Legendary trainers of the world @emerald
Chapter 3

The scene opened up to show TME and Atomsk while they were walking through Pallet town.

"Hehe, nice place to live, maybe I should make a home here." TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

"Hmm, it is nice. But can't forget the other regions. Plus the option to live underground." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, though pretty sure the scenery sucks underground." TME said before he chuckles at the thought of living underground.

"Yeah, but good treasure to find and think of the pokemon fossils to find like in the game." Atomsk said.

"Yeah but most games normally only have a few fossil pokemon, though my real favorite ancient pokemon are the Unknown… the letter type pokemon… not sure of thats an actual classification but eh… seems pretty straightforward right?" TME said while he shrugged his arms for a second.

"Yeah, though I'm trying to figure out what to see when you get all the unknown pokemon. I know something is supposed to happen but what." Atomsk said as he was thoughtful.

"Not sure, if there was a reason I can't remember it, anyway the readers are here so lets get this small talk over with and get into the story." TME said when he points at the readers.

"Right. Want to do the honors since I covered the last one?" Atomsk said.

"Hmmm… alright, memory is a bit iffy so…" TME said before he looks at the readers.

"Hello dear readers and welcome to another chapter of Legendary Trainers of the world, I'm your host TME and this is my best friend and Co-host Atomsk the Legendery Pirate King or Pirate King for short…. Don't tell Luffy that or he may want to break out of his own franchise and try and kick Atomsks's ass hehe." TME said before he chuckles at the image.

Atomsk had a half lidded look.

"Oh ha ha. Very funny. So last chap, things got interesting with our heroes."

"Yup, last chapter Cedric ran into Lillum in a very kinky way, Shigeru went on ahead off screen more or less but it was implied, Satoshi is going the canon pokemon route more or less and had to drag Pikachu from Pallet Town, and Emerald has yet to leave yet so we may focus on him most of all while we go to Cedric every now and then, so in a nutshell its mainly as followed, Cedric and his possible group and Emerald and Jade in an alternating way, however pretty sure the next few chapters will focus on Emerald unless Cedric sticks around Viridian City for a bit, going to be pretty hectic there aside from the Canon Team Rocket thing that goes on in the Pokemon Center." TME said while he looks at Atomsk to see what he thinks.

Atomsk was thoughtful.

"Hmmm… sounds like a plan for Emerald. Don't know for Cedric, but we know how to improvise." He said.

"Hehe yup, we could use either a lemon with a random pokemon female that wants to have a good time with Cedric or use a bit or two to show the buildup to a new pokemon partner for him, similar to how Emerald and Jade will be since I doubt Jade would want to sit in a pokeball for lengths of time." TME said when he grins at Atomsk since he knew either or would work with Atomsk's thought process.

Atomsk did like those suggestions.

"Interesting… want to do… both?" He said.

"Works with me, so how do you want this story to start?, with Cedric or Emerald?, two different starting points now in seperate locations after all." TME said when he looks at Atomsk.

"Hmmm… let's go with your guy for now." Atomsk said.

"Alright, to Emerald's place it is." TME said before the scene went to Emerald's place as the sun was rising." TME said while the scene shifts to...

Pallet Town/ Emerald's home/ Emerald's room/ Leia, Jade, Laura, Emerald

...Emerald's room as the sun starts to creep into the room by the partly open curtain and sunlight starts to hit Jade's right closed eye thanks to the angle of the bed to the window when the bed's foot area was pointing towards the window.

"H-Hmm… stupid sunlight." Jade groans as she moves her head a bit.

That caused her to feel her body raising and lowering herself while a psychic energy was used to close the curtain but not by Jade's actions oddly enough.

Jade blinked in confusion but figured it was her mom.

"Thanks mom." She said before trying to sleep a bit more.

"Hehe, that wasn't your mom Jade." A familiar male voice said while the thing Jade was resting on lowered a bit with the words.

Jade opened her eyes when she heard that before she looked over to see who spoke.

Turns out with was Emerald while he had his arms around a sleeping Laura and Leia and Emerald smiles at Jade when seemed to wake just now.

"Sleep well?" Emerald said when he smiles at Jade, thanks to her resting on his chest, she was pretty close to his head so she was more or less a few inches from his face.

Jade's blinked in surprised before she backed away a bit and blushed brightly from how close before she nods her head at Emerald.


Emerald smiles at Jade more when he heard that.

"Hehe, good, if you want to sleep more, you can, its a few minutes till 6 am." Emerald said when he looks at the clock nearby and saw that it was 3 minutes till 6 AM.

"Hmmm, that's okay. I'm good." Jade said.

"Alright, I'll be laying here a bit more while waiting for Leia and your mother to wake, if you want to walk around my home, feel free, bathroom is outside the door and second on the left if you need to use the bathroom." Emerald said while he looks at his door.

"Okay." Jade said before she carefully gets off of Emerald and quietly leaves the room.

When Jade got off Emerald and left the room, Emerald smiles when he looks at the ceiling.

"You know, you two don't have to pretend to sleep anymore, sun is up and pretty sure two out of the three of us are a bit anxious on how things will go once Jade and I leave Pallet for a bit." Emerald said when he rubbed Laura and Leia's shoulders gently.

Leia chuckles.

"Hehe, you said it."

Turns out Leia and Laura were awake and had woken up a bit ago and just wanted Jade to sleep a bit since she would need the energy later.

"Hmmm, I feel greatly refreshed." Laura said as she lightly stretched.

"Hehe, well a bed instead of the forest floor will do that with a nice sleep." Emerald said when he grins at Laura.

"Hehe, not to mention after having a good time." Leia said with a smirk.

Emerald blushed at that when he saw Leia smirking at him before he looks at the ceiling when he was shut up just now from the tease.

Leia chuckled.

"What's wrong?, Did a Meowth caught your tongue?"

Emerald blinks at that when he looks at Leia with a half lidded look.

"Hey don't do teases unless you want to get teased back… saw firsthand how… intense you can get when I'm taking charge in the act." Emerald said when he grins at Leia.

Leia blushes a bit before grinning at Emerald.

"And I loved every moment of that you stud." She said as she rubs her hand on Emerald's chest.

Emerald blushed at that and did shut up but he hugged Leia to show he enjoyed it as well.

Leia blinked at the hug before blushing a bit but she didn't mind as she leans up and kissed Emerald's lips.

Emerald returned the kiss while his hand went to Leia's ass and he squeezed it a bit to tease her some more.

Leia moans as she kissed Emerald more while the duo forgot that Laura was still here.

Though after stopped kissing Leia, he looks at Laura with a smile.

"Anyway Laura, how you feeling after waking up?, I could convince the professor to get a bet for you if you want to live in his place… either that or let you live in my room while I'm away with Jade, room won't have much use, maybe Leia could use it if she wants to have an easy time to fight with my dad and what not." Emerald said when he smiles at the duo when he gave the suggestion.

Leia and Laura blinked a few times after hearing that.

"Well first, I slept great. Second, not sure about Leia but I don't to impose on your parents in case the professor can't provide a room for me." Laura said.

"Nonsense, I'm sure they would love to have you here, same with Leia, if you two want to bunk together I don't see why not, after all we slept fine on the bed after all right?" Emerald said when he grins at the ladies in his arms.

Leia shrugs.

"I don't mind sharing. I know Emerald's dad will enjoy me being here." She said with a smirk as she can tell how excited Emerald's dad was.

Emerald chuckles at that.

"Yeah… though you sure it won't be from having to share his bed with you and mom?... I saw how he looked at you, can't blame him for that." Emerald said when he grins at Leia.

Leia chuckled.

"No kidding."

"Yeah well I should be getting to get ready to go so…" Emerald said when he used a bit of psychic energy to have Leia and Laura float above Emerald and he moved to get off the bed and then placed Leia and Laura in front of one another rather close so Leia or Laura wouldn't be at the edge of the bed and Emerald stretched his body a moment later.

The duo blushed a bit at how close before they look at Emerald.

Emerald looks back at the duo with a grin.

"Try and not do anything until Jade and I leave for Viridian City alright?, don't want to have to come here and wonder why I'm missing two sexy ladies near the entrance to town." Emerald said before he gathered some clothing and went to take a shower.

Leia blinks for a bit before looking at Laura.

"Well, what should we do now?"

"Well… could get breakfast or something, get clean after, and think of what to do after." Laura said when she looks Leia in the eyes.

"Fine by me. But first…" Leia said before smirking as she smash her lips on Laura's lips.

Laura blushed before she went with the kiss when she hugged Leia gently.

Leia moans as she returns the hug while kissing Laura more.

This went on for a moment before she pulled away from the kiss and grins at Leia when she teleports off the bed and left Leia on it.

"As nice as that kiss is, we should keep controlled before Emerald and Jade leave… after though… no issues if you want to have fun later, we could even invite Emerald's parents… I'm craving a good fighting type cock right about now thanks to you." Laura said while she winked at Leia and left the room while her ass sweated too and fro as a result before she exits the room.

Leia smirks.

"Things just got more interesting." She said before she gets up from the bed and exits the room.

When she exits the room and entered the kitchen, she saw Jade happily eating some berries that were cooked while she sat in Tai Ling's lap so she could reach the table since they don't have tall enough chairs and Laura wasn't in the room, was probably getting clean or doing something else, Leia heard a shower going so if Laura was with Emerald, no sex yet it seems and was just getting clean and helping him with his back.

That's when Grigori entered the room and smiles at Leia.

"Oh hey Leia, how was your nap last night?" Grigori asked which got Tai Ling's attention and she looked to see Leia awake as well.

"Oh it went well. I'm sure Laura and Jade can agree with that." Leia said as Jade blush a bit.

Tai Ling chuckles while she rubbed the top of Jade's head in a motherly way.

"Well I'm sure you can agree well with it when we saw you snuggling up to Emerald last night, Jade was so cute resting on Emerald like a doll and Laura looked pretty content as well." Tai Ling said when she smiles at Jade.

Jade blushes more as Laura chuckles.

"Well the bed was comfortable. And so was Emerald." Laura said as she smirks at Emerald.

"Hehe, well some always said that Emerald was comfortable to lay on in the past when he was younger, like laying on a Snorlax's stomach." Grigori said and he chuckles at the image of a Snorlax sized Emerald, guess he was pudgy before he really started to train and must have been small pokemon and what not.

"Ho ho, was Emerald was like a Munchlax when he was little." Leia said as she couldn't help but giggle at the image.

Jade even giggles a bit when she pictured Emerald when he was young saying Munchlax and probably pretending to be one as well.

"Well pardon me for not looking good years ago but that was when I was too young to train with dad here." Emerald's voice said which made Jade and Leia jolt when they look over and see a barely amused Emerald who had a half lidded look on his face.

Jade and Leia rubbed the back of their heads.

"Uh oops?" Leia said.

"Right… anyway Laura is still in the bathroom getting cleaned so I came to get some breakfast before I head to the professor to see if he needs anything before I leave." Emerald said when he walked to the kitchen counter to see if anything was there, and if there wasn't, he would make something from the refrigerator.

"Right." Leia said before she decided to get something to eat as well.

The rest of the meal went rather well and after Laura joined, she and the others went with Emerald to Professer Okido to see if he needed anything.

Pallet Town/ Okido's research lab/ ?

When the group got to the lab, they saw that a Kirlia was handing Okido an ice pack and he was nursing a bump on his head.

"Professor!, what happened?" Emerald said when he saw that the lab looked worse then usual.

"U-Ugh… one of the more rambunctious pokemon babies got lose while I was doing a checkup to check their health and lets just say if it wasn't for this Kirlia here, I would be in worse shape." Okido said while he smiles gratefully at the Kirlia, Emerald recognized this one as one of the three Kirlia who had fun with Cedric.

The Kirlia giggled.

"Happy to help, professor."

Okido smiles more though cringed when he had to adjust the ice pack again while Emerald and the others look at one another and back at the professor.

"Still what kind of baby pokemon would give you trouble?, you know how to keep them in check, was the mom around?" Emerald said while Okido looked a bit bummed.

"Actually the baby that hatched recently was abandoned here, got a note that said the mother wouldn't live long thanks to an illness and I couldn't leave the child here, though before I could decide on if I should send it to Viridian City to be cared for my more child friendly Nurse Joys, the Egg hatched, and well… here we are… the baby is in that Pokeball right there, thankfully I was wearing a special Mask so the baby wouldn't imprint on me and think I'm its mother." Okido said while he points at a nearby Pokeball.

The Kirlia uses her telekinesis to bring the Pokeball towards Emerald.

