." Marceline said while she smirks at Finn a bit.

Finn blushes brightly.

"Well… not complaining just… surprised. Plus not sure Bronwyn would be okay with me dating other ladies despite the… orgies we're in." He said while blushing more.

"Hehe, well until you can find that out later, might as well get going hero and get it on with two cute looking monkey ladies while I give Sarutobi a good time here." Marceline said while she gave Finn a fanged grin while her pussy still had a tight grip on Finn's cock.

Finn blushes again before he groans as he starts pulling his cock out of Marceline's pussy.

Marceline groans from the feeling and when Finn pulled his cock from Marceline's folds, she shuddered when she saw how much leaked from her.

"D-Damn Finn… you trying to knock me up before you do the same to your GF?" Marceline said while she grins at Finn with a fanged grin.

Finn jolts after hearing that.

"W-Whoa what? T-That's not what I was trying to do… I was just… way into fucking you Marcy." He said as his face gave a good impression of a tomato.

"Hehe, sure you were hero… now if you'll excuse me I'm going to give a real hello to Saru here." Marceline said when she used a spell to clean herself off and cleaned her folds out before she got into the air and floats next to Sarutobi with a grin on his face while Sarutobi's sisters giggle while they went to Finn's side and each held an arm in their hands.

As Sarutobi grins since he has some alone time with Marceline, Finn blushes at the predicament.

"S-So… what do I call you… cute ladies." He said.

"Hehe, you can call me Lei and this is my sister Tei." the monkey woman with long fur covering her left eye said while Tei, the right eye covered monkey woman nods and giggles a bit at Finn to show Lei was right about her name.

"I-I see… Well… very lovely names you two have." Finn said.

"Hehe… not as lovely as getting to meet you, heard from our brother how wild you are with your girlfriend… hope you can do the same to us… don't worry thanks to our training we are more tough then we look." Lei said while Tei licked her lips in a teasing way when she eyed Finn's cock and balls.

Finn blushes a bit.

"Well I'll make sure to not disappoint you lovely ladies. So shall we do it here or want a… room?"

"Hehe, whichever you want hero." Tei said while she keeps on smiling at Finn and Lei kept quiet while she agrees with her sister.

Finn was thoughtful for a bit but he quickly made his choice.

"Let's… stay here for now but find a corner or something so we don't get in other people's way."

The trio then left the middle of the area which caused a camera to follow Finn while they passed by Sarutobi while he was fucking Marceline on all fours while he fucked her ass hard and fast.

"Oh fuck Marceline. Your ass is amazing and tight!" Sarutobi said as he fucks Marceline's ass like an animal in heat.

Marceline just moans and groans when Sarutobi worked to destroy her ass while the scene went to Huntress and Bubblegum while Bubblegum was getting fucked up the ass while she was on her back by Huntress after Huntress formed a cock on her body and Huntress plays with Bubblegum's breasts big time to really get her worked up.

"O-Oh fuck!" Bubblegum groans as her ass tightens around the wood nymph's cock before moaning.

That amused Huntress and she leaned down to lick at one of the sweet tasting nipples while she fucked Bubblegum's ass harder and faster as time went on.

Bubblegum blushes brightly as she moans loud thanks to that action before she actually wrapped her legs around Huntress's waist after a bit of time passing by.

This went on with Huntress fucking Bubblegum more and more while she could feel Bubblegum getting close thanks to how long the duo were having fun until…

Bubblegum groans loudly as her ass tightens again around Huntress's dick before climaxing hard.

That caused Huntress to groan while she pushed her cock deep into Bubblegum's ass and came hard with surprising force into the tight hole which slowly made Bubblegum's stomach bloat as time went on.

That made Bubblegum's orgasm to get stronger as her toes curled before she taps off between 25-30 seconds.

Huntress rides out her own orgasm before she tapped off with a groan and pants for breath while she enjoyed the afterglow.

Bubblegum was on the same boat as she pants for breath while blushing brightly before looking at Huntress Wizard.

Huntress smirks when she saw that and just kissed Bubblegum while she used her hands to pet Bubblegum's sides in a soothing way.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised by this action before she felt a bit relaxed as she slowly kissed Huntress back.

Huntress keeps the kiss up while her cock got iron hard in Bubblegum's ass again and she starts to fuck Bubblegum's ass again without pulling her cock out of Bubblegum's asshole.

Bubblegum groans before she wrapped her arms and legs again around the wood nymph as the Candy Monarch kissed Huntress more.

While that went on, seem Peppermint Butler was getting lucky when a Flame elemental woman was riding the Candy Butler's cock while she moans and groans from the feeling when Pep made his cock large with magic.

Peppermint Butler groans a few times as he was enjoying this sensation as he let the woman do the work.

This went on while nearby, a few more flame people ladies were on their knees while they licked and sucked CB's cock while he keeps his flame shield up, he groans from the feeling and pets the two ladies heads to show they were doing a good job in his eyes.

The two ladies blushes while eye smiling at CB as they kept pleasing his cock.

"O-Oh… g-gonna… c-cum…" CB said while he could feel his cock throbbing and moved away for a moment to stroke himself off in front of the two kneeling women.

The two flame ladies opened their mouths and stick out their tongues as they readied themselves for what comes next.

What came next was a pretty large yet sweet load when CB came hard in the air with a groan while CB unloads a lot of candy sperm onto the ladies faces and tongues while he made sure to give the duo a pretty even coating.

The two ladies moan as they were able to taste CB's cum in their mouths while feeling some land on their bodies.

This went on with CB riding out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan and blushed when he saw the mess on the two though thanks to their heated state, all the ladies did was make out with one another while licking one another clean which caused CB's cock to get iron hard in no time.

Once the two flame ladies were clean, they noticed CB's cock before licking their lips.

"So big boy… who should get first dibs?" Said one flame lady.

That caused the scene to went to a minute later to show CB fucking one woman while she was over the other and the two women make out while they moan and groan from the feeling while they hug and play with one another's bodies while the upper woman was getting fucked this round.

The sight alone made CB feel more turned on which caused him to fuck the first flame woman very hard.

The first moans from the feeling while she enjoyed that while the scene shifts to show Bronwyn and Phoebe well into their fun when Bronwyn was forced face first onto Phoebe's throne and Phoebe fucked both of her holes without mercy while she pants and moans from the feeling of Bronwyn's tight holes.

