Legendary trainers of the world @emerald
Chapter 4

The scene opens up to show TME and Atomsk as they look at a certain story.

"Wow… a year…" TME said while he looks at LTOTW.

"Hehe, if you think that's long, look at some of the older works that we have. But now… time to focus on Pokémon." Atomsk said.

"Yup… remind me, what happened last time?, last I remember was Emerald in a lemon with Lillum more or less after they got reacquainted." TME said when he rubs his chin.

"Well it wasn't just Lillum. He had fun with the Jessica, the little Buneary, and other nurses thanks to his out of control lust. But before that, Emerald had a battle with Jessica and there was some surprises in that spar making Emerald get a second Pokémon since Jade is his first and before that lemon, Emerald, Jessica and Jade helped save a different Nurse Joy and Chansey from team rocket. But there was a mystery to why Lillum was a bit afraid when Maite's name was mentioned in the story." Atomsk said.

"I see… wasn't there a Pichu from an egg and didn't we just foreshadow a lemon with Emerald and the others, may have been 1 on 2 with Emerald VS Lillum and Jessica." TME said when he looks at Atomsk.

"I just mentioned the lemon part but yeah, Emerald had a Pichu, in a Pokéball, which turns out to a hybrid, a shiny I believe, and when it got out during a battle with Team Rocket, it thinks that Emerald is the dad." Atomsk said as he laughs a bit at the last part.

"Yeah… anyway we should get into the story now, want to continue things right after the new ladies came into aid Lillum or skip to after?" TME asks when he crossed his arms.

"Hmmm… let's skip it. Pretty sure the readers got the gist of what the foreshadow lead to." Atomsk said.

"Alright… want to skip it fully or just give the end bit?, final question I swear." TME asked while he grins at Atomsk.

"End bit." Atomsk said.

"Alright… here we go." TME said as the scene shifts to...

Viridian City/ Pokemon Center/ back room/ Emerald, Lillum, Jessica, Nurse Joy (Lillum's aunt, Pewter City Nurse joy), Bellossom hybrid, Vulpix hybrid, Primarina, Sneasel

Currently the scene showed that some time passed since last chapter and showed Emerald as he was fucking Lillum's aunt's pussy while she was on her back on the bed with Lillum under her aunt and formed a cock to fuck her aunts ass while many tired females were looking on while they were filled, covered, and pretty much slimed with sperm when Emerald kept going for who knows how long but seems Emerald was running on fumes and this was the final round so to speak.

Lillum noticed this as she continues to fuck her aunt's ass as Nurse Joy continues to groan and moan.

Emerald used his hands to fondle Nurse Joy's breasts while he fucked her harder which results in his cock busting into her womb again and again.

"Oh fuck!" Nurse Joy groans loudly as Lillum starts to really thrust her cock hard in her aunt's ass.

Emerald keeps this up with him fucking Nurse Joy while Lillum fucked her mother's ass until…

Nurse Joy moans loudly as she climaxed on the duo's cocks while Lillum throws her head back and creampies her aunts's ass.

Emerald grits his teeth before he pulled his cock free and after using some quick psychic move to have Lillum sit up and by proxy Nurse joy, Emerald used some psychic energy to jerk his cock when he aimed it at their faces and groans when he came hard on the duos faces with great force.

Lillum and Nurse Joy moans as they felt their faces getting covered in cum.

Once this happened, Emerald pants for breath and while he did want to finish things, he vigorously strokes his cock with psychic energy rapidly to force one more orgasm and well he forced his cock in Lillum's pussy and filled her with plenty of sperm and moved to do the same Lillum's aunts pussy… this however caused Emerald to groan when he tapped off, he fell back with a groan and his head lands on Primarina's side and he had comical feignted swirls in his eyes to show he was officially out now.

Lillum pants a bit before she lightly giggles.

"Aww… all tuckered out."

"Y-You really going to say that when he outfucked most of us… I feel like passing out now." Nurse Joy said when she looks back at Lillum and saw how tired Lillum was.

"N-Nah… Just saying. Boy he is a stamina freak." Lillum said.

"Y-Yeah… if you're planning on traveling with him or something, may want to consider working with that cute Buneary here… wonder how she will end up when she evolves to a Lopunny, they evolve after getting 100 percent happiness after all." Nurse Joy said when she grins at Jessica.

Jessica was seen with swirls in her eyes. Guess Emerald took her to the ringer again.

Lillum giggles.

"Who knows. Though if I want to work with her, she needs to be more polite."

"Says the one who nearly suffocated Emerald earlier, not a good first impression." Nurse Joy said when she grins teasingly at Lillum.

Lillum blushes brightly.

"I was just happy to see him. Can't blame me for that."

"Hehe, nope but can't blame Jessica for getting a bad first impression… maybe you could use this cock on her later after you two recover, for now… we should sleep." Nurse Joy said before she passed out on Lillum's body with comical swirls in her eyes.

Lillum couldn't help but giggle at her aunt while being thoughtful after hearing that first part.

"Hmmm… I'll consider it. For now… sleep." She said before laying down.

Once this happened, everyone else passed out and a moment later, Nurse Joy, Lillum's mother, not the Pewter City Nurse joy, opened the door, and she smiles at everyone in the room and how satisfied everyone looks.

"Wow. They really enjoyed themselves." Nurse Joy said.

Jade, who followed Nurse Joy in a moment later, blushed.

"Y-Yeah… do I get help so everyone can get separate rooms?" Jade asked when she looks at mother Nurse Joy while a couple Chanseys enter the room with rags and stuff for cleaning and a Machamp, the final evolution of the Machop line of fighting types, walked in as Nurse Joy smiles at Jade.

"Oh no dear. They will help out with that." Nurse Joy said.

"I-I see… didn't expect a Machamp to help out here." Jade asked as the Machamp smirks at Jade.

"Hehe, you kidding, with a reward of a good time with a sexy milf of a Nurse Joy here or her shapely daughter, would do anything to tap those asses… though won't lie… if you happen to be in the area if you're a Guardevoir, won't mind showing you a good time later if you get a shapely body hehe, until than, I'm more of a full on adult humanoid sized lover." The Machamp said while pointing two thumbs from the four arms that he had at his body and grins teasingly at Jade.

Jade was blushing brightly after hearing that which caused Nurse Joy to giggle.

After this happened, the Machamp helped carried a few of the… heavier women like Primarina out of the room after the Chansey took a moment to clean everyone though the females blushed when they saw Emerald's cock when they went to clean it.

They were making sure to be gentle while making sure to not wake Emerald up.

Once he was clean, he and Lillum were placed on a bed while Lillum's mother smiles when she placed a blanket on the duo with Jessica being placed on the other side of Emerald and she looks at Jade with a smile.

"Well doubt you are tired if you didn't join in… want to learn how to use some things so you can help Emerald or Jessica if she is ever in need of medical aid?... not bad to learn first aid after all." Lillum's mother said as the Machamp had one set of arms crossed when he came back and heard this.

"Serina, what about me for helping?" The Machamp asked as the now identified Serina giggles.

"Well considering you worked so hard, would have given you a free meal first for helping and after I'm done with Jade, we could have fun later, though if you want, a few Chansey or Ditto could give you a good time if you finish eating early." Serina said when she smiles at the Machamp while two Chansey blushed and winked at the Machamp as they carried Lillum's aunt on a stretcher after getting her dressed for modesty.

Machamp had an excited look after hearing that.

"Oh I'll take that offer." He said before going to get his free meal before getting his reward.

After this happened and Jade was brought to learn how to use potions and other things by Serina, Lillum and Jessica woke up after who knows how long passed with Emerald still sleeping as he held the duo in his arms.

