Legendary trainers of the world @emerald
Chapter 2

A scene opens up with Atomsk and TME looking over some cliff notes.

"Alright, last I remember was that after the fight with the Mega Mightyena his crew, Emerald and the others returned to town in different groups, Emerald and Jade's mom left Oak, or in this story by using Oak's japanese version of his name, Okido, and left the lab which caused Jade's mom to make Emerald into a man finally, but thanks to some repressed things and other factors, Emerald… kinda went overboard in some kind of mainly female filled area so could be a place Jade's mom knew about or something, either way aside from some TLC, everyone else is just recovering and what not so who knows what will happen this chapter after Emerald and the others leave Pallet town, oh and the japanese names for the characters are in the intro of chapter 1 so if you want to get a reminder of whose names are changed then look there." TME said before he looks at Atomsk.

"Before I get into the other stuff like the reserved spots, want to say anything real quick Atomsk?" TME said while he looks at his friend.

Atomsk was thoughtful before he shook his head.

"Nah, I'm good. Lead the way buddy."

"Alright, to make it simple, Atomsk and I have a new policy on getting paid for requests, 5 dollars for a reserved spot for solo work but 10 bucks for co-op work between Atomsk and I, anyway we can talk more details but we should get into this story and I have just the perfect start…" TME said with a smirk while the scene went to Emerald many hours later as he starts to come too after his fuckathon…

?/?/ Emerald

"U-Ugh…" Emerald muttered while he starts to come too but had to shut his eyes again after he opened them when he saw that he was looking right at the sun for a moment.

"Oh!... fuck that hurt!" Emerald groans before he tried to sit up… though for some reason he couldn't when he felt weight on… many parts of his body.

"Huh?" Emerald said before he looked down and his eyes widen to comical proportions when he saw a female Lucario, Charmeleon, Vespiquen, and a few other lady pokemon either laying next to him or on him and he had a jaw drop when he saw that many were just snuggling up to him and all he could say was this.

"Oh fuck… that was not a dream." Emerald said when he remembered flashed of what happened last night with him pretty much making many pokemon ladies here his bitches so to speak.

That's when he heard someone giggling.

"Nope. But if it was, I doubt you would want to wake up from that."

When Emerald heard that he looks to see who said that.

Turns out it was Gardevoir as she stares at Emerald with a smirk.

"Uhhh… how long was I out?" Emerald asked while he really hoped that nothing bad happened after his flashes of last night stopped after the Lucario woman.

"Hmm… I say about… 4 hours." Gardevoir said.

"Well that would explain why I'm waking up near the crack of dawn… and you are sure that was not a dream?, because I'm remembering more and…" Emerald said before he blushed so much that he broke a red color record just now.

Gardevoir chuckles.

"Not a dream. Otherwise I wouldn't be limping from how intense you were with me."

Emerald blushed from that and couldn't say much since more and more memories were flying into his head and he did remember going a few more rounds with Jade's mother after he got by the Lucario woman who went down after a few more orgasms.

And just like that, the Lucario woman stirs a bit before she starts to wake up.

"Hmmm… what an… amazing night." She said as she got up a bit and rubs her eye.

Emerald blushed more from that and many other pokemon women started to stir and had similar reactions with eye rubs and what not.

Emerald being himself quickly paled and got on all fours and bowed and said this to all the ladies around him.

"I'm so sorry!" Emerald said when he wondered how all the women would react, not everyone may think the same.

The female pokemon blinked in confusion.

"Why are you sorry?" One of them asked.

"W-Well… I kinda went a bit berserk and no telling if every single one of you are…. Well… cool with this." Emerald said while he really hoped no one was mad.

The female pokemon looked at one another before they chuckled.

"I wasn't complaining." Charmeleon said.

"Yeah, lasted quite a bit and not bad with adapting right girls?" The Lucario said while she seemed amused while Emerald looked confused.

"Really?... though before we talk more… anyone seen my clothes?" Emerald asked since Gardevoir would know where they are… though a few ladies saw that Emerald had an issue since he just woke and didn't notice it yet.

"Well could help you with your clothes but…" the female Lucario said as she points down at something.

Emerald blinks a few times before he looked down at his erection and blushed before he rubbed the back of his head.

"W-Well… uh… not sure how to respond to that one." Emerald said which showed he was back to his normal self right now.

Gardevior giggles.

"Well… we can help it… go down." She said with a smirk.

"W-Well… if you ladies don't mind… mind lending a hand or… a few?" Emerald said while he smiles lightly at the lady pokemon with a blush on his face.

Gardevoir eyesmiles at Emerald before she looks at the female pokemon.

"Well ladies, you heard him, should we help him out?"

Many of the ladies smirk a bit while Emerald gulps and he got a nervous look on his face when all the ladies turned to him with lustful looks in their eyes.

"Uh… ladies… I think one at a time would be best… l-ladies?" Emerald tried to say before he screamed like a girl while the scene went to Cedric while he was walking the 3 Kirlia's out of his home and towards Okido's place.

"Hehe, wow talk about intense, you do that with a lot of ladies with that jolting thing?" One Kirlia asked while she smiles at Cedric while she and her sisters walked alongside her.

Cedric chuckled.

"Well… no. I had dated before but hadn't had sex until yesturday." He said with a smirk.

The Three Kirlia's looked at Cedric with surprised looks before they giggle a bit.

"Wow sisters, looks like we got the V-Card of a virile male and then some, wonder who's going to be the next lady in that mating list of this hybrid." The first sister said before she and her sisters giggle again.

Cedric blushes before chuckling.

"Who knows, but I don't mind if you 3 cuties want a repeat." He said with a slight lust filled smirk.

The sisters blushed from that and giggles again.

"Maybe next time when you are in Pallet town, shouldn't you meet up with your friends and what not at Okido's lab?" The second sister said while she and the others saw Cedric get wide eyes and look at his watch to see the time and he was getting late.

"Oh snap! I nearly forgot. I need to be at the lab pronto." Cedric said.

The third sister placed a hand on Cedric's leg and smiles at him.

"Don't worry, I can teleport you there like…" The third sister said before she, her sisters who placed their hands on their sisters shoulder, and Cedric, vanished, and reappeared in front of Okido, Jade, Shigeru, Satoshi, Pikachu, and Hanako… though no Emerald oddly enough.

"GAH!, where in blue blazes did you pop out from!?" Okido said when he nearly had a heart attack when Cedric popped up in front of him.

Cedric chuckled a bit.

"You don't want to know. Sorry if I'm late."

Everyone sweatdropped at that before Okido cleared his throat.

"Yes well, considering Emerald is going to be appearing last, I figured I should let you know you four will be going at different times out of Pallet town, first is Shigeru, then you Cedric, then Satoshi, and finally Emerald if he appears, reason being in case you all make it to the gym relatively easily, it can help the gym leader recover since going four battles back to back would be pretty intense even for them, not only that but Shigeru is going in his car and Satoshi is going on foot, Shigeru can give you a lift to Viridian City, it's pretty much the first stop on the trip anyway and the Gym leader there is not there at the moment so your first official move as a pokemon trainer is to get to Pewter City, home to the Gym leader Brock, a rock type gym leader whose pokemon are not to be underestimated even if your bulbasaur has a type advantage, same to you Shigeru, one pokemon a team does not make so try and gather some pokemon who can help you on the way." Okido said while he looked at Shigeru mainly since he could be cocky.

Shigeru chuckles nervously.

"Got it Gramps."

"Right… anyway, Shigeru, Cedric, you two better get going, same to you Satoshi, you'll have trouble dragging Pikachu with you so even if all three of you leave at the same time, pretty sure you would take awhile." Okido said while he sweatdrops when he and everyone else looked to see that Satoshi had a strong rope wrapped around Pikachu's waist.

Cedric chuckled.

"Good luck Satoshi." He said making Satoshi sweatdrop.

"Yeah… thanks."

A moment later, Shigeru got his car and pulled it up next to the group.

"Alright, lets get going Cedric, and see you later Satoshi, next time you see me I'll be wearing the pokemon champion belt." Shigeru said with a smirk on his face while an eye rolling Cedric got into the passenger seat.

"We'll see about that, Shigeru." Satoshi said with a determined look on his face.

Shigeru just laughed before he drove off with Cedric relaxing in the car.

Back with the others, Satoshi was steaming mad.

"Oh that Shigeru!" Satoshi grumbles while his head could look like a tomato right now from how angered he looked.

Okido sweatdrops as he see that.

"Well not to worry Satoshi. I'm sure you'll do great on this journey. Just remember to build trust with your pokemon."

Satoshi had to calm down after hearing that and he took a breath before he looks at the professor.

"Right professor, anyway Pikachu and I should get going so wish us luck, same to you Mom, wish us luck." Satoshi said while he looks at his mother with a grin on his face.

Hanako smiles at her son.

"Good luck on your journey Satoshi. And remember to wear clean underwear."

Satoshi blushed brightly from that before he gripped Pikachu's rope while he wore the pink rubber gloves.

"M-Mom!, I can remember to do that… anyway see you soon and take care of yourself and hope Mr. Mime keeps you safe." Satoshi said since at their home was a Mr. Mime that normally hanged around Hanako and helped her with chores around the Ketchum home.

"I'll be okay Satoshi. Hopefully you and Pikachu will get along on this journey." Hanako said with a smile.

Satoshi chuckles a bit with a sweatdrop before he nods his head.

"Yeah… hopefully… anyway let's get going Pikachu, can't let Shigeru get ahead of us." Satoshi said before he starts dragging Pikachu out of Pallet town while Pikachu tried and failed to stop it when it tried to dig its feet into the ground though Satoshi was stubborn and Okido, Jade, and Hanako sweatdrop when they saw Satoshi drag Pikachu after him.

"Well… can't say this isn't the strangest farewell I've ever seen." Jade said when she sweatdrops at the irritation she sensed from Pikachu as he was leaving.

"Indeed." Okido said as he sweatdrops.

A minute before everyone started to leave, Emerald and Gardevoir returned in a teleporting move while Emerald fell to the ground in front of Jade and Emerald looked really drained like a dried out husk… even had a slightly drained body and everything while a third person seemed to hitch a ride… the Lucario woman from wherever The Gardevoir took Emerald… though at the moment everyone was worried for Emerald who collapsed onto the ground.

"What happened to Emerald?" Hanako said with a worried look as Jade went to check on him.

Gardevoir giggles a bit when she heard that and looks at Emerald.

"Well after helping Emerald become a man… well…" Gardevoir said before she starts to explain what happened and Okido looking paler and paler as the story went on.

"... and when we all woke, we helped Emerald out with his issue but… as you can see thanks to him not getting a meal in him and doing all that… really drained of fluids and all that." Gardevoir said but before anyone could speak, Okido raised a hand.

"U-Um… pardon me but where exactly did you and Emerald go?" Okido asked while the Lucario woman giggles.

"Well from the female study preserve Professor, should have recognized me earlier." The Lucario said while Okido looked even paler.

"I see… well while you all get Emerald a good meal in him…" Okido said before he ran faster then a man his age should run as he bolts towards his lab.

"I GOT TO RUN DAMAGE CONTROL POST HASTE!" Okido yelled while all that was left to be seen of him was a trail of dust that he kicked up which left Jade, Gardevoir, Hanako, the Lucario, and the downed Emerald alone.

"Oh dear… this might not look good for Okido." Hanako said while blushing brightly after hearing Gardevoir's story.

"Hehe, I don't know, some of the females there normally had men problems thanks to either some attitude issues or in cases like me, thought most men were too weak so the gender separated areas are mainly just problem pokemon that need to simmer down, granted I cooled down from my early years as a Riolu but I stuck around as more or less security there in case pokemon act up, anyway this your kid?, seems like a bit of a runt, you sure its a good idea to let her join this guy on his journey?" The Lucario said while she talked with the Gardevoir while she looks at Jade who was poking Emerald on the cheek and he groans every now and then.

Gardevoir giggles.

"I do. I trust that Emerald will look after her during his journey."

"I see, well while your daughter goes off with Emerald, might as well help some of your daughters train in the meantime and meet Emerald's parents, heard his dad is a tough Lucario male and I'm wondering if he is as tough as Emerald claims he is." The Female Lucario said while she grins in a competitive way.

Gardevoir and Hanako sweatdrops as Jade kept poking at Emerald.

"Still, we should get a meal in Emerald so can one of you carry him?, I'm about to go grocery shopping and I can cook us all a meal with Mr. Mime's help." Hanako said while the Lucario grins at her.

"Sure, free meal after a fun time, count me in." The Lucario said before she effortlessly picked Emerald up and had him over her shoulder in no time and waits for directions to Hanako's house.

Hanako was a little surprised after seeing that.

"Alright then. Follow me." She said.

A moment later, the Lucario carried Emerald after Hanako which left Jade with her mother.

"Hehe, seems like your journey will be a bit delayed… though should be enough time for me to teach you a move of mine so you can battle, if you are interested then follow me Jade." Jade's mother said while she gestured for her daughter to follow her.

Jade had a determined look before she follows her mom so she can learn this move to help Emerald.

An hour later…

Emerald was scarfing down food and drinks left and right while Hanako smiles a bit when Emerald reminded her of Satoshi when he eats sometimes while Mr. Mime sweatdrops when he saw how much Emerald ate and drank, he heard that Emerald went through the wringer in the problem female pokemon section of Okido's lab and Emerald looked pretty healthy now compared to earlier while the female Lucario looked amused.

"Wow… he eats more than a Munchlax." The Lucario said before chuckling.

Emerald stopped eating, though only for a moment to look at the Lucario.

"Considering I remember you getting snack breaks, you can't blame me for being this hungry, anyway got a name, would be odd if I just call you Lucario." Emerald said before he went back to eating his meal.

The Lucario was quiet for a bit.

"It's Leia."

"Leia?... well that's a nice name, something wrong?, you were quiet for a bit, did I insult you?" Emerald said while he worried that he insulted Leia just now.

