Paybacktime for Finn @emerald
Chapter 2

The scene opens to show TME and Atomsk while they walked into the room they were in before while talking about how this chapter will start out.

"...So that's why I was thinking we have Finn and a slightly reluctant Marceline team up to get Ash, Marceline may not do it for Finn but getting back at the main Donk who tormented her for years should be a good way for Finn to hold back somewhat when he goes after Marceline later, the enemy of my enemy is my friend so to speak." TME said when he walked next to Atomsk.

"Yeah I like the sound of that. And hopefully those two can kiss and make up later and be friends again before being more than that after Finn makes his mark." Atomsk said.

"Maybe but we shouldn't expect for them to do that all at once, Finn did have his way with PB after all and Marceline loved PB so she may be sore with Finn even after the talking that PB gave her." TME said to point out the issues that would have to be settled first.

"Yeah but she ain't the only one that sore since Marceline did the stupid move of kicking him in the nuts and bringing up dear old Joshua." Atomsk said.

"True but Finn canceled out the nut kick even if he does remember it, as for Joshua, I wouldn't worry, I'm sure Finn will give her a good punishment later." TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

"Hehe oh yeah. Though even if Marceline is mad at Finn, you think she would feel a bit bad for mentioning a dead parent." Atomsk said.

"Eh I would give her a few hours to cool down and realize the Joshua part, but we're just looping back and forth now with what Marceline may or may not do so why don't we just get into the story." TME said to try and change the subject.

"You're right. Want to do the honors or just start?" Atomsk asked.

"Thank you, anyway this story starts out the morning after Finn left Hunson so he could have a fresh start in the morning…. For some Ash hunting…. Hehehe…" TME said before he chuckles evilly before the scene shifts to the Treefort as the day starts.

Ooo/ Grasslands/ Treefort #2/ Finn

The scene focused on Finn's bedroom while he was sleeping deeply after the things he did yesterday with Jasmine, Penny, Bubblegum, and his talk with Hunson, thankfully Marceline never tried to come after Finn after what happened yesterday so he was pretty relaxed right now but he did stir when some sunlight hit his face.

"U-Ugh… freaking sun… can't you wait a few more minutes?" Finn grumbles before he blinked his eyes open a few times and smirks when he moved out of the sunlights path and activates the watch which froze time around Finn so he went back to sleep for a few more *Hours* of frozen time.

When Finn felt fully rested, he got up from the bed and after getting some clothing in his arms, he walked to the bathroom and shut the door before starting time again which caused him to blink out of view in real time before the sound of a shower was heard while BMO ran into Finn's bedroom to wake him up for the day and was surprised when they saw that Finn was not in the room.

"Huh? Where did Finn go?" BMO questioned with a confused look.

Though steam coming from the bathroom did get BMO's attention which showed that Finn went inside of there, guess he was getting an early day today.

"Oh, looks like Finn woke early then." BMO said before it starts to leave the room.

Once BMO left the room, Time stopped a few minutes later and Finn blinked into the room fully dressed and what not and stretched a bit.

"MmmmmAaaaahhh!, talk about a nice shower I feel like I can take on anyone right now… hehe… including a certain Wizard based Donk… hehe, though I may need some help getting to him." Finn said while he tried to think on what to do to locate him while he was unaware of a couple people approaching the Treefort.

One was Penny when she wondered if Finn's trip to the Candy Kingdom went well while the other… was surprisingly Jasmine and the two ran into one another and were a bit surprised when they heard that they were heading to Finn's place, long story short after some talking and what not, they were walking to the treefort and saw it in the distance.

"Hard to believe we're heading to the same place huh?" Jasmine said to Penny.

"Yeah, though more surprised that you would even go there in the first place, going to make sure that Finn didn't chicken out on going after the other princesses?" Penny said while she walked next to Jasmine.

"Well it still surprising. I mean he's the hero who's actually doing something a bit dark." Jasmine said.

"True, but after hearing what I've heard, it seemed like a long time coming, I mean did you know how many times Finn's been shot down or sent into deadly situations by Bubblegum?, personally I gotta admire Finn's patience but at the same time not like how long it took Finn to put his foot down, besides I got quite a number of gold and jewels from Finn for the first round of fun that we had, but… to be honest I didn't take anymore after our fun at the Treefort." Penny said while she didn't see the look on Jasmine's face when Jasmine heard Penny speaking like that.

Jasmine was surprised after hearing that.

"Seriously? How come?"

"No clue, could be I'm starting to respect him now or maybe I'm getting feelings for him but I'm not sure on that, either way I'm heading there to possibly get more fun and if things don't go well I can always sneak a bit of gold out if yesterday was just a fleeting moment." Penny said while she keeps walking towards the treefort.

Jasmine was surprised to hear that before thinking.

'Well this is a first. Never thought I see Penny like a guy. Especially the hero of Ooo. Though I will admit… I did like his change of attitude and… it wasn't so bad when he… rocked my world.' She thought before blushing at the memory.

The two keep on walking before they saw Finn exiting the Treefort while he was putting the finishing touches on tying his shoes and didn't noticed Penny or Jasmine approaching… yet…

"Oi Finn!" Jasmine calls.

Finn blinks before he looks over to see Penny and Jasmine of all people much to his surprise.

"Penny and… Jasmine?, wow didn't expect to see you two today, I was about to head on out to do some Donk Hunting, you two need something?" Finn said after he finished tying his shoes and he stood up which showed his new look in full to the two ladies.

Both girls were a bit silent before Jasmine spoke.

"Well I came by to see if you were really serious about what you said about getting payback on those royals." She said with crossed arms.

"Well I already got Payback on PB so yeah I am, made a deal with Marceline's dad as well that if I can get the absolute Donk Ash to him, Hunson would make me immortal so I wouldn't have to worry about getting killed anytime soon… still wondering if that counts for full body destruction or not but eh, I can ask later, for now I'm trying to get in Hunson's good graces and so far so good so I won't have much issue with him when I go for Marcy later." Finn explained like it was the most natural thing in the world to him.

Penny and Jasmine were shocked at what they heard.

"Seriously?!" They said.

Finn blinks at that before he nods his head.

"Yup, got the green light from Hunson to get what I'm owed from Marceline and if I get Ash to Hunson, I get to be immortal so I won't be going to the Nightosphere for a long time." Finn said while he crossed his arms since that sounded like the big part of the shocker.

The girls were again shock.

"Seriously… how much more surprising can you get?" Jasmine said.

"Well I had my way with PB and used the watch to bring her to some Why Wolves for a gangbang, that help with the shock value?" Finn said while he grins at Jasmine.

Jasmine was greatly shocked at this info while Penny did felt the same thing but blushed at the thought.

"Okay… I believe you now." Jasmine said.

"Great, anyway you two need something?, like I said I got some Donk hunting to do and the sooner I do, the sooner I can get it done with, would also have a surprise in the works if I get that Donk to Hunson." Finn said while he grins at the two ladies.

Jasmine didn't know what to say but Penny however…

"Well… I was wondering if you wanted to have more fun like last time." She said while lightly blushing.

Finn blinks at that before he looks at Jasmine to see if she wanted the same thing.

Jasmine blinks when she saw Finn look at her before crossing her arms.

"I only came to see if you weren't bull shitting me which after telling me what you did proves that you aren't." She said before turning her head but Finn and Penny can see a slight blush.

Finn in turn shrugged before he looks at Penny.

"Alright, if Jasmine isn't interested in the fun then I guess I can just focus on you Penny, want some gold for your services?, not sure if you took any last time so not sure how much you want." Finn said when he just ignored Jasmine for now to focus on Penny.

Penny did blush a tiny bit.

"Well… I didn't take any extra gold from you when you left."

Finn blinked in surprise at that before he chuckles lightly.

"Well if that's the case then I might as well go a bit all out and offer you something to eat first, hungry?, I made some food and even though its leftovers, it's still good, made a bit too much in waffles and whatnot." Finn said when he pointed a thumb at the front door.

Penny did blink a bit at the offer.

"Well… I am hungry."

"Hehe great, and since Jasmine just came here to see if I was serious or not, I'm guessing she's already had a bite to eat and is about to leave and do who knows what so see you later Jasmine if you ever change your mind in having fun, first time was pure revenge after all, the later times is just raw fun to me." Finn said before he placed an arm around Penny and helped walk her to the front door and held it open for her like a gentlemen.

Penny blushed at first from the gesture before she actually giggles and enters after thanking Finn.

A moment later, Jasmine looked to see that the door closed and she was left alone much to her shock when she thought Finn would try and be a bit more stubborn with her.

Jasmine then thought if she should actually confront Finn about that or go home.

However… part of her was telling her to go to him to receive more pleasure while the other was saying no but her lust was affecting her a bit.

After taking a moment or two to think on this, she grumbled before marching towards the door and knocks a bit loudly.

A moment later, Finn opened the door a bit and grins at Jasmine when he saw her at the door.

"Yes?" Finn said while he leaned a bit in to see what Jasmine needed from him.

Jasmine frowns at the human.

"So you only let people you want in before closing the door on others?."

"Well just those who don't ask to be let in, most of the time they normally leave to do their own thing, if you wanted in, all you had to do was ask nicely." Finn said while he steps out of the way of Jasmine with a slight grin on his face.

Jasmine frowns more before sighing.

"Please… let me in."

Finn chuckles before he gestured for Jasmine to enter the Treefort.

"Alright, just watch your step, got a couple robots living here named BMO and N.E.P.T.R living here as well and they are about… knee high to you." Finn said when he compared Jasmine to BMO and Neptr in height.

Jasmine did roll her eyes before entering.

Finn chuckles before he closed the door and after letting the two eat and relax, he took about an hour or two to really show the two women what he could do and when he left the Treefort to ask a certain person for help, he left one satisfied woman on the bed and another who reluctantly admits that the second time with the Human was much better with Penny and Jasmine laying on Finn's bed while they were covered from head to toe in sperm and plenty was flowing out of their asses and pussies while semen was on their faces.

Penny and Jasmine had fucked up looks on their faces before they each have one thought.

'W-Wow… maybe I am falling for him… if it means I get more repeat performances.' Penny thought.

'Damn… can't believe I'm thinking this but… much better than last time.' Jasmine thought while blushing as she remembers how Finn was more beast than man in the sack.

Finn in turn when he thought to how he left the duo at his place made him smirk when he had this thought when he heard Jasmine mentioning how much of a beast he was once in the act without meaning too.

"Hehe… if I am a beast… maybe I should show Huntress how different I am and see if she wants to have some fun, won't give her issues but she does owe me for that flute spell thing…. After I catch a certain donk first though, need to make sure I can be pretty hard to kill for some of the more dangerous princesses after all." Finn thought while he heads right to the candy kingdom.

Meanwhile in the Candy Kingdom, Bubblegum, who had taken some birth control to be safe so she wouldn't gamble on if she would have Finn's kid or have some kind of Why wolf cub, was laying next to Marceline who was sleeping next to her like a log after their fun time when they got to Bubblegum's room.

'Hehe, wow. Talk about an intense night. Thank Glob I took the pill earlier or who knows which kid I may have. Hopefully Marceline is feeling better after what happened.' Bubblegum thought.

Marceline in turn, since she was mainly nocturnal, just snuggles up to Bubblegum while her head rests in the crook of Bubblegum's neck and she lets out a pleased sigh from smelling Bubblegum's scent, it seems the rape caused Marceline to be a bit more attentive to Bubblegum because she tried to best to do things that would please Bubblegum more then herself.

Bubblegum blushes before she carefully held Marceline close as she enjoys this moment.

Though that moment was short lived when Finn blinked into the room and grins at Bubblegum and the sleeping Marceline and just simply waved a the duo… was he here for Marceline already!?

"Finn, what are you doing?! This can't be Marceline's time now." Bubblegum whispers while being careful not to wake Marceline.

However hearing Bubblegum talking when everything was silent did cause Marceline to slowly stir thanks to how close Marceline's head was to Bubblegum's.

Bubblegum hoped that Marceline goes back to sleep or things will go ugly.

Bubblegum's wishes however went unnoticed when Marceline sat up more and she rubbed her eyes.

"U-Ugh… B-Bonnie… I know your a morning person but couldn't you sleep in more after what happened?" Marceline said before she uncovered her eyes and saw a grinning Finn looking at her.

"Yo." Finn simply said with a two finger salute while Marceline blinks a few times and her brain was starting to realize that she wasn't dreaming and was indeed seeing Finn in the middle of the room.

Marceline then frowns.

"Fucking A… I was having a good sleep till I saw your ugly mug."

Finn just shrugged before he just grins at Marceline again.

"Well seeing two beauties together made my day, also had a chat with your Dad and as long as I don't go too far, I won't have issues with him in the Nightosphere, but I'm saving our time for much later… no… I'm here to ask for your help in something… and it deals with getting Ash to your Dad so Ash won't be an issue at all." Finn said while he grins at the look on Marceline's face for a number of reasons… one was that her dad actually didn't end Finn after their talk and seemed to actually give the OK to Finn about this and the part about Ash not being around as well….

Bubblegum was shocked when she heard that while Marceline facepalms.

"Son of a bitch. The one time dad would try to end you, you had to make a deal with him."

"Actually the deal was separate even if it was to get in his good graces, considering that he liked me, he gave me a chance to explain myself and I did which got him to agree to not end me, guess I have a way with words it seems when I'm not acting like a naive idiot." Finn explained while he smirks at Marceline.

Marceline once again facepalms.

"Figures…" She said before looking at Finn.

"Alright. But I'm not doing it for you. I still hate your guts for what you did to Bonnie. I just want that fucker, Ash gone."

"Fair enough, but considering the time I'll be doing most of the leg work here, the only thing I need is some info like places he likes to hang out at if he's not in Wizard City, even if you and him don't see one another, there should be a few places that he used to go too even as he went mad." Finn said while he keeps quiet about the immortality thing… for now at least.

Marceline continues to frown before sighing.

"Fine… If I know him… which sadly I do, he would sometimes be at this bar that serves for low lives like him."

"Great." Finn said before he blinks and a piece of paper and a pen was on Marceline's lap.

"If you would be so kind as to write the address down, I'll get out of your hair… for now at least." Finn said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline grumbled before she writes down the address before roughly passing it to Finn.

"Here… dumbass."

Finn just smirks when he blinks the paper into his hand and grins at Marceline.

"Thanks, I'm sure giving Ash to Hunson would make the immortality from your dad a good reward for helping you out with the Ash issue, see you two later." Finn said before he winked at the ladies and vanished in a blink while the two princesses register what Finn just said.

"Wait.. WHAT?!" Marceline said with a shocked look.

Bubblegum was just dumbfounded before she looks at Marceline.

"I… think Finn said that if he gives Ash to your dad… your dad will make him immortal as a result… Oh boy he made a deal with your dad and from the looks of things, it seems it will pay off big time if Hunson somehow makes Finn not only immortal, but Deathless as well since I'm sure Finn wouldn't want to be killed easily…. And I realized Finn may have just punked you Marceline since he kept quiet until now after Finn got the address for that bar from you." Bubblegum said while she took a moment to think on the immortality from Hunson to Finn.

Marceline was now angry.

"Damn that kid! As much as I hate Ash, Finn can't be immortal… Fuck! I'm gonna tear dad a new one for this."

"... Pretty sure your dad wouldn't care if you kicked his ass for this since he can't be killed, though I will say… didn't Finn seem a bit too happy to look for Ash?, I mean with that watch he can just rewind time to when he found the watch so technically as long as he has that he can just live life again and again if he wants… maybe there is some other reason he wants to send Ash to your dad, got any ideas why if that is the case and the immortal part is just the bonus in Finn's eyes?" Bubblegum said while she looks at Marceline to see if she had any ideas.

"I don't know. But consider that dad likes Finn, the dumb weenie is doing this to get in his good graces and stuff." Marceline said as she frowns.

"Maybe, but how could we stop Finn?, aside from the bar we have no idea if Finn has a meeting point with your dad and he could just summon him anywhere, even if we did know, Finn could just rewind time and pick a new location, remember the kick to the nuts?, Finn undid that and blocked you from doing that." Bubblegum said when she wondered if there was a limit to the watch's temporal properties.

"Glob dammit." Marceline said since she had no idea how to stop Finn.

Bubblegum hated to see Marceline like this so she leaned over and gently hugged the Vampire Queen.

"There there, considering what Finn said, we have plenty of time to figure out a way to deal with that watch at least… not sure about that immortality though but that could mean that you could have the time of your life kicking Finn's buns around the kingdom, just because he will become immortal doesn't mean he's invincible right?" Bubblegum said to try and cheer Marceline up.

Marceline did felt slightly better.


"What do you mean yeah?, where is the rocking Vampire Queen that I love?, or are you scared of an immortal human?, even if he does win if he gets the drop on you, are you going to give him the satisfaction of an easy win?" Bubblegum said to try and cheer Marceline up more and pump her up for the possible fight to be.

Hearing this gave the Vampire Queen a determined look.

"Fuck no."

Bubblegum smiles before she gave Marceline a small peck on the lips.

"Good, now if you'll excuse me, I'll be working on a way to at least even the playing field if I can't stop that watch entirely, there is plenty of ideas that I can use if its just time based stuff." Bubblegum said before she got off the bed and stretched her body and looks at Marceline.

"You rest up a bit more Marceline, even if Finn does get Immortality, at least we won't have to deal with your annoying Ex- Ash, I mean remember the last time he tried to get you after the Gum war?, it involved a poison to try and weaken you like the Flame Queen's dad did with Flame Queen… hmmm… speaking of which… I should let her know what happened just in case, who knows, she could talk some sense into Finn and keep him from doing anything else." Bubblegum said before she starts to walk away while her ass was on display as Bubblegum went to her closet.

Marceline blushes before grinning as she needed some… more cheering up before she floats over and pinches her girlfriend's butt.

Bubblegum jolts before she looks over at Marceline with a raised eyebrow.

"Seriously?, thought you were tired." Bubblegum said when she placed her outfit for the day on a nearby table and looks at Marceline who keeps giving her a lustful look.

"Can't help it with the way that sexy ass of yours moves." Marceline said.

Bubblegum chuckles before she walks to the bathroom.

"Well if you want some fun, mind helping me get clean for today… I'll make it worth your while in the shower." Bubblegum said in a teasing way while she walked to the bathroom, this time having her hips sway too and fro in Marceline's view.

Marceline blinks before chuckling.

"Oh it's on." She said before floating towards the bathroom and shuts the door.

When she entered, she saw that Bubblegum had removed her crown and was getting the shower water at the right temperature before she looks at Marceline.

"Hey Marcy, mind getting the soap?, I got your favorite as well in there." Bubblegum said when she fine tunes the water a bit more.

Marceline chuckles before she grabs the soap.

"Oh I got your soap girl." She said before getting in the shower.

Bubblegum smirks before she got in the shower and closed the door while the glass window starts to fog up while the sound of slight moaning was heard as the scene went to Finn for a bit to show he was already part of the way there after blinking a few times.

"Hehe, gotta say glad that Marcy gave me the address, now to see if that Donk is there or not, may have to wait a bit, hope I didn't cause too much trouble with Marcy, she's probably worrying on what to do if I get immortal hehe." Finn said while back in the Candy Kingdom…

Marceline wasn't even thinking of Finn right now since she had Bubblegum eat her out big time while Marceline was gripping her hair hard.

"F-Fuck yeah Bonnie! Really dig in there."'she said while moaning.

Bubblegum didn't need to be told twice when she keeps eating out Marceline and her tongue went deep into the Vampire Queen's folds again and again as she lapped up Marceline's juices, she even uses her fingers on Marceline's ass to really get her worked up.

"O-Oh fuck." Marceline said before repeating it.