Emerald blinks in surprise before he held the pokeball gently, everyone felt a bit bad for it but why pass the pokeball to Emerald?

"Err… professor?, why have the Kirlia pass me the pokeball?" Emerald said while Okido sighs.

"Simple, I need you to take this pokeball to Viridian City and deliver it to the Nurse Joy there, she will know what to do with it, just be careful, if that pokeball opens and the child sees you, you might as well be the pokemon's parent and trainer." Okido said while Emerald got a surprised look on his face.

"I feel bad for the baby. Wish we can do more." Kirlia said.

"Well I can't keep the child here and raise it myself, sure I could have some pokemon who want a child raise the kid but in case it has any medical issues thanks to that note about an illness, better safe then sorry right?" Okido said while he gave the Kirlia a look that showed while he felt bad, he had to take the child's best interest at heart.

"Hmmm I guess." Kirlia said.

"Indeed, anyway Emerald is it just you and Jade on this or you going to take Rocky, Shira, and the Roselia with you?" Okido said while Emerald blinks at that.

"Hmmm… nah, might as well catch my own pokemon with my own skills, if I'm given every pokemon without a fight I might as well just not go on this journey, could take them if it was important like helping Jade's family, but doubt I would have much trouble as long as I get to Viridian City before nightfall." Emerald said while he had the pokeball shrink and he placed it in his right pants pocket for safe keeping, he was wearing brown cargo pants so that helped for now.

"I understand. But if you ever need their help, you can switch whichever Pokémon you catch to receive them." Okido said.

"Right… anyway I might as well apologize to the Lopunny and Buneary that I possibly ticked off yesterday before I get things packed to leave like a backpack and stuff, don't have a car like Shigeru so I'll need to huff it… or hop it with Psychic powers hehe." Emerald said when he grins at Okido.

Okido sweatdrops.

"Yes well be careful if they try to jump on you."

"Right… just in case… hey dad, mind holding this?" Emerald said when he passed Grigori the pokeball, guess he didn't want the kid to be traumatized in case he got knocked over and the baby popped out.

"Sure thing son." Grigori said as he held the pokeball.

After that, Emerald walked to the Lopunny and Buneary viewing area and looked to see or hear how things were going and saw the Lopunny and Buneary and some hybrids going at it with the Mightyena Alpha again, looks like a small number though with the lead Lopunny from earlier being seen, Emerald could never be to careful and he took a breath and jumped high into the air and traveled towards the Lopunny and Buneary…

Meanwhile with the Mightyena Alpha and the others…

The Lopunny and Buneary were once again punished by the Mightyena Alpha as each one rode his cock.

This caused the Mightyena to pant and groan from the feeling, at first it was pretty bad but now he was starting to get used to the treatment and even thrusts his hips to meet with the Lopunny who was riding him, was a bit tough with his hind legs in the air but he made it happen somehow.

The Lopunny groans from that action which caused her to ride the Alpha's dick even harder.

A moment later, Emerald lands on the ground near the two and the lead Lopunny noticed Emerald and was not sure if this was some kind of interesting meeting point or ticked that he was here again.

"Oh, you're here again." The leader said with a normal tone.

Emerald chuckles nervously while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Y-Yeah… sorry about yesterday, had a rough few days but think I got most of it out of my system, about to go on my pokemon journey with Jade the Ralts in a bit." Emerald said while he quickly aimed some repel against some Lopunny and Buneary who were trying to sneak up on him.

"Good grief you ladies have no off switch for you Libido do you… if I had a free day I wouldn't mind sticking around but you got this guy here who seems a bit happier then I would have thought to be here." Emerald said when he points at the Mightyena alpha with a free hand.

Mightyena kept thrust his dick up as the Lead Lopunny waved her hand.

"No need to apologize. Was our fault anyway."

"Well can't say I wasn't a bit threatening… anything I can do to make it up to you ladies or… hmmm… actually I have an idea and could be a warm up before the journey… any of you ladies interested in being one of my first official captured pokemon?, someone interested in traveling but never got the chance before?, perks are having 24/7 hour access to me during down time and other things and if you want to come back I can use the Professors transport machine to bring you back here if you miss this place." Emerald said while he looks at the Alpha Lopunny and the other Lopunny, Buneary, and the Buneary and Lopunny Hybrids.

Everyone blinks when they heard that before stopping much to the Mightyena Alpha's disappointment.

"R-Really? You're offering one of us to go with you?" A normal Buneary said.

"More or less, though I would prefer a more fight inclined ally but will take anyone willing, I need to take the personality of the pokemon into account so I don't force a shy or nervous pokemon into a fight they don't want to get into." Emerald said when he looked at the Buneary with a smile.

The Buneary blushes at the smile while a normal Lopunny smirk.

"Well then, count me in." She said.

However another Lopunny shoves her a bit.

"No way, I should go." She said.

The Buneary, who asked Emerald, puffed out her cheeks.

"Excuse me? I think I should go."

Emerald facepalms before he gave the crowd of bickering Buneary and Lopunny a half lidded look.

"Look, first one who challenges me to a fight gets to go win or lose, I just want to see if my new ally can take care of themselves in a fight… so any takers or did I spook you away." Emerald said to the now quiet crowd.

The crowd blinks after hearing that and were a bit quiet before the Buneary raised her paw.

"I'll take that challenge." She said with a determined look.

Emerald hums before he gave her the come get me gesture.

"Alright then, bring it on." Emerald said while he grins at the Buneary.

The Buneary puffs out her cheeks before she charges at Emerald for a quick tackle.

Emerald put his arms in a cross guard to tank the hit to see how her power was… for a Buneary, not bad, he then forced her back a bit and charged her with a fist raised to see what she would do defensively.

The Buneary decided to use Defense Curl after raising her arms to help block the attack.

While that worked somewhat thanks to the fluff on her body blocking the attack, Emerald kicked her away a moment later to make some distance for ranged attack tests when he raised some rocks near him to give the Buneary time to notice and react when he got ready to launch the attack right before it was sent flying her way.

However Buneary actually started charging at the rocks before she jumped on one before going to another one with good agility.

That caused Emerald to get wide eyes while he looks to where the Buneary was at her landing points to see what she would do next.

After doing one more jump, Buneary looks at Emerald in the air before she opens her mouth and shots an ice beam at him.

Emerald used a quick hand gestured when he saw the attack coming at him and used a rock to block the hit and jumps back while he had a grin on his face, this Buneary wasn't too bad if he was honest, could adapt well and was pretty spunky, a good combo.

Buneary had a determined look as she landed on the ground before she charges at Emerald to do a double hit.

Emerald in turn grins when he decided to get a bit serious and he used Psychic energy on his body to amp his speed to circle the Buneary to avoid the double hit while using some Psychic powers to make a one handed Aura sphere that was launched at the Buneary's backside, it wasn't made to be really damaging so it just hit her ass and she was launched with her own momentum so that she landed on her back with an accidental flip so she was looking at the sky.

The Buneary was caught off guard by that attack before she gets up and looks at Emerald before she charges at him again.

However, once she was close, she did this one move that may have been… Secret Power.

That surprised Emerald when a Buneary knew this move, last he checked, Secret power was either a Technical machine or hidden machine move, he would need to look up that later… either way this was not good so he made a psychic shield to block the hit, it a grassy area like this, the move had a sleep effect of sorts so he couldn't get hit with it at all, thankfully the move was a physical one with some kind of grass flying his way so the attack was blocked while the Alpha Buneary looked impressed with what was going on with this fight.

Some of the other Bunearies , both normal and hybrid like, were surprised at what they saw.

"Wow, who knew she can do that." One of them said.

"Hehe, well considering she is my daughter, wouldn't be too surprised, I was always the strongest here so she has talent." The Alpha said with a smirk on her face, thanks to her having plenty of fun, she had a few eggs here or there and decided to keep one to raise herself.

The Bunearies couldn't argue with that as Buneary continues her battle with Emerald before she does a Jump Kick attack.

This caused Emerald to block the hit again but he was knocked off his feet and had to grin when he had to get a bit serious otherwise he would lose here.

That caused him to use some psychic powers to hit the back of his own legs to flip himself to his feet and he charged the Buneary with two Aura spheres in his hands this time which surprised the Buneary, looks like Emerald wasn't kidding around now.

Buneary had to act fast before she surprised both Emerald, Buneary and Lopunny when the Buneary shot out… a Shadow Ball.

"What the!?" Emerald said while he used one Aura Sphere to hit the Shadow ball and that forced him back from the impact while he had one Aura Sphere leftover as the Buneary who fired it smirks when she lands safely on her feet.

The Buneary huffed a bit.

"Surprised a Buneary like me can use a move like that?" She said as she smirk at Emerald.

"W-Well sort of, not everyday one has them, heard its not a natural thing, you use a Technical machine or something to learn that?" Emerald asked when he wondered how the Buneary could do that move.

"Well I technically found that move during one of my little strolls in the forest. A trainer must've dropped it without realizing it. Didn't know what I was doing when I started learning the move." The Buneary said.

"I-I see… well handy but don't you know its not the best move to learn for Buneary?, heard its a special attack type of move, not Physical so since you would prefer more physical moves, not sure you can use the Shadow ball to its full power… handy, just not too practical." Emerald said when he points out that Buneary and Lopunny don't use many special based attacks.

Buneary shrugged.

"It was worth to try."

"Yeah well since it blocked a hit of mine, not bad, want to end this fight with the next move?, win or lose, looks like you get the passing grade from me since you seem to be a cut above the average Buneary here." Emerald said with a grin on his face while he held his last Aura Sphere in his left hand.

Buneary smirks before she charges at Emerald for the final time.

Emerald did the same and when they got close, Emerald sent the Aura Sphere at her stomach while she used an ear to slug him on the side of his face and both were knocked onto their backs with groans while everyone looked at the tie that just happened.

The Buneary and Lopunny were surprised at how the battle ended before they checked to see if both opponents are okay.

Both were just dazed and had the iconic knock out swirling eyes which made the Alpha chuckle a bit.

"Well girls, looks like this fight is over and its a draw, get these two to a nearby tree and we can get back to having fun with this mutt here… hey you hear that Mutt, get to fucking." the Alpha said while she used a riding crop to smack the side of the Alpha Mightyena's hip.

The Alpha muffly yelped before he resumed thrusting his cock up in the Lopunny's pussy.

The Lopunny moans from the feelin and starts riding the Mightyena's cock again while her juices flow onto the Mightyena's dick.

As the Mightyena thrusts his cock more, the Buneary and Lopunny help drag Emerald and the down Buneary to a nearby tree.

Time then went to a bit later with the two waking at the same time and holding their head while they heard moaning and groaning and saw that the Mightyena was fucking the Alpha Lopunny now while she was on all fours and he was mounting her.

"You call that fucking!?, I'm surprised the others here felt anything with thrusts as weak as yours, really pound away or expect a punishment." The Alpha Lopunny growled out while she thrusts her hips back to meet with the Mightyena's while Emerald blushed a bit at the sight… serious 18 compared to him seeing the Mightyena forcing himself on Laura… now it was a reverse rape from what he could tell thanks to the leash on the Mightyena that the Alpha Lopunny had in her hand.

The Mightyena Alpha growl.

"I'll show you!" He said before he got real serious in fucking the Alpha Lopunny.

The Buneary, though blushes, smirks a bit.

"Looks like he finally learned his place."

"Yeah… though sounds like you had experience with him." Emerald said when he looks at the Buneary next to him.

The Buneary chuckled.

"Once or twice. Sometimes when the girls need a lunch break and I fill in."

"I see… well I heard Buneary only evolve with 100% happiness but can't remember if its from being with a trainer or other factors, I'm guessing your 18 or older right?" Emerald asked when he looks at the Buneary, hard to tell a Buneary's age, same with Lopunny since even males looked female… funny stories when guys hit on some Lopunny and they turn out to be male in some cases.

The Buneary smirked.

"I'm 19. And there's a lot I can do for you." She seductively said.

Emerald blushed from that while he rubbed the back of his head.

"W-Well don't want to force you into anything, we got a tie it seems if you waking next to me was an indicator so if you want to travel with me, you got the option." Emerald said when he smiles at the Buneary.

Buneary blinked a bit.

"Well… hate to leave the pack but, I be an idiot to pass a great offer to travel with a cutie like you after showing you my best moves. So you bet your sexy ass I'm going." She said.

Emerald blushed a bit from that while he chuckles somewhat.