"It's nothing. It's just that the second someone hears my name, I get compared to some character from a movie." Leia said which shows that she gets annoyed.

Emerald blinks at that.

"Ah, I think I saw a few of those, well sorry if people keep comparing you to that character… anyway what are you going to do from here on out?, you already took those pill things that Jade's mom found in one of Okido's medical areas so none of you ladies will have my kids, and I'm just going to use Jade only as my partner pokemon on my journey to keep things fair for now, so if you want me to introduce you to my parents or something if you want to train I don't mind, my dad's a Lucario like I said but my mom is a Mianshao, odd couple but both are fighting types and they get along well, and might want to spar with you since you are pretty tough." Emerald said while he slowed his eating when he felt much better.

Leia blinked a bit before smirking.

"Interesting… though a bit fast for you to introduce me to your folks. You haven't even taken me on a date yet." She said with a tease.

Emerald at this time was drinking a drink and got a shocked look on his face before he spat out his drink, thankfully Mr. Mime saw that one coming and used a barrier to block the spat out drink before it could hit anything while Emerald coughed a few times and Hanako rubbed his back in a soothing way.

A minute later Emerald managed to calm down before he looks at Leia.

"N-Not sure where that came f-from… but blame Jade's mom… for what happened, you are a nice lady but just pointing out I had no control at the time and the memories I do have are mainly you being the aggressive one… besides… would be hard for me to take you on a date when I won't even be in town." Emerald said to point out that he was going on a journey to collect gym badges soon so a date now would be impossible at the moment… though it seems he took Leia's teasing seriously.

Leia lowly chuckles.

"Hey relax. I was only kidding with you."

"R-Right… still not taking responsibility for all you ladies just wouldn't sit right with me after what I did so if this works, maybe I could take you and the others on dates in various cities when I get there?, Okido has that transport system so you could be back here in Pallet town and all that before you know it." Emerald said with a serious look on his face.

Leia blinked a bit before she chuckles.

"Well, if you plan to give another… fantastic performance, then I don't mind going on some dates with you." She said with a lust filled smirk.

Emerald blushed a bit from that and all he could do was sip his drink while he tried to keep calm and everyone chuckles or giggles at Emerald while he was shy at the moment.

"Well right now, you need to continue eating so you can get the energy you need for your journey Emerald." Hanako said with a smile.

Emerald nods before he gave her an eyesmile.

"Yeah and thanks, this food is good as usual, honestly I'm surprised you haven't found another husband again with how perfect of a wife you are." Emerald said while he had no pervy undertones.

Hanako giggles.

"Well either way, I'm happy where I am." She said even though she slightly feels sad when Satoshi's father was mentioned.

Emerald noticed and just got a serious look on his face.

"Well happy or not, if your husband is still alive and what not, I'm pretty sure if I meet the guy, I'll slug him in the face for you, did he ever help raise Satoshi?, if it was me I would come back to make sure you would be happy, and since I'm a hybrid I could just pop back and forth between here and where I was so its not like it would be a hassle, an interesting way to fast travel though would be odd since I would have to somehow put myself in a pokeball and have it be transported so... hmmm." Emerald said while he looked thoughtful. (Fun fact from the pokemon wikia, seems like Satoshi's father and grandfather are on their own journeys so the groups could run into them and not know it, maybe that rumor that Giovanni being Satoshi's father could be legit… would be interesting plot wise.)

Hanako blinks a bit before she softly smiles at Emerald.

"Well not to worry Emerald. Even if Satoshi's father wasn't here, he was still there for him when Satoshi was a baby before he left with his father on their own journey. I would sometimes get letters to let me know that they're okay."

"I see.. well hope they are doing well, for now unless you need me to do anything to repay you for the meal, I should get going, should see how Okido is doing and check on Jade if she worried for me or something." Emerald said while he got up from his seat and stretched his body for a moment.

"I may as well go too, if Hanako needs my help for something." Leia said as Hanako shook her head.

"Thank you, but Mr. Mime will help me clear the dishes."

"Well if you are sure, we might as well get going Leia." Emerald said when he looks at the female Lucario.

"Alright, thanks for showing me your house Hanako and your food was delicious." Leia said as she got up.

"You're welcome, and you're welcome to stop by at anytime you want." Hanako said with a smile on her face when she was being well mannered to the fighting type pokemon.

Leia returns the smile before she looks at Emerald.

"Alright Mr. Stud, let's get going." She said with a smirk.

Emerald blushed at that before he leads Leia out of the house while Hanako giggles at the look on Emerald's face till it was just her and Mr. Mime.

"So Mr. Mime, wonder how long it will take for those two to tie the knot so to speak." Hanako said while Mr. Mime said his name a few times in a laughing manner before he and Hanako worked on cleaning the dishes and the scene went to Cedric and Shigeru for a moment while they were in Viridian City already, Pallet town was close to the city and while walking would take awhile, about many hours on foot, it took Shigeru and Cedric only an hour to get there and they caught a few pokemon already, thanks to pokemon starting to appear in other regions, Cedric managed to catch a Caterpie, a Pidgey, and even a rarely seen Alolan Rattata, he also managed to catch a Jigglypuff that somehow wondered close to where he was and since it was normally in other routes, Cedric would be foolish to pass this up.

Shigeru already managed to catch his own pokemon as well, a Zubat, a growlithe, an Oddish, and even an Alolan Diglett… seems Alolan pokemon are really starting to get world wide nowadays.

"Wow. Who knew we would be seeing some Alolan pokemon." Cedric said as he already liking the pokemon he catched.

"Hehe yeah, seems pokemon like to travel nowadays, anyway Cedric I'm going to stop by the pokemon center and then after that head to Pewter City to catch more pokemon on the way and get the gym badge, try and not take too long here or I might as well become champion before you get a chance to enter the Hybrid league." Shigeru said while he smirks as he drives himself and Cedric towards the pokemon center and Cedric just relaxed in his seat, it was agreed that Cedric would split from Shigeru for a time so he could train on his own and what not so it made sense for the split though Cedric did have one question for the confident teen.

"You're not gonna do something naughty to the cheerleaders right?" Cedric said with a raised eyebrow.

Shigeru blushed and nearly hit the breaks all of a sudden though he glanced at Cedric.

"Says the guy who got it on with three Kirlia and was nearly late for the free drive to Viridian city, anyway I won't do anything to them unless they want it, besides they offered to meet up with me later either here or at Pewter city so they could cheer me on and be Pallet Town's number one trainer." Shigeru said while he smirks at Cedric a little while he keeps his eyes on the road.

Cedric rolls his eyes a bit.

"Well good luck and behave yourself."

"Try saying that if you call back and have three eggs waiting for you from those Kirlia, anyway we're at the center so lets get our pokemon checked up." Shigeru said while he parked his car in front of the large pokemon center that he drove himself and Cedric up to.

Cedric just rolled his eyes since he knew that the 3 Kirlia were safe on that day… or were they?

Though while he pondered that and probably would call Okido's lab just to be sure, he followed Shigeru into the Pokemon Center and walked to the counter where Shigeru was while a Nurse Joy was at the counter.

"Hello and welcome to the Pokemon Center, do you two want me to heal your pokemon?, if you want this center is unique in that we have an extra healing course for a small fee, it helps with the bills and what not and is a popular option here." Nurse Joy said while Cedric knew who this Nurse Joy was… guess she forgot about him since it has been awhile but this was Lillum's mother after all.

Cedric smiles at Nurse Joy.

"Nurse Joy. Its so lovely to see you again."

The Nurse Joy looked confused while she tilts her head.

"I'm sorry who are you?, sorry if I forgot a trainer as handsome as you but so many come by here that faces blur a bit unless they make an impression on me so you'll have to remind me on who you are for me to rememeber." Nurse Joy said while Shigeru sweatdrops.

"Its been a long time, we were kids when we came here on a field trip, we know your daughter Lillum and her friend Maite, I'm Shigeru and Mr. perfect memory here is Cedric." Shigeru said while he points a thumb at Cedric while Nurse Joy had a flash of recognition in her eyes.

"Oh Cedric and Shigeru, it has been awhile, though Lillum normally called you Cedy and Shigy when you were younger, oh how have you two grown, all handsome and what not, Lillum is a bit busy in the back room right now so if you want I can let her know you two stopped by or have her come out to see you two, granted she just started a session so she maybe awhile… 30 minutes or so, so unless you want to wait I can pass a message onto her." Nurse Joy said while she smiles at Shigeru and Cedric who blushed at the nicknames.

"W-Well, I don't mind the wait since I want to make sure that my pokemon are healthy and well. Plus it would be nice to see Lillum again." Cedric said.

"Alright, let me check with Lillum in a moment, if you two can hand me your pokeballs I can get them healed in no time… Chansey if you would be so kind." Nurse Joy said before a couple Chancy ran out of the healing area and with a couple dollies with slots on them for pokeballs, once all the pokeballs were set up the chansey rolled them to the back for healing and Nurse Joy looks at Cedric.

"Want to join the pokemon in the healing Cedric?, you are a hybrid and we have medical stations for hybrids that are far more advanced than what they were years ago here." Nurse Joy said while she smiles at Cedric.

Cedric was thoughtful for a moment before looking at Nurse Joy.

"Sure. I would love to try that."

"Great, would that be the standard healing or the extra level healing?, the Extra cost 500 Pokedollars." Nurse Joy said while Shigeru did the math real quick on that in his head.

"Huh… not too bad, could buy a few pokeballs with that small change, guess lots of people pick that option for their pokemon since its a cheap option, what are the benefits though?" Shigeru asked since he could have some pokemon here get that course while Nurse Joy smiles.

"Well aside from feeling fully revitalized, your pokemon would be a lot more incentive in battle and there are other positive health benefits, this place wouldn't give any course that would have any negative repercussions on any pokemon, it would be an insult to pokemon and Nurse Joy's everywhere." Nurse Joy said while she had a smile on her face but she did have a slight edge in her look to show that she shouldn't be insulted on her helping pokemon and this course was legit.

"Well I don't wish to insult no one so I'll take the extra level healing please." Cedric said.

"Great, aside the small entry fee since this is an important section you are going to enter, you will have more options to pick from for one more added fee, after that no more, its just a formality to show that you have accepted the extra care treatment, now if you'll please follow me I can explain what that is, in the mean time, Shigeru, please wait in the lobby here and your pokemon will be brought to you when they are fully healed." Nurse Joy said while she walked from behind the counter and gestured for Cedric to follow her after she got the initial fee from Cedric.

Cedric looks at Shigeru and gives him a two finger salute before he follows Nurse Joy.

When he did, he followed Nurse Joy to a large set of double doors and Nurse Joy used a retina scanner of all things which caused the door to open and she led Cedric into a large hallway that circled around so that it could go along the outer wall without issue.

She led Cedric to a room and gestured for him to enter, and when he did, she followed him inside and she had him sit on a comfy bed.

"Now then, just for formality's sake and to prevent legal trouble... you are over 18 yes?, no medical issues with your heart and no illnesses or diseases that are untreatable?" Nurse Joy said while she had a cellphone out and was going over a list of things for Cedric to answer.

"I'm over 18 and have no medical issues of any kind." Cedric said.

"Alright, and just to be thorough, you are not offended by sex of any kind and you have no issues with pokemon even if they are not humanoid shape?" Nurse Joy said since there were many species of pokemon and the shapes can go from humanoid to shapes only the most insane of men and women could comprehend.

Cedric was thoughtful for a bit.

"Not offended and no to any issues."

"Alright, finally are you looking to be a father or not?, it will help narrow the selection of options down." Nurse Joy said while she had an eye smile on her face.

Cedric blushes a bit before chuckling.

"Well… I do think about… having a kid but not ready yet." He said but was thinking on making sure to call Okido right away after the healing.

"Great, if you look on the table nearby you'll have a series of options to pick, normally in the case of pokemon like rapidashes or Growlithe who are normally unable to speak english unless its a rare trait we have a hybrid or pokemon who can speak help translate options if they are unable to talk normally but I doubt you will have that issue, just give 5 minutes to update it with your current info and we can get this questionnaire out of the way, it will be a one time thing and you won't have to worry about refilling it out again until a year passes." Nurse Joy said while she points at a nearby nightstand with a tablet on it before she exits the room and it lit up when Nurse Joy entered the data that was needed from her phone.

Cedric was curious for a moment before he went to the table to see the options.

To his surprise and slight embarrassment, he saw that these were all mainly sex questions from his sexual orientation to what types of pokemon or hybrid that he likes, even had things like if he liked woman thin and petite to curvy and well endowed and the type that they had if they were hybrids or a species of pokemon…. And those were the more general ones… the others were shockingly kinks, whether he wanted to have a child made here via an egg laying which at this time was greyed out thanks to his response earlier and other things.

Cedric blushes more before he starts reading the questionnaire and answered them carefully.

There were around 30 or so but all in all aside from a few questionable ones or embarrassing ones, he made all his choices and in no time he hits submit and a moment later he got a screen showing that his treatment partner would be here soon.

Meanwhile while Cedric sat on his bed and he wondered what that meant…

Nurse Joy hums a bit while she walked by some Ditto who were passing by her, there were other pokemon here or there with the occasional hybrid but all in all aside from her and a select number of employees, she was the only human here so to speak.

She walked to one room in particular after her phone buzzed and she got a smile on her face from what she saw and saw it was the answers to Cedric's questions.

She then entered the room and saw that it was a pretty high class room and in the middle of it was Lillum while she was servicing a Rapidash who had her on all fours while it fucked her pussy hard, this Rapidash was a powerful one and it had more muscle tone then the average Rapidash.

Nurse Joy however ignored the moans and groans that Lillum made when she cleared her throat.

