Blood Pact (Remake) @emerald
The Blood Pact enacted

The scene openes up to show TME while he was walking on stage dramatically from stage right for some reason while he looks at the readers.

"Hello everyone… as you all read, this is a Co-op story that has been long overdue in the making… this is… Blood Pact (Remake), taking over from Blood Pact the original from the original source and Blood Pact (Redux) by perfect Little Angel… I am TME, as you may know I normally work Co-op work and some solo work… but I should tell you I helped Perfect Little Angel write Blood Pact (Redux) and I got permission long ago to write Blood Pact again on my end and I decided to invite my best friend and Partner in Co-oping various stories together here… give a round of applause for Atomsk the Pirate King!" TME explained while he clapped his hands as the spotlight moved to a certain spot as a figure approached it.

"What's up my peoples!" Atomsk said as he waved to the readers.

Clapping was heard as Atomsk walked on stage before he stopped near TME and the clapping stopped when he held up a hand.

"Now then dear readers, there are three things you may want to know before Atomsk and I get into this story, first off, while we have read Blood Pact and what not, its been awhile, at least for me that I actually saw any Kim possible episodes so my knowledge on info is a bit dated, again not sure for Atomsk, but hopefully it won't impact the story much since I know this at least takes place after the graduation in the canon timeline... second this will be an interesting one since this is not just a Futa Shego X Kim story, an idea of mine to make this original compared to Blood Pact redux is simple, give Shego and Kim a harem of sorts with many females and possibly others with Shego's condition… hehe, gives plenty of reasons for OC's or to maybe give Bonnie a knockdown or two off her high horse… not sure if she had a character buildup moment in the canon series but I really didn't like her much… think like Ash from Adventure time… though not as bad since unlike Ash, Bonnie isn't trying to get in the way of adventures to save the world… or did I miss an episode on that?" TME said while he stopped at the second reason to look at Atomsk with a confused look.

Atomsk was thoughtful for a bit.

"Not to my knowledge but we find out anyways or wing like we always do."

"Yup… anyway the third and final thing is pretty simple, since this is after the whole graduation thing there is no actual bad guy persay, maybe drama and what not but its more lemon based and focused on Shego and her…. Condition…. And what happened recently with her family and Kim and her family more or less get dragged into it… anyway unless there is anything you want to add Atomsk, might as well talk now before we start the story." TME said while he looks at Atomsk for a moment.

Atomsk though shook his head.

"Nah, I'm sure they already know about our warnings about bad reviews and our commission deals."

"Yeah, though I will say this, no male characters or OC's will get with Kim or Shego at least not for awhile, if you read Blood Pact things get rocky for Kim and Ron because of this so don't expect them to hook up, aside from that, expect plenty of drama, humor, and other things and if males are used… its most likely OC's since most males I can think of that Kim and Shego would know are… limited… anyway this story starts out at Shego's mother's place and things are not well for the Patriach of the Go family…" TME said while the scene went to a large mansion while it was storming and what not...

Go Manor/ ?'s room/ ?, Doctor, Lawyer

The scene showed a sad sight in a fancy room… a woman who looked a lot like Shego was laying on the bed and she had a rather thin look about her, her personal doctor was checking her while the doctor sighs and leaned back in a nearby chair.

"I triple checked Nicole and its getting worse… you're dying…" The Doctor said while The woman named Nicole looks at the ceiling.

"Yeah… I know… good thing I got my Lawyer here… hey… you get the will finalized?... got everything in order?" Nicole asked when she looks at the Lawyer with a oddly calm look on her face like she already accepted Death coming to get her soon.

The lawyer nods his head at Nicole.

"Yes. Everything is ready."

"Good… least I got my affairs in order… listen, as old friends, try and not give details about my death alright?, you can be vague but I don't want to depress anyone too much… anyway if everythings in order… mind leaving?... I'm getting pretty tired and could use a nap for now… might as well…" Nicole said while she closed her eyes… however she fell quiet and the doctor checked her pulse while the Lawyer looks a bit worried when the Doctor was too quiet for his liking.

"Is she?..." The Lawyer said while hoping that the worst didn't happen.

However the doctor pinched the bridge of his nose a moment later.

"I'm afraid so… Nicole Go died… you better get going to contact her next of kin... I'll make sure her body is taken care of until the funeral… I'm surprised she lasted this long but she was always a fighter." The Doctor said while he looked at the oddly peaceful face of the recently deceased Nicole.

The Lawyer lowers his head.

"Yeah… she was." He said before he left the room to contact the next of kin.

The scene then went to a few days later to show Kim for a moment while she was busy talking with her mother over the phone while she was at Middleton mall.

"...I know mom, can't forget the groceries and other things, I'm working as fast as I can but for some reason Ron wouldn't help me and Monique is not at Club Banana so I couldn't ask for advice on what to get… this list is pretty random, you sure you couldn't handle this today?, thought you were free and what not." Kim said when she looks at a strange and long list that she got from her mother… it was like a list of errands that her mother put together and it was the most random items to boot… some was food while others were prescription medication of all things… all in all this was pretty strange in many situations.

"Well I was but something came up and I didn't have time to do the errands." Kim's mother said.

"Right… I'm going to hang up now so I'll see you later… at best if I don't get lunch should be done in 30 minutes so getting something to eat on the way home, I'll see you later mom, tell dad I love him and tell the Tweebs to keep out of my room… last time I was gone they turned my hair dryer into a flamethrower somehow." Kim said when she remembered that bad hair day.

"Don't worry my Kimmy Cub. I'll make sure they won't touch anything in your room." The mom said.

"Good, love you mom, bye." Kim said before she hung up and on the other end, Ann, hung up the Phone on her end and chuckles before she looks back at many people in the room behind her.

"We got an hour or so, so everyone lets get set up." Ann said which made her and many others grin when they held up party decorations while the scene went to Shego this time.

Right now she was actually planning on getting on a high speed jet she had gotten thanks to a deal she made when she was almost finished with a mission that she was on in a Jungle near a temple.

She used to work for Drakken but thanks to his new job as a CEO and him gaining plant powers, Shego was technically out of a job since she didn't need to defend Drakken as much nowadays and Drakken had many ways to get cheaper help with things and get good help to boot since many people were actually trained in their jobs and while Drakken was not technically evil anymore, being a CEO and what not… he did like to cause the occasion prank with a few people and for Shego, that was just boring to her.

Currently Shego worked as a Merc more or less for the highest bidder and was working with this bitch of a woman who ordered many thugs around… not bad looking but that was probably to make up for her personality... this woman was technically a villain to be more or less and right now and Shego's contract with her was nearly up once this raid on a jungle temple was over with… once that happened she would be gone since she really didn't like how this newbie was handling things.

For starters she was pretty much letting Shego and the minions handle things more or less and while that would be pretty normal, her being the boss, she went a bit overboard when she pretty much had some thugs act like her servants… impressed Shego a bit but that was probably because the woman was more or less a pretty face and the goons were just idiots.

Another thing was that while Shego was technically Neutral somewhat… more like Chaotic Neutral… this woman here had a plan that didn't have much payoff in terms of well… anything… it was like she was a tomb raider and could care less if the temple was brought down on them while she sat around.

Finally… Well this was mainly the reason why Shego was trying to get away from her but she had an appointment to keep but thanks to Shego's contract, which she wanted to keep to build a reputation, she couldn't leave early.

Anyway the woman in question had ebony skin, red hair which was cut short so it wouldn't get messed up, she had a curvy body with C cup breasts and a shapely ass... she wore some unknown brand tanktop which was red in color with red cargo pants and black combat boots… good thing Shego had control or she would have had trouble jumping the woman… unknown to many Shego wasn't a normal female but a full on woman with a cock on her body, a futanari, hermaphrodite, shemale, whatever the term… she had a working womb and pussy to boot and Shego had plenty of mental training to keep any situations down until the situation was right and an added hideaway so her dick wouldn't accidentally hit anyone.

How no one found out outside of her family was beyond Shego but she wasn't complaining since it would be a headache to explain it to many… not like it was a secret persay since she did fool around with many ladies over the world and a few guys as well.

Anyway back to the plot… right now Shego was finishing up on getting the last of the treasure out and her phone rang which got her attention, she sets the box of treasure at the designated spot, pulled it out, and smirks when she saw it was her alarm for her contract to be over.

"Nice… hey boss, my contract is up so unless you want to add additional payments to keep me under your services I'm about to head out… I did find something you may want to see though since it looks like a clue to another place with treasure" Shego said when she walked to the red headed woman, her name at least when she was doing this, was just Raider… Shego would have made a comment on the name or laughed since it would be a pretty big copyright thing but since Raider was a villain more or less, it didn't really matter and it was more of a job title being used as a name anyway so less for Shego to worry about… she did hide a smirk when she would get a bit more from Raider then she would think… hey Raider was a villain who threatened even kids and innocent wildlife near this temple and that irked Shego so might as well give her soon to be former boss a big fuck you moment soon.

"Really now?" Raider said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, consider it a gift for the Jet, should easily pay it off, though to make sure none of your goons here try and one up you, you might as well follow me for a moment so I can show you… though if you don't want a possible clue to a possible horde of treasure, your loss." Shego said when she shrugged her shoulders and starts walking away for a moment while she waits to see if Raider would stop her or not.

Raider though, narrows her eyes.

"Stop right there." She said.

Shego smirks before she looks at Raider.

"Yeah?" Shego said while she showed no fear on her face when she watched as Raider approached her.

"Show me the clue. And you better not be pulling my leg." Raider said with her arms crossed.

Shego chuckles while she gestured for Raider to follow her.

"Alright alright, don't get your panties in a not, just make sure no one follows and you will get your info, I get enough money working for people like you so I don't need much in terms of cash so aside from me, only you will know about this… well… maybe some natives who may live there but that's a different thing altogether." Shego said when she gestured for Raider to follow her into the Jungle.

Raider was again quiet before she motions her thugs to stay put and starts following Shego.

Shego chuckles when she noticed that, not like it would matter to her if her goons followed them or not, though she just led Raider pretty far away from the camp… a bit to far, even if Raider could run back in a few minutes, no one would be within earshot… was this clue from Shego really worth it?

In fact when she looked away for a moment to check her surroundings, she looked back to where Shego was and saw that she was gone all of a sudden.

"What the? Where'd you go?" Raider said as she turns around.

Though Shego, when she jumped high in the air and grabbed a vine, smirks when she tossed a few rocks she picked up here and there to really make Raider jolt… she normally used goons so being all alone like this would get her worked up at the creepy situation she was in.

"Damn! Stupid bitch tricked me!" Raider said before she starts running back to her camp.

Though Shego smirks when she used a rock to hit Raider in the back of the knee before she could get far and while it didn't do much damage, it had enough force to trip her up and caused her to crash to the ground while Shego lets go of the vine and smirks when she approached Raider.

Raider groans from having her knee hit before she glares at Shego.

"Damn you."

"Yeah well that's what you get for insulting me with a shitty job like this, pay wasn't worth it and watched as you sat on your ass all day so might as well get a bit of a bonus before I leave." Shego said with a smirk on her face while she sounded a bit cryptic about the bonus thing.

"What are you talking about?" Raider said with a confused look but still glares at Shego.

"Simple… I'm a lot more than I appear and lets just say that while you could call this overkill… I call it taking a bitch down a peg or two… I got a bit of a surprise and if you think you can sue me, I can do much worse to you then what I'm about to do now… take a look and even a bitch like you should get two and two put together." Shego said before she unbuttoned her pants and a moment later dropped them to show her panties and a… massive bulge on the front of them while Shego grins as she kicked her pants away for a moment.

Raider's eyes widened.

"What the fuck is this?!" She said before she tries to crawl away from Shego.

Though a plasma bolt from Shego nearby caused Raider to freeze in fear while Shego's hand was lit with Plasma.

