Paybacktime for Finn @emerald
Chapter 8

The scene opened up to show TME while he was counting some cash he got from Heat.

"OK… 10 to me… 10 to Atomsk… yup… got the cash… once Atomsk gets here can pass him his share." TME said while he waits for Atomsk to show up.

And like clock work, Atomsk shows up.

"Alright… let's co-op the shit out of this chapter."

TME jolts when Atomsk just showed up out of nowhere.

"Geeze!" TME said while he covered his heart which beats a bit.

Atomsk blinks a bit.


TME calmed himself.

"N-No problem… just… wow… anyway you remember what we did last time?... time for the general recap." TME said while he points at the readers.

"Uh yeah. Nightmare kingdom, Finn and Nightmare Princess, Bronwyn has fun with Emerald along with Slumber and Lullaby." Atomsk before realizing something.

"Oops wrong script."

TME sweatdrops as he looks at the readers.

"Ignore the Bronwyn and Emerald part… nuff said were in the middle of Finn and Marceline's contest and Finn won a contest of strength after he boosted his power thanks to a power rasing bracelet and his regen helped him recover afterwords… now Finn and Marceline are in a race with Speed and agility mixed to help save time." TME said while he looks at Atomsk to see if he had the right script now.

"Found it. Yup all correct. Even the future version of the ladies are there." Atomsk said.

"Yup… anyway He23t paid us to continue this story so thank him for that…. If you have a story you want continued badly, PM Atomsk or I so we can talk details… if its a free request… well expect the story to not be continued anytime soon if we have other stuff to work on… I even have an idea for a new AT story for Atomsk so one Payback time is updated, may work on that there if he likes the idea…" TME said while he grins at the readers.

"Yeah so better hurry and make sure we can work out a deal." Atomsk said.

"Yup… now if you'll excuse us… need to get this story started so we can potentially get to the story I just pitched to Atomsk." TME said with a grin on his face as the scene shifts to the Ice Kingdom with everyone waiting for Finn and Marceline to get to the finish line.

Ooo/ Ice Kingdom border/ Ranmyaku, Phoebe (future), Bubblegum (Future), Penny (Future), Canyon (Future), Jasmine (Future), Zooey (Future), Hunson (Not future), more people

As everyone waits for Finn and Marceline… currently the group look on as Simon for some reason was walking towards the group in winter gear.

"Hey guys whats going on?" Simon said as he waved to the others while Gunter followed Ice King as Ice thing while Turtle princess was with Ice Thing.

"Oh Finn and Marceline are in a challenge and loser gets to be the winner's slave. I'm hoping my Little girl beats the kid." Hunson said.

"Wait what!?" Simon said with a shocked look as Future Bubblegum came by and pats him on the back.

"We can explain in a bit, Finn and Marceline should be arriving soon over the finish line here so mind saving the full explanation till after?" Future Bubblegum said while she hoped Simon calmed a bit… he was Marceline's adoptive father after all.

"Y-Yes. I'll wait to hear later." Simon said.

"Good… because here they come!" Future Jasmine said with a telescope in hand when she saw Finn and Marceline neck and neck while they try and avoid one another and the traps along the way though considering the regen and what not… most of their clothing was gone from rips and tears eating away at the clothing… Simon had to look away from Marceline after she and Finn passed the finish line while a high speed camera took a picture of the duo to see who crossed first.

"So who won?" Future Me-Mow said.

"Lets see…" Ranmyaku said while he went to get the picture and a magnifying glass…

"Hmmm… from here… seems the winner of speed is… Marceline!... by a literal nail tip." Ranmyaku said making the contest one to one now while Bubblegum came to give Marceline new clothing of a simple shirt and shorts… same for Finn with Penny passing Finn a T-Shirt and sweatpants.

"Nice!... wait what about the other score?" Hunson asked when he remembered this was a combo test.

"Working on that… just need to get the 5 pictures from the special cameras I set up so we can see who took the most damage from the traps I had… doesn't matter how small or big though, you get nicked, its a count against you." Ranmyaku said as he went to get the pictures as everyone waits while Finn and Marceline were passed drinks, Finn was panting a bit while he had his hands on his knees while Marceline looks amused.

"Looks like I won this round." Marceline said.

"S-Speed maybe… but if you took more hits than me… I win agility making the round 2 to 1… not over yet Marcy." Finn said as he slowly recovered as Ranmyaku returns.

"OK… I have the pictures… sorry for taking some time but I had to examine them… as you can see each person took some gnarly hits and Finn may have lost his family jewels in one of them for a moment before the regen kicked in… but in this round… shockingly a tie… Finn got hit a couple times while Marceline dodged the first two… both got hit big time on the third and Marceline trying to rush got hit by a wrecking ball and… well… got surprised when a dildo of all things was shoved up her ass… not sure how that last one got in though…" Ranmyaku said while Huntress looks amused.

"Guilty there and no regrets." Huntress said while Marceline blushed profusely when many could see a picture of her getting a smooth wooden dildo up the ass.

"You couldn't resist huh?" Future Bubblegum said.

"Hehe, hey with an ass as good as Marceline's couldn't resist, besides it makes things a tie and saves us issues in counting… next is knowledge and cooking so whats next or we doing a combo again?" Huntress said while she looks at Ranmyaku.

"Hmmm… know what, to help save things may as well… how about this you two… once we get back to the Candy Kingdom, we have Bubblegum here order the guards to get exotic dishes and lets says…. Out of three people, if two of three are impressed enough, you win a round… the more exotic of a dish though will gain you the knowledge point since the more exotic the dish, the harder it is to top." Ranmyaku said while he grins at everyone.

Marceline smirks.

"Sounds simple enough."

"Yup… though in the case of a tie, we will think of a tiebreaker later, for now we should make sure things go well so…" Ranmyaku said as he snapped his fingers and everyone was in the Throne room while many look surprised as Ranmyaku smiles.

"There, simple shift to here to save time instead of hours of travel… now than… Bubblegum if you would be so kind as to get the exotic goods so Finn and Marceline can work their magic and lets have a rule that says if the person who I will assign to watch the duo notices that one person is trying to ruin the others meal… instant disqualification and the other person gets both cooking and knowledge points… and that person to watch the duo is pretty much future Phoebe… while she has at her point in time changed her honesty policy a bit to be a bit more lenient… she is still a person you don't want to anger and try and do underhanded means around." Ranmyaku said while he moved to place a hand on Phoebe's shoulder and didn't get burned… must be a Glob thing.

Phoebe smirks.

"That's right so don't cheat." She said.

"Yup… and since she can't eat food normally, I'll be giving her primo coal as a reward for watching everyone else enjoy the food… Glob energy infused coal… top tier stuff… now than… Bubblegum if you would be so kind as to set up the kitchen with the guards help." Ranmyaku said while Phoebe smiles as she ate the coal she got as Bubblegum moved to get things set up.

"Hehe, better get ready Finn… may as well blow your taste buds out of the water with recipes I learned from traveling Ooo." Marceline said while Finn comically cracked his knuckles.

"Marceline… you remember who I learned to cook from right?... my brother the worldly Jake the Dog… guy may have his ups and downs but he makes a mean sandwich and other foods over the years." Finn said while he had a comically serious look on his face.

"We'll see about that." Marceline said as she was ready for the challenge.

"Good… we shall test your knowledge against the food I learned to cook and than some from various kingdoms!" Finn said as Future Bubblegum returned.

"OK everyone, give it 10 minutes and the food and other items will be set up." Bubblegum said while she smiles at the group.

"Anyone up for poker?" Future Me-Mow.

"Eh I'm game but I'm more of a Blackjack player." Future Jasmine said when she smirks.

"Want to make things interesting and make it strip poker?" Jasmine said while she had a hand on her hip..

"Hehe, like the way you think." Future Me-Mow said.

After this game went on and after a few people lost clothing… Simon who was calmed down after getting a full explanation on what was going on and the reasons for this contest happening, was calmed as he sat nearby though he looks away from some women as Ranmyaku heard that the kitchen was done getting prepped.

"OK I'll decide who the three people to taste test the food will be… Hunson… Simon… sorry but you two would be way too partial for this so I'm afraid you'll have no input in this judging here." Ranmyaku said while he looks at the two fathers of Marceline.

"Dang… sorry Marceline." Hunson said.

"Eh don't worry. Got this in the bag." Marceline said.

"Even so, good luck." Simon said.

"Yeah, don't worry though, I'll have the three people picked be Bubblegum, Canyon, and finally Huntress… reasons being is Future Bubblegum is half and half with recent events, Canyon is a stickler for rules and won't let personal feelings get in the way… and well Huntress… well she is just a stoic woman so pretty sure first to break her stoic demenor gets one hell of a props in taste." Ranmyaku said while he looks at Marceline and Finn to see what they thought.

"Hmmm… sounds fair." Marceline said.

"I agree." Finn said.

"Good… Phoebe, please follow Finn and Marceline to the kitchen, got more Glob Coal for you if you keep a seriously impartial eye on them." Ranmyaku said while he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe grins.

"With pleasure."

"Good… now than if everyone could please go to the dining area we will wait for the duo to make the food and just to let you know Finn, Marceline, three of each, a appetizer, a main course, and a dessert times 3, one for each judge so try and impress." Ranmyaku said while he grins at the duo.

"Oh they'll be impressed alright." Marceline said while grinning.

"Good… oh and Marceline… try and be classy, no placing food on your body to tempt the Judges and saying your the dessert and stuff…" Ranmyaku said while he gave Marceline a half lidded look.

Marceline jolts from this.

"I-I wasn't gonna do that?!" She said while blushing.

"You're talking to a Glob of time… you think I wouldn't see that idea coming?" Ranmyaku countered while he raised an eyebrow.

"He's got you there Marceline and spoiler alert, you did try and we had to start over." Future Bubblegum said.

"Yup… reason why I brought them back HERE…. To keep that from happening… now if we can have a clean cook off, lets get started, judges… to the head of the table!... if the meal is good and we have a winner or tie, I'll duplicate the food so everyone can enjoy." Ranmyaku said as he had the group minus, Finn, Marceline, and Phoebe leave to the dining area.

"You're going down Finn." Marceline said.

"Hehe, oh no you're going down!" Finn said while Phoebe sighs.

"OK we get it, you two have a love/hate relationship, please get to the kitchen before I burn your ass Finn and fuck your ass with a flaming cock Marceline with special fire even you would feel the burn from." Phoebe said while she gave the duo a half lidded look.

The duo jolt.

"Geeze okay. Don't nag much." Marceline said as she heads to the kitchen.

Phoebe looks amused as Finn gave her a look that asked was she serious.

"Oh I was… now get going Finn otherwise I'll use a genderbend spell I know… and since you're pretty much flame proof to low level fires now…" Phoebe said with a smirk making Finn jolt… regen or not he knew Phoebe was serious with a look like that.

"Uh… up up and away!" Finn said though it was exaggerating since he can't fly but run fast to the kitchen.

Phoebe looks amused as she followed Finn with a hum… once Finn and Marceline got to the kitchen, they saw Ranmyaku there as he held his hands to various food ingredients.

"OK guys, you two have 1 hour to prep the food and do other things to make these meals perfect… to keep things fair I will be aiding you two for long cooking ingredients that require lots of wait time so if you have a oven based item needing to be cooked for say… three hours… I'm your shortcut to finished times… aside from that though no more help." Ranmyaku said as he moved to sit on a stool.

"Okay… so start now?" Marceline said.

"Pretty much, I'll make one thing fair and let you two not rush and the timer will start only once you gather your ingredients… don't want to call this contest unfair." Ranmyaku said while he looks amused.

Finn and Marceline quickly went to gather some ingredients.

Of course Marceline avoided garlic for beyond obvious reasons.

Once they gathered them all, the appitizer, main course, and desserts… Ranmyaku looks at the items and nods.

"OK… just to check, are you two sure about the picks?... last chance for changes just in case." Ranmyaku said while he had a grin on his face..

The duo had serious looks as they want win the contest.

"Good… get started now!" Ranmyaku said as he summoned a clock that showed one hour and was counting down which results in Finn and Marceline getting to cooking after they wash their hands while Ranmyaku stands by Phoebe.

"So my dear, hopefully this contest won't make you hungry, got more coals in case you are hungry." Ranmyaku said when he summoned some more coal and held it to Phoebe.