"Lillum honey, sorry for bothering you but I have a client for you after you are done with your fun with Sleipnir, remember Cedric or Cedy?, seems like he and his friends are finally coming their way here one by one and Cedric ordered the special treatment course for himself." Nurse Joy said while she smiles at her daughter and her daughter's partner pokemon, it would be a long story but as a small child Lillum with her mother found Sleipnir and helped raise him to be a powerful Fire type pokemon… so much so that it really helped him be a top breed of Rapidash when he evolved from a Ponyta.

The Rapidash, or Sleipnir as he is called, grunts as he was fucking Lillum's pussy with gusto.

That caused Lillum to groan when she clawed at the ground while she just lets her partner fuck away to his hearts content and looks at her mother.

"C-Cedy?... W-Well I'll be there soon t-to talk with him, got a lot to catch up on... t-though m-mind c-calling someone for Sleipnir since we barely got started with his first shot or do you want to take over after I get a shot from Sleipnir?" Lillum got out while she moans when more when Sleipnir fucked Lillum even harder while his flame like mane flickered to show his first shot was approaching.

Nurse Joy giggles.

"As much as I want to, I don't want to get in the way of your reunion with Cedric so I'll switch with you after your first shot with Sleipnir."

"H-Hehe great… though if Emerald stops by, then let me know… after what he did, I wouldn't mind giving him a good time for free." Lillum said with a grin on her face… seems there was a story there that has yet to be told it seems.

Nurse Joy giggles again.

"Well if I see him, I'll make sure to bring him to you."

"G-Great… a-anyway g-give me a m-moment… c-can feel S-Sleipnir about to… to…" Lillum groans out before Sleipnir tossed his head back and neighed big time when he starts to unload a large amount of sperm in his nuts into Lillum and she groans loudly from the feeling as a result while she came on Sleipnir's cock to milk his dick for all he had.

Nurse Joy blushes as she sees Sleipnir's cum leaking out from her daughter's pussy as she watches the duo ride out their orgasms.

When the duo tapped off, Lillum took a moment to collect herself and she pulled herself off of Sleipnir's cock and plenty of sperm flowed out of her for a moment.

"Well I'm going to shower real quick before I say hello to Cedy, though since one shot is not enough… good luck mom." Lillum said before she starts walking to the bathroom while Sleipnir gave Nurse Joy a lustful look while his cock was iron hard even after that load he shot.

Nurse Joy smirks at Sleipnir before she locks the door and starts to undress in front of the horny horse like pokemon.

That resulted in Sleipnir seeing Nurse Joy's nude body and while she wasn't stacked like her daughter who could alter her form at will, Nurse Joy did have a good figure with wide hips and large D cup breasts that looked perky and she was fully shaven from head to toe.

"So Sleipnir… ready for a good time?" Nurse Joy said before she walked up to Sleipnir and pets him on the side of his snout.

Sleipnir nods his head as his cock twitches in agreement.

Nurse Joy smirks in a lustful way while the scene went to Cedric while he waited for a bit and heard knocking on his door.

"Excuse me, sorry for the wait but your treatment partner is here." A voice similar to Nurse Joy's said through the door and waits for Cedric's reply.

Cedric was able to hear the voice.

"No problem. Send her in please."

A moment later the door handle was turned and the voice spoke again.

"Alright, but aside from myself, no one else is here." the voice said and when the door opened, a female to Cedric's ideal tastes was seen.

Cedric turns his head only to blush a bit at what he was seeing.

Turns out his ideal taste was a feline like pokemon, mostly a Glameow.

Though she was humanoid for the most part to show she was a humanoid and had Cedric's prefered body shape was well.

The humanoid's breasts were C-D size as her curves resemble of an hourglass type of figure.

The Glameow like humanoid entered the room while her hips swayed a bit for a moment while she looks to see how Cedric would react to her form and figure… she was naked right now so it should be an eye catcher after all.

Cedric blushes as he stares at the humanoid's body which caused a tent to form in his pants without realizing it.

The Glameow humanoid smirks and licked her lips before she turned to Cedric after the door closed automatically from some kind of hidden mechanic.

"Wow Cedy… seems like you really grew in all the right ways." The Glameow humanoid said while she smirks at Cedric when she used a certain nickname only one person in the world would use with him… at least at this current time.

Cedric was able to blink a bit after hearing his nickname before realizing something.

"Lillum?" He said.

The Glameow humanoid giggles and she starts to transform back to her more shapely form and smirks at Cedric.

"Yup, surprise?, I can take the form I had earlier since I want to make sure your treatment goes very well." Lillum said with a lustful look in her eyes while her extremely shapely form was seen and like before Lillum was nude, seems she didn't form clothing on her body unlike normal Ditto's did.

Cedric did blush as he looks at Lillum's bod before chuckling.

"Well I am surprised and you did grow up as a beautiful woman." He said with a smirk.

Lillum smirks at that before she walked to Cedric and placed a hand on his chest and pushed him so that he was laying on his back.

"Instead of playing 20 questions, why don't we do what you came here for and have fun before we do the talking for real?, so current form or your ideal form that you put on the questionare?, though I do have to ask… why Glameow?... or do you have a thing for feline like hybrids and pokemon?" Lillum said with a smirk while she looked down at Cedric.

Cedric blushes a bit.

"Well… not to knock down the other species as I did have some fun with 3 Kirlias. But I like feline like hybrids and pokemon for how tough they are plus… heard they can be real wild during sex."

Lillum smirks before she reformed her body back into the Glameow humanoid form and she moved to sit in Cedric's lap while she faced him.

"Great… I don't have to hold back then while I work for your load… hope you can really zap me… I'm a kinky bitch after all." Lillum said before she unzipped Cedric's pants and pulled out his cock in no time and it was around the 10 inch mark, and thanks to his hybrid ancestry, Cedric had a knot at the base of his cock and Lillum licks her lips while she used a hand like paw to grip the cock and stroked it lightly a few times to get a feel for it.

Cedric shudders a bit before he groans as he enjoyed Lillum's soft paw like hand.

"Oh trust me… I'll zap you good." He said with a lustfilled grin.

Lillum smirks at that and in no time flat, Cedric was undressed and was laying back on the bed while he moans and groans when Lillum was sucking his dick just the way he liked it, nice and rough but in a way that wasn't forced and Lillum's mouth seemed molded to allow the perfect fit.

"O-Oh fuck yeah." Cedric groan as he was loving how Lillum sucked his cock before the electric hybrid pets Lillum's head a few times.

Lillum actually purred from that and the vibrations went through Cedric's dick while she worked to suck his cock harder, it was like she was using a drain technique on him to get his load right from his balls if he wasn't careful on holding back.

Cedric shudders before groaning again as he relaxed on the bed and lets Lillum do her thing.

That resulted in Lillum using her right hand to stroke what she couldn't get at the time, and used her free hand to fondle Cedric's balls in just the way he liked, he didn't put any of that down but it seemed thanks to Lillum's experience, she was able to find out what Cedric's weak points were in no time.

Cedric was a bit surprised by that action before he groans again and starts to lightly thrusts his cock inside Lillum's mouth.

Lillum didn't gag at all from that action and she just doubled her actions on sucking Cedric off, she slowed down when she could feel Cedric getting close and sped back up when she could feel him cool down, she was working to build his load up as best as she could before he would blow and man did she build it up, Cedric's nuts ached and only after 3 minutes of masterful work and Cedric wanted to blow so badly already, who knew what he would do with Lillum while she keeps on sucking his cock like that.

'Aw damn… Lillum is really good at sucking my cock. 3 minutes and I really want to cum. Guess I'll give her a nice surprise when I blow.' Cedric thought as he was groaning from the pleasure.

That caused Lillum to keep on sucking Cedric's cock while he felt himself getting closer and closer while he wanted to cum so bad until…

Cedric groans as he throws his head back and climaxed inside Lillum's mouth though Cedric made sure that his cum had an… electric flavor.

Lillum's eyes widen from the electric energy she felt but it seems she was used to surprises like this and just closed her eyes and focused on drinking Cedric's load, his balls were filled to the brim thanks to Lillum's buildup work and Cedric probably had the most intense orgasm of his life even with the electrical energy added, some of the extra energy may not be his fault and just from his control slipping, and even through it all Lillum didn't waste a drop at all and Lillum just waits for Cedric to ride out his orgasm.

It took about 15-20 seconds before Cedric finally taps off.

Lillum had an eyesmile while she used her tongue to clean Cedric's cock off and pulled her head off his dick while it was sparkling clean and Lillum didn't have a mess on her at all while she grins at Cedric and how hard he was panting right now from how hard he just came.

"D-Damn… Lillum… T-That was… a-amazing… mouth work." Cedric said as he panted.

"Hehe, thanks, but I'm not done yet, my services are an hour after you paid so I better get to work to make sure you can't get it up for 24 hours or so or I would either be questioning my skills or your stamina if you have some kind of item that was on you that helped boost it and the effects effected your base stats." Lillum said while she stands up and grins at Cedric.

"Now then… how do you want this pretty pussy to please her master?" Lillum said while she play on Cedric's Luxray like instincts to try and dominate a mate but at the same time worked on Cedric's kink for getting pain with pleasure.

Cedric blushes a bit before he grins at Lillum.

"I want you on your hands and knees." He said with a growl.

Lillum smirks at that before the scene went to a moment late to show Lillum on the bed on her hands and knees and shook her shapely ass at Cedric while he admired the view.

Cedric licks his lips before he gets behind Lillum and grabs her ass before Cedric aims his cock at Lillum's pussy before teasing her as the electric hybrid rubs her folds.

Lillum lightly groans from the feeling and just gave Cedric a cute blush for him to start already, he was on the clock after all… or Lillum in this case so time was one thing they couldn't waste.

Cedric didn't need to be told twice before he starts to slide his cock inside Lillum's pssy and starts to immediately fuck her.

Lillum groans from that and she lets Cedric lead for a bit and wondered what he was thinking while he fucked her without restraint.

'Fuck!... Lillum's pussy feels so good and tight. Always wondered what it would be like to fuck her and not to mention she looks so cute in that form.' Cedric thought as he fucked Lillum's pussy faster and harder.

That resulted in Lillum moaning while she thrusts her hips back so that she could help Cedric get his cock deep into her folds while she could feel him getting close slowly as time went on, the first shot of the day was always the quickest but Cedric seemed to have serious stamina thanks to his heritage.

"D-Damn!, if I can't get Emerald's attention I may let Cedric ask me out, not everyday one can fuck me this hard without some training." Lillum thought while she tightened her folds on Cedric's cock while he barraged her womb without mercy.

Cedric grits his teeth while groaning at the tight squeeze before Cedric leans down and grabs Lillum's breasts with his hands before squeezing them hard.

"Oh fuck!, thats the ticket, squeeze my fucking tits!" Lillum moans out before she starts to twerk her ass so that Cedric's cock was squeezed in interesting ways while he fucked her snug pussy.

"Gladly!" Cedric groans as he squeezed the hybrid's breasts more before Cedric start to lick and nibble on Lillum's neck.

Lillum at that time just groans from that and her folds tighten on Cedric's cock all of a sudden, guess her neck is her weak point.

Cedric smirks as he kept doing that action before giving Lillum's nipples a nice pinch.

Lillum just grits her teeth and a moment later she yowled like a cat would before she came on Cedric's cock all of a sudden and her pulsing rhythmic folds squeezed and unclinched around Cedric's cock like it was trying to milk him for all he had again.

Cedric groans as soon as he felt that which caused him to double his thrusting making the electric hybrid's cock kiss Lillum's womb as it kept bashing in.

That caused Lillum to get a fucked up look on her face while she keeps on letting Cedric have his way with her, all in all, everything and even the zaps when Cedric's cock starts to jolt her when he was getting closer and closer as time went on until…

Cedric growls loudly before he climax hard and filled Lillum's womb with his electric load but not before he latches his teeth on Lillum's neck.

Lillum's eyes roll back into her head and she groans loudly when she comes hard on Cedric's cock and squirts on him while she and Cedric ride out their orgasms.

It took a moment or two before Cedric finally taps off after 25 seconds passed.

Lillum tapped off around the 20 second mark and groans when she felt her womb getting jolted by Cedric's load again and again and loved it all while she felt Cedric remove his teeth from her neck and starts to lick at the small wound he made, though she didn't bleed she shuddered all the same when she felt like that was kinky as hell.

"H-Hehe… Damn… that felt great." Cedric said after he finished licking Lillum's neck.

Lillum chuckles and turned her head towards Cedric.

"Well if you are satisfied, I think my work here is done… or can you still go more?... you have yet to visit my round soft ass after all and I would hate for you to miss out on that." Lillum said while she leaned down a bit so that her ass was still in the air, though Cedric's cock was still in Lillum's folds thanks to his knot, he could feel how soft her body was.

Though Cedric likes looking at Lillum's ass, he couldn't help but chuckling.

"You're right on that but… It seems I can't pull out."

Lillum just smirks and widened her folds so that Cedric's cock, knot and all was able to slip out with ease and she tightened her pussy again while she smirks at Cedric when she reminded him that she could reform her body at will.

Cedric sweatdrops as he chuckles nervously.

"Oh right… almost forgot you can do that."

"Right… anyway why not get to fucking my ass then?... it's tighter than my pussy believe it or not." Lillum said while she shook her ass at Cedric.

Cedric grins.

"I'll be the judge of that." He said before he grabs Lillum's hips and Cedric jams his cock deep inside Lillum's ass.

Lillum groans from that while her ass gripped Cedric's cock with an intense grip, honestly she could crush rock type or steel type dicks with how tight her asshole was and Cedric couldn't get his knot in her ass thanks to it still being a bit inflated.

"F-Fuck! Your ass is definitely tight." Cedric groans as he feels like his dick was gonna be crushed.

Lillum grins while she keeps her head on the bed and looks back at Cedric with one eye.

"Thanks, I try, anyway you better fuck hard, I got an apointment with a gyarados later after this so the sooner you work your lust out the more time we got to talk before I get my holes destroyed by a massive water type cock." Lillum said while she gave Cedric a fanged grin with her Glameow humanoid form she took.