Bubblegum giggles at that while she keeps the action up while the scene went back to Finn to see that he was approaching a large bar quite a ways away from many kingdoms, but considering where it was, it was a good location to get a good drink and saw many people here and there around the bar while a small town was set up near the bar, either that or the bar was set up here to get some easy gold when Finn saw some people entering and exiting the homes.

"Hmmm… not exactly the worst town I've seen in Ooo, guess the Bar just gets bad customers." Finn thought while he raised his Bear hat hood to hide his face for a bit as he approached the bar while the scene went back to Marceline and Bubblegum as Bubblegum went from licking Marceline's pussy to having Marceline on all fours while Bubblegum ate her ass out… which was shocking… guess Bubblegum's time with Finn got Bubblegum to loosen up since Bubblegum rarely did stuff like this but she surprisingly did it last night and much more…

'D-Damn… Bonnie never did this before even after last night. Something tells me she got this way after her…. G-gang bang with Finn and those wolves. Don't know if I should be grateful… then again I still hate Finn.' Marceline thought as she moans and groans a few times.

Bubblegum however was still no mind reader while she keeps eating out Marceline's ass and used a few fingers to finger her pussy while the scene went back to Finn as he entered the bar and looks around to see what the inside was like.

It wasn't too terrible. The place did look a bit old. You see most having drinks by themselves while others drink and laugh with either friends or family members. And it seems that this place sells food too.

"Hmmm, not as bad as Marceline said it would be, then again Ash being here in the first place would bring it down a bit… now where is that Donk?" Finn thought while he looks around as the scene went back to Bubblegum and Marceline while Marceline was getting fucked up the ass by Bubblegum who had grown a cock that was pretty large.

Marceline was moaning and groaning a bit loud as she enjoys having her ass fuck as the water from the shower hit her back and long black hair a bit.

Bubblegum in turn saw the hair and surprised Marceline when she gripped Marceline's hair and pulled on it to help her fuck Marceline's ass at a much harder rate.

Marceline's eyes widen at that action before she moans loudly now.

Bubblegum grins a bit before she starts to smack and spank Marceline's ass with her free hand to see how she would react while she pulled on Marceline's hair harder.

Marceline yelps from having her ass smacked which made her ass tighten on the Candy Monarch's dick.

Bubblegum groans a bit while she keeps on fucking Marceline hard while the scene went back to Finn after he looks around the Bar for a few minutes to try and locate Ash, and thankfully he saw the Donk on one side of the bar after he got by a large number of people and instead of saying anything, Finn snuck up on Ash a bit to hear if he was doing anything with others so Finn could eiter get him now or later.

The bartender came up to the Donk before asking.

"The usual Ash?"

"Yeah, the usual." Ash said while he put a couple gold coins down on the counter and waits for the Bartender to get him a drink.

The bartender goes under the counter and brings out a glass and bottle before pouring the drink in.

Finn looks around to see if Ash had anyone coming by soon and took a seat in the shadows, he could use Ash getting drunk to his advantage and just waits for the donk to get drunk, he even blinked a bit of gold that he had onto the seat next to Ash to help him drink more.

The bartender sees this before giving the Donk a refill.

"So Ash, got any plans later on after this?"

"Hehe, maybe, I am looking for an ingredient later for a new spell that I'm working on." Ash said while Finn raised an eyebrow when he heard that.

"Really? and what spell is that?" The bartender asked.

"Simple, a powerful mind control spell, hehe, hoping it will work with Mar Mar later." Ash said which caused Finn's eyes to narrow while he watched Ash drink glass after glass of drinks.

The bartender sighs.

"Still trying to find ways to snag the Vampire Queen huh?"

"You know it, I've been with her too long to give her up, now leave me be for now so I can focus on drinking, if you need more gold I got some." Ash said while he grins at the Bartender after drinking another sip of his drink.

The bartender doesn't say anything but leaves as he attends to his other customers.

For a bit, Finn keeps on watching Ash drink more and more and looked more and more inebriated as time went by while the scene went back to Bubblegum who now had Marceline on her back and was fucking her pussy hard in the shower while Bubblegum held up Marceline's legs.

Marceline was surprised at this but didn't care as she was enjoying this pleasure while feeling a bit better even though the thought of Finn did upset her.

Bubblegum then had Marceline's left leg rest on her shoulder before she used her fingers to rub Marceline's bud to really get her to feel good while she fucked Marceline harder and harder as time went by.

Marceline moans loud each time while climaxing a few times.

Bubblegum fought to keep herself from cumming for as long as she could, but with Marceline getting tighter and tighter as time went on, she could only make a few more thrusts and moan loudly when she came hard inside of Marceline, filling her with bright pink cum.

Marceline moans loud as she felt her pussy get filled up as her toes curled before she climaxed again on Bubblegum's dick.

Bubblegum grits her teeth from how tight Marceline got while she rode out her orgasm and tapped off after 20 seconds or so and pulled free to smile when she saw her load leak from Marceline's pussy.

Marceline pants a few times while blushing a bit brightly.

Bubblegum chuckles at that before she removed her cock and surprised Marceline when she leans down and starts to eat out Marceline's pussy and clean her own semen from her.

Marceline was again surprised and would've said something but groans instead before moaning.

Bubblegum then pulled away after a couple minutes before she turned around and showed Marceline her ass and wiggles it to tease Marceline.

Marceline blushes before grinning as she gave Bubblegum's ass a good smack.

Bubblegum jolts but moans when she felt Marceline giving it to her good and lets Marceline keep giving it to her while time went by.

Marceline then grew a cock of her own and was using it to fuck Bubblegum's pussy hard as the Vampire Queen has Bubblegum's back on the shower wall.

Bubblegum moans and groans from that while she hugged Marceline as she fucked the Candy royal and tightens yet pussy on Marceline's cock.

Marceline groans from that which caused her to fuck Bubblegum's pussy harder.

Meanwhile with Finn as he watched Ash drink more and more, he heard the donk saying thinks to the bartender like what he would do with Marceline if his plan works, granted his voice was slurred but was understandable enough.

"I-I tell you… *hickup*... barrr-keep… O-Once I have… M-Mar… Marrrr… I'm gonna have her be… *hickup*... my maid and… s-sex slave… I'll even plan to… k-knock her up so she can be mine… forever."

The bartender rolls his eyes and just let's Ash ramble more while Finn got more and more ticked with the king of Donkasses and decided to act when he saw Ash nearly knock over a glass and Finn caught it, thankfully he heard Ash mention that he was meeting a guy who would lead him to the ingredient.

Finn then made his voice sound a little deeper when he speaks to the Barkeep.

"Hey man, sorry about my friend here, was slowed down on the way." Finn said while he hoped Ash bought it in his drunken stupor.

Ash looks at Finn before chuckling.

"H-Hey… *hickup*... buddy."

"Hey man, sorry I'm late, some chump tried to mug me so I taught him a lesson, and it looks like you celebrated early huh?, Well hope you are not too drunk to walk since it's your lucky day, I got my hands on that item you were looking for, just hope you can back your end of the deal." Finn said while he grins at Ash, and thanks to the hood, all that was seen was a wide grin on Finn.

Ash, in his drunken state, chuckles.

"N-No worries man… I-I got you… *hickup*... covered."

"Hehe, good, now get up man, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner you can have the Vampire Queen's ankles over her head hehe." Finn said before he chuckles and helped a drunken Ash to his feet and starts to walk towards the entrance while supporting Ash.

"Hehe you said it." Ash said as he chuckles uncontrollably.

The Bartender just shrugged before he went back to cleaning his glasses before a hooded figure walked up to the bar a couple minutes later.

"Hey, bartender, I'm looking for a Wizard named Ash, I have an item for him that he is looking for." The hooded figure said with a serious tone to their voice.

The bartender blinked a few times after hearing that.

"Wait… you're the guy with the item? That can't be right. I saw some guy in a hood take Ash after claiming they had the item."

"What!?, But that's impossible!" The figure said before the scene went back to Finn and Ash after they walked out of town, thanks to the watch, Finn had no issues except for Ash drunkenly talking more about Marceline.

"O-Oh MarMar… how I wish you suck my dick while I eat my sandwich."

Finn had to fight the urge to end Ash here and now while he keeps on getting Ash further and further from town before he found a clearing.

"Alright, just sit here, I will get the item in a moment." Finn said when he sat Ash down on the ground.

"Hehe… you got it beef… hehe."

Finn just chuckles to play along while he walked a few steps away and pulled out some bug milk from that he had in a vial and starts to draw the summoning circle for Hunson a moment later.

That's when the portal opens up and a moment later, Hunson appears before looking at Finn.

"Ah Finn, I take it you found the fool that disrespected my little girl?" He said.

Finn nods before he gave a whisper like gesture and gestures for Hunson to play along as he turned and speaks to the Drunken Ash.

"Hey Ash, I got the item, however the person giving it to us wants to say hello up close, bit of a thing he has since he would love to hear about your plans for the Vampire Queen." Finn said while he hoped Hunson plays along.

"Oh… okay." Ash said as he walks to the duo while Hunson raises his eyebrow about the plan part.

Finn just gestured that Ash was drunk off his rocker right now which would explain Ash's lack of fear as he got in front of Finn and Hunson.

"Oi… s-so you're the g-guy that wants to meet me yes?" Ash said.

Hunson just raised his other eyebrow and crossed his arms.

"Yeah… just wanted to see who would be… brave enough to go after the Vampire Queen, she do something to you?" Hunson said to play along with Finn's ploy.

Ash, in his drunken state, frowns.

"S-She made the dumb mistake of dumping me all because of a stupid bear. I tried everything to get her back. Almost succeeded the first time but was foiled thanks to that chump human friend of hers. Hehe... But with this item, she'll be mine again as my girlfriend but also as my maid and sex slave."

Hunson frowns and took a moment to think on how Ash and Finn we're different, granted Finn did want to force himself on Marceline but that was a one time thing for payback, the years after would be nothing but Finn getting Marceline's forgiveness and love while Ash… well… this was a deal best made when Hunson placed a hand on Ash's shoulder.

"Alright, just go through this hole and your item is in your grasp." Hunson said with a smile on his face.

"Hehe… okay cool." Ash said before he drunkenly walks to the portal.

A moment later Ash fell through the portal with a slight yell which left Finn and Hunson alone.

Hunson looks at Finn.

"Good riddance. He won't be bothering my little Marceline ever again."

"Well for now if that part about what you can do to Ash is true, anyway I held up my end of the deal to bring the donk to you and even if Immortality was not on the list, would have done it anyway." Finn said while he frowned from some of the memories of Ash trying to force Marceline to do things.

Hunson sees this before he tries to calm Finn down.

"Not to worry Finn. He will suffer greatly."

"Thanks, anyway I'll be heading off if you don't need anything else, pretty sure Ash's cohort who tried to get him the item will be looking for him and I should keep out of trouble for now." FInn said while he placed his hands in his pockets and got ready to send Hunson back to the Nightosphere.

"Hold on Finn, there is still the matter of our agreement. Since you brought me the bastard, I shall make you immortal as promise." Hunson said with a smirk.

"Really?, well cool, how does it work?... I won't have to wear that amulet again will I because if so then you may as well consider Ash a gift from me to you for free." Finn said before he shuddered when he remembered some… horrifying things when he wore the amulet.

Hunson chuckles.

"Not to worry kid. I know you and Marceline wouldn't want this. Besides, if you and Marceline patch things up and have a k.i.d of your own, then perhaps he/she would like the chance for my thrown."

Finn blinks at that before blushing a bit.

"Well… we'll see… can't force the… kid if the kid doesn't want to, but you never know right?" Finn said while he had an awkward grin on his face, seems this talk of making a family makes him a bit nervous.

Hunson chuckles when he saw the look.

"You know Finn, we're not so different, you and I. When I first met Marceline's mom, I was a bit nervous around her. Sometimes made a fool of myself when I try to impress her but it worked. *Sigh*... I can still remember when the moon shines on her. She was my own 'Moon Goddess'."

"I… see… well hopefully she can forgive me after I have in mind for her, I'm not trying to kill her or anything, I'm just wanting to get even after all the mind games she did with me, nothing more." Finn said while he had a serious look on his face.

"Oh I believe you kid and I don't know what she did but I am sorry for that. Hopefully she'll forgive you and you two can patch things up and bury the hatchet since I know you like Marceline more than a friend." Hunson said as he smirks at Finn.

Finn blushed more from that before he just rubbed the back of his head.

"W-Well not really worth talking about if I can't even get Marceline can I?, let's just get this over with so I can rest… all this talk of romance is just making me feel weird." Finn said when he had a hard time hiding his blushing face even if he could keep a straight face.

Hunson chuckled at this.

"Oh yeah. Just like with me and Dawn. Which is Marceline's mom's name. Anyway just hold out your hand." He said.

Finn blinks at the name and did as he was told when he held a hand out for Hunson to take.

Hunson's hand suddenly glowed before he grabs Finn's hand with his glowing hand.

Finn blinks at that and braced himself for anything that could happen to him.

It was only 5 seconds or so before Hunson lets go.

"All done."

Finn opened his eyes and blinked a few times while he looks at his body.

"Huh… I don't… feel different." Finn said when he looked around to see if any changes were made.

Hunson chuckles.

"Take a look at the palm of your hand."

Finn raised an eyebrow before he looks at his hand and his eyes widen at what he saw.

Seems there was a rune of some sort implanted on the palm of Finn's hand.

"Wow, thought it would be worse… what does the rune mean?" Finn asked when he placed his hands back into his pockets and looks at Hunson.

"It means that you're immortal and also that you have my blessing to come and go in the Nightosphere whenever you want." Hunson said.

"Oh sweet, Guess that means I won't have to worry about those irritating lines or guards then huh?" Finn said when he remembered some of his more… traumatic experiences in Nightosphere lines.

Hunson chuckles.

"Oh don't worry. I won't let my future son in law be standing in those lines."

Finn chuckles a bit before he rubbed the back of his head again.

"Well…. I'll be seeing you soon then… Dad I guess hehe, anyway I'll close the portal after you enter so no one will know what happened." Finn said while he grins at Hunson.

"Indeed. Your secret's safe with me." Hunson said while grinning.

"Great, see you later… Oh, just to be clear, how does this immortality work?, Am I deathless like you or does it make me a lot harder to kill?, Just checking so I don't misunderstand something later." Finn said while he gave Hunson a curious look.

"Oh, harder to kill." Hunson said.

"I see, well I hope Marceline's strength is not enough to blow my head off my shoulders." Finn said while he starts the chant to send Hunson back to the nightosphere.

"Eh not to worry. I'm sure you'll handle her. Though FYI, if Marceline is still wild then she got that from her mom. Hehe, I can tell some stories, like one time when we tried to make Marceline, Dawn asked me to invite a few female demonesses. Damn she was so hot when she took all three." Hunson as he remembered.

Finn just blushed bright like a tomato while he stopped the chant for a second and he could imagine Marceline, Bubblegum, Penny, and Jasmine going at it.

"H-Hehe… y-yeah.." Finn said before he used a hand to slap himself back to normal and starts the chant over again which sends Hunson back to the nightosphere slowly.

Though Hunson did say this.

"Good luck Finn! Make sure you and Marceline make a bunch grand kids for me!"

Finn just keeps on blushing far after the hole closed and he just starts walking away while he makes sure to try and keep his thoughts off of Marceline being in a foursome with Penny, Jasmine, and Bubblegum before he got a nosebleed and just used a spare cloth that he had to keep himself clean while the scene went back to Bubblegum and Marceline as they finished things up with Marceline fucking Bubblegum hard in one last position.

Marceline had Bubblegum on all fours as she was fucking the Candy Monarch's ass hard as Bubblegum's pussy dripped with cum.

Bubblegum just moans and groans while she pants for breath and could feel her orgasm approaching while her ass gets tighter and tighter on Marceline's cock.

Marceline groans as she felt that which caused her to thrust her dick harder before feeling her climax coming as well.

A few minutes pass before Marceline and Bubblegum threw their heads back and moan or yell in Marceline's case when she filled up Bubblegum's ass with her demonic cum.

Bubblegum moans loud before her ass tightens around Marceline's dick before climaxing hard from her pussy.

The duo rides out their orgasms before they tapped off and pant for breath while Bubblegum and Marceline enjoys the afterglow while Bubblegum relaxed on the shower floor.

Marceline pants a few times.

"D-Damn... that felt good."

"Y-Yeah… m-mind letting me up?, I-I'll need to get cleaned before I speak to Flame Queen later… and your cock is making it hard to get up." Bubblegum said while she could feel Marceline's cock still in her ass.

Marceline chuckled before she pulls her dick out.

Bubblegum groans while she felt Marceline's load leak from her holes while she sat up on her knees and she looked at Marceline.

"Mind passing the soap Marceline?" Bubblegum asked while she smiles at her girlfriend.

"Okay." Marceline said before she passed Bubblegum the soap.

A moment later, Bubblegum and Marceline worked to clean their bodies and Marceline and Bubblegum cleaned each others backs until time passed to the duo as they went back into Bubblegum's room fully dressed.

Bubblegum then looks at Marceline with a smile on her face.

"Wish me luck with dealing with the Queen of Flame's Marceline, see you later." Bubblegum said before she kissed Marceline on the cheek and starts walking out of the room and left Marceline alone.

"See yeah." She said before getting herself cleaned up.

She got her guitar and sun gear ready while she got ready to leave while at the same time, Finn was walking back to his place with a grin on his face when he looks at his palm every now and then.

"Hehe, this is going to be interesting when I go after Marceline… after I get what I'm owed from a few more princesses first." Finn said while he was unaware of a person following him, a familiar Wood based person who had a thing for arrows.

'What are you planning Finn?' the wood based person thought.

Though that would go unanswered while Finn brought out a piece of paper with various princesses names on it and Bubblegum and Bandit princess were marked out.

"Alright, lets see who's next…" Finn muttered while he brought out a pen from his backpack and went down the list one by one.

While it had many princesses who had turned him down for idiotic reasons that he fell for, there was a small part up top that had the name: Top 10 princesses to get back at.

Two of them were Bubblegum and Jasmine, another was Marceline, and another on his list was a trio of princesses named Nightmare princess, Lullaby princess, and Slumber princess of the Nameless Kingdom, or the Nightmare Kingdom, the reason, Finn had to rescue Lullaby and Slumber princess from Nightmare princess who was then crowned princess of the land that she made, however she also did put Finn and Jake through some tough trials that nearly cost them their lives, and it has been awhile since he last paid a visit so…

"Hehe, time to pay the dreamy trio a visit." Finn said to himself while he pockets the list and starts to head home for now to pack up for his trip.

The wood person's eyes widen.

'Good Glob… is he killing the royals?! I have to stop him.' The wood person thought as they follow Finn before summoning an arrow.

Finn was unaware of what was about to happen before an arrow flew from the trees and got him right in the leg which made Finn stumble and he fell to one knee while he grits his teeth and looks to see who did that while he had a hand on his watch in case he needed to catch the person off guard.

That's when the wood person stepped out of the trees.

Finn's eyes narrow a bit when he saw Huntress Wizard of all people while Finn looks at the arrow in his leg, but for some reason while he did feel pain, the pain wasn't as bad as he thought before he looks back at Huntress.

"I'm guessing you were the one who did this right?" Finn said when he looks at Huntress while he made sure to not lose sight of the Wood Nymph.

"Yes and for good reason Finn. Why are you killing the royals?" Huntress said.

Finn blinks at that before he starts to chuckle oddly and full blown laugh a moment later which greatly confused Huntress since she didn't expect that… did Finn snap or something?

"What is so funny?" Huntress asked as she frowns at the injured human.

"Y-You… t-thought I w-was… Hahaha!... I'm not killing Princesses Huntress… I'm getting what I'm owed from that… though keep on attacking me and I'll make some things very unpleasant for you… thought you would have asked questions first instead of attacking out of nowhere considering the past we had where I helped you find the spirit of the forest…" Finn said while he pulled the arrow from his body and his wound shockingly healed up in Huntress's view while Finn got to his feet.