Jessica blushes a bit.

"Wow… talk about intense."

"No kidding… honestly I'm surprised at how fast we went down, going to need practice if we want to withstand a cock like this." Lillum teased when she grins at Jessica.

Jessica blinks a bit.

"Wait we?" She said.

"Can you look me in the eyes and tell me you can take a cock like this solo if you go on a journey with Emerald?... pretty sure even if I don't join, there will be plenty of female pokemon and hybrids willing to do so sooner or later." Lillum said before she smirks at Jessica.

"Besides… you've seen me grow a cock… doesn't mean I won't just give Emerald a fun time." Lillum said before she winked at Jessica.

Jessica blinks again before she actually chuckles.

"Funny… I'm actually starting to like you. Maybe I'll introduce you to my family. Big warning… they're very horny. Especially my mom." She said with a smirk.

"Hehe… liking her already… I'm feeling better though so want to get something to eat until Emerald wakes?" Lillum asked as she carefully sat up and stretched her body a bit.

Jessica also got up and stretched.

"Sure. Could use some grub after what Emerald did to us. My sisters would be very jealous if they knew I had fun with him."

"Hehe, you expecting your sisters to pop in or something?... come on, may as well get a shower first, I'll take you to my room, may introduce you to Sleipnir, he is a rapidash… can guess why he's my partner pokemon hehe… could be as big as Emerald since he is part of a family who breed well over the generations." Lillum said before she picks up Jessica after kissing Emerald on the lips and Lillum kissed Jessica on the forehead and held her so Jessica was sitting between her breasts as Lillum walks to the door.

Jessica was blushing a bit at the position before chuckling again.

"Yeah… you and I will get along good."

Lillum giggles when she exits the room.

After this and heading to her room while not caring if people saw her naked, hell some slapped her on the ass and she just giggle at this before the duo enter a room and well… Jessica saw the most well toned Rapidash in her life and probably had the largest balls for a horse type pokemon she ever saw in her life and since she was a pokemon, she could understand him when Lillum speaks to her pokemon and since she was a hybrid, she could understand him as well.

"Hey Sleipnir, doing OK?... sorry I didn't help with a daily stress relief, had fun with Emerald and was knocked out for a bit… this is Jessica, Emerald's Buneary, and she is a cutie." Lillum said when she held Jessica in front of her with Sleipnir noticing her.

Jessica was surprised when she saw Sleipnir as the flaming Rapidash chuckled.

"Oh she's a cutie alright." He said with a smirk as his cock started to get erect at around 13 to 14 inches and 3 to 4 in width.

'Oh shit… he's so hung.' Jessica thought while blushing brightly.

Lillum giggles when she noticed this.

"Easy to turn on eh… well don't worry, after Jessica and I get clean and get something to eat, I'll come here and take good care of you, may even invite Jessica here, my mom from what I heard is busy with a Machamp so can't call her since those guys are stamina incarnate, if you want I can call one of my friends here to help you while Jessica and I are busy." Lillum said when she smiles at Sleipnir.

Sleipnir smirks.

"Oh I don't mind the wait after all… I have plenty to give." He said as his cock twitches.

"Hehe, bet you do given how heavy those balls look." Lillum teased before she walked to the bathroom with Jessica.

"Don't worry though, after Jessica and I get a bite to eat, we will help with those heavy balls of yours." Lillum teased while she had her hips sway as she walked to the bathroom.

Sleipnir chuckles when he saw that.

"See you then."

After this happened, Emerald woke in the room he was in before he sat up with a groan.

"Oh my head…" Emerald muttered as he looks around while noticing he was alone, after he got dressed, he walked out of the room and nearly walked into a few chanseys and after apologizing, he looks around a bit before he heads to the entrance and ran into Serina and Jade as Serina explains what a Potion could do again as a refresher for her and they noticed Emerald approaching.

"Hey Jade, Serina, how you two doing?" Emerald said when he waved at them, he saw a nameplate on the desk showing her name in case people wonder how Emerald knew her name.

Said duo looks at Emerald.

"Hey Emerald. Had a nice nap." Serina said with a small smirk.

"H-Hehe… yeah… anyway everyone OK?... I kinda went… berserk again… really need to work on that since I seemed to black out in the middle of it… was planning on taking a walk for some fresh air and come back for some food…. How is the Pichu by the way since its been awhile?" Emerald asked before he felt something jump to grab his back and moved to sit on his head before he saw the silver furred Pichu baby with the pink cheek colorings with the black stripes.

"Guess that answers my question… how you doing little guy?" Emerald asked when the Pichu giggles as it hugged his forehead a bit while Emerald smiles at the good reaction… the Pichu didn't know how to talk yet so it was just being expressive for now.

Serina and Jade giggles a bit.

"The little Pichu was wondering where you were but he was okay. Also, he's very healthy."

"Well isn't that nice, you little guy being healthy and all that." Emerald said as he picked up the Pichu and turned him over so he was held upright in his hands and the Pichu giggles while enjoying being held before Emerald sets him on his shoulder like a certain pikachu user did.

"Well I'm going to get some fresh air and should be back in 20 to 30 minutes after I get a bite to eat, see you two later." Emerald said while he mutters something about berries and the Pichu eating and stuff as well... Serina smiles at how fatherlike Emerald was already.

Jade also smiles.

"Well do be careful out there okay?" Serina said.

"I will." Emerald said as he went to get Pichu and himself a bite to eat, after 30 minutes of Emerald eating and him feeding the Pichu, he and by proxy Pichu for now were walking around town a bit and Emerald ran into an officer Jenny… literally when he was rounding a building corner and had to stop the officer Jenny, himself, and Pichu from falling when the trip were almost knocked to the ground while a Growlithe followed the officer Jenny and Emerald sets the group on the ground after a quick psychic move and the Pichy on his shoulder.

"W-Whoa… that could've been a bad fall." Officer Jenny said.

"No kidding, something happen for the rush?" Emerald asked when he recognized this one as the officer Jenny he ran into when he first got here thanks to the watch and the way she wore her hat when it was lower on her head that a few other officer Jennies.

"No, just doing my usual rounds." Officer Jenny said before straightening her uniform a bit.

"Right, sorry about that, didn't see you running this way." Emerald said while he smiles at Officer Jenny.

"I was just on a walk right now after getting this little guy something to eat, hope you do well in that Nuzlock challenge bust thing and stuff." Emerald said while he cheered Officer Jenny on a bit.

Officer Jenny chuckles.

"Thanks. But it will be tricky to stop these underground battles."

"Well better get digging like a ground type hehe, on a serious note if I hear anything I'll let you know about it, hope you have a nice day today." Emerald said when he starts walking away from Officer Jenny after petting the Growlithe's head.

"Very interesting guy." Officer Jenny said before she starts walking away as well.

After a bit of time walking, Emerald and Pichu were eating some ice cream and Emerald chuckles when he saw the Pichu cringing when it got a brain freeze.

"Hehe, easy there, guess you're not an ice type if you get brain freeze… or if you guess ice types can get a brain freeze?... well… either way enjoy the treat little guy." Emerald said while he sat on a park bench… though he was surprised when he saw a person walking by… a shapely Lopunny hybrid with long Lopunny ears on her head and while he would have just shrugged her off since he saw many hybrids… this one got him curious when she looked familiar… she was wearing some kind of leather jacket, had long skin tight jeans, had a black shirt, and had some wrist bands and black boots… her look just screamed punk rock and while Emerald was focused on her… a memory of a little girl appeared in his mind and his eyes widened.

