Paybacktime for Finn @emerald
Chapter 1

The scene fades in to show a frozen Atomsk while TME was walking around him while he carried a large pocket watch and chuckles.

"Hehe, wonder what I should do, make some kind of mask and make him think he went blind… hmm… eh, nah, might as well show some mercy." TME said behind Atomsk before he clicks the pocket watch and a moment later Atomsk unfroze and speaks for a moment when he thought TME was in front of him but TME seemed to blink out of his view in no time flat.

"Hey where'd did you go?" Atomsk said when looks for TME.

TME chuckles before he clicks the watch and Atomsk froze again before he walked in front of Atomsk and clicks the watch again and to Atomsk, TME just blinked into existence right in front of him while TME had a wide grin on his face.

Atomsk jolts a bit from that sudden appearance.

"What was that about?"

"Oh just a time stopping watch, nothing much, and the key plot piece of the story like I was explaining before." TME said when he showed Atomsk the time stopping watch.

Atomsk did blink a bit before looking at TME.

"Well you better not use it on me." He said with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh you mean…" TME said before he blinked out of existence and popped back in with a fancy sandwich.

"... Not getting you a freshly made sandwich?, well if you are sure then more food for me then." TME said when he bit into the sandwich and hums in a pleased way from the flavor.

Atomsk blinked again when he saw it.

"Oh come on, you could've brought me a sandwich."

"Take a look at your right then…" TME said with a grin which made Atomsk blink before he looks to his right to see a similarly made sandwich on a table that was set there while TME chuckles at the look on Atomsk's face.

Atomsk was a bit surprised when saw the sandwich before he lightly chuckles.

"Sneaky." He said before he walk towards the sandwich.

"Yup, and as you can see this is the key effect of what will happen in the story, though to everyone it would be a simple blink like effect, to others, well I was able to move normally and everyone else was just frozen in place, speaking of which…" TME said before he blinked and his was missing his sandwich while he wiped his hands clean after pocketing the time stop watch.

"I'll deal with the readers while you enjoy the meal, though mind handling the outro later?" TME said when he grins at Atomsk.

"Yeah sure." Atomsk said before taking a bite of his meal.

"Great…" TME said before he reached into his pocket and blinks for a moment and he was sitting on a fancy chair while he looks at the readers.

"Anyway I'll skip the small stuff by saying disclaimers that Atomsk and I own nothing besides original ideas and if someone else had the time stop watch ideas in fanfiction then please tell us who did it and we will credit in future chapters, all characters that belong to others like the AT crew belong to their creators, anyway this story starts out right after Finn's latest failure to charm a woman…" TME said before the scene shifts to Finn while he was sulking as he walked towards the treefort, or to be exact the NEW treefort that was made recently for him.

Ooo/ Grasslands/ Finn

Finn had to sigh while he walks back to the New Treefort, the old one after the Gum war and the Golb incident was was left alone to let the place where Fern was planted to grow in peace and thanks to Huntress and a few other Wizards, Finn had a new treefort made as a new home… it was made to be an exact replica of the old treefort so Finn didn't have to adjust long to living there.

Finn then sighs again when he didn't think that latest adventure would end in that way, he helped save Frozen Yogurt princess from the Ice King again and while he could have timed things better, since he did save plenty of ladies, he thought he could at least ask some of them if he could ask them out and while he was 18 now, he still either got the too young crap from Bubblegum, and while he and Phoebe were friends again, he did try and wow her after proving to her that he was a lot more mature… but he was shot down when Phoebe still had trust issues with romance… and this time with Frozen Yogurt princess, she pretty much told him that it was most likely because she looked a lot like Phoebe that she couldn't return his advances… there were others but come on people… it was years ago!

"What is wrong with me?!... Does every lady not like me?" Finn said wondered why most of the royals, or any woman that's humanoid, won't date him.

Finn however was no mind reader but he did know one thing after years and years of hero work… it was mainly for free and it seemed that he was starting to get that… he was being taken advantage of… Bubblegum was the main user of sorts for example but others did it as well to lesser extents… was he nothing more than free labor to them?

Finn was now getting angry as he thought about any other lady that screwed him over. Like Marceline for example. Granted they haven't dated or anything, but not only did she messes with him, there was that time when she had kicked Finn and Jake out of their home just because her initial was on it. I mean was that even legal ownership? Then it happened again thanks to her dealings with his real estate nephew, KKW, and Marceline didn't think to apologies to the duo when making the deal. Bet all she cared about was that lame, or more likely super cool guitar, than anything. Some friend she is. And lets not forget what she did to Jake when Marceline drained him.

Finn keeps thinking of more and more women taking advantage of him and got an angry look on his face, he knew he couldn't do much to them for A, the kingdom's security, and B…. if he did anything evil, Finn's heroic status would be revoked and he would be on the run from everyone… if there was only a way to keep others from noticing him from doing anything to get payback… but what?

Finn sighs.

"Damn… there's nothing I can do. I mean I could just not help them with their problems and block their calls… though if it was a big emergency like monster related, then I can't ignore that or it would make me look bad as well."

Finn's delima went on before he saw a person walking by him in some kind of cloak and the hood was up so he couldn't see their face, but when they passed by Finn, they seemed to drop something near Finn by accident and keeps on walking by Finn without noticing anything it seems.

Finn did blink when he saw the item before picking it up and have a closer look.

Turns out it was a map to some kind of dungeon that held a treasure that would allow a person to manipulate time, however there were various notes and plans on how to get by the various traps and warned that there was something near the treasure to guard it but the notes didn't tell of what.

Finn would have said something to the man walking away… however the mention of manipulating time… did give him some ideas to use to get some payback on some of the princesses who just seemed to want to use him for their own ends... So Finn watched the guy walk away with a grin on his face before Finn pockets the map and walked away towards his home to get things ready for the trip.

'Hehe… look out ladies. Finn is coming for vengeance. And you won't even see me coming.'

Though before that happened, Finn had to keep the map on the down low and had to pack fast but had to also save Princess Bubblegum a few times and a few other princesses, however instead of asking them anything, all Finn did was just smile and nod before he left them alone which confused them greatly since Finn normally tried to ask them on a date by now.

Most royals didn't know why the sudden change, especially Bubblegum. Heck when Marceline tries to contact him, Finn would either decline or ignore it.

All in all, when Marceline tried to fly to Finn's place… she surprisingly saw that he was not home and wondered where the human was.

Finn at this time, was actually heading towards the ruins where the map led and to his surprise, he saw the man who dropped the map earlier while the figure leans against one side of the entrance like he was waiting for Finn somehow.

Finn was both shocked and surprise to see the hooded man as the human got closer.

"Um… hello?"

"You know, stealing my map was not the best idea boy, granted I did drop it but I don't think a hero should try and use the item in these ruins for what you have in mind… granted I won't stop you from getting it if you really want it, but I figure I should say something before you do something you may regret down the line." The figure said while he didn't do anything else but just leans against the wall.

Finn did a bit after hearing that.

"Wait, so you realized you dropped it and didn't go back to check?"

"More like when I did and remembered that the only other person to get it was you, all I needed to do was wait for you to bring it here, but like I said, I won't stop you, personally I'm interested in how this story will end, so… just call me Ranmyaku if you will, an adventurer slash storyteller of sorts and something like this would make an interesting story for generations to come don't you think?" The figure now known as Ranmyaku said while he gestured for Finn to enter the ruins.

"Ummm… sure." Finn said with a confused look before he starts entering the ruins.

"One last thing before you go, after you get the time stopping item, head north, you can find the perfect person to test it on and she does deserve some payback." Ranmyaku said which made Finn look back to see that Ranmyaku had vanished without a trace.

Finn did blink in confusion from what just happened.

"What a weird guy." He said before he starts to head inside the ruins.

Thankfully thanks to the notes on the map, Finn was able to get by most of the traps in the ruins either by secret switches, or from simple timing to avoid them and hit some switches to turn them off, honestly it was pretty odd on how easy the traps were, guess it was a pre-mushroom war thing and it was just made for normal people or something.

"Hehe, this is great. I might just head to that treasure sooner than expected." Finn said while feeling excited.

After 15 minutes, Finn finally managed to get all the way into the main chamber where the prize was and aside from a climb of stairs… all Finn saw on some kind of stand was some kind of fancy pocket watch that had weird engravings on them…

Finn blinked when he saw the item.

"Seriously? A pocket watch?" He said when he starts to come closer.

After Finn picks up the pocket watch however, the stand starts to rumble and shake before it lowered into the ground which was a very bad thing when the entire ruins start to rumble around Finn.

"Uh oh… time to book it!" He said as he tries to get out of here.

However the ceiling starts to break in large amounts and starts to fall towards Finn at high speeds and Finn knew he wouldn't make it not only in speed but from how heavy the rocks looked.

It was at this moment, as Finn held onto the pocket watch tightly, one of his fingers somehow pressed something small without his knowledge.

A moment later, things slowed greatly around Finn before things stopped all of a sudden while Finn stumbles and fell onto his front while he held onto the watch.

"AHHHHH!" He screams when he sees the rubble coming towards him before shutting his eyes.

However when he wasn't crushed under the rocks… he opened one eye and saw… floating rubble near him?

"Huh?" Finn said in a confused tone before getting up.

To his further shock, he saw that everything around him… was frozen in place… the falling rocks had stopped falling, the dust has stopped shifting, everything around Finn seemed to be… stuck in… time!?

"Whoa! How did I do that?!" Finn asked with a shocked look.

Finn then remembered the watch before he looks at it and saw that the hour and minute hands were glowing with some kind of otherworldly light while the numbers where glowing with a similar light… good glob this thing was legit… a time stopping watch!... just think of all the things Finn could do now that he had this.

"Wow. Who knew this was the very thing that I needed. Wonder if it has any other functions." He said as he carefully inspect the watch.

To Finn's surprise, he saw that there was a speed up function on the watch and a rewind feature as well, though considering the situation, speeding up time would be a very very bad idea right now all things considered with the frozen debris right above him.

"Okay. don't want to speed things so how about I go backwards." Finn said before pressing the rewind feature.

When Finn hits the button to go back in time, his body moved as well to match the events in reverse before he stood at the stand right before he took the watch and blinked when he realized what just happened and looks at the watch on the stand again.

"Huh, when I reverse time, it takes me back to the exact spot. Hmmm, could be handy in case if something bad will happen to me in the end. At least I know what to do." Finn said before he grabbed the watch and like before things start to shake again before Finn stopped it.

Time then stopped around Finn while he did have one thought as he walked out of the ruin when he thought on the time rewind feature.

"Hmmm… either it brings me back here or I just happened to hit the button to bring me back a certain amount of time and I can only go back a couple minutes or something… might as well test it when I get home or…" Finn thought while he walks out of the ruins and remembered what Ranmyaku said about heading north for the perfect person to test the watch on.

"Hmmm… might as well head North first like that Ran guy said though I wonder who I will see when I get there?" He thought again before he starts heading North, though when he decided to let time flow… he jolts when the ruins behind him collapsed behind him and it made him chuckle nervously before he ran off with a comical look on his face.

It took Finn a few hours of travel and a few breaks, but he finally made it to a surprising scene when he made it back to the City of thieves of all places.

"City of Thieves? Why would Ranmyaku tell me to come here. I mean the only person I know that lives there was…" He said before frowning when he remembered a certain girl from his past.


Last time he saw her, she was a short mutant looking kid, and even though he and Jake 'Purified' her, she pretty much stole his clothes which caused him and Jake to book it like no other out of the city.

However before Finn could think much of it, he did see another person who he despised more… a certain thief or bandit princess who was carrying a sack of stolen goods from the look of things and held a weapon in her right hand to keep any unknowing thieves from trying to steal from her.

"Bandit Princess." Finn said in an angered tone when he remembered the damage Bandit Princess did after stealing his Finn sword and later on making Finn stab it with his grass sword.

Finn now got why Ranmyaku told him to come here… Bandit princess would be a good test subject to see how things would go if he used the watch here of all places which made Finn… grin evilly when he walks to the city to tail Bandit Princess for now.

Finn was making sure to keep his items, including the pocket watch, very close as he stealthy follows Bandit Princess.

Thankfully for Finn, he managed to follow her to a pretty crowded area but it was lacking enough people so that Finn could see Bandit princess selling some things, she even boasted to some of the vendors on how she mercilessly killed some people for it and it made Finn's blood boil before he looks at the watch while Bandit princess was bent over the counter and when Finn stopped time, all the people, sounds, everything stopped which allowed Finn to approach Bandit princess and she looked none the wiser, in fact she was completely unaware of Finn and what he was planning to do to her while he looked her body up and down when he noticed she got more of a womanly figure.

She has some nice curves with a bit of wide hips. Her legs looked smooth to touch while her ass was nice and big rounded. Lastly her breasts were B-C size.

Finn had to grin when he had a pretty evil idea when he decided to mess with Bandit princess when he moved her loot to the side and went to Bandit princess herself and removed her robe, and thanks to the time stop, she was unaware and stood in her bra and panties and Finn admired the sight before he stepped away and after making sure he was clear, he resumed time while he watched what would happen unfold, to everyone else, Bandit Princesses robes looked like they just blinked out of existence just now and Bandit Princess felt a breeze hit her body just now while the merchants and people blush at the sight of her bod.

As Bandit Princess returned to normal, she blinked when she saw the merchant's blushing at her.

"Hey what's with the looks?" She asked.

All the merchant did was continue to stare but he did managed to point down a couple times while… he was getting a bit erect in his pants… its been awhile for him and he did just get flashed somewhat just now after all.

Bandit Princess was confused before she looks down and was shocked when she saw that her robe was gone.

"What the fuck?!" She said as she tries to cover herself with her hands.

"Who stole my robe?!" She said in an embarrassed and anger tone.

Finn however just grins when he stops time again and walked up to the blushing Bandit princess and had a very evil idea when he carefully moved her arms a bit to the side and removed her bra and then slipped her panties off, he even used his Night Sword to get them off since he didn't want to topple over Bandit princess by accident and stepped back a bit and out of sight before he resumed time again and low and behold everyone blushed more when they saw Bandit princess's fully nude body now.

Bandit Princess blinked when she felt a sudden breeze on her breasts before looking down again till her eyes widen in comical proportions.

"AHHH! What the actual fuck is happening?!" She yells as she desperately tries to find something to cover herself up.

Unfortunately for her, Finn stopped time right when she stood up and Finn was able to get a good look at her nude body.

"Hehe, lets see what people mean with how good tier 15 is… going to need practice after all." Finn said before he moved to fondle Bandit princesses breasts from behind for a bit, he even pinched her nipple and everything to get her chest nice and worked up for a bit and Finn could have imagined things, but he could have sworn he saw a slight, ever so slight blush on Bandit Princess's face.

"Hehe, looks like even in stopped time, she can still feel good… still… time to see how a woman tastes after all these years." Finn said before he knelt behind Bandit princess and looks at her ass and saw how round it was.

Finn grins before he gave Bandit Princess's ass cheek's a good squeeze before smacking both of them with one hand.

Finn keeps this up for a bit till he was satisfied with his work but instead of resuming time… he looks between Bandit princess's legs and saw her asshole and pussy and Finn licks his lips.

"Hehe, time to see what's so good about this part of a lady is." Finn thought before he moved between Bandit princess's legs and starts to lick at her folds to get her lubed up and to see how she tastes… and surprisingly she was pretty clean and good tasting as well which made Finn eat her out for a bit longer then he would think, around 10 to 15 minutes of nonstop licks before he stood up and licked his lips clean.

"Hehe, well now… time to see how hard all that built up pleasure will hit you when I resume time." Finn said before he walked out of sight even though he had an erection like no other and after looking by the corner… he resumed time for one hell of a sight.

Once Bandit Princess was moving she somehow shudders before losing her footing a bit.

"W-Whoa." She said as she didn't know what just happened but blushed without realizing it.

A moment later, her ass felt sore, greatly so while her breasts and nipples felt like they were fondled harshly and finally… her eyes roll back into her head and she lets out a loud groan when she came hard onto the ground while Finn grins at the delayed effect when Bandit princess's orgasm hit her like a freight train.

Everyone blushed when they saw that while some of the merchants were turned on at the sight.

Bandit princess fell onto all fours without her control and she had to pant for breath while Finn grins when he stopped time again… and this time when he walked up to her, he unzipped his pants and pulled them off before his large 10 inch in length and 3 in width dick was seen.

Finn then moved Bandit Princess so that she was kneeling on the ground in front of him while his dick was in front of her face, he even slapped her face with his cock a few times and loved how unresponsive she was.

"Hehe, well considering things, might as well say thanks for taking my V-Cards… too bad you won't know about it though." Finn said before he angles his cock to bandit princesses lips and pretty much thrust himself balls deep in no time flat while Bandit princess's throat bulged to make room for the large cock, and thanks to the time stop, Finn could feel everything and not worry about bites, or anything back since nothing would happen… yet… and the look on Bandit princess's face never changed so Finn wastes no time in face fucking her hard and fast and used her mouth for his own pleasure, even in stopped time, Finn could feel how warm and wet it was which caused him to grin and he didn't even need to hide his thoughts, he just spoke about good Bandit princess's mouth and throat was.

"D-Damn… your mouth is so wet and hot. Wonder if your pussy is like that." Finn said as he continues to roughly face fuck Bandit Princess's mouth.

For a few minutes, Finn did nothing else while he used Bandit Princess's horns as hand holds and could feel his orgasm getting closer and closer as time went by until he made one last thrust and groans when he pushed himself balls deep and blew his load right down Bandit princess's throat and into her stomach, and interestingly enough the semen stopped in time as it left Finn's dick so it stuffed part of Bandit princess's throat and when Finn pulled free, he shot a few strands of cum onto Bandit princess's face and pants for breath for a moment when he admired his handiwork with the thieving princess, granted none of his load leaked own but thanks to how built up it was well…

Finn then walked away before he zipped himself up and pretty much resumed time and watched to see how Bandit princess will react after getting the throat fucking of her life and everything.

