Blood Pact (Remake) @emerald
Time at Go Mansion

The scene opened up to show TME while he was walking through a town with his friend Atomsk.

"Welp we got chapter 1 up and running, hope 2 goes just as smoothly, don't want the readers to be denied for too long between chapters hehe." TME said while he chuckles at the possible reviews and what not that would flock in… Blood Pact (Redux) was asked for more so this (Remake) would get a lot of views given the followers of the story… good or bad it was hard to tell but for now… TME would just enjoy writing his and Atomsk's own version… it started out similar to the Redux but now this is uncharted territory aside from a few things.

"That's so true. Just like what we did for BCS." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, though better buckle up man, if you read the reviews of the (Redux) version that Perfect Little Angel and I made… we could be flamed for making this a more harem like fic so… armor up!" TME said when he got a flame proof suit equipped in no time with a snap of his fingers.

"Right." Atomsk said before wearing the Juggernaut suit from CoD:MW3.

"Geeze, its like you are ready for war… anyway I noticed the readers… want to go over last time since I did most of the intro last chapter?" TME said when he looks at Atomsk for a moment.

"Alright." Atomsk said before looking at the readers.

"So last chapter, Shego got the news that her mother passed away and left her a nice big inheritance but there is a catch. Thanks to a deal Shego's mom, Nicole, made with one Ann Possible, Shego, being the first born has to marry… Ann's oldest daughter and rival… Kim Possible… dun dun dun. But there is a downside, if neither agrees both Kim and Shego will lose everything. Shego may not care but Kim doesn't want to deal with that so they're gonna have to try to get along. Though there will be some drama ahead like for starters… Ron and Kim will have to break up since no one wants to cheat or be labeled as a gold digger in Ron's case." He said.

"Yeah though to be fair Ron could gain a lot of merit or wait for Kim and Shego to be known as swingers of sorts so it would make it seem less like an affair and more like Kim and Shego having fun with Ron if he tries again with Kim later… though not if we get him set up with Yori first and she had a crush on Ron in past episodes." TME said when he points that out.

"Yeah but who knows how long she had that crush. Though let's face it, before Kim, Ron could be oblivious on which girl that likes him. Like that blonde student and of course Yori." Atomsk said.

"Yeah… seems like we would have to go drastic with Ron and Yori but that can be for later, for now we should get into the story before we bore the readers with the intro, getting long enough as is after all." TME said while he looks and sees that the story was two doc pages in already.

"Yeah so let's get this chapter started." Atomsk said before getting a fire extinguisher.

"Right… see you readers later and enjoy the story… for now Atomsk and I are going to bunker down and get ready for the fiery storm." TME said while the scene went to...

Middleton Mall/ Entrance/ Kim, Shego Shego and Kim while they were approaching the entrance to Middleton mall, after some debate and after getting clean, Kim decided to forego the disguise… Shego had a point since the ID would rinder things pretty mute and she was an adult so nothing to hide per say.

"Alright Kim, might as well give a small tour so I know what is where here… don't really come to this place." Shego said when she saw how big the place was.

"Alright then." Kim said before she motions for Shego to follow her.

Shego followed Kim with her hands behind her head while she looked around the place, place was pretty decent with the selections of places to shop at and people didn't stare at her, interesting given the video that was now online.

"Over there is nice looking shoe store, right there a jewelry store, over there in the center is the food court, and right here is… the Club Banana." Kim said as she points to each store.

"I see, could use new boots… and… nah I'll buy the jewelry this time hehe… and nice, will be good for lunch… and Club Banana?... I do have to ask why is it named like that?, its not a food court thing with bananas and that always did bug me for a bit." Shego said when she looks at the Club Banana logo.

Kim couldn't help but chuckle.

"Name may be weird but they have good clothing. Monique and I work there."

"Really?, first I've heard of that… well might as well get the safe clothing first and get some clothes here, hope your friend doesn't spike the prices on me if she doesn't like me if she asks why I'm with you or if she also got that video of me and your mom hehe, would save time with explaining things so…" Shego said before she starts walking into the store called Club Banana.

Kim facepalm a bit.

'Hope Monique is not here today.' She said before following Shego inside.

Though unfortunately for Kim, Monique was indeed there and she was talking with a customer and didn't notice the duo yet and was waving the customer off.

"Thank you for shopping at Club Banana, please come back here for all your fashion needs." Monique said before she looks around and saw Kim nearby… ironically enough Shego was blocked by a large stack of hanging clothing so Monique didn't notice her on hair alone.

"Hey Kim, didn't expect to see you here today, thought you would have a few days off to enjoy being officially 19 and what not." Monique said while she grins at Kim… Monique seems… alright?... did she not see that video?

Kim wondered if Monique saw the video but didn't want to ask.

"Oh I'm just showing a… friend around the mall, do some shopping and stuff."

"Oh really?, who's your friend?, I know them or he or she a new person?" Monique said while Shego moved around the hanging clothing.

"Hey Kim I found some pants but hoping for a different…" Shego said while a wide eyed Monique saw Shego.

"Shego!?, don't worry Kim I got your back!" Monique said while she picked up a nearby changing stool and got ready to throw it while Shego raised an eyebrow at that.

Kim however stopped her.

"No no Monique! It's not what you think. Shego... is the friend I'm shopping with."

Monique looked shocked when she heard that and stops herself from throwing the chair and looks at Kim.

"Kim… did you take one too many blows to the head on your missions?, Shego's your arch-enemy and you are telling me she is the *Friend* you are shopping with!?... what did I miss for this to happen!?" Monique said while Shego rolled her eyes.

"I would say that you would explain Kim but given the circumstances…" Shego said before she gave a pretty direct explanation of why she and Kim were here, how they got into this situation thanks to the lawyer and what happened with Ron, the soon to be housewarming or Mansionwarming party and the payback on Bonnie for the video… Shego was pretty blunt about things.

"... So as you can see Kim and I don't have much of a choice in the matter and I owe her old man one so I'm trying to make this work, though thanks to Bonnie, Kim and I are going to get some legal payback on her during the party more or less." Shego said while she was looking at some shirts while Monique had a dropped jaw when she heard all of this.

Kim rubbed her arm a bit as she felt awkward.

"Sorry you had to hear this Monique but it's all true."

Monique just rubbed her forehead for a moment after she sets the stool down and sits on it.

"Oooook… yeah this is quite a bit to take in… I mean first off you are telling me this happened yesterday after your birthday party… you have 5 years to pretty much have a kid with Shego here and she has a dick so she can do that… now you are telling me she got it on with your mom and Bonnie pretty much did her usual thing and now you want payback more or less… am I following so far?" Monique said while Shego rolled her eyes.

"Yup, even the part where Kim and I try and set Ron up with that Yori ninja woman who has a thing for him, given it would be 5 days or so, maybe longer before the party is set up, should give Stoppable enough time to calm down and what not, if you want to know what video were talking about, ask Kim to show her phone, Bonnie pretty much sent a video to her to mess with her and I doubt she deleted it since it can be proof that Kim's getting payback on Bonnie with a reason." Shego said while she got some green and black shirts and various jeans and shorts that she liked and puts them in a basket.

Kim felt embarrassed again before she takes her phone out and boots up the video before showing it to Monique.

Monique took the phone and after a few moments blushed brightly at what she saw.

"Whoa… well gotta say for a lady her age your mom doesn't look half bad so pretty good for your side of things Kim and… hold on is that a real…" Monique said which amused Shego.

"Hehe, oh yeah… if you want I can give you a up close and personal look after your work today later or maybe at the party… want to help teach Bonnie a lesson in a rather kinky way?" Shego said while she looks amused at how well Monique was taking this.

Monique was quiet for a bit.

"I'm still shock about you and Kim but… That bitch needs to be taken down a peg or two."

"Hehe, great, welcome to the club of getting payback and I'll send an invite later to the mansionwarming party… got any outfit recommendations that would catch the eye?" Shego said while she grins at Monique.

Monique didn't grin but she didn't want to say nothing bad given her profession.

"Follow me and I'll show you what's good." She said before motioning Shego to follow.

Shego followed her and that left Kim alone with her own thoughts for a moment.

'Okay… So far it became less awkward than I thought beside showing Monique… that video. At least she took it well.'

The scene then went to 3 days later, 4 technically if one counted the trip to Club Banana, and after some talk, and after a trip to a sex shop away from the mall, Shego and Kim were in Kim's room and the duo sat on her bed and thanks to some perfect moment involving a doctors appointment for Jim and Tim, Kim and Shego would have some alone time to themselves and it looked like Shego was asking a number of questions.

"Alright Kimmy, lets start with this question… how knowledgeable are you on sex?, this plan with that Bonnie Bitch pretty much rely on that and while I don't mind leading, it won't be some serious payback unless you take charge." Shego said while she crossed her arms for a moment.

Kim blushes brightly at the subject.