"I see… well if your mom doesn't have issues with that, I would be happy if you could join." Emerald said while he looks at the Alpha Lopunny and sweatdrops.

"Though… maybe a bit before I can get an answer from her so mind asking if you normally talk to your mom even in situations like this?" Emerald asked when he looks at the Buneary.

Buneary chuckled.

"Allow me." She said before clearing her throat.

"Hey mom!, I'm going on a journey with Emerald!" She calls her mom.

The Alpha Lopunny glanced at her Daughter and smirks.

"Alright, try and not make me a granny yet until you get a few badges first, or at least get to be a Lopunny before that happens." The Alpha Lopunny teased before she groans a bit from what the Mightyena was doing which made Emerald blush at the sight of the odd conversation going on her like it was a normal thing.

Buneary chuckles.

"I'll do my best!" She said before looking at Emerald.

"And there you go. We're travel buddies now." She said but in her mind… travel/fuck buddies.

Emerald blushed a bit before he pulled out a pokeball.

"Well see you later then, I'll let the others know about you after you get some rest." Emerald said when he was about to tap the pokeball on the Buneary's head but he stopped to ask this.

"Oh yeah, got a name or mind if I give you one?" Emerald asked since he couldn't call her Buneary forever.

Buneary was thoughtful for a bit.

"Call me whatever you want." She said with a cute eyesmile.

"Alright… Whatever you want, might as well give you a different name instead of that." Emerald said with an amused tone while he was bopped lightly on the shoulder by the Buneary at the joke.

"Hehe, sorry sorry, anyway I'll think of one soon so I'll see you later alright?, might as well brainstorm names with the others and give you a list of names to pick from." Emerald said while he tapped the pokeball on the Buneary's head and she vanished in a red light, the pokeball wobbles a bit every now and then before it stopped to show Emerald caught the Buneary.

"Hehe!, welcome to the team Buneary." Emerald said before he pockets the pokeball after shrinking it and he looks at the Alpha Lopunny.

"I'll make sure your daughter doesn't get into too much trouble so try and not worry about her." Emerald said while he got ready to leave.

The Alpha Lopunny chuckled.

"Oh don't worry. But you might want to worry about yourself. My daughter can be quite sneaky. Takes a bit after me."

"I-I see… well good luck training the Mightyena here, I'll send your daughter back if she wants to pay you a visit later." Emerald said before he used psychic energy to jump into the air and vanished from sight.

The Alpha Lopunny chuckled before looking at the Mightyena.

"Now then, are you planning to get serious?" She said while grinning as she pulls the leash.

That caused the Mightyena to groan before he growled and fucked the Alpha Lopunny at a harder rate to see how she liked it now.

The Alpha Lopunny groans loudly.

"That's it! Fuck me as if you're trying to breed with me!"

This caused the Alpha Mightyena to growl more before he fucked it and used the mega stone that he had to mega evolve into the Maga Mightyena form and his cock grew a bit inside the Alpha Lopunny a bit and he continues to fuck her harder then ever with added power helping him.

The Alpha Lopunny groans and moans loudly as her face starts to look fucked up while the other Lopunnies and Bunearies felt greatly turned on as they watch.

This went on for a bit while the Alpha Mightyena grits his teeth and snarls when he came hard in the Alpha Lopunny's womb with a howl while his nuts throb hard from the effort.

The Lopunny Alpha moans loudly as her pussy tightens around the Mightyena's dick before climaxing hard on it.

After 20 seconds the Mega Mightyena tapped off with a groan and pants for breath when this took more out of him then he thought.

"H-Had e-enough?" The Mega Mightyena pants while he pulled his cock free from the Alpha Lopunny's pussy and his load leaked from her abused snatch and everyone saw that he was two inches bigger than his normal size as a result.

Though the Lopunny Alpha panted, she looks at the Mightyena and chuckles.

"Not by a long shot."

That caused the Mega Mightyena to blink before he shuddered and looked back… to see an army of smirking Lopunny and Buneary and the Mega Mightyena gulps at the lustful looks he was getting.

"Uh… think I could get a 5 minute break to recover?" The Mega Mightyena said while he hoped that they agreed to let him rest.

However, Archeus was not on his side.

"Nope." They said before they all pounce on the Mightyena Alpha.

The Alpha gave a comically girlish scream while Emerald lands on the viewing pad and looks back with a confused look when he heard the scream but shrugged when he left the area and came back to the professor's lab to see a few of the group talking to one another in pairs, his mom and dad were talking about the baby in the pokeball, Leia and Laura were talking about possibly being roommates or something, Jade was busy talking with her sister while the professor was still nursing his head and everyone noticed Emerald finally returning.

"Ah Emerald, you're back. I take that things went well with the Lopunny and Buneary?" Okido said.

"Well you can say that, how long was I gone?" Emerald asked which caused Grigori to look at a clock.

"About 20 minutes or so, have fun with some Buneary and Lopunny?" Grigori said while Emerald hums.

"Hmmm… well you could say that, had a battle with an abnormally strong Buneary and we knocked each other out and now I got her as an ally, want to meet her?, need to have Okido examine her anyway to make sure nothing seriously damaging happened to her." Emerald said when he held the pokeball with the Buneary inside of it.

Everyone blinked when they heard that.

"Really son? Well let's see the little one then." Grigori said.

Emerald nods his head before he gave this call while tossing the pokeball.

"Come on out Buneary!" Emerald called right before the pokeball hit the ground and it opened right before Buneary appeared from a beam of light and stretched her body a bit as well.

"You called Emerald?" Buneary said before blinking when she sees the other people in the room.

"Buneary, say hello to my parents Grigori and Tai Ling, this here is Laura the Gardivoir, Leia the Lucario, and Laura's daughters, I don't know the Kirlia's name yet but the Ralts is named Jade, she is joining us on the journey, could call her my first official pokemon in a nutshell, and you know the professor… he had an incident with a baby pokemon which is why he is all banged up and we need to get the baby to Viridian City to make sure the baby is in good health later." Emerald said when he points at each person and then points at the pokeball to finish things up.

The Buneary blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Well… nice to meet you all although what kind of baby pokemon is it?"

"Well not yet, not sure if the professor told the others but I went to the Lopunny and Buneary area before I could hear anything." Emerald said before he and Buneary look to the Professor to see what he would say.

He blinks at the looks at chuckles before he winced a bit.

"I-Interestingly enough it's a Pichu, but with an odd fur color scheme, not like those rare shiny's I heard about every now and then, genders male, seems pretty healthy with the damage it did to my lab just now, all in all, you could just say the checkup is a precaution and the reason I'm sending the Pichu with Emerald is because I heard rumors about this Team rocket bunch and don't want anything bad happening to the Pichu, I think Emerald mentioning something about team rocket or team something with that Mega evolving Mightyena so I'm just trying to be safe, oddly enough it has some spiky ears on one side which only female Pichu should have so I'm thinking this must be some mutation as well." Okido said while many blink at the explanation.

"Mutation? Is it like a hybrid or something?" Leia said with a confused look.

"Possibly, could even have a different typing than electric for all I know, Alolan and Galar pokemon sometimes have different typings depending on the region, for example…" Okido said while he used his computer to bring up the Kanto Meowth.

"This us rge Meowth of most regions, nothing too out of the ordinary but…" Okido said before he brought up the image of Shira the Alolan Meowth.

"This is the Alolan Meowth, used Shira as an example, her typing is Dark instead of normal and this is an image of a Galarian Meowth that a professor of that region sent to me." Okido said while he showed the Galarian Meowth, it had a brown fur color and black bits on its body while Okido looks at the others.

"The Galarian Meowth here is a Steel Type, so you can understand why I want to get this Pichu checked out, could be a new type of pokemon that just looks like a Pichu or could be a Pichu who just has parents from two different regions mixing to make a new typing of sorts, maybe a duel type with thunder and something else." Okido said while he waits to see what the others thought about all this.

Everyone blinks a few times as they see the differences of each Meowth but they were able to understand.

"Interesting… though what will happen to the Pichu once Emerald brings it to the PokeCenter and gets checked out?" Laura said.

"Well depends, if it's healthy and spends a few days there after getting studied, the Nurse Joy there can contact me on if its safe to let a trainer take it or not, if so, I could contact Emerald and see if he can raise it, if not, I would raise it here and let the other Pikachu and Raichu here help raise it, its a play it by ear type of situation since this can be a serious issue that could spill out of hand if its not handled carefully, I heard recently that Team Rocket attacked the pokemon Center in Viridian City last night as well, but Satoshi and the Pikachu that I gave him seemed to have formed a bond and force them away, it was on the news last night, but I know the Jenny there would have everything patched up by the time you get there." Okido said when he looks at Emerald.

Though everyone else was surprised at the news.

"But still, that's shocking news. At least Satoshi and his Pikachu are okay." Tai Ping said.

"Yeah, you could say their relationship is now bolting out of the starting point now." Okido said before he laughed a bit while others groan from that.

"Oh… professor… please don't make a pun like that, actually hurt me a bit." Emerald said when he held where his heart was for a moment.

"Yeah probably shouldn't go with that joke." Grigori said as he sweatdrops though was thoughtful.

"If Satoshi was at the City yesterday, know where Shigeru and Cedric are now?" He said though the Kirlia by Jade did a little giggle when Cedric's name was mentioned.

"Oh those two?, well lets see, got a call from Shigeru and he already got his first gym badge already, Cedric is trailing behind since he just got to Pewter City, heard the gym leader there is a powerful Rock Type Gym leader who goes by the name of Takeshi, after that should be Kasumi the gym leader of Cerulean City's gym, a Water type Gym leader, Satoshi may have trouble with the first one since electric types are weak to rock types, but should have a pretty easy time if he uses Pikachu there, so Emerald, you are pretty much dead last more or less since you haven't left Pallet town yet." Okido said while Emerald rolled his eyes.

"Pretty sure I can catch up fast, besides its not a race, like you said gym leaders are road blocks so depending on who everyone faces, could have an easy or hard time with them, still I should head into town to get a bad or something so I won't have to use my pants to carry everything… though first off does anyone have any name suggestions for Buneary here?, figured we could brainstorm a name before we leave Pallet town." Emerald said when he points a thumb at Buneary here.

Everyone looks at the Buneary for a moment.

"How about… Jessica?" Leia said.

"Hmmm… nice name, what do you think Buneary?, think Jessica would be a good name for you?" Emerald asked when he looks at Buneary to see if she liked the name or not.

Buneary was thoughtful for a bit.

"Eh, works for me." She said.

"Alright, Jessica it is then, welcome to the team, you might as well talk with Jade a bit here while I go buy a bag and we can get going." Emerald said when he points at Jade for a moment before he left the building which caused Jessica to smirk at Jade when she did have a lot of fun questions to ask her.

"So, I guess that means we're travel buddies with that hunk huh?" Jessica said with a smirk.

Jade blinks at tha before she blushed a bit and Jessica chuckles when she knew this would be fun while some around them chuckle at the sight.

"So Jessica, what moves can you do, since Emerald mentioned the battle you two were doing." Grigori said, making Jessica grin.

"Well I have some basics but my best ones are my Ice Beam, Secret Power and… well guess my Shadow Ball attack." She said.

"Shadow ball?, I know that attack, my mother taught me that one." Jade said when she looks curious with the shadow ball move being mentioned.

Jessica perked up after hearing that.

"Really now? Looks like we got more in common. How long have you been learning that move?"

"Well… few days really… still can't fire it that far and can only use it for point blank moves… actually beat Emerald with it with a mix of teleport and hitting him on the back of the head… which sent him face first into a rock that has his face imprinted on it." Jade said while she blushed a bit at the story.

Jessica and the Kirlia were surprised at the story.

"Dang girl. That's some strong moves you put in." Jessica said while smirking.

Jade blushed a bit from that while she was nudged by the Buneary a few times while the scene went to a bit later to show Emerald returning with a backpack on his back, pretty large as well.

"Hey Jade, Jessica, found a bag that I could use so I'm ready to go, what about you two?" Emerald said before he blinks when he saw Jade and Jessica giggling and talking to one another.

"Whoa… how long was I gone for them to get along this well?" Emerald asked while he looks at his dad and mom.

Grigori chuckled.

"Not too long son." He said.

"Ah… well I'll take this and we can get going, already got things packed like spare clothes, a tent and other things so I won't have to sleep out in the wild without some kind of cover, also got soap and other things as well, food and whatnot and water bottles filled with water... the essentials." Emerald said when he got the baby Pichu's pokeball and pockets it carefully for transport and looks to see if Jessica and Jade noticed him.

