Nicole in Heat @emerald
Pre-post buff boy Richard and Mr Rex?

The scene fades in to show two people walking around many interesting people and sceneries passed by, they both looked human, but with the nature of everything around them, they could just be hiding their real forms before the one with the trench coat and long brown hair spoke up to the one wearing the hood next to him.

"So Atomsk, ready for the soon to be story ahead?, want to do the honors of giving the details about this chapter for now or should I?" the trench coat wearing man said while he grins at the hood wearing one named Atomsk.

Atomsk grins under his hood before he spoke up.

"You lead this one my man."

The trench coat wearing one just shrugged and said this to Atomsk.

"Alright, here I go…" the trench coat wearing man said before he looked to the readers.

"Hello everyone and to those who don't know me, I'm TME, or Twilight Master Emerald, and this here is my buddy and Co-host for many of our stories, Atomsk the Pirate King, you can find some of our stories on his side of things, he also has some interesting solo works as well like Finn the Red and other things that he and I may continue soon, not on the top of the todo list but getting there." TME said while he gave Atomsk a shout out real quick.

"What's up peoples. And TME is right, Finn the Red is one of the stories that needs to be continued although it would need a major rewrite after watching some AT episodes." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, using Hulu on my end but I think it stops at season 9, episode 14, three buckets, so going to need to find a way to get the other episodes watched on my end, but more or less, I got a way to refresh my memory." TME said before he shook his head and said this.

"Still were getting off track, this is… for the first time… an Amazing world of Gumball story starring Nicole Watterson in many lemony situations… similar to Marceline in Heat, Nicole goes into Heat every now and then so why not capitalize on that and show some… interesting twists for certain episodes… just need to think of a good one, easy for Mr. Rex since I know the episode needed but… Hmmm… hey Atomsk, now that I think about it... want to go with the one where Richard is buff for an episode?, or go with his usual lazy form?, or save the buff form for a later chapter?" TME asked while he gave Atomsk a thoughtful look.

Atomsk had a thoughtful look on his face before he spoke up.

"Well, we can save the buff Richard for later."

"Actually…. Why not mix it up?, we know the episode where Richard was both round and buff in the same episode so why not use that episode?, can be like a before and after moment while Nicole's heat is affecting her… what was the name of that episode again?" TME suggests while he tries to remember the name of the episode.

Atomsk had a thoughtful look on his face before he said this.

"Yeah I don't remember… been awhile. Was that the episode where Gumball and Darwin became adults before returning to normal?"

"Hold on… looking… I think it's called the diet episode… yup… says it on the wikia here." TME said while he held his phone out to Atomsk to look at.

"Diet episode?" Atomsk asked.

"Says The Diet, simple as that." TME said while he points out the words 'The Diet'.

That's when suddenly Atomsk starts to chuckle.

TME looked confused by that before he asked this.

"Something funny?, says its canon." TME said while he scratched the side of his head.

"Sorry, I remember this author who did a TAWOG truth and dare fic and I gave a dare where Richard had to do… *snicker*... exercise." Atomsk said before chuckling more.

"Well seems that dare became canon, want to start the story?, this would be a before and after moment, and this story also has the episode in 'The Fight' where Nicole goes to Talk with Mr. Rex and things get very damage worthy but we can make some very… lemon worthy changes and should be interesting because of the size difference." TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

"Indeed, so yeah. Let's starts this story." Atomsk said as he cracked his knuckles.

"Great, this story starts out after one of Richard's exercise days…" TME said while he gripped the camera and pushed it hard enough to go to the Watterson residence where Richard Watterson was walking inside of his home after he did an exercise with Gumball and Darwin to help him lose weight and collapsed on the couch.

Elmore/ Watterson home/ Richard

The scene showed Richard walking into the house while he was stumbling around, his body ached in ways that he never thought would ache before he collapsed on the couch to pant for breath, granted this diet was starting to take effect, he lost about… 10 pounds but he was still round and lazy… ish… but was getting better while Nicole was walking by before she said this.

"Oh hey Richard, you alright?, you look…. Sweatier than usual?... heard about this diet thing but I think that was just Gumball and Darwin messing with me… though I have heard alot of montage music though…" Nicole said while she thought back to the last few days while she heard that music alot.

Richard pants a bit before he sees his wife and spoke up.

"O-Oh hey Nicole… a-and actually… it's n-no joke… T-The boys are… h-helping me excercise… I-I already… lost t-t… 10 pounds."

Nicole blinked at that before she says this.

"Well you do-!" Nicole says before her body felt incrediby warm and what not which was instantly recognized by her mind when she realized what was happening… she was in heat again… it happens every now and then so her personality changed somewhat to reflect that so she looked down at Richard and said this with a lustful tone.

"Well Richard… want me to give you some kind of reward for your hard work?... should help you relax since you do seem like you did a lot to lose 10 pounds and do look thinner than usual… think you can meet me in the bedroom… it's that time again." Nicole said lustfully to tell Richard it was her heat cycle right now.

Richard's eyes widen when he heard that before saying this.


Nicole just grins before she says this.

"Does this answer your question?" Nicole said before she kissed Richard full on the lips and her tongue went into Richard's mouth, thanks to her strictness to him at least brushing shortly after every time he snacked on food, Richard gained a habit to brush and it showed when he had a minty fresh breath.

Richard eyes widen again which shows that Nicole was telling the truth before the pink rabbit went with it and kissed back before using his tongue to play with his wife's tongue.

Nicole moans from that before they heard a gah like noise which made the duo blink before they saw the wide eyes of Gumball and Darwin while Nicole just chuckles before she said this when she pulled a 20 dollar bill from her pocket and pulled away to say this.

"Take your sister out of the house for a few hours and there will be 20 more in it for you two if Richard and I don't see hide nor hair of you three until dinner, consider this babysitting money and movie money, understand?" Nicole said while she smiles at the looks on Gumball and Darwin's faces from a 20 dollar bill being held out to them by their normally money saving mother.

Gumball and Darwin didn't know what's going on but when they saw the money in Nicole's hand, Gumball quickly grabs it before he spoke up.

"Sure mom, we'll be happy to spend time with Anais."

Darwin then said this when he looked a bit confused though.

"But what are you…" Darwin tries to say before Nicole says this.

"It's something mommies and Daddies do in their private time and something that happens to cat like beings like me and possibly Gumball when he's older but I can explain later when he is older and leave it at that… now… since you took the 20... if we are interrupted and you three are anywhere nearby and you don't have a good defense… not only will you lose wherever change is left, there will be no extra 20 dollars… and there will be serious groundings for you three if you come back before I give a signal, understood?" Nicole said before she got a feral look in her eyes while she smiles at her sons.

Gumball and Darwin shudders from the look before Gumball spoke up.

"C-Crystal mom."

Nicole smiles kindly at her sons before she said this.