"Maite?" Emerald said as he got up and after picking up the Pichu, he was about to go after this woman who may have been Maite… but something looked off when she had a fierce look in her eyes while she walked by some people… Emerald had a raised eyebrow when Maite normally would have a gentle look and he followed quietly after gesturing to the Pichu to keep quiet… thanks to him training with some buneary and lopunny, he knew Maite would have keen hearing and was being as quiet as he could while he trailed Maite or at least whoever this woman was… she could just look a lot like her though the pink hair was definitely something he couldn't forget.

Though he was worried when Maite led him to a seemingly seedy part of town and while some people flirted with Maite, she didn't react as she went to some kind of warehouse… Emerald would have followed her inside but some kind of guard let her in after she said something…. Must be a password… Emerald had a bad feeling in his gut and wanting to avoid trouble looked for some other way inside and thankfully found a high window… he grins as he used a psychic enhanced jump to help pull himself inside and he was on some kind of rafter… Thankfully no pokemon were here but he did see an arena of sorts under him while it looked like some kind of massive cage.

He then saw the woman who looked like Maite approach a brutish looking thug and after some words were exchanged, the woman entered the ring while a tough looking Golem entered the opposite way and he had a twisted grin while Emerald had a bad feeling he knew what this was… a Nuzlock fight that was about to kick off.

That's when the referee came into the ring.

"Alright everyone, in this corner, we have a Golem facing off against our champion… Maite!" He said.

Emerald's eyes widened when he heard that… champion?... that can't be right…

Though after the ref gave a moment to start the match, Maite used a quick move to kick the Golem in the face knocking it back while she followed up with a quick punch, both were fighting moves of some type and Emerald watched as the Golem went from cocky to pretty much bleeding out as Maite with a cold look approached the Golem ready to finish it off… Emerald had enough and used some psychic energy to rip a hole in the metal over the fight and Emerald jumped into the cage while everyone in the warehouse looked shocked at what happened as Emerald glared at Maite.

"Enough Maite." Emerald said with an angered look in his eyes while Maite was confused on who Emerald was since she didn't recognize him.

"Okay… I don't know if you're some annoying fan but… get out of my way." Maite said as she stares at Emerald with a look that was serious.

"Really?... and let you kill the guy?... not sure how much blood is on your hands now but pretty sure Lillum and your parents would be ashamed of what your doing… doubt you even remember me but why don't I give a reminder… I'm the guy who came to visit years ago while you and Lillum were still kids!" Emerald growls as he rushed Maite with surprising speed and used an Aura sphere on her launching her back from the surprise attack and against the cage wall and though the crowd was confused, some cheered though flinched when Emerald gave them a cold look.

"Once I knock Maite out… you sick fucks are next so I reccommend running." Emerald said while he looks at Maite who got to her feet as she grips her stomach for a moment but didn't seem too damaged.

Maite groans from the pain but frowns when she heard Lillum's name.

"I-If Lillum sent you… I'm gonna kick her ass when I see her." She said.

Emerald really got an angered look as he looks at her.

"I'm Emerald you fucking bitch Maite!... the Maite I knew would never say that about her best friend!... what the fuck happened to make you like this!?" Emerald growls when he looked like he was emitting a dark mist now from his anger.

Though chuckling was heard when a ring door opened and a man in a fancy coat walked in followed by a powerful unique looking hybrid… not a human hybrid but one that seemed like a mix of a Machamp and a Blaziken somehow…

"I believe its because of me and I must say that was one interesting entrance…" The man said while an angered Emerald looks at him.

"You better explain otherwise I'll make my first kill one that is painful for a fuck like you!" Emerald growls while the man chuckles.

"Oh but aside from a massive debt Maite owes me, I doubt you can do much since you don't know the full story… pretty sure Maite's sick mother in the hospital would be simple to… visit more or less… I'll be blunt kid, Maite borrowed a ton of money for a surgery for her mother and aside from fighting for chump change, the only way she can pay off the debt is if she beats the current super champion of the regions… this guy next to me… you just interrupted the finals more or less of the ring to see who would get to go to the true championships… a way to thin the weaklings from the strong more or less… and before you get pissed… know Maite's mother would pay if you lay a hand on me… bit of insurance if you don't calm down… I mean everyone signed wievers and what not so its not like people are not aware of these matches…" The Ringleader said with a grin as Emerald looks shocked, angered, and finally he grits his teeth since he seriously had no idea of what to do now.

"Hehe, yeah, still an intruder like you should get their ass kicked but seeing you do what you did… hehe the boss has an offer for you more or less… and a punishment of sorts as well for breaking and entering… may as well let you and Maite into the super tournament but on the condition that you need to prove yourself for you psychic boy… Maite is a champion in… hehe… many ways since she lost a few bets to me… anyway unless you agree to these terms given what we heard… hehe… may as well let Maite's mother pay the price…" The Super Champion said while Emerald got veins around his eyes as he heard that threat while Maite looks shocked.

"N-No! Leave my mother alone!" Maite said.

"Hehe, depends on what your… friend says next sweet cheeks… so psychic boy… ready to play in the big leagues given you intruded or…" The Super champion said as Emerald grits his teeth.

"... Fine… but I'm no killer… if I beat my opponent I'm not going to kill them… can't force me to do that." Emerald surprisingly said while he had a narrowed eyed look.

"Hehe, well its not like Death is a single option… nuff said when Maite started… lets just say instead of killing her, many opponents who beat her had their way with her so she could keep her life… man you should have seen those days." The Super champion said while veins appeared around Emerald's eyes while the Ringmaster chuckles.

"Enough Viego, he gets the idea, anyway the tournament will be held in another city since the police are around this one, try and tell anyone and Maite's mother will be paying the price, anyway… Maite lead your friend out and I'll send a text to you on which City the place is… considering things… may as well make it a tag tournament hehe… people love shake ups like this." The Ringmaster said while Emerald was enraged so much after the Ringmaster, the champion, and the people watching left his psychic powers surged causing the group to crack a bit when he roars with a rather demonic roar spooking Pichu a bit after they jumped down with a worried look as Emerald pants when he tries to calm himself down… after that, Emerald walked to one side of the cage and just busts many bars out of his way when he got off the stage, going nowhere near Maite though he did look at her with a look of fury.

"You and I… have a LOT to talk about later… and harm Lillum… I'll break every fucking bone in your body and you'll have to worry for more than just getting cash Maite… she didn't let me know about you at all… I just saw you and followed you and now I'm paying a fucking price for being worried for a fucking killer." Emerald said as he walked out of the warehouse while Pichu looks really worried now as he followed Emerald off the stage.

Maite shudders before she got on her knees and starts crying.

"M-Mom… Emerald… Lillum… I'm so sorry."

A bit later after Maite left the building, she could see Emerald playing with the Pichu a bit to help calm the baby down and it was giggling when Emerald had it fly through the air a bit.

Maite watched before she lightly smiles at the scene.

When Emerald watched as Maite approached, he sets the Pichu down next to him as he looks at her.

"So… what now?, given things I don't have much of a choice but to fight in this tournament now… tag match… ironic… just to let you know Maite I'm not going to let you kill anyone else before me unless they deserve it… I can promise that." Emerald said while he gave Maite a narrow eyed look.

Maite puts her head down.

"I'm sorry Emerald. I'm sorry for what you saw. You have to believe me, I never enjoyed… those fights but I had no other choice. Mom needed that surgery otherwise… I would've lose her forever."

"... And you think she will thank you for this with blood money?... and you never considered even coming to me or anyone else for help aside that sick fuck?... I don't know how long this has been going on but you know people will be willing to help if you asked… I mean for fuck sake Pallet town is a few days away." Emerald asked when he rubs his head since things didn't add up somewhat to him.

