Nicole in Heat @emerald
A Small video and fun tag team times

The scene opened up to show TME while he sat on a fancy chair before a fire in a chimney base as he was sipping tea while waiting for Atomsk to appear.

Just then there was knocking at the door.

TME blinks before he got up and went to open the door to see who was there.

Turns out it was Atomsk wearing a hooded coat before he removes after getting in but was smiling big?

TME looks confused when he saw that.

"Err… hey Atomsk… something good happen?" TME said while he gestured for Atomsk to enter.

Though funny enough, when Atomsk enters, he was muffled something with his teeth.

"No. Mace… mrozen."

TME blinks at that before he grabbed Atomsk's shoulders and brought his face close to the fire to heat up but far enough to not get burned as TME stepped back while waiting for a moment.

Seems water coming out of Atomsk's face before part of it starts move till he finally back away.

"Fuck… colder than a witch's tit." He said before looking at TME.

"And no dude. Old catch phrase."

"Ah… well just to check, Lex requested THIS story specifically right?... well if so, you'll have to give me a recap because all I remember specifically from chapter titles reminding me is Nicole for the Damage control story showing Richard videos of her and Mr. Rex and than Richard, slightly buffer but not too much to not get all selfie happy, have fun with his wife but she, Richard, and Mr. Rex have fun and stuff, but not much after." TME said while he rubs his head a bit.

"Actually, after Mr. Rex, Richard and Nicole went to see Nicole's boss and Yuki. Then they went to this secret building where people can spar and the loser does what the winner says. Richard was challenged by Yuki and we know what happened after hehe. Yuki and Nicole had their own steamy moment. Also Cedric and Azure had a brief cameo working there as… I forgot what role but had something to do with pleasing the clients. Nicole was offered the job along with a nice big pay but… hasn't decided yet. Also Emerald, Maite, and I believe Lillum were there to babysit Gumball and the rest. And then…. I think there was another part of Gumball maybe liking two girls?… don't know since I forgot." Atomsk said.

"Yeah I think I remember… though I checked and I think Cedric and Azure were just barely mentioned… need to look more… as for Emerald, Maite, and Lillum… I'm looking and yeah… think Emerald teased Gumball about the two lady thing… what did we say exactly last chapter on if anyone had any plans?" TME asked while he looks confused… it wasn't a mystery to say that TME was not the memory of the hostly duo so his lack of memory of a story worked on so long ago slipped his mind.

"I don't remember man. Been too long. Plans with who exactly?" Atomsk said.

TME shrugs.

"No clue… did we have plans for Nicole with another person to be shown on video with Richard and stuff?... I did check and saw that thanks to Gumball that Emerald was dunked in pink paint so… yeah… could use that as video material or something, did Nicole do anything with Emerald, Maite, or Lillum?... honestly before you say I don't know… I'm fully clueless so I'm relying on you for remembering things, its either this… or I reread EVERYTHING which will take time… so after we finish the intro, how about a deal, we stop, take a bit to reread things to get caught up on things instead of saying what ifs that maybe contradicted… or if you want to make a chapter without much context… we use Nicole's videos as a filler so that while we write… we get caught up… because honestly… my brain is checking out and… uhhhh…" TME said before he went derpy for a moment as TME's brain pulled a gumball and jumped out of TME's head and tried to make a run for it.

"Fine. Let me check things." Atomsk said as he looks at the last part of the chap.

As that happened, Emerald and Cedric tackled TME's brain and struggle with it comically.

"Ugh its so slimy!" Emerald said when he had trouble grabbing the struggling gray matter.

"Well it's a brain guys. What do you expect? All our brains are like that." Atomsk said before finding something.

"Okay… seems Emerald and Nicole are gonna have a discussion on how Nicole will pay Emerald back for the paint thing. Then she teased Richard about having a second woman in the family. Had something to do with Rose kissing Richard so maybe can happen in future. Not sure if it will be Rose or someone else. Major mystery… either way, no date was said for Emerald and Nicole. Also forgot that Demonga was there too but Nicole can see Emerald whether after or before something random happens like Nicole and Richard going to the dojo or Nicole fucks with someone different."

Emerald on his end managed to catch TME's brain and brought the struggling brain to his body before forcing it back in TME's head making TME groan.

"Ohhh… what happened?" TME said as Emerald gave TME a half lidded look.

"Your brain tried to go on strike thats what." Emerald said.

"Ah… wait was something about Nicole paying Emerald back and… Nicole and Richard with a Dojo?... eh let go with something a bit different since unless I can reread things, lets just keep this simple since there is no way I can go all in with complex plots right now and lets just say that for now, how about a combo chapter… Nicole invites Emerald over to view one of the tapes Nicole has with Richard making a threesome, could even have that recorded for future viewing or something… after that… eh who knows since we could have a number of days before something happens, can't remember much so lets go simple." TME said while he rubs his head and looks confused.

"Why does my brain feel like it was choke hold or something?" TME said while he looks a bit dizzy before falling back in a knocked out state.

Atomsk sighs.

"Let's just start the story, people. Hopefully we can finish this fast and TME gets better so we can work on the others."

"Right… I'll get him in a bed so…" Emerald said as he had TME thrown over his shoulder.

"Anyway readers enjoy the story and if there are any errors, please leave it in a constructive review." Emerald said while he waved at the readers.

"Alright, while you lovely readers enjoy this new chap. Gonna show Cedric this new idea of a story." Atomsk said.

"Is it the one where Azure goes to a different reality and faces evil me?" Cedric said.

TME's brain popped out and shook a fist at Cedric.

"Its one where you have a big dream and turns out its about Angel City and everyone and turns out its-Mmph!" TME's brain tried to say before Emerald shoved TME's brain back in his head.

"Quiet you, no spoilers… and considering how tired you are, you're just grumpy so go to sleep." Emerald sai as he carried TME out of the room before more could be said.

Atomsk sweatdrops.

"Sorry for that everyone, and Cedric. For now enjoy the chapter for real."

The scene than shifts to the Watterson house as Emerald the Cat man walked to the front door while he had his hands in his pockets.

Elmore/ Watterson residence/ Front door/ Emerald

The scene now showed Emerald as he knocked on the door when he pulled a hand out and hums as he waits for the door to open… thanks to the time, Gumball and the kids were at school so only Richard and Nicole should be at home right now.

The door opens and Richard opens the door.

"Oh, hey Emerald." He said.

"Hey Richard, how you doing today?... Nicole called me over for some reason… she here or is she at work?" Emerald asked while he checked his phone and while still in school hour times, not sure if Nicole worked today or not.

"Oh she's home. It's her day off today." Richard said.

"Nice, where is she?" Emerald asked as he walked inside of the building, he was in different casual wear today with a short sleeved shirt, jeans, and simple looking boots.

"She's in the kitchen cooking some lunch." Richard said.

"Nice, maybe I could join in if she is making extra." Emerald said while he grins at Richard as Nicole's voice was heard from the kitchen.

"Oh I'm already making extra Emerald. Grab a seat and get comfy." Nicole said.