Bandit Princess did resume to pant and was gonna say something but.. Her eyes widen before she starts to cough out something till everyone saw cum escaping the thieving princess's mouth.

Finn had to grin when he saw that and watched Bandit Princess continuing to cough up cum until she finally managed to get everything out of her and saw how much cum she just coughed up on the ground.

"W-What's going on." She asked before looking at the merchants.

"Who's doing this to me?!"

Finn chuckles before he stopped time and walked up to the frozen Bandit princess and picked her up before he placed her on one of the merchant stands while her ass hanged off the edge.

"Hehe, that would be me… now… time to love my V-Card officially… thankfully I grabbed one of these so no knock ups hehe." Finn said before he pulled out a condom and equipped it to his dick and when it was snug on him, he rubbed the head of his cock on Bandit princess's folds to get it lubed up before he pushed himself inside of her, and thanks to how relaxed her body was in frozen time, he busts through her hymen and got balls deep inside of the Bandit princess and groans from how tight she was.

Bandit Princess maybe frozen but the blush did slightly grew and if you stare at her eyes, somehow you might see tiny teardrops trying to escape.

Finn however ignored the tears and thrusts his hips when he moans and groans when he really enjoyed how tight Bandit princess was, he even used his hands to play with her breasts to really get her to feel more when time would resume and Finn took some breaks every few minutes to keep from blowing and after about 20 minutes, at least to Finn, he keeps on going when he could feel his orgasm building and this time wasn't stopping his thrusts so he could fill the condom up.

Bandit Princess, who didn't know what was happening thanks to time being still, her blush grew a bit more as Finn continues to fuck her hard.

Finn made a few more thrusts before he made one last thrust and went womb deep into Bandit princess before he blew his load in the condom and it filled it with all he had while his eyes roll back into his head from his first ever orgasm with a pussy.

"O-Oh… fucking…." Finn moans out while he enjoyed his orgasm to his heart's content while Bandit princess's womb bloats quite a bit from how full she was.

All Bandit Princess can do was blush since she couldn't moan or climax… yet.

Finn then groans when he tapped off and pulled his cock free of Bandit princess's pussy while the condom was still inside of her and Finn, with a slight stumble, walked away after zipping himself up and walked to where he could hide and when he got a good look at Bandit princess, he restarts time to watch the fun happen when everyone saw Bandit Princess blink from being on the floor to her being on one of the merchant stands on her back with a bloated womb and the pleasure hits Bandit princess hard when she had multiple orgasms piled up on one another after what Finn did.

Bandit Princess didn't know why before she moans loud as her pussy let out her juices while the condom was still inside.

Finn grins when he saw everyone blushing and what not while some were even jerking off at the sight of Bandit princess in her current situation while Finn waits to see what Bandit princess would would do next.

Bandit Princess pants a bit before saying this.

"G-Glob… Need… M-More." She said before her eyes widen when she realized what she said.

Finn chuckles before he stopped time again and approached Bandit princess.

"Hehe, ask and you shall receive." Finn said when he walked up to Bandit Princess and flipped her onto her front and when he saw her round toned ass, he just moved to have his dick at her asshole before he forced it balls deep inside of her and starts to fuck her in no time flat without the condom on this time.

Though it might be hard to tell but it seems Bandit Princess's ass was very tight after penetration.

"Oh fuck!, going to enjoy this when I find you later hehe…" Finn said while he keeps on fucking Bandit princess's ass more and more while he used a hand to spank her ass again and again while his orgasm got closer and closer while he enjoyed the fact that Bandit princess was at his mercy, if this worked on her then who knows how many women he could get it on with and not get in trouble.

The only expression Bandit Princess had was her surprised look with her mouth open since that's her only expression and couldn't do much for the time being.

A few minutes pass before Finn made one final thrust and groans loudly when he pushed himself as deep as he could go and filled up Bandit Princess's ass in no time flat and held her hips towards him as hard as he could while he rides out his orgasm.

The thieving princess remains to be stiff as Finn lets out more cum before tapping off.

Finn then surprisingly went a few more rounds to fill up Bandit princess more and more before he tapped off after a 5th round and her stomach looked greatly extended as a result.

Finn pulled his cock free of Bandit princess's ass and wiped his forehead before he chuckles and slapped Bandit princess's ass one last time and walked away before he zipped himself up and after he hid, he resumed time to watch what would happen like normal and waits for Bandit Princess to react after his load shot from her ass and her stomach slowly deflates.

Bandit Princess blinked at her new position before she groan when something was wrong with her ass and stomach before looking back and was shocked when she saw cum shooting out of there.

A moment later, Bandit princess had the mother of all orgasms and her eyes roll back into her skull when she felt so much pleasure hit her all at once.

Everyone watched with blushing looks while some saw Bandit Princess with a very fucked up look on her face.

Finn chuckles when he saw that before Finn saw a few merchants not taking it anymore and some went to Bandit princess before she was pulled into a gangbang of all things right then and there.

She was forced to ride one man's cock while another with her ass while another was on top of her and fucked her pussy after pulling out the condom and tossed it away while Bandit princess was forced to stroke a few other guys off and another forced her to suck his cock to keep her from screaming.

However, Bandit Princess did scream, it was only muffled as as she gagged a bit while tears leaked out from her eyes.

Though considering what just happened, no one really cared when they fucked Bandit princess more and more while they enjoyed themselves and for every person who came, another took their place to keep a cycle of fucking and what not going while Finn watched what happened with an amused look on his face when he enjoyed what was going on with Bandit princess.

Bandit Princess groans loud each time as Finn grins more before thinking.

'Enjoy it now you thieving bitch. This is what you get when you stole from me.'

Interestingly enough, Finn watched what happened for hours on end while Bandit princess was raped again and again before everyone finally finished with Bandit Princess getting a freaking cum shower from many merchants… some even paid her for what just happened when they tossed a pile of gold near her and took her loot from her as well and considering she was so weak, she couldn't do anything to stop it.

Bandit Princess just lays on the ground with her back as her body shook from mini orgasms.

A few minutes later, after Bandit princess grabbed the gold, she stumbles away while she wondered what the hell just happened and Finn grins when he followed her in secret and surprisingly followed her to an old house.

When Bandit princess opened the door, Finn stopped time and slipped inside and hid before resuming time to watch Bandit Princess muttering curses and death threats to rapist merchants and invisible beings before she plopped on a bed and Finn heard her mumble some things when she turned onto her back.

"I don't know how this happened but when I find the culprit responsible for this, I will make sure to cut off his pathetic dick and make him choke on it."

Finn however grins when he deciding that the hiding game was done and just chuckles audibly.

"Oh really?, even after I helped you have so much fun?" Finn said from the shadow to mess with Bandit princess a bit.

Bandit Princess's eyes widen before she quickly got off the bed.

"Who's there?!"

A moment later, she heard chuckling behind her.

"Well why not turn around and find out?" Finn said which made Bandit princess look back to see a grinning Finn laying on the bed where she just was, how the hell did he get there in the first place and why was he here… unless…

Bandit Princess's eyes widen in realization.

"It was you. You're the invisible being that did this to me."

"Well… not invisible… per say…" Finn said before he blinked out of view and Bandit princess was on the bed and semen bursts from her ass and onto the bed while Finn stood next to her in the nude while he held some kind of watch.

"...Just freezing time, no biggy after I found this item." Finn said when he grins at the orgasming Bandit princess while she shudders on the bed, one second she was standing and glaring at Finn, a moment later, she was orgasming so hard that she had a hard time breathing.

"D-Damn you!" Bandit Princess growled out while her body shook from her body orgasming.

Finn chuckles while he placed the pocket watch on a necklace sized chain that he seemed to get and used it as a necklace.

"Considering that the Ruler of the Nightosphere actually likes me, I'm sure I would be pretty welcome there, anyway… I decided to get some payback against you and thanks to this, it was pretty simple, though to be fair you did get my virginities so eh… might as well say that you are my first in my list of ladies to pay back later…" Finn said when he stroked his cock to full length in Bandit Princess's view.

Though Bandit Princess may have blushed from seeing Finn's dick, she still glares at the human.

"Y-You won't get away with this. I will tell someone what you did."

"Oh really?... two questions first… 1. who would believe you?, and two… even if they did… would anyone believe the Hero of Ooo just had his way with a woman?, granted I am getting tired of being used and may use this watch to my own benefit… but in a nutshell… no one saw me do what I did to you… so… who would believe a BANDIT princess and not throw her in jail for crimes that she did?" Finn said while he grins in a pretty evil and pretty impressive way when he moved to get on top of Bandit princess and had his dick aim at her pussy.

Bandit Princess was now stumped and sadly she knew that the human was right.

Finn grins when he saw that and slowly pushed his way inside of Bandit princess's pussy while he held her legs apart, and unlike the first time, there was no pain thanks to how experienced Bandit princess got in such a short time.

Bandit Princess's train of thought was interrupted when she felt that sudden penetration.

"S-Stop it! You got your payback already!"

Finn did stopped for a moment and he looked pissed off royally.

"Oh I did… did I?, because of you I not only lost my Finn sword after I dropped it, I broke it as well and you used it to harm others… believe me… I'll be coming here again and again and you can't stop me as we both know, and FYI… that sword was an alternate me which means you made me harm and kill others so believe me… I'm getting more payback… here and now!" Finn growled out before he thrusts his hips and his cock thrusts its way into Bandit Princess's pussy again and again without mercy while he held her hips with an iron grip.

"GAH!" Bandit yelps before she tries to get Finn off.

Though thanks to Finn's much larger frame and thanks to Bandit princess being much weaker then normal not only after losing her virginities, and the rape with the merchants, she barely had any strength left and Finn just keeps on fucking her while he grits his teeth.

"F-Fuck, so different then with the condom and during stopped time… so fucking good!" Finn moans out when he enjoyed himself greatly in so many ways as he fucked Bandit princess harder and harder as time went by.

Bandit Princess tries hard to not enjoy it but her body betrays her when she felt her pussy tightens on Finn's dick. Along with the fact that her toes curled as well.

Finn chuckles before he leaned down and whispered in Bandit princess's ear.

"Hehe, that's right, enjoy it… from here on out your my fuck toy to do with as I please… if I tell you to bend over and get fucked, you do it… even if you object I can just stop time and have my way with you so why not have the two of us enjoy it huh?" Finn growled out before he kissed Bandit princess on the lips, and thanks to him cleaning Bandit princess's lips clean, he had no issues with kissing her.

Bandit Princess's eyes widen and tries to fight back but was futile so she remained passive in the kiss.

Finn didn't mind before he fucked Bandit princess harder and harder while his orgasm was getting closer and closer while he could feel Bandit Princess getting close as well and fucked her harder and harder until...

Bandit Princess grinds her teeth before she moans loud as her pussy tightens again and climaxed hard on Finn's dick.

A moment later, Finn made one final thrust and pushed himself balls deep and groans loudly when he filled Bandit princess's womb like a balloon and it seemed his load didn't drop in quantity it seems before Finn's load leaks onto the bed.

Bandit's eyes widen when she realized that Finn was doing this… raw.

"N-No! Pull out!" She begged even though she moaned again from the feeling.

Finn however didn't and just enjoyed the feeling of Bandit princess's pussy before he tapped off and pulled free before Finn's load leaks from her abused pussy while Finn was on his knees and looks down at Bandit princess with a grin on his face when he enjoyed his handiwork just now.

Bandit Princess's body shook again as tear leaked from her eyes.

"Y-You bastard."

Finn just rolled his eyes before he held up a bottle of anti-pregnancy pills.

"Oh don't worry, depending on what you do next, I give you one of these no questions asked." Finn said when he shook it in Bandit princess's gaze.

Bandit Princess didn't want to give in, but she needs those pills.

She lowers her head in defeat and shame.

"You win."

"Good… then the first thing I want you to do is simple… suck my cock and get it clean before I leave for my next lady to visit… do well and you can even get a treat for yourself, and don't try any funny business… this watch can also rewind time so if you bite… no pills." Finn said when he gave Bandit princess narrowed eyes while he moved so that his cock was in front of her face.

Bandit Princess would love nothing more then to bite Finn's dick but sadly she already surrendered.


"Hehehe, good, guess that makes me the Bandit King then for claiming the Bandit Princess as my own woman… so… what is your real name since I doubt it would be Bandit Princess." Finn said with a grin on his face when he looks at the now submissive Bandit princess.

Bandit Princess blushes as she turns her head to avoid the look but still spoke.


"Nice to know Jasmine, and who knows, I may invite you to help me break in other ladies I mean a Bandit King needs a harem right so why not rule over all princesses if I'm able." Finn said when he grins at Jasmine which even surprised her at what he just said.

"S-Seriously?" Jasmine said with a surprised look as she stares at Finn.

"Seriously… I'm tired of being used again and again for free labor so if the Royal's of Ooo want my aid… they better prepare to pay big time for it… after I get a time stop preview of course, but I can explain more as for WHY I am thinking this later… for now… get to sucking Jasmine." Finn said when he used his hand to slap his dick against Jasmine's face lightly a few times.

Jasmine closed her eyes a bit from that before she looks at the human's dick a bit before she opens her mouth and swallows Finn's dick as best as she can before she starts to suck on it while cleaning it.

Finn hums in a pleased way before he grins and used a hand to pet Jasmine's head to show she was doing good already in his eyes.

Jasmine somehow blushed from the petting as she continues her job to clean Finn's dick good while making sure to not bite it.

"Oh yeah… and just think of all the treasure we could get with being in charge of multiple kingdoms Jasmine, just because I'm a bastard now doesn't mean I can't do more then make up for it in a language that you'll love to understand… just think of it with you not being a Bandit princess… but a Bandit Queen who rules over many people with an iron fist." Finn said with a grin on his face while he moans when he enjoyed what Jasmine was doing to him.

Hearing that made Jasmine actually feel… excited at the possibility. If Finn was legit… then it wouldn't hurt to… work for him. But she needed proof first before anything.

Still, it didn't stop her to do a little initiative of her own as she fondled Finn's balls.

Finn groans while he looks at Jasmine and chuckles when he realized what was happening and just chuckles again when he enjoyed what she was doing and lets her work his cock more and more far after it was clean so he could give her another load.

Though Jasmine knew it was clean, she seemed to be a bit too into it as she sucks Finn's dick a bit fast while fondling his balls more.

Finn groans while he could feel his cock throbbing more and more in Jasmine's mouth and lightly thrusts his hips to get more of his cock into Jasmine's mouth.

Jasmine even used her tongue to lick Finn's dick head before licking the tip.

Finn moans from that and could feel his orgasm getting closer and closer but instead of saying anything, he just let his load fly into Jasmine's mouth and her cheeks filled quickly with his large load.

Jasmine was surprised at the amount before she tries to swallow it as best as she can.

Though the load leaked onto her chin and breasts before Finn tapped off around the 20 second mark before he pants for breath and pulled his cock free of Jasmine's mouth and grins at his handiwork when he looks down at Jasmine with a dominating look in his eyes.

Jasmine, who was able to swallow the rest of Finn's load, took a moment to catch her breath but blushed at the look.

Finn chuckles before he placed the bottle of anti-pregnancy pills on the nearby nightstand before he got up from the bed and stretched.

"Now then, I got to rest up back home before I go after another princess… maybe PB or could be a different one, I'll need to work my way up to Marcy anyway so might as well go with the repressed princesses and work my way to the more outgoing ones… I'll see you in a week Jasmine so keep that sexy bod ready for me hehe." Finn said before he blinked out of time and Jasmine was left on her own after Finn's clothing vanished.

Jasmine blinked a few times before she said this now that she's alone.

"Surprisingly, despite what he did to me, he better be serious on this." She said before quickly taking the pills.

The scene now showed Finn as he blinked into existence outside of Jasmine's home in his cloths.

"Hehe, definitely an interesting time." Finn said before he starts to walk away from Jasmine's home with a spring in his step.

Though unknowing to Finn, he was getting watched by someone with a hood and the person had a womanly figure before said figure followed Finn for a bit while he made sure to avoid the more populated roads out of the City of thieves.

'How interesting.' The woman thought as she wondered what the hero was doing here and at Jasmine's house.

For a bit, she kept an eye on Finn and saw him mess with some kind of weird watch that he had around his neck and seemed to blink out of view and had something else on his person and some cash seemed to have blinked onto some counters here and there when Finn got some food, drinks, and other things, none of the merchants complained which got the woman's attention further when she followed Finn out of town with some surprising stealth to not get noticed by him so when she found him outside of the city and far from it, she saw him set up camp and was cooking a meal but she jolts when she heard Finn speaking up out of nowhere.

"You can come out now Penny, I had plenty of time to find out that you were there and I gotta say, yes you did change a lot but I had time to get used to your new form." Finn said when he keeps on messing with the food and wasn't alarmed that he was getting tailed.

The figure, now identified as Penny, was shocked before she spoke up.

"How did you know it was me?" She said as she walks out of her hiding spot.

Unlike her previous form, she like Me-Mow seemed to shoot up to have a more womanly form, she had longer hair that went down to her back, had a more rounded figure then Jasmine and had D sized breasts, and her form's height was surprisingly around Finn's, she had changed her outfit somewhat as well, instead of her simple outfit from before, she had changed to one that showed off a bit of skin and had two daggers at her sides, all in all, if one didn't know her, one would be shocked at how different Penny was compared to her past self.

"Well if you don't know about this, then let me explain… you see I found a time stopping watch in some ruins and well…" Finn said before he blinked out of Penny's view and back in view with Penny's cloak in his hands which left her outfit for Finn to see fully.

Penny blinked a few times in surprise when she saw Finn with her cloak.