Bronwyn was moaning and groaning while having a pleased look on her face as her holes squeezed on Phoebe's cocks.

Phoebe groans from the feeling and used a hand to smack Bronwyn's ass to get her holes to tighten on her cocks, like with many other pairings, people were watching the duo and some were recording it for later viewing while they masturbate at the sight.

"O-Oh fuck yes Phoebe!" Bronwyn moans as she was enjoying having her ass smacked which made both her holes tighten again around Phoebe's cocks.

Phoebe grunts and grits her teeth while she leaned forward and used her hands to play with Bronwyn's breasts while one of the floating cameras moved to get Bronwyn's face to see what kind of look she had while Phoebe keeps on having her way with the shapeshifting granddaughter of Jake.

Bronwyn's face starts to look a bit fucked up as she groans more from having her holes pounded which made the hybrid's toes curled on the floor.

Phoebe made sure to hold herself back from cumming which showed she had practice with her cocks so that her stamina wasn't shot and keeps on fucking Bronwyn more and more while she keeps on playing with Bronwyn's breasts until…

Bronwyn moans loudly with ecstasy as she climaxed hard on Phoebe's dicks.

Phoebe grits her teeth and while she wanted to hold it more, she couldn't and roars while her body flared when she came hard inside of Bronwyn's ass and pussy like a volcano blowing its top with great force.

"AAAAHHH!" Bronwyn groans very loudly which cause her orgasm to get way stronger thanks to how hot it got.

Phoebe rode out her orgasm and tapped off with a gasp and pants for breath.

"F-Fuck… using both cocks make things fun but definitly takes a bit out of me." Phoebe said while she wiped her forehead.

"N-No… k-kidding." Bronwyn said as she recovers still.

"Hehe, yeah… still going to have to ask but want to continue if you want to change things up and have me on the recieving end?" Phoebe asked while she smirked at Bronwyn after she pulled her cocks free of Bronwyn's pussy and ass and saw her fiery load leak from Bronwyn's holes.

Bronwyn groans at first after feeling that before she turns her head and smirks at Phoebe.

"Oh yeah."

Phoebe smirks when she had her cocks vanish and she waits for Bronwyn to form her own cock from her body.

After a bit of recovering, Bronwyn gets up and looks at Phoebe with a smirk before a moment later, someone phallus shape was appearing above the hybrid's pussy.

It was a shape shifted cock and it was around the 10 inch mark this time like last time but 3 in width, seems Bronwyn was practicing width before length with the cock size.

"Hehe, so… impressed?" She said as she grins a bit.

"Hmmm… yeah for a single cock and if this was recent… but you got some catching up to do before you can match me." Phoebe teasingly said while she moved to grip Bronwyn's cock and stroked it a few times to see how Bronwyn would react.

Bronwyn groans a bit from that action while feeling Phoebe's warm hand around her cock.

"Hehe, I bet a slut like you enjoys getting her body pleased… well considering I paid for a good time, better sit on that throne so I can show my skills at pleasing a bitch like you." Phoebe said in a dominating way while many people blush at the turn in tone while Phoebe had a smirk on her face.

Bronwyn blushes as well.

"Bring it on." She said with a determined look.

Phoebe just smirked when she pushed Bronwyn lightly so that she was sitting on the Flame King's throne while Phoebe approached her with a swing of her hips.

Bronwyn was a bit caught off guard from being pushed but let's it go as she readies herself as her cock stood up like a tower.

Phoebe licked her lips when she knelt down and had her head go to Bronwyn's cock and starts to lick it from base to tip while she noticed Jake 3 approaching from the side while she smirks at the fun that will happen soon.

Bronwyn shudders from the licking for a moment before noticing Jake 3 approaching and was confused on what he was doing here.

Phoebe, while she keeps on licking Bronwyn's dick, smirks between licks and pets Jake 3 on the head before he moved a bit so that Phoebe could fondle his balls so that he could get turned on for some real fun.

Jake 3 was enjoying having his balls massages as Bronwyn blushes from the scene even though she groans a few times from having her cock licked.

Phoebe keeps on pleasing the duo till Jake 3's cock starts to show, thanks to his frame and how large he was, he had a full on 13 to 14 inch cock and Phoebe smirks when this would be really fun for her like usual.

Bronwyn's eyes widened a bit as she sees Jake 3's large dick while blushing brightly.

Phoebe sees this and smirks at Bronwyn.

"What?, never seen a Fire wolf cock before?, well while most more or less match your size, Jake 3 is an Alpha and has a much bigger cock then the rest, and Jake 3 is my tamed partner so he and I have a lot of fun when I get the itch." Phoebe said while she moved her hand to stroke Jake 3's cock with her warm hand.

Bronwyn was surprised after hearing that as Jake 3 shudders before he lightly licks Phoebe's cheeks.

Phoebe chuckles and stroked Jake 3 off with a harder grip.

"Good boy… keep still and I'll get to you soon, just need to get Bronwyn here warmed up first." Phoebe said to Jake 3 before she leaned her head down and took in Bronwyn's dick into her mouth and she starts to bob her head form the get go while she stroked off Jake 3 to not let him feel left out.

Jake 3 let out pleased growls from that action as Bronwyn groans from having her dick sucked.

"O-Oh Glob." She groans.

Phoebe had an amused look in her eyes while she sucked off Bronwyn more while a few other people joined in on the filming and watching while Lillum's camera had the perfect view to see everything… even Phoebe using her free hand to finger Bronwyn's folds while she keeps on sucking Bronwyn's cock.

Bronwyn grits her teeth a bit as she groans a few times as her arms rested on the armrests of the throne though Bronwyn's hands tries to squeeze it thanks to the pleasure she was feeling.

This went on for a few minutes while Phoebe takes more and more of Bronwyn's cock into her mouth while she stroked off Jake 3 though Jake 3 was nowhere near close but Bronwyn on the other hand…

Bronwyn can feel her orgasm approaching but tries to hold it back so she doesn't blow right away.

This amused Phoebe so she slowed her sucking motions quite a bit so Bronwyn wouldn't blow anytime soon but it was like she was teasing Bronwyn now with how slow she was going.

Bronwyn was able to see that and tries to show she wasn't gonna give in despite the fact that she slightly whimpered a bit.