"Well… I know certain areas where a man has to… please a woman and what a woman does to a man. I was also told to always use protection." She said while remembering the awkward talk with her parents about this subject.

Shego rolled her eyes when she heard that.

"Yeah well you won't with me, not only does my power keep me pretty much clean, I may not have Hego's thing of full on body glow sometimes but I can do it in small amounts elsewhere besides my hands, plasma destroying filth and what not, point is if its STD's or HIV's I'm pretty much immune, had various tests over the years so I know what I'm talking about and I got special birth control pills so you won't get knocked up unless you want a kid in the future." Shego said while she examined her nails.

Kim blinks a bit in surprise.

"W-Well that's good to hear that."

"Yeah, handy so I don't have to worry about illnesses aside from the super level kind, anyway considering there is a couple days before we move, do you want to try anything and lose that V-Card now or later when we are at my place?... not trying to sound pressury but were going to be doing things sooner or later party or not so might as well get used to one another not just in an emotional way." Shego said when she brought up a few points to consider.

Kim blushes brightly for a moment.

"W-Well if we're gonna get payback on Bonnie, I guess… I can lose my… V-Card now." She said.

"Hmmm… alright, though not here, just because we're moving to my place in a few days doesn't mean we can't go check to see how the cleaning is going and if the cleaners are there… well we can just pass a few things to them after our fun." Shego said while she grins at Kim.

"O-Okay." Kim said as she blushes a bit.

"Great, leave a note for your family and we can get going, I'm going to get changed in a new outfit your friend got and maybe bring a few… toys… as well so we can really make things intense." Shego said before she winks at Kim before she walked away from her.

Kim blushes while wondering if she's doing the right thing before she went to her desk and starts writing down a note for her parents.

When she was done, she moved to set it on the kitchen refrigerator and Shego exits the upstairs bathroom and cleared her throat to get Kim's attention and when she looked at Shego, she saw she was wearing a Green tanktop, black short shorts, and wore black boots on her feet with barely seen white socks… all in all this was a new look for Shego compared to her usual outfit.

"So how do I look?, your friend suggested this outfit here." Shego said when she turned a bit to look at her backside and moved to look at Kim again.

Kim blushes a bit when she actually thought Shego looked… cute.

"You look great." She said.

Shego chuckles a bit when she heard that.

"Thanks, now come on, it will take a bit to get there so I talked to your dad on the phone and he agreed to let me use the Jet one last time for a to and from flight, if we went by car would be a few hours, by jet… no time at all." Shego said before she looks at Kim.

"Oh and you may want to use the restroom, no stops till we get to the mansion, can't stop a jet in the air after all." Shego said before she moved to walk out the door.

Kim didn't argue on that before she went to use the restroom.

After a bit she went to met Shego at the jet after locking her house.

When Kim got there, She did ask Shego why the note was needed if she called her dad.

"Eh, its in case he forgets and the note is insurance, anyway hop in, its a two seater so get in the back, I got the driver seat." Shego said while she moved to hop in the front and got ready to start the jet.

Kim shrugged before she gets in and sits in the back.

When she did, Shego flipped a few switches and after making sure she and Kim were buckled, masked up, and what not for the high altitude, the jet engines turned and lifted the jet into the air before they turn again and Shego and Kim rocket through the air at high speed.

It took about 30 minutes or so thanks to a stop at a airport to refuel the jet and in no time, Shego and Kim were flying over Go City and Shego pressed a few things so she could speak in the Jet.

"Hey Kim, two things when we get there, considering how annoying my brothers are, I don't want them knowing I'm here until we officially move in… knowing Mego he may try and start something about the inheritance and Hego may be his usual self and the twins may try and annoy me for cash for a game console or something… just saying in case you get the wrong idea, I may not like my brothers, but I'm not going to try and be hostile to them as long as they don't do anything stupid." Shego said while she went over the first thing Shego wanted Kim to do or not do in this case.

Kim blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Okay. And what's the second thing?"

"Simple, stick by me in the mansion, I won't lie you will get lost a few times and I don't want to go on a Kim possible rescue mission." Shego said while she had a half lidded look on her face… how big was this mansion?

Kim blinked a bit.

"How big is this mansion?"

"Hmmm… you should see it right about…" Shego said before a massive building was seen… it was so large that it made Drakken's past lairs look small in comparison many times over… not stacking times… the multiplies stack on multiplies type of multiplication… honestly the building was so massive that it could hold half of smarty Mart if it was a bit condensed.

Kim's eyes widened.

"Holy!... This place is huge!"

"Hehe, yeah, mom did always have a way with work and this place looks a bit bigger than last time I remember, seems some renovations were done… better sit back, I'm going in for a landing." Shego said when she angles the controls so that the jet was slowly approaching a large patch of land near the mansion.

Kim made sure to fasten her seatbelt as she felt the jet descending in the air.

When the Jet lands, an old man dressed as a Butler slowly approached while Shego and Kim hop out of the Jet.

"Madam Go, it is an honor to see you again after so many years." The Butler said with a kind look on his face and he lightly bowed to Shego.

"Good to see you too, Alfred. This is Kim Possible." Shego said.

"Ah yes, the hmhm… possible wife to Madam Go I presume, it is an honor to meet you, I am Alfred Stain the head butler in charge of the other servants, I have worked for the Go family since Madam Go's Grandmother, your reputation precedes you and I hope I can make your stay here rather comfortable, right now the servants and cleaning crew have cleaned most of the mansion though there are a few spots still needing a touch up, so my apologize if you run into anyone cleaning the place." Alfred said while he gave Kim a gentle smile.

Kim returns the smiles.

"No worries. This looks like a great place to live in."

"Indeed, though if I can be honest I would love it if you and Madam Go didn't make any more renovations to increase the size if possible… some people have gotten lost and it took a few hours to find some guests who didn't listen to warnings so until you get used to the place, please stick by Madam Go or come and find a servant for Directions, each and every one of us are trained to be able to do anything here, navigation included, one of the prerequested skills one must have to work for the Go family is to memorize the floor plan and rooms to know where to go, I had that rule stated since a few servants in the past got lost… Madam Go here can attest to that since one servant accidentally walked in on her in the shower once and that was after her power enhancement… that was a large medical bill the former Madam had to pay that day." Alfred said while he looks amused while Shego blushed at the memory.

Kim blinked a bit before snickering.

"Don't worry, I'll stick close to Shego."

"Good, anyway if you two can please follow me, I can give you a small tour to Madam Go's room and a few other places, cleaned of course, so no worries about dust." Alfred said while he bowed lightly to Shego and Kim.

"He's nice." Kim said as she pats on Shego's back.

"Yeah though only if you follow the rules and don't cause trouble, guy knows how to keep Hego, Mego, and the twins in line when we used to live here and since we had powers… well Alfred can be a pretty scary guy so try and not cross him." Shego said before she starts walking from Kim.

Kim blinked a bit after hearing that and thought Shego was exaggerating.

Then again… Nocturn was able to handle Shego.

Kim shook her head before she follows Shego inside.

When the duo entered, Kim saw to her shock a large lobby like entryway, it was as large as her living room.

"Welcome to the Go manor Madam Possible, as you can see we are in the entryway so please remove your shoes and placed them in the shoe stand to your right." Alfred said while he gestured for Kim to remove her shoes while Shego was already a step ahead and was walking to some kind of shoe stand.

Kim was able to get out of her shocked look and removed her shoes before placing them in the shoe said and quickly catches up to the duo.

After that happened, Kim… pretty much had the mother of all dropped Jaws when she saw that the *Living room* after the entryway was big enough to hold her entire freaking house and then some while a set of massive stairs led to the second floor and another stairway went higher and in the living room was many couches, tables, and even a few TV's to boot.

"As you can see this is the living room, the first floor is the most basic of places to remember so it should be simple for you to find your way around, the higher floors will be the toughest ones… please follow me, Miss Go's room is on the 5th floor and on the top floor to boot… lets take the elevator to save time." Alfred said while he walked to a nearby wall and touched a button on the wall and a hidden wall opened to show an elevator being opened.

"Wow." Kim said when she saw the elevator.

Shego chuckles and she smacked Kim on the ass when she passed her.

"If you think this is surprising then you have not seen anything yet, come on, we got a bedroom to get to." Shego said before she approached Alfred so she could get on the elevator.

Kim blushes when she heard that before heading to the elevator.

That's when the duo went up to the 5th floor and when the room opened, the sight was a huge hallway with a small number of fancy doors and at the far end was a really fancy set of double doors.

"Considering Madam Go is the new head of the house, the servants and I carefully packed the former Madam's things and stored them away in case Madam Go needs anything of hers at a later date and moved all of Madam Go's old belongings into her new room." Alfred said while he starts to lead the duo to the main bedroom.

Kim blinks when she heard that before looking at Shego to see if she was okay.

