LOZ: End of the Cursed Cycles @emerald
Gold Dust Arc: Part 2

Start of part 2 of Gold Dust Arc...

Continuing off from part one when the group left the camping area caused the trio to enter the Deku/Zora forest and after a few minutes of walking… it was like the light from the sky was turned into Night instantly when the tree's branches and leafs blocked all of the sunlight it could which caused Duford and Zelda to stick by Emerald which made Emerald sweatdrop since he was like a living torch right now.

Deku/Zora Forest/ Emerald, Zelda, Duford

"Err… you know… you two could get some sticks or something and use my fiery hair to light them up… I tested it out and my hair can burn what I want to burn and not burn what I don't want to burn after all." Emerald said while he sweatdrops when Zelda and Duford seemed to have crowded around him in his personal space.

The duo felt a bit embarrassed before Duford found a couple of sticks on the ground and picks them up before he uses Emerald's hair to lit on before passing it to Zelda.

Zelda took one before she and Duford had their own torches and gave Emerald a little space as they walked along a wide path while Emerald pulled out the map and thanks to some kind of built in GPS, Emerald looks at the others when he found a fast path on the map.

"Alright you two, I found a shortcut along this path but be careful… says here that its along a poisonous bog so as long as we follow the path carefully we will be fine and only takes a few hours... we could take the longer safer route but that would take an extra day to get through, your call for a vote on which path to take." Emerald said when he showed the two routes to the Hylians on the Sheikah slate.

Duford was trying to be thoughtful before he heard Zelda spoke.

"I think the shortcut will help."

"Alright, Duford, what's your vote?, if we have a tie I'll be the tiebreaker." Emerald said when he waits for Duford's Answer.

Duford couldn't believe that the princess suggested the short cut and though he had no idea what Emerald picked, Duford probably knew what the answer was.

"I would pick the safer route… but knowing where we're heading… shortcut."

"Alright, shortcut it is then… and I would have picked the safer route so I could teach Zelda a few things but I was outvoted so… shorter route it is." Emerald said before he starts walking down the shortcut with Zelda in tow and a greatly confused Duford was left behind for a moment when he realized what he just heard from Emerald of all people.

"Wait what?!" Duford said before trying to catch up.

That caused the trio when Duford to catch up to end up in the poisoned bog area and saw that there were many wooden bridges allowing safe passage… but the bridges did look old.

"Hmmm… Let me go on ahead to test the bridges to see how stable they are… Duford hold onto this just in case and Zelda, in case I get poisoned, here is an antidote." Emerald said after he tied a rope that he made to his waist from nearby vines and passed one end of the vine to Duford while he passed a potion bottle filled with an antidote to Zelda before he starts to walk on the bridge slowly while it creaked under his footsteps a little.

Zelda made sure to carefully hold the antidote as Duford held the vine with a strong grip.

Thankfully, as Emerald, and by proxy Duford and Zelda crossed each set of bridges to safe points on hill like island bits in the bog, nothing bad happened for a bit while the trio worked their way deeper and deeper through the bog but as time went on, the trio saw the end after a few hours of careful walking… through as they got to the end… no one noticed something rising out of the bog while a few vine like tentacles slithered across the ground and as Duford walked ahead of Zelda for a moment… a tentacle wrapped around Zelda's ankle which made her blink a few times before she screamed when she got pulled into the air upside down which made Emerald and Duford look over with alarmed looks when they saw some kind of corrupt plant like monster while Zelda was held upside down with one tentacle and Zelda had to hold her skirt on her hips to keep Emerald and Duford from seeing anything.

"PRINCESS!" Duford said with wide eyes.

Emerald grits his teeth while Zelda tried to kick the tentacle with her free foot, but that ankle was gripped as well while many tentacle like vines appeared and dripped with some kind of weird substance and before Emerald or Duford could move… for some reason the tentacles went over Zelda and the substance dripped onto Zelda's body and… to Emerald and Duford slowly blushing faces… Zelda's clothing starts to dissolve right before their eyes.

Zelda was blushing brightly.

"H-Hey! This creature is destroying my clothes!"

"Err… maybe this creature is peaceful in that it won't harm you but… uh… may… want to try and mate with you… either that or it just wants to get rid of the hard to digest clothing… let me try and reason with it to see if we can't make some kind of deal if this bog is its territory." Emerald said when he walked to the edge of the safe land and tries to reason with the creature… while it continues to drip its cloth destroying fluids on Zelda and she had to cover her breasts and pantie area when most of her dress was destroyed while Duford got a real eyeful of Zelda's slowly revealing body and though not as shapely as Lillum or Maite's from Emerald's perspective when he glanced at Zelda to see if she was alright… her figure that was barely hidden looked perfect… like something a Goddess would have with perfect proportions that many women would be jealous off.

"Such… beauty." Duford said out loud without realizing it making Zelda blink a few times.

"Avert your eyes Duford!" She said while blushing madly as Duford jolts.

"S-Sorry!" He said before turning his head.

Emerald sweatdrops when Zelda could have much worse to worry about when a few tentacles start to creep up to her backside.

"Uh… Hey Mr. Monster… not to spoil your fun but that woman is apart of my group and I would appreciate it if you let her go, sorry if we were trespassing, but as you can see I'm not Hylian, more demonic then that since I have flaming hair… and we tried to take a shortcut to a hidden village that should be nearby… if you are some kind of guardian for the hidden village against Hylians then you should have heard about the incident in the Hylian forest Hidden Village and any possible routes made for materials from the builders there, my grandfather is Xan Grandblade, leader of said hidden village and an Armos named Grit sent me for a crate of Gold dust." Emerald said to try and get the creatures attention to him then Zelda… though while it did work, one of the tentacles from the creature rubbed against Zelda's ass and… her panties broke off from the back which… was very blush inducing to say the least.

"S-Stop that!" Zelda said as she gave a good impression of a tomato as Duford got the same reaction.

Emerald had a similar reaction when he saw Zelda's bare ass before he shakes his head and looks at the monster.

"Look, can you even understand me!?" Emerald said while his hair flared in anger for a moment to try and get the monsters attention away from Zelda.

The creature stops its actions before it looks at Emerald when sensing his powers.

Emerald huffed for a moment and gave the creature a narrowed eyed look.

"Alright… the fun is over… now… please… put the princess down or we will see how flame retardant you are!" Emerald said while his blade lit up with flames for a moment to intimidate the plant like monster.

The monster flinches before it lowers Zelda but only to comically have her fall on the ground with her ass in the air.

And to add to further embarrassment… thanks to the monster pretty much destroying Zelda's panties… Emerald, who covered his face after a moment of looking, and Duford… who stared… saw Zelda's bare ass and folds for a moment while she recovered.

"Damn… that monster didn't have to drop me like that." Zelda said as she tries to get up.

"Uh… Zelda… you may want to cover yourself." Emerald said while he keeps covering his eyes and tries to get Zelda to look down and remember that her clothes were pretty much destroyed.. Even her bra didn't last long when the last few pieces of string broke from whatever was holding the bra together fell apart… and showed her perfect looking C to D sized breasts… only thing that did survive was pretty much her socks and pointed shoes while Emerald used a hand to hold his cloak out for her to take.

Zelda at first blinked before her eyes widened comically when she remembered what the plant monster did before she grabs Emerald's cloak and wears it before covering herself.

"Sweet Goddess! And that was my favorite dress."

Emerald blinks at that while he gave her an amused look.

"Didn't you rip the skirt part up to hell and back though?" Emerald counted while he worked on making something in the Sheikah slate after scanning his own clothing for a moment… and a moment later, Emerald summoned a pair of dark brown shorts and a leafy green shirt and held them out to Zelda.

"Sorry but no covering to change in… Duford and I will look away while you get dressed… right Duford?" Emerald said when he looks at the Royal guard and sweatdrops when he saw that Duford had the mother of all nose bleeds and looked like he just saw the most beautiful thing in the world to him… and his pants didn't look comfortable right now… then again Emerald didn't exactly have the most comfortable time in his pants when he felt turned on as well… which Zelda noticed and saw that both men were… pretty large size wise under their pants… massive even.

Zelda blushes brightly before looking at the duo.

"J-Just turn around please." She said making Duford blink after returning to reality.

"I'm sorry, what?"

Emerald just rolled his eyes before he had Duford turn around and kept him busy with small talk as Zelda gets dressed while she had a few thoughts about what just happened and… how big Emerald and Duford was… she was a repressed princess after all so not many times to see something like that… and Emerald and Duford did get an eyeful of her own body...

'I can't believe this. I get captured by a plant monster, then it destroys my clothes with its juices and now Emerald and Duford… saw me naked which led to the… growth in their pants.' Zelda thought as she blushes brightly.

After Zelda got dressed, Emerald and Duford looked to see Zelda in the forest attire and Emerald grins when he gave her a thumbs up.

"Not bad your highness, bet it feels comfy right?" Emerald said while he grins at Zelda.

"I'm just glad to be wearing clothes right now." Zelda said.

"Yeah… though I'm sure Duford has a few words I bet on your new attire." Emerald said while he grins at the Royal Guard who did stare at Zelda when she was nude.

Duford blushes a bit brightly.

"W-Well… you do look… cute in that outfit my princess." He said making Zelda light blush.

"T-Thanks." She said before turning her head.

"Well nice looks aside, we gotta keep moving… though I'm sure our plant friend here does owe the princess an apology… so leafy, better apologize to the lady here." Emerald said while he grins at the plant Monster who looked bashful and rubbed the back of its… bulb like body… all in all with the goop from the bog off it… it looked like an oversized onion with vines coming from the base of its body.

The plant monster looks at the princess before it starts to make screech noises which indicates that it was sorry.

And after more screeches, Emerald acted like a translator of sorts.

"It says it's sorry, but thought you were one of the monthly offerings for it to play with… seems that some Deku and Zora females offer their bodies for its pleasure but the Zora and Deku females are late in getting here for some reason and they are normally punctual." Emerald said to translate for the Monster speaking impared.

Duford and Zelda were shocked at this info.

"Seriously?! The Deku and Zora offer their women to please this?!" Duford said as he points at the plant monster.

The plant monster seemed to be offended at that and makes various growls and grunts which Emerald gave a rough translation for the plant monster.

"It's a monthly thing that keeps this guy happy with living here in a poison filled bog and protecting any Deku or Zora and aside from people who are forced here after committing a crime, others volunteer… seems in this Hidden village, male Zora and Deku are are… well… rare to birth in a sense… besides it says its pretty gentle with the ladies and they leave happy… and in this creatures defense, plenty of ladies back home would love this guy… especially the succubus tribe because of the tentacles… not only that but seems because of how rare males are, its hard to find anything to please the females sexually so they do this as a way to get off and to keep their guardian happy." Emerald said when he tried to calm Duford down while the Plant guardian agrees with Emerald with small nods of its body.

Duford was calmed down for a moment as Zelda was surprised at the info.

Emerald noticed that and chuckles when he looks at the princess.

"Oh don't be too surprised Zelda, let me put it to you this way… what this guy was planning to do was tame compared to what Succubus's would do to you if you went into their territory without knowing it… personally this guy was being nice all things considering… I mean let me give you a comparison… this guy was probably going to give you a good probing for an hour or two and what not but that's about it… Succubus's however will go all day if needed… they literally feed on sexual energy, so the more intense of a situation that gets you going, the better for them… one of my soon to be wives is called Lillum and she is a succubus who normally goes around and feeds on others daily when not busy doing whenever." Emerald said while he shrugged his shoulders.

Zelda and Duford were a bit surprised at the last part.

"S-Soon to be… wives?" Duford said.

"Yeah, originally was Maite and Lillum… but thanks to a fucked up now dead Uncle, I had to knock up a few other women as well… my best friend's ladies… full list is Maite and Lillum on my side, and Maite's sister Rachel and a Catonian named Azure, Cedric's ladies, in a twisted way Cedric and I are sharing the four ladies and he will knock them up after they give birth to my kids… like I said… messed up story… blaming Zelda's Uncle for this… and there is Mira, the female Reincarnation of Ghirahim the demon lord and Demise's weapon… and there is the Hylian bitch Diana who we took prisoner and pretty much started the whole thing by giving me a compass that was rigged with a tracking spell… she's pretty much working off what she did though I may need to ask about her sister so we can see if we can help her since Diana needed some money from Zelda's Uncle, hence the reason she worked for the fucker." Emerald said while he went over each lady of the group that Emerald and Cedric had.

Zelda and Duford were now shocked.

"W-Wait you have Demise's weapon and Diana?" Duford said with a surprised look.

"Well more like Demise's weapon's female reincarnation to be exact, and… you know Diana?... just to be clear, she is a knight like woman with plenty of scars on her body… pretty much doesn't believe in love." Emerald said when he wondered if he and Duford were talking about the same Diana.

"Oh yeah…. That's her." Duford said making Zelda blink a bit.

"I see… well hope you don't try and ask for her back or anything… trust me… she still needs to work her ass off for what she did… let's just say thanks to her with the tracking, many massive cannonballs filled enemy infantry flew from the sky and crashed in the village and things went to shit fast thanks to all of those surprise attacks… need I say more?" Emerald said while he gave Duford a raised eyebrow like look.

Duford gulped.

"Uhhh… no. Wish I didn't know that."

"Welp now you know… so how you holding with that info Princess?" Emerald said when he glanced at Zelda since she was pretty quiet through most of the conversation.

"Y-Yes… Just a bit surprised after hearing the story."

"Right… though I do have one question Princess… are you a virgin because you seemed pretty scared from well..." Emerald said while he points a thumb at the plant guardian who again… rubbed the back of its body like it was a head as it gave Zelda an apologetic look.

Zelda blushes brightly though, Duford had a different reaction.

"Hey! You don't ask a lady a question like that… especially with the princess here!"

Emerald just sighs before he gave Duford another raised eyebrow like look.

"Considering that with my luck, My village was invaded and many women were raped and the princess here… the one who nearly lost her possible virginity to a living plant monster… I'm pretty sure me asking that is the least of Zelda's worries since unless she did something that she doesn't want others to know or at least wants to lose her virginity to either of us, pretty sure the next time she gets captured… well… lets just say it won't be pretty so I'm just trying to make her time with me as painless as possible… you did tag along by force so I'm just letting you know my luck with keeping women's purities intact is not very good if I'm honest… or would you rather things get painful for Zelda if she gets captured." Emerald said while he points a thumb at the princess.

Zelda blushes again as Duford had nothing to counter Emerald's logic.

"Uh… well… No." He said before putting his head down.

"Well if it will help cheer you up, when we get to the hidden village and no one is hostile to you or the princess, you and I can work together to get rid of any virginities that Zelda has if she wants to get rid of them, I mean my first time with Maite and the others was in an orgy so I was able to tag team with Cedric back home so doing something like that with Zelda alone would be a simple matter." Emerald said when he didn't seem to find anything wrong with his logic.

Duford's jaw dropped after hearing that as Zelda was a bit flabbergasted.

"W-Whoa wait, what?! Didn't we just meet?!" Zelda said.

Emerald blinks at that before he looks at Zelda.

"Well when I got with Diana and Mira, I Just met them recently yet didn't stop me, and when I got with Rachel and Azure, they were mainly focused on Cedric so we had no issues… or do you have anyone you like back home you want to save your virginity for?" Emerald asked when he looked a bit curious and didn't see the issue here with Zelda… guess its from his previous experiences that screwed his sense of tact into pieces so to speak.

"N-No! I got no one special." Zelda said as she blushes brightly as Duford felt a bit hurt on the inside.

"Well I don't see why you don't want to get rid of your V-Card anytime soon, if your dad is trying to force you into marriage why not just put your foot down and just do what you want?, you seem free spirited enough so why not just go with what you feel is right or something?" Emerald said while he tilts his head a bit in confusion.

Zelda continues to blush.

"B-Because… I never… think of stuff like this."

"I see, well better late than never in thinking so might as well think on my offer if you want to lose your V-Card, not sure of Duford but I got experience on my end so food for thought if you ever want to become a woman officially." Emerald said before he turned to talk with the Plant Guardian for a moment which left Zelda to her own thoughts as Emerald asked for some extra directions and the Plant Guardian made various gestures with its tentacles and Emerald used the Sheikah slate to help locate the outpost for the hidden village thanks to said directions.

Zelda couldn't believe what she heard.

'I can't believe Emerald suggested this. I mean I can't lose my… virginity like this!' She thought.

Though Emerald did bring up a few points…. Mainly the luck part pretty much putting her virginity at risk as long as she was traveling with him and add to the fact that she was nearly raped by a Plant like creature… really sank the message home that traveling with Emerald was more dangerous than she thought… especially with her purity at risk.