"Good, now get your sister and take her if she's not busy, maybe take her for an hour to daisy land and you can use the leftover cash for a movie, remember, 20 dollar reward that you can split between you two if you three stay away from the house for a bit, I'll put sign on the door that will tell anyone to stay away, once it's gone, feel free to come in alright?, oh and if it happens to fall, make sure it fell otherwise… no cash… deal?" Nicole said while she smiles at the two sometimes responsible, sometimes irresponsable sons of hers.

"Y-Yes mom/Mrs. mom." Gumball and Darwin said in unison.

"Oh and if your sister gives you trouble, give her this so she can get a souvenir at daisy land, she should get why I'm being so generous since she loves to read books." Nicole said before she held out 10 dollars to Darwin… 50 bucks total to get them out of the house for a few hours?... Anais would have to help explain this mystery to Gumball and Darwin when the three leave.

Gumball and Darwin were surprised at the money they'll receive before they nod their heads at their mom.

"Good, now get going boys, Daisyland should have a special there so the sooner you get Anais there, the better." Nicole said while Darwin took the 10 for Anais.

"Okay. Let's go Darwin." Gumball said before he and Darwin went to go get Anais.

Nicole smiles at that before she saw Gumball and Darwin carry out a confused Anais from the house while she carried Daisy in her arms before Nicole walked to the front door, closed it, and locked the door and walked to the curtains and closed them and made sure that they were closed before she made sure all the windows were locked an well curtained and made sure the back door was locked and what not while Richard watched Nicole do her thing to make things very private while he vegged out on the couch to keep his aching muscles from hurting and saw how excited she looked right now.

'Oh man, I almost forgot how excited Nicole gets when she's in heat. Makes her feel… sexy.' Richard thought as he continues to watch his wife.

Nicole then said this to Richard with a lustful tone to her voice after she made sure that the place was locked from top to bottom.

"So Richard, I know you can't move much but you can at least get to the bed right?, Or do you want to have some fun on the couch." Nicole teasingly says while she leaned over Richard and used her arms to press her breasts together under her shirt which made them look bigger than usual while light small stains were seen which showed she was leaking breast milk…. Should be a good thirst quencher for Richard.

Richard could feel his heart beat before he sits up, despite the groaning before says this.

"Y-Yeah… I can get to bed honey."

Nicole smiles at that before she supports Richard to the bedroom while he stumbles a bit in the process, but the duo managed to get to the bedroom pretty well before Nicole helped Richard lay on the bed before she said this.

"Now then… let me get comfortable Richard before I drain those balls of yours, just relax and let me do all the work for now." Nicole lustfully said before she starts to use dirty talk to get Richard worked up while she slowly strips in front of him, with her slowly unbuttoning her shirt to mess with Richard a bit and her bra covered breasts start to show.

Richard watched with a blushing face before a moment later, he felt his dick starting to get erect in his pants.

Nicole grins at that before she fully removed her shirt to show her plentiful D to E sized breasts that bounce in the bra, having two kids would do that to some women but Nicole's figure made her look like some kind of model when she removed her skirt and stood there in her bra and panties that looked slightly damp.

Richard breathed a bit heavenly as he drank in his wife's figure. Then again he has seen her naked loads of times.

Nicole in turn just smiles before she reached to the back of her bra and starts to unhook it, with each hook being unhooked showing more and more of her plentiful mounds while she teased Richard by holding it onto her breasts while she sways her hips in some kind of strip tease.

Richard blushes brightly at the scene before he groans a bit as his dick was now erect in his pants which shows a big bulge underneath.

Nicole grins at that before she said this.

"I bet a guy like you deserves a reward after all of his hard work today… so… what do you want me to do big guy?" Nicole teasingly says while she jiggles her large breasts while she keeps the bra on to tease Richard more.

Richard groans a bit before he said this.

"P-Please give my dick a nice licking."

Nicole chuckles at that before she said this.

"What's the magic word Richard?" Nicole said while she teased Richard more when she slowly lowered her bra and Richard could see the upper part of Nicole's nipples, but not fully.

Richard really want to see his wife's breasts before he said this.

"Please Mistress."

Nicole just smirks at that before she lowered her bra and showed her breasts to her husband, contrary to her age, and contrary to their size, they were perky and bordered on the E size, seems they needed a serious milking if the leaking milk was any indication before Nicole says this.

"You know… I bet you worked up a real thirst, want to get a drink before I work that long thick dick good?" Nicole said while she walked up to Richard and after getting on top of him on the bed, held her body over Richard and her breasts hang in front of his face and some breast milk dripped down onto his face.

Richard was indeed thirsty and feel his wife's milk drip on his face was more than enough reason before he opens his mouth and latches on Nicole's right nipple before the pink bunny starts sucking out the blue feline's milk as if he was a baby.

Nicole moans from that before he said this.

"Oh fuck yes… drink up Richard, you'll need the energy for what I'm about to do to you!" Nicole said while she pets Richard's head while she held it there, her body was really getting warmed up and relief at the same time, warmth from her body heating up more and relief from the pressure being taken from her breasts.

Richard blushes from having his head petted which made him suck Nicole's right breast a bit harder before Richard uses his tongue to lick the tit.

Nicole starts to purr from that while she keeps letting Richard do his own thing before she moved herself so that he was now sucking on her other tit when the flow from her right breast slowed greatly.

Richard hums a bit as he keeps drinking Nicole's milk before he had this thought.

'Oh wow… it's been so long since I drank Nicole's milk. Still taste sweet as I remember.'

After a couple minutes, Nicole moved away before she says this.

"Since you were so kind to help me with my issue Richard, let me help you." Nicole said before she kissed Richard on the lips for a moment before she moved down to his pants and starts to fiddle with them.

Richard pants for a bit as he watches his wife trying to open his pants.

Nicole managed to get the pants unbuttoned and unzipped before she pulled his pants down to see a massive bulge in his underwear which made Nicole lick her lips when she would have to remind herself, heat or not, to get it on with Richard later since she did have one pretty big reason for getting together with Richard.

"Hey Richard… remind me… how big are you again?, it's been awhile since we last had any fun without the kids around… think it was three years ago before the Babysitter for the kids quit and was sent to a psych ward or something." Nicole said while she rubbed a paw on Richard's cloth covered dick that throbbed in her hand.

Richard shudders from feeling Nicole's paw rubbing his dick before the pink rabbit spoke up.

"N-Nine and a half inches long and 2 inches in width."

Nicole licks her lips before she said this.

"Oh yeah… definitely feeling that size… now… why don't I get rid of these mean ol underwear." Nicole said before she pulled Richard's underwear down and saw his dick in it's full glory before she licks her lips and had this thought.

"Oh yeah… definitely going to need to remember to try and have the kids somewhere else every now and then to get to know Richard again." Nicole thought before she gripped Richard's dick lightly and starts to stroke it while he lays on the bed.

Richard shudders again before he let out a pleased groan before speaking up.

"O-Oh… that feels good honey."

Nicole giggles before she said this.