Shego did look a bit… off but that faded fast when she followed Alfred down the long hallway.

Kim had a slight feeling what it was before she did something surprising when she… grabbed Shego's hand.

Shego looked a bit surprised but surprised Kim when she didn't pull away and held the hand… seems Shego missed her mother and was just trying to be tough about things.

Kim was a bit surprised that Shego didn't object but knew that she missed her mom.

Kim let her know that everything would be okay.

This caused Shego to lightly blush from that since comfort like that was rare for her and Alfred chuckles when he saw that, seems this whole marriage thing would work out sooner rather then later.

It wasn't long before the trio reached the Master Bedroom.

"As you can see this is Madam Go's room and your room as well Madam Possible, please relax here, I'll bring some tea for you two to enjoy." Alfred said before he exits the massive room… it was bigger then Kim's room four times over, The bed looked like something Royalty would use and there was a massive TV that looked like something a Movie Theater would have while a number of game consoles were under it.

There was a nearby fancy looking bathroom but no details were explained thanks to the door being cracked and there was a HUGE walk in closet on one wall… all in all this room was insane.

"Wow… this room is humongous." Kim said with an AWE look.

"Hehe, indeed it is… Humongous… anyway better get comfy, after tea time we get to break the bed in or just sit around if you are too nervous to do much of anything." Shego said before she lets go of Kim's hand and sits on the bed and sighs a bit in a pleased way.

"Man doing something or not later you gotta feel this bed, feels like I'm on a cloud." Shego said when she pats the bed a few times for Kim to approach it and Shego laid back on the bed and sank in a bit and Shego moans a bit when she felt her tension just leave her body.

Kim blushes when she heard Shego's moan.

Though she felt a bit nervous before she approaches the bed and sits on it.

A moment later… Shego didn't try anything surprisingly enough and Kim's rear end did feel pretty good on the bed when she sank a bit into it… was the mattress memoryfoam and curved to fit her perfectly?

"W-Whoa… this mattress is so… comfy." Kim said before laying on top.

"Yeah… could feel like all the stress just melt away." Shego said while she stares at the ceiling.

"You're not kidding. Wish I had a bed like this after one of my adventures." Kim said as she relaxes on the bed.

"Yeah… hey Kim think I should have a mirror installed in the ceiling?" Shego said with a teasing grin on her face.

Kim blinked a bit.

"For what?" She said though she might've sensed what Shego would saynext..

"Pretty sure you know why hehe… besides could be good for security as well if we get an intruder or something and you could watch for sneak attacks." Shego said while giving both a pervy answer and a regular sensible one as well… sometimes Kim does get ambushed so nice to have backup security and what not.

Kim blushes at the answer but knew that's what Shego was gonna say. Although, she did put a good point about the ambush part.

"I guess it would be okay to… install those to the ceiling." She said.

"Hehe, great, I'll have Alfred get some people do that after the party." Shego said while the doors open and Alfred came back in with a tray of tea and good smelling cakes.

"Apologizes for the wait, I had this prepped in advance and the tea was freshly brewed but the small lift system nearby was a bit rusty from lack of use, going to need to repair that… anyway what is this that I hear of a party?... is it like a ball or is it one of those… more wild ones you young *Cool* kids do nowadays?" Alfred asked while quoting the word cool and rolling his eyes and Shego chuckles a bit.

"More like the second one Alfred, you see were going to need a serious Mansion warming party for the soon to be new owners and Kim and I figure we could invite some people here for that." Shego said while Alfred hums a bit.

"I see, well I can't stop you but I will be having security make sure that any guests you invited are checked thoroughly to make sure that they don't bring anything illegal here when they arrive, don't want besmirch the Go name after all, villainess or not or possibly soon to be Ex- Villainess hopefully, you will want to have some dignity right?" Alfred said while he moved to pass Kim a homemade cake and poured her a cup of tea for her to drink from.

"One lump or two sugars Madam Possible?" Alfred asked while he glanced at Shego to see what she was thinking on the whole Go name thing and the fact she may want to give up evil if she wanted to keep her fortune and Kim may keep her from doing that anyway… Senior Senior Sr. was able to do so only because A, Jr. who was Sr.'s son was more interested in being a yes man instead of actually stopping his father and B, Senior Senor Sr. had plenty of experience with using Lawyers and what not to get out of trouble where Shego didn't.

Kim was thoughtful.

"Two please."

As Alfred did as commanded and put two lumps of Suger in the tea, he stirred it for a moment to break down the sugar and passed it to Kim while Alfred looks at Shego again when she considered all of those things listed earlier.

'Hmmm… well despite everything, not sure I can be good again. Plus there's the part where Kim and I don't want to lose what we have." She thought.

"Well I don't wish to lose what I inherit. But as for the villainess thing… I'll think about it." Shego said.

"Hmmm… how about a compromise then Madam Go?... tell me first why did you want to be a villainess in the first place?, I heard it was because your brothers annoyed you to no end but I doubt that was the deciding factor and if that was the reason, then… why not try an idea of mine if you not only want action in your life, but this could help Madam Possible with her own financial issues in case things don't work out." Alfred cryptically said which confused the two women.

Kim and Shego blinked a bit.

"And what would that be?" Kim said.

"Simple, have Madam Go here endorse your website and while I doubt Madam Go would be in it for the money… you could make it worth her while to get her aid in some missions and not only could you charge people for your help, with a modest fee of course or have the usual cashable favors as an alternative since I heard you use them to get around the world… it would be nothing to expensive since I doubt you would want to do something like that but this would give you your own hard won source of income, Madam Go can get her Merc work done in a… different way considering I heard she is rather pricey to hire, so you have a lucky break in having an alternate way of paying her, and unlike the rest of the Go family, you don't seem to annoy Madam Go like her brothers did so I doubt Madam Go would betray you as long as you made it worth Madam Go's while… everyone wins in this case." Alfred said while he held the trey of tea and cakes to a greatly amused Shego.

Kim was surprised after hearing that.

"Really?" She said.

"Really… you underestimate the Go Family's influence Madam Possible, if we wanted we could have your website not only posted across the Internet, but in many areas like on buses, billboards, a few blimps over football stadiums… I could go on but as you can tell this is not something to laugh off as simple advertisements like a web page and what not." Alfred said while he smiles kindly at Kim.

Kim blinks a few times after hearing this before looking at Shego to see what she thinks.

"Hehe, well as long as Kimmy makes it worth my while… I don't mind giving an endorsement and some back up as long as the missions are fun and its worth it… and I get an advance of sorts before the mission and get a reward after… seems fair right?" Shego said while she really grins at Kim.

Kim blushes a bit from the look.

"I-I guess it can be okay to try."

"Good… Good… hehe, going to enjoy those advances before missions happen… hey Alfred, get 10 Grand or so from my merc account on this card and find someone who knows how to really get a business booming… use a bit more if needed, first times on me before I get the inheritance from mom fully… going to hold off until the Mansionwarming party." Shego said while she passed Alfred a black card while Alfred bows a bit.

"Very well, I shall be off though will you two need anything else?" Alfred said while Shego hums a bit.

"Just make sure no one comes up here for the next few hours and by that I mean really make sure, otherwise I doubt anyone would be willing to risk getting hit with plasma… can change that later possibly but for now… Kimmy and I need to have a… Private conversation from here on out… and just in case… have one of the laundry machines ready for dirty bed sheets." Shego said while she teasingly smirks at Alfred though he didn't seem phased before he looks at Kim to see if she needed anything.

Kim blushes brightly after hearing that before looking at Alfred.

"I-I'm good for now. Thank you for tea."

"Very well, I'll make sure that the help doesn't come up here… enjoy yourselves Madams, if you need me please don't hesitate to call me." Alfred said before left the room to do as commanded while Shego kept quiet though she did smirk at Kim which made her jolt.

Kim was a bit quiet as she didn't know what Shego was gonna do before Kim took another sip of her tea.

Shego however kept quiet while she drank her tea and as the duo finished, Shego placed her empty cup on the ground nearby so it wouldn't fall off the bed.

Kim did the same as well.

"S-So…" She said.

"So…" Shego said while she grins at Kim.

"What do we do now?" Kim said.

"Well we could just lay here, maybe watch a movie, talk… or we could do that after some fun… no use beating around the bush unless you are scared… afraid of my cock after seeing it in all its glory in that video… ignoring your mom you gotta admit that my cock can be a bit… intimidating for a virgin." Shego teased while she placed her hands behind her head.

Kim blushes brightly for a bit.

"N-Not that intimidated." She said.

"Really?... well you won't mind then if I get undressed and what not, this is my… or our room so why not get relaxed and I mean really relaxed." Shego said before she got off the bed while Kim looks a bit wide eyed when Shego actually starts to strip slowly in front of her… and since she only wore a tank top and shorts… all she wore was a bra and panties and Kim could see a huge bulge in the panties as well and Shego smirks at Kim when Kim stared at the bulge.

