An Unexpected Date @emerald
Chapter 2

The scene fades in to show Atomsk and TME while they were looking at some things on some sheets of paper.

"Alright, so we got almost everything in order with continuing this, you good to go Atomsk?" TME asked when he looks at Atomsk with a serious look in his eyes.

"Ready as ever." Atomsk said with a serious look as well.

"Right… and without further adieu…" TME said when he looked to the readers with a grin on his face.

"Hello everyone!, and welcome to the shocking reveal of a new chapter for An Unexpected Date, courtesy of Lexboss who wanted this story to go on." TME said while he waved his hands at the readers a little.

Atomsk waved as well while grinning.

"Indeed and we have a nice list of potential ladies of whom Finn and Bronwyn will meet. But we ain't telling."

"Yup… but I want to be clear on something, Bronwyn is the main lady in this, everyone else in the list will be just SEXFRIENDS with them, I can not stress that enough." TME said while he emphasises the word sexfriend.

"Ain't that the truth." Atomsk said with a serious look.

"Yeah, if you have any complaints, we just write this stuff, Lexboss is well… the boss of this Story and they have final say here." TME said when he wanted to be clear on some things.

"Shall we get started TME, now that we have straightened things out to the readers?" Atomsk asked.

"Yeah, let's say this story starts out a day or two after the first chapter so things can wind down a little before we get things really interesting down the line." TME said while he wonders what Atomsk would think about that.

"Sounds good to me." Atomsk said as he nods his head in agreement.

TME nods at that before he looks to the readers.

"Now this story starts out in Finn's treehouse…" TME said before the scene shifts to Finn's treehouse.

Ooo/ Grasslands/ Treefort/ Finn

The scene now showed Finn as he was playing on BMO right now while he waits for Bronwyn to come here so they can plan another date.

Unfortunately however Jake and Lady came over to the treefort a day ago and really got onto Finn about their grandbaby being filmed and what not, even with KKW's… connections… he was unable to stop the video from spreading like wildfire, seems that many people liked seeing Finn in that position with Bronwyn and made it hard for many to try and take the video down.

Finn kept saying how sorry he was to the duo and didn't mean for that to happen.

Hours after managing to get Jake and Lady calmed down, they managed to listen to what Finn said about Bronwyn going into heat which caused Jake to rub the back of his head while Lady blushed, seems it was a family trait on Jake's side it seems.

Finn then tells the duo that despite what happened he still gonna do everything he can to protect Bronwyn and make sure she's happy while leaving out the part of KKW's threat.

Though Jake saying this did make Finn worry a bit.

"Listen Finn… err… considering what happened I think it would be fair to tell you that once people in my family go into heat, if its… uh… kind of thing they really like… a… kink so to speak, it's more likely to happen again… and if Bronwyn is well… liking the public looking at her… putting it nicely… well… you better keep an eye out because she may try again if that's the case." Jake said while he looked everywhere but at Finn for now.

"Oh Glob." Finn said now believing he's in trouble after hearing that.

"Yeah… all I'm saying is good luck Finn… and try and keep our grandbaby off the web…" Jake said but considering Finn's luck with dealing with aggressive women… not likely…

"Yeah… I'll try to remember that." Finn said while knowing that his luck on women was not good either.

"Yeah…. Just in case… don't blame me if I knock you through the air if there is another videos of you and Bronwyn… having tier 15… and don't blame Lady if she turns you some kind of color of her choosing for a few days… trust me pink is not a good look for adventurers like us." Jake said before shuddering which showed that Jake must have had a personal run in with a pink causing angry Lady.

Finn jolt before look at Lady who had her hooves crossed which showed she felt the same as Jake...

The scene then shifts to Finn after he finished remembering what happened those last few days and with a few condoms, and some birth control in hand, or his pocket, he now waits for Bronwyn to enter the treefort after hearing a car roll up, thanks to Banana man they were starting to become all the range around Ooo and while Finn had one thanks to him being friends with the banana shaped man, KKW bought one as well which lets him drop Bronwyn off at the treefort.

"Be careful honey, you remember what your mom talked about when you go into heat right?" KKW said while he looks at his daughter with a serious look on his face.

Though Bronwyn blushes, she jolts from the serious look her dad gave.

"Y-Yes dad. I remember."

"Hey I'm just saying… those videos are hard to get rid of and I may have to accept them being viewed by strangers and friends alike… and if my little girl has some kind of kink for getting watched in public and another gets uploaded…" KKW said before he pulled out a tissue from the glove compartment and cried dramatically which showed Bronwyn that KKW was using fake tears to mess with her.

Bronwyn this time sweatdrops before blushing brightly.

"R-Right well I'll see you later dad." She said before she kissed KKW on the cheek before stepping out of the car.

"Right, have fun honey…" KKW said before he drives away before Bronwyn could say anything.

Bronwyn blush brightly at that possibility before sighing as she starts walking up to the Treefort.

A moment later she knocked on the door before Finn opened it and smiles a bit when he saw Bronwyn.

"Bronwyn, nice to see you again, then again it was only a couple days hehe." Finn said before chuckling a little and rubbed the back of his head a few times.

Bronwyn did chuckle before looking at Finn.

"Yeah. So how are things been besides the… you know." She said before blushing.

"W-Well… after getting chewed out by Jake and Lady… seems they are expecting this to be a repeat…" Finn said while he blushed more at Bronwyn.

Bronwyn blushed more after hearing that part of her grandparents and rubbed her arm a few times before Finn managed to speak up.

"Yeah… well want to change where we go for this date or the Candy Kingdom?, hopefully the restaurant that Emerald and Cedirc work, Elemental Cuisine, can give us some peace and quiet." Finn said to try and help Bronwyn calm down.

Bronwyn did calm a bit before looking at Finn.

"Well I don't mind which ever we go, though I don't mind if we go to the restaurant again. The food was delicious there."

"Great… shall we get going?" Finn said when he walked by Bronwyn and points to his car.

Bronwyn did giggles before she follows Finn to the car.

About 20 minutes later, Finn and Bronwyn were walking through the Candy kingdom while they heard a few people mutter to one another from seeing Finn and Bronwyn here again after what they did, some didn't mind to be honest and didn't hide that they did want to see another round or something like that.

Finn did blush from the muttering as he hooked his arm around Bronwyn's arm as the duo kept walking towards the restaurant.

Though it seemed some people tried to follow them into Elemental Cuisine much to Finn and Bronwyn's chagrin before they were surprised to see a barrier of all things blocked the people from entering for some reason while Emerald walked to the lobby past Finn and Bronwyn.

"Sorry people but that is special magic to prevent non paying customers from entering, even if you have money it can tell if your paying here or not so we can have some order in here." Emerald said before he glared a bit at the Candy people.

"Or are you planning on causing havoc with my restaurant?" Emerald said with a cold tone to his voice while he cracked his knuckles.

Some of the Candy people pale a bit before they quickly scattered.