"If you think that's good, wait till you feel this." Nicole said with a lustful tone to her voice before she moved her body so that she was now kneeling right in front of Richard's dick and was now licking the head with her scratchy tongue while she used a hand to fondle his massive balls, if it was one thing, Richard had at least two or technically three objects she could love for their large size.

Richard shudders and groans from how good he felt before he pets Nicole's head a few times.

Nicole blushed a bit from that before she took the head of Richard's dick in her mouth before she starts to lick and suck on the head of Richard's dick while she used her hand on his dick to stroke him at a steady rate.

Richard let out a pleased groan before saying this.

"O-Oh fuck yeah."

Nicole just chuckles before she bobs her head more and more on Richard's dick while she took more of it into her mouth, one surprising thing Richard learned was that Nicole when it heat could get very intense which showed now when she was already taking more than half of his dick down her throat and gagged a bit but looked like she was loving every moment of it.

Richard groans a few more times before he placed his hands on top of Nicole's head before holding her steady.

Nicole in turn purred more when she could feel herself choke on Richard's dick while she waits for him to let go while she used her tongue to lick around his throbbing erection that seemed to pulse more and more in her mouth.

Though instead of letting go, Richard decides to help Nicole feel more of his dick before he starts face fucking her as his dick hit the back of the blue feline's throat.

Nicole's eyes widen a bit from that before she purrs more and more from that while she could feel Richard's dick throbbing more and more while she let Richard enjoy himself until…

Richard groans loudly before he his dick spurt out his cum in Nicole's mouth.

Although, judging from the amount either he's backed up or he's very fertile.

Nicole made gurgle and gag sounds for a few moments before she starts to drink his load as much as she could while she waits for him to tap off, she was even playing with her pussy to get it really warmed up in the meantime.

Richard continues to climax for about 25 seconds before he taps off.

Nicole moans when she slowly pulled her head away from Richard's dick while she made sure that she swallowed his load and licked his dick clean before she pants for breath while she wondered how Richard was doing so far.

Richard was panting for breath as well while his dick was still active which meant it was ready for more.

Nicole just grins before she stood up before she says this to the exhausted Richard.

"So Richard… ready for more?" Nicole said while she slowly removed her panties in front of Richard and stood in the nude fully.

Richard blushes brightly as he stares at his wife's nude body while his dick twitches in excitement before Richard nods his head at Nicole.

Nicole smiles at that before she says this when she carefully climbs on top of Richard.

"Well better relax, I'm doing the work for now and you can repay me later to help with your… exercise… but for now… time for your dick and my hot pussy to met again." Nicole said while she used her tail to angle Richard's dick to Nicole's pussy and she lowered herself onto it slowly, been awhile and she wanted to savor the feeling while she shudders and pants when Richard's dick stretched her pussy really well.

Richard shudders before groaning when he felt his dick enter his wife's tight pussy.

Nicole managed to get Richard's dick all the way inside of her after a minute before her warm insides tightly gripped Richard's dick in a velvety grin before Nicole says this.

"S-So… how you holding?, bit hard to hold back right now." Nicole says while she rests her body on Richard's stomach while she tightened her pussy around Richard's dick.

Richard groans a bit before he wraps one arm around Nicole before he rubs her back before speaking up.

"I-I feel… fine… Fuck… almost forgot how hot and tight your pussy was. Really missed it."

Nicole blushed from that before she says this.

"And I n-nearly forgot how big you were, now… just lay back and enjoy." Nicole says before she starts to lift and lower her hips and she starts to ride Richard's dick while she held onto his gut, if anything, he had the perfect handholds for Nicole to use so that she could get some serious speed very fast which showed when she didn't hold anything back when she rode Richard's dick which caused the bed to shake with each bounce.

Richard groans a few times before he spoke up.


Nicole just growled from that when her motions got more intense, but she said this.

"F-Fucking… f-fat c-cock… l-love how i-it fills me!" Nicole growled out in a lust induced haze while she keeps riding him intensely while she could feel him throbbing in her as time went on.

Richard can feel his dick throbbing each time before he said this.

"Oh fuck Nicole! I love you so much!"

Nicole looked at Richard's eyes before she just kissed him on the lips with love and lust when she couldn't trust her voice right now which caused an interesting reaction from Richard.

Richard, surprisingly had some strength to put his hands on Nicole as he flips her over making the pink rabbit on top before he starts thrusting his dick hard in his wife's pussy before he returns the kiss as he looks in Nicole's eyes with lust and love as well.

Nicole's eyes widen from that when she could feel Richard hammering in and out of her which caused her to wrap her arms and legs around his body tightly which caused him to get a bit deeper while she keeps the kiss up, she could feel her orgasm approaching her hard and held off for a bit while she lightly claws at Richard's back to egg him on.

Richard was indeed egged on as he groans from having his back scratched which made him thrust his dick even harder than ever before Richard had his dick hitting at Nicole's womb.

Nicole moans more and more from that while her pussy twitched more and more before she made an extra loud groan and came hard on Richard's dick which really showed her strength wasn't just in her arms and legs but her pussy as well when it tried to strangle Richard's dick for its payload.

Richard thrusts a few more times before he grinds his teeth as he groans loudly before he climaxed hard inside Nicole's pussy before his cum went straight to the feline's womb.

Nicole moans more from that while she rides out her long overdue orgasm while she hugged Richard tightly while he rides out his.

Richard hugs Nicole closer as he continues to climax for at least 30 seconds or so before he taps off.

Nicole tapped off as well 5 seconds later before she laid back on the bed to pant for breath while Richard, to keep from harming Nicole, fell next to her while his dick was pulled free before he pants for breath and the duo tried to catch their breath while Nicole shuddered when semen flowed from her pussy.

Richard pants for a bit before he uses one hand to grab Nicole's before Richard spoke up.

"O-Oh… wow h-honey."

Nicole chuckles before she said this.

"Y-Yeah… really got to do this again, good thing I'm on the pill… maybe every week if you keep this exercise thing up, should be a good reward from working so hard… maybe if you lose enough…" Nicole said before she moved her head to Richard's ear and whispered this.

"...I'll let you go for my ass… remember the honeymoon we had after we were married." Nicole teased since that was a hole Richard barely went to for obvious reasons.

Richards eyes widen when he heard that before he grins and pulls Nicole closer before the pink rabbit said this.

"Oh I have. And I'll make sure to keep losing weight for you. We really need to keep reconnecting with each other."

Nicole chuckles while she hugged Richard before she says this.

"Yeah… just don't expect it every week, may need to pull all nighters sometimes at work… remember the 50 bucks for the kids if they don't come back until that sign is off the front door… well… you know who keeps paying for those damages in town?... I made an account just for that… and pulled it from there recently and had that leftover after that incident where you crashed the car into that ski lodge?" Nicole says while she gave Richard a raised eyebrow to show that he was part of that special account.

Richard chuckles nervously before he spoke up.

"Yeah… sorry honey."

Nicole just sighs before she says this with a grin.