'Damn… if I knew all of this was happening, I wouldn't have tried to make a bet with Emerald. But it's too late now since I have to prove to him that not all Hylians are evil… though it might get shot down since someone in my kingdom placed a curse on me so there is no telling who could've done it.' Zelda thought.

Though when Zelda remembered the bet part… she also remembered that Emerald would do practically anything for her as long as it wasn't illegal or morally wrong and unlike Duford who was pure brawn for the most part, Emerald had both brains and brawn where it counted …and he did have a big hidden blade so…

Zelda, who blushes a bit brightly, has her eyes widened in realization.

'That's right… I still have the IOU from Emerald after our spar which means… I can have him do something for me no ands, ifs or buts about it.' Zelda thought.

Though Emerald, unaware of the smirk on Zelda's face from her own thoughts, pockets the slate as Emerald turned to the duo while Zelda got her face under control when she realized that she would look suspicious if she was caught.

"Well I found out the general location of the Outpost thanks to this guy here as an apology for trying to have his way with Zelda here, we should get going since I have a funny feeling about this… if the Deku and Zora females are normally on time, that would mean something important came up which caused them to miss the agreed on time." Emerald said to the duo which told them to keep their guards up just in case.

"Right." Zelda and Duford said after hearing that.

Though as Emerald starts walking after he told the plant guardian that they would check on why the women were late, Duford noticed Zelda's smirk on her face when she seemed to eye Emerald for some reason… and given the context of what was said earlier…

"Err… princess? You okay?" Duford said.

"Hmm? Oh I'm feeling fine Duford. Just fine." Zelda said with a smirk on her face.

That smirk though was a bit off putting since Zelda normally didn't have a look like that on her face before she left Duford alone as the plant Guardian waved goodbye to Zelda and Emerald before looking at the confused looking Duford with its own confused look on its face since Duford was supposed to follow after the duo.

Duford didn't like how Zelda was acting before he starts to feel that something bad is gonna happen before he starts following the duo while not acknowledging the plant monster.

That caused the trio to walk for about 20 minutes after going by some twists and turns when they followed Emerald's map before they saw a small cave up ahead connected to a small lake while a small hut like house was nearby… though Emerald and the others stopped in shock when they saw that the area had a few weapons around it like a battle went on… and Hylian in bandit gear and Zora and Deku corpses littered the area.

"Oh fucking…" Emerald muttered but seemed to notice something from the slightly damaged hut and ran to it as a odd looking Zora weakly crawled from the hut, unlike in the past, the Zora's were trying to get their species back into one where Hylian's won't fear them as monsters and thanks to selective breeding over the years… the Zora of today looked mostly like their humanoid like counterparts that dwell in the sea but this one had fins on their head without getting in the way of the larger parts of their head and their arms to help with swimming and had the fishtail like form from the waist down… and as Emerald helped the weak Zora onto their back, Emerald saw that the Zora looked female with a shell like bra on her front and a loincloth on her waist area… though from the wounds, this didn't look good.

The Zora groans as Zelda and Duford were shocked as they follow Emerald.

"H-Hey!, hang in there!, Hey Duford, Zelda, do either of you know healing spells?" Emerald said while Duford, being the Royal Guard that he was, used a few hand gestures and casts a healing spell.

"There, it will take a few tries to get her to full health but with this she won't die of blood loss." Duford said as the Zora woman starts to come too when she opened her eyes and her vision starts to clear to see Emerald's face followed by Duford's and Zelda's… though she did look frightful of Zelda and Duford, Emerald spoke up to calm her before she could panic.

"Don't worry, Zelda and Duford are the good guys, Duford here is healing your wounds and Zelda is the princess of Hyrule… though we did run into that Plant Guardian of yours who nearly had his way with her but managed to talk things out… what happened here?" Emerald asked which visibly calmed the Zora woman and after a moment… she looks at Emerald.

"A-Actually I'm one of the women who volunteered to go to the Guardian to appease it… but before we could leave the Outpost area, we were attacked by… Hylians who didn't take the long route or the short route with the Guardian… they seemed to make a new route when they used some weird equipment to slice through the trees with ease… some in bandit gear and some in… armor like that man there." The Zora woman said when she looks at Duford who looked the most shocked to hear that out of everyone.

"L-Like me?! Who were they?" Duford said.

The Zora woman blinks a few times from how shocked Duford looked while Emerald gave Duford a half lidded look.

"Look man, just focus on healing the Zora here and we can find out, can't have her bleed out if you lose focus." Emerald said which made Duford blush before he focused on healing the Zora more while she looks at Emerald.

"Honestly… I don't know who they were but the leader seemed to be some kind of Hylian Wizard looking for something that we have in our home… They had the Royal Hylian crest as well but… they seemed off… I was unconscious for a bit but before I passed out… I saw a dark mist emit from the Wizard that… seemed evil… not sure how else to describe it…" The Zora said before she looked alarmed.

"H-Hold on!, how long was I out!, everyone back home!" The Zora said in a panic before she starts to cough a few times while Emerald gave her a worried look.

"Easy there Mrs. Zora… I'll check things out… contrary to looks you can trust these two to look after you… or one in Duford's case since I doubt his armor would let him swim well in water if this Hidden village is underwater." Emerald said which made Duford blinks when he realized that unless he stripped of his armor, he wouldn't be able to follow.

Though thankfully for Duford, the Zora woman looks at Duford before she looks at Zelda, then at Emerald.

"W-Well… I don't trust these Hylian's per say… but if you say so then I can tell you a way where all of us can go so we can get to the village, but… can you really trust them?" The Zora asked when she looks at Duford and Zelda with a worried look on her face when she really didn't trust Hylians it seems… makes sense after what just happened.

Duford continues to heal the Zora woman before Zelda tries to make peace here.

"Listen I can understand why you're cautious around me and Duford here. But I assure you that we're not here to harm you or any of your people despite the fact of possible Hylian attacks happening here which we'll all get to the bottom of this. But is there anything that me and my knight can do to earn your trust?"

The Zora blinks while Emerald shook his head when the Zora looked thoughtful.

"Well… depending on how many women are left, we may need help pleasing the Guardian, it would be a good trust getter if you help with that in full view of others right?, and you were able to talk to the Guardian so it should trust you three well… not only that but you are the Ruler of all Hylians right?, unless you can get the person in charge of those Hylians which I know for a fact attacked us so its not a possibility to pay for what they did, then I don't see but you making up for what your subjects did." The Zora asked with a pointed look when it sounded like Zelda was questioning her sanity on if Hylians attacked or not even with Hylian corpses around them with various Deku and Zora bodies which caused Emerald to sweatdrop since it was like reality was trying to get Zelda to lose her V-Card it seems… either that or Zelda really needed to think before speaking.

Zelda blinked before facepalming herself.

"Son of a… I don't suppose there's another option to earn your trust?"

Though Emerald covered the Zora's mouth to keep her from speaking and spoke up when the Zora looked confused.

"Apologize for my friends lack of memories… almost as bad as our Knightly friend here it seems… but I believe this Zora said that if we can get the person in charge, we should be good, and if not, we can at least make them pay… as for the Guardian thing, we may need to talk about that one later… but for now we have a Hidden village to save so can we put this conversation on hold… please!" Emerald asked when he gave pointed looks to everyone to drop the matter for now since there was much more pressing matters to attend to while Emerald removed his hand from the Zora's mouth.

Zelda and Duford sweatdrop.

"Okay… so how do we get to the village again?" Duford asked.

The Zora, though hesitate to speak, did gesture for Emerald to get the Zora to the nearby river after she was decently healed, and sets her inside of it before she swam to the bottom and pressed a hidden rock… and a moment later, rumbling was heard and a hidden passage was seen opening nearby… if one didn't know any better then no one would even try looking there unless they used some serious magic as the Zora popped up to the surface of the river.

"There… that allows the Deku to walk to the surface, if you want a fast way down however, I suggest taking the slide next to the stairs… I'll head on ahead with the route we Zora take and I'll meet you down below." The Zora said before she dived underwater while Emerald stands to his feet while he looks at the entrance to the hidden village.

Zelda and Duford also see it for a moment.

"Well… guess we better get going then." Duford said before he starts heading to the entrance.

Emerald and Zelda followed and when they got to the entrance… they saw that half of the floor was a slide and the other half was a set of long stairs leading down while many small luminescent plants were seen lighting the cave… honestly it looked pretty all things considering.

"Hmm… interesting." Zelda said.

"Yeah, better take the stairs, who knows if anyone is guarding the bottom of the stairs." Emerald said before he starts walking down the stairs.

Zelda and Duford agreed with that logic before taking the stairs as well.

That caused everyone to walk down the stairs and for a bit, nothing happened but after 10 minutes of walking, they start to hear voices.

"...cking hell…. Should have left long ago… but no we got to guard the stairs and for what?" Someone said which made Emerald, Duford, and Zelda hide against the nearby wall and peeked to see two Hylian's in bandit gear as they talked about things… mainly complaining about how its pointless on guarding the stairs.

"It maybe pointless but, we have our orders." One Hylian grunt said.

"Yeah… just wish we had a few of those bitches we captured here to keep us company…" the other grunt said which made Emerald frown from the implications of said comment.

Zelda and Duford couldn't believe what they were hearing.

'I don't believe it.' Duford thought.

'Why are they doing this?!' Zelda thought as she couldn't believe her own people are involved in this.

Though as the two had those thoughts, Emerald picked up a piece of fallen wood and while the grunts were distracted by talk or the occasional bite of food that they had, Emerald tossed the piece of wood passed the grunts and when it lands, they looked over with confused looks while Emerald sneaks up behind them while Duford did the same while they got ready to grab the grunts.

A moment later before the grunts could speak, they were grabbed from behind by Emerald and Duford and their mouths were covered to prevent them from screaming and to stop them from struggling, Emerald and Duford headbutts them on the back of their heads with a resounding bang which made Zelda flinch from the noise and opened her eyes to see the grunts being tied up and Emerald and Duford looked fine… well Duford had a helmet, Emerald… didn't but seems fine.

"There. That will hold them." Duford said.

"Yeah, but to be safe… Hey Duford… want to play good cop bad cop and you be good cop?... I don't think I have enough patience to be good cop and I feel like breaking the fuckers bones after what I just heard." Emerald said when he cracked his knuckles a few times while he grins at the tied together back to back while they were still stunned.

"Fine by me. Would've accepted bad cop, worst cop." Duford said with a smirk.

"Hehe, then who would have kept us from going too far?" Emerald said with his own smirk before Zelda sweatdrops when she saw Emerald and Duford… actually bonding and chuckling evilly at what they could do to the poor bandits who were starting to recover.

"O-Oh man…" One grunt said.

"W-What hit us?" Said the other grunt.

Emerald just cleared his throat which got the Bandits attention… and they screamed like little girls when they saw a demonic figure next to a royally pissed off Hylian Royal Guard while they had their swords drawn while Zelda walked over and hits the two over the heads.

"I thought Duford was Good Cop here…" Zelda said when the duo made that kind of thing pointless as Emerald and Duford looked away for a moment while they sheath their swords and Emerald looks at the bandits.

"Well if they don't tell us what we want… we may as well start chopping… maybe from the toes up so they can feel every slice?" Emerald said with an evil grin on his demonic looking face.

"Hehe or perhaps… we just chop off the one thing that makes them… men." Duford said as he grins evilly.

The two Bandits shriek with horrified looks on their faces as Zelda sighs… though she did look a bit ill since Emerald and Duford looked serious with their threats before she looks at the Bandits who just soiled themselves.

"I… believe we won't need anymore threats for these two so… mind answering a few questions?" Zelda asked before the Bandit's spoke as one to avoid the horrible fates that could await them.

"W-We're just poor Hylians trying to make ends meet and we were hired by that Wizard person to invade this place if we couldn't talk our way past the outpost, the Zora and Deku attacked us from the get go when the Wizard demanded to speak with the leader and wanted to get some kind of treasure here!, we don't know anymore then that and were just posted here as guards to keep an eye out for intruders!... WE SWEAR!" The Hylian bandits said before they start to cry while Zelda sweatdrops as Emerald cracked his knuckles.

"Hoooo… and what about that comment we overheard about wanting a few women here eh?" Emerald asked while the bandit who mentioned that calmed down a bit and looks at Emerald.

"W-Well… w-we heard rumors that the women here capture men to mate with if they trespass and most of the time they use some strange magic to wipe their minds clean of the event, but some people who have a resistance have some memories and that's how the rumor about this place started and how we found it after some digging, some thought we could just have an easy time with these ladies since well… I mean you saw that plant Guardian right?, if that thing can get its dicks wet then why not us?, besides they started it with the attack so-!" The bandit said before shrieking when Emerald's sword hits the ground between his legs and Emerald gives him a cold look.

"I don't care if they are related to Succubus and pretty much liked to get humped by anything with a pulse!, I'm sure that if it was just you wanting a good time, you could have ASKED and probably had the time of your life… I'm sure that Wizard asking for some kind of treasure here would set them off if it was important… now… unless you want me to go through with either my toe to head slicing method or Duford's method where you can never be men again… tell me what that Wizard looks like… Now!" Emerald growled out while his body flared with power and the bandit behind the threatened one passed out and right before the other one did… he said a shocking thing.

"R-Royal… Advisor…" The Bandit muttered before he passed out while Emerald huffed for a moment as he stands up.

Zelda was shocked when she heard this.

"D-Did he say… Royal Advisor?"

"Yeah, seems like my theory on the Royal family being messed up or possessed isn't so far off it seems, would explain the armored Hylian corpses outside." Emerald said when he stood up and used the back of his blade to move the Hylian bandits around to mop up the urine and moved them away to keep them from blocking the path.

Duford couldn't believe a Royal Advisor was doing this while Zelda feels like her chance to prove Emerald wrong was slipping away now thanks to the attack on the Zora/Deku village.

Though Emerald walking already did get their attention and the killing intent coming from Emerald could be felt which was worrying for many reasons.

"That cannot be good for beyond reason." Duford said.

Zelda could only nod in agreement before the duo went after Emerald.

Thankfully Emerald walked in silence for now which made it hard to read what he was thinking when he had a stone like look on his face.

Time then went to a few minutes later to show the exit of the tunnel before the trio found themselves at the tunnel exit and when they got there, they saw the hidden village in full and like what the trio would think from a mixed tribe, the place looked to be designed for Deku's and Zora's that lived together in harmony, the hidden village had a massive gap past the massive walls surrounding the village to allow sunlight or moonlight in while the village mainly had trees that rose to extremely high levels… like the ground was giving the trees nutrients on its own accord… there were many buildings around said trees where the Deku lived while many lakes and connecting rivers were seen for the Zora… all in all… it looked like paradise but… unfortunately in the town square there was many Zora and Deku all huddled together while they were tied up while many Hylians surrounded them and like the previous group up top, they were dressed as bandits or Royal guards like the Zora said while the Zora from earlier popped her head up from a nearby lake as Emerald, Zelda, and Duford, after getting over their awe at the place, moved to get out of sight and closer to her though she did look steamed.

"What took you three so long?, you take the stairs or something?" The Zora woman asked while Emerald rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah but we got some info from some passed out Bandit guards who were keeping an eye on the tunnel… found out why they are here… some treasure was mentioned and you guys attacked first it seems." Emerald said which made the Zora flinch a bit before she got an angered look in her eyes.

"Well obviously for good reason, we don't have any treasure except one item and it needs to be guarded no matter what." The Zora woman said in her defense.

"But what is it that they're after?" Duford said.

The Zora looked nervous at that while Emerald sighs and covered Duford's mouth.

"We can ask later, for now we got to free those hostages before we can do anything else… and I have a plan but I need you three to help me get it to work and it all depends on Zelda here being the bait." Emerald said which caused Duford to worry for Zelda and his eyes widen when he got the wrong idea and worried for her purity though Emerald gave him a half lidded look when he could guess what was going on.

"Don't worry, she won't get raped, pretty sure even if the Advisor is evil or manipulated to be evil, he or she would still need Zelda alive for a few reasons and in perfect health as well… besides… she has you to back her in case of emergencies while I get the Zora and Deku untied… or are you worried you may fail in protecting Zelda?" Emerald said while he smirks at Duford when he taunts Duford by messing with Duford's pride in his skills before removing his hand from Duford's mouth.

Zelda blinks a bit after hearing that as Duford got a tick mark on his head.

"Never. I'll defend the princess to my last breath."

While Duford looked pumped, Emerald gave Zelda and the Zora woman a peace sign for victory which made them sweatdrop at how easy it was to manipulate Duford while Emerald starts talking about the plan while the scene went to a few minutes later to show some bandits arguing with one another about what they should do with the tied up Zora and Deku… mainly the female ones….

"We could use them as sex slaves and make a profit." Said one bandit.

