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Chapter 4

(Requested by ObeliskX) (Word total… 2500 words)(Male Mari or Mark VS Female Asuka)(All people in lemon are 18 and older)

Nerv headquarters/ ?/ Mark, Asuka, Shinji, Rei

"Geeze I can't believe that wasn't an Angel, not only was it too weak, it was just a distraction!" Asuka said while Shinji tried to calm Asuka down.

"N-Now now, better to take that faux angel down then let it rampage, no one got harmed this time so it should be no issue right?" Shinji said as the red head rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, hopefully next mission won't be too much of a waste of time." The red themed Eva pilot said while Rei looks at Asuka with her usual stoic look.

"Doesn't matter what threat level it is, a threat is still a threat and that could have been a spy or something to find out our skills… I would suggest we try and train to come up with new moves so we don't lose in case that Angel was just sending our attack methods to the real threat." Rei said while Mark chuckles.

"Well I don't mind training a bit, but I doubt Princess here will want to actually work up a sweat right after a mission hehe." Mark teased while Asuka's eyebrow twitched.

"Excuse me four-eyes!?, that's rich coming from a guy wearing a PINK Plugsuit that looks like it would work better on a girl, I mean I can get if you first got here and had a lack of colors but you were hear how long!?" Asuka said when she didn't like that princess bit.

Mark's eyebrow twitched a few times and he adjusts his glasses.

"Well I won't lie, was not my first choice but it grew on me, and you know what they say, real men wear pink!, besides it better to have color issues then be like a man in a females body, I mean how easily angered and bitchy can one be to give issues with the color of the outfit one is wearing?" Mark said as Asuka glared at Mark.

"Excuse me!?, I am plenty controlled, call me a man one more time and I'll show you what I can do!" Asuka growled out before she and the pink suited Eva pilot start to yell insults and curses at one another.

Shinji and Rei sigh at the sight at ANOTHER argument happening while Misato, the Nerv Commander, who came to condragulate the group, sighs when she hears the argument going on.

"Geez, I didn't expect this to happen again, how many times are you two going to fight?, if you want to do that, you two might as well wrestle or something and get this out of the way, you two should do it in the plugsuits to help test out the durability and what not as well, what you do and how you do it is your call but I don't want to see you two fighting for a good long time." The Purple haired Nerv commander said as she starts walking away while Asuka smirks when she looks at Mark.

"Well you heard her Mark… how about it?, we can settle things and who knows, maybe you could shut me up on the whole insulting name thing or you could shut me up… either way will be pretty tough so hope your pink suited self doesn't beg for surrender too soon." Asuka said while Mark chuckles as he looks down at Asuka.

"Name the time and the place, should be amusing if I have you go kya!, or maybe Oh Mark please have mercy!... heheh, going to enjoy it though to make it fair… I'll send you a text in a few days once things are set up, might as well make sure we are both at full health before we try and dominate one another hehe." Mark said as he walked away from the group while the red headed Eva pilot blinks at the choice of words and blushed a bit… more so when Mark actually swayed his hips surprisingly enough when he noticed Asuka's gaze on him and decided to mess with her and before the redhead, Shinji, and Rei could ask about that, Mark vanished around a corner.

"Well… that was… awkward." Rei said which caused the other Eva pilots to sweatdrop when they look at Rei since she said that with such a straight look on her face.

"You know… sometimes you really should learn to smile more or something." Asuka said as Rei shrugged her shoulders.

"Not sure why, we beat an angel but if I'm right that Angel or whatever it was could have been a scout so the real angel could learn our skills… I'll be going to the Virtual training room and trying to make new techniques that I can use as I pilot my Eva… if you will excuse me." Rei said when she nods her head lightly at Shinji and Asuka before she walked away from the duo which left Shinji and Asuka alone.

"So… what now?" Shinji asked while the red head rolled her eyes.

"You can do whatever, I'll be going to get a shower out of the way, worked up a sweat in that last fight so I don't want to reek of sweat, try and not follow me unless you want to be a perv." the red themed Eva pilot said while Shinji flinched at the insult of sorts though he kept quiet since he didn't want Asuka to be angry with him… Mark had that when he and Asuka fight… though he really hoped nothing bad would happen.

"Still it's just a simple spar to not fight later when it really counts… what's the worst that could happen if they fight?" Shinji thought… oh the poor bastard wouldn't know what would hit him with that set of words though ironically enough not to him… but to Asuka and Mark as a few days pass.

Once a few days pass, Asuka was walking back to Misato's place when she got a text on her phone and when she got it, she saw that it was Mark texting her and she smirks when she saw that the message was the glasses wearing Eva pilot finding a place for their match, it was a bit out of the way.

However it would be easy to walk too since it didn't require a car or anything so after 10 minutes of walking, she found Misato at a warehouse door much to her surprise.

"Huh?, why are you here?" Asuka asked as Misato looks amused.

"Eh just here to give the plug suits so that the stress test can be done." The purple haired Nerv commander said as she pulled out Asuka's plugsuit and that caused the redhead to sweatdrop.

"S-Seriously?" Asuka asked while Misato rolled her eyes and she passed the redhead her plugsuit.

"Oh just get changed before you enter, Mark is waiting inside and you may be wanting the plugsuit for what he has in mind since I doubt you want a destroyed outfit right?" Misato said as she grins at the redhead who grumbles before she walked behind a nearby tree.

"Fine but I don't get why I can't just slug Mark in the face and end this before it really starts." Asuka said while the nerv commander rolled her eyes.