"You don't think I ever wanted to, Emerald? But it was too late for me after I took the deal. I was afraid that if I did come clean, they would do something to her. Plus, I know Lillum may have told you that I was… cold towards her. If she hasn't, well it's true but… I was protecting her. I didn't want to get her too close to this situation." Maite said.

"And that ass kicking threat to Lillum?... and couldn't come clean?... I seriously call bull… if being in this town was so bad, why not take your mom to Pallet for protection while the cops deal with the people here… from what I've seen you're a tough woman now, but have you been alone enough to think that you didn't have allies and friends to count on?... pretty sure my dad and mom would rampage at what they heard, and if you remember my Master, she would pretty much rip apart everyone apart of this Nuzlock thing with her psychic powers alone in an instant…. In case you forgot my master is a Fucking Mewtwo." Emerald said while the Pichu moved to get on his shoulder and comically pushed an oren berry in Emerald's mouth when it didn't like Emerald cursing and Emerald comically flailed his arms when he didn't expect this.

Maite couldn't help but snicker at Emerald's reaction.

Once Emerald got the Pichu off him and he ate the oren berry, he looks at the Pichu.

"Look, sorry for the foul language, lost my temper… anyway Maite, I'll ignore some things for now however I'm giving one warning… if this tournament thing causes you to lose yourself again I'll knock the sense back into you… I don't care if this thing is to the death or making the loser your bitch more or less… I'm not going to fight to kill unless its absolutely nessessary to keep our lives intact… I'm fighting because I want to help you… just didn't expect things like this… anyway… may as well introduce you… this is my… adopted son I guess… Pichu wasn't imprinted and as you can see it looks unique, was going to have it taken to Nurse Joy in the city but thanks to a battle with team rocket near here, well… pokeball opened and papa Emerald was born…" Emerald said before he explained who he was with like Jade and Jessica, his run in with Lillum though he was clean about it to keep the Pichu from hearing details, and him following Maite which led up to now.

Maite blinks in surprise after hearing that.

"Wow… that is some story. Speaking of… how are Satoshi, Cedric and Shigeru doing?"

"Well the three are doing much better than I am… Shigeru and Cedric passed by this city long ago, and Satoshi passed by a few days ago… you probably heard about that event at the Pokemon Center thanks to Team rocket recently right?, well lets just say Satoshi and his Pikachu were at the center of that… not sure where he went after but pretty sure its to Pewter City or something to get his first badge." Emerald said while telling Maite he was dead last in the group of trainers from pallet town.

Maite was again surprised at the story.

"Wow… I had no idea. Though that explains the crowd of cops. I was almost taken by those Team Rocket grunts. Luckily, I whoop their… butts."

Emerald chuckles a bit at this.

"Yeah well I had to help the Pewter City Nurse joy and her chansey from a trio of thugs… come on, may as well talk with Lillum and the others about this and-!" Emerald said before he turned and well… he jolts when he saw Officer Jenny and some kind of guy in a trench coat next to her.

The man looked to be a bit taller than Emerald by an inch or two, had a brown suit, and had a stern look while he had short brown hair… honestly the guy was brown incarnate aside from the shirt and tie under the suit and the black buttons on his coat.

"Seems you were right in following this guy Looker… and you… didn't you promise that if you found anything about these Nuzlock challenges you would fill me in?... what was this about you going to join a tag tournament of this thing?" Officer Jenny said while Emerald pales when Officer Jenny and this Looker Guy appeared at the worst possible moment.

Maite blinks a bit before being on guard in case something happens.

"Now hold on Officer Jenny, you've told me this guy was pretty good since he helped a Nurse Joy and helped you from falling and possibly injuring yourself… lets at least hear them out… first off greetings, I'm Looker… its a code name… I'm with the International police and I'm investigating these Nuzlock challenges in the region, depending on your answers, I and Officer Jenny could overlook what you said given we heard you won't kill and stuff unless its to save your life… will you be cooperative?" Looker said while Emerald was shocked… international police.

"U-Uh… sure but mind if we go by the pokemon Center first?... pretty sure it would be an issue if we have to explain things multiple times and stuff… at least you're not arresting us." Emerald said while Looker had a stern… look on his face.

"We can head to the pokemon center but it depends on what you can answer… the both of you… and don't lie… I'm trained to tell the truth from lies so making a false sob story won't work." Looker said with crossed arms as he looks at Emerald and Maite while the Pichu on Emerald's shoulder hugged Emerald's head adorably… it didn't know what arrest was but it didn't want Emerald to go away and Looker gave the Pichu a gentle smile when he reached in his pocket and pulled out an oren berry for the Pichu to snack on.

Pichu smiles before he grabs the Oren berry and munches on it.

Maite didn't want Emerald to be in trouble.

"Officer wait… Emerald is innocent. He got involved by following me. I'll tell you whatever I can but please… I need help saving my mother."

"Your mother?... well this should be talked about at the center away from possible prying eyes, Officer Jenny, just in case, speak with this woman here on where her mother is and arrange some protection for her just in case… we don't know the full story and can't judge her or her friend here in case they are unwilling to do stuff like this and are forced to do it." Looker said when he looks at Officer Jenny with a serious look again.

"R-Right. Let's get going then." Officer Jenny said.

Looker nods his head as he and the others start walking back to the pokemon Center.

As this happened, Serina was teaching Jade more about what various berries could do while Jade looks a bit worried when Emerald was taking so long.

"Something wrong Jade?" Serina asked while she smiles at Jade as she pets her head.

Jade blushes a bit.

"W-Well… Emerald said he would be back in 30 minutes but… he's been gone for a while now."

"Well I'm sure he is fine, not like he can get into trouble soon after leaving the pokemon center right?" Serina said though as she said that the doors to the center open and well… when the duo look over, they saw Emerald who rubs his head nervously as the Pichu munched on another oren berry, Maite, Looker, and Officer Jenny.

"Pardon me ma'am but I'm with the International police and I need a room for privacy while I question these two, all I can say it deals with the Nuzlock challenges that you may have heard about." Looker said while Serina and Jade had shocked looks on their faces… Emerald got into trouble with the international police in 30 fucking minutes!?

"W-Wait… Emerald isn't involved in those fights and… Maite?" Serina said when she saw the older Loppuny hybrid.

As Maite rubs her arm, Looker rubs his chin.

"That's what I'm here to find out ma'am, Officer Jenny and I went to follow this man since he seemed like a trouble magnet to Officer Jenny here, we followed him to a warehouse that he snuck into but after that many people left in a hurry followed by these two being last… after hearing what we heard these two may have been in a Nuzlock challenge ring and were planning to go to a tag tournament of sorts." Looker said while he gave a much sterner look.

"A private room so we can talk in peace please?" Looker asked while he gave Nurse Joy a serious look.

Serina gulps at the look.

"O-Of course. Follow me."

Looker nods his head before the group followed Serina into an empty room.

"Good… Nurse Joy, please leave us alone for a bit." Looker asked when he looks at Serina while Jade who followed looked really worried.

Serina nods her head before she gestures the group to follow her.

Jade followed to make sure nothing happened to Emerald and the Pichu.

When she entered and the door was shut after Serina left, Looker looks at Emerald and Maite.

"Now than… lets hear the full story." Looker said while Emerald gulps and he starts to explain everything from when he left Pallet town to the here and now on his end… while this happened… well…

In Lillum's room a not as dramatic scene was seen with Lillum licking the side of Sleipnir's cock while Jessica did the same to Sleipnir's large balls while she used her paws to fondle them.

Sleipnir shudders a bit before groaning as he was enjoying the treatment as his cock and balls lightly throb.

Lillum giggles while she stroked Sleipnir's cock with her hands, she moved to suck it while making sure to lick the hole at the tip of his cock to really tease him.

