LOZ: End of the Cursed Cycles @emerald
Return to Emerald's village: Part 1

The scene opened up with TME and Atomsk looking at a table with a story under well… a literal pile of dust while TME wore a mask to keep him from sneezing as he summoned a vacuum.

Atomsk was also wearing a mask.

"Damn… that's a big pile of dust." He said while breathing like a certain Star Wars character.

"Oh yeah… tell me what do you remember exactly from the End of the cursed cycle story?... I'm rereading it and I got a full reminder so want to see what you remember." TME asked while he starts to vacuum up the dust.

"Uh let's see… hmm… oh yeah, Emerald promised the Zora and Deku villages that he would move them and the gold dust to his village after what the Hyrule soldiers did. Even Zelda was shocked when she heard her dad ordered it along with the fact that Arwen was also ordered to do something to Zelda regarding the… I think it had something to do with her light?… either way, Zelda now has trust issues with her own people. Lastly, I believe Emerald and… that other guy got turned into ladies because they're traveling to a place that has issues towards men I believe. Sorry but that's all I can remember." Atomsk said.

"Alright in order… yes to the Zora and Deku village, yes to the soldiers invading but not for Zelda's light persay, more like her power which hinders her summoning of powerful spells and stuff, and its Duford you mean, and yeah having to take female forms for the Gerudo territory which is an all female tribe of desert dwelling women and stuff… may have interesting spells on their ends hehe." TME said while he grins at Atomsk while hoping that gave a reminder to his friend.

Atomsk chuckled.

"Indeed. And here's an idea, maybe while Emerald and the rest go on their journey, we focus a bit on the Emerald's village. Maybe do a one on one scene between Cedric and Diana while the other girls are busy." He said while grinning.

"Alright, since you suggested it, we do it instantly, otherwise we would get off track, and by the way, a reminder on the names for the female forms, Esmerelda and Dufy for Emerald and Duford's female names, hopefully they will get by the border of the Gerudo desert and have to pass some outpost on the way." TME said when he crossed his arms after cleaning things off fully.

"Ain't that the truth. So shall we get started?" Atomsk said.

"Sure." TME said while the scene went to Esmerelda and the others for a moment to show them getting things packed for the first trip on the way back to the hidden village.

Hyrule/ ?/ Esmerelda, Dufy, Zelda, Ayuyat, many Deku and Zora people

Currently the scene showed Esmerelda while she was using the Sheikah slate to store some homes while some were left behind as Dufy was busy eating breakfast while she rubs her hips as Ayuyat looks smug when she saw that.

"Hehe, sore from last night Dufy?" Ayuyat teased when she grins at the genderbent Duford.

Dufy blushes a bit.

"A-A bit… Talk about a whole new experience on being a woman."

"Indeed… especially when I got that Anal V-Card of you before the Princess while she used her virginities on Esmerelda hehe, must say you got really wild with Zelda when she went to you while I took on Esmeralda here." Ayuyat teased some more while Zelda brought food over.

Zelda blushes brightly when she heard that as Dufy blushes before smirking.

"Well I always did want to… lay with the Princess and I finally got the chance to do it. Hopefully, when I'm a man again we can do it again." He said.

"Hehe, gotten spunky as a female, maybe you should stay a female and stuff… got that dick growth spell so not like you can't add it if needed… anyway thanks for bringing the grub princess." Ayuyat said when she got her share of her meal from Zelda.

Zelda blushes a bit when she heard of the dick growth spell before clearing her throat.

"S-Sure. No problem."

Ayuyat chuckles more before Esmeralda came by the others.

"Alright everyone, finished getting the important stuff stored away, after we finish eating we should get walking." Esmeralda said when she moved to get her own meal real quick.

The group nods their heads before they resumed eating but Ayuyat wanted to do some teasing.

"Talk about a wild night huh sweet ass." She said before giving Esmerelda's ass a good pinch.

Esmeralda blushed at this though thanks to all the sex she had as a male and female well… she looks back and smirks.

"Yeah… was really wild with me, Dufy, and Zelda after you passed out after I drained you dry." Esmeralda teased before she walked away from the group while her ass sways a bit when she learned how to do that from watching Lillum and the others back home.

Ayuyat licks her lips when she saw that as Zelda blushes while Dufy did the same before she smirks at Zelda.

"Hope we go wild again later, my dear." She said.

When she said that and Zelda blushed, the scene went back to Emerald's village while most of the village was repaired at this time though it was slowed thanks to the lack of gold dust and stuff with Maite and Lillum walking with Azure as they carried some groceries in their arms.

"Wow, the village almost looks brand new." Maite said when she noticed that most of the repairs were almost done.

"Yeah… wonder where Emerald is though, been a day or two longer than he would normally be if he was going to a hidden village." Lillum said when she looks a bit worried while she was careful with her food.

Maite was also concerned as Azure tries to cheer them up.

"Hey, let's not worry here. Something could've come up during the journey. I'm sure Emerald will be back safe and sound."

"Maybe, just wish we could see what he is doing… maybe Xan has some kind of item we could use?... he has a lot of old stuff from Hyrule's earlier years." Lillum said when she looks thoughtful… Emerald's items were given to him after all so more maybe at Xan's place.

Maite was thoughtful after hearing that.

"Well… I don't want to spy on Emerald but I want to see if he's okay at least."

"Yeah, especially since we are carrying his kids and stuff… wondering what Cedric is doing… Rachel and Diana are with him right now so wonder how Diana is doing." Azure said since Diana had time to get used to the area.

Maite giggles.

"Maybe she's having some one on one with Cedy. Wouldn't be surprising if he knocked her up." She said.

"What?... hehe, oh don't count on it… I'm trying to knock that womb of Diana's up first before Cedy does, if he does manage to knock her up first, well guess he has more potent loads." Lillum said while she had a teasing grin and also a challanged filled look making Azure and Maite sweatdrop.

