Evangelion Request section @emerald
Chapter 2

The scene showed TME as he was looking for more Evangelion data so he could write better stories… he was glad the internet was this advance in his lifetime because he would have trouble years ago in trying to find things out… in fact he was so preoccupied with gathering data that he never noticed the readers but on his desk near his computer was the pairing list and this chapter of the Request section from ObeliskX again was Male Asuka… named Asuka… VS Misato… the details of the plot can be explained in story but its mainly Misato dominating Asuka as he wears a test plugsuit that is more or less skin tight but the scene went to Misato's apartment while an argument was going on at her place.

?/Misato's apartment/ Misato, Asuka (Male in this story)

"Oh that is it Asuka!, I'm tired of you talking back to me like that again and causing trouble with Shinjiko, I'm putting my foot down this time." Misato said with an angered tone as Asuka rolled his eyes.

"Oh please, what can you do that would be a serious punishment?, pretty sure a grounding won't be effective and causing trouble with Shinjiko?, please I'm trying to toughen her up, Angel's won't show mercy so I'm trying to get her to act like a real pilot." the hot headed Eva pilot said while The Nerv commander sighs while rubbing her head in frustration since Asuka had a point… she couldn't do much, all Asuka did was more or less crash here and did chores but his attitude was less then desirable… though she did have an idea that made her smirk and Asuka blinks at the look.

"What's that look for?" Asuka asked which caused Misato to smirk and the scene went to a few hours later to hear yelling from Misato's home.

"WHY THE FUCK AM I WEARING THIS!?" Asuka yelled as the apartment shook while the camera was looking at the apartment from the outside and when it went into the apartment, the scene showed an amused Misato as she was smirking at a very angered and blushing Asuka when he wore a Eva pilot suit… unlike his normal outfit that was form fitted for him… this one was well… it seemed like this one was two sizes too small… thankfully the outfit was stretchy enough to not cause painful issues but… left VERY little to the imagination when it seemed a bit… transparent over some parts from how stretched out the material was.

Thankfully the large bulge in Asuka's outfit prevented details to be seen, though Misato blushed at the sight, she cleared her throat to calm herself and also get Asuka's attention.

"Simple, considering I can't actually do much to restrict you and what not… why not just do something not so… restrictive and just have you wear this till you decide to have a better attitude with others." The Nerv commander said as she smirks at the angered look on Asuka's face.

"Are you kidding me!?, thats why you had me put this on!?, I thought something was strange when this looked off, I thought this was just a new suit for me to wear like the R&D department wanted to make something more effective in battle, how did you even get this!?" Asuka asked since Nerv wouldn't let their property leave the base.

Though Miasto smirks more and it turned into a smug grin.

"Simple… many in the base consider this payback more or less for some stunts that you did so as long as I return this in a few days, no one will complain, besides thats a prototype of your usual Eva suit so thats more or less just disposable anyway so don't worry if it gets ripped here or there… it will get tossed later anyway but unless you want me to change this punishment to something else like losing desert here… no allowance for a week… ETC… you'll keep it on, try and remove it and say bye bye to your allowance for 3 weeks… you'll get food and what not to survive here but you'll not get any extra cash from me so it looks like you'll have to get a job if you remove that suit." Misato said while the reddish headed hothead, though ticked beyond belief, looked more pissed after hearing all of that.

"Oh really?... well thanks to how tight this suit is I doubt it would get in the way if I wear clothing over this so I can last a few days with this on, pretty sure you won't be cruel enough to prevent me from removing this to at least bathe and use the bathroom right?, because that would be pretty cruel and unusual of you to not let me do that." Asuka said with a smirk when he saw Misato cringe.

"...Fine… but aside from the bathroom the suit stays on, if I see it off, you lose a lot." Misato said when she figured Asuka couldn't last long in this punishment and she would see him beg her to get that suit off… out of context that would cause the purple haired beauty to blush but in this case… she wasn't thinking like that, Asuka was 18 sure but she was pretty busy with other things and Asuka was too bratty mentally for her tastes.