"Alright, I'll take a seat than." Emerald said as he moved to sit on the couch leaving Richard alone as he entered the kitchen with Nicole putting the finishing touches on a rather large meal for three.

"Hmmm… smells good honey." Richard said as his mouth lightly watered.

Nicole chuckles as she finished making the food.

"Thanks dear… anyway just to recap you know why Emerald is here today yes?" Nicole said as Richard blushed.

"C-Combo of us repaying him for that pink fur thing and watching another of your videos?" Richard said while hoping he didn't forget and stuff.

Nicole chuckles.

"Correct." She said.

"Right… oh wait, you never said who the person in the video was about." Richard asked while Nicole sighs.

"A Really rare video with Mr. Small if you want to know… reason why thats rare is pretty simple… most times Mr. Small causes issues with Gumball and Darwin… remember that puppet thing they told us about that got Mr. Small is so much pain at the time?" Nicole asked while she looks at Richard as she finished the final plate.

Richard blinks a bit.

"Yeah but wait, your videos show you having fun with guys that our boys… and me caused harm to."

"Well its half and half with Mr. Small… you know how Darwin and Gumball couldn't speak with Mr. Smalls puppet nearby?" Nicole asked with Richard nodding his his head as he remembered that.

"Good… well you know how badly harmed Mr. Small was harmed since thanks to Gumball and Darwin being traumatized, Mr. Small couldn't be helped until it was too late thanks to Gumball and Darwin being forced to be quiet and he got really harmed?... well this is a video where Mr. Small dominates me though thats putting it lightly since… well you know Mr. Small's love and peace philosophy?... well lets just say even with my kind of punishment to him having him to clean his body with real soap and not that organic stuff, well lets just say that video shows me more or less having to take charge when Mr. Small barely could do much… not saying he was injured at the time, nah this was after he recovered but this was more or less a reminder that if you see other Mr. Small videos… expect me to be on top and Mr. Small be on bottom… honestly you're more of a man than he is, Richard even before losing weight since you like to try stuff." Nicole said while she pinched the bridge of her maw.

Richard chuckles weakly.

"Yeah… true." He said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah, anyway this is a combo of me having fun Mr. Small, but its more or less enjoying my time here in the here and now with you and Emerald as a combo of repaying things and at the same time recording that so that there is proof I did repay Emerald, something tells me that if the pink fur thing is a low level thing and Emerald kept quiet on worse things, may have to repay him more if I hear things from him later… for now though Richard, take these and get ready to have fun after eating." Nicole said while she passed Richard a few plates with good eats on the plate.

Richard blushes after hearing that before grabbing the plates and help set the table.

As Richard did that, Emerald noticed this and went to Richard.

"Hey man, need help with setting the table?" Emerald asked as Nicole giggles.

"Oh no no, we got it, its just three plates… if you do see Richard trying to eat both plates let me know so I can really lay into Richard… he has been doing better with food but sometimes… he relapses." Nicole said making Emerald blink and looks at Richard who chuckles nervously while rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah… don't ask. It's never pretty sometimes." Richard said.

"I see…. By the way… heard about us having threeway fun while watching one of those videos of yours Nicole… just to say in advance I don't mind doing that as a fun repayment for the… pink fur incident… better make sure you're on birth control because you and I are VERY compatible for being Cat humanoids." Emerald said with a teasing grin on his face as he smirks at Nicole.

Richard jolts when he heard that Nicole chuckles.

"That is true but easy there Emerald. You have to eat first."

"Hehe, could make a dirty joke about that but I'll ease up… oh and just in case something does happen Richard in case the birth control here is expired or something… Maite and Lillum told me if anything does happen… hehe, well they wouldn't mind returning the favor and get knocked up by you Bunny boy." Emerald said as he nudged Richard a couple times as he went to the table.

Richard jolts when he heard that.

"R-Right… no offense and all but let's hope no expiration happens."

"Maybe, though not gonna lie… Lillum is a risk taker and would be happy to have a kid and I won't lie… Nicole is a sexy milf I would rail at anytime she wanted if she doesn't pay me cash for babysitting so… offer for a booty call per babysitting session in the future Nicole?... would save you serious cash." Emerald teased while he smirks at the duo.

Nicole just smirks.

"Just an easy way for you to get in my pants… well… alright. Since money is sometimes tight."

"Nice… anyway I'll just sit here and wait for you two to finish up and join me at the table before eating, could talk about some things and stuff." Emerald said while he sat in front of his plate to guard it from Richard just in case.

Richard gulped before going back into the kitchen and whispers to Nicole.

"W-Were you serious about that?"

"About saving tons of cash by giving Emerald a fun time for free babysitting… you know how much cash we normally save thanks to Emerald upping his prices thanks to Gumball and Darwin's antics… take a look at this and tell me its not a good deal to give a good time for free babysitting." Nicole said when she passed Richard a piece of paper with something on it and when Richard saw it… his eyes comically bulge out of his head while shattering glass was heard in his mind.

Richard had to quickly hide the paper as he didn't want to look at it or comically scream… well…

"Holy… y-yeah… take the deal." He whispers before remembering something.

"Speaking of cash… are you still thinking on your boss's offer at the dojo?"

"Well… maybe… I mean you saw how many zeros there were in one paycheck?... you could get the same if you join in." Nicole whispered while she looks at Richard.

Richard blushes a bit.

"W-Well could help with our money problems… but only if you want to do it." He whispered.

"Well if you're fine with it I can talk with Yuki but don't you need to train more with her and others before you get a stall to use?" Nicole whispered as she carried the final plate into the dining area so the trio could finally eat.

This made Richard gulp big time.

'Crap.' He thought.

After Richard entered the dining room and the trio were eating… Emerald on his end looks at Nicole and Richard.

"...So… how have things been lately aside me giving an easy way out to save cash?" Emerald asked while he looks at the duo as he bit into some chicken meat.

"Going fine. Same old stuff but making sure the kids are not doing anything damage causing but… knowing them… at least I got Richard to be well behaved." Nicole said.

"Hehe, I bet you have with all the rewards you give him to keep in somewhat good shape, so Richard, how are things on your end with Gumball, Darwin, and Anais?... if I'm going to be babysitting for free, may as well ask if they gotten up to any mischief lately." Emerald asked while he grins at Richard.

Richard jolts.

"Well… not that I know of. Though Darwin and Anais are teasing Gumball about liking a second girl which we have no clue who."

"I see, well hopefully if you find out, prime teasing material… I need all the ammo I can get if I take down those two kids of yours plans before they enact them and if I take Gumball down mentally… easy fix since Darwin is always normally the one following Gumball's lead." Emerald said with a comically serious Jojo like face for a moment.

Nicole shook her head as Richard sweatdrops.

"Yeah… won't happen if he kept denying it. Pretty sure it all happen when the boys heard your story. Not blaming you but maybe Gumball can be in that predicament." He said.

