LOZ: End of the Cursed Cycles @emerald
Gold Dust Arc: Part 1

The scene opens up with Atomsk and TME having a nice chat while looking at the LOZ Encyclopedia.

"Man it's been so long after the first chap." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, good thing we have last chapter as a reference so we can get some key points out of the way, and good thing I still have this book here." TME said while held up the LOZ encyclopedia and the key item acquiring music played for a moment like it was the most important item in the world…. Well for the sake of this story it was since it helped with making the evolved monster race and other things in the story.

"Hehe, yeah. Good thing too. Man with all the encyclopedia and guides for each game, it's they're our own personal Bibles for cheat codes lol." Atomsk said as he chuckled.

"Well… I think the cheat code thing is a bit out there now that the internet is a thing hehe… anyway to keep on trak, as a recap in a nutshell for last chapter… First off in order… Emerald, the main lead when the story is focused on him is the adopted child of the leader of the hidden monster village where monsters and evolved monsters live… one day after a day of training with Cedric, a Fangian, our version of an evolved Wolfos, wolf like enemies… anyway Emerald is called by his adopted grandfather Xan to run a scouting mission because in this story, Hylians are not the most trusted people nowadays barring a few key individuals… and Granblins, the evolved version of Blins, goblin like beings who are the best example... however what Emerald doesn't find out is that he was tricked into leading the enemy to his home… which resulted in many women being captured and defiled… and many others are left injured and filled with anger… some of which was directed at Emerald since he did lead the enemy to their home, knowingly or not, and Cedric lost a leg as a result and even hit Emerald in the face and snapped at him as well…" TME said when he started the recap in full.

"Right… but Cedric's dad, Juan, did smack some sense into Cedric while Emerald went to the forbidden ruins to get a sword. And thanks to that weapon, Emerald was able to save the villagers, his and Cedric's female friends plus a prisoner for themselves. And they killed the Granblan leader and his goons. Though Emerald has a long way to go to earn everyone else's forgiveness and trusts. At least Emerald and Cedric patch things up a bit. Though Cedric's recovery may not be easy now because of the leg loss." Atomsk said.

"Well don't forget the Hylian leader, Zelda's Uncle in this point in time, she had an interview talking about how sorry she was that the evolved monster went through something because of her family, though some people asking questions really gave her a run for her money and she had to cut the interview short because of one guy… anyway after that, and with Cedric and Emerald helping their ladies feel better, and with Emerald overriding that Hylian fuckers crest which would have had the ladies have the Hylian leaders kids, Emerald was able to change that so that Emerald knocked them up instead, however things won't be smooth sailing with Emerald and the village since this chapter takes a few days after the incident and Emerald is pretty much doing what he can with repairs by gathering materials and what not." TME said when he looks at Atomsk to see if he can start the story already.

Atomsk sees the look and just nods his head at TME.

TME nods his head before he looks at the readers.

"This chapter stars right when Emerald is bringing some tools to one of the builders…" TME said as the scene went to Emerald who carried a lot of tools through a street that was being repaired.

Hyrule forest/ Hidden Monster village/ Emerald

Emerald was running at a fast pace while his flaming hair trailed back in the wind while he avoids people and things in his way while he worked to get the tool box that he had to a builder… nearby on a rooftop, Lillum, with Maite and Azure, watched as Emerald passed the tool kit to the builder who snatched it away from Emerald and watched as Emerald flinched when the builder got onto him about being late with the tool kit and Emerald apologizing which made Lillum sigh.

"Good grief… if it was anyone else they would be a lot later, Emerald got that kit and back in record time." Lillum said when she had her hands on her hips while she watched as Emerald ran off to get other things for some villagers.

Maite sighs.

"Problem is they still hold blame on Emerald for what happened. It's gonna take time before everyone fully forgives him."

"Yeah, hopefully before our kids are born… just because they are Emerald's kids doesn't mean that they can mess with Emerald's kids as well if they don't like them." Azure said while she placed a hand on her womb area where the crest that Emerald put was seen.

Maite also placed her hand on her womb for a moment before looking at Azure.

"Well not to worry Azure. I don't think they'll harm our kids for any reason. Though hopefully they'll think twice if they don't want any pissed off moms going after them."

"Yeah, and we still got Cedy's kids to conceive after this… going to be one interesting family all things considered… anyway, we should make sure that we should keep an eye on Emerald since he is running himself ragged lately." Lillum said before she noticed Emerald carrying a few beams of wood on his shoulder to its intended location.

Maite sighs.

"Good grief. At least give him a break. I swear, if they're taking advantage of Emerald, I'm gonna beat someone senseless."

Though they were shocked when they heard Emerald say this loudly to a builder.

"I NEED TO GO WHERE TO GET WHAT NOW!?" Emerald yelled with a stunned look on his face while a builder, a Armos, normally a stone statue like creature in various forms to some surprise since they were born for battle and for surprising the unaware adventurer, not for building, though stranger things have happened.

The Armos shook his stone head to get the ringing away while he held a massive stone hammer at Emerald.

"I'm running out of building material so I need you to run to the neighboring hidden Monster village and get more supplies, I talked with the others and they won't have any more requests for you for the next few days, maybe a week, if you can get that route going again, for some reason materials from there have pretty much stopped, and without those materials, we can't continue our work for long." The Armos builder said to a stunned looking Emerald while Maite, Azure, and Lillum, had enough and came down to talk some sense into the Armos, week off or not, going to a different village all of a sudden was a different matter entirely.

"Sir, are you trying to run Emerald ragged? It's a bit extreme to go to another village for supplies." Maite said.

The Armos looks at the trio while giving them raised eyebrows.

"Not if the material is Gold dust, we have a blacksmith who can forge gilded swords and pickaxes here and thanks to the attack, we are short on supply… or more like we have barely any supply when one of those weird cannonballs that housed some enemies crashed into the main stock of the stuff and that took awhile to get ahold of over the years, sure we can use regular pickaxes but unless we use the gilded stuff, we can't get our town's main export from our mines… silver Rupee's, we find plenty and those alone are worth 200 each, we can get the other kinds of Ruppee's easily, but without the Gilded pickaxes, it would take weeks to harvest one with regular pickaxes but with a gilded one, it would be a matter of minutes to an hour at best depending on the size of the source, there are other uses as well like some materials require the stuff for alchemy and even weapons that are not swords, besides if he can get a small crate of the stuff which is like 9 jars full, he can get a week off to do whatever, besides… I heard rumors that our town wasn't the only one invaded so I'm wanting him to check to see if that hidden town is alright." The Armos builder said while Emerald got a determined look on his face.

"Alright, I'll take a look, and if I can get that crate, I'll get a week off right?" Emerald asked while the Armos nods his head.

"Yeah, you and these ladies here may not get how important this is, but without the gold dust, our productivity in multiple areas are shot by half at best." The Armos said while Emerald looked thoughtful.

"Alright, where is the town?" Emerald asked while the Armos pulled out a map while Emerald got out his own.

"Around here, it's forbidden to fully point out where a hidden village is for safety reasons but if you find the Zora and Deku in one of the nearby hidden town's outposts, you'll be on the right track, tell them that Grit sent you." The Armos, now known as Grit said while Emerald nods his head after marking down the area, it wasn't too far, about a few hours of walking after getting past Hyrule Castle Town... which would take awhile in of itself so maybe a day or two to get to and from the hidden village.

Maite, Lillum and Azure blinked when they heard that.

"Emerald, don't you think you should take it easy first?" Maite said with a worried look.

Emerald however chuckles while he looks at Maite.

"Oh don't worry Maite, all I need is to get that box with the gold dust in it and I get a week off from building duty… that would mean a lot of relaxing time with my favorite ladies." Emerald said while he grins at Maite, Lillum, and Azure who blushed when Emerald gave them lustful looks.

The Armos rolled his eyes.

"Then you better get started lover boy." He said.

Emerald gave the Armos a half lidded look before he walked to the women.

"Right, just let me get suited up before I leave, gotta let the others know that I maybe gone for a day, maybe two if I need to work my way to that hidden village slowly." Emerald said while he gave the ladies a smile to show he was still pretty good while he walked by them.

Maite however hugged Emerald before kissing his lips.

Emerald returned the kiss while he hugged Maite around the waist and after about 15 seconds or so, pulled away from the kiss.

"Hehe, stay safe Maite, and have fun with the others." Emerald said before he turned to Lillum.

"Same with you Lillum." Emerald said before he gave Lillum a light kiss on the lips… though when Emerald tried to pull away Lillum growls a bit and pulled Emerald in for a deeper kiss while she had Emerald turned so that Lillum held him in the air with her arms while Emerald made a few noises from the comical looking kiss.

Maite and Azure blinked a bit in surprise while blushing a bit at the scene.

A moment later, Lillum pulled Emerald to his feet while she licked her lips.

"Ah, now that's the good stuff, though I believe you should give Azy a good bye kiss for now hehe." Lillum said while she winked at Azure.

Azure blinks a bit before looking at Emerald.

Emerald chuckles before he approached Azure.

"Well Azure, your call on if I can give you a goodbye kiss or not, can at least make it one on the cheek or forehead if it helps you feel better." Emerald said with a smile on his face.

Azure lightly blushes a bit though since Maite and Lillum kissed Emerald on the lips, then it wouldn't hurt doing this.

Azure surprised Emerald by leaning up and smash her lips on Emerald's lips.

Emerald's eyes widen from that and he quickly melts into the kiss for a moment while he gently hugged Azure on the waist when he made sure to not harm her, he even pets her for a moment on the back to see how it would cause her to react.

Maite and Lillum blinked in surprise as Azure kept up with the kiss before purring a bit in Emerald's mouth.

A moment later, Emerald pulled away while he lets go of Azure.

"Alright, time for me to suit up now, I'll stop by Cedric's place to give some kisses to the others and a fist bump to Cedric so I'll see you ladies later." Emerald said before he ran off towards Xan's place before anyone could stop him.

Maite then looks at Azure.

"Well, that was a bit surprising Azure."

"Yeah, didn't think you had it in you… then again considering you are carrying Emerald's kid, bet it helps you with having a soft spot for Demon kings huh?" Lillum said with a teasing tone to her voice while she nudged Azure a few times with her elbow.

Azure lightly blushes before chuckling.

"Well, Demon King or not, he's still the same Emerald we all know and remember. Plus we're all sharing him and Cedric."

"Yeah but kissing him for a full minute and purring… something tells me you are liking the attention Emerald and Cedy give you lately for the last few days." Lillum teasingly said when it was true, while Emerald and Cedric did spend time with all of them, they make it a funny point to spend time with Azure at the same time which is funny in of itself… minus a few solo dates so Azure can get to know Emerald and Cedric more.

Azure was blushing a bit at the memory as Maite giggles.

Lillum then stretched her body while she walked next to Azure.

"Well you heard Emerald, might as well give the others a heads up on what Emerald is going to do before he leaves." Lillum said before she grew a large pair of demonic wings and starts to fly towards Cedric's home.

Maite sees that before looking at Azure.

"Well then. Shall we Azure?" She said with a slight smile.

Azure smiles back before the scene went to Cedric's place.

Cedric's home/ Cedric's room/ Cedric, ?

Cedric at this time was watching something on the TV in his room while Rachel snuggles on one side of Cedric while Diana came in with some snacks.

"Here, got some snacks for you… Mira is talking to your parents about something but I got shooed away before I could hear details besides something about a leg." Diana said while she had a stoic look on her face while she held out a tray of snacks for Cedric and Rachel to take.

Cedric wondered about that before shrugging off.

"Well either way, thank you Diana." He said before grabbing a snack for him and Rachel.

Rachel smiles as she took the snack before thanking Cedric and kissed his cheek.

Diana watched what was going on and rolled her eyes at the display while she held the trey in her hands while she looks at the TV for a bit before knocking was heard at the door, and when she opened it, she saw that Lillum was at the door and she had a smirk on her face.

"Hello beautiful, miss me?" Lillum said while she entered the room and kissed Diana on the cheek when she entered… followed by Maite a moment later and Azure, though they did look a bit winded.

Diana was quiet as Cedric and Rachel sees the trio.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" Cedric said.

"Though why are Maite and Azure a bit winded?" Rachel asked.

Though before that was answered, Azure, Maite, and Lillum all kissed Cedric one at a time before Azure gave Lillum a half lidded look.

"Blame the winged demon who can fly if she wants since we had to hoof it to keep up… as for your question, after watching Emerald running himself ragged, one of the Armos builders gave Emerald this request…." Azure said before she explained everything.

"... so Emerald will head here to say goodbye for now before he heads out to get some gold dust and see what's keeping the shipment from getting here." Azure said while she had crossed arms.

Though Cedric blushes from getting kisses by three women, he and Rachel were a bit surprised at the story as Diana, who was listening, had a stoic look on her face.

"Good grief. They're making Emerald do too much. I mean he's not a machine." Cedric said.