"Hehe, thanks. Would hate to do something on an empty stomach." Phoebe said.

"Yup… especially since you're eating for two now…" Ranmyaku said while he looks amused as Finn and Marceline jolt a bit from that.

"Wait what?" Finn said as he was looking at Phoebe with a surprise look.

"Seriously!?" Marceline said while Ranmyaku looks amused.

"Clocks ticking you two." Ranmyaku said while Finn and Marceline went back to cooking though they couldn't help but glance at Phoebe a few times while she nibbles on the coal she was getting.

Finn though had this thought.

'This Phoebe is from the future… Did I get her… nocked up later on?'

Marceline had similar thoughts given what will happen to her with Bubblegum and Phoebe later since hell… to work some people at the fire Kingdom up, she had to had sex with Phoebe… proabably still doing it as well…

Marceline however shook her head as she got to work on the meal she was working.

She was… well pun intended… dead set to win.

As the duo cooked and what not more… the timer went off after Ranmyaku helped the duo cut down the work time and Ranmyaku looks at the meals before him while the camera left the vague.

"Not bad… not bad… these meals will be good… wonder how the judges will like them." Ranmyaku said while he grins at the duo.

"Well, only one way to find out." Finn said.

"Yup… lets get going." Ranmyaku said as 6 more Ranmyaku's appeared and they carried the dishes while three had Marceline's face on the front of their shirt, the other had 3 Finn's and Ranmyaku looks at the surprised duo.

"Just borrowed me's from other timelines for a moment, and the shirts are to show who has what dishes." Ranmyaku said while he grins at the duo while Phoebe munched on more coal eagerly.

"Damn girl." Marceline said Finn ignored her as he got close to Phoebe.

"So… is it true?… am I the… you know."

"Hmmm… maybe… maybe not… could be Marceline… could be Bubblegum… can't say much unfortunately, one condition to come back here is that I can't say anything that will impact the future." Phoebe said while giving Finn an apologetic look.

"Oh I see… as long as you both are healthy, then that's all it matters." Finn said.

"Yeah Pheebs… hope the kid and you are OK in the future." Marceline said while Phoebe smiles.

"Thanks you two…. I can say that I'm doing fine… now we should get going and see who wins this." Phoebe said while she got up and followed the Ranmyaku group.

Once they arrived, Bubblegum, Canyon and Huntress were siting at the judges table.

Everyone else was at the same table though they look at the trio who sat at the head of the table and the Ranmyaku's with the appitizars walked up.

"Well you three… here are the appetizers… please be careful. Finn made his a liquid type meal and for Marceline, she made hers more bite sized." Ranmyaku said as two of him placed the items on the table… when the Ranmyaku uncovered Finn's starting dish… there were three fancy looking and steaming soups of differing colors.

The judges blinked as they each look at the soups.

"What's with the colors?" Huntress said.

"Color coded per person to prevent mixups since the soups have different tastes and I got these recipes from different kingdoms… for the pink soup… learned a classy soup from the Candy Kingdom itself… for the blue, the water Kingdom when I helped a restaurant owner against some thugs, for the green, learned it from some Wood Nymphs I ran into who love making various soups and gave me the recipe after I… helped them with an issue they had." Finn said while blushing as he pulled the collar of his shirt.

The trio had raised eyebrows at that last part before they each tried the soup.

After that happened the trio's eyes lit up when they tasted the soups.

"Oh my… this is really sweet but not too strong." Bubblegum said when she enjoyed her soup immensely.

"Well mine is very strong. Do I detect jellyfish?" Canyon said.

"Yeah, heard its a favorite part of a soup for Water Nymphs or water humanoid beings so figured this would be a good thing since its easy on the stomach." Finn said while he made Bubblegum, and Canyon nod when Finn seemed to do well and looks to see how Huntress was doing.

Huntress hums a bit at the flavor.

"Hmmm… not too weak or too strong. Just right." She said with a stoic look.

This gave a score of a thumbs up from all three judges while Finn looks at Marceline with a grin when he won the first round of appetizers though Ranmyaku moved to have Marceline's cooked meal before the three judges.

"Here is Marceline's appetizers… specially cooked and herbed bread with a side of butter for all." Ranmyaku said while he lifts the lid and freshly made baked bread with different colored butter was next to each piece of bread… hell one of the break looked like solid cut water which showed which bread was Canyon's.

"Wow… very unique." Future Bubblegum said before the judges tries the bread.

They applied the butter for each piece of bread and as the judges bit into the bread, their eyes sparkle.

"Oh… is this Gingerbread and sweetened butter?" Bubblegum said while she looks at Marceline with a smile.

Marceline returns the smile.

"Oh yeah. For woman that makes me happy."

"No flirting with the judges!" Finn comically said while Marceline rolls her eyes as Bubblegum blushed as she looks to see how Canyon was liking the water bread and specialized butter.

"Hmmm… not bad. Do I detect seaweed as a garnish?" Canyon said.

"Oh yeah, had to slice and dice it so it would float in the water bread tastefully, the butter was from special sea cows that were milked and it was processed 100% in the water Kingdom… wonder why you have that here Bonnie." Marceline said when she looks curiously at Bubblegum.

"Partial curiosity. Also, to make any water royal feel welcome."

"Fair enough… Huntress?... what about you?... used various herbs and spices that most wood Nymphs I know of find popular… honestly some of them were pretty rare." Marceline said when she looks at Huntress who already finished her slice of bread and wiped her lips with a napkin.

"I see… well looks like for the Appetizer… looks like it would be a tie since its hard for me to tell which is better in terms of cooking… knowledge however… for the bread VS the soup I need to give the bread the win in terms of knowledge… the spices were well blended, the bread was nice and fluffy… honestly the only complaint I have is that this bread is missing some kind if kick that would make it really hit my taste buds." Huntress said while she had a serious look in her eyes.

Marceline snapped her fingers.

"Dang it… at least you like it. What do you two think?"

"Personally… I'm more partial on the soup… the jellyfish was just a nice touch of Water Kingdom cuisine and its not too strong, makes me hungrier instead of full like the bread will make me feel if I eat more… Contrary to what some may think the bread doesn't just get absorbed into Watery bodies, its slightly dense enough to settle in our stomachs and stay there for a bit… not quite fit for an appitizer but much better than most breads I ate… still I'm giving Finn the win with cooking… honestly if I had to give knowledge though… would give it to Marceline here as well since water bread this well made outside of water is hard to come by and keeping its form, most people I know who try and make it fail or it breaks down soon after." Canyon said while many onlookers gulp when they were getting hungry now as well.

Marceline did sweatdrop a bit before she looks at Bubblegum for her opinion.

"Hmmm… well to not be partial to Marceline I'll be point blank… the bread is good but the soup was much better in terms of actually wetting my appetite for more food yet holding me off more as a slight stopper of hunger pains… the bread and butter was good but I feel like it would have been used better alongside the main course if you had some spaghetti or something else the bread would have been used well in… Huntress, Canyon, in terms of cooking for 1 of 3 rounds, for me I'm giving Finn the win, Huntress, you may have had hard time not breaking the tie but you have to in order to make this proper, Canyon liked the soup so what about you?" Bubblegum said while Huntress shrugged.

"The Bread I guess, I don't normally eat soups and this was rather good, the herbs help in disguestion so its not like all breads make you stay full for long… in terms of knowledge, I'm giving the win to Marceline, what about you two?" Huntress said while Canyon looks at her.

"Marceline for knowledge, what about you Bubblegum?" Canyon asked.

"Oh thats a simple thing, Finn since not many know many soup type recipes… and what Finn made was actually pretty good with what he had on hand… sorry Marceline… in terms of cooking appitizers, you have more knowledge but Finn gets the win in the actual cooking department… honestly it was close though so I'm not saying this to be mean." Bubblegum said while Ranmyaku held up a sign on the table… one win in cooking for Finn but Marceline had one point in knowledge so far.

"Well no worries. Still got a point at least." Marceline said.

"Yup… though to help everyone… why don't we do this before getting to the main course." Ranmyaku said as he snapped his fingers and copies of the food Finn and Marceline made appeared before everyone else.

"Enjoy the food these two made, if they don't work out separately, try and mix things up." Ranmyaku said with a grin to the others.

The people eagerly ate the soup and bread though a few mix it up.

"Oh my… this is good… this soup and bread is tasty… the one that Huntress liked mixed with the soup she had really compliments one another well." Simon said while he smiles at Marceline when he munched on the bread happily.

Marceline smiles at that as Me-Mow hums a bit.

"Hmmm… I actually enjoyed the candy soup. Very sweet."

"Well the bread here is good… never tried Water Kingdom Bread…" Jasmine said as she munched on her bread.

"Hehe, I had once… before I sucked the waiter's soul." Hunson said with a chuckle.

"Seriously?, you really got to work on your table manners." Zooey said while she sipped some Water Kingdom soup.

"Hey I did, not my fault I asked for the waiter and he spat in my face when I said his soup wasn't spicy enough." Hunson said with a half lidded look as he sipped his wood Nymph type soup and some gingerbread with Butter.

Marceline sweatdrops at this as she and Finn waited for everyone to finish eating.

Once many were finished with the appetizers and taking a moment for the food to digest and many had a restroom break, the group look at the main course Ranmyaku's who approached the table.

"The main course you three… for Finn he has made three different meals for you all… for Huntress, a large Thunder boar meat chunk on the bone with sparking spices to help compliment the meat… Mac and cheese with extra cheese on top with Sauteed mushrooms." Ranmyaku said while he placed an amused Huntress her meal before her.

"Wow, talk about a blast from the past… any chance it's the same one we hunted?" Huntress said while she looks at Finn an amused way.

"Hehe… maybe. Though he complained how I should've asked first." Finn joked.

"Hehe, maybe… anyway what meals do you have Bubblegum, Canyon?" Huntress said when she looks at the duo's meals and looks at Bubblegum's meal first to see what Finn made for her.

Bubblegum looks at her meal which consists of a few slices of sweet ham, with a pineapple cut on top with a little cherry.

Next to it was a side of sweet potatoes and applesauce.

"Oh… this is very nice… simple, filling, yet looks like they compliment one another, you did well here Finn." Bubblegum said when she liked how the food was made.

"Thanks PB. Had to think really hard when I started cooking." Finn said.

"Well it paid off, have yet to taste it though… still want to see Canyon's meal…" Bubblegum said as she and Huntress look at Canyon's meal… it… was simple as possible… a large classic meat on the bone with various spices, mashes potatoes, green beans, and mac and chese with a couple fully well cooked mushrooms next to it.

"Wow… didn't expect a classic like this." Canyon said while Finn chuckles.

"Well when it comes to adventurers and heroes like us, what better than a well cooked meat on the bone." Finn said while he grins at Canyon more.

"Hehe, true that." Canyon said before the trio starts eating.

After a few minutes of the trio enjoying their meal… Bubblegum smiles after swallowing a bite of meat with some of her sides to compliment it.

"Oh!... the spices make the ham even sweeter than ever… honestly if it was anyone else they may think it was too sweet but for me its just Globbly." Bubblegum said while she had a happy look on her face.

"Well I enjoyed the meat greatly. The spices used really compliments the text. Truly a hero's feast." Canyon said.

"And this thunder Boar meat packs a punch… honestly Finn, seems you really outdid yourself with either rare or common meats and sides that compliment it." Huntress said with a small smile showing she was impressed while Finn rubs his head bashfully.

"Awww, thanks. Really means a lot." Finn said.

"Indeed… lets hope Marceline's meal can match otherwise Finn wins the cooking part of the contest hands down." Huntress said while she, Canyon, and Bubblegum moved their main meals back to not eat too much so they could test out Marceline's main meal for them.

Once the food Marceline made was served, the trio lift up the lids to was what was there.

For Bubblegum…

Her meal was a big Swedish fish while it was topped with sour sauce.

On the side was coconut bananas with chocolate as dipping sauce.

Bubblegum licks her lips and looks at Marceline.

"Not bad Marcy… from looks alone, my compliments to the chef, the taste though…" Bubblegum said as she carefully got some fish with sour sauce on a fork and bit into it and she got really wide eyes and held her cheek and gave a happy look… seems she liked the food so far.

For Huntress…

She had a large tuna with various spices used to cook it while she had some shrimp next to cocktail sauce on the side and the sauce looked a bit different than normal cocktail sauce being blue rather than red and to follow up with vegetables… Mushrooms with corn.

