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Chapter 1

The scene opens to show TME as he was looking at some past anime, manga, and various source of data on the Evangelion series before he noticed the readers.

"Oh hey everyone, as you can see this story is the start of a series of one-shots that deal with various pairings from Evangelion, some one shots may get multiple chapters but they will be labeled as so… may need to reorder things at a later date if possible… anyway the requester for the first four chapters is ObeliskX, a usual requester for these kinds of stories where females dominate males and other stuff, don't worry thanks to some talks… no bum stuff for the males anymore…" TME said with a half lidded look on his face.

"May give him one or two stories with small bits like that to keep him from asking much just in case… anyway I'm rambling, this story stars a female version of Shinji, or Shinjiko with a male version of Rei… and no they are not related in this story, don't care what others think, I can do sister on sister, mother on daughter for teaching, but not going for cloned father in this case with technical daughter… if you can't stomach this or don't want the lingering thought to mess with you, please turn back… anyway this starts out right after the third Impact so well… these two are pretty much alone and this story is 2000 words so expect a compact but detailed story with a lemon to boot." TME said as the scene went to Earth a few weeks after the third impact.

Earth (Post Third Impact)/ Ruined building/

Currently the scene showed A girl as she was carrying some food to a small building that she and Rei lived in after the third Impact… that girl was Shinjiko Ikari

To give some context, after the Third impact, pretty much everyone of humanity besides Shinjiko and the blue haired Eva pilot were spared from turning into LCL or the primordial essence of humans, and Rei here was not a clone of Shinjiko's mother or father depending on the gender… less said on that in this story the better.

Point is instead of Asuka being the last, in this story's case, male on the planet and also not related to her, Shinjiko and Rei pretty much started a relationship and while this wasn't the ideal way to start one… thanks to Shinjiko causing the world to end and what not… possibly giving it a second chance later but still ended it with the third impact nonetheless.

Plot bits aside, Shinjiko was entering the home that she and Rei got and while power still worked thanks to a generator that the smart man rigged up, which in turn helped with keeping a refrigerator in their new home working, they had to grow their own food and stuff and while canned goods and other things were still good to eat, most goods were gone thanks to the fact that well… all living beings were pretty much LCL right now, dead things like animal bodies that were killed before the Third Impact were OK to eat, everything else was no go.

Still the two adapted and thanks to some time with fixing things, they had a good, if downgraded home since they had no internet and stuff and had to pretty much step back a few generations of tech somewhat by using DVD's, VHS's, and other things for their entertainment.

Thankfully some places had plenty of both and the duo were now busy watching a movie which had a surprisingly good story and a deep romance with the protagonist and the romantic target of the protagonists affections.

Rei and Shinjiko were blushing quite a bit for different reasons when the movie they gotten was Rated R not because of the violence and gore… but well… a sex scene was about to start and as the two movie stars undress to start, well… the girl quickly turned off the movie and takes a moment to breath while the blue haired man looked confused… he wasn't strange to the concept of stripping and kissing, not in that order, but when it came to sex… and being a disposable clone more or less, he was unaware of the going on's between males and females and considering the state that the world was in… well… he was curious about something as he looked at the brown to blackish haired beauty.

Shinjiko wore the student uniform she normally wore though it was a bit torn here or there from the month's of use, they found clothing here or there but Shinjiko wore this for comfort more then anything.

She had a petite frame of sorts though still had curves, she and Rei were now 18 years old at this point in time and Rei was more or less curious about the female form thanks to a thing called puberty and well… considering for half a second he saw a pretty attractive female's nude body, well… he starts to get more or less erect in his pants… but thanks to Gendo Yukari, Rei was pretty much forbidden from learning how to reproduce… made sense given his limited lifespan when fighting angels.

That caused Shinjiko to blush when she noticed and things were oddly quiet though Rei, being pretty blunt, looks at Shinjiko and asked this.

