Blood Pact (Remake) @emerald
Mansion warming party in full swing

(Direct continuation of last chapter)

Go Manor/ Shego, Lillum, Maite, Kim, Emerald, Many workers

As the two went to… get more details on these people, and thanks to Kim and Maite busy talking with their respective families… the scene went to a number of hours later as the sun sets and the Party was getting ready to start.

Many people were arriving with many already in costume… Emerald pretty much went without one since well… not much to hide.

Lillum went with a more bat like costume with a sexy leotard to help with her look… complete with special mask with white in the middle that covered her eyes but didn't hinder her vision… think of a sexy bat girl to get a general idea, just forgo the icons to keep legal issues out.

Kim in turn went with a cute cat like look, complete with a skin tight suit, a cute set of cat like ears on a hairband with her hair tied in a ponytail, and she had a cat tail equipped on the suit as well to complete the look.

Shego was seeing wearing a cheetah outfit that hugged her figure bit and it also had the tail and ears.

The outfit was complete with a loincloth for obvious reasons.

Maite, being part hedgehog, all she did was wear a nice looking red dress and matching shoes as she had a red headband on her head.

Clover, who was invited, simply wore her maid outfit but the guests won't tell the difference.

People started to appear while many workers like butlers and maids for the humans simply wore various animal ear accessories while the DNA infused humans went as is with butler and maid outfits.

The first to appear was surprisingly Yori and she wore a similar cat outfit to Kim though her outfit was black in coloring and reminded Kim of the ninja outfit she wore, just more skin tight, had a black tail, black cat ears, even wore a red and yellow collar with a large bell on the neck and she went to greet Kim since she knew her out of the group and knew Shego was Kim's fiance… boy that was an awkward talk but it went well.

"Hey Yori. Nice costume. Glad you can make it." Kim said.

"Thank you Kim, I'm glad to be here, nice to… meet your Fiance… boy that is strange to say with who you are having to marry in the future… no offense." Yori said when she looks at Shego who shrugged her shoulders.

"None taken." Shego said while she crossed her arms and didn't seem to be offended.

Kim sweatdrops.

"Right. Hope your trip to here was alright." She said.

"Oh it was fine, who knew flying first class was so comfy." Yori said with a smile on her face.

Kim lightly chuckled.

"Yeah. Anyway, I hope the party goes well. But I really hope that Ron will be okay when he comes."

"Oh I think he will in the long run." Shego said when she had an amused grin though Yori looked confused.

"I don't understand? Is Stoppable-san alright?" Yori said.

"Well considering Ron had to break up with Kim here more or less given the circumstances, pretty sure this party will help cheer him up in many ways before this party is over, made sure to send an invite so the Naked mole rat carrying guy won't miss the party." Shego said when she watched various people enter, some not of importance, some she recognized… though she facepalms when she saw Drakken approach in a… flower costume?

"Hold on… seems either I made a serious typo in my letter or Dr. D is really going to need an outfit change soon." Shego said when she went to speak with Drakken which left Kim and Yori alone while Clover went to help some people with their things and Emerald, Maite, and Lillum split up to do various things though Emerald sweatdrops when he saw some people get wide eyed at him moving around and muttered stuff about a serious costume and what not.

"Okay… despite seeing Drakken here. How are things with you Yori?" Kim said.

"Pretty good, managed to get a few students to teach so I can teach them what I know in Ninjutsu." Yori said with a smile on her face.

Kim smiles a bit.

"That's cool. As for me, still the same old routine of helping people even though I'm engaged to Shego but honestly, it's not that bad."

"Really?, how is she when she is not trying to harm you?, I heard she really could kick your butt if you let your guard down from Ron a few times when we sent letters to one another or texts… thankfully Master Sensei had the Dojo installed with a way to use internet recently so it helps with getting information from the outside and stuff, helps with texts as well so it was simple to keep in touch nowadays." Yori said when she moved to walk next to Kim as some of Shego's butlers helped some guests with some things like coats or bags to be sorted so they could be returned later.

Kim rubbed the back of her head.

"Well back then we would be at each other's throats but I guess after hearing about the pact that our moms made, we started to actually get along well so she's not so bad."

"I see… also heard from Ron that Shego is not quite female… is she what I think she is?, Ron didn't go into detail since he sounded a bit… flustered when talking about certain things." Yori said when she looks at Shego with a curious look as Drakken and Shego spoke to one another out of Yori and Kim's earshot.

Kim pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Right… To try and make things not awkward… Shego is indeed a woman but she was born with… that appendage. Didn't know it till she told me at my birthday."

Yori looks at Kim and chuckles a bit.

"Kim, first off, not to defend a stereotype here but Yamanouchi is in Japan… and in Japan you will find many reading material and other things that would make what Shego has a tame thing in comparison, honestly it's not awkward, I'm just curious since a natural born Futanari is a rare thing where I'm from and never saw one in person so I'm just a little curious if I'm honest… did you two… you know… have fun when you got together?" Yori asked while she looks a bit amused at the blush that formed on Kim's face.

Kim, though surprised at Yori's lack of surprise, blushes brightly at the question.

"No comment." She said but… the blush tells all.

Yori chuckles when she and Kim continue their small talk before Kim noticed a couple people approaching and one she recognized...somewhat… she saw Nocturn while he wore a Wolf mask and costume and thanks to it being pretty skin tight, his muscles were seen and he wore a loincloth for modesty reasons if the costume had some tightness issues… he held his mask in his right hand and a woman who looked like a freaking Goddess of beauty walked alongside him with a wolf outfit of her own though less threatening and had a cute them about it with the mask as well which she wore on her head but the front of the mask was pulled up to rest on her head sense it was one of those masks that had a tiny string on the back and she had a wolf ears on a hairband in her right hand, the suit on Nocturn was black and the one on the lady was a mix of white for the fur bits and grey for the non fur bits and she had a well proportioned figure that would put some models to shame and thanks to Nocturn seeing Kim, he and the lady approached her and Yori.

"Hello Miss Possible, been awhile, I hope things have been going well for you since our last encounter... This is my lovely wife Helios, hopefully you two will get along well since we maybe seeing one another around here more often." Nocturn said while he had a calm look on his face as he looks at Kim.

Kim lightly blushes as she sees Helios.

"Y-Yes… well it's nice to meet you Helios."

Helios giggles while she held a hand out for Kim to shake.

"Oh its nice to meet you as well dear but I do have to ask, know where my son Emerald is?, Maite and Lillum said they would be living here but never said much of why, though that is not why I'm excited, my little boy is getting married soon and I want to congratulate the trio." Helios said while she had a happy sparkle in her eyes as Nocturn looks amused.

"As you can see my wife is a bit eccentric when it comes to her emotions and would probably outclass many in showing them, but seriously where is my son anyway?, thought he would meet us here." Nocturn said as he and Helios looked around while Kim looks nervous for some reason which confused the duo.

"Well…" Kim was about to say though ironically enough Emerald appeared while Solara was perched on his head again.

"Hey Kim, more guests are arriving and." Emerald starts to say before he got wide eyes when he saw his parents faces and when they looked at him they looked surprised to see Emerald.

"Whoa!, thats a pretty good costume… makes mine look like garbage in comparison." Nocturn said while Helios looked really excited as Emerald cringed a bit when he saw the look in his mothers eyes and didn't seem to react well when his parents didn't recognize him and he looked a bit bummed much to Nocturn and Helios's confusion… didn't Nocturn give a compliment?

Kim gulps when she knew that she had to tell the parents.

"Um… Nocturn, Helios… Don't know how to tell you this but… That's your son Emerald and… he's not in a costume."

Nocturn and Helios blinks at that while they look at Emerald and Nocturn hits a hand in a fist when he had a thought.

"Oh like one of those anamontronic like costumes or something?, more mechanical than a costume?" Nocturn said when he misunderstood that… can't fault him for that given how Shego pretty much was planning a party and she may have went all out given the Forest theme so the dragon thing could have been a fantasy twist on that gimmick.

"Um… not really but you see…" Kim said before telling Emerald's parents the story how she and Shego went to rescue, Emerald, Maite and Lillum from DNAmy, even though they were already changed into animals before rescuing the other captives that also had animal traits before Shego had them live in her and Kim's mansion.

Nocturn and Helios were pretty quiet when they heard that and Nocturn looks at Emerald and… asked a rather odd question.

"Hey… Emerald… open your mouth." Nocturn said while Emerald and Kim and Yori blinked from that though Emerald opened his maw wide and Nocturn and Helios saw that this was real and Nocturn looks at a shocked Helios.

"Whoa… definitely not a mask or some kind of story…" Nocturn said as a wide eyed Helios ran up to Emerald and tried to hug him though she could barely get her arms around his neck.

"Oh my little boy!, just why did this happen to you?" Helios said as Emerald used a large hand to pet his mom on the back lightly.

"I ask that a lot but the bright side is I return to normal… somewhat… either when I tire myself out or when midnight hits." Emerald said as Nocturn got a half lidded look on his face.

"What are you?, Cinderella personified?" Nocturn said while Helios couldn't help but giggle as Emerald facepalms from that.

Kim couldn't help but chuckled as Solara giggles.

"He's no lady." She said.

Emerald got a half lidded look on his face while Helios looks up at her when she noticed Solara.

"Oh… and who's this cute little maid here?" Helios said while she smiles at Solara.

Solara giggles before she floats towards Helios.

"I'm Solara and I'm a super secret agent maid."

"Oh, and whats your super secret mission?, keeping an eye on Emerald so no one bullies the big bad dragon?" Helios said with a kind smile on her face.

Solara giggles.

"That's right. Not gonna let anyone hurt Emerald."

"Ah how cute, you'll make a lovely bride in the future if you keep on being as sweet as you are now." Helios said when she pets Solara on top of her head.

Solara giggles as Kim chuckles a bit.

"Well whoever she meets will have to get past her protective brother."

"Hehe… yeah guys pretty scary when in protective mode." Emerald said when he felt like he was getting holes burned into his skull sometimes when Solara sat on his head sometimes.

"I… see… so where are Maite and Lillum?... they have drastic chances like you had?" Nocturn asked as Emerald chuckles.

"No… Maite has Quills for hair, looks tougher then she usually does and well… Lillum is now a succubus… seems DNAmy really went into the supernatural with that kind of DNA." Emerald said while he really questioned DNAmy's sanity again.

Helios blinked a few times.

"Really? Then we should go see them then."

"Well not sure where they are at the moment, going to have to look for them… hey Solara, mind flying to Shego and asking if she saw either of them?, I'll take my parents with me around the party spots to look for them." Emerald said when he looks at Solara.

"You can count on me." Solara said with a firm salute before flying towards Shego.

As that went on, Kim noticed a few more people approaching… and boy did a large crowd arrive when they followed a woman who looked a LOT like Lillum and a man who looked like perfection personified when he had a body that looked like it was sculpted from Marble and had a smile that could charm anyone.

"Hello there, sorry were late for the party, but we got turned around a few times and had to carpool in a large bus for all of us to get here, I was named after an odd name so pardon me if any take offense to the name… name's Lucifer Demonica, nice to meet you and this is my lovely wife Serina Demonica, nice to meet you, these people are our bodyguards and some of the family on mine and Serina's sides of the family and want to not only introduce ourselves to the head of the mansion here but see how our little girl is doing." The man said while he smiles charmingly at Kim, Yori, and Helios.

Kim blinks a few times after hearing that.

"Um hello. I'm Kim. This is Yori and Helios." She said as Yori bowed as Helios smiled.

"Hello. Helios Ranmyaku."

"And I'm Nocturn Ranmyaku, pleasure to make your acquaintance… Helios and I are Emerald's parents." Nocturn said as he shook hands with Lucifer while Serina did the same with Helios for a moment.

"Ah yes. Lillum has spoken a lot about your son along with her relationship with Maite. Hopefully we'll get to see them." Lucifer said.

"Indeed, we know about Maite well thanks to Lillum being in a relationship with her before she talked about Emerald and while we rarely met we never got a chance to meet you two, its nice to see you, and I must say I can see where Emerald got his good looks from if he looked anything like you… though the wolf costume does hide your body somewhat… then again he did have an adorable look about him so he could have gotten that from this beautiful lady here." Serina said as Lucifer chuckles at his wife's antics.

Helios giggles.

"Thank you and I feel the same when I see where Lillum gets her charm and beauty from."

Serina giggles and she got a lustful look in her eyes.

"Well if you think that I might as well go the extra mile and invite you and your hubby for some fun times later, were just as lustful as Lillum so try and remember that before you really butter up a couple of people who may get the wrong idea my dear." Serina said when she had a really lustful look when she looked Nocturn and Helios up and down with a Lillumesk look.

Helios chuckled before smirking at Serina and Lucifer.

"Well Nocturn and I aren't strangers to an orgy. I say this will be a good bonding moment right dear?" She said.

Nocturn chuckles a bit while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Not as much as my wife boasts for me I'm afraid, being a Lawyer takes some time from me and stuff." Nocturn said while he didn't blush at all from what Helios said.

"True but you know I find ways to help with your stress." Helios said with a smirk.