Though the scene went to a few days later with Misato getting irritated when Asuka was not only not changing his tune, but he kept messing with Shinjiko and she had enough which resulted in her pretty much storming into the now surprised redheads room while he was wearing the Eva suit and Misato, being off the clock, was just wearing a tank top and panties.

"W-What are you doing here!?" Asuka asked while Misato looked ticked.

"Showing you who is in charged of this place, screw issues!, if you live under my roof you live under my rules and I'm here to teace you a lesson in Shinjiko's place!" Misato said as she approached a surprised and off Guard male Eva pilot before was tossed over Misato's shoulder when she gripped his arm all of a sudden and he crashed on the bed with a groan and as he was dazed, Misato moved to hop on Asuka's body and gripped his wrists to keep him from moving and she smirks at Asuka when he managed to recover enough to not only get angered but blush from the position he was in.

"G-Get off me!" Asuka said as Misato smirks at the situation.

"Not so in charge huh?, why don't you just change your tune and I'll-!" Misato said while she felt someing grinding against her which made her blush a bit when she looks down and Asuka blushed when he saw his bulge pressing against the purple haired woman's pantie covered folds.

This caused the duo to blush though Misato tried to change the situation… somewhat.

"Enjoying what's going on?... didn't take you for a masochist." the purple haired woman said when she tried to get a grip on herself… she didn't get laid in a long time so she was stressed, and thanks to what Asuka was wearing…. Well she didn't have to wonder much about what kind of body Asuka was packing and that was effecting her with some lust… either that or she was wanting to tease Asuka since he teased Shinjiko alot.

The redhead under the purple haired woman blushed when he heard that and tried to get himself under control.

"I-its just the suit making it seem like that!, your the one who got on top of me you… you… throwing and jumping lady." Asuka said while Misato chuckles once when she knew Asuka was too flustered to come up with a proper comeback.

"Really?... that is your best?, looks like I know a virgin when I see one." Misato teased to keep some sort of control, if she didn't, who knows what she would do given the situation… she was supposed to be mad at Asuka dammit!, not turned on.

Then again… she could use this if she played her cards right when she smirks at Asuka which confused the Eva pilot.

"Hmmm… how about a bet then since you seem like the deal making type… should help you ease up as well… simply put… sex contest… if you can outlast me I'll not only let you take the suit off, but I'll give you 50 bucks if you win." The Nerv commander said which shocked Asuka greatly… though he would fight back or argue… well the offer of getting this suit taken off was tempting and 50 bucks on top of that?... He would be a fool to pass that up.

"W-What if you win?" Asuka asked as Misato had a smirk on her face which unnervced the redhead under her.

"Simple… not only will you apologize to Shinjiko… you'll be making up with her and no half assing it… simply put… while wearing this outfit… I want you to get on the ground and beg for Shinjiko's forgiveness." The purple haired woman said with a look that said she enjoyed the horrified look on Asuka's face.

The redhead would have declined but A, not only did he want to get the suit off, B, the 50 bucks was tempting, however the part on where he lost… that would be something he would not think off… however… thanks to how… alluring the Purple haired Nerv Commander was and the fact she was teasing him… well his choice was influenced greatly.

He then gulped before he looks at Misato.

"V-Very...very well!, I'll take the bet, just make sure to have my 50 bucks ready!" The cocky man said as the Confident woman on top of him smirks at Asuka.

"Deal… good thing this thing can unzip on the front." Misato said as she lets go of Asuka's wrists and she unzipped the front of the man's hidden zipper and his cock popped free from the confines of the overly tight Eva plug suit and Asuka sighs insweet relief with his cock not being strained anymore.

Misato licked her lips when she saw the size and she grinds against cock to get a feel of it and she groans from the feeling when she moved on the cock in a teasing way, it was like she was teasing herself by doing this to her but she was wanting to mess with Asuka to teach him a lesson on getting messed with.