Jessica went to lick Sleipnir's balls more.

"Oh fuck." The rapidash groans.

Lillum mentally giggles as she keeps this up, the duo were at this for a bit with teasing Sleipnir when they pleasured his balls and Lillum sucks his cock more and more as the head of his cock flared until…

Sleipnir made a whine like noise as he, pun intended, fires his load inside Lillum's mouth as his balls throb on Jessica's tongue.

Lillum made a gag noise for a moment when she felt that and struggled to drink the load, thankfully for her she had practice of quick recovery and was able to get plenty of it down her stomach when she drank it while some sperm got on her breasts as Jessica kept pleasing Sleipnir's balls while waiting for him to ride out his orgasm.

It wasn't long before Sleipnir finally taps off.

Jessica looks up to see how Lillum was doing.

Lillum was in a lustful haze when she finished drinking Sleipnir's load… after that however, Lillum moved to kiss Jessica to share some of the load with her while Sleipnir looks on.

Jessica was caught off guard by that action before she starts kissing Lillum back while using her tongue to lick some of the cum.

This got Sleipnir worked up while he watched the duo make out and when they finished, Lillum smirks when she grins at Jessica.

"So Jessica… ready to take on Sleipnir or want me to warm you up first with a cock not as massive as his?" Lillum said when she looks amused when she looks at Sleipnir's iron hard cock.

Jessica blushes a bit.

"W-Well… a little warm up wouldn't hurt."

"Hehe… good… Sleipnir… I'll get your toy out so enjoy watching me have fun fucking this little cute fluffball of sin." Lillum said while she grins at her partner as she sets Jessica down.

"Hehe… alright by me." Sleipnir said.

Once this happened, Lillum when to a closet and rolled out a well… a machine that was made for milking horse cocks… it looked like some kind of stand with a fleshlight on top that led to a massive glass jug while the entire thing was on wheels and when locked in place, it wouldn't move at all, had other buttons and stuff but Lillum used a lube on the inner material so Sleipnir would have an easy time inserting his cock around the soft material lining the tube to the jug.

"There… all ready for fun." Lillum said when she moved out of the way.

Sleipnir grins excitedly as Jessica blinks in surprise when she saw the machine.

"Whoa… what is this?... looks like something for horse pokemon breeding." Jessica said while Lillum smirks.

"Oh it is, its for when I can't help Slei here when he is pent up and need an alternate way of doing things… the inner lining for the masturbation part is pretty much made to feel like my pussy from one end to the other... hehe, so its like he is fucking me as deep as he wants… comes with a few addons I had installed over time… like a massage function, vibration function, even has my moans and groans recorded so when Sleipnir goes at intense rates, you can hear me scream his name, I can explain more but why not watch as I help Slei here into position." Lillum said when she watched as Sleipnir get into position and after Lillum aimed the massive horse cock, it slipped into the fleshlight part with ease thanks to how lubed the fleshlight was until Sleipnir's dickhead was seen poking out the other end and into the glass container.

"There… and thanks to this, Sleipnir has donated to many breeding programs and what not… jar can get a bit heavy when he fills it to the brim a few times." Lillum teased while she rubs the side of Sleipnir's flank.

Jessica was a bit shocked.

"S-Seriously?!" She said.

"I did say he was from a good breed of Rapidash who were bred to mate right?... honestly I doubt you'll find a more virile Rapidash in this region, powerful too if you see his muscles here… now why don't I turn this on and…" Lillum said as she hits a couple buttons and the machine came to life, pretty much vibrating and milking Sleipnir's cock in no time.

Sleipnir shudders a few times before he starts groaning as the machine milks his cock.

He thrusts his hips a few times and Jessica could see how eager Sleipnir was as he pretty much went wild in pretty much fucking the machine's fleshlight and Lillum giggles at how intense Sleipnir was.

Jessica blushes brightly when she watches the show.

It was actually making her feel turned on while imagining the horny rapidash being that way with her.

Still she did worry a bit thanks to the size difference but thanks to Lillum looking at her with a grin, she formed a large 11 inch cock that was 2 in width.

"So… think this is good enough for a warm up for now?... I'm more than ready to feel how good a buneary pussy is since your species prefer Pallet town." Lillum said when she grins at Jessica.

Jessica gulps.

"This can work." She said.

"Good…" Lillum said as she had Jessica taken to a bed and stood before her.

"May as well one up things by doing this." Lillum said when she reformed her body into a shapely Lopunny while she kept the cock and Lillum smirks at how Jessica would react.

Jessica was surprised by the sudden change before smirking.

"Well this is interesting."

"Indeed… so… want to do a roleplay where the big sister teaches the little sister a thing or two about sex or want to pretend were mates?" Lillum teased while she stroked her cock a few times.

Jessica licks her lips.

"Option 2 please."

"Alright… mates it is." Lillum said as she smashed her lips on Jessica's while she rubs Jessica's pussy through her fur.

Jessica moans before she kissed Lillum back while rubbing her paws on Lillum's breasts.

Lillum moans from this and after a minute, she leaned back to show her cock to Jessica.

"So Jess…. Want to get to the real fun or want me to try and put an egg in you now?" Lillum teased when she got in the swing of things.

Jess though blushing, was now feeling more turned on.

"How about both?" She said while grinning.

Lillum licks her lips and she aimed her cock at Jessica's soaked pussy.

"Very well." Lillum said as she slowly forced her cock deep in Jessica's pussy and moans at the tight feeling.

Jessica groans as she feels Lillum's cock going inside her pussy before feeling it being stretched out for a bit.

Once Lillum gave Jessica time to adjust, she starts to thrust her hips gently as she fucked Jessica while she leaned down carefully to please her with a kiss to her lips while Sleipnir watched on as he fucked the machine harder.

Jessica was moaning and groaning a bit before she kissed back making Sleipnir more turned on as he kept fucking the machine.

As this happened, Lillum teased Sleipnir when she shook her ass in a twerking way which made her cock wiggle in Jessica and her ass with the fluffy cotten tail bounced in Sleipnir's view.

This made Sleipnir get more excited as he pounds away at the machine harder.

In no time, Sleipnir and Jessica's orgasms were brought closer and closer thanks to how the machine was and Lillum's actions while Lillum pets Jessica's head as Lillum's cock hits the back of her womb again and again until…

Jessica moans loud before she climaxed a bit hard on Lillum's cock.

Sleipnir whines loud as he climax inside the machine.

Sleipnir floods the jar and filled the massive jar halfway while Lillum moans as she forced her cock deep in Jessica's pussy and floods her womb with sperm.

Jessica moans more as her orgasm got stronger as Sleipnir kept filling up the jar.

Once the group ride out their orgasms, Lillum giggles when she pulled her head back and smirks at a panting Jessica.

"Hehe… so my dear… how was this for a warm up?" Lillum teased while she pets Jessica more.

Jessica continues to pant a bit.

"O-Oh fuck."

Lillum looks amused before she leaned back and pulled her cock free of Jessica's pussy and after seeing her work, she smirks.

"Oh you're more than ready… Sleipnir… now that your warm up loads are out of the way, come and show this cutie what its like to get with a powerful rapidash like yourself." Lillum teased when she moved to hug Jessica to her body after turning Jessica away and when she did, she had her cock go up Jessica's ass but she didn't move as Lillum laid on her back with Jessica laying on Lillum while Jessica faced the ceiling and Sleipnir saw the still tight pussy of Jessica.

Sleipnir grins excitedly before he takes his cock out of the machine and goes towards the duo.

Once he got close, he inserted his cock inside Jessica's pussy making the Buneary groan.