"Indeed." Nocturn said as Lucifer chuckles.

"Well guess we won't have to worry if I flirt with this beautiful Goddess before me, pretty sure my wife would do the same with you, but I believe we threw our lovely host here through a loop and confused her somewhat." Lucifer said as he and the others look to Kim.

Kim was indeed confused for a moment.

"Umm… I am a bit confused on what just happened." She said while blushing.

"Hehe, eh just know that it seems both families here are swingers and you get the idea Miss Possible… or should I call you Mrs. Go in the future?" Serina said as she smiles at Kim in a kind way.

Kim blushes a bit more after hearing that.

"W-Well the last name hasn't been… discussed yet."

"Makes sense if this was recent, anyway my wife and I need to get changed into our costumes so we will see you later, ladies, gentleman, get suited up, hope you brought kid friendly coverings since there will be kids present for awhile." Lucifer said we he and his wife led the family and bodyguards of the Demonica family away to get changed.

Helios chuckled a bit.

"Talk about an interesting family huh dear?"

"Yeah, might as well be in laws since their daughter is marrying our son… anyway Mrs. Possible, my wife and I will mingle for a bit as we look for Maite and Lillum, we know their general looks since they visited once or twice so as long as their new looks are not too drastic, we will recognize them." Nocturn said as he and Helios left Kim and Yori alone.

"Boy… talk about an interesting meeting." Kim said.

"Indeed… I'll be heading inside so hope to see you later Kim." Yori said when she left Kim alone and Kim saw a few more people arrive and Kim saw Ron… well… he was ironically and funnily enough dressed in a Naked mole rat costume while Rufus sat on his head like some kind of fun game.

"Hey KP, nice to see you… sweet place you got." Ron said when he looked up and to the sides though he nearly fell when he did so thanks to how bulky the costume was and only his head was seen, thanks to a hold for him in the suits mouth.

Kim couldn't help but giggle a bit.

"Hey. Glad you made it. And nice costume."

"Thanks, figured I could mix things up… though to be honest the mad dog mask and its accessories… they have gotten ruined… had to be replaced and the mad dog is Middleton high school property so couldn't get the costume back… so might as well go for a big mole Rat and mini Mole rat type of thing." Ron said while he smiles at Kim and Rufus did a little tapdance on Ron's head to try and look cute.

"Hmm, tada." Rufus said making Kim giggle.

"Hey Rufus. Good to see you two." She said before petting Rufus.

Rufus made some unintelligible babble though he looked pretty happy to see Kim and smiles at her while Ron looks around.

"So… nice place… pretty sure I would get lost if no one was around… heard you spent a few days here so… yeah… how is Shego exactly?... She treating you right?... I maybe a goof sometimes but I had a bit of training to tap into some serious monkey mojo and could kick Shego's butt for you if she forced you to do anything bad!" Ron said before he and Rufus put up their dukes in a comical way when Rubus mimicked Ron's stance on his head.

Kim did smile a bit after hearing that.

"Thanks guys. But don't worry, Shego and I have been getting along quite well to be honest."

"Really?... no issues at all?" Ron asked when he looked a bit surprised by that with Rufus giving a skeptical kind of look… Shego being civil for this long really surprised him.

Kim blushes a bit.

"Well… she does tend to tease but that's it. I mean a few weeks ago I helped her rescue a few friends from DNAmy."

"Friends?... Shego has friends?... who are they and are they OK?... DNAmy does have a screw loose and could have done who knows what to them." Ron said as heavy footsteps were heard and Emerald came back ironically enough again, though this time with Maite and Lillum.

"Hey Kim, found Maite and Lillum, some people were giving Maite issues with some medical stuff and Alfred had to step in to calm the situation so we are letting him deal with it." Emerald said as Ron turns to look at the trio and got wide eyes like Rufus who screams in fright.

"OK… if these are Shego's friends then I guess they are NOT ok in being DNAified I take it." Ron said with a slightly squeaky tone to his voice which showed he was surprised by Emerald mainly when Emerald towered over Ron and Rufus right now while the trio saw Ron though thanks to the outfit, even if they did hear about Ron… well his features were hidden well thanks to the Naked mole rat costume.

Kim sweatdrops a bit before stepping in.

"Hey guys, this is my… well great friend Ron and his pal Rufus." She said while feeling awkward as she didn't want to say ex even though that's what they are now.

Ron heard that and though he looked bummed, Lillum giggles when she floats over to pet Rufus on the head.

"Well its nice to meet you two… I'm Lillum Demonica, nice to meet two cuties like you, this is Maite, the kick butt Queen who could spar with Shego and Kim and this is Emerald, he proposed to the two of us so I guess our last names will be Ranmyaku soon hehe." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Maite smiles at Ron as Ron and Rufus blinked a bit after hearing that.

"I-I see… well congratulations." Ron said.

"Hehe, thanks, anyway were pretty good friends with Kim here as well, in fact shortly after she and Shego helped us, we repaid Kim greatly and then some." Lillum said while Ron looked pretty much stunned at what he heard… if Ron was a computer program this would be when had froze.

Rufus waved his tiny paws at Ron as Kim facepalms.

"Oh why'd you say that Lillum?" She said.

"What?... didn't you try and tell him about us?, I mean sure you could have left out the fact were now mutants but still… got something to hide about having fun with us?" Lillum said when she took it the wrong way on what Kim said since it sounded like telling Ron was a bad idea.

"No… just don't know how he'll react. He still freezes when Shego's… equipment gets mentioned." Kim said.

"Oh… whoops?" was all Lillum said as Emerald facepalms.

"Great… I'll get this guy inside so he doesn't get stared at." Emerald said when he picked up Ron and Rufus by proxy and starts carrying them away.

Kim sighs a bit.

"Hopefully something or someone will distract him."

"You mean that Yori lady right?" Lillum teased while Maite shakes her head at Lillum's antics.

"Easy now Lillum." Maite said.

"Hehe, sorry, look I'll make it up to you Kim, maybe either show Ron a good time or help with getting that Yori lady with Ron, thing either works?" Lillum suggested to Kim since she did cause Ron to shut down for a moment.

Kim sighs a bit.

"Never thought I say it but, let's make sure Ron feels better."

Lillum smiles at that and kissed Kim on the cheek.

"Hehe, alright, before Ron leaves I'll make sure Yori or I have Ron leave with a smile on his face." Lillum said before she floats from Kim.

Kim blushes a bit as Maite lightly chuckles.

"Gotta love Lillum when she's like that."

Though Kim would have said something about that she frowned when she noticed Bonnie approaching and unlike most who were reserved in their costumes… Bonnie had a more revealing costume equipped… thankfully no kids like Solara were around as she approached Kim.

Bonnie was seen wearing a dog-like costume.

The suit was light brown which sorta match Bonnie's skin tone as the suit hugs her figure a bit and though her stomach seems to be showing, her bosom can be visibly seen despite being covered as Bonnie had a bushy tail and dog ears on top.

Ironically enough, she even had a dog collar around her neck that had little spikes around it.

Kim frowns more though a quick gesture for Kim to calm down from Maite to calm down as Bonnie passed her which prevented Bonnie from seeing that and thanks to that, Kim was able to converse with Bonnie when she smirks at Kim.

"Well well, if it isn't Kim Possible. Almost didn't recognize you with that getup." Bonnie said.

"Hey Bonnie... nice of you to come, the trip here ok?" Kim asked to try and keep the conversation short if possible.

"Hehe oh yeah. Though had to get myself in first class. Can't be bothered being seen in coach." Bonnie said.

Kim would have retorted but thanks to Maite giving a shush gesture to Kim she composed herself.

"Right… anyway enjoy the party, going to last for awhile so might as well get used to staying here for a bit." Kim said while she hoped Bonnie would leave her soon.

"Oh trust me. I plan to." Bonnie said before chuckling as she walked away but stopped before glancing at Kim with a smirk.

"Hope you enjoyed that video with your mom." She said before chuckling as she walked away again.

Kim really fumed again as Maite placed a hand on Kim's shoulder.

"Easy Kim… we will get her later." Maite said as she tried to cheer Kim up.

Kim took a bit before calming down.

"Right… get her back later."

Maite smiles at that and as Maite keeps Kim calm, they heard a deep chuckle near the duo.

"Ah Maite, knew we would find you here trying to calm a situation." A voice said which caused Maite and Kim to look over and Maite smiles when she saw two people.

"Mom, Dad!" Maite said when she looks at a man and woman who looked similar to Maite with the woman looking a lot like Maite with hair instead of quills.

The man also looked ripped as hell with his body looking well trained and his body could barely be contained by the costume he wore which was a minotaur like outfit with fake horns and a fake Axe on his back while he wore fur like pants and black socks to make it seem he had hooves.

Kim was surprised to see Maite's parents as Maite's dad smiles at his daughter.

"Hey kiddo." He said.

Maite's mother, in a similar getup to Maite's father to make her look like a female Minotaur, who in her own right had some muscle, more toned then bulky, smiles at Maite.

"Hey Maite, nice outfit you got, heard you were working as a maid but thought it was a joke… you planning on being the secret fighting maid in those mangas you like to read about?" Maite's mother said when she teased Maite a bit.

Kim blinked a bit as Maite blushes brightly.

"M-Mom?!" She said with an embarrassed tone.

"Hehe, sorry Maite, got to get the teases in while I can… saw that picture that you sent and thought you were kidding on the whole… transformation thing… you alright?" Maite's mother said when she saw how Maite's body was a bit tougher looking in such a way that a simple training regimen wouldn't work and her quills were legit quills.

Maite calmed down a bit.

"Well… there was some challenges but I'm getting used to it. Just gotta be careful on where my quills would touch." She said while feeling embarrassed at the things her quills destroyed.

"Like what?, you have wardrobe malfunctions or I don't know… destroy a bed or something?" Maite's father said when he looks amused when he didn't thing was possible.

Maite blushes brightly before shaking her head.

"Anyway… I'm glad you two made it here."

The parents chuckle while Maite's father lightly hits Maite on the shoulder playfully.

"Well what parent wouldn't rush over after hearing their little girl is getting married… granted had to find outfits that fit for this party since well… not much can fit this powerful body of mine!... but you get the idea." Maite's father said before he comically flexed which caused the outfit to stretch to the limit for a moment while Kim saw this… it was like Maite's father was made of pure muscle.

Kim was a bit surprised when she saw this which made her blush as Maite sweatdrops.

"Okay dad, we can all agree that you're very strong."

"Hehe, you know it… not sure about now but I can still keep up with you when you were a normal human, we should go a round in the ring later to see how well I can stack up to this new you… though first off… sorry about not saying hello to our hostess… Miss Possible Right?" Maite's father said when he and his wife look at Kim who was pretty quiet through most of the conversation.

"Um yes. I'm Kim Possible. Nice to you both." She said as she offered the duo a hand shake.

Maite's father smiles before he gripped Kim's hand hard without meaning to and shook Kim's hand while Kim's hand throbbed from the intense grip.

"Hehe, thanks, names Grigori, this is my wife Cynthia, its a pleasure to meet one as strong as you." Grigori said when he introduced himself to Kim while she rubs her aching hand.

"L-Likewise." Kim said as she kept rubbing her hand while Cynthia sighs.

"Dear, I told you to be careful when shaking hands."

Grigori chuckles nervously from that.

"Sorry, can't control my strength when I get a bit excited, a fan of Kim's work and all that." Grigori said with an amused tone to his voice.

Kim was surprised to hear that.

"R-Really?... well nice to meet a fan then." She said.

"Hehe, thanks, anyway we're going to enjoy the party for now, hope to mingle and stuff." Grigori said before he and Cynthia left Kim and Maite alone.

"Very nice parents you have." Kim said after her hand was finally feeling right.

Maite blushed a bit as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Hehe… thanks, they can be a bit intense but what parent doesn't get intense?" Maite said when she had a happy look on her face at how well this went.

Kim lightly chuckles.

"Yeah I get what you mean."

"Right… anyway we should greet the guests more since we are making some people wait." Maite said when she turned to see many people lining up to greet Kim to be well mannered.

Kim lightly sweatdrops at the big line.

"Then we better make sure to not keep them waiting." She said before Kim went to greet the other guests.

Time passed to 20 minutes later or so with every guest accounted for and Shego meeting with Kim, Maite, Lillum, and Emerald while Clover was dealing with some guests and Solara was playing with the Wego twins in the kids area.

"Finally done with dealing with the complex stuff… sorry for bailing for a bit, Drakken took a bit to talk with and… I actually lost an argument with him when he gave me this question… a flower may not be an animal but is it technically alive and can be found in a forest?" Shego said when she shrugged at the others.

Kim sweatdrops.

"Wow… guess he was pretty adamant on staying as a flower."

"Either that or he considers flowers just as important as animals, guess he is still in a flower costume huh?" Emerald said while Shego nods her head.

"Yup… anyway going to make a couple announcements before we start operation hook up with the Kunoichi and the Monkey man." Shego said as Emerald raised a finger though Shego beats him to it.

"I know he is wearing a mole rat costume but he normally deals with Mystical monkey power… nuff said." Shego said which caused Emerald to lower his hand and shut him up.