"Maybe, speaking of multiple ladies, here, got some invites to give for that adult party we mentioned awhile ago, should help with making some videos and making sure that people know you still do that if you have anyone to make up with thanks to Gumball and Darwin… could even help Richard with his confidence if a few ladies flirt with him and stuff." Emerald said while he places a stack of invitations labeled 18+ only on them and passed them to Nicole so she can hand them out and stuff.

"I already have my own stack to hand out so this is for you and any people you know and stuff, thanks to some talk on the phone with you, in 4 or so days depending on the weather right Nicole?" Emerald asked while he grins at Nicole.

Nicole blinks a bit as she looks at the invitations.

"Right. Though I'm sure there's some that would love to go."

"Nice, anyway nice meal Nicole… honestly I'm a bit jealous… Lillum doesn't normally cook and Maite is normally busy with her work in construction when not working in martial arts training and stuff, honestly I'm the one who normally cooks for the duo so something like this is nice." Emerald said while smiling cutely at Nicole.

Nicole did blush before chuckling.

"Well thanks Emerald. If you ever need a meal or two, you and your wives are more than welcome to come here."

"Nice… hey Richard, gotta say you are one lucky man, you better make sure to treat Nicole right otherwise someone may just try and steal her from you… and yes that is a slight possibility of me doing that since Nicole is one sexy kitty." Emerald said with a grin on his face as he looks at Richard.

Hearing this made Richard get up and somehow summons his tough guy beard and mustache.

"Over my dead body." He said.

Instead of looking threatened, Emerald grins at Nicole.

"Hehe, seems your hubby is revved up now, what do you say we end the meal and save some food for later and get to the video viewing and fun in the living room… not sure if you have other TV's but eh… more room in the living room here for our fun." Emerald said while he grins at Nicole in an amused way when he got Richard worked up with a tough guy state this time.

Nicole had to chuckle a bit.

"Right. Let's make sure the curtains are all closed. Don't want people peaking in."

"Right, though pretty sure if they peeped, would question why they are doing that but would also question on if they would complain if they saw your sexy ass." Emerald said as he got up and stretched and moved to close the curtains in the room.

Nicole made sure to put the dishes away after cleaning them which wasn't much as went to get the camera.

As this happened Richard went to get the briefcase full of Nicole's videos and after everyone was done, they were looking at the various videos inside while Emerald looks at a few.

"Hmmm… Mr. Rex… Mr. Yoshida and his wife… Larry… Larry… Larry… there are so many Larry videos…" Emerald said while he looks surprised when he saw that 20% of the videos were of Larry.

Richard was also surprised.

"Y-Yeah… is one of the tapes showing Larry, the guy that gets different jobs?"

"Yup… before either of you ask, know how many times Gumball and Darwin, with you Richard sometimes, nearly making Larry sue us and I have to do things with him daily to not get sued?... so yeah… we can save these videos for later, may take most out and only put a top 3 in and save the rest in a large crate called Larry recordings or something." Nicole said as she shuffles around more to find more videos with labels on them.

Even in his revved up state, Richard did felt awkward for a bit.

After a bit of sorting videos, Nicole smiles.

"Ah ha, found it, the tape where I and Mr. Small have our fun and stuff." Nicole said when she found it while it was labeled, After the puppet incident.

That's when Richard and Nicole got undressed.

Emerald followed suit as he got undressed… and when he undressed… he looked surprisingly fememine with a leith body, decent hips, gripable ass, and well… he more than made up for the womanly like look when he has a large 12 inch cock that was 3 in width with barbs as his cock hung from his body.

Richard blinks a bit.

"Huh… you almost looked feminine." He said before Nicole lightly elbows his side to shut him up.

Emerald chuckles while he had a hand on his hip.

"Oh don't worry Nicole… yeah I look pretty girly but you know how many women like this type of body?... sure was an issue when I was younger but ladies like it… especially when I show my cock… gotta say not bad you two, especially you Richard since you managed to keep in shape yet not go post happy when my notifications blared up like no other when you went uber Richard long ago… same with you Nicole… looking sexy as always despite stress you get sometimes." Emerald said with a teasing grin as he looked Nicole up and down a few times.

For Nicole, as a reminder given how long its been since last chapter and since the first two chapters of the story were rather chunky in length… Nicole was a sexy milf with D to E sized breasts and had a nice good looking ass and despite having two kids, looked sexy beyond belief.

For Richard, he was not Uber buff like his buff boy self when he went on a selfie run around Elmore, he looked fit now but not too much while he had a 9 and a half inch cock length wise and 2 in width that was respectable and Emerald smirks.

"Hehe… hey Richard… want to make a deal that really makes women eager to get fucked by you?... lets juts say that this cock of mine is not all natural if you are curious.. Was a couple inches shorter believe it or not." Emerald said while he grins at Richard.

Richard was confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Simple, Lillum knows some spells thanks to her learning them from an old lady in a large cave and well… got this beast of a cock so I'm sure if you ask Lillum nicely, she will give your own cock a boost to really please Nicole." Emerald said while he stroked his cock quickly getting it erect in no time.

Nicole and Richard were shocked.

"You mean Hector's mother?" Nicole said.

"Hector's mother?... maybe, she has a large giant of a son so could be the same person, apparently she took Lillum as an apprentice so she can pass on her craft to her and said Lillum had a talent for spells… anyway apparently its a spell Lillum learned from the mothers younger days to improve male lovers so… yeah…. Got this bad boy as a byproduct and stuff." Emerald said while he lets go of his dick.

Nicole and Richard were again surprised though Nicole was curious.

"And Lillum can use the spell on Richard?"

"Yup, I even learned a spell to form a second cock on my body if needed and can teach Richard that later… she even knows spells to form a cock on females or herself so if you want to learn that to use on females, she is willing to teach that for free and stuff, Lillum found a shocking number of sex based spells so may as well call her a Succubus to be with how many Hector's mother knew back than… shows that you never really know some people in the past." Emerald said while shrugging his arms.

The parents looked to one another for a moment.

"I think we… will try that." Richard surprisingly said.

Granted they have seen a lot of things.

"Nice, after we are done with our fun I'll give Lillum a call about you two so why don't we get started with that video and get started on our fun." Emerald said when he looks at the Mr. Small video in Nicole's hand.

Nicole did blush before grabbing the remote and starts playing the video after inserting the tape in the VCR.

As it started, Emerald grins when Nicole puts the remote down as Richard went to fondle her breasts from behind and kissed her neck as Emerald moved to rub her folds and kissed Nicole on the lips while the video was heard as the images on the TV showed a room in some building…

Flashback-Video of time in past/ Mr. Small's home/?/ Mr. Small, Nicole

"OK so we are in agreement that thanks to that Sock puppet after Gumball and Darwin told me about it… as long as you don't sue for damages, I'll have sex with you… but I get one condition in my favor that you have to do since this maybe used in court and stuff showing you agreed to this in advance." Nicole said after she sets up the camera nearby and looks at Mr. Small who sat in a chair nearby the camera keeping him in view.

Mr. Small hums a bit as he looks thoughtful.

"Sounds reasonable."

Nicole than comically pulled out three bottles of various bathing agents making Mr. Small hiss as he moved to get behind the chair like a shield.