"Well…" Lillum said before she got nudged by Maite and Lillum chuckles nervously while Azure rolled her eyes.

"Maybe but with that week off from the builders it will be worth it so we can help Emerald relax after he gets back…. Though any chance Emerald may bring another woman here to this odd family?... I'm getting a funny feeling that may happen since Emerald does like to play the hero sometimes." Azure said when she remembered Emerald being protective of everyone lately.

Cedric blinked a bit before being thoughtful at first.

"No… as far as I know. Though knowing Emerald's new luck, who knows who he'll meet at the village."

"Yeah, I heard it's a hidden mixed Zora and Deku village, but from the map I saw Emerald use and mark he will have to go through the Hyrule castle town to get there first… hopefully no one will give him issues… I mean if he was normal looking, he wouldn't get a second glance… but now… hard to ignore flaming hair right?" Lillum said while she worried for Emerald a bit.

Rachel, Maite and Azure did show some concern before Cedric tries to give them some reassurance.

"Hey now. No need to be worried. Emerald is more badass now if you all remember what he did to save us. Plus I'm sure he wouldn't want you all to be worried. I believe he'll be okay."

Though everyone jolts when they heard Emerald's voice at the door.

"Yeah, can't have you all worry for me when you have buns in your ovens, and with this new look I'll fit right in." Emerald said when he entered the room… he was decked out in a black and green outfit, one that had many buckles, belts, and gadgets and even Onimusha strapped to his back, though that wasn't the kicker, the kicker was the cloak he wore which covered his head and caused shadows to cover his eyes in a mysterious sort of way while the details of his outfit was hidden for now.

"Emerald?" Maite said with a surprised look.

"Wow… hardly recognize you in that getup man." Cedric said.

"Hehe, thanks, Gramps gave it to me, said it was his outfit when he was my size… shockingly enough…" Emerald said before he chuckles in amusement when he pulled the hood back and Emerald's head was seen while his flaming hair flowed down his back harmlessly.

"Well I think you look dashing Emerald." Maite said.

"Thanks Maite, I tried my best to make this look work for me… how you doing Cedric?, enjoying the comforts of being surrounded by the ladies while they fawn over you?" Emerald said with an amused tone when he saw Rachel snuggling up to Cedric.

Cedric lightly blushes a bit before chuckling.

"Pretty much. And it feels great." He said as he held Rachel close.

Rachel blushed while she smiles and hugged Cedric a bit tighter while Azure and everyone blinks at that, more so when Azure moved to get on Cedric's other side and she laid next to him… fully pinning his arms down in the process which made Emerald chuckle.

"Hehe, well I can see that you will be busy so I might as well make this quick…" Emerald said before he lightly kissed Diana on the lips and pulled away.

He then walked to the bed and leaned down and kissed Rachel on the lips when he had her look at him before he pulled away and stretched while he looks around the room for Mira and didn't see her.

Diana light blushes but made sure to show that she didn't care as Rachel blushes from the kiss.

Cedric lightly chuckles a bit before looking at Emerald.

"If you're wondering about Mira, she's talking with my parents in the kitchen."

"I see, I'll see you all later after I say goodbye to Mira…. Oh and Cedric… good luck… you are outnumbered after all." Emerald said with an amused tone while he exits the room and all the ladies gave him lustful looks and some even had smirks on their faces.

Cedric blinked when he realized he was indeed outnumbered.

'Oh boy.' He thought.

A moment later, Emerald heard a slight scuffle inside and multiple moans and groans were heard from the bedroom and Emerald shook his head in amusement before he went to the kitchen and saw Mira, who was drinking tea, was talking with Juan and Emelina while Emelina breastfed Eruru.

"... And that would help with your son being able to walk… fighting however maybe another matter entirely though." Mira said before Emerald cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

Juan and Emelina blinked before looking at Emerald though they almost couldn't recognize him.

"Emerald? Is that you? For a second, thought you were Xan with the cloak." Juan said.

Emerald chuckles while he moved to sit in the kitchen.

"Well this was a hand me down from him, and it fits pretty well… anyway Cedric is busy with the other ladies in his room and I'm about to head out of town for a bit so I'm wondering if you can keep the ladies safe while I am gone Juan." Emerald said when he looked at the elder fangian.

Juan chuckles a bit before looking at Emerald.

"Not to worry Emerald. You can count on me. I'll make sure no one harms yours and Cedric's future brides."

Emerald blushed at that while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hehe thanks… and just in case, you and Emelina got full permission to have fun with most of them like Maite and Lillum if they agree and Mira here as well if she agrees… maybe gone for a bit and well… Lillum needs to feed and can't give Lillum some leeway if I don't give the others hehe." Emerald said while he chuckles at the looks Juan and Emelina had while Mira chuckles at what Emerald just did.

Juan and Emelina blinked when they just heard that before they looked at Emerald.

"So what you're saying is… we have full permission to wow your baby mamas." Emelina said with a smirk.

Emerald blinks at that before shrugging.

"Well as long as you have permission first… and from Cedric as well… after all Rachel and Azure are mainly his women after all." Emerald said with a smirk on his own face.

Juan and Emelina did remember that and didn't know how Cedric will react.

"You got us there boy." Juan said as he chuckled lightly.

"Yeah well if all things go well, this technically makes me an in law of yours… in a… very roundabout way… might as well try and get in my mother and father in law's good graces right?... anyway, aside from that I came to let you know I have to go to the neighbouring hidden village to get some supply of gold dust for the blacksmith here, I'll be going alone for obvious reasons since most of the ladies here are knocked up and Cedric can't walk or do much right now." Emerald said while he cracked his neck when he got up from his seat.

"I see… and which village is that?" Juan said.

"The hidden Zora and Deku village, not sure if it is the calmer humanoid Zora, or the more monster like Zora who live there since we don't get much info from other hidden villages aside from supply lines, either way I need to head there so I can see what's wrong with the supply line for the gold dust." Emerald said before he walked out of the room.

Emelina and Juan blinked a bit before Emelina whispers to Juan.

"Did he say Zora and Deku?"

"I believe so." Juan said while Mira just chuckles while she sipped her tea while the scene went to Emerald as he walked out of the village, but not before seeing a few Beamos's set up at the entrance by a few Armos builders.

"Huh… nice with the sentries, I'll be heading out to get some gold dust so mind having these guys not see me as an enemy when I get back with a crate of gold dust in a few days?" Emerald asked the builders when the Beamos look at him with their one singular laser eyes.

"Alright then. Hopefully you won't get attacked by mistake." One of the Amors builders said.

"Yeah… hopefully." The other builder said while the beamos he was working on charged up and zapped the ground at Emerald's feet a few times.

"OI!. knock it off!" Emerald said when he was forced into an impromptu dancing session with the Beamos's laser leading the dance while the Armos who set the beamos up chuckles at the sight.

The Beamos still fired their lasers for a moment before the Armos turns them off.

"Hehe, sorry kid." He said.)

Emerald pants for a moment while he growled a bit in frustration and rubbed his face for a moment.

"Yeah well… make sure they don't zap me on the way back otherwise you'll lose plenty of gold dust when I get back." Emerald said before he turned and starts walking away… though one Armos turned the Beamos back on and… it shot a quick laser right at Emerald's ass.

"YOW!" Emerald yelled before he ran from the village with a hand on his aching ass.

"Woops." The Armos said but was trying to hold back a chuckle.

Though a chill went up the Beamos's spines when they felt some serious killing intent behind them… and when they looked… they paled when they saw a royally pissed off Maite… seems she wanted to make sure that Emerald got out of the village safely… and from the look of things… she saw everything.

"You know… it's not nice to zap someone in the ass… especially when that someone is my boyfriend and the father of mine and my friends's children."

The Armos gulp while one managed to ask this.

"W-What are you going to do to us?" The Armos said while Maite smirks evilly at them.

"Well… if you don't want Xan… the village leader to find out… set those Beamos so that they won't attack my future husband and follow me… time to give Emerald's room some upgrades and what not so when he gets back… the girls and I can surprise him." Maite said while she gave the Armos duo a look to get started… now!

The duo jolts as they didn't want to get Xan's wrath before they quickly made sure that the Beamos didn't shoot Emerald when he returns from the village or leave.

Meanwhile with Emerald as he got out of the forest…

He saw a wide open field as far as the eye could see with plenty of towns and villages in the distance that were a fair distance from one another… and the closest place to him… was the castle of Hyrule...

Emerald frowned when he remembered that Uncle of Zelda's was from there and while he didn't want to put all Royal's on that fuckers level… Emerald did want to see this Zelda woman in person which caused him to cover his head to prevent any travelers from seeing his head and he starts walking… unlike in the past with many walking here or there... many people now drove cars or other vehicles fueled by magic or used horses in honor of the hero of Hyrule… or the past heroes of Hyrule who used the Triforce of Courage…

In fact many people passed by Emerald and gave him odd looks when they saw that he was actually walking to Hyrule Castle from who knows where and some even muttered about the massive sword on his back.

"Who is that guy?"

"No idea and what's the deal with that sword?"

"No clue, seems… odd… better stay away from that guy."

Emerald however ignored them while he walked into Hyrule Town, thankfully for him and his demonic body, he felt no pain in his feet nor did he feel tired at all.

Hyrule Castle town/ Plaza square/ Emerald

When Emerald got into town, he saw that the place… looked pretty down to earth… shiny from how clean it looked… but down to earth with the plaza full of hustle and bustle from being the main hub for some shops and even a few shop keepers tried to get his attention when they tried to show him some items like daggers or bombs and what not.

"Hey there kind stranger. Interested in buying some weapons or souvenirs?" The shopkeeper said.

"No thanks, maybe when I'm heading back home." Emerald said while he turned down the shop keeper but when he turned around another and another tried to get him to buy something.

"Hey kind sir, you hungry? We have some nice exotic meats here. Best in Hyrule."

"Or maybe you'll like to purchase some interesting gadgets."

Emerald however used a burst of speed to get away from the shopkeepers and vanished into a nearby alleyway and pants for breath while he watched the confused merchants go back to their stalls after a moment of looking confused.

"Damn… these shopkeepers are ruthless." Emerald muttered before he took a roundabout route through town to avoid people.

Thankfully for him, he managed to do so but after passing by a few bums… he turned a corner and was ran into by a cloaked figure and heard a fememine kya noise which made Emerald look down when he got his barings and saw that the figure was a woman.

"Uhhh… sorry… didn't see you there." Emerald said while he held his hand out for the woman to take.

The female figure looks at Emerald.

"I-It's fine. Didn't expect to bump into someone." The figure said before taking Emerald's hand.

Emerald then pulled the lady to her feet before he and the lady heard some people's voices.

"Where did she go!, she can't have gone far!" One voice said which showed that a Hylian guard was talking to another while the woman looked a bit panicked and pulled Emerald out of sight much to his confusion while the guards rushed by.

After a moment of silence, the woman sighs before she looks to see Emerald giving her a raised eyebrow while wondering what that was all about.

"S-Sorry for that. I didn't want to be spotted." The figure said.

"I see… though why are the guards looking for you?, did you steal something or did you do something you were not supposed to?" Emerald said while he got a slightly amused look on his face.

The figure was hesitant.

"I would say… the second one."

"I see… got someplace to be?, may not like to be the bad guy helping bad girls but I'm not a fan of Hylians much, might as well mess with the guards a bit before I leave town." Emerald said while keeping his mission secret.

"Alright… follow me." The figure said as she motions Emerald to follow her.

Emerald chuckles before he followed the woman, and while they avoid the guards for a few minutes with Emerald knocking a few out with sleeper holds… and having a few close calls here or there… the duo managed to make it to an abandoned building and after making their way up the building, Emerald saw a pretty good view of Hyrule fields when one part of the wall collapsed.

"Wow… nice vice… wish I could get a picture or something." Emerald said when he was surprised at how good of a view it was.

The figure softly chuckled.

"Thank you. I come here to think on some… personal issues before I relax myself by watching the view."

Emerald hums at that while he leaned against a wall.

"So… why were the guards after you if you just wanted to look at the view?, you some kind of noble and you dad having you under house arrest or something?" Emerald said when he had a hard time thinking on why guards would chase after a woman if she just wanted to look at the view.

The figure sighs a bit.

"You wouldn't believe me if I tell you." She said to Emerald.

"Oh really?, try it and lets see if I wouldn't believe you or not." Emerald said while he smirks at the mystery woman.

The mystery woman was quiet for a moment before turning to look at Emerald.

"Alright… reason the guards were after me was because…" She said before she removed her hood to show Emerald her face.

Emerald was shocked to see that the woman… was actually Zelda… princess of Hyrule… and Emerald felt a rage like no other when he clinched his fists when he remembered Zelda's uncle and didn't know if she said the things on the interview to play the nice act for the cameras or she was actually nice...

"Oh… no fucking way… you mean to tell me I helped you… of all fucking people!?" Emerald growled out while smoke came from his hood for a moment.