Kim lightly chuckles.

"Funny, that could've been his actual costume but I think him dressing like Rufus is cute."

"Yeah well he is still recovering from his shock it seems… guys like a turkey right now." Emerald said when he points a large claw like thumb at Ron whose mouth was agape.

Kim sighs a bit.

"Good grief. Looks like I need to help him snap out of it." She said before going to Ron.

As she did that, Yori approached the group when she had a drink in her hand.

"Hello Shego-san… nice party you have, I saw Kim going to Ron to get him to snap out of something, did something bad happen?" Yori said while Maite chuckles a bit as she shakes her head.

"Yeah… Lillum and her big mouth." Maite said while she looks at Yori.

Yori was confused.

"I don't understand. Did she say something inappropriate to Ron."

"You could say that… long story short… Lillum mentioned Kim having fun with us after she and Shego helped us from DNAmy… you can get why he is like that given the whole… situation Kim and Ron have right now." Maite said when she explained why Ron was mimicking a turkey.

"Oh I see." Yori said with an understanding look.

"Yup… hey long story short I got to ask and I'll be blunt… how do you feel about Ron and are you seeing anyone by chance?" Maite asked since being roundabout and what not would get them nowhere.

Yori lightly blushes a bit.

"In truth… I pretty much haven't dated anyone. Not even any of the boys from the academy. Ron was… still is the only boy I have feelings for."

"Huh… interesting, mind if I ask why?, I mean no disrespect but given his… usual antics… and he had rare serious moments, why fall for stoppable of all people?, sure I heard he can step up when needed but most of the time he is normally a goof… again no offense its just most times we met is mainly under less then good circumstances and he and Drakken back then normally got into slap flights." Shego said when she was genuinely curious, she knew that some people couldn't help who they fall for but she was wondering why Ron of all people.

Yori blushes again for a bit.

"Well Ron is a "goof" as you Americans say but in a cute way. He has great feats. He can be challenging and that just proves how heroic he can be. Plus, he calls me his 'favorite ninja."

"Hmmm… fair enough… how about a deal, you help us with getting Bonnie pretty much drunk and in a nutshell you'll get aid from me, Emerald, Maite, Lillum, and Kimmy on getting you and Ron hooked up and be his girlfriend, you can ask a lot of questions but do you really want to pass up the chance?... besides Bonnie deserves payback if you haven't seen a certain video she sent around." Shego said when she grins at Yori.

Yori blinks a bit after hearing that. She doesn't want to be deceitful but… she does want to be by Ron's side.

"I believe I do. But I'll personally help out."

Shego looks amused while she crossed her arms again.

"Nice, and don't worry we won't ask you to do much, just be nice to the Mole rat owner and we will take care of the rest… who knows… you two could be playing Crouching tiger hiding the dragon if you get what I mean before you leave this party hehe." Shego said when she teased Yori a bit.

Yori blushes after hearing that as Maite sweatdrops.

'Wrong phrase Shego.' She thought.

Though on if Shego meant it like that on purpose or not, it was debatable but Shego was already working on helping Yori out though one thing first… she went to check on Kim and Ron and she saw a bummed out Ron while he had his head on the wall and Kim was patting Ron's back while Shego sweatdrops.

"Well better than being a turkey." Shego thought as she approached the duo.

"Yo Kimmy, seems you got Ron here out of his Turkey phase, but I got some good news for the depressed Mole rat." Shego said while Rufus looks confused as Shego gave the smaller Mole rat a half lidded look.

"The Mole rat under you… not you." Shego said while Rufus made an aw like noise.

Rufus snapped his fingers as Ron looks up.

"And what good news is that?"

"Well I noticed a certain kunoichi looking pretty lonely by the punch bowl, not sure if something happened but I'm pretty sure she would appreciate it if a certain Monkey man dressed up as a mole rat talked with her, maybe she is having trouble making friends or something." Shego said when she grins at Ron a little.

Ron blinked a few times in surprise when he heard that.

"Y-Yori's here?" He said before looking at the direction of the punch bowl.

He saw Yori in her costume and she even had small whiskers on her cheeks which made her look a bit cute while she was sipping some punch nearby.

This time, Ron actually blushes when he saw how cute Yori looked as Kim noticed before glancing at Shego.

Shego winked when Kim noticed and she moved to pat Ron on the back.

"Well what are you waiting for Stoppable… don't pull a namesake and actually go talk with her, heard you do it a lot anyway so whats stopping you now?" Shego said when she actually slapped Ron on the ass to get him walking… and she knocked him a bit forward from that as well so he would be forced to walk.

Ron jolted from that action before gulping as he walked towards Yori with a nervous look.

"That went well." Kim said.

"Hehe, yup, got a deal with Yori so expect Emerald and the others to try and help these two get together." Shego said when she watched a nervous Ron approach Yori and she noticed him.

"Oh… hey Ron… nice outfit." Yori said while she had a slight blush on her face when she saw him.

Ron chuckles nervously.

"H-Hey Yori. Surprised to see you here. Nice costume. You look… cute." He said before blushing brightly.

Yori blushed from that as well.

"T-Thanks… you look nice… so… how you enjoying the party so far?, plenty of good food and nice people… for the most part…" Yori said when she saw a slightly intoxicated Bonnie as she drank more from the alcoholic drinks section.

Ron sweatdrops.

"Yeah… though would be nice if Bonnie wasn't here. Hopefully something funny happens to her if she gets drunk."

"Hehe, yeah, though hopefully nothing too drastic, wouldn't want her to wake up in a tub or ice or something… heard it sometimes happens in those western movies I watched and you have a kidney removed or something." Yori said when she looks up in thought.

Ron jolted after hearing that.

"Well that… and more. Though I don't want anything like that happen to Bonnie… even if she is a jerk."

"Yeah… anyway enough about her, how is Rufus?" Yori said when she didn't see Rufus yet and he made himself known when he hopped onto Yori's head and she giggles when he looked down at her and waved at her.

"Well he's fine and is happy to see you." Ron said.

"Hehe, I can see that, hello Rufus, hope you are doing well, you eating alright and stuff?" Yori asked as she moved a hand in front of her so Rufus could hop onto her hand so he could speak with her eye to eye instead of upside down.

Rufus hopped onto Yori's hand before nodding his head at the young kunoichi.

Yori smiles while Ron looked at how Yori smiles when she speaks with Rufus… looks like Ron and Rufus cheered Yori up in no time.

'Wow… Yori's so… cute when she smiles.' Ron thought with a slight blush.

"So… how are things with you Yori?"

"Hmmm?... oh I'm doing well… training a lot with Master Sensei and what not… how are you doing lately and how is little Hana doing?" Yori asked while she smiles at Ron.

Ron chuckles as he rubs the back of his head.

"Oh Hana is growing. She still does that whole running on ceiling biz."

"Hehe, I see, well its good for her to be energetic, hopefully in the future I could train her to put that energy to better use instead of running on ceilings and what not." Yori said when she looked proud of Hana and her antics.

"Well no doubt about that. You're like the best ninja from the academy." Ron said with a smile.

"Well… second best if were not counting you, doubt I could beat up those alien invaders that attacked your school." Yori said when she looked impressed when she remembered hearing about that.

Ron chuckles a bit as he blushes from the compliment.

"Aw it was nothing."

"Oh but it wasn't, you managed to protect the earth without much issue once you got your skills going." Yori said while she wondered why Ron downplayed his skills.

"Well I was trying to protect the people that are… important to me." Ron said.

"And that's what makes you so good and what not Ron, pretty sure you would do anything for anyone without a reason, main reason why I think highly of you." Yori said while she smiles at Ron more.

Ron blushes a bit.

"And that's why you're my favorite ninja."

Yori blushed from that as Shego looks at Kim with an amused look.

"Hehe, looks like we won't have to do much it seems if Yori keeps on putting the nice charm." Shego said while she could see those two having fun later.

Kim did smile a bit knowing Ron will be in good hands before looking at Shego.

"Yeah. Now all we have to do is focus on Bonnie."

"Yeah though looks like we won't have to do much thanks to her going for the alcohol from the get go… how old is she again?, granted not saying anything bad With her drinking given all people here are responsible adults who survived an alien attack on earth but figured she would be a bit hesitant at least… either that or she drank well before today." Shego said when she noticed Bonnie looking a bit tipsy and was flirting with one of the butlers though he ignored Bonnie to do his job.

"H-Hey?... d-don't ignore me. I'm shexy." Bonnie slurred.

That caused Shego and Kim to sweatdrop at the sight as the Butler continues to ignore her.

"Then again… she may be ready... why don't you head to the room after getting Emerald and the others while I get the drunken Bonnie from sexually harrassing the help." Shego said while she moved to approach Bonnie and left Kim alone for a moment.

Kim was silent before fetching Emerald and the rest of the group that wanted in.

As that happened, Bonnie noticed Shego approaching when Shego just pulled her away from the butler all of a sudden to talk with her for a second to see how drunk or sober she actually was and save the poor guy from Bonnie's flirting.

"H-Hey… what's the big idea?" Bonnie said with a frown.

"Well… aside from saving you from a possible lawsuit from an angry butler… well… if you really are worked up…" Shego said as she forced Bonnie's free hand on her loincloth covered cock and smirks at Bonnie.

"Why not leave the unwilling help as we leave the room so no one gets bothered… or are you so drunk you don't know top tier cock when you feel it?" Shego teased when she grins at the drunken woman.

Bonnie blinks a bit when she felt it before scoffing.

"Ha! I ain't scared. Even with your glowing hands. I say bring it, though I won't be a weak squealer like Kim's mom."

Shego grins when she would enjoy this later.

"Well if that's the case… drop the bottle… and follow me… might as well see if that is not you just boasting… you did get to see how large I was and have video evidence so no use in saying my cock is face." Shego teased when she lets Bonnie go and starts walking from her with swaying hips.

Drunk or not, Bonnie did lick her lips before leaving the bottle and starts following the green plasma woman.

Once that happened, Shego led Bonnie away from the party and down many stairs towards the basement though she did want to ask a couple questions on the way.

"So… given that you were at that sex beach… you having fun with a special someone or you just having fun for fun's sake?, not judging since I like to fool around here or there given I have double the libido of most but didn't expect you there at that sex beach at all, got a nice view of the action with me and Kim's mom as well… see anything you like?" Shego asked with a slight tease to her voice.

Bonnie chuckled.

"Well… besides seeing a good show, there is that big animal between your legs."

"Why thanks, you don't look too bad yourself, though word of warning things are going to get a bit intense soon… not sure if you are aware but I have multiple people waiting for us to really have fun with so its not just me… and lets just say my cock is not the biggest bitch breaker in the room hehe." Shego said while she smirks at Bonnie to see if that would scare her away.

Bonnie did blink a bit after hearing that before smirking.

"Please. Doubt there's another cock that's bigger than yours."

Shego was amused when they approached the door to the sex dungeon.

"Well… I'm not gonna argue but… get ready to see that one with the bigger cock… oh and just an FYI… guy inside is not in a costume or is he normal… and considering he is getting married as well, we figured we could mix in a bachelor party and a bachelorette party together so…" Shego said when she used an arm to tap Bonnie on the back before she pushed her inside after Shego opened the door and as Bonnie stumbles forward… she crashed into something large, hard, and chest like like she hit something scaly… and when she looks up… she saw a surprised Emerald up close and personal while he himself looked surprised by the entrance and all he did was this.

"Uh… hello?" was all Emerald said and Bonnie saw that Emerald was NOT in costume since she could see right down his gullet and saw no one inside and definitely not dry thanks to saliva inside of the maw like mouth.

Bonnie's eyes widened greatly before stepping back.

"H-Holy… it's a real dragon!" She said.

"Hehe, yup, and with a primo cock to boot, better look around since you'll see others here as well, though can't blame you for not noticing the group around you who will be helping in breaking you in a bit." Shego said when she closed the door and locked it with a few locks so Bonnie couldn't run without having to stop for a few seconds to unlock the door's surprisingly many locks.

"Wait what?" Bonnie said before looking at her surroundings.

She not only saw she was in a stone like BDSM sex dungeon, she saw Emerald, and next to him were Maite and Lillum in kinky bondage gear with a langerie kind of look, Clover in similar gear which showed off her petite body and cock as well while it had a cockring at the base, Kim in bondage gear as well and she had a grin of all things when she saw Bonnie, there were a few others like Nocturn, Helios, Lucifer, Serina, Grigori, Cynthia… and a couple guys who had actual horse cocks while they were in assless chaps and bondage gear of their own as well… seems they were not made up at all though their names were unknown still.

Shego grins as she moved to hug Bonnie lightly around the neck with one arm and speaks into her ear.

"I'm going to level with you… for the most part, this is technical payback on you for posting that video without my permission and you sending it to pretty much many Kimmy here knows… technically WAS going to have all of us have our way with a greatly drunken you however I got 3 reasons why you won't run or go to the law with this… mind humoring me since you'll miss out on primo fun if you do?... I mean take a look at the cocks here… don't they look tempting?, consider that a bonus out of the 3 so technically 4 reasons." Shego said while she sounds amused as many look at the duo.