"Oh just get dressed and meet Mark inside, I'll let Mark know you are here before I leave." Misato said before she entered the warehouse while the red headed Eva pilot rolled her own eyes and she equipped the plugsuit.

When she finished, she walked from behind the tree, minus head bits and she walked towards the warehouse.

When she entered the small building, she saw that there was a large ring in the middle of the room and Mark stood in the center and he grins at Asuka in his pink Plugsuit and Misato was sitting on a chair nearby.

"Glad you made it, sorry for the wait but as you can see… had to set this up." Mark said while Asuka looks amused.

"Eh, not bad, going to be interesting knocking you around here on this ring, shame we only have Misato watching us." Asuka said while she smirks at the amused pink plugsuit wearing man.

"We will see, I won't go down that easily, you know that right?" Mark said while Asuka grins at the pink suited man.

"Oh I know… that's what I'm going to enjoy!" Asuka said as she got into the ring as Misato smirks at the duo.

"Alright you two, no hits below the belts, no long last time damage, and no trying to kill one another for real… you two ready?" Misato said while she was at a nearby door so she can leave as Asuka and Mark moved to get in their corners.

"I am ready!" Asuka said with a confident look in her eyes as Mark adjusts his glasses.

"I'm ready, got spare glasses set up nearby in case I need to get a new pair." Mark said while Misato nods her head.

"Alright… ready…" Misato said as she raised her hand.

"...GO!" Misaito said as she lowered her hand and left a moment later and a moment after that, Asuka being the faster of the duo, charged Mark as he charged a moment too late and he got palm striked on the chest which forced him back a step and as he tried to recover, Asuka moved to get behind Mark and Asuka got his right arm pinned behind his back like a police officer and while making sure his arm hurt from being put to a near breaking point, the redhead woman smirks as she forced Mark forward while she had a hand on his lower back.

"Hehe, too bad but first one to strike wins… better give up, I may not be able to break things but I can seriously bring on the pain and… wait… why are you not screaming in pain?" Asuka asked from a confused state while she looked confused… though when she looked at Mark's face… well… she was surprised when Mark… actually looked like he was enjoying this!?

"W-What the hell!?, are you actually enjoying this!?" Asuka asked which caused her grip to slip from a lack of concentration and Mark took advantage of that to get his arm free and he used the angle to swipe at Asuka and she had to block a hit which knocked her against the ring ropes and she was forced into the middle of the ring with a groan from the unexpected move.

Before she could recover, she felt Mark get on top of her but not in the way you may expect when she felt Mark get on her rather suggestively when he sat on her hips after he faced her body.

"W-What are you doing!?" the redhead said as she tried to hit the pink plug suit wearing man and he smirks when her backhands swipes came nowhere close and he used a hand to grip Asuka on the back of the neck and forced her down to prevent her from moving.

"Simple… you are a constant pain in my ass… so… why don't I return the favor by being a pain in your ass… looks good enough to do so in this outfit?" Mark cryptically said which really confused Asuka before she got wide eyes when she watched as Mark unzipped the front of his suit and his cock popped free, it was pretty huge so it was a wonder on how it could even get free like that.

Asuka blushed from that and she looked at Mark.

"Your bluffing, if you really want to fuck my ass, good luck with that you horny fucker." Asuka said with slightly narrowed eyes when she thought Mark was bluffing to trip her up.

"hehe oh you would be surprised… oh and just to let you know… Misato had a small but unnoticable hole cut in the back of your suit so… you are open." Mark said as he aimed his cock at Asuka's ass while she got wide eyes and she grits her teeth and groans when she felt Mark's cock go right up her ass a moment later after the dick slipped in through a hole that was made.

"F-Fuck!" Asuka groans out when she couldn't do much thanks to the position she was in, a moment later, the pink suit wearing man starts to fuck Asuka up the ass again and again slowly to let her adjust but he went faster as time went on since he wanted to feel more.

"F-Fuck your ass is so tight Asuka… you really should have fun more!, a hole like this deserves a good fucking!" Mark groans out as he fucked Asuka hard enough to prevent her from talking at all while she grits her teeth.

Mark was have his way with fucking the red haired pilot and after a few minutes of Mark fucking Asuka up the ass, he had the position turn so that he was on his back and he was having Asuka ride him while she was groaning from the feeling, it took a minute to get reoriented but after a moment of Mark stopping to adjust, Asuka, getting a bit into the lust now, was actually riding Mark's cock willingly much to his surprise.

He would have spoke but he didn't want to snap Asuka out of her fun moment and he kept quiet as he fucked the red head harder and faster when he thrusts his hips again and used a hand to smack Asuka's ass a few times through the plug suit which made her moan and groan from the feeling.

It took a bit, but as Asuka was getting more and more into the act while she surprisingly enjoyed getting it up her ass again and again… she could get addicted to this.

After a couple minutes of her riding Mark, his orgasm was getting close.

"F-Fuck!, I'm about to blow my load so fucking hard!" Mark groans out while Asuka didn't really care and rides Mark more and more until she dropped down fully onto Mark's cock and she grits her teeth, groans, and tossed her head back with a yell when she climaxed hard on Mark's cock and he grits his teeth and groans when he came hard up Asuka's ass.

It took nearly a minute for the duo to ride out their orgasms and when they tapped off, Mark and Asuka pant for breath and Mark chuckled a bit.

"F-Fuck… we should do this more often if I get the upper hand.

Before Asuka could even respond to that, the scene fades to black on this what if kind of ending… how would Asuka answer that?, find out either next time or never in this chapter of the Evangelion Request section.

(End of one-shot unless the requester wants more.)

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