Cedric blinks a bit but was actually turned on when he saw the Glameow grin which made Cedric start fucking Lillum's ass very fast and hard.

Lillum groans and moans while she clawed at the bed and her ass ripples a bit with each thrust that Cedric gave her and she could feel Cedric's knot trying to work its way in, but unless Lillum lets that happen, it might as well be a fool's errand with how big the knot was.

Cedric now had a determined look to get his knot inside Lillum's ass before he really got to fucking Lillum hard.

Cedric even uses one hand and starts spanking Lillum's ass.

Lillum groans louder with each hit to her ass cheek and just lets Cedric fuck away at her asshole, right now Lillum was in control since she was going along with Cedric's kinks and was going with his instincts to dominate a woman… though next time if he came by here he would have to pay for a reversal of sorts… but until then…

Well… Lillum clinched her ass tightly which made her ass so tight that it stopped Cedric for a moment from the strength alone.

"F-Fuck!" Cedric groans as he took a bit to stop.

"Hehe, try and not get to into things Cedric, don't want to hurt your body right?, besides… not sure about you but I've been training for this job for years before I got that breeding position here… you're going to need more than force to make this ass submit." Lillum said while she smirked coyly at Cedric in a teasing manner.

Cedric did grin before he leans down and uses one hand to grip Lillum's chin to make her look at him.

"We'll see about that." He said before he smashed his lips on Lillum's lips before Cedric resumes fucking the hybrid's ass.

Lillum moans into the kiss and starts to thrust her hips back again towards the Hybrid's thrusts while she could feel him getting closer and closer as time went on while he fucked her ass harder and faster with his electric powers aiding him.

Cedric was dead set on owning Lillum's ass as thrusts and buck his hips while kissing Lillum more.

For a bit, Cedric keeps on fucking Lillum's ass harder and faster while his orgasm gets closer and closer while he worked his knot more and more into Lillum's ass until…

Cedric groans inside Lillum's mouth before giving the hybrid's ass a very powerful creampie which was fueled by his electric powers and he managed to slip his knot in which locked him in Lillum's ass.

Lillum groans when she came hard on Cedric's cock and her stomach starts to bloat a bit but her body worked the sperm into being useless so to speak so she wouldn't get knocked up and it was transferred to her stomach which prevented her from bloating.

About 30 seconds pass before Cedric finally stops cumming.

Lillum tapped off around the 30 second mark this time and she pulled her mouth from Cedric's and chuckles a bit while she glanced at her ass.

"Hehe, wow, guess you made my ass submit at the end… but just barely." Lillum said before she winked at Cedric in a teasing way while she enjoyed the microshots of sperm from Cedric's cock when his knot was squeezed a few times and more sperm was shot from him as a result.

Cedric shudders and groans as he felt that before chuckling a bit.

"Y-Yeah well… I'll get you next time." He said before kissing Lillum's neck.

Lillum giggles before she smirks at Cedric.

"Well if you are finished, then I guess thats that… but you should have enough in you for at least a titfuck right?" Lillum said when she used a hand to play with one of her large breasts.

Cedric's tail swished a bit in excitement after hearing that.

"Oh fuck yeah." He said before grinning.

Lillum giggles before time went to a minute to two later to show Lillum on her knees while Cedric sat on the bed while Lillum had her plentiful breasts wrapped around Cedric's cock and had her scratchy tongue licked the head of his cock again and again while she purrs and had a lustful look on her face while she looked adorable right now thanks to her Glameow humanoid form.

Cedric also gave a lustfilled look while blushing a bit.

"F-Fuck Lillum… you're so damn adorable… makes me want to make you mine." He said while groaning.

Lillum giggles at that before she removed her tongue from Cedric's cock.

"Sorry but I have a different guy in mind, maybe if he doesn't give me a shot but for now just enjoy the show you handsome hybrid." Lillum said before she went back to her work and winked at Cedric in a cute way while her breasts moved up and down his cock at a decent rate, thanks to her body there was no friction so Cedric could only feel pleasure right now.

Cedric didn't say anything but he knew of Lillum's feelings for Emerald so he doesn't want to get in the way of that… unless things don't work out for Emerald and Lillum but the odds of that are a trillion to one so Cedric is gonna enjoy this pleasure for as long as needed.

And that pleasure lasted for quite awhile when Lillum repeats her actions of slowing down and speeding up again to give Cedric a constant state of pleasure but made sure not to go too far so that he wouldn't blow soon… though when 5 minutes were left the door opened to show Nurse joy walking in… though with a slight limp.

"Lillum, you got 5 minutes, is your friend doing OK?" Nurse Joy said while Lillum removed her tongue from Cedric's cock.

"Oh he's doing well mom, just finishing up with a titjob of mine… how Sleipnir by the way?, pretty relaxed and satisfied?... not sure you are with that limp you got going on but does give me extra time to talk with Cedric before I go to that Gyrados for a breeding session." Lillum said while she smirks at her mother but didn't stop moving her breasts up and down again and again at a constant rate.

Cedric groans more as Nurse Joy blushes while giggling.

"Oh I'll be fine. Sleipnir is indeed relaxed after everything."

"Nice, anyway did Cedric come with anyone else come here?, I don't think I heard that detail." Lillum asked before she opened her mouth and starts to suck Cedric's cock while she moved her breasts even more on the hydrid's dick to work for his load now that she knew she had 5 minutes left, 4 by now so she really worked to get his load from him.

"Well, Shigeru also came with Cedric and he was getting his pokemon healed." Nurse Joy said.

Lillum keeps on sucking Cedric's dick but she formed a mouth on her shoulder that was facing her mom.

"Shigeru?, Okido's Grandson?... I think I remember him, wasn't he snobby and what not?, cried when he scraped his knee years ago?" Lillum's second mouth said while her first keeps on pleasing Cedric's cock while she keeps on lifting and lowering her breasts at a faster rate and could feel Cedric getting close as time went on.

Nurse Joy sweatdropped.

"Well that was years ago. He has grown up handsome like Cedric." She said making Cedric blush but he did chuckle.

"Y-Yeah… but that snobby thing never left him as he still tries to be better than anyone else."

"I see… maybe I should teach him a lesson next time I see him… really work the snob out of him." Lillum said with an amused tone from her second mouth while her first worked Cedric's cock more and more until...

Cedric groans before he throws his head back and gave Lillum's mouth another dose of cum.

Lillum groans from her first mouth while she drank his load down after it built up in her mouth and Lillum's second mouth giggles a bit.

"Hehe, hey mom you may want to give Cedric a slight discount if he comes here a lot, something tells me he's going to be wanting to visit this place daily, good thing the Ditto here and myself are well trained… now if you'll excuse me…" Lillum's second mouth said before it vanished and Lillum focused fully on Cedric's cock and keeps on drinking his load while she waits for him to tap off.

Cedric groans a few times as Nurse Joy giggles before she exits the room to let her daughter and Cedric reconnect more.

When Cedric tapped off, Lillum pulled her mouth off Cedric's cock and licked her lips.

"Mmmm… tasty and the jolt is like a pleasant sour aftertaste like one of those candies I ate as a kid, seems someone likes sweets." Lillum said while she stands up and smiles at Cedric while she didn't look tired at all… Cedric on the other hand…

Cedric panted a bit as he looked like he was gonna pass out.

Lillum giggles before she helped Cedric lay on the bed fully.

"We can talk later when you are fully recovered, rest up and I'll see you later, doubt you can talk with how tired you are, if things go well and I'm not tired then we can talk over a meal together in the afternoon." Lillum said while she returned to her normal look, even used long pink hair this time to show her affiliation with Ditto's and her mother though she was a lot curvier then her.

Cedric blushes brightly as he looks at Lillum's bod.

'Damn… I will punch Emerald if he claims Lillum.'


"A-ACHOO!" Emerald sneezed while he walked towards Okido's lab while Leia who walked next to him looked at him with a raised eyebrow when Emerald sneezed out of nowhere.

"What's with the sneezing? Getting a cold or something?" Leia asked.

"I don't know, maybe?, aside from injuries and moves from other pokemon giving status ailments on me like Jigglypuff's song or me getting burned by a fire type and what not, I never got sick in my life… well aside from when I was young but that was before my immune system got really strong… ever since I got to my 10 years of age, I pretty much became health incarnate." Emerald said while he rubbed his nose with a tissue he had when he opened a pack that he had and they were wet wipes and sanitary ones as well.

Leia blinks a bit in surprise.


Emerald tossed the tissue in a nearby public trashcan and looks at Leia.

"Yeah, seriously, not sure why but saves on medical stuff and I normally was examined by the professor so it's not like I don't get daily checkups, still trying to find out what kind of pokemon I am so to speak, I mean I'm a hybrid right so I got a pokemon parent, just don't know who yet… well at least species wise, the professor put my DNA in some kind of machine that has data on all known pokemon and hybrids but it came up with errors, the professor thought it was strange but he did tell me it was an experimental thing and if you heard about his translator watch you should know his inventions need a lot of kinks to work out before they work right, besides I got loving parents so it's not like I'm too bugged about it… though I do have some kind of identity crisis since I don't know what kind of pokemon I'm descended from." Emerald said while he resumed walking while Leia followed him.

Leia was again surprised after hearing that.

"W-Wow… had no idea."

"Well don't worry about it Leia, I'm sure things will work out fine, I mean I get to go on a pokemon journey soon as soon as Jade gets back so it's not like I can't figure out who I'm related to in the fun way right?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

"Hmmm… well I guess that's true." Leia said.

"Yeah… though before we stop by my folks place, I should check on how that Mightyena I brought in is doing with the Lopunny, Buneary, and the hybrid Lopunny and Hybrid Buneary, I was more or less knocked out and I was missing the pokeball that held the Mightyena so I'm guessing more or less Gardevoir or Okido took it from me while I was knocked out… did I tell you about the Mightyena?, pretty sure I gave small details after we left Hanako's home." Emerald said when he mentioned in a nutshell that a bad Mightyena who could mega evolve on his own forced himself on Gardevoir and her kin, starting with Gardevoir first, but Emerald and other pokemon helped rescue them before Cedric, Shigeru, and Satoshi came to the rescue with their own partner pokemon, Emerald even told Leia about Mewtwo and how she helped and how she was his psychic master and everything… granted it was in a nutshell but he more or less went over everything that happened before Emerald sneezed.

"Yeah you did mention that. Hopefully that mutt will beg for mercy." Leia said with an evil chuckle.

"Well considering its more or less the Lopunny species heat cycle… well…" Emerald said before the scene went to Okido's lab or more exact the female Lopunny and Buneary habitat and many Lopunny of various shapely sizes were seen with just as old or almost old enough to evolve Buneary who were of legal age while a few hybrids were around.

Many were mainly looking on while one Lopunny in dominatrix gear had a leash while she looked at the Mightyena who wore a muzzle while he humped away at another Lopunny's pussy, the lead Lopunny however used a riding crop and smacked the Mightyena on the ass to get him to fuck her harder.

"Don't you dare slow down you sick fuck, you wanted to fuck so badly that you wanted to rape others, well better buckle up, I'm being nice now but by the time were through with you, only a Lopunny and Buneary can get you to feel good, either that or you somehow by some miracle meet a woman just as kinky as us, but the chances of that are pretty low… either way you won't be leaving till you satisfy every single one of us again and again and even if you Mega evolve it won't help much… some here can do the same though it does require that many of us Lopunny have a hybrid hold a mega evolution stone… though let me give you a bit of a surprise… you are not the only one who can mega evolve on their own, never told the professor this until you showed up so he put me in charge of making sure you don't cause trouble… it would be a pain to explain more for now so just get to fucking before I target your balls with my riding crop next!" The Lopunny said with a dominating smirk on her face before she slapped the Mightyena with the riding crop again to get him back in action when he started to slow again.

The Mightyena muffly whines before he speeds up his actions as he didn't want to be hit again.

'Arceus… Strike me dead where I stand.' Was all that the Mightyena could think.

While that was going on and the Lopunny under the Mightyena moans in pleasure, Emerald, Leia, and Okido from a far off area looked on with multiple binoculars for a moment before Emerald lowered his and he looked at the professor.

"Huh, so you really did that, I was kinda joking about sending him here but looks like it was worth it, though you serious about that Lopunny in the dom gear being able to Mega evolve on her own?" Emerald asked when he heard about this Lopunny and being the leader of the rest when Okido wasn't around.

"When it comes to my research Emerald, I'm always serious." Okido said.

"Riiiight… and that Lopunny has dominatrix gear why?" Emerald said while he smirked at Okido in a teasing way.

Okido flinches.

"D-Don't look at me. Don't know how she got that… getup."

"Riiight, and I'm a freaking descendant of a Legendary pokemon or something, lets face it, guys like us seem to have either the eyes of strong women who can either keep up with us or have us under their thumb… I mean considering I was unknowingly teleported into your female reserve for trouble making female pokemon thanks to Jade's mom and… did things without meaning too..., I'll apologize for any damages that I did but even I gotta admit that it seems like I got a thing for strong ladies… you on the other hand… When was the last time you actually relaxed with a lady?, I never saw a Miss Okido around here before… or do you have a thing for pokemon ladies?, its not illegal and I'm sure a few Lopunny wouldn't mind giving you a repayment for all the help you gave them." Emerald said while he had a teasing smirk on his face… seems when he wasn't the target of teasing, he liked to tease others for the amusement of the situation.

Leia smirked as Okido tried to breathe as he was blushing brightly.

"Uhhh… Uhhh… Let's go see where Jade and her mother are." He said as he quickly walked out.

Emerald and Leia looked amused and when Okido was out of sight, Emerald just glanced at Leia.

"Wanna bet that Okido fools around with a few ladies in his care?" Emerald said while he had an amused look in his eyes.

Leia chuckles.