Bonnie blushes when she saw the cocks before grumbling a bit.

"Fine… what are these reasons then?"

"Well… first of the three is pretty simple… play ball with this and who knows, you could be addicted and want to come and have fun here daily… considering you are not employed here and what not I could pay you a bit if you need some extra cash for birth control and stuff… second is that you owe Kim and I… mainly me since I could take you to court and sue you for unlawful recording and posting this video… you know HOW many people see that video on porn sites?... not complaining on my end but Kimmy's mom is getting quite the looks from many people from what I heard thanks to that so she could lose her job thanks to you… granted could hire her as a personal doctor of my estate so she can continue doing her thing but you get the second idea… and third which leads into that bonus… do you really think you'll pass up on cocks like these?... take a VERY good look around and tell me that little huge bonus some of us have isn't tempting… and none of us are even erect yet… and FYI… Lillum there… the shapely one with the demonic traits can form a cock of her own… if you know Kimmy's enemies or heard of them… DNAmy pretty much spliced a lot of people with DNA of various creatures… would explain a lot for the guys with horse cocks or Emerald here being a Dragon and Lillum being a fucking sexy sex demon… you really going to pass up a kinky situation like this?... it would be like passing up a fantasy of a lifetime to go to a boring life of sorts… your call on what happens… I'll let you go so its your call but you should at least watch the fun since we have yet to get to the foreplay." Shego said when she lets go of Bonnie and moved to walk next to Kim.

"Anyway I'll be getting changed so take your time thinking… just not too long… I'll be having fun with Kimmy soon and as you can see she is not so shy of being in orgies though she still has the occasional cute blush… and just a bit of a tip… considering what I just said with her mom and stuff… try and not piss her off here… she has a sexy strong Dragon who could easily grab you with a hand alone so pissing people off is not a good idea… I mean Kimmy here is my Fiance after all if you haven't heard so… yeah… be right back." Shego said before she kissed Kim on the cheek and moved to a changing room while Bonnie saw all this.

Kim blushes, Bonnie also blushes when she looks at some of the members cocks again before weighing the pros and cons of things.

On one hand, she could get a lot of cash from this, and not possibly get sued which was good… on the other hand… from what she could see if she did this she would probably be ruined for normal people for life though it was debatable on if that was a good thing or not… point is Shego was giving Bonnie a way out and while Kim would most likely want payback against her given she was in freaking BDSM gear and wasn't shy looking about it… well… seems things would get intense and stuff.

"Surprisingly… I will stay." Bonnie said since she didn't want to miss out on things.

Shego as she got to the changing door smirks when she looks at Bonnie.

"Good… good… oh and by the way, as hard as it is to believe, I actually don't mind going slow and stuff to ease you into this… Kimmy here is the one who wants you to go to Emerald for an instant bitch breaking given what you did." Shego said as she officially left the room.

"And she is not lying." Kim said with crossed arms making Bonnie rolled her eyes.

"Oh don't be a baby."

"Considering I may still talk Shego into letting the Bachelor have his way with you and you are outnumbered by people who don't think highly of you… better rephrase that since… well… seems Maite and Lillum's mothers are helping with getting Emerald hard in no time so…" Kim said as she gestured for Bonnie to look near her and though Bonnie blinked, when she looked, she blushed when she saw Cynthia and Serina kneeling next to Emerald's cock and were licking to full power as the others look on as Emerald groans from that, seems the mothers of Maite and Lillum wanted to congratulate the newly wedded dragon and stuff.

Bonnie then noticed Emerald's cock getting erect which made Bonnie blinked again at the size.

'Oh crap.' She thought.

Kim smirks when she saw how nervous Bonnie looked.

"Just to let you know, I had a few good times with Emerald here so unlike you, I know how to handle a cock like this… maybe not to Lillum or Maite's level but I can at least now not pass out after a few times with him… better pick a smaller size like Clover's cock or maybe Lillum's but given how they don't think to highly of you especially Clover since you caused a few drunken scenes at the party that she had to clean… pretty sure she will want some payback even if she is normally a shy rabbit woman… I would wait for Shego to get here for a couple reasons she can explain if you forgot what Shego's loads can do if that video didn't get the reasons." Kim said while she walked by Bonnie which left her with a moment to think as Kim approached Emerald to prove a point when she joined in on licking Emerald's cock without fear much to Bonnie's shock as Emerald really groans from the feeling.

'Dammit… now I'm really fucked.' Bonnie thought as she had no way to get out of this.

Shego finally exits the changing room in a BDSM outfit that was similar to Clover's though it was more revealing then Clovers and custom made to fit her body and cock with a built in cockring.

"Wow Shego. That look suits you." Clover said.

"Thanks, had you as inspiration for this style since you are wearing a prototype… so Bonnie… what do you think?, hot or nah?" Shego asked while she looks at Bonnie with an amused look.

Bonnie blushes when she looks at Shego's outfit.

"Well… I would be lying if I said nah."

"Hehe, thanks… anyway why not get undressed… doubt you came in any other outfit and while I would offer a maid outfit or a butler one so you'll have something to wear when you leave… pretty sure many would ask questions on why you have that new outfit so…" Shego said before she trailed off when she lets Bonnie know the general idea thanks to how people can talk.

Bonnie frowns as she didn't like the sound of that before grumbling as she took of her costume before she was completely nude.

Shego licks her lips when she saw Bonnie's figure, she was surprisingly top heavy with D to E cup breasts, and a slightly thinner waist, and thanks to her training not only from cheerleading and being in the Gym's in Middleton so her back muscles were well developed so she had no real issues with back pains thanks to special bras made for her more or less.

This caused Shego to grin as her cock got iron hard in no time.

"Not bad… not bad at all… since Kimmy is busy why not get over here and lets see how well you can suck cock, pretty sure with how well you like mine, it won't be an issue to see if you are better than Kimmy in what she does… or maybe she is better then you when pleasing me… I know you two like to compete so why not make this a competition of sorts." Shego said while her cock was iron hard in front of Bonnie's gaze.

Though Bonnie blushes, she felt irked after hearing this.

"I'll show you all." She said before marching towards Shego.

Shego looks amused by that and waits to see how Bonnie would please her when she got in front of Shego and Bonnie saw how big Shego was up close… and she wasn't the biggest in the room… Shego would have gotten a bit peeved but considering she didn't need to worry about injuring a lady as much as Emerald or Lillum occasionally, she felt that she wasn't too small or too big… just right for what she had… she then stroked her cock a couple times to get Bonnie's attention when Bonnie was staring at her cock.

Bonnie was able to focus before she got on her knees and looked at Shego's cock before the young brunette started licking it.

Shego lightly groans from that while her cock throbbed against Bonnie's tongue every now and then and Bonnie could tell Shego was clean.

'At least she's clean.' Bonnie thought as she kept going for a moment before she opens her mouth and starts swallowing Shego's cock as best as she can.

Shego really groans from the feeling when she saw Bonnie really work to suck Shego's cock, Clover when she saw that moved to get behind Bonnie and pets her ass and used a couple fingers to rub Bonnie's folds a few times while Shego looks really amused when this went from a one on one moment to a threesome just now… and considering Clover may want payback… well Bonnie had two holes so who knows which hole Clover would fuck once Clover got Bonnie wet enough.

Bonnie lightly jolts before groaning when she turned her head after she pulled her mouth off Shego's cock and sees Clover behind her.

Clover smirks and used a hand to smack Bonnie on the ass.

"Who said you can stop sucking Mistresses cock?" Clover said which would be surprising… but given the libido Clover had, plus the training, and some possible anger from Bonnie's antics in the party… her shyness was pretty much non existent so she moved to slip a finger in Bonnie's pussy to get her warmed up.

Bonnie groans from that before frowning at Clover.

"Alright alright." She said before going back to Shego's cock and sucks on it.

Clover looks amused by that and as Shego looks at Bonnie, she pets her head to show Bonnie was doing pretty good so far.

"Good… present your ass to Clover, might as well let her get a treat before she fucks one of your holes." Shego said with a dominating tone to her voice while her cock slowly throbbed a bit in Bonnie's mouth.

Bonnie rolls her eyes before she positioned her ass in front of Clover while sucking Shego's cock more.

Clover smirks as she moved to get in position behind Bonnie on her knees, she saw how stubborn Bonnie was and if they couldn't break her in a dominating way… might as well make her a lustful mess.

Clover then opened her mouth and used her tongue to lick Bonnie's folds a few times to see how she would react when Clover hit a surprising number of spots on her pussy.

Bonnie's eyes widened a bit before she made a muffled groan after jolting.

Clover chuckles and repeats her licks while Kim noticed as she saw how off Guard Bonnie was, either Clover was better with foreplay then some thought and the lessons only helped with that… either that or Bonnie didn't get much action that actually counted as a good lay.

'Hehe, looks like Clover is gonna go all out if Bonnie here hasn't gotten laid for a while.' Kim thought as she mentally chuckled before going back to pleasing Emerald's cock.

Emerald groans from that and used a hand to pet Kim on the head while Maite and Lillum looked on as they watched their mothers please Emerald's cock with Kim and some wondered what Maite and Lillumn were thinking as they saw this.

'Boy… never thought I would see both mine and Lillum's mom, with Kim's aid please Emerald for his bachelor party. Though I can see that he's really enjoying it.' Maite thought.

"Hehe, seems mom is having lots of fun, looks like she really likes Emerald's form, hopefully that means mom can visit and maybe help bring in some clients and help cheer Emerald up more about his form so he is welcome not just here." Lillum said while she noticed nocturn approaching her with a grin.

"Hey Lillum, nice seeing you again, considering the situation, mind if I have fun with you?, Lucifer is approaching Maite and Helios is getting along with Grigori so…" Nocturn said when he gestures around the room and Lillum saw that Lucifer was indeed flirting with Maite while Helios was sucking the cocks of the two horse man and Grigori while Helios was on her knees and she stroked two of the three off while she sucked the muscle bound Grigori off with a lustful look in her eyes.

Lillum giggles before looking at Nocturn.

"Sure. Been hoping for a good… bonding moment with my handsome father in law." She said with a seductive smirk.

Nocturn chuckles while he moved to place a hand on Lillum's shapely ass.

"Well I hope I don't disappoint in impressing my sexy sinful demonic daughter in law." Nocturn said while his cock got iron hard in Lillum's gaze and Lillum could see where Emerald got his size from when Nocturn was around 11 inches or so at best and 2 in width.

Lillum licks her lips at the sight before she looks back at Nocturn.

"Oh I know you'll impress me with this big cock of yours." She said before grabbing it and then stroke it.

Nocturn shuddered from that and used a hand to fondle one of Lillum's breasts to tease her while his cock was teased.

Lillum shudders as well as she kept stroking Nocturn's cock while looking at him with a lustfilled look in her eyes.

Nocturn was amused by that while Lucifer spoke with Maite nearby.

"Hehe, sorry for surprising you but figured since this was a mix of a Bachelorette party with a bachelor… hope you don't mind if I please a sexy woman like you." Lucifer said with a charming smile.

Maite blushes a bit from the charm.

"N-No. I don't mind at all."

Lucifer smirks as he placed a hand on Maite's cheek in a calming way.

"Relax… I won't bite… much… besides with a woman as strong as you, pretty sure you could kick my ass if I do something you don't like so just think of this as me wanting to please a powerful goddess such as yourself." Lucifer said while he worked his charms on Maite to not only help her relax but compliment her as well.

Maite blushes again while feeling a bit better.

"Well… you are handsome looking."

"Don't I know it baby… trained my ass off to have a figure like this, did you know I model for a few clothing companies when not working in the dirty underworld as a seducer?... might as well see how I stack up as a lover compared to your powerful dragon… might as well see if technique can outclass raw power and size." Lucifer said before he licked his lips in a slow and teasing way.

Maite blushes again after hearing that.

"So how should we start things?"

All Lucifer did was smirk and he slowly leaned towards Maite.

"Well how about…" Lucifer said as he gave Maite a gentle kiss on her lips while he place a hand on her waist to help pull her close.

Maite was bit surprised by that action before she slowly starts to kiss Lucifer back.

Lucifer had an amused look as he returned the kiss and his tongue went into Maite's mouth to tease her when his tongue worked to really get Maite worked up and on kissing alone when he seemed to know all the right spots to hit in her mouth… and he never did this with Maite before so that should show his skill level in kissing and stuff… no wonder Lillum was so good, she got that sex potentional from two sex crazed parents it seems.

Maite blushes a bit before letting out a slight moan during the kiss before she had her tongue rub against Lucifer's tongue.

While that went on, the scene went to Emerald while he was groaning from the triple licking he was getting while he wondered what Serina and Cynthia were thinking as they did so… Kim he could get somewhat, she was most likely teasing Bonnie by doing this with him but Maite and Lillum's mothers… hard to say.

'Hmmm… talk about a nice delicious cock. Wish Lillum brought him home sooner but eh, no complaints here.' Serina thought before she lowers down and starts to lick and suck on Emerald's balls.