"Good… my condition is rather simple… you traumatized my kids with that sock puppet… I traumatize you by having you top of the line non-organic bodysoap and shampoo with conditioner… I'm not having sex with you unless you bathe properly… and I'm talking foreskin deep… my kids may have caused you issues but I am not sucking a filthy cock… am I clear?" Nicole said with an amused look but got serious since she remembered how Mr. Small traumatized her kids after they filled her in on the sock puppet incident.

Mr. Small kept shuddering at the sight of non-organic shampoo but had no choice.

"Fine… but if I get any side effects from those… poisonous products, you owe me one… again."

"Considering I'm willing to let you fuck me and what not, pretty sure that can be arranged… now get to cleaning with these and trust me, I know the scent, if I smell any of that questionable organic stuff the deal is off and I got this on tape showing I'm willing to go far but are you?" Nicole said while she passed Mr. Small the three items.

Mr. Small hisses again but cautiously took the products.

"V-Very well… as I… bathe… you can be comfortable in my room." He said.

Nicole nods as she watched Mr. Small enter a nearby bathroom and Nicole moved to sit on a bed in Mr. Small's room after placing the camera at a better angle and place so it wouldn't get knocked over by accident, she looks around and hums when she got a good look at the place.

Obviously it was hippie like. Like from the 60's. The walls had some colorful wallpaper, the floor has shag carpeting, one entrance, which was likely the closet had a string of beads.

There was also a record player and some hippie posters. Though comically… one poster said… Make Love Not War.

Nicole shuddered for a number of reasons, she reached in her pocket and after checking the birth control pills she had were indeed OK to use, she didn't have to worry about her having any of Mr. Small's kids anytime soon thanks to them being gotten about a day before she came here… after she pockets the pills she got up and starts undressing since she didn't want to waste time and stuff… could be funny to see how Mr. Small would react though.

After a bit, the door opens and a voice was heard.

"Alright… I used those… so called shampoo and… oh my."

What caused the Oh my was Nicole in the full nude sitting on Mr. Small's bed while she smirks and gestured for Mr. Small, with a towel around his waist, to approach her like she was a dominating Queen now if she was going to enjoy herself here and that may happen if she wants to really do that.

Though if you look closely at Mr. Small's torso, he actually did have some decent muscle for a hippie.

Granted he did have ribs mainly though given he was a… primate instead of a cloud person, made sense on the leith figure. (TME Note: I shit you all not, thats what the offical Gumball fandom calls his species so I didn't make that up.)

Anyway after Mr. Small blushed and approached Nicole, she smirks more as she gripped Mr. Small's towel and just pulled it off his body making Nicole look a bit surprised.

"My my… instead of Mr. Small, may as well call you Mr. Big… almost as big as Richard believe it or not." Nicole said in a teasing way when Mr. Small had a 8 inch cock that was 2 in width with large heavy balls.

Mr. Small blushes at the tease.

"T-Thanks… Considering that we're gonna… make love, you can call me… Steve."

Nicole chuckles at this.

"Oh please… we're not making love… what I have in mind is much kinkier… still for a warm up… lets see how well you do when I do this… Stevey." Nicole said when she said that last part teasingly as she moved to lick Steve's cock after making sure it was clean under the foreskin.

Though Mr. Small… or in this case, Steve shudders, he actually did use the shampoo as his cock got a very scented smell.

Nicole keeps her licks up before she opened her mouth wide when she got Steve's cock erect and moved to deepthroat his cock in no time while she fondles Steve's balls.

Steve shudders again before groaning.

"O-Oh fuck… M-Mrs. Watterson… your mouth." He groans.

Nicole couldn't really talk at the moment thanks to her sucking Steve's cock but she did bob her head harder while feeling his cock throb in her mouth as time went on.

Steve groans a few times before starts petting Nicole's head a few times as his toes curled.

As Nicole worked to suck Steve off, she wondered what he was thinking so far right now with her sucking him off.

'Oh fuck… I really can't believe the mother of the two most destructive boys is actually servicing me… even after using those poisonous products. Actually feels very good.' Steve thought.

Thanks to this, plus the fact Nicole has a shapely sexy body, the thrill of this plus the experienced mouth of Nicole bobs her head harder and faster as she could feel Mr. Small getting closer and closer until…

"M-Mrs. Watterson… I'm gonna…" Steve tries to say before groaning as he climaxes inside the feline's mouth.

Nicole, feeling the orgasm approaching, was ready for it as she worked to drink the load while she kept her head steady as she fondles Steve's balls while waiting for him to ride out his orgasm.

Steve's toes curled on the floor as he lets out more cum before tapping off after 15 seconds.

When Nicole felt that, She pulled her head back after licking Steve's cock clean.

"Not bad of a load… but lets not waste time and get to the real fun and see how well you do when I ride that cock." Nicole said while she got off the bed and stands next to Mr. Small while gesturing for him to get on the bed.

Steve blushes.

"Y-Yes of course… my dear lioness." He said as a way to sweet talk Nicole before getting on the bed.

Nicole giggles a bit but she just went to get this over with as she got over Steve's cock.

"Just give you a heads up before you get the wrong idea… three things… unless my kids do something wrong to you that is fully their own fault…. Try and not think you can steal me from Richard… two… again this is private and not to be told outdoors in public… if I hear a peep of this from anyone else like if you want to try and date me… expect pain because my kids have no idea about this and I'm not letting you scar them again and three… in case you don't believe in protection, I used birth control so no kids between you and I… this is a deal just to remind you so you don't sue my family… and I give you a booty call… and a bonus… I'm not gentle so expect this Lioness to risk giving you a crushed pelvis." Nicole said with a smirk as she knelt down and aimed Steve's cock at her pussy before moaning as she lowered her body… thanks to her getting worked up from the blowjob before, her folds were wet enough for Steve's cock to slip in with ease though her powerful pussy gripped Steve's cock something fierce as a result when she got his cock balls deep inside of her.

Steve groans for bit at the feeling.

"I-I understand… I won't scar your children again. Also… N-Not a homewrecker… would only date you if you were single. Plus… this secret will go to my grave as I let Mother Nature take my body."

"Good… lets make sure you don't go to an early grave… though if you die from cumming to hard or from a crushed pelvis… well again don't blame me." Nicole said with a fanged grin before she groans as she roughly rides Steve's cock while she had her hands on his chest.

Steve groans for moment as he starts to enjoy this feeling before he put his hands on Nicole's sides and rubs it.

Nicole purrs from this as she enjoyed the rubs while she enjoyed how deep Steve was getting, she wouldn't get mind blowing orgasms from Steve thanks to her being used to larger sized cocks but Steve didn't have a bad size of his own… maybe she could help him get a date or something if this gives him a confidence boost or something.

Steve continues to groan.

"M-Mrs. Watterson… this feels so good." He groans.

Nicole just growls when she looks at Steve and rides him harder making his bed shake form how intense Nicole was while she had a really lustful look when she felt Steve's cock getting deep inside of her again and again.

Steve groans again before he brought his hands up and grabs Nicole's breasts before massaging them as he looks at the horny milf.