Kim blushes brightly when she saw the bulge before gulping a bit.

Shego chuckles before she moved to lay on the bed near Kim.

"Oh relax, I won't do anything unless you want it, pretty sure unlike that Raider woman, you could fight me off after some time." Shego said while she had an amused look on her face.

"R-Right." Kim said as she blushes again.

"Although… since this is our room… I may as well do the same." She said before she got up from the bed and actually starts to take off her clothes.

Shego looked a bit surprised when she heard that though she just smirks lustfully when she saw Kim's shapely body and unlike Ann, Kim was well trained, she has a well toned body, some abs, and that got Shego worked up a bit when her cock throbbed a bit in her panties and inside of her thanks to her having stored her cock and she had to really fight to keep herself calm while she waits for Kim to finish undressing.

Wasn't long before Kim was only in her bra and panties and judging from the bra size… B-C size.

Shego grins while she waits for Kim to get on the bed.

Kim blushes a bit before she gots on the bed.

Shego chuckles before she looks at Kim.

"So… what now?, want to rip the bandage off now or just relax?" Shego said while she smirks at the virgin Possible.

Kim gulped.

"Guess it's better to… do it now." She said.

"Yup… and hey, we can do lots of foreplay to get you warmed up, ever have any fantasies or something that you wanted to try?... I know I did since I had many times I wanted to bend you over a table and fuck you when you got in the way of some of the things Drakken and I wanted to do." Shego teased while she turned to look at Kim.

Kim blushes brightly after hearing that.

"U-Um well…" She said but was feeling awkward.

Shego smirks before she surprises Kim when she gets on top of her.

"How about we start with something simple and do this." Shego said before she lightly kissed Kim on the lips to see how she would react.

Kim was blushing a bit from this action since this was her first kiss with a woman who was her arch… or soon to be former arch rival.

Took a bit before Kim started to reciprocate the kiss a little to get a better feel.

Shego was amused by that and she sent her tongue in Kim's mouth to mess with her.

Kim muffles in the kiss till her tongue was rubbing Shego's tongue during this kiss till Kim actually hugged Shego.

Shego moans a bit from the touch before she pulled away from the kiss and grins at Kim.

"Not bad of a kiss Kimmy… but we better get rid of the rest of our clothes so we don't ruin them." Shego said before she moved to get off the bed and fully removed her bra and panties which showed her shapely body in full and she pulled her flaccid cock free from her pussy and it quickly grew to full power in no time.

Kim blushes brightly when she saw Shego's dick before Kim took off her bra and panties as well making her fully nude.

Shego then approached the bed and got on it.

"Spread those legs so I can see how good your virgin pussy tastes like, will really get you wet so the pain will be lessened." Shego said when she gave Kim a reason for the eat out.

Kim was a bit nervous before she opened her legs to show Shego her folds.

Shego licks her lips before she moved to lightly lick Kim's tight looking folds gently to see how she would react.

Kim lightly jolts before shuddering a bit after feeling Shego's tongue on her folds.

Shego was pretty gentle when she didn't want to overwhelm Kim by the pleasure, Kim gave some pretty virgin like reactions and Shego sent her tongue into Kim's folds again and again while moaning from the untainted flavor.

Kim let out some slight groans from that action before she starts to feel good for a moment.

Shego chuckles a few times while she wondered what Kim was thinking as her worst enemy was pretty much eating her out.

'Oh God. Never thought I would get my… pussy eaten out by Shego of all people. But I will admit that even though it's a bit weird, it actually… feels good.' Kim thought before a slight moan was heard.

That egged Shego on before she used a finger to rub Kim's folds to get her worked up more and to show her what would happen in a moment.

That made Kim let out groan as she feels her body getting a little warm before wondering what Shego will do next.

That question was answered when Shego slowly pushed her now lubed digits into Kim's folds and gently fingers her pussy to see how she would react to that.

Kim was surprised by that action which made her groan a bit loud before she surprising said this.


Shego chuckles once but she didn't stop as she kept pleasing Kim's pussy to give her the foreplay of her life.

Kim squirms a bit as she starts to groan and moan at the same before her toes curled a bit as Kim starts to enjoy it.

This went on while Shego could see that Kim was about to burst and keeps on pleasing her pussy more and more until…

Kim groans before she throws her head back and felt her first climax as her juices hit Shego's fingers.

This caused Shego to roughly finger Kim's pussy and waits for her to ride out her strengthened orgasm.

Kim groans as she climaxed more before finally tapping off after 15 seconds before catching her breath.

This caused Shego to move her head away from Kim's now soaked pussy and smirks at Kim while she waits for the Possible to recover.

It took a bit before Kim spoke up.

"O-Oh… wow." She said while blushing.

"Hehe, thanks, I know how to please a pussy, though now I believe you and my cock could get acquainted… you did get a good pleasing from me so the least you can do is return the favor before we get to the real fun." Shego said while she leaned back on her knees which showed her cock was iron hard thanks to all she did to Kim.

Kim was a bit surprised after hearing that before gulping a bit.

"W-Well… guess fair is fair."

"Hehe, well don't worry, I show mercy for first timers… though don't keep me waiting too long Possible… this thing doesn't like it when its not given enough attention." Shego teased while her cock was so hard that veins bulged a bit like it was getting angry for a moment… though that could have been from just a quick flex from Shego to mess with Kim.

Kim was feeling a bit nervous before she got a bit close to Shego before looking at her dick.

Kim then slowly brought her hand out and carefully grabbed Shego's cock before Kim starts to slowly jerk it to get a better feel.

Shego shuddered from that and kept still while she was quiet though her cock throbbed in Kim's grasp… she could see how massive the dick was when she couldn't get her hand all around the girth.

'My God… can't believe mom got pounded by this… monster and this is the first time I'm seeing this in real life.' Kim thought as she continues stroking Shego off but… Kim knew that this wasn't enough.

After stroking Shego's cock more, Kim gulps as she leans her head down close her eyes and sticks out her tongue before Kim starts to give the base of Shego's cock some licks.

Shego hissed while she stayed still and she lets Kim experiment a bit, unlike earlier, Shego got her body fully clean so she was pretty much clean from bow to stern so Kim got nothing nasty from her… well except Shego's own pussy juice but that was a different story altogether.

Kim shudders a few times as she kept licking Shego's cock before getting the hang of it before Kim brings her tongue to the head.

Shego really shuddered from that and pets Kim's head to show she was doing good there.

Kim blushes from the petting as she continues her licking before her tongue touches the tip to Shego's cock.

"Oh yeah… keep going Kimmy, don't be afraid, it won't bite." Shego said while she smirks at Kim.

Kim blushes a bit before she decides to rip the bandaid off as she opens her mouth and slowly takes in Shego's cock.

Shego actually lets out a groan this time and lets go of Kim so she could take things slowly, one step at a time after all before Shego would make Kim squeal later.

Kimm took a bit of time as she made sure to adjust while taking Shego's dick a bit further as best as she can.

Shego shuddered when she felt that and her cock starts to throb a bit in Kim's mouth to show she was doing good when it looked like Shego was getting close as time went on.

Kim felt like she couldn't take in more before she starts to slowly bob her head on Shego's cock after taking a moment to adjust.

This went on for a bit with Shego panting a bit more and shuddering and shaking before she speaks up when she had to fight to keep her orgasm back.

"F-Fuck… about to b-blow… either pull away… or get ready to drink a huge load… if you saw that video with your mom to the end… you'll know how v-virile I am." Shego warned while she barely managed to keep focused.

Kim did hear the warning and even though she should pull out… part of her curiosity got the best of her as she kept bobbing her head.

"S-So its l-like t-that h-huh?... w-well I...I… warned…. YOU!" Shego tried to say before she yelled out that last bit before she blew her load in Kim's mouth which forced her cheeks to puff a bit and a mess was made on the bed and on Kim's body when she could barely take any of it while some went down her throat by accident.

Kim was surprised at how much cum Shego let out before she actually tries to swallow it.

This resulted in Shego riding out her orgasm before she tapped off with a groan 20 seconds later and takes a moment to breath a sigh of relief.

"Fuck… needed that." Shego said before she looks at Kim, blinks, and chuckles the mess.

"Wow, guess we should get you cleaned before continuing huh?" Shego said when she saw how much glowing sperm was on Kim's body.

"Y-Yeah." Kim muffled as she swallowed a bit more cum in her mouth.

Though as Kim got off the bed, she felt her stomach churn and her body heats up to great levels which almost made her fall and Shego moved to catch her.

"Easy there Possible… maybe we should continue the fun in the shower, can have Alfred or someone else take care of the bed sheets later." Shego said when she helped Kim to the bathroom, her sperm was a bit of a heat inducer and unlike Ann, Kim would have a hard time resisting for long thanks to her inexperience.

"U-Unless you want… continue making a mess on the… b-bed." Kim said as she was blushing a bit deep.