She was seen wearing a dark grey-reddish shirt with some writing on it, but you can see a bit of cleavage up top while wearing dark blue shorts.

Finn had to chuckle before he blinks out of view and Penny had her cloak again.

"Now then, considering you followed me, need something from me?, like another set of clothing off my back?" Finn said with an amused grin on his face while he crossed his arms on his chest since he could do so much to Penny right now.

"I see you haven't forgotten." Penny said with a smirk when she remember how funny it was to steal Finn's clothes.

"Yeah, I also remembered the rashes I got when Jake and I had to run clear across Ooo after that happened, anyway I should let you know that I just had my way with Jasmine so you can tell what I could do with you right now since you look legal age and no one could stop me." Finn said to get right to the point and grins with a bit of an evil smirk on his face while he lets Penny register what Finn just said.

"Wait Jasmine?" Penny said before her eyes widen.

"You mean Bandit Princess?... You raped her?!"

"Not like she didn't have it coming since she did cause me to not only break a good weapon of mine which had a mind of its own, she used it to harm good people, but considering things, I'll just say this, even if you go around and say things… who would believe a thief on a hero being a rapist after all the heroics up till now that he did?, besides considering Jasmine is a Bandit princess, sooner or later someone would have had to make her his or hers depending on gender… point is I'm tired of people taking advantage of me for free hero work and I'm getting something back… weather they like it or not… and I remember you tricking me to steal treasure and messed with me mentally before the whole clothing incident… so tell me… why should I not make you my bitch here and now?, if you go to Jasmine, you'll know I'm not bluffing after all." Finn said when he raise an eyebrow at Penny to see how she would respond but oddly enough Penny starts to chuckle for some reason which made Finn raise an eyebrow.

"Did I say something funny?, you saw the whole time freeze thing so you know I'm not bluffing after all." Finn said when he wondered what was so funny.

"Oh nothing. Just thought that I didn't see that the Hero of Ooo just became evil." Penny said.

"I'd like to point out that I'm just getting even and getting what I'm owed, I'm not going around and killing people left and right and if I get some kingdom's under a rule of mine from some kind of custom from getting it on with a princess or two, then fine, so… what are you going to do now Penny since I could ignore you and you wouldn't do much… though considering how much you grew over the years like I did… well… how about a deal, you give me what I want and I'll give you quite a bit of cash when I make it big." Finn said when he smirks at Penny a bit while he leaned against a tree.

Penny did cross her arms a bit but… the cash part did intrigue her.

"And what is that you want?"

"Simple, your over 18 right?, well I believe you can put two and two together on what I want since I do want to get some payback on what you did out of the way… now… get undressed so I can see what I'm working with." Finn said while he grins at Penny with a dominant look in his eyes while he looks Penny up and down.

Penny was surprised to hear that before narrowing her eyes.

"And if I somehow run you'll use that time stopper thing?"

"Nah, I mean think about it, to the public, I'm the most hero of heros and have no reason to do what I do, and if you go around trying to call me a rapist, all everyone will do is just laugh you off, hence why I have no reason to fear you, even without this watch I could kill you easily if you try and kill me in a fair fight so I'm just offering a way for you to get some easy money, I even have gold in my treefort just laying around doing nothing so I could give quite a bit of money just for a good time, the reason why I know all this if from this book here that I have called Mind Games by Jay T. Doggzone, granted most of its bad advice but it does explain some things believe it or not and considering Jake never explained tiers to me, before I even did all I did with Jasmine, I took a quick time stop to the Candy Kingdom Library to read up on tiers and boom, here I am pretty much offering to not only pay you for a good time but test you to see on what you'll do here on out." Finn said when he smirks at Penny when he made various points.

Penny couldn't believe it but the human did bring some points. Plus the money was still offered.

After thinking this through, she made her choice.

"Alright. I'll do it. But only for the cash. No romancing and I want no part in your grand plan."

"Fair enough, though I can't say for what happens in the future since I did get Jasmine to suck my cock willingly after bringing up a bit about being a Bandit King, so who knows, I maybe the new king of thieves if everything goes right and I get plenty of kingdom's under my rule… now… I believe I'm paying you for a good time so… here, an advance for some fun now and and more will happen after we get to my place." Finn said when he just tossed a large sack of gold in front of Penny which made the ground shake a bit from how heavy it was.

Penny was a bit startled by this before she kneels down and looks inside the sack.

She saw that the sack was full of gold and jewels, so much so that it made the chest that the old king of thieves had a low level cash grab in comparison while Finn smirks at Penny.

Penny looks at the gold a few times before looking at Finn.

"Alright. A deal is a deal." She said before she starts to remove her clothes.

Finn chuckles while he enjoyed watching Penny strip in front of him and he had to admit the years were kind with her and she got a pretty developed body and even had abs on her stomach and her shapely breasts bounced free of the bra that she had.

It wasn't long before Penny was nude for Finn to look at.

"Hehe, not bad Penny, I used to remember how shrimpy you were, now you look like you could turn heads now." Finn said while he looked Penny up and down a few times with a lustful look on his face.

Penny however chuckled.

"Well it helped with my stealing bit."

"I can see that, now considering you made a reveal…" Finn said before he blinked out of his clothing and stood in front of Penny in the nude.

"I should save a bit of time and get nude myself." FInn said while he made sure to show Penny his dick which hanged low to the ground.

Penny blinked when she saw Finn in the nude before blushing brightly when she saw Finn's dick and was surprised at how big it was.

"Hehe, see something you like Penny?" Finn said when his dick slowly grew erect in Penny's view.

Penny continues to blush before shaking her head.

"I don't know what you mean. Let's just get started."

"Fair enough, though considering I'm paying…" Finn said before the scene went to a few minutes later to see Penny groaning and moaning while she was on all fours and Finn was eating her pussy out with serious licks and he even rubbed her bud quite a bit as well.

Penny couldn't believe how good Finn was with his licking as she groans a few times before moaning.

Finn chuckles before he slapped Penny's ass a few times with his hands before he sucked harder on her bud and could feel her getting closer as time went by.

Penny yelps a few times from that action as she moans loud while her orgasm was getting closer and closer.

Finn keeps on pleasing Penny while he licks and sucks her folds and sets her off when he pushed a couple fingers up her asshole after teasing her for a moment.

Penny groans from that before she actually climaxed from her pussy.

Finn in turn lapped up her juices while he made sure to finger her ass harder and harder to not only help loosen her up but to get her orgasm as strong as possible.

And stronger it got as Penny continues to climax before tapping of after 20 seconds.

Finn in turn pulled away and chuckles when he saw Penny panting for breath and Finn moved to sit on the ground or the sleeping bag that he had and waits for Penny to recover while his cock stood at the ready like a tower to wait for Penny to approach.

Penny took a moment to recover before she looks at Finn sitting down with his dick still erect.

"Hehe, I believe it's time for you to get a taste of my dick now, careful with the teeth, I have been told I'm larger than most people by a few doctors." Finn said while he grins at the look on Penny's face.

Though Penny blushed at the sight, she rolls her eyes before she crawls towards Finn before facing the human's dick.

Though to give those doctors credit… Finn's cock up close was massive compared to most cocks which made Penny gulp and Finn grins at the sight.

Penny brought her hand towards Finn's dick before she grabs it and starts stroking it.

Finn hums from that and just relaxed when he enjoyed Penny's work while he wondered what she was thinking as she strokes his cock which throbbed a little in her hands.

'Sweet Glob. It's so hard and firm. And I can actually feel it being warm. What doctors inspect him?'

Though Penny would have to wonder later when she seemed to linger on stroking Finn for too long and Finn had to clear his throat to get Penny to remember she was suppose to be pleasing him.

Penny did remember before she sticks out her tongue and starts to lick Finn's dick head a bit before going to the base.

Finn moans from that when he enjoyed what Penny was doing again and laid flat on his back to fully enjoy it.

Penny continues these actions before she opens her mouth and tries to swallow Finn's dick as hard as she could.

Thankfully she could get about 4 inches or so and Finn moans when he enjoyed that and just relaxed more when he lets Penny get a good taste of his dick.

Penny was able to take a deep breath before she starts to bob her head up and down.

Finn groans from that before he pets Penny's head to show she was doing a good job with pleasing him so far.

Penny may have blushed from the but was too busy trying to please Finn for the gold.

Though to Penny's chagrin, Finn was lasting a lot longer then she would have thought, around 8 minutes and her jaw was getting sore now.

Penny was shocked that Finn could last this long as she bobs her head as hard as she can.

Thankfully she was able to last a bit longer and could finally feel Finn getting close after a few more minutes of working his dick good and could feel it throbbing harder and harder as time went by.

Penny now doubled her efforts as she tries to make Finn climax.

A minute later Finn grips the ground before he grits his teeth and groans loudly when he came hard in Penny's mouth and he quickly filled her mouth up fast while he rides out his orgasm.

Penny's eyes widen at the amount before she tries her best to swallow it.

Unfortunately for Penny, she couldn't keep up and some of the semen flowed down her chin and onto her large breasts while Finn rides out his orgasm and taps off nearly 30 seconds later and groans when that happens.

Penny takes her head off of Finn's dick and swallows what's left of his cum before she was able to breathe.

Finn chuckles while he watched Penny try and collect herself before Finn blinks out of view and blinks back in to show that he had a wet rag for Penny.

Penny blinks when she saw that before taking the rag.

"Thanks." She said before she used it to wipe her face.

"No problem, now unless you want a bit more gold after we get to my place so I can get the real deal, I suggest we get dressed so we can finish our business there as fast as we can." Finn said when he got ready to get dressed when he thought they were done for now.

Penny did blink after hearing that before she gets up and puts her clothes back on.

After the duo got dressed, they ate the meal that Finn had and after taking a few hours to nap, were well on their way towards the Treefort while Finn had an amused look on his face when he glanced at Penny a few times to show where Finn's mind was going right now… especially when he looks at her ass and chest a few times.

Penny, who sensed it, rolled her eyes a bit but still blushed at the stare nonetheless.

It took a bit if time, and Finn slaying a monster or two but the duo managed to get to the Treefort and Finn climbed up the ladder while Penny saw how much gold was at the entrance alone… how loaded was Finn?

'He's more richer than the old Thief King.'

Penny then saw Finn moving to sit on his couch before he points a thumb up the ladder.

"There is a shower if you want to freshen up for the fun we will have, I'll wait down here and relax and wait for my turn." Finn said when he grins at Penny.

Penny blinked when she heard before climbing up the ladder.

Finn chuckles when he saw that and pulled out the Jay T dogzone book and the book on tiers from the library and sets them on the table.

"Hehe, glad I have these two books, real eye openers." Finn said before he opened the book on tiers to the more advanced stuff and time passed with Penny getting cleaned before she came down to see Finn reading the book on tiers.

"You seriously have a book on teirs?" Penny said.

Finn looks at Penny before he just shrugged.

"Well my own brother Jake wouldn't teach me and I couldn't learn it from anyone else for one reason or another, if I didn't do stuff like this I would be a virgin for life and have no family of my own… still think I'm doing things bad by doing what I'm doing with others now?" Finn said when he gave Penny a raised eyebrow and saw that she had a towel wrapped around her body.

"Not sure. Still can't believe you're doing stuff like this. Hard to tell if you're still the Hero." Penny said.

"Oh don't worry, I'll still save people, but if it involves princess's they will have to pay for my help, and if not… well… I'll just get my reward one way or another, I'm tired of being used like I'm some kind of idiot, I mean if you heard about some of the stuff I did for free, you would call me an idiot for not doing this sooner, I mean I had to fight the Lich multiple times and what did I get… zilch!" Finn said when he got a frown on his face after remember how Bubblegum blew him off after she returned to normal.

Penny did look thoughtful for a moment before speaking.

"Well when you say it like that, then yeah. Though prissy royals do owe you a lot."

"And don't even get me started on the others, that was just for Princess Bubblegum alone, anyway as for Jasmine…" Finn said before he explained about the Finn sword and what Jasmine did which was his reasons for getting revenge on her and everything up till now.

"Anyway, considering clothe stealing is pretty low on my list, I'll be back after I shower so we can have more fun, help yourself to some food in the kitchen and remember, no stealing, can reverse time and prevent that." Finn said before he moved to go up the ladder to get clean himself.

Penny was a bit surprised to hear to hear what Finn said but she did had this one question.

"Hey wait. Doesn't your dog brother still live here?" She questioned while getting Finn's attention.

Finn looked back at Penny and took a moment to clear his throat.

"Actually the only ones here are N.E.P.T.R. and BMO two little robotic beings and Jake has been hanging around Lady his girlfriend for longer and longer times, in fact its been two weeks since he was last here so I have this place to myself most of the time." Finn said before he climbed back up to get to his shower.

Penny was a bit relieved to hear that before looking around the room before saying this.

"I will admit. I like this new Finn."

Penny then went to get a bite to eat before Finn came down from the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and took a moment to see Penny on the couch while she ate a meal.

"Hey Penny, I'm done with my shower, I'll wait for you to finish and we can get started after I get a few things set up in the bedroom." Finn said before he climbed back up to the bedroom.

Penny didn't have time to respond as she was still eating for a few minutes till she was done and climb up to Finn's bedroom.

To her surprise, she saw that Finn had set up… some pretty interesting gear around the room like chains and whips, ETC… like some kind of micro BDSM dungeon that was set up in no time at all, but considering Finn could freeze time, he had plenty of time to set things up and he grins at Penny to see how she would react to all the gear here.

"Oh. My. Glob." She said with an surprised and AWE look.

"Hehe, yeah, you'd be surprised at what you have lying around in your weapons vault, anyway think this would be too much Penny?, I do want to test a lot of things out and I have plenty of gold so…" Finn said while he grins lustfully at Penny.

Penny was now blushing from that look after staring at the equipment.

"I-I can manage." She said.

Finn grins before the scene went to a few minutes later, or more like a few seconds for Penny, after Finn set her up on the bed with handcuffs holding her arms and legs to the bed to prevent her from moving and an amused Finn looks down at Penny when she just realized that Finn had time stopped her again.

"Dang." Penny said as she moved her limbs a bit.

However she couldn't get free which showed how bound she was while Finn gives her an amused look when it seemed Finn made sure to really get Penny bound.

Penny made a grunt noise before she stops.

"Man you weren't kidding about this."

"Right, anyway just to show what I can do with and without the watch…" Finn said before he clicked the time stop on the watch and he blinks out of view for a second and when he reappeared, Penny came hard from her pussy all of a sudden while her nipples got hard in no time from some slight delayed reaction to all of the sucks and small bites that Finn used on her while Finn had an erect cock while he walked away from Penny for a moment to put the time stop watch on a high shelf to keep it safe.

"W-Whoa!" Penny moaned as her buddy shook a bit from her surprised orgasms.

"Yeah, that always seems to happen after I pretty much take as much time as I need with pleasing a lady, but I wonder how good I can do when I take my time in real time." Finn said before he approached the bed while he made sure to get in Penny's view.

Penny was able to recover a bit but was still blushing from the pleasure she felt.

Finn then got on the bed and between Penny's legs before he spreads her legs a bit more or her hips to be exact since her ankles were bound which kept her legs from moving apart much and Finn moved to start licking Penny's folds right from the get go.

Penny blushes brightly at this action before she starts shuddering at this feeling.

Finn then brought his fingers to her folds and slowly pushed them inside of her to really test how tight she was since Finn didn't do any fingering stuff yet and Finn focuses on sucking Penny's bud to really get her worked up.

Penny had shut her eyes for a bit as groans a bit before her pussy tightens a bit on Finn's fingers.

Finn keeps on pleasing Penny before he surprised her when he moved to have his face near her asshole and he starts to lick at her asshole a few times to see how Penny would react.

Penny's eyes widen before she jolts a bit from that action.

Finn then had his tongue push into her asshole and he fingers her pussy at a rougher rate while he had his tongue wiggle inside of her asshole.

"Gah!" She yelps before groaning a bit.

Finn keeps on pleasing Penny while he could feel her getting closer and closer again and keeps on pleasing her until…

Penny groans a bit before moaning loud as her holes tighten before she climaxed from her pussy.

Finn keeps on fingering her pussy while his tongue wiggles more in her ass to make her orgasm much stronger.

Penny moans again as she climaxed more before tapping off after 15 or 20 seconds.

Finn pulled his head and fingers away from Penny's holes and looks down at her to see how Penny was doing and wondered what she was thinking after an orgasm like that.

'F-Fuck… that felt good.' Penny thought as she pants a bit while blushing.

Finn then cleared his throat to get Penny's attention.

"Considering how you act… I'm guessing you gave your first time away huh?, think I can go rough or want me to take it slow?" Finn asked while he stroked his cock with his hand to remind Penny on how big Finn was.

Penny was blushing brightly when she stares at it before looking at Finn.

"G-Go… a bit rough."

Finn nods his head before he moved to get on top of Penny and angles his cock to her folds and rubbed the head of his cock on the wet pussy lips to get the dick lubed for what was about to happen.

Penny shudders a bit when she felt that before preparing herself for Finn's next action.

Finn then slowly pushed his hips forward and his cock forced itself into Penny's pussy which spreads her pussy wide around Finn's dick as it went deeper into Penny.

Penny groans while grinding her teeth a bit after feeling how huge it was.

'F-Fuck!... So big!" She thought while trying to adjust.

Finn however gripped Penny's hips and forced more of his cock into Penny's pussy and could feel the head of his cock push into her cervix after a minute of nonstop pushing.

"Fuck… talk about a tight pussy!" Finn groans out before he starts to thrust his hips hard after a moment when he enjoyed the feeling of Penny's pussy around his dick.

"W-Well your cock's so big!" Penny said before groaning.