"Yeah but what about what the boss said?, not to touch any of them until we get the artifact here, then we can celebrate... not sure what it is but I think they said it was a key or something." Another Bandit said while trying to not get killed or turned into a toad or something when he had to physically hold one bandit back from trying to jump a Zora and Deku women who had to scoot away from the lust hungry bandit who was knocked out and tossed away by a larger looking Hylian bandit in knight armor.

"Well either way gentlemen, we did our part so all we need to do is just wait till the boss gets the key and we can celebrate after, we are getting top coin as well, besides with how monster like these Zora bitches are and how these Deku are hiding them, might as well call them traitors to Hylians… what's next, Gorons keeping Wolfos as pets?" The Hylian said with a shrug of his shoulders but everyone jolts when they heard a female voice from nearby who seemed to get closer with each step.

"I don't know… though I'm not too pleased with what I'm seeing." the figure, which was revealed to be Zelda, said and boy was she pissed.

"W-What the!?... Milady Zelda!?, what are you doing here?... this place should be hidden… and in a dangerous forest." One of the armored Hylians said as the other bandits and armored men looked surprised to see Zelda in this place.

Zelda had her arms crossed.

"I should be asking you people the same thing. I mean if this village is hidden… how did you all find it? And also… why are you all attacking this place that did no wrong here to anyone?" She said in a tone that demanded the truth.

"Did know…. While it is true that us being here maybe… questionable… but how do we know you are the real Zelda and how did you even find this place?... I mean last we heard you were supposed to get ready to meet some suitors and should have no idea at all about this place… and as for these tied up ladies and the occasional gentlemen… they attacked us first after one of us asked for info on a treasure that they had and we had casualties… tell me was that wrong of us to fight back and try and get what we are looking for if these beings are so hostile that the mere mention of their treasure sends them into a frenzy?" One armored Hylian said when he found a few things odd about this and points out that they were attacked first… not them making the first move which reminded Zelda about what the lookout said when Emerald and Duford interrogated them while other bandits did look more on guard when the question of Zelda's identity was brought into question.

Zelda got a bit angry.

"You dare ask me if I'm really Zelda? Because if I wasn't… would an imposter do this." She said before summoning her weapon.

That caused many to get wide eyes when they saw the rapier and while many did gulp or step back in fright, one armored Hylian points a hand at Zelda.

"Lies!, many people know light based magic and many more can even use illusions so making a weapon to mimic Miladies weapon would be childsplay... try and answer WHY you are here in the first place!, this mission was top secret and only the king and the advisors should know of this, even if you are Milady Zelda, why are you here of all places!?, the odds of us just running into you here are so astronomical that I have to scoff at the notion that you are Zelda, I mean just look at those rags you are wearing!, explain why you are not dressed in your Royal attire or why you look like you are covered with filth." The armored Hylian said which caused many to look confused… before they gave Zelda angered looks when those were some really good questions… why would Zelda be here of all places when she seemingly has no reason to be here at all… especially when this mission was kept secret from her to boot.

"I don't have to answer to someone like you! But you will answer to me. You said my father and his advisors orchestrated this attack. If that's true, then why? To steal something that rightfully belongs to the Zora and Deku here? Maybe they had a reason to defend themselves." Zelda said.

The Hylians however looked more angered as the first drew a sword shockingly enough.

"I can say the same to you then… Milady… that is if that is who you are… even if you are her we can just capture you and bring you to your father so he can explain things… though if I had to say one thing… this is all for Demise." The Hylian said with a twisted grin while his body emits a dark mist shockingly enough.

Before that happened though, Emerald, after getting pulled underwater by the Zora woman, and swam to be behind the group, managed to knock a few Hylian's out as Zelda kept the bandits and armored Hylians talking… however… his sword dropped from his hand when he heard the word Demise and that got everyone's attention when they all looked right at him while he had a stunned look on his face while… many Hylians gave him an… oddly excited look.

"D-Demise?... as in… the former Demon King Demise from Hylia's time?" Emerald said with a stunned look on his face when these Hylians somehow knew about Demise… wasn't he supposed to be a name not known to anyone in this day and age thanks to him being sealed in the Master sword?

"What the?! Who the fuck are you?!" The Hylian bandit said as he looks at Emerald as Zelda was a bit shocked that Emerald was seen.

Though the Hylian with the dark mist gave the Hylian bandit a pissed off look.

"Oi… watch your tone… because in front of us is our salvation from the curse of the Triforce… one of the keys that we need… the reincarnation of the Demon King Demise!" The Hylian said while his body bursts with a dark power shockingly enough while Emerald was still stunned from what he just heard… now he was further stunned when he heard all of this stuff about salvation from a curse… from the triforce!?

Zelda was also shocked.

"Wait a second. How do you know it's him and what do you mean salvation?"

The Hylian emitting the dark mist chuckles before he looks at Zelda.

"Where do you think I got this power from!, its just a small drop from the original Demises power… the advisor in charge of us has much more then this in their body which is shocking… and think… age after age… generation after generation… people like Ganondorf have appeared through so many ancient history books and were after one thing… the Triforce… well… considering you were traveling with Demise's reincarnation, haven't you heard of all the troubles we had after the Triforce was brought into this world?, sure it helped bring prosperity for a few ages but with Ganondorf causing the flood of the previous Hyrule…. All the wars and what not… tell me… what do you think if we had a world without the Triforce in it?" The Hylian knight said like he was… rambling… and… seeing visions of the past… and that dark mist was from Demise?... wasn't he dead now that he was reincarnated?

Zelda was again shocked when she heard that.

"And how did the advisor acquire that power and how did you know I was traveling with him?"

The Hylian guard chuckles while he looks at Zelda.

"Well first off considering how you seem to be just trying to distract us while your friend here knocks everyone else out, would make sense to put two and two together… especially since this place shouldn't be known by ANY Hylian yet here you are with Demise's reincarnation… so if you are traveling with him… it makes complete sense now… though I am shocked Milady, you… Hylia's reincarnation traveling together with Demises Reincarnation… me thinks there is something more between you two huh?, I mean from what I can gather from the fragments of memories entering my head… seems you and that man were lovers in a past life… well… at least until Hylia and the Goddesses betrayed and framed Demise into going to war and all that which started all of this." The Hylian said with a twisted grin on his face while his body bursts more with power… if this was just a drop… then how much did the advisor have and how did they get it?

Though Duford, who was still at the ready to protect Zelda, was stunned and again bummed when he heard about Emerald and Zelda being lovers in past lives and that nightmare really made him feel like he wished he could vanish into thin air… but he shook the feeling off since he could be depressed later, for now he had to focus since… that dark power really got him on edge.

Zelda slightly blushes before glaring at the Hylian.

"T-That isn't important. I don't know how any of you or the advisor knows it. But now, I want to know why you attack this innocent village and what's so special about this treasure? It's not yours to take."

The Hylian knight chuckles before he starts laughing like a full blown madman for a moment shocking Zelda, Emerald, Duford, and even the Hylian Knight's own allies before he gave Zelda a mad grin.

"Oh but you can blame Demise and his right hand for that… he was the one who placed various powerful keys in various places… all to help with his own unsealing when the time was right… you think the Demon Lord Ghirahim wouldn't think of some kind of contingency plan in case his lord was sealed again?... haven't you always wondered WHY no one tried to look for this ages current Link?... it's simple… your father, before he found out about this glorious power, ordered that the Master sword be sealed away when the seal on the sword started to break… Demise's mind and spirit may have transferred into a new life… but his body and most of his power was still inside of the Master sword… echoes of his past life are still imprinted on this glorious power… showing memories and times that date back to before the Triforce was made… and now that the seal is starting to crack on that ancient relic of a blade… some of our lord's power was transferred into various important people around the kingdom when a certain event happened and all of those people with the power now have one goal… getting the keys to Demise… and DESTROY THE MASTER SWORD!... HEHEHE… HAHAHA… WHO CARES ABOUT THE TRIFORCE WHEN IT BRINGS RUIN AND DESTRUCTION IN ITS WAKE!, WHEN WE FREE OUR LORD WE WON'T NEED THAT CORRUPT CURSE OF THE GODDESSES ANYMORE!" The Hylian knight said before he sounded mad and had a gleeful look on his face… and though Emerald was silent… his mind was running a mile a minute before paling when he looks at the sword on the ground near him.

"H-Hold on… are you telling me…" Emerald said as the Hylian knight gave him an unsettling look.

"Indeed milord!, while its true that you being reborn was an unexpected thing, it wasn't out of our plans… and that blade is one of the keys to restore yourself to your former glory and get rid of the Triforce for good!" The Hylian knight said but before he could say anymore, he was stopped when a female voice spoke up nearby… sounded pretty young as well.

"That is quite enough Grigori, right now you are confusing and worrying our lord right now since he doesn't know his true calling yet." The Voice said which made everyone look over to see a shapely Hylian woman in a royal outfit though not as classy as the Hylian royals with a massive staff in her hands while she had a calm and collected smile on her face while she held a… gauntlet?... in her left hand while the Hylian knight looked more mad with glee upon seeing it.

Zelda was shocked when she recognized the woman.

"A-Arwen? You're behind this?"

The women, named Arwen, just looks at Zelda with a smile.

"Oh heavens no, though I am more than glad to help this noble cause since the Triforce has been more than an annoyance over the ages in many history books… even flooding Hyrule once so this isn't even the original Hyrule at all… not very helpful if you think about it, not to worry though, aside from those rude Zora and Deku who attacked us out of nowhere, no one else was harmed while I… convinced... the leader into giving me this… and don't worry… aside from being a quivering mess and passing out when I got through with them, they should recover after a good meal or two." Arwen said when she licked her lips in an oddly lustful way.

Zelda was again shocked as Duford, who was still hiding, couldn't believe when he saw Arwen with the other knights.

"B-But Arwen… this is not right. I mean even if everyone says that the triforce caused so much trouble, is it worth it if attacking innocents just to get trinkets?" Zelda said.

Arwen blinks at that but she never lost her smile.

"Trinkets?... you think this is just a trinket?... and innocent?" Arwen said while she keeps the smile… but the feeling that was emitted from Arwen told Zelda she just royally fucked up right now.

"W-Whatever it is that you called it… you and everyone else invaded this village just get something. This is exactly what my uncle did when he invaded that other village. Was he also trying to destroy the triforce? He was probably in on this and I bet… father was involved too." Zelda said as she stood her ground.

"No No No My dear… all we did was just tie up those who would give us issues… while it's true we did send rumors out about the blade being in some kind of ruins, we had no idea your Uncle would do this, honestly Milord here ending that pig saved me some trouble in killing him later since unlike your father, your uncle doesn't see the bigger picture and just wanted to get his rocks off no matter what… besides…" Arwen said before she seemed to teleport in front of Zelda and held Zelda's chin before she could react.

"... try and think for a moment since this would benefit you as well, just think… no Triforce… no more conflict… no more curse that keeps rebirthing you, the Links of the past, and our lord… its a cycle of hatred that needs to be broken… tell me… have I ever steered you wrong when I taught you everything I know about life and how it should be respected?... let me remind you all I wanted was this… and these Zora and Deku attacked without reason… but aside from up top, we haven't taken lives down here… besides you call them innocent… but try and take a look at them and remember that they kidnap males who wander too close and pretty much screw them to the point that they can barely walk and have them sent from this place after getting their mind wiped… I know this place is supposed to be hidden… but don't you think that is wrong of them?... I mean how do you think I convinced the leader to give me the key from this place?... I had to give up all of my purities that I have been saving to their leader and let me tell you… she wasn't gentle… honestly it hurt but worth it in the end and all I have to do is just let the rest of her people go free so our business is over with here… besides… do you even have a right to stop us?... we were attacked when we came in peace… I made a deal with the leader and unlike what the paid help said, Grigori here would make sure they don't do anything stupid on the way out… and I would even remove the memory of the location from almost everyone's heads… so tell me your highness… have I… or we done wrong when all we did was defend ourselves… make a deal to gain the treasure here in exchange for my virtues… and tie up people who would have attacked us for now apparent reason?... don't be stupid Zelda… we technically haven't broken any laws and we just killed in self defense… and while you may care for all life, not everyone does and while I do oh so love what the leader here did to me and I'll treasure this experience for the rest of my days… I would rather experience what Milord will reward me when I help him free this land from this curse that we are all under… try and think for once with your head instead of your heart… but in the meantime…" Arwen said before she starts walking away from Zelda with a hum of sorts after patting Zelda's cheek gently a few times when she walked to Emerald for some reason.

Duford wondered what she was gonna do before Zelda was able to snap out if it and looks Arwen.

"Stop right now!"

Arwen did stop before she looks at Zelda with a smile.

"Yes Milady?" Arwen said when she wondered what Zelda had to say.

"You think this is a noble cause... but I don't agree with this. Even if you erase their memories, people like me and Emerald will still know. And right now I can't even tell who to trust in my own kingdom, especially if its my family, my guards… and even you. I mean first, my uncle attacks an innocent village, then you and these idiots invaded this village just for some special treasure, and lastly, I found out that a curse was put on me which sciphons a bit of my power when I try to summon my bow and arrow. Pretty much anyone I know close to me could've placed it without me knowing it and right now the only people I could trust right would be Emerald, a few of my Sheikah and Duford." Zelda said.

"Oh… you mean the curse I put on you?" Arwen said while she smiles at Zelda while she saw how stunned Zelda was when she was just flat out told about being cursed… by Arwen of all people.

Emerald, though stunned at many things, was greatly stunned silent for a moment when Arwen just dropped a bombshell like that out of nowhere.

Duford's jaw dropped as Zelda just couldn't believe it.

"I-It was you? Why? Why did you curse me? Did my father know… or did he order you to do this?" She said as she felt a dagger was slowly going into her heart at this betrayal.

"Well of course, can't have you die after all." Arwen said which was confusing on so many levels for Emerald and Duford since… she cursed Zelda to not kill her?

"W-What do you mean?" Zelda said as she couldn't understand any of this.

"Well the last time Lord Demise was freed, your previous incarnation was sacrificed to do so, but thanks to some time stuff in the past that was canceled out somewhat but some records showed that in order to free our lord from his prison, energy equal to or greater than yours will be needed, and unlike what some suggested, your Father and I came up with this lovely plan of siphoning off part of your power and storing it for later use so you won't die when we free our lord from his prison… ore truly awaken for a bit… he and I have raised you like you were our own child and since we found our lord's Reincarnation thanks to him coming here, it makes the next step of the plan pretty simple." Arwen said when she starts walking to Emerald again as he took a step back when Arwen was right in front of him and looked him up and down with… a slight blush on her face.

"Ah… you are much more handsome then I imagined, oh how strong you will look when you fully awaken, really makes it worth it to have myself defiled by the leader of this place just to meet you." Arwen said while she keeps her smile on her face while Emerald gulped when Arwen seemed to have some kind of unhinged look in her eyes when she couldn't stop looking at Emerald.

Zelda was didn't know why but she was slightly bothered with the way Arwen looked at Emerald.

"Hey! Flirt with men some other time. Now what is the next step in your so called plan?" Zelda said with a narrowed look on her face.

Though Arwen noticed the narrowed eyed looks and decided to tease Zelda a bit.

"Oh ho oh I'll talk since Milord is here but first I want to ask…. Jealous?... from what I heard from my own spies that were mixed in with your Uncles at the time and Milord let them go... Milord here has multiple lovers so what if other women look at him… or are you jealous that I may get his attention?, I may have saved myself up till now but I know more than you on how to please a man since you never even knew until you were 17 that many were actually hitting on you and even when you turned 18 you were oblivious… why do you think your father wanted to find you a suitor just in case this plan didn't work?... from my point of view you wouldn't find a man unless you either played for the other team or were handed a man on a golden platter… and who better to manipulate then those who we have on the list…" Arwen said while she grins at Zelda in a teasing way while Emerald blinks a few times while looking… well… the look on his face was interesting since it looked bewildered, frustratinging, blushing, and shy all at the same time.

Zelda was blushing in embarrassment.

"I-I'm not jealous! And I don't need anyone to find me a suitor. I'm a grown ass woman damn it!"

"I see… then you won't mind if I do something surprising then?" Arwen said when she turned to Emerald confusing many… which turned into dropped jaws when Arwen surprisingly gripped Emerald's shoulders with her hands while she let her staff go which floats near her and pulled Emerald in for a kiss of all things which greatly stunned Emerald and even his flaming hair looked stunned as well when it had an exclamation mark and a question mark which showed he didn't know what to do as well… while Duford jaw dropped at the sight that the normally prim and proper Arwen would do something like that even after everything that he heard happen but Zelda…

Zelda's eyes widen a bit like dinner plates as she watched the advisor kiss Emerald while the knights, minus Grigori who just grins at the sight, couldn't believe that Arwen was this bold.

That allowed Arwen to continue kissing Emerald before she pulled away with a smile on her face.