"W-Wow… thanks for that Emerald." Finn said while Emerald looks to Finn and Bronwyn with a grin on his face.

"Eh thank nothing of it, I may have fibbed a bit with the barrier though to keep complaints from coming though so call it even if you keep it a secret?" Emerald said while he winked at Finn and Bronwyn with a smile on his face.

"Your secret is safe with us." Bronwyn said as she winked at Emerald.

"Thanks, though I do have a favor to ask…" Emerald said when Finn got a confused look on his face.

"What?" Finn said while Emerald chuckles a bit before looking at the duo.

"Next time you want to try having tier based sex, try and at least let others know where you got the energy from thanks to our food, consider it some advertisement and if you do that I'll knock 50% off the bill next time." Emerald said much to Finn and Bronwyn's shock.

"R-Really?" Bronwyn said as she didn't expect that.

"Well considering my Wife Lillum is a succubus and was able to read your desires, it's pretty much a given that you'll be jumping Finn's greatsword later so might as well get something out of it right?" Emerald said with a businessman like tone.

Bronwyn's eyes widen before blushing brightly after hearing that.

Emerald chuckles at that before he walked over to Cherry Root.

"I'll be taking these guys to the VIP area for privacy, in case anyone important comes here mind telling them to at least wait till after their meal is finished? Oh and if it's Bubblegum, same thing, don't care if she is a Royal, in my Restaurant I treat everyone equally." Emerald said while he grins at Cherry root who giggles at that while Emerald walked by her.

Bronwyn continues to blush before looking at Finn.

Finn blushed as well before the duo followed Emerald into a fancy looking room that had multiple tables with various princesses the various stalls.

Some had documents and were talking politics while some were just hanging out which was surprising, did all the Royal's come here or something?

"Uh… wow thats a lot of princesses." Finn said which made Emerald chuckle a few times.

"Well after your show some of the ladies here wanted to be able to see a repeat performance, hard to find good entertainment nowadays." Emerald said before he walks to an empty booth and gestures for the duo to take a seat.

Finn and Bronwyn, who blushes again, took their seats while Bronwyn was sitting a little closer to Finn.

Finn blushed from that before Emerald summoned a notepad and a pen.

"So… what will you have today?" Emerald said with a grin on his face while the scene shifts to Bubblegum while she was working on something.

Candy Kingdom castle/ Bubblegum's lab/ Bubblegum

Bubblegum at this time was working on a device to try and make it so that she could amp her castle's defense against ice based attacks so that in case Ice King tried going back to his princess kidnapping days, she would be ready before she heard Peppermint Butler enter the room.

"Milady, Finn and Bronwyn are back in the city, they are at Elemental Cuisine right now." Peppermint Butler said with his normal tone of voice.

Princess Bubblegum stopped what she was doing before looking at Peppermint Butler with a surprised look.

"Really? Are you sure Pep?"

"Indeed, some Candy citizens were turned away when they tried to follow them inside and muttered about annoyingly aggressive owners and their weird spells." Peppermint Butler said to help clarify things.

"Weird spells?" Bubblegum questioned.

"Indeed, some people heard the owner, Emerald, say that the spell can tell if a person is willing to pay for a meal of not and keeps the non payers out, I'm sure if people are in a group it can tell the difference to let a paying person's party in but for the rest, they got blocked by a green barrier." Peppermint Butler said with a calm tone to his voice.

"I see." Bubblegum said before having a thoughtful look on her face before she looked at the time.

"You know, I might as well head to the restaurant there for a little lunch break."

"Very well, it is getting close to lunchtime right now so I'll get some guards just in case things get dicey Milady, will you require anything before you leave?" Peppermint Butler said with a smile on his face.

Bubblegum smiles at her butler before waving her hand a bit.

"No that will be all Pep."

"Very well, if you'll excuse me…" Peppermint Butler said before he starts walking out of the lab.

Once the candy butler was gone, Bubblegum was now deep in thought.

'Hope you're ready for a good talk Finn. It's been two days and I still can't believe you did that. Even though it was a bit… interesting.' She thought before blushing a bit.

The scene went to a bit later with Bubblegum standing in front of Elemental Cuisine with a few Banana guards, she was going to pay for lunch so she took a breath and walked to the door and enters.

A moment later, she was stopped by Cherry Root when she got Bubblegum's attention.

"Hello your Highness, you here for a meal?, are your guards getting one as well?" Cherry root asked when she looked back and saw the nervous guards standing outside of the door while wondering if they can even enter or not.

"Yes. I figure since they work hard, they deserve to have a nice treat." Bubblegum said.

"I see…" Cherry Root said before she pressed a button under the desk to let Emerald know that Bubblegum was here before Cherry Root got off her stool.

"Please follow me your highness, I can take you to the VIP area, but your guards will have to wait for a table here to sit at, that alright with you?" Cherry Root said with a gentle smile on her face.

Bubblegum returns the smile as she stares at Cherry Root.

"Yes that will be alright with me."

"Very good, please follow me and gentlemen, please wait here for me alright?" Cherry root said while she gave the guards a kind smile.

The guards did blush at the smile before they looked at Bubblegum.

"It will be alright. Just wait here for a moment." Bubblegum said with a calm tone to her voice.

The Guards did feel calmer from that before they enter and sat on the chairs in the lobby before Cherry Root starts leading Bubblegum to the VIP area of the restaurant.

As she follows Cherry Root, Bubblegum still wondered how she will say things to Finn when she sees him. Though she would need to be calm. Then again, she'll probably have a hard time looking at the human thanks to his and Bronwyn's… performances.

When the two got to the VIP area, Bubblegum saw Finn and Bronwyn eating their meals with pretty happy looks on their faces but before she could say or do anything, Emerald walked up to her from out of nowhere.

"Hello your highness, table for one I assume?" Emerald said while he grins at the princess.

Bubblegum was a bit startled when she saw Emerald.

"H-Hello and yes please."

"Great, please follow me so Cherry here can get back to watching the front area." Emerald said before he gestured for Bubblegum to follow him… away from Finn and Bronwyn… it was like he was trying to keep issues with them here low.

'So close.' Bubblegum thought as she follows Emerald while Cherry Root went back to the front.

A moment later, Bubblegum was in a booth before Emerald pulled out a pen and notepad.

"So Your Highness, what will you be having this fine afternoon?" Emerald said while he smiles at the Candy Princess.

Bubblegum did have a thoughtful look on her face as she tried to think of something before looking at Emerald.

"Hmmm, not sure. What do you recommend?"

"Hmm… how about the chicken salad special with sauteed mushrooms?" Emerald suggests while he looks at Bubblegum to see what she thinks.

"Hmmm… okay I'll try that." Bubblegum said.

"Very good then." Emerald said when he writes that down before he looks at Bubblegum again.

"Got a drink in mind?" Emerald asked when he wanted to get the drink out of the way real quick.