Finn had to chuckle for a moment but he didn't say anything when he fucked Penny harder and harder as time went by and unlike the time stop stuff, Finn took his time with fucking Penny and saw her bouncing breasts had moved his hands to grip them and played with them to help her feel better.

Penny then starts to moan loud as she begins to feel good from the pleasure as her toes curled a bit.

Finn keeps on fucking Penny hard while he lasts a surprisingly long time of 10 minutes and he could feel his orgasm getting close while he could feel Penny getting close as well after he fucked her harder.

Penny was shocked that Finn was able to last this much as her pussy tightens on Finn's dick each time.

Finn then shocked Penny when he leaned down and smashed his lips onto Penny's and fucked her harder and harder while he and Penny get closer and closer to cumming until…

Penny, who was shocked at the kiss, moans loud in Finn's mouth before she climaxed hard on his dick.

Finn in turn groans loudly when he pushed his hips as hard as he could and his cock busts into Penny's womb before he fired his load right into her and because of the amount, her womb bloats a bit… good thing he had birth control pills in advance for stuff like this.

Penny moans loud again when she felt the hero's cum pooling in her womb which caused her orgasm to get stronger as her toes curled more.

For a bit, the duo ride out their orgasms before Finn tapped off with a groan and pulled his head back to breath while he keeps his cock inside of Penny's pussy and rathered enjoyed the look on Penny's face as she recovered from her intense orgasm.

Penny had a slightly pleased look on her face while blushing brightly.

"M-More." She said.

"Hehe, Oh I will Penny… I am paying for a good time after all." Finn said before he starts to fuck Penny again without giving her a chance for her to recover.

Penny groans again before she begins to moan louder.

"Y-Yes Finn!... YES!... K-Kiss me again!"

Finn chuckles at that before he did just what Penny asked and kissed her hard while his tongue went into her mouth to really dominate her physically.

Penny moans a bit in delight as she kissed Finn back before having her tongue plays with Finn's tongue since it's the only thing she can do since her limbs were apart so no hugging or anything.

The time then went to a few minutes later with Finn changing positions so that Penny was on all fours and her ass was pointing at Finn who admired the round ass.

Penny blushed at the position before she shook her ass a bit to entice Finn.

Finn grins before he fondles Penny's ass a few times and lightly spanked her a few times to get her worked up first before he would act.

Penny did yelp a bit but still let a out a moan or two.

Finn chuckles before he got behind Penny and placed the head of his cock at her asshole and gave her a moment to relax since he would be getting rough soon.

It was a moment or two before Penny was fully relaxed before look at Finn.

"O-Okay… I'm ready."

Finn nods his head before he gripped Penny's hips and slowly forced his dickhead into Penny's asshole and groans from how tight Penny was and forced more into her.

Penny's eyes widen before groaning loud as her ass was stretching a bit before trying to re to Finn's dick.

Finn in turn grits his teeth when he gripped Penny's hips with a tighter grip, Finn managed to get half of his dick into Penny's asshole before he pulled free a bit till the head was in her ass and he thrusts his hips which caused this dick to enter and exit Penny's ass again and again and slowly works it's way deeper.

Penny groans a few times while grinding her teeth before she starts to moan a bit as she start to feel a bit good.

Finn noticed and grins evilly when he raised his right hand and used it to smack Penny's ass hard which slowly turns the cheek a bit red as time went on.

Penny yelps a few times from that action as she moans and groans a few times while her ass tightens a bit.

Finn in turn keeps on fucking Penny more and more while he got his cock deeper into Penny's ass before Finn leaned forward and he starts to play with Penny's breasts.

"Hehe, never thought I would enjoy fucking a thief up the ass but you can be surprised at how things go in life right?" Finn said while he fucked Penny harder till he had 8 inches of his cock in Penny's ass.

Penny moans loud before responding.


Finn chuckles and fucked Penny harder till he had 9 inches in her ass and could feel himself getting close… all he needed was one more inch before he blew.

Penny could feel Finn pushing his dick further which made her groan even louder before feeling her climax approaching.

A couple minutes later with Finn fucking Penny harder and harder until he felt his pelvis touch Penny's ass when he got every inch of his cock into the thief's ass and groans loudly when he came hard inside of Penny and held her to his body in a hug of sorts.

Penny moans loud when she felt her ass getting filled up before it tightens on Finn's dick greatly before Penny climaxed from her pussy.

Finn keeps on cumming in Penny's ass for about 20 seconds before he tapped off and pants for breath when he felt drained for a moment.

Penny taps off as well as she had a bit of a fucked up look on her face with her tongue sticking out as she pants for breath.

Finn managed to recover before he pulled free of Penny's ass and his load leaked from her ass and he chuckles when he admired his handiwork before his stomach growled a bit.

"Hehe, guess I need to fuel up, be right back in 10 or so beautiful because when I fuel up, I'm getting serious on experimenting on various tier based stuff." Finn said before he got up from the bed and unlocked Penny's arms and legs, but not before slapping her ass one more time before he left the room after getting his time stop watch to be safe.

Penny at first jolts while panting more before she had this thought.

'Y-You know… it wouldn't kill me if I stick close to him.'

When Finn got to the kitchen, all he wore after using the time stopper was a pair of boxers he got to help change things up and to his surprise, he saw Jake entering the treefort with Lady following suit and they saw Finn munching on a sandwich in the living room and noticed the watch hanging from Finn's neck.

"Uhhh… Hey Finn. What's with the watch?" Jake asked.

Finn would have tried to hide things when his brain worked a shocking mile a minute, either from some kind of flight or fight instinct or some kind dramatic moment taking effect, however Finn just sighs and decided to come clean when he held the watch.

"Well first off it's a time controlling watch and…" Finn said when he clicked the watch and blinked into his clothing a moment later.

"It's not a fake item, nearly lost my life getting it and it's been worth it for what I have in mind." Finn said before he smirks… a bit too evilly for Jake and Lady's tastes.

Said duo didn't like the look.

"Like what?" Jake asked while feeling a bit worried.

"Simple… getting what I'm owed from the princesses who just want to use me as a method of free labor… and payback as well, already did that with Bandit princess when I had my way with her, and thanks to the time freeze, no one knew at all." Finn said while he got a serious look on his face.

Jake and Lady's eyes widen after hearing this.

"WHAT/WHAT?!" They said before Lady spoke in a language that Jake understood.

"But Finn, that's pure rape. You can't be serious!"

"Lady said that you must be joking because that's pure rape for what you're doing." Jake said as he hoped that Finn was joking.

"Oh really?, Is it as bad as getting used to kill the lich multiple times?, Is it as bad seeing my bro supposedly die from getting drained and it being a prank?, Is it as bad losing our home twice and for a freaking guitar?, And Bandit Princess had it coming since she did who knows what to other people on things worse then what I did, and as for the tiers thing, well no one was willing to teach me so I took matters in my own hands, I mean before you bite me on the ass Lady, try and think on how many women manipulate me for free labor in deadly jobs that nearly got Jake and I killed again and again, tell me how many times I've been shot down by other princesses when I ASKED for some kind of romance… and they turned me down for one dumb reason or another or am I as bad as the Ice king?, Glob no… while I make… questionable choices, others did as well which forced me to do this." Finn said with a frown on his face.

Lady would've scolded Finn more but… hearing the things Finn listed down about the royals tasks did shock her as she now worried about losing Jake and Finn because of them.

"And those first two things we're from PB and Marcy alone… I have no issues with them per say but I will get what I'm owed or I'll take what I'm owed… before you object remember all the times Jake and I went on deadly missions for PB or how many times Jake and I had to go to the nightosphere because of Marceline?, I can list more but I'm not doing this to be evil even if it makes me look it, I'm just tired of being used and not getting anything from it, simple as that, I won't let regular people be harmed if I can help it and if it's simple stuff, I'll do some heroics, but if I'm doing something life threatening that borders on the insane, then I'm going to demand some kind of reward, technically I haven't done anything bad to a good person since Bandit Princess did who knows what crimes, but I won't be a fool anymore." Finn said with crossed arms when he looks at lady to see how she or Jake with the translating will respond.

Lady and Jake were a bit stumped now. They know that what Finn is doing is wrong but, what the royals did are no better and Jake has remembered some of the dangerous tasks he and Finn took that almost took their lives.

"And before you fault my methods… may I remind you two that PB not only revived the dead… twice… they both ended badly and you got crossfire in one of them Lady, I can list more, but some of the experiments that PB does is well… you get where I'm going with this right?, point is while what I have in mind is bad, I just don't care anymore, everyone else pushed me to this and I'm pushing back, simple as that." Finn said when he had a look that showed that he meant it.

Jake sighs a bit.

"Finn I can see you want revenge. But I'm worried you may go to an evil path. I don't want you to be labeled as Ooo's Most Wanted if things get out of hand."

"That's just the thing Jake, people all around Ooo see me as nothing more than a naive hero among heroes, I mean if I didn't say anything to you or Lady, would you even believe Marcy or PB that I had my way with them with a time stopping watch aiding me?" Finn asked while giving Jake a raised eyebrow.

Jake sighs after hearing that.

"No, I guess not."

"Oh relax Jake, if all else fails, I have one way out of this and undo everything that I did, you see this thing can rewind time to the point of when I picked it up if I want, I tested it out a few times and as long as I have my thumb on this button, I'll be the only one who will remember this and I can just leave the watch where it is and no one would be hurt technically, besides do you really want to talk to me about morals when almost everyone around us has questionable morals at best?" Finn said while giving Jake a half lidded look near the end.

Jake did jolt a bit while Lady looks at her boyfriend/husband.

"Okay okay. You made your point. And nothing I say will change your mind right?"

Finn then leaned back in his seat before he sighs.

"Sorry but no Jake, I mean there are other humans that came to Ooo after the Gum War, and while I get that you never wanted to teach me tiers since I was too young at the time but I never learned it at all from you and had to learn it from that Mind games book and from a book in the library... if I DIDN'T do this, not only would a chance of me having a family be pretty much zero with women shooting me down in one way or another, but I would never even experience what it's like to be able to do the tiers in general, I mean what do those princesses think of me anyway?, some kind of disposable toy that they can just use as much as they want and not get some kind of repercussion?, because up until now I've always felt that way Jake, normal relationships are not for me it seems so I'll have to make my own kind whether people like it or not." Finn said with a tone that showed he wouldn't be swayed from what he had in mind.

Jake can see he is serious before sighing.

"Well I can't tell you what to do anymore now that you're older so, and I can't believe I'm saying it, but… do what you have to do man."

Finn chuckles before he sat up a bit.

"Thanks, but I won't stop you if you want to try and stop me at a later date either by force or from trying to warn people… though if you do, do me a favor and point out that I'm not doing this out of pure spite… I'm doing it to get what I'm owed and not every princess is innocent themselves, if I do go down I'm taking a few with me even if its not for good, I'm sure some people would want to know a few things that PB did over the years or maybe some things that Marceline did just for fun…" Finn said before he got steeled glint in his eyes.

"As for my first target, it will be PB since out of everyone… she owes me the biggest, you can warn her and I'll even warn her as well but thanks to this, I can just walk by her guards and they can do nothing, I have no interest in being a king or anything… but considering how shitty Bubblegum treated me… I might as well treat her like the bitch that she is and take her down a peg or two." Finn said before he growled out the last bit with some anger in his voice while he looked pissed.

Lady was now scared before Jake tries to calm down the situation.

"Calm down bro. I'm not gonna warn PB since I don't want blood to be shed or have a witch hunt form."

Finn did calm down when he looks at the duo.

"Oh don't worry, nothing bad will happen with you two, in fact I'm actually hoping you two do warn her… put PB on edge for me somewhat since she is pretty much one of the most cautious people around, the ONLY reason I'm even doing this is just… I'm so tired of being taken advantage of, after all that we did, shouldn't something good happen?, I wasn't even expecting thanks but thats ALL you or I got, and you have Lady here who loves you but who do I have huh?, hell I forced myself on Bandit Princess for some Grade A payback for obvious reasons and if you remember Penny, she's upstairs right now resting after our fun, and don't worry she's over 18, she was like Me-Mow and pretty much grew to around my height in size, honestly you wouldn't even recognize her, and I had to Pay her for sex, so let me ask you Jake… after all the heroics that we did… don't you think I deserve some kind of happy ending for once that doesn't just end up in someone else's favor?, granted this probably won't have a happy ending for what I have in mind but I'm just so tired of all this crap being pushed onto me again and again and people just expect me to do things for free." Finn said while he pinched the bridge of his nose when things just really seem to want to mess with him mentally.

Even though Jake and Lady were shocked at the info, Jake, who stretched his hand to Finn's shoulder, tries to comfort him.

"Okay man. You do deserve happiness after everything and I guess I can help you somewhat just… don't tell me the details. Less I know the better."

Finn, after taking a moment to calm down, just looks at Jake and nods his head.

"Great, and don't worry, aside from letting the princess's know what I'm going to do… you and Lady won't have to do anything else, I'm not out for blood, I'm not going to kill anyone, nor do I want to take over the world, though if by some kingdom customs talk about someone being a king if a person has sex with a princess then I won't complain, either way I'm getting what I'm owed, and considering the situation, you and Lady can head to the Candy Kingdom now, I'll give a few hour head start before I head to the kingdom." Finn said before he got up from the couch and stretched a bit.

Jake looks at Lady before she slightly nod her head before Jake looks at Finn.

"Okay. Just promise me and Lady that you won't end up an evil jerk like Ash or something. We love you man." He said as he and Lady got a bit teary since Finn is family.

"I know man, and don't worry, I won't end up like that jerk Ash, unlike him I'm just going to be straight up in what I want and I won't use underhanded tricks to do so except a time stopping watch but that's besides the point, point is I have a reason for what I'm doing, Ash didn't after he went deep into magic, and I didn't start this, the princesses did if anything they are the ones like Ash expecting things from me just because they are royals." Finn said when he got a serious look on his face.

"I know man. Lady and I are just worried." Jake said as Lady nodded since Finn is like a little brother to her.

"I know, but hey at least think of it like this, aside from warnings you two won't have to do anything else so it's not like your accomplices in what I'm doing, and more so if things do go bad, I can just rewind time back to when I first found this and we can just go back to how things are with me being just a lackey of everyone." Finn said when he didn't like that latter part and looks a bit at the ground and hoped it didn't come to that, guess he was beyond tired of getting treated like a mule if he had such a tired look on his face from talking about that.

Jake then hugs Finn.

"Just be careful man." He said before Lady joined the hug.

Finn returned the hug for a moment before he chuckles.

"Alright you two, get going and warn Bubblegum of what I'm about to do, I'll leave enough time for you to leave the kingdom so better get going before tomorrow happens." Finn said when he lets go of Jake and Lady and gave them a somewhat lopsided grin to show he was in a better mood.

Jake and Lady were a bit relieved before they went to warn Bubblegum.

Finn sighs when Jake and Lady left the Treefort before he heard Penny climbing down the stairs and the look on her face told that she heard everything while Finn just looks at her to see how she would react to all of that.

Penny looks at Finn for a moment till she said this.

"You okay?"

Finn looks back at the ceiling before he looks at Penny again.

"Yeah... sorry about the short time in bed, you can get as much gold as you want from the entrance as you can carry and if you want to come back here for more fun you can, I got more gold then that and can get more from dungeons, right now I got to change outfits for a more serious me now if you'll excuse me Penny." Finn said before he starts to walk by Penny and towards the ladder to his room.

Penny however grabbed Finn's arm to stop him for a moment.

Finn blinks at that before he looks at Penny with a confused look on his face.

Penny did had a slight blush on her face before she stood a bit on her toes and kissed Finn on the lips.

Finn blushed at that when the kiss happened and when Penny pulled away, all he could do was keep on blushing while he wondered why Penny did that and it showed on the confused expression on his face when he didn't trust his voice right now.

Penny blushes a bit before speaking.

"T-To help you… feel better."

"I-I see… w-well… *Clears throat*... it did… well… see you later Penny." Finn said before he surprised Penny when he kissed her on the lips and moved away before she could react and he was climbing the ladder before Penny fully realized what just happened.

'Don't know why I did it or why my heart flutters a bit. Could I… be actually feel something to the Hero of OOO?'

Meanwhile at the Candy Kingdom as Penny took a bit to think on taking some gold or not…

Jake and Lady, after some time to think, had rushed to the Candy Kingdom and had entered the throne room where Bubblegum was and saw the Candy Princess walking by with a clipboard in hand and Marceline herself was even there to their surprise… wow this would be awkward...

Jake looks at Lady and after taking a moment to gather his courage, he walked to the duo with Lady floating behind him.

"Hey PB, Marcy, you two got a moment?" Jake asked when to get Marceline and Bubblegum's attention.

"Oh hey Jake, Lady. This is a surprise. What brings you two here?" Bubblegum asked with a smile.

Jake gulps which confused the two woman before Jake managed to speak up after he swallowed a big lump in his throat.

"Well we… kind of are messengers for Finn right now… real uh… important… so to speak…" Jake said while Marceline and Bubblegum blink a few times at how nervous Jake was.

Lady was feeling worried before Marceline spoke.

"And what message does the weenie have that he couldn't come by and say it himself?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Jake in turn got a half lidded look on his face when he didn't feel as nervous since Marceline was still calling Finn that weenie nickname… boy would she be in for a shocker.

"Well… I'm not sure how to sugar coat this or even beat around the bush… but I'll tell it like it is and Finn is tired of all the Royal's treating him like some kind of get out of trouble for free card and Finn is had enough of not getting anything from it… I mean seriously had enough, he is planning to get what he is owed whether anyone likes it or not and while Lady and I had a hard time believing it, Finn proved it to us with some kind of time controlling watch that he found and got dressed in an instant… and before we even found out about it, he forced Bandit princess into some tier 15 acts and she couldn't stop him, and well… while we can't stop Finn physically since he can just get out of the way with no trouble now, he sent us here as a messenger for his first actual victim who owes him a lot more than anyone else." Jake said before he looks right at Bubblegum to get the message across to the Candy Royal while Lady did the same to help get Jake's point across.