"Shinjiko… mind letting me know if sex and what not feel good?, I never saw stuff like this before aside from some classmates in the past talking about it but never asked details and well…. I have a strange feeling in my pants, what do I do because I can't… unsee what I just saw." Rei said which made the woman blush since she didn't expect that… and well… while she would have objected to it thanks to two simple facts… one is that no other humans are around and two… well… since she was the only female and well… she was curious and unlike her friend… she had access to the internet and other things so well… she had plenty of knowhow on what sex was though she had no idea Rei had no idea at all.

"R-Really?... nothing at all?... not e-even… M-Masturbation?" Shinjiko said while Rel looks confused.

"Mastur...bation?" Rei said while Shinjiko looked amazed in a way on how… innocent the cute blue haired guy was… though she blushed when she could use this and with a small burst of bravery, she moved to grip Rei's hand.

"F-Follow me… I'll… teach you i-in the bedroom…" Shinjiko said which made Rei blush a bit… if the start of that scene in that movie was any indicator, looks like things would get intense soon.

And intense things got at least for Rei thanks to him being a complete virgin, so when the blue haired man and the scruffy haired woman were stripping and to the turned on male, she was a beauty who was leading things, she was knelt down on the floor of the house and looking at Rei's cock and well… Rei was well endowed it seems when someone who made Rei made him… well… huge… Rei had no idea why Shinjiko was blushing up a storm as she looked at his cock.

"Something wrong Shinjiko?" Rei said which caused the petite beauty to shake her head to get her bearings and she gripped Rei's cock with her right hand and Rei shuddered from the feeling when this was new to him and as the former eva pilot starts to stroke him off and Rei pants heavily from the get go when he wasn't sure why this felt so good, the moment Shinjiko strokes him off, it was like bolts of pleasure were shooting through his body from his cock to various parts of his body.

"O-Oh fuck… if this is what sex is like then why have I not found out about this before?... is it because of me having to battle Angel's and being expendable so another me can take my place?... Gendo… damn you for not letting me feel this before." Rei thought as he watched Shinjiko adjust her body for some reason on the ground and she gulps for a moment at what she was planning on doing and well… the male Eva pilot was nearly knocked to the floor figuratively when the willing female takes Rei's cock into her mouth as best as she could and starts to suck him off when she bobbed her head and while she did so, she ran her tongue on the underside of Rei's cock and well… the pleasure got to be too much and the eva pilot yelled when he came all of a sudden in Shinjiko's mouth which made her eyes widen and she accidentally drank some of Rei's load before she could do anything else.

She took a moment to recover and pulled away from her man's cock which unloads a few more shots onto Shinjiko's face after she closed her eyes and she coughed a few times as Rei tapped off and pants for breath and when he recovered, he looks at the recovering woman with a somewhat worried look on his face.

"A-Are you OK Shinjiko?" Rei asked while Shinjiko wanted to bite Rei's head off for the lack of warning… but she calmed down and used a rag she got just in case a moment ago and remembered that this guy was a full on virgin… no experience whatsoever… that was probably his first orgasm ever in his life.

"Y-Yeah… just surprised by how… virile you are… though… mind warning me next time when you are about to cum?, I wouldn't have choked a bit otherwise." Shinjiko said as she tried to get her bearings.

"I-I see… but… my cock won't go down even after the sex we had." Rei said which caused Shinjiko to blink though she blushed at Rei.

"A-Actually… that was just foreplay… your supposed to return the favor in a moment." Shinjiko said as she had a blush on her face.

Though the poor guy looked confused.

"How?... you don't have a penis right?" Rei said which made the woman cringe a bit.

"No, I don't… trust me and listen to what I say and you'll get the hang of it in no time." Shinjiko said as she gestured for Rei to follow her.

Rei looked confused though he followed anyway and as he did, he couldn't help but look at ass… it looked oddly… hypnotic somewhat for some reason.

Though as Rei got himself under control, Shinjiko had to explain to Rei how to eat a pussy out… though she had to be clear he wasn't really eating it for real… it was just an expression when she saw the look on his face.