The duo kept talking before Jade noticed Emerald.

"Oh Emerald, I didn't know you came back." She said.

"Yeah, just got back a moment ago, how you two doing?" Emerald said when he saw that Jade seemed pretty relaxed around Jessica.

Jessica chuckled.

"Oh me and Jade are getting along great." She said.

"Yeah… we were talking about the Shadow ball and how it can be used." Jade said which made Emerald sweatdrop at that.

"I-I see… well if you two are done we should get ready to go." Emerald said when he wondered if this conversation can be handled later.

Buneary and Jade nodded as they each said their goodbyes to the group before Jade was talking to her mom and her sister Kirlia.

"I'm gonna miss you mom." Jade said.

"I know sweetie, but you will be much stronger at the end of this and you can visit at any time, just let Emerald know and I'm sure he can send you here." Laura said while she smiles at her daughter and held her arms out for a hug.

Jade sniffles a bit before she gave her mom a hug.

Laura returned the hug and after a moment, she sets Jade down.

"Now be a big girl and try and be brave, remember you got Emerald to protect you and Jessica to help you if you need some help… or girl talk about boys and stuff hehe." Laura said before she did a little tease at the end to try and help get Jade to relax.

Jade blushes brightly from that before looking at her sister.

The Kirlia smiles.

"Have fun on your journey little sis. I know you'll do great." She said.

Jade did smile a bit as she nods her head.

Though the Kirlia did smirk.

"If you ever see Cedric, tell him to give me a call."

Jade blinks at that before she nods her head.

"Alright sis, see you later." Jade said before she hugged her sister and when she lets go she walked to Emerald and after Emerald grabbed his backpack and equips it after he moved the baby's pokeball to a safe place for safe keeping, Jade and Jessica, both teleporting and bouncing, moved to get on Emerald's backpack to sit on it since the upper part was square like.

"Looks like we get a front row seat while Emerald does the walking huh Jade?" Jessica said while she grins at Jade though Emerald did get a half lidded look on his face.

"You know… considering Jade can teleport and that I'm going to be making great leaps… not sure if sitting on my backpack where you can fall off would be the safest place to sit… also Jade just to check but did you get in a pokeball earlier?, just checking to see if you were caught or not so I won't have to worry about someone else accidentally catching you if I'm not around." Emerald said while he looks at Jade on her side of the backpack.

Jade was thoughtful for a bit.

"I don't think I have."

"Alright, hey professor, got any spare pokeballs that Jade can use?" Emerald asked while Okido points to a nearby shelf.

"There are pokeballs there, just pick one and you should be good to go." Okido said which made Emerald nod his head and he approached the shelf and when he saw the pokeballs, he saw that some were different styles, it was pretty common nowadays for Pokeballs to have various effects so he picked a random one, it was a Luxury ball and he looks at the professor when he held it in his hand.

"Hey Professor, mind if I take this one?" Emerald asked when he showed the professor the black and gold pokeball, in some regions they cost 1000 Poke while in others like Galar they were normally 3000 so they can be pricey depending on the region they are in, the effect of the Luxary ball normally helped increase friendship fast with the pokemon in the pokeball so that was most likely the reason for the price.

Okido blinked when he saw the ball.

"If that's what you want then go ahead."

"Alright, here we go Jade, not sure if you want to stay in it during the trip but got you a pokeball to use." Emerald said while he held the pokeball out for Jade to touch.

Jade nods her head at Emerald before she approaches him after getting off the backpack and touches the ball.

A moment later she vanished in a red light and the pokeball wobbles a few times before it stopped which showed that she was captured before Emerald lets Jade out of the pokeball and smiles at her while he pockets the Luxuray ball.

"Now I'm officially your pokemon." Jade said with a small smile.

"Yup, got two out of 6, 7 if you count myself hehe." Emerald said when he grins at Jade.

Jade did giggle a bit from the joke.

"Let's start this journey!"

"Right, I'll see you and Jessica later so Jade, Jessica, return!" Emerald said when he used Jade and Jessica's pokeballs to return them to their pokeballs and he pockets them and looks at everyone in the building.

"Well everyone, see you later, mom, dad, try and not make too much noise alright?, can't have the neighbors complain about noise again after you and mom had fun a few times in the past hehe." Emerald said before he looks at Leia and Laura.

"Try and not wreck my room up too much, going to need a place to sleep if I'm coming back sometime soon." Emerald said before he looks at Okido.

"Try and not give the Kirlia trouble professor, can't give them too much trouble even if they are here to assist you." Emerald said before he exits the laboratory and left everyone else behind.

Emerald's mom blushes at what her son said as Leia smirks.

"Well… can't make any promises on that."

Laura blushed at that as well while Grigori chuckles when he looks at his wife.

"Well Tai Ling, better make sure we don't cause issues with the neighbors…. Maybe I should get that certain item I've always wanted to see you use during the act hehe." Grigori said while he smiles at his wife.

Tai Ping blushes a bit but giggles nonetheless.

"Oh Grigori. You naughty man." She said with a smirk.

Grigori chuckles a bit and the scene went to Emerald when he was at the gate to exit Pallet town.

"Alright… time to start my journey officially!" Emerald said before his body glows with a blue light and he jumped high in the air at an angle so he could get a good view of the area… he had a grin on his face when he saw a rainbow in the distance while he was unaware of Mewtwo floating high above Pallet town and finally watching him leave his hometown which made her smirk a bit.

'Good luck to you my apprentice. Hopefully when you return stronger we'll have our… special battle.' Mewtwo thought.

An Hour later/ Emerald

Emerald at this time was more or less approaching Viridian City rather quickly thanks to his psychic infused jumps, he had to stop once or twice to readjust his backpack thanks to him not being used to wearing it but all in all things were going pretty well, he made sure Jessica and Jade had a few battles along the way so they could level up and nothing else, he had to make sure that he got the baby Pichu to the Nurse Joy in Viridian City pretty safely so he was getting a bit winded with all these jumps.

Though seems fate had other plans when Emerald heard this shriek and when he landed near it, he approached the source to see that a woman with a pokemon was surrounded by some guys in some odd looking outfits, they wre mainly black outfits, had black hats and had a large red R on the front.

Emerald would have just shrugged these guys off as some kind of odd group, however he heard something about handing over the pokemon the woman had and Emerald narrowed his eyes when he heard that and saw the woman holding her pokemon now, seems like the pokemon was injured and not fit for battle.

"Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Emerald said when he made his appearance known and on close inspection, saw that the woman was a young looking nurse Joy, seems she was coming here to Viridian City for some reason… though from what Emerald heard, maybe to help with any issues since that attack on the Pokemon Center a few days ago and saw that the Nurse Joy had a injured Chansey that was barely able to stay awake thanks to its injuries.

"Why don't you mind your own business kid if you know what's good for you." One figure said.

"Well I would but seeing a group of thugs ganging up on a cute Nurse Joy and Chansy would get any normal guy or gal thinking the worst, either that or you maybe trying to take the Chansy for some reason… right?... Team Rocket?... heard about your group attacking a friend of mind earlier and an attack on the Pokemon Center… guess you guys never learn and now I got to teach you a lesson so why don't we skip the talk and get right to the battle… besides I believe I got much better pokemon fit for battle then a Nurse Joy's pokemon so…" Emerald said while he shrugged when he hoped this talk would get the thugs attention away from the Nurse Joy and onto him.

The thugs chuckled.

"You got balls kid and speaking of, if you have some pokemon on you, hand them over to us and we'll let you go." One of them said.

"How about a deal then, let the Nurse Joy and Chansy go and we have a battle without interruptions, 3 on 1 in your favor, if you win, you get my pokemon hands down, if I win, you guys just scram so I can get to Viridian City without issue, simple right?, or are you afraid a guy who just started out on his journey would beat you three in a battle?, in fact, why not make this interesting and have a 3 on 3 battle?, saves time win or lose right?" Emerald said while he grins at the thugs.

The thugs blinked a bit before they start laughing.

"Ha! We'll show you. We accept your deal." One of them said.

"Great… Jade!, Jessica!, come on out!" Emerald called while he tossed the two pokeballs that had his pokemon in them and the duo appeared as a result and looked confused when they saw the thugs.

"Um… whats going on?" Jade said while Emerald got a serious look on his face.

"Long story short, 3 on 3 battle with with pokemon thieves who want to rob a Nurse Joy, get ready to fight." Emerald said while the thugs looked confused when they saw Emerald only using 2 pokemon instead of three.

"Hey kid, this was supposed to be a 3 on 3. You trying to lose this badly?" One of the TR thugs said.

"Oh no, its just that I figured this could be a bit more interesting, after all… who says that I'm done?" Emerald said while he surprised the thugs when he used his psychic powers to remove his backpack and sets it near a tree out of the way to not get hit.

"... I mean I am a hybrid after all so I might as well count as the third fighter for my team so bring out your three pokemon." Emerald said when he stands near a nervous Jade and a pumped Jessica who got in a fighting stance when she heard what she heard about pokemon thieves and what not.

"Alright you bozos. Are you men, or are you scared Meowths." Jessica said with a taunting grin.

"Oh thats it!" Another Goon said before he threw a pokeball and a Weezing appeared from the pokeball.

Another goon summons a Alolan Geodude.

The final one moved and actually summoned a Galar pokemon, it was the water type Chewtle.

"*Whistle*... wow and we have a pokemon from different regions… you guys must get around." Emerald said when he knew what his opponent was, the Geodude for now, Jessica moved to get the Weezing, and that left Jade with the Chewtle.

"Alright you two, considering I won't be able to give many commands, try and react with moves you know… especially you Jade, try and be tricky, I know Jessica can hold her own in a fight so try and hold out until Jessica and I get done with our opponent OK?" Emerald said when he pulled his hands from his pockets and got ready to fight.

Jade gulped before getting into a stance.

"I will… do my very best Emerald." She said as Jessica crack her knuckles.

This caused Emerald to nod before the trio looks at the enemy pokemon to see what they would do.

The lead TR goon looks at his partners.

"Alright you two, try and take out those weaklings so we can focus on this guy."

"Right!" The Goon partners said as one before they gave the command for their pokemon to attack.

This caused Emerald to throw rocks at the Geodude and while it did cause damage, it wasn't a Ground type attack so all it did was knock it back and Jessica used her jumping ability to jump over the Weezing and she used ice beam on it to give it a chilling hit that made it cry out in pain and Jade had to teleport a few times to avoid the Chewtle's water gun and used a shadow ball point blank behind the Chewtle to make it fly forward and Emerald used some psychic power to throw the Chewtle at the Weezing to really knock it back so no one could be poisoned anytime soon.

The TR goons couldn't believe what was happening.

"Come on guys. We can do it… Geodude, use Thunderbolt!" He said making said pokemon follow that command.

Though Emerald smirks when he pulled the Chewtle from the Weezing and shocked the two goons when he used the Chewtle as a shield and it cried out in pain while Jade and Jessica sweatdrops when Emerald chuckles darkly… made them question who was good and who was bad for a moment right now and since the Chewtle was a water type… serious weakpoint was hit by the electric type Alolan Geodude.

"Chewtle!" The TR goon shouts.

When the attack ends thanks to Geodude stopping its attack, the Chewtle was out like a light in no time and Emerald smirks at the Team Rocket Goons.

"And then there were 2." Emerald said while he looks amused right now while he had his hands in his pockets.

The lead TR goon gulp before looking at his other partner.

"Okay… minor set back. We still have a chance."

"R-Right!" The remaining goon said while the Geodude and Weezing got back together so that they could try and turn this battle around.

Emerald grins when he looks at Jade and Jessica.

"I'll leave these two to you two, I'll issue commands and only get involved if either of you are in trouble." Emerald said when he moved to stand behind his pokemon for a psudo two on two battle now with Jade and Jessica VS Geodue and Weezing.

"Sounds good to me." Jessica said with a grin on her face as Jade got a determined look.

"R-Right… I-I'll do my best!" Jade said while she had a determined look on her face, made her look a bit cute as a result.

The two TR goon's grin.

"That's what you think. Geodude, give that puny bunny a taste of your Rock Throw!"

"Wheezie, give that runt a smoke screen!" The other goon said.

As the two gave the attacks which sent rocks at Jessica and Jade was nearly hit by the smoke screen all Emerald did was grin.

"Jade, team Teleport." Emerald ordered which caused Jade to hold Jessica and the two teleported who knows where much to the goons confusion.

"Huh? Where did they go?" The lead goon said.

"I don't know." The second goon said.