Phoebe looked amused but slowly starts to suck Bronwyn pretty hard again to build up her orgasm but slowed down again when Bronwyn was getting close, it was like Pheobe was torturing Bronwyn and was trying to force her to act or say something to get Phoebe to do more… and considering Flame people in heat were pretty kinky…

Bronwyn groans more each time and thanks to all the teasing…

The young hybrid couldn't take it anymore before she actually grabs Phoebe's head and starts face fucking her.

Phoebe and a few others looked shocked at what Bronwyn was doing but Phoebe adapted pretty well and had a lustful look in her eyes when she enjoyed the abuse to her throat in her heated state and fingered her own folds after moving them from Bronwyn's so she could let Bronwyn focus on her own pleasure while many wondered what Bronwyn was thinking right now when she made Phoebe her bitch right now.

'Oh fuck… I don't know why I did that but… I just need to feel more of this. Still can't believe I'm doing something like this with not only the Queen of Flames but she's also Finn's ex. Not sure if she still carries a torch for my man but… I won't stop making her my bitch.' She thought with a now dominating look on her face.

Phoebe just loved the look in Bronwyn's eyes just now when they were clouded with lust, it turned her on greatly and she let's Bronwyn facefuck her to her hearts content more and more until…

Bronwyn grinds her teeth before she groans a bit loud and pushes Phoebe's head further down on her cock before Bronwyn gave Phoebe's throat a serious coating.

Phoebe gagged greatly from the oral creampie and came a bit on her fingers while she waits for Bronwyn's orgasm to end while she worked to drink as much sperm as she could.

It took a bit before Bronwyn grunts as she finally taps off before she let's go of the Flame Queen's head.

Phoebe took a moment to lick Bronwyn's cock clean and pulled her head off Bronwyn's dick with a gasp and took a moment to pant for breath.

"D-Damn… talk about a thick load." Phoebe said while she wiped her lips clean.

Bronwyn blushes a bit.

"Y-Yeah well… y-your mouth was hot."

Phoebe smirks when she got to her feet.

"Well if you think my mouth was hot… wait till you feel my pussy or ass when it strangles that dick." Phoebe said while she turned so that her backside was seen and she moved so that she could sit on Bronwyn's lap and closed her soft and hot thighs around Bronwyn's dick.

"Ohhh… nice and hard… wonder which hole you will pick." Phoebe said while she grins her folds on Bronwyn's cock a few times.

Bronwyn shudders before she grins at Phoebe before Bronwyn grabs her hips and had Phoebe raise a bit so that her cock was aimed at Phoebe's pussy.

"I'll show you." She said before she had her dick go into Phoebe's pussy.

Phoebe groans loudly from that and just rides Bronwyn's cock while she played with her nipples while Jake 3 moves so that he could get in front of Phoebe before she winked… she wouldn't leave him out for much longer.

Jake 3 eyesmiles at Phoebe as Bronwyn groans from how rough Phoebe was with her bouncing causing the hybrid's toes to curl before she thrusts her cock up hard inside Phoebe's pussy.

Phoebe groans from that and leaned down so that her fingers touched the ground and showed some serious flexibility and keeps on bouncing on Bronwyn's cock while she gestured for Jake 3 to get close for his own fun.

As Bronwyn was surprised, Jake 3 wags his tail before he got close to Phoebe with an excited look in his eyes.

This resulted in Phoebe getting an up close look at Jake 3's cock and she starts to lick and suck the tip when Jake 3 placed his upper paws on Phoebe's throne's armrests and his head was a bit above Bronwyn's while he whines and growls in a pleased way when Phoebe really licked his cock good like she was worshipping it right now.

Bronwyn blushes a bit when she saw how close Jake 3 was while groaning some more as she kept thrusting her cock up.

Phoebe then opened her mouth wide and took some of Jake 3's cock into her mouth and starts to suck on the dick hard while she enjoyed the taste of Jake 3's cock and rides Bronwyn's cock at a harder and faster rate.

Jake 3 whines as soon as he felt that as Bronwyn was surprised seeing the Queen of Flames taking Jake 3's dick in her mouth like that though Bronwyn remembered that Phoebe and Jake 3 do this whenever they got the urge.

This resulted in many people recording Phoebe while she sucked on Jake 3's cock and she rode Bronwyn's cock more and more and the duo felt their orgasms get closer and closer until…

Jake 3 whines before he climaxed in Phoebe's mouth as Bronwyn throws her head back and gave Phoebe's pussy a serious creampie.

Phoebe groans when she felt that and came hard on Bronwyn's cock while she worked to drink down Jake 3's load and used a hand to grip his knot and squeezed it to get him to unload more into her mouth.

And unload more Jake 3 did as he and Bronwyn ride out their orgasms before Jake 3 taps off between 15-20 seconds as Bronwyn taps off 20 seconds.

Phoebe rides out her orgasm as well at the 15 second mark and just worked to gulp down Jake 3's leftover load in her mouth and worked to clean off his cock while she let Bronwyn enjoy the afterglow.

Jake 3 shudders as he enjoys having his cock get cleaned as Bronwyn, who recovers, blushes before she had her hands on Phoebe's ass cheeks before squeezing them a bit.

Phoebe shuddered from the feeling and she tightened her pussy on Bronwyn's cock to show she was up for more.

Bronwyn groans from the squeeze before she gave Phoebe's semen filled pussy another pounding after thrusting her cock up.

Phoebe muffly moans and groans from that and she went back to sucking Jake 3's cock while the scene went to Marceline while she rode Sarutobi's cock with her pussy and an amped up Flambo after he ate a lot of charcoal and Marceline was sucking the Flambits now oversized cock while she stroked him off with a hand.

Flambo looked monstrous in size and shape while his dick was massive as well, all in all if one didn't know, they wouldn't think the Flambit could turn into a creature like this, picture a bipedial flaming hellcat that looked hulked out with muscles and had fangs galore and piercing red eyes… all in all, Flambo looked intense right now.

Marceline was actually turned on at Flambo's new look as she sucked his dick hard with gutso.

Sarutobi was loving with how hard Marceline rode his cock before he brought his hands up and squeezed her breasts.

Marceline muffly moans while she rides Sarutobi harder while she fondles Flambo's balls and sucked him off deeply and like with Finn, she had no issues with a lack of oxygen so she was able to constantly suck the augmented Flambit off easily.

Flambo groans before he push his dick further in the Vampire Queen's mouth before thrusting his hips as Sarutobi squeezed Marceline's breasts more before he starts teasing her nipples.

