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Chapter 3

Female Mari VS Female Asuka/ Requested by ObeliskX/ Yuri/ 1000 words

N.E.R.V/ Unknown Room/ Mari, Asuka

Moaning was heard inside of the room as two females, bound with their arms behind their backs with cloth and legs bound with belts as the scene showed Mari and Asuka bound in said items and then some while they were wearing their Eva pilot suits.

The brown haired female wore some kind of belt like restraint on her torso under her covered breasts which seemed to link to a restraint on her arms.

Asuka wore some kind of belt like bondage gear on her body that was very provodative.

How they got into this situation was more or less a mystery, but a nearby note nearby pretty much told them that thanks to their recent fuck up with the last angel and how they clashed badly, they were pretty much being punished by having them try and get their opponent to 10 orgasms, the way that would work given their bound states is well… at Asuka and Mari's feet were colored remotes, the red one at Mari's feet led to a vibrator that was inside of Asuka while a Pink one with a pink remote at Asuka's feet led to a pink dildo that was in Mari and well… they had already brought one another to an orgasm after a couple minutes which showed they were at this for awhile, the current score was 1 to 1 right now since it seemed neither woman would give in.

Round 3 was more or less a tie again but thanks to how stubborn the duo was, they kept speeding up or slowing the speed of the vibrator to try and make the orgasms stronger so when the duo climaxed again after a couple minutes, they had rather strong orgasms.

A couple rounds pass to show the score was now 5 to 6 in Mari's favor.

She mentally smirked thanks to the gag in her mouth as she quickly moved her toes so that the strength of the vibrator was raised and lowered and the way the vibrator was made seemed to give a faux thrust feeling when the vibration seemed to move up the dildo instead of all at once.

That faux feeling of getting fucked caused the redhead woman to groan from the feeling as Mari keeps on raising and lowering the speed of the vibrations and Asuka moved her toes so that a similar vibration happened to Mari's pussy with a faux fucking feeling and thanks to how sudden it was, Mari climaxed hard on the dildo inside of her while the red headed Eva pilot was given a momentary reprieve…. 6 to 6 now… hopefully things would end soon for the duo, though they were not sure if they had to have a tie breaker.

This resulted in the duo continuing their actions with speeding up and lowering the vibrations while they had trouble thinking from how intense the pleasure was, thanks to them climaxing so many times they were really sensitive so they had to slow their actions for now thanks to how high the sensitivity of their pussies were, juices dripped onto the ground, their bodies shook from the afterglow of various orgasms, and not only that but with their weakening bodies, they had to move at a slower rate so that they wouldn't accidentally drop the remotes or kick them away by accident.

Though a door opens nearby and Misato walked into the room with a foldable chair and she smirks when she saw the duo's current state and their relieved looks when they saw some possible help.

"Oh don't expect help from me you two, I came to make sure you two continue this fun sight, this is a punishment for what you two did so hope this little contest helps with keeping you two under control from here on out… can't have you two bicker while the rest of humanity is trying to live right?" Misato said before the purple haired Nerv commander placed the seat near the duo and sat on it so that she could watch in amusement as Mari and Asuka blush when they realized just how long they would be at this if they had someone watching to make this more rushed.

"Oh and just to let you know… if one of you don't hit 10 orgasms soon I'll have to reset the count… should be good incentive for you two to really try and please one another, I understand it maybe hard for you two to move but eh, considering this is supposed to be a punishment, thanks to the situation you can also build this as a team exercise of sorts… but I'm rambling… for now, start the fun show, otherwise I'll get bored and reset the count." the purple haired woman said with a smirk as Mari and Asuka gulp and given the situation… well they had no choice but to start their fun torture again when Asuka caught Mari off guard when she used a toe to put the vibrator on in Mari to the max and thanks to that, the glasses wearing woman grits her teeth on the ballgag and climaxed all of a sudden.

"Hehe… 7 to 6 now… with Asuka winning this so far, 3 to go so better get cracking Mari." The Nerv Commander said whe she looks amused as she watched as Mari and Asuka try and please one another from orgasm to another until the scene showed the duo at 9 to 9… and the duo couldn't focus much as they tried to hold their orgasms back for so long that they started to get dizzy as Misato smirks as she enjoyed this greatly, so much so that she was temped to rub her folds but she wanted to see these two climax, and well… she got her wish when the duo tossed their heads back and muffly groan into their gags and climaxed hard on the dildo's inside of them though Misato was surprised to see them fall to their sides during the orgasm and realized what just happened.

"Oh my… looks like this was a bit to much for them hehe." The Nerv Commander said when she saw that the duo passed out.

Misato got up and pulled out her phone and speaks into it.

"Yeah… it's me… yeah… they should have learned their lesson and gotten along better after this… yeah… yeah… alright… I'll get them home after they wake so I'll be bringing them to the infermary to rest." Misato said as she hung up and smirks when she approached the duo… how this turned out and if these two would get along better after what happened is up for debate but one thing was certain… these two would not try and cause fuck ups on missions from now on.

(End of one shot.)

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