"Interesting… guess if we have a meat thing with Finn, we have a fish thing with you if this keeps up." Huntress said while she looks at Marceline.

"Looks like it." Marceline said as she saw the pattern.

"Yup…" Huntress said and she bit into her fish and hums.

"Hmm… not bad… honestly the spices help with the fish's taste being boosted, unlike the bread this has that punch that I like a lot… honestly if you cook like this daily for Bubblegum I'm a bit jealous." Huntress said while she looks amused.

Marceline was amused before she looks at Canyon and when she saw her meal.

It was a classic surf and turf with melted butter on the side.

There was even coleslaw and mac and cheese.

"Interesting, nice meal with the crab and steak meat with the coleslaw and mac and cheese…" Canyon said as she used a knife and fork to cut a piece of steak off and and bit into it and hums at the taste and after she got some crab meat, she hums more.

"Not bad… honestly its so hard to say what is bad with this meal, meat is medium rare with the steak, the crab is well cooked, and the mac and cheese just makes a nice follow up." Canyon said when she smiles at Marceline.

"Thanks. So what do you all think?" Marceline said.

"Ladies… lets go over the cooking portion first…" Canyon said while she wiped her lips clean.

"Honestly… I'm giving Marceline a win in cooking, not only did she make a well made meal, the surf and turf compliments it well… the meat was more tender than the meat on the bone Finn gave me, though the taste of the meat on the bone was good, it was a bit strong with the spices for my liking." Canyon said while she gave Marceline a point in cooking, 1 of 3 for a full point in cooking for Marceline.

"Hmmm… I'll have to give a point to Finn for this one, not saying this because of memories, but the Thunder boar meat just hits hard with how well the taste hits my tongue… honestly I'm… pardon the pun… shocked with how good this was." Huntress said while many look at Bubblegum and she chuckles.

"Sorry Finn but I have to give Marceline a win here not as a tie breaker but I have my reasons… like I said if anyone but me ate it, it would be too much for them so honestly while nice, considering everyone else will be eating this as well, this does effect my scoring, there are other factors but this is the main one." Bubblegum said while she gave Finn a somewhat sorry look.

Finn nodded.

"Don't worry PB. As Jake said, more room for improvement."

"Good, improvements are good… anyway in terms of knowledge for this round… I say Finn for making this Ham pretty sweet for me, he knows what I like by quite a bit and could adapt easily… Marcy's fish maybe hard to come by but not impossible." Bubblegum said while Canyon looks amused.

"I'm giving a win in knowledge to Marceline, she cooked the steak and Crab so well that I'm honestly surprised at how well her knowledge on cooking is." Canyon said while Huntress chuckles.

"Finn… it's hard to cook Thunder boar meat the way he did, If it was a low level cook they would have seriously bad issues in getting shocked by just handling the meat…" Huntress said showing Finn won the knowledge round now… multiple 1's all round in cooking and knowledge… next would be the desserts and if there was a tie… well hope there wasn't one.

"All tied up. Now it's dessert time." Marceline said.

"Yeah… better hope you have some good ideas Marcy, had a few ideas from past adventures for these desserts." Finn said while he grins as a Ranmyaku holding Finn's desserts came to the table and after lifting the lid to the try, various desserts were seen.

For Bubblegum was a chocolate cake while some strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream was on top.

"I give to you PB, a special Ice cream cake, the cake is one of the classic made here in the Candy Kingdom but the ice cream is made from scratch, Jake and I ran into this plant that had three things growing inside of it… evil pig people, magic glitter wands, and some of the best Ice Cream we ever tasted… Jake approved… sometimes I make a good copy but man Jake always says the original was better, says mine comes close though." Finn said while he smiles at Bubblegum.

"Hmmm… well it does look good Finn." Bubblegum said before she took a bite of her dessert.

Bubblegum hums while her eyes sparkle.

"Oh… the cake goes well with the ice cream, if this ice cream is a pale imitation, it's a well made one!... wish I could enjoy the real deal." Bubblegum said when she really enjoyed the desert.

Finn smirks.

"Well don't worry. There's not a challenge that I couldn't beat."

"Don't know about that, may lose this Finn." Marceline said with an amused look.

Finn ignored Marceline as he and others look to Huntress's dessert and saw a log shaped cake with chocolate sauce on it.

"What dessert is that?" Canyon said.

"Chocolate Log cake, nothing too fancy but it's what's inside the log that is the real surprise." Finn said while gesturing for Huntress to use a knife to cut the cake.

Huntress raises an eyebrow before she picks up the knife and starts to cut the cake.

When she did, she was a bit surprised to see some kind of green filling that leaked from it.

"Similar to the soup, this is something I learned from other Wood Nymphs, a sweetened honey type paste that has green dye for the color." Finn said while he smiles at Huntress.

Huntress was a bit surprised before she took a bite of the cake.

When she did… the chocolate of the cake hit with the honey flavor of the paste and… had a bit of mint to it?

"Hmmm… minty." Huntress said.

"Thanks, figured you would like it… the surprise was the filling that took a bit to settle on so it wouldn't ruin the cake." Finn said while he held up a finger.

"Well I say it went perfect." Huntress said with a slight smile.

"Correction, if Jake was here he would say that it could be improved on, I did have a few ideas but a lack of time on my end made it hard to improve… had this idea with peppermints and stuff but couldn't fit it in… anyway for Canyon…" Finn said as he looks at Canyon's desert and… many blink when they saw it was a floating bubble?

"What the?... a bubble?" Me-Mow said while Finn sighs.

"More than it looks, a hard to come by Water type fruit, if you look closely enough should see something similar to a stem… its made it hard to reach places in the water Kingdom, only saw one before , and one actually cooked, may look simple but its actually a hard to cook Water kingdom delicacy… had to have Ranmyaku here do some fancy stuff to allow me to cook it at a fast rate but only because of how much time it would have actually taken me to cook it." Finn said while Canyon, while a little shocked, nods her head.

"Indeed, special knifes are used to skim the surface… something like this is such a rare thing this is the first I ever saw a Water fruit above the surface… may look transparent but it actually has specially condensed juices inside that would make anyone fall in love with the taste and in order to eat this, you have to technically drink the bubble in one go more or less… easier than it sounds if this was made exactly as intended… not much taste for other species given the juices from this fruit can flow through me once it bursts but for others would be like a water balloon bursting in their stomach lightly… not enough to cause harm but not something one normally eats… why do you have one here Bubblegum?... transport alone would have been insane from here to the Water Kingdom and for you, would not be very tasty given only water based people would enjoy it unless there is something different about this water fruit." Canyon said while she looks at Bubblegum curiously.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"Well… it's help to build a… strong alliance."

"Oh ho, me thinks Bubblegum here in the present wants to make a happy alliance with the Water Kingdom's princes… and considering the blush and the fact this is a future Bubblegum…" Ranmyaku teased while he rubs his chin as Bubblegum blushed more.

Marceline blinks a bit.

"Were you trying to get us more partners Bonnie?"

Bubblegum blushed from this.

"N-No comment for now for future keeping reasons." Bubblegum said while Ranmyaku looks amused.

"Yup, can't do much but tease everyone… all ingredients will be restored so no worries about the future changing your highness." Ranmyaku said while he looks at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes more before Marceline's dessert was served.

For Bubblegum it was… a hotdog?

"Uh… Marceline?... not questioning you but… unless this is some kind of dessert in the shape of a hot dog I'm not seeing how else this is dessert." Bubblegum said when she picked it up and looked it over a bit.

Marceline smirks.

"Oh but it is dessert, Bonnie. The wiener is fried cookie dough while the bread are vanilla ice cream sandwiches. The ketchup is cherry while the caramel is mustard."

"Really?..." Bubblegum said as she bit into the dessert while expecting this to be a bit odd but she looks surprised when she covered her lips.

"Oh my… may not look it but she is telling the truth." Bubblegum said when she looked a bit amazed since the hot dog looked like a hot dog but didn't taste like one… impressive.

Marceline smiles before Huntress got her dessert.

It was a classic Black Forest cake with mint mixed in.

"Hmmm…. Not bad… even the details of these edible trees are not bad… these fake or actual sculpted frosting?" Huntress said while she looks at the trees closely… with Marceline's hair hands being made extra small if needed, could do a lot.

"Oh it's real. Wasn't easy. I was gonna use broccoli as trees but…. Who puts vegetables on desserts? So I made sure to sculpt them one at a time." Marceline said.

"Interesting… though to be fair I have heard of plant like people enjoying vegetables with their dessert, some vegetables, even fruits more often would have helped but for what you had since this a Candy based kingdom… not bad, hard to top something this good, almost makes me regret ruining this." Huntress said as she liftsa fork.

"Almost but not quite." Huntress said as she moved to get a bite of the cake and she hums a bit.

"Hmmm… not bad… the cake is moist but not too moist… honestly I'm surprised so far with how much cooking knowhow you and Finn know so far… how come either of you didn't open a restaurant or something?" Huntress wondered when she looks curious.

Marceline and Finn shrugged.

"Never came to mind." Marceline said when Canyon got her dessert which was light blue looking popsicle.

"Hmmm?... a popsicle?" Canyon said while she picked it up… didn't look too fancy, but when she licks it…. She had a surprised look.

"Salty… yet sweet?" Canyon said when she licked it a couple times to make sure she wasn't overthinking things.

"Hehe, a sea salt flavor popsicle." Marceline said.

"I see… would ask where you learned how to make this but given how rare popsicles are, either a pre-mushroom learned recipe or maybe learned it from Simon maybe since he lived before the mushroom wars?" Canyon said while she looks curiously at Marceline.

"Well let's just say after meeting Simon, he and I found an ice cream shop with the freezer still working and found those very popsicles. Had to make sure to save the recipe in case I want it back." Marceline said.

"I see… well it's well worth holding onto, its a nice flavor… maybe you could give it to the present Bubblegum and she could have some kind of Ice cream guy make more so many can enjoy this treat, I know my past self will." Canyon said while she licked the popsicle more.

"Hehe, maybe I should. So what's the verdict?" Marceline said.

"Hmmm… in terms of cooking first… have to give it to Finn… presentation is nice Marceline but while the cake was good, it also could use some work in a couple areas… for example it was JUST the cake and while nice, didn't have much else to not make the taste overpowered and make you want something else after a few bites." Huntress said when she points out the differences in her cake compared to Finn's… her cake may look nice but Finn's though plain, did have plenty of ways to switch things up with either the cake or the treat inside for different flavors.

"I'm also going to have to give Finn the cooking win Marceline… while its nice you used this recipe, its simple to make compared to this water fruit… you have NO idea how hard it is to see one of these above ground… haven't tasted it yet but I've eaten a number of them to know that this, while not the top tier of head chef Water kingdom levels… its definitely up there, again may not matter much to others but if Finn did something to help make this fruit different than it already is, more points to him, tell me, can you cook a water fruit and make sure it doesn't pop?... with how rare they are and delicate they are, one bad cut and pop… no fruit… honestly the delicate work Finn did is shocking honestly." Canyon said while Finn grins at the 2 out of 3 win on the point gain, even if Bubblegum liked Marceline's food more, Finn won the cooking round in desserts…. If he won knowledge than he would win the contest unless a tie happened.

Marceline gulped.

"Bonnie?" She said.

"Well I have to give Marceline a point for cooking and for knowledge to help get the knowledge out of the way… Finn's dish was good and believe me, would be easier to make if I ask for the recipe from him but Marceline put a lot of love and care in this meal… I mean look at this, would you think this was dessert from looks alone?... takes a lot of shocking skill to be able to do this." Bubblegum said while she gestured to her food… 1 of 3 for knowledge for Marceline since the cooking point was useless now.

"Great… guess I lost." Marceline said.

"Not quite, you have 1 in cooking and knowledge, Finn has 2 in cooking and 1 in knowledge… if one person even gives you one point in knowledge Marceline… a tie for both." Ranmyaku points out while he held up a scoreboard… 2 for cooking with Finn, 1 for cooking with Marceline… 1… for Knowledge for Finn… 1 for Marceline showing she still has a shot only if Huntress or Canyon give her a point.