"Hehe, I think it be more than a few,"

"Hehe, maybe… you ever go a round or two with the professor?, you seem pretty outgoing after all." Emerald said when he saw that Leia was normally pretty free spirited.

"Oh I am. But I doubt the professor can handle me since I like things to get… very rough." Leia said with a smirk.

Emerald blushed at that before he started to follow the professor.

"Well I'm going to check on Jade now, unless you want to join those Lopunny and Buneary, then see you later." Emerald said before he got close to the door to the professor's lab.

Leia chuckled a bit as she sees Emerald leave before looking at the Lopunny and Buneary.

They were still going at it hard with the Mightyena and it was very tempting to join in and teach the Mightyena a lesson if Leia wanted to do so.

Leia did looked thoughtful for a bit before she grins and decided to help out the bunny duo group on disciplining the Mightyena more.

While that happened, Emerald followed Okido to his lab and saw that the professor was being helped by a trio of Kirlia, to Emerald, would be strangers to him, but these were the trio that had fun with Cedric.

"Hey professor, seems you got three assistants helping you, maybe they could help me locate Jade and her mother." Emerald said while he approached the professor and got the group's attention.

The Kirlias looked at Emerald before one of them spoke.

"Oh that's easy, mom is teaching Jade a good move outside." One of them said with a smile.

"I see, well I'll go say hello then, who knows I could help with the training, I know some psychic skills after all." Emerald said before he had a question.

"Where are they outside?" Emerald asked when he wondered where they are outside.

"They're in the Psychic habitat." Another Kirlia said.

"Psychic habitat?, I never heard of that one before, is that a new one because of all the Ralts, Kirlia, and other psychic types you got here lately?" Emerald said since he hadn't heard of the psychic habitat before now.

"Yes. I figure since they're staying here, I may as well open a habitat for them and any other psychics that you and the others may have caught and transfer here to my lab." Okido said.

"Right… which way is that habitat then?" Emerald said after he pointed at the front door.

"Take a right after you pass the fighting habitat and make a left after passing through the insect habitat." Okido said.

"Alright, and good luck you three with Okido, he likes to make messes here in his lab a lot." Emerald said before he left the lab while the three Kirlia look at Okido with half lidded looks.

Okido chuckles nervously.

"No clue what he's talking about."

"Right… and you placing Emerald's records in plain sight with other files don't have anything to do with that?" One Kirlia sister said while he eyes glowed and plenty of trash around the office was cleaned up in record time, sorted into recyclable and non recyclable and placed in respective trash cans for disposal later.

Okido sweatdrops as he rubs the back of his head.

"Hehe… oops?"

The Kirlia giggle before the scene went to Emerald while he walked to an area that was labeled… Psychic habitat to be, will work on in future once more data has been gathered on the species…

Emerald sweatdrops at that before he went inside of the habitat to be and saw Jade and her mother practicing a move, it looked like Jade's mother was helping her daughter learn Shadow Ball, it wasn't normally a move learned by the Ralts, Kirlia, or Gardevoir line so it was learned by Technical machines. (Can't say ™'s apparently or we get… well ™ … the shrinked word so from now on will call them T-M's.)

Gardevoir fired a perfect ball of shadow based energy at a nearby tree and she must have kept the energy low to not harm the tree but when Jade fired hers… it… never even made it to the tree and fizzled out a meter away and she was panting and sweating up a storm.

"D-Darn… it." Jade said as she catches her breath.

"Hehe, don't worry, you are learning fast, we don't have that Technical machine that I used long ago so teaching this the old fashion way is the next best thing, besides you got surprising talent for this Jade, almost an hour and you got to a meter or so with a shadow ball, not perfect for an actual fight yet but its a start and you can practice more while you travel with Emerald… right Emerald?" Gardevoir said which made Emerald blink when he realized Gardevoir sensed him while he was leaning against a tree to watch the training going down.

Jade jolts before she turned her head and was surprised to see Emerald here.

Emerald rubbed the back of his head before he walked to the duo.

"Hehe, sorry if this was a private thing, but if its safety your worried about until Jade is up to the task of battle, I can handle it for now while we get to Viridian City, can't put everything on her after all and we will get a lot of allies soon, and if all else, I can ask the professor for Shira and the others to join for a bit if we have trouble from unexpected stuff happening." Emerald said while he smiles at Jade and Gardevoir.

Jade blushes in embarrassment as Gardevoir chuckles.

"Well not to worry. We were just gonna take a break anyway."

"Hehe, great, mind if I join?, maybe I could help with training?" Emerald said while he smiles at Jade and the Gardevoir mother.

Jade blinks a bit in surprise as Gardevior giggles.

"Sure. More the merrier."

"Great, maybe I can learn somethings, best I got is Psychic skills and can use them in unexpected ways, maybe for Jade right now she just needs to think outside the box, maybe instead of launching the shadow ball for now, she could just teleport in front of the enemy and launch it point blank or use a arm to punch the enemy with the shadow ball, a Shadow fist persay?, food for thought and I doubt anyone would expect the normally ranged Ralts to do that." Emerald said when he took a moment to think about Jade's current skills and how to alter them to be effective… and in no time flat it seems.

Gardevior and Jade was a bit surprise after hearing that but it did sound interesting.

"Hmmm… an interesting combo. Not sure if any other psychic pokemon or hybrids have thought of it." Gardevior said.

"Well my Master has a saying, if you have no talent for certain things but if you still love those things you have no tellen for then hard work will make up for it in interesting ways, believe it or not I wasn't able to do what I do now in a year or two, had to train for years, like one to two, to be able to lift myself or launch myself with psychic powers, can still do the same things normal psychics do but until then I just mainly had to think of what I could do to maximize the effect, who says that you have to fight like other Ralts, Kirlia, or Gardevoir, if you find a fighting style you like, then go with that, giving commands is easy, following through with them is the hard part so as long as it gets results and isn't a cheap move, who cares how hard or how light it hits… you at least do something right?" Emerald said while he smiles more at the duo.

Gardevoir and Jade had thoughtful looks on their faces after hearing that.

"Sounds very logical." Gardevoir said.

"Yeah well Master really hit it hard into my head when I started to train with her… man she is powerful, so much so that she pretty much earns her title as one of the strongest psychic types around here in this region." Emerald said while he smiles a bit more at the talk of his master and how proud of how strong she was.

Gardevior was curious before she starts to read Emerald's mind for a bit before her eyes blinked when she found something.

"That would be… Mewtwo right? I believe I remember seeing her leave after that bastard Mightyena was dealt with."

"Ah right, well if it's any consolation the Lopunny and Buneary are taking… good… care of him… I think Leia is joining in on that so if you want payback, well pretty sure the lead Lopunny wouldn't mind, seems she can Mega evolve on her own and can keep the Mightyena in line if he tries anything, food for thought after Jade and I leave soon, though pretty sure we can stick around for a few more days until Jade feels comfortable with leaving, can't force her after all." Emerald said while he had a patient look on his face.

Gardevior didn't show it but, she did want to get payback on that Mightyena so bad before she eyesmiles at Emerald.

"Well it's up to Jade but whatever she decides to do, I will support her no matter what."

Jade and Emerald sweatdrop before she looks at Emerald.

"Maybe we should leave after I try out this new way of fighting you told me, think you can help be practice Emerald?" Jade said while Emerald smirks.

"Sure, don't get upset though if I fight back, never said I wouldn't and I doubt your opponent would let you just hit them right?, think your mom can ref this spar to make sure we don't get too crazy?" Emerald said while he grins a bit at the challenge.

Gardevoir sweatdrops.

"Yes… I'll make sure to ref as I don't want things to get too extreme for my baby girl."

"Great, and since Jade has two moves, I'll stick with two myself, my parents are fighting types after all so I know some, though it may not be effective against you, remember that I can think outside the box Jade." Emerald said while he walked to one side of the field and turned to look at Jade and Emerald cracked his neck and got in a fighting stance.

Jade felt nervous before Gardevoir came to her daughter and hugged her as she telepathically wished Jade luck before Gardevoir went to a safe position to be the referee.

"Alright, since this is a spar and not a match or battle, there are two rules, one, keep the hits light and there are only three attacks you can make for now since this is a demo battle… no hitting below the belt, and if I call an end to the spar we stop, agreed?" Gardevoir said while Emerald nods his head.

"Works for me, should be short enough to not burn out Jade and she can test a few moves out." Emerald said while he smirks at Jade.

Jade had a determined look even though it made her look cute as she got to a fighting stance.

Emerald chuckles before he gave her the come get me gesture, looks like Jade gets the first move.

Jade would've run but decided to try using teleport and one second later, she appeared in front of Emerald… or more likely his face before Jade bops him.

Emerald though blinks at the move and when Jade lands, she saw that her bop barely did anything while Emerald gave her a half lidded look.

"Uh… just to recap… you could have used Shadow ball point blank when you caught me off guard just now… right?" Emerald said while he waits for Jade to realize her mistake just now.

Jade blushes in embarrassment.

"I forgot."

"Right… anyway just remember to try and mix in Shadow ball sometimes, were in a forest as well so try and use it to your advantage… anyway… time for my counter…" Emerald said while he starts to power up with Psychic energy and a lot of energy went into his right hand which… was odd considering this move normally used both hands… Aura Sphere… maybe Emerald was using his psychic energy to condense the energy with one hand so he could defend himself and a moment later, Emerald launched the attack at Jade, but missed when he aimed at the ground and she was launched back by the shockwave from the hit and lands on the ground with a groan.

Jade groan as soon as she lands on the ground before she gets up with a slight grunt.

"If you want to know, I used Psychic to help make an Aura Sphere one handed, remember my dad's a Lucario and my mom is a Mianshao so fighting type moves like Aura sphere, while not my more used move is still my second best skill that I got, I didn't use it against the Mega Mightyena because I didn't have time to do so since even with the one handed mode, it still took time and the guy was fast, now Jade… what will you do next?" Emerald said while he got into another guarded stance… Jade would have to try something new since teleporting in front of him would be expected now.

Jade had to think of something before she had a idea as she starts trying to use her Shadow ball attack on Emerald.

Though Emerald just raised an eyebrow when the attack just… hovered in front of him and it fizzled out while Emerald raised an eyebrow and looks at Jade.

"Want to try again?, doesn't have to count, remember try and be creative with what you know and the surroundings." Emerald said while he waits to see if Jade had any other ideas.

Jade huffs a bit before she tries to think of something else as she can see the trees and bushes and a big rock.

Emerald just waits but was surprised when Jade seemed to teleport out of his view and Emerald looks around with a one handed Aura sphere and Jade's mother saw her daughter behind a large rock that hid her from view and Jade used a stick and broke it in half to get Emerald's attention on the rock.

"Hmmm… hiding behind a rock huh?" Emerald said when he approached the rock… and when he peeked over it he saw… nothing?

"What th-!" Emerald tried to say but he saw stars for a moment when Jade teleported behind Emerald's head and hit the back of his head with a shadow ball point blank and his head was launched forwards and it smashed into the rock pretty hard which caused Jade to flinch while Emerald fell to the ground with a groan and had a dazed look in his eyes… seems Jade won the sparring match and made a real mark when Emerald's face was perfectly imprinted on the rock somehow.

Gardevoir was surprised at first but starts cheering for her daughter.

"Great job Jade!"

Jade though was worried for Emerald when she got him onto his back and saw that he was knocked out and like in the anime, had swirls for eyes for comical effect.

"D-Did I really do a good job?, I think I actually hurt Emerald." Jade said when she worried she harmed Emerald… imperfect shadow ball or not she caused a perfect imprint of his face on the rock after all so that must have been all kinds of pain.

Gardevoir went over to the knocked out Emerald before she knelt down and surprisingly tries to slap Emerald to wake him up.

Emerald groans from that and sat up while he rubbed his head.

"U-Ugh… what hit me?, felt like I got punched by my dad or something." Emerald said which showed his memory was a bit scrambled at the moment from the hit to his head while he rubbed the back of his head and flinched while Jade covered her mouth and trembles when she worried she caused memory loss for Emerald.

"Oh no… What have I done?" Jade said as she starts to cry a bit.

Her mother pats her on the head and she looks at Emerald who starts to recover.

"Jade hit you with a shadow ball on the back of your head when she tricked you into looking behind a rock, she knocked you out after that and now my little girl is worried she knocked your memories out of your head." Gardevoir said while Emerald blinks when everything came back to him.

"Oh right… Jade that move was… was…" Emerald said while he grits his fist and Jade looked worried.

"W-Was…?" Jade said before Emerald looks at her with a grin.

"A pretty brilliant move, I honestly didn't see it coming, imperfect or not that Shadow ball packed some serious punch, honestly I would worry for any wild pokemon if we run into them and you use your head in creative ways." Emerald said while he grins at Jade.

Jade was a bit surprised after hearing that.

"R-Really? So you're not… mad with me?"

"Hehe, you kidding?, I'm pretty proud of you, you managed to knock ME out and you are just a beginner, pretty sure my Master would smirk and give you a compliment and have me do some kind of exercise as punishment to make up for that embarrassing loss, I mean I got my face smashed into a rock and was knocked out, pretty sure that would be pretty embarrassing for most… well… except pokemon who love to headbutt things… still point is you got a lot of power Jade, you just need practice and you could even surpass your mom, and she's a pretty powerful Gardevoir from what I can tell with how controlled she is… in most situations…" Emerald said while he smirks at Gardevoir when he mentioned the part where she was caught off guard when Emerald went berserk… seems Emerald remembered everything now.

Gardevoir chuckles a bit.

"Looks to me like your memory is back to normal." She said while Jade felt relieved.

"Hehe, yeah, anyway Jade, mind going to the professor for a moment and getting a potion or something?, I need to talk with your mom real quick about a few things so take this time to cool off and relax." Emerald said to try and help Jade calm down.

"O-Okay." Jade said before she starts heading for Okido's lab.