Shego chuckles a bit when she knew the heat was imparring Kim's judgement.

"Eh maybe next time… besides you'll be so impressed with the bathroom you'll be shocked out of your current condition for a moment in awe and in the shower we can really make a mess there." Shego said while she helped Kim into the bathroom and Kim was indeed shocked out of her heated state for a second when she saw a fancy bathroom that even five star hotels would be jealous of… fancy floor tiles that looked like art and wallpaper that was fancy and easy on the eyes... there was a freaking solid gold toilet with a cushioned seat, a huge bathtub that could fit many people in it, and even had a divider like seat in the middle… and the shower, oh the shower looked like something out of Kim's wildest fantasy with it being one of those fancy showers with an actual bench built into the side not only to help relax but plenty of high grade soaps were there to boot.

"Holy smokes!" Kim said with wide eyes.

"Hehe, yeah, had my own bathroom when I lived here when I was younger but mom was the only one with the golden throne… though for good reason but can't remember what… think it was something with hard to clean or something but for now lets just focus on the fun… so… want to do this in the tub or shower?" Shego said while she smirks at Kim as her heat starts to cloud her mind again.

Kim blushes brightly as she felt very warm on the inside.

"S-Shower." She said.

"Excellent." Shego said while she helped Kim into the shower and turned on the faucet which started the warm relaxing shower while Kim was sat on the bench while Shego worked to get the shower just right while her unguarded ass and pussy was seen… normally Kim wouldn't look but not only was she now heated… but she didn't exactly hear much about Shego's experience on the receiving end.

Somehow Kim gets up before she gets close to Shego and had her hands grip the green plasma woman's ass hard.

Shego jolts royally before she looks at Kim with a surprised look on her face when she didn't expect that at all.

Kim giggles.

"Sorry but that ass of yours was calling me over. Couldn't resist." She said before she gave one cheek a good slap.

Shego jolts from that and had a surprised look on her face.

"Hoo boy, either my sperm created a monster when Kim is heated or this is her when she is not nervous." Shego thought while she was quiet while she wondered what Kim would do back there, Kim had her hands on her ass after all.

Kim licks her lips.

"I wonder though… ever had experience on the… receiving end?" She said before she had her finger actually tease the entrance to Shego's asshole.

Shego jolts before she glances at Kim.

"Y-Yeah… not as much as me giving it though." Shego said while actually looking a bit nervous.

"Oh ho, guess I should do this then." Kim said before got on her knees, spread Shego's butt cheeks open before Kim actually starts licking Shego's asshole.

Shego jolts from that and actually groans while she had her hands on the shower wall while the shower hid the moan while Kim's tongue worked to wiggle its way in her asshole.

Though Kim ate out Shego's ass, she still had her hands reach around and grips Shego's cock before stroking it.

This really caused Shego to groan while she felt that, not everyday she got pleasured like this and it really worked her up.

Kim mentally chuckled as she ate Shego's ass with gusto while stroking Shego's cock a bit hard.

Shego grits her teeth while her toes curled on the tile floor and her orgasm was approaching her already.

"F-Fuck… a-already a-about to cum… fuck!" Shego muttered while her cock throbbed in Kim's hands and her ass twitched on Kim's tongue.

Kim smirks before she doubles her efforts as she was set to make Shego climax.

This caused Shego's eyes to roll back in her head before she legs out a groan while she slipped a bit and had to grab the bench nearby which prevented her from falling and she starts to climax right on the shower floor hard and Kim's hands worked to stroke her cock off to milk her load from her.

Kim continues to eat out Shego's ass while stroking off her cock more to make Shego climax more.

Shego rides out her orgasm with surprisingly strong force before she tapped off with a groan 15 seconds later and Shego's sperm flowed down the drain and she shuddered when Kim stroked out a few more drops before she stopped when no more sperm would come out of Shego.

Kim pulls her head back.

"Hmm, delicious." She said as she licks her lips.

Though when that happened, Shego quickly turned and with a grin, had Kim against the wall while she held Kim's hands with her own to keep her from doing anything for now.

"Kim… Kimmy… better get ready because you got me so worked up right now its not even funny!" Shego said while her cock looked even harder then ever despite what she unloaded just now.

Kim was surprised for a bit before she grins at Shego.

"Then what are you waiting for… hot stuff?" She said.

Shego just went with things and she used a hand to raise one of Kim's legs and held her lower thigh to support the leg and Shego aimed her cock at Kim's folds and rubbed the head on the slit to get her dick lubed while she teased Kim a bit.

Kim shudders at the feeling while looking at Shego as she licked her lips again in a sexual way.

This caused Shego to snap and she forced her hips forward and her cock forced its way into Kim and Shego was so into her lust that she went cervix deep in no time and forgot that Kim WAS a virgin now thanks to her.

"GAAAHHH!" Kim groans loudly from not only the penetration but also having her hymen ripped off as blood leaked from her folds as tears leaked a bit from her eyes.

Shego moved to kiss the tears away while Kim was momentarily brought back to her old self thanks to the pain snapping her out of her heated state for a moment.

Kim's pain starts to lessen a bit before she starts to kiss Shego back so the pain can lessen more.

This went on for a few moments and Shego managed to get enough barings to look at Kim with a concerned look.

"You OK enough to continue?" Shego asked while her cock throbbed in Kim's pussy.

Kim was finally able to calm down before looking at Shego.

"Y-Yes… I-I'm ready."

Shego nods before she slowly thrusts her hips and her cock was pushed in and out of Kim at a gentle but steady rate and Shego grits her teeth from how tight Kim was right now.

Kim grinds her teeth a bit as she groans from feeling Shego's cock going in and out of her pussy but this time it didn't hurt as much.

For a bit, Shego keeps on going at a slow steady rhythm while she waits for Kim to give her a signal to move faster.

A moment later, Kim wanted to feel more.

"G-Go faster." She said.

Shego had no issues with this when she thrusts her hips faster while keeping the power the same so she wouldn't harm Kim.

Kim groans a few times before she starts moaning as she begins to love the pleasure while blushing cutely.

This caused Shego to blush a bit before she smirks and kissed Kim and thrusts her hips harder, if Kim wanted to complain she would have a while ago so Shego would enjoy herself and her cock now threatens to burst through Kim's cervix.

Kim groans a few times and part of her wanted to complain but… the pleasure made her think otherwise before she kissed Shego back as her toes curled a few times.

This went on for a bit while Shego keeps up her actions while she can feel Kim getting close and kept fucking her again and again until…

Kim moans into the kiss before she climaxed a bit hard on top of Shego's cock before Kim's pussy tightens around it.

However, Shego didn't climax yet thanks to her experience and earlier orgasm and stayed still while she waited for a shaking Kim to ride out her orgasm.

Almost 20 seconds pass before Kim taps off and tries to catch her breath.

Shego chuckles when she saw that and takes a moment to let Kim breathe.

"Hehe… so… how was that for your first time?" Shego teased while her cock pulsed in Kim's pussy.

Kim lightly groans when she felt that.

"I-It felt… g-good." She said.

"Good… you do realize I'm not stopping until I finish right?" Shego said while she grins at Kim.

This time Kim giggles.

"Don't expect you to my dear… fiance." She said but blushes a bit.

Shego was royally surprised by that and chuckles again.

"Hehe… better remember that you said that when you get back to normal… so much teasing material there… until then… time to see how long it takes you to get fucked before you pass out!" Shego said before she starts to ram her cock into Kim again and again and this time Shego used more speed and power in her actions.

Kim was moaning and groaning a bit loudly now and though she caused it, she actually didn't care as she was enjoying this pleasure.

For a bit, Shego fucked Kim through orgasm after orgasm while her own orgasm was slowly approaching as time went on.

Kim's face looking fucked up after that many orgasms as she was moaning loudly with her tongue hanging out for Shego to see.

After a minute of fucking her more, Shego gave a few more thrusts and yelled when she came hard inside of Kim's womb when she busted inside of it and directly filled her with her thick load.

"GAAAAHHHH!" Kim moans loudly with ecstasy as her tongue stayed out before she climaxed very hard on Shego's cock as Kim's juices sprayed out.

Shego didn't mind that while she rides out her orgasm and keeps a hold of Kim before she tapped off 20 or so seconds later and pants for breath when she kept still, she had one hell of an orgasm thanks to how tight Kim got.

Kim taps off as well as she pants for breath as her body had mini orgasms as Kim had a deep blush as she looks at Shego.

Shego chuckles when she saw how tired Kim was.

"You can pass out now, I'll handle the cleanup and give you a birth control pill later, thing works 24 hours later so can be used as a morning after pill." Shego said when she made sure to not drop Kim.

"O-Okayyy…" Kim said before she was out like a log.

Shego chuckles before she got to work with cleaning herself and Kim off, when she finished, the time went to the next day with Kim waking up on a very comfy bed and thanks to her tired brain, she had trouble remembering the last 24 hours.