Huntress's eyes widened when she saw that.

"How did you heal like that?"

"Simple, I made a deal with Hunson to bring Ash to him and long story short, I got the donk to him and became immortal as a result, pretty easy considering Ash was drunk off his ass." Finn said while he grins at Huntress while he showed the rune on his palm.

Huntress's eyes widens again at the news.

"I can't believe it."

"Well you can fire another arrow at me if you don't believe me… but again… considering you attacked me without hearing me out, depending on how things go after I explain a few things… things may not be so enjoyable for you, just because I can regenerate doesn't mean it doesn't hurt!" Finn said while he glared at Huntress while he points to his bloody pant leg where the arrow hit him.

Huntress did see this before she narrows her eyes at the human.

"Don't change the subject Finn. Now you tell me what are you planning with the royals if you're not killing them."

Finn chuckles before he blinked for a moment out of Huntress's view and blinked back with a couple chairs in his hands shockingly enough before he set them on the ground.

"Well before I do, mind if I ask just one thing before that… if you instantly thought I was killing princesses…. do you not know me at all?… then does that mean that all the trust that we had before was just you using me?, because even if I was going after princesses for their lives… which I am not… shouldn't a friend ask about something serious like this first BEFORE shooting arrows?, what if I wasn't immortal like this?, you could have crippled me if I took an arrow to the knee or something." Finn said while he gave Huntress a serious look which showed he was not amused right now like Huntress.

Huntress, who was surprised at the chairs appearing, gave Finn a serious look.

"Well sorry but when you have a list of names, with some crossed out, that kinda tends to lead to that assumption."

"Well for a normal person yeah, but am I normal?, would I actually kill princesses?, no… if you want the full story then here it is…" Finn said before he explained everything to Huntress, the time watch, him getting payback with Jasmine and Bubblegum, his fun time with Penny, his work with Ash to get him to Hunson, everything up till now.

"...So you see I'm not killing princesses… I'm getting what I'm owed so I hope you understand since I know you of all people don't like getting used without getting something in turn." Finn said while he had crossed his arms while he waits for Huntress to register everything that Finn explained.

Huntress blinked after hearing everything.

"Okay. after hearing this… I do understand. Even though I don't agree or condone to the whole raping thing but sadly... those royals had so much dept to repay you."

"Well I'm not looking for anyone to really agree with me, just to see reason… so… considering you know everything… mind giving me one good reason to not try and get you on my list since A, I did help with the Flute spell without anything in return and B…" Finn said while he points to his healed leg which still had blood on the pants to show Finn was still a bit sore of the surprise attack while he gave Huntress a half lidded look…. Though the look in his eyes besides that looked pretty lustful right now when he looked Huntress up and down.

Huntress however rolled her eyes.

"Alright fine. I guess I do owe you for shooting your leg."

Finn blinks at that before he raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously?, thought you would object more, granted your not one for romance and I can accept that, but thought hearing about me forcing you if things didn't go well would have caused you to get defensive." Finn said while he crossed his arms for a moment.

"Even if I did, you would use that stopwatch you keep mentioning so I might as well get it over with." Huntress said.

"True, but considering we're not going to have issues anymore, follow me back home, unless you would like to get down and dirty in the woods." Finn said while he teasingly grins at Huntress at the end.

Huntress crossed her arms.

"Doesn't matter to me."

"Alright, might as well save time then and do this here, one second…" Finn said before he used his watch to blink the chairs away and stood in front of Huntress in the nude while he grins at her while his cock hanged low towards the ground.

Huntress blinked a bit before she was a bit surprised when she saw Finn's bod and his… equipment.

Finn grins while his cock grew erect in Huntress's view.

"See something you like?" Finn said when he was at full power and Huntress saw that Finn's cock was massive and looked to be slightly curved upwards as well from where she was looking at Finn's dick.

Huntress had a slight blush before regaining her composure.

"Perhaps… but I'm only interested in paying my dept." She said.

Finn chuckles before he placed a hand on Huntress's chin and made her look a him while he had a dominating lustful look in his eyes.

"Maybe for now its repaying a dept, but could have more fun later if you are interested… but for now… strip." Finn said while his tone really got… dominating at the word strip while his voice sounded a bit beastly.

Huntress somehow shivered when she heard that but regain her composure again before she starts to take off her clothes after she stepped back from Finn for a moment.

Finn grins while he drank in Huntress's form as she strips more and more in front of Finn and he starts to see her sexy well trained figure.

She had an hourglass figure even though she looks fit with smooth and slender arms and legs. Her breasts were at least C-D size.

Though Finn did see that she left her mask on her face which did confuse him a bit but he didn't mind when he approached Huntress and walked behind her to get a good look at her ass while his dick throbbed more when he liked what he saw.

Huntresses ass was well toned but a bit bigger than her breasts.

Finn then approached Huntress before he used his hands to play with her ass and breasts from behind while being careful to not use too much strength in his hands to not harm Huntress, though the grips did show that could change at anytime.

Huntress slightly jolts but remained a bit passive as she lets Finn continue this.

Finn just chuckles before he surprisingly moved in and kissed Huntress on the side of her neck while he lightly nipped her, it was like he was marking her as his.

Huntress blinks before a slight blush appears on her face before shuddering.

Finn then pulled Huntress a bit so that she was resting against his chest while he moves his hand on Huntress's ass to move to her bub before Finn rubbed it slowly while he keeps on treating Huntress like she was his mate while he grinds his cock on her ass cheeks which really hits home how large Finn was to the Wood Nymph… just how much pleasure would Huntress get from this… beastly cock and how much cum would be pumped into her…

Huntress may have blushed again from the feeling before letting out a soft groan.

Finn grins at that before he whispered in Huntress's ear though he had a slight growl to his voice.

"Get on your knees Hun… I got some holes to eat out before I fuck you into a sex coma… did it before with PB, Jasmine, and Penny, and will do it again with you." Finn growled out lowly while he used a hand to spank Huntress's ass a few times to tease her more.

Huntress blinked when she heard the names before jolting from having her ass spanked.

And not only that… the way Finn growl caused the wood nymph to feel slightly… turned on but doesn't say anything as she does what Finn said.

Finn then got behind Huntress before he used his hands to play with her ass for a moment and leans down to lick her pussy and asshole without holding back on the licks.

Huntress shudders a bit after feeling Finn's tongue before letting out a groan a moment later.

Finn keeps on eating out Huntress's holes before he pushed his tongue deep into her pussy while he used a couple fingers to lightly pinch Huntress's bud which really got her pussy to tighten on his tongue.

Huntress was surprised at how good Finn was at this as she groans a bit loud from that action before a slight moan escaped her mouth.

Finn just keeps on going while he could feel her pussy twitching more and more while he used a couple fingers on Huntress's asshole to really get her to feel good as his digits went deep in her ass.

Huntress groans as she felt that before she was actually feeling good from this feeling.

A few minutes later, Finn keeps on going more and more while he keeps on pleasing Huntress until…

Huntress groans a bit loud before she felt her pussy and ass tighten before climaxing from her pussy.

Finn lapped up her juices when he liked how sweet she was and keeps on rubbing her bud to get her orgasm much stronger while he keeps fingering her ass as well.

And stronger it was as Huntress continues to climax for about 15 seconds before tapping off.

Finn then pulled away while he licks his lips clean and blinked for a moment to get a rag to clean his fingers before he blinked back into position behind Huntress before he moved to get in front of her while she was down and just had his cock near her head while she was looking at the ground.

Huntress, who was unaware of Finn's blinking, pants for a moment before lifting her head up only to blush when she saw the human's dick in front of her face.

Finn just grins when he angles the dickhead to be in front of Huntress's lips and moved a hand to grip the top of her head and forced her to take the head of his cock into her mouth before he lightly thrusts his hips and his dickhead rubbed against Huntress's tongue a few times which made Finn moan a bit from the feeling.

Huntress likely gags at this but narrows her eyes as she plans to show Finn a thing or two before she was able to move Finn's hand away and surprisingly starts bobbing her head with good force.

Finn groans from that before he grins at Huntress and pets her head to show she was doing a good job right now while he keeps thrusting his hips lightly to help Huntress suck more of his cock.

Huntress however rolls her eyes at the petting as she sucks Finn's dick hard like if she was a porn star.

Finn groans from that but he saw the look in Huntress's eyes and Finn just threw caution to the wind when he gripped her head with both hands and decided to really treat her like a bitch in heat when he forced Huntress to deep throat his cock and he thrusts his hips while he held her head steady and her throat bulged again and again each time Finn's cock went past her gag reflex.

Huntress was caught off guard by this before gagging but was still able to handle this.

Though Finn keeps on going when he seemed to have more stamina then normal and aside from letting Huntress breath every now and then, time seemed to pass the duo while Finn keeps on fucking Huntress's throat with no end in sight.

Huntress was quite a bit impressed at Finn's stamina before she decides to up the ante as she roughly grabbed Finn's balls before squeezing them a bit.

Finn grits his teeth when he felt that and decided to change things up when he used his watch to stop time and changed positions with him and Huntress so they were in a 69 position with Finn using his raw strength to hold Huntress to his body while she was upside down and he was eating out her pussy and ass again while he used gravity to fuck Huntress throat with a serious need to teach her that he wouldn't hold back anymore while her nose hits his groin and he had placed her hands on his hips and had her legs wrap around his head, to Huntress she would have been sucking him off like she would have, but an instant later, she was now upside down pretty much bashing her face into Finn's groin as she pretty much took every inch of Finn's cock inside of her throat.

Huntress blinks at the new position before thinking.

'Gotta be the pocket watch's doing.' She thought before she roughly tries to take Finn's dick on her own.

Finn keeps on going with his thrusts while he keeps on eating out Huntress's ass this time while he used a couple fingers to finger her pussy.

Huntress muffly groans loud before a few moans was heard before Huntress uses her tongue to lick the tip of Finn's dick head hard when she was able to feel the tip in her mouth.

Finn groans from that and could feel his orgasm getting closer and closer, but thanks to Huntress's earlier orgasm, she was able to outlast Finn when he thrusts his hips one more time and forced Huntress to fully take his dick into her mouth while he used a hand to keep her head there and he unloads directly up her throat thanks to Huntress's position on Finn's cock.

Huntress was a bit surprised at the amount Finn let out before gagging a bit as she tries to swallow the hero's cum.

Finn however keeps cumming hard inside of Huntress's mouth while he enjoyed the feeling and tapped off while semen unfortunately had flowed out of Huntress's mouth and really got her face messy while Finn took a moment to pant for breath as he pulled his cock free of Huntress's mouth so she could breath.

Huntress did gasped a bit before trying to catch her breath while slowly swallowing the rest of Finn's cum.

A moment later, Huntress was carried to a nearby group of flowers and set next to it while Finn grins at Huntress as he looks down at her.

"Hehe, I'm really enjoying this… here… a rag to use before we go further." Finn said while he passed a rag to Huntress, thankfully it was cleaned so it was safe to use.

Huntress sees the rag before taking it.

"Thanks." She said before cleaning her face.

"No problem…" Finn said while he patiently waits for Huntress to get her face clean and when she did, Finn got the rag back and got rid of it before he looks at Huntress.

"Now then… considering how rough you like it, I won't tell you to get into a position… I'll make you!" Finn said while he walked up to Huntress and gripped her legs and forced them apart which showed Huntress's pussy to Finn and he licks his lips at the sight when he would never get used to seeing such a good sight.

Huntress was a bit surprised at how forceful Finn was while her pussy was dripping with her juices.

A moment later, he angles his cock to her folds and with a beastly grin, he forced his cock balls deep into Huntress and instantly starts to fuck her like the bitch that she was.

Huntress's eyes widen before she groans loud after the big penetration.

Finn chuckles darkly before he let go of Huntress's legs and moved to grip her breasts hard while he used the soft but pleasently perky handholds to fuck Huntress at a harder rate.

Huntress groans again from that action before a moment later she begins to moan while the blush on her face grew.

Finn chuckles before he growled this out.

"That's right Hun… as of now I'm making you my personal bitch… I'm not going for romance like you want… unless you changed your mind later… but for now I'm going to fuck you till I'm satisfied and then some so you won't be able to walk for a fucking week!" Finn growled out before he quickly moved to kiss Huntress on the lips while he fucked her harder and his dick bashed right through her cervix again and again as a result.

Huntress was surprised after hearing that before a moment later she kissed Finn back after getting over her surprise as she moans more.

And true to his word, Finn keeps on fucking Huntress for who knows how long, the sun had long went down and Finn was sweating up a storm while he fucked Huntress more and more while he fought to keep from cumming so hard that his load had built up to insane proportions and his dick swelled a bit from how badly he wanted to cum and he ignored Huntress who had came countless times before.

Huntress, after cumming and getting fucked countless times, finally had a look that was fucked up as she moans loud while her tongue stuck out.

Finn in turn grins like a freaking beast who was unchained for a bit and growled this out barely when he fucked Huntress harder and harder while his own orgasm got closer and closer.

"N-Nearly t-there H-Hun… but b-before I b-blow… I want to k-know… who's your fucking master!?, who owns you like the bitch you are!?, who is your fucking beast!?" Finn growled out while he fucked Huntress harder and harder while he forced his body to its limits to fully get Huntress to snap.

"Y-Y…. YOU ARE!" Huntress moans.

"T-Thats r-right… i-if I order you to get on all fours and let me fuck you… what will you do!" Finn growled out while he felt his orgasm getting closer and closer as time went on.

"I-I… DO IT!" Huntress moans again.

Finn chuckles before he gave Huntress an animalistic kiss while he forced himself balls deep into the Wood nymphs pussy and filled her womb with who knows how much sperm.

Huntress moans loud with ecstasy in Finn's mouth as she feels her womb getting bloated before wrapping her arms and legs around Finn as she kissed back before climaxing from her pussy.

Finn in turn hugged Huntress more while he unloads more into Huntress's pussy before he tapped off nearly 20 seconds later with a pleased groan.

Huntress taps off as well before she tries to catch her breath as her body shook.

Finn chuckles a few times when he pulled free and saw his load leak from Huntress's pussy.

"Wow, not sure if I can knock you up but pretty sure I could if I keep pumping more semen into you right?" Finn said with a teasing tone to his voice while his cock stayed erect shockingly enough.

Huntress blushes as she heard that but managed to say this.

"C-Can't… N-Need to… be… b-bonded… f-first."

Finn chuckles again at that before he placed his hands on Huntress's ass and flipped her so that she was on all fours.

"Well… might as well have fun with this ass then." Finn said while he used a couple thumbs to spread Huntress's asshole a bit while he used his thumbs to tease her more when they wiggle and stretch her asshole a bit.

Huntress shudders before let out a slight groan.

Finn chuckles before he got in position behind Huntress and aimed his cock at her asshole.

A moment later, thanks to his thumbs stretching her asshole a bit, he was able to get the head of his dick in with ease before Finn quickly went to grip Huntress's hip and forced himself deeper inside of her asshole.

Huntress's eyes widen before she groans loud from the penetration.

Finn groans from the tightness of Huntress's ass but he keeps on going deeper and deeper inside of her while making sure to not harm her.

Huntress groans more as she felt her ass taking shape of Finn's dick.

Time then passed to much much later with Finn continuing to fuck Huntress's ass after she got used to his cock which pistions in and out of her asshole again and again while Finn, who had bent over Huntress to grab at her breasts, fondles them while he wondered what she was thinking right now as Finn keeps fucking her more and more as time went on.

'F-Fuck! I can't believe I'm enjoying this. I mean I've had sex before, but only to gather ingridients for potions as favors but this is different.'

Finn however was no mind reader while he fucked Huntress at a harder rate, unknowing to Finn, the immortality pretty much effected his stamina which made it many times harder for him to cum, so what would take about 10 or so minutes to Finn… well… it took him nearly 30 minutes to an hour of straight up fucking depending on if he was backed up or not… and since he had came before… well… it was past the 20 minute mark of Huntress getting her ass pretty much destoryed for others.

'How in Glob's name can he still keep going?! He even outlasts the Trents of the forest.' Huntress thought before climaxing a few times.

Though Finn keeps going strong with fucking Huntress's ass and even used his right hand to smack her ass hard a few times at the 25 minute mark while his cock was slowly throbbing a bit.

Huntress yelps a few times from having her ass smacked which caused her ass to tighten on Finn's dick.

Finn just chuckles evilly while he keeps on smacking Huntress's ass while the scene went to Bubblegum for a moment after she got everything set up to call the Queen of Flames while she sat in front of a large monitor.

A moment later, Bubblegum used the keyboard to start her Hologem connection program so that she could get in touch with the Hologem that the Queen of flames had and just waits when she saw an icon that said that the connection was going through.

It was only a moment before the call was accepted.

"Hello Bonnibel. How can I help you?" Phoebe asked after her image appeared.

Bubblegum in turn sighs before she looks at Phoebe.

"Hello your highness, sorry to call you unexpectedly if you are busy, but I need a moment of your time in private, are you alone or with others?" Bubblegum mannerly said in case others were listening in on this, she really didn't want others to find out yet except for Phoebe.

Phoebe did blink at question.

"I'm alone in my room."

"I see… well I have some… news you may not like to hear and you may have to confirm with Finn… mind hearing me out until the end before you ask questions or object to what I say?" Bubblegum said while she had a serious look on her face.

Phoebe was confused when Bubblegum mentioned Finn, her ex now friend.

"Um okay. What is the news?"

Bubblegum sighs again before she said this.

"Alright, just remember to hold the questions and what not until the end…" Bubblegum said before she starts to explain what happened to her, hearing about Jasmine to some extent, Penny even if she never met her personally yet, Finn's deal with Hunson and what could happen if he got through with the deal, pretty much everything that happened after Finn got that time controlling watch and his new personality after getting rejected again and again even after every good thing that Finn did till now.

"... So you see, even if you don't believe me, just ask Finn, I'm sure he will pretty much tell you everything." Bubblegum said while she keeps giving Phoebe a serious look.

Phoebe was just speechless after hearing this.

"Um… yeah… I may have to see Finn about this I mean… I just can't believe he's actually doing this."

"That's why I said to ask Finn for details, but know that I'm not lying, ask Jake and Lady or Marceline if you can't find Finn, he should be at his place at this time of night, now if you'll excuse me your highness, I must be going." Bubblegum said when she moved to get ready to end the call.

Once the call ended on Phoebe's side, Phoebe was still shocked at the story.

"Oh Finn. Please don't let it be true."

A moment later, she quickly got up from her chair in her room where the fire themed phone screen was before she quickly dawns her armor and rushed out of the room while her guards standing at the door were a bit surprised.

"Uh everything okay your highness?" The Flame Guard asked.

Though Phoebe ignored the guard when she turned into pure fire and rushed to where Cinnamon bun was when he was patrolling the throne room.

"Hey CB!" Phoebe said while she reformed in the room with a serious look on her face.

Cinnamon Bun jolts before looking at Phoebe.

"Oh Phoebe. You startled me. Something wrong?"

"...Maybe, I'm about to confirm if what I heard from Bubblegum is true or not about Finn." Phoebe said while she looks around and thankfully no one else was around to overhear this.

Cinnamon Bun was confused.

"What do you mean? What's wrong with Finn?"

"Well… try and not say anything until I come back after I confilm things but…" Phoebe said before she explained everything she heard from Bubblegum about Finn while the look on CB's face changed at the story went on from normal to more and more horrified as the story went on until the story finished and Phoebe looks to see how CB would respond.

Cinnamon Bun was very horrified at this story.

"Dear Glob… never thought I would see the day that Finn would be a… rapist."