"Well first off I have a cock in order, second that was a plasma attack… you should have asked if I had powers or not on the resume… anyway we can do this the fun way or the really fun way, fun way is you doing things without pain and my preferred way is doing things with some kinky pain, know a few ladies who like plasma stinging slaps on the ass hehe… anyway I'm not on the payroll anymore and now I'm getting a bitch to fuck before I head on out of here… oh and don't even think of trying to sue me… you and I are not exactly shieldable by the law and unlike you… I got flesh destroying plasma so who do you think I'll hunt down if you try anything at a later date?" Shego said with a grin while she used her hand with the plasma to destroy her panties since they were an old pair and her cock was seen though it was flaccid and inserted into Shego's own pussy for a moment… she pulled it out and shuddered when it popped free and Raider saw it was a fucking 13 inches in length when it quickly grew to full power and 3 in width… a real monster of a cock and was a grower, not a shower when it looked less then 6 earlier.

Raider's eyes widened again when she saw this before paling.

Shego chuckles when she saw Raider's gaze on her cock.

"Hehe, freakish I know but hey some ladies love it, and this was much smaller before I got my powers so could call this a perk… now unless you want to get busted wide open rather painfully, get to stripping, no use running and we are far from earshot of any of your goons." Shego said while she removed her upper outfit which just left her in her shoes which showed she went braless, she had D cup breasts that bounced free thanks to how tight the outfit was, more then made up for the lack of the bra.

Raider glares at Shego again but had no choice before she starts taking off her clothes.

Shego smirks when she saw that and waits for Raider to be in her boots only, Raider had C cup breasts and wide toned hips.

"Not bad, not sure why you went into this villain gig when you could be a model but I'm not complaining… more fun for me after all." Shego said when she stroked her cock and gestured for Raider to approach her.

Raider may have a tiny blush from her face at the compliment but was still glaring daggers at Shego but couldn't do or say anything as Raider didn't want to get hit.

After that, the scene showed Shego moaning when Raider was sucking her cock and Shego watched as Raider stroke the parts of the cock that Raider couldn't take.

'I can't believe this is happening.' Raider thought as she was forced to continue pleasing Shego's cock.

Shego keeps groaning from the feeling and she used a hand to grip Raider's hair and made her take a bit more of her cock down her mouth.

Raider groans from that action before she gags as she felt Shego's cock hits her throat.

Shego pants a bit while she enjoyed the feeling.

"F-Fuck… been awhile… going to fucking blow my load so hard." Shego muttered while her cock starts to pulse a few times in Raider's mouth after a few minutes passed.

Raider felt it and sadly couldn't do anything else but suck Shego's dick as time passes.

Another minute passed, Shego gripped Raider's hair tightly to hold her steady before she groans while sperm blasts into Raider's mouth… though to Raider's shock… Shego's sperm had a green glow on it that caused her mouth to sting a bit but it wasn't painful levels of stinging.

Raider's eyes widened before she gags at not only the amount but the stinging feeling in her mouth and throat.

Shego however just rode out her orgasm and tapped off with a audible groan 20 seconds later and pulled her cock out of Raider's mouth so she could breath and what not.

Raider gasps a bit before she starts coughing for a moment.

Shego waits for her to regain her ability to breath and what not so she could ask this while her sperm glowed on the ground and what not.

"So… how was that?, filling?, feeling a rush of energy?... hot and bothered?" Shego asked while she looks amused for some reason.

All Raider did was glare at Shego.

"You could've warned me about that green glow on your cum."

"What?, you thought my hands were the only thing that could channel my energy?, hehe, don't worry… you won't be complaining anytime soon when the effect kicks in." Shego said while she looks really amused now.

"What effect?" Raider said as she didn't like the sound of that.

Shego however chuckles when Raider jolts and a funny feeling was felt in her stomach and her body felt warm… unnaturally so and her body felt so heated right now it wasn't even funny… her breasts felt sensitive, her pussy felt like it was on fire and Shego's cock looked so… good to her right now for some reason.

"W-What did you… d-do to me?" Raider said.

"Oh nothing much, my cum just has an interesting effect on ladies when I channel my energy into my sperm… its not toxic or anything so don't worry about that… but thanks to you ingesting my charged load… hehe, well lets just say you should feel a burst of energy and a need to get fucked like no other… I could leave now since you did give my cock a good sucking… but with the way you are eyeing my cock, I may not be able to." Shego said when she looks at Raider and her gaze never left Shego's dick which was iron hard even after that kind of ejaculation.

Raider was shocked after hearing that and tries to resist the effect.

However it was actually harder than she thought.

Her pussy throbbed with need, her body actually sweated more then usual when her body was heated more than she thought and Shego's cock really good to her the more she was near it… more and more of her rational thought starts to leave her body when the heat builds to practical insanity.

"D-Damn you." Raider said before she licked Shego's dick again.

"Hehe, heard worse from other villain ladies… but enough foreplay since I'm sure you are soaking wet now, get in a position and get ready to get the most intense fucking of your life." Shego said while she licked her lips.

Raider pulls her tongue back and didn't say anything before she got on her hands an knees with her ass pointed at Shego.

Shego approached Raider and with a smirk placed her hands on Raider's ass cheeks and teased her when she rubbed the head of her cock on Raider's folds.

Raider shudders from that action as some of her will continues to slowly slip away.

Shego licks her lips again before she gripped Raider's hips and gently starts to push her hips forwards and her massive cock starts to enter Raider's pussy.

Raider groans as she felt the inside of her pussy stretching a bit.

Shego grits her teeth when she forced more and more of her cock into Raider's folds until she bumped into Raider's cervix.

"F-Fuck… talk about a tight pussy." Shego teased while her dick throbbed in Raider's pussy.

"Y-Yeah well your cock is h-huge!" Raider groans again as she grinds her teeth.

Shego just looks amused when she heard that and starts to fuck Raider when she felt like she relaxed enough for her to move safely.

Raider groans as she feels Shego's dick going in and out of her pussy.

Shego in turn used one hand to smack Raider's ass while she gyrates her hips so her cock could hit all of Raider's insides at different angles to find her sweet spots and pants and moans from the effort of fucking such a tight hole.

Raider kept groaning a few times before she lets out a moan or two after feeling her sweet spots getting hit.

This resulted in Shego getting really wild with her actions and her thrusts threaten to break into Raider's womb when her cervix starts to give way.

Raider moans and groans loudly thanks to that action as her face starts to look fucked up as her pussy got more wet.

After a bit, Shego grits her teeth and gripped Raider's hips with both hands and really pounds away at Raider while Shego's cock bashed into her womb through her cervix and a large bulge formed again and again.

"F-Fuck!" Raider moans after feeling that as her toes curled on the ground.

"H-Hehe… as you wish!" Shego growled out while she really powered up her thrusts which caused her cock to pretty much ruin Raider's pussy for many and only people with cocks of Shego's size could do anything to please her now.

Raider's face was now more fucked up as her moans got louder while her tongue was sticking out.

For a few minutes, Shego keeps on fucking Raider while she could feel her orgasm getting close, but instead of warning the temple plunderer, Shego just charged her sperm and roars when she fired a glowing green load into Raider's womb and her cock visibly throbbed with each shot.

"GAAAAHHH!" Raider groans loudly as she felt it before climaxing on top of Shego's dick.

For a bit the duo ride out their orgasms and Shego tapped off with a groan before she pulled her cock free and thick globs of glowing sperm flowed from Raider's abused snatch and onto the jungle floor… oddly enough it seemed to have healing properties when Raider's pussy tightened up again… must be an effect that Shego's loads had.

Raider was panting for breath after tapping off as her body shudders a bit.

Shego then moved to get near Raider's head and got her on her knees and had her head near Shego's cock.

"Clean it up bitch before I pay that ass a visit, after that I'll be going so good luck with the temple ruins." Shego said while she had her cock near Raider's head.

Raider lifted her head a bit and instead of fighting back, she sticks out her tongue and starts to lick Shego's cock clean.

Shego smirks at that, bitches like this normally break after a round or two and Shego enjoyed the look she got right now from Raider.

Raider had a look that shows she would follow any order as she continues to clean Shego's cock thoroughly.

Shego really smirks from that, she didn't know much about this charged sperm stuff but knew three things… one, only strong willed ladies could resist breaking and it would take a bit for Raider to recover from the pleasure high she just got, two, the chances of pregnacy get heightened so she had special pills made to counter that for some super birth control pills and three… her sperm had a healing effect on a woman's holes and was also a heat inducer and energizer as well so it was like Shego was made to fuck women and she enjoyed every moment of it.

The scene then showed Shego lifting and lowering Raider onto her cock while Shego's cock really went deep in the villainesses asshole again and again.

Raider was groaning loudly as her ass was really getting pounded.

Shego then walked to a tree while she kept fucking Raider and fucked Raider aginst the tree and kissed Raider on the lips when she did so.

Raider didn't show much of a reaction as thanks to the intense pleasure she was receiving but did kiss Shego back nonetheless.

Shego keeps the kiss up and fucked Raider harder and faster while her orgasm slowly approached and could feel Raider getting closer as well which caused Shego to fuck Raider harder and faster until….

Raider muffly moans loudly as her ass tightens around Shego's cock before climaxing hard on it as her pussy spray out her juices.

This caused Shego to growl while she fired her own load up Raider's ass and her own juices squirt from her pussy as well and the two villain's ride out their orgasms and Shego tapped off first with a groan.

Raider taps off as well before she panted a bit and enjoys the afterglow.

Shego chuckles at that and after getting her cock cleaned and sucked to another climax and cleaned again, she left a small pill bottle near Raider and as she got dressed, she smirks at the twitching villainess.

"Sorry to fuck and fly but I got somewhere to be so see you later, if you want to have more fun you know where to call and try and not give me crap with suing otherwise we will have a bad time later." Shego said while she smirks at the threat and left Raider on the ground with her mind slowly recovering enough to give her a coherent thought.

'For a conniving bitch… she was a good lay.' Was all Raider thought before she weakly took the pill.

After that she passed out and Shego returned to the camp and one of the goons of Raider noticed the boss was missing.

"Oi, what happened to the boss?" The goon said.

"Hmmm?, oh she's busy looking at that clue I mentioned, give her a few minutes so she can get back, don't want to get on her bad side and interrupt her while she is brainstorming right?... anyway I'm heading out so smell you all later." Shego said while she walked to the Jet and got in before many could talk with her and in no time the Jet took off which left some confused goons behind.

"Uh… what just happened?" Another goon said with a confused look.

"No clue, come on lets get back to work, we can give the boss 20 minutes before we check on her." Another Goon said while the scene went to Shego while she had a grin on her face while she flew through the air.

"Hehe, not a bad lay and nice hull here." Shego said before her phone rang again, this time with a phone call notification which confused Shego and she sets the jet on auto and went to answer the phone and it was from… her mom's lawyer?

That confused Shego quite a bit and she answered it.

"Hello?, Shego speaking." Shego said while she relaxed in her seat.

"Yes, hello Mrs. Go. I call you now for I have some… unfortunate news to tell you." The lawyer said.

"Unfortunate news?... look unless my mom kicked the bucket or something I doubt it could be that bad, pretty sure she wouldn't have you call me unless I messed something up… I maybe reformed but I was still a villain after all so I doubt it can be anything good if I broke something of hers by accident." Shego said when she thought this was just some kind of talk to get to to turn fully good or something.

The lawyer was quiet before he spoke up.

"Well I'm sorry to say this but... your mother has indeed passed away in her sleep."

That… nearly caused Shego to drop her Phone in shock and she sounded angered when she recovered.

"Are you kidding?... because if this is one of mom's tricks I swear asses will be kicked hard!" Shego growled out while the Lawyer stayed calm.

"I can assure you it's not Mrs. Go… I have been given instructions from your mother that says for me to speak with you while you are with a Mrs. Ann Possible and her family, you should be familiar with them… mainly their daughter… says that there is a condition for you to get your part of the will and it's to be there when I read it, my apologize for the inconvenience but it was your mother's last wish so I hope you understand." The Lawyer said much to Shego's rising confusion… Ann Possible?, Kim's mom?... her family?... why would Shego of all people need to be there?