Nicole growls more while she tightened her pussy on Steve's cock, so much so that it was almost painful but not quite… still Steve was most likely not ready for this thanks to how his lifestyle may make normal…ish women in Elmore not give him much of a time so unless he had fun with hippie women, wouldn't get much action… this made it so that Steve was ridden more and more by Nicole as she dropped balls deep onto his cock as she could feel his orgasm getting close until…

"M-Mrs. Watterson!" Steve groans a bit loud as he fires his second load inside Nicole's pussy.

This made Nicole groan when she felt an orgasm hit her hard… though as Nicole rides out her orgasm while feeling sperm fill her womb… she blinks when she heard Steve groan as he tapped off but thanks to how intense Nicole was… well… he passed out with anime swirl like eyes as he pants deeply in his knocked out state making Nicole chuckle.

"Hehe… going to need more training but not bad… needs work but not bad." Nicole said as she enjoys the afterglow for a moment.

Funny enough, Steve did mumble in his knock out state.

"N-Nicole… sexy… Goddess."

Nicole blinks at that before chuckling more as she looks at the camera.

"Well me in the future… looks like you got a video that proves we did this… anyway to others who look on, hope you enjoy." Nicole said to the camera as she waved while the scene went back to reality in the present when the tape ends.

Present/ Watterson home/ Living room/ Emerald, Richard, Nicole

The scene than turned from the TV to show that Nicole in the present was sucking Emerald's cock deeply making him groan while he pets Nicole's head as Nicole groans from getting her pussy eaten out by Richard when he really went wild with his tongue.

Nicole moans a few times from her husband's licking as Nicole starts deepthroating Emerald's cock.

"F-Fuck… gotta say that Mr. Small guy needs work since couldn't please a sexy bitch like you… honestly from what I heard, Richard can do better than him." Emerald groans while he grins as he pets Nicole more while making her deepthroat his massive cock which compared to most was abnormal.

Richard had to pull his face away for a moment.

"No kidding and after two shots? Plus all that hippie stuff I saw gives me the chills." He said.

"Eh to each their own, since the video ended lets just focus on this sexy kitty goddess between us and make sure to really make sure she is satisfied." Emerald said while he grins at Richard.

Richard didn't need to be told twice as he went back to eating out his wife's pussy.

This made Nicole moan more as she uses her scratchy tongue on Emerald's cock.

"F-Fuck… maybe I should call Maite and Lillum here and we make one hell of a video and really test Richard's stamina… what do you think Nicole?" Emerald said with a fanged grin on his face as he pets Nicole's head again.

Though Nicole couldn't talk, she did sent Emerald a wink which meant she agreed.

Emerald chuckles before he got his phone while groaning as he enjoyed Nicole's mouth more.

After calling a number, he got Maite on the other end when she picked up.

"Hi honey. Everything okay with Nicole and Richard?" Maite said.

"Y-Yeah… listen I'm in the middle of some fun with Nicole and Richard with Nicole deepthroating my cock while Richard eats her out… watched a video of Mr. Small, the cloudy hippy guy with Nicole, not much of a fun video to see… may have to watch another while the three of us have sex… what are you doing?... if you're not busy, want to come by and have fun?... going to call Lillum as well after this." Emerald said before really groaning when Nicole fondles his heavy balls.

Maite giggles on the other line.

"Well I'm almost done with something but sure. I'll be there in an hour."

"Nice… sees you in an hour sweetie, plenty of time for us to have fun and recover for more fun." Emerald said before he gave a quick kiss, hung up, and a picture a moment later of Nicole sucking his cock with Richard eating her out as well and waits for a moment to see how Maite would respond to the images she got.

Few seconds later, she sent Emerald a smirk emoji before sending a picture… her big breasts.

Emerald grins when he saw them, they were perky E cup breasts though Emerald did wonder where Maite was, still he groans when Nicole sucked him off so much that he came hard inside of Nicole's mouth all of a sudden with his cock throbbing hard with each shot as virile sperm flowed into Nicole's mouth.

Nicole hums in delight as she drinks down Emerald's cum before climaxing on Richard's face.

Richard on his end muffly moans as he lapped up the juices eagerly while he rubs Nicole's bud to help her feel better.

Nicole shudders from that action as she waits for Emerald to tap off.

Once he did and she licked his cock clean, Emerald chuckles while petting Nicole's cheek when she licks his cock more.

"Hehe, fuck you are one eager kitty… better let Richard fuck you if your drenched while I call Lillum." Emerald said with a grin while petting Nicole's cheek tenderly.

Before Nicole could speak or pull her mouth away, she jolt before feeling something poking her folds and sure enough, Richard was behind his wife.

A moment later Nicole muffly groans when she felt her pussy getting penetrated while Emerald pets Nicoles's head when she sucked his cock again as Emerald calls Lillum and waits for her to pick up.

"Hi Emy… not having enough kinky fun?" Lillum said in a teasing manner.

"Hehe, either you're nearby and peeking through a window or you already know a lot but nuff said I'm calling to see if you want to join in on the fun with Richard, Nicole, and I, Nicole is sucking my cock while Richard is fucking her… could make a video if you and Maite get here, Maite said she would be here in an hour or so." Emerald said while he pets Nicole's bobbing head again.

Lillum giggles after hearing that.

"Hehe… I'll be there. First thing… knock knock." She said before comically enough… there was knocking on the door.

Emerald blinks from that while Richard and Nicole stop, to them it maybe a stranger, to Emerald though…

"Unless that is odd timing, should be Lillum at least if she came by ahead of time… to be sure though…" Emerald said as he got up after getting Nicole's mouth off his cock and he went to check the peephole of the door to make sure it was actually Lillum… could be a delivery guy or something at this time as well.

Seems it was a pizza delivery woman but… when did Nicole order pizza?

Emerald blinks before he looks at Nicole and Richard.

"Either of you two order pizza?" Emerald asked while he looks confused now since he wasn't sure if this was Lillum in disguise or someone else since a peephole doesn't show much before he lifts the phone to his ear.

"Lillum… did you get a job as a pizza delivery woman or did you somehow genderbend Larry or something?" Emerald asked when he recognized the hat and stuff on the delivery woman.

"No. Thought I sent you guys a nice treat to fuel up before I arrived." Lillum said.

Emerald blinks at this before he rubs his head as he looks at he door.

"Err… thanks than… let me get the pizza and stuff and I'll see you when you here dear." Emerald said while he got ready to hang up on Lillum to talk with the pizza woman behind the door.

"See you Emy." Lillum said before doing kissing noises and hangs up.

Emerald chuckles though as a fun moment for Lillum, Emerald sent the picks of Nicole sucking his cock and Richard eating her out earlier… though he did get a pic of Richard fucking Nicole now and he lowered the phone to ignore it as he walked to the door.

"Hey just to let you know Miss Pizza woman, I'm not quite dressed so unless you're OK with that, you may want to leave the Pizza on the floor before the door and I'll slip a tip out of the slot here." Emerald said while he wasn't sure if this Pizza woman was a lustful type of woman so if he just opened the door… well better safe than sorry so he doesn't get sued if she was a more closed minded woman.