This resulted in Misato grinding her pantie covered folds on the eva pilots cock and she moans when she could feel her body getting worked up and Asuka groans when he could feel his body getting worked up from how intense the motions were.

The purple haired woman moved to sit more on the cock while it was pressed against the redhead mans stomach and she grinds on the cock for a bit more.

All this teasing, combined with the fact Asuka was a virgin, and in no time he gave a strained groan and came hard on his stomach while Misato grins as she keeps grinding her pantie covered folds on Asuka's throbbing ejaculating cock while he rides out his orgasm and when he tapped off with a groan, he pants for breath and when he looked down he saw how backed he was and for the first time was glad he wore this suit… wouldn't be a good thing if he came on his bare body.

Misato licked her lips when she saw that Asuka was still hard even after that load and the Nerv Commander moved to sit on Asuka's face after removing her panties and in no time, he was eating her folds out since he wasn't ignorant of what Misato wanted.

Misato groans from the feeling as she lets Asuka eat her out, it's been awhile since she touched herself and she was a bit sensitive, she felt the tongue hit plenty of spots that she didn't expect for Asuka hit them and she moans and groans when she enjoyed the pleasure she was getting and she removed her tank top and played with her breasts while she felt Asuka grip her ass with his hands.

The Nerv commander groans more when she felt Asuka eat her out more and when she enjoyed the pleasure for a few minutes, she felt her orgasm approaching and instead of warning Asuka, she groans and came hard on his face with shaking force which showed when she had the mother of all orgasms that she could have.

The Eva pilot had to drink the juices for a bit as Misato rode out her orgasm and when she tapped off she pants for breath while she had to move off of Asuka so she could take a moment to recover, however what she didn't expect was Asuka recovering and he pounced on Misato and forced her on all fours and he chuckles as he had his hands on Misato's ass.

"Hehe, going to enjoy this… any last words?" Asuka said as Misato smirks as she looks back at the hot headed man.

"Three words… just fuck me!" Misato said as she wiggled her ass in a teasing way

That was all she wrote or spoke when Misato felt a cock enter her after so long of not getting much action and she groans from the feeling as Asuka shuddered from the feeling of Misato's pussy gripping his cock eagerly and after he fought to keep from climaxing, he starts to thrusts his hips slowly and his cock pierced Misato's pussy again and again as time went on which in turn made the purple haired beauty moan and groan as time went on while the bed slowly rocked as Asuka thrusts his hips harder and faster as he gets used to the feeling slowly so he was able to hold his orgasm back for a couple minutes.

Misato really groans when Asuka starts to smack her ass and her pussy tightened a few times as a result and thanks to that, the red headed Eva pilot smacked Misato's ass more while he fucked her pussy harder and faster while he grins at how the Nerv Commander thrusts her hips back towards Him right now and he thrusts his hips harder and faster while Asuka's orgasm got close thanks to him not being too experienced and well… he pretty much surprised Misato when he thrusts his hips and his cock went balls deep inside of the Nerv Commander's pussy and he filled her womb with sperm which made her gasp in turn and she groans and came hard on the cock inside of her.

The duo ride out their orgasms and after they tapped off 20 seconds later, Asuka pants for breath when he pulled his cock free from Misato's pussy and he blushed a bit from seeing how much sperm leaked from her.

"Whoa… g-good thing you have birth control or this would be pretty bad in the future." Asuka said while Misato rolled her eyes and she surprised him by lightly kicking him in the chest with a foot and while he was ticked and caught off guard, he saw Misato walk to stand over him.

"Yeah well be glad I'm taking some later, for now better get ready… I'm far from done and didn't get the itch in my ass scratched." Misato said which showed Asuka that while the fun was getting good… it was also getting started and he gulped as the nerv Commander lowered her body and the scene fades to black as more moaning and groaning was heard inside of the room before it fully fades as the scene fully faded to black with the winner of this bet being unknown for now.

(End of the Male Asuka X Misato chapter.)

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