"Well either way. He should be careful. I do feel bad that he lost a leg." Maite said with a sad look.

"Eh I wouldn't worry too much." Azure said while Lillum looks confused.

"Why?" Lillum asked as Azure smirks while the scene went to Cedric as he was using a cane while he was using a metal leg courtesy of a blacksmith in town who was experimenting with prosthetics and the blacksmith or mechanic more exact since he put the parts together after fiddling with them was a more Hylian looking hybrid called Shunpei… aside from some long bushy hair and two fox tails, he could pass off as a hylian with black hair, he was around 15 or so and he was smiling at Cedric who was keeping his balance thanks to the cane.

"Hehe, got that prototype you asked for Cedric, sorry if you can't walk right without it yet, still working out the kinks, the joint for the ankle has some room to bend if you want to lean forward and stuff but not much and you'll need to clean it every few days with water and a rag like I said but with this you'll be able to walk again… fighting is a no go for now though." Shunpei said while he grins at Cedric.

"Yeah figure as much. But thanks Shunpei." Cedric said.

"No problem, wish I could help more but this is the best I can do with my skills for now… my Dad did better work but after he got injured in that attack, had to take his place while mom takes care of him and stuff, so the more practice the better." Shunpei said while he rubs his head.

"No kidding. Hope your dad feels better." Cedric said with a sympathetic look.

"Thanks… anyway good luck with walking Cedric, depending on the practice you could walk without the cane and stuff, anyway I'll see you later, got orders to fill." Shunpei said before he ran off to do whatever was needed of him.

"Alright. See you later man." Cedric said before stepping out.

It was a bit slow, but Cedric was able to walk around at a steady pace and when Rachel and Diana who helped him get to Shunpei who saw this… Well Diana didn't have much of a reaction… Rachel however…

"Cedy! You can walk!" Rachel said as she went to hug him.

Cedric groans a bit.

"E-Easy Rachel. Still trying to get use to it."

Diana watched Cedric getting hugged by Rachel for a bit more before Rachel lets go of him.

"Sorry Cedy. Just happy you can walk again." Rachel said while feeling a bit embarrassed.

"It's okay. Like I said, still need to get used to things

But I'll manage." Cedric said with a smile.

"Well he at least doesn't need to crawl like a baby so it's an improvement." Diana said while Cedric looks amused.

"Why Diana… was that an actual compliment from you?" Cedric teased when he walked up to Diana with his cane supporting him.

Diana didn't give a reaction.

"Perhaps." She said.

"Well… guess you're warming up to us if you said that though." Cedric said before he kissed Diana on the cheek and hobbled by her.

"May as well celebrate me walking again by taking one of you on a date… maybe Diana to help her warm up to me?" Cedric said out loud, amusing Rachel a bit.

Diana blinks a bit in surprise when she heard.


Rachel giggles.

"Yeah Diana, let Cedy take you out." She said which made Diana blush at this.

"Yeah… see you in an hour or so?, should give me some time to think of a date plan that you and I can use… see you later… and see you later Rachel, I'll take you on a date tomorrow." Cedric said when he smiles at Rachel a bit.

Rachel giggles.

"Sounds like a plan Cedy." She said before leaning up kissing his cheek.

Cedric blushed a bit as he enjoyed this and he grins at Rachel.

"Mind getting Diana a cute looking dress… I may go a bit all out and wear something nice and stuff." Cedric said when he grins at Rachel.

Rachel grins.

"You can count on me when it comes to shopping." She said as Diana blinks a bit.

'I have a bad feeling about this.' She thought.

This caused Diana a new horror in her life… getting dragged from shop to shop by Rachel when she saw the horrified look on Diana's face when Rachel brought her to… go dress shopping in the store with the cutest looking dresses Rachel knew of.

'Merciful Goddesses… Help me!' Diana thought as she prays for a way out.

Though it seems the Goddesses couldn't help her here when Rachel dragged her into the shop… by the time the duo left, Rachel had a content look while she and a traumatized Diana carried some bags out with various items and what not in their arms.

"Why… must you put me through such torture… those prices… were just… just…" Diana said like it was the end of the world while she had no gold in her purse anymore.

Rachel giggles.

"Oh come on. It wasn't that bad. We got some good deals. Plus Cedy will definitely like the outfit I got you when you see him for that… date." She teased.

Diana blushed more from this as she was led away though she could practically see her purse flying away with tiny comical angel wings showing her purse did its job and was content… in an hour or so, Cedric, after giving Rachel a message to make sure Diana wore something nice, had Diana meet him at the base of Xan's stairways since it was a landmark of sorts and Diana saw Cedric in a classy tuxedo with a slight blue coloring… again this Hydrule is WAY after the canon times so fancy suits and what not should be a thing here… he even had a new cane so that it could match the look and made him look rather handsome.

Diana blushes when she saw that Cedric look great in that suit.

Cedric noticed Diana and smiles when he saw the outfit she wore.

She wore a nice elegant blue dress with a bit of gold trimmings as it cling to her figure.

"My, you look great Diana." Cedric said.

Diana blushed more from this as she looks away.

"S-Shut it… lets just get to where you want to go and get this D-Date over with." Diana said while she blushed more in a cute way.

Cedric chuckled.

"Alright." He said before he hooked his arm around Diana's arm and starts leading her.

Diana blushed more as she was led to a different part of the village with Cedric humming a bit when he was in a good mood… a new leg and him on a date, seems this day was his day when he saw that there was no line at the restaurant he led Diana to and he could enter with her without issue as the duo approached a greeter at a podium for reservations.

"Hi, I have a reservation for 2. Name's Cedric." Cedric said to the greeter.

The Greeter, a shapely woman who seemed to be Gargoyle like woman of sorts, smiles after she looks at a list, she seemed to be an evolved version of a Armos or some kind of stone like monster.