"Hmmm… I'll have a diet soda please." Bubblegum said.

"Very good… I'll be back so please try and not bother the customers while I'm gone alright?" Emerald asked with an angelic smile on his face before he walked away… but the message was clear, leave Finn and Bronwyn alone while they are eating.

Bubblegum did blink a bit before she started to think.

'Dang… seems I'm gonna have to wait till later then.'

For a bit, nothing happened for both parties aside from them eating and drinking their food while the Banana guards were well fed and pretty happy from the tasty meal here before Finn and Bronwyn finished their meal and with some extra leftovers in hand, paid for their meal while Bubblegum still had a bit of food left to go and she could see Finn and Bronwyn heading out form her side of the room but it seems they didn't notice her yet.

Bubblegum doesn't know whether to call them or not.

Thankfully for her, she was able to finish her meal in record time after that but the scene went to Finn and Bronwyn after they left the restaurant.

"Phew… wow that was a good meal… so Bronwyn what do you want to do next?" Finn asked when he walked next to his girlfriend.

"Hmmm… not sure. Maybe we can do a movie or something." Bronwyn said as she walked next to her boyfriend.

"Works for me, lets see what's on first." Finn said before he and Bronwyn walked away from the restaurant and to a different section of the Candy Kingdom while Bubblegum, who had finished, had followed suit to try and say something but they vanished in the crowd of Candy people.

"Glob darnit." Bubblegum said as she couldn't see the duo anywhere.

Meanwhile after 20 minutes, Finn and Bronwyn were in a movie theater and it was surprisingly lacking people for the most part, only one good movies playing right now was one where some people were acting out some of Finn's adventures, or a few other rooms were playing versions of old pre mushroom war movies and Finn and Bronwyn went to see the one called Beauty and the Beast.

It was showing a building romance between a man turned into a monster for his selfish actions and the brave woman who helped him open his heart which helped him return to normal at the end of the film.

"Wanna see that?" Bronwyn asked.

"Sure, let's get going." Finn said while he paid for the tickets to let Finn and Bronwyn enter the room where the movie was playing and lucky for the duo it just started.

The duo saw little bit of people inside like 5 or 6 seated so Finn and Bronwyn sat all the way in the back which was like a private area for them.

Meanwhile while they watched the movie, Bubblegum managed to track the duo to the movie theater and paid for a ticket to the beauty and the beast movie and after seeing Finn and Bronwyn at the back, she managed to get near them without them noticing and sat near them while her guards went to other seats as well while they all watched the movie start, and Bubblegum saw that Bronwyn wasn't doing anything so… maybe things may not turn into a public display like last time…

As the movie played follow by Bell and Beast's interactions, Bronwyn lays her head on Finn's shoulder before nuzzling her head a bit.

Finn blushed a bit before he gently moved his arm around Bronwyn's body and gently rubbed her shoulder while he smiles a bit while he watched the movie and things went pretty smoothly until they got to the part where Belle and the Beast were dancing under romantic conditions and Bronwyn felt her body heat up greatly much to her shock which could only mean one thing.

Bronwyn blushes before she surprisingly brought her hand down to Finn's pants covered crotch before she starts to rub it a few times.

Finn jolts before he looks at Bronwyn with a look of surprise while he had this thought that could be read on Finn's face.

"Really?, here?" Finn thought while his dick throbbed a few times in his pants while he tried to keep quiet from Bronwyn's actions.

Bronwyn continues this action before noticing Finn looking at her.

"I'm sorry Finn but… it's happening again." She whispers before she zipped Finn's pants open before sticking her hand inside.

Finn blushed a bit before he groans a little when he felt his dick pulled free of his pants before Bronwyn starts to stroke it to get him erect.

Bronwyn kept stroking her boyfriend's dick before she begins to nibble on Finn's ear.

Finn grit his teeth and groans a little while he relaxed in his chair, thanks to the movie's noise they were not noticed by anyone far away… however a few people did notice who were close enough to hear which made them blush and a moment later pulled out their phones and secretly aimed their phones between the seats but Bubblegum noticed the people acting odd and when she saw where they were aiming… she got a surprised look on her face when she saw Bronwyn stroking Finn off with a lustful look on her face.

'Are you fucking kidding me?' Bubblegum thought when she what was happen before blushing a bit.

However she did anticipate that some people were gonna record them before she slipped out a small weird looking device before she pressed the button which somehow caused some cell phones to stop working.

"What in the Nightosphere!?" A person said when he tried to get his phone to work again before it dominoes effected to many people in the room looking confused when they looked at their phones when they shut off for some reason, and since Finn saw people acting odd, he looks at Bronwyn.

"H-Hey Bronwyn… you may want to look at your phone, I think something is going on with everyone's phones here." Finn said when he looks around again to see many people hitting or trying to turn their phones back on.

Bronwyn did blink before she grabbed her phone with her other hand and tries to turn it on but no such luck.

"What the? My phone was working earlier? What's happening?" She asked before the duo someone cleared their throat.

A moment later, the duo looked over and Finn jolts when he saw Princess Bubblegum near them while Bronwyn in her heated state oddly enough to didn't have much of a reaction when she tried to focus on listening for now.

"I thought I catch you two here. You're lucky I brought this little device to turn off everyone's phones." Bubblegum said as she showed Finn the device.

"Uhhh… right but uhhh… princess…" Finn said while he nervously points to his right which caused Bubblegum to blink when she saw angry people looking at her before they start to leave the room, seems Bubblegum's invention caused a few phones to spark as well which caused some people to toss them and muttering about payments and what not.

"Don't you people blame me. You all should know better than to record other people during a movie." Bubblegum said.

"Hey I don't know about people in the back but I was watching the movie before my phone started to spark in my pocket, not everyone noticed what was going on back here so expect a complaint from me princess when I send an angry letter to you." A Candy person said while showing a pretty expensive but now destroyed phone before he threw it into the trash with others up front muttering similar things when they left as well which just left PB with her guards with Finn and Bronwyn while Bronwyn subconsciously strokes Finn's dick again which made him shudder and the guards blush at the sight.

Bubblegum sighs as she rubbed the temples of her head.

"All I did was turn off the phones and instead it ended up in destroying them."

Though Bronwyn wasn't paying much attention when she keeps stroking Finn off before she used a free hand to fondles his balls much to Finn's horror since PB could see it all happening right now with her guards… oddly enough it… made Finn feel some kind of thrill for doing so and his dick was fully erect right now.

Bubblegum did blush a bit brightly when she saw that before noticing Finn's… equipment before thinking.

'Mein Glob… I might've seen the video… twice… maybe 3… but seeing Finn's… dick up close… it just looks so… big.'

Bronwyn then looks at the princess with a lustful look on her face before she looks back to Finn's dick and leaned down to start licking the tip, it was like she was teasing Bubblegum with the fact that while Finn maybe her knight... this dick was all hers now.

Bubblegum blushed when she saw that but felt like the hybrid was sending the message to her.