"Hehe, that was nice, and here, a little gift for you since you are the only one who can use this." Arwen said when she somehow slipped the gauntlet onto Emerald's left arm much to his shock when he never noticed and that Arwen gave it to him in the first place which caused him to step back from the mad woman who just smiles at him.

"W-What the fuck are you doing!?" Emerald asked while Arwen smiles at Emerald.

"Oh… you'll find out soon… but for now me and my men should be leaving so…" Arwen said before she grabbed her staff and slammed the small end onto the ground and a moment later, every bandit and knight start to vanish one by one while Emerald looked more confused then ever while Duford stepped out of the shadows near Zelda which caused Arwen to notice him.

"Oh hello Duford, I thought I noticed something near Zelda, well keep up the good work with protecting her...bye bye." Arwen said before she and Grigori were the last to vanish in flashes of light which… left everyone from Emerald, Zelda, Duford, to even the tied up Zora and Deku stunned as well since… this was not quite what everyone expected… not at all.

"What the actual fuck just happen?!" Duford said with a confused look.

"I… don't know… though Emerald?" Zelda called his attention.

Though from the look of things… Emerald looked the most confused when he looks at the gauntlet which seemed to shrink to fit his arm and looks at everyone else with a greatly confused look on his face and even touched his lips and blushed a bit more while more question marks and exclamation points appeared from his fiery head… and honestly after all that was said… could anyone blame him for looking confused.

"Hasa… shesa… whosa…" Emerald muttered when he tried to pull himself together to little avail while Zelda, the most calm at the moment or most logical person here, looks at Duford.

"Lets uh… get everyone untied and see if we can't run damage control Duford while Emerald collects himself." Zelda said when she walked to the tied up Deku and Zora and starts to fill them in that she, Emerald, and Duford were here to help, even the Zora from earlier pitched in to help calm the tied up people down.

Duford looks at Emerald for a moment before he went to help out the Zora and Deku.

That caused everyone tied up, when they were calmed down, to recover pretty quickly physically when the best wounds that they had were small scuffs or cuts from falling to the ground which Duford healed while a few Zora women with two legs walked to Emerald and saw that he was still out of it before they talk to one another and one held Emerald's shoulders while the other tried to slip the gauntlet off Emerald's hand… but no matter how hard they pulled it just wouldn't come off for some reason no matter how hard they tried and they had to pant for breath when they let Emerald go.

"D-Damn... it's like this thing doesn't want to let go." Duford said when he saw how hard the Zora tried to pull it from Emerald's arm.

"Y-Yeah… like it has a mind of its own." Zelda said before they heard a rough female voice.

"That's because thats the fucking point." A voice said which made everyone look over to see a female Zora with horns on her head shockingly enough while she walked on two legs towards everyone and many Zora bowed to her.

"Leader!, you are alright?" One Zora said which made the main Zora roll her eyes.

"What do you fucking think?, I could survive the apocalypse better than you asswipes and had to make a deal with that bitch to give our treasure away for your safety but seems like that was not needed since its on this fuckers arm… feels like I was gypped… though gotta say busting her virginities wide open was a good trade since I wasn't gentle." The Zora leader said while she crossed her well toned arms under her breasts… which were shockingly not covered and they bounced freely as a result much to Duford's blushing face which got the Zora woman to roll her eyes when she noticed that.

"What?, never seen a pair of tits before fancy ears?" The Zora leader said with a raised eyebrow on her face.

Duford jolts.

"M-Maybe… then again I'm not a pervert." He said before turning his head.

"Oh really?, maybe I should call all males fucking pervs for not wearing anything under their shirts or just straight up not wearing anything on their chests, yet do I see anyone giving males trouble?... fucking gender equality my ass…" The Leader said before she looks at Zelda.

"So… you the fucking princess of Hyrule?, mind explaining why your Advisor came here for this Hidden villages treasure, gave it to this guy with the flaming hair, and left?... oh and the fucking name is Ayuyat, current leader and princess of the Zora tribe." Ayuyat said when she walked up to Zelda and stands in front of her with no shame when she never covered her D cup breasts and Zelda saw that like most leading Zora… Ayuyat was much taller then she was when she looked down on Zelda just to look her in the eyes.

Zelda lightly blushes when she saw the comparison before looking at Ayuyat.

"Well… I was actually shocked when I just out found some of my people were here. But why are they doing this well…" Zelda said before telling Ayuyat what she heard what Arwen said about destroying the Triforce and also that Emerald was the reincarnation of the Demise.

Though considering how long the conversation took, Emerald, Zelda, and Duford wound up sitting in front of Ayuyat as she drank a drink of some kind while she listened to the story.

Zora/Deku leader hut/ Emerald, Zelda, Duford, Ayuyat (Current Age's Zora leader)

"...So… what you are saying is that you are not the bad guys here, the advisor and your father are supposedly bad guys for some reason which involves the power of Demise that was somehow given to them and this guy next to you is your boy toy in another life and former Demon King Demise?... well makes sense that thing won't come off his arm then, heard from my ancestors that the thing can shapeshift into a bracelet if the real wielder touches the reverse Triforce icon on the wrist, heard its cursed as well so it won't accidentally come off in a fight." Ayuyat said before she chugged the bottle a few times.

Zelda sweatdrops a bit.

"Well yes to what I said… though Emerald isn't my… boy toy…. Even if our past lives say differently."

Ayuyat scratched her cheek a few times before she shrugged a bit.

"Well makes things easy than… ladies…" Ayuyat said while a few Zora and Deku women walked in and grabbed Emerald and Duford and drags them to other sides of the room… and while Emerald was snapping out of it, and Duford got over his surprise at the sudden shift… well… both blush brightly when many Zora and Deku women were feeling their bodies up while trying to get their clothing off much to Zelda's shock.

"H-Hey?! What's the meaning of this?!" Zelda said.

"Simple, we lost some good women up top when they tried to keep those Hylians at bay, and while its true they attacked first and asked questions never, we do need to bring in some new blood and what better then have these two impregnate a few ladies before leaving, not sure what that guy is besides being a demon king reincarnated but pretty sure your Hylian friend doesn't have a choice in the matter, and thanks to the Hylians… our Plant Guardian will be a bit lonely unless a certain princess wants to help with that matter." Ayuyat said before she gave Zelda a slightly evil smirk at where she was going with this.

Zelda's eyes widen after hearing that.


"Oh yes princess, your people... different side or not attacked us to get our treasure and while it's still here, we technically can't stop this Emerald guy from leaving since he has many monster scents all over his body, most likely a different hidden village and we have various customs which we keep, however thanks to your people's fuck uppery, some lives were lost, and true from the body count my people did well in defending our territory, they still tresspassed unannounced, so tell me your highness… why should I not use you for easing our Guardian's stress?, unless of course you are a virgin… well we can fix that pretty easily by having these two guys bust your cherries before we send you to the guardian… or are you saying that I should just ignore what happened here to my people and give you Royals special treatment?" Ayuyat said while she gave Zelda a cold look near the end.

Zelda flinches.

"Well… I don't think that can happen considering what some of my people did… but considering the situation, isn't it a bit soon for your people to do this?"

Ayuyat rolled her eyes before he looks at Zelda.

"Got that right about what happened thanks to your people… but my people are not so weak willed that getting tied up will stop them from having fun or for repopuating the village, aside from that advisor placing a curse on a child of this village to get everyone to settle down and tied everyone up, things went surprisingly well with minimal casualties, and the curse on the child was removed shortly after everyone was tied up so no real harm done that we could see still I'm a fair lady... pick a man to get with and I'll have some ladies go from that group and to the other, I'll even join in with one of the groups later after talking with some of the higher ranked women here." Ayuyat said when she waits for Zelda's choice.

Zelda though had a nervous look.

"I-Isn't there another way?"

"Then let me ask you this question Princess… you got a man?, you saving yourself for someone?, because if not I say fuck it and get rid of the virginity while you can, going to be a pain later so why not let it be a pain now and then no more after?... or you swing for ladies only?, not complaining since I could do the honors but still..." Ayuyat asked with a curious tone to her voice.

Zelda was blushing brightly.

"No to all of that!"

"Then one last question… what is holding you back because from what I heard… seems like your dad could fuck the world over so why not fuck him back and get it on with a person not a suitor?... your call if you don't want to do anything, I won't force you but your two men here are going to help with repopulating so you might as well leave the room and do whatever for a few hours like take a tour around town." Ayuyat said when she gestured for Zelda to get going if she wasn't going to stay here.

Zelda tries to think of this situation but she knows she can't return home after everything.

"Can't believe I'm doing this but fine… I'll stay. However, I get to tell the guy what to do." She said with crossed arms.

"Oh ho… so you want to be the kinky one… fair enough, so… who is the lucky guy who gets your sacred treasure?" Ayuyat said with a teasing grin on her face.

"Don't know. Don't care. Whoever comes in first. Just as long none of them knocks me up." Zelda said with an adamant look.

"Well… considering that the only two guys here are your pals, seems you'll have to pick your highness… or want me to pick for you?... or want to go option 3 and let me take those virginities from you?" The Zora leader said with a teasing tone to her voice.

Zelda lightly blushes but had a somewhat narrow look on her face since she had to pick either Emerald or Duford or else Ayuyat will get dibs..

However… she still have one ace up her sleeve.

"Fine then. I pick… Emerald."

"Oh ho… the Reincarnated Goddess getting back together with the reincarnated Demon King… well who am I to stop that kind of fun." Ayuyat said while she gestured for a few ladies to move from Emerald who got undressed for the most part while only his boxers were on and many ladies went to Duford who was now unarmored and in his underwear as well and both men had powerful looking bodies and many ladies blush at the bulges from their underwear.

Duford blushes madly as did Zelda before looking Ayuyat.

"D-Don't be ridiculous. I'm just… cashing in a bet I won from him."

"Hehe, sure… well cash that bet in… I'll be giving your fancy ear friend here a good time while you show the Demon King here a good time of his own." Ayuyat said when she stands up and a few Zora ladies removed the loincloth to show Ayuyat is fully nude now when she walked to Duford which left Zelda on her own.

Zelda was blushing brightly as she not only saw Ayuyat in the nude but also had to lose her virginity to… Emerald.

"Damn it… This isn't how I wanted to do this."

Though as Zelda tries to gather her courage, Emerald was finally snapped out of his shocked state when a few Zora had enough and one of them slapped him on the face which snapped him out of his stupor and had him look at the one who slapped him.

"Finally. You look like a fricken statue with that face." One Zora woman said.

"Well more like an Armos but since we got his attention… you do know whats going on right?" A different Zora woman said which made Emerald look around for a moment before he looks at his gauntlet covered arm which the ladies couldn't get off again and saw some ladies pleasing Duford's dick which he quickly looked away from.

"Uh… sorta… guess I'm suppose to have fun with you ladies now or something?" Emerald said when he didn't seem to object as much as one would think as he felt his cheek heal up while some Zora and Deku women looked a bit surprised at how quickly Emerald bounced back from being flat out stunned to pretty alive right now when he stands up and noticed his lack of clothing but didn't say anything when he removed his underwear and his massive 12 inch in length and 2 in width cock hung free in front of everyone and they could see how different it was as well with the barbs running up and down the cock and it was… drill like?.

The female Dekus and Zoras blushed brightly when they saw what Emerald was packing. They were already feeling wet at the sight.

That caused Emerald to clear his throat to get the ladies attention… though he was unaware that Zelda was eyeing his dick and saw his second greatsword in its full glory… and it wasn;t even erect yet.

'Oh my… T-There's no way that will fit me.' Zelda thought as she blushes brightly.

Though Zelda was reminded of the bet when Ayuyat chuckles a few times when she glanced at Emerald.

"Hehe, real king material where it counts… wonder if the newbie can even do stuff like this." Ayuyat said before she leaned down and deepthroats all of Duford's dick… which was not small compared to Hylians but…

Zelda blushes brightly when she saw that Duford's dick was at least two inches shorter than Emerald's like about… 10 inches long and 2 inches in width as Duford let out a groan as he was a bit surprised that Ayuyat took all of his dick in her mouth.

That caused Ayuyat to chuckle before she bobs her head and takes Duford's cock into her mouth and throat again and again with seemingly no discomfort though the words Ayuyat said did echo in Zelda's mind… especially the newbie part…

'I can't believe she's actually doing that.' Zelda thought before she remembered that Ayuyat and her people probably do this alot.

It was only a moment before Zelda was a bit surprised when she saw Duford actually starts thrusting his hips a bit.

Ayuyat just relaxed her throat while she lets Duford fuck her throat for a bit while a Zora woman gets over Duford's face and sat on it with her pussy touching Duford's mouth.

Duford's eyes widened a bit as he muffles on the Zora woman's folds.

The Zora woman rolled her eyes while a Deku woman used her tiny hands to fondle Duford's balls when she moved under Ayuyat.

"Come on Fancy ears, get to licking." The Zora woman said when she grinds her pussy on Duford's face.

Duford groans a bit before he starts licking the Zora woman's folds since he had no choice in the matter.

That caused Ayuyat, the Zora woman, and the Deku woman to keep pleasing Duford which would happen for a few minutes while Zelda watches… now on Emerald's size of things...

Well… when Zelda looks over, she saw that unlike Duford, Emerald was more aggressive and used to orgies when he was on his knees and a Deku woman sucked Emerald off with ease thanks to her large open mouth while Emerald fingers a couple Zora women's pussies while another Deku lady was sitting on Emerald's face while he ate out her wood like pussy which was surprisingly flesh like in movement when Emerald's tongue had no issues with getting deep inside of the Deku woman.

Zelda was a bit surprised when she saw that Emerald was pro at this which proves that he wasn't lying when he said he had multiple wives to be.

That showed when Emerald keeps fingering the Zoras's pussies while he ate out the Deku's pussy while she held on his head, he even lightly thrusts his hips into the Deku's mouth that blew him which showed he was enjoying himself already.

Both Dekus and Zoras groans as one Deku bobs her head a bit hard while the Deku enjoys having her pussy eaten out with the Zora woman enjoying having her pussy fingered.

That caused Emerald to continue to keep pleasing the three ladies with him while he could feel their pussies tighten on his fingers and tongue and felt the Deku sucking him off harder though he was able to last a pretty long time and could feel them getting closer and closer until…

The Deku and Zora woman moans a bit in unison as the Zora woman climaxed on Emerald's hand as the Deku woman climaxed on his mouth.

Emerald keeps on fingering their pussies while he waits for them to ride out their orgasms while Emerald drank the juices from the Deku's pussy which hits his tongue which was oddly thirst quenching.

It took about 15 seconds before the two Zoras and Deku woman taps off but the second Deku woman kept sucking off Emerald's dick.

Emerald shuddered at that before he gentley sets the Deku woman he ate out on the ground while he removed his fingers from the Zora's pussies and licked his fingers clean and looks at the trio who came when he had a grin on his face.

"Hey, considering I gave you ladies a good time for an orgasm… mind if I give this one here an orgasm by giving her what she really wants and fuck her brains out?... after she gets me to blow… I'm about to… to…" Emerald said before he got a strained look on his face when he had trouble holding his orgasm back thanks to how good this Deku woman was.

The first Deku woman looks at the two Zora women for a moment before they look at Emerald.

"Fine by me. We're not going anywhere." The first Zora woman said as the second Deku woman continues to bob her head more as she uses her tongue to really lick Emerald's dick head.

A moment later, Emerald gripped her round head and with a growl, pushed his hips forward and put most of his dick into her mouth and blew a massive load inside of it… all in all, the trio's eyes widen a bit as Emerald flooded the female Deku's mouth with an insane amount of sperm… so much so that it flowed out of her mouth and down her body without anyway to stop it from how forceful the ejaculation was… and showed how virle Emerald was as well...

The Deku woman, who was still surprised, tries to swallow Emerald's cum as Zelda was shocked when she saw the whole thing.

'Sweet Goddess… he could knock up any girl with that amount.' Zelda thought.

As Emerald rides out his orgasm, he gave the Deku woman a grin when he tapped off.

"N-Not bad… but my first shot is always the quickest… and just for all you ladies to know for what your getting into… I get it on with a Succubus, two Keatots, a Catonian, a Hylian woman… not Zelda here just FYI, a reincarnated Demon lord… who I will need to talk with about a LOT of things later… but let's just say that if it's just you four… well… hope you have a lot of stamina… because I'm far from done." Emerald said with a demonic grin while his cock which blew a geyser, stood tall over the dazed Deku woman and near the other fully aware Deku woman and two Zora when Emerald's stamina was nothing to scoff at.

The four… or three ladies since one was still in a slight daze, were surprised to see Emerald's dick still raging on.

One of the Zora's licked her lips.

"Oh we're just getting started." She said.