It didn't take many inches for Sleipnir to get deep in Jessica's pussy, about 5 or so inches, while Lillum got 7 or so, rather deep given Jessica was a Buneary right now.

This results in Sleipnir and Lillum thrusting their hips and Jessica was DPed by two massive cocks going in and out of her holes.

"Oh fuck… Oh fuck!" Jessica groans loudly as she felt both cocks going in and out of her holes.

"Oh fuck is right… you got tight the moment Sleipnir busts into your womb… how much do you love cocks you cum craving slut bunny!?" Lillum teased while she thrusts her hips harder while holding Jessica steady while Sleipnir fucked Jessica harder.

Jessica groans loud.

"I-I… Love them! I love getting… ah!… Fucked by bigger cocks!"

"Hehe, a true size Queen that I adore… Sleipnir and I will be enjoying your company if we go with you and travel a bit with Emerald, bet you'll enjoy that… maybe we should bring Emerald in for a hardcore foursome… hopefully you'll be a Lopunny because its hard to hold back on breaking these holes right now!" Lillum growls before she thrusts her hips harder which had her cock go deep in Jessica's ass while Sleipnir fucked Jessica more and more until…

Jessica groans loudly with a fucked up look on her face as she climaxed hard on the duo's cocks as Sleipnir whines as he floods Jessica's pussy with his load.

Lillum did the same with Jessica's ass and after making Jessic's womb and stomach bloat with her coughing up sperm, Jessica was a twitching mess on the bed after Lillum, who removed her cock was standing next to Sleipnir and she giggles at what Jessica was muttering.

"C-Cocks… c-cum…" Jessica said as her face looked pleased and fucked up at the same time.

Lillum giggles more before she looks at Sleipnir.

"Hehe, bet she will be fun after we give her more practice and stuff to help with her stamina." Lillum said while she grins at her partner.

"You tired after that?" Lillum said though the painfully hard cock on Sleipnir which didn't answer her question.

"You kidding? I'm not even done." Sleipnir said as he grins at Lillum.

"Good… want to get the bondage gear system set up so you can punish your Lopunny slut bunny?" Lillum teased while she wiggles her cotten tailed ass at Sleipnir which amused him at how Lillum begged to be punished hardcore.

"Oh yes please." Sleipnir said as his cock twitches in excitement.

When this happened, Lillum moved to start some kind of keypad and when she starts it, a metal stand with cuffs on the sides appeared… once Lillum laid on it with her breasts pressing against the table part which had a comfy cushion on it, she locked her arms and legs and only a safe word would unlock them thanks to a mic.

This caused Lillum to grin as she looks back at Sleipnir and shook her ass at the horny rapidash to tempt him into fucking her with all his might now that she was secure.

Sleipnir was more excited before he gets behind Lillum and immediately jams his cock inside her pussy after mounting her.

Lillum groans loudly from this and in no time, Sleipnir was ramming his cock into Lillum's womb again and again while he wasn't gentle, when Lillum brought out the restrainer, he could go all out, for an example… Sleipnir was going so rough one time that Lillum was both crying yet begging for more when the pain and pleasure were too much for her at one point in the past when she was less experienced, now she could take his full thrusts like a Rapidash mare in heat now.

Sleipnir was groaning as he continues to hump away like if he was trying to mate with Lillum as his cock throbs a few times in Lillum's pussy.

Lillum was moaning intensely while she begged for Sleipnir to make it hurt when she wanted him to use more, even make his cock hot inside of her pussy.

Sleipnir didn't disappoint as he got really rough before making his cock hot inside Lillum's pussy.

Lillum moans more from this, so much so that Jessica who was coming to noticed when she sat up with a groan.

"O-Oh man and… whoa mama." Jessica said as she was surprised while blushing brightly at the scene.

Currently she saw Sleipnir fucking Lillum with such intensity that if not for the restraints, Lillum would be pretty much thrusts off the machine as Lillum moans more, Sleipnir gave a loud neigh when he forced his cock deep in Lillum and floods her womb and pussy with sperm making her moan whorishly when she came hard on the cock to milk it for all Sleipnir had.

Jessica sees this which caused her to blush more as she also saw the horny rapidash's balls throbbing.

"O-Oh yeah!... take it all you cum craving slut!" Sleipnir growls out while he has a strained look when he rides out his orgasm.

Lillum had a fucked up look on her face before she taps off from an orgasm she had from feeling her womb bloating up.

Sleipnir chuckles as he removed his cock and sperm flowed onto the floor while the Rapidash still had a hardon while he grins.

"Hehe, bet your ass will enjoy what I'm about to do." Sleipnir said when he got ready to mount Lillum again, though before he could, the door to the room opened and a worried looking Serina walked into the room and the door closed behind her getting everyone's attention.

"M-Mom? What's going on?" Lillum said with a confused look.

"Sorry to interrupt your… moment Lillum but something happened. International police is here… questioning Emerald about those underground fights. Also… Maite is here too." Serina said.

"W-What!?" Lillum said before she tried to get up but was stopped by the restraints and after she said the safeword, she was let go and got off the restrainer.

"Sorry Sleipnir, need to have a rain check on that ass fucking unless mom wants a good distraction, Jessica lets get clean and stuff before we go." Lillum said before she picked up Jessica and rushed into the bathroom.

Serina looks at Sleipnir.

"Sorry for that Sleipnir. Though if you want, I'm here still."

"You sure?... don't want to force you." Sleipnir said while he looked at Serina.

Serina gave him a nice smile.

"I'm sure."

"Very well… get undressed… may as well help you forget your troubles." Sleipnir said as he gave Serina a lustful look while his cock throbbed.

Serina giggles before she starts undressing.

As this happened, the scene went to Looker while he had a serious look on his face as he looks at Emerald and Maite.

"So… the full story on Emerald's side is that he got into town, headed to the pokemon center, left and after seeing you Maite, he followed and he watched you battle a Golem and nearly killed it… after that Emerald got in the way but thanks to the Ringmaster and Super Champion, Emerald couldn't do much thanks to the hidden threat to your mother yes?" Looker said when he looks calmly at Maite… Officer Jenny in the meantime…

Officer Jenny was writing things down for her reports later as she heard Maite speak.

"Yes. Considering things, I don't wish to fight Emerald but I don't want anything to happen to my mom. She's all that I have now." Maite said.

"No father?" Looker asked while he rubs his chin though Maite had an angered look but not at Looker.

"That pretty boy of a Lopunny Father of mine didn't stick around, the moment he finished sleeping with Mom, he left soon after, Mom's friends back then supported her but I was raised by her alone." Maite said while Emerald frowns but rubs Maite on the back in a calming way.

Maite did feel better as Officer Jenny scoffs.

"Typical… I always hear a case were a father goes 'missing' but it's later revealed that they start a new life."

"Officer Jenny!" Looker said with narrowed eyes while Maite looks a bit saddened and Emerald frowns at her for the serious lack of tact.

Officer Jenny jolts.

"S-Sorry. I'm just saying. Didn't mean to."

Looker shakes his head before he looks at Maite with a kind smile.

"My apologies for her, she maybe talented for a Officer but she really needs to learn how to read when to speak and when not to… anyway mind explaining how you got into this?" Looker said while Emerald speaks for her.

"I think the Ringmaster said she borrowed a lot of money and now has to work that off and stuff." Emerald said while he rubs Maite's back more.

Maite gulps.

"It's true. Mom needed surgery and I was running out of options. I could've called for help from Pallet town but I was desperate now I fight for the ringmaster." She said before shuddering when she remembered something.

"Something wrong?" Looker asked when he noticed the shudder.

"Sorry… just remembered the fights I did and when I lose… they would… have their way with me as punishment." Maite said.