Marceline groans from that and it looked like the trio were at it for awhile before Marceline groans when she came on Sarutobi's cock while she sucked off Flambo more and more until…

Flambo growls before he climaxed inside Marceline's mouth while at the same time Sarutobi gave Marceline's pussy a nice creampie that went straight up to her womb.

Marceline's eyes rolled back into her head when her orgasm got stronger and she greedily drank Flambo's red colored load and she tapped off around the 15 second mark and focused to not waste a drop of sperm from Flambo.

Flambo groans before he taps off 15 seconds as well while Sarutobi taps off a few seconds after Flambo.

Marceline licked Flambo's cock clean and pulled her head off the large 13 inch cock which matched Flambo's current 7 to 8 foot frame.

"F-Fuck… never get tired or drinking a load like that." Marceline said while she smirks at Flambo.

Flambo chuckles.

"Well lucky for yous toots, I got mores to give." He said with a fang grin.

Marceline chuckles at that while she looks at Sarutobi.

"Hey Saru, still good to go or are you getting tired after all the fun we had?" Marceline said while she smirked at Sarutobi.

Though Sarutobi panted, he was able to smirk back.

"Not even close, beautiful." He said as his cock twitch inside Marceline's pussy which meant that Sarutobi had more stamina than most people thought.

Marceline grins before the scene went to Emerald while he had fucked a few women into pleasure comas when they couldn't keep up and Lillum and Maite were licking his cock and balls while he groans from the feeling and pets their heads to show them that they were doing very well.

The duo blushes from the petting as they look at Emerald with lust and love in their eyes as they kept pleasing Emerald's cock and balls.

This went on for a bit before Lillum took the initiative and went to suck on Emerald's cock and deepthroats his dick with ease thanks to her nature that could please any species.

Maite didn't mind as she had Emerald's balls to herself as Maite licked and sucked on them.

Emerald really groans from that and just leaned his head back and just enjoyed the pleasure he was getting from his two lovers.

Lillum hums as she sucked her husband's cock hard as Maite did her own thing before she uses her hand to rub Lillum's folds before Maite fingers her.

Lillum groans from that and sucked Emerald's cock even harder which in turn caused Emerald to groan more and his cock starts to throb in Lillum's mouth.

Lillum was able to feel that before she doubles her efforts as Maite kept fingering the succubus Queen's pussy.

That caused Lillum to moan more and she sucked Emerald's cock harder and faster with a look that begged for Emerald's sperm until he tossed his head back and groans when he starts to unload a large dose of sperm in Lillum's mouth which made her cheeks puff a bit before she starts to drink it down instantly.

As Lillum drink her husband's cum, Maite continues to finger Lillum's pussy with one hand before Maite uses her other hand to fondle Emerald's ball to make him cum more.

Emerald did indeed ejaculate more before before he tapped off with a groan 15 seconds later and pets Lillum's head to show she did a good job while he pets Maite's head to show she did well with him as well.

Maite blushes as she eyesmiles at Emerald before giving his ball sack a tender kiss.

Emerald smirks at that before he gestured for them to stand.

"So… since Lillum had a good meal, why not give Maite something fun to do?" Emerald said while he grins at Lillum so that he could let her know to give Maite a chance.

Maite perked up after hearing that before looking at Lillum to see if she agrees.

"Eh why not… I can see a few lonely cocks needing my attention so have fun you two." Lillum said before she gave Emerald and Maite kisses on the lips before she floats away to continue with her fun.

Maite blushes before looking at her fiance.

"So… it's just us now." She said with a seductive smirk.

Emerald chuckles before he skipped the talk and just went to hug Maite and kissed her lovingly on the mouth with gentle kisses to get her worked up a bit.

Maite moans into the kiss before she returns it and hugs her fiance in a loving embrace.

For a moment, he keeps on kissing Maite, before he picked her up by her ass and sets her on a magical barrier that Emerald formed and he used it as a faux table so he could really show Maite a good time when he lets her go and she fell onto her back and Emerald knelt between Maite's legs and licked his lips before he starts to lick at Maite's folds and hums in a pleased way when he liked the taste of her folds.

Maite hums as she enjoys having her folds licked before she lightly groans.

Emerald then moved lick his Fiance's asshole to get her relaxed and alternates between her ass and pussy while he used a finger to rub her bud to really get her wet so he and Maite could really have fun soon.

Maite groans again from that action.

"Hmmm… oh yes." She said while feeling relaxed.

Emerald chuckles while he enjoyed how she reacted… Maite in this story wasn't as kind as she was now and it was like day and night but… that was a story for another time…

For now Emerald just keeps on eating Maite out while he could feel her getting closer and closer as time went on while her body was giving the telltale signs of an approaching orgasm and Emerald keeps on going with pleasing her until…

Maite groans a bit loud before she climaxes on Emerald's face as Maite's juices hit his tongue.

Emerald lapped up Maite's juices while he waits patiently for her to tap off.

It took about 15 seconds before Maite taps off and tries to recover a bit.

Emerald in turn stands up fully while he smiles while he stroked his cock to show that he was more then ready for his own fun and please Maite more as time went on.

Maite, after recovering, smiles at Emerald before she opens her legs to show her fiance her folds.

Emerald smirks at that before he got in position and aimed his cock at her folds before he rubbed the head of his cock on her folds to get his dickhead lubed and to tease Maite at the same time.

Maite shudders a bit before she lightly whimpers and gave Emerald a pleading look to fuck her.

That caused Emerald to chuckle before he placed his hands on Maite's hips and he slowly pushed his hips forward and his cock starts to go into Maite, stretching her folds wide while he enjoyed the feeling of her tight hole as it tried to strangle his cock in reflex.

Maite groans after feeling Emerald's cock going inside of her pussy while feeling it trying to match the shape.

Though that would be hard since Emerald, after feeling the head of his dick touch her cervix, starts to pull free and he starts to fuck her hard and fast in no time while he watched Maite's face through it all.

Maite was groaning and moaning a bit loud as she was starting to enjoy the pleasure before she wraps her legs around Emerald to make him go deep.

This caused Emerald to really go wild with his actions and he thrusts away without holding back, far beyond going on what Maite's cervix could withstand and he bashed into her womb again and again as a result.

"Oh fuck yeah Emerald! K-Keep going!" Maite moans.