"Um… okay sure." The woman said before she set two pizza boxes down.

When Emerald saw that or more exact, heard it, he looked through the slot after getting 10 bucks and got ready to slip it through so the woman could see it.

The pizza woman sees it but…

"Actually… forgot that policy said that it has to be done in person. May as well let me in."

"Really?... well just a full on heads up, three people nude in here so unless your OK with that, may want to let me get pants at least, just saying for legal reasons." Emerald said while he pulled the 10 bucks back to get ready to open the door, pants or not if the woman said it was OK to do so now.

"Oh that's no trouble at all, half of my deliveries were paid by orgies. Talk about good Saturday shifts."

Emerald really blinks at that.

"Alright… just don't say I didn't warn you." Emerald said as he stands and just opened the door in the nude with a full on hardon while he looks at the Pizza woman and got full on details of her now while she with Emerald.

Seems the woman was like a female version of Larry. Could be a twin of his.

The pizza woman blushes when she saw Emerald but surprisingly… she smirks at the cat man.


"Hey… just to check, you a relative of Larry?... you have a smaller head and shapely body but you never know with how odd some things are." Emerald said while he saw that the woman though rock like looked more human like in shape than Larry's rocky like shape… with a massive head on his end like he was not chissled by an artist… this woman looked like her head was chisseled from marble and looked to be like from an art exhibit with how good she looked… minus the clashing pizza delivery outfit but still looked good on her anyway.

The woman smirks.

"Well yes but half siblings. Our dad was a horn ball. I'm Laura."

"Laura eh?... you seem more like a Lisa type woman given you look like a work of art, still to ask in advance this your final stop?... if you want you can join us in the fun here if you want." Emerald said while he picked up the pizza off the ground and held both of them and waits to see if Laura would answer or not.

Laura smirks more before she enters the house and sees Richard and Nicole still in the act.

"Nice. Definitely gonna enjoy this. Before we start, mind putting down the first box on the floor, Emerald? There's a nice surprise your wife added."

Emerald blinks in confusion from that as he moved to do so after he closed the door and he placed the box that Laura points out on the ground nearby.

"Now I'm suppose to say this… abracadabra." Laura said and just then…

The pizza box opened and bam… Lillum appears.


Emerald blinks in surprised when he saw that.

"Lillum!?... ok… knowing you… not too surprised you planned this." Emerald said while he rubs his head while he looks at his second wife.

"Really? Not even if I did this." Lillum said before snaps her fingers and the second pizza box opens and funny enough…

Maite appeared.

Emerald blinks at that.

"OK… not really on your end… surprised for Maite since I thought she said she would be here in an hour… unless this is a magical double you made so you don't get lonely when Maite is gone to her job and stuff." Emerald said while he looks a bit impressed though confused given what he heard from Maite earlier.

Maite chuckles.

"No Emerald. That was a trick. I actually was with Lillum the whole time and she came up with a funny idea."

"I see… aside hiring Laura though for some fun if you met her earlier, not sure why else you two would hire to deliver pizza here… well either way nice to see you two here… earlier than expected… and with a plus one… well hopefully you'll enjoy the fun here and stuff once your undressed and what not since things are just getting started… barely got by a blowjob with Nicole here so I'm topped off for now." Emerald said while he smiles at his wives.

Lillum smirks.

"Good thing we arrived then. Also, you guys are gonna love Laura. She actually participates in orgies after her deliveries." She said, making Laura chuckle.

"It's true. It's like my special bonus. Also, don't worry if my manager gets worried or upset… I'm technically the owner."

"Really?... guess that explains who gives Larry so much leeway with his jobs if he has something to work with if you're in charge of the pizza place…" Emerald said while that made sense somewhat… still he shook his head to get back on track.

"Anyway since you three are here, may as well get started so better show Richard the goods ladies since your seeing three people in the nude and their own goods already." Emerald said with a grin as he looks at Nicole.

"Hey Nicole, know where the camera is so we can record this?" Emerald said while he grins at Nicole.

Nicole groans a bit before nudging her head.

"B-By the… briefcase."

Emerald nods as he got to the camera, and found a stand it could rest on, as Emerald sets it up, Lillum, Laura, and Maite start undressing while Richard saw this as he fucked Nicole harder.

"I-I will say… didn't know Larry have a sister." Richard said.

"Well considering how much stamina Larry has in his work, you can get how our dad would use his own stamina in another way if you get my meaning." Laura said while she smirks at Richard.

Richard blushes when he heard that as he kept fucking his wife making Nicole moan more.

As that happened, Emerald finished setting up the camera and turned to look at the ladies.

"Well ladies, looks like its set up and recording so… hehe, well gotta say you ladies look good." Emerald said while he had an amused lustful look on his face.

Maite got a nice figure and looks very strong. Probably from working at the construction site and training at occasional martial art contests. Despite the muscles, she has a good hourglass figure with nice curves, a plump ass and D-E breasts.

Lillum on her end, again in this story looked to be a bat woman with a taller frame with wolf like attributes and had E to F cup breasts, nice wide hips, and boy she had curves for days.

Laura got a nice and sexy figure that almost made her look like a model.

She has nice curves, well toned ass and C-D breasts.

Granted since she looked like beautiful modern art, made sense for the good looks, she was literally made to look good.

Either way Emerald grins while he looks at Lillum.

"Hey Lillum… why not boost Richard's cock size here for Nicole's pleasure and have some fun with him… 9 inches or so on his end and 2 in width… I'll have fun with Laura and Maite in the meantime." Emerald said while he smirks at Lillum.

Lillum smirks.

"Sure thing." She said before kissing Emerald and went to Richard.

After Emerald returned the kiss and watched Lillum walk to Richard and Nicole, Emerald smirks as he looks at Laura and Maite and with a grin gestured for them to approach him while his cock was fully erect.

Both women smirks before they approached Emerald with swaying hips.

Emerald grins as he was pulled into a kiss with Laura while Maite stroked his cock with a hand, but as that happened, Lillum on her end got near Richard and smirks when she saw how deep Richard was going into Nicole and looks amused at how pleased Nicole was.

"Feeling good there, Nicole?" Lillum said with an amused look.

Nicole blinks as she groans before she looks over and blushed when she saw Lillum.

"Y-Yeah… didn't expect you to appear so soon though." Nicole said before groaning when Richard hit a few sweet spots in her pussy.

Lillum chuckles.

"Like to surprise people. Speaking of…" She said before her hands glow and points at Richard's cock.

"W-Wait… what are you…" Richard tried to say after noticing before he starts groaning.

Nicole was confused for a moment before Nicole groans with wide eyes when Richard was forced back when his cock grew a bit inside of Nicole's pussy making Richard's cock bulge Nicole's pussy and womb more.

"Hehe… there… 11 inches but 4 in width… an inch shorter than Emy but an inch wider… how do you feel Nicole?... filling I bet." Lillum teased when she saw Nicole's wide eyed look on her face when she didn't expect that at all as her pussy gripped Richard's cock harder than ever.