"Oh of course, here is your name, follow me you two and we can get you seated." The woman said when she starts leading the duo into the restaurant.

Cedric smiles before looking at Diana.

"Right this way… Milady." He said as he leads Diana again.

Diana blushed more though she did look away from Cedric as the Gargoyale like woman led them to a nice table.

"Here you two go, a waiter will be with you two shortly." The woman said before she walked away with swaying hips.

Cedric did smirk when he saw that but reminded himself that he was on a date.

He then pulls a chair out for Diana to sit.

Once Diana sits and Cedric hobbles over to his chair, after a minute or two a waiter came by with some menus, and he looked like a Skullko and had many limbs.

"Here you go, need anything before I leave you two to order?... drinks?... Bread?" The Waiter asked with a kind smile.

Cedric was thoughtful before looking at Diana.

"What would you like Diana?"

"Just… anything simple…" Diana said when she looks at the menus and had a hard time deciding.

"Okay… we can go with some bread and… your best wine." Cedric said.

"Excellent choices, I'll be right back so take your time with the orders." The waiter said before he left the duo for their date.

"So… how was shopping with Rachel?" Cedric asked while Diana had a dead look in her eyes.

"Exausting… so much gold… gone on easily tearable clothing… I don't get the shopping since it doesn't have a purpose aside from just getting the eyes of men or occasional female… what will those women do if they get caught in a fight… not much if one good hit is all it takes to end them." Diana said while she frowns at how flimsy her outfit was.

Cedric sweatdrops.

"Well I think you look great in that dress."

Diana was quiet as she looks at her menu with a slight blush though she didn't say much about Cedric.

Cedric had a feeling that Diana was blushing but chose not to press on it.

"So Diana, how are you on adjusting here?"

"Most monster humanoids and monsters in general are either giving me hostile looks within reason when I'm alone or looks that undress me… pretty sure you know why though." Diana said while she gave Cedric a half lidded look… guess that question was a bit… fresh to ask given people were still healing after what happened to the village and Diana was still a prisoner of Emerald and Cedric's more or less.

Cedric sweatdrops again.

"Right… sorry. Well don't worry. Emerald and I will make sure nothing bad happens to you."

"Right… especially after what I heard with you two knocking me up and stuff or at least you and Lillum when I heard you and her are in some kind of competition." Diana said which showed she must have heard Lillum talking about that once.

Cedric chuckles nervously.

"Didn't know you heard that. Well can't blame either one of us for thinking that. I mean have you seen your body? Drop dead gorgeous. Plus the those scars make you more sexy." He said with a smirk.

Diana blushed but she grumbles.

"Well you and that Demon King Emerald would be firsts since most Hylian's normally don't like how my body is scarred and how muscular I look… some call me a freak for training as much as I have." Diana said while she raised the menu to hide her face for a bit.

Cedric blinked a bit before he tries to cheer Diana up.

"Well I don't think you're a freak and if those Hylians can't tell the difference then screw them. In my eyes, you have good beauty."

Diana blushed more while she scans the menu some more and the waiter came back while Diana was grateful for the distraction.

"Pardon me, but have you two finished ordering?" The Waiter said as Diana nods.

"Indeed, a rare steak, mushrooms on the side, some macaroni and cheese and with a drink of sweet tea light ice, and finally mashed potatoes with gravy." Diana ordered while the waiter nods as he writes this down and looks at Cedric.

Cedric was thoughtful for a bit.

"I'll have the same thing but make my drink raspberry flavor."

"Very well… I'll bring your orders soon so please enjoy the bread and soup that comes with it." The Waiter said as he passed some soups to Diana and Cedric with bread between the two.

"Thanks." Cedric said before he took a bite of his soup.

When this happened, Cedric's eyes lit up metaphorically speaking since it has been awhile since he last had good food like this at a restaurant and when Diana sees this, she carefully took a few sips of her soup cautiously and Cedric noticed.

"What's wrong?" Cedric said.

"Well…" Diana said when she sets her soup down.

"First meal not in a controlled environment… what if the staff or something want to poison me and are just acting friendly?... not like I could blame them if thats the case." Diana said.

Cedric raised an eyebrow and moved his chair to get next to Diana and well… he took a sip of her soup and sets it on the table next to her.

"Hehe, seems fine to me, if you're worried about poison, may as well be your personal food taster to make sure you stay safe." Cedric said while he grins at Diana up close and this time no menu to hide her face.

Diana blushes at the closeness.

"B-But what if it is and you would get poisoned."

"Than I guess not only will the restaurant get a pissed off Xan on them, possibly shutting the place down, a Royally pissed demon King reincarnate when he hears of this will kick ass and many women like Maite, Azure, Lillum, Rachel, and most likely you despite your protests will kick ass as well… look… I'm not saying this to try and get on your good side, hell, at first I wanted to get rid of you and stuff when we first met but hearing how you kept some people out of the actions of your… former allies… shows you do have some good in you… just buried under the crappy life you had till now… why not give it a shot to try and be happy?... couldn't hurt right?" Cedric said while he smiles at Diana.

Diana blushes a bit.

"Alright." She said before she took a sip of her soup.

When the flavors hit her tongue she was pretty impressed with the food, at another table, ironically Azure and Maite were at a table out of sight while they were looking at menus.

"Good thing we came by and talked with the staff here on what they would do if they tried anything funny… gotta say Rachel wasn't lying about the leg, gotta thank Shunpei later since Cedric seems pretty happy." Azure said while she smiles though she did frown when ironically enough earlier when Cedric called, a plan was made to try and poison Diana with the kitchen staff but a quick spell from Lillum to show the poison and a threat to Xan and Emerald later got the staff to calm down… to keep things fair Lillum at this moment was busy getting fucked by the boss when he had her on a desk and she would satisfy the staff later to keep them in a good mood during breaks or off the clock for the day to keep the placid since Diana was here… couldn't fault them for getting angry and wanting payback but… pretty stupid in wanting to do that knowing many would get mad for many reasons.