"Hehe… good… now unless anyone has any complaints… think I can give this sexy Deku lady a good time for her work earlier?" Emerald said when he grins at the trio who looks at him before he looks at the dazed Deku woman to see how she was doing so far.

The Deku woman was able to come out of her daze as the trio shook their heads at Emerald.

"Hehe, great… time to see how tight a Deku woman is." Emerald said when he moved the Dazed Deku woman as she starts to come out of her stupor… and her eyes widen when she saw Emerald's dickhead rubbing her folds while he grins at her with a lustful look in his eyes.

The Deku woman was again surprised before shuddering as she after feeling Emerald's dick on her folds.

A moment later, with Emerald being careful thanks to her greatly short stature… Emerald slowly pushed the head of his cock into her pussy and everyone could already see the Deku woman getting stretched out greatly at the 4 inch mark for obvious reasons which hit the Deku woman's cervix.

The Deku woman groans as she felt the inside of her pussy stretching before they tried to take the shape of Emerald's dick.

Emerald groans from the feeling and after a couple minutes, he starts to thrust hips hips gently and his dick went in and out of the Deku woman's pussy again and again when she took in a cock that was not naturally made for her size while the barbs scrape against her soaked walls again and again.

The Deku woman groans a few times as the other Deku and two Zora women watched the scene while feeling turned on.

Zelda blushes brightly as she sees Emerald fuck the Deku as she kept groaning.

Though Emerald did get a bit dominating for a moment when he starts to talk dirty to the Deku woman.

"Hehe… wonder how long you can take a pounding like this before you pass out… first orgasm was just a top off, my next… who knows… I had practice with a Succubus so I'm not a quick shot after the first… or are you hoping I pump your cunt full of sperm… knock you up and make a new breed of Deku with flaming leaves instead of natural ones like the ones on your cute body." Emerald said while he keeps fucking the Deku woman under him.

The Deku woman couldn't form an answer as she was moaning loud from the pleasure she was getting.

That caused Emerald to chuckle before he changed positions when he moved to sit on the ground and used a hand to gently grip the Deku woman around her waist and starts to lift and lower the Deku woman like she was a sex toy to him.

The other Deku woman and two Zora women could see the fucked up look on the Deku woman's face as she moans loudly.

That caused Emerald to continue with his actions while he keeps fucking the Deku woman at a decent pace while he could feel her getting closer and closer until...

The Deku woman moans very loud as she throws her head back as her pussy tightens on Emerald's dick before climaxing on top of it.

Emerald waits for her to calm down while she grins at her while his dick slowey pulsed inside of the Deku woman.

The Deku woman continues to climax for about 15 seconds before she finally taps off and tries to catch her breath for a bit.

Though Emerald got an evil look in his eyes when he starts to lift and lower the Deku woman on his cock before she could recover which restarted the fun for Emerald.

Zelda, along with the second Deku and two Zora women, were surprised when they saw that Emerald had more stamina when they thought as the Deku woman with Emerald was groaning and moaning again.

They watched as Emerald keeps on having the Deku woman getting lift and lowered onto his cock while he could feel himself getting close again and keeps on fucking the Deku woman more and more until...

The Deku groans loudly as she climaxed again on Emerald's dick making Zelda and a few females that are watching either licking their lips or blushing brightly… or both.

While that happened, Emerald got to his feet and pushed and pulled the Deku woman's body so he thrusts a bit deeper as a result before Emerald growled deeply when he pushed himself as deep as he could go safely into the small body of the Deku woman and filled her womb with sperm and then some while his balls clinched harshly to get his potent payload into the Deku woman's womb.

The Deku woman moans even louder as she feels that which caused her climaxed to get stronger as Zelda and a few others blushed brightly when they witnessed how much cum Emerald pumped.

He could knock up the entire village with that much stamina.

Though that maybe overestimating Emerald a bit but when he finished cumming, he pulled the Deku woman off his cock and sets her on a nearby pillow before he looks at the three other ladies.

"So… who's next?" Emerald asked while his boner still stands tall.

The other Deku and two Zora woman blushes brightly before one Zora woman quickly raised her hand.

"I'm next!" She said making the other Zora woman blink.

"No I'm next!"

Emerald blinks at that before he got a thoughtful look on his face.

"Hmm… hold on, give me a second and mind passing me my pants, I think I may have something for this… Lillum passed me a book of spells and since she is a Succubus…" Emerald said before his pants wound up in his hands faster than he thought and looks at the grinning Zora for a moment.

The Zora woman wondered what Emerald was gonna do.

"And what's so special about the book?" She asked.

"Simple… one of these spells… if Mira and Lillum are right… should be… Aha!" Emerald said when he pulled out a notebook from his pants and starts to flip through pages before he found what he was looking for and starts muttering in a strange language while one of his hands glowed with a purple mist which got the people looking at him to look at his hand… right before he moved his hand to be above the base of his dick and when he pulled it away from his pelvis… an exact double of his cock was seen forming over his original one and when Emerald was done, he pockets the book as his twin barrels aimed forward loud and proud while Emerald smirks at his accomplishment at using a Succubus taught spell.

The women were shocked at what they saw… more so same with Zelda.

'He can make two of them?!' She thought with wide eyes.

"H-How is that even possible?" The last Deku woman in the group said while Emerald looked thoughtful.

"Well…" Emerald said before the scene flashed back to awhile ago...

Xan's hidden Village/ Lillum's hidden area/ Emerald, Lillum, Mira

"You want me to try what!?" Emerald said with a shocked look on his face as Lillum and Mira giggle a bit.

"We want you to try and learn spells and what's better than learning from me and Mira?, besides with my spells it will allow you to please all of us in your harem Mr. Demonic Harem king… and possibly others as well… right Mira?" Lillum said when she smiles at Mira while Emerald had a blush on his face from the harem King part.

"Hehe… oh yes. With our help, every woman in the world will bow at your feet." Mira said before chuckling as she starts to imagine the many women that Emerald could please.

Emerald just sweatdrops at the duo when he could see Lillum and Mira giggling.

"W-Well I'm willing to learn but how do you even know if I can use spells pretty much tailored for the Succubus and Incubus species?" Emerald said when he brought up that point but was surprised when Lillum giggles.

"Oh Mira and I also considered that issue… but Mira told me that Demise being the Demon King wasn't for show and could use many spells… besides… remember when you obliterated that Hylian Uncle fucker who messed with everyone?, well you had fire and lightning attributes in many attacks from what we can see so why not test some pretty sexy spells…" Lillum said while she grins at Emerald.

Mira chuckles a bit.

"She's right so what do you say my Lord? Could be worth your while."

Emerald blinks at that before he sighs.

"A-Aright… so… teachers… what spell am I learning first?" Emerald said which made Mira and Lillum smirk which made Emerald jolts and 20 minutes later with Emerald learning the proper words and memorizing how to say them with Lillum writing them down… Lillum drooled quite a bit when she saw Emerald in the nude when he had two cocks equipped on his person which showed he could learn the sexy spells of the sex demon trade.

Mira was in the same boat as she licks her lips at the sight. She was already feeling wet as she imagines Emerald using both dicks on her.

"S-So… how did I do?" Emerald said while Lillum wiped her mouth clean.

"H-Hold on… we gotta make sure you can use them right… I mean it won't be good for your stamina to be shot since you have two cocks now so twice the sensitivity… so might as well have Mira and I help you practice before you use them on Maite and the others…. Right Mira?" Lillum said when she looks at Mira with a lustful smirk on her face.

Mira looks at Lillum with the same look.

"Why of course Lillum. I mean after all… practice makes perfect."

That caused the two ladies to look at Emerald with hungry looks which made Emerald jolt while he steps back a few times and a moment later… Mira and Lillum jumps Emerald which made him scream like a girl while the scene went back to the present.

Present/ Female Zora/Deku Village/ Head hut/ Emerald's group/ Emerald, Two Zora women, Two Deku women (one dazed, one conscious), Zelda (Bystander for now)

"So… while I had free time not aware to Maite, Azure, and the others, Lillum and Mira had me train with my two dicks when I use this spell so now I can last quite a bit before blowing… said it would be best and seems like this would be a good situation to work on it right?... so… what do you ladies think?" Emerald asked with a smile on his face while his two dicks pulsed from how ready he was for the fun right now.

The women believe that they hit the jackpot before the two Zora women looks at Emerald with lust in their eyes.

"Oh this works out well for us." One Zora woman said.

"Hehe… indeed sister, works out very well for the two of us." The other said which made Emerald blink a few times.

"You two are sisters?" Emerald asked which made one of the Zora giggle.

"Well duh, Zora lay clutches of eggs after all." One Zora said which made Emerald sweatdrop.

"Oh… right… hehe." Emerald said before chuckling while he had this thought.

"Seriously?, not complaining but this is like with Maite and Rachel and they are sisters as well… do I have some kind of luck with twins or something?" Emerald thought since the two Zora looked exactly alike to him for the most part, just different colored fins on their bodies.

The Zora woman chuckles before she looks at her sister.

"So sister, how should we do this? Should we let him take us or… do we ride him?" She said with a smirk.

"Hmmm… well why not get a taste of those cocks first?, should give our hero a reward since he was knocking out those Hylians near us and would have gotten the rest if that conversation didn't happen which surprised him." One sister said while she grins at her sister.

"Hmmm… that is true." The second sister said before she eyes Emerald a bit she licks her lips.

That caused Emerald to chuckle while he gets on his feet.

"Well why not get over here and get a good view ladies before you get a taste." Emerald said with a somewhat dominant grin on his face without him knowing it.

The two sisters chuckled before they approached Emerald while swaying their hips.

Emerald looked on with a grin on his face while the two women get in front of him, but before they could do anything, Emerald placed his hands on their asses and pulled them in before he kissed one on the lips and switched to kiss the other before all three make out intensely with their tongues fighting one another while Zelda watched on when she saw how aggressive Emerald was with the kisses while his hands fondles their ass cheeks.

Zelda blushes brightly as she sees the two Zora women moan as they kiss Emerald while moving their hands to start stroking his dicks.

Emerald groans from that while the two Zora sisters kissed their way down Emerald's body till they were kneeling in front of Emerald's dicks while they were carefully aimed at their heads without harming Emerald's body and he grins at the two women who got close up looks of his duel dicks which looked exactly like one another.

The two sisters sniffed it even though one had the first Deku woman's juices on it before the Zora women starts licking Emerald's dicks.

Emerald groans from the feeling and he lightly pets their heads when he liked what was going on so far when he loved the feeling of their cool hands and tongues.

The two Zora women enjoyed the petting as they kept licking his dicks before they took turns fondling Emerald's balls.

Emerald shuddered from the feeling and lets out a groan when he had nothing to say when he keeps on enjoying their work while wondering what they thought as they keep pleasing Emerald's massive cocks while a side thought did wonder what Zelda thought as well when he noticed her glancing his way.

'Oh wow… his cock tastes so good.' The first sister thought.

'I wonder if his cum can come out from this.' The second sister thought as she licks the duplicate.

Zelda, who watches, was blushing brightly as she sees Emerald being… worshipped.

'Sweet Goddesses… those two are really going at it with the licking. Could his… members actually taste good?'

Though Emerald was no mind reader, he did want to mess with Zelda a bit when he summoned his Demise Spectre which bent past Emerald and starts to finger the Zora Sister's folds with large fingers while it itself mimicked Emerald with its own set of duel dicks… much bigger than Emerald's thanks to the Spectre's larger frame while Emerald grins when he doubled the doubling and had four cocks to use right now.

Zelda was surprised that Emerald summoned the spectre again before blushing brightly when she heard both sisters moan in unison before Zelda turns her head away.

Emerald keeps on having the Specter finger the Zora sisters folds while he keeps on enjoying the Zora sisters work for now and waits to see what else they would do.

Emerald's question was answered when the two Zora sisters opened their mouths and swallows both dicks before they start bobbing their heads back and forth.

Emerald moans from the feel of the Zora sister's mouths and his dicks lightly pulse in the Zora Sisters's mouths when they went deep in their mouths again and again.

The two Zora sisters hums as they bob their heads harder while the Spectre kept fingering their holes.

For a few minutes, Emerald keeps on fingering their folds before he has the Specter move it's fingers to their assholes and teasing rubbed their assholes without pushing it's fingers inside them.

The two Zora sisters moans as they felt their assholes getting played with which caused them to bob their heads a bit faster.

All the moaning and what not from Emerald and the Zora sisters caused Zelda to glance back right when the Specter thrusts it's fingers into the Zora Sisters's assholes and fingers them at a rough pace.

Zelda blushes brightly at the sight as the two Zora sisters moan loudly before they had their tongues teased the tips on Emerald's dicks.

Emerald grunts when he felt that and after a few minutes, Emerald could feel his orgasm approaching which was felt by the sisters when Emerald's dicks throb more and more as time went on.

That caused the two sisters to double their efforts. Although one Zora sister decided to fondle Emerald's ball sack and the other… decided to surprise him by… probing and fingering Emerald's asshole.

Emerald jolts from that action and his control slipped and let's out a loud groan before blowing his load from both dicks… hard…

The Zora sisters were a bit surprised at how much cum Emerald let out before they tried to swallow it.

That failed miserably though since they were not succubuses and while they did drink a lot, most of it flowed down their chin and breasts and showed that Emerald's loads didn't drop in the amount it had.

Zelda was surprised when she saw this.

'Just how much… cum does he have?!' She thought as the Zora sisters kept trying to swallow Emerald's cum as they bob their heads a bit on Emerald's dicks.

Emerald grinds his teeth from that and groans when he tapped off 12 seconds later and pants for breath when he felt a bit winded from how strong the orgasm was while his dicks were getting licked clean by the Zora sisters.

The Zora sisters hums in unison as they enjoyed the taste of Emerald's cum as they kept licking his dicks clean.

When they were done, they start to make out with one another and licked their own bodies clean while Emerald's dicks, who barely wilted, went back to full power from the hot scene before him.

As the two sisters kissed, Zelda couldn't believe as she saw this.

'What the fuck?! They're sisters!' She thought.

Though since she didn't complain out loud, all she could do was watch as they cleaned one another's bodies off before they look at Emerald's dicks with lustful looks on their faces when Emerald still seemed to go strong.

"Hehe, so… were you pleased by our actions… my lord?" The first Zora sister said as she licks her lips.

Emerald blinks at the lord thing before he chuckles when he could just chalk it up to some kind of roleplay.

"Well my dear… I'm sure I'll show you how pleased I am when I put you and your sexy sister into pleasure comas… so why not have one of you on your back and the other get on top so we can really start the fun." Emerald said while he grins at the sisters with a lustful look in his eyes.

The two sisters chuckles before a moment later, the second sister was laying on her back as the first sister gets on top before their folds were in view.

Emerald grins at that before he moved to get between the Sisters legs and gripped his dicks and used them to rub their folds with the head of his cocks to help get them lubed with their juices.

The Zora sisters shudders at the feeling before they look at Emerald.

"Come on… Master. Really give our pussies a good fucking." They said in unison with lustful looks on their faces.

That caused Emerald to chuckle before he gripped the upper sister's hips and pushed his hips forward and his cocks went deep inside of the sisters's pussies and Emerald didn't hold back with getting as deep as possible so he hit their cervixes in no time flat as a result.

The sisters groans in unison as they felt their pussies getting stretched after feeling that.

Emerald gave them a moment to adjust before he starts to thrust his hips and thanks to the Zora's larger bodies, Emerald was able to get much deeper without much trouble with each thrust and managed to get about 9 inches or so inside of the Zora women's pussies.

The Zora sisters groan again before they start to moan as they begin to enjoy having their pussies fucked.

That caused Emerald to fuck their pussies while he used a hand to smack the upper sister's ass while he summoned his spectre's right arm which smacked the lower sisters ass, seems Emerald practiced a bit to summon only parts of the specter it seems.

The two Zora sisters groan and moan from having their asses smacked which caused their pussies to tightened around Emerald's dicks.

Emerald chuckles while he keeps on doing what he was doing and for a few minutes thanks to his earlier orgasms, he was going strong and could feel the sisters getting closer and closer, more so with each smack of their asses until…

The two sisters moans a bit loud in unison as their pussies climaxed on Emerald's two dicks.

Emerald however still went strong with his thrusts while he fucked the sisters through their orgasms.

Zelda watched with a surprised look as she blushes brightly as the Zora sisters continues to moan loud.

That caused Emerald to fuck the sisters at a more intense rate while his orgasm slowly approached him at a slow pace.

The two Zora sisters kept on moaning before the first sister leans down and kissed the second sister's lips.

That caused the second sister to kiss the first which caused Emerald to fuck the sisters at a faster rate while their orgasms approches them again.

Zelda continues to watch as she lightly gulps as the two sisters really got into the kissing while feeling their orgasms approaching.