"Hehe, maybe bigger then My Grigori but I doubt he will be able to do much given his reactions… hope Maite and the others train this dragon in law well." Cynthia thought before she moved to suck on Emerald's cock at the base.

Kim was doing her own thing before she was at the head of Emerald's cock and was sucking on it as well.

She even had her tongue lick the tip a few times.

Emerald groans and he really used a few fingers to pet Kim's head and lightly thrusts his hips to see how Kim could take his cock given some practice sessions showed some improvement.

Kim might've lightly gagged but took it well as she continues to suck Emerald's cock a bit fast.

As this went on, Shego looked on for a second and she saw Kim doing well and looks at Clover.

"Hey Clover, how is Bonnie?, she wet enough?" Shego asked while she enjoyed Bonnie's sucking actions when the pre from Shego's cock got her worked up a bit.

"Hmmm… lefts find out." Clover said before she goes down and checks on Bonnie's folds.

She saw that Bonnie was pretty wet and when Clover let Shego knew, Shego smirks.

"Good… fuck her pussy or ass then and get her warmed up for me." Shego ordered while she grins at Clover.

Clover chuckled.

"With pleasure." She said before getting behind Bonnie and grabs her hips before Clover slides her cock inside Bonnie's pussy.

Bonnie groans from that when she felt her pussy getting stretched wide by Clover's cock and Shego smirks at the surprised look on Bonnie's face and Shego looks at Clover.

"So… how is her pussy so far?" Shego asked since she wondered if Bonnie was a loose woman or not.

Clover lightly groans a bit.

"A bit tight but… she clearly hasn't been getting any action for a while."

"Hmmm… good… lets change that… might as well make her crave our cocks and make her a new pet for us hehe… or make her your pet so you can train her up for me and Emerald, you always hold back even when going all out so don't think of that as a size insult." Shego said when she gripped Bonnie on the head and starts to facefuck her when she slowed her sucking actions and in some odd way that Bonnie didn't expect, her pussy tightened from the dominating action on Clover's cock.

Clover groans from that feeling as Bonnie gags a few times.

"W-Whoa!... Her pussy got tighter the second you did that."

"Hehe, guess we have a natural bitch here… lets see how well she likes it when you fuck her like the sexy rabbit you are." Shego teased when she starts to facefuck Bonnie after giving her a second to catch her breath when she pulled er cock from Bonnie's mouth.

Clover blushes after hearing that before she starts thrusting her cock back and forth in Bonnie's pussy.

As a result, Bonnie was pretty much spit roasted on two massive cocks while Clover's cock long entered her womb again and again and if it wasn't for the fact Shego was letting her breath every 20 to 30 seconds, pretty sure Bonnie would pass out thanks to her throat being pretty much a fleshlight for Shego's cock.

'Oh fuck… Not sure how long I can stay conscious and yet… this is very exciting.' Bonnie thought.

As this went on, Clover smacked Bonnie's ass to really see how kinky Bonnie was while she used her other hand to grip Bonnie's ass hard so she could pull herself towards Bonnie with real power in her actions.

Bonnie muffly groans from that action as she kept gagging on Shego's cock which caused Bonnie's pussy to tighten more on Clover's cock.

While this went on, Emerald on his end was fully on his back as he watched Kim, Serina, and Cynthia talk on who should go first with riding Emerald's cock now that it was warmed up and Serina was the one who gave a surprising suggestion.

"Hmmm… not sure about you Cynthia… but why not let Kim go first?, she is the hostess next to Shego and this could be a good chance for one of us to see how good Emerald's tonguework is while the other gets fingered or maybe see how well he can use his tail to place a lady… either way while I'm excited I am also curious on Kim's skills in pleasing a cock that massive." Serina said when she grins at Kim and Cynthia.

"Hmmm… you do have a point." Cynthia said before looking Kim.

"So how about it Kim? Show us what you got." She said with a smirk making Kim return the smirk.

"Very well then." She said before getting on top of Emerald.

Emerald blushed a bit when he saw that.

"W-Well not like I'm complaining but I do have to ask… you OK Kim?, you normally are not this… aggressive and were pretty shy before the party, is getting payback on Bonnie there a thing that helps or something?" Emerald asked as he watched Kim move to get on his large stomach and his cock poked at her backside above her BDSM clothed ass cheeks.

"Well that and… there was training I went through plus… I think wearing this brings out a side of me I never knew." Kim said.

"I… see… well not sure if its the atmosphere but I won't complain… but just to check, you sure you want to do this?, I know we had fun in the past when we got here but I may get a bit more intense then you are normally used too… and considering a lot of things went down, pretty sure you maybe doing this to let off steam from all the drama that went down… especially what happened with your Ex and Lillum when she spilled the beans it seems." Emerald said when he worried for Kim a bit when he looks at her with large green concerned eyes since Kim may not feel the same way after everyone leaves the room.

Kim blinks a bit after hearing this before giving Emerald a reassuring look.

"No matter what happens Emerald, I'll still be the same Kim you all met and stuff."

Emerald did look a bit calmer after this and smiles at Kim which was a bit funny since he had a large draconic head.

"Well hopefully if I stick around enough and stuff… maybe I could take you on some… dates later if I'm in my human form?... nothing like a night on the town given that I don't take a smaller form once Midnight happens." Emerald said while he grins at Kim more… did he just ask her out!?

Kim blushes brightly after hearing that.

"D-Did you just... ask me out?"

Emerald chuckles with a blush as he scratched his cheek a bit.

"Well… considering we have a lot of fun already, wouldn't feel right if I didn't take you to dinner or something every now and then at least but if you don't want so you can focus on Shego, I can hold off and ask you later once things calm down, figured you could use a break from a lot of the insanity that has been going on and while my condition is pretty… insane putting it nicely… still think I'm the most normal guy in the room right now mentally at least." Emerald said while he had an amused look on his face.

Kim blushes again for a moment.

"Well… need to wait a bit but… guess it wouldn't hurt to… go on a date with you."

"Hehe great… I'll wait a couple weeks or so, that fine by you?, should be enough time for a one on one date where we don't have to deal with people with insane libidos and stuff." Emerald said when he talked about Lillum and Shego in an amusing way though Serina was amused and looks at Cynthia.

"Wow, looks like the Dragon here is trying to get a harem it seems, given how Kim and Shego maybe a package deal and with that cute bunny girl and possibly that woman getting spit roasted… hehe, and here we are trying to celebrate a bachelor/bechelorette party yet here we are seeing a possible third lady being added." Serina said while she looks amused at the sight while she kept her voice low enough so Kim and Emerald wouldn't hear that.

Cynthia chuckled.

"You said it. Maybe that woman will be the four lady after Kim." She said.

This caused Serina and Cynthia to giggle a bit while Emerald moved to grip his cock.

"So… this going in your pussy or ass?" Emerald said to get back on track with this orgy while his cock tapped Kim's ass a few times.

Kim shudders a bit before looking at Emerald.

"Does this answer your question?" She said before she starts rubbing her folds on Emerald's cock.

Emerald grins as he carefully gripped Kim's hips and carefully lowered her so her pussy took his cock gently like a lover making love with his significant other so she could adjust.

Kim lowly groans before she felt the head of Emerald's cock going inside of her pussy.

As she was lowered more Emerald felt the head of his cock touch Kim's cervix and he waits for her to adjust.

It took a moment or so before Kim was able to adjust before nodding her head at Emerald.

Emerald nods his head and he starts to thrust his hips, slowly at first and was building up speed as his cock rammed her cervix again and again and Serina and Cynthia had a close up view of Emerald's cock entering Kim's folds again and again.

Kim groans a few times as she gotten more use to things before she started to moan.

"O-Oh… Oh fuck." She said.

Emerald smiles more while he slowed his thrusts but upped the power a bit so his cock really rammed into Kim's cervix, he wanted to see how well adjusted Kim could get and might as well consider this her real first serious moment if all the past stuff was training for now.

Kim groans a few more times before she actually starts to bounce on Emerald's cock for a moment.

As that went on, the scene went to Lillum with Nocturn as he fucked her ass while she was on all fours and Lillum saw what Kim was doing with Emerald.

"Well well… this is an interesting sight." Lillum said as she groans from having her ass fucked.

Nocturn chuckles when he saw that.

"Hehe… interesting indeed… jealous?" Nocturn said as he fucked Lillum's ass harder while he smacked her ass a few times.

Lillum groans again before grinning at Nocturn after turning her head.

"Maybe… but then again, I'm getting my ass fucked by this delicious cock."

Nocturn chuckles again and gripped Lillum's ass and fucked her harder as a result to help her feel better.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Lillum moans as she was really enjoying this treatment.

While that happened, the camera turned to Lucifer as he was fucking Maite hard while she laid on her back on a bench that was pulled up and while Lucifer fucked her pussy, he was sucking on one of her nipples as he did so and Maite could see Emerald enjoying himself with Kim from the side.

Maite kept moaning while feeling slightly jealous as she kept watching Kim having fun with her fiancé.

Though Lucifer helped distract Maite to focus on him when he angled his cock to hit one of Maite's sweet spots constantly.

The distraction helped as Maite was moaning more.

"O-Oh fuck Lucifer!"

That was music to Lucifer's ears as he fucked Maite harder though he did pulled his head back to speak with Maite.

"Hehe… sweet sounds from a sweet lady… jealousy shouldn't even be in your gaze… pretty sure even if Emerald makes a harem, you won't be forgotten about… I mean he asked to marry you first before my little girl so that should speak for his feelings for you… should consider that before feeling unloved." Lucifer said as he looks amused while he continues to fuck Maite with plenty of control in his actions.

Maite blushes a bit after hearing that but knew that Lucifer was right since Emerald did ask her first.

"Y-You're right so… please keep… f-fucking me!" She said with a very cute blush that was very sinful.

Lucifer smirks and as his unintentional namesake helped with the devilish grin, he pretty much fucked Maite harder while he made sure her pleasure came first while his cock hit spots Maite didn't even know about.

Maite moans and groans more from how rough Lucifer was before she wrapped her arms and legs around Lucifer to make him thrust deeper as Maite's mouth opens each time she moans.

This caused Lucifer to surprise her with a sudden kiss like he was waiting for that moment and fucked Maite harder as a result.

Maite was surprised by that action but that quickly washed away before she kissed back and actually had her tongue interacts with Lucifer's tongue.

While that went on the camera turned to Grigori, the two horse man and Helios as Helios keeps pleasing them and once she got a few loads, she stands on her feet as she licked her lips clean of some sperm.

"Well boys… now that the warm up is out of the way… how do you three want to take me?" Helios asked while she gave the trio a rather lustful look when she eyed their cocks, the horse men had length but Grigori had bulk in width and that really worked her up good.

Grigori grin after hearing that.

"Well if these two don't mind, I like to have a shot at your pussy." He said.

"Oh we don't mind… right Biggs?" One Horse man asked while he grins at the other horse man, for simplicities sake lets just say they have horse heads instead of human heads to boot for a bigger mutation then what some had.

"Hehe, oh I don't mind at all Wedge." Another horse man said.

Grigori chuckled.

"And there you have it. Now how about you give this cock of mine a good ride?"

Helios licks her lips as she approached Grigori.

"Sure handsome… but first I believe its proper for you to get on your knees and please my pussy to make sure I'm properly lubed… you three are rather large and I don't want to be harmed after all." Helios said with a grin as she teasingly rubbed Grigori's well muscled chest a few times.

Grigori chuckled.

"Well of course. I always make sure that ladies get warmed up first before the main event."

"Good…" Was all Helios said as she placed a hand on Grigori's chest and lightly pushed him off balance so he fell back on a chair as she approached him and stands in front of him.

"Then get to licking, I want to see if its not just your cock thats huge." Helios teased in a dominating way while she used her fingers to spread her pussy lips a bit to mess with Grigori a little.

Though Grigori was caught off guard, he chuckled before he already got started on eating out Helio's pussy.

Helios groans from that and used a hand to pet Grigori on the head though the scene turned to show two main scenes with Shego about to blow in Bonnie's mouth after all this work while Clover's orgasm was similar when she was about to blow in Bonnie while she fucked Bonnie harder and faster.

Clover grunts and groans as she kept fucking Bonnie's pussy as Bonnie was now sucking off Shego's cock faster and harder.

It took a minute but Shego grits her teeth and groans as she forced her cock deep on Bonnie's mouth and her sperm filled up Bonnie's mouth while some went down her throat and into her stomach.

Bonnie gags a bit more before she gulps down Shego's load as Clover grinds her teeth before giving Bonnie's pussy a serious creampie which headed straight for the brunette's womb before Bonnie climaxed.

It took a bit for the trio to ride out their orgasms and as Shego and Clover recover first and they removed their cocks and Clovers load leaked from Bonnie's abused snatch, Shego smirks when she watched Bonnie recovering… it was a matter of time now…

Bonnie gasps a bit as she catches her breath before she looked a bit flustered as Shego's cum started the effect.

Shego looks amused when she saw the blush on Bonnie's face and saw how turned on Bonnie was.

"Hehe… bet my load tasted good… ready for more fun?" Shego asked while her cock and Clover's cocks were still hard even after all they unloaded in Bonnie.