Still… Shego did want to find some things out so she reprogrammed the autopilot to head to Middleton and as the Jet flew, she said this to the Lawyer.

"I better get some questions answered since its been a long time since I saw mom, I'm surprised I was even in the will at all so hope you don't have any appointments for a while." Shego said while she hung up and the Lawyer sighs when he put his phone away while he approached a certain building that was putting the final touches up on a party on the inside.

"Oh believe me Shego, this will really be an eye opener." The Lawyer said while the scene went to a bit later to show Kim returning home in her car while she worked to get plenty of items out of the car, first she had to get everything on the list that grew when her mom called for some things, next she had to get Lunch and third because of traffic, she had trouble with getting home and now she saw so many cars at her home that it was ridiculous.

"What the? Why are there so many cars here at my house?" Kim said with a confused look.

She then entered the house and saw that the light was off for some reason and contrary to how the outside looked, there was no one here.

"Hello?, anyone home?, mom?, I got everything on that list you sent me." Kim said while she moved to set things on the coffee table though she was unaware that someone was hiding near the light switch, and as soon as the switch was flipped, many people that Kim knew in the past, either friends, or some allies during missions, or some people she helped appeared from various hiding places.

"SURPRISE!" Many said though… seems Kim was a bit trigger happy since she normally got jumped and had some trained reflexes to react in situations like this… and threw an apple from the groceries that she got before she realized what was going on and her nearest target… Ron unfortunately was hit where the sun doesn't shine and he collapsed onto the ground while he held his fellahs and many males cringed when that sounded like a big impact.

Kim's eyes widened.

"Oh geeze Ron! I'm so sorry."

Ron weakly raised a hand with a finger pointing upwards while he spoke with a high pitched voice.

"N-No problem KP… should have figured you would be jumpy with surprises… I'll just lay here and… ohhh… can someone get me some ice?" Ron weakly asked while Jim and Tim in a moment of mercy went to get some.

Kim felt bad before looking at everyone else.

"Sorry that you had to see that everyone." She said.

"H-Hehe… no problem Kim… though shows we should learn to wear protective cups or armor if we want to surprise you with a birthday party." Monique said when she made herself known when she waved to Kim.

Everyone else, especially the males, nod their heads but also made a mental note to be prepared for next time as Jim and Tim brought the ice back for Ron..

After Ron was helped, Ann walked to her daughter and smiles at her.

"Sorry for the scare Kim, we just wanted to make sure you would be away from here while we had the party set up for you… next time I shouldn't have you get apples though." Ann said while she smiles at her daughter in a teasing way.

Kim blushes in embarrassment.

"Yeah… I can see why you had me do those errands. Still though… I was still surprised."

"Yeah well wouldn't be a surprise birthday party if it wasn't a surprise." Ann said while Monique chuckles when she looks at Kim.

"She has a point you know." Monique said while she grins at Kim.

"Happy birthday by the way, 19 now if we're keeping count." Monique said while she keeps the smile on her face.

Kim did feel better after hearing that.

"Yeah and thanks Monique. Also thank you everyone."

"No problem, though there is an odd guest here who appeared recently and said he can wait till a certain person gets here, not sure who though." Monique said when she points at a serious looking Lawyer while Jim smirks.

"Maybe he came here to give Kim a bill for damages or something?" Jim said while Tim chuckles at that.

Kim narrows her eyes.

"Unless it's something that you two did while I was away." She said to her brothers.

"Hey we may cause trouble sometimes but not outside the house… I mean we heard a few times that some of your adventures caused buildings to be blown up." Tim said while Ann got between the two or three with Jim backing Tim in this case.

"Alright you three enough, today is Kim's birthday so let me talk to this guy and see what he wants while Kim here enjoys the party." Ann said before she walked to the Lawyer while Kim, Jim, and Tim stick their tongues at one another before Kim left the twins to get something to eat while Ann approached the Lawyer.

"Hey I'm sorry you had to see that… though just to check you are not here to sue Kim or anything right?, you may have better luck suing the villains she fights since they cause most of the troubles." Ann said when she worried her daughter may actually be in trouble.

The lawyer shook his head.

"No. Though your daughter is needed according to this will. Before I continue, does the name Nicole Go ring a bell to you?"

"Nicole Go… wait… Nico?... I gave a person named Nicole that Nickname… really good friends years ago and while we kept in touch we haven't been able to these last few months for some reason… not sure about the Go name though, but will?... wait… don't tell me…" Ann said while she had a bad feeling in her gut.

The Lawyer nod his head.

"I'm sorry to say this but Madam Go has passed away in her sleep."

Ann got wide eyes and covered her mouth.

"Oh god… did she at least go peacefully?" Ann said while the Lawyer shrugged a bit.

"Hard to say, she never showed any weakness but well… it was cancer… it pretty much made her look like a shell of her former self but she managed to finalize some things before she passed, I already talked with her sons and gave them their part of their inheritance, all I need to do now is do the hardest part here and have your family and Shego here so I can explain things… I'm sorry for interrupting this party but figured I should rip the bandage off now instead of later… Madam Go wouldn't want this day spoiled by her news of passing so we should hold off on talking till the guests leave." The Lawyer said while he gave Ann a look of slight sadness and understanding which showed the Lawyer was a good friend of Nicole it seems.

Ann tried to hold herself back from crying.

"You're right. Shouldn't let my daughter's day be ruined. Still though… wish I saw Nico one last time."

"Well she never told you or many about her illness since well… I won't lie… it was heartbreaking to see her in that state before she passed on, again it wasn't my call but you know Madam Go better then I so you know her personality yes?... pretty sure she would rise from the grave to kick our butts if we let ourselves be too emotional about this with sadness." The Lawyer said before chuckling at how Nicole Go was in the past since she could be pretty straightforward about things.

Hearing that made Ann chuckle a bit.

"Yeah she would definitely do that."

"Indeed, I'll be enjoying the party Madam Possible so I'll see you after the party." The Lawyer said before he walked away from Ann.

Ann was quiet for a moment.

'Oh Nicole… wish you told me. Maybe I could've helped you at least then maybe would we would've see each other more.' She thought.

While the party went on, Ron managed to recover enough from the apple impact to start walking again… though he did have a small limp and he had a bit of an aversion to apples for a bit.

Kim noticed before cringing a bit.

"Hey Ron. Sorry again for the apple thing."

"N-No problem Kim, again just need to remember what happened and watch out for flying apples… so how is the party so far?" Ron said to try and change the subject.

"It's going pretty great. Besides that mystery lawyer, everyone I know and care are all here." Kim said with a smile.

"Hehe, yeah, second best day of your life huh?, Best to us dating I bet." Ron said while he had a happy look in his eyes.

Kim chuckled.

"Well of course Ron. Nothing can top our relationship."

Though Rufus took a bit of offense to that and made random noises which caused Kim to chuckle.

"Well ok, hard to say if you getting Rufus can be beat so don't mind having a second best type of situation in this case." Kim said while Rufus smiles a bit when Kim pets him on the head.

Rufus rubs his head on Kim's hand as Ron smiles at the two.

"Well I will say this, besides my family, you and Rufus are the most important people and Naked Mole rat in my life."

Kim smiles at that while Jim and Tim walking nearby gag a bit.

"Oh get a room you two." Jim said while Kim looks amused.

"Oh, you offering tweebs?" Kim teased to mess with Jim and Tim a bit.

The twins blinked a bit after hearing that.

"You wish." Tim said.

"Right, got my own room for that hehe, anyway unless you want to hear something you are not ready for, I suggest you two get going." Kim said while she grins at the Tweebs who grumble and walk away in defeat for now.

Ron couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

"I wonder if that's gonna happen with me and my sister."

"Eh, Hana's a sweetheart, I would worry more about boys coming after her when she is older." Kim said while Ron got an overprotective look on his face.

"Over my dead body!, Not until she is much older than a kids age!" Ron said while he looked a bit comical in his protectiveness.

Rufus nods in agreement as he wants to help protect Hana too.

Kim rolled her eyes and flicked Ron on the ear.

"Oh relax, after what I saw with Monkey Fist and the Yono before Monkey Fist was turned into stone, pretty sure I would be worried for the boys more than Hana." Kim said when she remembers how strong Hana was for an infant.

"Oh yeah." Ron said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Still though, gotta make sure to be there for my baby sister." He said.

"Right, and you are a good big brother to her, I doubt Hana would end up like the Tweebs, worst I can see is her learning how to do Ninja tricks to avoid the Monkey Kung Fu Master." Kim said while she teased Ron a bit since he did learn how to use Mystical Monkey power and what not but Hana could still probably avoid him given enough time.

"Hehe, right." Ron said as he chuckles at the thought.

The rest of the party went on for a bit with things about to get to the gift opening portion but Kim, drinking some soda, heard knocking at the front door.

Kim blinked in confusion before putting her cup down.

"Who could that be?" She said.

Ron went to answer the door before his eyes widened at who he saw.

Turns out… it was Shego shockingly enough and a jet was across the street in the nearby neighbours yard.

"Yo." Was all Shego said to Ron while she had a hand on her hip.

"S-Shego?! What are you doing here?!" Ron said as Rufus hid inside Ron's pocket.

"Oh relax I come in peace, was called here by my Mom's Lawyer so unless he somehow didn't tell you about me, I suggest you ask him to come here." Shego said while she gave Ron a raised eyebrow.

Ron blinked a bit before he looks at the crowd.

"Uh excuse me Mr… Lawyer sir, did you call Shego here?"

The Lawyer appears near Ron and adjusts his Glasses.

"Indeed, Miss Go here is pretty much required so might as well consider her a peaceful guest here, don't worry, it will make sense after the birthday party here so let's talk about this later." The Lawyer said which made Shego raise an eyebrow.

She did shrug though.

"Fine, could use some grub after flying all the way here so where are the snacks?" Shego said when she walked by Ron… sure Shego was not… evil… per say at least to Ron or Kim nowadays but was evil nonetheless which caused a few people to stay on guard around her.

Kim though was confused about the situation.

'Why would Shego be here?, and more importantly, why the lawyer said she was required to come?' She thought.

The scene then went to an hour or so later to when Kim opened all of her gifts from everyone and was now saying goodbye to many guests, Ron was staying behind to help with cleanup and the Lawyer drank some soda that he had while Shego sat on a nearby couch and when the guests were gone, The Lawyer cleared his throat to get everyones attention.

"Alright everyone, if no one else is leaving and if the party if fully over with, I would like to get over this soon to be tense situation so we can all relax and what not afterwards… my apologized for my abrutness but I need to be able to go over the will while Miss Go here is here and in a peaceful mood." The Lawyer said while shego scoffed.

"Peaceful for you maybe, I'm irritated beyond belief after that call you gave me." Shego cryptically said while she had a frown on her face.

Kim rolls her eyes before looking at the lawyer.

"So what was the reason you had to be here, if you don't mind me asking? And why Shego had to be here for this?"

"Well first I should start out with this… your mother and Madam Go, Nicole Go, had made a deal, a Blood Pact if you will, and it would only come into effect once you were of age and that age while debatable, was suppose to be on your 18th birthday but thanks to those invaders and what not causing havoc, that had to be delayed… and second… Madam Go died a few days ago after a intense battle with Cancer, she died peacefully before you ask and her affairs are already dealt with aside from Miss Go here, I already gave Hego, Mego, and The Wego Twins their small shares of the Go fortune, Madam Go on the Other hand had something special for her daughter and well… my apology since this will require your help Miss Possible." The Lawyer said which was confusing on so many levels after they got over the slight sadness of realizing Shego's mother died… even Shego looked confused on some things.

"What do you mean by that and why do I need Miss new Adult here help?" Shego said while Ron listened in.

"Simple Miss Go… though one thing first… Master Jim, Master Tim, mind leaving the room, this conversation from here on out will be for adults only and while I did my research on you two, you two are younger then 18 years of age and your parents can give you a much… cleaner explanation of what I'm about to say to everyone else here." The Lawyer said when he looks at Jim and Tim with a serious look in his eyes.