All Emerald did was whistle to get the goods attention before he points upwards and the duo looked up and were shocked when they saw what was happening when they saw Jade and Jessica above the pokemon.

"Jade!, Jessica!, Shadowball!" Emerald called out and while Jade would have questioned why since her shadow ball was incomplete, she trusted Emerald enough to try and when she and Jessica formed a shadow ball it was twice as big when the attacks combined and a super shadow ball was formed and before the two could comprehend how that happened, Jessica and Jade launched the attack and it flew right at the enemy pokemon, though they both jumped back as the attack approached the ground while the Goon's partner laughed.

"HAHA!, may have power but slow as hell!" The second goon said while the first joined in on the laugher before they stopped mid laugh when they saw the super shadow ball covered in a blue light.

"Yeah… slow as hell but stable beyond belief thanks to Jessica and had quite the power thanks to Jade… add my control for a surprising move and you get one hell of an attack." Emerald said while he had a grin on his face as his eyes glowed with psychic energy and held the super shadow ball over his head with one finger as Jade and Jessica land on the ground with Jessica holding Jade safely.

The two goons 's eyes widened in shock.

"Oh no." The lead goon said.

"Oh yes!" Emerald said while he moved his hand forward and the super shadow ball was launched forward at shocking speed and before the enemy pokemon could do anything, they were hit full on with the attack and screamed their names as they were sent flying while Emerald blew on his finger like a smoking gun when the two enemy pokemon were knocked out and Emerald grins at the team rocket goons.

"So… got more pokemon for us to beat?, got more moves then that to use and so many creative ways in a tag battle… thanks for agreeing to it." Emerald said while he chuckles evilly when the goons just realized Emerald punked them good by talking them into a tag match.

"Y-You played us!" The second goon said.

"Oh like you guys would play fair… pretty sure your friend who was knocked out would try and sneak his way to the Chansey over there from what I can tell so might as well give you an ultimatum… either run now… or expect a lot of pain." Emerald said while he cracked his knuckles and the third goon who was knocked out awhile ago jolts when he was indeed working his way around to get behind the Nurse Joy and Chansey and they look over and jolt when the goon was so close… though Emerald glaring daggers at the Goon while Jessica looked ready for more got into a battle stance and Jade gave another cute look of determination when she was ready for more… the goons were fighting an uphill battle… just who was this guy they were fighting?, may have to report to the boss about this.

The lead goon made a tsk noise.

"Damn, retreat men."

This caused the leader and the goons to recall their pokemon before they ran from the area which left Emerald, Jessica, Jade, the Nurse Joy, and the Chansey alone and Emerald shakes his head before he looks at Jade and Jessica.

"Well that was our first ever trainer based pokemon battle, bit of a let down to be honest but hey, not every fight is fulfilling… not a bad fight Jade, nice moved Jessica, I'll check on you two later, for now I need to make sure this Nurse Joy and her Chansey are not hurt to badly." Emerald said when he left Jade and Jessica alone for a moment to check on the Nurse Joy who was tending to her Chansey's wounds.

"Are you alright?, your Chansey going to be alright?" Emerald said since he doubted the goons would have made life threatening damage if they were trying to steal the chansey from the Nurse Joy.

"Yes. Thank you for saving us." Nurse Joy said.

"No problem, it should be a good thing to help a nurse Joy in need so no thanks are necessary." Emerald said while he grins at the Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy blushes a bit.

"What's your name?, if you don't mind me asking?"

Emerald blinks at that and grins again.

"My name is Emerald, as you saw I'm a hybrid yet I don't know who my parents are so not sure what pokemon I'm related to, nice to meet you, these two who helped are my pokemon called Jessica the Buneary and Jade the Ralts." Emerald said when Jade and Jessica moved closer to look at the Nurse Joy and the Chansey.

"Hey." Jessica greeted.

"H-Hello." Jade greeted cutely.

Nurse Joy smiles a bit.

"Nice to meet you both and thank you for helping me and Chansey."

"Hehe, no problem, anything to help a pokemon in need and nice ladies like you who take care of us." Jessica said while she grins at Nurse Joy.

Now some may wonder why the Nurse Joy was able to understand the two pokemon but first Jade could telepathically talk with humans and as a result, she made it so that anyone in her range could understand pokemon around her.

Nurse Joy smiles at Jessica before she looks at Chansey to see if she's okay.

The Chansey was groaning when she was a bit damaged, if she had a health bar, her health would be at the yellow mark right now while Emerald dug around his bag that he called to him for a moment and he pulled out a few potions.

"Here, use these to heal your Chansey." Emerald said while he had the potions in his hand.

Nurse Joy nods at Emerald before she takes the potion and applies it to her Chansey.

When she did, Chansey looked much better and when another potion was used, the Chansey sat up and pats her body when most of her injured were healed and she smiles when she looks at Nurse Joy to show she felt much better now.

"I feel so much better now." Chansey said with a happy look on her face.

"Hehe, I'm glad, you can thank Emerald here and his Pokemon, they saved us from that nasty Team Rocket group." Nurse Joy said while she points at Emerald, Jade, and Jessica.

Chansey gave the trio an appreciative look.

"Thank you all. Without your assistance, who knows what those nasty Team Rocket people will do."

"Well I could think of some-!" Jessica would have said in a teasing way but Jade covered her mouth before she could fully say anything while Emerald facepalmed at Jessica's antics.

Jessica muffles as Nurse Joy and Chansey blinked in confusion a few times.

Emerald nervously chuckles a bit when he looks at the duo.

"Forget about her for a moment, she's new to the group and has an interesting thought process… anyway you two need an escort to the City?, were actually going to the pokemon Center to drop off a baby pokemon who hasn't imprinted yet on anyone and need to make sure the kid is alright." Emerald said while Nurse Joy blinks a few times.

"You mean that odd looking Pichu?" Nurse Joy said while Emerald has an eyesmile and looks over at a smiling Pichu who sat on the ground and was looking at him before he looks back, this Pichu had a silver fur color and pink cheek colorings while the normally black stripes it had where red in coloring.

"Yes this Pichu who-!" Emerald said before he froze while he, Jessica, and Jade blink and Emerald pales a bit.

"Oh sweet Arceus… please tell me this isn't the Pichu that I think it is." Emerald said while he sweats up a storm while the Pichu tilts its head cutely a few times.

Funnily enough when the Geodude sent rocks flying… one of them nicked Emerald's backpack pocket where the Pichu was being held and well… when Emerald brought it over it fell on the ground… you readers can get the general idea that it happened to see Emerald and now… Papa Emerald is born.

"Well I haven't seen that Pichu before but… it's definitely the one since you had its ball." Jessica said after getting her mouth uncovered.

Emerald was still sweating up a story and Nurse Joy and the others saw it waddle over and the baby Pichu hugged Emerald's knee and rubbed his face on his hip in an adorable way.

"Awww, so cute." Jade said as Nurse Joy giggled.

"Seems the little one is liking you already."

"Probably because its thinks I'm its parent… Okido said this Pichu wasn't imprinted yet." Emerald said with a low tone to his voice and he facepalms when he would have a lot to explain later when he calls Okido later.

"Should we try putting it back in its ball?" Jessica said in a low tone.

"No… pretty sure it would be very distressed if I do that and I need to have the Nurse Joy there check out this Pichu's health… might as well give this Pichu a name after we find out its typing, thanks to how different it looks to the usual Pichu, not even sure if its even a elec type." Emerald said while he picked up the Pichu which made it giggle and coo and put its right paw in its mouth in a cute way.

The ladies blushes at the cuteness.

"Then we might as well start heading there. I was heading there to go see my sister." Nurse Joy said.

"Right… hopefully things will get better after this so lets get going, thankfully were not too far so Jade, Jessica, want to walk with the Nurse Joy and I?, don't want to spook the little guy here by having you two vanish." Emerald said while he rubbed a finger over the Baby Pichu's stomach and it giggles as a result.

"I-I don't mind." Jade said as Jessica chuckled.

"No problem here since I don't want to scare the little guy."

"Right… lets get going." Emerald said before he sets the Pichu on top of his backpack and he and the others start walking from the area while the Pichu laughed from the ride.

This caused everyone to chuckle or awe from that though nothing much else happened as the group entered Viridian City and Emerald blinks when he saw various policemen and women moving around while a few Officer Jenny's were running around with some Growlithe of various regions, in fact one of the Officer Jenny ran up to the group to speak with the Nurse Joy traveling with Emerald since the Chansey with Nurse Joy was still a bit damaged and it showed even if the damage was small.

"Hold it right there. Are you Nurse Joy from Pewter City?" Officer Jenny said.

"Yes I am, I had to come around from the Pallet town route thanks to an accident with a path getting blocked on the way here and thanks to this trainer and his pokemon, I was saved from that Team Rocket Group, they wanted to try and take my Chansey from me and we're heading to the Pokemon Center right now." Nurse Joy said with a smile on her face.

Officer Jenny blinked in surprise after hearing that.

"I see…" she said before looking at Emerald.

"Good job to you sir. And if you want, I'll escort you all to the Pokémon Center pronto."

"Uh… thanks but you sure?, things seem pretty hectic right now and I don't want you to get in trouble if you get a call if someone else needs your help." Emerald said since there were quite a bit of officers here and there, most likely thanks to the team rocket attacks happening here.

"Well its no trouble really, aside from the Team Rocket incident happening, we were more or less called in to try and deal with some pretty illegal underground fighting that has been going on… you hear of Nuzlock challenges?, its where Pokemon fight to the death and Hybrids get in on it as well, honestly its sickening…" Officer Jenny said while Emerald frowns and he really hoped Lillum and Maite were not in on those things here… he remembered more about them and they were nice girls… thankfully he could check on Lillum since she would be most likely working with her mom at the pokemon center…. Maite on the other hand… who knows where she would be if she still lived here.

Jessica, Jade, Chansey and Nurse Joy were shocked at the news.

"That's horrible. What type of trainers would do that to their own Pokémon?" Nurse Joy said.

"The pretty twisted kind or those who have nothing else to lose it seems, those in dept, those who are forced, those who want a thrill, the list goes on, anyway if you see anything strange please let me know alright?, Anyway I'll see you later if you guys stick around town." Officer Jenny said before she ran off in a random direction.

"I can't believe there's people that do this." Jessica said as she frowns a bit.

"Yeah well no helping that and if we get pulled into that situation and have to get out safely, we adapt, for now let's get to the center so we can deal with one situation at a time." Emerald said to keep things on track while the Pichu was looking around the area with a curious look while it moved back and forth on Emerald's backpack.

"Emerald is right. We should be at the center and make sure that the Pichu is okay." Jade said.

That caused everyone to nod and followed Emerald to the Viridian City Pokemon Center while unaware of someone watching them, however their form was so obscured by shadows that they couldn't be made out thanks to a nearby alleyway.

Though the one thing made out on the figure to show they were not human or at least a hybrid was two large ears on their head, but instead of focusing on them, the scene went to the Viridian City Pokemon Center to show Emerald and the others entering the center.

Viridian City/ Pokemon Center/ Emerald, Baby Pichu, Jade (Ralts), Jessica (Buneary), Nurse Joy (one from Pewter City), Chansey (from Pewter City)

The group managed to enter pretty safely though they had to avoid some construction workers who were taking care of a large hole in the ceiling and plenty of scorch marks like Lightning struck or something.

"Well here we are. Let's go see if my sister is at the counter." Nurse Joy said as she heads to the front of the counter.

When she did, Emerald and the others wait a bit before the Nurse Joy reappeared with another who looked a bit older than the rescued Nurse Joy.

The Nurse Joy of Viridian City looked at group before smiling when she saw Emerald.

"My word Emerald. You've gotten much bigger last time I saw you."

Emerald looked confused when he heard that?

"Do I know you?, Sorry I'm not trying to be a… butt… but you Nurse Joys look so similar its hard to tell one beauty from another." Emerald said while he kept himself censored to not curse in front of the Pichu and tried to say a compliment to make up for the possible offense he might have made.

Nurse Joy pouts a bit.

"I see… though I can't blame you since it was years ago but surely you remember my daughter, Lillum."

Emerald blinks a few times and he got wide eyes.

"AH!, your Lillum's mom!, I remember Lillum being pretty shy back then and hiding behind you a lot when we were little kids." Emerald said when he remembers the Nurse Joy and Lillum.

Nurse Joy giggles.

"Well she's not shy no more. She had hoped you be here someday. In fact, she's having a break. I can call her up here."