When she was gone after she teleported a bit away from the duo, Emerald looks at Jade's mother.

"Man, small body, lots of firepower huh?, guess that's why her control is shot for the most part." Emerald said when he remembered how strong the Shadow ball was, definitely a high tier attack but the control was something to be desired.

"It would appear so. But I know she can do it." Gardevoir said.

"Hehe yeah, would feel pretty sorry for whoever is on the wrong end of Jade's mastered attack, but on a lighter note… do you have a name besides Gardevoir?, after what we did I should at least either know a name or make one for you in case we… do things again if you want." Emerald said before blushing at the end and he looks at the sky for a moment because of his shyness… seems he would be like this for awhile it seems even with plenty of ladies getting it on with him recently.

Gardevoir blinked a bit after hearing that before giggling.

"It's Laura."

"Laura?, nice name, well nice to meet you Laura, I'm Emerald." Emerald said while he shook Laura's hand and the duo chuckle and what not at the funny moment and Emerald lets her hand go.

"So Laura, are you really alright with Jade following me?, I could go alone until Jade is stronger so you wouldn't have to worry about her… you may seem fine but I got psychic abilities remember?... I can at least tell when you are holding back with Jade in the worry department..." Emerald said while he gave Laura a serious look to show that while his psychic skills, though creative, were still on the weak side but strong enough to know when a person is having trouble or not even if they looked fine.

Laura sighs.

"Well I won't lie… I would be greatly worried for Jade if she goes. But even I know that she has to see what the world has to offer. Besides, I know Jade will still want to go with you regardless of things."

Emerald blinks at that before he chuckles.

"Well I'm not sure about that but I can say one thing is for certain…" Emerald said while he grins at Laura.

"What's that?" Laura asked before she was surprised when Emerald kissed her on the cheek and started to float to his feet.

"Simple, I promise to take good care of Jade and make sure you will see her again, and unless something happens that is out of my control, I try to keep my promises… and I don't want a beautiful woman like you to get a sad look on her face, doesn't suit you after all." Emerald said while he grins at Laura with a look of determination in his eyes.

Laura blushes a bit after hearing that.

"I-I see… well thank you Emerald for telling me this."

Emerald chuckles before he held a hand to Laura.

"No problem Laura, now let's get ready to go because I'm wanting to officially get ready to leave on my journey… but first need to introduce Leia to my parents, want to join?, not sure if you met them yet and they could help with taking care of your kids and Leia could have a fun time sparing with my dad." Emerald said while he had no undertones to his thoughts which showed he was honest to a fault.

Laura was thoughtful for a moment.

"That would sound nice."

"Hehe yeah, and I could introduce Jade as well so they can meet her, pretty sure they would love her a lot." Emerald said while Jade came back with a hyper potion and was a bit confused to see her mother and Emerald laughing a bit together.

"W-What's so funny?" Jade asked with a confused look.

Emerald and Laura look over and smile at Jade.

"Oh hey Jade, got the potion?, Great, after I heal up, might as well introduce you and Laura here to my folks, pretty sure you two will get along with them." Emerald said while he walked up to Jade and gently took the hyper potion from her and starts to spray the back of his head to heal any pain and did the same to his face while help ease some pain from indenting the rock with his face.

Jade was a bit surprised after hearing that.

"W-We're gonna meet your family?"

"Well if you feel nervous about meeting them we don't have to do that if you don't want to." Emerald said when he worried that Jade was worried about something when she seemed nervous.

Jade shook her head.

"N-Not nervous. Was just surprised."

"Hehe, great, I'm sure you'll love how surprising my folks are, but we should check on Leia first… wonder how she is doing right now." Emerald said while back with Leia…

She had talked with the lead Lopunny and she was now riding the Mightyena's cock with her ass and had a grin on her face while she groans and moans and smirks at how weak the Mightyena was while many Lopunny and Buneary had sperm dripping from their folds and the lead Lopunny chuckles when she looked amused at how dominating Leia was with the Mightyena who's maw was still muzzled.

The Mightyena whines and groans with how rough Leia.

Leia grins with each bounce.

"Hehe, how do you like it."

The Mightyena groans while the Lopunny chuckles again before she looks at Leia.

"Not Bad… Leia was it?, you really know how to work a cock, he may not last long per shot but he does have stamina, you have practice getting it on with durable guys being a steel type?" The Lopunny said while she walked over to get behind Leia and fondles Leia's breasts to help her feel good.

Leia groans as she felt good before grinning at the Lopunny.

"Oh yeah. Love it when things went rough."

A moment later, Emerald was teleported near the group and gulps when many Lopunny and Buneary gave him lustful looks.

Emerald however pulled out a super repel and points it at a few who tried to get close to him.

"Back!, Back you lustful pokemon!, I came here to let Leia know that Laura, Jade's mom and I found out her name recently, and Jade are about to head to my folks place and I came to let Leia know since she wanted to see them as well." Emerald said while he used light spritzes of the super repel towards a few Lopunny and Buneary who growl at Emerald while they backed away and he worked up a sweat when a few tried to circle him and Emerald was on guard… one wrong move and he wouldn't leave for a long time.

The Lopunny and Buneary kept circling Emerald while not liking that Emerald used repel.

Leia, who heard that, sweatdrops before she calls out to the scared and guarded hybrid.

"Over here big guy."

Emerald saw her and blushed a bit while he edged his way towards her, the lead Lopunny, and the Mightyena.

"Hey Leia… sorry for interrupting your fun but figured I should let you know that Laura, Jade, and I are about to head to my place to meet with my parents… want to join or you busy with this guy here?" Emerald said while he looks at the Mightyena for a moment but quickly points his super repel at a Lopunny who tried to sneak up on him and she backed away with an irritated look on her face while Emerald was sweating up a storm.

Leia sweatdrops again.

"Not to worry. I'll join you. Just need to get this guy to blow." She said before she starts to bounce harder and faster on the Mightyena's cock.

The Mightyena had no choice but to groan while he felt his cock go deep into the Lucario female's ass again and again while Emerald blushed at the sight while the lead Lopunny smirks at Emerald.

"Hey Leia, this the guy who gives it to you good?" The Lead Lopunny asked while Emerald looked confused at how that conversation started while Leia kept on bouncing on the Mightyena's cock.

"Hehe, oh yeah. And not just me. There's the other female pokemon outside that can verify my story. Even the Gardevoir, or Laura was there." Leia said.

"Really?, heard some Gardevoir and her kids moved into a new habitat that the professor is planning on building, so that's who they are, and since you're from the troubled female area, guess he has stamina and power to spare for those oddball ladies, being able to do things far above what they can normally do in their evolution class… so… against all of us, this Mightyena or Emerald… who would have a better chance of lasting against us?" The Lead Lopunny asked while she pinched Leia's nipples.

Leia hisses a bit.

"W-Well… not to be blunt but… Emerald might have a chance since he can do alot of things."

"Oh really?... hey Emerald, mind coming here for a moment?" The Lead Lopunny said while Emerald, curious, moved to get near Leia and her… though when he did, she quickly smacked the hyper potion from his hand and Emerald got wide eyes when a nearby Lopunny moved to grab it before he could and Emerald paled when many of the Lopunny and Buneary looks at him with lustful expressions while Emerald gulps.

"U-Uh… considering I'm about to meet my folks… you ladies wouldn't consider letting me go without issue right?" Emerald said while he chuckles nervously at them.

"Nope." The Lopunny and Buneary said as they got closer to Emerald so they can pounce on him.

Though Emerald sighs and then got a serious look on his face while he got into a light combat stance surprisingly enough.

"Then you leave me no real choice… granted I'm no dumbass and after what I did I would be a fool to pass up a good time with beauties like all of you, but I do have priorities so lets make a deal… let me and Leia go once she is finished without any fuss and I'll come back and have as much fun as you all want before I leave… most likely in a few days since I want to make sure Jade can take care of herself… otherwise… well… I doubt the professor can blame me if I throw you all into various habitats without mercy…" Emerald said while his tone grew dominating and he got a serious look in his eyes before all the Buneary and Lopunny started to float a bit but not by much in warning.

The Lopunny and Buneary blinked at the offer before they looked at their leader to see if she agrees with that offer.

Though it seemed she was already acting and tackled Emerald from behind and onto the ground and grins when she had one of Emerald's arms behind his back and she gave him a dominating grin.

"Ohhh a fighter… bit of a bad move doing that, we Lopunny and Buneary like strong fighters so if you want to make us submit you might as well get me, the alpha of this group of sexy bitches to back down… pretty sure anyone here would be a dumbass to try that… r-righ...t?" The Lead Lopunny tried to say before Emerald starts to emit a dark mist while he starts to talk.

"Fucking… first I crash into Cedric and the others… then I meet a smartass Pikachu who likes to fuck with me and my friend Satoshi… I run into that fucker Mightyena and had to fight him… and next I lose my V-Card which wasn't too bad but went berserk… then NOW I'm getting pinned by a Lopunny bitch who is really pushing the wrong guys buttons when he is trying to keep calm… either get off me or I WILL make you submit to me and not in the good way depending on how you like when a guy doesn't hold back with forcing a bitch to submit." Emerald growled out while he looks at the Lead Lopunny with one eye that promised pain if she didn't get off him while more dark mist emits from him.

Leia gulped a bit when she noticed that tone.

"Hey, you should listen to him. He's really serious here."

The Lead Lopunny, though a bit off guard by the mist, just chuckles while she tightened her grip on Emerald's arm.

"H-Hehe… he's buffing, heard from the professor he is just a nice guy who cares less about most things." The Lead Lopunny said while a distance away on an observing platform…

Okido, Laura, and Jade were looking on when Emerald was taking too much time with talking to the Lopunny and saw that things were going south fast with binoculars.

"Oh dear… this is not looking good." Okido said.

"Yeah… Okido, watch my daughter!" Laura said before she teleports before anyone could say anything and a moment later they saw that Laura appeared near the Lopunny woman with a shadow ball in hand and pointed at her head.

"Let him go now… my daughter and many of Emerald's friends know how deadly Emerald can be when he loses it… trust me your entire pack would be corpses and you would only have yourself to blame for your actions… and I won't let that happen so let Emerald go or there will be only ONE corpse here instead of a mountain." Laura said with a look in her eyes that showed she was serious about her threat on the Lead Lopunny's life.

The Lopunny leader was quiet for a bit before she sighs and lets Emerald go.

Emerald's body slowly stops emitting a mist while the Lead lopunny got off of Emerald and he got to his feet silently.

"Sorry… just a lot of shit happening lately and I barely have time to recover… I'll make up for it later but for now I just want one day where I can relax and have something try and fuck with me… both figuratively and litterly… sorry Laura… Leia… ladies… I'll be leaving for a bit to cool down…" Emerald said before he used his psychic energy to boost his jump and he starts to jump away from everyone and Emerald didn't look back.

Laura looks at everyone in the area.

"Nice going all of you. Especially you Leia."

Leia blinked a bit.

"What did I do?"

"You told them something which gave these ladies a reason to pounce Emerald." Laura said.

The Lopunny and Buneary looked a bit down when they heard that and Leia looked a bit worried but she was still a fighter and stubborn.

"H-Hey, I'll admit I may have said some things I shouldn't but they would have found out sooner or later, you were the one to bring Emerald to the female troublemaker area in the first place so don't put all the blame on me." Leia said while she points out that none of this would happen if Laura didn't bring Emerald to the female trouble maker area for their fun, she wasn't complaining but was just stating a fact to Laura that it wasn't all on Leia here.

Laura facepalms since she knew that Leia was right before grumbling.

"Whatever. I'm gonna go see if Emerald is okay. Good luck with this fuck party you're all having." She said before she starts to use teleport.

Though she was stopped by Leia.

"Hold on… look just… let me come with, just because I'm stubborn doesn't mean I can't apologize when I know I fucked up." Leia said before she got off the Mightyena's cock with a groan and his cock flopped onto his stomach while Leia approached Laura with a regretful look on her face.

Laura looks at Leia with a raised eyebrow before sighing.

"Alright then." She said before she placed a hand on the female lucario's shoulder and used teleport.

A moment later they vanished and the Mightyena pants for breath while the Lead Lopunny rubbed the back of her head.

"Girls, get this guy back in his cage, might as well relax and see if Emerald is in a better mood later." The Lead Lopunny said which made some Lopunny drag off the Mightyena and Okido looks at Jade from the observing area.

"If you want you can go after your mother and Leia, pretty sure you already know where Emerald is since there is only one place he would be if he wanted to calm down." Okido said while he got his binoculars from Jade.

Jade was thoughtful before she nods her head at the professor and uses teleport as well to find Emerald.

Emerald's peaceful spot/ Emerald

Emerald at this time managed to make it to his secret spot so he could try and calm himself down… but he blinks when he saw Laura, Leia, and Jade in his spot and he blinks at that and looked away while he looked… ashamed and it looked like he was about to walk away or something without saying anything to them.

However, Jade went to Emerald and actually went to hug him around his leg since in her current evolution state, she was up to his knee in height.

Emerald stopped before he looks down at Jade and was quiet while he wondered while she was thinking in doing this.

Jade kept hugging Emerald as Laura cleared her throat.

"Listen Emerald. We know you want to be alone but… I'm sorry for this."

"Sorry?... what do you have to be sorry for?, you didn't do anything wrong… I did… I lost my temper and nearly lost control of myself again." Emerald said while he looks at his hand and clinched it a few times while he was lost in thought.

"Yes but… I felt that I was solely responsible when I brought you to the troubled females." Laura said.

"Well it wasn't too bad, I met Leia the kickbutt Lucario female and lost my virginity with a beautiful psychic type and managed to survive against those troubled females since they all pretty much gave me a good wake up call." Emerald said with a slightly amused look on his face though he still looked a bit down but seemed better.

Leia and Laura blushes a bit after hearing the compliment.