"Now hold on CB, we don't know that for sure, I'm going over there to confirm if Bubblegum's story is right or not…" Phoebe said while she looked worried.

CB looks at Phoebe.

"Even if you do confirm it or not, we still need to take precautions. Like do we apprehend him or keep Finn away from the kingdom?"

"I'm… not sure, I mean this is Finn we're talking about, do you really think he would do this?, for all we know Finn probably ran into some kind of magical trouble and a double of him is running amok, remember Fern?, granted he did redeem himself during the Gum war before he got planted where Finn's former home is but still he was Finn's double, so if it happened once it can happen again right?" Phoebe said while she really hoped Finn didn't actually do what he did.

"Well… you have a point… but the part you mentioned about Finn being turned down a lot does concern me since I've heard stuff about guys that get rejected a lot would resort to that."

"Seriously CB, this is Finn we're talking about, even if he gets rejected, I'm sure if the princesses give a reasonable… rea...son…" Phoebe said before she and CB looked very nervous.

"U-Uh… just in case… I'm… going to bring Jake 3, you mind CB?, I know Jake 2 is getting on in years and his son 3 is your newest pal but…" Phoebe said while she scratched her cheek a few times.

Cinnamon Bun blinked a bit.

"No No I understand your highness."

"Right… I'll meet you at the path out of the Fire Kingdom Castle." Phoebe said before she turned into Fire and flowed away with serious speed backing her.

CB was now alone while having a concerned look on his fully baked face.

"Finn… I really hope you're doing this and some look alike is causing this."

After a few minutes of waiting, Phoebe, at the fire kingdom castle gate, saw CB riding a powerful looking firewolf named Jake 3, Jake 2 was getting on in years but was still a strong firewolf, in fact aside from a slightly larger frame compared to Jake 2, Jake 3 could look like a mirror match for his sire while Phoebe smiles a bit when she saw the duo.

"Hey CB, Jake 3, sorry for the rush." Phoebe said while she pets Jake 3 on the head when the large fire wolf got close to her.

"No worries Phoebe."

Jake 3 pants a bit while happily wagging his tail while he moved to lick Phoebe on the face a few times and she giggles a bit when the tongue licking tickles her a bit.

"Alright… alright Jake 3 you can stop." Phoebe said to try and get the Fire wolf to stop licking her but he keeps on licking Phoebe's face while her giggling turned into an annoyed look while glancing at CB to control Jake 3 or she would knock the fire wolf upside the head.

CB jolts before he looks at Jake 3.

"Okay boy that's enough." He said before offering Jake 3 some coal.

Jake 3 happily stopped licking Phoebe to gnaw on the coal that was offered to him while Phoebe used a fireproof rag that was given to her by CB and she cleaned her face off before she looks at her Candy based Fire Knight.

"So… just in case I'm not back by daybreak, make sure you call me by hologem first or call Bubblegum to see if I am near her before you send out the Royal guards CB, I don't want to have to explain to the other royals on why my royal guards have stormed through other lands unless I have to OK?" Phoebe said while she got on Jake 3's back while CB hopped off of Jake 3 to give Phoebe seating room.

"Okay no problem." Cinnamon Bun said.

"Alright… and just in case… bring Bruno if you have too." Phoebe said while CB looked shocked when he heard that before Phoebe looks at Jake 3.

"Alright Jake 3, to Finn's new Treefort!" Phoebe said before she clicked her heels on Jake 3's sides to get him running.

Jake 3 howled before he starts running out of the castle leaving CB alone with a still shocked look.

"Did she really say Bruno."

Meanwhile back with Phoebe as she rockets along the fire kingdom thanks to Jake 3's speed, she looks at Jake 3 and said this to the fire hound.

"Listen, unless I'm actually being attacked, try and not to attack Finn alright?, for all I know this could be a misunderstanding and I could just talk Finn into turning himself in if Bubblegum is right, ok boy?" Phoebe said while she hoped the Fire wolf understood, they were great steeds and companions but intelligent… that was iffy at best.

Jake 3 gave a couple of barks to Phoebe which may have meant that he understood.

Phoebe hoped that was the case before the duo rockets past the border of the fire kingdom and into the grasslands, the interesting thing about that is while it is under the watchful eyes of Bubblegum and considered a branch of her kingdom, it actually wasn't, it was pretty much grasslands and was neutral territory, the only reason no one complained was because that Finn lived there legally and since he was the only one living there in a sense, he was technically prince of the grasslands among royals, even if it wasn't publicly accepted.

Anyway… the duo keeps on going before Phoebe heard a female screaming in a nearby forest which made her eyes widen and used some reigns to stop Jake 3.

"Hold on Jake 3!, someone is in trouble!" Phoebe said before Jake 3 ran towards the forest at blistering speeds as the screams… oddly start to sound… pleasure based?

The duo kept getting closer and closer till they arrived only for Phoebe's eyes to widen at what she was seeing.

She and Jake 3's eyes widen for different reasons when she and Jake 3 saw Finn fucking Huntress while she was forced against a tree while she had a fucked up look on her face while Finn smacks Huntress on the ass again and again.

Huntress was moaning loud in ecstasy as she was loving this before climaxing.

Finn grits his teeth before he roars and climaxed hard inside of Huntress while unknowing to Phoebe, Jake three was panting more and more as he watched the display of sex in front of him… which could only mean one thing… he was getting turned on when he watched Huntress spasifically.

Huntress moans loud as she felt her ass get filled up before she climaxed again from her pussy as her ass tightens on Finn's dick again.

A moment later, Finn and Huntress pant for breath when they managed to tap off… though when they did, they noticed things were a bit brighter than normal and looked over to see a wide eyed blushing Phoebe… and obviously turned on Firewolf with a pretty massive erection of a shocking 13 inches in length and 3 in width that Phoebe never noticed since her gaze was on Finn.

Huntress was panting a bit as Finn blink when he saw his ex/friend.

"Umm… hey Phoebe." He said as he had no idea what to say.

Phoebe just keeps looking at Finn before she did the most likely thing in her life when she passed out and fell off Jake three… though thanks to Finn who quickly used his watch to catch her, he was pleasantly surprised to see that he wasn't getting burned at all when he held Phoebe, guess the immortality kept the burns from getting out of control and the dulled pain receptors helped as well so she was pleasantly nice to hold while Jake 3 keeps on panting as he looked at Huntress's body while his erection throbbed big time.

Huntress blushes a bit brightly when she noticed that while Finn, who held Phoebe, also took notice of Jake 3.

Jake 3 just walked towards Huntress while Finn blinks a few times when he saw that and chuckles a bit.

"Wow Hun, seems you have a thing for getting beastly beings attention huh?, well not sure if I could stop him even if I wanted to but I can get you out of here with this watch easily, want to help him calm down or leave for now." Finn said when he looks at Huntress.

Huntress feels a bit exhausted but still say this to Finn.

"H-Help… him."

Finn blinks at that before he looks at Huntress.

"Alright, I'll be back in an hour or so, so have fun Hun." Finn said before he and Phoebe blinked out of view and Finn's gear vanished to show that Finn left the area with a horny Fire wolf who looks at Huntress with raw lust in his eyes.

Huntress blushes since she had a feeling that this flame wolf was gonna be rough with her.

Luckily for her, the wood nymph knows the flame shield spell after acquiring some ingredients before she weakly cast it on herself.

Jake 3 just tilts his head for a moment but didn't care when he approached Huntress and licked her face a few times to see if she really was alright, he could tell at least that she was tired so he would do most of the work if needed.

Huntress was a bit surprised at the licking before she was able to grab Jake 3's dick when his back half was close to her before she stroke it.

Jake 3 shudders at that but just keeps on licking Huntress's face a few more times before he moved to use his massive tongue to lick at her breasts, thankfully Huntress used a spell to clean her body off so her body was pretty much good to go for anything.

Huntress shudders at the licking as she continues to stroke Jake 3's dick a bit hard.

Jake 3 then switched breasts and a few minutes pass with Jake 3 treating Huntress surprisingly gently before he went to lick down her body starting with her stomach.

Huntress was surprised at Jake 3's gentleness before the wood nymph angles her body before she starts to lick the flame wolf's dick a bit.

Jake 3 shudders before he starts to lick at Huntress's clit when his wide tongue ran across the sweet tasting pussy again and again and Jake 3's tail wagged quite a bit as a result.

Huntress shudders as she enjoys it before she opens her mouth and swallows Jake 3's dick as much as she can.

Jake 3 whines a bit in pleasure from that before he sent his tongue deep into Huntress's pussy and starts to eat her out with really wide hungry licks.

Huntress groans from this action before she starts to bob her head on Jake 3's dick.

For a bit the duo keeps on licking and sucking one anothers body and Jake 3 felt Huntress getting closer and closer as time went by and eats her pussy out at a faster rate.

Huntress continues to suck Jake 3's dick at a faster rate before feeling her orgasm approaching.

A moment later, Jake 3 gave a loud growl when his nuts throbbed hard and he came hard in Huntress's mouth, filling it with his spicy hot spunk, seems like he was backed up since he keeps on cumming hard in Huntress's mouth.

Huntress was surprised at the amount before she tries to swallow it before climaxing on Jake 3's tongue.

The duo rides out their orgasm before they tapped off and Jake 3 pants for breath when he pulled his dick free of Huntress's mouth so she can breath and looks down at her to see how she was doing.

Huntress may have coughed out a bit of the semen before swallowing the rest before breathing.

Jake 3 patiently waits for Huntress to recover while his tail wags and his dick stayed erect while a knot was slowly forming at the base of his cock.

Huntress, who was able to recover, blushes a bit before she was able to get on her hands and knees.

Jake 3 perked up before he walked behind Huntress and quickly mounts her while his cock hung between her legs and it quickly pressed onto her body which caused her to feel how hot Jake 3 was.

Huntress shudders at the warmth as she blushes.

Jake 3 then pulled his hips back before he angles his cock to Huntress's pussy and thrusts his hips forward a few times which missed but glides between Huntress's legs and between her ass cheeks but Jake 3 was getting closer and closer to his prize.

Huntress shudders as feels that and decides to help Jake 3 by guiding his dick after grabbing it.

Jake 3 pants a bit while he lets Huntress aim his cock at her folds, and a moment later when Jake 3 felt the tip of his cock touch something wet, he pushed his hips forward and his cock buried itself deep inside of Huntress's wet pussy.

Huntress groans a bit loud as she felt her insides get stretched.

Jake 3 got a happy look on his face when he felt how tight Huntress was and just starts fucking her without holding back which caused his cock to ram into Huntress's cervix again and again as a result.

Huntress groans a few times before she starts to moan loudly.

Jake 3 just leaned his head down to look at Huntress's head while he keeps fucking her before he licks her head and neck.

Huntress shudders at the licking as she continues to moan loudly as her pussy tightens a few times on the flame wolf's dick.

Jake 3 was pretty content with fucking Huntress hard right now and just keeps on going for quite a bit while he fucked Huntress harder and harder as time went by and his orgasm slowly approached around the 10 minute mark, seems all the running through the fire Kingdom gave him some decent stamina.

Huntress was a bit surprised at Jake 3's stamina before feeling her climax approaching.

A couple minutes later, Jake 3 opened his maw and gripped Huntress's leafy hair and pulled hard which caused him to get much deeper into Huntress and busts through her cervix while his knot bumped into Huntress's body before Jake 3 let go of Huntress's hair and howled to the sky when he came hard inside of the Wood Nymph's pussy which filled it with some serious hot firewolf spunk.

Huntress moans loud from that feeling before she climaxed hard on Jake 3's dick.

For a bit the duo keeps on cumming hard in or on one another before Jake 3 tapped off and pants for breath while he enjoyed the feeling of Huntress's tight pussy on his cock.

Huntress taps off as well before trying to catch her breath while shuddering at the feeling of Jake 3's cum in her pussy.

Good thing she needs a bond mate in order to get knocked up or things would be crazy.

Though that made no difference to Jake 3 when he pulled his cock free of Huntress's pussy and a moment later, moved to start licking Huntress's asshole… seems Jake 3 picked his next target.

Huntress, who groans from feeling Jake 3 pull out his dick, before shuddering at his licks.

Jake 3 keeps on licking Huntress's asshole while his cock returns to full power after a couple minutes of intense licking while Huntress's orgasm was getting close again.

Huntress was surprised at Jake 3's tongue work before she groans and climaxed from her ass.

Jake 3's tail wags when he felt Huntress's asshole tighten on his tongue and keeps licking to get her to cum more.

And cum more the wood nymph did as her pussy squirts out juices before tapping off at 25 seconds.

Jake 3 pulled away from Huntress's ass and pants while his tail wags while he waited for Huntress to recover while his dick throbbed quite a bit.

It took a few moments or so before Huntress was able to recover before getting back on all fours properly.

Jake 3 wagged his tail more before he got into position over Huntress and Jake 3's cock was placed on Huntress's ass and back which felt heavy to Huntress given her lack of strength thanks to Finn right now.

Huntress tries to stay strong but unfortunately, her front half fell to the ground leaving her ass up in the air.

"D-Damn you Finn."

Jake 3 however didn't really hear that when he pulled his hips back and his cock slowly slid up Huntress's downed body and the tip of the canine cock pressed against Huntress's asshole before Jake 3 forced his cock inside of her while Jake 3 whines a bit in pleasure from how tight Huntress was.

Huntress groans loud when she felt her ass get stretched before it tries to take shape.

Jake 3 forced more and more of his cock inside of her ass while he keeps on panting as more of her ass took shape to his cock, and thankfully, unlike her pussy and womb, Huntress's ass had more room for Jake 3's cock and the knot managed to touch her tight ass to show that 11 or so inches got into Huntress's ass.

Huntress's eyes widened at this feeling before groaning louder.

Jake 3 took the groan as a message to start which caused him to rapidly and powerfully thrust his hips and his cock bashed into Huntress's ass again and again while Jake 3 had a happy look on his face.

Huntress was groaning and moaning loud as she felt her ass get pounded hard.

'F-Fuck! Can't tell who's better… either Finn or this wolf of flame.'

Jake 3 then leaned down and starts to lick at Huntress's exposed neck when her hair fell out of the way and Jake 3 fucked her much harder than before.

Huntress groans more loudly before turning her head to look at Jake 3 as her ass tightens.

Jake 3 just went with it and sent his tongue into Huntress's mouth when he moved his maw towards her face and fucked Huntress harder and harder.

Huntress's eyes widen from her first kiss with a flame wolf before moaning loud till she felt her tongue actually mess with Jake 3's tongue a bit.

Jake 3 then fucked Huntress harder as a result while his cock bashed into her ass again and again while Huntress could feel Jake 3 about to cum inside of her.

Huntress moans more in Jake 3's mouth before feeling her orgasm approaching.

A moment later, Jake 3 pushed his cock as deep as it could go and his forming knot popped into Huntress's ass a moment later… though unfortunately for Huntress her flame shield broke when that happened and while she wasn't burned, she did feel like her ass was getting filled with a hot liquid that bordered on the intense while Jake 3 pulled his head away from Huntress's mouth to howl.

"GAHHH!" Huntress moans loud while feeling that hot sensation in her ass.

Jake 3, after feeling her ass tighten unexpectedly, came more boiling cum into Huntress's asshole, looks like she would have a hard time laying on her back later.

Huntress continues to groan loud before she climaxed hard again from her pussy.

For a bit, Jake 3 and Huntress keep on cumming together before Huntress tapped off 20 seconds later and while Jake 3 felt his orgasm slow to a crawl, it never stopped thanks to him being locked inside of Huntress's ass and he used his hot tongue to lick Huntress's face to see if she was alright since he knew that unless they had a flame shield, most people would get hurt from some intense heats.

Huntress, who taps off, groans before she lightly pets Jake 3.

Jake 3's tail wags before Finn reappeared in his outfit while he looked at Huntress with an amused look on his face.

"Wow, maybe I should come back later if you two are having this much fun." Finn said with a smirk on his face.

Huntress pants.

"N-Not funny Finn."

"Hehe yeah, you can pass out now if you want, once you wake you'll be resting at my place so you can get clean later." Finn said while he slowly approached Jake 3 and Huntress.

Huntress would've retorted but was too weak before her vision starts to fade.

However she did wonder where Phoebe was before being knocked out.

Time then passed to much much later with the scene going to Phoebe as she was coming too.

Ooo/ ?/ Phoebe

When Phoebe starts to come too, she groans a bit while she sat up on a makeshift bed that had aluminum foil on it to keep herself from burning what she was on and when her vision starts to come too, she saw that she was inside the treefort's living room while Jake 3 was napping near her with a content look on his face.

"Huh? How did I end up here?" Phoebe asked with a confused look.

A moment later, she saw Finn entering the room from the kitchen with a fireproof bowl of special soup and coal in it while he approached Phoebe.

"Oh good, you're awake." Finn said when he approached Phoebe and placed the good smelling Firekingdom food next to her on a pulled up night table for Phoebe.

Phoebe blinked a bit before remembering what happened which made her blush.

"So… where's Huntress?"

"Oh Hun?, she's resting on my bed after I brought her here after Jake 2 was finished with her… weird though... last time I saw Jake 2 he was a bit smaller, guess fire wolves grow bigger then I would have thought." Finn said when he mistook Jake 3 for Jake 2 when he looks at Jake 3 who still had a content look on his sleeping face.

Phoebe blinks in surprise at this info but couldn't help but giggle.

"That's not Jake 2. He's Jake 3, Jake 2's son."

"What!?" Finn said with some surprise on his face before getting a bit confused.

"Wait… Jake 3?, guess CB gave the name huh?, wonder why he doesn't think of better names… then again naming Jake 3 after Jake 2 who was named after Jake does make me a bit happy hehe." Finn said with a laugh that Phoebe knew that only the light hearted Finn would give.

Phoebe did chuckle before remembering something else.

"Finn." She called for his attention.

"Hmm?, yeah Pheebs?" Finn said with a smile on his face.

Phoebe however didn't smile when she spoke.

"I… came looking for you to get answers because… I got a call from Bubblegum and she… told me what you were doing. But I hoped that it's not true."

Finn however didn't say anything for a moment while he looks at the ceiling.

"... I see, so PB told you what happened huh?" Finn said much to Phoebe's horror when… Finn just confirmed what Phoebe feared.

"So it is true? Oh… Glob Finn why?" Phoebe said.

"Why?... why indeed… why didn't I do this sooner… I have no issue with you Pheebs since I was the one who screwed up so I'm not going after you, but before you complain, try and remember what PB did to you and your kingdom and think of how many times I was messed with by others and pretty much used like an idiot… do you really think PB, Marcy, and plenty of other princesses don't deserve this?" Finn said while he gave Phoebe a raised eyebrow.

Phoebe, though relieved that Finn won't target her, was surprised to hear Finn say that before remembering what Bubblegum did to her kingdom and Fire Giants before remembering some or all the royals mentioned how they had Finn *help* some problems.

Finn waits for Phoebe to think for a moment longer before he cleared his throat to get her attention.

Phoebe blinked before looking at Finn.

"Okay Finn maybe the royals did use you... but don't you at least feel bad?"

"Bad?... with how long they used me do you think I feel bad about getting what I'm owed?, Jake and I saved Ooo many times and for what?, just simple thanks?, PB sends us on life threatening missions on a daily basis, Marcy got me and Jake kicked from our old home twice, Jasmine or Bandit Princess stole my sword after I lost it and did who knows what with it in her crimes, and Penny's issue with me was just stealing clothing since I got back at her for tricking me with Jake's help years alone by cleaning her, don't worry I didn't do anything tier related… point is they are the top women who screwed me over, Huntress shot me with an arrow before hearing me out and it was only thanks to Hunson and my recently gotten immortality that I am even able to walk and well… do what I did with Huntress when she paid me back for the arrow to the leg, point is, I'm not going after people who are innocent or who I messed with, it's the other way around Pheebs… you should understand better than anyone since you were locked in the lamp for years and tricked by PB multiple times." Finn said while he gave Phoebe a serious look.