Though Bubblegum was surprised at first, she was shocked when she finally connect the dots.

"M-Me?" She said as she points at herself.

"Well can you blame Finn?, and while I may not like it, I can't fault him since you do use him more then anyone, I mean when was the last time you hung out with Finn and it didn't involve some kind of hidden meaning?, we fought the lich who knows how many times and you even got turned into Finn's age for a bit, but when you returned to normal, you just blew him off, honestly I can't blame him for picking you first of all, and Marceline… I'm sure he was saving this message for later but he was going to do the same to you sooner or later… and knowing how smart you are you should connect the dots on why right?, and before either of you two say anything, Finn's time stopping watch is legit, so getting guards and everything won't work, Finn blinked out of our view and was fully clothed in no time flat before we could move an inch so who knows what Finn can do when he has that weird watch." Jake said when he looks at both Royals while Lady nods her head when the time stop watch was mentioned.

Marceline and Bubblegum were again shocked before Marceline frowns.

"Is this a fucking joke?! Now the hero is some kind of rapist?"

Jake frowned at that before he glared at Marceline.

"Oh really?, well while I can't say much, he actually compared all of you princesses to Ash since you ladies like to use and abuse him and not expect anything bad to happen, I remember all those mind games that you did to Finn, gettings us kicked out of our home… twice... and even the wolf thing as well, so don't play that card when all of you did some worse stuff in some princesses cases, he's not out for blood, or to kill anyone, in Finn's words he is just getting what he's owed, and for all we know he could be reasoned with if you just talk with him, I mean lets be honest, Finn has tried asking again and again but none of you gave him a good reason for saying no and don't even get me started on the age thing, you and PB are immortal and Finn turned 18 so why tell the too young thing when obviously he won't even live that long unless you Vamp him or something!?" Jake said with a rare moment of anger to Marceline herself which surprised even Lady a bit since Jake looked pretty pissed off right now.

Marceline was indeed was a bit surprised from this new attitude though Bubblegum blinked.

"Wait, you kicked Finn and Jake out of their home twice Marceline?" She asked before her eyes widen.

"Hold on, the thing with the wolves in my castle was you?!"

Marceline flinched at that while Jake huffed for a moment.

"Yeah, and while I don't know too many details about that latter bit, the two times we were kicked out was because of Marceline marking the treefort as hers when she used to own it and pretty much kicked us out of our home, then we had to try and find a new home and accidently wound up at her cave, we thought it was a sweet pad but as soon as we held a welcome party, we got kicked out of the cave when it was Marceline's as well but that's a different kind of kick out, anyway Finn, Marceline and I got into a fight and in a ditch effort to keep me alive when Marceline bit into me, I moved all my blood and guts to my thumb but before I could fix that, Finn thought I actually died, Marceline can explain more on that… but the real second time was because she gave the deed to our home to my son KKW for some kind of super Guitar and he kicked us out when he didn't like our adventuring lifestyle and pretty much made it nearly impossible to get it back and if I didn't give KKW my old music box from my parents, Finn and I wouldn't have a Treefort to go back too." Jake said when he crossed his arms and Lady glares at Marceline when she felt less guilty about letting Finn do what he is planning to do to her.

Bubblegum was again shocked.

"Oh Glob Marceline. For a guitar? What were you thinking when you made the deal?"

"I-I don't know, I liked the guitar but I didn't expect KKW to kick him and Jake from their homes." Marceline said when she was suddenly put under some third degree stuff just now.

"Well according to Jake it did. Thank Glob they got it back. I mean I don't get it Marceline. You have your cave. Why didn't you just give the deed to the treefort to Finn and Jake? It's not like you still live there or something." Bubblegum said.

Before anymore arguing could happen, everyone heard a throat clearing and everyone looked to see sitting on the throne Finn while he had one hand rest on his hand when he had a disinterested look at the conversation going on, but he looked greatly different, the shorts were replaced with long blue jeans, his shirt was replaced with a long sleeve shirt that had a sword and shield icon on the front, his bear hat was still the same but it was pulled back like a hood of sorts and the time stopping watch was seen around his neck while he keeps quiet to wait for the questions and what not.

Everyone, who first jolts, was surprised to see Finn here.

"Finn? How did you get inside?" Bubblegum asked with a confused look while Lady and Jake knew how.

"Well not sure if Lady and Jake talked about it but… time manipulating watch." Finn said when he tapped the watch around his neck a few times.

Bubblegum was shocked when she saw the watch.

"So it is true." She said.

"Yup, and I've come for what I'm owed after all the crap you and the other princesses put me through." Finn said with a cold look in his eyes while Jake and Lady were walking away much to Bubblegum and Marceline's surprise.

"Where are you two going?!" Marceline said.

"Home, first off you think either of us can do anything to Finn right now?, as long as he has that time controlling watch he is unstoppable, and I don't want to get on Finn's bad side, nor does Lady, even as twisted as it sounds, you can point out his faults right now but he's not killing anyone, looking to steal anything, or going after innocent people, to put it in a nutshell… you ladies brought this onto yourselves and while I get that we may not be very welcome here for a bit, we didn't do anything to harm anyone, simple as that." Jake said before he and Lady left the room before Bubblegum or Marceline could stop them.

That's when Marceline frowns at Finn when she got in front of Bubblegum.

"Okay Finn. This stops now. Just quit this shenanigan and hand over the watch." She demanded.

Finn scratched his head for a moment and a moment later, he blinked out of view and Marceline was knocked onto the floor with a powerful blow while Finn stood where Marceline was.

"Sorry but no dice Marcy, I know that if I give this watch up, you and Bubblegum would try and attack me to subdue me and I'm not the naive idiot you two think I am." Finn said with a cold tone to his voice when he looks at Marceline before he looks at Bubblegum with a cold look in his eyes.

Both women blinked before Marceline narrows her eyes after she floats back into the air.

"Looks like it's the hard way then." She said before she quickly charges Finn to get the watch.

However before she could get even halfway to her, Finn blinked for a moment while not seeming to move and Marceline crashed to the ground when she was bound in strong looking chains which had weird symbols on them that glowed and seemed to drain Marceline of her strength.

"W-What the fuck is this?!" Marceline said as she struggles a bit before Bubblegum tries to go help her.

Unfortunately for Bubblegum, she was somehow set back where she was while Finn smiles in amusement when Bubblegum looked confused when she was near Marceline but back near Finn before realizing that Finn was messing with her now.

"Oh right. You can somehow rewind time." Bubblegum said.

"Actually more like stopping time and putting you back here, you wouldn't remember anything if I rewound time PB." Finn said while he looks at Marceline.

"And those chains were for the Vampire King and his court but I never got a chance to actually use it since it was unwieldy and not exactly the best item to use for quick moves as you can see, anyway… PB, I believe you and I need to have a chat… depending on how things go I could leave you here while you work to detangle Marceline… but if not…. You're coming with me to pay your debt back in full the hard way and no one can stop me." Finn said when he walked up to Bubblegum but did nothing while he looks Bubblegum in the eyes with a cold look on his face.

Bubblegum did flinch at the look but knew that Marceline needs to get out of those chains.

"Alright Finn. I'll hear what you have to say."

Finn just raised an eyebrow before he shook his head and a moment later he blinked out of view for a second and Bubblegum felt her ass getting slapped hard out of nowhere while Finn smirks in amusement when Bubblegum and Marceline realize what just happened.

"Did you just…" Marceline said before stopping as she couldn't believe it after Bubblegum jolts.

"Slap PB on the ass?, yeah, and not only that…" Finn said while he held up a pair of pink panties and raised an eyebrow at Bubblegum and had an amused smirk on his face.

Marceline was shocked at what she saw while Bubblegum was blushing brightly in embarrassment.

"G-Give them back!" She said as she tries to get her underwear back.

"Well I would but…" Finn said before he blinked for a moment and he reappeared without them while pointing a thumb at Marceline.

"But I believe Marceline is using them right now." Finn said when he points a thumb at Marceline and Bubblegum's panties were on Marceline's head while Finn was really amused right now.

Bubblegum was blushing brightly when she saw her panties on the Vampire Queen's head while Marceline blinked before she tries to shake them off.

"Glob dammit Finn!" Marceline said.

"What?, can't take a good joke?… you always seemed to love doing them to Jake and I no matter the damage from it so why should I hold back on you?, I can do a lot more to you since your chained up right now if you want to skip to the fun part of the payback." Finn said before he got an evil grin on his face when he looks at Marceline's ass.

Marceline was now getting angry.

"You're pushing my buttons Finn. Now cut these chains lose!"

Finn lost his evil amused look and sighs before he blinks out of view and a moment later, he dropped all of Marceline's clothing on the ground next to him while Marceline was fully nude but still had the power draining chains on her.

"Care to rephrase that Marcy?, I'm really getting annoyed with you and I'm not in the fucking mood to deal with your bullshit today." Finn said with a very cold look in his eyes.

Marceline's eyes widen when she saw her clothing on the ground before she got even more angry.

"That's it Finn! We're no longer friends!"

Finn blinked at that before he chuckles and starts to laugh for some reason much to Marceline and Bubblegum's shock.

"What's so damn funny?" Marceline asked.

"Actually it's pretty funny that you actually considered us friends when for the most part all you did was torment me and Jake, and mess with my head constantly... its funny that you would think that I would even be friends with any of you princesses after every shitting stunt you all put me through… no… none of you ever considered me a friend in the first place did you?... now that I think about it, aside from jam sessions which was a hobby YOU enjoyed for the most part, we never did hang out much alone, most of the time I had to save your ass when you got tricked by your dad when you got sent to the Nightosphere and wore his amulet… which I wore as well in order to save your thankless ass… I saved you from your ex Ash when he used that memory powder on you and…. And pardon me for mentioning this but who helped caused Ooo to nearly be taken over by vamps? And who tried to help you fix it?, granted I couldn't do much because I was so scared of Vampires because of you and your scaring jokes… *Sigh*... I can continue to talk with how I helped you with a lot of things and even with Simon but alas, if we're not friends anymore then I'll just ignore you from here on out until it's your turn while PB and I talk in private, good luck explaining your naked state to the guards when they get here, I had quite a bit gather and told them to enter the throne room after 10 minutes pass and its… 9 minutes give or take a few seconds so good luck with that." Finn said before he placed a hand on Bubblegum's shoulder before he and Bubblegum blink out of view before Marceline could say anything.

Marceline's eyes widen in fear before screaming.


However the doors to the throne room opens up before plenty of Banana guards enter the room and some were confused and blushing when they saw Marceline in the nude and chained up on the ground and an awkward silence went on for a moment.

Marceline was now blushing in embarrassment.

"You guys better get the fuck out of here because I'm not in the mood." She said as she tries to intimidate them with her red glowing eyes.

Though in hindsight, that was a bad move when it worked all too well when all the guards ran off in fright and Marceline was left alone… still tied up in the magical chains that prevent her from moving.

Marceline blinked a few times before she mentally facepalm herself.

"Damn… could've had them try to break the chain."

Meanwhile with Finn and Bubblegum…

Finn had brought Bubblegum all the way to the dungeon train of all things and set her on the ground before he stood in front of her and after a second, resumed time around him while to Bubblegum, she was in the throne room, and now she was in some kind of train compartment in no time flat.

Bubblegum blinked before she looked at her surroundings.

"Where'd you take me to?"

"A place called the dungeon train far from the Candy Kingdom, to you it was a few seconds but to me it took a few hours to carry you here but it was simple thanks to everything around me being frozen, and it loops in on itself for some reason so there is no engine even though we're moving, but you won't know where to go from here to the candy kingdom thanks to all the spinning so we got nothing better to do then talk without getting interrupted your highness and jumping is a bad idea since we're moving too fast to jump off safely unless you can stop time that is, and I don't suggest running, aside from the entrances, every other compartment has monsters in them and they respawn so killing them and expecting them to stay dead is hopeless." Finn said when he placed his hands in his pockets and had a serious look on his face.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised to hear that.

"So you're just leaving Marceline tied up like that without her clothes on?"

"Would you rather I do worse things to her now then later because I can still do that and leave you here to deal with the monsters." Finn coldly said when he glares at Bubblegum when this talking was getting annoying to him when she keeps stating the obvious.

Bubblegum flinches at the warning.

"N-No. She can wait."

"Good, besides unless she scared them off, then the Banana guards should have untied her or getting tools to unbind her but she won't find us anytime soon, only you, Jake, and I know of this place aside from the occasional boss guy here." Finn said before a door opened to show a mad boss man in various gear and when he saw Bubblegum and Finn, he made an unintelligible noise when he charged them, but before he could take a few steps, Finn blinked for a moment and the boss man dropped dead before he poofed into loot which lands on the ground near Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was a bit shocked when she saw that.

"Now before we get interrupted again… PB, I've always wanted to know something like how long did you think you could use me like I'm some kind of toy?, because unless I'm mistaken, I've helped you time and again and as far as I know, you've always blown my advances off even after I turned 18… so why?... is it because of Marceline?, I'm no idiot since I've seen you hang around her a lot after the Gum war." Finn said when he narrowed his eyes at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was a bit silent as she couldn't come up with an answer.

Finn was silent for a few moments as well before he sighs and just gave Bubblegum narrowed eyes.

"Well if you can't answer that then tell me why I shouldn't have my way with you here and now aside from the obvious reasons?, consider it a last chance to see if you can actually snap me out of this path that I'm about to go on with that big brain of yours." Finn said when he took a step towards Bubblegum.

Bubblegum did gulp before she responds.

"Okay truth is… I don't know what I'm actually feeling towards you."

"What?, you don't know ever after all these years?, even after all the times I risked my life for you and all you have to say is that you don't know?" Finn said like he couldn't believe what he just heard from Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was feeling nervous.

"I know it's stupid, it's just. I always thought we stay as friends. I just didn't think you would turn out so… handsome after your 18th birthday." She said while slightly blushing.

Finn blinks at that before he oddly starts to chuckle and he got a dark look in his eyes.

"Wow… and to think you couldn't fall lower… but trying to trick me by trying to flatter me now in this situation of all things?, I knew you were a manipulator but didn't expect you to do it in this situation… so nice job PB for keeping the manipulating game up." Finn said before he mockingly clapped his hands in front of Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised to hear that.

"I'm not manipulating you Finn."

"Oh really?, so tell me, when have you not manipulated me?, I mean you tried to get me and Flame broken up because of her unstable matrix after we broke up when you returned to being older than 18 and acted like it was nothing, I was in a depressed slump until I met her, then there was the times after the breakup when I tried to wow you and while I'll admit to being a bit stupid in some cases… being too young as you would put it… I would have been happy if you just either told me nothing would happen or wait till I was at least 18 years old so a situation like this wouldn't happen… didn't it ever occur to you of all people that all the heartache, all the times I got shot down weighed on me more and more and this is the end result with me snapping?, because believe me, until now, I've always thought you and every other princess were just using me as a free source of labor, and now that I have you in my clutches if I can be cliche… now is the time is you're flattering me?... please, I may be younger than you PB… but I'm no dumbass… not anymore." Finn said before he got a cold look in his eyes before he roughly gripped the front of Bubblegum's outfit and just ripped it right from Bubblegum's body with raw strength alone.

Bubblegum was shocked from the action.

"No Finn please. I didn't know. I'm sorry." She said as she tries to back away.

Finn however used his time stop watch to blink in front of Bubblegum with a cold look on his face before he ripped away Bubblegum's bra and panties and Finn dropped the clothing onto the ground which left Bubblegum in the nude while Finn looks at her body to see what he's been missing for all these years.

Bubblegum's eyes widen before she tries to cover herself up though Finn could see that the Candy Monarch had a nice figure that would've been seen from a modeling magazine.

Her legs look a bit thin and even though her bust size was a C, her ass helped make it up when it brought in the true definition of a bubblebutt.

Finn licks his lips when he saw that before he blinks and a moment later, he was fully nude and his clothing was near the duo while he stands near Bubblegum and his large dick was on display with his strong looking body as well while he keeps the watch on his neck to keep Bubblegum from getting to it.

Bubblegum's eyes widen when she saw Finn in the nude before blushing brightly when she saw his dick.

"Hehe, like what you see your highness?" Finn said with a slightly evil grin on his face when he used a hand to stroke his cock to full power and Bubblegum saw his 10 inch dick at full mast.

Bubblegum blushes more but she had a bad feeling where this might lead to before she tries to run for the next car.

Finn just raised an eyebrow when he saw that before he used his watch to move the clothing out of the way and just followed Bubblegum into the next car and saw her being surrounded by a large group of new monsters that surprised Finn a little, guess the dungeon train evolved to allow that to happen.

He saw that there was altered Why wolves around Bubblegum, some were in their lab coats while some were fully wolf like and they were growling at Bubblegum a bit, and to top it all off, not only were they much more bulkier than the normal ones… they had pretty large erections on their bodies which amused Finn a bit when Bubblegum ran from a bad situation to a worse one in no time flat.

"S-Stay away!" Bubblegum said.

"Hehe, wow, looks like things got very interesting huh Princess?" Finn said which got the why wolves attention, and while some growl at Finn, the more intellectual ones did notice Finn's state of dress and Bubblegum's and remembered where Bubblegum ran from and were able to put two and two together and one had a grin when they asked Finn a surprising question.

"Hey Human, want to join in on the fun?" A Why wolf asked which caused Finn to grin.

"Sure, though mind doing me a favor and not harm PB?, I need to bring her back home after… OUR… fun with her." Finn said while he got a dark grin on his face when he and the monsters look at Bubblegum with lustful looks on their faces.

Bubblegum was shocked at the outcome.