"Yes well, I'm not the only one that needs to apologies." She said before nudging at Leia.

Leia gulps before she took a step forward.

"Y-Yeah… sorry for causing what happened with the Lopunny and Buneary… only thing I can say is that they would have found out sooner or later but I could have told them at a better time while they were not turned on at the moment." Leia said when she looked worried and Emerald sighs before he approached Leia while Jade keeps on hugging his leg and was lifted in the air with each step.

When he got close, he surprised Leia when he hugged her while he was careful of the spikes on her body.

Leia was a bit surprised to be hugged by Emerald before blushing a bit.

"Hehe, considering how you Lucario are, gender, family or not, both genders are pretty stubborn so I knew what I was getting into when my dad was one and I got a pretty good thing going on with another not related to me… that is if she wants to really try and make something out of this." Emerald said while he grins a bit more at Leia and used a hand to pet the back of her head in a soothing way.

Leia blinked a bit before she smirks and surprises Emerald by kissing his lips.

Emerald blinks in surprise but he quickly adapts and kissed her back after he hugged her carefully and his tongue went to fight with hers.

Leia moans as she had her tongue fight back Emerald's tongue.

Jade blushes after seeing this before she stopped hugging Emerald's leg and went back to Laura.

Laura giggles a bit when she looked to be in a better mood now.

"I think we can wait on the talk with Emerald's parents… how about we practice the Shadow ball move a bit more and I'll check on these two later." Laura said while she smiles at her daughter, her daughter was old enough to mate so to speak but because of her lack of evolution into a Kirlia, she was more or less unable to do any mating for now, but that would change when she gets experienced.

"O-Okay." Jade said.

Laura smiles before she pats Jade on the head.

"Don't worry, you'll grow up soon and get Emerald's attention… he pretty much liked my actions so I'm sure you can do pretty well when you get to my evolutionary stage." Laura said to Jade while Emerald was unaware of the conversation when he was distracted by Leia and making out with her and his hands going to her toned ass a moment later and fondling them roughly just like how Leia liked.

Leia moans from that action before she had her paws go around Emerald and grabs his ass before squeezing them in the same manner.

Emerald groans from that and Laura giggles before she looks at her daughter.

"So we should get going, we can talk later on how you can impress Emerald later… you can't hide things from your mother after all." Laura said before she winked at Jade.

Jade jolts after hearing that before blushing brightly.

"L-Lets go back to training." She said before she starts walking away.

Laura giggles before she followed Jade away from Emerald's spot which left Emerald and Leia alone.

Emerald pulled his head away from the kiss and grins at Leia.

"So… instead of talking a lot, why don't we get plenty of stress out of our systems then talk when we have calmer heads?, one thing about fighting types is that they are pretty relaxed after a good sparring match or some rough sex." Emerald said while he gave Leia a dominating grin.

"Hehe, you got that right. So let's get started." Leia said with an excited grin.

Emerald smirks at that and a moment later, Emerald had Leia on all fours and was eating her out on some soft grass, he had his hands on her ass and had a powerful grip on the cheeks and made sure to not leave any part of her pussy and even her ass untouched when he ate out her ass as well, he had most of his clothing nearby and only had his underwear for now but that would change later while he focused more on Leia's pleasure for now.

Leia groans a few times as she was enjoying this treatment.

"T-That's right. Keep using that tongue of yours."

Emerald didn't need to be told twice and keeps on eating out Leia, he even used a hand to finger her with a couple fingers so he could really get her warmed up for the fun.

Leia groans more from that action before her toes start to curl a bit on the ground.

Emerald keeps this up while he could feel Leia getting close, Fighting types had serious stamina but thanks to her being interrupted earlier, Emerald wanted to make things up with her so he keeps on fingering her more and more until…

Leia throws her head back before she climaxed from her pussy as her juices sprayed on Emerald's fingers.

Emerald ignored the juices that hit his face and closed his eyes while he worked to keep on fingering her folds so he could get her to feel more pleasure then before.

It took about 15 seconds or so before Leia taps off and tries to catch her breath.

Though Emerald smirks when he keeps on the assault before she could recover when he got in position behind her after removing his underwear and rubbed the head of his cock on her asshole and pussy lips like he was deciding on which hole to fuck.

Leia shudders from the rubbing before she turns her head to look at Emerald.

"Come on. Pick a hole and fuck me."

Emerald just grins in a dominant way and looks Leia in the eyes.

"I'm sorry but shouldn't you ask in a different way?" Emerald said while he teasingly slowed his rubbing on her asshole and folds with his monster sized cock.

Leia blinked a bit before realizing what Emerald wanted.

Though she wanted to be hard to get, right now was not a good time.

"Please fuck my pussy… Master." She said.

Emerald grins before he aimed his cock at her pussy and shoved himself as far as his cock was able to go and while some of it was still out of Leia, he pretty much caused a bulge in her womb from how hard he inserted his cock into her and groans from how tight Leia got just now.

Leia groans a bit loud as she felt her pussy getting penetrated before waiting for Emerald to start.

And start he did when he leaned down over her and gripped her breasts and humped away at her pussy like a beast in heat, it was like he was trying to claim Leia as his own when he bit at her neck, she was part steel type so bites like this wouldn't harm her much.

Leia was surprised by that action but didn't care as she was moaning from the pleasure she was receiving.

Emerald in turn keeps his actions up before he used some psychic energy to fondle Leia's breasts and he used his now freed hands to grip her ass cheeks to keep balance and used one hand to spank her again and again.

Leia groans a few times as she was really enjoying this.


Emerald grins and did just that when he smacked her ass again while he keeps on fucking her pussy, all in all Emerald was not going to stop pleasing her until she came it seems.

Leia groans and moans each time before she felt her climax approaching but made sure to hold it.

That resulted in Emerald and Leia continuing to have their fun until Emerald made one good thrust and groans when he filled Leia's womb with plenty of sperm from his cock.

Leia moans loudly as her pussy grips Emerald's cock before climaxing hard on it.

That resulted in Emerald and Leia riding out their orgasms until they tapped off around the 20 second mark and Emerald took a moment to pant for breath.

Leia was on the same boat before turning her head to look at Emerald.

"F-Feeling tired?" She said with a smirk.

Emerald grins while he pulled his cock free from Leia's folds and he saw his load leak from her while he got to his feet.

"Surprisingly no...now get up here and suck my cock clean and then some before I fuck that ass hard." Emerald said with a grin on his face when he gave the surprisingly dominant command… guess he was learning on how to take control to really mess with Leia.

Leia grins a bit before a moment later, she was already sucking on Emerald's dick like there was no tomorrow.

"U-Ugh… oh fuck… intense from the start." Emerald groans out while he watched Leia Bob her head and her canine like mouth took his cock deeply again and again.

Leia mentally chuckles as she kept sucking Emerald's clock while looking at him with a cute lust filled look in her eyes..

Emerald thrusts his hips lightly so he could help Leia get his cock into her mouth more and he heard her gag every few times which really got Emerald worked up.

Though Leia gagged more, she didn't care as she uses her tongue to roughly lick Emerald's dick head along with the tip when she pulled her head back far enough to do so and bobbed her head again.

That really caused Emerald to moan and he pets Leia on the head to show she was doing a good job so far while his cock starts to throb in Leia's mouth.

Leia blushes at the petting before feeling Emerald's dick throbbing which caused the female Lucario to double her efforts.

A minute later, Emerald gripped Leia's head and keeps it steady before Emerald growls and he pushed his cock a bit into Leia's mouth and he came hard inside of the female Lucario's mouth with surprising force.

Leia was surprised at how much cum Emerald let out before Leia tries her best to drink it all.

Emerald rides out his orgasm and groans when he tapped off 20 seconds later and blushed when he saw the mess on Leia when she couldn't take his entire load and most of it was on her chin, chest, and part of her stomach while some dripped to her folds.

Leia didn't care about the mess as she was able to finish off the load in her mouth before the female Lucario uses her tongue to clean Emerald's dick again.

Emerald shuddered and looked at Leia while he wondered what she was thinking while she was cleaning his cock again while it was still iron hard.

'Damn… no matter how much cum he fires, his cock is still iron hard. I think I found someone that is perfect mate material. Just need his parents' blessing.'

Though Emerald was no mind reader but he did pull his cock free from Leia's mouth and he grins at Leia.

"Now… time for you to pick a position so I can destroy that ass of yours… but first…" Emerald said before he mimicked Laura and used his psychic powers to clean Leia off and tossed his sperm into a nearby lake to get rid of it and Emerald smirks at Leia to see what she would do for picking the next round.

Leia, though surprise, smirks before she lays on the ground with her break and spread her legs before showing her holes.

That caused Emerald to get over her and rubbed the head of his cock on her asshole before he shoved himself inside in no time thanks to how lubed he was right now thanks to Leia's blowjob.

Leia groans a bit from the penetration before grinning as she looks at Emerald.

Emerald grins back before he starts to fuck her hard while he placed his hands on her breasts as hand holds and fondles her breasts at the same time when he liked how soft they were yet still were able to keep a perky shape.

Leia groans and moans from the pleasure she was getting before wrapping her strong legs around Emerald's waist to make him thrust deeper.

That really caused Emerald to fuck away at Leia's ass while he tried to get more and more of his monstrous cock inside of her, Emerald was a grower, not a shower and as a reminder he was around the 14 inch mark more or less thanks to his pokemon heritage so he had more then the normal human could have… keyword normal, there are exceptions but they are rare.

"Oh fuck yeah! Make that cock go beyond deep!" Leia groans as she tightens her hold on Emerald.

Emerald gave no reply but did make his thrusts stronger and faster while he used his psychic powers to amp his physical abilities and thrusts even harder and faster then normal… if the woman was a human they would have serious medical issues at this point but for a strong pokemon like Leia who was a steel and fighting type…

"Oh yeah! That's the ticket!" Leia moans loudly as her face looks a bit fucked up.

Emerald then leaned down and kissed Leia on the mouth again and he really went wild with fucking her ass beyond hard now, so much so that the ground around them shook a little with each thrust.

Leia moans into the kiss as she wraps her arms around Emerald's torso before Leia uses her tongue to battle Emerald's tongue.

Emerald keeps the kiss up while he keeps on fucking her more and more, he wanted to see what Leia looked like when she came first so he used his psychic powers to help hold his orgasm back long enough until…

Leia moans loudly in Emerald's mouth as her ass squeezes Emerald's cock before the female lucario climaxed hard from her oussy.

Emerald in turn pushed himself as deep as he could go, pretty much balls deep in this case while Leia's stomach bloats from the deep penetration and Emerald threw his head back and roars when he unloads everything he had into Leia's ass and her stomach quickly starts to bloat as a result.

Leia moans more as her orgasm got stronger for a moment as the duo rides it out together.

When the duo tapped off, Emerald groans from the feeling and looks to see how Leia was doing while she had an extended belly and Emerald blushed when Leia seemed pregnant with an egg or something.

Leia panted a bit while blushing brightly that made her look adorable.

"W-Wow." She said.

Emerald blushed a bit and kissed Leia for a moment and he pulled his head back and grins at her.

"Yeah… thanks for the stress relief Leia, I feel a lot better now." Emerald said with a kind look in his eyes.

Leia blushes from the kiss at first but grins at Emerald.

"Well don't think this is over because… I ain't gonna let you go."

Emerald blinks at that before he gave her a lust filled look.

"Funny… because thanks to Laura and Jade being gone, I got a few more hours before we leave here… might as well make sure no one else can satisfy you… or at least hard to do if you have your fun around town while I'm away from Pallet town." Emerald said before he smashed his lips onto Leia and starts to fuck her again while his cock was still iron hard.

Leia moans into the kiss before she returns it and hugs Emerald again as she lets Emerald take her.

That resulted in Emerald pretty much fucking Leia so much that he lost track of time and four hours passed and Leia was a twitching semen filled and covered mess while Emerald was humming while he bathed in a nearby river while some water pokemon, mainly female ones, blushed when they spyed on Emerald and Leia and how fucked up Leia was right now.

'Oh wow.' Thought a female Buizel.

Emerald just hums while he keeps on washing his body off, and thanks to how close he was to the female Buizel, she could see how… massive Emerald was up close while a few other pokemon blushed at the sight, some males look at Leia and felt Jealous of Emerald since some of them were mated yet their females seemed to look at Emerald with lustful looks.

'Can't believe that 'pretty' boy of a hybrid is hogging the attention.'

Though seems one did get a bit ticked when Emerald didn't seem bothered by the looks and when the mate of his giggles when she saw Emerald waving at them, the pokemon fired a water gun right in his face which made Emerald gurgle from the water and the male water pokemon, a Swampert of all things, raised up from the water and looks at Emerald while he had a twitching eye.

"Hey uh… thanks for the rinse… mind keeping it that way otherwise I might think you were trying to attack me or something…" Emerald said while his eyebrow twitched a bit more while the Swampert crossed his large arms.

"Well why not leave this place and go elsewhere pretty boy, pretty sure you can get clean elsewhere, can't have you getting the attention of our… in human terms even for a hybrid, wives… I mean do you realize how many ladies are staring at you?" The Swampert said while Emerald gave the Swampert a half lidded look.

"Dude… up until recently, I was normally ignored by ladies of multiple species so pardon me for just being friendly and not knowing the difference between a friendly gesture and flirting, but if your ladies just want to look, I won't stop them since its a free region, touching on the other hand… well… I don't butt into relationships since I can respect that, but if your mate is looking and you get bothered why not just let her know?, pretty sure any relationship should have some kind of communication going on and I really doubt your mate would cheat on you… or are you insecure about something?" Emerald said while not realizing the main reason for the stares was probably dangling between his legs since unlike normal pokemon, Emerald didn't have a way to hide his third leg.

The Swampert was quiet as he didn't want to admit it but… he was feeling insecure.

Emerald just had a raised eyebrow while he turned away from Swampert.