Bonnie blushes brightly as she stares at the duo's cocks.

"Y-Yes." She said without realizing it.

Shego smirks at that.

"Good… how badly do you want it?... I want to hear you beg for it." Shego said while she gripped her cock and moved it from side to side in Bonnie's view.

Clover smirks as she did the same making Bonnie blush more and wanted to resist but was futile.

"P-Please… g-give me more."

This amused Shego and she looks at Clover.

"Hey Clov… want to try that two in one thing?... my load will heal Bonnie right up after that so no worries about injuries." Shego suggests while giving Clover a nickname Clov.

Clover blinks at the nickname as Bonnie's eyes widened when she get what was gonna happen as Clover grins.

"Well when you say it like that… Let's do it." She said as she stroke her cock a bit.

This caused Shego and Clover to grin a bit evilly as they approached Bonnie while she had enough time for one thought.

'Lord… give me strength.' Bonnie thought.

A moment later, the scene showed Bonnie lift in the air thanks to Shego and Clover having their hands on Bonnie's ass cheeks and their cocks were both aimed at Bonnie's pussy.

Bonnie gulp as she sees both cocks aiming at her pussy.

"I suggest that you relax or it might get worse." Clover said as she noticed.

"Hehe, yeah, don't worry though, my load will heal you right up so don't worry, you maybe even tighter then when we first started… besides I always wanted to try this." Shego said while she admits that she wanted to see her cock and anothers in a pussy at the same time.

Clover then looks at Shego.

"So shall we count to three or just go at 3?"

"Hmmm… how about…" Shego said before she just dropped Bonnie into Clover's grasp and thanks to that sudden shift, Clover couldn't fully catch Bonnie until both Shego and Clover's cocks were pretty much buried deep in Bonnie's pussy in no time while Shego groans at the tight fit.

Clover groans as well as Bonnie gasps before groaning loudly at the double penetration.

Once that happened, Shego helped Clover in supporting Bonnie and waits for her to adjust on their cocks.

Bonnie grinds her teeth a few times as she tries to get use to this before she slowly starts to adjust.

Though Clover and Shego didn't want her to fully get used to things and the duo lift and lower Bonnie on their cocks which caused Bonnie's pussy to be barraged by the two cocks inside of her and both rammed into her cervix again and again.

"O-Oh fuck!" Bonnie groans as she can feel both cocks going in and out of her pussy.

Shego was amused by that and she thrusts her hips which caused Clover to do the same while Bonnie's pussy was really abused now… if it wasn't for Shego's soon to be load she would be bruised in no time on the inside.

Clover groans as she kept thrusting her cock up against Shego's cock.

"Fuck… that's a tight pussy."

"Y-Yeah… really tight!" Shego muttered while she fucked Bonnie harder when she enjoyed this greatly.

Bonnie was moaning and groaning loudly as she felt her pussy getting very abused before her face starts to look fucked up.

Shego and Clover noticed and fucked Bonnie harder as a result, on the other switch, Emerald was eating out Serina while he thrusts his hips upward to really fuck Kim hard while she rode him and Cynthia was having him practice with using his tail to fuck her pussy… all in all Emerald was pretty glad for that since he didn't want to risk harming anyone with his claws.

Serina was moaning as she enjoys Emerald's tongue in her pussy as Cynthia groans a few times as she enjoys Emerald's tail.

Kim grunts and groans as she really rode Emerald's cock to please him greatly.

Emerald in turn made sure to really eat out Serina while his tail went wild in Cynthia and as that happened he used his hands so that he was having his large hands grip Kim under her arms and he used his thumbs to tease her nipples while he fucked her harder since she couldn't ride him with his grip on Kim.

The trio moans and groans in unison as they really enjoy the treatment as time passes.

Emerald felt his orgasm approaching but he wanted to make sure Kim came first so he held his orgasm back and fucked Kim harder and faster while his cock starts to barrage her womb until…

Kim groans loudly as she throws her head back and climaxes on Emerald's cock.

This caused Emerald to growl when he came hard inside of Kim like a geyser which made her womb bloat like a balloon while his tongue and tail worked hard to get Serina and Cynthia to climax.

Serina and Cynthia groans more as Kim's climax got stronger while feeling more of Emerald's cum filling her womb which caused Kim's toes to curl.

As this went on, the scene went to Ron and Yori at the same time as Ron had a blush on his face as he was looking at his punch, all of these compliments from Yori really got him confused on a lot of things… he had a number of days to diguest what happened between him and Kim and unless he found a way to get rich in his own way or something like be a surrogate… well thanks to what Lillum said… chances of that happening would be slim to none especially with that Emerald guy… couldn't blame the three either, Kim helping them and them paying her back would be a pretty obvious thing to do, but this still tripped him up.

Not only that, Yori seemed to be more… attentive than usual and thanks to Kim pretty much telling Ron that Yori had a thing for him… well he was further confused… he did have some time to prepare but actually getting this close to her pretty much made him a nervous wreck and while Ron was nervous, Yori noticed and smiles as she thanked Alfred for what she was given a minute ago when he saw where this would lead and to help Kim and Shego with any drama aided yori and he passed her a key to a certain room… a far off guest room so… no one would disturb her… hey she was a trained Kunoichi, that was also trained in the art of seduction as well.

"Hey Ron… mind following me for a moment?, things are getting a bit loud and Rufus is having a blast playing with the children so shouldn't be too worried about him right?" Yori said when she smiles at Ron in a cute way.

Ron blushes from the smile and knew Yori was right since Rufus was with the kids.

"U-Um, sure. Let's go."

This caused Yori to lead Ron away from the party, though Ron noticed they were walking pretty far from the party, so much so that no noises were heard from the party.

"Where are we going?" Ron said with a confused look.

"Oh… just somewhere… private." Yori said as she wondered if Ron got what Yori had in mind for him… leading him away from the party… a private place with them alone… and with the way Yori's ass swayed… Ron would have to be a complete numbskull to not see the signals of how willing Yori is right now.

Ron blushes before his eyes widened in realization.

'Oh my… Does Yori want to…' He thought before stopping when he somehow knew where this is going.

This was the deciding factor for Ron now that he knew this… does he follow Yori… not many issues with getting with her and even possibly starting a romantic relationship or does he fall back and stick with Kim or try to at least and have a high chance of failing given many outside issues that would get in the way… either way… it was Ron's call now.

Ron contemplated on these thoughts. He loved Kim dearly but thanks to that pact that Kim and Shego's mom made, there's no chance that Kim will stay his girlfriend not after getting the talk from Nocturn. He didn't want Kim to lose everything and didn't want her to be labeled as a cheater.

'Maybe Nocturn was right. Perhaps I should… let go of Kim and focus on someone else.' He thought before he made his choice by following Yori.

Yori smiles when she noticed that and as the duo got a bit farther, they approached a doorway and Yori used the key on it to unlock the door and as the duo entered, the camera turned away from a moment to show a familiar car approaching the building and once it parked, the doors opened and Anne, James, Jim, and Tim were exiting the car and they were all in similar outfits that were ironically enough cat like costumes.

"Wow… got to say… Shego and her workers really did a good job getting this place ready for a Mansion warming party." Anne said when she saw the Go manor and remembered some things when she visited a few times in the past.

"I agree. Very nice home." James said.

"Man… can't believe Kim gets to live here. Talk about lucky." Tim said.

"Yeah... dibs on her room back home if she stays here." Jim said with an amused grin on his face, he wore a cat costume that was on the fluffier side that kept him warm in the slightly chilly air, same with Tim though the color schemes were opposite to help tell them apart.

James's cat costume was orange coloring as his wife had a black and white coloring.

"Now boys. Unless it's written in stone, Kim's room will stay as is until further notice." James said.

"Awe man!" Jim said as Tim chuckles at his brother's shot down dib.

Anne rolled her eyes while she looks amused before she looks to the front door.

"Come on you three, lets get going." Anne said before the Doctor walked to the door with James, Jim, and Tim to follow her and they saw Alfred at the front door.

"Hello Madam Possible… its been a long time." Alfred said with a kind smile on his face when he saw Anne.

Anne blinked a bit before her eyes widened.

"Alfred! It's good to see you again."

"Indeed, its good to see you as well, the party is in full swing and many people are enjoying themselves, your daughter and Madam Go are busy at the moment but will be back soon, please follow me, you and your husband will appreciate a tour so you won't get lost and your… Son's I take it can enjoy themselves in the game room where many children are in, we have many sitters there so you won't have to worry about them… I trained them personally and could handle Madam Go and her siblings when they were younger so I doubt your children will be an issue… especially when we have the latest gaming technology here so they can enjoy themselves… the kids are having a fighting game tournament so I'm sure they will have plenty of fun with food, kid safe drinks, and of course entertainment to keep their attention." Alfred said to try and be friendly with the Possible Family… hey Anne was an old friend of Nicole and James, Jim, and Tim were her husband and sons respectively so he was giving upmost respect for them.

Jim and Tim perked up after hearing this.

"Latest gaming technology?... Oh this we gotta see." Jim said with an excited look as was Tim.

"Indeed, oh and if you are not interested in the tournament we have some refurbished retro gaming consoles so if you want to play them as well we have a good collection of games stocked up, and as a Go guest, I have given all the children these small mini consoles that have a few games on them, think of it as a way to keep them in line since if they cause trouble they lose them." Alfred said as he passed Jim and Time a small set of mini gaming consoles, not pricey compared to the latest stuff but this was still 100 bucks or so stuff nonetheless and Alfred just gave it as a party gift like it was nothing and other kids were getting this kind of thing?

The twins had excited looks on their faces.

"Hicka-bicka-boo." Jim said.

"Hoo-sha." Tim said.

"Now boys, I expect you to be on your best behavior." Anne said.

"Indeed, otherwise you two will have to return them if you cause trouble." Alfred said while he gave the twins a kind eyesmile though the message was clear… follow the rules or lose fun gaming consoles that caused the twins to gulp and James chuckles at the sight.

The twins jolt a bit after hearing that.

"N-No worries. We'll behave." Tim said as Jim nods his head since they don't want to lose their gifts.

"Good… I'll summon a guide for the game room if you two want to head there now or do you want to join for the boring tour?" Alfred said while he grins at the twins though he did roll one hand in the air when he said boring tour.

Tim and Jim lowly groans at the boring part.

"Uh that's okay. Maybe next time. We'll wait till someone guides us to the game room."

"Alright…" Alfred said while he moved to pull out a phone.

After it rang, he speaks up.

"Hello?... yes I'm sorry but mind coming to take a couple late guests to the game room?, yes… children… yes a bit older than you… hehe, yes they are Kim's brothers… yes… yes… alright goodbye." Alfred said before he looks at Jim and Tim.

"Give her a minute and she will guide you to the Game room, just a tip or two, one is do not freak out when you see her and two is she is a bit on the hyper side so if she seems energetic, its probably in her nature or she is just happy to play with new friends." Alfred said as James though had the worst in a dad moment.

"Oh god!... Kim didn't become a mother yet did she?" James said while Alfred looks at him with a half lidded look.

"With all due respect sir… as weird as many adventures your daughter go on are, pretty sure a child being born that fast would be impossible unless special science or magic was used to do so… please calm down Madam Possible is still getting used to being here with Madam Go and the others." Alfred said while he raised an eyebrow at the more worried of the two parents.

Anne made sure to pat her husband's back.

"Sorry about him Alfred. He just wants to make sure that our daughter is okay."

"Well make no mistake, Madam Go may tease her and thanks to some new guests turned employees, Madam possible is being well taken care of, I can introduce you to them later but they are busy with Madam Go and Possible so hince the reason for the tour, tell me do you four know of the woman D...N...Amy?... at least thats what I think her name is." Alfred said when he looks thoughtful on DNAmy's name and if the DN meant anything or if it was a play on DNA.

The Possible family blinked when they heard that name.

"Wait… you mean the scientist that turns people into animals?" James said.

"Yes, you'll see what I mean when you see some people, DNAmy altered them by force and Madam Go took most in as some employees and one of them will be coming here to lead your sons to a game room, her name is Solara and if were going by mythological standards with some mutations, Solara is a Harpy now… had wing like arms and talons for feet and… oh here she comes." Alfred said while flapping was heard and Solara appeared with a happy look on her face when she saw Alfred.

Solara had an excited look as she got close to the group.

"Hi there! I'm Solara and I'll be your guide for tonight."

Alfred chuckles when he points at Jim and Tim.

"Oh I'll handle the boring part of the tour Solara, the ones you are leading are Master Jim and Tim here, they are Madam Possible's Brothers so try and treat them as you would Madam Possible." Alfred said when he points a finger at Jim and Tim who were blushing at Solara… granted she was 5 to 6 or maybe 7 with no exact age yet but she was pretty cute to the twins and stuff with how bubbly she was.

Solara's eyes sparkled when she looks at the duo.

"Oh you're Kim's brothers? Well nice to meet you two." She said with a cute smile.

That caused Jim and Tim to blush more while Anne giggles at the sight.