Zelda blinked in confusion after hearing this before seeing the smoke appear.

"U-Um yes… Though I take it there some rage you have against me or Hyrule?"

"Like you wouldn't believe… Your uncle before I killed that fucker raided my home… he and his men raped the women there… and caused me to become this Demonic being to stop him!" Emerald said when he pulled back his hood and showed his flaming hair and rage fueled eyes to Zelda.

Zelda was shock when she realized who Emerald really was.

"S-So it was you… you're the one that acquired the blade and use it to kill my uncle."

"Yeah… and unless you give me a good reason to not go fucking berserk if you are anything like that fucker that you were related to and you didn't say all those nice things just to look good for the camera… well… I may flatten this castle town in no time flat… and… considering this blade gives me more power the more I kill… you can guess what can happen… right?" Emerald said with a deep growl to his voice while he had his hand on the hilt of his blade.

Zelda tries to calm Emerald down.

"Look… I'm sorry for what my Uncle and his allies did to your village and people. But don't take it out on my kingdom. What I said on the news was the complete truth." She said with a serious look.

"Oh really?, my best friend had his leg cut off and because of your uncle, the women I care for… yes Women as in more than one… were nearly forced to conceive that fuckers kids when he used some kind of spell… and I had to do the same to cancel it out… even my best friends women went through the same kind of pain and I had to knock them up and use my own crest full of demonic energy to break that crest so I could put mine on… but how can I even believe you when your family… a person you were related to… could do something so… horrible… and people call my family and friends back home monsters… but you Hylian's seem to be the real monsters to me." Emerald said with an angered look on his face… though it wasn't rage filled so it was a start.

Zelda, though flinched, held her ground.

"I may or may not understand what you and your people went through, but I do not share the same views as my uncle. What he did brought shame to the family. Besides you can't say all of Hyrule are monsters."

"Oh really?, Your town seems pretty wealthy yet I've heard that it wasn't just your uncle capturing and enslaving Monsters and their evolved variants, other Hylians have been capturing them as well, you are telling me if I do some digging, I won't find some kind of fucked up slave market hidden in the shadows?" Emerald said when he remembers hearing some things around town.

Zelda was a bit shocked after hearing that.

"That's absurd. There's no slave market here. If there was, I would put a stop to it." She said in a tone that shows she was serious.

"Oh really?, and how would you prove it to me?, pretty sure with those guards looking for you, you wouldn't get far in town so looking around is a bust so how would you prove you are not like the other Hylians who seem to be mainly assholes… I mean it's not like you can follow me around and prove you are not like them." Emerald said when he shrugged his shoulders when that idea in itself was insane.

Though what was more insane was Zelda's response.

"Well why not let me join you for a bit and actually prove that to you that not all Hylian's are as evil as you say." Zelda said while Emerald looked at her with a stunned look which turned a bit comical in disbelief.

"Are you insane!?, do you hear yourself talking right now!?" Emerald said when he could barely believe what Zelda just suggested.

Zelda placed her hands on her hips.

"You said I need to prove to you that not all of Hyrule is evil right? Well I can't do that if I'm at my castle correct?"

Emerald blinks a few times while he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"OK… Ok… say I humor you and let you follow me… what about your people… and even you say that your family if you have one or your advisors take care of things… You are the constantly reincarnating Princess Zelda who normally has the Triforce of Wisdom if it ever splits… don't you think we maybe chase by guards OUTSIDE of Hyrule Castle town!?" Emerald said while Zelda gave him a half lidded look.

"Considering how close we are to the castle walls… simple jump and a climb down the wall and we are home free." Zelda said which caused Emerald to give her a funny look again.

"Y-You… are definitely not like any Zelda's I have heard about before… closest would be that Tetra pirate ancestor I read about in gramp's archives…" Emerald said when he felt drained from this back and forth so far.

Zelda blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Interesting… So do you agree?"

Emerald blinks a few times before he sighs.

"Fine… but on two conditions… one… don't care if you are the princess of Hyrule or even a Goddess reincarnated… you follow my orders to the letter since this maybe a delicate matter since I have to go to a hidden Monster village to get a crate of gold dust… if you can make a promise to not reveal its location… on the grounds that we have no choice but to go there… then you can come… second is that you have to take care of yourself it a fight… you can fight right?... I don't see any weapons on you after all." Emerald said while he crossed his arms and had a serious look on his face.

"I was taught how to fight with a sword which is made from magic. Though I'm still in the learning process." Zelda said.

"Well… better then nothing I suppose… well we better get going, don't want to risk getting caught right before we even leave for an adventure." Emerald said while he walked to Zelda and picked her up bridal style all of a sudden.

Zelda was a bit surprised by that action.

"W-Whoa… what are you doing?" She said with a light blush on her face.

Emerald however just turned and ran to the opening in the wall and jumped before he lands on the high wall of Hyrule castle town and…. This wall was pretty high up all things considering.

"Well you did say a fast way would be going down through here and down the wall right?... might as well take a shortcut." Emerald said before he grins evilly when he wondered if Zelda got the idea or not while Emerald tightened his hold on the Royal Hylian's arms and hips and starts to bend down.

Zelda blinked before her eyes widened when she realized what Emerald will do before she actually held onto him.

Though Emerald blinks at that he just grins before he actually jumps off the wall and Zelda screams on the way down while Emerald braced himself for impact.

Zelda kept screaming as she waits for this experience to be over.

When Emerald and Zelda lands, Emerald's feet hit the ground and caused spiderweb cracks where his feet where before he sets Zelda onto her feet… though she did shake a lot from the fall while Emerald chuckles a bit from the experience.

Zelda took a moment to catch her breath while making sure that she still had her footing.

"Hehe, how was that for your first steps outside of the castle walls… doubt you have been outside right?" Emerald said but was lightly bopped on the head by Zelda.

"Are you insane!?" Zelda asked with a stunned look on her face when she had no idea why Emerald looked fine but before he or Zelda could do anything, they heard a voice.

"Indeed that was inside for a brutish man such as he, but don't worry Princess, your Knight will save you!" A man's voice said which made Emerald and Zelda blink before they look to see a man in fancy green and expensive armor while he wore a helmet which showed a pretty boy like face while Zelda cringed a bit.

"G-Geh… Duford." Zelda said which made Emerald blink a few times before he looks at Zelda.

"Duford?, who is he?" Emerald asked while the green knight, Duford, chuckles while he points his sword at Emerald.

"Simple you cur!, I am one of Princess Zelda's Royal guards and the person most suited for her hand… I anticipated that she would be around her special area so I waited here in case she tried to run off again." Durford said while Emerald looks at Zelda with a half lidded look.

"Again?, and your hand?... you running away from an arranged marriage or something?... and you tried this before!?" Emerald asked while he gave Zelda a raised eyebrow like look.

Zelda lightly blushes in embarrassment before crossing her arms.

"Is it really important to ask that?"

"Considering mr. lean green and pompous over here anticipating this and saying this is a repeat thing… pretty sure it is something I should ask about…." Emerald said while Duford chuckles while he approached the duo… though he did have a comical tick mark from the pompous remark.

"Hehe, you wouldn't understand you Cur, My lady shouldn't even be around a weak looking man such as yourself… now come along Milady, your father is worried about you." Duford said while he reached for Zelda's wrist but to some surprise… Emerald gripped Duford's wrist to stop him.

"Considering various things… it would be pretty rude of me to not let Mrs. fibber have one adventure before sending her home and explain herself in full… or are the Hylian knights and Royal Guards trying to strip the princess of her freedom?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face while he pulled Duford's arm away and forced the Royal guard back effortlessly while Emerald stepped in front of Zelda in a protective way shockingly enough.

Zelda blinked in surprise as Duford didn't like what was happening.

"I don't know who you think you are sir but don't ever lay your hand on me. And you may as well step away from the princess or I'll have you arrested for capturing her."

Emerald however just looks around for a moment while he got a mocking tone to his voice.

"Arrested?... for what?... personally I did nothing wrong and just listened to her orders to give her a tour of the outside world and I'm just keeping an annoying overbearing knight from placing his hands on someone above his rank… I mean sure you could say I placed my hands on her but it was mainly to get her from point A to B… helpful hand so to speak… and you are trying to reverse that order…. Now why don't you just run along an-!" Emerald said before he had to lean back to avoid a sword swipe from Duford who looked royally pissed off from all of Emerald's insults.

Zelda was shocked at what she saw.

"D-Duford?! Are you insane?! Stand down now!" She said with authority which caused Duford to stop in his tracks from trying to make another attack.

"B-But your highness… this peasant here insulted me." Duford said.

"Geez… and all for minor insults?... are all Hylian's trigger happy?" Emerald said while Duford got an angered look on his face.

"My apologize Milady… but I should have done this in the proper order… your father has given me the order to bring you back and by forced if needed… if this Cur wants to get in the way, then I shall strike him down no matter what." Duford said which made Emerald raise an eyebrow when he saw that Duford was serious…

Zelda facepalms.

"Figures my father sent you. Either way, you're not gonna attack. And I can't return just yet."

"Then you leave me no choice Milady, your father's orders supersede yours and many people will be worried if you don't return." Duford said while Emerald sighs and he looks at Zelda.

"Hey since tall, green, and clueless here doesn't get the message, mind if I rough him up?, don't worry, best he will have to worry about is a few busted ribs and a bruised ego." Emerald said much to Duford's irritation.

Zelda sighs.

"If it gets him to listen." She said which surprised Duford a bit.

"Y-You're not serious your highness?"

Emerald chuckles at that while he grins at Duford.

"Seems so Mr. pompous… I'll give you one chance to back off or you will be nursing some pretty intense wounds." Emerald said while he gripped his sword handle while he got into a knelt combat stance while he emits a bit of pressure from his body.

Duford may have felt that pressure, but wasn't backing down.

"Never. I'll will defeat you and bring the princess back to the castle. Hopefully then, I'll be worthy enough to have her hand."

Emerald just sighs before he gave Duford an empty look and vanished with a burst of speed, though when Duford looked down… he saw the back of Emerald's sword heading right for his chest and tried to jump back… but was too late.

"Figured you may say that…" Emerald said right before Duford was smashed into the ground with a resounding bash in no time flat.

Though Emerald did feel something off when he stands back up.

"Huh… idiot tendencies aside… not bad fighting instinct… jumped back at the last second and dampened the blow." Emerald said when he sheathed his sword and walked back to Zelda who barely saw the move from her end.

Zelda was a bit surprised for a moment before looking at Emerald.

"Sorry about Duford though will he be alright?"

"Eh, best I had intended was a few broken ribs, may have cracked some thanks to him jumping back, but he will live… we should get going before he comes to." Emerald said but was stunned when Duford somehow got to his feet… though unsteady.

"W-Wait… y-you… Cur…" Duford said which surprised Emerald when he thought he used more power in that hit.

"Sorry but considering the state of your body, the princess and I should get going… see you Mr. Pompous." Emerald said when he gripped Zelda's hand and starts to walk while he lightly gripped Zelda's hand with his own to not harm her.

Zelda blinked a bit in surprise as Duford tries to follow them.

"H-Hold it!" Duford said when he somehow stumbles after them which caused Emerald to blink when he saw that.

"Damn… gotta give it to this guy… he is stubborn… lets see how much." Emerald said when he continues to lead Zelda away at a light jog this time.

"H-Hey! G-Get back here!" Duford said as he tries to catch up to duo even though he groans with a few steps.

That turned into a game of tag so to speak with Duford barely keeping up with the walking duo of Emerald and Zelda… though after a couple hours… Emerald's eyebrow twitched big time when he could hear pained groans as he keeps leading Zelda away.

"Hey Zelda… that guy still following us?, or am I just hearing things?" Emerald asked when he didn't want to look back.

Zelda sweatdrops as she didn't have to look back.

"He still following us."

Emerald sighs before he and Zelda stop to look back to see that Duford did indeed follow them all the way here.

"W-Wait… y-you… C-Cur… I-I… D-Duford won't… won't…." Duford said right before he fell on his face in front of them with a pained groan while Emerald pinched the bridge of his nose.

"*Sigh*... Zelda… seems like we are making camp tonight… we can heal this guy with a potion or spell once we get things set up." Emerald said when he really didn't expect his schedule to be thrown off thanks to one stubborn Hylian royal guard who didn't know when to quit.

Zelda shook her head and sigh.

"Sorry for this Emerald."

"Well as long as we make up for lost time in the morning I don't mind and gives me a chance to test out these items that I got from gramps… said it's something called a Sheikah slate… an old item from long ago and something he developed recently, a reconstruction ring… I can show then tell what this does in a moment." Emerald said when he opened the slate and the very first thing seen was a detailed map of the current Hyrule… and in shocking detail as well even the mark where the hidden village was based in, or at least its general area, was marked on the map… making the paper map now a simple backup just in case.

Zelda was surprised when she saw the sheikah slate.

"Where did you get this slate?"