"No Finn please! I'm sorry. I was an idiot!" She said while feeling fear as a bit of tears leaked out.

Finn however blinked in front of Bubblegum's view and she felt that something had bumped into the back of her knees and she was forced to kneel in front of Finn and he placed a hand on her head and his cock was in front of her face.

"Yeah… you were… now get to sucking and don't even think about biting… I can reverse time thanks to this watch so a dumb move like that will just make things worse for you." Finn said before he forced Bubblegum's mouth opened and forced his cock into Bubbelgum's mouth and lets her head go to see how Bubblegum would react.

Bubblegum gags a bit after being forced to take Finn's dick in her mouth.

Finn grins a bit before he gripped Bubblegum's hair and forced her to bob her head while the Why wolves pant for breath when they were turned on at the sight while they circle Finn and Bubblegum to get a better look to enjoy the show.

Bubblegum gags more from this before more tears start to leak from eyes.

Finn however chuckles before he spoke up with a taunting tone to his voice.

"Oh you're crying now but I bet you're loving this princess, you helped turn me into this so congrats... I won't go full on evil like you may think but I'm tired of all the heroics getting me nothing…. but if you're willing to do stuff like this, I may reconsider that and help you like I normally did… face it, without me helping you, your chances of keeping your kingdom safe goes down greatly and won't you do anything to keep it intact?" Finn said with a dominating tone to his voice while he starts to face fuck Bubblegum's throat.

Bubblegum's eyes widen before she gags greatly at this action.

Finn chuckles while he keeps on face fucking Bubblegum and saw a Why wolf on all fours as it approached Bubblegum's ass, but he didn't say anything when it starts to lick her folds and ass in one large lick.

Bubblegum's eyes widen before she tries to use her free hands to push the Why wolf away.

However it took the pushing as petting from some kind of misread and licked Bubblegum's holes out at a harder rate while Finn chuckles when more approached and two went to suck on Bubblegum's nipples and one rubs her bud with his furry fingers.

Bubblegum muffly screams in discomfort.

Finn and the whywolves however ignored the screaming to keep on having their fun with Bubblegum and the why wolf rubbing Bubblegum's bud felt her juices on his fingers and pulled away to lick them clean and repeats his actions while Finn chuckles when the Why wolves went more wild with their actions and Finn face fucked her harder.

"Wow, guess this is turning you on huh?" Finn said when Bubblegum could see the why wolf cleaning his fingers of her juices each time he got plenty on his digits.

Bubblegum sees this but gags each time as she couldn't say anything.

For a few more minutes, everyone keeps having fun with Bubblegum while Finn got closer and closer until Finn lets out a loud groan and came hard inside of her mouth, filling it with his sperm and it flowed down her throat.

Bubblegum's eyes widen at the amount before choking a bit from Finn's semen flooding her throat.

Finn however doesn't let up when he keeps on cumming in Bubblegum's mouth before he tapped off and pulled his mouth free and fired a few more shots of cum onto Bubblegum's face and Finn grins at Bubblegum while he waits for her to recover.

Though Bubblegum gasps, she coughed a bit before a bit of Finn's semen came out.

Finn chuckles before he gave Bubblegum a cruel grin.

"So how does that taste princess?, not sweet I bet?" Finn said when he waits to hear what Bubblegum would say.

Bubblegum pants before looking at Finn.

"Y-You're a… m-monster Finn."

Finn chuckles darkly before he looks Bubblegum in the eyes.

"Oh… then what does that make you then since you did worse things than I?" Finn said with a cruel grin on his face.

Bubblegum then sent Finn a defiant glare.

"I will never forgive you for this. Even when you someday die."

"Hehe… that's just it princess… as long as I have this then I can always undo this, I'm just getting out all the anger and rage I have for you and the other princesses out of my system, besides… if you don't have me, who would defend your precious kingdom?, because I won't unless your willing to give me a good reward after those missions… I mean can you say you really hate me when let's face it… cloning James and tricking Jake and I… reviving the dead twice… spying on others for years… nearly getting the fire kingdom destroyed… I heard about that… how are you worse then me when all I am doing is just getting you involved when you seem to not care about other kingdom citizen's safety… your a good ruler when it comes to your people but as a people person… your worse than I am… and if I'm a monster… then doesn't that make you a demon like Hunson who is the lord of evil?" Finn said with a twisted grin on his face when he pointed out her faults when she pointed his out.

Bubblegum glares more at Finn.

"I'm not like him!" She said before opening her mouth a bit but only to actually spit at Finn.

Finn just blinked out of the way and while he kneels next to Bubblegum, held her head still while he whispered into her ear.

"Oh really?, let me give comparisons then and stop me if I'm off base… he likes to listen to his people but he either grants an ironic wish or just torments them… you make candy citizens who are conditioned to love you because YOU make it so and depending on what they do… say even think of messing with you, you put them in the dungeon… you manipulated me for years and helped make me into this whether you like it or not… and while I melted the ice Kingdom, it was an accident no matter how you spin it even if I did screw up in the end… you… you had Simon… Marceline's closest father figure who went insane thanks to the crown of ice freeze the core of the fire Kingdom and nearly killed millions of citizens and even though you had no real say… trust or not… ALLOWED Flame to keep one… she told me everything but I kept quiet… so…. How am I worse than you for getting what I'm owed?... you seem to enjoy being in control but how do you feel for getting that control taken from you?... your pussy seems to enjoy it so maybe you love getting dominated and all it took was me breaking from loneliness to get that to happen?... or maybe… you want Marceline to treat you like the bitch that you are?, her monster forms do bring some kinky ideas to mind… so why don't you and I make a deal of sorts, and no worries, no one would be harmed or killed or anything like that, I'm just making it simple for everyone so we can get all of this tension out of the way." Finn whispered into Bubblegum's ear while he held her head tightly to keep her from looking at Finn so there would be no surprises.

"Why should I listen to you?" Bubblegum whisperly asked with anger.

Finn grins at that before he gave this response.

"Well… does Marceline know every single thing you did behind closed doors when it came to your experiments?... does Marceline know about what you did with Simon in the fire Kingdom?... does Marceline know that deep down, you and I are not so different since I know that if given the chance, you would try and dominate me like I am doing to you now since I'm not acting like a naive idiot?, you said so yourself you did find me handsome, but even I know that you won't do anything without a good reason so here is a deal for you… give me what I want willingly… even after this every time I save your kingdom no questions asked… and I'll help you get Marceline to really go wild with you… I know you're tough… like the strongest sword tough mentally, and your tough so I bet this is not doing much for you… me holding back after all… bet it just irritates you huh?" Finn said while he grins at Bubblegum, he knew her long enough that he knew what made her tick… and weather she liked it or not, Finn brought up good points…

"D-Damn you." Bubblegum said.

"Unfortunately I'd be welcome in the Nightosphere by Hunson himself, so what do you say PB… do we have a deal?, situation aside I would keep my promise… you should know that more than anyone in Ooo aside from Jake." Finn said while he held his hand out in a handshake gesture to Bubblegum after he let go of her head.

Bubblegum glares more to Finn before she sighs on defeat and shook his hand after taking.

"We may be making a deal Finn, but just because you'll use my body for your personal pleasures doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Hehe, you say that now… but Bandit Princess changed her tune after I fucked her good, and one more thing…. I'm not the one who started this… you and those other princesses did… I sent Jake and Lady as fair warning so you can't say I don't show some mercy… now, considering you have me and a pack of Why Wolves to please… I want you to beg for our cocks like the good bitch that you are." Finn said before he grins darkly at Bubblegum with a dominating tone to his voice while he starts his part of things.

Bubblegum was now more enraged.

"You may laugh now, but I'll make sure to use anything to make sure I hate you forever. And you better tell Jake and Lady that they better not set foot in my Kingdom or it's the dungeon."

Finn however got the most enraged look on his face and slapped Bubblegum on the face and with so much rage in his eyes, jerked Bubblegum back to look at him.

"One thing Bubblegum…. Never… EVER… threaten my Family again in front of me… I used them as messengers… nothing more… if you ever threaten them again… I will not only make you suffer… but I will make your entire kingdom suffer… Understand!" Finn growled out while he got the most enraged look in his eyes that he ever had before they turned ice cold with emotions to show that something in Finn seemed to snap again while he lets Bubblegum go and stood up while she looks at him with a shocked look on her face.

"Seems you don't understand the situation you are in it seems… let me remind you that while I had Jake's help with taking the Lich down, and even in a few other adventures… do you think you and your kingdom could take Jake and I if he heard about your threat against Lady, me with my time stopping watch, Jake with his stretching powers?... try and picture it before you mouth off again Bubblegum." Finn growled out while he glances at her with a cold look in his eyes.

Bubblegum was dead silent now since she forgot how tough Jake is with his stretching powers and with the help of the magic watch, those two would be an unstoppable duo.

"Now try and remember how Jake was when he remembered all of the shitty things you put us through… do you think he wouldn't aid me if you threaten lady?, she is his wife… think about that the next time you threaten me and my family…. I was honest about not being an evil man to most but now… I might as well make you my personal bitch daily… and I won't hear any objections since I can just leave you here with these horny monsters… I was trying to be nice for the most part but no one seems to get it… no one but Jake and Lady that I didn't turn out like this because I wanted to… it's because of you and all of the princesses who just want to USE me for free heroic works… but if every princess is like you… I might as well take EVERY princess down a peg or two and it's all thanks to you pushing me over the edge… and don't worry, I'll leave the princesses who didn't cause me issue alone… but for bitches like you… well… looks like I'll be making a mass harem of sex slaves then." Finn said with a look in his eyes that showed that he means it while he glared at Bubblegum.

Though Bubblegum was shocked, she was still defiant at Finn before flipping him off.

"Fuck you. I rather die than be in your disgusting harem."

"Interesting choice of words Bubblegum… since you threatened my family I could end you here since compared to my actions now… you are the real evil here… but instead… I might as well break a bitch in… did it before with Jasmine the Bandit Princess when I had her begging for more after I raped her in public so to speak… can do it again… but first… Why wolves… get this bitch where she belongs… on all fours." Finn said while he ordered the Why wolves to grab Bubblegum by force.

Bubblegum's eyes widen before she tries to back away from the wolves as she tries to defend herself.

Unfortunately for her, she was no match for the Why wolves might and she was forced onto a block that was pulled from nearby and was forced onto it while a few Why wolve's held her down and a couple held her legs apart which gave Finn the perfect view to see her ass and pussy and thanks to earlier, she was worked up good when he approached Bubblegum and took a moment to see if she was wet or not, Why wolf licking or not he wanted to see if she was dripping with juices or just simply wet.

And low and behold, it seems that the Candy Monarch's pussy was drenched thanks to being almost choked.

Bubblegum however struggled from this.

"Damn you whywolves! You all better hope I don't come back here and destroy all your fur!"

Finn in the meantime chuckles before he placed the head of his cock at Bubblegum's folds and rubbed it up and down to get the dick lubed a bit.

"You know… I can give one last chance if you beg me for mercy… you've seen how big I am and unless you apologize with all your heart… well… I'll destroy this pussy for others otherwise." Finn said while he got a dominating grin on his face.

Bubblegum was shocked when she heard that.

She would never beg for anything but she didn't want this torture to happen.

"Okay. I'm sorry! I'm sorry for threatening Jake and Lady! They are welcome to my Kingdom whenever. I won't lay a finger on them."

Finn grins evilly while he gripped Bubblegum's ass with one hand and lightly pats it.

"There… was that so bad… keep up this end of the deal and my future visits will be pleasant… but for now… I'm going to fuck you for hours with my new friends here… try and power through it if you can, we got many hours after all." Finn said before he slowly pushed his cock inside of Bubblegum's pussy and when the head was inside of her, he slowly pushed in more after gripping her hips.

Bubblegum's eyes widen at the info and feeling Finn's dick enter her before groaning loud.

Finn grins darkly when he forced more and more into Bubblegum and could feel her take all of him inside of her pussy and groans when he could feel how tight she was and instead of saying anything, he slowly starts to fuck her while he had his hands on Bubblegum's round ass.

"D-Dammit!" Bubblegum groans as she grinds her teeth.

Finn just grins while he keeps on fucking Bubblegum harder and harder when he could feel her relaxing on his cock as time passed to nearly 5 minutes later and Finn was still fucking Bubblegum hard through it all.

Bubblegum was shocked that Finn was still able to keep going but made sure to not give the human the satisfaction by not enjoying this.

However Finn seemed to have other plans in mind when he used his index and ring finger on his right hand and fingered Bubblegum's asshole aggressively while he slowly got closer and closer to cumming as time went on.

Bubblegum was caught off guard by this which caused her to groan more before she felt part of her body betray her as her orgasm was coming closer.

A few more minutes pass with Finn and Bubblegum getting closer and closer while Finn held himself back for Bubblegum to cum first until…

Bubblegum grinds her teeth as she groans loud before she actually climaxed on Finn's dick.

Finn grits his teeth before he lets out a loud groan when he pushed his cock balls deep into Bubblegum's pussy and blew his load right into Bubblegum's womb, filling it to the brim and beyond with his seed.

Bubblegum's eyes widen when she felt that which caused her orgasm to get stronger.

'NO!... I gotta make sure to remove it.'

Finn tapped off after 20 seconds, but surprised Bubblegum before she could recover when he pulled free and his load leaks a bit but a Why Wolf quickly got on top of her and inserts its cock into her and starts fucking away with a happy look on its face while its dick bashed into her womb again and again.

"GAH!" Bubblegum yelps before she starts to groan again.

Another Why wolf moved to be in front of Bubblegum and it forced her to suck its cock while more why wolves joined in and had Bubblegum stroke them off while Finn watched the Why wolves enjoy themselves for awhile.

Bubblegum gags as she muffly groans loud in discomfort.

'I can't believe this it happening. Can this really be my fault?' She thought.

However she was broken from her thoughts when the Why wolves fucked her hard and Finn keeps watching with a grin on his face when he could see how easily overpowered Bubblegum was and wondered if the others would be similar.

Bubblegum continues to be raped by the whywolves before having another thought.

'Glob. Gotta make sure I don't end up knocked up by either these bastards. You may enjoy your petty vengeance Finn but know that I will hate you for all eternity even after your death.'

Though no one was a mind reader, Finn could see the defiant look in Bubblegum's eyes and decided to take as long as he wanted with breaking Bubblegum in when time passed to who knows how long and Bubblegum getting fucked more and more by the Why wolves and Finn who took turns with her, thankfully a Boss person had dropped a wand that can clean messes which was ironically handy when Finn used it on Bubblegum to keep her sparkling clean.

Being forced to ride some Why wolves, getting forced onto all fours, being bound and other things, Bubblegum lost track of time as the Why wolves seemed to have no end in sight with their stamina and Finn carefully watched the look on Bubbelgum's face as she slowly lost herself to the pleasure.

Granted she still has a bit of hate and defiance on her face but it slowly starts to look a little fucked up before she finally made a muffle moan.

Finn grins when he heard that and with a subtle gesture, had Bubblegum on all fours in front of him with her ass pointed at him and after having the Why wolves let her go for a moment, he tapped his watch a few times.

"I believe I got what I'm owed and a bit more from you PB, if you want I can take you out of here now and back to the candy kingdom… your call… unless you want to have more fun." Finn said to see how Bubblegum would react.

Bubblegum pants as she had no idea how long its been but when she heard Finn spoke, she desperately wants to get home.

However, the endless fucking from Finn and the whywolves partly messed her mind a bit before she was able to speak.

"P-Please… give… m-more." She said before she actually shook her ass before realizing what she just did.

Finn blinks at that before he grins at Bubblegum.

"I'm sorry… but could you repeat that?, I believe I heard things but… did you just ask for more?" Finn said when he placed a hand near his ear.

Bubblegum was now in deep shit and tried to deny it but sadly part of her mind had her say this instead.

"Y-Yes." She said making her eyes widen.

Finn grins before he points at a nearby block.

"Then prove that you want more by placing your hands on that block and show your ass to us… and beg us for our cocks… I'm sure everyone will give you want you want if you beg us properly… right guys?" Finn said when he looks at the Why wolves with a grin on his face.

The whywolves howled in agreement while some yelled yes.

Finn then looks back at Bubblegum with an amused but lustful look in his eyes while he waits to see how Bubblegum would respond.

Bubblegum didn't want to do this but her body betrayed her more like it had a mind of its own before a moment later, Bubblegum had her hands on the block showing everyone her bubblebutt ass.

Finn grins before he waits for Bubblegum to beg when he gestured for her to continue.

Once again Bubblegum's resistance starts to slip.

"P-Please… fuck me with your… big… strong… cocks." She said while actually blushing for the added affect.

Finn chuckles when he heard that before he looks at the Why wolves.

"Hope you guys don't mind if I go for her ass first, I noticed that you left that hole unused for me it seems so might as well get that out of the way so you can have your fun with it." Finn said before he walked to Bubblegum while the Why wolves tails wagged at the thought of finally being able to fuck Bubblegum's round ass while their dicks throbbed big time for added effect.

Bubblegum was now blushing brightly before gulping at the thought before trying to regain back her hate and defiance for Finn.

However her body seemed to betray her when Finn placed a hand on her ass and a jolt of pleasure shot through her body on the touch alone… and if he was able to fuck her this well even with others helping him with her pussy alone, then what would it feel like up her ass?, current situation aside… Finn did have a massive cock.

Bubblegum then braced herself for what happens next.

Finn then placed the head of his cock at her asshole before he gripped her hips and slowly pushed his cock into Bubblegum's perfect looking ass while he groans from the nice feeling that he felt.

Bubblegum groans from feeling that before she let out a slight moan.

Finn grins more from that while he gently pulled himself deeper and deeper into Bubblegum's ass while he used a hand to fondle one of her ass cheeks to see if it would help her relax.