Phoebe did remember that she was in that lamp during her childhood and teen years before meeting Finn and remembered how Bubblegum was the reason for that.

"But still Finn, you might go to prison."

"I'm willing to accept that but if that happens, I'll bring down everyone who has twisted secrets and what not like PB and her experiments, or Marceline's dealings with KKW, and Jasmine and Penny can't say anything since they are thieves… so Phoebe, while its true what I'm doing is wrong… but they have done worse… besides all I'm doing is getting what I'm owed… nothing more or less since I have been working my ass off with free labor and for what!?... pretty sure many citizens of Ooo would side with me on thinking I have had enough of the princesses and their attitudes that thinks they can use me as free labor… so Phoebe… think I can go down without taking other princesses down with me?" Finn said with slightly narrowed eyes.

Phoebe was surprised at this side of Finn.

"Glob Finn… I don't know who you are no more."

"Oh don't give me that Pheebs, granted I screwed up in our relationship but didn't you run off without hearing my side of things fully?, it was like you completely zoned me out... remember that evil thing your dad was talking about?, how many times I tried to help you keep good?, well think of this as the reverse with the other princesses forcing me into this… or do you think I should never have any kind of romance as I am now?... because if things kept going as they were with me being a naive idiot, I would have been an old man years from now without a family." Finn countered while he frowns at Phoebe.

Phoebe did remember leaving Finn since she felt so betrayed by his lying before remembering how much he had to keep her from being bad.

However it still bothered her on what Finn is doing even if he claims it's only for payback purposes.

"I'm sorry Finn… but I have to go." She said before getting up and went to wake Jake 3.

"One thing first and you can think about this when you leave… but if I haven't done what I did and kept on being a Hero… what would I have gotten?... would I have gotten any kind of romance?... would I have a family?... I won't be a hero forever and my only issue is with the princesses Pheebs… not with the citizens… I'll protect them… and you as well… but make no mistake… before you find fault with me, think about the other side as well and how they forced me into this after years of being rejected and used like a tool…. Just like I was an idiot for using you from my own stupid mistakes..." Finn said while he didn't stop Phoebe from going to Jake 3 to wake the large Fire wolf.

Phoebe stopped for a moment as she did thought what Finn said before going to Jake 3 to wake him.

Jake 3 stirs before he looks at the Queen of flames and Finn to see if they needed anything.

Phoebe looks at Jake 3.

"Let's… go home Jake 3."

Jake 3 blinks at that before he looks at Finn who chuckles when he approached the duo.

"Oh don't worry Jake 3, if you and Pheebs are in the area and Huntress is willing, you can have fun with her… as for you Phoebe…" Finn said when he looks at Phoebe with a serious look on his face.

Phoebe did flinch at the serious look before wondering what Finn will do.

To her surprise, Finn walked up to her and surprisingly gripped her armored hand and raised it while not seemingly being burned and raised it to his face and he kissed the top of it and smiles gently at Phoebe.

"If you ever need any help, any at all, feel free to ask and if you think I need some kind of punishment… well… I do like a fiery lady… pun not fully intended but welcome." Finn said while he grins at Phoebe before he let her hand go and he didn't look injured at all from holding her hand for so long.

Though Phoebe was surprised, she blushed at the gesture before blushing again at what Finn meant.

"I-I'll… keep that in mind." She said before getting on top of Jake 3.

Jake 3 moved to lick Finn on the face a few times before he ran from Finn… who sweatdrops when Jake 3 broke through his wall where Ironically Jake 2 did in his old treefort.

"Oh great… need to repair that as well… this place is looking more and more like the old treefort every incident." Finn said while he rubbed the back of his head as he looked at the large hole.

As Phoebe and Jake 3 got further away, Phoebe was having doubts if Finn was right or not and if he's still good despite the fact that Finn said he will help her.

Jake 3 however just had thoughts of Huntress and had a happy look on his face when he remembered his fun times with her which caused him to run harder then ever so he could have more fun with other fire wolf women or just women at the fire kingdom which caused Phoebe to sweatdrop when she had to really grab the reins to keep steady while she sat on Jake 3's back.

"T-Take it e-easy Jake 3." Phoebe said.

Though that only helped to slow Jake 3 a little while the scene went back to Finn as the fire wolf rockets across the grasslands.

Ooo/ Treefort #2/ Finn

Finn at this moment was busy with hammering some nails to some wooden boards that he was placing on the walls while Huntress, after she had recovered and cleaned up and could actually feel her legs thankfully Jasmine and Penny, after they had recovered had left long ago for the City of thieves which left Finn and Huntress all alone here.

Huntress, all dressed, climbed down the ladder to see Finn hammering the last few pieces of wood to the wall.

Thankfully it went well enough to be a decent patch job but would need a real craftsmens touch to make things look good… though considering the fact that the wall would be busted in by large framed beings, Finn thinks he would have to make an alteration later to help fix that.

"I see you're quite handy with tools." Huntress said.

"Hehe… well when you get your home damaged a lot you try and fix it, going to need a repairman or something for a real fixer upper, how you feeling Huntress?, Jake 3 didn't hurt you did he?" Finn said while he smirks at Huntress.

Huntress did blush but had a stoick look on her face.

"Well… he was rough."

Finn chuckles before he got up and placed his tools in the toolbox.

"Well considering how much you liked it rough, maybe I could invite Jake 3 for an intense threesome if there is a next time between you and I." Finn said while he grins lustfully at Huntress.

Huntress looks Finn with the same stoic look but still blushed a tiny bit at the look.

"Perhaps… if I'm not busy that is."

Finn chuckles before he walked to Huntress.

"Though I know you don't like romance, mind if I at least take you out on a date to a restaurant?, Mainly a food thing and we don't have to get mushy if you don't want to." Finn said while he grins at Huntress.

Huntress did roll her eyes before she had a slight chuckle.

"Alright. One date then."

Finn's grin widened before he surprised Huntress when he kissed her on the lips for a moment.

"Great!, Want to do that in say… 4 days?, I'm planning on visiting on a certain princess trio after all." Finn said while he smirked at Huntress more.

Huntress, who was a bit caught off guard by that kiss, looks at Finn for a moment.

"I-I see… and who are these 3 princesses?"

""Nightmare Princess, Slumber Princess, and Lullaby Princess of the recently named Nightmare Kingdom, you see…" Finn said before he explained everything about Finn and Jake going to the nameless Kingdom, him and Jake going around it to save the three princesses but it turns out Nightmare Princess had set everything up to try and keep her sisters from being freed and even though Finn and Jake picked her as ruler since she did make the kingdom from scratch, she did nearly kill Finn and Jake a number of times along the way… all in all, Finn was going there to get what he was owed by the trio one way or the other since it was a lot harder than he summarised.

Huntress was a bit surprised by this story.

"Well… that's an… interesting story."

"Yeah, and the punch line was that PB was so mad that we picked nightmare princess out of the three, said something about her being a wishmaster or something like that and other stuff but I forgotten about the rest." Finn said while he rubbed the back of his head.

"I see…" Huntress said.

"Yeah, anyway I was planning on heading there before you ambushed me, so I'm getting some last minute things ready to go before I leave, need anything while I'm out like some kind of souvenir?" Finn asked while he got in front of Huntress.

Huntress blinked a bit after hearing that.

"No I'm good." She said with a stoic look.

"Alright, see you later Hun, help yourself to the Treefort, you helped make it after all." Finn said before he went to climb up the ladder after moving the tools out of the way.

Huntress did look around as she remembers helping Finn to make a new home for him.

She saw how well the replica house was built, in fact it was made to be an exact replica but without much damage compared to the last one.

"Hmmm… I almost forgot how much detail I put in this place." Huntress said.

Nearly 20 minutes pass with Finn with a large backpack on his back and saw Huntress sitting on the couch.

"Hey Hun, mind letting anyone know if they stop by anytime soon that I'll be out?, If not then nevermind." Finn said while he waved at Huntress as he left the Treefort.

Huntress didn't have a chance to speak as she saw Finn leave before relaxing a bit on the couch.

Time then passed to a bit later with Huntress munching on some kind of sandwich before she heard knocking on the door.

The wood nymph wondered who it was before she walks over to the door before opening it.

To her surprise, she saw Jake at the door while he was surprised to see Huntress at the door.

"Uhh… hi?" Jake said while he waved at Huntress.

"Uhh… Hey Jake. Looking for Finn?" Huntress asked.

"Errr… yeah… was just checking to see if Finn was alright after his time with PB… uh… where is Finn?" Jake asked when he was confused on why Huntress was here.

"Oh he went to the Nameless Kingdom or Nightmare Kingdom if I remember right. And I know what he's been doing Jake." Huntress said with a stoic look.

"Wait… Finn went where!?, and you do!?" Jake asked while he had an impressively funny look on his face that had some shock mixed in.

"Yeah. Saw him with a list of names of every royal. Thought he was killing them so I shot an arrow to his knee before finding out that he's immortal thanks to his dealings with Hunson Abadeer. Finn explained his reasons before we fucked like animals." Huntress said with a stoic look while not being embarrassed.

Jake's eyes just widened more before he just comically fell back like a statue and passed out in front of Huntress… understandable considering what he just heard.

Huntress shook her head before she drags Jake inside.

Meanwhile with Phoebe after she got back to the Fire Kingdom, she saw CB with many armored guards and a massive giant of a flame person before he and everyone else were surprised to see Phoebe rush into the room.

"Your highness!, oh thank glob your safe!" CB said while he and the other guards rushed towards Jake 3 and Phoebe and had concerned looks on their faces for their queen, though CB did pet Jake 3 a bit to show he was happy he was here as well while the Giant of a Flame person just breathed heavily through a thick iron helmet and smoke billowed out a few times.

Phoebe was a bit surprised at the welcome party while Jake 3 was happy.

"Y-Yes Cinnamon Bun, I'm okay."

"I see, I'm glad your safe, you never replied to your Hologem so I thought the worst so I got everyone… including Bruno…" CB said while he looked nervous as he looks at the Giant of a Flame person who just stood there silently while more smoke billowed from his helmet.

Phoebe blinked a few times when she heard that.

"Oh sorry. Guess I was too busy thinking."

"Really?, its been hours since you left, it was nearly daybreak when I tried calling you." CB said with a worried tone as he looked Phoebe over to see if she had any wounds on her.

Luckily for the pastry knight, the Queen of Flames had no injuring or bruising.

"I hadn't noticed. Guess I was too distracted after my talk with Finn."

CB tensed when he heard that before he looked at Phoebe.

"I see… how did it go?... did he try and force himself on you?" CB said while many Flame guards looked pissed and Bruno, while not saying anything, glowed a bit while he clinched his massive hands and his knuckles cracked a few times to show that Bruno was ready to rip a human apart.

Phoebe however shook her head.

"No he did not. And he's not planning to do anything bad to me."

CB and the others visibly relaxed while CB looks at the guards.

"Alright everyone, go back to your posts or homes depending on if you're not suppose to be on the clock right now, thank you all for coming in aid of Our queen." CB said while he tried to get everyone to go back to their normal lives for now.

Most of the guards did leave but Bruno did not.

CB gulps when he looks at Bruno but would deal with the silent Giant of a flame person later before he looks at Phoebe.

"S-So… shall we talk in private?" CB said when he looks at Phoebe.

"Alright." Phoebe said.

After the duo left the room, a couple guards saw Bruno standing alone in the middle of the throne room and shuddered when they watched Bruno for a moment and saw that all he did was just breath in and out heavily with smoke coming on the exhale.

Guard A leaned towards B and whispered this to him.

"Hey Biggs… think Bruno notices us?" Guard A said to B who was identified as Biggs.

"I don't know Wedge." Biggs said before the duo glance at Bruno.

For a moment nothing happened as they watched the giant of a flame person for a minute in uncomfortable silence before Bruno instantly looks at the two guards with surprising speed while the camera went out of the Fire Kingdom Castle to hear a couple guards screaming like girls before the scene went to Bruno who just tilts his armored head when he was alone again and just went back to watching the room while the scene shifts to Phoebe and CB as they went in Phoebe's room while CB stood near Phoebe as she brushed her fiery hair after CB gave her privacy to change into some PJ's.

CB watched Phoebe do that for a moment before breaking the silent.

"So… I take it that what Bubblegum said was true huh?"

"... Yeah… Finn found a time controlling watch and had his way with some women, some were willing if I'm reading it right, but still Finn forced himself on Bubblegum… I was on my way to the treefort but I stumbled upon Finn as he was… in an intimate moment with... Huntress Wizard… and passed out after seeing that." Phoebe said before she blushed when she remembered how… animalistic Finn and Huntress looked in the act.

Cinnamon was shocked at the news.


"Yeah, and after I passed out, it sounded like Jake 3 had… fun with Huntress after I was taken to Finn's place to rest, I didn't wake up until hours passed with Jake 3 resting near me." Phoebe said before she glanced at CB.

CB was shocked when he heard that part about Jake 3.

"O-Okay… despite the… surprising info… should we be concern of Finn now? Should I make sure he doesn't step foot in the kingdom?"

"Hmmm… that's a tough one CB… even though Finn did say he wasn't going after Civilians or people who did him no wrong, even if we did bring this info to light and even keep FInn from the kingdom, he would just use the info he has on other princesses to make it so that he's not the one at fault, granted he did say he made a mistake with me but for everyone else, they were the ones who messed with Finn over the years, in your opinion, what do you think would be the best and worst case scenarios of letting Finn come here VS keeping him out of the kingdom since he did say he would still do things for me, given his mindset right now, he won't do anything forceful to me at least." Phoebe said when she gave her number 1 knight a serious look when she asked his opinion.

CB did blink after hearing that before he thought carefully on his answer.

"Well… despite his current actions... if he's still good and wants to help the people including you, I guess I wouldn't treat him with hostility unless he did something wrong. But might have to keep an eye on him just in case."

"Fair enough, granted we may not like what Finn is doing but is any of us really innocent?, I mean Bubblegum's experiments, Marceline and her pranks, and while I did nothing to Finn… I did nearly torch the Goblin Kingdom single handed… I really should have listened to Finn back then, maybe if I heard his reason for causing me and Ice king to fight we may not be in this situation… not sure if you knew yet but Finn made a deal with Hunson and Finn is now immortal, he was even able to kiss my hand like a gentlemen and not get burned before I left…" Phoebe said while she looks at her hand where Finn kissed her… granted it was armored but still… it made Phoebe… oddly happy just a little situation aside…

CB, who was shocked at this info, sees this.

"Do you need a moment?"

Phoebe blinked for a moment when she snapped out of her daze before she looks at CB.

"O-Oh no, I'm fine, just still a little surprised is all, now aside from me being missing for a short time, did I miss anything else of importance?" Phoebe said while she smiles at her Candy Knight.

"No. All we did was wait for your return. But would've done a search party just in case." CB said.

"I see, any business that I need to do?, I know how much of a nightmare paperwork can be if not done fast enough or did Blaze keep that stuff down for me?" Phoebe asked while she smiles at CB when she mentioned Blaze, a Flame person who was a wiz with helping her with keeping the complex stuff simple with how savvy Blaze was with the Fire Kingdom and its laws.

CB was thoughtful.

"Actually, Blaze did help handle the paperwork when you and Jake 3 headed out."

"I see, well if she is not nearby can you tell her that I appreciate her aid?, I'll need to relax a bit since Jake 3 did bring me here at a blistering pace… my hands still ache from holding the reins so hard." Phoebe said while she tried to move her fingers and CB saw that they were a bit slow in moving which proved Phoebe's point.

CB sweatdrops.

"I see… well rest up and I'll let Blaze know what you said."

"Thanks CB, I really appreciate that." Phoebe said while she smiles gently at CB.

CB returns the smile.

"Always happy to help my Queen."

"Please, call me Phoebe in private CB, I said so years ago but you are always so formal hehe." Phoebe said before she giggles a bit which helped relieve CB somewhat, if she could do that then Finn really didn't do anything to Phoebe at all.

CB was greatly relieved before chuckling.

"Sorry but you know how my job is."

Phoebe chuckles a bit more before she looks back at the mirror.

"True but considering you are more like family to me then my own father then I don't mind if you want to relax when not on the clock, its nearly time for your guard duty to end today after all, so why not leave a bit early and go do something fun in town?, I hear there is a new attraction at the arena today, instead of one on one duels there are 3 vs 3 duels as well so it makes interesting team based battles, and the pairings are random so not even the fights know who their working with, should be interesting to see impromptu teamwork right?" Phoebe said while she went to get her brush again to put the final touches on her hair.

CB, who likes hearing of Phoebe saying he's like family, did look thoughtful.

"Hmmm, that does sound like fun."

"Yeah, why not try and take that maid I've seen you hang around with… looks like you two are pretty close." Phoebe said while she got a slight teasing tone to her voice.

CB blushes a bit when he heard that.

"W-Well… I wouldn't say close but she is nice and stuff."

"I see… well just in case you do ask her out or not, considering all your hard work you can take the day off tomorrow and 3 days after that, consider it a gift for all your hard as my loyal knight." Phoebe said before she smiles kindly at CB.

CB was surprised at the offer.

"T-Thanks Phoebe."

"Hehe, no worries, now get going before I change my mind, I need to get dressed after all, my PJ's were just to help me get out of my stuffy armor." Phoebe said while she grins at CB a little with a slight edge to her gaze.

CB jolts before he quickly walks out of Phoebe's room before he opens and closes the door after exiting.

Phoebe giggles a bit before she got up from her chair and went to get dressed so she could tell others who worried about her that she was alright and with a quick twirl, she changed from her PJ's to a beautiful dress that helped show her beauty more then quite a bit before she looked in the mirror to admire herself for a moment, she wasn't vain by any means, she just wanted to make sure she looked alright and looked herself from top to bottom.

Phoebe had a figure that was seen as a supermodel.

She seems to be a bit strong on the arms be her bust size was D size… maybe more.

"Hehe. Been so long since I wore a dress. Last time I did was when Finn and I… dated." She said before remembering a few things.

First was her first time meeting Finn, then how they dated after a few incidents… then there was the first kiss that caused her to nearly scorch Ooo from the inside out… then there was the ice kingdom incident way down the line…. Maybe things could have been different if they talked things out… She and Finn were just kids at the time… its not like Finn would have gotten advice… on doing…

Phoebe's eyes widen a bit before she got a thoughtful look on her face.

"Hold on… I should know Finn more than this… would Finn cause the Ice King and I to battle for no reason?... why would he do that in the first place?... did someone tell him to do it?" Phoebe thought when she tried to think hard on WHY Finn would do this… ugh… if only she listened to Finn she would know the reason why.

"Damn… Finn was right. I should've listened to him and things could've been different. Though I wonder if it's too late to actually know the reason why." She said.

Though that would have to be later, for now she had people to visit while she walked out of the room in her heeled shoes which lightly tapped on the ground as she walked out of the room and smiles at her guards with a beautiful smile on her face in passing.

The guards that see her were surprised at her new look before they bow and say 'My Queen'.

Phoebe just smiles at the guards before gesturing for them to rise.

"At ease my guards, I'll be visiting Blaze and a few others in the castle to let them know I am well, if anyone comes by to ask for me tell them I'll be going for either Blaze or Bruno first, Bruno should still be in the throne room right?" Phoebe said when she thought about her aid and her abnormality of a knight.

Some of the knights did look to one another before one spoke.

"It's very possible."

Phoebe nods before she turned away from the guards.

"Keep up the good work men." Phoebe said before she walked away from the guards while the dress helped show her ass off a bit as it swayed too and fro… the years were kind to her growth for that to happen.

The guards were a bit silent as they stare at their Queen's ass.