"Well… my gramps comes from a long line of people who pretty much recorded everything important ever since the Goddess Hylia reincarnated into you and then some, personally I read plenty of books that talked about each generations thoughts on the past and your previous incarnations… like I said before, one of your past lives was a pirate named Tetra and I learned that the old Hyrule was flooded in the past and a new Hyrule had to be founded, as for this slate, this model is designed on the one the hero of that time used to defeat something called Calamity Ganon…. Many Sheikah towers are still active here or there so while I don't have a picture perfect map of Hyrule, I got a general idea, if we run into locations were inactive towers are I could use this to reactivate them and we can get a better idea of the lay of the land." Emerald said when he fiddles with the slate and goes through the various features that it had while he talked with Zelda.

Zelda was surprised when she heard a bit of the story.

"Interesting... Think maybe later you can show me more?"

"Well about the slate sure, just not about the more classified stuff… anyway about this reconstruction ring… simply put it allows me to break down objects and items and reconstruct them into other things, though it needs materials for it, hence the need to break down things… gramps made this ring and linked it to this slate so I can make things on the fly… for example…" Emerald said while he equipped the ring and points it at a few nearby trees and rocks after he messed with something on the sheikah slate and some kind of beam shot from the ring's bead like jewel and one of the trees… vanished and in its place was cube like glowing bits which shot into the ring and after a moment, Emerald held the slate to Zelda.

"One tree stored for use." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Zelda was a bit shocked and amazed when she witnessed the ring's ability.

"Sweet Goddesses."

Emerald however rolled his eyes when he starts to deconstruct some rocks and more trees.

"Oh please, the Goddesses could care less for guys like me or Gramps, we're not Hylian's after all, nor Zora before they became what they were… I mean your fucking Uncle tried to use *Holy* spells that were made by the Goddesses to try and enslave my friends… family… everyone in the village and if I didn't do what I did… you would be having many little Hylian monster hybrid relatives… that is a fucking fact… so why didn't the Goddesses smite him or something… at least some Zora are the peaceful kind alongside the Rito while even the monster versions of the Zora are peaceful if you know how to talk with them... and Gorons are pretty well accepted yet most Hylian's see evolved monsters as nothing more then slaves and monsters just waiting to be killed, why do you think the evolved monsters who have intelligence went into hiding with some of the regular ones which will listen?" Emerald said while he didn't look at Zelda for a bit.

Zelda sighs since the issue with what her uncle did is still heated.

"Look… I don't know how many times I have to apologize for what my bastard uncle did to you and your people. I only hope for peace between my kingdom and your village. Is there a way that I can try to make things right here?"

"Oh trust me… the ideas I would have for you would not be well accepted because I'm pretty sure that would be me soiling your virtue if you get my drift… besides there is a reason why I don't like the Goddesses… nor Hylia much… tell me… does the name Demise ring a bell at all with you?" Emerald asked when he gave Zelda a serious look after he gathered enough materials from around them.

Zelda blinked a bit when she heard the name.

"Yes… though why ask?"

"Simple… by tricking the Goddesses and the spirit of the Master sword you have sealed deep under the castle… Demise managed to slip free… or at least his mind and soul did… long story short… while you are reincarnated from the Goddess Hylia in mortal form… I am the reincarnation of Demise the Demon King… the supposed invader of Hyrule and the originator of the curse that caused you and Hyrule so much grief when you had to deal with beings like Ganondorf and Calamity Ganon." Emerald said while he removed his hood again to show his flaming demonic hair and removed the cloak from hiding him to show his demonic arms in full after removing some gloves on his hands.

Zelda was beyond shocked after hearing that before her eyes widened when she saw the hair again and remembered how… unnatural it looked.


All Emerald did was hum before he focused his power and the Spectre of Demise appeared behind him in full which looked right into Zelda's eyes with a focused look… it did nothing else but Zelda could feel an intense hatred emitting from the spectre when it registered her form.

Zelda was again shocked when she saw the spectre.

"S-So you are telling the truth."

"Why do you think I showed you this guy behind me… he mimics everything I do and can you really tell me being reincarnated from a Goddess hasn't given you some powers?... please, even if you are not awakened yet you should at least have some memories of when Hylia betrayed Demise here… I sure as hell do and trust me… no mistake in those memories… and even if the memories from Demise that I do have are fragmented… I or Demise still remembers the things that happened before that incident and how he and Hylia used to be lovers." Emerald said with a straight look on his face as the spectre of Demise vanishes… just what memories have he seen... and Demise and Hylia… lovers!?

"W-Wait… WHAT?!" Zelda said with wide eyes… and a blush on her face surprisingly enough.

Emerald just raised an eyebrow while he sighs as he fiddles with the sheikah slate.

"Like I said, Goddess Hylia and Demise were lovers in the past shortly after Demise bursts from the ground and his supposed invasion starts… however that's further from the truth… but I'm guessing you haven't awakened too many of your memories huh?... its pretty much the main reason why I can't attack you right now… seems Demise still has leftover feelings for Hylia and its making me feel funny when I'm around you as a result… not sure how to think about that one… would be a good story to tell Cedric and Gramps… oh Cedric, gramps, seems like being a reincarnation of Demise has a few issues like him being in love with Hylia in the past and now I believe I'm feeling the same for Zelda now even though all the anger at being seal for so many years makes it hard for me to focus clearly." Emerald said while he glanced at Zelda for a moment with a look in his eyes to show he wasn't lying though he did make funny hand gestures and pretend to look lovesick for a moment as he tells the supposed what if when he talks with Cedric and Xan later.

Zelda however ignored the funny hand thing as she just couldn't get over the fact that her and Emerald's past lives were lovers at one point.

Emerald though just went back to the slate and after some taps, he points the ring at an empty spot and a moment later, a small size house was made when the blue glow fades from it and Emerald pockets the slate and he walked to Duford.

"There, now we won't have to worry about not having a place to rest and I can put the trees and other things back so its like we were never here." Emerald said before he starts dragging Duford towards the house while he groans in discomfort.

Zelda was able to snap out of it.

"Y-Yeah… good thing."

A moment later, Zelda followed Emerald into the impromtu house… and saw Emerald making a bed with the ring and sets Duford on the bed before Emerald made two more in different rooms.

"There, you won't have to worry about anyone attacking you anytime soon." Emerald said when he made sure that his room was before Zelda's and that there was no windows to her room so no one will know about her room at all while Emerald furnished it with plenty of furniture so she could use it… even had a working bathroom connected for her to use by the time Emerald was done setting the place up.

"T-Thanks." Zelda said as she was a bit surprised when she saw her room.

It looked rural but fancy looking… like a fancy room you would see in a cottage while Emerald finished by putting a fancy and durable look on the door.

"Here, this will keep that Duford guy out of here if he tries anything stupid, I'll be getting dinner ready so better get cleaned and relaxed your highness, and if you are willing I can help you with training if you want to get stronger tomorrow." Emerald said when he didn't seem to see issues with the latter part at all.

Zelda blinked a bit after hearing that.

"R-Really? You would actually help me even though I'm a Hylian?"

"Considering you will be traveling with me and to mess with that Duford guy greatly, might as well see what skills you have and if you have ways to grow, I'll point them out, besides… you are trying to show that you are not your uncle so might as well start by seeing how well you do with some heavy duty training." Emerald said with a somewhat evil smirk before he walked out of the room before Zelda could stop him and he closed the door.

Zelda lightly gulps a bit.

'Hope he's not serious about that.' She thought.

Though while she got ready to eat and what not and Emerald gave Duford a potion to heal with… the scene went back to Emerald's village to see how everyone was doing so far.

Hidden Monster Village/Hyrule forest area/ ?

The scene now showed Maite as she walked from Xan's place after the Armos start to work on Emerald's room and chuckles when Emerald would be very surprised later and chuckles when she wondered what he will think.

"Hehe, Emerald is gonna be greatly surprised with what I've done to his room." Maite said as she walked.

Though as she walked, she decided to head back to Cedric's place to check up on him and see if she could help him with anything… while he was still healing, he did seem off when everyone wanted to help him with pretty much everything and Maite wondered if Cedric should get some space or not.

'I hope Cedric isn't bothered by the attention he's getting. Though something tells me he wants to show everyone he's fine even though he knows he's not. I wonder if I should talk to Azure and the others about giving Cedric a bit space if necessary.' Maite thought while feeling concerned for the young Fangian since he's her other boyfriend in this shared relationship.

When she got to the Middleton Residence and got to Cedric's room, she found out that Cedric was sleeping right now while Rachel made sure that Maite was quiet before she and Maite exit the room.

"Seems Cedy was exhausted after our fun with him earlier, so after getting something to eat, he's resting, we should leave him alone… perfect for me since I need to look up some things about pregnancy and babycare from our parents just in case, Azure is busy talking with her family about various things… Lillum is doing her own thing and you know what that normally is, Diana followed Mira when they went to the library, so pretty much everyone is busy right now, I'll be back in a few hours Maite so mind keeping an eye on Cedy just in case?" Rachel asked while she smiles at her sister who smiles back.

"Alright, see you later sis." Maite said when she waved to Rachel who left the Middleton residence… though unaware to either of the sisters, Juan happened to listen in around the corner and grins at the opportunity before him.

'Hehe, nice young soon to be milf with nothing to do. Sorry son, but Emerald did asked me and your mother to keep your lady friends company while he's away.' Juan thought.

That caused Juan to wait a few minutes as Maite went into the living room to watch some TV after she made sure that Cedric was alright and he was snoring away like he had no care in the world which made her giggle a bit before she sat in the living room and Juan walked in a few minutes after Maite starts a movie.

"Hey Maite, didn't see you here, and noticed your sister is gone, she went somewhere?" Juan asked while he moved to sit near Maite so he could see how far he could go with this and not scare off Maite.

Maite looks Juan.

"Well Rachel went back home to talk with mom and dad about pregnancy and baby care so she asked me to look out for Cedric as he sleep."

"I see… well Emelina took Eruru out of the house to get her some new little outfits so seems like its just you and me here and the knocked out Cedric in his room… you feeling alright?" Juan said while he smiles at Maite.

Maite lightly returns the smile.

"I am. It's surprising that I'm carrying Emerald's baby. Though wish it was on a different circumstance since that… Hylian bastard and his partner had their way with me and my friends." She said before shuddering a bit from the memory.

"Well I'm just glad you and the others are safe and sound, just wished I could have gut the bastard who did this to you myself but seeing him get beat up and vaporized like that was a good close second, your too nice of a woman to do anything harmful to." Juan said while he placed a hand on Maite's shoulder while he gave her a gentle smile.

Maite felt a bit better from that.

"Thank you Juan. I just hope everyone else is recovering well. I know Lillum is strong, though I hope Rachel and Azure are doing better. Then there's the fact that most of the women who were taken got… defiled like our moms and… well sorry if I brought your wife into this." She said while trying to be a little sensitive for Juan's case since Emelina was raped.

Juan blinks at that and he chuckles a bit while he looks at Maite.

"No worries Maite, everyone is home safely and I've seen couples who had trouble after that incident work things out and their feelings are stronger than ever, how you feeling though?, I mean you seemed to have recovered pretty well all things considering… then again you do have two strong mates now and have plenty of ladies to have fun with so…" Juan said before he shrugged a bit with a slightly amused look on his face.

Maite blushes a bit brightly for a moment.

"W-Well… Cedric and Emerald had been making sure to be there for the four of us. It feels nice. I know that Lillum, Rachel and Azure enjoy that. Especially Azure. Though… I do feel a bit worried for Emerald and Cedric. I mean for Emerald, he has so much on his plate. First, not only he's the reincarnated Demon King, he also holds the forbidden sword from the ruins that Mira led him to. Plus he's doing a lot of things in the village to earn forgiveness. But I believe some of the villagers are milking this too much and I don't want Emerald to be taken advantage. And then there's Cedric… despite the attention he's getting, I think I felt something off with him and I know you noticed too. Cedric tries to let people know he's okay but losing a leg still bothers him a lot. I'm just worried if we're annoying him too much."

"I see… well I wouldn't worry too much about Cedric, we Middleton men are pretty hard to keep down for long, and as for that missing leg of his, we can think of something to do to help with that later, right now he's still recovering from the injury with the bandages and what not… one step at a time after all and as for Emerald… can't help much there besides giving him a hand with requests to lighten the load somewhat, it will be a bit before everyone forgives Emerald… it has been a few days after all and an event like that is not something one can just snap back from like that… I mean if Emerald did save you but didn't knock you up… would you be feeling the same thing you are now?... different circumstances can birth different outcomes… nothing is set in stone after all." Juan said when he tried to give some advice to help Maite and not let her worry about things that could have been but work with what you have in the here and now.

Maite was thoughtful for a moment.

"Well… I guess you have a point. Just hope it doesn't last long. I had to teach a couple of Armos a lesson when they thought it was funny when their Beamos fired at Emerald today."