"I'm afraid I'll have to give Finn a win since again he would have to have a large amount of skill for the Water fruit… if he had anything interesting to make it different, I'll have to share it with everyone with Ranmyaku helps… if Huntress gives a win to Finn or Marceline in Knowledge… thats either a tie with Marceline and Finn… or Finn's win…" Canyon said while making look at Huntress dramatically while she looks at Canyon with a raised eyebrow.

"Way to put the pressure on me." Huntress states with a half lidded look on her face.

Marceline really hopes to get the point as Finn was neutral.

Reason for this was if he won, he won, if he lost, it would be a tie so a tiebreaker would have to be made to help break this so Finn was not to worried either way.

"OK… before I make my choice… do you two promise no to have hard feelings despite my choice?" Huntress said when she gave the duo a raise eyebrow.

"I promise." Finn said.

"I promise… that I won't flip this table over your heads." Marceline said.

Huntress raised an eyebrow at that.

"Err… Marceline… that may just cost you the point since insulting a judge by holding hard feelings… and since this is the no nonsense Huntress…" Phoebe said while she gave Marceline a half lidded look since Marceline said that to Huntress of all people.

"Okay fine… I promise too." Marceline said before having this thought.

'If she was in a comedy club… no one would laugh.'

"Alright… my vote on knowledge… goes to Finn… Marceline was able to do well given she was able to use her hair hands and while others could make it given time, but again, Finn was able to layer on various flavors to compliment the dessert so it wouldn't overpower one another… that takes actual knowledge more or less in cooking, so while both are good, Finn's cake wins in knowledge." Huntress said giving Finn the point and win in knowledge.

So in terms of tallies…

Strength - Finn.

Speed - Marceline

Agility - tie

Cooking - Finn

Knowledge - Finn

So in a 3 point win with Marceline having 1 and a tie, Finn wins the contest.

"Oh yeah!" Finn said while he had a grin on his face.

"Damn." Marceline said before she looks at Future Bubblegum.

"Since you knew Bonnie, don't know how time travel works but… younger you is getting a spanking. Not in a sexual way."

"Hehe, oh please Marceline, we both know if you do that, you get to sexual so pretty sure while a couple smacks maybe be a bit much, but you would do more since you said so yourself… I'm a future version… not the present… besides if you want to blame anyone, blame Ranmyaku, he brought us here." Bubblegum said while Ranmyaku looks amused.

"Hey to be fair, all I did was bring you back here, I didn't say anything to influence much… besides not all here are from a timeline with Marceline losing… for example Huntress here was part of the timeline where Marceline won and was apart of the timeline with things working out in the end with a TON of trouble happing beforehand… honestly she was curious how this contest would go since its different than what she remembers." Ranmyaku said while he grins at Finn and Marceline who look surprised by this fact… more so Marceline when she remembered hearing about the three timelines.

"Aw man… I should've been with that Huntress." Marceline said.

"Hey I used mixtures from timelines that would make this purely impartial… so since Finn won it was fully his skills and what not winning, you were damn well close though Marceline, honestly this timeline could have gone either way." Ranmyaku said while he looks amused when he points out many here were from one timeline or another so would be purely impartial no matter what in his eyes.

Marceline crossed her arms.

"You may won Finn but… I'm still not letting you off the hook. It'll be a very long time for that to happen."

Finn though shrugs at this.

"Fair enough… may as well have you keep out of my way then as a prize when I have fun with present PB… if you hate me that much may as well make sure you don't want to kill me… I'm not like that fucker Ash after all…" Finn said while he really looked angered since he still remembered that comment before he calmed himself when he took a breath.

Marceline rolls her eyes.

"Whatever." She said.

A few sweatdrop from this as Ranmyaku chuckles.

"Well either way, here are your watches again, remember only Finn's watch will fix things entirely to when he found it and yours can only go back to when I gave you this watch." Ranmyaku said while he summoned the watches for Finn and Marceline to take.

"Well not like it matters. Keep the watch. Contest wasn't helpful." Marceline said.

Ranmyaku though sighs and looks coldly at Marceline.

"You really underestimate what I see and do bitch… I can get rid of both watches if you want to keep acting like a downer and have you STUCK in a timeline you don't like." Ranmyaku said when he was tired of Marceline's personality right now and walked to her while she was momentarily frozen on the spot by the sudden tone and way the Glob of time spoke with her.

"In this timeline, all Finn wanted was payback on princesses who used and abused him… he didn't harm innocents, he didn't do anythin that wasn't warranted so grow the fuck up and be a damn Queen like you say you are… you know how many Marceline's in twisted timelines would love to be in your fucking shoes… Honestly, Royals like you are starting to piss me off immensely… only reason I even helped was because of how unique this timeline I was observing was since Finn was actually manning up instead of letting Royals like you push him around… not like I'm saying forcing himself on Royals was OK but lets face facts Marceline… since when did Finn have ANY shot with you aisde drastic moves since YOU pulled the fucking mind games card…. Try and not piss me off more than I am now since believe me… I've seen many timelines where you have seriously BAD end and THIS one is not one of them since I KNOW Finn would treat you like a fucking Queen if you just get your head out of your damn ass and actually think for once… you have fucking time to process things, you had time to consider Finn not the worst guy around… so which is it, is he good enough for you or not, you're a living paradox mentally right now with the actions and stuff you've done since Bubblegum has done FAR worse yet you still gave her a scond chance so what the fuck is different with Finn aside fucking gender." Ranmyaku said while he had a glowing green angered eye that dared anyone to try and get in his way of chewing Marceline out.

Hunson wanted to throttle the Glob of the time as Marceline tries to not feel fear.

"I-I'm not… answering you."

Ranmyaku chuckles before he grins at Marceline.

"Fine… than an ultimatum… and unlike Prismo I can fucking do it without much reprocussions… why don't I just get rid of headaches like you by taking out the Mushroom bombs preventing all royals from being born… no Lich, no Royals that would risk wiping out kingdoms, and no annoying timelines where stupid actions from many would cause serious issues…" Ranmyaku said before he glared at Marceline.

"And I would do it to to see how that timeline would go… any here try and attack me and you pretty much fuck your entire timeline over… there are plenty of dimensions outside of the time room that have similar dimensions such as this so what if one Ooo vanished and had a world without the effects of the mushroom bomb?" Ranmyaku said when he made Hunson and Finn stop in their tracks from doing anything hasty when he could tell what they would do.

Marceline's eyes widened.

"No, don't!"

"Than fucking talk instead of being a fucking bitch, honestly I told you what timelines would happen if you keep playing games like this and your fucking pissing a Glob of time off who can pretty much undo all existence and restart things in an instant… I'll return your watches and return the future Royals here to their timelines but Marceline… do the right fucking thing and actually think about your actions because lets face it… there are many Ooo's with such similar timelines, whats a loss of one Ooo VS many… hell becuse of one Ooo, a lich fragment got scattered ALL over the fucking multiverse so I could flush this dimension and be a fucking hero for killing a Lich in one world yet it wouldn't matter since the multiverse is fucking neverending… now… if you'll excuse me…" Ranmyaku said as Ranmyaku snapped his fingers and a moment later, the future versions of everyone vanished to their respective timelines, the time watches appeared in Marceline and Finn's hands, and the only ones in the room were Finn, Marceline, Hunson, and Simon since most of the group was more or less future timeline versions as Ranmyaku looks at everyone.

"There… back to normal points in their timelines… try and not have me come back for awhile Marceline… in most timelines, you're the one to pull the stupid moves compared to Finn and he learned his lesson after making Phoebe and Simon as Ice King fight when Jake pushed him to do it years ago… just a head up in case you didn't hear… fucking unbelievable on how many timelines have hard headed Royals… should think about the other persons point of view… I swear…" Ranmyaku said as he flickered away and vanished leaving the much smaller group alone.

"Don't care if my daughter messed up. He's a fucking prick." Hunson said.

Ranmyaku appeared and sucker punched Hunson in the gut and looks him in the eyes.

"Oh like you're any better you evil inclined prick, at the very least piss me off enough and I'll make sure you return to primordial Ooze either here and now or before Marceline was born!... watch it with a guy who can go around that deathless state of yours… oh and by the way Simon, here for being a good guy." Ranmyaku said as he reached to the side and all of a sudden Betty was here while Ranmyaku looks at Simon who had a dropped jaw.

"She pretty much was pushed out of Golb and you made a wish to do what she did at the end of the Gum war… may not be the Betty or Simon you two know but… eh… I want to show that I'm not a complete Ass and Betty here did want to leave Ooo because of all the memories, your welcome by the way." Ranmyaku said as he looks at everyone else with narrowed eyes and did a quick spin and vanished again while Betty left behind just looked confused.

"Uhh… what happened?... and… Simon?" Betty said while she had wide eyes… last she remembered was walking along a plain at the border of Ooo and next thing she knew she was before a winter geared Simon.

Though before many could question things… Ranmyaku popped up.

"Oh and to really bring the guilt for a demonic dumbass duo… here Hunson, a happy and Healthy Dawn who I talked with and knows EVERYTHING you did to Marceline after she grew and She knows everything about this timeline… this Dawn was not from a timeline where she went missing or ill… got lost between Dimensions by a freak accident… honestly THAT was an unlucky thing to happen… enjoy explaining to your wife Hunson and mother Marceline on how to calm an irked Dawn." Ranmyaku said as he gently moved and place a woman Hunson and Marceline recognize and she had a raised eyebrow and frown on her face when she say the duo.

"Thank you and good night… never piss off a Glob of time because you may wish I did get rid of this timeline… HAHAHA!" Ranmyaku said as he vanished with a mischievous laugh.

"D-Dawn?" Hunson said as he couldn't believe it.

"M-Mom?" Marceline said while Dawn tapped her foot.

"In the flesh… happy reunion given I heard in this timeline I either vanished or died of an illness after Marceline got split up from me but in my timeline, was taking one last moment after I had Marceline go to a vault thing I know of to protect Marceline so I can talk with my timeline's hunson… as you heard got a magica magical accident and wound up in some kind of void… can explain it later… for now… mind explaining why the Glob of time was pissed because he told me ALOT about what you two did… mind games with Finn here and wolves on your girlfriend Marceline?... that fucking amulet Hunson with Marceline?... and thats just one stupid moment from each…" Dawn said while she had a raised eyebrow… Simon and Betty on their ends had wide eyes and dropped jaws when they look at one another.

"What?" Simon said as Marceline and Hunson jolts.

"Uh…" Hunson tries to say before he summons a portal.

"Gotta go." He said before running.

"Me too." Marceline said as she darts for the portal.

"Shame, than I guess I have to make up to finn myself for the stupid stunts you two did." Dawn said with a hand on her hip right as Hunson and Marceline were about to vanished, Finn on his end, though surprised, was just enjoying the show while he munches on some food for now.

This made both daughter and father stop.

"WHAT?!" They said.

"You heard me… Hunson you were about to jump Dimensions and Marceline… you were about to fly off… how am I as simple human compared to you two supposed to catch you when in the Nightosphere there are either rape happy demons who I may give a good time willingly to piss you off Hunson or for you Marceline… if you can't see what Finn can do you for you after you two make up, may as well try and find a new man for me… who knows… maybe if I talk with this Betty woman if she calms down after hugging and crying against Simon… could team up with her and really make Simon's day… heard about all he did for my little girl so why not reward him if my own husband alternate timeline or not is trying to run from me?" Dawn said while she gave the Vampire Queen and Hunson a half lidded look as Simon and Betty were indeed hugging and crying from how happy they were now… granted not quite their own significant other but close enough if Prismo and others couldn't effect a Glob merged Simon and Betty in differing timelines.

"Over my Deathless body. I refuse." Hunson said with a narrow look.

"And with how long you have been in the Nightosphere when I was alive in your timeline AFTER I gave birth to Marceline, ever try and look for me without a summoner?" Dawn said while she gave Hunson a half lidded look as he flinched at that logic.

"Well I wanted to but it's not easy for me to just pop out." Hunson said.

"And sending messages or a deal with summoned demons to allow the summoner to let the demon look for Marceline and I for a reward back then didn't occur to the all powerful lord of Chaos?" Dawn countered when she looks at Hunson with a raised eyebrow.

Hunson was quiet for a moment.


Dawn sighs as she shakes her head.

"You better expect me to make your balls ache later when we get back to the Nightosphere… as for you Marceline…" Dawn said when she looks at Marceline with a serious look making Marceline jolt.