One of the older guards sweatdrop before he walked behind the three other guards and in one good slap, hit all three on the head.

"Focus on the job men!, were not here to ogle our Queen, she's stronger than most and could kick your collective asses if you get caught and I won't bail you out." The elder guard said while all three younger guards rubbed the back of their heads.

"Sorry." They said in unison.

"Good… and while I get that the Queen is a real beauty… don't some of you have girlfriends and wives?... what would they think if you were looking at your Queen like that?" the Elder guard said while two paled and one just smiles.

"Oh I have a wife but she likes to bring other women to the bedroom, helps keeps things fresh in our sex life and I can bring a few friends of mine to her in the reverse sense." The Guard said while the elder guard blinked at that while the two other guards had shocked looks on their faces though one did turn a bit pervy...

"Really?... well mind if I join next time?" The guard asked.

The elder and other guard sweatdrop while the Guard with the bisexual wife looked thoughtful.

"Hmmm… would have to speak with her about it but I don't think she would mind, however it would have to be next week, this week is my wife's turn to get a woman or two to join her, next week is my turn to get a few men to join me, its once a day so the rest is just pure one on one between she and I if either of us are in the mood." The Guard explained to the pervy guard.

"Man you're one lucky S.O.B." The pervy guard said as he chuckled.

"Hehe thanks, if you have a girlfriend or wife who is close minded, try and ask her to join and at least see if she will be willing to… open up more…" The Guard with the bisexual wife said before he chuckles while the elder guard sighs while cracking his knuckles while the silent guard sweatdrops and steps back when the elder guard walked towards the distracted guard and the silent guard closed his eyes right when the elder guard hit the two others on the back of the head and knocked them to the ground.

"Small talk is fine but get to your posts you dumbasses or next time I'll request a pay cut for the two of you for not paying attention… now…. GET BACK TO YOUR POSITIONS!" The elder guard said before he yelled the last words which caused the two guards to quickly get up in a panic and rushed to get one one side of the door while the Elder guard sighs when he got back in position next to the silent guard.

"Good grief, I'm only a month from retirement and I still have to deal with idiots… I'll be too worried for her majesty if I have to leave her in the care of relaxed idiots like that." The elder guard said while he shook his head a few times.

The silent guard just nods in agreement as he remained in his post.

The two other guards sweatdrop from that but kept quiet since they didn't want to get hit upside the heads while time passed a bit and the time to change the guards was coming up while the scene went to Phoebe who heads to the throne room and saw Bruno still standing in the middle of the room while more smoke was billowing out of his mouth and his head turned when he noticed Phoebe entering the room and just keeps quiet.

Phoebe did blink a few times as she got closer.

"Hello Bruno. I thought I would find you here."

Bruno just keeps quiet while he looks at Phoebe, though he tilts his head when he thought she needed something, Phoebe had to lean back a bit since in terms of size, Bruno was around her father's height, maybe bigger in raw muscle and height alone but that was saying something considering the normal size of the flame person.

"Anyway, I know you were with Cinnamon Bun and the other guards as you all waited for me but I'm letting you, and anyone that was worried for me, know that I'm fine." Phoebe said.

Bruno though keeping quiet just nods his head a little to show he heard that while he keeps standing there.

Phoebe sees that Bruno understood before she spoke up.

"You don't have to keep standing at the same spot. If you want, you can have the rest of the day off."

Bruno however just tilts his head a bit to show some confusion since he normally didn't do much when he wasn't on the clock.

Phoebe did sweat drop.

"Never mind. Do what you want to do. I'm on my way to see Blaze. If you want to tag along then no problem."

Bruno was still silent but he did nod his head to show he would follow Phoebe which caused the duo to head to where Blaze was, she was normally either working on paperwork or in the library to pass the time.

Luckily for them, they were able to find Blaze reading a book at the library.

A moment later, Phoebe cleared her throat to get Blaze's attention while Bruno stands near Phoebe like a silent guard except for the heavy breathing he used as smoke floats towards the ceiling from his helmet on each heavy exhale.

Blaze blinked before looking up and was surprised to see Phoebe and Bruno in the room.

"My lady you're back." She said when she got up and went to Phoebe.

Phoebe smiles when she saw Blaze approaching while Bruno looks at Blaze when she got in front of the Queen of Flames.

"Yeah I'm back, sorry for worrying you Blaze." Phoebe said while she smiles more at her attendant.

"No apologies milady. Just glad you're back safely and unharmed." Blaze said as she looks at Phoebe but did like what she was wearing.

Phoebe smirks when she saw Blaze looking at her outfit for a bit longer than most would and cleared her throat to get Blaze's attention.

"I know you help me with stress relief after I turned 18 but do you really want to stare at me instead of talking?" Phoebe teasingly said while she smirks at Blaze.

Blaze jolt before she realized she was staring too long before blushing in embarrassment.


"Hehe, no worries Blaze, just pointing that out, though if you want to make sure my body is alright, all you need to do is ask and we can head to my bedroom." Phoebe said with a teasing smirk on her face while she crossed her arms under her chest which made them look more pronounced in the dress.

Blaze blushed when she saw that but did like the sound of it.

"Y-Yes. I should make sure that you don't have any bruising or anything." She said.

Phoebe giggles at that before she glanced at Bruno for a moment and looks at Blaze.

"Want to make it interesting and invite Bruno?" Phoebe said when she knew that Blaze always blushed when she looked at Bruno's muscles, the guy was one of the strongest Flame people in terms of raw strength after all for a reason.

Blaze blinked a few times in surprise after hearing that.


"Well thanks to you I'm no virgin and it's been a bit stressful the last few days, and seeing Finn in that situation with Huntress and him even managing to kiss me on the hand without getting burned did… get me warmed up." Phoebe said before giggling at her pun.

Blaze was now shocked when she heard that.

"Seriously? You saw him with the wood nymph and… he kissed your hand?"

"Well it was after I woke up after passing out after seeing them in the act but still… anyway yes, Finn did kiss my hand, he became immortal after making a deal with Marceline's dad, Hunson Abadeer the Ruler of the Nightosphere." Phoebe said when she looks at her hand where Finn kissed her.

Blaze's jaw dropped at that piece of info.

Bruno just keeps on standing there while everyone was silent for a moment and Phoebe looked at Blaze to see that Blaze was still shocked and got a half lidded look when she snapped her fingers near Blaze's face to snap her out of it.

Blaze was able to blink a bit.

"Sorry. I was just shocked that Finn would actually made a deal with the Ruler of the Nightosphere."

"Yeah, shocking to me as well, but before we do anything fun, how was the paperwork?, do I need to sign anything or did we get anything important?" Phoebe asked since Blaze normally save the important stuff for her.

"No nothing important and you do have a few to sign but that can wait later." Blaze said.

"I see, well follow me you two and we can have some fun to help distract ourselves from the tense atmosphere." Phoebe said while she walked away from Bruno and Blaze while Bruno looks at Blaze with heavy breathing while smoke billowed and floats to the ceiling.

Blaze did sweatdrop at that before she follows Phoebe.

Bruno followed Blaze after that before the trio walked by the four guards at Phoebe's door before Phoebe looks at them.

"You four may leave your posts now, Bruno will be with Blaze and I and he can protect us so no worries about leaving me unguarded." Phoebe said while Bruno comically stood behind Phoebe while he breathes heavily and the smoke coming from his helmet showed that he was breathing while he looks at each guard with a silent gaze.

The four guards did blink when they heard that but did feel like they need a break.

"Very well my Queen." The guard said before the four guards starts to leave.

Phoebe smiles at that before she gestured for Bruno and Blaze to follow her into the room while Bruno walked after Phoebe and left Blaze behind for a moment.

Blaze was a bit nervous since Bruno is joining them before she goes in last.

A moment after the door closed, Blaze saw that Phoebe sat on her bed while Bruno stood nearby while they wait for Blaze to get close to them.

Blaze was a bit calm before she walked towards the duo after closing the door.

A moment later, Phoebe chuckles before she looks at Blaze.

"So… who do you want to start out with?, Bruno or I?" Phoebe said while she grins lustfully at Blaze.

Blaze blushes a bit brightly as she looks at the duo before looking at Phoebe.

"Y-You Phoebe."

Phoebe grins before she gestured for Blaze to approach her.

"Well then, come here and give this Queen a kiss before you have her undress to check for injuries." Phoebe said with a lustful tone to her voice.

Blaze blushes more before she approaches Phoebe and once she's close enough, Blaze leans in and touched the fiery Queen's lips with her lips.

Phoebe moans a bit when she felt that and pulled Blaze in so that they were on the bed and Phoebe used her arms to hug Blaze while they kissed one another intensely.

Blaze hugs back as she moans in Phoebe's mouth before sliding her tongue inside.

For a bit, the duo keeps making out on the bed, and while some would wonder why Phoebe wasn't blowing up, well… ironically enough she could thank the red throne incident for that, thanks to the poison that weakened her, her Matrix stabilized somewhat even after the poison wore off which now allowed her to enjoy more in life instead of holding back which allowed her to be more open sexually which caused her to discover that she was bisexual, she wasn't complaining since she did have some experience after meeting Blaze and a few others after she turned 18.

Bruno in the meantime just keeps watching silently while his pants shift a bit to show a boner was trying to break free from his pants… and if his large frame was anything to go by, his boner was monstrous in size.

Blaze lock lips with Phoebe more but did blush when she caught a glimpse of Bruno's bulge.

Phoebe blushed as well but she looks back at Blaze for now while she turned into pure fire for a moment under Blaze when she was distracted and a moment later, Phoebe was fully nude under Blaze and her body was fully seen from head to toe.

Blaze blinked before blushing brightly after noticing Phoebe's nude body.

Phoebe just smirks when she waits for Blaze to get undressed while Phoebe laid on the bed.

Blaze did have a small smirk before with the snap of her fingers, Blaze's clothes burst into flames only to disappear leaving her naked for Phoebe and Bruno to see.

Unlike most Flame people, Blaze had a blue fiery body with a flame like tail on her backside which looked cat like.

She had a curvy figure with C to D sized breasts and her fiery hair, normally in three fiery ponytails, hung free behind Blaze's back in one long flow while Phoebe smiles at Blaze more when she admired her figure.

Blaze blushes at the stare before looking at Bruno on his reaction.

While he was still silent, his boner went to very uncomfortable levels when it looked bigger than last time in his pants to show he liked what he saw.

Blaze was blushing a bit brightly when she noticed it.

Phoebe smirks when she saw that and decided to get Blaze worked up when she used her hands to play with Blaze's breasts.

"What's wrong?, weren't you going to check me for injuries?" Phoebe said while she smiles at Blaze.

Blaze jolt before looking at Pheobe.

"O-Oh yes. Sorry." She said as she takes a closer look at Phoebe's bod even though she was admiring it.

From Phoebe's beautiful looking fiery face to her perfect looking breasts and finally to her tight looking pussy and down to her sexy feet, all in all, Phoebe looked unharmed to Blaze while Phoebe just lays there with a smile on her face and waits for Blaze's examination to be done.

"Okay… you look great." Blaze said.

Phoebe smirks when she heard that.

"Why thank you… but it's just looks alone… I could be hiding possible wounds with makeup for all you know… maybe a caring touch will show if I'm really fine or not?" Phoebe teasingly said while she licks her lips a bit.

Blaze did blush but know that Phoebe was right even though there was teasing involved.

So Blaze brought her hands to Phoebe's body before she starts to feel for something.

Phoebe moans a bit when she felt that and shuddered when Blaze's hands sensually went over her body.

Blaze blushes as she feels Phoebe's body more before her hands were up to the fiery Queen's breasts and starts to gently squeeze them.

Phoebe moans while Blaze could feel how heavy Phoebe's breasts were while Phoebe enjoyed Blazes's touches and her nipples slowly became erect as time went on.

Blaze continues to massage Phoebe's breasts before looking at her when she asked this.

"So… How did it feel when Finn… kissed your hand?"

Phoebe blinks at that before she smirks at Blaze.

"Though armored…. It felt nice like a spark of pleasure shot through my body." Phoebe said while she wondered how Blaze would respond to that.

Blaze was surprised to hear that.

"Really?... Would you ever consider… letting him give you more than a spark?"

Phoebe took a moment to register that before she smirks at Blaze.

"Maybe… though considering he is being a bad person right now, I would have to punish him a bit first… would you be interested in seeing that happen?" Phoebe said with a grin on her face while she used a hand to lightly rub Blaze's folds.

Blaze, who shudders, was surprised after hearing that. However… seeing her Queen punishing someone did bring some excitement.

"Yes please."

"Hehe… good… now let's stop the games and get right to the fun stuff!" Phoebe said with a heated tone when she quickly kissed Blaze and her fingers slid into Blaze's folds to really get Blaze worked up when Phoebe instantly starts to finger Blaze.

Blaze moans into Phoebe's mouth before she decides to do the same as she shoves a finger or two inside the fiery Queen's pussy.

Phoebe groans from that and a moment later, Bruno watched as Phoebe and Blaze finger one anothers pussies as they made out with one another, they even used an arm to play with each others breasts as time went on.

Blaze was moaning as she kissed Phoebe with passion while fingering her pussy a bit rough along with playing with the right breast.

Phoebe did the same with Blaze's left breast while the duo keeps on pleasing one another before the scene went to a couple minutes later with Blaze changing positions with her between Phoebe's legs and was eating Phoebe out while Phoebe laid back on the bed and played with her own breasts as she moans and groans from the pleasure she was feeling while Bruno keeps watching silently.

Blaze hums as she hungrily ate Phoebe's pussy out as her tongue moved around inside before Blaze played with Phoebe's bud.

Phoebe moans more while her back arched a bit in reflex and her pussy twitched a bit as she could feel her orgasm getting closer as time went by.

Blaze could feel that and doubles her actions to make Phoebe climaxed good.

"O-Oh f-fuck B-Blaze… Gonna… gonna…" Phoebe muttered after a few minutes of Blaze pleasing her pussy good.

Blaze did smirk before she continues doing this action a bit harder.

A minute later, Phoebe's head was tossed back and she made a noise that sounded like a gasp mixed with a groan before she came hard on Blaze's face and her fiery juices flowed out of her greatly as a result.

Blaze moans as she lapped Phoebe's juices while making sure to make her orgasm stronger.

Phoebe moans more as a result which caused Blaze to drink more of Phoebe's juices before Phoebe tapped off 20 seconds later and pants for breath while fiery sweat was seen on Phoebe's body.

Blaze was able to finish before she lifts her head to look at Phoebe while licking her lips.

Phoebe blushed at that before she calms down and sat up.

"Phew, nice tongue work as usual Blaze." Phoebe said while her body shuddered and shakes for a bit from some aftershocks of her orgasm.

Blaze chuckles.

"I aim to please."

Phoebe chuckles in turn before she grins at Blaze while a shadow appeared over the duo from behind Blaze.

"Well its time that I returned the favor… Bruno if you would be so kind." Phoebe said while behind Blaze, Bruno was seen and he used his massive hands to grip Blaze around her body and lifts her easily before he moved his hands to her legs and held them apart while Blaze rests against his well muscled chest as Phoebe gets to her feet.

Blaze was a bit surprised at this before blushing brightly from feeling Bruno's chest.

Phoebe grins when she approached the duo and when she got in front of Blaze's exposed pussy, Phoebe used a couple fingers to see how wet Blaze was when she rubbed Blaze's folds.

Blaze blushes before shuddering at this feeling before a close up view of Blaze's pussy shows that she's a bit wet.

Phoebe licks her lips before she moved to lick Blaze's folds and enjoyed the taste while Bruno keeps a good hold on her legs to keep her from moving away.

Though Blaze had no intention of moving before shuddering again at this feeling while trying to relax on Bruno's chest.

For a few minutes, Phoebe keeps on pleasing Blaze's pussy and after a few minutes, felt Blaze about to cum and stopped for some reason with a giggle.

"W-Why did you… stop?" She asked before panting.

"Hehe, well considering how long Bruno waited… don't you think he should have some fun as well?" Phoebe said while she saw Bruno's bulge in his pants.

Blaze was blushing brightly after hearing that.

"W-Well… you have a point."

"Hehe great… now time to see how big our silent Warrior is." Phoebe said when she reached towards Bruno's pants and Blaze saw Phoebe slowly unzip it like she was teasing Blaze a bit with how slow she was being.

Blaze blushes more as she watches Phoebe do that while feeling anticipation.

A moment later, Phoebe fully unzipped the pants and moved to pull Bruno's cock from his pants which surprisingly and funnily enough flew free of Bruno's pants and it smacked Phoebe hard enough in the face it knocked her back a little… and while Blaze would have been worried for Phoebe… her jaw dropped when she saw the size of Bruno's cock and it was around a full 16 inches in length and 4 in width… a real monster of a cock which pulsed with fiery blood while Phoebe who was still recovering after what just happened didn't notice since she was rubbing her face a bit.

"Oh. My. Glob." Blaze said while blushing brightly.

Phoebe, after she recovered had a similar reaction before she grins lustfully.

"Well well, looks like in terms of size, Bruno has everyone beat… though I don't mind giving him a shot since I can reform myself if needed but if you are scared Blaze, you don't have to continue." Phoebe said while she grins at her attendant.

Blaze blinks a few times before looking at Bruno's dick again. Though big in size, Blaze doesn't want to leave before looking at Phoebe.

"I-I'm not scared."

Phoebe giggles before she looks at Bruno for a moment then back at Blaze.

"Well then… let me lube him up for you before he fucks you first." Phoebe said before she moved to get in front of Bruno's massive cock and starts to lick various parts of it which made Bruno shudder and his breathing became much heavier then before which caused him to blow out more smoke as a result.

Blaze was surprised when she heard what Phoebe said as she watches the fiery Queen please Bruno's dick.

For a bit, Phoebe keeps on licking the cock from dickhead to base while she used her hands to stroke Bruno off which made the massive giant of a flame person shudder more before he surprisingly let out a deep groan from the pleasure he was getting.

Blaze was a bit surprised to see Bruno enjoy this since she seen Bruno stand guard and breathe.

After Bruno's cock was thoroughly slickened, she looks up at Blaze with a grin on her face.

"Hehe, nice and wet now, ready Blaze?, this cock is about to go into you after all." Phoebe said while she stroked the slicked dick with her hands a few times.

Blaze did gulp before looking at Bruno.

Bruno just looks at Blaze while Phoebe angles his cock to her folds when she was lift a bit so that the head of his massive cock was held there, Phoebe even rubbed the head of the cock on Blaze's folds a few times to lube it up a bit more since this would be a tight fit.

Blaze shudders a bit before she prepares herself for what happens next.

Phoebe saw that and looks at Bruno before she nods her head, and a moment later, Bruno slowly lowered Blaze onto his cock which forced itself inside of Blaze and Blaze in turn felt like a virgin again with how massive Bruno was, there was even a small amount of blood leaking from Blaze's pussy thanks to how stretched out she was while a slightly worried Phoebe used a hand to rub Blaze's bud to help distract her from the pain as Bruno went deeper and deeper.

Though Blaze tries to relax, she still groans while grinding her teeth as she feels her pussy get stretched.

Once Bruno felt Blaze's cervix, he stopped moving to help her get used to his size while Phoebe keeps playing with Blaze's bud.

Blaze tries to adjust as her pussy tries to take shape of Bruno's dick.

For a few minutes, Bruno and Phoebe wait for Blaze to relax while Phoebe keeps on playing with Blaze's bud, thankfully the blood was not leaking anymore so that was a good sign.

Finally Blaze calmed after taking a breath or two.

"O-Okay. I'm ready."

Phoebe pulled her face away from Blaze's pussy and looks up at Blaze with a somewhat worried look on her face.

"You sure?" Phoebe said while she moved to sit on the couch.