Juan blinks at that before he got a curious look on his face.

"Teach some Armos a lesson?, what did you do?" Juan asked before Maite explained what she did and Juan chuckles.

"Wow… that is going to be a surprise when Emerald gets back, good thing he may take a few days to get to the other hidden village and back otherwise he may wonder why some Armos are rebuilding his room from the ground up… sneaky of you to do that while your mate was away… guess you are not the same shy girl I saw growing up over the years hehe." Juan said with a teasing grin on his face.

Maite blushes from the tease.

"I guess not. Looks like being a new mom has somehow changed me a bit."

"More than a bit… this new you is pretty sexy as hell if I can be honest." Juan said while he crossed his arms while he gave Maite a fanged grin.

Maite was a bit surprised when she heard that.

"T-Thank you." She said but had a thought.

'Is he hitting on me?'

Juan chuckles for a moment when he saw Maite looking confused and takes advantage of the situation to tease her more.

"Your welcome… you know… that… scent you give off is interesting as well… you about to go into heat or something?... or did you just get out of one after Emerald and Cedric gave it to you good?... either way its very intoxicating." Juan said while he smirks at Maite after he sniffed the air a bit… and a bulge was starting to form in his pants which could be seen by Maite.

Maite blushes brightly when she saw the bulge.

"U-Um well… I'm not sure." She said while feeling a bit lost on her words.

"Hehe… well I am… oh and before I forget to mention… Emerald gave me and Emelina permission to do a certain something with you ladies while he is gone… going to need to talk with Cedric about Azure and Rachel… but you can guess what Emerald said and why he said it right?" Juan said while he moved to lean in a bit towards Maite while his left hand went to grip the couch chair's top part for balance.

Maite blinks in surprise when she realized what Juan meant.

"R-Really?" She said with a blush on her face as she leans back a bit.

Juan noticed that while he leaned in a bit more.

"Oh yeah… if you doubt me, ask Emerald when he gets back…" Juan said before he leaned back when he relaxed in the chair while Maite had a blush on her face when Juan seemed to nearly kiss her.

"But Emerald did say that I would need your permission as well so if you don't want to do anything, I might as well pay Lillum a visit later after this movie is over." Juan said while he smirks when he just seemed to punk Maite just now with Juan's teasing.

Maite blinks after hearing that and surprisingly… she felt a bit bothered by that. Plus she was feeling in heat now.

Though she was having conflicted thoughts on what to do even though she glanced at Juan's bulge a few times.

Juan noticed and smirks when he relaxed on the couch and his bulge looked more pronounced and bigger as a result while it twitched a few times.

Maite blushes more as she saw that while feeling bit more heated.

"See something you like?" Juan asked while he glanced at Maite and messed with her more while he looks back at the movie.

Maite was able to snap herself out a bit.

"U-Um… what?"

"The movie, see something you like or don't like since you keep glancing away from the screen?, personally I like how the the leading lady loves the beastly lover at the end of this movie, makes you wonder what they would do if he was still a beast." Juan said while he grins as his bulge got a bit bigger at the hidden dirty message that was said.

Maite blushes again before gulping.

"I-I guess we'll never know." She said even though she could already picture the scenario that made her blush more and among other things.

Juan just smirks while he keeps quiet while his bulge twitched and got a bit bigger under his pants… seems Maite could see why Cedric was so endowed now… like father like son.

Maite now felt her instincts affecting her a bit which was telling her to do something impulsive however she was hesitant since to her, Juan was a new guy…. And he was her in law so to speak.

Though considering how many signals that Juan was giving off was pretty much a willing virile male… it made Maite's instincts scream at her to act until…

Maite somehow had her hand slightly touched Juan's bulge before she realized what she was doing.

Juan shudders a bit at the touch before he looks at Maite in a teasing way.

"Need something Maite?" Juan teasingly said while he didn't move Maite's hand away from his bulge and she could feel it throb in her hand.

"H-Huh?" Maite said as her hand stayed on the bulge.

"Like I said… need something Maite?... all you need to do is ask and I'll be more than happy to do what you want to make you comfortable… anything." Juan said while his dick continues to get a bit bigger thanks to Maite's touches and he was getting a bit uncomfortable in his pants right now.

Hearing this made Maite shudder and now she couldn't take much more of this.

"P-Please… be a bit gentle." She said before blushing in a cute way.

Juan chuckles before he turned to look at her.

"Oh don't worry my dear… I know how to take care of a pregnant woman… I'll go gentle at first but you'll be begging for more later… but for now." Juan said before he smashed his lips onto Maite's maw like lips while he pulled her in for an intense kiss and had Maite sit in his laps while Juan's bulge pressed against Maite's folds.

Maite blushes brightly as she was being kissed by another man, who happens to be Cedric's father.

However, Maite's surprised look washed away as she melts a bit into the kiss and slowly returns it.

That caused Juan to pet Maite's back a few times in a soothing way while he used his other hand to unzip his pants and his dick sprang free and smacked against Maite's pussy when Juan's cock quickly grew to fill length and he matched Cedric's size exactly… maybe a bit shorter in length by half an inch but was half an inch to an inch wider as a result.

Maite jolts when she felt her folds get hit before she slightly moans into the kiss.

Juan keeps the kiss up before he pulled away while he moved so that Maite was laid on the couch while Juan moved to be between her legs and licked his lips which showed Maite what Juan would do as Juan leaned down so his head was near her folds.

Maite gulps as she blushed brightly before preparing herself for what Juan was about to do.

That allowed Juan to lick his lips before he gently licked Maite's folds while he held her hips in a surprisingly sensual way.

Maite blushes more as she shudders while feeling Juan's tongue lick her folds.

That caused Juan to repeat his actions for a couple minutes while he used a finger to tease her vaginal hole while Juan made sure to not push his finger in yet.

Maite then lightly starts to moan a bit as she slowly starts to feel good from that action.

Juan chuckles before he switched to licking Maite's asshole while he slowly pushed his finger into Maite's folds and starts to finger it slowly to warm Maite up.

Maite was a bit surprised from that action before she groans a bit as she feels Juan's for finger going in and out of her pussy.

"Hehe, that's right Maite, keep moaning, once you cum I'll have you return that favor." Juan thought while his dick throbbed a few times from the thought.

'F-Fuck… didn't think I would do this with Cedric's dad of all people. Even though what he's doing feels… good.' Maite thought even though part of her wonder if it's still okay despite the fact that this was Emerald's idea.

Though Juan was no mind reader so he keeps on pleasing Maite's pussy while she kept getting closer and closer until….

Maite moans a bit loud before she felt her pussy twitch as it squirt her juices on Juan's hand.

Juan just keeps on fingering Maite's folds while his tongue slipped into her asshole and wiggles around to try and get her orgasm even stronger.

And stronger it got before Maite got to the 15 second mark and taps off.

That caused Juan to pull away from Maite to see how Maite was doing since that was an intense orgasm for her.

Maite pants for a bit as she recovers a bit while enjoying the afterglow.

That allowed Juan to remove his pants and shirt while Maite was distracted… and though he did have some wrinkles on his face, Juan was still as strong as he was in his prime which showed with a very toned and muscular body and his dick was iron hard now and throbbed a bit from how excited Juan was about the situation.

Maite was able to collect herself before she looks up before blushing brightly when she saw Juan's physique.

Juan chuckles while he approached the couch.

"Again… see something you like?... I believe its time for you to return the favor Maite." Juan said while he smirks at the Keatots while his dick was near her face.

Maite blushes brightly before looking at Juan's dick.

She saw how big it was when it was pretty much in front of her head while Juan waits for her to act with a grin on his face.

Maite gulps before she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue before she slowly starts licking the head of Juan's dick to get a better feel of it.

Juan hums from the feeling and he lightly pets Maite's head when he enjoyed the licking he was getting.

Maite blushes from the petting as she continues to lick the head before she starts licking the base a few times.

Juan saw Maite starting to get into the act and removed his hand he made sure his cock was near face and watched as Maite keeps on licking his cock from base to tip… he wouldn't scare her off by forcing her to do anything… this was all Maite right now.

Maite was starting to feel comfortable since she knew Juan wasn't gonna force himself on her. He wasn't like the Hylian bastard and Granblin fucker.

The young Keatots kept this action going before she slightly took initiative and starts to fondle Juan's balls.

Juan groans from that while some precum dripped from Juan's cock while he fidgets from Maite working his cock and balls good.

Maite noticed the precum before she decides to go back to the head and licks it up a bit.

Juan went back to petting Maite's head while his dick throbbed more and more while he loved the look in Maite's eyes when she really starts to get into things.

It wasn't long before Maite opens her mouth again and starts to swallow Juan's dick as best as she can.

Juan really groans from that and bucked his hips for a moment when the pleasure spiked for him and Juan had to fight to keep that from happening again.

Maite was able to just adjust having the older Fangian's dick in her mouth before she slowly starts moving her head back and forth.

That really made Juan moan while he continues to pet Maite's head and he moved his hand to play with her breasts to help her feel good as well.

Luckily for him, Maite felt more good as she continues to bob her head before she uses her tongue to lick the tip on Juan's dick.

For a bit, the two continue to please one another but Juan switched things up to not blow too soon when he moved to sit on Maite's stomach while he made sure not to really sit on her and he placed his dick between her breasts and smirks at Maite when he could tell she already knew what he wanted already.

Maite blushes a bit but understood before she pushed her two breasts together which sandwiched Juan's dick before Maite starts moving them back and forth.

Juan shuddered before he thrusts his hips and humps Maite's breasts while he used his hands to pinch Maite's nipples and used them as hand holds so he could really hump away at Maite's breasts.

Maite groans from having her nipples pinched as she continues to move her breasts before she starts licking Juan's dick head whenever it got close to her face.

That repeats while Juan's dick throbbed more and more and when he could feel himself getting close, his thrusts got erratic which told Maite what would happen, though Juan was vocal about what was about to happen.

"F-Fuck… about to blow… better open wide or you'll get a real mess for your fur." Juan growled out when he fights to hold his orgasm back.

Maite blinks after hearing that before she opens her mouth as wide as she can before moving her breasts a bit more.

That caused Juan to growl deeply while he pressed his pelvis to the underside of Maite's breasts and he blew his load into Maite's open mouth with a deep growl while his nuts throb hard from how backed up he was… seems he held back to really enjoy his time with Maite, thankfully, thanks to the shake of Maite's maw, she was able to get most of Juan's load into her mouth but some hits her chin and neck when it dripped down her cheeks.

Maite moans as she felt the older Fangian's cum in her mouth as she felt her chin and neck get hit.

When Juan tapped off, he pants for breath for a moment while he watched as Maite closed her mouth and swallowed Juan's load and Juan chuckles when he got off Maite and managed to get his bearings while he went to get Maite a wet rag while Maite recovered from how much Juan let out.

Maite was able to swallow the cum in her mouth before opening her mouth for a quick breath while blushing.

"Hehe… so how was that for a meal?, you seemed to enjoy that greatly considering how wet you just got." Juan said while he passed Maite the wet rag.

Maite blush a bit more before she takes the rag and cleans off any cum on her upper body.

"W-Well… it was a… good meal."

Juan chuckles again before he waits for Maite to get cleaned and when she was, Juan cleared his throat.

"Alright… now that you are clean… want to continue?, your call." Juan said while his dick was iron hard to show that he didn't want to stop yet.

Maite blushes brightly when she saw that. Guess she knows where Cedric got his stamina.

Maite was slightly hesitant before looking at Juan.

"K-Keep going."

"Very well… why not bend over and rest your upper body on the couch and show me that sexy ass of yours." Juan said while he grins when he looks at Maite's ass.

Maite blushes a bit brightly before nodding her head and had her upper body rest on the couch with her ass pointed at Juan while her knees were on the ground.

Juan licked his lips before he walked to Maite and gently gripped her ass cheeks and fondles them to get a good feel of Maite's soft ass cheeks.

Maite shudders from the fondling before blushing brightly.

"Hehe… so… want anal or have me fuck your pussy?" Juan asked while he licks his lips.

Maite blushes more before she gave her response.

"M-My… p-pussy."

Juan smirks while he aimed his dick at Maite's pussy and teasingly rubbed the head of his cock on Maite's folds.

Maite shudders again from that action before she patiently waits for Juan to start.

Though Juan just smirks when he keeps rubbing the head of his cock on her folds.

"Come on Maite… you know what I want to get me started… all Fangian's love to hear their bitches beg after all." Juan said when he gave Maite a fanged grin.

Maite blushes brightly at the request but she would know what Juan would want to hear before Maite looks back with a cute blush.

"P-Please Juan… F-Fuck me like how you do with your wife."

That caused Juan to grin before he pushed his hips forward and his dick was pushed into Maite's folds in no time flat and he hums when he could feel Maite's folds grip his cock with a tight but soft grip.

Maite groans a bit loud when she feels her pussy slightly stretches as her pussy gripped Juan's dick a bit more.