"You're lucky your adorable sometimes, just don't expect this monster of a dick to get you out of every jam that comes your way, remember when you got into heat and somehow convinced me into that threesome once?, well don't be too surprised if I have to help the kids out of a jam… we don't have a fortune after all.." Nicole said when she remembered that private time that got out of hand… and a few incidents that she had to…. Personally take care of when parts of the town got totaled by the kids or Richard...

Richard blushes from the memory before he spoke up.

"Again sorry honey. I can at least try not to make anymore trouble. Maybe I can get a job to help bring in some more cash."

Nicole shuddered from that when she remembered the time Richard got a job as a pizza guy and that nearly ripped apart the fabric of reality...

"Oh don't worry Richard, just make sure that anything that does happen is under 200 dollars and we're good…" Nicole said while she has remembered the strange things that happened that day were… horrifying when she was turned into a puddle and it was from Richard's… idea with the pizza boxes that got him fired and things went back to normal…

"Oh okay. I'll make sure to try." Richard said.

"Nice… though this does remind me a bit of what happened when I had to deal with Mr. Rex once and his home got totaled after, think it was quite a bit ago… remember when Gumball and Tina were fighting?" Nicole says while she laid next to Richard.

Richard did remember that before he spoke up.

"I did remember that. But what happened?"

"Before I say, remember those free passes I got from you since I found you with another woman every now and then?, well even if I give all the details, you can't get mad at me but lets just say that Mr. Rex and I are… well… guess sexfriends in a sense since Gumball and Tina do have issues and sometimes it gets to the point Mr. Rex gets pissed off royally because of Gumball, Darwin, and on occasion Anais and you trespass in his place… I think you mentioned running into him and getting into some kind of issue over Mayo… had to help calm him down so he wouldn't total our house in revenge…. Or would you rather a T-Rex total our house and cost us who knows how much to repair?" Nicole said while she gave Richard a raised eyebrow.

Richard pales a bit from the image and truth be told, he would've been upset with the idea of Nicole sleep with someone but… she was right since he too was with a few women himself, they sometimes went into heat as well and found out about Richard's third leg and got hooked on it.

"Y-You have a point." He said.

Nicole rolled her eyes before she says this.

"It's not like I had fun there Richard, I would explain but I do have a video of the… scene if you want to watch it, though I will say this…. He does have a bigger dick but lets just say that… well… know the term too much of a good thing can be bad?... welll….let's just say that his dick made me feel like I was having a tree trunk shoved up inside of me, granted I did adjust but was not pleasant at first." Nicole said while she got off the bed and looked under the bed for a moment before she pulled out a suitcase with many combination locks on it before she sets it on the bed…. Was that full of Mr. Rex moments or did Nicole have others?

Richard wondered when he saw the suitcase before wondering if Nicole had other sexfriends before.

Nicole saw the look and rolled her eyes before she said this.

"No Richard, most of these are not sex friends, but I do have a habit of recording things to make sure that if things are taken to court, I can counter some things… though I will say I practically had to get with everyone in elmore who is of legal age when some of your antics… and the kids… get town wide destructive…" Nicole said before pinching her nose when she wondered if Richard and the kids would make a killing in construction at least with how easily they destroy stuff… not a bad idea to store for later...

Richard although flinch when he heard that before he lowered his head feeling some shame knowing his wife did everything to help him and kids.

Nicole however chuckles before she says this.

"Though I will say it wasn't too bad since I used these to our advantage, I had to do a few favors for Penny's parents and got video evidence so unless Gumball does something stupid even for himself and causes penny to break up with him, they can't do jack squat to try and break the two up, also did some favors for principal Brown… he's not as innocent as some would like to believe and some incidents were initially caused by him so unless he wants to be jobless, he can't do anything to get my boys in trouble." Nicole said before getting an evil grin on her face when she had plenty of blackmail material with her.

Richard blinked in surprise when he heard that before he spoke up.


Nicole gave Richard a half lidded look before she says this.

"You underestimate what kind of people I was with sometimes, now, unless you got anymore questions, want to see a view of me getting it good from a massive T-rex?, or you want to just forget about the whole thing and just let me do my thing solo?" Nicole said while she looked like she was about to get the suitcase and put it away.

Richard was reluctant. He didn't want to see another man having relations with Nicole but part of him did want to see it out of curiosity.

That's when he said this.

"Put it on."

Nicole blinks at that when she didn't expect that before she chuckles and says this.

"Sure, lets go to the living room, I locked the doors and everything so no one can interrupt anything… especially if you get turned on from watching your wife get it good up her ass by another and we end up having fun in the living room to reenact some scenes..." Nicole said before she picked up the heavy looking suitcase effortlessly which left Richard alone in the bedroom.

Richard, though blush, was now nervous for a bit before he gets up and starts heading towards the living room before he had this thought.

'Geese… I had no idea Nicole did everything to help fix damages made by me and kids… now I feel terrible. I even slept with a few women. Am I even a good husband?' He thought with a little bummed look.

Though Nicole noticed before she sighs and says this when she slowed her walk to walk next to her husband.

"Oh relax Richard, considering things, might as well make it so we're swingers, we have more than enough proof that most of these people started it so they're not innocent, and remember those ladies you got with?, well I found them and had my way with them daily since I need stress relief, could invite them for threesomes when you get your rewards for your training." Nicole said before she got to the bottom of the stairs and set the suitcase on the couch and made sure she had a sign that said 'no one disturb'... she also wrote something new on it which got Richard's attention that said… viewing secret tapes with husband… starring Nicole Watterson... most of Elmore over the age of 18 should know since it deals with secret stay away for now… OR ELSE!

Richard blinks a few times when he saw that a moment later, he comes up to Nicole and hugs her from behind.

Nicole blinked at that before she looked to see what brought the hug on all of a sudden.

That's when Richard said this.

"Just letting you know how much I love you and also sorry for causing so much trouble before."

Nicole blinks at that before she just chuckles and says this.

"I love you too Richard, and no worries, I got enough dirt here to make sure that if anyone causes trouble, we can just shut them up easily, now just sit on the couch while I finish setting this sign up." Nicole said while she went to the door and carefully opened it a tiny bit and placed the sign on the door to keep anyone from being stupid, she even made sure to loop the string a few times so it wouldn't accidently be knocked off before she shut the door and locked it again before looking back at Richard to see how he was doing.

Said pink rabbit was sitting on the couch like Nicole said as he waited patiently.

Nicole smiles at that before she walked over to the suitcase and starts unlocking the locks on them one by one like she memorized each combination by heart and she was able to open it a minute later to show plenty of video tapes, some were shocking like the parents of Tobias and some were obvious like Mr. Rex and some was even a few named Larry, granted Larry did a lot so sensible for plenty of them to be about Larry, but all in all, had plenty of other people in it as well while Nicole got the one about Mr. Rex out and placed the open suitcase on Richard's lap and went to pop the video into the VCR while her shapely ass was on display...

Richard blushes as he looks at his wife's ass which made his dick start to get erect for a moment.