Jim and Tim were confused by this before Ann looks at her sons.

"Just go to your room boys. Your father and I will tell what happen later."

"Aw man we never get to have fun." Jim said before he and Tim went up to their room.

Once that was done the Lawyer looks at Ann.

"Thank you, and Mr. Possible, try and not ask too many questions until the end, from my research this was made before your wife met you and that this was made when Madam Go and Ann we're still dating back then." The Lawyer said which made James blink a few times.

"That.. is news to me, how come I never heard of this before now dear?" James asked which made Ann look nervous while Shego and Kim look stunned at the news and Ron looked floored.

"Well… like he said this was before I met you in collage and well… I did experiment a bit to see what my preference was." Ann said while she looked worried her husband would be hurt by that.

James rubbed his head a bit when he heard that.

"Well… a bit to take in though since we are married, can't complain much since I got you as my loving wife… but why do I have a bad feeling that this whole Blood Pact thing will give me a headache like no other since it involves Kim here?" James said while Ann really looks nervous now.

Kim looks at her mom.

"Mom?... What kind of Blood Pact did you make with… Shego's mom?" She said.

Ann looked really nervous and The Lawyer cleared his throat.

"I'll explain since this would be hard to talk about for her… you see Madam Go and Madam Possible here have made a deal that once the firstborn of Madam Ann was birthed and was raised to adulthood, that child would marry Madam Go's picked child… I checked recently... Hego is not an option since last I checked he is seeing someone now and she is of great standing... Mego is not interested and Madam Go knows that because of that he would not be ready for a real relationship and the Wego twins were not even of age to consider… no Madam Go picked Shego as the person for you to marry Miss Possible… and before you say anything, this is a legally binding thing and if you want to get out of it, you would have to forfeit your surname and any attachments you had to them, you would still be a daughter to them biologically but in name and in rights, all you would be in that situation is Kim… nothing else… and before any of you ask, yes this is a legally binding contract, many people did stuff like this and this was made long before I got to my position and even if I did try and find a loophole out of this, it would take years at best since this is a pretty iron clad contract." The Lawyer said and though many were surprised by that, many were surprised when Shego held a plasma covered hand in front of the surprisingly unflinching Lawyer's face.

"Are you for real?! Why would my mom suggest I marry her?!" Shego said.

The Lawyer adjusts his glasses and stared down Shego.

"First off I am no mind reader, Madam Go set this up with Madam Possible, if you have issues with anyone, take it with the only living person that helped make the deal… second villain tendencies aside you have a smart head on your shoulders and are a stubborn woman like your mother so unlike Hego, Mego, and the Wego twins, you are not either naive like them or immature, third your mother left you not a part of the family fortune but 80% of the fortune to do with as you see fit, the mansion, and the business as well which would make you rich enough to set you for life… finally…" The Lawyer said before he shocked everyone when he moved with surprising speed after dropping his briefcase and used a strong move throwing move to slam Shego onto her front, had her plasma coated hand arm pointed in the air behind her back and the Lawyer had his left foot on her back and her arm gripped while the Lawyer looked down on her.

"...Madam Go gave me permission to defend myself if you ever threaten me, you should remember that Madam Go wouldn't just have anyone deal with you in this case and I have practiced Karate and Akido and while I'm no Master, I can easily handle you at my current level so why don't we talk like civil people or I may have to make you settle down and unlike Miss Possible who only used punches and kicks… I would break bones…" The Lawyer said while he squeezed Shego's arm tighter while Lawywer's mucles bulge a bit in his arm that gripped Shego's arm and it sounded like he was trying to crush her arm now.

Shego's eyes widened for a bit before groaning at the Lawyer's strength.

"O-Okay… I-I get it!"

"Good." was all the Lawyer said before he used a quick move to pull Shego to her feet and dusts her body off.

"My apologies Miss Go but again your mother did give me permission to defend myself, all I am is just a mouthpiece, if you really have issues then you should take it up with Madam Possible however considering your… condition… I figured you may enjoy this considering various factors… not exactly a hidden thing from what I can gather but I'm sure Miss Possible can keep up with you considering the fights you two had in the past physically." The Lawyer said before he stepped back when he finished getting dust off Shego while everyone else was out of the loop while Shego rubbed her aching arm.

Kim looks at her mom.

"Mom, what reason was this Blood Pact to be made?"

Ann looks really nervous and she rubbed her arm for a moment.

"Well… back then it was mine and Nico's way of trying to bring our families together and again this was before I met your father, back then I was well… as you heard a bit of a different person… technically similar to you, headstrong and easily jumping the gun sometimes when it came to romance." Ann said while she rubbed the back of her head now.

"Anyway I didn't expect Shego to be picked and by the time I met your father I honestly forgot, Nico and I kept in touch but she never talked about that pact afterwords since she got married and what not, and with how she never said anything with Hego or Mego, I thought the whole matter was dropped until now." Ann said while the Lawywer adjusts his tie.

"I'm afraid not, Madam Go left clear instructions that in her untimely Death, she would have you help honor the deal as a last request or if you were against it, stay out of the way to see how this would go, after all she said and I Quote, anything is possible for a Possible, so this should should be a simple thing to do if Miss Possible and Miss Go hang out and what not." The Lawyer said before Ron made himself known when he had enough.

"Now hold on, I don't care what legal mambo jumbo you are saying, Kim's my girlfriend s-!" Ron tried to said while The Lawyer held up three fingers.

"Three reasons why you should listen to why you should end the relationship then and three reasons why you should just stay quiet and learn to share… hear them out since if you do care for Miss Possible, you will listen since this matter doesn't really concern you… I'm not saying this to be heartless but your girlfriend's livelihood is pretty much at stake and she may have to get a new identity if she doesn't go through with this." The Lawyer said to Ron while he had a serious look in his eyes.

Ron had a serious face as he looks at the lawyer for a moment before he sat back down.

"Good, first off on why you should break up with her… what is your job?... what Income do you make weekly?" The Lawyer said while he looks at Ron.

"I work at Smarty Mart in the pet department." Ron said.

"I see, well respected job caring for animals… however that Job won't cut it, Madam Go gave Miss Go a rather large inheritance, a corporation, and many other assets, she could buy Smarty Mart in its entirety many times over and do whatever with the property, thats how rich Miss Go is now, I'm not saying this to be cruel but for you to think rationally… if Miss Possible here refuses this, not only would she lose any rights with her family but also her last name as well legally and have to use another… tell me boy… can you fully support her?, even if she gets a new identity and job and everything given her talents, do you really think she would be happy like that?... at best she can do whatever with her life and recover but she would be losing her family metaphorically if you push the matter… I can ask Miss Possible about her feelings in the matter but I'm trying to make sure there are no damages done whatsoever and I have a final reason why you should break up with her." The Lawyer said while he looks unblinking at Ron.

Ron was quiet as he tries to think of a counter but… somehow he knew that with his salary, Ron can only afford to take Kim out at a nice restaurant but unless he and Kim decided to move in, he would need to get a better position with a higher pay raise.

The Lawyer noticed that and clears his throat.

"Good… Final reason is in the long run would you be able to support her fully?, say for example one of her missions goes awol and she gets an injury that prevents her from doing much, could you support her?... raise a family?... I'm not saying this to be harsh but for you to face reality boy… I can say however there are three ways for you to not only improve but stay in a relationship with Miss Possible in a roundabout way… that is if you will hear this suggestion… who knows, even if you and Miss Possible don't date anymore because of the stress of the situation, you can at least get a better job out of this with a much higher pay grade." The Lawyer cryptically said like he had an idea of sorts.

Ron blinked a bit after hearing this.

"And what are those suggestions?" He said while having hope he can still stay with Kim.

"Well… I can explain in a moment… however it will rely on you being able to not only keep a secret but compromise since I have yet to even explain the crux of Madam Go's condition for Miss Go to even KEEP the new wealth and everything she got since this requires Miss Possible and Miss Shego to be fully in this and for you to be able to keep quiet and pretty much lie to the entire world somewhat…" The Lawyer said while confusing pretty much everyone.

"Uh… what is that condition exactly?" James asked while he had a bad feeling in his gut.

"Simple… excluding the previous year which was given a pass… Miss Go and Miss Possible must have a flesh and blood child within the next 5 years otherwise both people automatically lose not only the rights to their respective families but also Miss Go loses her old home, the company her mother made and any inheritance at all… I'm sure it won't matter much to her since she is a villain who is more or less restrained by becoming mellow over the years… but Miss Possible however won't have that luxury since she is a well known person and hearing of this would give her all kinds of issues… its not a threat I can assure you, its a promise that she may have trouble getting into a relationship if she can't have a child within 5 years… and before you ask, no she won't need to get a job, Miss Go here could support Miss Possible and many children many times over until their dying days, the business Madam Go made is one that covers many areas from the food business like Bueno Nacho and to others like plane manufacturing… even many scientific fields were funded by Madam Go and many buildings, even your own lab was helped built by her... you can see how this is already going so instead of being the protective parent, be a smart one and consider all options before you say something you will regret… I will speak to Miss possible and Miss go about this but I'm delaying that by making sure no one here gets in my way and pull stupid stunts." The Lawyer said while he gave James a serious look.

James was shocked that his lab was made by the mother of his daughter's rival and though he want to object to things, he didn't want to put his daughter's life in jeopardy thanks to the legal document.

That caused the Lawyer to nod his head.

"Good… anyway before you ask, Miss Go here is fully capable of… giving Miss Possible a child… Tell me, do any of you know what a Hermapodite is?... maybe under a different term a Futanari?" The Lawyer said while he had a straight face when he talked about this.

Everyone blinked at the question but Ron seemed to get it.

"W-Wait… are you saying that Shego has a…" He said but stopped as he didn't want to finish the sentence but Shego groans in annoyance.

"Yes alright? I got… both." She said while feeling embarrassed.

"Indeed, and from what my research and intelligence gathered, Miss Go is very… virile… not exactly a secret when Miss Go likes to sleep around with many women and the occasional male, double the sex drive of a normal person in this case." The Lawyer said when he gave Shego a half lidded look.

Shego facepalm while blushing a bit in embarrassment as everyone else was again shocked at this info.

"That's… shocking." Ron said.

"Indeed, and before you ask, Miss Go here is well equipped from what some women told me, long story short on length alone when fully erect… 13 inches or so… and that was after her incident with the Glow comet that gave her plasma powers to her." The Lawyer said while he looks at Kim to see how she would react to all that.

Kim's eyes widened after hearing that.

"W-Wait… so even before the comet she still had a…" She stopped as she couldn't bring herself to say it."

"A Penis?... indeed, her mother said before she was around the 6 to 7 inch mark before the comet so you could say it doubled in size after, not many women could last except for a small few… for example, Miss Go you know this woman named Lillum correct?, she is interesting enough in a relationship with a woman named Maite and a man named Emerald, Lillum or Miss Demonica is actually able to take Shego fully since Miss Demonica and her family are pretty much trained to seduce people in the criminal underworld and what not… its a long story that can be told later but I heard Shego visits her daily, is that correct?" The Lawyer said while he looks at Shego.

Shego was rubbing the temples on her head.

"Yeah… I have."

"Indeed, anyway Miss Possible, aside from the fact you may or may not have to break up with your boyfriend, any questions that you have?, its my job to make sure all goes well here good or bad so no question is too small." The Lawyer patiently said while he stands in front of Kim.

Kim was a bit silent for a moment.

"I… I don't know what to say since this is all still shocking to me."

"I would believe so, still if you manage to calm yourself after a few minutes of thinking, I'm willing to answer anything you have to ask… Miss Go, do you have any questions?" The Lawyer said when he looks at Shego.

"Uh yeah, I don't suppose adopting a kid is out of the window then right?" Shego said.

"Unfortunately no, a flesh and blood child needs to be conceived from you and Miss Possible, a blood test would easily prove if the child is yours or not." The Lawyer said while he adjusts his glasses again.