For a bit, Juan waits for Maite to adjust to his size while he used a hand to gently rub Maite's back in a soothing way.

Maite continues to groan a bit before she slowly feels better thanks to Juan's rubbing.

Once Juan felt Maite relax, Juan moved his hands to Maite's hips and Juan starts to thrust his hips in a steady but gentle pace like Maite wants and she could feel every inch of Juan's cock again and again with every push.

Maite groans for a bit before she starts to moan as she felt the older Fangian's dick going in and out of her pussy.

Juan just pants, growls a little, and groans when he slowly thrusts his hips at a faster rate which caused the sounds of slapping flesh to be heard in the room when Juan was enjoying himself even though he was holding himself back.

Maite starts to moan more as she begins to feel good from the pounding after a minute or two.

"Y-Yes Juan!... G-Go a bit… h-harder!"

That caused Juan to grin before he went as commanded and his muscles bulged a bit when he starts to get serious with fucking Maite's pussy into oblivion.

Maite moans loud as her face starts to look pleased after a few minutes as her pussy gripped Juan's dick again.

"Hehe… who is a cock craving slut?... who loves getting dicked by fangians and a demon king?" Juan said in a teasing manner to mess with Maite while he fucked her harder.

"I-I… do!" Maite moans as she was now really enjoying the pleasure now.

"That's right… who loves getting creampied almost as much as a Succubus!?" Juan said before he used a hand to start and smack Maite's ass a few times when he really enjoys himself.

Maite might've yelped a bit but moans loudly nonetheless.

"I… D-Do!"

Juan grins when he used more power in his slaps.

"How hard do you want me to fuck you then!?" Juan growled out when he keeps on fucking Maite while he slowly gets faster with his thrusts.

Maite groans more from how fast the older Fangian was going.

"V-Very hard!"

That caused Juan to grin and gripped Maite's ass cheeks hard and his fingers dug into the soft ass cheeks without much mercy before Juan thrusts his hips like a man possessed and his dick barraged Maite's cervix again and again at a rapid rate, thankfully for Maite and Emerald's child, the crest prevented any injuries from happening to the developing baby in the Keatot's womb.

"Y-Yes Juan… YES!" Maite moans as her tail swishes in excitement.

Though unaware to Maite, she and Juan were getting watched from two separate angles… one was from Cedric's room when Cedric, woken by Maite's moans, groans, and whatnot, had used his cane that he was given recently to get to the door and after getting a stool so he could sit on, looked outside of his door after cracking it and saw his father fucking Maite while she had a fucked up look on her face…

Cedric was a bit surprised when he saw this.

'You gotta be fucking kidding. They do this while people like me sleep?... Scratch that… why is dad fucking Maite?!'

Though while he did think that… Cedric's lower brain did more thinking for him and he starts to get a bulge in his pants.

Cedric felt something before looking down and was shocked at what he saw.

'Am I seriously getting turned on by this?!' He thought before hearing Maite moan in a sexy kind of voice.

That caused his dick to twitch a few times like his dick was agreeing with that thought… he did have to share ladies with Emerald and Emerald in turn… maybe Emerald gave Cedric's parents permission to fool around with Maite and the others… would make sense since Juan normally respected boundaries… besides he was watching a pretty intense show… so Cedric could rub one out before talking with Juan and Maite later...

Cedric slowly opens his pants a bit just enough to fish out his dick and slowly strokes himself while making sure to not fall from his seat.

Meanwhile outside of the house…

Emelina at this time had already filled in the others about what Emerald said when she ran into Azure, Lillum, Diana, Mira, and Rachel when they all seemed to be heading back to Cedric's place and while Mira knew what was going on… everyone else minus Lillum had blushes on their faces… though Lillum seemed to grin when she heard that.

"Hoho… so Emerald said while he is gone… you and your hunky hubby can have fun with all of us?" Lillum said with a smirk on her face while everyone walks towards the house… though hearing Maite moan and groan loudly from inside the house while Cedric was mostly asleep did answer a grinning Lillum's question while Mira chuckles when Juan worked fast with getting some fun in with Maite.

Emelina lightly chuckles as she held Eruru.

"Judging from what we just heard, yes. Though only if we got permission from you, young ladies. Seems Juan got Maite's permission. If the rest of you feel uncomfortable about this, Juan and I will understand."

Lillum however smirks when she walked up to Emelina.

"How's this for permission then." Lillum said when she reached to Emelina and gripped her behind the head and pulled her in for an intense kiss while being careful of Eruru while everyone else, mainly Rachel, Azure, and to a lesser extent Diana blush after getting over the surprise while Mira smirks at the sight.

Emelina was a bit surprised at Lillum's boldness though seeing the young succubus agreeing was more than enough for the female Fangian to return the kiss.

Mira quickly moved over to get Eruru from Emelina and carefully held the baby Fangian girl while Lillum pulled Emelina in for a more intense kiss with her tongue going to explore the Fangian woman's mouth.

Emelina moans into the kiss as she had her tongue fight off Lillum's tongue making Rachel and Azure blush as Diana however wanted to avert her gaze since she didn't want to watch.

However, thanks to her lust side affecting her a bit, the Hylian took a couple of glances.

Lillum pulled away from the kiss and looks at everyone else.

"So… what do you say we sneak a peek at how Maite is doing on her own…" Lillum said with a lustful tone to her voice when she looks at the ladies.

Meanwhile back with Juan and Maite…

Maite at this time was getting her pussy pounded by Juan when he changed things up so that she was laying on the coffee table in front of the couch and Juan aggressively kissed her on the lips while he used more speed in his thrusts.

Maite's eyes rolled in the back of her head a bit as she kissed back before wrapping her arms and legs around Juan to make him go deeper.

While that happened… Cedric was aggressively stroking himself off while he keeps on spying on his dad and Maite while Juan keeps on fucking the Keatots pussy without mercy now.

Cedric grinds his teeth for a bit as he strokes himself hard as Maite kept kissing Juan before she uses her to lick Juan's fangs like if she was asking permission for her tongue to enter.

Though Maite needed no permission to enter when Juan opened his mouth and Maite starts an intense french kiss session while in Cedric's view… he barely saw the front door open and saw everyone else sneak into the house and thanks to how intense Juan and Maite were, they never noticed that they were now getting spied on by everyone else while Cedric watched a secondary show before him when everyone starts to masturbate when they look by the corner while Mira used her speed to get past Cedric's room… though she did take one step to stop by Cedric's door and winked at him before she passed by the room to put Eruru in her crib.

Cedric blinked when he saw Mira do that even though he was a bit surprised earlier when he saw his mom and the rest enjoy the show.

Though Cedric did go back to stroking himself off when he watched the sight of everyone's asses minus his mother who joined in on the fun with the other ladies when they watched as Juan fuck Maite more and more until…

Maite moans loudly before she felt her pussy tightened around Juan's dick before climaxing on it.

Juan made a few thrusts through the tightness and snarls when he pushed himself balls deep into Maite and came hard in her pussy, flooding it with a surprising amount of sperm while his balls throbbed hard while many people had various reactions.

Lillum fidgets while she fingers her pussy while wishing she was in Maite's place.

Azure, though fingering herself, blushed when she thought that if Cedric got to Juan's age, he wouldn't look too bad.

Diana, the one not playing with herself… had seriously wet pants when she spied the sight before her.

Emelina licks her lips when she loved how virle Juan was while he enjoyed himself.

Like Azure, Rachel was also picturing Cedric at Juan's age before blushing a bit.

Cedric groans as he kept stroking himself but made sure to hold back his climax since it would be bad if he made a mess from where he was sitting.

Though while that was going on, Mira saw Cedric's door still opened, and while everyone was distracted, she gently opened the door a little and smirks at Cedric before she quietly closed the door without making a sound and instead of saying anything, she walked to Cedric and with a grin, she got his hand from his cock and she started to suck him off so he wouldn't make a mess.

Cedric was a bit surprised by this action and couldn't say anything as he groans a bit before he already starts enjoying having his dick sucked.

Mira got an amused look in her eyes before she used her right hand to fondle Cedric's balls while she could feel him getting close fast thanks to him being worked up from earlier and keeps sucking him off more and more until…

Cedric groans as he grinds his teeth before filling Mira's mouth with his Fangian cum.

Mira moans sensually while she stroked Cedric's cock while she keeps sucking his dick while he rides out his orgasm.

Cedric's climax got a bit stronger from that action before he finally taps off at the 15 second mark.

Mira pulled her head away from Cedric's cock while she licked it clean and opened her mouth to show a lot of sperm in it before she swallowed the load before Cedric's eyes which was seen when she opened her mouth again.

Cedric was a bit surprised and impressed when he saw Mira do that as he pants a bit for breath.

Though Mira just smirks when she got to her feet and she points at Cedric then to the bed before she points at her pussy which showed that if Cedric got to the bed… Mira would show him a good time.

No sooner than later, Cedric immediately walk to his bed while using his cane before he on the bed and lays a bit in his back.

That caused Mira to approach the bed while the scene went back to Maite and Juan as he fucked Maite's ass hard while he held her wrists while she was on all fours on the ground… just minus the arms which were held by Juan who had a snarl on his face as he worked on destroying Maite's asshole.

Maite had a very pleased and fucked up look on her face as she was enjoying having her ass fucked hard as it tightens on Juan's dick.

That left Lillum, who noticed that Mira was gone to look around, but when she did, she saw a trail of juices head towards Cedric's room and smirks when it seems that Mira was giving Cedric a good time… but considering things… she went back to masturbating… but noticed that Diana wasn't which made her grin when she snuck up on Diana and quietly sneaked her arms around the hylian and hugged her.

Diana's eyes widened before turning her head to see Lillum was the culprit.

Though that caused Lillum to give Diana a sneaky kiss attack while she slipped her hand underneath Diana's shorts and gently fingers her folds when Lillum managed to slip her fingers inside rather easily thanks to how drenched Diana was.

Diana muffles in surprise before she tries to break free from Lillum's hold.

However Lillum's hold was too strong and Lillum really went rough with the fingering to stop Diana's struggles while Azure, Rachel, and Emelina noticed… though while Azure and Rachel blushed… Emelina smirks when she snuck up on Azure and Rachel when they were distracted and Emelina used her fingers to finger Azure and Rachel's pussies.

Said duo were a bit surprised before they saw that Emelina was culprit before they groan quietly when they bit their lower lips to keep Maite and Juan from hearing from having their pussies fingered.

Meanwhile Juan keeps on fucking Maite's ass while he could feel her getting closer and closer until…

Maite moans very loudly as her ass tightens around Juan's dick before climaxing hard from her pussy.

That caused Juan to snarl when he blew his load in Maite's ass hard while he leaned down and hugged Maite from behind while his balls throb as he keeps on cumming.

Maite groans as she kept climax for about 20-25 seconds before tapping off.

That caused Juan to let Maite go and he pulled his cock free from Maite's ass and watched as she fell onto the floor while her ass was in the air and he saw his loads leak from her holes.

Maite's body shook with mini orgasms as she had a very pleased look on her face.

Though as Juan and Maite recovered, Azure's hand slipped from the wall when she felt her strength leave her and… Juan jolts when he heard a thud and looked over to see a blushing Azure, a smirking Emelina, a blushing Rachel, and a lustful Lillum while she keeps on fingering Diana.

Diana also blushed from being seen as Juan was a bit surprised from seeing his wife and everyone else here.

"Well… this is surprising."

Emelina chuckles when she got to her feet and walked into the living room.

"Yeah… but considering you had plenty of fun with Maite here, I doubt you can complain much… especially since we have horny bitches here just waiting for a good dicking right now thanks to that show you gave us." Emelina said with a lustful look in her eyes.

Juan lightly blushes from the look before chuckling.

"Hehe, yeah… you have a point there." He said before give Emelina and the rest the same look.

Most blushed from that while Emelina grins at her husband.

"So… think you got enough in you to satisfy a few bitches here while Azure and Rachel leave the room since they are Cedric's bitches?" Emelina said with a wild look in her eyes… more so when she eyes Juan's cock.

Juan chuckles a bit.

"Oh you know I'm not done yet dear. And I don't mind if Rachel and Azure want to stick around." He said with a grin.

"Maybe… it's their call after all and lets not forget that we need Cedric's permission to really get serious with them… gotta respect boundaries… best I can do is give them a good eating out or a good fingering… anything else would be overkill without permission… besides… we still got Lillum and Diana to really have fun with since Lillum is well… Lillum… and Diana is pretty much everyone's bitch until she can make up for what she did." Emelina said with a fanged grin on her face when she looks at the grinning Lillum who keeps on fingering the struggling, but weakening, Diana.

Diana's eyes widened when she heard that and still kept struggling from Lillum's advances as Juan chuckles.

"Why of course. I would never force myself on these lovely ladies unless they're okay with it. I have good restraint."