Officer Jenny covered her mouth and Emerald pets Maite on the back more while Looker nods.

"I see… well Maite, I may not know the entire story but I can see aside from the fierce expression you have when just walking around, you seem like a nice woman… how about a deal so to speak… help us take down this Ringmaster and I can guarantee your mother's protection in the hospital and I can overlook some of your… past actions with these challenges since you didn't have much choice once you borrowed the cash… how long has she been in there though if I may ask?, does she have some kind of illness or injury?, can she be moved?" Looker asked while he looks calmly at Maite.

"Mom had received… cancer a month after that… fool left us. I've been doing these fights for 4 years." Maite said.

"Oh my…" Officer Jenny said while Looker nods.

"I see… those treatments helping at all?" Looker asked while he gave Maite a sympathetic look.

Maite nods her head.

"Yes. Even though it's obvious I'm guilty for causing some people pain, I would still do anything to save mom."

"I see, well guess all I can say is this, Maite, unless you accept a deal I'm going to suggest, I'll have to arrest you on murder of many charges, in a nutshell I want you to work with Emerald to help me end these Nuzlock challenges in the region once and for all, I'll make sure your mother is well protected a in the end you can walk away a free woman… before you ask I have connections who can help me get this deal made." Looker said with a look that showed he wouldn't back down if Maite got angered.

Maite was thoughtful.

"I may be guilty… but I can't see myself going to jail… I'll take the deal."

"Good, I'll start making arrangements, but to make sure you're not trying to pull a fast one… I'll be having this Officer Jenny disguised and she will be joining you in your journey Emerald, Maite may be going with you as well since you said that the super Tournament will be held in another City… think of this as an undercover op of sorts." Looker said while he looks at Officer Jenny with a look that dared her to object… guess he was still steamed what what she said about Maite's father and stuff.

Officer Jenny jolt before she nods her head at Looker.

"Good… now lets get ready to leave and-!" Looker said before the door was pushed open by Lillum in her normal look in an Nurse joy outfit while Jessica followed and both looked panicked.

"Don't arrest them!... Emerald did nothing wrong and Maite is a nice lady!" Lillum said while she and Jessica pant for breath to show they ran in though they smelled nice and stuff while Looker looks confused when he looks a the duo.

"U-Um… no one is getting arrested… Maite accepted a deal to avoid that and Emerald is willing to help her more or less." Looker said when he didn't expect Lillum to rush in with Jessica following.

Jessica panted as Maite was a bit surprised.

"H-Hey Lillum." She said.

Lillum looks at Maite and after hearing about the deal… well… she comically cried as she hugged Maite's head between her breasts and Emerald chuckles a bit at this while Jade and the Pichu look at one another and giggle at how Maite's arms flailed from the surprise hug and smothering.

Jessica snickered at this as Maite tries to calm Lillum down.

"T-There there Lillum."

Lillum just cried more while hugging Maite harder as Emerald chuckles before he looks at Looker.

"All things considering, may as well give us a few hours to get ready and hopefully calm down before Maite, Officer Jenny or whatever name she will use to hide her identity, and I leave Viridian City… may as well continue my pokemon journey while waiting for that Ringmaster to contact us or Maite and stuff." Emerald said while he smiles at Looker.

"Alright. Just be on the lookout for anything suspicious." Looker said.

Emerald nods before Looker and Officer Jenny left the room while Emerald looks at Jessica as Lillum continues to hug Maite Comically.

"Hehe, get along with Lillum while the man grilled Maite and I." Emerald said to Jessica before chuckling at that old school way of saying a cop… though given the guy was a… Looker… he had no name to say.

Jessica blushes a bit.

"Surprisingly, yeah… she was fun including that partner of hers."

"Partner?" Emerald said which showed he didn't meet Sleipnir yet, at least the rapidash version and been awhile.

"Hehe… the hunkiest Rapidash you'll ever see." Jessica said with hearts in her eyes while Emerald looks amused.

"Hooo… guess I don't stack up then next to him so want me to leave you here so you can have fun with him?" Emerald said while he sounded a bit… jealous?... then again if you got compared to a horse pokemon and didn't stack to a hunk you would get a bit peeved.

Jessica puff her cheeks a bit.

"Hey… you both are the same size, but I'm still sticking with you. You're my trainer. Remember that."

Emerald chuckles as he rubs Jessica's head.

"Yeah well even if he was bigger, wouldn't get angry, you Buneary and Lopunny are naturally lustful for the most part." Emerald said when he looked over to see Maite finally prying Lillum off her to breathe properly.

"L-Lillum… I don't mind getting hugs from you but remember, I have to breathe too." Maite said.

Lillum still cried while she pretty much hugged Maite so Lillum's head was rubbing against Maite's chest and Emerald chuckles.

"May as well let Lillum get the hugging and crying out of the way Maite… last I remembered when we were kids, once Lillum got attached to someone, nearly impossible to pry them away." Emerald said while teasing Maite a bit in more ways than one when he wiggles an eyebrow.

Maite blushes brightly from this as Jessica snickers.

"Funny. Though I will say she is a looker. Wonder if she's from my pack from Pallet town."

"Actually Jessica…" Emerald said as he explained things and when he was done well… Jessica was comically crying while hugging the side of Maite's head while Emerald, Jade, and even the Pichu sweatdrops when they saw this.

"Guess the possibility of being a relative and possibly having a bastard uncle or brother or possible dad leaving a mother and child really shamed Jessica." Emerald said when he looks at Jade.

"M-Maybe… think we should contact Jessica's mother? We still have to tell the professor about the Pichu." Jade said.

"Right… hey Jessica, Lillum… Jade, Pichu and I are leaving the room to contact the professor, try and let Maite have a break from the crying soon." Emerald said as he, Jade, and Pichu left the room while Maite was shocked Emerald left her with the crying duo.

'Oh sweet Arceus.' Maite thought while being smothered.

After this happened, Emerald went to a booth to call Okido's laboratory while he looks at a monitor and waits for the professor to pick up.

It wasn't long before the call was answered.

'Aw Emerald, so good to hear from… wait… is that the Pichu I gave you?" Okido said when he noticed the supposed electric Pokémon.

"Yeah professor… long story short… my luck really sucks… you see… and thats how I got the Pichu as my kid… got involved with the International police… now need to help Maite… and now here we are." Emerald said while he rubs his head at the wided eyed look on Okido's face from the story.

"Oh my… that is… very speechless right now." Okido said as he was very shocked at the story.

"Yeah… anyway I got a couple requests… one is a shocker and the other may as well be an impossible request but… mind if you send that alpha mightyena to me and call the Alpha Lopunny so I can speak with her?" Emerald requested much to Jade's shock when she heard the part with the Alpha Mightyena.

Okido was also shocked.

"I can understand the Alpha Lopunny but why the Alpha Mightyena?"

"Simple… I need someone to train with… and dark form aside I wasn't able to take him on somewhat… especially when he got in that mega form, I may have to deal with a unique hybrid who is a mix of a Machamp and a Blaziken as well so I need to be able to react to fast attacks and stuff, I can explain more but I do have good reasons for requesting him as you heard." Emerald asked while he looks at a hand while clenching it into a fist… seems Emerald was desperate if he was going to ask the Alpha Mightyena to help him train… in his party only Maite would be able to do so much and since Emerald has a habit of using psychic energy the Mightyena would be a perfect sparring partner since Psychic moves didn't work much on him unless some kind of item was used.

"I see… well if you're sure then I'll go fetch them." Okido said.

"Thanks… and sorry for the trouble… but drastic times call for drastic measures, professor." Emerald said before he looks at Jade.