"Yeah good thing too. I will say Diana looks good in that dress. Though it seems this must be her first date with the way she was feeling awkward." Maite said.

"Well hopefully with Emerald later and Cedric for now, maybe Cedric solo if he wants to claim her since unlike us she wasn't knocked up by Emerald as far as we know and stuff… well… yeah… anyway hopefully after a few dates she will be much more relaxed and stuff… granted technical prisoner but we're not keeping her as one… may as well try and treat her like a normal person instead of a prisoner or some kind of warrior woman all the time… anyway Maite how you doing with Emerald being gone?... saw some men try and flirt with you a few times after Emerald left." Azure said while she teased Maite a bit at the end.

Maite blushes a bit.

"Well… it's obvious that I'm missing him but I know he'll be back. As for the flirting… well, won't lie it does feel nice. What about you?"

"Eh, similar but not as much as you think, especially when I'm near you, Rachel, Lillum, and even Diana a few times… sometimes Mira gets hit on when I'm near her, to be fair I'm not as stacked and stuff so makes sense." Azure said while she shrugged when she didn't think much of it.

"Stacked or not, you're still desirable." Maite said.

Azure chuckles while she points a fork at Maite.

"Isn't that because I'm more of a dom than you and you like that?" Azure teased while she had a fanged grin on her face.

Maite blushes brightly.

"M-Maybe… but I would never lie."

"Maybe… for now lets enjoy the meal and stuff." Azure said when she noticed a different waiter come to her, though before more could be seen, the scene went to a bit later with Cedric walking next to Diana while she carried a couple to go boxes of leftovers and stuff while Cedric carried some desert in his own to go box.

"What now?" Diana said when she didn't expect anything else to happen as she helped Cedric down a street towards his home.

Cedric was thoughtful.

"Well… we can drop these off at my place and go somewhere else or… we could watch something and relax."

"Either or works… may as well watch something and get you off that leg since you look like you're about to pass out." Diana said while Cedric did have a bit of trouble keep upright thanks to him not used to hobbling this long with a case.

Cedric lightly chuckles.

"Yeah might as well go in." He said.

Once the duo got to Cedric's home, he opens the door but made sure Diana goes in first.

After Diana entered, she followed Cedric to the kitchen and after placing the food in the refrigerator, Cedric placed the food there as well and the duo were in Cedric's room while they were looking at a TV with Cedric playing a movie of a hylian version of Beauty and the beast.

"Not sure if you saw this, but it is one of my favorites." Cedric said as he got comfy on his bed after taking off the suit.

"I don't get many moments to watch movies." Diana said while she helped Cedric to his bed and after he got his prosthetic removed, Diana sat in a chair next to him to watch the movie.

Cedric noticed this.

"You don't have to sit there. Plenty of room here." He said as he pats an empty spot on his bed.

Diana blushed a bit and since she had sex with Cedric already… she just moved to lay on the bed while she didn't say anything as she looks at the movie.

Cedric just smiles before he wraps his arm around Diana and bring her a bit close to him before using his free hand to play the movie.

Diana blushed more at this but she calmed herself as she looks at the movie, she was still not talkative and doubt that would change much.

The duo watched as the main female lead character interacts with the beast.

Cedric would glance at Diana a few times to see how she was doing.

Diana was watching the movie but she had a bored look on her face while she looks on, she wasn't showing much interest in the movie even if she was watching.

'Damn… thought this movie can help her open up a bit. Well it's not yet over. The good stuff hasn't happened yet.' Cedric thought.

As the movie continues on, the scene showed the beauty dancing with the beast but Diana kept quiet as she looks on… guess Cedric would have to do something to entertain Diana other than a movie since she doesn't seem interested.

"You know Diana, I can give you a nice massage if you're feeling bored." Cedric said.

Diana glanced at Cedric before she sighs.

"Cedric, considering we both know where that would lead, don't beat around the bush, if you want a good time, you don't have to ask, prisoner remember?" Diana said when she sat up and starts to get undressed before Cedric could stop her and she was in her bra and panties.

Cedric was a bit surprised.

"Whoa there, I'm just trying to show you a good time. I'm not treating you as a prisoner."

Diana raised an eyebrow at this.

"So you're willing to actually try and date a woman who helped cause your village such suffering even after such destruction and everything?... honestly I would believe it more if you wanted to make me your plaything after some sweet talk, you really think I would just believe you would be nice and stuff for no reason?... I've been harmed before you know… these scars are not all from training you know…" Diana said while she gave Cedric a look that showed she didn't care if Cedric had a good or bad reaction at all.

Cedric though was surprised when he heard that.

"Okay look, I can understand why you're cautious since yes you did help attack my home. But look, you were following orders. Plus I forgive you. My friends and I aren't trying to harm you. I mean, back at the restaurant, I said I would take the poison for you… that's if the staff poisoned the food. Also, whether or not you did attack my village, would still date you. You're a very beautiful Diana and that's the truth."

Diana blushed a bit at this while she was quiet.

"Well… you would be a first and a fool… what would happen if I killed you in your sleep or tried to do it now?... out of everyone you're technically the weakest thanks to being crippled… no weapons and you can see how well trained I am…" Diana said when she had a off look on her face at how… trusting Cedric was… guess it would take more than just a few days in the village to change her thoughts on others.

Cedric shrugs.

"Well you're right on that. Granted if you succeeded in offing me off, you wouldn't make it out alive. But I promise you Diana, I have nothing against you and neither do my friends. Villagers would still be cautious but in time, they'll move on. You just have to trust me. I promise I'll protect you." He said with a face showing that he was serious.

Diana blushed a little at this but she than said this.

"What about your mother and how hostile she was?" Diana said when Emelina really wanted her dead at the time… only because of Emerald was she more or less alive right now even if Diana wanted death at the time.