That gave Bubblegum another jolt of pleasure from that action before she actually starts to feel relaxed.

For a bit, Finn keeps getting deeper and deeper into into Bubblegum's ass and fully hilts himself inside of her while he groans a bit from the tight feeling and gave Bubblegum a teasing grin.

"Wow… guess this body of yours is perfect for fucking… makes me wonder if you hated it as much as you did at first since you seem to be a fast recoverer." Finn said with a dark but lustful tone to his voice before he starts to thrust his hips and his cock was buried in Bubblegum's asshole again and again.

Bubblegum groans a few times before she starts to moan as Finn pounds her ass.

Finn just keeps grinning darkly while he wondered what Bubblegum was thinking as her body and her mind slowly fell to the dark pleasure that Finn was giving her right now… the pleasure she helped make and was coming to bite or fuck her up the ass right now.

'No… I can't be loving this. I just can't! But dammit, Finn knows the right spots to hit… No matter how… good this is, I will still hate him.'

Finn however, while still no mind reader, wouldn't care if she hated him while he fucked her ass harder and harder while he used his hands to spank her ass hard a few times to really get Bubblegum worked up.

Bubblegum yelps a few times from that action before she surprisingly felt her ass tighten a bit with each smack.

"Hehe, wow, guess your more of a masochist then I thought, glad you made this robotic arm to look like a human arm and feel like one as well otherwise this wouldn't feel as good as it does… speaking of which…" Finn said before he tapped an area on his arm and a menu popped up from nowhere over the arm and when Finn messed with it a bit, Finn grins at Bubblegum when his hand… turned into a dildo of all things and it starts to vibrate.

"... then again after I stumbled on this secret adult menu, I'm guessing you were planning on having me do a bit of something… grown up like to you huh?" Finn said when he had the dildo arm move in Bubblegum's view which was pretty interesting proof that Bubblegum had plans in mind for Finn.

'Fuck… I should not have put in that adult menu.' Bubblegum thought as she saw the dildo.

Finn chuckles at the look before he returned his arm to the Human looking hand before he went back to fucking Bubblegum's ass, he would use the arm later but for now… he was focusing on his own fun for now.

Bubblegum may have felt relieved but… part of her actually hoped Finn did used that dildo as she moans and groans loudly while the whywolves stroke themselves a bit.

For a bit Finn keeps fucking her more and more while he leaned down and played with her breasts and could feel her getting closer and closer until…

Bubblegum moans loud before her ass tightens on Finn's dick before climaxing from her pussy.

Finn groans when he felt that and pushed his cock deep as it could go and came hard inside of Bubblegum's asshole, all the while his grip tightened on Bubblegum's breasts to pull her into an embrace of sorts and she could feel how strong Finn was right now.

Bubblegum blushes when she felt his muscled chest on her back before the Candy Monarch's orgasm got stronger.

Finn then used a hand to force Bubblegum to look at him and he plants a kiss on her lips while he had lust in his eyes…. And maybe regret as well but also determination… seems he had plenty of time to think about this and in the end… to Finn… he had no choice but to do this and if Bubblegum noticed that, she may not be as spiteful even if she did hate him since in the end… everyone pushed Finn to this in the long run.

Somehow for Finn, Bubblegum did notice and despite what the human had done, deep down… Bubblegum knew she was greatly to blame for messing with his heart after all these years.

'I guess deep down, he still has his own morals. Seems he all he wanted was love and it seems in our blind arrogance, we didn't give Finn a chance for one. I guess he's right… we are like that donk Ash.'

It was at that moment, she actually kissed Finn back with a look of a slight regret of her own.

Finn felt that and while he was a bit surprised, he did return the kiss with a hunger behind it when he finally tapped off and pulled away to pant for breath.

Bubblegum pants as she stares at Finn for a moment.

"I'm… sorry Finn." She said with her eyes closed as she let out a tear or two.

Finn was a bit surprised by that when he heard that, however he narrowed his eyes a little when he knew that unless he rewound time, nothing would be the same again.

"I see, however you know I can't stop now after all that happened right?, I may make things pleasant but I'm not going to stop in getting what I'm owed from you and the others… but I will ask this… have a request that I can do after we are done?" Finn said when he seemed to look back to his old self for a moment… maybe there was hope Finn would fix things after he was satisfied with his revenge and things could go back to normal in the end at least.

Bubblegum was thoughtful before responding.

"Please don't harm anyone. And go easy on Marceline please. I will admit to you that… she and I are dating."

Finn blinks at that before he had slightly narrowed eyes.

"Is that why you never agreed to my dating requests?, why not just be honest?, I would have understand if you told the truth." Finn said when he didn't get why Bubblegum would do that.

Bubblegum blushed a bit for a moment.

"Well in truth, we were trying to keep our relationship on the down low to see if it works this time since… well we had dated before and then broke up long ago."

Finn looked thoughtful from that and just sighs when getting angry now would be pointless.

"Fine, I can respect that, but know that aside from getting what I'm owed, I won't harm anyone… however I meant what I said about making you and a few other ladies mine since I'm going to make a point that I'm not lying… but don't worry I'll make sure you and Marcy have plenty of fun later after I have my fun with Marcy… now… if we're good on some things, why don't you pick the next position that I can take you in… you can even order these Why wolves to help in on the next position… what do you say my Sweet Gumdrop." Finn said before grinning at the nickname he made for Bubblegum while the Why wolves gave Bubblegum lustful looks as their cocks throbbed in Bubblegum's view.

Bubblegum blushes at that before looking at Finn.

"Finn, I know now why you want payback and I know this is what I deserved for doing this to you. I'm a fool." She said with regret.

"... Yeah you are… but so am I for doing this but we already passed the point of no return in many situations so might as well enjoy it right?" Finn said before he gently kissed Bubblegum's cheek to show that situation aside, he still cared for Bubblegum, he even kissed the cheek where he slapped her earlier, he wouldn't do that again but Bubblegum threatening his family did cause him to see red for a bit.

Bubblegum did blush brightly before remembering the reason for the slap.

"I'm really sorry for threatening Jake and Lady, Finn. If there's a chance I'll do anything to earn your forgiveness even though I don't think I deserved one."

Finn just chuckles before he kissed Bubblegum again.

"Just pretend that all is well when we get back and let me come and go from the kingdom with no issue so we can have our fun at later dates… this issue is between you and I, no reason to get your citizens involved… right?, do that and I'll make sure to keep your… or Our kingdom safe from threats… I meant what I said about making you mine PB… and I intent to but I can make it very fun for all of us… do that and I'll forgive you." Finn said while he used a hand to lightly pet Bubblegum's right hip sensually which left goosebumps on her skin.

Bubblegum blushes from that before speaking.

"Then I'll do it… my King."

Finn grins at that before he whispered in Bubblegum's ear.

"Well then my Candy Queen… order your king and his Why wolve minions… your wish is our command…" Finn whispered in Bubblegum's ear and he and the Why wolves wait for Bubblegum's first order.

Bubblegum blushes more before she lays on the box on her back.

"I.. want you to… fuck my pussy this time Finn while you three come here." She said after pointing at three whywolves.

Finn and the three Why wolves perk up at that and they moved to Bubblegum and after Finn pushed his dick back into Bubblegum, the three Why wolves moved to stand next to Bubblegum and one stood near her head and waits for her next order while Finn went to fuck her pussy.

As Bubblegum moans, the only thing she did with the whywolves was using her hands to grab the two whywolves's dicks before stroking them.

She then look up and took the third Whywolf's dick in her mouth and starts sucking on it.

The Why wolves shudder and groan when they felt that and pant a bit while everyone else watched with horny looks in their eyes as they watched Finn and their three brothers fuck Bubblegum harder and harder as time went by.

Bubblegum moans loud as she finally starts to feel good from the pleasure as she stroked and sucked the three whywolves's dicks hard.

For a bit, Finn and the Why wolves enjoyed themselves with a more willing Bubblegum and when 10 minutes pass, Bubblegum could feel Finn and the Why wolves getting close as time went on and the Why wolves getting stroked off pant more and used their own hands to grip Bubblegum's hands and had her stroke them off faster while they used their free hand to play with her breasts and the one getting sucked off thrusts its hips and had Bubblegum take more of its cock into her mouth.

Bubblegum gags a bit but was able to take it before wrapping her legs around Finn's waist to make him go even deeper as she stroked the both whywolves's dicks a bit harder to let them know they're doing a great job before Bubblegum uses her tongue to lick the third whywolf's dick before licking the tip.

A few more minutes pass with everyone having fun with Bubblegum before the three Why wolves tossed their head back and howled when they came hard on Bubblegum's body and in her mouth while Finn made one good thrust and fully hilts his cock inside of her pussy and groans when he filled her womb up good with his load.

Bubblegum gags before moaning loud as she felt that before he pussy tightens on Finn's dick after sucking him in a bit while the Candy Monarch stroked and sucked the whywolves's dicks hard to make their climaxes strong.

Which it did when the orgasms keep going for 20 seconds before they tapped off and all four males pant for breath while they look down at Bubblegum to see how she was doing.

Bubblegum had a deep blush on her face as she let goes the two whywolves's dick but did use her mouth to clean the third one off.

Finn and the others grin at Bubblegum while they enjoyed the sight before the scene changed to a bit later to show Bubblegum riding a Why wolves cock while another fucked her ass, she was stroking another two off while she sucked Finn off.

Two of the whywolves pant and shudder from having their dicks stroke as Bubblegum groans and moans as she rode the whywolf hard while making sure to please Finn's dick as she looks at the human a bit.

A number of minutes pass before everyone came inside of Bubblegum again or on her while two of the Why wolves locked themselves inside of her and Bubblegum was forced to drink Finn's load down when he held her head in place.

Bubblegum moans a bit before she made sure to drink Finn's cum while using her mouth to thoroughly clean it.

Another position was then seen when Bubblegum was on her knees when she worked to suck multiple Why wolves off with her hands alone, there were about 8 of them so Bubblegum had her work cut out for her.

Bubblegum tried her best to please the whywolves as she stroke and sucked their dicks hard before switching to another.

The Why wolves enjoyed themselves while Finn keeps on watching before another Whywolf approached Finn for some reason.

Finn raised an eyebrow and just gave the Why wolf a half lidded look.

"Hey I'm not into dudes, no offense if you swing that way." Finn said when he took it the wrong way and the Why wolf chuckles.

"Actually, I already have a mate not on this train, what I was really going to ask is that can we come with you and off this train?, this place doesn't have much to do as you can see and we were pulled from our homes thanks to this train." The Why wolf said which made Finn raise an eyebrow.

"Seriously?, well I can't stop you from following me if you are sure about that but may I ask why since I haven't done much to get that kind of respect, or are you thinking that just because I'm going after princesses, you guys can get free reign to terrorize people around Ooo?" Finn asked while he narrowed his eyes at the Why wolf in front of him.

"No no, none of that." The whywolf said.

"I see… well I won't stop you, but remember that if you cause trouble around me, I won't hesitate to end you, are we clear?" Finn said while he got a slight edge to his voice which showed he wasn't bluffing.

"Yes of course. We just want out of this cursed train." The whywolf said.

"Alright, once we have our fun I'll see what I can do about getting you all off, but unless there is some kind of way to keep you all from being summoned, then I can't help there, I don't even know how this train works other than that it summons random monsters and since you guys look tough, I'm guessing weaker Why wolves were summoned before you right?, so maybe if you all leave, stronger ones will be brought here… hmm… maybe I can make a deal with the stronger ones to get them out of here as long as they follow my orders… could be useful for getting monster allies and with those boss people coming every so often, they can give interesting loot if they are taken down so easy gold there… anyway I'm getting off the subject… if I can help you guys off this train safely, will you all follow my orders?, as you can see I can reward you well if you guys keep in control." Finn said while he points to Bubblegum who keeps sucking off the why wolf in front of her and strokes another two off.

The whywolf chuckles.

"I believe my brothers and I will control ourselves so you don't have to worry."

"Alright, you have a deal, as long as you guys don't cause issues, I won't cause issues and reward you well if I need your help with something." Finn said while he held his hand out in a handshake motion of sorts for the Why wolf to take.

The whywolf took Finn's hand and shook it.

Finn grins at that before he lets go of the Why wolf's hand when he heard the Why wolf's around Bubblegum howling while they came hard on Bubblegum's body one at a time, many stroked themselves off while two got stroked by Bubblegum and one was sucked off which filled her mouth with sperm.

Bubblegum moans a bit before she tries to swallow the load while sucking the whywolf off.

Finn then looks at the Why wolf who spoke with him while the Why wolves around Bubblegum tapped off and move away from the semen covered princess.

"Why not celebrate a bit early and have some more fun with my Candy Queen, I'm sure she won't mind… right PB." Finn said when he looks at Bubblegum while he and the Why wolf had erect cocks in Bubblegum's view.

Bubblegum was in a daze of sorts but still said this.

"Y-Yes… my King." She said before taking one of the Whywolves's dicks in her mouth.

Finn grins before the scene went to one last position after Bubblegum was cleaned and it showed Finn on his back while he was getting his cock ridden by Bubblegum but to make things intense, the Why wolf with Finn was fucking her pussy as well while he held her arms back and Finn played with her breasts the entire time as the duo fucked Bubblegum without mercy.

The whywolf groans as he was enjoying this while Bubblegum moans very loud while having a pleased and fucked up look on her face.

For quite a bit, nothing more was done other than Finn and the Why wolf fucking Bubblegum while Finn keeps on playing with her breasts and enjoyed the fucked up look on her face while he and the Why wolf got closer and closer while they felt the same with Bubblegum as well.

Bubblegum was so fucked up she leans down and whispers this to Finn's ear.

"C-Come on Finn… bury my w-womb with your cum and help bring an heir."

A bit later, Finn and the Why wolf made one last thrust and pushed themselves as deep as they could go into Bubblegum's pussy before they yell/howl and flood her womb with sperm which bursts onto the ground when the amount was too much for Bubblegum's pussy to take.

Bubblegum moans loud with ecstasy before she climaxed on the duo's dicks.

For a bit the two keep cumming inside of Bubblegum before they tapped off and pant for breath while the Why wolf let Bubblegum's arms go.

Bubblegum collapse a bit on top of Finn while enjoying the afterglow.

Finn used an arm to pet Bubblegum's back while he and the Why wolf pulled their cocks free of Bubblegum's pussy before the trio just relaxed while Bubblegum was able to collect her thoughts after everything that happened as her body recovered from the intense fucking that she got.

'That was… intensely… amazing. And despite everything, there's still a chance to make things right with Finn. Just hope he can forgive me. Maybe, I can help bring in Marceline for him.'

Finn took a bit to recover before he helped Bubblegum rest on the ground while Finn used the cleaning wand to clean him, Bubblegum, and the Why wolves off before Finn blinks for a moment and he was clothed again and standing near the Why wolves.

"Alright, a deal is a deal, I'll help you guys off the train but only in the woods here, the Candy Kingdom, if you look at the sun when its high in the sky is northwest of here, after I help you off I'm taking my Candy Queen home to rest." Finn said and when the Why wolves were about to say something Finn blinked and everyone instantly saw that they were outside of the Dungeon train and Finn was carrying Bubblegum bridle style.

Bubblegum blushes at that position while the whywolves were glad to be free of that train.

Finn then turned away from the Why wolves and just gave them a teasing grin.

"Now you guys better get your mates or whatever and show them some loving before coming to the Candy Kingdom, though I bet it maybe a bit hard to explain things like why you have a sweet scent coming from your cocks though so good luck." Finn said before he and Bubblegum blinks out of view.

The whywolves did blink a bit before realizing that their mates would smell the Candy Monarch's scent on them.

Though that situation would have to handle itself off screen when the scene shifts back to the Candy Kingdom throne room where Finn reappeared when the room was empty.

"Hmmm… looks like Marcy is untied it seems." Finn said while he had a good but careful grip on Bubblegum who rests in Finn's arms.

Little did Finn know, he, and by extension Bubblegum, was being watched by an enraged Marceline.

'You damn right I am.'

She in turn saw Bubblegum's lack of dress and how… she held Finn while he looks around the room and took a few steps towards the throne.

"You know Marceline, even if I can't see you, I can feel the bloodlust from you, mind letting me set PB on the throne before you attack?" Finn said while he walks to the throne without any fear on his face.

Marceline blinked when she was found out but waited patiently for Finn to put Bubblegum down.

A moment later, Finn sets Bubblegum on the chair and blinks for a moment to get a blanket for Bubblegum and sets it on her carefully before he turned away from Bubblegum and faced the empty room.

"Alright, I'm ready for whatever you got Marceline, so unless you're planning a sneak attack, I suggest you show yourself, even if you did give me a fatal wound I would just rewind time to before it happened so I can just learn that move easily." Finn said while he just lowered his arms, he had removed his watch and placed it in a hidden pocket so Marceline couldn't steal it without him knowing.

'Damn.' She thought as she hoped to steal it before she became visible and appeared.

Finn saw her and just crossed his arms while he looks Marceline in the eyes.

"As you can see, she is unharmed and cleaned and everything, I got what I'm owed from PB and I'm going to walk out of here and you won't be able to stop me for two pretty good reasons…" Finn said while he grins at Marceline oddly enough.

"That's what you think shit bird." She said before she tries to charge at Finn at a fast speed.

"MARCELINE STOP!" Bubblegum surprisingly called out to stop her girlfriend which stopped her in her tracks right when a few sharp nails were at Finn's throat but he keeps standing without fear in his eyes.

Marceline couldn't believe what she heard before looking at Bubblegum..

"What the flip Bonnie?! He rapes you and you asked to stop?"

Bubblegum in turn looked thoughtful and after thinking a mile a minute, she just sighs and looks at Marceline.