'Wait, is she… no that can't be. Finn is my knight and my friend. I'm not interested… Even if he did grow up handsome and has a nice big cock… *tire screech*... what am I thinking?'

Bronwyn then opened her mouth wide and thanks to her slight stretching abilities, she surprised Bubblegum when she instantly deepthroats Finn's cock and Bubblegum saw her throat bulge a little but Bronwyn didn't seem to mind while Finn groans loudly, more so when Bronwyn starts to bob her head up and down while her mouth glides up and down on Finn's cock and the Banana guards blush more when things went from 0 to 100 in no time flat.

Bubblegum blushes brightly when she saw that before noticing her guards and tries to motion them to stop looking.

However it seemed they were to preoccupied with watching to notice the gesture which caused Bronwyn to move her mouth on Finn's dick more and more and could feel him getting close… and she had a really lustful idea when Finn gripped his chair and shuddered when he could feel his orgasm building.

"O-Oh… f-fuck B-Bronwyn… g-gonna…" Finn muttered which signaled everyone that Finn was about to blow.

'Oh Glob… is he really gonna?...' Bubblegum thought she saw part of Finn's dick twitching.

A moment later, he tossed his head back and groans loudly when he couldn't hold it anymore and he starts to fire his load in Bronwyn's mouth which caused her cheeks to bloat a bit from how much was fired before she starts to drink it down while her throat bulged a bit each time when Bubblegum could actually see the semen being drank down from where she was.

Bubblegum watched with a surprised look as she blushed brightly at the scene.

Finn took a surprisingly long time to stop cumming, about 20 seconds before he tapped off with a groan while Bronwyn took a bit to collect the semen in her mouth after licking it off of Finn's cock and pulled her head away to show puffed out cheeks before she looks at Bubblegum oddly enough and got up from her chair and starts walking to Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was now confused on what the hybrid was gonna do.

Though that would change when Bronwyn shocked all when she full on kissed Bubblegum on the lips after gripping her shoulders and forced her tongue into Bubblegum's mouth and the semen in Bronwyn's mouth was slowly transferred to Bubblegum's while Bronwyn held tight to Bubblegum to keep her from pulling away, more so when she gripped the back of Bubblegum's head with one hand.

Bubblegum muffled a bit with wide eyes before she tries to pull her head away.

However Bronwyn keeps the kiss up and Bubblegum was forced to start to drinking the semen in her mouth while Bronwyn's tongue went wild in Bubblegum's mouth while Finn and the Banana guards looked on with blushing looks on their faces and Finn's dick grew erect in no time flat.

Bubblegum blinked in surprise when she noticed it before blushing brightly.

'Glob... I can't believe she's actually kissing me and not only hat… I can feel Finn's cum going in my mouth. And also… why do I feel… warm?' Bubblegum thought while she could feel her panties getting a but wet right now.

One of the Banana guards in turn saw that Bubblegum had dropped her device to turn the phones off and while she was distracted, the guard turned it off when he accidently pressed the button and ironically enough other people were walking into the room and blushed when they saw what was going on at the back row and a few people went to grab their phones again and like last time with people getting close again in a ring of sorts, they started to record everything from Finn's erect dick to Bronwyn forcing Bubblegum onto the chair thanks to the lights on the phones which helped showed everything in the dark room while Bronwyn keeps kissing the Candy Royal and climbed to sit on her lap.

Bubblegum, who still didn't noticed, slowly melts into the kiss before she returns it.

Bronwyn moans from that before she used her hands to start playing with Bubblegum's breasts while they were still covered before she just pretty much ripped the front of the dress apart when she noticed how gummy they were and was able to pull it back and stick it together under Bubblegum's bra covered bust which helped make them look bigger before she pulled the bra up which showed Bubblegum's breasts to all, they looked B to C in size before Bronwyn moved her head down and starts to lick and suck hard on the nipples and even lightly bit them as well when she felt how soft they were and Bubblegum was able to see the large crowd surrounding them and Bubblegum surprisingly saw their phone lights and they were recording everything… wasn't the device on?

Bubblegum's eyes widen when she looked for her device before seeing her guard holding it.

"H-Hurry and turn it on." She orders her guard.

However the guard in turn jolts and accidently fumbles with the remove and accidently broke it when he tried to press multiple buttons on the remove and it sparked greatly and it stopped to emit steam which caused the Banana guard to rub the back of his head with a blush on his face from that.

Bubblegum's eyes widen before grumbling.

"Glob dammit."

Everyone around Bubblegum got lustful looks in their eyes when they keep recording things while Finn blushed more when Bronwyn kissed Bubblegum again and used a hand to reach down and press against her shirt and pantie covered folds and starts to rub them hard so Bubblegum can feel the fingers.

Bubblegum let out slight muffle when she felt that before a moment later the Candy Monarch's folds starts to get a little damp.

A moment later, Finn surprised Bronwyn and Bubblegum when he got up from his seat and went over to the duo and after placing a foot on the chair next to the duo, he points his cock at the duo's faces while he silently waits to see how Bubblegum would react when Bronwyn pulled her mouth off of Bubblegum's lips and licks one side of Finn's cock while Bubblegum got an up close and nearly point black view of the cock while Bronwyn keeps on rubbing Bubblegum's folds.

Bubblegum's eyes widen before blushing brightly when she saw the hero's dick so close before looking up to see if Finn was actually serious.

Finn just looks at Bubblegum with a hard to read expression while he enjoyed Bronwyn's mouth before she pulled away and leaned in to whisper in Bubblegum's ear.

"I bet this dick looks tasty… doesn't it?… I highly doubt Finn will ask you for anything like this but you do owe him for all the times you sent him on dangerous missions… unlike your guards or others here… has Finn complained?... I'm not about to share romance wise… but if you are willing to make a deal I can let you have fun with this cock of Finn's if you want at least… I mean when was the last time you got the fucking of your life?" Bronwyn whispered before waiting to see what Bubblegum would say.

Bubblegum blinked a bit and would've said something but… somehow Bronwyn was right. Finn has done a lot for her and sadly, the Princess hasn't had any fun due to her duties and among other things.

"So Your highness… why not drop the prim and properness for a short time and just go wild?... I'll admit I was overpowered by lust but I'm starting to get a grasp of it and believe it or not… who cares who watches… it just shows how much I care for Finn and it shows everyone he's all mine… but I am willing to let others have fun with him if only they just ask nicely…" Bronwyn said with a lustful tone to her voice.

Bubblegum blushes a bit brightly at first and wanted to say no but… somehow her needs were now over powering her.

The Candy Monarch sighs before looking at Bronwyn.

"Okay… what is the deal?"