"Really?, Well before you do, I came here originally to get this Pichu checked out, you see…" Emerald said before he explained that aside from him being on a journey for badges, he was also here to get this Pichu baby checked to make sure it was healthy and what not.

"...so hope you can take a look at this little guy, and can you also heal Jade and Jessica?, They were in a few fights before we got here and this other Nurse Joy explained what happened, you can understand why I want the Pokemon checked out before anything else happens." Emerald said while he used some psychic energy to get the Pichu which giggles when he was flying through the air and was passed to the Nurse Joy and the Pichu looks up at the Nurse Joy with a cute curious look on his face.

Nurse Joy blushes as she couldn't believe how cute the Pichu.

"Awww, you're so cute. Of course I'll take a look at the little guy. And I'll definitely make sure that your Pokémon are in top shape. Which by the way, thank you for saving my sister and her Chansey." She said with a smile.

"Eh no trouble at all, it should be a duty to keep all ladies safe no matter what, especially those who help trainers out for nothing much more than thanks so I'll be… cursed if I let a nice lady like this Nurse Joy and Chansey get hurt more than she already had." Emerald said while he censored himself again since the Baby Pichu was still here and he smiles at the Pewter City Nurse Joy and Chansey.

Said duo blushes as the Viridian Nurse Joy giggles a bit.

"Well follow me so my sister and I can make sure that everyone is well." She said as she motions everyone else to follow her.

Emerald nods his head before he and the others start to follow the Nurse Joys and a minute passed while many Chansey and Ditto who were in Chansey form were helping with pokemon recovering while Emerald noticed a woman who was extra shapely and the woman noticed Emerald as well, Emerald didn't recognize her yet the woman seemed to recognize Emerald and ran up to him much to his surprise.

"Emerald!" The woman said excitedly as she hugs Emerald.

Emerald blushed from that and the Pichu held onto Emerald's backpack while Emerald muffly mutters various words that couldn't be heard thanks to him being in between the woman's barely confined breasts which were massive to say the least while she keeps on hugging him.

"Emerald. Finally after all these years." The woman said as she kept hugging him.

Emerald in turn was slowly stopping his struggling while Jessica looked ticked.

"Hey Balloon breasts!, let Emerald go!, you're suffocating him!" Jessica said while she jumped and did a flying kick to knock the woman off Emerald, she was like a stranger and who was she to hug Emerald out of the blue like that which caused a really blue Emerald to gasp for breath when he was nearly suffocated by the breasts he was smothered in.

The woman groans before glaring at Jessica.

"Hey! who are you to stop me from hugging my friend."

"Friend?, well excuse me for that... I was just stopping someone from possibly killing my trainer in ways that most men would dream of, or was the blue on his face not noticed by you?" Jessica said while the Pewter City Nurse Joy pats Emerald on the back while he caught his breath after a minute.

The woman blinked a bit before realizing that she might've suffocated Emerald.

"Oh Arceus… I'm so sorry Emerald." She said.

"N-No problem… whoever you are." Emerald said when he didn't recognize the woman and the Viridian City Nurse Joy giggles a bit when the woman looked a bit bummed.

"You may want to reintroduce yourself sweety, it has been years and you do look so different compared to your younger shy self." The Viridian City Nurse Joy said while she smiles at the woman while Emerald blinks in confusion.

"Shy?... Sweety?... wait… is she…" Emerald said when he started to register some things and the woman was starting to become known to him… but with how shapely she was, it was no wonder Emerald didn't recognize her at first.

"It's me Emerald. It's Lillum." The woman, now Lillum, said.

Emerald got wide eyes while he used his psychic powers to get her to her feet.

"Well… frick Lillum, didn't expect to be hugged like that or to see you with this kind of figure, you look like a model compared to years ago." Emerald said when he lets Lillum go so she could stand on her own.

Lillum blushes a bit before giggling.

"Well thanks. You turned out very handsome."

Emerald blushed from that and rubbed the back of his head while he didn't know how to continue the conversation while the Viridian city Nurse Joy looks at her daughter.

"I'll take care of these pokemon here so why don't you two get reacquainted, you had plenty of fun with Cedric when he got here so you could do the same with Emerald if you want, you do need a break for a bit so might as well consider it break time." Viridian City Nurse Joy said before she took the Pichu in her arms from Emerald's backpack and gestured for Jessica and Jade to follow her when she started to leave the room.

Said duo did leave though Jessica gave Lillum a dirty look behind Lillum's back before leaving.

Lillum smiles as she looks at Emerald.

"Well then, shall we get… reacquainted?" She said before wrapping her arms around Emerald's right arm.

Emerald sweatdrops from the look Jessica gave Lillum while Emerald shook it off and blushed when he looks at Lillum.

"Ummm… sure, could talk about how things went over the years, got a quiet place where we can talk?" Emerald asked while he waits for Lillum to lead him wherever.

Lillum giggles again.

"Oh I know a good place we can use." She said before she starts dragging Emerald out of the room.

Emerald was confused by that and just thought she was taking him to talk in private… how naive he was right now while he was unaware of Lillum's more kinky thoughts.

'Hehe, there won't be any talking from what we're about to do my dear Emerald. I wonder if he's bigger than Cedy.' Lillum thought.

While this went on, time went to a few minutes later with Emerald being brought into a empty room in the VIP area though Emerald had no idea what this room was for while he sits on a nearby bed.

"Well nice place here, so Lillum mind if I ask a few questions?, are you alright?, I heard about the attack by Team Rocket on this place so I'm hoping you were not hurt." Emerald said while he worried Lillum was pushing herself right now if she was harmed.

Lillum looks at Emerald before smiling kindly.

"Yes, everything went well. I will say this, the three members that I saw were idiots and thought they can get away, but thankfully, Satoshi and his Pikachu, followed by an army of Pikachus that were staying here helped saved the day."

"I see, nice to know… hey Lillum, I do have to ask as well but… happen to know if Maite still lives in town?" Emerald asked and Lillum seemed to freeze for half a second like she was contemplating on answering that but she just smiles at Emerald.

"Well… lets just say that she is around and we can talk about her later, for now we should focus on our time together since we haven't talked much." Lillum said while hoping Emerald went along with it.

Emerald blinks when he heard that and he could be wrong but… did Lillum look… scared when Maite was mentioned?... he would ask about that later but knew Lillum would want to focus on the here and now so he just went along with the subject change.

"Well Alright, what do you want to talk about then?" Emerald asked while Lillum looked relieved at the change in subject and took the chance to change things when she went from worried to flirtful in no time.

"Well… I was thinking that we save the talk for later." Lillum said as she leans closer to Emerald.

Emerald blinks at that while he wondered what Lillum would do.

His question was answered as Lillum kissed Emerald on the lips.

Emerald blushed at that and looked like a tomato when he didn't expect that and fell back onto the bed with Lillum falling on top of him.

Lillum mentally giggles as she continues to kiss Emerald before using her tongue to lick Emerald's lips.

Though she was surprised when Emerald gripped her shoulders and flipped the duo over so that Emerald was over Lillum and he leaned back to grin at her while he used his psychic powers to move his backpack away from the duo.

"You know… if I didn't know any better I would think you were expecting this... if this was before I left Pallet I wouldn't get any of this… but thanks to some nice ladies back home, I know quite a bit so why don't we just skip the roundabout way of doing things and get right to the fun." Emerald said when he had Lillum sit up with psychic powers and gripped her on the back of the head and kissed her intensely and had his tongue go into her mouth as a result to really work her up much to her surprise.

Lillum was indeed surprised by this bold action but didn't care since this is what she wanted before she hugs Emerald and kiss back with passion.

A moment later, Emerald removed his clothing when he got off Lillum and she saw his body… and his cock as well and Emerald smirks when he saw Lillum's jaw dropping at the sight… sure she took big cocks before but seeing Emerald with one this size really surprised her greatly.

'Wow… so big.' Lillum thought as she blushes brightly.

"Hehe, see something you like Lillum?... pretty sure you need to get undressed before we can start our fun or want to play the sexy nurse examining me for injuries and checking to see if my dick still functions properly?" Emerald said while he grins at Lillum… just what kind of ladies helped him get like this… she would have to thank them later.

Lillum was able to snap out of it before smirking.

"Hehe, I do love playing nurse. Let's check for any injuries." She said before she uses her hands to feel Emerald's chest.

Emerald stands still while he lets Lillum touch his body, she could feel his muscles and could tell how dense they were… Emerald may not look threatening but she could tell if he trained more on this journey, he would be much much stronger then most she had the pleasure of having an up and close examination with.

"So tell me kind sir. Do you feel any discomfort on your body." Lillum said as she continues her acting.

"Well… nothing much I can say but… well lets just say no matter how well my dear lovers please me, I never seem to feel good enough to finish in the bedroom, I'm wondering if something is wrong with me since I used to be able to finish pretty well after a bit but never to this extreme… I know it may not be… ethical to ask but… think you can examine my cock and see if you see anything strange with it?" Emerald asked while playing on the kinky roleplay.

"Absolutely." Lillum said while feeling excited as she now was looking at Emerald's cock.

She could see how massive it was, honestly if Emerald were human he would be freakish in nature but thanks to him being a hybrid, this kind of cock would make sense… hey when you have pokemon like living data like porygon, living weather, and legendaries who could create natural disasters… a monster cock would be the least of anyone's worries….

That's when Lillum wrapped her hands around Emerald's dick to get a better feel of it as she touches each side.

"Hmmm…" Emerald moans while his cock slowly starts to get erect in Lillum's hands.

Lillum blushes as she continues to touch Emerald's dick for a moment.

"Hmmm, seems to be okay in both size and width. Going to need to do a little testing but first…" She said before she starts to undress herself after letting go till she was completely nude in front of Emerald.

Emerald's eyes wonder Lillum's body and he gulped while his cock was harder than a rock type's body right now with how much blood was focused into the dick.

Lillum smirks as she sees Emerald looking at her.

"See something you like?" She said.

"Yeah… though I'm sure a sexy nurse like you would get in trouble for not helping my condition out first… I could.. Repay you if you help me finish and I could keep quiet about this kind of thing going on." Emerald said while he grins at Lillum.

Lillum grins back.

"Oh I'll help you alright." She said before she knees down again and starts to lick Emerald's dick after sticking out her tongue.

"Oh fuck!" Emerald groans when Lillum seemed to hone in on his weak points from the get go even with simple licks, it was like she was using certain attacks in a battle to slowly edge him into a KO if this comparison could be used.

Lillum mentally giggled as she continues her action for a moment before she opens her mouth and swallows Emerald's dick as much as she can.

"D-Damn!" Emerald groans out when he was surprised to see Lillum taking half of his cock with ease… guess the Ditto lineage really helped prevent a gag reflex.

Lillum mentally giggles again as she takes more of Emerald's dick in her mouth before Lillum starts bobbing her head back and forth.

Emerald groans from the feeling and used a hand to pet Lillum's head to show she was doing good so far.

Lillum blushes at the petting as she continues bobbing her head before using her tongue to lick the tip on Emerald's dick when she moved her head back to do so every now and then.

Emerald pants a bit from the pleasure he was feeling and his cock slowly throbbed as a result.

Lillum knew what that meant which caused her to suck Emerald's cock faster and harder before Lillum uses her hands to cup and fondle Emerald's ball sack.

"Oh f-fuck… f-finally about to blow!, K-keep going!" Emerald begged when he was about to have a rather intense orgasm.

Lillum didn't need to be told twice as she doubles her efforts to make sure Emerald climaxed hard.

Emerald then tossed his head back and groans loudly when he came hard inside of Lillum's mouth and down her throat with great force, flooding her stomach with his sperm.

Lillum muffles while surprised at how much cum Emerald let out before swallowing it as Lillum fondles Emerald's balls again to make him cum more.

Emerald rides out his orgasm and tapped off 30 seconds later with a deep groan and pants for breath while he recovers from how intense the orgasm was.

Lillum took this time to swallow the rest of the cum before she starts to slowly clean Emerald's dick with her tongue.

Emerald shuddered and grins at Lillum.

"Fuck… looks like that help of yours worked… been awhile since I had an orgasm like that… want me to return the favor?" Emerald asked while he grins at Lillum.

Lillum pulls her mouth away after making sure that Emerald's dick was clean before smirking at him.

"I've been hoping you say that."

This caused Lillum to sit on the bed and after moving Lillum's legs apart, Emerald was eating her out in no time while his tongue worked to go deep into her folds again and again.

"Oh fuck yeah." Lillum groan as she was enjoying this action while letting Emerald do his thing.