"Because Finn made a lot of points Marceline, while I'm not condoning what he is doing, we don't exactly have a right to stop him if he is this desperate, I mean we have known Finn long enough to know that unless something caused him to snap… would he actually do something like this without a reason?, Finn's not evil by a long shot Marceline… as much as I hate to admit it… but we made him into this." Bubblegum said while she hugged the blanket to her body for a moment.

Marceline couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Seriously? We may have done wrong but what Finn is doing is worse. Two wrongs don't make a right Bonnie."

"And how many wrongs did we make to get Finn to do this?, we hid our relationship from Finn and everyone, we kept playing mind games with Finn or had some kind of excuse for not trying to date Finn instead of telling the truth, and for pretty much all his life we pretty much used Finn in a sense, I mean I sent Finn and Jake on deadly missions daily but never gave the reward fitting missions like that and you pretty much made them homeless twice, what kind of friends are we if we fucked up enough to make a situation like this happen, I mean try and answer that Marceline since I'm drawing a blank and… I just can't hate Finn even after what happened, I'm not thrilled about it in the long run but all Finn is doing is just coming after Royals like us who used him to well… get what's owed to him... he's not attacking civilians, he's not going around and just murdering us, all he's wanting is just getting what he's owed, unless you have a way to stop him that he can't counter, then Finn won't stop… I saw the look in his eyes Marceline and unless something unforgivable and I mean death level unforgivable happens, Finn won't stop, I mean did he harm you when he chained you up?, did he leave you alone when he brought the banana guard to help unchain you?, I mean aside from this situation now… look Finn in the eyes and tell me if he really has evil intentions for us, forced situations aside, has Finn really turned evil?, at best he's no hero anymore but he's not a villain that much I can promise Marceline." Bubblegum said while Finn just put his hands in his pockets while he waits to see how Marceline would react.

Marceline blinked a few times but didn't look Finn in the eyes.

"I don't want to look at him Bonnie for what he has done. Not now or ever." She said before she start flying out of this room.

"Wow… then I guess you're more like that Donk Ash then I thought." Finn said when he watched Marceline float away from him.

However, Marceline stopped when she heard that before her eyes turned red before looking back.

"What did you say?"

"I said that your more like Ash then I thought… how many times have I aided you, but you always seemed to not give a shit about the effort in the end?, how many times did I save you from your father when he had some scheme to get you to rule the Nightosphere and that failed thanks to Jake and I?, I can go on but my point is simple… how many times have you used me and just assume I'm in the wrong for trying to get what I want when you seem pretty happy with using me for your own gain!?" Finn said while he walked up to Marceline with a steady pace and stopped in front of her with his own enraged look.

Marceline however was enraged.

"Oh and you didn't have a gain when you made your ex fight Simon just to fulfil a dumb dream? Talk about asshole move. Then again you probably got that way from your deadbeat dad who left you in space."

Bubblegum's eyes widen when she saw Finn tense.

"Marceline!, that situation is different!" Bubblegum said but before anyone could say anything else, Finn had gripped Marceline's shirt and dragged her to look him in the eyes which were abnormally cold.

"I already paid my dues with Simon and Phoebe when I let Simon rest at my home for who knows how long until Gunter repaired it… and I earned Phoebe trust back slowly over time… WHERE were YOU after that happened huh?, throw blame at me sure but unless you are willing to hear all of your faults then don't EVER bring that situation up… and keep my old man out of this, Martin was NEVER my father, Joshua was, I was never raised by my Human dad, but by a loving family of dog humanoids who I would never harm… so Marceline… want to see me truly snap… then insult them…. I dare you." Finn said before he got a fully emotionless look in his eyes which looked right at Marcelines.

Marceline was a bit surprised before she did this.

"Fuck you." She said before kicking him in his groin.

Finn's eyes widen from that when he let Marceline go and glares at Marceline.

"Bad move bitch." Finn growled out when he reached into his pocket and hits the rewind feature for a few seconds and when time went back, Finn was back where he was while Marceline was sending the kick to his groin but he blinked out of the way while he still had a hold of Marceline's shirt which caused Marceline to miss this time and Finn used some surprising strength to slam Marceline onto the ground while he gives her a cold look.

Bubblegum's eyes widen when she saw what Finn did while Marceline, who was confused, groan from that brute action.

Finn chuckles a bit before he lets Marceline go.

"Just to let you know, you did kick me in the dick just now but thanks to this watch, I undid that and reacted… like I said… attacking me is a bad idea since I can undo it." Finn said before he chuckles a bit at the look on Marceline's face.

Marceline was shocked at first before glaring at Finn.

"If I had my way I would personally send you to Death's world so you can join your mutt of a dad."

Finn in turn jolts while Bubblegum got a wide eyed look and… Finn just starts walking away from her and Marceline much to their confusion.

"Oh what? Now you're walking away?" Marceline said as she gets up.

Finn stops before he spoke up when his back was facing Marceline and Bubblegum.

"Just for a bit so I can speak with your dad… if I'm as evil as you may say… I might as well get in your dad's good graces and explain some things to him so when I do die… well… I'll be welcome in the nightosphere after I make you my bitch… you just want to keep making things worse for yourself… well guess what… like I said to PB, I'm making multiple princesses my bitches and I made PB one of them… your on that list as well Marcy… so better get ready because once I get some things prepped and deal with a few other princesses… I'll be making a Vampire bitch know what its like to be with a man who won't take anymore shit from anyone… I know Demon's like strong mates after all... now if you'll excuse me I got some bug milk to get." Finn said before he keeps on walking.

Marceline's eyes widen.

"Oh no you don't." She said before she tries to stop him.

Though when she did, she was shocked when he dodged a grab of hers and more to both Marceline and PB's shock, not only did he look enraged to the point of looking feral, he slugged Marceline right in the face and into a nearby piller with his robotic arm while he looked like he could kill someone right now before he straightened himself and starts walking to the door while the dust where Marceline crashed showed the Vampire Queen in a daze when she pulled herself from some rubble.

"Next time… I won't just make it one attack if I'm defending myself… I can stop time for as long as I want and build up the blows… remember that before you do something stupid." Finn said with a barely held together tone to his voice as he walked away with heavy footsteps.

Marceline groans as she rubbed the spot Finn hit.

Bubblegum rushed over to Marceline and knelt next to her while she ignored the nude body that she showed.

"Marceline are you alright?" Bubblegum said when she saw Marceline's healing face thanks to her regeneration.

Marceline then cracked her neck a bit.

"Not sure... But I believe I screwed myself big time."

Bubblegum sighs before she sat next to Marceline.

"Like you wouldn't believe… current Finn aside, what were you thinking bringing his dead father up like that?, I mean you know how it is to not have parents or living relative more than anyone… I get that you're pissed because of what happened to me… but I can tell there is more to that…" Bubblegum said while she gave Marceline a patient look.

Marceline looks at Bubblegum.

"What's that?"

"Simple… we're both over 1000 years old… normal things bore us easily and while we may not like Finn's methods, Finn has a point, not only did we help make him as he is now… well… him actually fighting back like that turned you on huh?, I can tell the signs even if you don't like to hear it… and I already made a deal with Finn that as long as he visits and everything goes peaceful, he will keep protecting the kingdom, deep down Finn is still there, but…. He's just smothered with all the lies and tricks we pushed onto him and just finally snapped." Bubblegum said while she leaned back to rest against the wall.

Marceline was shocked when she heard that however…

"Hold on. I was not turned on when he fought back."

Bubblegum chuckles before she looks at Marceline.

"Oh really?, if I look in your panties right now, I won't find damp articles of clothing?" Bubblegum said with an amused tone to her voice.

Marceline blushes.

"What? No."

"Oh really?... well lets just see then…. I was in a gangbang with Finn and some whywolves but I'm still not fully satisfied yet so…" Bubblegum said before she surprised Marceline when she pushed Marceline onto her back and climbed on top of her.

Marceline, who was shocked by this info, was caught off guard by this sudden move.

"Now then… time to see if you really are wet or not." Bubblegum said when she used a hand to rub Marceline's pants on her front and grins when she pulled away and saw that her fingers were covered in juices already and Marceline could see it as well.

"T-That's not what it looks like. I'm not turned on by the weenie." Marceline said.

"Oh really… then maybe I shouldn't mention his 10 inch cock or the fact I made his robotic arm have secret sex toy attachments that he found out… hasn't used them yet by the way… but still was able to last hours on end… I can explain more… but why talk when we can have fun in my room and I can roleplay as Finn during every scene." Bubblegum said with a grin on her face while she looks down at Marceline.

Marceline was shocked.

"How are you acting like this now after what Finn did?"

Bubblegum chuckles while she gave Marceline a lustful on her face.

"Considering I get kidnapped by Ice king daily, dealt with Ricardio, and you when you wanted to Experiment with your monster forms, getting raped by Finn was not the most intense experience even if it has been awhile since I last had sex, and it's not the first time I was forced on, before we met and even after we broke up sometimes a monster would jump me when I was alone and lets just say I'm glad to have a gum based body." Bubblegum said while she grins at Marceline.

Marceline's eyes widen like dinner plates when she heard that.

"Now instead of talking back and forth about my own mentality on how I was able to adjust so fast… why don't you fly us to my bedroom so we can cheer each other up." Bubblegum said before she kissed Marceline on the lips.

Marceline blushes brightly at first and was still surprised at some stuff but then again… she needed cheering up after the beating from her ex-friend.

Marceline picks up Bubblegum and flys her to her room.

Though unaware of her surroundings, Marceline missed seeing the door to the throne room being cracked and a smirking Finn was seen before he fully closed the door and walked away from the Castle, he even stopped time for a moment to get some bug milk from a vendor on the way out of the kingdom and left some cash near the register before he exits the Candy Kingdom.

He then went far away from the Candy Kingdom so possible damage would be at a minimum before he made the Nightosphere circle on the ground and tossed some bug milk onto it and he spoke the Nightosphere incantation and waits for the effect to well… take effect after the bug milk was absorbed.

No sooner than a second, the portal to the Nightosphere opens up.

Finn took a moment to breath before he called into the portal.

"Hey Hunson!, its me Finn I got something to ask about Marceline!" Finn called into the portal to see if that would get Hunson to appear from the portal.

No sooner than that, Hunson Abadeer, Ruler of the Nightosphere and father to Marceline, came out of the portal.

"Hello Finn. It's been awhile. Now what do you need to ask about Marceline?"

"Well before that, I should let you know about something first…" Finn said before he explained about all the times he got shot down and how he found the time controlling watch and his forced fun with Jasmine, Penny, and Bubblegum which led to the here and now.

"... So as you can see, I can rewind, speed up, or stop so in case you try and attack me, I can just undo this conversation and me even opening the portal… main reason I called is simple… Marceline is later on the list of women I want to get what I'm owed from and I'm planning on making her mine like I did with PB and before you attack me, I have two reasons why you shouldn't, mind hearing me out before you try?" Finn said while he showed no fear on his face when he looks at Hunson.

Hunson, though a bit surprised at the story, was now glaring daggers at the human since Marceline's name was mentioned.

"It better be good kid. Hate to see you being on my shit list."

"Well first off situation aside, Marceline is the one who helped start this, remember Ash?, Well think of Marceline as an Ash to me but unlike that donk I can forgive her even after the insult to a dead parent of mine, not only that, I heard from Marceline that you actually liked me and while I am trying to force myself on Marceline, I'm not trying to harm her, the only thing I got for me is the time control, she could pretty much kill me painfully if she wanted too, the main reason I called was not to get your blessing since I know you don't give those, but to let you know that since I'm most likely heading to the Nightosphere for my actions, I'm just making sure it won't be a painful afterlife there… I didn't want to do what I am doing but everyone has a breaking point and I hit mine hard." Finn said while he stands his ground in front of the ruler of the Nightosphere.

Hunson breathes a bit after hearing that before speaking.

"I see… and the second part?"

"Well that's it mainly but if you're looking for an extra, then you should be happy to know that unlike Ash, I can take care of myself in a fight so I'm not least by OOO standards… and I would keep Marceline safe even if it kills me since situation aside, I still care for her… and while I'll still help people I'm not going to be stupid about it anymore so I guess I went from Lawful good to Chaotic Good or something, maybe Chaotic Neutral… I'm just getting what I'm owed after all, you like keeping deals right?, Wouldn't you get pissed if every person you met for deals tried to back out of them?, Well try and pretend you are a hero and save princesses again and again for years and all they do is say thanks and just lead you on, wouldn't you get tired if that was a repeating thing for years on end?, I mean what if Marceline's mom led you on for years and you had to give her an ultimatum to marry her?, I'm not insulting Marceline's mom, Glob no, just using her as an example to see if it helps make sense to you." Finn said before shrugging a bit when he didn't know what else to say.

Hunson still glared at Finn before sighing.

"Honestly Finn, if it was me, I would suck out your soul in a second for what you intend to do to Marceline. But I can't thanks to your special cheating watch." He said before speaking more.

"As for Marceline, I would try to stop you… but sadly I feel disappointed for what she did."

Finn in turn glares at Hunson and shook his head.

"Even If I didn't have my watch, I still would have done something to get back at everyone because it was a long time coming, you maybe the Lord of evil and care for Marceline in your own way, but did you expect her to not do all the stunts she did with me and not get some kind of payback?, I mean for fucks sake I wore your Amulet and you want to know what she did?, Pretty much left my home with barely a thanks, do you know know messed up I was after that one incident alone?, You think my actions are overkill?... No… if I really lost it I would have gone on a murder spree like no other, this is me with restrain even AFTER everything that I went through." Finn said with an angered tone to his voice and with actual cursing as well.

Hunson was a bit surprised to hear Finn say this.

"Alright." He said.

"Alright?" Finn asked with a raised eyebrow when he wondered what Hunson meant by that.

"You've given some points and Marceline needs to learn what she did was wrong." Hunson said.

"I see, well don't worry, after I get even with her, I'll take responsibility if it means anything, and it's not like she wouldn't be alone, not sure if you knew but she and PB were dating in secret." Finn said while he placed his hands in his pockets.

Hunson blinks in surprise.

"Really now?"

"Yeah, last I saw, she and PB were heading to PB's room so they can cheer one another up, anyway, if it means anything I can do one thing for you to earn your favor when I go to the Nightosphere if I die anytime soon… maybe bring that Donk Ash to you?, You can deal with him in anyway you want and OOO has one less issue to deal with." Finn said while he smirks a bit evilly at the Lord of evil, guess that change in Finn really made him act different.

Hunson did hum a bit before looking at Finn.

"If you bring me that donk Finn, I may just help you stay immortal. Though you better make sure to treat my Marceline with respect after getting your revenge."

"Well thanks for the immortal thing, and don't worry, as soon as Marceline gives me genuine respect, I'll do the same in turn, I know she won't become a different person after I get what I'm owed from her, but I want to show her I'm not one to underestimate anymore, demons like strong mates right?, Well I might as well be strong then to get that side of Marceline to like me, I'm saving her for later so I can get stronger first so I don't have to rely on this all the time." Finn said before he showed Hunson the watch he had on his necklace.

Hunson sees it before looking at Finn.

"I see. Well I don't know how you'll do it just as long you and Marceline kiss and make up. Though judging from this, I may as well call you son in law."

Finn chuckles from that before he gave a relaxed grin to the Ruler of the Nightosphere.

"If I can get Marceline, though in case I do die and the watch gets destroyed, mind doing me a favor and not torturing my soul for a bit?, I got plenty of embarrassing stories of Marceline that I can tell you." Finn said when he got ready to close the portal on Hunson.

"Hmmm, alright then. But remember if you bring me that no good ex, you won't have to worry about dying." Hunson said with a grin.

"Well looks like I'm going Donk hunting first then, see you later Hunson, I'll make sure the Ass is all wrapped up for you too deal with… though he maybe a bit damaged beforehand but you got healers right?" Finn said while he grins a bit evilly at Hunson.

"Hehe, yeah but won't help after I'm through with him." Hunson said.

"Yeah though… hehe… hey mind leaning in… I have an idea to really mess with the Donk and I could use some input on if its a good… or bad idea… a very bad idea…" Finn said while he gestured for Hunson to lean down though Finn sounded like he liked the part about it being a bad idea for some reason.

Hunson was curious before leaning down.

A moment later, Finn whispered something into Hunson's ear and Hunson nods and hums a few times and made a few oh sounds before he leans back up.

"Interesting… very interesting, alright, bring Ash to me and after I have some fun with him… I'll do what you ask to really make… hehe… HER soon to be life much more eventful… good thing I know some demons and demonesses who can do something like that, anyway I'll be heading on back now so good luck in your hunt." Hunson said before he waved to Finn and vanished into the portal which closed while Finn waved his hand a few times before he starts walking away with a grin on his face.

"Get ready Ash… because I'm about to get some serious payback from you soon hehehe." Finn said before he chuckles evilly as the scene fades to black.

The scene fades in to show TME and Atomsk while they were messing with the watch and doing things like moving around here and there to mess with one another or just to save time with getting things, for example, TME let Atomsk use the watch to bring some piping hot food from a restaurant and it never lost much of its heat and TME had used the watch to get some movies and were watching some of them while they ate the food.

"Man are these watches great." Atomsk said as he ate.

"Yeah, granted on their own they don't look like much but the ability to stop time is pretty cool, unlike this food hehe." TME said when he had to wait for his food to cool a bit.

"Hehe yeah." Atomsk said before taking a sip of his soda.

"Right, anyway want to just end this chapter and get to the next one?, I'm sure people would just ignore this outro for the most part." TME said while he drank his own drink.

"Yeah okay." Atomsk said.

"Right, anyway everyone, as you can see, Finn is turning evil or going pure Anti-Hero instead of being a hero, granted most can argue but he's not going around to take over places without a reason or to harm anyone without a reason, but I won't go into details on that and just say that the story is just starting and hope to see you later, bye bye." TME said before the scene fades to black.

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