"Whoa wait mom, mind games aside, they were harmless." Marceline said.

"And the wolves and the messing with a young at the time boys mind instead of being honest?... pretty sure your Dawn and I are similar enough to say were you raised to trick people who are kind to you?... sure may have gotten separated as a kid from me…. But I thought I raised you better." Dawn said while she gave Marceline a narrowed eyed look.

Marceline narrows her eyes.

"I'm a thousand years old mom. I don't need this lecture."

"A thousand years old yet has the self control of a 10 year old… tell me does age really matter when you know you and I lived in the harshness of Ooo back than?... you'll have to do better and by the way…" Dawn said as she pinched Marceline's ear hard and dragged her down.

"I dealt with your idiotic father on the daily before you were born… think I can't handle you when Hunson couldn't and HE is much MUCH older than you so that age card won't fly will it?... try anything and I may as well go to Finn instead of Hunson here so I can make up for you twos screw ups… sure Finn did a twisted thing to you and Bubblegum but to a powerless human at the time against two Royals with influence and power… doubt he could do much against you two… or am I wrong?" Dawn said with a pointed look that dared Marceline to try anything and Marceline would regret her actions.

"Gah!… Let go of my ear!" Marceline groans from the pain.

"Let go of my ear… what?" Dawn said with a strong grip on Marceline's ear still.

Marceline didn't want to say it however… she was now thinking of actually using the watch to undo things.

Though that made Marceline freeze on the inside… undo things… wouldn't that mean… undoing her mom coming back?... this made Marceline lower her hands.

"L-Let go of my ear… please Mom." Marceline said while Dawn hums and smiles as she lets go of Marceline's ear.

"There… was that so bad sweetie?" Dawn said as she kissed Marceline's cheek in a loving way.

Finn was chuckling at this which made Marceline glare at the human.

Dawn sighs before she looks at Finn.

"Sorry about Marceline Finn, she can be pretty stubborn…. Though I do need to wonder who raised you to force yourself on women… granted Bubblegum did deserve some payback but that was a bit overkill young man." Dawn said making Finn jolt big time when he was in the hot seat now all of a sudden.

"Thank you." Marceline said as someone finally gets it.

"Marceline… again considering Finn couldn't do much back than given your super strength and Bubblegum's weaponry, aside the fact Finn did do what he did, you and Bubblegum did do a lot to cause this… or am I and the Glob of time wrong eternally young lady?" Dawn said while she glanced at Marceline with a half lidded look.

Marceline sighs.

"No… but rape is still wrong."

"Marceline, your father may not have told you, but Ranmyaku told me that the Dawn of this timeline and I are so similar aside that one event that caused me to split from you… you think Hunson and I had such a good meeting?... no… thanks to me accidentally getting sucked to the Nightosphere, long story short your father forced himself on me, granted I was always the intense one so didn't mind and he was in heat so some blame can be put on that, but trust me, I had scratch marks and some bruises on my body after your fathers heat sessions…" Dawn said while she had a raised eyebrow when she looks at Hunson who jolts big time.

"What?!" Marceline said as Hunson chuckled nervously.

"She's not wrong."

"Yup… you were a byproduct of Hunson and I having intense rough heated angry sex more or less… enjoy that fact before you bite into Finn metaphorically since if you go into Heat, could just jump him and stuff and work things out mid sex… and while its true rape is bad, unfortunately Marceline, 3 things I heard… first Bubblegum of this world and many princesses don't mind what Finn did or does and this isn't the pre-mushroom war and many kingdoms have different rules, laws, and customs… heard from Ranmyaku that Finn would be well welcome by many women and would enjoy him being aggressive with them… kinky women… 2, if worse comes to worse Finn could just go to the Nameless kingdom and marry three royals there, and finally if Finn truely did anything bad at least in many Royal's eyes, they would have used all their power legally to get Finn arrested LONG ago after hearing of this by now and I doubt he would resist innocent guards following commands, at best would undo everything to put that watch back and do things differently… honestly Marceline while I get you're angry, can you stay angry long knowing that what you and Finn are doing is just straight up stupid in many ways and should just forgive one another… if Bubblegum did why can't you?" Dawn said while she had a hand on her hip and as Finn opened his mouth, Dawn gave him a look to shut it making him jolt as he covered his mouth when Dawn scared even him a bit… guess it took an iron will to deal with Hunson and now Marceline so Dawn was probably the scariest person here among power users… and she was weaker than all here.

"I have my reasons, mom. Not only is he rape happy but he humiliated me. I can't just let it go. It took me a year to forgive the twerp when he saw me nude. And yes Finn I knew. I had a mirror when you snuck in my house with Jake." Marceline said.

"Ranmyaku also told me you would say that, first off Marceline, what can you do to Finn than that would make things right since all this is just stupid back and fourth fighting is just annoying and I've been here for a short time, as for the nude thing, you should know it was Jake's fault and he said and I quote, Ranmyaku by the way, that Jake told Finn to Scope out the scene so he and Jake could try and get out… so pure accident there… and if you're a Vampire… why have a Mirror?... as for the humiliated part, you two had a neck and neck contest that Finn barely scraped by and you pissed off a Glob of time with your attitude about it, what would you do to Finn if he lost?... banish him?... torture him?.. Because aside those options I doubt you could do much besides at best having him royal promise to stay away from Bubblegum… but what if she was in trouble and you couldn't do anything?... and Marceline… Finn was a kid when he saw you… years ago from what I heard… he helped you with your fathers antics, against that fucker Ash, and many more… even heard from Ranmyaku you and Finn didn't want to be friends so mind explaining that when Finn was traumatized from what I heard?... You want to bring up all the bad things did so why not your actions young lady?" Dawn said while she looks at her nails.

Marceline was taken back from that.

"I was just joking! I didn't think it was serious."

"Marceline… your father forced that amulet on you and it turned you into a monster and Finn had to wear it to save you… may not have effected you much but ever think of things from Finn's perspective… a mortal human, you if you want to try a reversal, came to the Nightosphere to rescue the damsel in destress or the hero whether he or she liked it or not, and after that you get told you don't want to be friends anymore by the person you helped after you did something to mess with your mind…. Honestly that may seem small to you but to at the point powerless human… even Hunson told me to NEVER wear the amulet and I'm his wife." Dawn said while she looks at Marceline with a serious look.

"Ignoring that, mind games, not being honest, its no wonder Finn did what he did and sure you could give him a punishment but would any of that make you happy… tell Finn what you think about him honestly and depending on whats said… he could either work his ass off to make up for what he did since Bubblegum doesn't seem to mind or leave Ooo… and since he will be immortal soon given what Hunson did… would you be able to live years from now with that kind of guilt eating away at you?... hell Finn may go and apologize to Bubblegum for what he did but after all Finn did for her and that too young bullshit instead of being honest, honestly Finn could have done MUCH worse…. Ranmyaku told me of timelines were Finn went full on villain, timelines where Finn even kllled himself, timelines were he ran away… so tell me young lady… do you want ANY of those happening?" Dawn said when she slowly moved to stand before Marceline unflinching while waiting for Marceline to seriously think on her answer.

"Well… no." Marceline said as she had no other say.

"Good… now Finn…" Dawn said while glaring at Finn making him jolt in his seat.

"Y-Yes?" Finn said.

"I won't say much since while you did stupid stunts, it was either because of others or you and you learned from things… but will you do everything in your power to make things right with you and Marceline and Bubblegum?... can you look me in the eyes and tell me having Marceline, who used to be a close friend of yours hate you?" Dawn said while she crossed her arms.

Finn was thoughtful and he sighs.

"Yes… but I thought with everything going on when I found that watch… I thought every Royal would just use me as free help whenever they were in trouble so I just wanted something back after all I did… I mean no disrespect Mrs. Abadeer… but your daughter, the POWERFUL Vampire Queen needed my help time and time again a few times yet… oh whats the point… know what… here Marceline, take this and destroy it if you want, can't kill me, can't rewind time or you'll lose your mom so I may as well just leave Ooo as a disgrace of a hero if you hate my guts as much as you do… honestly the ONLY reason I did all this was to show I wasn't going to be used for free labor and for what… tossed away for being too young?... told when I was traumatized at the time that you didn't want to be a friend of mine?... honestly I could go on but considering all I say just pisses you off… fine…" Finn said as he took his watch and just tossed it near Marceline as Finn actually looks defeated when he looks at the ceiling.

"Seems no matter what, I'll be enemy number 1 to some." Finn said while he just sat there with a defeated look in his eyes… he may have won the contest but all it seemed to do was make things worse.

Marceline was caught off guard.

"What? That's not what I wanted."

"Than what Marceline?... what do you want than because its either me being a naive little kid with no hope of romance with royals and possibly normal people… or a guy who you despise that pretty much forced himself on your girlfriend who used me for free labor with not many perks and flat out told me I was too young to date her… hell was even rejected by PB when she was momentarily my age physically before being fixed up… so what do you want from me Marceline because if you don't talk… I won't know… and I may as well get out of your life for Good with a Royal Promise to never return to Ooo unless a world destroying threat is coming." Finn said while he gave Marceline a look that showed he was serious on that claim.

Marceline glares at Finn.

"Shut up! I just want you to admit your mistakes. If anyone will leave it's me. And I'll royal promise that before you!"

Dawn though sighs before she comically hits Marceline hard on her head making Marceline groan when she somehow felt lasting damage and Finn was just flat out slugged by Dawn on the chin when she walked to him and made him fly out of his chair.

"That… is it… Hunson!... get Bubblegum and get her here now or so help me I'll fucking let Simon knock me up long before I give you a good time again because this is fucking rediulous." Dawn said as she dragged a dazed Finn to a stunned Marceline and gripped her on the back of the shirt as Hunson jolts big time.

"C-Coming right up!" Hunson said as he went to get Bubblegum.

As he did so, Dawn moved to drag Finn and Marceline to a guestroom and just threw them inside when she found a room with a large bed and as Finn and Marceline finally recover, they saw Dawn writing something on the outer part of the door while she had a calm look on her face.

"Oh good you two are recovered… listen and shut it… this will seal you two in here for 24 hours straight… no exceptions… yes I'm serious, sit in here in silence for all I care because this is getting annoying and I've been here for barely an hour…learned this so in case Hunson does something bad… can put even him in a timeout so if you think you two can bust out, think again, this makes the ENTIRE room a sealed room and only people and food can enter so expect a meal or two later since there is a slot in this door near the bottom… but if 24 hours pass and nothing good happens, well… I guess its a lost cause with you two… good luck, talking, doing whatever, doesn't matter, just fucking don't do anything stupid since you two are so similar its annoying at how you two are not hearing yourselves." Dawn said as she slammed the door shut as Hunson finally got a confused Bubblegum to her… she was in a nightgown since she was resting up from what happened with her and Finn… remember this Bubblegum was just in a sexy moment with Finn and could only slip a nightgown she had on that was given to her by Jasmine at the last moment.

"This door is not to be opened under any means unless an emergency or to slip food under the door… Dawn Abadeer from another timeline by away, Marceline's mother, I'm ending this annoying feud of Marceline and Finn's by sealing them in this room for 24 hours… AND IF THEY TRY AND BREAK FREE I'LL MAKE IT 48 HOURS!... Nice to meet you by the way… heard a lot about you." Dawn said while she shouts that 48 hour part so Finn and Marceline could hear that and jolt when they knew Dawn was serious about this now.

This didn't stop Marceline from saying this.


"Oh like that threat scares me young lady, Hunson said worse in his more anger prone moods, I'll pull a Wood Nymph special from back than and fucking dominate you like mothers do to daughters to teach them a lesson and if you think I know spells that can just seal demons, don't think I can't weaken them to be weaker than me." Dawn said while she speaks through the door.

Marceline jolts.

"You wouldn't."

"Marceline sweetie… considering I tamed your father enough to follow my commands otherwise he would lose my fine ass to tap… you think I am really bluffing?... You are a grown woman so should I treat you like a kid or an anger prone woman who needs an attitude adjustment… same with Finn who may need a pick me up after he had an emotional down just now." Dawn said while she had a half lidded look on her face.

Marceline was quiet for a bit.

"Fine… I'll back off from that. But you… lady… I'm not speaking to you when I get out."