"Simple… I can't help at first when my heat kicks in and I can't help that people want to watch, but I can say that as long as you turn a blind eye to this stuff… I won't stop you if you want to have fun with Finn… but on the grounds that you don't try anything romantic with him…. Saying it bluntly you blew it with Finn and I'm not giving anything other than just a sex friend and only if we are in the Candy Kingdom… agree to those terms and I'll see if I can have those public moments more… castle centric where only your guards see what happens, though if they have phones I can't stop them from recording things." Bronwyn said with a slight grin on her face.

Bubblegum blinks in surprise after hearing that but seems she can't think of anything else to counter.

'Alright… I agree.'

"Good… then as a test to see how serious you are… get undressed while I do the same… if we have to give others a show we might as well make it a good one." Bronwyn said before she leaned back and surprised everyone when she removed her shirt and dropped it on the ground while the crowd made Ooos and what not after she got off Bubblegum's lap.

Bubblegum was shocked to see Bronwyn actually doing that before she blushes brightly after getting a good look at the hybrid's bod.

She looked athletic from all her skating she did while she had a 6 pack surprisingly on her stomach and before Bronwyn even removed her bra and her breasts bounced free, they were D in size and had small pink nipples on the tip which made Finn blush brightly when he saw his girlfriend actually going through with undressing and thought it was a bluff.

Bubblegum's was also blushing while the Banana Guards whistle at her.

Bronwyn then bent down and removed her panties while she teased the crowd by shaking her now pantieless ass at the crowd which made them blush more before she stood up in the nude while she grins at Bubblegum.

"Your turn your highness… time to show everyone that figure of yours." Bronwyn said while she keeps grinning at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum gulps before she stood up from her chair before she begins to remove her dress and dropped them on the ground till she was only wearing her bra and panties.

She then removed her bra and panties which made the crowd whistle and cheer more and for a royal that lives for eternity like Marceline, Bubblegum had a nice figure with a hourglass type.

Bubblegum was blushing more as she hid her breast with her arm.

Bronwyn however grins when she walked behind Bubblegum and moved her arms to grip Bubblegum's and she forced them away which caused everyone to cheer and what not more when they could see all of Bubblegum's body now.

Bubblegum continues to blush more as she couldn't believe this was happening along with the fact that everyone is recording this.

'If this gets out I don't think I can ever show myself to anyone else.'

Finn in turn blushed more when Bronwyn looks at him.

"Oh Fiiinnn… like what you see?" Bronwyn said which caused Finn to jolt while his dick throbbed hard a few times to show he did like it greatly which made Bubblegum blush brightly from the sight of Finn's dick looking harder then ever.

Bronwyn grins at that before she looks at Finn.

"Time for you to undress Finn, might as well show the other princesses who will view these videos of what kind of bod you got over the years of training." Bronwyn said while she grins at Finn more while licking her lips.

Bubblegum's eyes widen after hearing that.

'Oh dear Glob.' She said with a worried look thinking what the other royals well say when they see this.

A moment later, after some thought, Finn just sighs when he couldn't think of a way out of this and starts to strip, starting with his hat and his long flowing blond hair flowed down his back.

Then went his shoes and socks before he removed his shirt and every female blushed when they saw that Finn had an 8 pack of all things while the rest of his body looked toned to perfection right now before he worked his shorts off to show his strengthen legs without the shorts making them look weaker, all that was left was his underwear which followed suit and Finn stood in the nude while his cock was fully erect in everyone's view.

Bubblegum blushes brightly when she saw the hero in his birthday suit while a few of the girls in the crowd not only blush but also kept a good visual on Finn before taking some pics.

Bronwyn licks her lips before she looks at Bubblegum.

"To make things fair… why not give Finn and I an order your highness and we give you one after." Bronwyn said with a grin on her face while Finn blushed at that since after that… he could order Bubblegum to do anything he wants.

Bubblegum blushes at the thought of someone else ordering her around before looking at Bronwyn.

"V-Very well."

"Alright… what's your first order… Mistress…" Bronwyn said while she got a teasing grin on her face.

Bubblegum blushes a bit before giving out this order.

"I want Finn to… l-lick my pussy."

Finn blushed at that while Bronwyn giggles from the command.

"Alright, but what position… or can Finn at least pick the position for you since he will be mainly following our lead." Bronwyn said which made Finn blush more since he didn't know much aside from straight up tiers.

Bubblegum did look thoughtful before speaking up.

"H-He chooses."

Bronwyn nods before she looks at Finn.

"Alright Finn, time to conquer a princess." Bronwyn said with a smile on her face while Finn gulps before he looks at Bubblegum.

"G-Get on the ground on your back P-PB." Finn ordered when he points to the ground.

Bubblegum blushes before she did just that as lays on the floor on her back.

Bronwyn then whispered something in Finn's ear which made him blush before he walks over to Bubblegum and for some reason moved so that he was standing over her head and kneeled down carefully before he moved so that he was on all fours over Bubblegum and his dick was now pointing at her face in a 69 position.

Bubblegum was blushing brightly at the position while the crowd seem to like where this is going though some of the girls were feeling a tad jealous and wished they were in Bubblegum's place.

A moment later, Finn gulped before he looked at Bubblegum's pussy before he gave it an experimental lick and when he liked the taste, he starts to lick it wildly, mainly focusing on her bud.

Bubblegum blushes a bit more before shuddering as she felt her pussy and bud played with.

"Don't forget Princess… in this position Finn is starting to get into it but I think returning the favor would be good as well… should get Finn worked up when he fucks you senseless." Bronwyn said when she smiles at Bubblegum when she walked around and points at his cock.

"Then again… if you don't want to do something… I will." Bronwyn said before she knelt down and starts to stroke Finn's cock which was pointing right at Bubblegum's face which made Finn groan before he starts to lick Bubblegum's folds at a faster rate.

Bubblegum blushes more before groan a bit before a moment later she sticks out her tongue and starts lick the head of Finn's dick.

Finn shudders from that before he really starts to lick Bubblegum's folds while enjoying what Bronwyn and Bubblegum were doing.

Bubblegum shudders as she groans bit more while still licking the dick head before the Candy Monarch uses her tongue to lick the tip.

Finn shuddered he used his hands to spread Bubblegums folds before he licks them directly now.

Bubblegum let out a slight moan which made her open her mouth and surprised the crowd when she took Finn's dick in her mouth.

Finn groans from that before he used a couple fingers to slowly go in Bubblegum's pussy and starts to finger the tight hole with gentle movements to not harm the candy princess.

Bubblegum muffly groans before she begins to bob her head on Finn's dick before starts to really enjoy the taste.

Some of the men in the crowd were turned on with the way their princess was sucking dick, even the banana guards like it.

Bubblegum even used her tongue to lick around the shaft which caused Finn to finger Bubblegum more before he could feel his cock twitching with Bronwyn switching from stroking Finn's cock to fondling his balls so everyone could see the lustful look on Bubblegum's face before Bronwyn gave this order.