It made a noticeable thud on the suitcase which got Nicole's attention which made her smile a bit before she pressed play on the VCR, got the remote and sat down next to Richard after she took the suitcase from him and the duo saw a camera being set up in some kind of massive garage with Mr. Rex, looking angry as usual saying this which started the porno.

Video #87/ Nicole, Mr. Rex

"So why are you setting that camera up all of a sudden when I want to rip you apart for not only trespassing but because of your son causing issues for my little girl?" Mr. Rex growled threateningly while Nicole, who walked on screen, says this when she gave the T-Rex a glare.

"Look, we both know that your little girl can be impulsive like a certain someone I know who just roars at me before I came in here…. And really?, causing issues for your daughter?... she gave him a black eye…. Now I can understand if they were of equal height and what not, then sure I would be worried… for a number of reasons if a girl gave him a black eye so I may have to get him self defense classes… but my gummypuss is around 2 feet tall and pretty small in his weight class aside from his head and your daughter, while who would be nice if Gumball actually tries to be friends with is a walking Battle tank of death when pissed the fuck off... so mind taking your head out of your ass so we can make a deal when you can actually think for once instead of using that anger?" Nicole growled back with swears to show how angered she was when she crossed her arms.

Mr. Rex growls at Nicole for a moment before he spoke up.

"Alright… what deal do you have in mind?"

"I believe you should already know if some of the other adults talked when drunk or want to impress their friends…. Simply put, I want you to try and not harm my family if you can actually remember to cool that fucking anger of yours and to try and keep your daughter in line around my children, considering the situation, I can call the fucking police but I don't want to since Tina seems like a nice girl but like I said… she is a fucking battle tank compared to Gumball and Darwin and I can get a restraining order to keep her as far away from Gumball as legally possible… and before you retort… I have plenty of favors in the courtrooms so I won't hesitate to use underhanded methods… your daughter gave the first blow, intentional or not, so don't think for one moment you can intimidate a royally pissed off mother… in exchange, I'll rock that fucking world of yours if you haven't gotten laid in a long time, and can keep doing this but only if you can keep your daughter in line… don't think Gumball is the one starting every issue that he and Tina have." Nicole said while she growls at Mr. Rex with no fear in her voice.

Though Mr. Rex growled at the threat, his eyes blinked in surprise when he heard that before asking this.

"What?... you're telling me that if I keep my daughter well behaved then I can have the right to keep fucking that body of yours?"

"Unless you want to be stupid and lose that other eye of yours, you threw the first punch first and I clawed that eye good, obviously it would have to work with my schedule since I do have to support three kids and a husband back home so don't expect every booty call you make to be an instant yes so… do we have a deal… or do you want to lose that other eye if you want to keep fighting?, I set that camera up as video evidence of our deal if it goes through so I can remind you of the deal in detail… so… are you going to be stupid at attack or take this deal and get it on with me?, I did it before with others when my family caused issues so this won't be a new thing for me." Nicole said while she crossed her arms under her large breasts.

Mr. Rex looks at Nicole once over before he asked this.

"Does your husband know you do things like this?"

"Not to my knowledge no, but he did have some moments where he got it on with other ladies when his heat got to be too much for him and he couldn't take it and I happened to walk in a few times, even joined in but all in all, even if he did know, he can't complain since the favors I do keep a lot of people from coming after my family and I, or do you want me to walk out and you miss out on a chance to go for my furry round ass?" Nicole said while she shrugged and starts to walk to the camera to get it while making sure her ass sways to and fro in front of Mr. Rex's good eye.

Mr. Rex did get a nice look at the blue feline's ass before after taking some thought he said this.

"Alright, I accept."

Nicole stopped for a moment to look at Mr. Rex and says this.

"Alright, but considering our kids are outside right now, you better roar and cause a commotion to make it seem like we're still fighting when we start, so better get as rough as you can, I'm a tough bitch after all so no need to be gentle, I'm in one of my heat cycles so I'm already soaking wet." Nicole said while she lifts her skirt to show her soaked panties to Mr. Rex when she walked back to him.

Mr. Rex did see that before he chuckles and said this.

"Lady, gentle is not even in my vocabulary. Especially with this." He said before he should Nicole his dick which surprisingly spring into action.

It was surprisingly 15 inches long and 4 inches in width.

Meanwhile to Richard and Nicole who watched the video…

Richard who was seeing the tape was shocked when he saw what Mr. Rex was packing before the pink rabbit asked this.

"You mean had sex with that?! How were you able to not walk funny?"

Nicole chuckles before she says this when she paused the video.

"Plenty of practice with large dildos, maybe I should get one of them and show you later on how kinky I can be… remember that missing 100 dollars?, well considering various situations and the fact that it was replaced soon after, I used it to get a 12 inch dildo that I have hidden that I use when your asleep and what not while the kids are in bed, spins and vibrates and everything, the extra cost made it waterproof and durable to so no worries about breaking it." Nicole said while she grins at Richard.

Richard was again shocked when he heard that as he had no idea about about the dildo.

Nicole chuckles at the look on Richard's face before she said this.

"Well let me resume the video so we can see how wild I can get." Nicole says before she pressed play on the video to get things back on track.

Richard blinked for a second before he looks at the video to see what will happen next.

Nicole on the video with Mr. Rex got wide eyes from that before she says this.

"Ever… consider… uh… how in the world did you hide this from everyone around you?" Nicole says when she had trouble with her body when it heated up greatly which could be smelled by Mr. Rex.

Mr. Rex chuckled before he spoke up with a fang grin.

"Wouldn't you like to know."

Nicole blushed a bit from that before she just decided to rip the bandage off so to speak and starts to strip in front of Mr. Rex before she was fully nude in no time in front of him.

Surprisingly, Mr. Rex did like what he was seeing as his dick twitched a bit in excitement.

Nicole blushed more from that before she says this.

"So, considering I don't want to break my jaw and we are in a rush, let's just get to the fucking, I can take my time to try and get that monster in my mouth later when we can actually take time but for now..." Nicole said while she looked around and saw a nearby pillar in the middle of the room and placed her clawed hands on it and posed a bit while she bends a bit so her ass was on display to Mr. Rex and shook it to tempt him.

Mr. Rex was a bit surprised but knew that Nicole was right since their kids are outside.

That's when Mr. Rex grins before he gets behind Nicole and aims his dick at her pussy.

Nicole knew that if she was to take it well, she would need to relax her body so she did but she did feel a bit nervous since Mr. Rex was much bigger than Richard.

Mr. Rex chuckled before he said this.

"Hope you're on the pill. I tend to release a lot that can get any woman pregnant with one shot."

Nicole blushed from that before she says this.

"I pretty much make sure to make reminders on my phone to take them daily when they run their course… don't want other kids yet who can destroy the town easily or are you asking for trouble to come your way?" Nicole says while she was still trying to raise two town destroyers and a genius daughter so they wouldn't do that.

Mr. Rex chuckles before he spoke up.