Emerald didn't need to be told twice while he keeps on fucking Maite hard and fast and he leaned down and took one of Maite's nipples into her mouth and sucked on the hardening nipple hard so he could really get Maite worked up.

Maite groans from that action as she enjoys it before she wraps her arms around Emerald as she moans more while her toes curl.

While this went on, the scene focused on Lillum for a moment while she was sucking a few flame guards dicks nearby and rode a Wood Nymph's cock that she formed and another was fucking her ass hard and fast and Lillum moans when she wasn't sucking a cock for a second.

The two flame guards groan as they enjoy having their dicks sucked while one wood nymph moans from having her dick rode on while the wood nymph groans as she fucked Lillum's ass as hard as she can.

Lillum moans but mentally chuckles when she keeps on pleasing the four cocks while a few other guards and wood Nymph's join in when they liked what they saw with Lillum smirking when she used her demon like tail that she had hidden appear and stroked off one flame guard, suck off a Wood Nymph, and many others stroked themselves off around her.

All and all, the group were making moaning and groaning sounds as some made sure to keep fucking Lillum to their heart's content.

This kept going with the group pleasing Lillum more and more while Lillum keeps on pleasing the partners she was with more and more until…

The two flame guards groans loudly as they climaxed on Lillum's face and breasts as one wood nymph moans before climaxing hard inside Lillum's pussy as the other nymph creampies Lillum's ass.

Lillum muffly moans from the feeling while she keeps on sucking the wood Nymph who recently joined in while she keeps on stroking off the two ejaculating guards while her body worked to absorb the semen being fired into her while she waits for them to ride out their orgasm.

It took a bit before each one groans as they taps off between 15-25 seconds.

Lillum moans for a bit and the two guards were swapped out with a new set who were stroked off again while the Wood Nymphs were switched out with a different set while the first group of guards and Nymphs take a bit to recover from their orgasm.

"Damn… talk about a good relief." One flame guard said as he recovers as the group watch Lillum take on the new batch.

"Y-Yeah… never came that hard in my life, guess its a skill she had because my balls feel empty." The second guard said when he felt fully satisfied right now.

The wood nymph next to the guard giggles.

"Well I don't know about you, but I don't mind going on another round with her."

"That's if we ever get a turn, seems like she is getting popular… not like I can complain since we all got to have fun… but if you two guards want to have more fun, I'm sure we wouldn't mind giving strapping guards such as yourselves a good time." The second wood Nymph said while she giggles at the guards who blush at the wood Nymph's.

The two flame guards blush a bit before the first one chuckles.

"Well not sure what my friend would say, but I don't mind getting to know you fine ladies." He said before wiggling his eyebrows.

"H-Hey… just need to refuel and I'll be good to go again, don't hog the pretty ladies for yourself… anyway just give me a few minutes to eat and I'll be back…" The guard said before he ran off to get something to eat.

The first guard chuckles.

"Better hurry then."

The second guard didn't need to be told twice while he bolts to get some food while the Nymphs giggle at the guards antics.

The first guard chuckles again before he looks at the two nymphs.

"So… what names do I call you beauties?" He said with a smirk.

That caused the Nymph's to smirk while the scene went back to Emerald while he was fucking Maite harder and faster while her orgasm was getting closer and closer until…

Maite moans loudly with ecstasy before she climaxed hard on Emerald's dick as Maite tightens her hold on him.

That caused Emerald to growl while he pushed his cock deep into Maite and he blew a large load inside of her which really caused her womb to bloat a bit as a result.

Maite moans more as she felt that which caused her orgasm to get stronger as her toes curled again.

Emerald rides out his orgasm before he tapped off with a grown 15 seconds later and just stayed still while he enjoyed the afterglow.

Maite taps off around the same time before she catches her breath while enjoying a bit of the afterglow as well.

That resulted in the duo enjoying the afterglow before Emerald managed to stand while his cock stayed inside of Maite.

"Phew… good as always…" Emerald said while he grins at his soon to be wife.

Maite chuckles.

"Hehe, you said it."

Emerald chuckles before he looks to see Lillum with plenty of people.

"Well considering Lillum is busy… mind if I take that ass of yours for a spin?" Emerald said while he grins when he gripped Maite's shapely ass cheeks.

Maite groans a bit before smirking at her husband to be.

"No need to ask… all for you."

Emerald chuckles while the scene went to Finn while he was fucking Tei's pussy while Lei was sucking one of her sisters nipples while Finn was having the time of his life while he was getting recorded by a number of people who wanted to put this on the internet.

"O-Oh fuck Tei! Y-Your pussy feels a-awesome!" Finn said as he pounds Tei's pussy with gusto.

Tei moans from the feeling and pets her sisters head while she looks at Finn.

"A-And y-your c-cock is fucking huge!, how B-Bronwyn isn't walking funny is beyond my u-understanding b-but d-don't stop fucking me!" Tei groans out while she laid her head on the ground and groans while she starts to get a fucked up look on her face.

Finn grunts.

"D-Don't worry… beautiful… I-I ain't stopping!" He said as he really fuck Tei's pussy hard like he was an animal mating with a female.

Tei really got a fucked up look on her face just now while she moans more and more while Finn felt his orgasm getting closer and closer until…

Finn grinds his teeth before he snarls and gave Tei's pussy and womb a powerful creampie.

Tei groans while her eyes roll back into her skull and she came hard on Finn's cock to try and milk his load as best as her pussy could do.

Finn groans as he kept climaxing for about 15 seconds before he taps off.

When he did and pulled free, Lei moved to instantly lick, suck, and clean his cock while she moans at the taste while her free hand went to fondle his balls so she could get Finn hard for her turn.

Finn groans from that action and no sooner or later, his cock got hard in Lei's mouth before Finn pets her head.

Lei gave Finn an eyesmile before the scene went to a minute later to show her moaning and groaning while she was put face first on a nearby table and Finn was fucking her ass hard and fast without mercy though with Lei moaning like this… it showed she loved it up the ass.

"D-Damn your ass is tight Lei!" Finn groans as he pounds Lei's ass like there was no tomorrow.

Lei moans and groans and nearly screamed a few times in pleasure while Tei, who heard that, giggles when she managed to recover surprisingly fast after what she went through.

"Well… we had training in the sexual arts as well, helps with getting info from certain people when they let their guard down after a good time." Tei said while she watched her sister having fun… though… what training did they do to do this?