"Yeah you do, and that's why I love you so much honey… prime mate material for Fangian's." Emelina said when she moved to kiss Juan on the lips while Maite was starting to come too from her pleasure high… and finally noticed everyone else in the room while she was in a very suggestive position…

As Juan kissed his wife with passion, Maite blinks in surprise when she saw her friends, sister, and Diana in the room.

"U-Um… how long were you guys standing there?"

Lillum chuckles when she lets Diana go.

"Oh… about the time we saw Juan place you on the coffee table and really give it to you good all the way to him pretty much destroying your asshole… shame on you for not inviting me for some fun with primo Fangian cock Maite." Lillum teasingly said when she walked over and knelt to tap Maite on the cheek a few times while she had a devilish grin on her face.

Maite gave a good impression of a tomato as she felt embarrassed.

"Oh sweet Goddesses."

"Hehe, no need to feel shy now… we heard you yell some interesting things from outside… your no prim and proper maiden so why look embarrassed now?... but while you recover… I believe it's time for me to get some tasty Fangian cock." Lillum said when she stands up and gave Juan a lustful look on her face.

Juan, after kissing Emelina, returns the look to the young succubus.

"Oh I'm ready whenever you want Lillum." He said with a fang grin.

That caused Lillum to grin after licking her lips as she approached Juan while many blush at what Lillum alone did with Juan before the scene changed to Emerald, Zelda, and the knocked out Duford an unknown time later.


What the scene showed was Duford as he walked along a field while he seemed to be searching for something and in the distance… he saw Princess Zelda and with an excited look, ran towards her while he was calling her name.

"Princess Zelda! There you are my princess!" Duford said as he kept running.

Though when he got to her and he looks at her… she for some reason sneered at Duford.

"Oh it's you… what do you need Duford?, here to try and keep me prisoner in my own home again?" Zelda coldly said with crossed arms.

Duford was a bit surprised by the tone.

"N-No milady. I would never do that. I'm here to protect you."

"Well you are not needed anymore… I have a new knight now and he is much stronger than you are… I mean you got one shoted after all… and I don't even need to worry about him trying to keep me tied down anytime soon so that is a plus." Zelda said while a familiar cloaked figure appeared nearby Zelda which caused her to walk to him with a happy look on her face.

Duford was shocked for a moment.

"What?! What so called knight can protect you better than me?"

The Cloaked figure however placed a hand around Zelda's waist in a way only a lover would while he looks at Duford while the upper part of his head was hidden by the cloaks shadow.

"Simple Mr. Pompous… it's me." The cloaked figure said while more of his face was seen and Duford recognized him instantly from the voice alone before the sight of the figures face shocked Duford.

"Y-You Cur!... Unhand Milady now!" Duford said while Zelda shook her head.

"Oh you poor man… sorry Duford but I never loved you or any of the suitors that Father tried to set me up with… at least with Emerald here I will have someone who won't treat me as a trophy wife… good luck with being Father's Royal guard… Emerald and I will be going now." Zelda said before she and Emerald starts walking away from Duford while Emerald had an arm around Zelda… and when Duford gave chase… no matter how fast he ran, Emerald and Zelda seemed to just move further and further away as Duford tried to call Zelda again and again.

"No my lady!... DON'T LEAVE ME!"

Though as Duford keeps running he watched in horror as Emerald and Zelda stopped for a moment before they look at one another… and as their heads got close… Duford's nightmare came to an end.

Reality/ Emerald's cabin/ Emerald, Zelda, Duford.

"KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HER YOU CUR!" Duford yelled when he sat up all of a sudden and pants for breath from his nightmare.

"A-A Nightmare?" Duford said before he noticed he was on some bed and he felt no pain and when he starts looking around… he froze in shock when he saw that Zelda was in Emerald's arms while they look at Duford in surprise… and Duford saw Emerald's flaming hair as well… though what else was around them was not in Duford's mind, even Emerald's flaming hair, when he got a funny look on his face and this comical moment happened when Duford jumped from the bed and towards Emerald.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE PRINCESS!" Duford yelled with an enraged look before the scene went outside for a moment to show that there were many sounds happening inside.

"C-Calm down you dumbass!" Emerald yelled followed by Zelda shrieking and trying to calm Duford down and something hitting something before the scene went back in to show that Emerald had slugged Duford into the ground while he Emerald had an angered look on his face while Zelda sweatdrops when she looks at Duford.

15 minutes later and one extra potion used to heal the possible concussion…

"I-I see… so Milady was trying to administer a potion to heal any further injuries I may have had and me waking all of a sudden like that caused her to fall into your arms when you tried to keep her from hitting the ground?" Duford said while he ate some soup that Emerald made while he, Duford, and Zelda sat around a table.

"Yeah… what did you think was happening anyway?, we just woke up recently and while I was making breakfast, Zelda wanted to make sure you were alright." Emerald said while he sipped his own soup as Zelda did the same but in a more refined manner.

Duford felt a bit touched when he head that.

"Really my lady?" He said with a happy look.

Zelda sighs while she gave Duford a half lidded look.

"Only to make sure you don't have any lasting injuries… after I spar with Emerald here we are leaving so try and not stop us." Zelda said before she continues to eat her meal.

Duford was a bit flabbergasted.

"You're gonna spar against him?!"

"Well if I'm going to see where Zelda's skills in battle are at and to see if I can teach her anything, I gotta get a starting point right?" Emerald said while Zelda keeps eating her meal while Emerald continues to eat his.

"Am I the only one thinking that this isn't right?!" Duford said.

"Oh really?, and what would you say if Zelda happened to get separated from us and had to defend herself?, personally I would rather her kind image you seem to delude yourself with is busted and she can kick ass then be a damsel in distress, right Zelda or am I off base?" Emerald said before he looks at Zelda to see what she thought.

Duford also looked at the princess of Hyrule as Zelda finished taking her sips.

"Well… I don't want some idiot thinking I'd be that easy to kidnap. It be like if there was another princess getting kidnapped by a mutated dragon that commanded… talking mushrooms."

Emerald and Duford blinks at the analogy… but couldn't say much on that since there was plenty of strange monsters and evolved ones here or there.

"Right… well you heard her Duford, if you want to try and force her back, then get ready to be knocked out again if so… most likely by Zelda here since she seems pretty stubborn on proving that not all Hylians are as bad as her uncle." Emerald said after he finished eating his soup.

Duford couldn't believe what he was hearing. Though he had no choice since Emerald did clobber the Knight.

"Well if my lady stays then I'm staying too." He said with crossed arms.

"Well figured that might be the case… from what I can tell you are the only one odd enough to do something like that." Emerald said while he gave Duford a half lidded look.

"What was that you Cur!?" Duford said with an angered tone to his voice while Zelda sighs since this could be a repeating thing.

"Alright that's enough! You two are behaving like 4 year olds." Zelda said.

"He started it!" Emerald and Duford said when they point at one another before Zelda sighs again right before the time went to half an hour later to show Emerald and Zelda standing in front of one another a bit away from one another while Duford stood nearby with a first aid kit just in case anything bad happened as Emerald drew his weapon while Zelda summoned a rapier from a ball of light.

Emerald grins at the sight while he tightened his grip on Onimusha.

"Ready your highness?" Emerald said while he mockingly bows to Zelda a little.

"Ready." Zelda said before bowing back.

When Emerald and Zelda got in combat stances… Emerald didn't attack yet to see what Zelda would do and see if she had enough patience to not try anything risky since she was new to fighting it seems.

Zelda didn't make the first move either as she was trying to calculate on what Emerald will do.

Though when she didn't expect was Emerald grinning as he stood still like a statue while he had his guard up… Zelda may not have much experience in battle… but even she could see that Emerald had a tough defensive guard up.

'Damn…seems he's going on the defense.' Zelda thought before charging at Emerald.

That caused Emerald to dodge her attacks again and again when she mainly used thrusting skills and mainly them so Emerald decided to give lessons when he dodges one hit… and smirks when he used a hand to slap Zelda on the ass and trips her up as a result.

"H-Hey?!" Zelda shouts while blushing brightly.

Duford grinds his teeth in anger.

"Keep your hands to yourself pervert!"

Emerald rolled his eyes before he looks at Duford.

"Alright… but that would mean that I can punch, kick, and hit Zelda with the back of my blade as a result while I give her some lessons… at least with my pervy way she can learn and not get harmed too much... but as you can see Zelda… seems Duford wants to go the more painful route.. And he got knocked out with one hit so… not sure how I can hold back with an unarmored opponent." Emerald said to Duford before he looks at Zelda with a grin on his face while he cracked his neck and said that latter part to her.

Zelda glares a bit at Duford making said Knight flinched.

"Duford… Don't say another word. Even if Emerald gets too… grabby, this is still my spar."

While Duford shivers a bit in fear at the glare Zelda gave him, Emerald got this out.

"Yeah, besides it's not like I won't reward Zelda if she can make a good hit on me, I mean sure even I can tell that she doesn't like this, but you know the saying'' no pain no gain"?, well think of that like this… just with the pain to her mental state instead of her physical one… anyway Zelda… if you can make one good hit on me, even a scratch… I'll do one thing you ask no matter what… besides anything illegal or immoral… should be good incentive since it seems I get to cop a feel of the legendary Zelda's body in various ways." Emerald said with a demonic grin on his face… seems this was his way of painful it seems… not physical… but mental...

Though Zelda blushes brightly, she had a determined look now as she was gonna make Emerald eat his words before she charges again with all her might.

Though… that was a mistake when Emerald just used Zelda's momentum to flip her onto her back on the ground while Emerald looks down at her with a half lidded look on his face.

"Bit of a tip… while you do use rapier it seems, try and throw in some punches or kicks… throw dirt in my face… try and hit below the belt… anything you can think of can be used as a weapon or distraction against your enemy... if this was an actual fight you would be dead twice over or captured if that was your opponents intention… this isn't some kind of fantasy where enemies repeat patterns in battle again and again, some will try and use dirty tactics like what I just did… now… try again and next time I'm going for a feel instead of a throw if you mess up." Emerald said with a grin on his face while he stepped back as Zelda gets to her feet.

Zelda groans a bit after getting up before glaring Emerald.

"Fine then. If it's dirty you want, then I'll bring it." She said before she goes in and tries to punch Emerald after she dashed at him.

Emerald, though chuckling at the effort, managed to read the telegraphed move and moved into the punch and avoids it and again… Zelda was pushed by her ass again… though this time Emerald groped it a few times before he pushed Zelda away while moved away from a red faced Zelda when she tried to swing her rapier like a sword.

"Really pushing my buttons now." Zelda said when she gets herself steady on her feet.

"Hehe, then try and not make things so obvious… otherwise I'll find out more about your body, you got a great ass it seems… toned but at the same time has enough of a softness that my fingers could sink in… seems that dress of yours is hiding a great figure… though seems to be holding you back as well… ever consider changing to something not so restricting like actual adventuring gear?" Emerald said when he saw that Zelda couldn't kick if she wanted to unless she wanted to flash Emerald as a result.

Zelda sees where this is going and even though she didn't want to, the young royal decides to rip off the bandaid as she starts tearing off the lower part of her dress, mainly her legs.

"M-My lady. What are you doing?!" Duford said with a surprised look on his face.

Emerald whistles at that while Zelda worked to get more of her skirt changed.

"Hehe, seems like Zelda has the right idea, actual adventuring gear can be gotten later and would be better than what she has on now, but removing the lower part of her skirt would give her better agility and less of a chance for her to trip on her own to feet… or skirt in this case, or are you saying that being prim and proper looking is better than being safe and sound?" Emerald said while he grins at Duford.

Duford glares a bit at Emerald before he sat back down and doesn't say anything since he didn't want to give Emerald the satisfaction.

That caused Emerald to chuckle before he looks back to see if Zelda was ready.

However, it seems that Zelda was already dashing at Emerald when she thought this was a good chance to strike when she saw that Emerald was distracted.

Though while that was true, Emerald did noticed Zelda and barely avoids the attack and grins when he saw that Zelda was much faster and seeming to get the idea now when she tried to send a kick as well as a follow up but Emerald gripped her ankle and tossed her away and she lands on her feet… though she did accidently flash Duford thanks to her shorter skirt when it was raised in the air for a moment.

Duford was blushing as he saw that.

'Just like I dreamed it… somewhat.' He thought.

That's when Zelda charged Emerald again and while he could still side step the attacks, he was now forced to block some hits with Onimusha when Zelda moved a few times faster than normal… seems the skirt was holding her back.

Zelda's blade clashes with Emerald's weapon for a moment before Zelda tries to send a kick to Emerald.

"Whoa!" Emerald said when he barely dodged the attack and jumped back while he grins at Zelda.

"Hehe, not bad for a beginner Princess, seems you are a fast learner." Emerald said when he took the chance to get back into a guarded stance.

Zelda then smirks.

"You ain't seen nothing yet." She said before she dashes at Emerald with her sword ready.