"No, just checking. But doesn't mean I don't mind more kids."

"Well if you do happen to knock me up, better get ready to pay alimony since I'm not going to raise a kid of yours without some help, pretty sure Richard in his heat never thought of that and could have knocked up a few women so I doubt he could complain… now are we just going to stand here or are you going to fuck me and complete this deal!?" Nicole said while she wiggles her ass against Mr. Rex's dick and her soaked pussy rubbed on the tip of his dick.

Meanwhile with Richard and Nicole…

Richard blinked a few times before he looks at his wife and asked this.

"Wait, were you actually serious if you did get knocked up by him?"

"And I can counter and ask if you ever made sure those ladies you got with took birth control or checked to see if any of them were knocked up, but I will say I did take birth control but my heat was making my head a bit cloudy so I said some things but I did make sure to take birth control when my phone tells me, but on the off chance they went bad and I did get knocked up, I would have had him pay a fortune since I'm not raising another man's child without support… I know what I do may not be the most…. Morally right, but at the very least I can make backup plans just in case and got proof here so if Mr. Rex did try and knock me up… well there would be a half cat/half dino kid running around the house so that never happened." Nicole said while she looked at Richard at the part about the ladies he got with possibly getting knocked up and he probably never checked if she knew her husband right.

Richard blushes before he spoke up.

"Well… they never did call so I assume they were at least safe or on the pill."

"Well either that or they knew we didn't have much money to give for alimony, so if anything did happen, I would have made sure to bleed the father who knocked me up dry and then some so we could actually have cash, I still go to Mr. Rex every thursday to help calm him down so I got practice with taking his dick, so you can have a sex friend here if you want but don't be too surprised if it's on the same day and I walk in on you two going at it and I pass out on the bed face down, he's been going for my ass lately so I'm sure you'll love how well I can take it up there lately." Nicole said while she teased Richard near the end by clenching her ass cheeks a few times and they flexed a bit to show how strong her ass was.

Richard blushes brightly when when he saw that which also made his dick twitch in excitement.

Nicole then looked back to the screen and pressed play again to show Mr. Rex about to get it on with herself on screen.

Mr. Rex chuckles before he said this.

"Well then let's see how good your pussy is then." He said before he starts pushing his dick past Nicole's folds.

"Oh… Fuck!" Nicole groans out while she tried to keep the noise on her end low to prevent the kids from hearing anything while she could feel Mr. Rex's dick going incredibly deep inside of her already while her pussy gripped his dick with a iron grip to match her usual strength which really tried to strangle Mr. Rex's dick.

Mr. Rex did groan but chuckled before he spoke up.

"Looks like someone is already enjoying it." He said as he keeps pushing his dick forward.

Nicole hated to admit it, but with Mr. Rex's raw size, she really was enjoying it which showed with her pussy dripping greatly onto the ground as a result.

Mr. Rex continues to push forward before he was finally at the hilt.

Or as deep as he could go when his dick pressed pretty hard against Nicole's cervix while she bit her lower lip while her legs shook from how much pleasure she was feeling right now.

Instead of saying anything, Mr. Rex decides to start moving his dick back and forth inside Nicole's pussy.

Nicole starts to moan and groan loudly while the building shook a bit from the force of Mr. Rex's thrusts while she keeps biting her lower lip which helped muffle her moans and groans while gave Mr. Rex a look to show he should roar quite a bit but to help entice him, she used her left hand and starts fingering her own ass which helped tightened her pussy on Mr. Rex's dick as a result.

Mr. Rex, who groans, was indeed enticed before he made a loud roar while fucking Nicole's pussy hard.

Nicole made some really loud grunts and groans which, if the kids were listening in, could have them mistake things for Mr. Rex and Nicole fighting while in realty… Nicole was getting the fucking of her life from Mr. Rex while Nicole used her strong body to try and have her pussy milk his dick which slowly throbbed faster and harder as time went on while the building shook a bit from the power of his thrusts before he shocked her and the viewing Richard who watched the video when Mr. Rex made one big thrust and busts through her cervix and a massive bulge was seen when he fully managed to get all 15 inches inside of her while Nicole's eyes widen from that when she never expected that at all.

Though Mr. Rex can feel his climax approaching, he decides to hold back so he can really give it good to Nicole before the big Rex leans his head down close to Nicole's head and whispers this.

"That's right keep screaming for me."

Nicole however wasn't one to back down easily before she whispered this with a challanging look in her eyes.

"S-Screaming?, moaning and groaning sure, but screaming?, you gotta do more than that to get me screaming your name you overgrown lizard so why not get serious with me and try and fuck me like the T-Rex you are!" Nicole challengingly whispered back while her body was pressed up against the pillar and Richard saw that she wasn't even on the floor anymore, the piller was the only thing keeping her from falling and he got a good view of the bulge in her womb… how did she recover from that?, well… she did have shape shifting so not to out there considering the inhabitants of Elmore so that could be the case.

Mr. Rex however grins before he really got serious and really got to pounding Nicole's pussy and womb to submission.

Nicole in turn grits her teeth before she groans loudly through her teeth while she used her legs to hold onto the pillar now which really made it shake while she kept still on it, but she still didn't scream yet which showed she wouldn't give Mr. Rex the satisfaction of a scream without a fight.

Mr. Rex wasn't bothered by that since he had plenty time to make the blue feline scream his name as he kept pounding Nicole's pussy like if he was in heat himself.

Meanwhile with Richard in Nicole on the couch while they watched Mr. Rex really get into it with Nicole in the video…

Nicole looked over to see how Richard was doing since he could see how Nicole looked and the look on Nicole's face was a bit on the fucked up side even if she didn't scream for Mr. Rex.

Richard was blushing very brightly while his dick was apparently twitching in a happy way.

Seems the pink rabbit was actually enjoying watching his wife getting fucked from behind while thinking how sexy Nicole's face including how that bulge made her look pregnant.

Nicole just blinked at that before she looked back to the screen to watch, though she did reach over with a hand and starts to stroke Richard off while she smiles a bit when he seemed more excited then normal.

Richard at first jolts before he let out a slight pleased groan when he recognized his wife's hand on his dick.

Nicole keeps on going while she watched Mr. Rex really got at it with her video self which starts to get her warmed up again which caused her to stroke off Richard at a faster rate when she saw the part where she was about to cum on Mr. Rex's dick and he was getting close as well.

Richard pants and groans a bit more while Mr. Rex could feel his dick throbbing after and faster as he keeps fucking Nicole's pussy faster and harder.

Nicole in turn grits her teeth more and more before she groans this out loudly, not enough for the kids to know but enough for Mr. Rex to hear.

"M-Mr… REX!" Nicole groans out loudly when she came hard on Mr. Rex's dick and her pussy gripped him tightly from tip to base as a result.

Mr. Rex grits his teeth before he surprisingly said this.

"N-Nicol-ROAR!" He roars before he climaxed beyond hard in the feline's pussy.