"I see…" Shego said even though she had a feeling that adopting wouldn't work.

"If its any consolation, you know Miss Possible more than anyone, if you and her got to know one another as friends instead of enemies, I'm sure you two would get along well, I mean if you were not a villainess, it wouldn't be too out there right?, and with Miss Possible's training, she would have stamina and you two can train together, all in all, situation aside its not the worst situation to happen and nothing in the rules say you can't find other lovers… though for Mr. Stoppable's case he would have to make some sacrifices on his end since he may not be willing to go through to do so…" The Lawyer said while he glanced at Ron.

Ron blinked a bit.

"And what sacrifice is that?"

"Simple, not only would you be technically be in an affair with Miss Possible since she would be in an official relationship with Miss Go, but if anything did happen you would have to take the Go name instead of Stoppable, not only would you technically be marrying into the family, you would be doing so in an unorthodox way… and many would not look on you kindly for that, sure many would understand but in this situation you are the outsider looking in and many who DON'T know you will think you are doing this for the money so you would have a pretty hard time finding your own job if you get fired because if anyone found out I doubt Smarty Mart would ignore this… however if people know that you were a *Surrogate* then people would not think like that since it would not only keep Miss Go's secret for a bit longer but would also give you more time with Miss Possible… however there are issues with that since again, a blood test would be needed and if people find out then people will still look at you with issues… unless Miss Go is willing to pretty much take care of you, I would highly suggest breaking up since it would be VERY hard for you to support yourself… I mentioned Emerald, Maite, and Lillum, but Lillum's folks are well off, Maite is renowned as a strong fighter and takes part in many martial arts tournaments so she makes a lot of money with what she loves and Emerald had a way with words to make it out of dicy situations and is able to keep up with Lillum and Maite, he does not have a job but he does help out with Maite and Lillum in many things they require… and unlike Miss Possible I doubt Miss Go has feelings for you as well I do have some contacts for various jobs in the Go company but its a cold fact many will look down on you not only in jealousy but with various levels of contempt since to them, it would look like you are trying to get in on the family fortune and while you do have your own merits, you are mainly known as Kim Possible's Sidekick and nothing else and have a small job, no real wealth with your family… best I can say is you have mystical monkey powers but I highly doubt you want to go through a life of fighting like Maite I take it?" The Lawyer said while he had a stoic look on his face.

Ron didn't answer as he was now weighing the pros and cons.

On the one hand, he can still be with Kim. Down side… it would be an affair follow by people ridiculing him believing he would be a gold digger. Just as the lawyer said.

Things were not looking good for Ron right now.

"I will say this, I highly recommend breaking up, not just for your standing that you have but your own family… try and think of the ramifications that would happen if the current you tries anything now." The Lawyer said while Ron looks confused.

"Wait… Current me?" Ron said while the Lawyer adjusts his glasses.

"Indeed, the current you, the future's not set in stone and if you and Miss Possible break up, this could be good for you… I'm not saying this to be cold but tell me, have you ever done much without Miss Possible?, you could have genuine love or it could be raw admiration… let me ask three questions and depending on how you answer, I could help you better yourself by training you to find a new way in life, and don't worry, it won't be too complex like learning the Law, but it would give you Merit and if you still want to get with Miss Possible in the future, I doubt anyone would argue if you become more renowned than her… who knows could help you figure things out… again my first question… do you love Miss Possible because of your friendship over the years growing?, or because of you admiring her?... my second that links into it is simple… have you done much on your own that didn't involve Miss Possible?... I ask because most of my sources say you follow her around pretty much everywhere and with your personality not many can accurately get a grasp of your mentality." The Lawyer said when he gave two out of three questions for Ron to answer.

Ron rubbed the back of his head.

"Well… I think once… or twice, I went on a mission alone."

"Indeed, but most times Miss Possible has been the one doing the heroics, but now to my final question Mr. Stoppable… what will you do?... remember its not just you that you would impact if you do this… but your family as well… not just in a public image way but your family would probably judge you as well… again I'm not saying this to be the bad guy here… I'm saying this to be kind… I won't lie, Shego may try and bring a guy she may like into this and could care less what happens and who knows what could happen if that man also had an eye on Miss Possible, but given your skills, you could find another who wouldn't mind your antics and with your world saving skills could impress a few, you are not a kid anymore and neither are the ladies that you knew in the past, people grow, change, and other things over time… I'm not saying you should break up now or not… but I'm serious when I say you should consider it since it would effect more then just you." The Lawyer said while he tried to give Ron a sympathetic gesture with a hand on Ron's shoulder.

Ron had his head down for a bit.

"I… don't know. I need to think on this."

"Good, think on it hard…" The Lawyer said while he pats Ron on the shoulder and looks at Shego and Kim.

"Now then to the matter at hand… any questions from either of you now that you two had time to calm down and think while I speak with Mr. Stoppable?" The Lawyer said while he looked at the two.

Kim took a breath.

"Well… I maybe calm, but not sure I have any questions to ask now."

"I see… Miss Go?" The Lawyer said when he looks at Shego.

"Yeah… like you said… Villainess… whats to stop me from just blowing the whole thing off… give me one good reason aside from our mom's trying to force us to get married." Shego said while the Lawyer adjusts his glasses.

"Two reasons actually… mind humoring me an hear me out?" The Lawyer said while he actually gave a small smirk which was a bit off putting given the normally serious look about him.

Shego raised and eyebrow from that but had a bad feeling about something.

"Alright." She said.

"Simple really… I'll be nice first and say what is wrong with Miss Possible?, you two are not enemies and she would make a lovely wife, unlike most ladies you two would get along if you two got used to know one another so what harm is there in just trying to get to know one another… there are also friends with Benefits so its not like a woman with your Libido can't get something out of her." The Lawyer said while he keeps the amused look on his face.

Shego couldn't believe what she head as she glances at Kim for a second.

She surprisingly had a small blush on her face when the friends with benefits thing was mentioned but didn't say much… was she alright with that?

Shego raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing to say about that Possible?"

Kim blinks at that and blushed more.

"Well not like I have much of a choice unless I want to lose my family name and who knows… we could get along if we didn't try and kill one another sometimes so why not try something different… sure I'm pretty much a whirlwind of emotions right now but I can try and at least start out as friends if you'll let it happen." Kim said when she starts to get her bearings… who knows, she could get Shego to turn over a new leaf if she played her cards right so why not at least… try.

Shego was surprised when she heard that.

'Me and her, friends? Is this universe finally getting back at me?' She thought before sighing.

"Despite the facts that our moms may have screw us… No offense Mrs. Possible… I suppose I can try a test run at this." She said before having this thought.

'Maybe I can somehow have her be a bad girl on some occasion.'

The Lawyer then cleared his throat to get the duo's attention.

"So… will you two give this a shot?, the time limit is 5 years so plenty of time to be friendly while Kim moves into Shego's mansion with her after a few days so that cleaning can be done." The Lawyer said while he held back on the second reason since it looks like it wouldn't be needed.

"Hold on their cowboy. You didn't say the second reason." Shego said.

"And moving in? Despite the time limit, a bit too soon right?" Kim said.

"Well Miss Possible, do you have a better way of getting to know Miss Go?... and the mansion is massive so if you are worried about getting space when needed then you shouldn't worry… as for the second reason with Miss Go… well I would have said something like I guess it seems Miss Go here doesn't have any backbone when it comes to commitment, sure she may have fun given her Libido but marriage?... a child?... pretty sure she would be too much of a coward to do that… she could prove me wrong by actually trying to be friendly but given her past…" The Lawyer said while he looks a bit amused a moment later.

Shego frowns.

"Excuse me? I ain't afraid of anything."

"Really?, because it seems to me you are afraid of getting to know your former enemy… afraid she maybe too much for the great Shego to handle?" The Lawyer said while he looks more amused.

"Hah! Don't make me laugh. No one's too much for me." Shego said.

"Good, then I'll have Miss Possible move into your mansion in say… 5 days, should be long enough for you to get to know her while you stay here for a bit since I doubt you made plans for spending the night anywhere and you can get a start on the whole bonding thing." The Lawyer said while he gave Shego an eyesmile while he picked up his suitcase.

Shego blinked a bit after hearing this.

'Did he just…' She thought when she felt like being played.

The Lawyer then starts to walk out but he passed a business card to Ron, Kim, Ann, and James.

"My Card, if you need to contact me for questions please let me know and I will be trying to look for a Loophole so we can forget this situation, but if not, might as well welcome Shego into the family and vice versa, my name is Nocturn Ranmyaku so I hope we can get along… oh and Shego, if you ever see my son Emerald again, treat him nicely, he is a good guy after all." The Lawyer who was shockingly Emerald's Dad Nocturn said before he walked out of the building before anyone could register that or even stop the Lawyer.

"Huh?! That Emerald person is his son?!" Ron said with a shocked look as Rufus had wide eyes.

"Guess that would explain why he is pretty tough if he deals with the deadly side of the world and the Go family daily… you either need to be tough or you may get pushed around." Ann said when she saw how strong Nocturn was and how he subdued Shego in no time.

"No kidding." Shego said as she couldn't believe that her mom's lawyer was Emerald's dad.

"Yeah… so… what now?... does Shego stay here for a few days?... and… Ron?... you going to be OK?... what are you going to do?" Kim said while she looks at Ron… honestly after all that happened she couldn't blame Ron if he wanted to break up now or later after a few days of thinking… it was saddening but Nocturn gave so many reasons why and not for selfish reasons so it was hard to counter.

Ron sighs.

"I don't know… I mean I may already have an answer but… I still need to think this through."

"Well… I understand and will accept any choice you make Ron… even if it means… you know… but hey we can still hang out and what not until we can find a solution… who knows we could… find you another lady, Nocturn has a point, people matured and if they don't see the perks of you then their loss right?" Kim said to try and cheer Ron up.

Ron did felt a bit better.

"Maybe but… they won't be like you."

"Eh I don't know, remember Yori?, had to tell you she had a crush on you so who knows, if she hasn't found anyone yet you could try hitting her up, you are a good friend with her and she could be happy if you ask her on a date right?" Kim said while she pats Ron on the back.

Ron had almost forgot about Yori.

"Well… guess it wouldn't hurt to try."

"Right, sure this situation could work itself out but at the very least if not you can always try Yori, and unlike most you did hang around her alot so its not like its the end of the world when it comes to romance." Kim said when she helped Ron to his feet.

"True…" Ron said as he tries to be positive.

"Yeah… tell you what, head on home, take a nap or something and tomorrow we can talk more about this later at Bueno Nacho… on the house by me and if you do want to try and give Yori a call, I'll lend a hand in that with the Kimmunicator and what not." Kim said to try and stay upbeat… though on the inside she was a little down and put up a brave face when she and Ron walk to the door.

"Sounds like a plan." Ron said as he gave a weak smile but felt the same thing.

"Right… see you later Ron." Kim said when she held the door open and after she said goodbye to Rufus as well, Ron left and after Kim closed the door, she leaned against it and groans when she slid to the floor while she had one hand on her face.

Ron looks at the door for a moment before he starts heading home while trying his best to not cry.

Rufus moved to pat his face while he sat on Ron's shoulder and back inside the house, Ann, James, and Shego saw Kim lightly crying and Ann sighs.

"Hey Shego, I know you may have a bone to pick with me but can we hold off on the drama till we are alone or tomorrow when things are calmed down?, I could pay you back somehow but I don't know how to even start with this." Ann said… though while Shego would have ignored that… she did have an idea when she quickly looked Ann up and down and smirks.

"Alright… the drama can wait, but you owe me big time Mrs. Possible, follow me so we can talk details since you did get us into this situation." Shego said while she gestured for Ann to follow her but Shego looked at James first.

"Might as well get Kim to her room or something so she can calm down, I'll take the couch or something and find a hotel in the morning, pretty sure you don't want me anywhere near here but unless you want me to sleep in a jet, might as well take the couch… in fact why not keep the jet as a gift, pretty sure you could sell it and fund some kind of machine at your job or something." Shego said while she waits for Ann to follow her.