"Well it's nice to meet you Solara, I'm Anne, Kim's mother and this is my loving husband James, I hope you'll get along with him and my sons if they want to come here and hang out with you." Anne said while Jim and Tim blush at that while Solara, being pretty innocent smiles.

"Oh it's nice to meet you as well, hope I can get along with your sons as well." Solara said with a well mannered tone since this was Anne Possible and James Possible, Kim's parents and wanted to show as much respect as she could to the two elder possibles.

James did smile a bit.

"Well just be careful, if Kim has told you about them, they can be quite a handful."

Solara blinks at that and tilts her head.

"Trouble… oh you mean like that stink bomb thing and messing with her stuff like her Kimmunicator thingy?" Solara asked when she looks at James with a curious look.

James and Anne sweatdrops.

"Yeah that's it." Anne said.

"Ah… well I don't think that will be necessary, my big bro will be watching them like hawks since he knows about them, he is getting trained by Grampa Alfred's successor so I'm sure that unless they want to see an angry Wolf, they may want to not break anything here on purpose." Solara said with a surprisingly good vocabulary all of a sudden… huh guess Jim and Tim were not the only talented people around at young ages though Solara seemed less so given she wasn't as techy as Jim or Tim.

Jim and Tim blinks a bit after hearing that as Anne chuckles.

"Well that's good to hear." She said before looking at her sons.

"You two be nice and if I find out something bad happened, say bye to those consoles."

Jim and Tim pales while Solara giggles before she led the two away while she flies ahead of them.

"Come on you two, we got a racing game going, first place winner gets a new controlled for those consoles that Shego's gaming company help make." Solara said which caused Jim and Tim to comically run after Solara while Alfred chuckles.

"Ah youth, sometimes I wish I was younger but with age comes wisdom and patience, wouldn't you two agree?" Alfred said when he looks at Anne and James while Alfred rubbed a small beard on his face like a sage of sorts.

Anne chuckles a bit.

"Oh I do. But what can you do except enjoy these many years with the people you love."

"Yeah though we shouldn't talk much on this since we may lose track on time before we know it… now about that tour." James asked while Alfred blinks.

"Oh of course hehe, please, follow me you two and Madam Possible… its good to see you here again, I hope you plan on visiting more in the future." Alfred said while he smiles kindly at Anne before he moved to walk to the front door and held the door open for the elder possibles.

Anna did smile.

"I will certainly do." She said before feeling a bit bummed.

'If only I did that with Nicole.'

As the Elder butler gave the duo a tour the scene went to Ron as he, now out of the Naked mole rat suit, and stands in a simple pair of pinkish sweatpants and was surprisingly making out with Yori while the duo hug one another a bit.

Ron moans as he hugs Yori close while kissing her with passion.

As that went on, Yori moans when she hugged Ron tightly and in no time, with Yori using a quick bathroom break to clean her face off from makeup and thankfully Ron was pretty clean before he came to the party so the scene quickly showed that the duo had stripped fully with Yori having B cup breasts and thin but shapely hips and she was sucking Ron's cock while he was sitting on the bed while he looked down at Yori while she worked to suck his cock well and fondle his balls with one hand.

Ron was surprised at how skillful Yori was as he groans a bit from how good this action was before Ron petted Yori's head.

Yori giggles a bit while she surprisingly deepthroats Ron's cock, he had a rather large size of 9 to 10 inches or so while 2 inches in width… Ron wasn't sure about it but Yori was REALLY good when she didn't gag… did she train with stuff like this?

'Damn!... don't know how Yori did this but no complaints here.' Ron thought as he groans in a pleased way.

Yori would have smiles but thanks to her actions in pleasing Ron, she could feel Ron getting close and she chalked things up with him having a first shot thing being the quickest and sucked them off more and more until….

Ron grinds his teeth a bit before groaning loudly as he climaxed in Yori's mouth.

Surprisingly, Stoppable let out a large dose, either he never masterbated or is that virtile.

Yori was a bit surprised by that but worked to drink as much as she could and while some sperm spilled from her lips and onto her breasts, she got most of it and waits for Ron to tap off.

About 15 seconds pass before Ron grunted and finally taps off.

Yori then cleaned Ron's cock with her tongue and whens he was finished she used her fingers to clean her chin and breasts of sperm while Ron could see it all as he recovered.

As Ron panted, he was blushing as he watching Yori do this which surprisingly got him turned on.

Yori noticed and looks amused when she moved to get on Ron's lap while his cock was aimed at her surprisingly wet folds.

"I have been waiting for this for awhile Ron… and I'm going to enjoy this." Yori said when she lowered her body and she groans when she felt her folds getting stretched wide by Ron's cock as it went deep into her and then some while Ron could feel everything and was stunned by the pleasure… thanks to Kim being a virgin back before the whole break up, unless Ron had some unexpected fun… chances are he WAS a virgin and Yori got that just now.

Ron groans as he feels his cock going a bit deeper inside Yori's tight pussy as waits.

Yori smirks before she raised and lowered her hips and she took Ron's cock again and again, she kept quiet and would have asked if Ron was a virgin or not but she held back so she could focus on having Ron feel as good as possible, in this case irony intended, and help him forget his troubles.

Ron groans a few times as he feel his cock being ridden.

"O-Oh fuck Yori… T-This is amazing."

Yori chuckles between moans and stops to shush him.

"No need for words for now Ron… just enjoy… we can talk later, but just enjoy yourself." Yori said when she placed her hands on Ron's chest and rides his cock at a harder rate and his cock barraged her cervix again and again as time goes on.

Though Ron groans a few more times, something in him was telling him to take control before he grabs Yori's hips and uses his ninja agility to flip Yori over making Ron be on top before he started to thrust his cock in and out of the kunoichi's pussy.

Yori was REALLY surprised by that action but she wouldn't say anything on Ron taking charge and moans as she lets Ron fuck her hard while she wonders what he was thinking as he fucked Yori without restraint.

'O-Oh wow… don't know how that happened but… I just can't stop the pleasure.' Ron thought as he kept fucking Yori's pussy.

Yori was a pleasure induced mess right now thanks to how rough Ron was going, seeing Ron being this dominating to her was a surprising turn on for her and she wrapped her legs around Ron's waist so he wouldn't pull free anytime soon.

Ron was surprised by this but didn't care as he really go rough with fucking the ninja girl's pussy.

For a bit, Yori lets Ron continue to fuck her and as this went on, she could feel Ron getting closer but didn't let him pull away as he fucked her harder and faster until…

Ron grinds his teeth as he groans before he pushes his cock deep inside Yori's pussy and climaxes hard inside of her womb.

Yori gasped from the feeling and groans when she came hard on Ron's cock and her pussy rythmically massaged Ron's cock tightly to milk him for all he had.

Though Ron kept climaxing, he looks at Yori before leaning down and smash his lips on hers.

Yori moans as she returned the kiss and hugged Ron back and as the two newfound lovers continue their fun, the scene went back to one final thing between Bonnie and Kim with their respective lovers in the BDSM dungeon.

Bonnie, after getting her pussy filled by Shego, was now getting fucked relentlessly by Emerald when Kim swapped places with her and Kim was now getting her ass and pussy fucked by Shego and Clover while Clover fucked Kim's ass and Shego fucked Kim's pussy while Kim faced Shego.

Bonnie was also on all fours so she was getting fucked doggystyle by Emerald while he barraged her womb when he dominates her and Serina and Cynthia with amused looks went to join Nocturn so Emerald could break in Bonnie and focus on her.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Bonnie moans as Serina and Cynthia chuckles at this.

Kim groans a few times from having her holes fucked before she wrapped her legs around Shego's waist.

Shego in turn moved to kiss Kim on the lips and her tongue went to make out with her intensely and Emerald growls as he fucked Bonnie harder to make it impossible for Bonnie to take normal lovers again.

As Bonnie moans more, Kim kissed Shego back as both tongues fight for dominance while Clover kept fucking Kim's ass.

This went on for a bit with Kim getting fucked by Shego and Clover more and more while Emerald fucked Bonnie harder with growls and groans as he barraged her pussy more and more until…

Bonnie moans loudly with a fucked up look on her face before climaxing hard on Emerald's cock while Kim climaxed on Shego and Clover's cocks.

Shego and Clover groan when they came hard inside of Kim's ass and pussy with Shego flooding her womb with sperm and Emerald growls and roars when he came so hard in Bonnie that she was actually forced off Emerald's cock and onto the ground fully and Emerald's cock throbbed as he fired sperm onto the back of her head, back and ass while he rides out a rather intense orgasm.

Kim and Bonnie groan as they kept on climaxing for almost 30 seconds before they tapped off at the same time as Bonnie continues to get covered in Emerald's cum as if Emerald was marking her.

Once Emerald, Clover, and Shego tapped off with groans, they pant for breath while Shego lets Kim relax and Emerald wondered how Bonnie was doing after a fucking like that.

As Kim panted, Bonnie shudders with mini orgasms but was able to say to words.

"O-Oh… fuck."

Emerald scratched his cheek and looks at Shego.

"Hey Shego… do I continue with Bonnie?, not sure about the others but I think she is losing steam." Emerald said while he saw Bonnie having trouble moving though Emerald's cock was still hard.

Shego chuckles when she noticed.

"Well it's up to you. I mean to me, she might take another round but let's give her a break."

"Right… hmmm… hey Shego want to have some fun?, you don't get much action with your pussy or ass so…" Emerald said when he gave Shego a fanged grin.

Shego smirks at Emerald.

"Better believe it you stud."

That caused Emerald to really grin before he approached her while Kim, who was still recovering moved to sit next to Bonnie while Clover went to get them some water to rehydrate and Kim looks amused when Bonnie had trouble moving.

"Hehe, I'm going to chalk this lack of stamina up as you getting drunk earlier." Kim said with an amused tone to her voice.

Bonnie lightly frowns.

"S-Screw… y-you… Possible."

"Hehe, sorry already got Emerald and Shego for stuff like that and many more willing people here who can do better than you… not really trying to insult you but considering you can't even sit right now…" Kim said with an amused tone to her voice while she smacked Bonnie on the ass to tease her a bit.

Bonnie lightly jolts from that action but knew she couldn't do anything now as she was still recovering.

Kim chuckles and after Clover passed her some water bottles, she passed Bonnie one and Kim starts to drink her own.

Clover giggles a bit.

"Wow Kim. You seem really thirsty." She said playfully.

Kim under normal circumstances would have blushed a bit from that but she grins at Clover when she finished off the bottle.

"Well had to get something other than protein in me, pretty sure I won't be hungry thanks to what you and Shego gave me." Kim said when she teased Clover back while Bonnie listened in and heard how different Kim was.

'What the?... is she really doing this?' Bonnie thought as Clover smirks.

"True but if you want more, I have plenty to give right here." She said as she points at her cock.

Kim chuckles at that while she placed her water bottle down.

"Alright, but since you had your way with me… might as well turn the tables with this." Kim said as she kissed Clover on the lips and forced Clover onto her back when she did so.

Bonnie's jaw dropped when she saw that as Clover was caught off guard before she kissed Kim back.

When Kim did that she moved to suck on Clover's left nipple and Bonnie saw how well Kim treated Clover's female parts… she even fingered Clover's pussy instead of focusing on her cock since Clover didn't use her pussy much.

As Clover groans, Bonnie was again surprised by this turn of events.

'I don't believe it… Kim is seriously doing that.' She thought.

This then went to show Kim pretty much eating Clover out when she was between Clover's legs and ignored the erect cock fully, all in all Kim was pretty much going full on woman on woman mode right now and even fingered Clover's pussy and Bonnie starts to blush when this was… surprisingly hot for her.

"Oh yes. That's it." Clover moans as Bonnie kept feeling turned on from the sight.

Kim then leaned down and sent her tongue in Clover's pussy and fingered her ass while Bonnie in the meantime as she recovered more and could feel her legs...

Bonnie's eyes widened when she felt her legs getting wet thanks to her own juices that are leaking from her folds.

This went on for a moment with Kim eating Clover out more and more until…

Clover moans a bit loud as she climaxed on Kim's tongue.

Kim keeps on pleasing Clover and Clover's cock fired a rather hearty load all over her own face, breasts, and stomach while Kim keeps pleasing Clover while she rides out her orgasm.

It wasn't long before Clover taps off and was slightly panting for breath.

Kim pulled her head away from Clover's pussy and chuckles a bit while she looks at a panting Clover.

"W-Wow… you really improved." Clover said.

"Thanks, Lillum taught me well, so Bonnie how are you doing after that break?" Kim said when she looks at Bonnie with an amused look on her face.

Bonnie was quiet but the blush on her face along with her folds being wet says all.

Clover, after fully recovered, chuckles.

"Looks to me like she enjoyed that little display."

Kim looks amused by that and she looks at Clover.

"Where's the strap on?" Kim asked while she looks at Bonnie again and licked her lips in a teasing way.

Bonnie blinks a few times after hearing that.

"S-strap on?" She said making Clover grin before she went to go get it.

Once Clover returns, clean somewhat with a wet towel, she passed Kim a rather large strap on that had bumps on it and stuff.