Finn blinked in surprise when he sees Tei fully recovered but was confused on what he heard.

"W-What training did you two have?"

"Well… for combat training it was mainly stealth stuff with sneak attacks, assassin type stuff, though for sexual… we had these beasts who looked like well… ever hear of Gorilla like creatures from before the Premushroom wars?... well each of us females is given one of those creatures and we train daily with them to not only tame them but also to help us with getting better sexually… the faster we make our partner cum, the better mood he is in and listens to commands, they tolerate the males of our species like our brother Sarutobi, but anyone else… well… makes it hard to bring a good guy in sometimes for fun so we come to places like this to unwind, Sarutobi and the males of our kind have experienced females work with them and lets just say the more mature women of our group can be pretty kinky but helps in the long run, I mean if we can be honest we saw that video were Sarutobi was in on that beach and well… his Mistress was disappointed on how he left so soon, he could last for hours it seems from her account and gave Sarutobi a punishment after that so that he wouldn't as she would call… wuss out next time on trying to outdo other males… he is the heir to the leadership of our clan after all and apparently trying to steal another's lady by showing your manliness is a good thing to her and seems she thinks you lack stamina, though Sarutobi doesn't see it like that… at least for the stealing ladies thing since he respects boundries and isn't old fashioned like his Mistress." Tei explained while she keeps on watching Finn fuck Lei… though Sarutobi can go for hours… and wait… steal his lady!?

Finn immediately stopped.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa… steal my lady?!" He said with wide eyes.

"Well not really steal, what she means is that Sarutobi should have lasted many times longer then you so stealing any ladies heart would have been a given so to speak, but Sarutobi respects boundaries, granted if you can last hours yourself then no issue, but from what I saw, Sarutobi's Mistress keeps on going even if Sarutobi fired blanks so it would help him get used to the pain that comes with multiple constant ejaculations and a male couldn't fire more, says it helps build up stronger loads." Tei said while she didn't seem to find anything wrong with that.

Finn blinks a few times.

"But when you say like that, it sounds like it's not a problem."

"Try saying that when you find people out of our clan who can't keep up, most of the time my sister and I can't find a real male worth his boasting and Sarutobi can't find a lady who can keep up with him so our clan may try and go for arranged marriages to others in our species who have decent skills, we have a year to try and find a significant other and my sister and I have a deal on if we find the right man, we don't mind sharing, and there we find you going around and plowing many princesses and queens who are monsters in their own right so might as well give you a test run to see if you are hubby material… speaking of which… Lei you don't need to hold back anymore so show him how tight you can make that ass." Tei said while she smirks at her sister a moment later.

"Huh?" Finn said before he looks at Lei.

A moment later, Lei smirks before she tightened her ass so much that Finn was forced to stop in place and groans without his control while Tei smirks and rubbed Finn's chest.

"You see, we are a lot more… experienced then you are… bit of math and would show you just started this recently… why not… give yourself a challenge and see if you can't make a claim of us… our holes were used and abused by creatures just as big or even bigger then you so why not take it as a challenge and see if you can even move." Tei said while she smirks at Finn.

Finn still groans before he looks at Tei.

"B-But… I can't betray Bronwyn. I-I mean we're are fucking different people but claiming women…" He said as he didn't want to do anything to hurt Bronwyn.

"Why don't you leave that talk to me… for now you got your cock full with trying to break free from my sisters asshole… good luck Finn… you'll need it…" Tei said before she kissed Finn's cheek and winked at him before she starts walking towards Bronwyn, Phoebe, and Jake 3 while they were in another position on the ground in front of Phoebe's throne with Bronwyn on her back while she fucked Phoebe's pussy while Phoebe was leaned forward while Jake 3 fucked her ass hard and fast while Phoebe moans and groans from the feeling.

Bronwyn was groaning loudly as she had her hands on Phoebe's hips while Jake 3 was huffing as he gave Phoebe's ass a good bounding.

This went on for a bit with Tei watching with a smirk on her face while she watched Phoebe moan and groan as Bronwyn and Jake 3 keep on giving it good to the Queen of flames… and seems like awhile since Tei watched as Bronwyn and Jake 3 push their cocks balls deep into Phoebe's holes and came hard with groans and howls on Jake 3's end and Phoebe's stomach already looked bloated from how hard the duo came inside of her.

Phoebe groans loudly as she climaxed hard on the duo's dicks as Phoebe's face looks a bit fucked up.

Tei smirked more while she approached the groups and smiles when she watched the trio ride out their orgasms.

It wasn't long before the trio tapped off and tries to recover before Bronwyn noticed Tei.

"C-Can we help you?" She said as she still recovered.

"Yeah… long story short my sister and I are wondering if we could help you start a harem for Finn?... not his idea of course but fun aside hogging Finn to yourself while teasing the ladies is just going to have some ask sooner or later so I figured I could help by starting by asking that… Finn is well… if you look to your left he is trapped in my sisters ass and she won't let go so we got time to talk." Tei said while she smirked at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blinked a few times after hearing that before she looks at the direction that Tei pointed at making Phoebe and Jake 3, who blinked in surprise, look as well.

They saw Finn actually having trouble pulling free from Lei's ass while she had her hands on the edge of the table to keep herself from getting pulled as well and cheered on Finn teasingly while she keeps on making sure her ass was tightened enough so he couldn't move.

As Finn struggles, Bronwyn, Phoebe and Jake 3 sweatdrop before the trio looks at Tei.

"Okay… despite what we saw, why say Finn should have a harem?" Bronwyn said with a raised eyebrow.

"Well… two reasons really… first is my sister and I are looking for a man who is worthy and I think Finn may make the cut since not many males are as active as him… though he will need serious training if he can't even get his cock moving in my sisters ass so may have to introduce him to one of the Mistresses who can train him… can explain more since my sister and I train a lot... second is that thanks to all this sex, pretty sure Finn's stamina is going to go through the roof, and while you may join in and have fun… I heard rumors that you don't normally act like this unless you have sex in public… granted you could deny my sister and I but… well with a strong male like Finn, like I said who knows how many times you will be asked this, I mean you would be the top lady here being Finn's first woman but at the same time, unless that normal side of you trains…. Can you keep up in the long run with Finn as he trains not only sexually but adventure like as well since he fights a lot from all his training?... what if you are too tired to continue your fun and Finn wants more but has to hold himself back?" Tei said while she smiles but raised an eyebrow at Bronwyn in genuine wonder.