Blaze blushes before giving Phoebe a reassuring look.


Phoebe nods before she looks at Bruno who just looks at Phoebe before Bruno starts to raise and lower Blaze on and off his cock which went deep into Blaze's pussy with each drop from Bruno's powerful arms.

Blaze's eyes widen a bit before she starts to groan a bit as she feels the silent flame guard's dick going in and out of her pussy.

Phoebe just smirks when she saw Blaze enjoying herself and starts to masturbate a little when she keeps on watching the show.

Bruno in turn thrusts his hips a little to get a bit rougher with Blaze to see how she would do when Bruno's cock went into her at a faster and more powerful rate.

Blaze groans a few times before moaning while feeling her pussy tighten on Bruno's dick before Blaze looks at Bruno with a very cute blush.

Bruno in turn groans a bit more and thrusts his hips a bit harder… if it wasn't for that helmet, Blaze would have been able to see Bruno's face but for as long as she has heard about Bruno, no one has seen his face before so it was a complete mystery.

Blaze was curious about Bruno's face before she tries to reach her hands up to try and open it.

Unfortunately, even though she was able to reach the helmet, something seemed to keep the helmet on Bruno's head… like it was locked or something.

Blaze was confused as she groan before looking at Phoebe.

"H-Hey… Phoebe... W-Why is… B-Bruno's helmet… l-locked?"

Phoebe heard that before she looks at Bruno.

"Honestly I have no idea... as for why, My father should know since he brought Bruno here as a kid but even then I never heard why, but when I was in my lamp I saw that he wore various helmets that were made bigger over the years, maybe its a family thing or its some kind of way to keep his strength in line or something." Phoebe said while Bruno keeps on fucking Blaze again and again while his cock threatened to bash through Blaze's cervix.

Blaze, who was wondering about that story, moans a bit loud as she enjoys this pleasure before she did this unexpected move by kissing the part of Bruno's helmet where the mouth could be.

Phoebe blinked in surprise when she saw that while Bruno, in a surprising move groans a bit while he thrusts his hips harder when Phoebe saw that he surprisingly liked the attempt at the kiss.

Blaze then decides to do that again a few times to not only to make Bruno go rougher but also to keep enjoying the attempted kiss.

For a bit, Blaze keeps it up while Bruno thrusts his hips harder and harder while his dick throbbed more and more while a bit of smoke came from his helmet each time, thankfully it missed Blaze's head when it only went through the upper part of the helmet.

Blaze's pussy tightens on Bruno's dick a few times before feeling her orgasm approaching before Blaze looks at Bruno in the face… or helmet.

"O-Oh fuck Bruno… If I'm ruined for others… you better take responsibility." She said while giving Bruno another cute blush as her pussy tightens again.

Bruno in turn seemed to like that possibility when he thrusts his hips harder and harder like he was trying to destroy Blaze's pussy and a few thrusts later, he tossed his head back and roars with a billow of flames shooting from his helmet while his dick fired not a geyser but a tsunami of fiery cum right into Blaze's womb when he forced Blaze to take more of his cock into her pussy and it bashed through her cervix and into her womb before the fiery payload explodes into her.

Blaze moans loud as her womb bloats while her pussy tightens before climaxing hard on it.

Bruno keeps on cumming hard inside of Blaze's pussy while Phoebe fingers her pussy more and saw a flood of fiery cum flow onto the ground when Blaze's pussy couldn't take anymore and it was forced out of Blaze around Bruno's cock while he rides out his orgasm until he tapped off 30 seconds later to show how virile he was and he pants for breath while he held Blaze in his hands to keep her from falling to the ground.

Blaze, who taps off, pants a few times as she lays her head on Bruno's muscled chest.

Bruno managed to catch his breath before he looks at Blaze and lifts her off his cock carefully and a deluge of semen flowed out of Blaze while her womb starts to shrink back to normal while Phoebe sweatdrops when she would have to give the cleaning lady a serious vacation after Bruno made a mess like this.

Blaze groans from feeling all of Bruno's cum leaking out as she stares at him with a deep blush.

Bruno then moved to sit Blaze on the bed to let her recover before he looks at Phoebe to see how she was doing while Bruno's monster cock was still at full power even after all he let out.

Turns out even Phoebe climaxed after fingering her pussy so much before tapping off after Blaze and Bruno's fun.

Bruno then moved to get in front of Phoebe while he waits to see if she was ready and what position she would pick.

Phoebe looks at Bruno before giving a smirk as she lays on the ground after getting up before spreading legs to show Bruno her soaked folds.

Bruno in turn moved to get in front of Phoebe while she was able to see how massive Bruno was while he moved to get on top of her… or over her while he aimed his massive cock at Phoebe's pussy and the head was rubbed a few times to get it lubed again.

Phoebe shudders a this feeling before licking her lips at Bruno as she prepares herself.

A moment later, he used his hand on the ground to act as support for Phoebe when he placed his large arm over Phoebe's head since her head was on the ground.

He then pushed his hips downward and his cock starts to force it into the Flame Queen's pussy which like with Blaze, it spreads her out so much that she bleeds fiery blood a little as a result.

"F-Fuck!" Phoebe groans as she feels the inside of her pussy stretching.

Bruno in turn slowed the thrust a bit so Phoebe could get used to his size more as he pushed himself much deeper into her while Blaze could see how stretched out Phoebe was.

Phoebe, who grinds her teeth a bit, did show she was holding up a strong front while making sure to adjust.

Good thing for her is that her holes may return normal.

Bruno in turn keeps on pushing his cock into Phoebe's pussy before it bumped into Phoebe's cervix and Bruno looks at Phoebe and waits for her to adjust so he can act while his dick pulsed a few times in Phoebe's pussy.

Phoebe, after taking a few breaths, looks at Bruno after finally being able to adjust.

"Alright big boy. Give it to me." She said with a lustful grin.

Bruno nods his helmet covered head before he slowly pulled his hips free and his cock dug against Phoebe's stretched out walls before he forced his cock back inside again and again which got easier over time while Phoebe bumped into Bruno's arm again and again for some much needed support.

"O-Oh fuck!" Phoebe said before repeating it as she begins to enjoy having her pussy fuck while her toes curled a bit.

Bruno slowly thrusts his hips more and more at a quicker pace when he could see that Phoebe was feeling better and better while the blood coming from Phoebe's pussy lessened till it stopped before Bruno was fully thrusting his hips at a slightly rapid but with extraordinarily powerful thrusts that would have sent Phoebe flying if it wasn't for Bruno's arm helping her.

Phoebe groans and moans loudly from the pleasure as her toes curled more from each thrust that Bruno used while Phoebe's pussy tightens on Bruno's dick.

Bruno in turn adjusted his feet a bit before he used more power in his thrusts while his nuts which hung from his pants now from slipping free slapped Phoebe's ass a few times which showed how massive he was again.

Phoebe yelps a few times but moans even more.

"F-Fuck Bruno! YES!... Deeper!... DEEPER!" She moans loud with ecstasy before she actually tries to wrap her legs around Bruno.

Bruno however seemed to have a different plan in mind when he stopped thrusting for a second and used a hand to grip Phoebe around the waist and stood up on his feet while Phoebe was lifted in the air, he then moved his hands to her legs and gripped them tightly… she wanted deeper, she would get it.

Phoebe was surprised at this but didn't mind as she prepares for this.

A moment later, Bruno pulled his hips back and his dick slid out of Phoebe's pussy till only the head was inside of her and Blaze, after she managed to sit up, saw Bruno tightening his grip on Phoebe's legs which told Blaze what Bruno was about to do to the Queen of Flames.

Phoebe was getting excited.

"Come on Bruno. Really give it to me. I want my womb to feel it."

That was all she wrote when Bruno used an extra strong thrust and pretty much bashed into Phoebe's womb through her cervix and a massive bulge was seen that formed on her stomach while Bruno looks at Phoebe to see if this is what she really wanted when he saw her have a strained look on her face while her eyes rolled back in her head and her body tensed up and her pussy gripped his cock with a vice like grip, guess she never had something this massive break into her womb before or something.

"F-Fuck!" Phoebe groans as her pussy gripped more of Bruno's dick in a greedy manner.

Bruno just tilts his head before he shrugged and slowly pulled his cock free of Phoebe's womb without issue even through the tightness and thrusts back in even deeper which caused Phoebe's womb to be stretched to the limit while she could see Bruno so close to getting balls deep inside of her before Bruno repeats the process and slowly, centimeter by centimeter work his way deeper, good thing Phoebe could shapeshift or she would be ruined for others for life with how hard Bruno was fucking her.

"Oh… FUCK YEAH!" Phoebe moans loudly before having a fucked up look on her face.

Bruno just grunts and pants while he fucked Phoebe harder and harder while she hanged back towards the ground thanks to gravity since Bruno was only holding her legs and could feel his orgasm getting closer and closer after a few minutes.

As Phoebe's orgasm was approaching as well while Blaze watches, the trio didn't notice a certain perverted guard peeking at the show while in hiding.

That perverted guard was named Jiraiya and he had a lecherous smirk on his face while he was peeking through the door and saw Bruno fucking Blaze before he watched Bruno fuck Phoebe as hard as he was and could see how much Phoebe was enjoying herself right now.

Phoebe had a really fucked up look on her face as she greatly enjoys the pleasure with her tongue sticking out.

Jiraiya gave a perverted chuckle while he had a few thoughts about what he watched since he never expected to see a beautiful sight of his Queen and her attendant in this situation… did she do that with just anyone?

'Damn this is hot… literally. Never expected to see both the Queen and her attendant with Bruno of all flame guards. Hmmm wonder if I can get in on this.'

However… Jiraiya did have some smarts, granted he could… talk the Queen into possibly giving him a fun moment, but Blaze and Bruno maybe a bit… jumpy to put it kindly if he just walked in on this situation… Bruno could just one punch him into and THROUGH a few walls which would be all kinds of pain… and Blaze could use her legal knowhow to make living in the fire kingdom for him a living Nightosphere… no… unfortunately for Jiraiya he would have to speak with Phoebe alone most likely tomorrow since he could see that Bruno was working her way beyond what most would say would be healthy.

'Yeah… definitely gonna need to talk to the Queen… alone tomorrow. But if I do this right, my dick will plow the Queen's pussy good.' He thought with a lecherous smirk.

Unfortunately for Phoebe and the others, thanks to Phoebe's order to have Bruno be the only one… guarding them… for now, no one could stop Jiraiya as he watched Bruno fuck Phoebe more and more until….

Phoebe threw her head back before she moans loud as her pussy tightens greatly on Bruno's dick before climaxing hard on it.

Bruno in turn made a few more thrusts and fully hilts his cock inside of Phoebe's pussy before he threw his own head back and roars with a billow of flames shooting from the opening of the helmet and his cock blew a tidal wave of semen into Phoebe's pussy which quickly bloats it in no time flat while he pulled her legs hard to keep her from flying away as he rides out his orgasm.

Blaze and Jiraiya watch with surprised looks as they saw Phoebe's womb bloat.

It surprisingly made her look a bit pregnant.

Though for Bruno and Phoebe, they probably didn't think on that with Bruno enjoying his orgasm while Phoebe… well… the look on her face told everyone that she was probably not thinking on pretty much anything with the most fucked up look on her face.

Phoebe's eyes roll on the back of her head before she said this between orgasms.

"M-More… More… CUM!" She moans with her tongue hanging out.

Though Blaze and Jiraiya were surprised by that, they were more surprised when Bruno, after he tapped off, used his hands to pull Phoebe off his cock for a moment so she could recover while her womb returns to normal as the semen flowed onto the ground, thankfully Bruno was still wearing his armored pants and shoes because the flow really made the floor dirty but he was still erect shockingly enough, seems he could go for more like his Queen wanted.

Phoebe, who pants was looking at Bruno with a crazed lustful look.

Bruno just turned and placed Phoebe on the bed next to Blaze before he unties his boots in the semen and after he got them untied, he used a large step to get out of his boots and away from the puddle of semen and when he was clear, he removed his pants and showed his full muscular body to both women, it was like he had muscles on muscles with how massive his body was so his body could support his massive frame and his dick and balls were seen in full now that the clothing was out of the way, if there was still a term for this in Ooo, then Bruno would look like a Glob of War on steroids while he approached the two women on the bed.

"Oh wow." Blaze was I while blushing brightly in surprise as Phoebe, who was also surprised, was smirking as she licks her lips in a seductive manner.

A moment later, Bruno got on the bed before he wondered who would go first out of the two ladies since he only had one dick and Blaze had been waiting… still his Queen did request more… All in all, Bruno tilts his head when he looks between Blaze and Phoebe a few more times which showed he was confused on what he should do.

Phoebe did see where this is going before she looks at Blaze.

"Want to take the next one Blaze?"

Blaze blushed a bit before she nods her head at Phoebe.

"I-If it is alright with you your majesty." Blaze said which caused Phoebe to smirk.

"Please, call me Phoebe in situations like this, and if I'm sitting out… mind cleaning out my pussy… Bruno did give it one Nightosphere of a creampie." Phoebe said when she points to her semen filled snatch.

Blaze did blush brightly when she saw that before remembering something.

"U-Um Phoebe?"

"Yeah?" Phoebe said when she got a bit of a confused look on her face.

Blaze blushed in embarrassment when she asked this.

"I-Is today your… safe day?"

Phoebe blinks at that before she points to her bathroom.

"No but I got a fresh stock of birth control pills and morning after stuff so I'll be fine if I take it after we're finished." Phoebe said when she explained things to Blaze.

Blaze sighs in relief.

"That's good. No offense to Bruno since I'm sure he will be a good father if certain things were arranged."

Bruno was just silent when he heard though he did shrug his shoulders to show no offense while Phoebe giggles a bit.

"Well I'm sure none will complain even if I did have a kid with him, Bruno is one of the strongest Flame people here, though I'm going to wait a few years at least before I even consider the idea of an heir, I just turned 18 recently after all… though what about you Blaze?, you on your safe day?" Phoebe said while she gave Blaze a teasing grin when Bruno did fill her up till she looked a few months pregnant.

Blaze blushes a bit brightly after hearing that.

"I-I believe so."

Phoebe blinks at that before she chuckles a little.

"Well just in case, better take a morning after pill later, don't want my best attendant getting taken out of the job for a number of months before she picks out her temporarily replacement." Phoebe said while she gave Blaze a teasing look.

Blaze was blushing brightly before she actually had an image of herself giving birth to Bruno's child.

Though the size alone would be comically hurtful.

Bruno just tilts his head when he saw Blaze blushing and Phoebe giggles when she saw Blaze getting lost in her own little world.

Jiraiya silently chuckled in his head when he realized what Blaze was thinking.

A moment later, Phoebe tapped Blaze on the forehead to get her attention out of dreamland and into the soon to be fun that she would experience.

"Huh? What?" Blaze said.

"You were daydreaming Blaze, I believe you were about to have more fun with Bruno here while you ate my pussy out." Phoebe said while she grins at Blaze while Bruno's dick stayed iron hard… when his helmet covered gaze went right to her asshole.

"O-Oh right." Blaze said while blushing before she brought her head to Phoebe's folds.

She gulped while blushing before she said to lick the semen filled folds a few times.

Phoebe moans at that before she lays back on the bed while Bruno moved to get behind Blaze, however he used his large fingers to play with Blaze's ass cheeks to get her worked up since his dick would be a very big object that would go in there so he needed to take things slow.

Blaze shudders at the touch before she starts to eat out Phoebe's pussy.

Phoebe groans from that while Bruno moved one finger, his index finger to Blaze's asshole and on the size alone of the finger… well… even the average person's biggest cock would have trouble matching up in size alone as it rubbed against her asshole to tease her.

Blaze jolt at the feeling before blushing as she shudders a bit while eating out Phoebe's pussy more.

For a minute, Bruno keeps on teasing Blaze's asshole while Phoebe keeps on enjoying Blaze's tongue work before Bruno slowly starts to push his index finger in Blaze's ass which stretched it out greatly.

Blaze muffly groans as her eyes widen as she felt Bruno's finger entering her asshole.

Phoebe just keeps Blaze's mouth near her folds while Bruno slowly went deeper into her ass with his massive index finger and even wiggles it around to see how Blaze would do.

Blaze groans more before she had her tongue move around in Phoebe's pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah Blaze… really get that tongue deep inside… bet Bruno's cum with my juices taste good huh?" Phoebe groans out while she used a hand to play with her left breast while her other hand pets Blaze on the head.

Blaze blushes brightly but surprisingly her Queen was right as Blaze did enjoy the taste of both Bruno's cum and Phoebe's juices mixing and stuff.

Bruno in the meantime forced his index finger deeper into Blaze's asshole, 4 down, 4 to go.

Blaze groans at this feeling which made her eat out her Queen's pussy a bit harder.

Phoebe moans while she keeps enjoying her time with Blaze's mouth while Bruno keeps getting a bit more of his finger in Blaze's ass while Jiraiya continues to watch the show.

'Damn… it's like he was already fucking the attendant's ass.' Jiraiya thought as Blaze groans and moans more.

For a bit, Bruno keeps his actions up while he worked to loosen Blaze's asshole a bit more while Phoebe enjoyed Blaze's tongue work until…

Blaze muffly moans loud before she climaxed a bit hard from her pussy.

Bruno in turn tilts his head from that but just keeps on fingering her ass while Phoebe moved away to let Blaze breathe properly through her orgasm.

Blaze continues to climax before she taps off and tries to catch her breath.

Bruno then pulled his finger free of Blaze's ass and saw it gap while Jiraiya got the perfect view to see that as well and how soaked Blaze was right now, seems she really liked it if her pussy was a good indicator.

'Fuck that's a big hole.' Jiraiya thought.

A moment later, Bruno moved on the bed to get behind Blaze fully before he placed the head of his cock at her gaping asshole and gripped her around the waist with one massive hand to show what was about to happen.

Blaze did gulp before she took a moment to relax before preparing herself for this.

A moment later, Bruno's grip tightened before Bruno slowly pushed the head of his dick right into Blaze's ass which stretched it further then ever and Bruno stops to let Blaze adjust, thankfully the warming up prevented bleeding issues but Blaze's ass was already stretched beyond her limit.

Blaze eyes widen a bit before groaning at the feel of Bruno's dick inside her ass.

Bruno in turn waits for a few minutes to wait and see how Blaze would do when Bruno could feel her asshole relaxing after a few more minutes.

Moments pass before Blaze finally relaxed before she looks at Bruno.

"O-Okay. You can start now."

Bruno nods before he pushed his hips forward and his cock slowly but at a steady rate, pushed into her ass inch by inch while Bruno stops every few inches to let her adjust.

Blaze groans each time she felt that before making sure to relax so Bruno can continue.

What Blaze didn't expect was Phoebe moving to get next to Blaze and slipped a hand between her legs and she starts to rub Blaze's bud to help her relax more while Phoebe gently rubbed Blaze's back while she watched Bruno's cock go deeper and deeper in Blaze's asshole.

Though Blaze groans more, she was starting to feel better thanks to Phoebe's help.

Thanks to that, Bruno was able to get pretty deep in Blaze's ass, around 10 inches or so before he starts to pull his hips back and his dick free before he thrusts back in slowly and repeats the action while Phoebe keeps on playing with Blaze's bud while she keeps rubbing Blaze's back to help her relax more.

Blaze groans a bit before she begins to moan while blushing.

Phoebe smirks when she moved to get in a 69 position under Blaze when Phoebe turned into fire for a moment so she wouldn't get in the way and when she reformed, Blaze could see Phoebe's toned legs and her pussy while Phoebe moved to lick and suck on Blaze's bud to help her feel much better while Bruno, who felt Blaze relax more, moved his hips harder and his cock thrusts in and out of Blaze at a steady pace now.