"Considering Bubblegum has her mouth full and you are doing as ordered… why don't we see how much cock she can take down her throat." Bronwyn surprisingly said but with Finn so into the act, he just starts to thrust his hips after adjusting his legs and his dick starts to go in and out of Bubblegum's mouth and throat, and Finn's balls even slapped Bubblegum in the face a few times after Bronwyn lets go while he adds a third finger to Bubblegum's pussy.

Though Bubblegum gagged a few times, she was still able to bob her head as the lust on her face grew.

For a minute, Finn keeps on thrusting his hips before he made one last thrust and pretty much hilts his dick in Bubblegum's throat and came right down into Bubblegum's stomach with a loud groan while Bubblegum could feel Finn's nuts work hard to make semen for her to drink before everyone saw semen leak from around Finn's dick and Bubblegum's lips and drip to the floor.

Bubblegum gags for a bit before she starts drink down the heroes load as best as she can.

For a bit, Finn rides out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan and a moment later, pulled his cock free of Bubblegum's mouth and everyone saw her face dripping with semen and had a fucked up look on her face when it seemed she came as well when Finn pulled his fingers from her pussy and his fingers were drenched with juices.

Bubblegum pants a bit while the crowd made sure to get a good angle on Bubblegum's pleases look.

A moment later, Bronwyn looks down at Bubblegum with a grin.

"So Princess… what is your next order?" Bronwyn asked while she keeps giving her a lustful look.

Bubblegum then looks at Finn and said this which surprises the crowd.

"F-Fuck my pussy."

Finn blushed from that before the scene went to a few minutes later to show Finn pounding the even loving Nightosphere out of Bubblegum's pussy while she was still on the ground and everyone saw how powerful the thrusts were and how wet Bubblegum was when she was turned so that everyone could film the sight but also see the look on Bubblegum's face.

Bubblegum once again had a fucked up look on her face as she was moaning loud with ecstasy from the pleasure she was receiving that was long overdue.

Bronwyn giggles from that before she looks at the crowd.

"So what do you think everyone?, after Finn fills her up, do you want Finn to come after me next or keep fucking Bubblegum's brains out?" Bronwyn said with a lustful grin on her face.

The crowd blink after hearing that before they spoke to one another as some wanted to see Finn continues fucking Bubblegum, the others hoped to see Bronwyn get some action too.

Bronwyn then had a thoughtful look on her face before she grins at everyone again.

"Actually why not switch things up after we wait for Finn to finish…" Bronwyn said before she and everyone else looked to see that Finn was using more and more speed and power in his thrusts while his muscles worked in overdrive to fuck the princess till she could think of nothing but his cock.

Bubblegum continues to moan loud before looking at Finn.

"Oh yes Finn! Deeper!... Deeper!" She moans before she actually wrapped her legs around the hero's waist.

Finn in turn grit his teeth together while he used his hands to grip Bubblegum's ass and after moving his right arm to hug Bubblegum, he used his left to help push himself to his feet and in a surprising move, went over to the crowd and sets Bubblegum's on top of the back part of the seat and after gripping her ass, starts to lift and lower her onto his cock hard while the crowd blushed when they were able to get a serious close up of Finn fucking Bubblegum's pussy.

Bubblegum moans even louder after that as she tightens her legs around Finn's waist before wrapping her slender arms around Finn's neck.

For a few minutes, Finn keeps on fucking Bubblegum and could feel her orgasm approaching fast, thanks to his training and thanks to Bronwyn last time, he had more control so he was nowhere near done… Bubblegum however…

Bubblegum climaxed over and over again on Finn's dick as her pussy tightens each time.

Finn then switched things up so that Bubblegum was facing away from him and towards the crowd while he keeps on fucking her pussy and Finn held her legs apart so that everyone could see everything from Bubblegum from her bouncing breasts to her stretched out pussy as it keeps on gobbling Finn's cock while Bronwyn grins when she wondered what Bubblegum was thinking right now, thanks to last time overpowering her, she barely had control but now she was more or less in control of herself and while she would get chewed out later… it would be worth it since she could make things fun with Finn if other ladies try and get with Finn with her around… at least sex wise…

'Oh Glob!... I haven't had this much fun since… ever! I will still have to chew these two out but for now… I need more!' She thought as she turned her head to look at Finn with a lust filled look.

Finn then surprisingly kissed her after he made sure her face was clean while he could feel his orgasm getting closer and closer as time went on while Bronwyn rubs her folds when she could barely wait any longer and hope Finn came soon.

Bubblegum returns the kiss as stares at his eyes with more lust before Bubblegum slides her tongue in Finn's mouth.

Finn had his tongue fight Bubblegums and a minute later, he made a couple more thrusts before he pushed his dick as it could go before he came hard inside of Bubblegum's pussy which quickly starts to fill it and make it bloat a little from the amount and everyone blushed when the semen quickly dripped from her pussy and onto the seats in front of the crowd while they filmed the Candy princess getting creampied.

Bubblegum moans in Finn's mouth before climaxing again on her knight's dick while feeling her pussy get filled up.

15 or so seconds pass before Finn tapped off and he pulled his cock free with a slight moan before everyone saw his load leak from Bubblegum's pussy while everyone filmed it.

Bronwyn grins she saw that while she waits for Bubblegum to recover.

As Bubblegum shudders in her seat in Finn's arms while she enjoys the afterglow, Finn saw Bronwyn waiting eagerly for her turn.

"E-Enjoy the view beautiful?" Finn said while he pants for breath.

"Oh I did… though I heard a rumor that Bubblegum can morph her body to regenerate limbs since she's made of gum… so I wonder if she can grow a cock… she was with Marceline and she can shapeshift so I doubt Bubblegum didn't… experiment with ladies before." Bronwyn said while she grins at the look on Finn's face.

Finn blinked a few times as he didn't know that before looking at Bubblegum.

Said Candy Monarch did chuckle before saying this.

"O-Oh I can." She said with a lust filled grin.

"Well then… Finn, set her on her feet and let's see what she's packing… I want a one on one with her wearing this to see how productive she is before we finish things off with a bang." Bronwyn said while she grins at Finn and Bubblegum.

Finn blinked a bit before he did just that before Bubblegum was standing on her feet as cum continues to leak down her legs.

That's when a moment later, everyone sees Bubblegum summons her own dick.

It was an inch shorter than Finn's but the width was 2 ⅓ inches longer.

Bronwyn grins before she approached Bubblegum with a swing of her hips.

"So your highness… ready to end that other dry spell of yours." Bronwyn said while she stands in front of Bubblegum.

Instead of answering, Bubblegum just gripped the back of Bronwyn's head and the crowd who was still a bit shocked about their princess, continues to record.

A moment later, Bronwyn knelt in front of Bubblegum before she gripped Bubblegum's cock and starts to stroke it with the condom staying on.

"So… what do you want me to do to this royal cock your highness." Bronwyn said with a lustful look in her eyes while she could feel the dick pulsing in her hand.

Bubblegum groans from before she looked at Bronwyn.

"I want it to fuck your pussy." She said with a lust full look.