A couple minutes later, Emerald made a few more thrusts and roars when he pushed his cocks as deep as he could go which busts into the Zora sisters wombs and blasts his load into them which slowly made their wombs bloat from the amount.

The two Zora sisters moan very loudly as they feel their insides getting filled up before they climaxed on Emerald's dicks again.

Emerald rides out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan and pulled his dicks free from the two sisters holes and saw his load leak from them while he pants for breath.

The two sisters, after tapping off, pants a few times as they shudder a bit from feeling Emerald's load leaking out.

Emerald chuckles at that while he takes a moment to take a breather.

"*Phew, talk about intense, mind if we take 5 before we continue with those sexy asses of yours?, didn't get much to eat or drink when we went through that forest and got here so you could say I'm running on fumes." Emerald said while he wiped his forehead with his arm, he did look a bit wiped since the trek through the woods were not easy and best he had was soup earlier.

The second Deku woman, who didn't get a turn yet while watching the intense fucking, chuckles a bit.

"Why of course. Can't have you be all too tired out before you have some fun with me."

Emerald blinks when he looks at her.

"Oh, I thought you would go for Duford's group though… looks like he's getting overpowered already." Emerald said when he looks at Duford while he felt a bit of pity for the Royal Guardsman when he was forced onto his back while Ayuyat rode his cock with her ass while she grins down at him when he looked greatly drained and somewhat pale.

"Whats the matter Fancy ears!, not get enough tail at Hyrule Castle Town?, this is your third shot yet you seem down for the count already!, you need more practice before you can knock up a prime Zora woman like me!" Ayuyat said while she tightened her ass on poor Duford's cock who couldn't take anymore from the tightness and groans loudly when he came hard in Ayuyat's ass while Emerald sweatdrops and looks at the Deku woman who left and returned with some nice smelling juice in a large cup and a large slab of meat.

"So… how come your leader doesn't have a lover?, what about the Deku leader?, got a king?" Emerald asked which made the Zora sisters and the Deku woman get… off looks on their faces which confused Emerald greatly as he took the food and drinks from the Deku woman.

"Well… lets just say our leader… though nice… is a sexist and doesn't think women are good for things like battle or other things that men can do, we keep a small amount of male Deku here mainly for the fact that they were born here so they are not polluted by that way of thinking… same with Male Zora though most male Zora normally go around to other hidden Zora villages to look for mates so we rarely have men of age here… so guys like you are a blessing here since we do need to repopulate a bit but… well…" The Deku woman said while she blushed when she looked down at Emerald's massive duel decks which made him chuckle.

"Well… pretty sure once I get a break and get something in my gut, I'll make sure to satisfy you all, as for the sexist thing… some of you ladies may want to visit my place if you want people to treat you fairly, you could learn how to fight from some kick butt women as well, some ladies like my friends's mom like Emelina can really kick ass when she is not worrying for her newborn child Eruru, you can even bring other ladies if you want to look for strong mates who respect their women in and out of the bedroom… hell since I got this thing and it was most likely the real reason you all stay here, you all could move there and we can even bring your Guardian as well and the Succubuses there can take care of its urges… though... we were attacked once by a large group of evil Hylians who left us much worse off then here at least home wise and we are rebuilding to make the place better than ever, but we won't let that happen again… that I can promise." Emerald said while he grins at the Deku woman without a hint of ill intent or malice in his eyes and seemed very determined as well.

The two Deku women and Zora sisters looked to one another for a moment before looking at Emerald.

"Well… we may have to talk with Ayuyat about this but if what you say is true, then we wouldn't mind settling in your village." One Zora sister said.

Emerald grins at that before he took a bite of his food.

"Hehe, great, I'm sure many would love strong sexy ladies like you helping out in the village, could even help expand one of the borders of the village to me renovated to be like this place, plenty of trees so the Deku can live like they have been here and plenty of lakes and rivers so plenty of places for Zora to swim… may need to make connecting rivers to the main one in the soon to be Zora home if all things go well… OH!, I nearly forgot, I came here for a Crate of Gold dust originally for an Armos named Grit, do you ladies mine for the Gold dust somewhere here?" Emerald asked when he looks at the Deku and Zora women.

The four ladies blinked a bit.

"We do. But we mine it underwater and store the gold dust in a place only the Deku know." The other Zora sister said making the two Deku women, after the first recovered from earlier somewhat to be apart of the conversation, nod their heads in agreement.

"But since you helped save us. We can show you an alternate way to get to the gold dust. You just need to get Ayuyat's permission." One Deku woman said.

"Well after overhearing what I heard, a new place for us to stay at would be a good thing all things considered but the Gold here is still a massive resource to worry about, one of the reasons why we set up shop here." Ayuyat said when she walked to the group as semen dripped from her ass a bit while Duford was being fanned by a few Deku women when they tried to keep Duford alive while some Zora women had him drink a few cups of water.

Duford tries to drink the water as Zelda sweatdrops while feeling sorry for the only knight she trusts now after what happened, as Zelda listened to the conversation.

"That is true. Unless your village had gold dust in your waters then we be all set to move." The first Zora sister said.

"Well… not sure about that so may have you sexy ladies look when we start the moving process… but I believe I can make things easy… hey Zelda, remember the Reconstruction ring and the Sheikah slate combo I have?" Emerald said when he grins at Zelda while everyone blinks and wondered what Emerald meant when he talked about those items.

Zelda blinks a bit in confusion for a moment before her eyes widened when she realized something.

"W-Wait… you're going to use those two things to move all their gold and gold dust?"

Emerald just grins at Zelda and chuckles at her.

"Well… can't hurt to try and if I have to make multiple trips to get it all then so be it… but I'm sure this thing can hold 100 tons of gold, gramps said this thing if used right can hold the entire village where I'm home and that place is massive for a hidden village, might as well be the hidden monster capital of the world and since Hyrule forest is even bigger, there can be smaller towns there as well to boot and still hide them from intruders." Emerald said with a serious look in his eyes while everyone's eyes widen at what Emerald said… not even this Zora/Deku village was that big all things considering… so how massive could Emerald's home be?

"Y-You can seriously do that?" One Zora sister said with a surprised look on her face.

Emerald rubbed the back of his head while he grins at her.

"Well my gramps hasn't lied yet and he's the chieftain of the entire place and one of the strongest people there, if we were not taken by surprise I'm sure gramps would have ripped the enemy apart with his two hands, his name is Xan Grandblade and I think he had an old title when he was younger as the Sage of War, not like an actual sage mind you but just showed how powerful he was among monster kind." Emerald said when he didn't think much of it but was confused when everyone… even Zelda had stunned looks on their faces for some reason.

"Errr… is something wrong?" Emerald said when even Ayuyat the normally foul mouthed and tough as nails leader of the Zora looked stunned.

"Y-You're grandfather is… Xan Grandblade?... The Xan Grandblade?!" The first Deku woman said.

Emerald blinked a few times before he sipped his drink for a moment.

"Yeah… though why the shock?, sure he was a powerful fighter in the past and still could kick my ass if I'm not careful during training but… nowadays… he's more or less the loveable king of pervs back home." Emerald said while he sipped his drink with closed eyes.

"Emerald… Your grandfather is one of the oldest monsters that still lives to this day. Records shows that he fought many, many battles. Not even strategists at Hyrule could match any of his wits." Zelda said.

"Seriously?... well now that I think about it, if we had a few more minutes before your Uncle attacked us, things would have been very different as a result with Gramps using some special magic to link minds with others so he can issue commands and my home wouldn't be in shambles and being repaired even as we speak… but no use crying over spilled milk so to speak…" Emerald said when he remembered a few times when he was called not by a wallmaster but by Xan himself.

The Zora and Deku women all had thoughtful looks as they heard that but Zelda felt a bit guilty knowing that her uncle was the reason for doing this.

Now she was feeling worried if her effort to prove to Emerald was in vain since she is believing her own people could be evil after witnessing what Arwen and those knights did.

Though Ayuyat managed to get her bearings and chuckles at Emerald.

"Damn, gotta say you are full of surprises… so you want us to pledge our loyalty or something if we want to be taken to your super home?" Ayuyat said which made Emerald's eyebrow twitch.

"Serious what is with you ladies and expecting me to be some kind of demon king?, granted I'm reincarnated from Demise but like Zelda who was reincarnated from Hylia, I'm a different person from Demise, anyway I just finished my meal so who's next?" Emerald said which made Ayuyat smirk.

"How about taking me on Mr. Demon King, I want to see if you could even satisfy me unlike your knocked out friend there… besides the rumors among the Hidden village grapevine told me you got a lot of ladies in a harem of yours so why not try getting a few more here?" Ayuyat said which made Emerald blink a few times before he facepalms.

"Good grief… something tells me I'll have more ladies then I can count by the time we get through this issue with the Hylian Royal family… fine… if people expect me to at least be a harem king in the future… might as well stop fighting it and start with getting the Zora Queen to be my bitch." Emerald said with a challenging grin on his face when he stands up to look Ayuyat in the face with a lustful look in his eyes.

Everyone else blinked a bit as Ayuyat chuckled.

"Hehe, cute. Though action speaks louder than words." She said with a challenging grin.

That caused Emerald to grin while he used a leg from the specter to knock Ayuyat down when the specter hit the back of her knees which put her off balance and Emerald used quick hand movements and surprisingly strength to pull the oversized Zora woman in for an intense kiss when he held the back of her head with a tight grip to keep her from pulling away to counter.

The women and Zelda were a bit surprised that when they saw Emerald do that and though Ayuyat was bit caught off guard, she wasn't gonna be outdone as she returns the kiss and made it a bit animalistic.

That was fine with Emerald when he used a hand to fondle Ayuyat's left breast which to Ayuyat if she was normal size, would be around C in size, but thanks to her unnatural size with her being a Royal Zora, they were more like F to G in size and didn't weigh her down at all but Emerald's fingers sank in easily even if they were firm to the touch when he didn't hold back in making sure Ayuyat remembered this.

Ayuyat mentally chuckles at this before she uses both of her hands and grab Emerald's dicks before she starts stroking them.

Emerald groans a little and he sent his fingers into Ayuyat's folds and the second Deku woman who didn't get a turn had a small twinkle in her eyes when she approached Ayuyat's ass and starts to clean it out when she starts to suck the semen from Ayuyat's asshole, she even helped Emerald really mess up Ayuyat's pussy when she adds a few of her own fingers to Ayuyat's folds and though Emerald was surprise, he just went with it and keeps on moving his fingers as Ayuyat's pussy was stretched a bit further than normal…. Or was it still normal since she was larger than the normal Zora?... either way seems like Emerald had a partner against Ayuyat for now.

Ayuyat jolts a bit when she felt her ass was being cleaned but went with it as she went rougher on her strokes.

For a bit everyone watched as Emerald keeps kissing Ayuyat before he went to suck on her right nipple hard while his teeth lightly bit down on the nipple to really get Ayuyat going.

"F-Fuck." Ayuyat groans from that action before she stroke Emerald's dick faster and harder as the second Deku woman kept cleaning and eating out the lead Zora woman's ass.

For a bit, Emerald and the Deku woman keep on pleasing Ayuyat while the Deku woman ate out Ayuyat's ass before Emerald pulled his head back and looks around to the Deku woman.

"Hey… is Ayuyat's ass ready?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face.

It took a moment before the second Deku woman looks at Emerald.

"Oh yes… it's ready." She said with a smirk.

That caused Emerald to grin when the Deku woman stepped back for a moment.

"Hehe… good." Emerald said when he summoned his specter for some reason and Emerald gripped Ayuyat's shoulders tightly for some reason which forced Ayuyat's hands off his cocks.

Ayuyat and the Deku woman blinks a bit when they saw the specter.

"Why summon this guy? Afraid you can't handle someone like me?" She said with a grin.

Emerald chuckles a few times and surprised everyone when he tossed Ayuyat into the air for a moment and caught Ayuyat as the Specter moved on Emerald's command to stand behind Ayuyat and gripped her ass to catch her as well which resulted in Emerald holding Ayuyat's legs wide.

"Quite the opposite my dear Zora Queen… considering normal stuff won't work on you… why not get really extreme and do this." Emerald said when he used a hand to aim both his dicks at Ayuyat's folds while he got an evil grin as the Specter aimed its own cocks at Ayuyat's completely unguarded and cleaned asshole while the Specter mimicked Emerald and gave an evil grin of its own as well.

Everyone else was surprised when they saw what Emerald and the specter were about to do as Ayuyat, though a bit surprised, chuckles.

"Oh kinky. Well then. I say… bring it on pussies."

That caused Emerald's grin to get more evil when he just fucked it and slammed Ayuyat balls deep onto both his and the Specter's cocks and wait for Ayuyat's reaction to the massive double penetration.

Ayuyat's eyes widen at the big penetration.


Emerald just chuckles before he and the specter pull their hips back and slam themselves back into Ayuyat again and again while the dicks in Ayuyat stretched her folds and asshole wide which was seen by everyone.

Ayuyat groans loudly as she kept repeating the word a few times as Zelda and the other women blushed at the scene, though the Deku and Zora were used to their leader's profanity.

That resulted in Emerald and the specter fucking Ayuyat harder while Emerald used his hands to really smack Ayuyat's ass cheeks hard which left redder and redder handprints on her ass while he and the specter double their actions while they worked to fuck Ayuyat's holes so hard that many wondered if Ayuyat's holes would be the same again.

Ayuyat kept groaning loudly and thanks to the smacking, she felt her holes tightening a bit a bit on Emerald's and the Specter's dicks.

That caused Emerald to groan while the specter stayed silent as they fucked Ayuyat harder and faster then most thought… seems Emerald really got a recharge thanks to that break and meal because he was fucking at a faster rate than with the Zora sisters.

Zelda was just staring at AWE at the sight.

'Was there something in the food that gave Emerald new energy?' She thought.

Though no one answered her voiceless thought when she watched as Emerald fuck Ayuyat harder and faster while his body sweats a bit from the effort while he could feel Ayuyat getting closer and closer until…

"F- FUCKING CUMMING!" Ayuyat groans loudly as she climaxed hard from her pussy.

Emerald however proved many that he was used to powering through orgasms when he and the Specter keep on fucking Ayuyat through her orgasm and beyond when Emerald fights back to keep from cumming which in turn kept the Specter from cumming as well… all in all… Emerald's body starts to steam and his sweat evaporates when he keeps on raising his power and Ayuyat couldn't do anything now when she was nothing more then a fuck toy for the reincarnated Demon King.

Everyone notices the steam as Ayuyat, after tapping off, kept groaning a few more times before she starts moaning.

"H-Hehe… hows this for pussies?, bet you regret taunting me huh?, huh!?" Emerald growled out while he fucked Ayuyat even harder like he was giving her a slight punishment now with too much of a good thing can go bad since he wasn't being gentle after all.

However, Ayuyat did surprise Emerald when she gripped his head with her hands and growled in his face.

"S-Stop talking and… KEEP FUCKING ME!"

Emerald blinks at that before he got a determined look on his face.

"Oh you are asking for it now bitch… better kiss your sanity goodbye because I'm fucking it away now… oh and ladies… I'll need another meal after this one… takes a bit out of me when I get really serious… another sex spell that Lillum taught me… allows me to go twice as fast and hard in exchange for a bit of magic…. And considering I'm a walking talking fucking demon King level of magic..." Emerald said with a demonic look on his face as his body starts to glow with a purple outline around his body as he starts to mutter a different spell.

Zelda blinks a few times while the Zora and Deku believed that their leader was a goner before wondering what spell Emerald was gonna use.

Though a moment later, Emerald's body starts to change when black tattoo like lines appeared on his body and while intricate, worked to wrap around his limbs, hips, back, neck, and face while he grins at Ayuyat.

"Last chance to back out… even Lillum the kinkiest bitch I know of and she is a succubus… a woman who loves sex, gets knocked out pretty fast after a few minutes of me using this spell… and while you are on the larger side… I can feel your pussy spasming from orgasm after uncontrolled orgasm right now…" Emerald said in one last warning to Ayuyat as the same tattoo appeared on the Specter… seems like she can kiss her ass and pussy goodbye soon.

Ayuyat sees the tattoos but just smirks at Emerald.

"Just do it." She said before she grips the back of Emerald's head before she pulls him in for another hard kiss.

That caused Emerald to shrug before he pulled his hips back… and a moment later, Ayuyat screamed uncontrollably into the kiss with wide eyes while Emerald thrusts his hips so hard and fast that his hips looked like blurs when they actually move with such speed that Ayuyat was barely needed to be held by Emerald or the Specter, who's hips followed suit with the blurring speedy thrusts, while they focused on just balancing Ayuyat on the rampaging cocks and the Specter roughly gripped Ayuyat's breasts and fondles them without mercy.

The Dekus and Zoras blushed brightly when they saw this though most kinda felt jealous, but also feel sorry for what Ayuyat was going through and planning to get some things to help heal her later.