"Don't worry about my mom, in time she'll warm up to you. Just need to be patient. But I'll make sure she doesn't do anything bad to you just in case." Cedric said.

Diana was quiet before she sighs.

"You're not going to stop until I pretty much turn into a happy go lucky woman of yours are you?" Diana said while she gave Cedric a half lidded look.

"Pretty much. Would do anything in my power to show that you're a beautiful woman and not a prisoner." Cedric said to show that he was not backing down.

Diana sighs again before she removed her underwear and she moved to get on Cedric's lap.

"Better make sure you're not just saying that, if you're willing to go this far, I'll play along, may as well see how long it takes for you to change your mind." Diana said before she smashed her lips on Cedric's while she gripped his cheeks with her hands.

Cedric was a bit surprised by this before he melts into the kiss and returns it before Cedric hugs Diana like a lover.

Diana moans into the kiss and in no time, Cedric was nude and she was sucking his cock while she had her ass facing away from Cedric while she fondles his balls.

Cedric was groaning a bit as he was enjoying Diana's action before petting her head.

Diana blushed a bit from this as she sucked Cedric's cock harder while making sure to lick various parts of his cock while she slowed a bit to make sure he didn't blow too soon.

Cedric groans again.

"Fuck… that's feels good." He said as he softly stroke Diana's cheek.

Diana couldn't say anything but she used her free hand to squeeze Cedric's knot a bit to mess with him.

Cedric jolts in surprise.

"F-Fuck." He groans a bit loud.

Diana keeps her actions up and this time didn't stop sucking Cedric's cock more and more until…

Cedric groans a bit loud before he climax inside Diana's mouth.

Diana worked to drink Cedric's load as best as she could while she fondles his balls intensely to help him unload more.

The fangian groans again as his climax got stronger before he taps off after 15 seconds.

One this happened, Diana pulled her mouth off Cedric's cock and once she swallowed the sperm in her mouth, she moved to get over Cedric's cock and dropped down and groans when she felt Cedric's cock pierce her pussy deep and she starts to ride his cock in no time.

"Oh fuck!" Cedric groans before he grabbed Diana's hips and starts thrusting his cock up.

Diana groans from this while she tightened her folds on Cedric's cock to get him to fuck her harder.

Cedric groans from that and even though he has one leg, he was still able to surprise Diana by flipping her making said fangian be on top before thrusting his cock harder now.

Diana while surprised moaned more and she moved to have her legs grip his waist to help him thrust harder into her while she had a blush on her face that she tried to hide when she crossed her arms over her face.

Cedric was not having that as he used his hands to get Diana's arms away from her face.

"Y-You shouldn't hide that… Y-You actually look a lot cuter with that blush." He said before his cock starts hitting Diana's womb.

Diana gasps and moans from the feeling and she had a sinfully cute look on her face as Cedric has his way with Diana more and more as his orgasm got closer until…

Cedric grinds his teeth as he pushes his cock deeper and creampies Diana's womb hard.

Diana's eyes rolled back in her head and she moans when she came hard on Cedric's cock with great force to milk it all for he had.

Cedric groans as he kept climaxing as his knot, which got big, made sure that he didn't pull out even after climaxing.

This made Diana's womb bloat quite a bit as a result and she was a twitching mess on the bed for a moment when she pants for breath, sweats, and had an occasional twitch from how strong of an orgasm she had.

Cedric taps off and was enjoying the afterglow before he carefully leans his head down till he was looking at Diana's face.

"I-I will say this… I'm really liking you." He said before smashing his lips on Diana's after hugging her.

Diana had a real blush on her face when she moans into the kiss while she hugged Cedric back…

Outside of the room…

Emelina and Juan were listening in and Juan chuckles as he leaned from the door.

"Hehe, gotta say, she may grow on you in the future if she becomes a full in law of ours." Juan said while he smirks at his wife.

Emelina though frowns.

"That would be a long time. She'll have to do something beyond good to get my trust. I will say this… if she ever hurts our son… I will make her beg for death."

"Well either way you'll have to keep that temper in check… otherwise I may have to give you a kinky reminder not to do anything crazy now that Cedric claimed a new bitch." Juan teased when she gripped his wife on the ass.

Emelina jolts from that before she grins at Juan.

"Careful honey… or else I'll put you through the ringer again in the bedroom."

Juan smirks as he picked up his wife.

"Well lets see if I can get the drop on you there." Juan teased as he kissed his mate on the lips as he carried her into his and Emelina's bedroom.

Emelina moans as she kissed her husband back with hunger.

Once the two were in the bedroom and Juan shuts the door and the duo got undressed, Emelina was moaning when Juan was eating her pussy out vigorously while he fingered her ass.

Emelina groans as she enjoys while teasing her breasts to egg her husband more.

And Egged on Juan was when he sucked and licked at her bud intensely while he enjoyed the taste of her folds while he keeps his actions up until…

Emelina moans before she throws her head back and climaxed hard on Juan's tongue.

Juan moved his tongue in his wife's pussy while he made sure to finger her ass harder while he waits for her to ride out her orgasm.

It took a bit before Emelina taps off and lightly pants for breath.

Once this happened, she blinks when she saw Juan move to have his erect cock near her head and grins when he waits for her to return the favor.

Emelina just smirks before she opens her maw and takes in her husband's cock before she starts sucking him off with great force.

Juan groans from this as he pets Emelina on her head and he thrusts his hips so his cock went in and out of his wife's maw.

Emelina hums as she continues to suck off her husband's cock before she uses one hand to squeeze Juan's ball sack.

Juan really groans more and his cock throbbed in Emelina's maw and Juan moved to fondles his wife's breasts with one hand to please her.

Emelina moans from that and continues to suck Juan off before she had her tongue roughly lick the tip a few times.