Blaze, who blushed more from Phoebe's actions, moans as she starts to enjoy the pleasure before looking at Phoebe's folds.

That's when the female attendant lowers her head and starts to eat out her fiery Queen's folds.

Phoebe moans a little from that and moved to eat out Blaze's pussy while Bruno thrusts his hips harder as time went on, Jiraiya saw Bruno go from steady thrusts to full on power thrusts that really caused his cock to go deep in Blaze's ass, forget anyone else, Blaze might as well just marry the guy if she has no shapeshifting skills like Phoebe because her ass maybe destroyed for others while the bed rocks with each thrust.

'Damn… shame I can't have fun with the attendant since Bruno probably has his claim on her after destroying her holes but at least the Queen can shapeshift so that's good news for me.' Jiraiya thought before he starts imagining himself plowing Phoebe in various positions and imagine hearing the flame Queen moan out his name.

Though he was distracted from his thoughts when he heard Blaze yelling when she came hard on Bruno's cock while her juices were lapped up by Phoebe who held her ass and fondles it while Bruno keeps on fucking Blaze with more strength till he was giving his all with each thrust and a massive bulge was seen forming in Blaze's gut with each full power thrust.

"O-OH FUCK BRUNO!" Blaze moans loud with ecstasy.

Bruno just growls and groans when he moved his hands to grip Blaze's legs and after that happened he used his arms to pull Blaze onto his cock while he thrusts his hips harder which caused Blaze to fully take in Bruno's cock while Bruno's muscles bulged a bit and glowed to give him a more monstrous look as he fucked Blaze way beyond hard, it would be a miracle if she was able to sit right after taking every inch of Bruno's cock into her.

Blaze groans loud before she finally had a fucked up look on her face as she really enjoys it.

For a few minutes, everything went well with Bruno destroying Blaze's ass while Bruno could feel himself getting closer and closer with Blaze cumming again and again with her ass while she was approaching another orgasm fast.

As Blaze climaxed each time, Jiraiya felt turned on as he watched Blaze moan while seeing that she and Bruno we're gonna climax together.

A minute later, Bruno made a few more thrusts and tossed his head back and roars when he came hard inside of Blaze's stomach and her stomach starts to bloat from the semen entering her.

Blaze also throws her head back as she moans loud before climaxing hard from her pussy as her ass tightens on Bruno's dick.

Though it seemed to be a bad move that Blaze's body made when Blaze got a funny look on her face and starts to not cough up semen but semen flowed from her mouth in large quantity as Bruno rides out his orgasm.

Jiraya watched with a surprised look before he and Phoebe worried if Blaze was okay.

Blaze keeps coughing up semen while Bruno rides out his orgasm till he tapped off 20 seconds later and groans deeply while he lets go of Blaze's legs and she slid off his cock and onto Phoebe's body while fiery sperm flowed out of her ass and pretty much painted Phoebe's face and she had to close her eyes and look away to keep from drowning in the stuff.

Blaze groans a bit as her body shook with mini orgasms.

Phoebe had to keep her mouth closed and keeps looking away as she felt Blaze's stomach deflate and the flow finally stopped after a minute and Blaze looked back to normal… somewhat… her asshole was now gaping royally so unless spells or shapeshifting was used, then Blaze's asshole was destroyed just now by Bruno who looks at the attendant to see if she was alright.

Blaze was seen with a very pleased look as she tries to recover.

Though Phoebe knew it would be awhile and Blaze was knocked out before she turned into fire and moved Blaze to the head of the bed and looks at Bruno.

"You know… there is such a thing as too much of a good thing… give me a few minutes to get clean before we continue this." Phoebe said while she used a few fingers to clean around her eyes since she was pretty much slimed big time before she walked to the bathroom to get cleaned which left a downed and dazed Blaze with the silent giant of a flame Person Bruno who just looks at Blaze to see if she really was ok since adrenaline can be a good pain number but a royal pain in the ass, in this case literally when it wears off.

Though Blaze still had a pleased and fucked up look on her face, she was still able to say this.

"O-Oh Bruno… y-you b-beast." She said with a happy look.

Bruno just tilts his head before he used a hand to bring the blanket over Blaze and carefully sets it on her so she could sleep comfortably.

As Blaze slowly drifts to sleep, she managed to say one thing.

"T-Thank you Bruno… m-my… flaming… k-knight." She said before finally sleeping.

If anyone could see Bruno's face, he would be blinking right now and could be blushing a bit before he heard Phoebe calling to him from the bathroom.

"Okay Bruno. I'm all ready."

Bruno then looked towards the bathroom before he walked towards it and Jiraiya was unable to see more after Bruno closed the bathroom door on him.

"Son of a bitch. I wanted to see more." Jiraya whispers to himself while feeling disappointed.

He then left the area as quietly as he could while Jiraiya grins when he did like a plan forming in his head while the scene went to the bathroom to see Bruno entering and closing the door before he looks to see what Phoebe was doing in the lava shower.

Seems Phoebe left it running, and she had the curtains open for Bruno to see Phoebe's clean nude form while doing a sexy pose to entice Bruno.

She had her hands on the shower walls and was bent a bit to show her round ass to Bruno and wiggles it and low and behold, Bruno was indeed enticed when his cock became fully erect in no time flat and he approached the Queen of flames steady footsteps.

Phoebe grins at Bruno.

"Come on in big boy. This shower is big enough for the two of us. Pick whatever hole you want." She said before she gave her ass a good smack to entice Bruno more.

Bruno then got behind Phoebe and placed his hands on Phoebe's hips and moved her legs apart a little before Bruno sets her on her feet and gripped his own cock and aimed it at Phoebe's asshole, seems he picked the hole he would fuck.

Phoebe licks her lips before giving Bruno a lustful grin.

"Excellent choice. Now jam that monster cock in good." She ordered.

Though it seemed Bruno took that order to heart when he gripped Phoebe's waist with both hands and in no time flat after he got the head of his cock in Phoebe's ass, he forced himself as deep as he could which caused a massive bulge to be seen on Phoebe's gut while 4 inches were out of Phoebe's ass before Bruno starts to fuck her ass hard without mercy.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" Phoebe moans loud while groaning at the same time as she greatly enjoys this pleasure.


Bruno in turn keeps on fucking Phoebe's ass while he used more power in his thrusts and managed to get a couple more inches in Phoebe's ass while Bruno used a hand to hold Phoebe's head to the shower wall like he was trying to dominate her while her cheek was squished against the shower wall.

Though Phoebe groans from that, she still moans loudly before her ass tightens around Bruno's dick.

Bruno gave a deep groan when he felt that before he used a hand on Phoebe's waist to smack her ass hard with a deep smacking sound echoing in the bathroom before Bruno repeasts his actions while he keeps fucking Phoebe up the ass hard.

Phoebe yelps a few times from that action which made her groan and moan louder as her ass continues to tighten.

For a bit, Bruno keeps on fucking Phoebe while he could feel her getting close and closer while his orgasm was approaching which caused Bruno to fuck and spank Phoebe harder until…

Phoebe moans loudly with ecstasy as her ass tights greatly on Bruno's dick one more time before Phoebe climaxed hard from her pussy.

Bruno made one final thrust when he felt that and threw his head back and roars with fire coming from his helmet and he fired his monstrous load right up Phoebe's ass.

Phoebe moans loud again as she felt her ass getting filled up which caused her climax to get stronger.

For a bit, Bruno keeps cumming hard inside of Phoebe while her stomach bloats more and more until Phoebe made a funny face and starts to cough up cum while Bruno went to hold Phoebe down on his cock with both hands on her waist.

Phoebe continues to cough out more cum while having a very pleased and fucked up look before she taps off.

Bruno tapped off as well a few seconds later and he pants for breath while he pulled his cock free of Phoebe's ass and he saw her ass gaping for a moment while semen flowed from her ass for a bit and onto the shower floor.

Phoebe tries to hang on to the shower wall even though her body shook from a few mini orgasms.

Bruno tilts his head when he worried he went to hard with his Queen and tilts his head in confusion which showed to Phoebe how worried he was for her.

Phoebe sees this before she tries to reassure him.

"N-No… worries B-Bruno… You were… a-awesome." She said before winking at the silent knight.

Bruno nods while he wondered if he should continue or not, he didn't want to harm Phoebe if he pushed her too far.

Phoebe could tell what Bruno was thinking before she spoke.

"Don't worry Bruno. I can keep going. Just need to do this." She said before Phoebe starts to shapeshift after she turned into pure fire.

To Bruno's surprise, Phoebe had grown to Bruno's height and was in her fiery flame form that she had used when she attacked the Goblin kingdom, and Bruno's gaze was drawn to Phoebe's massive ass and breasts while Bruno's cock was at full power.

Phoebe chuckles at the stare.

"Like what you see?" She said before doing a sexy pose that made her breasts bounced.

Bruno just nods his helmet covered head a few times when he admired Phoebe with her larger frame in general.

Phoebe smirks before she brought her big hand and grab Bruno's dick before stroking it.

Bruno groans deeply from the touch while he greatly enjoyed getting his cock stroked.

Phoebe continues this before she gets on her knees and brought her head closer to Bruno's dick before the fiery Queen sticks out her tongue and actually starts licking the silent flame knight's dick head.

Bruno groans more and used a large hand to pet her fiery head to show he liked what was going on.

Phoebe gave Bruno and eye wink before she opens her mouth and swallows Bruno's dick as much as she can in her larger form.

And thanks to that, she was able to take him surprisingly deep into her mouth which really caused Bruno to groan while he enjoyed seeing Phoebe sucking his cock which pulsed in her mouth as time went on and precum dripped onto Phoebe's tongue.

Phoebe enjoys the taste before she uses her tongue to lick the tip on Bruno's dick as she sucked his dick hard.

Bruno then starts to lightly thrust his hips and his cock went a bit deep into Phoebe's mouth a few times as a result while Bruno's cock pulsed more and more as time went on.

Phoebe moans as she sucked Bruno's dick faster and harder before using her hand to play with his balls.

Bruno groans more and Phoebe felt Bruno get closer and closer until he tossed his head back and groans when he unloads right in Phoebe's mouth while held her head steady.

Phoebe's cheeks puff a bit while surprised at how much Bruno let out before she tries to swallow the load.

Thankfully thanks to her larger frame, Phoebe managed to do well with taking Bruno's load before he tapped off with a groan while his cock stayed in Phoebe's mouth for a moment before he pulled free to let Phoebe breathe.

Phoebe, after swallowing all of Bruno's cum, did took a moment to catch her breath before looking at the silent flame knight.

"Hmmm, delicious."

Bruno in turn was silent for a moment, but he seemed to really like Phoebe when she acted like this and used his strength to get her to her feet and a moment later, gripped her enlarged ass and lifts her effortlessly which caused her to rest against his chest while his cock quickly turned erect again which pressed against Phoebe's ass cheeks.

Phoebe was a bit surprise before giving Bruno a lust filled look before she rubs her ass cheeks on Bruno's dick.

Bruno shudders before he lifts his Queen while he had a good grip on her ass before he pressed the head of his cock on her folds before he just slammed her balls deep onto his cock and thanks to her enlarged size, she was able to take all of him effortlessly before he lifts and lowers Phoebe onto his cock with his grip on her ass tightening to make sure she didn't fall off of him.

Phoebe let's out a pleased groan as she felt Bruno's dick enter her pussy.

"Fuck! This cock feels so good." Phoebe said before she looks at Bruno.

"Say Bruno. Wanna do a little role playing?" She asked while grinning.

Bruno, after a moment just nods his head while he keeps on lifting and lowering Phoebe on his cock hard and the tip of his cock hits her cervix again and again.

Phoebe let out another pleased groan before saying this to Bruno.

"S-Since I'm the Queen, how about you pretend to be the King and… you're trying to put an heir in me."

That caused Bruno to stop thrusting for a moment while he seemed thoughtful about that before he surprised Phoebe when he flipped her onto all fours while he was still inside of her in the shower and gripped her ass cheeks tightly before he thrusts as hard as he could which caused his dick to bash through Phoebe's cervix again and again which caused a bulge in her womb from the impact.

Phoebe was a first surprised by that sudden move before she starts to moan and groan loudly.

"O-Oh… FUCK YEAH!... K-Keep fucking my pussy!... B-Bruno my… K-KING!" She moans as her pussy greedily tightens on Bruno's dick.

Bruno in turn starts to use a hand to spank Phoebe's fiery ass hard while he used his other hand to grip her ass hard so he could keep on fucking her without mercy.

Phoebe groans and moans loudly as she enjoys Bruno being forceful.

Though surprisingly, it somehow reminded the fiery Queen when she saw Finn being so beast like to Huntress Wizard.

Bruno however was no mind reader and just switch with smacking Phoebe's other ass cheek while he used his now freed up hand to grip the sore asscheek and used it as a handhold while he barraged Phoebe's pussy and womb with powerful thrusts of his cock while he could feel himself getting close again.

Phoebe moans even louder than before as she feels her climax approaching before she looks at Bruno.

"C-Come on… dear!... M-Make sure that my… w-womb gets a full serving of your… c-cum!" Phoebe said while still role playing.

A moment later, Bruno went wild with his thrusts for a moment before he made a few good thrusts and slammed his cock fully inside of Phoebe before Bruno threw his head back and roars when he came hard inside of Phoebe's womb… good thing she had anti-pregnancy stuff in here or that roleplay would turn into a reality.

Phoebe moans very loud as she feels her womb getting filled up before her pussy tightens greatly on Bruno's dick before Phoebe climaxed as well on it.

For a bit, the two ride out their orgasms while Phoebe's womb bloats a bit from Bruno's cum not having many places to go before it flowed out of her pussy and around Bruno's cock and onto the shower floor.

It wasn't long before Phoebe finally taps off and tries to catch her breath.

Bruno in turn tapped off a few seconds later and pulled his now finally flaccid cock from Phoebe's pussy which caused semen to flow out of Phoebe and he pants for breath with each exhale having a little more smoke than usual.

Phoebe pants for breath as she enjoys the afterglow.

"F-Fuck Bruno… that was… a-amazing. You can get any girl pregnant with your load."

Bruno just keeps on panting before he managed to calm down while he watched Phoebe slowly return to normal and the shrink caused more of Bruno's semen to flow out of Phoebe's pussy from the smaller space of her womb.

Phoebe groans a bit before looking at Bruno.

"So, feeling better?"

Bruno nods his head while he waits for her to sit up in the shower before Bruno surprised Phoebe when he used special Fire Kingdom soap and used a couple large fingers to lather it and starts to wash Phoebe's fiery hair while the lava showered on the duo.

Phoebe was a bit surprised by this action before she hums as she felt relaxed by this.

Bruno keeps this up and he helped Phoebe get cleaned while he took a bit to get himself clean before he and Phoebe left the shower with Bruno carrying her in his hands after Phoebe got some pills that would prevent herself from getting pregnant and the duo went back in Phoebe's room and Bruno sets Phoebe on the bed next to Blaze and got her under the blanket before Bruno starts to get dressed and everything so he could get a cleaning person to get Phoebe's room clean since… messy didn't even describe the terror in Phoebe's room after what Bruno did.

Phoebe felt a bit relaxed in her bed even with Blaze, who's still out, but resting, before Phoebe looks at Bruno.

"Thank you Bruno. And I greatly enjoyed our fun time. If you ever want more, you can always ask me or Blaze." She said with a smile.

Bruno in turn, after getting dressed, nods his head but tilts it a bit when he points at a photo of Phoebe and Finn on a nearby nightstand, Bruno may go to Phoebe and Blaze for stress relief for both parties, but what was Phoebe's feelings about Finn after everything that happened, Phoebe didn't seem to hate Finn even after what Bruno heard about Finn so he was curious on Phoebe's thoughts.

Phoebe did blink before looking at the photo of her and Finn being younger after picking it up.

She again remembers the good times she and Finn had when they dated before the Ice Kingdom incident happened. But they became friends again after Finn apologies.

She still worries if her human friend is still good even though Finn claims that he had no intention of harming her or her people and is getting what he owes and will still help innocent civilians and stuff.

Then she starts to remember the spark when Finn kissed her hand before blushing.

Could she still have some feelings for Finn?

Though Bruno was no mind reader, he did see Phoebe blushing while she looks at the photo a bit more and just silently gestured to follow her heart while Bruno points where his Matix was to help convey that message, seems as long as Finn treats Phoebe right, he would have no issues with Finn and Phoebe getting back together before he left the room while Phoebe was busy thinking.

'Hmmm… could Bruno be right? I mean I do care for Finn but is it… just as a friend… or something more after all these years?' Phoebe thought before yawning a bit.

'I'll have to think on this tomorrow since I need my beauty sleep.' She thought again before she fell asleep while she cuddles up to Blaze who in turn cuddles up to Phoebe while the scene shifts to Finn hours later as he was getting closer to the Nightmare Kingdom.

Finn was having a good time with getting to the Nightmare Kingdom and after a small nap along the way to help get himself recovered after a two hour walk, he managed to get to the border of the formerly named Nameless Kingdom and as he looked down on the kingdom from a nearby cliff, he grins when he looks at the Nightmare Kingdom and the three castles in the area that house the three dream Royals before the scene fades to black.

The scene fades in to show TME and Atomsk while they were talking about some things that dealt with the story.

"... So I'm thinking we have a bit of a surprise twist after Finn has his way with the three princesses here, but I'll keep it a secret for the readers later but instead of normal Lemons, why not do what we did with Jasmine and have two of the three princesses have mainly time stop lemons, Slumber Princess would mainly be Finn having his way with a sleeping princess mainly so no real issue for a time stop there but the other two maybe an issue… or will they?" TME cryptically said near the end while he grins at Atomsk.

"Hehe, who knows but this is exciting." Atomsk said as he chuckles more.

"Yeah, but want to say anything to the readers before we end this? personally, I think this chapter turned out well but I do want to point out that while Phoebe had her fun with Blaze and Bruno, it doesn't mean she has romantic feelings for them…. In this story at least, we still have Blaze and Phoebe from the Deal Rewrite and there are feelings there and we can use a Phoebe X Bruno story for a different story like its Lemon time for everyone else but Finn, got anything else to add Atomsk?" TME said while he looks at Atomsk with a grin on his face.

"Oh yeah. I mean, Bubblegum told Phoebe what was going on so will Finn punish her? Plus there was a lemon with Finn and Huntress and also the date that's coming soon. And lets not forget Ash's friend from the bar. Wonder if he'll find out or something." Atomsk said.

"Hehe, doubtful about that last part, lets just say that after Ash vanished and Finn got his immortality from Hunson, which we will see how strong that immortality is... the figure, after seeing that Ash wasn't going to show after Finn got Ash to leave with him, just keeps the item that Ash was looking for a secret so it can be one of those things better left unsaid for now and could be used at a much later date if we can fit it in, and if not, we could think of it like one of those bad situations was prevented by Finn's actions, as for Bubblegum… doubtful but I doubt it would stop Finn from bending Bubblegum over a table and giving it to her good since it technically did give him a chance to give Phoebe a bit to think about in the end so Finn could reward her… after a slight spanking for the tattletale Bubblegum hehe… now then… got anything else to say or want me to end things here?" TME said while he crossed his arms and had an amused look on his face.

"All yours dude." Atomsk said with a thumbs up.

"Alright… so as you can see everyone, Finn is far from done with his time controlling ways and is planning to go after the Dream sisters in the Nightmare Kingdom, for those who are confused or have no idea who I am talking about, look up on youtube the Secret of the Nameless kingdom, you will see what I mean about those sisters and how the Nameless Kingdom became the Nightmare Kingdom, can't say we didn't warn in advance… anyway Atomsk and I will be taking a small break from the Paybacktime story to work on other stories so you'll have plenty of time to look up what I mean… now then stay healthy and goodbye." TME said before he waved to the Readers while the scene fades to black.

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