LOZ: End of the Cursed Cycles @emerald (Warning, story contains both light and DARK lemons, first chapter has both, read at own risk or not read at all.) This story starts out ages after the end of Breath of the Wild, far far beyond after peace has settled in the land of Hyrule... or has it? thanks to a reincarnation of an ancient evil, things may never be the same again... or will it?, read on to find out in LOZ:EOTCC 1 year 140K 0 0 Legend of Zelda Mature English In Progress DramaRomance Read 1. A horrible experience, a Demon's wrath 70004 0 0 2. Gold Dust Arc: Part 1 21808 0 0 3. Gold Dust Arc: Part 2 29242 0 0 4. Gold Dust Arc: Part 3 9126 0 0 5. Return to Emerald's village: Part 1 9528 0 0