"Position?... maybe on all fours?, your call though." Bronwyn said while she grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum grins at the hybrid before speaking up.

"On all fours."

Bronwyn did just that after he stroked the cock one more time and when she was on all fours, she shook her ass at the Candy Queen to tempt her into acting.

And tempted she was before the Candy Monarch got on her knees before she aims her dick at Bronwyn's pussy before she pushes it inside while the crowd watch with surprised and blushing looks.

Though they didn't stop recording the scene while Finn looked on while he was surprisingly turned on when he watched Bubblegum start to fuck Bronwyn's pussy which made her moans and groans when she could feel Bubblegum go deep into her pussy with each thrust.

Bubblegum continues to thrust her dick hard in the hybrid's pussy before the Candy Monarch used one hand to spank Bronwyn's ass.

Bronwyn groans and moans from that while Bubblegum had a surprisingly dominating look in her eyes.

"I bet you are proud of yourself… forcing me into this situation… making me do this in front of my people… and I bet you won't think twice and do this again huh?, well guess what if you want to have fun fucking around in my kingdom you better expect me to get in on some of that or you might as well do it outside the kingdom walls!" Bubblegum said before she used her other hand to spank Bronwyn's ass as hard as she could which made Bronwyn groan more and her pussy tightens each time as a result of the spanking.

Finn and the crowd didn't expect to hear that though seeing Bubblegum act like this was a turn on for Finn and some of the crowd.

A moment later, Bubblegum gripped Bronwyn's long hair with her right hand and pulled while she keeps spanking Bronwyn with her left hand.

"So tell me… I bet you enjoy getting dominated just as much as you enjoy dominating Finn huh?, well tell me how badly you want me to fuck you in this heated state of yours!, Seems like your personality shifts to one who wants to be dicked like no other huh!?" Bubblegum said while she pulled hard on the hair and spanked Bronwyn's ass without mercy and gripped the slowly reddening left ass cheek a few times before she repeats the process.

Bronwyn yelps from having her hair pulled as her ass kept getting spanked.

That action causes the hybrid's pussy to tighten on Bubblegum's dick before Bronwyn screams one word.


"Yes what!?, I want to hear details!" Bubblegum growled out while she fucked Bronwyn harder and her cock went in and out of Bronwyn's pussy at a fast rate while her dick was slowly twitching in Bronwyn's pussy.

"I-I enjoy being dominated while having my pussy fucked hard!" Bronwyn moans.

"Well then I might as well make sure you don't forget what happens if you come here and try and cause trouble around my citizens." Bubblegum said while she fucked Bronwyn harder and harder and could feel Bronwyn getting close but wanted Bronwyn to finish first.

Bronwyn moans and groans louder than ever as she felt her orgasm getting closer while her pussy tightens around the Candy Monarch's dick.

The crowd watched as they kept recording while feeling turned on from this.

A moment later, Bronwyn grit her teeth and groans loudly when she came hard on Bubblegum's cock and a few thrusts later, Bubblegum groans loudly when she thrusts as deep as she could go and came hard inside of Bronwyn's pussy which filled it to the brim with pink colored semen.

Bronwyn moans loud before her pussy tightens as she climaxed hard on Bubblegum's dick.

Bubblegum and Bronwyn ride out their orgasms before Bubblegum tapped off first around the 15 second mark and pants for breath while she enjoyed the afterglow.

Bronwyn taps a few seconds after before she shudders a bit while enjoying the afterglow.

Bubblegum then slowly pulled her cock free before everyone saw semen flow from her pussy a moment later.

Bronwyn groans after feeling that while the crowd was surprised when they saw how much cum Bubblegum out.

Bubblegum gave a sigh of relief after that before she looks at Bronwyn.

"Wow… forgot how good that felt, forgot how backed up I was." Bubblegum said while she stood up while Bronwyn chuckles a that before she looks at Finn and Bubblegum.

"W-Well I got enough energy for one last round… want to finish this off with a bang?" Bronwyn said with a grin on her face.

Finn did blink a bit before looking at Bubblegum.

"Well I'm interested in finishing this soon… what do you have in mind?" Bubblegum asked which caused Bronwyn to grin before the scene went to a few minutes later with Finn on his back this time while he fucked Bronwyn's pussy, but the kicker was that Bubblegum was over Bronwyn and was also doing the same thing to Bronwyn's already filled pussy which stretched it to it's limits while Finn and Bubblegum fucked her hard.

The crowd watched with surprised looks as they blushed brightly while recording this while Bronwyn had a very pleased and fucked up look on her face as she was enjoying having her pussy fucked to the max.

Bubblegum had moved to grip her breasts and fondles them hard while Finn gripped Bronwyn's ass and used the leverage to fuck Bronwyn's pussy harder then ever.

Bronwyn groans and moans loudly from that action before her tongue starts to hang out of her mouth.

Finn then leaned up before he kissed Bronwyn with an intense kiss before he and Bubblegum could feel their orgasm's approaching after a few minutes pass.

Bronwyn can feel her orgasm approaching as well before she returns the and hugs Finn as she stares at his eyes with lust and another feeling that might be a bit hard to read.

Finn had a similar look in his eyes before a few minute pass before Finn and Bronwyn make one last thrust and when they went as deep as they could go, Finn and Bubblegum came hard inside of Bronwyn's pussy and flood it with their combined sperm and it was like a mix of white and pink when it flowed out of Bronwyn's pussy from how much the duo fired.

Bronwyn moans loud as she felt her womb bloat a bit greatly before climaxing hard on the duo's dicks while the crowd had a good visual on them.

They were able to get a good view of things with their phones before the duo tap off with groans 10 seconds later and pant for breath while they enjoy the afterglow while they pulled their dicks free and more of the mixed semen flowed from Bronwyn's pussy and onto the ground.

Bronwyn groans before panting a bit as she enjoys the afterglow while laying on top of Finn.

The Crowd in turn blushed a bit more before Bronwyn managed to look at the camera when she remembered something.

"H-Hehe… nearly forgot… Finn and I got the energy for this from a restaurant in the Candy Kingdom called Elemental Cuisine… so hope you enjoy the food there..." Bronwyn said when she remembered that advertisement thing.

The crowd did blink at that but if Finn and Bronwyn got the energy from that place then they might as well try the food out.

Bubblegum however had no idea on what that was about but she didn't care when she stumbles a bit and moved to sit on a chair while her dick vanished.

"A-Alright… you all had your fun watching… time to leave since I doubt we can do anything else." Bubblegum said to the crowd with a tired look on her face.

"A-And please don't post this." Finn said just as the crowd, minus the Banana Guards, starts leaving the theater room.

However, little did the trio know, it was gonna happen either way… especially with a certain princess with a star shaped icon on her forehead who managed to keep herself hidden.

Meanwhile with Finn, Bronwyn, and Bubblegum in the castle after they rest, recover, and get clean...