This really got Juan worked up and he groans when he came hard in Emelina's mouth with great force, making her cheeks puff as a result.

Emelina starts swallowing it as she waits for Juan to tap off.

Once that happened, Juan had his wife get on all fours and licks his lips when he saw how good her ass looked.

Emelina smirks before she shook her ass to entice Juan.

"Come and get it." She said.

And that was all Juan could take when he mounts Emelina and he forced his cock deep in Emelina's pussy and he fucked her from the get go while groaning at how good Emelina's pussy was.

Emelina moans and groans as she enjoys how rough her husband was being with her as her pussy tightens around Juan's cock.

Juan growls from this and he smacked his wife's ass to make things a bit intense.

Emelina groans loud from that action.


Juan didn't hold back when he heard that as he fucked his wife and smacked her ass harder and faster while he could feel her orgasm approaching and fucked her like the bitch she was until…

Emelina moans loud with a pleased look on her face before she climaxed hard again on Juan's cock.

Juan snarls as he forced his cock deep in Emelina's pussy and floods her womb with sperm.

Emelina's climax got stronger thanks to that before she finally taps off after 20 seconds.

Once this happened, Juan moved to have his cock aimed at Emelina's ass and he forced his cock deep into her ass in no time.

Emelina lightly gasps when she felt her ass getting penetrated.

After a moment of letting her adjust, Juan starts to thrust his hips and his cock went in and out of her ass in no time.

Emelina was moaning and groaning as she was loving the pleasure she was getting before her ass tightens around Juan's cock a few times.

Juan enjoyed the feeling immensely as he continues to fuck his wifes ass more until he snarls and knots her ass and floods her stomach with a heavy load.

Emelina groans loud as her face looks a bit fucked before she climaxed again on Juan's cock.

After this happened the two pant for breath when they finished climaxing.

"F-Fuck… drained me good." Juan said as he pats his wifes knotted ass.

Emelina chuckles.

"D-Damn right… Hope you're not tired." She said while grinning.

"Hehe, oh no I'm far from done… just… kinda stuck hehe… got a bit to much into the fun hehe." Juan said as he rubs his head when he looks at his cock which had a knot so thick Emelina couldn't get free without harming either of them.

Emelina smirks.

"Eh, no complaints here. So how about you give my ass another good pounding?"

"Hehe, fair enough." Juan said as he thrusts his hips lightly so his cock grinds in his wife's ass and not harm the two of them.

Emelina groans as she lets Juan have his way with her.

As this happened, the scene went back to Esmeralda, Dufy, Zelda, Ayuyat, and the Deku and Zora with the Guardian of the hidden village as they were passing by a large outpost near the edge of a massive desert.

For a moment nothing happened but than a massive spear was thrown and lands in front of the group while a voice was heard.

"Halt. Who goes there?"

Emerald and the others jolt when they watched a large group of Gerudo women approach them with spears in hand as Esmerelda tried to outsmart them.

"Would you believe a large group of merchants who have plenty of Gold dust?... we are taking a short cut by the desert… were not actually intruding in Gerudo territory s-!" Esmerelda tried to say before a spear was at her throat.

"I would believe that if the Princess of Hyrule wasn't with you and you looked like some kind of demon Queen… better try again because the Gerudo Kingdom has a pact with the Royal family of ages past and if you kidnapped her…" The lead Gerudo woman said while she got a deadly look in her eyes as she gripped her spear tightly.

Zelda put a stop to it.

"Wait!… I was not kidnapped. I chose to go on this journey."

"Oh really?... why are you traveling with so many Zora and Deku females outside of their domain?... and why are you with this demonic being… Princess Zelda, if you are not really kidnapped and they are not forcing you, please come with us, Our Queen will want to meet with you and escort you to your father." The Guard said while Esmeralda tried to run damage control again.

"But what if she is with us for protection?, we're going around Hyrule and who better than a large group of people… as you can see there is a Hylian woman who is well trained as her body guard named Dufy, ask her, the king pretty much gave Zelda permission to travel… right Dufy?" Esmeralda said when she looks at Dufy.

"That is true. The Princess is free to go wherever as long as I'm with her. Plus these Zora and Deku are strong warriors." Dufy said.

The guard scoffed as she and other Gerudo women look on edge.

"Yeah right, what could a weak woman like you do in protecting her highness why I should-!" The guard said as Esmeralda sighs as she suddenly punched the gerudo guard woman in the stomach and sent her flying a bit and when she crashed, Esmeralda gave them a cold look.

"You know… I won't bullshit you anymore but threaten my allies and I get angry… let me give a simple explanation of who I am…." Esmeralda said as she walked forward and the genderbend spell broke showing Emerald's true form.

"I'm the fucking reincarnation of Demise the Demon King who pretty much made a long lost evil into your King in ages past… if you know any bit of history you should know angering me is a VERY bad idea… more so when you assume that Zelda is here against her will… ever consider she left for a fucking reason?" Emerald growled as Dufy's genderbend spell broke showing Duford in his usual form a moment later while he had a pained look when the clothing he wore was tight thanks to him having to change clothes and had to adjust things real quick.

"Oh geeze… these clothes are tight!" Duford groans as Zelda couldn't believe what happened.

Though before things could escalate with the guards looking furious, a powerful female voice was heard.

"ENOUGH!... who gave permission to leave the desert and cause havoc in Hyrule borders." a female voice said making many look over to see a regal looking Gerudo woman with a spear in hand, uncharactristic purple hair, and seemed to have a somewhat feline look in her eyes while the Gerudo guards pale.

"M-Milady Leonel!... w-what are you doing here?" One Gerudo guard asked as the woman named Leonel narrowed her eyes.

"I was coming to check up on this outpost with my guards and I heard this commotion… mind explaining why you all are causing an issue on Hyrule grounds?... you know this could cause an international incident right?" Leonel said when she frowns at the outpost guards.