"O-Oh wow…" Kim said as she tries to get up.

Though she felt pretty sore which forced her onto her back on the bed and saw that she was in a really fancy room…. And… memories start to come back to her… Shego's mansion… the small tour… and… the…!?

Kim's eyes widened after remembering what happened yesterday.

"Oh God… Me and Shego… in the bathroom." She said.

"Indeed." Kim heard which made her jolt and she looked to see a robed Shego with a wine glass filled with the stuff in a fancy chair nearby and was looking right at Kim… was she looking at her all night or something?

"H-How long have you been in that chair?" Kim said with a surprised look.

"Eh… to be honest just a few minutes, saw you were about to wake so I figured I could make a joke about you having a dream but that would be just cruel… anyway birth control is on the nightstand and with a glass of water… so no kids yet… my dear Fiance." Shego said while she teased Kim with the Fiance bit… hey she did say she would tease Kim for that one so can't say she doesn't follow through with the tease.

Kim blushes brightly after hearing that.

'And it begins.' Kim thought before she grabs the pills and water.

Shego chuckles when she watched as Kim drinks the water to help chase the pill down and when Kim finished, Shego swirls her wineglass.

"By the way, had to tell your dad that you spent the night and to keep him from blowing a gasket and trying to attack this place, told him that I would donate some cash to his lab for research if he kept calm and funnily enough he did… though heard from Ann that she had to help calm him down some more." Shego said while she sipped the wine a bit.

"Well… that's dad for you." Kim said before she wondered something.

"Um Shego. Can I ask you something?"

"Hmm?, Sure, if it's about that Finance thing, you started it Kimmy." Shego said with an amused tone to her voice.

Kim blushes a bit.

"Yeah… but what I was gonna ask is… what happened to your dad?" She said.

Shego blinks at that and she sighs.

"Boy you picked a toughy… to be honest not sure, mom was a single parent with a lot of cash and most of the time we don't hear her talking about Dad… he could be dead for all I know since he never contested the Will." Shego explained as best as she could.

Kim's eyes widened after hearing that.

"Oh God… I'm so sorry that I asked."

"Eh not your fault, thought that question would pop up sooner or later, though got a subject changer to brighten the mood miss former Virgin?" Shego said while she smirks at Kim.

Kim blushes brightly after hearing that.

"U-Um well… Should we start my training for when the mansion party happens or you want to… cuddle?"

Shego chuckles at that while she raised an eyebrow at Kim.

"Hey I don't mind the training since I have yet to get that anal virginity of yours but cuddle?, seems like you are more friendly to me then I thought." Shego said with a really amused tone to her voice.

Kim blushes brightly.

"W-Well… we are gonna be living together and we haven't got to each other's throats so…"

"Hey, I get it, we need to get used to one another but we got 5 years or so, don't need to rush things, no need to force yourself to try and get on my good side, just be yourself and all that, sure you are probably off guard by a lot of things but hey, I'm still the same Shego you know and sometimes want to kick my butt, can't change everything at once right?" Shego said when she saw how nervous Kim looked.

Kim felt a bit relaxed after hearing that.

"Right… Which I still can." She said with a smirk.

"Maybe for now, we should get ready for breakfast, after you passed out I went to sleep as well and now its around 8 AM right now." Shego said when she points at the clock.

Kim blinked before she looks at the clock.

"Oh wow. No wonder I'm so refreshed."

Shego then finished her wine and sets it on a nearby nightstand.

"Yeah, and perfectly cleaned, had to clean your limp body myself so you owe me one later Kimmy… anyway I'll be showering again before I head out, need to… get some things for the real party while our Mansionwarming party covers the screams of pleasure we will have Bonnie make." Shego said while she grins at Kim and winks at her.

Kim blushes a bit after hearing that.

"R-Right." She said before getting up.

Shego then went to the bathroom which left Kim to her own thoughts now that she was alone.

'I will say this… last night was… amazing… even though it was my first time but now I can see why mom… enjoyed it.' She thought while blushing a bit when she remembered the video.

'Though I do wonder if I have what it takes to get back at Bonnie despite the fact that she recorded my mom and Shego.'

A few minutes later, knocking was heard on the door.

"Hello?... is anyone there?, I was sent by Alfred in case anyone is not decent." A female voice said from the entry door to the room.

Kim blinked before she checked herself to see if she had clothes on.

She did not it seems, best she had was a blanket covering her lap.

Kim couldn't find any clothing before she uses the blanket to cover herself completely which was her only option.

"Y-You can come in." She said to the female voice.

A moment later, a maid walked into the room with a smile on her face.

"Ah I see you are not dressed… well don't worry, Alfred figured you may have clothing issues so he used a bit of the money he got from Madam Go to order you a small set of clothing and sped ordered it as well, here." The Maid said when she placed some clothing on the bed, looked like the latest fashion of some part of the world.

Kim was a bit surprised when she saw the clothing.

"W-Wow. Thank you for bringing it to me." She said.

"No worries Milady, unless you need help, I shall be outside of the room while you get dressed, please do not hesitate to request my aid." The Maid said with a kind smile on her face before she exits the room so Kim could have some privacy.

Kim drops her blanket as she took a slight breath before she took a closer look at her new clothes after picking it up.

Turns out it was a fancy dress that looked like the latest french design, it had the option of a skirt or a pair of pants and still look classy and came with low heel boots and had a purple and black coloring to it.

"Wow… not even Club Banana has a dress like this." Kim said before she starts to get ready.

Though that was hard to say if it was from the low level Club Banana's, there was a very pricy one but this dress didn't come from there, when Shego exits the bathroom, she whistles a bit when she saw Kim in the outfit and went with the pants instead of the skirt option for now.

"Wow, nice outfit." Shego said while she grins at Kim.

Kim blushes at the compliment.

"Thanks. Courtesy of Alfred."

"I see, well might as well get dressed then so we can plan things for the party." Shego said before she just removed the robe to show her naked body before she approached the closet nearby… odd, did Shego have more outfits then the shorts and tank top that she had?, normally she wore her usual green and black outfit.

Kim blushes when she saw Shego's nude bod before noticing Shego's wardrobe.

'Seriously? She had other clothes besides her usual outfit?'

Though to Kim's surprise, while some were Shego's old outfits… some were very different outfits that looked like they were not even Shego's style… even Shego looked surprised before she found a note.

After a moment of reading, Shego chuckles while she placed the note on a nearby table.

"Seems Alfred left some of mom's old outfits here, said some were my grandmothers outfits and they would fit me well and just wants me to try them on before I decide to get rid of them or not." Shego said while she looks amused more then angry.

Kim was abit surprised.

"Really?" She said as she looks at the wardrobe again.

"Well… I think they had some good taste." She said when she noticed some of the clothing to be fashionable.

"Yeah, though fashionable or not, won't be good if I can't wear it, I'll just grab one of my things for now and test the outfits out later." Shego said before she moved to grab an outfit before knocking was heard.

"Madam Go?, I'm sorry for disturbing you, but your brothers are here and Alfred is busy keeping them company to keep them calm, mainly Lord Mego, it seems they heard about you coming here from someone named James hours ago and are waiting in the lobby… said something about the inheritance and not being split right or something of that nature." The maid said which made Shego roll her eyes.

"Tell them I'll be down in 10 and tell them if they cause trouble I won't hesitate to kick them out myself so we can take a fight outside." Shego ordered when her mood was starting to drop fast thanks to James and her brothers, James she got most likely from before calling her so she can't blame him for being a squealer… her own brothers on the other hand… Hego was a nice guy, wouldn't say much, the Wego twins may give her grief when the latest game consoles came out or something… Mego… now that was a whole different ball game.

Kim facepalm herself.

"Sorry Shego. Wasn't aware that dad was gonna tell them."

"Eh no use crying over spilt milk, he probably called Hego before calling me this morning and you know how Hego is, guys too nice to keep his trap shut about things like this, mind going on ahead incase the maid and Alfred need backup?" Shego asked while she went to get dressed.

"Alright." Kim said before she exits out of the room.

When she got down to the main lobby, she saw Hego, Mego, and the Wego Twins as they were sitting on one couch while Alfred gave them tea to help calm them down, mainly Mego.

"Um… hey guys." Kim said to get everyone's attention.

When Kim did get their attention, the Wego twins spoke as one.

"Kim!" The twins said when they went to go hug Kim while Hego smiles when he looked at the temporary Blue glow user.

"Hey Kim, nice to see you… heard… everything… nice to welcome you to the family." Hego said while he sounded cheerful, though he did sound a bit confused on how this happened since James didn't give much through the talk.

Kim lightly sweatdrops before she hugs the twins back.

"Yeah well wasn't expecting something like this happen but… so far it's going okay." She said before looks at Mego.

"How's it going Mego?" She said.