Nicole groans loudly from that without her control while her body spasms and she got a fucked up look on her face while she rides out her orgasm and felt her womb bloat big time… if she wasn't on the pill… she would have gotten knocked up like Mr. Rex said…

Mr. Rex has a very pleased look on his as he ride out his orgasm 35 seconds before tapping off.

Nicole tapped off as well while she pants for breath while Richard saw the pleased look on her face, she had tears streaming down her face, had a fucked up look on her face, and clawed the piller she was clinging to good, but all in all, she looked like she enjoyed it while Nicole out of the video next to Richard whispered this in his ear.

"So… how was watching me getting my pussy stuffed beyond the limit feel to you?, from the look of your cock, you seem to enjoy it…" Nicole whispered before she licked his ear a couple times while plenty of precum was flowing onto Nicole's hand from how close Richard was and she just keeps on going to see how much he would let out since she was pretty much showing Richard a very dirty scene right now.

Richard shudders and groans before he whispers this.

"Y-Yeah I did. You looked so sexy with that face. Especially with how bloated your stomach was. Reminds me when you had Gumball and we still did sexy things."

Nicole just chuckles before she whispered this when she could feel how close Richard was.

"Well then… let me see how much you can let out… I want to see if watching this can make you more productive… maybe you should join me when I go to Mr. Rex next time… really show you how slutty I can be?... maybe bring in multiple men or women and show you how much of a slut I became." Nicole teasingly says while she strokes Richard off more and more while she lightly nips at Richard's neck to leave plenty of marks and she could feel him about to blow any second and he was throbbing much harder than usual.

Richard groans a few times before he said this.

"Oh fuck yes, please let me join so I can see my beautiful wife be slutty."

Nicole grins at that before she says this when she strokes him off quickly.

"Then come Richard!, I want to see how much of a mess you can make from seeing how slutty I am!" Nicole growled out while she grins at Richard to signal him to cum when she could feel him about to explode.

Richard didn't need to be told twice before he moment later, his dick spurt out a big load of his cum like a geyser.

Surprisingly, it was much bigger than his last load.

Nicole just chuckles before she strokes him off aggressively while she waits for him to finish cumming.

Richard's climax got stronger before he taps off after 30 seconds.

Nicole chuckles at that before she let go of Richard's dick and licked her hand clean while she waits for him to catch his breath while she looks back to the video to see that Mr. Rex had pulled free and semen flowed from Nicole's pussy on the video and her body was slowly returning to normal while the video self tried to catch her breath still.m

Mr. Rex pants for a bit before he chuckled when he spoke up.

"Hehe… b-been a while since... I-I had a pussy… t-this good."

Nicole pants for breath for a moment before she barely got this out.

"W-Well… h-hold your end of t-the deal… a-and t-that monster di-dick w-will v-visit again a-and m-more…" Nicole barely got out while she managed to get her bearings and stand on the ground while she used the wobbly pillar as support.

Mr. Rex chuckled before he spoke up.

"Oh believe me… I plan too." He said with a grin.

Nicole in turn shakingly went to her clothing after she used a rag she had in a pocket of her skirt to clean her pussy off and tossed it into a trash can before she bent down in front of Mr. Rex to get her clothing while her ass was on display.

Mr. Rex gave Nicole's ass look over before he grins when he brought his head closer to the feline's behind.

That's when Mr. Rex sticks out his tongue and surprisingly licks both Nicole's ass and pussy, after making sure that Nicole cleaned it good.

Nicole jolts from that while she fell a bit from Mr. Rex and wound up on all fours with her hands and feet on the ground before she says this.

"W-What… are you..." Nicole tries to say when her body shudders from the big licks to both her holes, she thought he was finished now after letting out that much.

Mr. Rex chuckles as he continues to lick both of the feline's holes.

Nicole shudders and groans through it all while her pussy was getting soaked again while her ass was getting more then lubed up thanks to Mr. Rex's large tongue before she surprisingly purrs from the actions he was doing.

Mr. Rex did like the sound of that before he felt his dick, which was erect again, twitch a few times.

Nicole in turn just moved her hips back to meet Mr. Rex's licks, all in all, it looked like Nicole was really liking his actions, especially to her surprised when his tongue went mainly to her ass a few times.

Mr. Rex continues to lick Nicole's ass before he starts pushing his big tongue inside the feline's asshole.

Nicole groans loudly from that but was muffled by her biting her lower lip again while she justs let's Mr. Rex keep on going, hopefully the kids were just talking or something far away from the building so hopefully she and Mr. Rex wouldn't be found out.

Mr. Rex keeps pushing his tongue before he starts to wiggle it around Nicole's asshole.

Nicole in turn gave a small yowl of sorts which really made it hard for her to keep quiet while she looked back at Mr. Rex and wondered what he was thinking right now.

'Hmmm… her ass does taste good. Wonder how it would feel when I put my dick inside.' Mr. Rex thought as he continues to eat Nicole's asshole.

Nicole gave out some muffled grunts and groans when she could feel Mr. Rex getting more aggressive with his licks before she has this thought.

"U-Ugh… not sure if I'll be able to even walk right after this… if he's going where I think he's going, this may make it so I won't be able to sit or lay right on a bed for a week." Nicole thought while she could feel her ass relaxing on Mr. Rex's tongue and allowed him to get deeper.

It wasn't long before Mr. Rex decides to pull his tongue out.

Nicole shudders before she starts to pant a bit while she could feel her ass gapping a bit while Mr. Rex saw it twitching every now and then when his tongue worked her ass good.

Mr. Rex grins before he spoke up.

"Even though your ass tastes good, it's better to feel it." he said before he immediately shoves his dick in Nicole's asshole after aiming it.

Nicole this time had no choice but to yowl loudly when she could feel her asshole getting stretched to the limit and then some when Mr. Rex showed her ass no mercy when he wanted to get as deep as possible.

Mr. Rex releases a pleased growl as he keeps pushing his dick forward.

Nicole groans loudly while her claws dug into the ground when she tries to brace herself on the ground and could feel Mr. Rex's dick finally getting to the hilt since she had no cervix in her ass or anything to get in the way which caused a massive bulge to be seen on her stomach.

Mr. Rex groans as he felt how tight Nicole's as was before he starts thrusting his dick in and out hard.

Nicole's eyes widen from that before she groans and moans loudly from that while the camera got everything on film for later viewing.

Mr. Rex groans a few times as he keeps fucking Nicole's ass before he spoke up.

"D-Damn!... you have one tight ass."

Nicole in turn barely says this.

"A-And y-you have o-one monster… of a cock!... n-now shut up… and f-fuck me!" Nicole groans out while she surprised Mr. Rex when she thrusts her ass back into Mr. Rex's thrusts which caused his dick to enter and exit Nicole's tight hole at a quicker pace.

Mr. Rex was a bit surprise when he felt Nicole's thrusts but he later grins and gives Nicole's ass a very serious pounding.