"Fine, I'll just stay with Hunson and not have long overdue bonding times I missed out on… said so yourself you grew to an adult age while I missed it all from a freak accident separating me and you… come on Hunson, lets take Bubblegum to her room to explain more and after if I'm in a good enough mood, may have some long overdue fun… may get the whips and stuff you like me to use." Dawn said with a smirk as she, a tired confused Bubblegum, and Hunson walked away from the door leaving a silent Finn and Marceline in the room alone.

"That fucking bitch." Marceline said as she hits the door with her fist.

Finn however was just silent as he laid on the bed while staying quiet.

Marceline didn't look.

"Not gonna say anything?"

"Why bother?... pretty sure anything I say will just piss you off, so may as well just sleep for 24 hours… not the first time I was locked up and for much longer so 24 hours is nothing." Finn said as he turned on his side and fell silent.

Marceline scoffed.

"You can't sleep for a year."

"She said 24 at best… 48 hours at worst…. Oh whatever…" Finn muttered as he fell silent again.

Marceline grumbled before she actually went to the bed and sat at the edge.

"Look… obviously our bitchiness got us in this mess. So let's just hash it out and we can move on."

"How?... I raped PB and pretty much made an ass of myself and humiliated you like you said… you even said after I said I would leave you, you would do the same… how would PB feel if she heard that anyway?" Finn said while he glanced at Marceline but looks away when he thought he would piss Marceline off more.

"Get real Finn. You won't leave Ooo considering that you have Jake and BMO. Plus future Pheebs is having kids, don't know who but obviously if you leave… won't happen." Marceline said.

"Unless you and Phoebe have kids… or her and PB… as for Jake he moved to Lady's long ago and BMO just does whatever at the treefort or Jakes with TV… we don't know what the future has in store so ANYONE could be Phoebe's lover…" Finn said while he turned to lay on his back.

"And if you're the mother, how would you feel?" Finn wondered while he looks at the ceiling.

"I wouldn't know. Maybe upset." Marceline said.

"Upset?... if you knocked Phoebe up you would be upset?" Finn said while he looks a bit bewildered at Marceline.

"Oh, thought you meant leaving. Guess I would be glad. Kids were never on the subject with me." Marceline said as she checked her nails.

"I see… honestly… I'm jealous of you Marceline… so much that it makes me feel sick sometimes." Finn said while he covered his face with one hand and was actually starting to tear up.

Marceline blinked a bit.

"How… you're immortal and you're getting laid. So far no one has called for your head."

"And yet I had to force myself on PB… all I wanted was just… someone to love and care for yet… every time I tried to do something with a princess or a Queen like you… its normally getting help from me… no dates this or romance that… sure many bat eyelashes but… Glob I feel like I was used and just tossed around like a disposable toy… PB with her too young crap… I think she just couldn't forget about you… and you here… Glob I'm pathetic… I became immortal and I've gotten laid but when have I ever was able to do that normally?" Finn said while he couldn't help but really cry now when tears rolled down the sides of his face.

"And since I'm immortal… and can't turn back time or you'll lose your mom… I'm stuck in this timeline with no way out." Finn said while he cried a bit more.

Marceline finally turns around and sees Finn balling.

How long was he holding that in?

"Look… it's not the end of everything. I'm sure some gal will give you what you want."

"And who could that be?... its only when I got that watch that I was able to do anything tier wise with women… most either treated me likea kid or I was not even on their radar… name one person who could love a guy like me without thinking of that watch… and I'm not talking about Phoebe who is iffy, Canyon, PB currently, and others at the treefort… I'm talking genuine real dates, actual love and care… sure I can grow to love them but… will they with me?" Finn muttered while he looks back at the ceiling.

Marceline was quiet for a bit.

"Okay I don't have the answer for that. Just stop moping."

"Why?... why do you care?... you hate my guts right?... seeing me like this should be the highlight of your day?" Finn said while he was genuinely curious when he glanced at Marceline.

"You think I'm enjoying this? Well actually no." Marceline said.

"Really?... even with the way you acted to me earlier when you wanted to win that contest so badly or earlier when you wanted me dead and stuff?... you even compared me to Ash… you know how low that was?... me to him?... well if you think that than I must be like Ash…" Finn said while he remembered the anger Marceline had wherever she saw him recently and just turned to look from Marceline and covered the side of his head with a pillow.

Marceline sighs.

"Alright… I'll admit that was low of comparing that donk to you. I was just beyond angry at your actions."

"Well I may as well be worse than Ash… at least he can't force himself on women." Finn said while he admitted he was worse than Ash himself.

"Okay stop. I said I was wrong so stop saying it." Marceline said.

"And why should I listen… Ash had a thing for you, tried to force you to be his slave, but was stopped with the memory powder incident…. I had a thing for PB, I ACTUALLY forced myself on her with many wolf humanoids from the dungeon train to join me for added effect and wasn't stopped… if I'm not like Ash how do you explain the similarities yet I managed to get lucky with PB." Finn said while glanced at Marceline.

"Ash was evil, leave it at that. You may have raped Bonnie but you made her warm up to you after." Marceline said.

"Maybe… Glob I'm a failure of a hero at least… why are you so angry when I wanted to leave Ooo when I actually had good reasons for leaving?" Finn asked while he looks at Marceline when he sat on the bed.

"Ooo needs you dude. You won't leave people behind." Marceline countered.

"I will with this immortality thing long run, as far as I know only you, PB, and I have decent levels of immortality now that won't make someone go mad… and with you hating my guts and most likely will keep PB from me and don't want to see me, I may as well just be a nomad like you were at least and just help people and not expect anything anymore." Finn said while he thought about all the people who will die of old age and he would stay the same now.

Marceline was pinching the bridge of her nose.

"What do you want from me? Take everything I said back? Fine… I'm sorry. I should've considered your feelings more and I should've thanked you for getting rid of Ash."

Though while Finn heard that… a small amount of anger built up.

"But do you mean that?... at all?" Finn said as he sat up on the bed and looks at Marceline with a hard to read look.

"Partially… I can't take back words… but I can admit it and apologize." Marceline said.

"Than I want to ask a question and I want an honest answer… answer it without any kind of bullshit alright… otherwise we can just sit here for 24 hours and you may as well consider me a hero to many and nothing else… did ANYTHING I do in the past mean anything to you?... the saves… the momentary music things we used to do… all those hang out moments… you were broken up with PB at the time and age aside which I could have easily been content with being told that we couldn't try anything until I was 18 at least… I would have accepted it gleefully since I would have had some kind of goal to wait for… but why all the mind games… why the not friends thing even as a joke… I had a messed up mind and before you say ANYTHING like I should have talked… how could I when at the time when my head was screwed up royally and you told me we were not friends and I didn't want to anger you… I even thought you hated PB when you had me look like an ass before her in that bard outfit and those wolves… honestly… you… are the most enigmatic woman I ever met… honestly I wished I never had a crush on you back than since all it brought me was heartache at the time." Finn said with a serious look on his face.

This surprised Marceline.

"Wait, what? You had a crush on me?"

Finn on his end looks like he was just flabbergasted.

"What?... Yes!... why do you think I wanted to try and date you and everything!?... it wasn't a joke to me like it was to you back than… I thought you were one of the most beautiful women I ever saw and I helped you as a friend at first but it grew to actually caring for you!... you think I would have been your minion and pull pranks with you for just laughs?... no I honestly and truely loved you enough to risk my fucking mind shattering!... ever consider that was a possibility and not just a small time crush!?" Finn said while he moved to actually punch a wall with resounding force.

"I gave up everything for PB… my life, my youth as her knight and hero, I risked my fucking soul for you Marceline, I fucking tried to cross elemental and physcial boundried with Phoebe…" Finn said while he looks at Marceline seriously.

"So I ask you… when have I EVER half assed ANY kind of romance when I was at the time the supposed last human… I wasn't even doing that for reproducing and stuff since I knew you had choices but fuck Marceline… I don't joke with romances… I learned my lesson BIG time when I lost Phoebe!" Finn said with a some anger in his eyes when he thought that Marceline thought the crush he had on her was a joke at the time.

Marceline was very surprised.

"I… had no idea."

Finn scoffed at this.

"No… No you didn't it seems… fuck… going to the bathroom if that wasn't sealed… need to cool down and than some…" Finn said as he moved to the bathroom… he was glad it was open since it didn't seal on him when he closed the door and Marceline was left with her thoughts alone in the room.

'Crap… how can I not see this before?' Marceline thought.

As Finn used the bathroom and what not, Marceline was further in her thoughts when she remembered more that Finn did for her in the past… if what he felt for her was legit at the time… forget heartbroken… he must have been shattered with her mind games, the amulet, and now her and Bubblegum dating… honestly with things going against Finn again and again, Bubblegum and her young comments and what not… Phoebe with the fire and break up… its no wonder Finn was as damaged as he was now.

'Fuck… I Globed up.' Marceline thought as she truly realized what she did.

This made her sigh when she knew she had one thing to do now… she actually blushed when she starts to strip from her clothing slowly.

'Can't believe I'm gonna do this.' Marceline thought before she enters the bathroom.

Though when she did, she saw that Finn finished using the bathroom… he was nude as he was showering to help him cool off and didn't notice Marceline entering thanks to the steam and the water hitting the shower floor… and Marceline could see Finn's cock hanging low through the steamed glass.

This made Marceline blush before she sneakily got in the shower.

That's when she starts washing Finn's back.

"W-What the!?" Finn said as he quickly turned and blinks and blushed when he saw a somewhat shy looking nude blushing Marceline.

"Hey… you don't have to say a word. However… I fucked up Finn. I realized now how much I screwed you over and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not thanking you for saving me from my dad and Ash. I'm sorry for that joke and I should've checked you after that amulet. Bottom line… you did a lot and I didn't show any appreciation. If anyone is going to leave Ooo… it should be me. I'm the screw up here. Not you." Marceline said.

Finn blinks at this when he was greatly confused but he did look a bit thoughtful.

"Fuck…. we both screwed up big time did we… how about a deal… if you want to hear it that is." Finn said while he rubs his head and chuckles a bit thought it didn't seem humored but more just to check to see if he even could chuckle.

Marceline was neutral.

"I'm listening."

"Simple… so we don't hate one another and if this is going where I think it may go… how about this… we… try and be friends again… maybe with benefits if you're willing… we don't leave Ooo and just…. Try and salvage what we can… honestly I can't think of anything else because if you leave Ooo… I may as well leave Ooo since well… honestly if I'm a hero… I should at least help try and make sure someone I care for doesn't make a bad mistake like I did… besides… 24 hours in here and nothing to do…. so…" Finn said while he lightly blushed at Marceline.

Marceline did blush a bit.

"I'll agree but… if you ask me out… better do it with class."

Finn blinks at that.

"Really?... no… jokes?" Finn said while he looks a bit curious and on guard a bit.

Marceline shook her head.

"No. I think my jokes have reached its quota. I'm done."

Finn chuckles.

"Shame… would have thought if we did date… would love to help with pranks occasionally… but just to let you know…" Finn said as he approached Marceline and gently held her ass with one hand and her back with the other.

"To help vent… I may not be too gentle… you can do the same if you want to get rough with me… powerful regen after all." Finn said while he rubs her back and ass gently while he moved to lick and suck Marceline's bite marks to tease her.

Marceline lightly groans from that action.

"A-Alright… cause I really need to vent now… badly."

Finn didn't say anything else as he moved to kiss Marceline aggressively while he moved to hold her ass with both his hands and enjoyed how hard his grip could get, he wasn't having augmented strength with ho accessory right now so he wouldn't harm Marceline right now.

Marceline groans into the kiss before returning it in the same manner before she had her tongue fight Finn's tongue.

After a minute of enjoying the kisses… Finn moved to lick and suck Marceline's nipples while he used a hand to rub her folds deeply while enjoying how her pussy seemed to submit to his touches.

Marceline groans from that action before she uses her hair hand to roughly stroke Finn's cock.

Finn groans from the feeling and as this happened….

Currently Dawn and Bubblegum were looking on with what was going on with a hidden camera to look in the bathroom as Hunson left the room for now for two reasons… one… so he wouldn't watch his daughter have sex with Finn and 2… well thanks to there being food in the dining area, originals and stuff, he went to taste things leaving Dawn and Bubblegum alone in the room.

"About time." Bubblegum said.