Emerald then moved to suck Lillum's bud and used a few fingers to finger her folds and used his index and ring finger on his other hand, he teased Lillum's asshole to let her know what he was about to do.

Lillum groans again while shuddering before giving Emerald a thumbs up which was like telling him to go for it.

That caused Emerald to nod his head before he pushed his fingers into Lillum's asshole and he starts to finger her ass and pussy in sync while he sucked on her bud for added pleasure.

"Oh fuck!" Lillum moans as she really enjoys having her holes being played with as Lillum's toes curled.

Emerald keeps on going while he keeps on pleasing Lillum while he wondered what Lillum was thinking as Lillum could see first hand Emerald's unexpected experience.

'Fuck, don't know how Emerald can be this good. Whoever took his cherry really showed Emerald something. I think it was that Gardevoir that Cedy mentioned. Definitely need to thank her.' Lillum thought as she kept moaning.

Emerald though no mind reader enjoyed Lillum looking pleased and keeps his actions up more and more until…

Lillum toss her head back and groans loudly before climaxing on Emerald's face and fingers.

Emerald keeps on sucking Lillum's bud and fingering her holes while he keeps his eyes closed while he waits for Lillum to ride out her orgasm.

Lillum continues to orgasm for about 15 seconds till she finally taps off.

Emerald removed his fingers from Lillum's holes and smiles when he saw Lillum panting as she tried to recover from what just happened.

"F-Fuck… you really hit the r-right... spots." Lillum said.

Emerald smirks when he stands up fully and his cock was shown to be iron hard and he decided to throw the roleplay out the window.

"Oh I don't know Lillum… figured your right spot would be much deeper and I have something much better to get that kind of itch." Emerald said while he stroked his cock a few times.

Lillum licks her lips before she lays on her back and spreads her legs to show Emerald her folds again.

"Then put that sucker in and help scratch that itch."

Emerald had no issues with that when he moved to get over Lillum and aimed his cock at her folds and used his psychic powers to do so, he then teased her pussy lips when he rubbed the head somewhat to tease her.

Lillum shudders for a bit before she looks at Emerald.

"No teasing Emerald." She said with a cute begging look.

Emerald grins when he heard that.

"Alright, no teasing… just pussy fucking!" Emerald growled out when he pushed his cock pretty deep into Lillum and his cock bashed into her womb in no time and Emerald grits his teeth when he felt how tight Lillum was before he starts to fuck her from the get go and enjoyed her bouncing breasts when Emerald's gaze was drawn to them.

"OH FUCK YES!" Lillum groans loudly before she wrapped her arms and legs around Emerald.

Emerald just had gritted teeth when he heard that and fucked Lillum harder while he used his psychic powers to move Lillum's nipples close together and went to suck on them hard while he used one hand to smack Lillum's ass again and again.

"Oh yes Emerald! Fuck me harder! Make sure no one can satisfy me!" Lillum groans as her toes curl.

Emerald snarled when he really pounds away at Lillum, with her adjusting so fast, seems Lillum went around a lot so Emerald would make sure not many who would compete with him… he wondered why he thought that but that was the least of his thoughts when his cock barraged Lillum's womb again and again.

Lillum groans and moans loudly at how intense the pleasure was before she cups Emerald's cheeks and pulls him down for a passionate kiss after she pulled his head from her nipples.

Emerald blinked in surprise from that but didn't mind when he went with the kiss and had his tongue fight with Lillum's for dominance while he keeps on fucking Lillum harder and faster.

Lillum moans as her tongue fought Emerald's tongue as she looks at his eyes with lust but… something else that may have been too hard to read… or is it?

Emerald noticed the look and while he was not sure what it was, since he was socially impared compared to most being around Pokemon more then humans, he did feel a sudden urge to fuck Lillum harder then ever and surprised Lillum when he used his psychic powers to cover his body and he fucked her harder then she would have expected based on Physical limits.

Lilllum was very surprised but didn't care as she hugs Emerald more while kissing him even harder.

For a bit, Emerald keeps on fucking Lillum harder and faster while he fought to keep his orgasm back… but he had an idea and while Lillum was unaware of the idea, she did see plenty of blue energy focus around the base of Emerald's cock and formed a ring… did he just make a psychic cockring?

Lillum blinks a few times when she saw that.

'No way. Did he really made…' She thought but knew the obvious answer.

Well either one of two… either Emerald made the cockring to TRY and hold his orgasm back, or he may have stopped it entirely so it could build… either way… Lillum was about to have a lot of fun and possibly no end in sight for a while.

Lillum did smirk as her pussy tightens around Emerald's dick a few times.

Emerald grits his teeth from that while outside of the room 5 minutes later…

Jessica and Jade were walking next to one another while Jessica was muttering pretty foul words to herself about tall big breasted bitches and muscling in on others terf while Jade tried to calm her down, the Pichu was with the Nurse Joys while they were doing some tests to check its health and since they had nothing else to do, asked directions to where Emerald and Lillum went and were walking down a hallway.

"C-Calm Down Jessica, Emerald isn't even claimed by anyone, pretty sure my mother and the Lucario, Leia, had fun with him but I don't think they are claiming Emerald so I'm sure even if Emerald is having fun with Lillum, its just fun… I heard you live in a section of Okido's place that pretty much lets you and others of your species have fun 24/7." Jade said to remind Jessica that Emerald could pretty much have fun with many women since it would be pretty hypocritical to get jealous… Jessica never even had fun with Emerald yet so she wasn't sure why Jessica looked this ticked when Jessica just joined the group more or less.

"Even if you're right Jade, I'm just pissed that Lillum chick is moving fast on Emerald. If anyone should have fun with him first it's me." Jessica said.

"R-Right…" Jade said when she sweatdrops on how Jessica would do that… Jade was a mind reader and happened to read Emerald's mind once or twice when she wondered where he was… and well… one of those times was when he was having sex with Leia, either when Emerald and her mother went missing or after they left the duo to practice and Jade checked on the two to be safe… that made her blush when she remembered Emerald's size… that… was something not seen everyday.

Jessica noticed Jade before raising an eyebrow.

"You alright? Your face is red."

"H-Huh?, oh I'm fine, was just remembering something and… do you hear that?" Jade said when she starts to hear something… though thanks to Jessica's ears, she was able to make out more with moans and groans and even heard a female calling Emerald's name… was Lillum already having fun with Emerald?

Jessica was now angry.

"That cheap floozy. She's already doing him!"

"M-Maybe we should lea-whoa!" Jade tried to say though she was dragged towards the source of the noise by a royally peeved Jessica and could use Jade's psychic powers to get Lillum away from Emerald.

"No way! We're putting a stop to this!" Jessica said as she kept dragging Jade.

Jade blushed when she was forced to be dragged towards the door where Emerald's name was being called and when no one else was around, Jessica just fucked it and kicked the door down and points a paw into the room.

"Alright hussy!, get off the man and… and…. Anananananananad… whoa momma." Jessica said while she blushed and had hearts in her eyes when she saw everything going on when Emerald was lifing and lowering Lillum onto his cock and Jessica saw how… massive Emerald was… sure the Mightyena was huge but not like this and thanks to Emerald's human body that he had, well… more positions to be used and Jade was blushing up a storm when she saw everything and it seemed Emerald didn't noticed the duo while he fucked Lillum through who knows how many orgasms.

Lillum was having a fucked up look on her face as she continues to moan and groan loudly with ecstasy.

Jade blushes more before looking at Jessica.

"W-We should leave." She said.

"And miss this hunk right there?" Jessica said.

That caused Jade to blush a bit while Emerald, who finally heard things, looked over and with eyes glazed over with lust, gave a bit of a horror moment when he slammed the door behind the two female pokemon with some extra psychic powers and Jade, in her nervousness, jolts and when she remembered one warning from her mother, she instantly teleported out of the room and left Jessica behind while preying to Arceus to give Jessica some luck since she heard that if Emerald got like this… well… Jade would have a lot of bonding to do with the Pichu since she doubts she would see Jessica for awhile.

Jessica blinked a bit.

'Did she just…' She thought before looking at Emerald.

All she saw for a moment when she looked back was Emerald's glowing eyes and a moment later, she was lift off the ground and flung over to land on Lillum's chest between her breasts and Emerald grins in a dominating way at Jessica while he continues to fuck Lillum and Jessica was stuck between the duo in a kinky rock in hard place type of situation right now.

Jessica blushes brightly.

"Okay… despite the positon, I'm liking what I'm seeing." She said as she grins at Emerald.

This caused Emerald to grin wildly and he fucked Lillum harder and faster and Jessica could get a close up view of Lillum's newest orgasm while Emerald undid the psychic cockring and fucked Lillum harder and faster until…

Lillum moans loudly as her pussy tightens around Emerald's cock again before Lillum climaxed hard on it.

Emerald snarls a moment later and his load shot into Lillum's womb which made the Ditto hybrid's womb bloat as a result and Jessica could feel it as well when she rose a bit in-between Emerald and Lillum after she was raised a little thanks to Lillum's womb filling like a balloon.

'Damn that's a lot of cum.' Jessica said as she was surprised as Lillum's orgasm got stronger as she climaxed more.

Though the look that Emerald gave Jessica… well she may not be the same and unlike Lillum… well… aside from one evolution… no reshaping for Jessica so Emerald may have to take responsibility for the soon to be breaking of Jessica's holes after Emerald tapped off with a growl.

Lillum taps off as well before she pants a bit for breath.

Emerald removed his cock from Lillum's pussy and after using some psychic energy to make Lillum float and had her rest on the bed, he uses his hands to hold Jessica and grins at her and she saw his massive 14 inch cock in full.

Jessica blushes brightly as she saw Emerald's cock before smirking at him.

"This is gonna be fun."

Emerald, in a list fueled haze, moved to have Jessica near his face and he surprised her with a kiss while he used his psychic powers to move her fur near her folds out of the way, he teased her bud a bit to see how she would react.

Jessica was a bit surprised by this action before shuddering from having her bud teased before kissing Emerald back.

Emerald keeps the kiss up for a bit, pulled away and moved Jessica up in the air and moved to lick her now seen folds as a result rather hungerly.

"Oh yes." Jessica groan as she was already feeling good from this action.

Emerald keeps this up while he had his tongue enter Jessica's folds again and again as time went on while Lillum managed to recover.

"Hmm, talk about intense! What the?" Lillum said as she was surprised to see Jessica here.

Though it seems Emerald and Jessica were too into their fun to notice Lillum and Emerald ate out Jessica more and more until…

Jessica groans a bit loud before she climaxed on Emerald's face.

Emerald lapped up the juices while he waits for Jessica to ride out her orgasm.

About 15 seconds pass before Jessica taps off.

Emerald pulled his head away from Jessica's folds while Lillum could see that this Buneary was about to go into one hell of a fuckathon soon and considering things… looks like she was a size Queen or something for liking Emerald's massive cock.

Jessica lustfully grins at Emerald.

"Come stud. Show me that you're better than that Mightyena Alpha."

All Emerald did was growl lustfully like he was a different person and moved Jessica so that her pussy was right above Emerald's cock and she saw how massive he was compared to her.

Lillum was surprised at Jessica being that bold as Jessica was feeling very excited as she waits for Emerald to start.

And start he did when he forced part of his cock into Jessica, she was able to take it surprisingly well but Emerald at best could only get 5 inches into Jessica thanks to how small her body was, he even busted into her womb in no time to boot and growled at how tight Jessica was.

"Oh fuck!" Jessica groans from this feeling as she can feel a bulge forming in her womb.

For a bit, Emerald waits for her to adjust but with how fast Jessica can adjust, Emerald just starts to fuck Jessica while being careful to not harm her and a bulge formed on her body again and again as Emerald bashed into Jessica's womb again and again.

"Oh yes!" Jessica groans a few times before she starts moaning as her tiny paw like toes curled a few times.

Emerald in turn keeps on fucking Jessica while he used a psychic cockring to keep himself from climaxing anytime soon.

Lillum saw this and smirked when she knew that Jessica was in for a very wild ride as Jessica starts to have a fuck up look on her face as she moans loudly.

This went on with Emerald fucking Jessica through orgasm after orgasm and his own orgasm never hot him once though the pressure behind the cockring was massive to say the least but he kept on fucking Jessica to another orgasm until…

Jessica throws her head back and moans loudly in ecstasy as she climaxed hard on Emerald's dick.

Emerald, having lost count of how many orgasms Jessica just had, undid the cockring and roars when he load shot from his balls and into Jessica's womb as a result.