"F-Forgive us Milady. We caught these Zora and Deku walking through and then we noticed Princess Zelda was with them. She claims that she wasn't kidnapped." One of the guards said.

"Hooo… and why assume otherwise… she isn't bound, gagged, and last I checked, these are the peaceful Zora and Deku tribe from a nearly all female hidden village if rumors are true… our kingdom is mainly female in nature so do you think they would harm her without provocation?... or are you a racist who thinks all Zora and Deku are hostile?" Leonel said with irritation in her eyes when she looks at the guard who spoke.

The guard shudders in fear.

"N-No Milady. I would never think that."

"Good… now… stand down otherwise I'll make you all… as for you all, Zora, Deku, and Zelda and her allies, while we are not hostile, we can't just let you go without reason since a situation like this is strange in of itself and the Gerudo royals have been great friends with the Royal Hylian family for generations… at least come to the Gerudo Kingdom to explain things… well… Milady Zelda and her two male allies… the Zora and Deku won't be able to survive without some kind of preparation so unless many are willing to make camp, then I'm sorry Milady Ayuyat, but I can't let you come with us… I recognized you years ago… I was a child at the time but you should remember me from years ago at the last gathering of royals… I even played with Zelda when we were children though I doubt Milady Zelda will remember that." Leonel said when she looks unflinching at the larger Zora Royal.

Ayuyat snorts.

"No, I remember you alright."

"As do I, Leonel. It's good to see you again… even though it's on different matters." Zelda said.

"Indeed… my apologize for stopping your journey but you understand why… please you three follow me, my guards will meet up with us so they can escort us to the Gerudo kingdom." Leonel said when she looks at Zelda, Duford, and Emerald though Emerald was pinching the bridge of his nose when he looked like he wanted to object but kept quite for now though some heard muttering.

"...next side distraction… gonna bash heads… long enough from home…. Gold dust was all I needed to get…. Not this." Emerald muttered while he walks towards the outpost with a royally ticked off look on his face

Zelda sweatdrops as she placed her hand on Emerald's shoulder.

"Sorry Emerald."

"No problem… but I want to make one thing clear… Leonel was it?… if this is a trap don't expect mercy… I have people waiting for me back home for gold dust and this is the third time I got side tracked from that…" Emerald said when he didn't look thrilled to be walking through a hot desert now.

"Understandable. Let's go." Leonel said.

Emerald grumbles again as he, Duford, and Zelda followed while Zelda asks Leonel this.

"So… want Emerald and Duford to take female forms to not get issues?" Zelda asked when she looks at the Gerudo Queen.

"If they want to. But I suggest they do so." Leonel said.

"How come?" Emerald asked since he was curious on them having to transform with the Queen.

"This is all female. No males. But if you wish to stay male then be my guest. Figure you want to change back since you're both males wearing female clothing." Leonel said.

Emerald shrugged before he used the painless gender swap spell to transform into Esmeralda and Duford into Dufy again.

"I'm curious, I heard some of you go to get Hylian's to mate with, if that is not true, than how do you ladies reproduce?... know a spell or something?" Esmeralda said when she walked behind Leonel while hoping the questions would help distract from the heat that Leonel wasn't effected by while Emerald had a good resistance… Duford and Zelda after a bit however…

Said duo panted as they fan their faces with their hands as Leonel spoke.

"Well we spell to grow a cock but we do bring in Hylians when some of are women go in heat."

"Heat?... didn't expect that." Emerald said while Leonel shrugged.

"Well given how monsters have evolved beings, a few are part of my lineage, Catonian offshoot I believe with a more lion like form, most likely to survive the heat here and stuff, would explain the eyes, and if you didn't notice, the tail." Leonel said as she undid a furry belt which was in fact a lioness tail with fluff at the end while Esmerelda looks surprised.

"I see… well that's good to know." Esmerelda said when she looks less irritable.

"Indeed." Leonel said as she and her guards continue to lead the trio.

Once the group go to the Gerudo Kingdom in the desert… Esmerelda had an impressed look when she saw that the place was well worked to fit in the desert but also be comfortable to live in with various oasises to keep people cool…. Most homes were made of stone, well cut over the years to be perfect homes for the Gerudo people and other female species who came by and… the occasional Gorons?... guess it was hard to tell the gender and stuff with Gorons though the rock like people were a rare sight.

As the group approached a large main gate, a couple guards salute Leonel when the group passed by and things were better looking inside the walls with the place looking like it was made out of a Taj Mahal minus a roof for the town when long tile like roads gave people ease of access around the kingdom and the buildings had their own charms.

"Nice place… heat aside this place looks like it would be a desert paradise." Esmeralda said when she looks around as she and the others follow Leonel.

"Thanks. We try our best to make this kingdom comfortable to live in." Leonel said.

"I see… what do you think Zelda?, compared to the Zora and Deku village this place is probably a lot more your style." Esmeralda said when she looks at Zelda.

"Well… not to insult their way of living but… it does. Almost reminds me a bit of home." Zelda said though she frowns a bit at that last part. Seems the Princess is still mad regarding her own family and servants.

Esmeralda on her end then went to hold Zelda's hand to try and comfort her a bit when she gave Zelda a gentle smile.

Zelda blinks a bit when she felt that before blushing a bit as Leonel looks amused when she noticed.

Thankfully Dufy was not looking when she was busy getting some water from a nearby oasis and when she caught up with the group, Esmeralda and Zelda had let go of their hands when the group entered the castle that Leonel reigned over and the group walked to an elegant throne that Leonel sat on.

"There… no chance of prying eyes, this place was enchanted to not allow spy magic or anything of the sort thanks to some incidents in the past that can be detailed later, for now you may as well give your full stories on how the princess got here." Leonel said when she looks at the trio.

"Very well. What happened was…" Zelda said before explaining to Leonel how she snuck out her home and bump into Emerald then later Duford tagged before the trio left to the Zora and Deku homeland.