"F-Fuck! S-So huge!" Nicole's as she now tries to adjust to her husband's new growth.

Lillum smirks as she pets Nicole on the head.

"Your welcome… I'll be having you and Richard here pay me back now and in the future since this is a thing that can stick… should help him stack up against those like Mr. Rex and Musashi hmmm?" Lillum said when she smirks at the duo with a teasing look in her eyes.

Nicole blushes brightly when she heard that as Richard took a bit to calm down.

Lillum chuckles before she looks at Richard.

"Now Richard… better fuck your wife like you mean it… because now she is going to get one hell of a dicking if you don't hold back." Lillum said when she smirks at Richard after Lillum comically used a spell to summon a bottle of wine and glass and actually pours some in while she sat on a chair to watch while giving orders for how it seems… hey she wouldn't break up a fun time here until later.

Richard blush after hearing that before a moment later, he starts fucking his wife again.

This made Nicole moan and groan with wide eyes when Richard fucked her much deeper than ever while his cock's girth stretched her something fierce and Lillum smirks when Nicole starts to get a fucked up look on her face while she thrusts her hips back to try and get more of Richard's cock into her folds.

Richard grunts and groans as he kept going before he starts spanking Nicole's ass a few times.

As Nicole moans more from the feeling, the camera turned to Emerald while he groans as he was on his back while Laura was sitting on his face while he ate her folds out and despite her rocky exterior, her body was surprisingly soft, if a bit heavy though he didn't mind as Maite sucks his cock deeply.

"Hmmm… fuck yeah… really lick me deep." Laura groans as Maite fondles Emerald's balls.

Emerald growls while he really ate Laura deep as he fondles her ass cheeks and enjoyed how tough her ass cheeks were… they were tough… think heavy feeling exercise balls if you grab them and they rarely give… not saying she was overweight, far from it, she looked beautiful like a professional art piece coming to life like in a night of the museum moment, and if she rode his cock… damn would she easily get him balls deep… still Emerald worked on pleasing Laura when he laps at her pussy more while teasing her asshole with a finger.

Laura groans more from that action as Maite was amused as she watches the seen while sucking husband's cock more.

In no time, thanks to how well Maite was doing, Emerald growls when he thrusts his hips and groans when he came hard inside of Maite's mouth with great force as his balls throb with each shot.

Maite moans as she drinks down Emerald's cum as Laura groans loud and climaxes on his face.

Emerald worked to lap up the juices as he grunts and groans as he rides out his orgasm and fingered Laura's ass to help her feel more to make her orgasm strengthen.

And it worked as Laura continues to climax as Maite watches the duo rides out their orgasms.

Once they tap off, Emerald chuckles while he pats Laura's ass to have her get off him when he felt her about to fall which maybe a bad thing given he was right under her body.

After calming down, Laura chuckles as she gets off of Emerald.

When she did, Emerald licks his maw and he looks at Maite.

"Hehe, thanks for the warm up Maite but may want to leave some change in my coin purse… need to give the sexy Pizza woman a good tip to give her the change in her personal bank after all." Emerald said with a smirk.

Maite smirks.

"Go for it honey. Give her a very BIG tip."

Emerald chuckles as Maite moved away while he looks at Laura.

"Well Laura… ready to ride?" Emerald said while he gripped his cock at the base and wiggles his dick near Laura to tease her.

Laura licks her lips before she gets over Emerald's cock and faces him.

"Does this answer your question?" She said before going down and let's Emerald's cock enter her pussy.

Emerald grits his teeth and groans when he felt that and thanks to Laura's weight thanks to her rocky biology, she got rather deep on his cock while it pressed against her cervix hard.

"Oh fuck… so deep." Laura groans.

"S-So… tight… fuck I think her pussy is stronger than yours and Lillum's Maite…" Emerald said while he had a strained look on his face while his cock felt like it was getting crushed in a good way and Maite could see a slight strain at Laura's pussy lips when said pussy gripped Emerald's cock something fierce.

Maite chuckles.

"Guess me and Lilly have a contender now." She said before slapping Laura's ass.

After Laura groans, she starts riding Emerald's cock after adjusting.

Emerald groans while he enjoyed how intense Laura was when she really dropped down on his cock with deep drops making his cock bash into her womb in no time, as that happened, Lillum chuckles when she saw that before she looks at Richard and Nicole with Richard moving to sit on the couch while Nicole rides Richard's cock after she faces away from Richard with her ass being seen by Richard mainly.

As Richard groans and moans from his wife's intense riding, the male rabbit starts giving her ass another slap.

Nicole groans before she stopped riding Richard but than twerks her ass while she looks back at Richard with an eager look on her face as she moans while Richard's dick wiggles inside of Nicole in various ways while her Nicole looked like she was giving Richard a sexy lapdance.

"O-Oh fuck honey!" Richard groans as he slaps Nicole's ass again and again.

Nicole groans and moans more but Lillum finishing her wine and approaching the duo did get her attention… Lillum winked as she moved to kiss Nicole on the lips to get Richard worked up.

Nicole moans and kissed Lillum back which caused Richard to starts thrusting his cock hard as he was turned on at the sight.

This went on for a bit as Lillum keeps the kiss up, Lillum looks amused when she noticed Richard getting close and this had Lillum rub Nicole's breasts to make her ride Richard more and more from pleasure until…

Richard grinds his teeth as he groans loud and climaxed hard inside Nicoles's ass.

Nicole moans loudly in Lillum's mouth when she had a rather stronger orgasm than usual thanks to how much pleasure she felt, Lillum keeps the kiss up with Nicole while waiting for Nicole and Richard to ride out their orgasms.

After a bit, said married couple taps off as Nicole kissed Lillum more.

After a minute, Lillum pulled her head away and smirks at Nicole.

"Hehe… so Nicole… if Emerald filled you in… want to try and use one of my spells to make things much kinkier than it is for the camera?" Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Nicole pants a bit while blushing.


Lillum smirks and in no time, after Richard watched as Nicole got off of Richard's lap with sperm leaking from her ass… Lillum smirks as she used a glowing finger on Nicole's bud and rubs it for a moment to tease her.

Nicole groans from the rubbing as Richard watches before he noticed something… growing?

Nicole threw her head back and groans more when a large 10 inch barbed cock and it was 3 in width appeared from Nicole's bud fully erect and pulsing as Lillum smirks.

"Hehe… there… in case you don't normally shapeshift a cock, this is a good substitute… and if you can… well can still make another over this but for now… how does it feel?" Lillum said when she used a hand to stroke Nicole's cock a few times.

"F-Fuck… feels so weird but good!" Nicole groans.

Lillum chuckles as she looks at Richard.

"Give me a moment to warm the cute kitty up before I give you a good time… may let this cute cat fuck my ass at the same time." Lillum said before she knelt down and starts licking and sucking Nicole's cock with masterful actions.

"Oh fuck." Nicole groans loud while Richard blushes as he felt turned on from the scene.