Zelda was staring with wide eyes as she blushed brightly and whether or not she noticed, seems the young Hyrule royal was getting a bit wet between her legs.

Though Emerald never noticed that detail yet when he focused on fucking Ayuyat as hard and fast as he could while he could feel his orgasm slowly approach him but did wonder what Ayuyat was thing so far… that is if she was even thinking at all with how hard of a pounding she was taking right now.

'Oh sweet fucking Goddesses! T-This is the most intense fucking I ever gotten! Where the fuck has this guy been?!'

That caused Emerald to smirk when he shockingly slows down much to Ayuyat's shock when she was so close but Emerald speeds up and slows down his thrust when Ayuyat got closer and closer again… it was like Emerald was teasing her for some reason when he kept bringing her so close to only slow down when her orgasm kept building and building without release.

Ayuyat was groaning before looking at Emerald with a serious look.

"O-Oi!... Stop with the teasing!"

That caused Emerald to chuckle before he gave Ayuyat a demonic grin.

"I want to hear you beg for it then… beg for my fucking load like the bitch that you are and I'll make sure to paint your insides with my sperm." Emerald growled out with a lustful look in his eyes while he keeps on speeding up and slowing down to mess with Ayuyat more.

Ayuyat blinked after hearing that as did the Dekus and Zoras when they had the same reaction since Ayuyat wasn't the type to beg.

That caused Emerald to chuckle when he noticed that Ayuyat was being hesitant in answering and shockingly starts to power down slowly and slows his thrusts.

"Well then… seems I'll have to save this explosive load for the Deku woman who has yet to have a turn… or maybe her highness there since I can see her legs fidgeting now that I get a good look… though seems she doesn't notice yet from my perspective." Emerald said when he glanced at the Deku woman then at Zelda.

The Deku woman blushes as she heard that while Zelda blinked a bit before she realized that her legs were fidgeting.

Ayuyat however didn't like the sound of that.

"Oh no fucking way."

"Hehe… that a no fucking way as in you won't beg or no fucking way as for me to keep going?" Emerald said with a smirk on his face as his thrusting slowed to a crawl now while his demonic grin grew wider when he was now teasing Ayuyat now.

Ayuyat glares daggers at Emerald's smugness. However, seems that she had no choice.

"... Keep… Going."

Emerald's grin widens a bit and thrusts a little faster.

"I'm sorry… mind speaking up… I maybe mishearing things on my end with how quiet you are." Emerald said with a lustful tone to his voice… oh if Lillum could see Emerald now… she would be proud.

Ayuyat was now grumbling a bit.

"Fucking…. Keep going."

"Hehe… best I'll get for now huh?... well we can work on that later… might as well reward a good bitch for finally following through with something audible by… doing… This!" Emerald said while he powered up and starts thrusting his hips at a blur again which made Ayuyat scream again while her orgasm slowly approached her again but quickly built up from how many times her orgasm was held back before while Emerald's orgasm starts to approach him.

Ayuyat was grinding her teeth as she was groaning loudly as her pussy tightens on Emerald's dicks a few times.

Though even if it was small, the fact that Ayuyat actually begged was a feat in of itself which caused the Zora and Deku women's jaws to drop while they watched as Emerald fucked Ayuyat harder and faster while Ayuyat's vision starts to blur.

"I don't believe it." One Zora sister said.

"I know." One Deku female said as she didn't want to say anything.

No one said anything else as Emerald fucked Ayuyat harder and faster while Ayuyat's body from the waist down starts to go numb while the pleasure builds until…

Ayuyat throws her head back and moans loudly as she climaxed very hard on Emerald's dicks.

That caused Emerald and the Specter to thrust their hips rapidly for a couple seconds before they pushed their cocks balls deep into Ayuyat's pussy and ass and Emerald roars when he and the Specter blew their loads into the Queen Zora and her stomach starts to bloat way beyond normal when the four cocks fired their loads nonstop like geysers… chances of pregnancy and possible rearranged guts… 100% for the womb… around 40% for the guts thing.

Ayuyat moans more as her climax got stronger as she feels her insides getting filled up more making Zelda and everyone else blushed brightly at the sight.

Emerald and the Specter ride out their orgasms before they tapped off 15 seconds later and as Ayuyat twitched in Emerald's hold, he noticed that… she just passed out if the vacant look on her face was any indication.

That caused Emerald to dismiss his specter and the demonic energy leaked out of Ayuyat's ass in a goo like form before Emerald sets Ayuyat on the ground on some nearby pillows so she could rest while everyone had majorly shocked eyes when they saw that Ayuyat was passed out while Emerald's loads leaked from her holes.

"W-Wow… You actually did something that no other man… or woman can do." Said the first Zora sister.

"Well I had great teachers, pretty sure I would have trouble if it was before I got some experience with a succubus and demon lord." Emerald said with a smirk on his face while he sat near the group.

"I'm going to need another meal and drink before I-!" Emerald said but was surprised when that the Deku woman already brought him another drink and a meal again, this time was more veggie based and the liquid was a different fruit based drink while the Deku woman who has yet to have a turn gave Emerald an eye smile of sorts.

"Can't have you weakened before my turn right?" The Deku woman said which made Emerald chuckle.

"Wow you are pretty attentive, seems you make a mate of yours a lucky person in the future if you are as kind to them as to me… but considering the situation, might as well invite the princess here since I can see some juices on her chair and she has been waiting for the longest out of everyone… and you got one orgasm earlier right?, can't be rude after all." Emerald said with a grin on his face as he looks at the Deku woman and Zelda as well surprisingly.

The Deku woman giggles as Zelda blinked a bit.

"W-What? I'm am not."

"Oh really… take a look at your chair and tell me I'm lying." Emerald said when he grins at Zelda before he starts chowing down on his meal to refuel himself.

Zelda was a bit hesitant before she brought her hand down and slightly felt some part of the chair before her eyes widened when she felt a bit of moisture.

Emerald just smirks when he saw Zelda blushing in no time flat which made him chuckle.

"Hehe… so… want to join in?, might as well make the last few rounds in me a real finish to remember… and Duford is out like a light so unless you want to leave, you might as well join in, who knows, could be good stress relief if you think about it." Emerald said while he shrugged and drank his drink for a moment.

Zelda, after looking at Duford, was blushing brightly for a bit and didn't have much to do since she can't leave by herself.

"Alright fine. However, I have some ground rules I want you to follow since I won the bet from our spar."

"Hoho… alright… Mistress… after I eat I'll follow every command of yours till you are satisfied… does this please you?... oh and don't forget, unless you talk with her, the Deku woman may not stay out of this one so better think fast while I eat." Emerald said with a grin on his face before he ate another bite of his meal.

Zelda blinked a bit before she looks at the Deku woman.

Said Deku woman just gave her an eye smile when she patiently waits to see how this would go… she was well mannered and nice… would be a shame to keep her out of the fun for a long time since she has been waiting for almost as long as Zelda for her turn.

"Well… I guess it be wrong if I don't... invite you in for this." Zelda said while feeling a bit nervous about this.

The Deku woman giggles again while Emerald chuckles at how nervous Zelda was.

"Well why not start out with undressing and lets seeing your body?, should be an obvious thing and you are the odd one out for being the only one fully dressed here." The Deku woman said to try and help Zelda relax.

Zelda blushes brightly after hearing that. Sadly for her, Emerald and Duford seen her naked before thanks to the guardian.

The young Hyrule Royal nervously gets up and starts to take off her clothes due to how nervous she was.

While she was slow in undressing, she did undress and when she finished… she stood in front of everyone with B to C sized breasts, perky and firm, wide hips, a strong looking body from her training, and was fully shaven near her pussy… all in all… she looked like a Goddess with how perfect she looked… even Emerald muttered something before he could stop himself.

"B-Beautiful…" Emerald said when he seemed mesmerized with how perfect Zelda looked right now.

Zelda blushes brightly when she heard Emerald.


Emerald blinks and blushed when he realized what he said but didn't hold back what he thought now.

"I said you look beautiful… and I get why Demise fell for Hylia if she looks as good as you, not hard to see why many people would be enthralled with your beauty… and your personality since you speak your mind." Emerald said while he grins at Zelda.

Zelda was blushing more after hearing that as some of the Dekus and Zora's chuckled.

lly just lay down and try and keep my eyes closed till time passes in a blink so slEmerald finished his meal in no time flat and after wiping his mouth with a napkin, he stands up and walked to Zelda.

"So… what is your first command My lady?... or mind if I do just one thing first to break the ice?" Emerald said when he played up the regal tone to sound more kingly like while he looks down at the slightly smaller woman in front of him.

Zelda was thoughtful for a moment before looking at Emerald.


Emerald just grins when he used a hand to pull Zelda in so that her chest touched his and he used a hand to make Zelda look up when he used a finger on her chin… Emerald then slowly leaned in before he gave Zelda a gentle kiss on the lips before he did it again… this time with more Oomph and he used his tongue to touch Zelda's lips like he was asking permission to enter… however he was surprisingly gentle with Zelda like he was worried he may break her or something.

Zelda was beyond caught off guard by this action and was blushing brightly as she just got her first kiss.

Though Emerald keeps the kiss up while he used his other hand to rub Zelda's back as he keeps having his tongue knock against Zelda's lips to see if she would open or not as she starts to regain her bearings.

Zelda was blushing more as she finally collected herself. She would've tried to light push Emerald away but with how gentle he was, Zelda had no choice but to slightly open her mouth a bit.

That caused Emerald to make the kiss more intense for Zelda when he slipped his tongue into her mouth and his tongue gently went to play with hers while he keeps on rubbing her back in relaxing ways.

Zelda muffles a bit before she starts to relax little by little before Zelda slowly returns the kiss.

That allowed Emerald to have his tongue play more with Zelda's while Emerald was slowly getting erect and Zelda felt both dicks poke her legs when they blocked Emerald from getting fully erect.

Zelda blushes again as she felt both dicks but was now a bit more focused on the kiss as Zelda somehow had her tongue actually interacted with Emerald's tongue.

That amused Emerald a bit while he moved his hand from Zelda's back and lightly touched her left breast with a couple fingers to see how she would react.

That action actually made Zelda lightly moans into the kiss which made the young royal blush brightly.

That caused Emerald to pull away from the kiss and steps back from Zelda while he grins at the look that she had on her face.

Zelda had took a breath but had a slightly dazed look which meant that she actually enjoyed the kiss whether Zelda realized it or not.

Emerald cleared his throat to get Zelda's attention while his two dicks stood at the ready.

"H-Huh?" Zelda said after getting back to reality.

Emerald and everyone chuckles for a moment before they get under control.

"You zoned out on us, was the kiss that good your highness or should I call you Zelda from now on?" Emerald said with a smirk on his face.

Zelda blushes brightly after hearing that before turning her head in embarrassment.

"D-Do what you want that's c-comfortable."

"Alright Zelda… or for this one sided order fun… Mistress… what is your first official command that will satisfy your desires?" Emerald said when he got into the role of the submissive but confidant man.

Zelda blushes a bit before gulping.

"F-First… I want you to… l-lick my… w-womanhood."

"Alright… but what position?, fully your call here after all." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Zelda was feeling nervous but still managed to give the command.

"I want you to… lay on your back."

Emerald shrugged before he did so and his dicks stood like towers while he points at his face.

"Mistress… your throne awaits." Emerald said with a lustful look in his eyes.

Zelda blushes brightly for a bit before she cautiously walked towards Emerald till Emerald's head was between Zelda's legs as her folds were above the Emerald's face.

Emerald just waits for Zelda to move when she hesitated to squat down for a few seconds.

The Zoras and Dekus watched as Zelda finally lowers down till she felt her folds touched Emerald's lips.

That's when Emerald's mouth opened and his hands went to her ass which caused Zelda to lean forward on her feet for a second and Emerald had full access to her pussy and ass which Emerald attacked with his tongue in one long lick again and again.

Zelda jolts when she first felt her ass get grabbed before she shudders and lets out a groan from the extensive licking.

That caused Emerald to focus on her pussy for a bit when he really licked her folds and slowly pushed his tongue deeper and deeper with each lick while the Deku woman moved to join in when she walked to Zelda and opened her wood like mouth wide and took one of Zelda's breasts into her mouth and sucked hard while licking at her nipple.

Zelda was a bit surprised by this action before she let out another groan a few times as she blushes brightly.

That really caused the Deku woman and Emerald to really work on pleasing her virgin body while the Deku woman used a leafy hand to play with her free breast and Emerald used a finger to tease her asshole to let her know what was about to happen.

Zelda blinked when she realized what Emerald was gonna do but didn't say anything as she groans again from the pleasure she was feeling.

That's when Emerald slowly pushed his finger into Zelda's asshole so she could she could get used to the intruder while the Deku woman used her other free hand to play with Zelda's bud while Emerald's tongue went deep into Zelda's folds to really get her worked up while the duo wondered how Zelda was doing.

This time Zelda let out a moan as the pleasure was affecting her a bit.

That caused Emerald to push a second finger into Zelda's ass but that seemed a bit much when Zelda groans and came surprisingly hard and quick on Emerald's face but he went with it since she was a virgin and just lapped up the juices she let out while the Deku woman moved to suck on her other breast while the freed up breast was played with with her leafy hand.

Zelda's orgasm got a bit strong as she moans again before tapping off at the 15 second mark.

Emerald and the Deku woman in turn stopped what they were doing so Zelda could breath… they wanted to do more but didn't want to overload Zelda right now and Emerald pulled his fingers from Zelda's asshole.

It took a bit before Zelda was fully recovered before she groans after feeling Emerald's fingers leaving her ass.

After a minute or two, Emerald tapped Zelda's ass to ask if she could move or get to the next order already.

Zelda remembers that Emerald was under her before the young royal moved a bit away from Emerald after getting up.

Emerald sat up and wiped his face clean while the Deku woman moved away from Zelda while licking her leafy hand clean.

"So… next order Mistress?" Emerald asked with a teasing grin on his face.

Zelda blushes a bit from the teasing.

"Next I… want you to… lay on your side."

Emerald blinks at that before he did as told while he used a pillow to prop his head for now while his two cocks pointed to the side.

Zelda gulps as she was about to do something she would never do before looking at the Deku woman.

"Make sure you... get behind me."

The Deku woman looked confused however but followed the order… though seems Zelda didn't think this through when the Deku woman was behind Zelda's ass while they stood in front of Emerald now while Emerald got a good view from his side laying position… was she trying to mess with Emerald by giving him a show?

Well the Deku woman thought so because she moved her hands to Zelda's ass and felt her ass cheeks up for a moment.

Zelda blinks a bit.

"I-I didn't say for you to grab my… ass. Wait till I give the signal." She said to the Deku woman.

"Oh, sorry, but you were standing in front of him and I didn't get why you had me stand behind you unless it was for some kind of show." The Deku woman said when she lets Zelda's ass go.

Zelda shook her head.

"Y-You'll see why." She said before a moment later, Zelda surprised Emerald and everyone else that was watching as Zelda lays on her side, but made sure that she was face Emerald's dicks.

Emerald blinks at that and the Deku woman noticed that there was space between Emerald's head and Zelda's legs and got the idea now when she got between Emerald and Zelda with her head facing Zelda's pussy and the Deku woman's pussy was facing Emerald's head.

Zelda blushes brightly as she looks at Emerald's two dicks before she nervously grabbed both with both hands to get a better feel of them.

She could feel them pulsing and throbbing in her hands while she could feel how warm they were, Emerald even kept quiet as Zelda got a look at how… massive and demonic Emerald's cocks were right now… they did leak a bit of precum though which dripped to the ground every now and then.

Now it was time for Zelda to go a bit further as she brought her head up to lower dick before she nervously sticks out her tongue after closing her eyes before she took a couple of light licks on the lower dick.

Emerald shuddered from that before he opened his mouth and starts to eat out the Deku woman who in turn groans from how aggressive Emerald was and in turn starts to eat out Zelda's pussy… all in all everything went pretty well and Zelda… much to her surprise… felt that Emerald's load was… surprisingly… tasty?

'Okay… considering this is my first time tasting this… how could something that came from Emerald… tastes so… good?' Zelda thought as she continues her licking before she starts using her hand to lightly stroke the upper dick.

Thankfully, the young royal remembered what to do when she got the talk about what to do in the bedroom from Arwen when she was well… less insane it seems.

That allowed Zelda to get a bit aggressive with her strokes which caused Emerald to groan while he got more aggressive with his licks and even licked at the Deku woman's asshole for a bit to mix things up.

The Deku woman moans from that action which caused her to be a bit aggressive as she ate out Zelda's pussy.

Zelda groans as well before she took a bit of initiative as she opens her mouth above the lower dick before swallowing it little by little.