"Well don't worry, after I finish getting cleaned I won't come back for awhile, going on a pokemon journey soon so you guys won't have to worry about me anymore… wait… this spot is normally private anyway, how long have you guys lived here?, pretty sure I could have used help when those Mightyena attacked Jade." Emerald said while he gave the Swampert a raised eyebrow when he turned to looks at the evolved pokemon.

Swampert blinks a bit after hearing that.

"I Uh… wasn't aware of trouble happening."

Emerald just narrowed his eyes a bit at the Swampert before he shook his head.

"Well no matter anymore, while I can't do anything about you water types living in water, try and not remake the landscape here since I love this spot since I come here a lot to think… anyway if your mate is nearby, can you ask her to clean Leia for me?, pretty sure she can't move much right now after what just happened, pretty sure you understand if you and your mate had a good time." Emerald said while he turned away and used some water to rinse his hair off a few times.

Swampert blinked a bit before glancing at a certain area his mate was probably staying.

A moment later, a Milotic appeared from the water and she looked beautiful, she moved to get near Leia while Emerald whistled.

"Wow, a Milotic, gotta say man you hit the jackpot with that beauty, still though I wonder why you get protective of her when you seem pretty strong and handsome for your kind, not everyday I get to see a Swampert up close and can tell you are a powerful one, or are you speaking for other male pokemon here who don't have the stones to say anything to my face." Emerald said while he glanced at the water with a half lidded look.

The Swampert grumbled a bit but did say something for Emerald to hear.

"No comment."

Emerald blinks at that and got a confused look on his face while the Milotic came by the duo.

"Hey Honey, Hybrid, I cleaned off the Lucario female." The Female Milotic said while she got in the water next to the Swampert and kissed him on the cheek and gave him an eye smile.

The Swampert blushes from the kiss but did seem to feel a bit better from that action.

Emerald smiles at that and looks at the Milotic.

"Thanks, I'm going to be gone for awhile on my pokemon journey soon so if Leia here wants to have a good time with your husband, try and not get mad, she's just mainly doing things for fun and this guy here seems powerful in his own right, he the master of the lake here or something?, so that could get her attention." Emerald said while he talked with the Milotic female.

The Milotic giggles.

"Well don't worry. Swampy and I will make sure to look after your friend till she wakes up." She said as Swampert blushes in embarrassment from the nickname.

"Swampy?... well not the worst name I heard, still thanks, I'll be heading into Pallet town in a moment, if you two want a good time you should try going to the Lopunny area or asking this Gardevoir named Laura if she would be interested in having fun, there are also my parents since they are pretty open with their love life, my dad is a Lucario male and my mom is a Mianshao and both are powerful fighting types." Emerald said when he started a conversation with the Milotic female after Emerald ducked his body in the water and stands back up and used his psychic powers to dry off while he starts to walk out of the water.

The female Milotic and Swampert were a little surprise after hearing that, though the Milotic gave Emerald an eyesmile.

"Well that's nice to hear. We'll make sure to remember that."

"Great, anyway see you two later, I got to get ready to meet with my folks, maybe have them meet me in a few hours… anyway tell Leia to head to Professor Okido's place if she asks where I am, I'll pick her up in two hours." Emerald said while he smiles at the Milotic female while he gets dressed since the Swampert was quiet for now and was trying to be mannered to the Milotic female.

"Will do." Milotic said while glancing a bit at her hubby.

The Swampert jolts before he rubbed the back of his head.

"S-Sure, will do." The Swampert said while he was still trying to wrap his head around what just happened.

The female Milotic then looks at Emerald.

"Is there anything else you want us to tell… Leia something when she wakes up?"

Emerald stopped getting dressed and looked thoughtful for a moment and gave the Milotic a smile.

"Yeah… I'm glad to meet a woman like her, she may not be my first since Laura got my virginity but she is definitely a beautiful woman I would fight for if anyone tried to harm her." Emerald said while he grins a moment later and got dressed before he used his psychic powers to jump away from the area.

Swampert blinks a bit as he saw that before glancing at his wife.

"So… now what?"

The Milotic smirks while she used a tail to reach underwater between the Swampert's legs and he jolts.

"Wellll… maybe I should show my mate that I'm not planning on cheating on him with a Hybrid anytime soon unless he is not man enough to just be happy with what he has which is a lot by the way." The Milotic said in a teasing manner while she rubbed between Swampert's legs again and again to get a reaction from him.

The Swampert got a little tick mark on his head after hearing that.

"Oh I'll show you that I'm man enough." He said.

The Milotic looked amused before she dived into the water after giving him a teasing wink to tempt him into chasing her.

The Swampert this time grins before be dives after his wife.

The scene then went to a bit later with Emerald, Leia, Laura, and Jade, were gathered and they were heading to Emerald's place while the day had turned to night after everyone had met up and Leia recovered from what she just went through.

"So Leia, you feeling better?" Laura said with a smirk.

"After what I did to her, she seemed pretty relaxed to me." Emerald said with his own teasing smirk on his face.

Leia blushes a bit before chuckling.

"In more ways than one." She said before lightly punching Emerald's arm in a playful manner.

Emerald rubbed his arm when he felt that and everyone got to Emerald's home and he knocked on the door to see if his parents were home.

It took a moment before the door was opened which revealed to be Emerald's father.

The male Lucario blinked when he saw Leia, Laura and Jade before smiling a bit at his son.

"Hi son. How you feeling and who are your new friends?"

"Hey dad, these are my friends, Leia the Lucario, Laura the Gardevoir, and Jade the Ralts, mind if we come in?" Emerald asked while he smiles at his father.

The male Lucario chuckles.

"Sure thing. I'll go get your mother." He said as he went to get Emerald's mom after making sure everyone else was inside.

When that happened, everyone was sitting in various chairs in a living room and Emerald's parents sat on a couch while Emerald, Leia, Laura, and Jade on her mother's lap were sitting in front of them.

"So Emerald. How are you feeling after saving Laura and her daughters from those Mightyenas?" Emerald's mom said with a concerned look.

"Well… aside from some… Dark episode from when I was younger… not too bad, and thanks to Leia I'm not stressed anymore and thanks to Laura I know what its like to be with a mate as well even if it was just for fun." Emerald said without a hint of embarrassment on his face.

Emerald's parents blinked a bit after hearing this.

"R-Really?" Emerald's mom said.

"Hehe, yeah, honestly I was a bit surprised in a lot of ways but Laura and Leia are pretty nice so I hope you can get along with them both and Jade here is going on my journey with me so I figured I should introduce her as well." Emerald said while Jade shyly waved at Emerald's parents.

The male Lucario and female Miansho was surprised after hearing that as Laura lightly chuckled.

"Well it's an honor to meet you Mr. and Mrs… what are your names if you don't mind me asking?"

The Male Lucario and Female Mianshao looks at one another before they look at Leia, Laura, and Jade.

"My name is Grigori, odd name for a Lucario and my mate here is called Tai Ling, its a name not normally used here and its a name from another region." Grigori said while he introduced himself and his wife. (TME note: Play on the word Tai Ping, an OC from various stories that Atomsk and I wrote.)

"I see… Very interesting names." Laura said while Leia nods her head.

"Thanks, nice names for yourselves as well, sorry if our son caused you two issues and my apology Jade if Emerald becomes a headache if you really are going with him on his journey." Grigori said while he and Tai Ling bowed a bit to Jade and the other ladies while Emerald had a half lidded look on his face and he grumbles a bit.

Jade though shook her head.

"Emerald hasn't caused any issues with me. He promised to keep me safe as we travel. He even helped me practice some moves while aiding mother."

"Hehe, yeah, Jade even knocked Emerald out when she hit him in the back of his head with an incomplete Shadow ball, power wise she is weak right now but she is quickly growing strong so I'm sure with a bit of guidance, Jade can be even stronger than I am in the future." Laura said with pride in her voice.

Jade blushes at the praise as Grigori and Tai Ling blinks a bit before looking at Emerald.

"Seriously son?" Grigori said with a raised eyebrow.

Emerald chuckles nervously and rubbed the back of his head.

"W-Well… she caught me off guard and now there is a rock with an imprint of my face on it if you want proof." Emerald said while he nervously grins at his dad.

Leia couldn't help but lowly snicker after hearing that.

"Well I have a feeling Jade is gonna do great things if she continues to practice her moves." Tai Ling said as she smiles a bit at Jade.

"Hehe yeah, though I do have one question… are you just playing the field so to speak Emerald or are you planning on taking one of these ladies as a mate or you going the odder hard to do route and ask the two of them as mates?" Grigori said while Emerald blinks a few times and gave his dad a half lidded look.

"Ok… first… while they are nice ladies I just met them so to speak, Laura and her daughter I rescued… Leia I ran into thanks to Laura… if I did have feelings for either or both of them it would be after I ask them out on a few dates first to see how I feel about them, can't rush and what not… or are you trying to see who to not drag to the bedroom with the lady I pick?" Emerald said while he have his dad a half lidded look for a bit more when his dads eyes seemed to be drawn to Leia a few times.

Leia noticed the look as Tai Ling lightly kicks her husband's leg.

Grigori jolts and chuckles nervously at his wife though Leia did smirk a bit.

"Well… considering Emerald doesn't seem to put off if I have fun, as long as I got permission by this cute mate of yours, I wouldn't mind joining in on some fun, might as well earn brownie points with this family." Leia said while she grins at Grigori in a teasing way after licking her lips.

Grigori, though surprised, grins a bit as he looks at Leia.

"Indeed you do."

Leia chuckles which made Emerald sweatdrop before he looked to see how his mom was handling the flirting.

Tai Ling gave her husband a look that said to take it easy.

Grigori chuckles nervously again before Emerald cleared his throat.

"Anyway… considering the time, think Laura, Leia, and Jade can join us for dinner?, and maybe for the night unless Laura teleports everyone back to Okido's place?" Emerald said while he smiles when he had no perverted undertones thanks to his now mixed views of honesty and naiveness that he was still learning to get rid of… the naiveness part, not the honesty part.

Emerald's parents looked at one another for a bit before looking at their son.

"Of course they can stay Emerald." Tai Ling said with a smile.

"Yeah, I can even ask Leia here what kind of fighting techniques she knows and we can compare notes." Grigori said since it's not everyday he runs into a Lucario after all.

Leia was thoughtful for a bit.

"Sounds like a plan. I can learn some interesting moves from you." She said with a smirk.

Emerald sweatdrops while time went to much later with Emerald laying on his bed while he had Leia, Laura, and Jade while they were sitting or standing in various parts of his room and were looking around the room… it was a surprisingly normal room with a few gaming consoles with plenty of fighting games, RPG games, strategy games, a few weights for training, a punching bag nearby, a decent computer was nearby, all in all, aside from the training stuff, this seemed like a healthy teen to adult type room.

Jade was even having fun with sitting on an exercise ball and trying to keep balance on it.

"Hmm, nice room you have here." Leia said.

"Yeah, seems cozy for a child raised by fighting type pokemon." Laura said while she picked up one of the weights and was surprised by how heavy it was while Emerald chuckles.

"Hehe, yeah, Mom and Dad are pretty great parents, anyway I don't mind letting you three use the bed while I get the floor, its surprisingly comfy." Emerald said while he smiles at the trio, who again, forms aside were all 18 and over, Laura being an actual mother age range so around her late 30's to 40's.

Leia rolls her eyes.

"Oh come on Emerald, considering what you, me and Laura did, there's no reason for you to take the floor."

Emerald blinks at that before he chuckles nervously.

"Well… true… but what about Jade?" Emerald asked since Jade was the odd one out of this and Jade blushed a bit for a few reasons though she kept quiet and Emerald, who was more or less oblivious, just missed that while Laura and Leia had half lidded looks on their faces.

"Well here's a compromise, Laura and Jade can take the bed while you and me have the floor. Unless the four of us can fit on the bed." Leia said.

"Well, couldn't hurt to try, you two could sleep next to me and Jade could sleep on my stomach or something, either that or we could just do what Leia said and Jade and Laura can take the bed, got an inflatable mattress somewhere here, made by Okido so that dad's spikes wouldn't pop it so pretty sure Leia can lay on it without issue." Emerald said when he suggested that idea.

Leia was thoughtful to the suggestion before looking at Laura and Jade.

"What do you think, Laura?"

"Well, can't hurt to try, what about you Jade?, think you can work with the first idea and probably snuggle up to Emerald's belly?" Laura said while she teased her easily embarrassed daughter.

Jade blushes brightly at the tease before she actually nods her head as she didn't trust her voice.

Laura smirks at her daughter while she looks at Emerald who was digging around in his closet, he found the inflatable mattress and sets it aside just in case and in no time, Laura and Leia were snuggling up to Emerald while a blushing Jade rests on Emerald's chest while Emerald's arms were pinned to the bed when he held Laura and Leia carefully to not harm them… or himself since both pokemon woman had spikes on their chests.

"Hmmm, now this feels good." Leia said.

"Yeah, warm and cozy… how you doing Jade?" Laura asked when she looks at her daughter.

"F-Fine." Jade said as she continues to blush.

"Great." Laura said while she snuggles up to Emerald who at the time had a blush on his face when he surprisingly enjoyed the attention.

That resulted in the scene slowly fading to black when everyone in the room starts to doze off and tomorrow would FINALLY be Emerald's time to leave Pallet town after Cedric, Shigeru, and Satoshi left… What will happen next time on Legendary Trainers of the World?

(End of main Pallet Town Arc for now, next is the Viridian City Arc)

(List of pokemon key trainers have caught currently at the end of chapter.)






Alolan Diglett

Cedric (Hybrid that can fight in battle, technical 7th pokemon):




Alolan Rattata




Emerald (Hybrid that can fight in battle, technical 7th pokemon):

Jade (Ralts) (Soon to be)

Lillum (Hybrid that can fight in battle, Technical 7th pokemon):

Sleipnir (Rapidash)

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