Bronwyn blinks a few times after hearing that and would say something but was actually stumped since she knows of Finn's adventure lifestyle thanks to the stories from her grandpa Jake and she hate to admit it but Finn is not only strong, but his stamina was better than hers.

And adding to the fact that that Bronwyn in her normal state was normally… well not meek but she was just a skater… while that would work health wise it wouldn't help compared to adventuring… so unless Bronwyn took this deal then chances are she wouldn't be able to keep up.

Though Tei did smirk at the thoughtful look and finished with this.

"Well if you do decide to agree, you would be accepted as a sister of sorts to Lei and I so we could… convince the elders to give you a training beast to help train in tier 15… can't get knocked up by them and would help train sexually… not only that you could get training that could help you get your skills sharpened and all that… but if not well good luck on your end with a rising stamina beast like Finn." Tei said before she starts to walk away while she counts down from 3...2...1…

Bronwyn was silent before she lowly grumbles.

"Wait." She said surprising Phoebe and Jake 3.

"Yes?" Tei said while she looks at Bronwyn with a smirk on her face.

"If I… agree… Not only will I… get the training, I would still be… Finn's main lady?" Bronwyn said.

"Oh of course, Finn laid claim to you first so it would be rude of my sister and I to do anything to overstep our bonds, in a sense you would be our Mistress figuritively until you can dominate us fully and we can help you train combat wise as well." Tei said while she smiles at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn was quiet for a bit.

"Alright. I'll agree, but I need to get to know you and your sister well if you're successful in getting it with Finn. Same applies to any lady that wants in."

"Nice to know, though considring one of Finn's past lovers is pretty much getting it from you, you may want to check to make sure she doesn't have any little agenda's in case she wants to test Finn so she can see if he would take her back if so… you did just give permission and word among many in Ooo is that Finn was the one who messed up the relationship… not her… either that or… she may have a thing for you considering she is having a good time with you… now if you'll excuse me I need to tell Finn and my sis the good news." Tei said while she smiles and walked over to Finn and Lei which left Bronwyn with Finn's ex that she was fucking right now.

Bronwyn blinked a few times before mentally facepalm herself as she forgot about the history that Finn and Phoebe have before Bronwyn looks at the Queen of Flames.

Phoebe looked oddly thoughtful while she looks at Finn's direction before she noticed Bronwyn looking at her.

"Something wrong?" Phoebe asked while she had a smile on her face.

Bronwyn blushes.

"Don't know but… do you still carry a torch for Finn? Or... you have a thing for me now?"

Phoebe blinks at that before she giggles a bit.

"Not the best time to ask me that while I'm in my heat cycle… try and ask me that when I have a clear head alright?" Phoebe said while she grins at Bronwyn a moment later in a teasing way.

Bronwyn blushes in embarrassment.

"Right… my bad."

"Hehe no problem… though if I can be honest if Finn makes up for what he did and shows me he actually matured enough… and finds a way to keep me from burning him and others… I wouldn't mind giving him a second chance to see IF he can prove it to me that he can be good boyfriend or further material…. With your permission of course since unlike Marceline and Bubblegum if they want to try putting their hats in the ring if that Sarutobi guy doesn't try anything serious with Marceline, they did some pretty messed up stuff to Finn but Finn has not done anything bad to you… I on the other hand didn't do anything to Finn after our first few encounters thanks to some confusion which was fixed… Finn messed up after he tricked me into melting the Ice Kingdom and nearly burnin the Ice King to death… try and ask Finn more details but know that was the reason for our breakup and me taking over… in fact I should thank Finn for this at least since it helped me with getting the Fire Kingdom on the right track." Phoebe said while she grins at Bronwyn.

"Though… having fun with a cutie like you does make a good plus… could see how well you do with those teachings from Tei's clan and what not as well." Phoebe said while she winked at Bronwyn.

Though Bronwyn blushes from the wink, she was shocked that Finn did that to Phoebe. However, the young hybrid needs more information from her boyfriend later on.

"I-I see… May need to ask Finn a bunch of questions later but for now… shall we continue?"

Phoebe smirks before she groans when Jake 3 pulled free from her ass and his load leaked from her.

"Sure… but first…" Phoebe said before she rolled the duo on the floor so that Bronwyn was on top and Jake 3 had a good view of her ass.

"Maybe you should see how good it feels to get it on with a Fire Wolf before we end this… Jake 3 if you would be so kind as to lube a hole up." Phoebe said while she grins at Jake 3.

Bronwyn blinks in surprise at the sudden change as Jake 3 wags his tail before he nods his head at Phoebe and gets behind Bronwyn before the big flame wolf sticks out his tongue and starts licking Bronwyn's folds.

Phoebe smirks when she saw Bronwyn biting her lower lips and she used her legs around Bronwyn's hips to lift and lower her hips so that Bronwyn's dick was forced in and out of her folds again and again.

Bronwyn groans a few times from that action as Jake 3 kept licking her folds as he was liking the taste.

This kept on going with Phoebe moving her lower body more with moans and groans while she looks at Jake 3 to see if he had enough fun eating Bronwyn out and to see if he was ready to fuck her when she looked to his cock.

After a few more licks, Jake 3 pulls his head back and you can that the flame wolf's cock was still iron hard and ready.

Phoebe then stopped moving and used her hands to grip Bronwyn's ass cheeks and pulled them apart lightly so both holes were seen and to see which hole Jake 3 would pick.

Bronwyn blushes from having her ass gripped before Jake 3 had an excited look as he mounts Bronwyn and slides his cock inside the hybrid's pussy.

Bronwyn's eyes widened before groaning loud at the penetration.

Phoebe smirks at the sight and used her lips to give Bronwyn a gentle kiss on her lips while she helps Bronwyn adjust to the large flame wolfs size by distracting her from any pain while a few people were brave enough to get a close up view and recording of Jake 3's cock in Bronwyn's pussy.

Bronwyn lightly muffles at the kiss as Jake 3 kept pushing his cock before he starts humping her.

This resulted in Bronwyn getting fucked harder and faster while Jake 3 has the time of his life with fucking Bronwyn, seems when he fucked her harder, her insides shift a bit thanks to her shapeshifting to give her a much deeper pussy so the more Jake 3 fucked her, the better feeling he got when he felt his knot get closer and closer to hitting Bronwyn's folds.