"Yup, nothing like locking some people in a room for some time to help get the libido going… so expected the duo to open up like that?" Dawn asked as Bubblegum sips some tea as she watched Marceline get on her knees and suck Finn's cock making him groan as he used a hand and face fucked Marceline to enjoy himself.

Bubblegum blushes at the scene.

"More or less. But hopefully after 24 hours, those two will be more closer now." She said as Marceline deepthroats Finn's cock.

Dawn smirks when she looks at Bubblegum.

"Yup, so…" Dawn said while she waits for Bubblegum to start sipping her tea.

"Want to have sex and pass time to help you go back to sleep?" Dawn said making Bubblegum's eyes widen as she spat out her tea and coughed for breath..

"W-What… huh?!" Bubblegum said a she was caught off guard.

"You heard me… may as well have a bonding moment with my daughter in law, need to thank you for keeping Marceline company for so many years." Dawn said as she smirks at Bubblegum in a Marcelinesk way showing who Marceline got her looks from.

Bubblegum blushes.

"I-It was nothing. I… love Marceline very much."

"Well thats sweet… but since we have a show with my daughter and a possibly boyfriend to be for you and Marceline… can at least help you feel better if you are getting worked up by what your watching… or is my body body not doing it for you?... I am getting a bit on in years and did come from a time where I was trying to survive…" Dawn said while she moved to rub Bubblegum's cheek a bit in a teasing tender way.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"W-Well… you have a point." She said.

Dawn smirks when she heard that.

"Good… lets get started…" Dawn said and after a minute… she was eagerly sucking Bubblegum's cock when Bubblegum formed one and Dawn's tongue moved to lick as much as she could while she fingered Bubblegum's folds while she sat on the bed and barely held her upper body up so she could watch Dawn do what she did… both were still clothed and Dawn only moved Bubblegum's panties aside so it was as simple blowjob for now.

"A-Ah… oh Glob." Bubblegum groans as she starts enjoying Dawn's actions.

Dawn was amused when she pulled her head back and stroked Bubblegum's slick pink cock.

"Tasty… can see why Marceline enjoys this cock if she sucks it daily." Dawn said before she moans as she slowly took most of Bubblegum's cock down her mouth and bobs her head while she looks at Bubblegum to see how she was doing when she moved her hair from out of her way to let her look at Bubblegum with a lustful look in her eyes.

Bubblegum blushes at the look as she groans more before petting Dawn's head.

Dawn gave Bubblegum an eyesmile and she bobbed her head more when she felt Bubblegum's cock throb in her mouth more and more until…

Bubblegum moans a bit loud before she released her sugary load in Dawn's mouth.

Dawn moans when she drank the sperm eagerly when she loved how sweet the sperm tasted.

"Hmmm… no wonder Marceline loves this princess… surgery sweet loads." Dawn said while she keeps drinking as much as she could while waiting for Bubblegum to ride out her orgasm as Bubblegum's hips shudder from her orgasm.

After about 15 seconds, Bubblegum taps off before lightly panting.

Dawn pulled her head back while licking Bubblegum's cock clean… as she lets Bubblegum take a moment to recover, she looks to see Finn on the screen force Marceline to fully take his cock down her mouth and he came way beyond hard with a groan down her throat with Marceline's throat bulging with each shot.

Marceline lightly gagged as she drinks down the human's cum.

Once Finn rides out his orgasm and Marceline took a moment to swallow the remaining load in her mouth after Finn pulled his cock free from her mouth…. Though Marceline looks surprised and groans when Finn works to eat Marceline's pussy out vigorously and Marceline wrapped her legs around Finn's head and gripped his long golden locks tightly.

"D-Deeper!" Marceline groans.

Finn had no issues with that as he ate out Marceline vigorously… he fingered her ass as well to boot with one finger before adding a second finger.

Marceline really groans loud before she uses her hair hand to roughly fondle Finn's balls.

Finn groans from this while he continues to eat Marceline out… as this happened, Dawn, who stripped of her clothing which was a bit ruined from her travels and time outside of the transfer between dimensions… well she had a rather nice figure similar to Marceline's though Dawn's figure, with C to near D cup breasts, had a better looking ass while she moved to get over Bubblegum and had Bubblegum's cock rest between her soft ass cheeks.

"Oooooohhh… nice and hard… wonder what would happen if I let this cock enter my pussy… may surprise Marcy with a sibling… or maybe I ride your cock with my nice thick ass… I've seen men and women staring… and with how hard you are… its like your begging for my ass already." Dawn teased while she grinds her ass against Bubblegum's cock.

Bubblegum shudders from that action.

"W-Well…it feels good."

"Good… get ready to enjoy the ass that tamed the Demon king of Chaos." Dawn teased when she lifts her ass and after aiming Bubblegum's cock… she groans when Bubblegum's cock goes deep inside of her ass and loved the feeling as her ass gripped Bubblegum's cock something fierce.

"Oh fuck." Bubblegum groans as she felt how tight Dawn's ass was.

Once Dawn got her body low enough she moans as she starts to ride Bubblegum's cock and leaned back so Bubblegum laying on the bed could watch her do her work when Dawn's cock fully takes in Bubblegum's cock again and again.

"A-Ah… Oh Glob… Oh fuck!… Y-Your ass is tight!" Bubblegum groans.

"Mmm…. and your cock is fucking sweet… honestly I would ride this cock all day if not for the fact Marceline would get jealous… maybe she and I could tag team this monster if you want." Dawn said while moaning when she grinds her ass on Bubblegum's cock and it wiggles in Dawn's ass.

"A-Ah!… S-Sounds… w-wonderful!" Bubblegum moans.

As this happened, Hunson starts to come back to the bedroom after sating his hunger while he pats his stomach.

"Hmmm that was some good… whoa." Hunson said as he was surprised at what he saw.

It was pretty much Dawn riding Bubblegum's cock with a juicy looking ass as Dawn and Bubblegum missed noticing Hunson entering the room and Dawn leaned down to kiss Bubblegum a bit while Hunson rubs his chin… would have been pissed but considering things… he did grin when he starts to strip while Dawn and Bubblegum were distracted.

Dawn and Bubblegum continue to make out before they heard a voice.

"Mind for a threesome?"

Dawn and Bubblegum blinks and contrary to what Bubblegum heard… Hunson DID NOT have a beer belly nor did he lack where it counted with a 13 inch cock that was 3 in width… guess he was holding this form back in a relaxed state or something.

Dawn bit her lower lip a little.

"Oh yeah… as long as Bubblegum doesn't mind… though if not… if you are a good boy, maybe I could do a one on one thing in a chair nearby since its been awhile since I had such a nice looking cock." Dawn said while licking her lips eagerly.

Hunson grins before he looks at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum gulps a bit.

"Well… considering things… may as well try it."

"Good… get that cock over here and lets get it lubed up." Dawn teased when she gestured for Hunson to get on the bed.

Hunson grins in excitement as he does so.

After removing her cock, Dawn and Bubblegum worked together to please the lord of Evil as they lick his cock.

Hunson groans from this while he pets the heads of the two women while enjoying their lips and tongues on his cock.

Bubblegum blushes as Dawn eye smiles at Hunson as she uses her hand to fondle his balls.

Hunson growls in a pleased way when he enjoyed what Dawn was doing, thanks to how long its been since he had sex, or even masturbated, his balls felt extremely packed to Dawn while she looks really lustful when she enjoyed how much sperm Hunson would produce.

This made Dawn go up to the head before she opens her mouth and starts to slowly take it in.

"O-Oh… fuck Dawn." Hunson said while he rubs Dawn's head tenderly.

Dawn was amused as she continues to go further, in a slow way as Bubblegum watches.

Once Dawn took Hunson's cock deep enough, she starts to bob her head while moaning at the taste when she used her tongue to work Hunson's cock good while she looks at Bubblegum and gestured for her to work his balls.

This made Bubblegum blush brightly before she goes down a bit and starts to lick Hunson's balls.

Hunson really groans from this when his cock throbbed more in Dawn's mouth… this went on for a bit before Hunson grits his fang like teeth and groans when he came hard inside of Dawn's mouth with plenty of sperm getting blasted into her mouth.

Dawn's eyes widened as she felt how big her husband's cum was before she tries to swallow some.

Thanks to how backed up Hunson was, Dawn couldn't take it all and sperm got on her breasts after it dripped down her chin and when Hunson was about to tap off, he pulled his cock free and a few shots of sperm hit Dawn's face with Hunson groaning as he tapped off with relief.

Dawn had her eyes closed from that.

"Wow… you really are backed up." She said with an amused look while she kept her eyes closed.

"Hehe, well considering I rarely had fun since you vanished… well of course I'll be backed up… still… hey Bubblegum was it?... lick my wife's face clean so we can continue." Hunson said while he grins at Bubblegum with a lustful look on his face.

Bubblegum blushes at the look before she went to lick Dawn's face clean.

After a bit, Dawn surprised Bubblegum with another kiss to share her husband's cum.

Hunson looks amused and was really smirking when he watched Bubblegum and Dawn make out… when he saw how wet Bubblegum looked… he smirks when he saw Bubblegum get over Dawn to really kiss one another though Bubblegum jolts when she felt something hit her ass and when she looks back, she saw a grinning Hunson.

"Sorry but with an ass this good… can't resist." Hunson aid while he aimed his cock at Bubblegum's ass and shoved his cock inside of her asshole and starts to fuck it mercilessly.

"Gah!" Bubblegum gasps as she didn't expect that action.

Dawn smirks when she moved to get in a 69 position with Bubblegum under her and was licking her pussy deeply while she held Bubblegum's ass cheeks apart for Hunson as his cock went into her ass again and again.

This made Bubblegum muffly moans a few times since Dawn's folds were on her face.

Dawn smirks when she raised her hips so her pussy lips would hit Bubblegum's lips while she saw Hunson fucking Bubblegum's ass harder while he growls from the feeling.

Bubblegum couldn't do much except groan before she starts eating out Dawn's pussy.

Dawn moans as she sucked Bubblegum's bud… she did wonder what Bubblegum was thinking so far about her getting fucked by Marceline's parents more or less.

'Fuck… can't believe I'm doing this with Marceline's parents. Surprisingly… it feels good. Though Marcy will likely throw a fit if she saw.' Bubblegum thought.

Funnily enough… After Finn and Marceline warmed up one another… they ironically enough bumped into something to show a computer monitor most likely a backup of Bubblegum's security for the castle… and they saw Hunson and Dawn having sex with Bubblegum in her room right now.

"What the?!" Marceline said with a surprise look as she was blushing brightly.

"Probably one of PB's spare security systems… paranoid lady PB is so not too surprising that she would have a back up or two here or there… think it would be a bad idea as payback with your mom if you and I tag team her later with the watches?" Finn said while he glances at Marceline with a somewhat amused look.

Marceline though blushes, had a half lidded look.

"Considering that she trapped us in… I say what the heck."

"Hehe, nice… there is the pranking Queen I care about… what do you say we have this recorded and use it later to mess with PB as well if you want to make her squirm… for now though… we should continue our fun on the bed since we just finished the foreplay for the two of us." Finn said as he gently rubbed Marceline's ass a bit to mess with her.

Marceline shudders before she smirks as she pushes Finn to the bed.

Finn fell back with an Oomph and smirks as Marceline got on Finn's lap with a grin of her own and sat on Finn's lap with his cock on her stomach and hums when she saw how far his cock would go in her pussy if he penetrated her.

"Hehe… looks like if this stake penetrated me, may even make the Vampire Queen squirm… so Vampire Hunter… ready to take on the Queen?" Marceline teased while grinding her pussy on Finn's cock a few times.

Finn groans a bit before grinning.

"More then ready, beautiful."

"Good…" Marceline said as she moved to get over Finn's cock and as she aimed it at her pussy… she had a thought when she was about to fuck the person she used to hate alot in the recent past.

'This is it… I'm gonna… rock Finn's world… talk about irony.' Marceline though before she goes down and lets her pussy take in Finn's cock.

This made Finn and Marceline groan from the feeling when Finn's cock pierced Marceline's pussy deeply… and she had a funny thought when she remembered how many women Finn fucked and took it eagerly yet she was having trouble getting it further once he was halfway inside of her… damn she would have to practice more so she would be able to take this easier.