Ann did follow not before kissing James on the cheek.

"Sorry for everything honey."

James sighs after he got over his shock on the Jet and he gently held Ann's hand.

"I won't lie… doubt it would be fine for awhile but I can understand some things… just… get ready to be asked a lot of questions later alright?" James said while he gently rubbed Ann's hand a bit in a caring way.

Ann returns the favor before she lets go and follows Shego.

Ann then followed Shego outside and once Shego and Ann were far enough, a bit far from the house, Shego turned to Ann with a smirk.

"So… you say you'll do anything to try and make up for this right?" Shego said while she leaned against a tree for a moment.

"Yes." Ann said as she had an idea where this is leading to.

"Hehe, good, simply put I want you to pick a location where we can have a good time and it will be our little secret, if you want me to not only give Kimmy a shot, but actually stay in this kind of relationship, you'll need to make it worth my while… and you heard Mom's Lawyer… double the Libido and while I doubt Kimmy would care if I have a few flings here or there, I doubt she would do anything with me for awhile so you better get ready… just because you were mom's friend doesn't mean I won't have fun with you, I did bang a few milfs before so its not like I don't have experience." Shego said while she grins at Ann.

Ann was surprised to hear this even though she expected this.

"Okay fine then. Should we head to a motel then?" She suggested.

Shego chuckles while she shakes her head.

"Nah, I have a better idea, just follow me, might as well make this interesting since I looked up a few places here and a couple got my interest." Shego said while she gives Ann a very amused look and gestured for her to follow her.

Ann didn't know what Shego was planning before she follows her again.

Thankfully, after Shego shocked Ann when Shego used a credit card to buy a car from a nearby dealer, she and Shego drove off from it and after 15 minutes of driving while using the cars navigation, She and Shego got out of the car at… beach like area?, well since Middleton was near a desert like environment, snowy mountains, and greener hill like locations… a beach with a various sized lakes would be the least of the oddities here… though why this place?

"Um, why are we here?" Ann said..

"Oh you'll see… hehe, good thing you brought your purse with you… going to need ID." Shego said before she walked along a path that led towards the beach like area and a large gate with a fence in front of it while a large booth and building were nearby.

Ann was again confused.

'ID for what? And what is this place?' She thought before following Shego.

When they got to the booth, Shego saw a lady at the counter and she looked peppy.

"Hi there, I'm Linda, how may I help you two today?, you two here for the nude sex beach?, or you here for the regular one?, either way I need ID before I can let you two in." The Lady said while she had a smile on her face.

'N-Nude sex beach?' Ann thought while believing if she heard right.

"Hehe, got my ID here, Hey Ann, better show yours, you want to make up with me, well better get ready to get down and dirty in the sexy side of things." Shego said while she grins at Ann.

Ann was again surprised but knew she had to make things right with Shego before she went inside her purse and fished out her ID.

Once the ID's were verified, the lady at the counter smiles while she passes Shego and Ann keys on wrists bands.

"Here, you have two lockers, and since you are first time visitors, here are some complimentary towels, enjoy your stay here at the Middleton Sex beach." The lady said before she gestured for Shego and Ann to head to the Lockers nearby to undress.

"T-Thank you." Ann said before looking at Shego.

Shego was already walking to the lockers and when she and Ann enter, Ann saw a number of people here filling the lockers with clothing and she saw so many naked people of various sizes and shapes.

Ann was blushing brightly at so many naked people. She maybe a doctor in a hospital but this is different since no one is hurt or worse.

Ann shook her head before she starts get undress but was feeling a bit nervous.

Shego however was amused while she starts to get undressed near Ann and she saw how well built Shego was from her torso, legs… her third leg… wait… third leg?

Ann thought she was imagining things before she squinted at the possible third leg.

Turns out… it was Shego's cock and She looked amused when she saw Ann staring and realizing what Shego was packing.

'Good grief it's huge!' Ann thought with a surprised look.

"Hehe, see something you like?, your daughter will get acquainted with it pretty soon if she is as interested in cock as you." Shego said while she grins at Ann after she fully undressed herself and many men and women blushed when they saw Shego… men for Shego's breasts and ass though the dick scared them away… the women… well for an all around thing with Shego.

Ann blushes brightly after hearing that before she was completely undressed.

For a woman with 3 kids, she still has a good body. Her figure was hourglass like as her breasts D size.

Shego licked her lips while her dick throbbed for a moment.

"Hehe, not bad, if Kimmy looks anything like you I may not be as against this as I may seem." Shego said while she put everything in the locker besides the towel… and a bottle of pills?

Ann, who at first blushes from the compliment, was confused when she saw the bottle.

"What are the pills for if you don't mind me asking?" She said.

"Specially made birth control pills… my loads are a lot more potent than the average guys… by many times… don't want to knock up the wrong Possible after all." Shego said while she passed Ann the bottle since Ann carried her purse with her out of the Locker while she had her own towel.

Ann blinked a bit after hearing that before looking at the bottle.

She saw that while interesting looking, it looked legit in its making, it had all the ingredients listed in how it was made and it looked to be made for female used only and was prescribed by a doctor but who that doctor was, was unknown to Ann.

"What doctor prescribed these pills?" Ann said.

"A well paid one who keeps his trap shut so I don't have to tell much, all you should know is that he is a legal doc with a valid doctorate." Shego said to end that line of questioning while she keeps walking away.

Ann feels like she's not gonna get any other answer before she put the pills in her purse and follows Shego with a towel.

Once she did, she saw Shego enter an area that had a fence down the middle and followed her and when the duo followed the fence that split again, Ann saw to her growing blush many people having sex on a lakeside beach while a large specially made fence was blocking the normal side from the sex side most likely for privacy.

"H-How did you know about this place?" Ann said while blushing more.

"Oh that, I flew over this place on the way to your place so might as well take the opportunity to see if this place is good enough for repeat visits." Shego said while she grins at a nervous Ann.

Ann gulped as she continues to follow Shego while passing by more couples that were having sex like bunny rabbits.

She could have sworn she saw a few people… hell she was pretty damn sure she saw Bonnie Rockwaller nearby with one guy and maybe a few of Ann's own friends as well… interesting combos…

Shego found a place in the middle and gestured for Ann to approach while Shego sets up the towel so she and Ann would have someplace to have fun and not get sand where the sun doesn't shine.

Ann approaches Shego before setting her towel down as well.

"So now what?"

Shego chuckles while she had Ann get on the towel.

"Simple… get on your knees and suck my cock, even if this is payback if we don't get warmed up things WILL hurt so might as well be nice and give your pussy a good licking after you get my cock warmed up." Shego said while she grins at Ann as Shego's cock slowly got hard in front of Ann.

Ann was blushing brightly after seeing this.

'S-So much bigger than James's.' She thought.

Shego smirks at the look her cock got and she snapped her fingers a few times to get Ann's attention.

Ann blinks a bit before blushing in embarrassment.


"Hehe, no problem, and hey if you are worried your hubby would get the wrong idea, why not invite him next time, need to make a good impression and lets face it, while not evil, don't want a possible In-law to come at me with a death ray, don't want another Drakken with anger pointing at me." Shego said while she smirks at Ann with the mention of a Possible threeway… pun intended.

Ann blushes brightly after that.

"I-I'll think about it." She said before brought her hand up after she got on her knees in front of Shego and she grabs it before stroking it for a moment.

Shego groans from the feeling and she lets Ann stroke her off while she lets Ann realize how massive Shego was when she couldn't get her hand wrapped around Shego's cock and how that even when she stroked Shego off, she couldn't get the entire length in a moment of stroking… all in all… Shego probably had the biggest cock in the world right now… granted it was augmented but no would would complain about that right now.

Ann continues this action before feeling a bit nervous as she brings her head closer to Shego's dick head.

She then sticks out her tongue and starts to lick it.

'I can't believe I'm actually licking a cock that's not my husbands.' Ann thought.

Shego moans a bit from the feeling and her cock twitched a few times against Ann's tongue… it could be Ann's imagination but could she taste something on Shego's cock?... dried juices?, did Shego have sex before she came here?

Ann shudders at the taste of dried juices as she kept licking before Ann opens her mouth and tries to take in Shego's cock as best as she could given the size.

Shego moans from that and watched as Ann bobbed her head on her cock and smirks when she could picture Kim doing this to her later which really got her turned on and a little pre dripped from Shego's cock for a moment and onto Ann's tongue.

Ann shudders as she felt the precum hit her tongue but continues to bob her head nonetheless as time passes.

It takes a few minutes, but after a few minutes, Shego's cock kept throbbing more and more and she used a hand to grip Ann's head and forced her cock deep on Ann's throat and starts to unload directly into her stomach with her powered sperm while Shego let out a groan of pleasure from that.

Ann's eyes widened at how much cum Shego let out before gagging a bit for a moment.

Thankfully for Ann, no mess was made since Shego was unloading down her throat and Ann's stomach slowly bloats a bit and Shego tapped off with a groan after 15 seconds and pulled her cock free of Ann's throat so she could breath.

Ann gasps a bit before trying to catch her breath.

"H-Heads… U-Up… p-please." She said.

"Alright, get ready to be turned on beyond belief in a moment." Shego said with a smirk on her face while Ann's stomach growled and the sperm somehow vanished which returned Ann's stomach to normal… and a moment later Ann felt a burning like no other with her pussy like she was so turned on it hurt.

Ann didn't know what was happening before looking at Shego.

"W-What's happening to me?" She said after finally catching her breath.

"Hehe, simple, my load pretty much caused you to digest it at a rapid rate and the effect is pretty simple… you are now in such a heated state that you are drenching this towel you are kneeling on." Shego said while she points downwards for Ann to look down.

Ann blinks in surprise before she looks down and was surprised again when she saw that her towel was getting wet.

Shego smirks when she used a simple breath on Ann's neck while she was distracted and Ann shudders like she was just petted in the right way to cause a lot of pleasure to go through her body a moment later while Shego stands fully while Ann fully realized how turned on she was now thanks to Shego's load.

Ann blushes as she felt more turned on before realizing something.

"Did you do something like this with someone else earlier?"

"Hehe, oh yeah, plenty of ladies enjoy that, really makes it easy for them to get worked up so not much pain but I'm a little surprised you can talk like this… most are normally slut like idiots who can only follow commands afterwards, guess you have more willpower than them… they recover and go back to normal but let's just say they really don't want to cross me since they wouldn't get anymore pleasure from me, in fact, I just had my way with this tomb raiding bitch who was my former employer when I worked as a merc for her, after my contract was up, I decided to… get a bit more from her… she really pissed me off when she threatened children and animals so might as well call it payback of sorts… granted no matter how you spin it, it's pretty much forced stuff but hey… villainess against villainess, who would complain?... besides if Kimmy is anything like you, I doubt you need to worry on her losing control… then again not sure if she had sex before so can't blame her if she gets a bit wild the first few times hehe." Shego said when she could picture a pretty wild and turned on Kim.

Ann was surprised after hearing that but tried to make sure not to picture her daughter in that state.

Shego chuckles when she saw various looks on Ann's face.

"Anyway enough explaining, time to see how good that pussy of yours is when I get a good taste, might as well return the favor before I make it hard for your hubby to do much later… don't worry, my loads also have a slight healing property and it will make you pretty tight again after, happened many times before, doubt that would change anytime soon so how about it… want to continue the foreplay or get right to the good stuff?" Shego said while she licks her lips lustfully.

Ann blushes brightly but the heat in her body was affecting her still.

"F-Foreplay." She said.

That made Shego lick her lips again and the scene showed that the scene went to a minute later to show Shego eating Ann's pussy out while Ann was on all fours on the towel and could feel every lick Shego gave her pussy.

Ann was groaning a few times as she feels Shego's tongue move inside her pussy.

Shego hums from the taste and used her hands to fondle Ann's ass while Shego had a hardon like no other for now.