Bronwyn's face starts to look a bit fucked up thanks Jake 3's thrusting as Bronwyn was moaning and groaning loudly.

This went on for a bit while Jake 3 and Phoebe keep on having fun with Bronwyn more and more while the shapeshifting woman was pleased from her pussy and cock more and more untill…

Bronwyn moans loudly as her pussy tightens on Jake 3's dick before Bronwyn climaxed inside Phoebe's pussy before drenching Jake 3's dick her juices.

Jake 3 whines in slight discomfort when he felt Bronwyn's juices hit his groin before he made a few more thrusts before he made one good thrust and managed to push his knot into Bronwyn's folds and he howled when he came hard in Bronwyn's womb and Phoebe groans when she came hard on Bronwyn's cock with surprising force which strangles Bronwyn's dick hard.

Bronwyn moans more as her orgasm got stronger for a moment before she taps off after 30 seconds.

This resulted in Phoebe having to pull herself off Bronwyn's cock and her load dripped from her folds while she looked amused when she saw Jake 3 move so that he was on his back and Bronwyn laid ontop of him while he gave small constant spurts of semen into Bronwyn's snatch and Phoebe could see the look on Bronwyn's face that a few people recorded.

Bronwyn shown a very pleased look on her face while still looking fucked up as her tongue hung from her mouth as Bronwyn's body twitch a few times as her pussy subconsciously hugged Jake 3's dick.

Jake 3 just pants and whines in a pleased way when his cock was gripped again and again and Phoebe smirks when she walked to Jake 3 and pets his head a few times.

"Good boy, why not rest up now and join in more fun later after you get free of Bronwyn, don't worry plenty of fun to go around." Phoebe said while she smiles at Jake 3.

Jake 3 eyesmiles at Phoebe as his tail lightly wags.

This caused Phoebe to smile while the scene went to Finn as Tei got back to Finn and Lei.

"Well Finn, looks like as long as Bronwyn gets to know us and any future ladies, seems you get the go ahead to have more women in a harem, you could talk with Bronwyn but she's… a bit busy at the moment." Tei said while she points a thumb at Bronwyn, Phoebe, and Jake 3 who at that point in time was rutting Bronwyn's pussy hard while Phoebe had Bronwyn's cock enter her again and again, again this went back In time for a moment so this was more or less a moment after Two walked away from the trio.

Finn was blushing brightly as he saw that but was surprised when he heard what Tei said.

"S-Seriously?... She's really okay with that?"

"Hey like I said, you can ask her later about that, for now might as well enjoy possible ladies two and three for now… Lei, you can relax your ass now." Tei said while she looks at Lei.

Lei chuckles before she relaxes her ass making Finn sigh a bit in relief.

Tei chuckles before she looks at Finn.

"Have fun Finn, Lei's ass is one of the best asses at our home for a reason." Tei said while she grins at Finn.

Finn blushes.

"N-No kidding. It was beyond tight."

Lei chuckles again before she looks back at Finn.

"Well don't worry, I barely went all out, normally asses trained to this level are used to torture our targets if we capture them… not pleasant when you have an ass that can rip cocks off slowly and painfully right?" Lei said while she had her ass massage Finn's cock gentley to get him to act.

Though Finn paled at the thought of having his dick ripped off, which made the males, and females that can grow one, who are recording, cringe at the thought, Finn was feeling a bit relaxed before he starts to slowly thrust his hips as his dick went in and out of Lei's ass.

Lei moans and groans from the feeling while she relaxed her ass… but not too much to give Finn a slight challenge while Tei watched with an amused look in her eyes before she looked over to see Princess Bubblegum and Huntress nearby and smirks when she walked away from a distracted Finn and Lei.

Finn grunts and groans as he fucks Lei's ass as hard as he can before he leans down and starts grabs Lei's breasts from behind before squeezing them.

Lei groans from the feeling while she made sure to match Finn's thrusts and really helped him get his cock deep into her ass with each thrust.

Finn groans as he kept thrusting his cock hard while squeezing Lei's breasts more before Finn starts to kiss and suck on the monkey girl's neck.

Lei moans from the feeling while she tightened her ass a bit more while she and Finn had plenty of fun, so much so that Finn didn't even notice a trio of ladies approaching from behind him… nor one that pinched his right ass cheek hard.

"Gah!" Finn jolts before turning his head to see who was the culprit before his eyes widened at who he saw.

It was Tei and she brought over a blushing Bubblegum and a slightly smirking Huntress while a grinning Tei was the culprit to pinch Finn on the ass.

"Hey Handsome… got two ladies who want to have fun with you and seems one is a new one with Huntress here." Tei said while she grins at Finn while Huntress chuckles.

"Though if you are getting overwhelmed by Lei here, we can just stop by to another orgy filled filmed fun and we get a free pass since we did pay for a good time with you and Bronwyn and last I checked, Bubblegum and I didn't get turns yet…. Granted Bubblegum didn't pay yet but she didn't know you or Bronwyn were coming so..." Huntress said while she smirks at Finn while Bubblegum blushed… granted she didn't pay per say but she did have fun before with Finn and Bronwyn so it was mainly Sarutobi's family and Huntress with Marceline who paid for a good time… Bubbelgum honestly didn't expect this so couldn't fault her for not having the coin on her at the time.

Finn blushes brightly after hearing that but surprisingly… he didn't want the duo to leave.

"W-Well… I have no problem if you guys want to join."

That caused Bubblegum to blush while Huntress and Tei smirks.

"Great, finish up with my sis and we can get the real fun going." Tei said while she wanted another round.

Lei however chuckles which got Tei's attention.

"Oh I'm not going down that easy." She said with a grin.

"I see… well looks like you should continue until you unload into her ass at least Finn… then get ready to see the rest of this orgy play out with you really testing that stamina again and again." Tei said while she, Huntress, and to a lesser extent Bubblegum smirk or smile at Finn which gave him enough time for one final thought.

'Oh boy… big challenge here.' Finn thought before he went back to pounding the Nightosphere out of Lei's ass as best as he can.

Lei moans from that while Tei, Bubblegum, and Huntress watched the scene before the scene fades to black while the recorded orgy keeps on going strong.

(End of Flame Kingdom Orgy arc and the Flame Kingdom arc.)

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