A couple minutes later and Rei was moaning and groaning on the bed as Rei ate Shinjiko out, his tongue hit many spots inside of Shinjiko's pussy and her toes were curling thanks to that, like Rei, Shinjiko was more or less a virgin but unlike Rei, Shinjiko had the knowhow to masturbate and well… touching herself didn't even come clone to how good this was as and right now she was loving every moment of it.

Rei on his end was blushing quite a bit, the more he *ate out* Shinjiko, the more he felt his cock harden and that really got him bothered… however he was told to not stop licking Shinjiko until she had her own climax and well… Rei didn't argue as he ate Shinjiko out more and more while his tongue worked to hit her inner walls when he slipped his tongue into her folds.

That caused the greatly warmed up Shinjiko to gasp and groan when she climaxed on Rei's tongue and he felt a lot of juices hit it, he surprisingly liked the flavor and ate her out more while he waits for her to calm down.

When she did 15 seconds later, she pants for breath while trying to recover.

"W-Wow... talk about serious tongue work…" Shinjiko said when she looks down at a blushing Rei while she had a small smile on her face.

She then spread her arms out a bit while smiling at Rei.

"Come on Rei… let me show you what sex feels like." Shinjiko said with a small smile on her face when she felt more… confident in her actions.

This caused The Eva pilot to look confused at the gesture as he moved to get on the bed, Shinjiko gave Rei a gentle hug around his neck and gave him this order gently to not spook him.

"Now… aim your cock at my pussy and gently push it in… don't worry I'll be fine." Shinjiko said as the blue haired looked more confused then ever… though Shinjiko didn't lead him astray yet so…

Rei then looked down his body towards his cock and after using his hand to aim his cock at Shinjiko's folds… she took a moment to relax when Rei wasn't looking and Rei pressed his dickhead at her folds a few times and after a couple prods… he hit home when he felt his dickhead sink into Shinjiko's tight hole and Rel groans from the feeling when he couldn't believe how tight she was… and he only got his dickhead in her… though considering he wantedt o feel more, he slowly but surely forced more of his cock into Shinjiko's folds and she groans from the feeling.

Rei however bumped into something and looked really confused since he wasn't that deep yet… was sex always like this?

Shinjiko knew what this man was thinking and she smiled when she surprised Rei when she turned the duo on the bed so she was on top and the surprised blue haired man was on bottom… his dickhead barely moved inside of Shinjiko.

She smiles at Rei and a moment later after taking a breath… she just fucked it and dropped her body all the way down, tore her virginity away, and had to fight to keep from screaming or show tears as Rei looked absolutely bewildered and a bit out of it when he had trouble processing what just happened… he didn't even notice the blood from Shinjiko's folds.

Shinjiko took that advantage when she starts to lift and lower her hips with groans and gritted teeth when she felt Rei's cock go into her folds again and again… the sex wasn't grand, the time was really short, and Rei could only last a couple minutes at the slow pace Shinjiko was going before Rei gave a deep groan and climaxed hard inside of Shinjiko's pussy.

Shinjiko in turn climaxed hard on Rei's cock which caused her pussy to milk his cock for all it had and in no time, the duo pants as Shinjiko rests her body on Rei while his cock was still inside of her pussy.

"W-Wow…" Rei said though he felt pretty tired right now.

"Y-Yeah… mind if we just… nap for now… and talk more about this later?" Shinjiko said while Rei's breathing slowed to a mostly calm level.

"R-Right… n-nap now…" Rei said as he closed his eyes and starts to lightly snore and Shinjiko followed suit while Rei's left arm went to her waist to hug her.

The scene then fades to black on the duo, who knows what would happened in the future in the post third impact… but one thing was certain… Shinjiko and Rei were not alone on the earth… and depending on if the souls in the LCL wanted to go back to human form… well… that was a story for another time.

(End of possible one shot, if ObeliskX requests a sequel, will rearrange chapters in a future date to do so.)

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