Mego rolled his eyes while he looks at Kim.

"What do you think?" Mego said while he didn't look amused.

Kim had a raised eyebrow.

"Well I can already guess what it is. But still try and not to give Shego a hard time about this. Considering you guys had just… Well you know." She said while making sure to be sensitive on the matter.

"What?... that mom died?, if anything the reason we're here is because Shego got most of the family fortune when she was the one who did things that disgraced our mom, I mean out of all of us, I would expect Hego to get most of the fortune, so why would mom pick Shego of all people?, Shego left the team and family years ago so I figured Shego would be taken out of the will given her attitude in not liking us... I get the twins and myself not getting much, I'm no idiot, but do you really think any of us can accept this like it's a good thing when Shego can try something evil with all that cash?, you being here or not, it's not like she would do anything good with the cash just because you are pretty much forced into a relationship with her, I mean we heard of Senior Senior Sr… the guy is one of the richest guys in the world yet he does villainy on a daily basis yet does the law go after him?... no… it's because he knows the right palms to grease so think of what Shego can do if she misuses that kind of power." Mego shockingly said when he looked oddly motivated and angry… guess deep down his family and his mom meant a lot to him and given Shego's past… can't blame him for thinking like that.

"Okay… I can see where you're going with this but… you can't say something like that to Shego. Besides, she may not show it but she does miss her mom. So I suggest we all talk like civilized people once Shego is down stairs." Kim said.

Mego rolled his eyes when he heard that.

"And I can say the same to you, whether you like it or not, you technically married into one of the wealthiest families in the world or soon to be, you think people outside of us won't give worse issues?, there are Mom's grandparents and though we're not sure what happened to our dad… or dads if mom had fun with multiple men, but they could come through that door right now and give worse trouble then Hego, the twins, and I put together and will try and contest the will, and I don't even know if we have aunts, uncles, and other relatives who may give us crap... to be honest depending on what Shego does… I, Hego, and the twins may or may not contest the will as well… we KNOW Shego more then you so tell me, if your siblings turned evil, would you be calm about this if your siblings pretty much hit it big after doing nothing but villainy and it was because your parents died?... I'm not normally motivated like this, but out of Hego, the Twin's and I, I'm the most level headed since Hego is soft when it comes to family and the Twins pretty much just want to use their cash for games and what not so Hego is making sure they don't do that unless they earn it… you think I want to cause trouble?" Mego said while he had an oddly determined look in his eyes when he looked at Kim in her own eyes with a look that dared her to argue which was shocking on many levels given Mego's usual personality.

Kim frowns a bit.

"No… but it almost sounds like you are. But I do understand family issues. And yes, Shego is well… Shego. But things can change. Not all the way but baby steps. They're maybe more to your sister than meets the eye."

Mego rolled his eyes and Hego spoke up this time.

"Hey look, we're not trying to be the bad guys, far from it, but Mego does have a point Kim, whether your intentions are good or not in defending Shego and she may have changed, but its also a fact she did many evil things in the past so if not us, people may give Shego issues whether you like it or not, and believe it or not, Mego is being nice right now, trust me I heard that things with wills can be really ugly and honestly none of us want to contest Shego but if she is evil… then we may have no choice, I mean we don't want another Senior Senior Sr. after all and many outside of us will think that, we can give Shego the benefit of the doubt since she is marrying you most likely if this does work but you can't expect us to accept Shego being good just like that, it will take time… I mean how do you think we reacted when we heard that not only our mother gave Shego of all people most of her inheritance, but is also marrying you most likely, I mean you gotta admit it sounds crazy given your history with Shego up until now." Hego said to try and be the voice of reason here.

Kim sighs a bit.

"You have no idea. I mean it was shocking to find out that my mom was friends with your mom and then later finding about the pact deal being made. Plus finding out about Shego's… personal weapon." She said as she didn't want to say the specific word.

"Ah, well yes it can be… strange to say the least but we love her no matter what, all we are just doing is wanting to talk with Shego to see if she really changed for the better… I believe she can be good again… maybe not as good as she used to be, but hopefully good enough to not cause issues with the law… though I may have to look into that pact thing you mentioned since a few of our family could try and use it against you…" Hego said while he placed a hand on Kim's shoulder while trying to be gentle about things though he did look thoughtful on that last bit.

"Right." Kim said as she didn't think of that possibility of someone in Shego's family using the pact against her and Shego.

"Right, also if you remember with the first battle that we had with Shego after we fought Aviarious, she tried to keep our powers for herself when she wielded that staff so her greed can get the better of her, if not us then you'll have to keep an eye on Shego to make sure she doesn't do anything really dangerous." Hego said while he remembered that day.

Kim remembered that day.

"I'll make sure to do that but so far Shego has made sure that I'm comfortable here so it's at least a start. Plus Alfred did suggest that she does some mercenary for hire stuff."

"I see… should keep her aggression in check at least and could be a good way to make cash if people try and contest the will and the assets are frozen… well fear not, if people give you issues then I'll make sure to hire many lawyers to aid you, we may have issues but were still members of the Go family and you once did wield my blue Glow powers so we have a thing in common hehe." Hego said in a friendly way while reminding Kim that Hego had his own business with the Mucho Grande Bueno Nacho so he should have Bueno sized bucks saved up.

Kim did chuckle at the memory.

"So Hego, I heard you're in a relationship with someone?"

Hego blushed a bit while rubbing his head.

"W-Well yes, Nice lady and is understanding of my lifestyle, you two should meet and talk in the future when there is no stressful business going on, I haven't brought her here since stuff like this would get her worked up." Hego said while he had a small blushed on his face.

"Gotcha. Though how did you two meet?" Kim said with an interested look.

"Well it was actually during one of the hero missions believe it or not, saved her from some wreckage and she surprisingly saved me from an oncoming attack and we clicked after that." Hego said while he had a brighter blush on his face.

Kim lightly chuckles at the reaction.

"Well it's great that you found someone. Hope it all works out." She said.

"Thanks, and I hope you two get along well when you meet, she is a lovely woman, we're still in the dating phase but things are pretty serious already." Hego said while he had a grin on his face before Shego's voice was heard.

"Hooo, then I'll have to say hello to a possible sister in law if I hear wedding bells in the future." Shego said when she made herself known as she walked down the stairs to the group.

"Hey Shego!" The twins said in unison.

"Yo, did I miss much while you guys talked with my… possible Fiance?" Shego said with the double meaning when she teased Kim a bit and used her last name in a funny way.

Kim lightly sweatdrops before blushing a bit from the fiance part.

"N-Nothing much. Just talking about stuff." She said.

"Really?, because it looks like while Hego is amused, looks like Mego is the real determined one here, and since this place is big, voices echo… heard everything on the way down." Shego said while she smirks at the group.

Everyone else, minus Mego, blinked in surprise after hearing that.

"Um… oops?" The twins said as they rubbed the back of their heads.

Shego rolled her eyes before she looks at Mego.

"Alright Mr. stubborn for once, if you have any questions for me you may as well ask now, even if you contest the will I can still do villainy if this thing with Kimmy doesn't work out so whats the real issue since I'm pretty much a disgrace in your eyes no matter what." Shego bluntly said while she moved to sit in front of Mego.

Mego frowns.

"I'm just wondering why mom gave you the bigger cut of the inheritance since you distanced yourself from the family long ago. Only time you ever came back was to help deal with our old foes like Aviarius and Electronique."

"Well maybe it had something to do with this bloodpact thing, or maybe because unlike the rest of you, I actually have a head on my shoulders and let's face it, know how to keep things in line and not get pushed around… Hego may run a business but only a small part as manager, the twins are WAY too young to really care and tell me Mego… what do you do?, what would you do if Mom gave you most of the inheritance?... answer that and I may divide it equally… I can keep the businesses so that I can get back that cash given time, but let me ask you… given YOUR personality… would you run it well?... no one knew what mom was thinking sometimes and who knows why me of all people, but she probably did it for a reason so while I can't say much with me and what not, why not try instead of giving me a chance, give Mom's choice a chance… or do you think you have better judgement then mom?" Shego said while she raised an eyebrow at Mego.

Mego rolls his eyes.

"I can care less on whatever pact mom made with Possible's mom. So fine. I'll give you a chance… for now."

"Great, I'll be sure to live to your expectations… so… not much as long as I don't go around to steal from banks and what not." Shego said with an amused tone to her voice when she got up from her seat.

Everyone else sweatdrops since Shego will always be Shego.

"Well glad we didn't make things awkward." Hego said.

"Eh it will always be awkward with family… anyway might as well order something to eat for all of us since I doubt Kim and I had breakfast, you guys hungry?, might as well give a small treat to you all since we didn't break anything here." Shego said while she shrugged her shoulders.

"I can eat." The Wego Twins said.

"Well I am a bit peckish." Hego said.

"Whatever." Mego said which made Shego roll her eyes.