"Don't worry, I'll keep him in line, Jade so he won't force himself on anyone." Emerald said while he smiles at Jade while petting her head.

"Well… okay." Jade said as the duo waited before Kirlia popped up.

It was one of Jade's sister.

"Hey Jade. How goes your journey?"

"Oh hey sis… its going… well… with some slight snags here or there but doing good so far." Jade said while she smiles at her sister.

"I see… well hope this strong hunk right there is keeping you safe." The Kirlia said with a smirk.

Emerald blushed a bit at this while he rubs his head.

Jade blushed and she nods.

"Y-Yeah." Jade said while she blushed a bit at the hunk thing given she saw his cock while he was having fun with Lillum and stuff before she retreated.

The Kirlia chuckles at their expression.

"That's good. Say, you're Emerald right? Have you seen that Cedric guy yet?"

"Uhh… not yet, either I missed him or he left town before I got here, once we got here its been one thing after another so chances are he is in Pewter City right now or close to it, I'm still in Viridian City." Emerald said while he looks apologetic.

The Kirlia chuckled.

"No sweat. If you do see him. Tell him to call me. Two of my sisters and I wanted to hear from him. But if you ever come back to pallet town, don't mind giving you a good time too." She said before winking at Emerald.

Emerald blushed more from this while Jade blushed at how forward her sister was.

Thankfully Okido, though he did have some comical lipstick marks on various parts of his body appeared while Emerald looks amused at the state Okido was in while Jessica's mother appeared as well while she licks her lips and looks amused when she walked on screen, thankfully she went without the BDSM gear and her fur covered her important bits in case normal kids were around.

"Well hello handsome." The Alpha Lopunny said as she looks at Emerald.

Emerald blushed more but he looks at Okido.

"You OK professor?... a couple Lopunny get the drop on you?" Emerald asked when he watched the professor try and get his clothing straightened.

"Y-Yes well… let's just say two and leave it at that. Anyway… Lola, which his her name Emerald… so Lola, Emerald wanted to ask you something." Okido said.

"Yes well… its like this…" Emerald said as he quickly explained things to Lola and after he was done, Lola looked extremely angered but not at Emerald persay.

"And you're sure she said pretty boy right?" Lola said while Emerald hugged Jade while she did the same in some fear while Pichu held Emerald's head.

"Y-Yeah… she did." Emerald said while the trio looks a bit frightened at how fierce Lola looked.

"Oooh… I want to say something… but I can't with kids present." Lola said.

"D-Do you know him, Mrs. Lola?" Jade said.

"Oh I know him alright… my ex of a mate… if he is the same guy who ran off, his name should be Bugs, cute looking, popular with women, but unlike Emerald here who respects women and sticks around, Bugs was always the hit it and quit it type of mate… guy ran off after knocking me up a few times, and since we're full Lopunny, got a lot of kids from that as you can see… Jessica's father as well… guess that makes Maite a half sister of Jessica… look you see a Lopunny that is named Bugs, Emerald and if Maite says that's his name… do me a favor and atomize his fellahs." Lola said while Emerald gulps.

"S-Sure." Emerald said while he really hoped he didn't end up like Bugs… one personality trait change and he could have ended up like him… though he was surprised with how Lola complimented him compared to Bugs.

The Pichu was confused as Jade was surprised.

Okido clears his throat.

"R-Right… despite your history with this… Bugs fellow, Emerald has another request Lola. He wants to borrow the Alpha Mightyena."

"Really?... was wondering why you got him in that pokeball… well I don't mind but professor since my daughters and I will be missing our main source of fun, mind showing some strong male pokemon to the habitat in exchange?... heard there are a lot of Tauros who could use a good exercise and some Machamp as well… heard those guys are stamina gods hehe…" Lola said while she grins at the professor.

Okido sweatdrops.

"I'll see what I can do."

"Great… I could talk Lillum into seeing if her pokemon Sleipnir could come there as well… guys a Rapidash from what I heard and from what Jessica told me, is rather… powerful and equipped for someone of his species so hopefully that will help." Emerald said when he looks at an amused Lola.

"Really now? Well if little Jessi had fun with this Sleipnir then I definitely need to meet this guy then." Lola said with an amused look.

"Really?... well I'll talk with Lillum later, mind passing the Mightyena professor?, I'll talk with Lillum later about sending Sleipnir and stuff." Emerald said when he looks at the professor.

"Alright." Okido said before he puts the Pokéball in the machine and activates the transfer function.

Once the transfer happened, Emerald grabbed the pokeball and he pockets it for later use.

"Thanks professor, and sorry again Lola for taking this guy from you, if things go well, should be back at your place in no time, if not, I'll make sure to visit and stuff since the professor got me in a pokeball once so I should be transferable if I can't get a flying pokemon." Emerald said while Lola, Jade, Pichu, and the Kirlia look at the professor with raised eyebrows.

Okido chuckles nervously.

"That was an accident."

"Right… anyway see you later professor, I'll talk to you later when I get to Pewter City, how is Satoshi and the others before I go?" Emerald asked while Okido smiles.

"Well Shigeru and Cedric got the boulder badges and after a moment with Pikachu having to train a bit for a rematch which Pikachu and Satoshi won, Takeshi the leader of the Pewter City Gym is traveling with Satoshi, there is also this lady Kasumi… lets just say that Satoshi owes her a bike and stuff… nuff said… Pewter City is now ran by his father for now and his name is Muno or Flint as some nickname him thanks to him being a Rock type trainer." Okido said while Emerald nods his head.

"Thanks for the info professor, tell the others I said hi next time you see them and tell Leia and Laura that not only are things going to get better, Jade is doing well… oh and tell my parents not to worry if you tell them what is going on… may as well be an average hectic tuesday to them or something." Emerald said before he hung up on everyone before he got a serious look on his face.

Jade gulped.

"E-Emerald?" She said while the Pichu was worried for Emerald.

"Jade… I'm going to have to train harder than ever if I want to help Maite… even if that means possibly letting this bastard go… I'll have to make it up to Lola later once she hears this but drastic times calls for drastic measures… if he acts up beforehand I'll take care of him… and if he tries something after… I'll make sure he stays down next time… I'm just wanting to let you know that things will get more intense later… if you want to head back to your family, I can do so when we get to Pewter City." Emerald said when he looks at Jade.

Jade was a bit surprised after hearing that but she can tell how serious Emerald is.

"No. I'm staying with you." She said.

Emerald smiles at this.

"Thanks… soon you may be the voice of reason among many here so try and keep a calm mind like you always have… I really appreciate the calm moments you have…. I really do." Emerald said as he walked by Jade to get ready to leave officially leaving Jade and the Pichu behind while the Pichu smiles at Jade while patting her back.

Jade blushes a bit from the patting but did appreciate it since she wanted to help Emerald.

After she and the Pichu follow Emerald, the scene slowly fades to black while the Viridian City first visit arc was complete… next up the Pewter City Arc...

List of pokemon in people's group currently:

Shigeru (Human trainer):





Alolan Diglett

Cedric (Hybrid that can fight in battle, technical 7th pokemon):




Alolan Rattata


Satoshi (Human Trainer):


Emerald (Hybrid that can fight in battle, technical 7th pokemon):

Jade (Ralts)

Jessica (Buneary)

Pichu (Unnamed for now)

Alpha Mightyena (Maybe a temp thing like a guest party member)

Lillum (Hybrid that can fight in battle, Technical 7th pokemon):

Sleipnir (Rapidash)

Maite (Hybrid that can fight in Battle, Technical 7th pokemon:

? (Possibly none right now given her life up till now)

Officer Jenny (Human Trainer/Officer) (Going to be in disguise next chapter so may have a name change with her new look):


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