"Oh I don't know… think I saw plenty when you kicked me… surprisingly saw black panties… surprisingly naughty for you princess." Emerald said with a teasing tone to his voice as he blocked a few hits.

Zelda blushes brightly in embarrassment before she really got pissed and tries to add a combo of punches at Emerald.

That caused Emerald to used a sweeping low kick and knocked Zelda to the ground though when he went to make a grab to her upper body or head, Zelda reacted reflexively while closing her eyes and Emerald stopped moving all of a sudden and… Zelda heard chuckling…. And when she looked… she saw that she had aimed her rapier at Emerald's head and though he dodged… he got a slight mark on his cheek.

"Hehe… not bad princess… seems you win your prize." Emerald said while his hand went from a grabbing motion to a held out gesture of Emerald waiting to take Zelda's hand so he could help her up.

Zelda couldn't believe she was able to mark Emerald before wondering what her prize was as she took Emerald's hand.

When Emerald got Zelda to her feet, he gave her a slight grin.

"Well your highness, looks like you get to ask me to do one thing for you no matter the request… besides illegal or morally wrong stuff… want to save that request for later or use it now?" Emerald asked while he crossed his arms.

Zelda was thoughtful for a moment before looking at Emerald.

"I think I'll save the request for later."

"Alright, I'll put that down as an I.O.U. for later then, but don't get too big an ego, if this was an actual fight or someone was trying to capture you, you would have been beaten long ago, but don't worry, follow my training regime while we work our way to the Hidden village and you'll be tougher than ever." Emerald said while he grins at Zelda.

"Yeah… just try not to get too handsy next time. Maybe that's the reason I don't remember my past self… interacting with yours." Zelda said as she didn't want to say the word.

Emerald just shrugged while Duford looked confused from what Zelda said.

"Alright, but just to remind you… no handsy means punch, kick, and back of blade painsy if you forget… at least with my way you won't get hurt, but if you want to go the painful route, I won't stop you." Emerald said and though Duford wanted to complain… he did have one question.

"Ummm… not to interrupt… but what did Milady mean by her past self interacting with yours?" Duford said which reminded Emerald and Zelda that Duford was knocked out when Emerald talked about his past self and what not… though Emerald didn't help matters when he said this.

"Oh, just the fact that my past life was in a relationship with the Goddess Hylia, apparently my past self was the Demon King Demise, not sure if you heard of the guy but apparently he was betrayed by Hylia and that's what helped caused this supposed invasion of his before the whole Triforce being made thing… still waiting for more memories but I've been getting them more and more as time went by and when I slept." Emerald said like it wasn't much to worry about.

Zelda was a bit shocked that Emerald flat out said that to Duford, as Duford…

"WHAT?!" Duford screams.

Emerald just covered his ears for a moment to stop the ringing and as Duford pants for breath, Emerald gave him a half lidded look.

"What… what?, think I'm lying?, then ask Zelda some questions that only she, the person who reincarnated from Hylia, can answer… or think she would lie as well?" Emerald said while he points a thumb at Zelda.

Duford looks at Zelda hoping that it wasn't true making said princess facepalm.

"Sadly Duford… I may not have all the facts but… Emerald is telling the truth here."

Duford gave a good impression of the Scream art when he held his cheeks while Emerald chuckles a bit at the look while he walked by Duford as Duford remembered the dream in detail where Emerald and Zelda nearly kissed and screamed more as a result while tears spilled from Dufords eyes.

That caused Emerald to look at Zelda while he points at the temp cabin home.

"Want more soup before we start traveling in full?, we can walk as we do lessons on how you can get stronger on the way." Emerald said when he didn't know about Duford's dilemma.

Zelda sweatdrops at Duford's reaction before looking at Emerald.

"Might as well."

"Right, I'll get things packed after… might as well leave Mr. Pompous alone to have his internal and external screaming moment." Emerald said before he and Zelda left Duford alone to his thoughts.

'I-I don't believe it… it's like my worst nightmare is coming true.' Duford thought as he cries.

An hour later… and the group was outside of the house while Emerald was fiddling with the Sheikah slate for a moment for some reason while Duford still looked depressed and… could have been their imagination but thought they saw will-O-the-wisps around Duford to accent his sad state.

Zelda blinked a bit before looking at Emerald.

"Think he's okay?" She whispers.

Emerald looks at Duford and shrugs for a moment.

"Hard to say, seems like he is depressed for some reason." Emerald whispered before he points the reconstruction ring at the cabin… before the ring hits it with a light beam and the cabin vanished and Emerald pockets the slate.

"There, I can either remake it later in its full cabin form or put all the things back to their base materials later, either way it's like we were never here." Emerald said when he double checked to see if everything was cleaned up well while he left Zelda and Duford alone for a moment.

Zelda took a moment to look at Duford to see if he was better.

Though it would be far from the truth when Duford still looked depressed when Emerald returned to see Zelda patting Duford on the back and sweatdrops when the Royal guard seems to not react at all to Zelda's actions.

"Err… seems we should leave him to his own thoughts as we get going… come on Zelda, might as well talk about how your fighting skills can improve." Emerald said when he gestured for Zelda to follow him as Emerald starts walking.

Zelda looks at Duford.

"Let's get going Duford." She said before she follows Emerald.

A moment later, Duford followed with still a depressed look on his face.

That caused the trio, with them slowed a bit thanks to Duford's slow pace, to walk away from the outskirts of Hylia and in the distance… a much larger forest then the Hylia forest was seen as a result that was a fair distance away that Emerald was walking too thanks to the map that he had… it was mainly home to Deku like beings and Zora as well which would explain the hidden village while Emerald talked battle stratagies with Zelda.

"So you are telling me that you can make ranged attacks with arrows of light and a bow correct?, why not use that in your battle style since you can pretty much remake weapons that are perfect to throw away in case of emergencies?" Emerald said while he had a thoughtful look on his face.

Zelda felt a bit embarrassed for a moment.

"I'm still in the learning process of that."

"Learning to make a bow and arrow or how to use them in combos with your rapier?" Emerald asked to clarify things.

"A bit of both." Zelda said as she walked.

"Hmmm… mind trying to make a bow and arrow then?, or just using a blast light for me to see?" Emerald asked to see how strong the move was or how far Zelda was in her creation of the bow and arrow.

Zelda stopped walking for a moment before she starts to concentration as she tries to summon a bow and arrow of light.

Though as she did, Emerald noticed something about halfway through the bow making which seemed odd… and that oddity caused Zelda to lose her concentration and the bow seemed to disintegrate as a result.

"Hmmm… try again… I think I may know why you can't make your Bow and arrow of light… however try and really focus… even if you feel some kind of pressure in your head or some kind of pain from the effort… trust me." Emerald said with a serious tone to his voice and a serious look in his eye.

Zelda didn't know why but shrugged before she tries to summon her bow and arrow.

This time when she followed Emerald's orders…. Emerald managed to see something in a much clearer way when Zelda took about 5 more seconds to barely keep the bows form before it breaks and Zelda pants for breath while Emerald hums a bit.

"S-So… what is it?" Zelda said.

"Well I'm not sure how and while I'm not a pro at spells… I do know enough from Demise's Memories that your powers are being hindered for some reason… best I can say is that someone cast a curse on you… doesn't seem harmful… but…" Emerald said when he didn't like what the curse was doing.

Zelda was a bit shocked when she heard that.

"C-Curse?! Who cursed me and how?"

Emerald just shrugged while he looks at Zelda while Duford, though still depressed, looked alarmed as well.

"Now that is the Million Rupee question… it's too unfocused to really tell WHO made it and even if it was, unless I knew who they were, I wouldn't know their names, as for the effect… seems when you try and use your bow and arrow ability, seems your powers get drained and while it seems if you use enough to force it you can make a bow… well think like this… thanks to that curse you have it seems you have to use two bows of power to make just one while the extra power gets siphoned off somewhere, know anyone in your family or anyone close to you who could have done this?, your Uncle does spring to mind but a curse like that would have faded since I personally saw him get vaporized by yours truly… maybe your dad or something since this seems like high level light magic but that's just a guess since I doubt many could just approach you and not look suspicious." Emerald said while he had a thoughtful look on his face.

Zelda tried to be thoughtful.

"Well… it could've been someone in my family… though I don't even want to think that… though there is a guardsman that is stronger in magic than Duford and then there's my father's advisor."

"I see… well it does narrow things down but until we can find out more, it looks like you are stuck with your rapier for now… maybe blasts of light for mid range attacks…. So try and not summon your bow and arrow for now unless its an emergency, not only does the energy go to whoever placed a curse on you, but it would also take twice as much energy to even summon the bow so not very cost effective, besides after we get back to Hyrule Castle Town, might as well investigate this curse thing and see who put it on you and we could get it off before I have to head back to my home town… though if not… *Sigh*... seems I may have to bring you back to my place back home for your safety since I doubt you'll be much safer at your home even with guys like Duford here guarding you… no offense Duford but if someone could place a curse on Zelda and even she didn't notice, do you think we are dealing with a low level magic user?" Emerald explained while he looks at Duford to see if he had any complaints.

"No… not at all." Duford said with a still downed look.

Though Duford did have a moment of energy when he looks at Emerald.

"B-But if we bring her to her father, I'm sure he can get rid of this dreadful curse on Milady!, I've seen Milord dote on Milady ever since she was born so-!" Duford tried to say and Emerald held up a hand to stop him.

"And what if her own Father placed that curse on her?... you can't say its out of the question since Zelda's uncle own slave rings and tried to take the ladies in my hometown as slaves… that fucker even raped the women closest to me… can you 100% guarantee that Zelda's father is trustworthy?... and in the off chance he does turn out to be hostile… will you protect Zelda from even her own father with your own two hands and blades?... I heard he is the strongest Hylian alive and got the throne because of how strong he is… nice and mannered are fine, but it seems the Hyrule Royal family are beasts in various ways so tell me Duford… what will you do if it does turn out that Zelda's father is planning something and is draining Zelda of her energy to do so?" Emerald said while he gave Duford a serious look.

Duford was a bit taken back by that question before he had a serious look.

"Then I will make him undo the curse… if it was him. Though I would doubt that the King would curse his own daughter. There's nothing to gain from that."

Emerald rolled his eyes at that before chuckling.

"Well considering you seem to act then think more than the normal Hylian, I'll trust you to protect Zelda just in case… but what if her father doesn't want to get rid of the curse?, what if he tries to attack you to get to Zelda?... as for why… there is only one reason why I would think for him to drain her of energy if so… the Triforce… records in the past indicate that whenever there is some kind of calamity enveloping the land, the Triforce splits and the Triforce of power...the piece that makes the person a god of war in a sense with unlimited magic and near invulnerability goes normally to Ganondorf the former Gerudo king... the Triforce of Courage, the piece that normally makes one resistant against magic and gives them a mastery of many weapons and normally goes to this Hero of the Age named Link and is normally the only person who can fight of Ganondorf, and the Triforce of Wisdom… the piece that normally grants insane mystical abilities that most can only dream of… normally rests inside of this Age's Zelda… that's if it does split from an unbalanced person tries to wish on the full Triforce… what if that curse is trying to get the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda in case that does happen?... for all we know it could be from good intentions if it is her father doing this… I mean who better then to guard the fragment of Wisdom then the strongest king of this age?... but if he is secretly evil or manipulated to be evil and we don't know it…" Emerald said while he trailed off while he looks at Duford and Zelda while hoping they get the message.

Zelda seems to understand but Duford, who got the message, was too thoughtful.

'Could the King really be doing this?'

Emerald just sighs as he rubbed his head.

"Well in any case we won't find out just by standing around, let's get going so I can get the crate of gold dust and we can head back and figure things out." Emerald said while he walked away from the duo and towards the massive forest before them.

Duford looks at Zelda.

"My princess… could he be right about a turn coat in the kingdom?"

Zelda looked thoughtful as well before she looks at Duford.

"Well… I highly doubt Father or anyone else in my family would do anything like what Emerald said… even the the Royal Guards and Advisor I would trust with my life… but after what the Sheikah guards reported about my Uncle… then how can I not have some doubt about everyone… my Uncle to me before all this… though lazy and a glutton was a nice man… yet I found out that he was the owner of a slave ring and… anyway Duford… I may not want to get married to you by force with this suitor business but I trust you more than anyone in the castle since you are honest to a fault and go with what your heart tells you… I'm sure if it was any other woman, they would be happy to receive your feelings since you are like a Noble among Hylians and are powerful in your own right compared to most Hylians… but right now… I just want to focus on trying to make sure that nothing bad happens anytime soon." Zelda said while she gave Duford a small smile… but it seemed strained right now before she jogged after Emerald for a moment to catch up with him.

Duford felt a bit happy that Zelda trusts him but seems no matter how hard he tries… Zelda wouldn't accept his feelings which made the guard felt crushed before he tries to mask it and follows the duo since he still had a job to do.

End of part 1 of Gold Dust Arc…

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