Ann continues to groan for a bit more before a moan or two escapes through her teeth as her pussy gets more wet.

Shego didn't mind the mess made while she worked to get Ann as worked up as possible while she used a few fingers to tease Ann's ass after she got those digits lubed up with juices.

That caused Ann to groan from that action before moaning a bit loud as she feels the heat grew in her body.

A moment later, Shego forced her fingers into Ann's ass and really fingered the tight hole while Shego worked to please Ann's bud mainly.

"O-Oh fuck." Ann groans again before time passes a bit and she can feel her climax was approaching.

Shego keeps this up while she moves to actually eat out Ann's ass while she moves a finger to finger her pussy roughly to get her greatly worked up.

It wasn't long before Ann throws her head back and groans loudly before she climaxed on Shego's face.

Thankfully for Shego, her eyes were above the splash zone and in no time, Shego sent her tongue deep into Ann's ass and had it move around to really give her ass the works while she fingers her squirting pussy.

About 15 seconds pass before Ann grunts and taps off before she slightly panted for breath.

Shego pulled her head away from Ann's ass while plasma coats her tongue for a second to clean her tongue and it fades a moment later so she could speak while some plasma coats her hands for a second and vanished.

"There… should be more than enough for what I have in mind." Shego said while she smirked at Ann's naked sweating form.

Ann panted a bit more before she looks at Shego.

"H-How do you want to do this?"

"Hehe, stay as you are, might as well make you my bitch for now and we can switch things up after." Shego said while she stroked her fully erect cock.

Ann blushes brightly after hearing that before she nods her head at Shego and stayed on her hands and knees.

Shego then approached Ann and teasingly rubbed the head of her cock on Ann's folds to really get her worked up.

Ann shudders from that action before waiting for Shego to get things started.

She didn't need to wait long when Shego gripped Ann's hips and slowly pushed her own forward and pulled Ann back… this resulted in Shego's cock pushing deep into Ann's pussy without mercy inch by inch.

Ann grinds her teeth a bit as she groans from having her pussy penetrated.

"Oh relax… anything is possible for a Possible right?, even taking a monster sized cock like mine!" Shego groans out while she loved how tight Ann was on her length.

Ann continues to groan for a bit as she tries to power through this.

'Geeze is she gonna keep using that slogan?' She thought.

Though Shego was no mind reader, she keeps on pushing her cock deeper and deeper till she felt her dickhead touch Ann's cervix.

"Hehe, nice and tight… how you feeling?" Shego said while she wiggled her hips and her cock moved a bit inside of Ann's folds.

Ann groans a bit before she looks at Shego.


"Good, then I don't need to hold back then!" Shego said before she starts to thrust her hips and her cock barraged Ann's pussy in no time.

"GAH!" Ann yelps before groaning again from how forceful Shego was with her thrusts.

Shego didn't mind the yelps and even smacked Ann's ass a few times while he continues to fuck her to see how she liked it when Shegot got pretty rough with her.

Ann moans and groans a bit loudly from that action as she can feel Shego's dick going in and out of her pussy which caused Ann's toes to curl on the Towel.

Any pain Ann felt was slowly vanishing thanks to Shego's load getting her really worked up… honestly if one walked in front of Shego and Ann, one would be surprised at the face Ann was making after a few minutes of fucking.

Ann's face was looking a bit fucked up as she moans a bit harder from how intense the pleasure was.

"F-Fuck yes!"

Shego didn't complain when she heard that and fucked Ann harder than ever while she felt her cock threaten to break into Ann's womb.

Ann groans loudly as she felt the entrance of her womb being poked which causes her pussy to squeeze Shego's cock.

Shego shuddered from the tightness but ignored the added feeling so she could fuck Ann harder and faster and she could feel Ann getting close and Shego could feel her own orgasm getting close until…

Ann moans loudly as she throws her head back and climax hard on top of Shego's cock.

Shego snarls and made one huge thrust which caused her cock to ram through Ann's cervix and into her womb before she unloads in the Possible Mother's eager body, honestly with how tight Ann was it was like she was trying to milk Shego for all she had… good thing Shego gave Ann plenty of birth control or Ann would have some serious explaining to do.

Ann's climax got stronger as she kept climaxing for about 20 seconds before she finally taps off.

Shego tapped off as well a few seconds later and pants for a moment before she pulled her cock free of Ann's pussy and plenty of green glowing sperm flowed from her while the effect of healing kicked in and Ann's pussy tightened to even be tighter then normal.

Ann was surprised as she felt it as she catches her breath while enjoying a bit of the afterglow.

Though she was surprised when she was turned onto her back and Shego looks down at her with a grin.

"Hehe, don't think I'm a one shot woman you sexy Milf, I got more in the tank where that came from." Shego said while her cock was still iron hard after all that.

Ann was a bit surprised to hear that before remember hearing of Shego's libido.

"R-Right." She said as she blushes a bit.

"Yeah… now spread those legs, time to see how well you do when I break that ass in." Shego teased when she grins at Ann when she got wide eyes when she worried about her ass with a cock that big inside of it.

Ann gulped a bit.

"I-I don't think it'll fit."

"Hehe, oh don't worry it will… I'll take it slow… trust me if many bitches and sexy ladies I know can take it, I know you can." Shego said while she moved to aim her cock at Ann's asshole.

Ann was nervous before she spread her legs since she can't run from this.

A moment later, Shego moved to force her dickhead inside of Ann's ass and a moment later, Shego stopped moving so Ann could get used to the intruder.

Ann groans a first before, after making sure to adjust, motions for Shego to continue.

This caused Shego to nod her head before she moved her hands to Ann's hips and slowly pushed her cock deeper and deeper into Ann's ass as time went on.

Ann kept groaning as she felt Shego's cock going deeper in her ass which caused her insides to stretch.

For a bit, Shego keeps stopping and going with her actions till most of her cock was up Ann's ass.

Shego stops moving fully and looks at Ann with a… not a caring look… but more like a sympathetic look.

"You alright?" Shego said while she gave time for Ann to adjust.

"Y-Yeah just… haven't felt a cock… t-this big before." Ann said.

"Hehe, careful, your hubby may get jealous if he heard that." Shego said while her cock throbbed in Ann's ass a few times.

Ann shudders from the feeling.

"B-Believe me, I don't intend to mention this."

"Well if some people around us talk, you may need to explain, but I'm sure he won't mind since you are paying me back for what you did." Shego said and wiggles her hips to see how Ann would react.

"R-Right." Ann said as she noticed a few people looking at her and Shego.

"Good… time to test this ass for real then!" Shego said before she starts to force her hips to thrust and her cock went in and out of Ann's ass again and again.

Ann groans loudly as she feels her ass getting pounded as she groans more.

While this went on, a few people around them used their phones to get pictures or videos of this, thanks to Ann on her back, she finally noticed so who knows how long this went on.

'Oh crap! If this gets leaked out, who knows what person will see this.' Ann thought as she kept groaning from Shego's forcefulness.

Shego however didn't care about being watched, she kept going with her thrusts and used her hands on Ann's bouncing breasts so that she could enjoy the feeling of soft breasts on Ann.

That caused Ann to blush brightly before moaning as her ass tightens around Shego's cock.

Shego growled from that and speeds her thrusts up which really barraged Ann's insides and she could feel her intestines shifting to help her get used to the thrusts.

Ann was groan and moaning even more loudly as she was really enjoying the intense fucking before she actually wrapped her legs around Shego's waist.

Shego was a bit surprised but got used to it and she even took advantage of the situation when she smashed her lips on Ann's lips to kiss her while she keeps fucking Ann's ass more and more as time went on.

Ann was surprised from getting kissed by the daughter of her deceased friend but she somehow melts into the kiss before hugging Shego and returns it.

Shego enjoyed that and keeps on kissing Ann while she keeps fucking her more and more while Shego's orgasm slowly approached her and she could feel Ann getting closer and closer until…

Ann moans loudly in Shego's mouth as her ass tightens around the green plasma chick's ass before climaxing on it.

This caused Shego to push her cock as deep as Ann's ass would let it go and Shego snarled into the kiss when she came hard inside of Ann's ass which made the Neurosurgion's stomach bloat and sperm leaked from Ann's ass from around Shego's cock.

Ann groans from having her stomach bloated which caused her climax to get stronger for a bit making her toes curled during the climax.

Shego took a bit to ride out her rather intense orgasm and 15 seconds later, she tapped off with a groan and really pants for breath when she felt the end and leaned back and wiped some sweat off her forehead.

"D-Damn… gotta say you got good holes, if Kim is anything like you I may actually enjoy this." Shego said while she grins at the exhausted Ann.

Ann, who tapped off as well, couldn't talk now as she was recovering from the intense orgasm while having a deep blush on her face that made her look sexy.

Shego chuckles when she saw that and moved to pull her cock from Ann's ass and her load leaked from her slowly tightening ass.

"Hehe, you can pass out now, I'll take care of the rest from here." Shego said when she saw how tired Ann looked.

"O-Okay…" Ann said before her eyes closed.

The scene then shifts to who knows how much later with Ann coming too on her bed while she felt a bit sore thanks to what happened recently.

"O-Oh man." Ann groans as she tries to sit up.

She was able too a moment later and after checking herself, she saw that not only was she dressed, minus her lab coat and shoes, she was cleaned as well for added effect… Shego must have done that somehow while not getting attention if no havoc going on was any indication… how long was she out?

"How long was I out?" Ann said before looking at the clock on her night stand.

Turns out it was actually morning… Ann was pretty much asleep through the whole night.

"Wow… who knew I was out this long." Ann said before she went to check on her family.

Turns out, Shego, in some green and black PJ's was eating some cereal while James, Jim, Tim, and Kim were at the table and it looks like cereal galore was the name of the day for now.

Shego noticed Ann before smirking.

"Morning sleepy head. Enjoy some rest?"

Ann blushed a bit while she approached the table.

"Y-Yes, I did, something wrong with the stove?, didn't expect everyone to be having cereal." Ann said while Shego shrugged.

"Eh, pretty easy to make and everyone just followed suit, the… Tweebs as Kim calls them are about to leave for school… your hubby and Kim want to ask us about something though." Shego said while she looked a bit confused on the matter while Jim and Tim seemed none the wiser, looks like whatever it was was just waiting until Jim and Tim leave.

"I see… Well you heard Shego boys. Hurry up and get to school." Ann said.

"Right, race you to the bus Jim." Tim said before he dashed to the front door.

"Hey no fair!" Jim said before he chased his brother and Shego chuckles when she saw that.

"Pretty energetic yet I hear that's their low setting from Kim here." Shego said while James looked a bit serious.

"Indeed… I do have a few things to talk about though… and probably the first one is well… Kim… you get that thing that was sent to you last night still?" James cryptically said while Shego looks confused for some reason… same with Ann.

"Y-Yeah…" Kim said while she had a small blush on her face.

"What thing are you talking about?" Ann said.

"Think it would be better to show then tell so…" James said before he pulled out his Phone, fiddles with it for a moment and a moment later much to Ann's shock and Shego's realization while she ate her cereal, James showed a video of Shego and Ann at the nude beach while Kim had one as well from a different angle while the sender was Bonnie… seems she wanted to mess with Kim.

"Huh… thought I got most of those people to delete that, guess I missed a few but eh, better talk about this now then later and while you could get mad, aside from me throwing you through a wall if you try attacking me in any way… your wife here owed me one since she is one half of the reason we are in this mess and unless any of you know a way to bring my mom back so I can slap her in the face, pretty sure you don't want me slapping a corpse so while we can talk, just want to point that out before yelling or something starts." Shego said while she calmly continues to eat her cereal.

Ann though had her head in her hands after sitting down as she couldn't believe this was happening.

'Oh God… I don't think I can show my face around if others saw me.'

Shego however chuckles when she looks at Ann.

"Oh don't worry, if anything this could show you are a pretty fun loving woman, I mean you did pretty well with me at that beach so why not bring your hubby there and show him a good time, I mean when was the last time you two had fun?" Shego asked while she grins at Ann.