Emerald hums from the feeling and used his fingers to finger the Deku woman's pussy while he tongued her ass for a bit longer.

The Deku woman moans before she slides her tongue inside Zelda's pussy before she really ate her out.

Zelda muffly groans from that action as tries to adjust to Emerald's lower dick in her mouth for a bit before Zelda slowly bobs her head up and down.

Emerald groans from the feeling and struggles to keep his hips steady as he continues to please the Deku woman while his upper dick dripped more and more onto Zelda's body when it the head pressed between her breasts.

The Deku woman moans as she enjoys this feeling as Zelda starts to bob her head a bit hard on the lower dick while stroking the upper dick a bit faster and harder.

That caused the trio to continue pleasing one another for a few more minutes before the Deku woman felt Zelda squirt on her face again out of the blue while Emerald keeps eating the Deku woman out.

It wasn't long before the Deku woman squirts on Emerald's face as Zelda kept pleasing Emerald's dicks.

Though thanks to Zelda's inexperience, Emerald was nowhere near close when he lapped up the Deku woman's juices with intense licks to make her orgasm stronger.

And stronger it did as Deku moans more while Zelda did all that she can as she sucked Emerald's lower dick.

Though Zelda did her best, Emerald was barely able to get by the throbbing stage after 4 minutes of sucking while the Deku woman went back to pleasing Zelda again.

Zelda groans from that action before she starts to get a bit irritated.

'Damn… I'm doing everything I can and he still hasn't cum. What more can a girl do?' She thought before stroking Emerald's dick a bit faster and harder.

Though thanks to her actions, Emerald manages to finally climax when he lets out a groan and his sperm shoots into her mouth and onto her chest while his dicks throbbed hard from how much he was letting out and it pooled a bit under Zelda.

Zelda was a bit caught off guard but still kept pleasing Emerald's dicks to make his climax stronger as Zelda tries to swallow Emerald's load from his lower dick.

Emerald shuddered and fidgets from the stroking before he tapped off 15 seconds later and pants for breath when he lets the Deku woman go and Emerald sat up and away from his sperm before it could touch him… though the same couldn't be said for Zelda who seemed to be in her own little world right now.

Zelda, after swallowing the load, was catching her breath as she had a deep blush on her face as her body shudders while feeling the cum on her body.

That caused the Zora Sisters to grin when they approached Zelda and start to lick the cum off her body while the first Deku woman worked to clean up the puddle on the ground with a little magic she knew which got rid of the sperm on the ground…. She didn't have enough energy for sex right now but had enough to do a few cleanups.

Zelda blushes a bit brightly as she felt the two sisters's tongues on her body as they licked the cum off.

They even teased her when they licked her nipples a few times in the process while they made extra sure to clean her chest off which had most of the mess right now.

That action made Zelda let out a slight moan before she quickly covers her mouth a bit.

Though the Zora sisters noticed and grin when they moved Zelda's hand away from her mouth and both sisters sucked hard on Zelda's erect nipples to really hear a moan from her.

Zelda tries to keep her mouth shut but unfortunately, all that teasing made the young royal to moan again but slightly loud this time.

That caused the Zora sisters to smirk a bit and pulled away when they saw Emerald stand up.

"So… Mistress… got any other orders for me?" Emerald said when he grins lustfully at the princess of Hyrule.

Zelda blushes brightly for a moment.

"I-I… want you to…" She said before mumbling something as she was very nervous.

"Huh?... what was that?" Emerald asked with a confused look as he leaned in and cupped an ear over his ear to hear things better.

Zelda had trouble saying the word.

"I want you to…t-take me." She said while blushing brightly.

Emerald blinks at that before he chuckles and grins at Zelda.

"Alright… pick a position so we can start… and want our Deky lady friend join in on the fun?" Emerald asked when he looks at the Deku woman who helped get Zelda so warmed up while she looks at Zelda with an eyesmile on her face.

Zelda blushes a bit brightly before looking at Emerald.

"A-Alright. But I have one more order."

"Alright, what is the order?" Emerald asked when he got a curious look on his face.

"If you plan to… cum… do it outside please." Zelda said.

Emerald grins at that while he had an idea.

"Alright… but on one condition… you got to stroke me off to really get me to blow… seems fair after all." Emerald said with a lustful look in his eyes.

Zelda blushes brightly after hearing that but it was the only thing that sounded logical.

"A-Alright then."

"Then we have a deal… though what about anal?, want to experience that after the first round?" Emerald asked since he did like how fuckable Zelda's ass was.

Zelda blinked a bit in surprise at that suggestion. Though she's already going this far so…

"I-I… well… fine then."

"Nice… one on one with that one I bet, but for now… mind picking the position that you and the Deku woman will get into before I give it to the both of you good?" Emerald said when he walked towards Zelda with a lustful look in his eyes.

Zelda gulps before looking at the Deku woman and seeing how small she is, seems that the young princess will have to take a bit of initiative here.

"Okay… As I lay on my back… you get on top alright?"

The Deku woman blinks at that before she giggles a bit.

"Hehe, of course your highness, just need to wait for you to get in position then." The Deku woman said with a smile on her face.

Zelda blushes a bit before a moment later, Zelda was now laying on her back with her legs spread open for a bit.

The Deku woman got on top of Zelda carefully and spreads her legs for Emerald while she faces and hugged Zelda a bit.

That caused Emerald to grin when he felt his dicks, which were slowly wilting from the lack of action get fully erect again when he had his targets in his sights and licked his lips as he got close to the waiting duo and moved to get between their legs and rubbed the heads of his dicks on their folds to get himself lubed up.

Both women, shudders from that action as Zelda blushes before she and the Deku woman waited for Emerald to start.

Though Emerald did look at Zelda with a serious look on his face.

"Relax Zelda… the first time is always painful for a woman but after that it will be a lot better." Emerald said to remind Zelda this will not be easy for her if she was tensed.

Zelda remembered from her talks with Arwen since said advisor was the one that taught Zelda about the birds and bees and was mentioned that losing a hymen will hurt… a lot.

Zelda lightly nods at Emerald before she tries to relax a bit.

That allowed Emerald to nod before he gripped Zelda's hips before he slowly pushed the head of his dick inside of Zelda and the Deku woman's pussy and waits for them to adjust… more so with Zelda since she was a practical newbie here.

The Deku woman groans as she felt Emerald's upper dick in her pussy as Zelda however was lightly grinding her teeth a bit since this was the first dick that was going in her pussy.

That caused Emerald to stop after a moment to allow Zelda to adjust to his size since he knew he was not on the small side.

It took a bit before Zelda gave him the signal to continue as the Deku woman hugs her.

Emerald nods before he pushed his cock deeper as deeper before he bumped into Zelda's or his first real woman's hymen for the first time and Emerald looks at Zelda with a look that was making sure she really wanted to go through with this.

Zelda gulps since she knew what was to come before she instinctively hugged the Deku before looking at Emerald.


Emerald nods before he thrusts his hips forward and his cocks went deep into the Deku woman's and Zelda's pussies and he bumped into their cervixes in no time flat while Zelda's pussy was stretched to the limit and bleeds from her virginity being taken here and now while Emerald stays still to let Zelda adjust.

Zelda grinds her teeth to numb the pain that she was feeling as tears leaked a bit in her eyes as the Deku woman hugs Zelda in order to make her feel better.

Emerald waits for a bit to try and let Zelda adjust but he did ask this.

"Want me to start Zelda or want me to wait?" Emerald asked with a calm tone to his voice.

Zelda took a bit before she was able to finally adjust before looking at Emerald.

"Y-You can s-start."

Emerald nods before he starts to slowly thrust his hips and his cocks went in and out of Zelda and the Deku Woman's pussies again and again and Emerald groans from the tight feeling of both the woman's pussies under him.

The Deku woman groans and moans as she was enjoying this feeling.

Zelda though was groaning as she was still trying to get use to Emerald's dick as it tries to take shape.

For a bit, with Emerald taking things slow, he watched Zelda to see how she was doing as he keep on fucking her and the Deku woman.

As the Deku moans while hugging Zelda, Zelda groans a few more times before she slightly let out a moan or two.

That caused Emerald to grin when he thrusts his hips at a faster rate, all the while enjoying the moaning that Zelda and the Deku woman gave him as time went on.

Time went a bit before the Deku woman decided to help Zelda feel more relaxed when she latches her mouth on one of Zelda's breasts.

Zelda blushes from that action before she lets out another moan.

Emerald had to smirk when he heard that and thrusts a bit harder and faster when he could feel Zelda relaxing more on his cock as time went on.

It wasn't long till Zelda was fully relaxed as she moans and groans with a nice looking pleased look on her face.

"D-Don't… s-stop." She actually said.

Emerald just grins when he heard that and thrusts his hips faster to help Zelda feel even better and in turn made his dicks bash the Deku woman and Zelda's cervixes.

The Deku woman was liking this as she moans from the intense fucking as Zelda moans got a bit loud as she felt her cervix get hit which made her pussy tighten a bit on Emerald's lower dick.

That caused Emerald to keep on going with his actions before he grits his teeth when he could feel his dicks throbbing.

"F-Fuck… going to cum soon… you sure about it being outside?" Emerald said with a strained tone while he looks at Zelda with his control slowly slipping as his thrusts got a bit more erratic.

Zelda was too lost a bit in the pleasure but could still hear Emerald's voice.

"J-Just… do it." She said.

Emerald got a strained grin as he fucked Zelda and the Deku woman harder and faster.

"A-Alright… y-you asked for… for... guh!" Emerald groans out before he growled when he pushed himself much deeper and busts past Zelda and the Deku woman's cervix before he yelled and his load bursts directly into their wombs.

Zelda and the Deku woman moans loudly in unison as their pussies tightened on Emerald's dicks before they climaxed on them.

Emerald just shuddered and gasped as he rides out his orgasm and tapped off 15 seconds later with a groan before he shakingly pulled himself free of Zelda and the Deku woman's pussies and his load leaked from them.

Zelda and the Deku woman taps off as well before the duo tries to catch their breaths while enjoying the afterglow.

Though as that happened, Zelda starts to come down from her pleasure high and realized what just happened… Emerald just came inside of her and the Deku woman so…

"D-Did you just cum inside of me?!" Zelda said with wide eyes.

"Well you did say just do it and you did have me follow your every command… besides I got a bottle of birth control and morning after just in case so don't worry about getting knocked up… besides… how does it feel to be a full on woman now?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Zelda was blushing brightly for a moment.

"Well… it was… interesting… Though I wonder why you failed to mention about birth control."

"Well considering how many women I have and will be coming after me most likely since well… lots of ladies here are coming onto me… honestly it would make more sense for me to have them then not." Emerald said with shrugging shoulders like it was supposed to be a normal thing for him to hold on with from now on before he grins at Zelda.

"So...Mistress… want me to get that virginity with your sexy ass next?" Emerald said while his dicks throbbed a few times when he got fully erect again… it was like he had unlimited stamina or something.

Zelda was a bit surprised to see that while blushing brightly.

"Well… we did go… further and I did promise you that."

"Nice… mind humoring me and getting on all fours?... the Deku woman with you seems tuckered out so looks like it's just you and me from here on out." Emerald said with a grin on his face while he looks at the very tired looking Deku woman on Zelda's body.

Zelda, though blinks at the suggestion, sees this before she gently places the tired Deku woman next to her.

Then a moment later, Zelda was now seen on all fours with her ass pointed at Emerald.

Though the young princess was feeling greatly embarrassed by this.

Though as Emerald approached Zelda, the scene went to Hyrule Castle town… more exactly the castle itself when the scene showed that the scene went back in time to when Arwen teleported everyone had found themselves in the main lobby of Hyrule Castle.

Hyrule/ Hyrule Castle Town/ Hyrule Castle/ Main Lobby/ Arwen, Grigori, Many knights and hired thugs

Arwen had to sigh in relief when she managed to teleport everyone safely back to the castle and Grigori removed his helmet and chuckles when he passed it to a nearby knight who came to check on the group.

"Take that and get it cleaned, I'm getting a bite to eat." Grigori said before he left the room, though as Arwen starts to speak… she heard a voice of authority speaking to her.

"I take it the mission was a success?" A man's voice said which made Arwen look over to see a royal dressed hylian man who looked like the king… but unlike most kings, this one was very tall, around 6 feet tall or near it while his body was ripped from head to toe and though he had a long beard going to his stomach, it only helped show how sagely this man was… this was the strongest Hylian alive, possibly second to the Hero of Courage if he would ever appear and train to fight this ages ultimate evil, this man… was the King of Hyrule… and Arwen had a happy look on her face when she saw him as she walked up to him a curtsied a bit.

"More than you would know Milord, seems my trip to get the gauntlet and have a plan to give it to Our Lord's Reincarnation was a gift from the Goddesses themselves since they would love to end this cycle of destruction and rebirth thanks to their Triforce yet they can do nothing about it… I met our Reincarnated Milord in the hidden village of the female Deku and Zora tribe members and not only that… I ran into Zelda and Duford with him as well." Arwen said which caused the King of Hyrule to raise an eyebrow…. He had deep blue colored eyes and they looked curious at that info.

"Interesting… seems my daughter ran into him and ran off for a bit to get away from the castle it seems… really should up the security to make sure that doesn't happen again… anyway how was my daughter exactly?, and how was the Hidden village Arwen?, any trouble?, you seem a few… help short and missing some knights." The King said while he rubbed his beard, he didn't ask about Duford since intelligence aside, he was a hardy knight and would keep near Zelda to protect her no matter what so would make sense if he followed after Zelda.

Arwen rubbed the back of her head.

"Well first, getting the gauntlet was a bit tricky but I was able to smooth things over with the leader, as in having to give up my virtues in order to earn the Gauntlet from her and thanks to some… insurance… I was able to teleport us back here without much issue. As for Zelda... seems that when she, Duford and our Lord's Reincarnation, entered the village, Zelda was distracting the troops as our Lord's Reincarnation took out some of the help while Duford hid in the shadows near Milady just in case anyone tried to harm your daughter. Your daughter didn't look pleased with what was happening. She also wasn't too happy after finding out about the curse that you had me placed."

The King rubbed his beard a bit more while he sighs.

"I see, well no use crying over spilt milk and hope it wasn't too bad for you Arwen with the Zora leader, just because we are trying to gather enough power to try and get rid of the Triforce for good without causing Hyrule issues doesn't mean you need to do anything risky, as for the curse, better to have her partly drained then dead just in case our plan A doesn't work and we go plan B… destroying the Master Sword and bringing Demise's body back to the land of the living… though without the soul best we got is a rage fueled berserker… hince why we need to get the treasures to his reincarnation, thankfully you didn't say much about that part of the plan right?" The King said when he gave Arwen a kind look.

Arwen shook her head.

"No my king. Though I wished that Zelda understands what we're trying to do and see our side of things." She said while feeling a bit sad for a bit.

"Well she is young and unlike us, hasn't seen the power we could obtain and not have it blow in our faces like the Triforce has in ages past, but enough talk about that, this man will pay the… hired help you got their share of their reward while the Knights get a well deserved rest… as for you Arwen and to make up for the possible lack of tact the Zora leader had with you… my wife is gone for a week and it does get lonely in the chambers and I'm sure she's having plenty of fun with her handmaidens so…" The King said while he grins at Arwen.

Arwen perked up before she smiles at the King.

"Well… I think I know a way to fix that my King."

"Hehe, good, lets retired for the night shall we?" The King said before he walked out of the room with a smiling Arwen in tow while she had one last thought as she and the king approach the royal bedroom.

'I do wish Zelda will come back safely. Perhaps she and our Lord's Reincarnation are bonding right about now.'

Though… she was more then right since at this time Emerald was really bonding with Zelda's ass at the moment before the scene went to a few minutes later to show that the king and Arwen had removed all of their clothing and the camera focused on Arwen for a moment to show her figure off.

Arwen had an excellent figure that most men would want to bed with. It was like a perfect hourglass as her breast size were a flat out D size.

The King on the other side of the room had a muscular form that most men would kill for, he wasn't like a bodybuilder, but he wasn't weak looking and looked toned to perfection… not an ounce of fat on him and had an 11 to 12 inch natural dick… seems the king here was the strongest in many categories it seems.

Arwen licks her lips as she drinks in the sight of the King's body before eyeing his dick.

The King chuckles before he gestured for Arwen to approach with a lustful look on his face while his cock gets fully erect.

Arwen gave the same look as she approaches the king with the sway of her hips.

A moment later, the two gave one another intense kisses while the scene fades to black as the bedroom was filled with the sounds of slamming being heard with Arwen moaning and what not which made many nearby blush as the scene fully faded to black.

(End of Part 2 of Gold dust Arc)

(Part 3 is next chapter and like last this chapter and last, it will be lemon based, but next arc will be more combat focused, see you all later.)

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