"Well how else am I going to make you my bitch?" Kim said when she wondered if Bonnie put two and two together now as Kim equipped the strap on with a small groan when she inserts the smaller side to keep the strapon steady and used the belt to really secure it.

Bonnie's eyes widened at the realization.

"O-Okay Possible. Enough joking now." She said.

Kim frowns from that joking thing and looked ticked.

"Joking?... oh please, me leaving you here without some fun on my end would be a joke, you posted a video online that could have gotten my mom fired from her job and I'm not even going to explain how many people hit on her thanks to that and while it would make her feel nice, it also made it so she can't leave home or work much from some called I made which helped fill me in on some things… now... unless you want a more forced situation that I doubt anyone would believe you about if you tried to say anything…. Get on all fours and get ready for a rather intense spanking… I'm going to get some payback before I fuck you into a sex coma." Kim said while she had a serious look in her eyes while she looks at the weakened Bonnie.

Bonnie paled after hearing this and knew she was greatly fucked as Clover chuckled.

"You really should've seen this coming."

As that went on with Bonnie moved into a doggystyle position and as Kim starts to smack Bonnie's ass hard, the camera turned to show Shego while Emerald was behind Shego as Shego was on all fours and Emerald used his long tongue to eat her pussy out.

Shego groans a few times as she was enjoying this.

"Oh fuck Emerald. Push your tongue deeper." She groans.

Emerald had no issues with doing that and his tongue went deeper into Shego's rarely used pussy and as a result his tongue poked at her cervix as a result while he made sure to look for signals on Shego's sweet spots.

Shego moans a bit loud from that action as her toes curled on the floor.

As this went on, the duo heard smacking and when Emerald and Shego look over, they saw Kim really smacking Bonnie's ass nearby and from the sight of things, Kim wasn't holding back in making her ass red as possible.

Bonnie was yelping and groaning as she feels her ass getting smacked making Shego chuckle.

"Wow… looks like Kim is really giving it to her." She said.

Emerald looks amused by that and in some fun way, he used a few large fingers to smack Shego's ass to tease her a bit.

"Gah!" Shego yelps as she didn't expect that from Emerald.

Though Emerald helped her adjust when he used his tongue more on her pussy while he keeps smacking her ass in a teasing way.

Shego groans and moans a few times before she started to feel good at the pleasure she was getting.

This caused Emerald to tease Shego more and more while he had his tongue work her pussy more and more until…

Shego moans loudly before she climaxed on Emerald's tongue.

Emerald had his tongue work her folds good while she climaxed on the floor with her cock and Emerald waits for her to ride out her orgasm.

It took a bit before Shego taps off and was taking a bit to recover.

Emerald removed his tongue from Shego's pussy though as soon as a clock starts to ring for midnight, not only did it show time passed for awhile with everyone having fun but also Emerald's body starts to shrink while everyone saw that happen… some like Shego, Kim, Clover, Maite, and Lillum were used to seeing that but for everyone else when they saw Emerald go to a more human like form, he had again, scales on his arms, hands, clawed fingers, wings on his back that were smaller version of his larger wings, scales on his shins to toes with clawed toes and Emerald cracked his neck when he finished transforming into his midnight form as he calls it.

"Ugh… I maybe getting used to this but still thats something that I will never get used too fully." Emerald said while he moved his now reformed hair away from his face and Bonnie saw that while mostly human like, he had scales around his eyes and thanks to the form, his body was pretty well built, more then what Emerald would normally have.

"Woof." Was all Bonnie said which made her blink a bit in surprise as was Clover and Kim that heard it.

Kim looks amused and smacks Bonnie on the ass again one last time.

"Easy there, looks like Emerald is not tired since he only gets like that either when he is tired or at midnight, and since the time shows 12:01 now, looks like it's the midnight part, and he is still having fun with Shego, unless you ask nicely, not sure Emerald may give you another round in his midnight form." Kim said with a grin on her face.

Bonnie blushes after hearing that before turning her head as she didn't want to admit things.

"Awww… She's shy." Clover said while smirking.

Kim chuckles from that and moved to get behind Bonnie and aimed her strapon at Bonnie's folds.

"Maybe… lets try and fuck that out of her!" Kim said when she forced the dildo part of the strapon balls deep into Bonnie's pussy and starts to thrust her hips while the dildo barraged Bonnie's womb.

"GAAAHH!" Bonnie yelps before she starts groaning a few times thanks to Kim being rough.

Kim looks amused while she keeps on fucking Bonnie hard with the strapon, and made sure to smack Bonnie on the ass while Clover looks on and looks amused when she gave Kim tips on being the aggressive one since Kim was still a newbie with this.

"You Kim, you can also use one hand to… pull her hair." Clover said with a grin as Bonnie's eyes widened after hearing this.

That caused Kim to smirk when she did as ordered and gripped Bonnie's hair roughly from behind and pulled it hard enough to force Bonnie to look at the ceiling somewhat as Kim fucked Bonnie harder and faster.

Bonnie groans loudly from having her hair pulled which shockingly caused her pussy to tighten on the strap on even though Kim can't feel it.

However while she couldn't feel it, she did feel her thrusts slow down and smirks, she kept quiet as she fucked Bonnie harder with the strapon… what Bonnie didn't know was that this strapon had a good surprise for Bonnie when Kim could see Bonnie about to climaxed and fucked her harder and faster until…

Bonnie groans loudly as her pussy tightens on the strapon again before climaxing hard on it.

This caused the hidden feature of the strapon to be used and shockingly enough green tinted sperm was fired from the dildo from both ends which filled Kim's womb and Bonnie's womb with sperm and it overfilled the duo in no time and Kim climaxed as a result on her end with a moan as she lets Bonnie's hair go, just what happened to cause that!?

Clover was a bit surprised when she saw that.

"Wow… didn't know that dildo can do that." She said as Bonnie was now feeling flustered again thanks to the green semen.

Once the dildo ran out, the duo tapped off from their own orgasms and Kim pulled the dildo from Bonnie's pussy and her folds tightened up as a result and Kim's pussy did the same when the strapon was removed and set on Clover's wet towel to clean it off later.

"Got one shot inside of it, Shego will have to fill it up later or will have to fill it with a substitute later." Kim said when she told Clover that Shego came inside this specially made strapon.

"Oh I see." Clover said before smirking when she looks at Bonnie as she got more flustered.

"M-M… More." She said.

Kim grins at that and she points at Shego.

"Oh you'll have ask her for that… but right now… looks like Shego is giving Emerald a good time since its rare for us to have fun with him in that state." Kim said when she saw Shego sucking on his cock, it was smaller thanks to the shrink but was still 11 to 12 inches long thanks to Emerald's dragon like traits giving his Midnight form a serious boost in more ways than one and he groans when he felt Shego really work him good.

Bonnie blushes at the sight as Clover chuckles.

"Don't worry. We won't leave you hanging but… you're gonna have to work for it."

As that went on with Bonnie pretty much being used as Clover and Kim's plaything, the scene focused on Emerald and Shego for now while Emerald groans as he watched Shego suck his cock deeply.

Shego hums a few times as she enjoys the taste of Emerald's cock as she gave Emerald a seductive wink while deepthroating.

Emerald growled from that in a pleased way and used a hand to grip Shego's head and forced his cock a bit deeper down Shego's throat, he wouldn't be able to do this normally but since his cock was thinner at the 2 to 3 inch mark instead of being wider, he wondered how Shego would react with Emerald getting a bit more dominating.

Shego was a bit surprised by this action but went with it as she enjoys seeing Emerald being aggressive.

Emerald then pulled Shego from his cock for some reason and really surprised her when he suddenly leaned down with an animalistic look in his eyes and he kissed Shego on the lips out of nowhere.

Shego was greatly surprised by that action before she slowly melts into the kiss and returns it.

After a minute or two of kissing, he pulled away and gave this surprising command with an oddly deep tone to his voice while his eyes looked a bit off, more animal like with slitted pupils instead of round ones.

"Get on your back... spread those legs… and hold your cock so it won't bounce around..." Emerald said while he had a serious look in his eyes as his cock was iron hard and looked like it hurt a bit from how hard it was.

Shego was again surprised at the tone before smirking.

"You got it… boss." She said before she did as Emerald requested and was now on her back with her cock out of the way thanks to Shego's left hand.

Emerald grins when he saw that and aimed his cock at Shego's folds when he got over her, he then slowly forced his cock deep inside of Shego's pussy and stretched her folds wide as a result.

Shego groans a bit as she can feel the insides of her pussy stretching a bit.

Once Emerald got deep enough with his cock touching Shego's cervix, he gave Shego a serious look when he said this with an oddly possessive and different tone to his voice.

"Not sure if you heard from Kim but after this I am going to try and take her on a few dates, interested in letting me try and court you?" Emerald asked while he waits for Shego to adjust while he had an oddly focused look in his eyes.

Shego, after finally adjusting, was a bit surprised after hearing that before blushing.

"Well… if your fiances are okay with it then sure."

"Oh I'm sure they will be, I asked to marry them after all and knowing Lillum… pretty sure she won't mind and as for Maite… don't worry I'll speak with her later, just figured since we are having lots of fun with me and Kim and you and I, figured I should at least take you two on some dates and see if we click… probably after midnight or tell someone in advance that a large dragon will be coming on a date or two with a couple of the most desirable women in the world hehe." Emerald said while he gave Shego a lustful grin and starts to thrust his hips and his cock barraged Shego's cervix in an oddly gentle but rough way.

Shego groans from that action as she can feel Emerald's cock roughly going in and out of her pussy.

Emerald keeps this up while he used his right hand to fondle Shego's left breast and pinched her nipple as well to tease her as he fucked her harder and he wondered what she was thinking right now since Shego was vigorously stroking her own cock off.

'Oh fuck!... so much different than when Emerald was in his dragon form. And it's amazing!' Shego thought as she hisses and moans each time.

Emerald continues to fuck Shego while he couldn't read that her mind and as time went on, many people were taking 5 while many went to watch Emerald fuck Shego harder and Lillum cheered Emerald on a bit when she enjoyed seeing how rough he was going with Shego while Maite stands next to her.

"Wow. Emerald is really going rough with her while being in his fit form." Maite said while blushing.

"Hehe, midnight form Maite, though Fit form works… I may join in later but seeing this really is nice when you can focus on it… maybe we should make some pornos or something in the future for some easy cash." Lillum said when she wondered if that could be a fun thing to do.

Maite blinked a bit after hearing that before chuckling.

"Well of course you would say that. Though… would be… hot."

"Yeah I know right?, I mean we got a sex dungeon, plenty of hot or powerful people here and plenty of sexy mutated people like us so why not try that?... could help with getting extra cash so we can plan our wedding just right…. Who knows… maybe we could combine wedding and make a honeymoon porno that we can show which shows our love for Emerald to boot." Lillum teased when she grins at Maite at the suggestion.

Maite blushes brightly after hearing that though knew Lillum is right since they do need the money for their wedding and it wouldn't be right to borrow from Shego since she's helped them so much after the whole DNAmy fiasco.

Though that would be something to consider much later… for now the two went back to watching Emerald as he fucked Shego harder and faster while his barrage was relentless and he fucked her harder and faster until…

Shego moans loudly as her pussy squeezes Emerald's cock before climaxing very hard on it.

That caused Emerald to growl when he came hard inside of Shego's womb with surprising force and made sure he gripped Shego's hips to pull her in and grinds his hips on Shego's while he did it through his orgasm while her own hand stroked her off so much it set Shego off and she climaxed on her own face with great force.

Shego moans as she kept getting hit by her own cum while her toes curled as her climax was getting stronger.

Once the duo tapped off with groans, Emerald takes a second to breath and grins at Shego.

"Hehe… talk about an intense end to this party and considering we are the last people here… might as well get cleaned up and leave so we can sleep… that is if you can walk." Emerald said when he saw that even Kim was done and Clover was carrying Bonnie over her shoulder while everyone was looking at Emerald and Shego with teasing or lustful looks in their eyes.

Shego blushes a bit from the looks.

"Technically… can't walk now."

Emerald chuckles and he moved to pick up Shego bridal style which made her blush brightly from that sudden shift.

"No worries, I'll carry you to your room, thankfully the elevator can come all the way down here or your guests will be wondering why you and I are naked." Emerald teased Shego with a grin as he and the others left the room though many got changed earlier in their costumes besides Emerald and Shego while an amused Kim had Clover follow with Bonnie and Lillum and Maite followed Emerald.

Honestly this party ended in a rather intense way and boy would things be different in the future soon… Ron was now with Yori... Emerald asked Kim and Shego out on a date later… Bonnie got dominated by a number of people… honestly… this mansion warming party ended on a high note.

Side moment before the scene fades to black… Solara was cheering in the game room since she won the fighting game tournament and a number of kids were happily chowing down on food while Jim and Tim, the ones who went against Solara lost to her and were getting their backs pat by the Wego twins since they lost to Solara before that.

The scene then fades to black while the mansion party was in full swing for the adults and would end soon, however for the readers… this was the end of the mansion party Arc… next up would be a surprising arc… not a pun, the next arc of the story would be a surprise hehe...

(End of Mansion warming Arc.)

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