Ann blushes brightly after hearing that as James felt the same thing but didn't want to say anything since Kim was here.

James though did voice some thoughts.

"Really?, and what made you think I would be… what's the word you young kids use… cool with this?" James said while Shego rolled her eyes.

"Well… Cool Gramps, aside from having your wife pay me back for something your wife did, I'm technically not obligated to be here, I personally don't care if I lose my last name or that fortune I made, I get plenty of merc work and can make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month… your daughter on the other hand as far as I know doesn't charge people for her help, nor does she have a stable job of her own as far as I know, you could say your Wife took one for the team to keep me here because out of the two of us, your daughter would be the worst off for it, and hey, you could think of this as a demo of sorts, if your wife, who was untrained physically looks anything similar to Kimmy here, I may not mind sticking around for Kim… I'm not trying to be an ass here but its the truth of the matter, I can leave at anytime you want but your daughter would be the one paying for it so try and say your next words carefully… its not my fault your wife and my mom did something that got Kim and I into this situation so if you want to make me the bad guy, fine, I'm used to it and can just say I'm getting payback." Shego said while she gave James a serious look.

James had his eyes close.

"Even though I don't like this situation at all, the last thing I want is for my daughter to be in serious trouble."

Shego takes a moment to breathe before she moved her bowl aside.

"Look, we can go back and forth all we want but you are a smart guy, hopefully you won't try and pull a Drakken if you really have a grudge for this deep down so tell you what, as long as Kim wants me around and *Pal around* to get to know me, I'll be nice, civil, and what not and you won't have to worry about me hurting her, I won't lie though I may go to a few other ladies since you heard the Lawyer, I got double the Libido of a normal person and I doubt you want me to talk about going for your daughter for relief, tell me what kind of scientist are you again?" Shego asked while she had a raised eyebrow.

James shook his head.

"Okay I get it. If you treat my daughter well, I'll make sure to be civil about this."

"Great, but again seriously, I'm not trying to be an enemy here, I maybe a Villainess but I'm also a smart person, maybe not Drakken levels or your level, but tell me, if you were forced into a situation you didn't like, wouldn't you want to get some kind of payback?, all I'm saying is thanks to your wife and my mom, Kim and I are now in an out of control situation and while I got a way out, your daughter doesn't as far as I know so if we are being civil… truce?... I won't go near your wife again since I got my payback and I'll take this whole Blood Pact thing seriously if things do get serious." Shego said while she held a hand out for James to shake.

James was a bit quiet before he grabs Shego's hand and shakes it.


"Great… though I will say this, if you really want payback without getting crazy I could give you a good time so we would be even, just saying that is an offer." Shego said with an amused tone after she lets go of James's hand.

James was a bit taken back after hearing this as Ann and Kim were surprised at this.

"I'll… think about it." James said but deep down he wasn't comfortable sleeping with another woman.

Shego chuckles when she heard that.

"Nice, anyway Kim, what about you, you have been pretty quiet about this, got anything to say?" Shego asked when she looks at Kim.

Kim lightly jolts.

"N-No. I think I'm good here."

"You sure?, you can ask any question you want and I'll answer them, consider that a pretty good deal if we do actually start something… or did seeing that video clam you up in a lot of ways?" Shego said while she grins at Kim.

Kim blushes while wishing that video didn't exist.

"First, I'm gonna pretend that I didn't know of that video existed. Second…. How long did it took for you to… get used to having a… penis?" She said.

"Well… had plenty of time to get used to it, it was a part of my body all my life… if you are talking after the enhancement… hmmm… I would say after a year or two… why ask?, you curious about it or ever wonder what a dick could feel like?, my my and here I thought I was the pervy one." Shego teased while James and Ann, not wanting to listen anymore, got up and left the table for now which left Kim with Shego.

Kim blushes brightly.

"I-I'm not a perv. Just… never met a woman that had one."

"Oh Kimmy trust me, there are more than you realize, while not up to my size, Lillum knows this lady named Clover who has a cock, mutation it seems and no… not DNAmy's fault there, can't blame her for most of the odd things we see… then again I wouldn't be surprised if she did something to that naken mole rat that your sidekick carries… pretty weird on how intelligent he is now that I think about it and I heard you had to deal with intelligent mutant cockroaches in the past." Shego said when she thought about some incidents that she heard with Kim in a few adventures.

"Right…" Kim said as she lightly shudders when the roaches were mentioned.

"Hey all I'm saying, compared to the stuff we've been through with DNA altering mad women like DNAmy, guys who make our emotions jumbled like Drakken or that sometimes we dealt with like that Monkey Fist guy, you really think me with a cock would be the weirdest thing you have ever seen?" Shego said when she mentioned just three of who knows how many people or instances that were odder to her.

"Surprisingly no considering other people I met." Kim said as she can't deny some things.

"Right… the story of our lives could probably fill a book or make an interesting TV show if people saw us but who would make something like that?" Shego said while she shrugged her shoulders.

"Yeah…" Kim said but had a half lidded look when she looks at… you.

Shego did the same before she and Kim look back at one another.

"Anyway back to a different topic, since you pretty much saw me going at it with your mom, being direct would be a good way to get things going but are you a virgin?, not asking to be a perv, all I'm saying is if we do this… sooner or later things may happen and well… you saw how massive I am… just asking since things could hurt if you are not prepared." Shego said while she gave Kim a very amused look when she watched her squirm a bit.

Kim was blushing brightly for a moment.

"I… am." She said.

"I see… well I won't lie, I may have to call in a favor to Lillum, Emerald, and Maite to help change that since again, I would be too much for a virgin like you to handle… even if you used toys I would outclass those by quite a bit, so unless you got any other ideas I would say we should get ready for today fully while I make some calls… so… got any plans or ideas?" Shego said while she smirks at Kim.

Kim blushes a bit more.

"N-Not really."

"I see… though I will say this, if you want to give Ron a good time as a goodbye gift if you go through with this, can't really stop you, I mean would be pretty hypocritical if I kept you from seeing others and what not, I maybe a villain but I'm not heartless." Shego said while she crossed her arms for a moment.

Kim was a bit surprised after hearing this.


"Seriously, people may question the whole affair thing but... if we go with a more well known… Swinger like route, I doubt many could complain if two of the soon to be richest women want to go around and… test some guys and gals to see if they are worthy enough for repeat visits… could be a good way for you to get back with Ron though if you want him to go to that Yori chick, can't stop you, but don't blame me if I bring home my own fun and you get jealous hehe." Shego said to tease Kim.

Kim blushes brightly before shaking her head.

"I… don't know about that but an affair is something I can't do."

"I see, well think of it like this, instead of having an affair you got permission to have fun more or less and if people wonder about that, you and I can tag team the guy or gal we get, throw people off, I mean haven't you ever partied like that before or haven't you always been curious what its like to either be in a threesome or just have fun with a girl?" Shego said while she uncrossed her arms and sets them on the table.

Kim blinks at the question.

"U-Um well… it never came to mind."

"I see… well how about this, know any lady friends that are single and what not and want to have fun?, well give me a list and we can see if you want to try and experiment, I mean sooner or later we are going to have to do something so better to rip the bandage off sooner rather than 5 years later near the deadline." Shego said when she found that kind of wait ridiculous.

Kim was actually thoughtful for a bit.

"Well… there is Monique."

"Nice, she that chick I saw at the party?, the one with the fashion sense?" Shego said while she chuckled a bit when she remembered Monique and wondered if she remembered her right.

"Yeah. I've seen her going on some first dates but she hasn't been on full time relationship." Kim said.

"I see…. Hey I know you don't go for evil… well hopefully I can change that hehe… but think you want to get payback on that Bonnie woman since it looked like she sent that video to you and what not… think I remember her being a top tier bitch more or less." Shego said while she remembered seeing her there and the little pic on that text showed Shego a small picture of Bonnie.

Hearing that made Kim narrow her eyes.

"Surprisingly… I actually do want to get back at her."

"Hehe now we are talking… and I do have an idea that won't be too illegal and we could see if you are more of a top or bottom in that kind of fun, simply put we throw a party at my place, you invite some of Bonnie's friends, they get a bit drunk, and if they invite Bonnie, she would probably get pretty damned plastard as well… after that we could… take her someplace and really make it hard for males to please her… we work together to be a pain in Bonnie's ass in more ways than one?" Shego said while she smirked at Kim and held a hand out for her to shake.

Kim was cautious but… she wanted payback for seeing that video of her mom and Shego.

"Alright." She said before taking Shego's hand and shaking it.

"Great, and who said we couldn't get along hehe." Shego said while she smirks more.

"In fact… hey Kimmy… want to also play cupid and if you don't want to pull an affair with Ron, why not help set him up with that Yori woman?, could be interesting and it would give a good reason for them to mingle… you underestimate the size of the mansion that kind of party will be held at." Shego said while she smirks at the ideas she had in mind.

Kim was thoughtful for a bit.

"Well… guess it can work but, may need to give Ron time considering that we haven't broken up yet." She said while knowing how upset Ron is even if he tries to hide it.

"Yeah well we got about 5 days before we leave for my place and say a week after to get you situated there, but don't worry, won't force you to do anything you won't want to do, I maybe evil but not heartless, otherwise why would I still care about animals and kids?" Shego said while she leaned back in her chair to relax a bit.

"Well you have a point there." Kim said.

"Yup… got any more questions or friends to invite to the soon to be housewarming party or you good for now?" Shego said while she looks at Kim again after stretching her body a bit.

Kim was again thoughtful.

"I'm actually good here."

"Alright, and since we have five days to get to know one another, want to do something?, I'm not normally… the hanging out type unless its for getting down and dirty, but first time for everything right?... don't get me wrong this situation weirds me out probably just as much as you but we should try and make the most of it so it doesn't seem weird." Shego said which showed that even with all this, she was probably just as nervous as Kim was about this even if Shego was more… abrasive about her feelings.

"Yeah… maybe, we can go to the mall and check out stuff or catch a movie?" Kim said.

"Hmmm… its a start… why not get ready for that party though and… go clothes shopping… my treat to make up for that video?" Shego said while she suggested the clothes to Kim.

"Hmmm… alright. It's a start." Kim said before getting up.

"Oh a start huh?, maybe I should take you to one of those more… adult shops and buy you some interesting outfits and toys when you and I break that Bonnie bitch in a bit." Shego teased as Kim was walking away.

Kim blushes brightly while hoping that Shego was joking right now.

"Clothes shopping is fine." She said.

"Alright, I'll get dressed for the trip to the mall but that more risky offer still stands… got 5 days to think about it but considering Bonnie sent YOU that video… who knows who else has it… for all we know it could be on a porn site thanks to her." Shego said while she walked by Kim and counts down from 3...2...1…

Kim groans before she calls out to Shego.


"Yeah?" Shego said when she looks at Kim with an amused look.

"I'll… go with you to the store but… only if I wear a hooded jacket and shades. Not ashamed to be with you just don't want to get recognized." Kim said

"Well fair enough though you'll need to bring an ID at least… pretty sure you'll need it for the stores we go into… so a disguise would be pretty pointless wouldn't you think?, not saying you can't… just sooner or later you may get too used to it and just go without." Shego said while she moved to pick up her usual outfit and moved to walk to the bathroom.

"Unless you want to share the shower, I call dibs for now." Shego said while she winked at Kim teasingly before she walked upstairs.

Kim blushes again after hearing that.

"I'll just wait for my turn." She said.

"Your loss, could have had fun in the shower or something but hey, can respect space, anyway Kimmy, see you later, might as well call this date number one or something since we would probably get lunch later after shopping." Shego said before she left Kim alone.

Kim blinks a bit when she heard the word 'date'.

'There's gonna be a lot of teasing during this… relationship.' She thought.

The scene fades to black after with the initial drama of the last few days being over with for the most part… who knows what the future has in store but one thing was certain… it would be very interesting to say the least.

(End of the first chapter of Blood Pact (Remake), second chapter to be will be coming in the future.)

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