That's when Zelda told Leonel how some of her people were there which were led by Arwen and how Arwen was ordered by her own father to mess with Zelda's light.

"… and so we're now heading to Emerald's village since his people need the gold dust thanks to the damages my… uncle caused."

"I see… I heard about that at least with the Death of your uncle… you have my condolences… actions aside he was still family and it was probably a shock for you." Leonel said while she gave Zelda a comforting look.

Zelda sighs.

"Greatly. Just can't believe he would go this far to do this. But now I have trust issues with my own father and my people."

"I see… well make no mistake your highness, if your father and Arwen are trying something suspicious, know you'll have sanctuary here… why not stay a night and I can have my people help give the Deku and Zora shelter for a night and you leave for this hidden village of Emerald's tomorrow, should be good since the heat will be intense at this time of day and trying to walk at night is just a bad idea given how cold the desert nights are." Leonel said when she gave Zelda a gentle smile.

Zelda did felt better after hearing that.

"That would be nice. Thank you Leonel."

"Your welcome, now ladies, please escort my guests here to the guest rooms and give Zelda and… hehe… her flaming haired companion the Royal guest room… I'm sure they will like it and if any are interested… help the trio relax later once they are settled." Leonel said when she smirks a bit at the surprised looks while Dufy looked the most surprised for a number of reasons.

"W-Wait… are you saying what I think you're saying?" Dufy said.

"Yup, the royal treatment so to speak, pretty much helps the three of you relax big time before you leave, or do you not want to know what the Gerudo hospitality is like?" Leonel said when she looks at Dufy who had a hard time answering… yes for a good time and no and pretty much insult Leonel's generosity more or less… there was no way out!

"N-No. I get it. Sorry." Dufy said.

"Good… don't worry the room you'll be in will be a high class room as well… now guards…" Leonel said she snapped her fingers and the guards moved to escort the trio away from the throne room and Leonel looks amused at how Zelda reacted when she heard she would be in a room alone with Esmeralda.

"Hehe, this will help brighten your day Zelda." Leonel said.

Once Esmeralda and Zelda were led to a room that looked like the royal suite in a five star hotel, complete with TV, bath, and various other things, honestly a royal of royal suites and just for Esmerelda and Zelda thanks to Leonel.

"Well… here we are." Zelda said.

"Yeah… here we are… in a royal bed chamber… how you feeling honestly Zelda?... aside from the surprise moments you have been quiet." Esmerelda said when she looks at the princess of Hyrule.

Zelda sighs.

"So far… I'm alright. Wasn't expecting to see Leonel here."

"Yeah, especially at the border… so what now?... we just relax?" Esmerelda said when she sat on the bed after stretching which made her toned body flex a bit.

Zelda blushes a bit as she sat next to Esmerelda.

"Unless there's… something else you want to do."

"Well personally I would like to get going back to the others… no offense to Leonel and her people but I have a feeling something may not be quite right here… Leonel didn't lie and stuff on what she said but… there was something… tense in the air that I could feel… like the people were on edge and for once not about me and that is worrisome since I don't know what could be a problem here… we should leave first thing in the morning as fast as we can to try and keep out of trouble." Esmeralda said when she laid back on the bed with a sigh and missed what Zelda was really asking for a moment.

Zelda blinks a bit before she surprisingly got on top of Esmeralda.

"I can't argue with your logic but… That's not what I was talking about."

Esmeralda blinks at this and gave Zelda a cute blush.

"Oh really… what did you me-!" Esmeralda tried to say as Zelda leaned down and kissed Esmeralda on the lips making Esmeralda blush more.

Zelda blushes as she kissed Esmeralda more while cupping her cheeks.

After she finished the kiss, Esmeralda blushed more.

"O-Oh… thats what you meant… first time you kissed me out of the blue in this form." Esmeralda said while she had a cute blush on her face.

Zelda blushes.

"Well… doesn't matter which gender but… being with you makes me remember our… connection."

Esmeralda blushed more from this though she did flip herself and Zelda over and she looks down at the blushing hylian woman.

"I hope its not all that since if thats the case, you should remember that Demise didn't have a good end with Hylia?... I'm hoping if we did have a connection it would be in this life so… got anything to say about me and you and not about our past lives?" Esmeralda said with a serious look in her eyes as she looks into Zelda's.

Zelda blushes a bit.

"Well… when I met you as a man, I did think you were… cute looking." She said.

Esmeralda chuckles at this.

"Its a start… may as well make the connection stronger by doing this." Esmeralda said when she smashed her lips on Zelda's and pets he sides with her hands.

Zelda was a little surprised by this before lightly moaning as she returns the kiss.

As this happened, the doors to the room opened and Leonel looks amused when she saw the two kissing deeply and didn't notice her for a moment as the doors closed.

'Awww… I think they'll make a cute couple.' Leonel thought.

After the duo broke from the kiss, they pant for breath for a moment though they did jolt when they heard giggling and look at an amused Leonel.

"Oh don't stop on my account… I'm enjoying the romance here, though considering you're in my room, hope you don't mind me joining in a bit after I get clean." Leonel said when she walked to the bathroom with swaying hips.

Zelda was surprised when she saw that which caused her to blush before looking at Esmeralda.

Esmeralda blushed as well when she didn't expect this as she looks at Zelda.

"Hehe… wonder how Dufy is doing right now." Esmeralda said while in Dufy's room which was a high class guest room… she was getting kissed by a Gerudo woman while another ate her pussy out after Dufy's clothes were removed… went from 0 to 100 in no time it seems.

Dufy was groaning from this as she was kissing the Gerudo woman back.

As this happens, the scene went back to Esmeralda and Zelda while they had gotten undressed but before more could be seen, the scene fades to black as running water was heard showing Leonel was taking a bath now… seems next chapter would be a real lemon filled chapter.

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