"Yeah yeah don't all beg at once, KFC good for you guys?, I'm getting a few salads as well and drinks." Shego said when she looks at Kim.

"Want anything Kim?" Shego asked when she looks at Kim.

"Hmmm… Guess I'll have a Chicken Pot Pie." Kim said.

"Right, you guys head to the kitchen and lead Kim there, Twins, wait here or give me a few clones to help carry food, may need extra hands to get them all and not make round trips." Shego said when she gets ready to call on her phone.

"No problem sis." One of the twins said before they summoned a few clones.

This resulted in Shego waiting with the Twin's clones while the main twins, Hego, Mego, and Kim went into the kitchen to wait for the food to get here while Hego went to wash his hands before he looks at Mego and the twins.

"Better make sure to wash your hands you two, don't want to eat with filthy fingers right?" Hego said with a smile on his face.

"Okay." The duo said before they went to wash their hands.

Mego rolled his eyes when he went to do the same thing which left Kim alone with her thoughts on how well things went so far.

'Okay. So far so good. At least no harsh words were said and nothing else is broken.' Kim thought.

After a few minutes, Shego and the Wego twin clone army came in with arms full of food from KFC and Salads to other things like Kim's order and other stuff.

"Soups on boys and gal." Shego said when she and the clones moved to place the food on the table.

"Finally." Mego said as the twins looked excited at the food.

"You're welcome, not shut it and stuff your face or the food will get cold." Shego said when she grabbed a few plates, set them on the table and grabbed one for herself so she and the others could start getting food.

Kim and the rest grabbed their meals before they started eating.

It took about 20 minutes or so and with some small talk, but the group managed to have a decent meal and after that happened, Shego gave Hego, Mego, and the twins invites for the mansionwarming party later… though she did give the Twins a warning to stay away from the alcohol and that there would be plenty of drinks and stuff for them to snack on while they were there.

The twins gave Shego a salute since they were more excited about the snacks.

Once that was done, the Go Brothers start to leave the mansion for now while Hego looks at his sister.

"Hey Shego, I know we have our issues but make no mistake, if you ever need help, just give us a call, we will always help family after all, same to you Kim, you are a soon to be sister in law if things go well so might as well say welcome to the Go family." Hego said before he left the mansion last while he drove himself, Mego, and the Twins away while Shego watched as her brothers leave while next to Kim.

Kim took a moment to breathe.

"Well… Mego's issues aside, at least everything worked out well. How you holding up?"

"Well honestly not too bad, surprised Mego was that emotional but I would think Mego just used up his emotion points for the rest of his life hehe." Shego said before chuckling since this is the most Shego saw Mego do emotionwise when it came to motivation.

Kim couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yeah. So, what should we do now?"

"Hmmm… watch a movie or something?, we can talk about that party and what not afterwords since I doubt you want to use your brain right after walking or eating right?" Shego said while she stretched her body for a moment.

"Hmmm, you have a point. Better if we relaxed now." Kim said.

"Right, anyway I'll see you in the media room, its opposite of the kitchen, if you hit the fancy bathroom doorway, you gone too far." Shego said when she walked inside the mansion and left Kim alone for now.

Kim blinked a bit but made a mental note on the directions before she heads back inside the mansion and starts looking for the media room.

It took her a couple minutes to find it since some of the doors looked similar though when she found the media room, she saw that the door had a large M on it and Kim thought it was a room for Mego… but it turns out that it was the M for Media room and when she got in there, she saw Shego standing in front of a huge shelf of DVD's when she wondered what to watch.

"Wow. That's a lot of DVD's. Almost reminds me of Blockbuster." Kim said.

"Yeah well my mom in her younger years did want to not have to go back and forth between things when it came to rentals so she pretty much bought every DVD known to man… and several known to monkeys if Monkey Fist had any influence on them like that Aladdin one." Shego said before she sweatdrops when that was oddly possible to her with Abu the Monkey.

Kim sweatdrops a bit.

"Right… so what are we gonna watch?"

"Hmmm… well since I mentioned Aladdin, want to watch the movie series?, we can plan things between movies." Shego said when she moved to one side of the shelf and pulled down a stack of Aladdin movies that Kim saw.

"Sure. Always did love that movie." Kim said.

The scene then went to after the First Aladdin movie to show Shego and Kim, now relaxed while they were talking about the soon to be party with Alfred.

"...hats why I'm suggesting a room for any kids to play in so that while the adults have fun in their own room, the kids like the twins won't accidentally enter where they are not supposed to." Shego said when she speaks with Alfred and he nods his head.

"Very well, I'll asign various butlers and maids to watch over the kids like hawks and make sure they won't go into forbidden rooms while your shindig is going on." Alfred said when he speaks with Shego mainly.

"Good. I may done villainous stuff but even I wouldn't go that far to scar a kid." Shego said.

"Indeed Milady, will there be anything else?" Alfred asked while he bowed lightly to Shego which made her smirk.

"Yeah… use this number to contact a friend I know named Lillum, she will bring a guy named Emerald and a woman named Maite, so try and be respectful since Lillum is one of the few who can take me and she can help train Kimmy here, besides need to let them know that I live here anyway." Shego said while she chuckles a bit.

"As you wish." Alfred said before he left to make sure that everything gets ready.

"Welp in the meantime, Kimmy and I have Aladdin two to watch so…" Shego said while she looks at Kim with a grin like she didn't just set up Kim to be trained by a few females and a male in sex.

Kim blinks a bit when she saw that look.

"Right. Though I think you just planned this out."

"Who me?... nah…" Shego said with an overly innocent tone to her voice before she walked away from Kim.

Kim had a look that shows she wasn't buying it but chose to play along as she follows Shego.

Time went to much later with Alfred coming into the media room and he had a slightly worried look on his aged face.

"Miladies?, I'm afraid I can't get in contact with Lord Emerald or Lady Maite and Lady Lillum, I used our satellites and found out that Lady Lillum's phone was found in some snowy mountains and some… oddly shaped animal foodprints like they were walking on two feet." Alfred said while he sounded worried.

Kim blinked when she heard that before looking at Shego.

"If they're in danger, we gotta help them."

"Right… though from what Alfred said… think DNAmy is involved?" Shego said when she heard about the animal footprints that seemed to have human walking characteristics.

Kim was thoughtful for a bit.

"It's possible. Animal DNA is her thing."

"Right, and since I had someone take the Jet back to James… hey Alfred, get the family plane ready, seems Kim and I are going to where you located the Phone." Shego said when she had a thoughtful look on her face about something.

"Right away Mrs. Go." Alfred said before he went to go make sure that the plane was prepared.

"You know, is it strange that I'm already growing numb to how rich you are now?" Kim said with a half lidded look on her face when she heard about the plane.

Shego chuckled.

"Who knows. Maybe you're used to dealing with rich people like Sensor Senior Senior."

"Yeah but never been in a relationship with one before if I don't count that Animal soulmate test thing years ago, a mix up nearly had me in a relationship with Senior Senior Jr. before we fixed things." Kim said before she blushed a bit at that point in time.

Shego was a bit surprised before she chuckles.

"Seriously? You actually did that lame animal soulmate test?"

"Oh so what if I did, didn't you do some kind of test before in the past to try and find romance?" Kim said when she looks at Shego with a raised eyebrow and Shego smirks.

"Kimmy… with a cock like mine do you think I need a test like that?, even 6 to 7 inches in the past people found me attractive so it wasn't that hard to have people drooling over me." Shego said when she grins at Kim while she posed a bit in front of Kim.

Kim blushes a bit as she saw that before she clears her throat.

"Okay you made a point." She said but was still blushing.

"Damn right I made one, now come on, might as well rescue Lillum, Emerald, and Maite if DNAmy has them in her clutches… I can get Emerald and Lillum, not really fighters though they can hold their own, its Maite I'm curious about… honestly similar to you, she can give me of all people a good fight and she doesn't have powers like you so unless DNAmy used a tricky move like an ambush, I don't think Maite would go down without a fight." Shego said while Kim follows her.

"Unless… DNAmy had a way to subdue Emerald and Lillum first and was able to get Maite to surrender. I mean she does have her mix animal forces." Kim said.

"Yeah, either that or she turned Emerald and Lillum against Maite, doubt she would fight them, still we will find out later, for now lets get to the plane so we can get there in the first place." Shego said while she led Kim to a massive hanger where a high class Jet was seen and Alfred was at the door.

"The Pilot will take you two near the location in a safe place Miladies, I wish you two well and I will make sure your Party is ready before you get back with your special guests." Alfred said while he mainly looks at Shego.

"Thanks Alfred, we'll try and make it back on time." Shego said.

"Take your time Milady, slow and steady win the race after all." Alfred said before he watched as Shego and Kim get on the place before it shot out of the hanger while the scene fades to black.

(End of Chapter two of Bloodpact Remake)

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