Turns out that when they finished everything, Bubblegum got another video and everyone saw to their shock that the video was uploaded again and with Bronwyn back to normal, she just blushed brightly from how different she acted when she was in heat…

"Oh man… looks like my dad was right and my kink is in public places… I don't think we can come around the Candy Kingdom for a few weeks…" Bronwyn said while she tried to hide her face in her shirt.

Finn went to hug Bronwyn to console her while Bubblegum sighs.

"Easy for you to say. I don't think I can leave this place let alone face anyone especially the other royals."

"Try saying that when those Royal meetings happen, pretty sure they are held here every time… anyway sorry Princess… I don't know what came over me… it was like I was overtaken with lust but I could still control myself, not sure if that makes sense but I just couldn't stop…" Bronwyn said which caused her to blush when she remembered how aggressive Bubblegum was as well when she had her fun with the Candy Queen and the hair pulling part as well.

Bubblegum did blush a bit from the memory before looking Bronwyn.

"Well I can't fault you since I was overtaken by lust as well and to be honest… it felt… great." She said which made Finn blink a bit.

"Seriously PB?" Finn asked while he wondered what was going on with the ladies around him.

"Yes Finn. It's been so long since I had any… action for a awhile since ruling a Kingdom is a lot of work." Bubblegum said a she continues to blush.

"I see… w-well I can't complain if you need a stress reliever from Finn but remember… h-hes mine… you had your chance in the past so the best I can agree on is a sex friend with Finn and I." Bronwyn said while she looks at Bubblegum with a slightly serious/ blushing look on her face.

"Oh not to worry, I may like Finn but I can say that you two are meant for each other so I'll agree on being sexfriends." Bubblegum said with a kind smile.

Bronwyn blushed a bit from that before they said goodbye to Bubblegum and left for now, hopefully they would have a day at least to rest up before dealing with KKW, Jake, and Lady while the scene shifts a few times.

Ooo/ Marceline's home/ Marceline

Marceline at this time was watching the video with a strained look on her face while she used her hair to form tentacles which went wild in her pussy when she watched how dominating Bonnie was in the video.

"Oh fuck Bonnie." Marceline muttered as she kept pleasuring herself as she watched the Candy Monarch being the boss.

A couple minutes later, Marceline came hard on the tentacles in her pussy when she saw Bubblegum creamping Bronwyn with Finn and saw how productive the two were again when the video was nearing its end.

It took about 15 or 20 seconds before the Vampire Queen taps off before panting a bit.

The video then ends with Marceline still recovering since it's been awhile since she last had a decent orgasm and seeing her two friends like that really got her worked up since doing that in public was kinky as hell.

"F-Fuck that video was hot. Never thought I see Bonnie doing something like that in public. Hehe… maybe I should pay her a visit later." Marceline said while chuckling.

Though when she looked back at the video… she did have one other thoughtful look on her face before chuckling again.

"And maybe I could join those two in their public fun…. Though better do it away from the Candy Kingdom… humm… I believe a little plotting is in order… after I watch this video again." Marceline said when she started to have an idea for how to get Finn and Bronwyn to give her plenty of fun but went to watch the video again and the sound of moaning and groaning was heard from her house while the scene shifts again.

Ooo/ Fire Kingdom/ Phoebe's room

Similar to Marceline, Phoebe was watching the video that was just posted and was thrusting a pretty large dildo in and out of her pussy aggressively when she watched Finn dominating Bubblegum and having his fun with Bronwyn in the movie theater.

"O-Oh Glob Finn… once again in public." Phoebe said but was surprisingly turned on as she watched her ex being so forceful.

A minute later, she came hard on the dildo when she couldn't hold it anymore and dropped her phone on the bed while she rides out her orgasm which was a lot more intense then usual.

Phoebe continues to orgasm before tapping off after 25 seconds passes.

She then fell back onto the bed with a bright blush on her face while she heard Finn, Bronwyn, and Bubblegum on the phone while they keep their actions up… was public sex really that exciting?

Phoebe pants a few times with a blush on her face before eyeing her phone.

"T-This is so wrong. Why do I feel so turned on as I watch a recording of Finn dominating those two? He and I have been broken up for a while and are just friends."

However the phone did pick up the part about something about sexfriends which did cause Phoebe to wonder what that meant exactly, did that mean that Finn could have sex with anyone as long as Bronwyn gave permission for it to happen?

"Hmmm… if this Bronwyn girl gave Finn permission then maybe…" Phoebe said before shaking her head at the thought.

"No no. I shouldn't be thinking that. He's my friend and it might feel weird."

However she did masturbate to a video that starred Finn, Bronwyn, and even Bubblegum which made her look back at her phone and felt her body getting worked up again… maybe another session with her dildo and this video couldn't hurt right?

A couple minutes pass and Phoebe was moaning as she roughly shoves her dildo in and out of her pussy as she rewatched the video.

The scene then shifts one final time to another woman.

Ooo/ Wizard City/ Huntress

Huntress was in her room in Wizard city while she watched the video that she got, thanks to some help from Finn and a few others she at least got the concept of a touchscreen phone and it helped her with getting in contact with others and didn't waste magic while she examined Finn's body closely, she didn't have much of a reaction oddly enough for some reason though but she did look impressed.

"Now that's what I call an exceptional beast with a body like that." Huntress said as she watched the video.

When it finished, Huntress just put her phone on charge before she looks at a few plants in the room before she used her spells to make them grow and shift and lengthen and in the center of the room a plant like replica of Finn was seen, exactly like the video's image showed and it matched Finn's dick perfectly as well, it had no face but she did give the plant golam this order.

"Alright, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can here and now, no foreplay is needed since I'm already worked up." Huntress states to the plant golam while ripping the front of her pants off before the pants returned to a leaf and her soaked folds were seen.

The plant duplicate nods at the wood nymph before it approaches her.

A moment later, Huntress was seen laying on her back as the duplicate was giving Huntress's pussy the pounding that she wanted.

Huntress had her arms and legs around the duplicate while she moans and groans for awhile while she could feel herself getting close to cumming, and thanks to her magic, she made it so that the golam would fire sap in her when she would cum.

And low and behold after a few minutes of nonstop powerful thrusts, Huntress tossed her head back and groans loudly when she came hard on the Golam's dick and it fired it's sap into Huntress's womb in turn.

The golam kept on climaxing before it taps off 20 seconds later at the same time with Huntress Wizard.

Huntress Wizard then pants for breath while the Golam pulled its dick free and returned back to its pots and back into normal flowers while the sap dripped from Huntress's pussy but she made no move to clean it, instead going to sleep while having one final thought.

"Seems like I'll have to see if I can get Bronwyn's permission to be able to have fun with Finn, golems don't last to long and I need a serious itch that needs to be scratched anyway…" Huntress thought before she dozed off.

The scene then fades to black while many people saw the video and wondered where the third video would take place if this was going to be a repeating thing.

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