Lillum giggles though she blinks when Maite approached Richard with a grin on her face.

"Well I don't mind having fun now since Emerald and Laura are busy still… how about it bunny boy… ready to fuck another lady now?" Maite teased with a smirk in her face.

Richard blushes as he looks at Maite.

"S-Sure." He said.

"Good… hope you like doggy style since you had fun with your wife doing the work… time for you to do the same now while I enjoy a good pounding." Maite teased when she moved to get near Richard on all fours and showed her tight ass and wet folds to Richard.

Richard blushes more before he gets behind Maite and slides his cock inside her pussy.

Maite groans when she enjoyed how deep Richard got while Lillum chuckles when she saw Nicole blushing as she saw how intense Richard was though Nicole groans when she felt Lillum deepthroat her cock all of a sudden to remind Nicole that Lillum was pleasing her now.

Nicole groans again as she starts thrusting her hips a bit while focusing on Lillum.

As that happened…

Laura was still enjoying herself as she rode Emerald's cock.

Emerald groans when he enjoyed himself immensely… thanks to Laura using her weight to her advantage, she was able to force more of her body on Emerald's dick getting pretty much 10 inches inside of her now while a large bulge formed in her womb and Emerald groans more when Laura pretty much had him pinned when she had a hand on his chest to dominate Emerald more.

"F-Fuck!.. This cock is… the best!" Laura groans.

"A-And this pussy is… do damn strong… fuck its like if I'm not careful, you'll snap my dick in half!" Emerald groans while his toes curl from how intense things were with Laura… Richard maybe in trouble if she goes to him if Emerald was having trouble keeping in control.

Laura groans more before grinning.

"C-Can't have that now!" She groans as she got more rough as time passes a bit.

"C-Come on you hunky cat man… give it to me."

Emerald grits his teeth when he felt his orgasm getting close with it throbbing more in Laura's folds before he threw his head back and groans when he came hard inside of Laura's womb directly making it bloat immensely as a result, he may have gotten by her cervix but with how tight it was around Emerald's cock… well… nuff said barely any leaked making Laura's womb bloat more for her than some women.

Laura moans loudly with a pleased look on her face before climaxing hard on Emerald's cock.

"F-Fuck!… your cock… so strong!… so much cum!"

"A-And that p-pussy… fuck… softer than most Rocky women I seen and fucked… but stronger than normal women!" Emerald groans as his balls throb when he came more than normal before he tapped off and pants for breath for a moment.

Laura also taps off and pants for breath.

"F-Fuck… better than any cock that i ridden." She said while rubbing Emerald's chest.

Lillum on her end was amused as she pulled her head back and stroked Nicole's cock.

"Hehe, well why not try and ask Emerald out on a date later if he is that good to you… unless you want to test Richard out first… test the boys out and stuff fully." Lillum said with an amused look on her face before she went back to sucking Nicole's cock and fingering her folds to make her feel more.

Nicole groans again making Laura look amused before looking at Emerald.

"She's right. I should test out that handsome rabbit man before making a decision."

Maite giggles when Richard blushed and froze for a moment when he was hit on as Emerald looks amused.

"Hehe, well personally since I have two perfect women nearby I married, I don't mind letting you test Richard out without issues and having him take you out a few times… may as well make sure to be fair though if I see Richard letting up… hehe… well considering you drained my balls this much in one orgasm… better expect your marbled ass I'll be coming for that booty if Richard doesn't." Emerald said while he grins at Laura teasingly.

As Laura chuckles, this somehow irked Richard when he felt insulted thinking he won't please Laura good.

"We'll see about that." He said which made him revved up again.

Maite groans when she felt Richard hammer his cock into her folds again and again while she thrusts her toned ass towards Richard again and again while Lillum looks amused as she pulled her head back.

"Hehe, so Nicole… how do you feel about Richard dating other women?" Lillum said before vigorously stroking Nicole off while feeling an orgasm approaching with Nicole's cock throbbing in her hand more.

Nicole did her best to hold back her orgasm.

"F-Fuck… well… fucking other women while I'm here is… o-one thing but dating… ah… i-is something else." She said.

"Well I do have a crazy idea if you want to be even with Richard if he does date other women… even more than Laura… instead of getting mad… think of it more as you getting a free pass to have fun with other men and really make that swinger thing I heard about go full force and stuff…" Lillum said when she stroked Nicole off and sucked her cock more while feeling it throb harder and faster until…

Nicole moans loud as she throws her head back and climaxed inside Lillum's mouth.

Lillum moans eagerly when she felt that and worked to drink more sperm that Nicole fired while waiting for her to ride out her orgasm.

Richard felt turned on again as he fucks Maite harder before seeing his wife tap off.

As Nicole pants for breath, Maite moans and groans from the feeling as she enjoyed herself more… she grits her teeth and had a strained grin when she came hard on Richard's cock with squirting force while her pussy gripped Richard's cock with a vice like grip.

This made Richard growl before going balls deep and creampie's Maite's pussy.

Maite groans more from that as her womb bloats quite a bit… Lillum smirks when she looks at Nicole to see how she was liking the sight.

Seeing this made Nicole's cock get hard again after calming down.

She then remembered what Lillum said.

"Okay… I can give it… a shot and let Richard enjoy other women but… if things somehow get serious with him and Laura for example… I'm the head wife here." Nicole said with a serious look.

Richard jolts while Laura chuckles.

"Sweetie if you can learn how to form a cock that big and give me a good time, I don't mind if you are the head lady in this relationship… IF things get that far… for now though… should take 5 to recover and empty myself before we have more fun… well for me and Maite at least, and Richard and Emerald here since they had a number of orgasms… you and Lillum… hehe, may as well get ready for fun pretty kitty… the sexy bat had you in her clutches." Laura teased making Lillum smirk when she sucked Nicole's cock clean.

"G-Gah!" Nicole groans loud at first before grabbing Lillum's head.

"T-That's what she thinks!" She said before actually starts face fucking Lillum.

Lillum gags and what not for a second, but she gained a lustful look as she eagerly sucked Nicole's cock with a lustful look in her eyes as she lets Nicole abuse her throat.

As that happened, after Richard pulls out his cock, he and Maite, after getting towels for the group to sit on, were on the couch as Maite was next to Emerald and Richard was next to Laura when she came back from the bathroom after emptying her pussy and womb as the group watches.

"Hehe, man that is an interesting sight." Emerald said while he had an arm around Maite in a cuddle position.

"Hehe, you said it honey." Maite said as she snuggles closer to Emerald while Richard blushes.

Laura smirks when she placed an arm around Richard.

"After a few minutes… you… me… that lucky coffee table with you bending me over it and making me your bitch." Laura said with a teasing eager wild grin on her face.

Richard jolts after hearing that before blushing brightly.

"I-I'll do my best." He said but his cock got hard as part of him now wanted to impress the pizza delivery woman.

Laura smirks from seeing that while Emerald and Maite chuckle/giggle as the video recording this all saw Nicole snarl as she forced Lillum to drink another load of sperm and as Lillum drank the sperm eagerly… the scene fades to black for now.

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