Jessica moans more as her climax got stronger while feeling all of Emerald's cum filling her womb making the young Buneary look pregnant as her womb bloats more.

The sperm then bursts from around Emerald's dick and from Jessica's pussy while Emerald rides out his intense orgasm and while that happened… Lillum in the meantime…

Lillum was feeling turned on from watching before chuckling.

'Despite her rudeness. That little Buneary has spunk. Though I don't think she can handle Emerald.'

While Lillum kept quiet, Emerald rides out his orgasm and tapped off with a groan and pants for breath while he looks at Jessica to see how she was doing.

Jessica, who taps off as well had a pleased look on her face while blushing cutely as she pants.


Emerald took that as a go ahead for more and after pulling Jessica off his cock, he turned her over so she was facing Lillum and Emerald aimed his cock at Jessica's ass when he used his psychic powers to move the fluffy fur out of the way of her asshole and she looked worried when that happens since well… she wasn't a virgin but she never took a cock this huge up her ass before.

Jessica gulped as she wanted to grab hold of something but couldn't before she braces herself.

Emerald noticed and he used his psychic powers to play with Jessica's bud to get her to relax.

That seemed to work as Jessica felt a bit relax from this action.

When Emerald got Jessica to relax, he slowly lowered Jessica and his cock slowly entered her tight little ass as a result and the tightness caused him to stop a few times so Jessica could adjust.

Jessica groans as she felt the inside of her ass getting stretched out before taking a moment to adjust.

When she adjusted, Emerald takes a moment to pull Jessica off his cock till the head was in her ass and Emerald lowered her till he got half of his cock into Jessica's ass and raised and lowered her again until he was doing it at a rapid rate when he used one hand to use her like a fleshlight.

"O-Oh fuck!" Jessica groans a few times as she feels the hybrid's cock going in and out of her ass.

Emerald keeps on going with Emerald using Jessica as a sex toy while his cock went into her ass again and again as time went on while Lillum looks on at the duo.

Lillum was feeling slightly jealous as she didn't get her ass fucked yet while Jessica groans and moans loudly as her face looked fucked up again.

This went on for quite awhile while Emerald fucked Jessica more and more while her orgasm was getting closer and closer until...

Jessica groans loudly before she climaxed hard again on top of Emerald's dick.

Emerald in turn snarls when he came hard up Jessica's ass, but thanks to how small her stature was, after a minute of her stomach filling up, she started to pretty much puke up sperm in no time as a result while Emerald rides out his orgasm.

Lillum smirks at the sight as Jessica kept puking out cum before she finally taps off after 25 seconds.

Emerald rides out his orgasm and tapped off around the 25 second mark as well and waits for Jessica to cough up more sperm and waits for her to recover when she got her airway cleared.

Jessica was able to cough out more cum before she took this chance to recover.

This allowed Emerald to pull Jessica off his cock and her gapping holes were seen while she was moved to rest on Lillum's body and Jessica saw that he was still hard and saw that he was about to fuck Lillum's ass next to keep things even when she was slid to the edge of the bed and Emerald teased her ass with his cock for a moment while Jessica rests between Lillum's soft breasts.

Lillum shudders before smirking at Jessica.

"Get comfy. It's gonna be a rough ride."

This would have gotten a retort from Jessica, but Emerald pushing his cock deep in Lillum's ass pretty much prevented Lillum from listening when all she could feel was Emerald's cock going so deep into her asshole.

Lillum groans as she felt that before feeling the inside of her ass getting stretched out.

Emerald, after he pushed his cock balls deep into Lillum, licks his lips at the feeling and Lillum in reflex to hold onto something, held onto Jessica in a hug of sorts and a moment later, Emerald starts to fuck Lillum hard and fast while his cock barraged Lillum's ass deep and she and Jessica were bounced again and again somewhat on the bed while Emerald held Lillum's hips and used his psychic powers to hold her ankles in the air to keep her from doing much right now.

Lillum was groaning and moaning loudly as Jessica blushes while feeling like being on a rollercoaster with all the movements going on.

This went on for a bit while Emerald keeps on fucking Lillum and he keeps on making sure to hold his orgasm back and even used psychic hands to fondle Lillum's breasts and nipples at the same time when they worked to make her feel as good as possible.

Lillum moans more as she was loving this action.

"K-Keep going!"

Emerald had no issues with that and growls when he fucked Lillum harder and faster while the psychic hands keep on pleasing Lillum and Emerald formed a couple more psychic hands that went to place the pinned Jessica when the fingers finger Jessica's pussy and ass in no time.

Jessica was a bit surprised before she started groaning from having her holes fingered.

Emerald was now snarling when he worked to fuck Lillum more, fondle Lillum's breasts and nipples, and fingers Jessica's pussy and ass which was taxing mentally, all in all, Emerald keeps on fucking Lillum and fingering Jessica's holes until…

Both ladies groan in unison before they climaxed hard at the same time with Jessica on Emerald's fingers and Lillum with Emerald's cock in her ass.

Emerald roars a moment later when he pushed his cock deep in Lillum's ass and blew his load inside of her while the psychic fingers went wild to keep on pleasing the two ladies bodies.

Said duo's climax got stronger as they continued to climax hard before they finally tapped off.

Emerald then pulled his cock out of Lillum's sperm filled ass and as a result, sperm flew from his cock and starts to paint the two ladies in his sperm like he was marking them as his.

The duo moans as they felt their bodies getting hit with cum.

When Emerald rides out his orgasm, he tapped off with a groan and pants for breath while he lets go of Jessica and Lillum and smirks at the duo while his body quickly recovered from his efforts to fuck the duo and the duo saw Emerald's cock getting erect in no time… though now it made sense to Jessica why Jade vanished… Jade knew Emerald could go berserk most likely from reading Emerald or Laura's minds and knew if Emerald got like this… well… seems like Jessica and Lillum would need backup if they want to survive their time with an out of control Emerald who was fueled purely on lust.

Jessica gulped before looking at Lillum.

"Think we should get back up?"

"H-Hehe… well… I would get help but… can't feel my legs." Lillum admitted when her legs felt like jelly… ironic given her Ditto hybrid nature.

Though Lillum did smile and she surprised Jessica when she threw Jessica to the side after Emerald used some psychic energy to clean Jessica and Lillum off and was thrown off by the action, long enough for Jessica to instantly hop out of the room when she got why, Jessica would get help while Lillum kept Emerald busy though before Emerald could wonder why Lillum threw Jessica, he tossed the sperm into a nearby bathroom connected to the room and Lillum, to get Emerald's focus, pulled him into a hug and kissed him to get his attention and Emerald kissed Lillum and hugged her with hunger behind his actions.

Lillum hugs back while kissing Emerald more as Jessica use this chance to get out of the room to get help.

As she went to get help, she ran into the Pewter City Nurse Joy from earlier and a few female pokemon who were of various species.

One was Bellossom Hybrid of all things, a grass type pokemon hybrid who looked like a human but had Bellossom traits with having human height, various petals in her hair and a flower like necklace that somehow was able to cover her nipples no matter what movement she did and had a natural grass skirt so she was naturally naked more or less.

The next woman was a Vulpix Hybid. She had human traits along with traits of a regular Vulpix with ears and a tail but still have a womanly figure.

Though she had some fur, she still wore a standard Nurse outfit.

Seems the Vulpix hybrid worked with the Pokemon Center here or was a Hybrid Nurse Joy who was visiting the Center to see if it needed help.

Next was a full pokemon woman called a Primarina, the final evolution of the water type starter from the alolan region, she was a beauty of a water type and had a well rounded figure to show that while she was a human, she had a some human like traits thanks to being descended of a human but was mostly a pokemon so didn't count as a hybrid… maybe 10 percent human, she had her womanly bits covered by a natural skirt and neck bit that covered her pussy, ass, and nipples for modesty.

The Final woman was a regular Sneasel from the Sinnoh Region who was surprisingly wearing a smaller version of a nurse joy outfit. It was either volunteering or the Sneasel actually working there.

Jessica didn't think much on that since there were more surprising things and she hopped to the group.

"Hey Nurse Joy, ladies, I could use some help if you don't mind hearing me out." Jessica said when she talks to the group of ladies.

The Nurse Joy, of this pokemon center, blinked in confusion.

"What's wrong Jessica."

"R-Right… anyway…" Jessica said before she explained what was going on with her and Jade walking in on Emerald and Lillum, Jade retreating, Jessica joining in on the fun but Lillum and Jessica underestimated Emerald's lust and here she was.

"...So Lillum and I need some help with taking care of Emerald since it seemed he went berserk with lust." Jessica said while she blushed a bit since she didn't really expect to be gathering help and was a bit embarrassed when she had to do so.

Everyone was surprised at the story, even the Nurse Joys.

"Oh dear… Seems Lillum is gonna need some help." Nurse Joy said.

"Yeah, if Lillum can't take this guy, must be a monster of sex or something… and that is saying something." The Sneasel dressed as a Nurse said.

"No kidding." Said the Vulpix hybrid.

"Well not sure who this Lillum woman is but if this guy is as good as you say, I might as well see what he can do." The Bellosom hybrid said with a smile on her face while she lightly sways on her feet and the Primerina giggles at that.

"Well… for me it depends on how… equipped he is, not saying anything bad about small lovers, its just I have had experience so I hope this Emerald isn't just being built up." The Primerina said while she smiles at Jessica, seems two wanted in which left the Sneasel and the Nurse Joy to not make the choice yet which caused Jessica to look to see what their answer would be if they wanted to join or not.

The Sneasel was thoughtful before she heard Jessica made this comment.

"Well I did hear some juicy details about Emerald being in an orgy once." Jessica said with a smirk.

"Okay, count me in." The Sneasel said.

"Great, what about you Nurse Joy?, I remember you being the one more or less saved by Emerald so might as well repay him right?" Jessica said while she grins when she got almost all of the people here on her side.

Nurse Joy blushes brightly after hearing that.

"Well… I want to help my niece and I… do owe Emerald for saving me."

Jessica chuckles when she grins at the ladies.

"Alright then follow me." Jessica said when she got her allies and hopped away at a quick pace while everyone else look at one another before they follow Jessica.

When they got back to the room, they heard moaning and groaning inside and when Jessica opened the door… everyone saw Lillum while she had a fucked up look on her face was on all fours while Emerald, in a full lustful frenzy, was fucking Lillum's pussy hard and fast enough to make her ass ripple when Emerald's pelvis smashed against her ass cheeks and his cock rammed into her womb without mercy.

Everyone was blushing brightly at the sight.

"Damn… you weren't kidding." The Sneasel said.

"Indeed, and he is in a berserk state?" The Primirina said with a curious tone to her voice while Emerald looks over and had a pure lustful look in his eyes when he looked each female up and down and gave a pleased growl when he liked what he saw.

"Oh yeah. He's more lustful than me, my mom and siblings all together and we're basically horny Buneary and Lopunny." Jessica said.

"I see… and how did you hear of this?, have past experience with him?" The Vulpix hybrid asked while she blushed when Emerald licked his lips and fucked Lillum harder while she had a more fucked up look on her face and her upper body fell forward when she had trouble with keeping strength in her arms.

Jessica chuckled.

"Well I heard from this Lucario chick who had fun with Emerald in an orgy while I was helping punish a naughty Mightyena Alpha and I did mention earlier that I had a bit of fun with him."

"I see… what did the Mightyena do again?" The Primarina asked when she was curious on what the Mightena did again.

"Well he and his lackeys, kidnaps a Gardevoir and her kids and they were having their way with said Gardevoir. In fact that little Ralts, Jade, came from that family and got help from Emerald and friends." Jessica said.

"Oh that poor Gardevoir and her family, hope that Mightyena is being taught a lesson." The Bellossom said while she looked peeved on what that Mightena did.

Jessica grins.

"Oh he's being taught a lesson alright." She said before chuckling evilly.

Everyone not in the act sweatdrops and the Sneasel nurse rolled her eyes and moved behind the Nurse Joy and used her hands to push the Nurse Joy into the room.

"Alright alright, we can talk more later, for now lets back up Lillum here before she passes out on us." The Sneasel said to remind everyone why they were here.

Nurse Joy blinks from the pushing as everyone else can hear Lillum groans loudly now.

"R-Right… anyway everyone if Emerald lasts for as long as I heard… don't expect to be going anywhere anytime soon." Jessica said when she used her ears to push the Vulpix and Bellossom hybrids into the room and the Primarina chuckles when she entered as well before the scene fades to black as the door closed.

(End of Chapter three, four will be up in the future.)

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