'D-Damn… Finn fucked those other bitches daily… I really need to level up now as I look like a noob.' Marceline thought as she starts riding Finn's cock.

Finn groans when he felt this, he used his hands to rub Marceline's sides while he enjoyed how deep Marceline got on his cock after she managed to get more of his cock inside of her with each drop… so much so that he felt her cervix after a number of drops.

"F-Fuck… Marcy!" Finn groans while he enjoyed how good Marceline's pussy was.

"I-I'm just getting started!" Marceline groans as she got more rough as she rides the human's cock more.

Seems she wanted to prove she's the best.

Finn groans more before he got a fierce look on his face as he moved to flip himself and Marceline so that Marceline was on her back and Finn was over her and Finn gripped her ankles and spread her legs and was plowing Marceline's pussy deeply while he growls and groans when he wanted more pleasure when Marceline's pussy was so tight and he enjoyed Marceline's breasts bouncing in his view.

Marceline was surprised by this but was groaning loud.

"F-Fuck Finn!" She groans before feeling her pussy squeezes Finn's cock.

"D-Damn M-Marcy… y-your s-so fucking tight… tighter than any pussy I fucked before!" Finn growls as he forced his cock deeper into Marceline's pussy when he felt her folds relaxing a bit more.

This made the Vampire Queen feel a bit proud.

"T-Then keep fucking it!… I-It all yours now!"

This egged Finn on when he used more power in his thrusts so his cock hits Marceline's cervix again and again and shockingly enough his cock was about to break by her cervix much to Marceline's pleasant shock since it wasn't just the accessory aiding Finn's power given he had nothing on at the moment.

This made Marceline scream a bit.

"M-More!" She actually begged as her pussy squeezes Finn's cock again.

Finn on his end growls as he fucked Marceline harder… his balls felt so full right now and he wanted to dump his load inside of Marceline's womb but…

"I-Inside… or out!... about to… to…" Finn warned as he fucked Marceline harder with his cock about to bust into Marceline's womb as his cock throbbed harder to show he was getting close.

Marceline groans a bit loud before she uses her hair to wrap around Finn.

"I-Inside!… Let out everything!"

Finn didn't argue when he gave a few good thrusts when he could build things up and roars when he forced his cock deep inside of Marceline's pussy and came directly in her womb with extreme force.

"F-Finn!" Marceline moans out his name as she climaxed hard on Finn's cock.

As the duo ride out their orgasms, Finn moved to smash his lips on Marceline's to really make the kiss intense as his balls pumped more sperm inside of Marceline's womb and sperm leaked from her folds in no time.

Marceline moans more as she kissed Finn back while hugging him as she had a lustful look in her eyes.

After Finn rides out his orgasm and tapped off… he pulled his lips from Marceline and chuckles when he saw her looking really pleased.

"W-Well… that was an intense orgasm… finished or think we can go for that tight looking ass?" Finn said with a grin on his face.

Marceline panted a bit.

"W-Want more… D-Don't… leave… m-me."

Finn chuckles when he heard that.

"Can't leave even if I wanted… but for a body as good as yours… would be a dumbass if I left you unsatisfied." Finn said while he pulled his cock free of Marceline's pussy and gestured for her to get on all fours.

Marceline groans at first before she got on her hands and knees and shook her ass at Finn.

Finn licks his lips as he moved to get behind Marceline and aimed his cock at her ass… sperm that leaked from Marceline's pussy got to her asshole and this allowed Finn to use his own sperm as a lube as he slowly forced his cock deep inside of Marceline's ass and groans when her ass was much tighter than her pussy.

Marceline groans a bit loud at the penetration as her squeezes Finn's cock.

"Oh… fuck… how long has it been since you got fucked up the ass?... regen or not it feels like you are a damned virgin!" Finn growls as he worked to get his cock deeper and deeper with each movement forward with his hips.

"A-Ah!… B-Been awhile!" Marceline moans out.

"H-Hehe… even when you had fun with those flame people?... or maybe… some don't stack up to me!" Finn growls as he used a hand to smack Marceline's ass to mess with her.

"M-Maybe some but… they're not forceful like you!" Marceline groans loud.

Finn chuckles when he heard that and instead of speaking… he fucked Marceline harder as he smacked her ass more.

"Hehe… fuck this is amazing!... Marceline's ass is so fuckig good!... not sure if its possible but I better make sure to one up those Flame people… if anyone is going to Claim Marceline as their women… its me…. Well me and PB but still… point is not going to play second fiddle to any males!" Finn thought as he fucked Marceline's ass so hard that he was about to hit her ass with his pelvis.

Marceline's face was looking fucked up.

"H-Harder!" She begged.

As Finn did as Marceline wanted… the scene went to Hunson, Dawn, and Bubblegum as Bubblegum was riding Hunson's cock with her ass while Dawn, surprising both when she used a spell to summon a cock and smirks at the duo.

"What?... just because I didn't sleep around with men unless it was for shelter for Marceline and I doesn't mean I had the same issues with females… learned this from a traveling female Wizard who wanted to test this spell out… nuff said could have a kid in that timeline and I don't know it." Dawn teased while she stroked a 11 inch cock that was 2 in width… it was a dark ebony color with a darker ebony dickhead and she smirks when she looks at Bubblegum lustfully.

Bubblegum blushes brightly as Hunson blinked a bit.

"Gonna wonder about that but… come on in honey." He said while smirking.

Dawn smirks as Hunson held Bubblegum's legs apart and Dawn moved to have her cock near Bubblegum's pussy.

"So… ready to get fucked hard like the slut you are?" Dawn teased while rubbing her dickhead on Bubblegum's folds to mess with her.

Bubblegum blushes brightly after hearing that.

"Y-Yes." She said.

"Good…" Dawn said as she steps forwards and groans when her cock slowly went inside of Bubblegum's tight pink pussy making her ass tighten greatly on Hunson's cock.

Bubblegum groans from the penetration as Hunson kept holding her.

Once Dawn got her cock deep enough to feel a cervix… she smirks when she looks at Hunson.

"Remember how I used those toys with those demonesses we invited to the bedroom honey?... think you remember and can keep up with some tag team sync action?" Dawn said with a teasing smirk on her face.

"H-Huh?!" Bubblegum said as Hunson grins.

"You're on."

A minute later, Bubblegum threw her head back and groans and moans with wide eyes when Dawn and Hunson fuck Bubblegum in sync when they work to break her ass and pussy for other people's use.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Bubblegum groans loudly as she kept repeating it.

Dawn chuckles as she used her hands to fondle Bubblegum's breasts.

"Oooohhh… honestly you got the sweetest pussy I ever fucked… what do you think about her ass Hunson?... softer than most?" Dawn teased as she leaned forward and sucked Bubblegum's nipples while enjoying how eagerly Bubblegum took her cock.

"Hehehe… oh yeah. Can fuck this ass over and over if I want to." Hunson said as he fucks Bubblegum's ass more.

Dawn looks amused when she pulled her head back and fucked Bubblegum's pussy harder.

"Hehe… well considering this bitch here is Marceline and Finn's woman… maybe a bit hard for that but… hehe, may as well try and see if we can't make it hard for Finn and Marceline to satisfy her." Dawn surprisingly teased when she used a bit of magic to strength her body and fucked Bubblegum harder with Hunson growling as he fucked Bubblegum's ass harder than ever.

Bubblegum really groans loud as her face was looking fucked up before having this thought.

'G-Glob… Finn and Marcy won't be happy about that.'

Ironically enough…

Finn as he fucked Marceline's ass harder, and Marceline stop for a moment to look at the monitor with twitching eyebrows.

Finn looks at Marceline with his hands on her ass…

"Once we were free… payback on your mom?" Finn said with an amused smirk when he was ready to do that once he and Marceline were freed.

"Big time." Marceline said before she looks back at Finn.

"Now get back to making intense animal love on my bod." She said.

Finn grins as he worked to fuck Marceline's ass hard and fast while he growls as he smacked Marceline's ass while his cock fucked barraged Marceline's ass something fierce now compared to earlier… this wasn't a simple fucking, it was animilistic ass destroying fucking for Marceline to experience.

Marceline was groaning very loud from this action.

"C-Come Finn… destroy me!"

Finn growls more as he really worked to fuck Marceline's ass harder and faster… unknowingly to him, Finn and Marceline's watches in the dining room were glowing, most likely one added effect added by Ranmyaku, and Finn noticed his watch appear on his neck when he felt the chain on his neck and Marceline looks a bit bewildered when her watch appeared before her and she got a fucked up look on her face when Finn used his watch to quickly make his hips blur big time and his cock worked to fuck up Marceline's ass something fierce, possibly gapping even with regen backing her and Finn growls when he fucked Marceline harder and faster until…

Marceline screams in ecstasy as she climaxed hard on Finn's cock with great force.

Finn growls when he felt that and after a minute, which felt like an eternity, Finn growls as he floods Marceline's ass with copious amounts of sperm making her ass bloat as a result.

Marceline's climax got stronger as her stomach bloats which would make her look pregnant.

After Finn tapped off with a groan… he chuckles as he had an idea after he pulled his cock from Marceline's ass.

"Hehe… fuck… not sure why the watches appeared but not complaining… so… want to continue or…" Finn said as Marceline smirks when she gripped her watch, blinked when she was instantly recovered and cleaned.

"Funny, now I know what it feels for ladies to expect when I do that trick." Finn said while he blinked with his own watch and was fully recovered.

"Hehe… after a few more rounds… want to see if we can't trick the room into think 24 hours pass and try and get the drop on your parents and PB?" Finn said with a grin on his face.

Marceline grins before she lays on her back and spreads her legs.

"Or make the room think it was still 24 hours or more."

"Maybe?... for now lets see how well you can use your watch aside recoveries." Finn said with a grin as Marceline felt pleasure build up in her and she groans when Finn just froze time and made her squirt hard in the air.

"Unlike you, I used my watch for longer and hehe, know how it ticks… going to need to try something to one up me." Finn said as Marceline shuddered though she smirks when she had Finn sit at the edge of the bed, she was stroking his cock, and used her watch to make her hand blur making Finn throw his head back as he climaxed way beyond hard.

"O-Oh… SHIT!" Finn groans when he came a geyser on the floor when Marceline jerked Finn's cock like she was milking him at ultra high speed now.

"You were saying?" Marceline said while licking her lips.

Once Finn tapped off, he chuckles when he looks at Marceline as sperm dripped from his cock.

"F-Fuck… OK… can admit you adapt fast but…" Finn said as he flickered when he tapped his watch and was fully recovered and Marceline fell on the bed when she climaxed hard on Finn's body.

"... considering I can multitask… may as well see how many times I can make you climax before we finish this." Finn said as he got over a recovering Marceline and he forced his cock deep in her folds and returned the high speed favor when he fucked Marceline with blistering speed when he grins lustfully as Marceline's breasts bounce making Finn latch a mouth over a nipple.

Marceline moans from that action before she hugs Finn tightly.

"I-I don't care how many times… a-ah!… make me your woman!"

Finn growls when he fucked Marceline harder and faster as his orgasm got closer and closer until he snarls when he moved to smash his lips on Marceline's and floods her womb with so much sperm it blasts from her pussy and got on the bed as a result after her womb bloats by a bit.

Marceline moans in delight as she kissed Finn back before climaxing hard on his cock while hugging him more.

She even uses her hair to wrap around the duo.

After the duo ride out their orgasms, Finn pants for breath and grins as he flickered, and the bed, himself, Marceline, were clean, and the bedsheets were on the ground nearby in a basket showing Finn changed the bed and everything… seems he froze time to make things good in the room and got clean somehow and got his cock back in Marceline without her feeling it so she wouldn't be emptied at all of Finn's cock.

"Hehe… well Marcy, with these watches, can literally keep on fucking you till the 24 hours are up… so… want to try that and really make a mess in this room that PB will have to clean or…" Finn said as he was kissed by Marceline when she wanted him to shut up… this amused Finn as he went to fuck Marceline again.

"J-Just fuck me with that big cock of yours Finn!" Marceline said before she kissed the human again.

Finn didn't mind as he fucked Marceline relentlessly… nuff said as the scene fades to black, seems most of the time in the seal room was spent screwing around… boy would Dawn and Bubblegum have differing issues later but for now… the scene fades to black on the now loving couple now that Marceline and Finn worked out MANY issues they had… maybe not all but one step… at a time…

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