Nicole moans and groans loudly from that while the room shook a bit when Mr. Rex's tail hit the pillar in the middle of the room quite a bit while time went by and Nicole could feel Mr. Rex's dick throbbing more and more in her while she used her right hand and starts to roughly finger her pussy, she even used her tail to play with Mr. Rex's balls that keeps hitting her body and they were heavy from the size alone.

shudders when he felt his balls being played with as he keeps thrusting his dick hard before he brought he leans his head down a bit before he sticks out his tongue and surprisingly starts licking the back of Nicole's head and neck.

Nicole's body gave a pleased shudder from that while she moans and groans while she could feel herself getting closer and closer after a couple more minutes until she gave a really loud but muffled yowl when she came hard on Mr. Rex's dick which really caused her ass to grip it hard.

Mr. Rex groans from how tight it was before he climaxed hard again inside Nicole's ass.

Nicole groans from that before she got a funny look on her face before she starts to cough up semen which missed her clothing under her thankfully while Nicole came more on Mr. Rex's dick which just keeps cumming in her.

It was only 35 seconds before Mr. Rex finally taps off.

Nicole thankfully was able to cough a few times to clear her throat from the semen in her before she says this.

"Y-You… f-fucking… y-you t-trying t-to drown me?" Nicole barely got out while she waits for Mr. Rex to pull free while she looked to see how much semen he fired and how much flowed out of her mouth with some shock.

Mr. Rex pants for a bit before he chuckles and said this.

"Hehe… S-Sorry but you… s-should've realized… h-how much I can… l-let out."

"Y-Yeah… well g-guess who ha-has to c-clean the m-mess when I leave." Nicole says when she saw how messy the place looked after Mr. Rex unloaded who knows how much into Nicole and got on the ground.

Mr. Rex did see his handy work on the ground before he chuckled and spoke up.

"Eh… no biggy. Knowing I had fun with your holes, it was worth it."

"T-Try telling T-Tina that if she comes in here to rest, d-don't you ever have other ladies here b-because you seem backed up until now." Nicole says when she slowly pulled herself off of Mr. Rex's dick and groans when her ass gaped royally now while semen flowed from her ass, she made sure her clothing stayed away from the semen so she could wear it later.

Mr. Rex however chuckles before speaking up.

"Oh I do have other ladies here. Even if I was backed up, I'm just very fertile."

"I… can see that, so… we good for now?, I think Gumball and Tina are wondering if we're still fighting." Nicole says while she stood up after gathering her clothing and looked back to see Mr. Rex's semen covered dick.

Mr. Rex's dick was now flaccid before the giant Rex chuckles and said this.

"Oh we're definitely good as per our agreement. Hopefully we'll meet again and have more fun."

"Just make sure to make sure that I can make some time, and make sure to keep that temper in check if my kids or husband come here for some reason, I mean you do live in a junkyard and while I can get the whole territory thing, you do realize that people have to put well… junk in here… and don't forget to talk with Tina on controlling her strength, even if she is just trying to play, she and Gumball are in different weight classes, I mean I could take you since unlike Gumball, I actually trained plenty and pretty much survive their antics daily but he can barely survive PE… and my sense for danger is always on alert so it's pretty rare for anyone other then my family to get the drop on me since unlike them, no one can really surprise me." Nicole says before she pinched the bridge of her nose when she remembers all the times her kids started something or Richard as well.

Mr. Rex chuckles before he spoke up.

"True… but not to worry. I'll make sure that Tina is well behaved. She might end up being a good friend to your boy."

Nicole sighs before lightly chuckling before she says this.

"Yeah well I'll see you later I guess, who knows, maybe since you live here, instead of scaring people off, why not just charge people to toss their junk here, should help with that anger if you don't get surprised by people right?" Nicole says before she starts to get dressed.

Mr. Rex did have a thoughtful look before he spoke up.

"Hmmm, maybe I should. If they want to dump garbage on my property, then I'll charge them big for it." He said before chuckling at the image of him making so much money before he surprisingly said this.

"And if that works out, least I know how much to give you if I do knock you up."

Nicole blinks at that before she gave Mr. Rex a half lidded look and says this.

"On the off chance that does happen, you better expect to pay alimony, and that's if my pills don't work if they happen to expire, but until then, considering I'm about to be a possibly daily booty call, don't be too surprised if I bring stuff to burn and get to do that for free… I'm pretty sure with how much I can take, more than worth it bub." Nicole says before she used another clean rag to clean her ass and pussy again before she says this to Mr. Rex while she equipped her skirt.

"Though rock my world again and I may give you a pair of panties or something as a trophy if you have some hidden, should be a good incentive to get Tina a baby sitter so we can have some real one on one time." Nicole says before grinning when she equipped her panties.

Mr. Rex grins excitedly before he spoke up.

"Oh believe me, I tend to amaze my ladies and you will get your world rocked. As for Tina, she tends to visit her mother or a friend of hers from school and stays the night so no worries on that."

"Nice to know, but I'm mainly free on thursdays since I get off work early, so if you can make that schedule fit that, you got a weekly booty call unless I need to do something with my family." Nicole says before she starts walking to the camera that she set up.

Mr. Rex chuckles before he spoke up.

"Done and done. Hehe, can't wait to cover you good with my load."

Nicole rolled her eyes before she says this when she picked the camera up and got ready to turn it off.

"As long as you have a working bath, I'm up for anything as long as you remember the deal, and this thing will be a good reminder…" Nicole says before the video cuts off when Nicole on the video ends the video which showed a black screen to Richard and Nicole on the couch after Nicole used a special spray to help clean up Richard's load and she was now using her ass to ride Richard's dick big time when seeing her take Mr. Rex's dick up her ass got him worked up.

"O-Oh fuck honey! Y-You were very tough and sexy when you took on 's dick."

Nicole, who keeps on riding Richard's dick, says this with a grin on her face.

"W-Well thanks… at least all that p-practice can let me d-do this." Nicole says before she really tightened her ass like a vice grip on Richard's dick to show how much she was able to adjust when she was easily able to take Richard's dick from tip to base in one go before they were in this situation.

Richard groans a few times before he placed his hands on Nicole's hips and starts thrusting his dick hard up in Nicole's ass.

Nicole moans from that while outside the house, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais were walking home when a few hours pass with Gumball saying this.

"Man I cannot believe we got 30 bucks to use just to do some things out of the house and we get 20 when we get home… though I believe I'm forgetting something… about a sign I think?" Gumball said while he got a thinking pose while he keeps walking next to Darwin and Anais, they told her about the 10 dollars and everything strange that happened and all Anais said it as a grown up thing since she heard Nicole muttering about an approaching Heat cycle but she never looked it up since she was told that it was an adult thing, granted she was smart but the look on Nicole's face warned her to stay away from that topic or she would be grounded until she was old enough to officially learn what it meant, though Nicole did tell Anais that when she gives Anais 10 dollars, she was to stay away from the house with either her brothers or Granny Jojo for a few hours and the two 20's did make sense when they used the 20 for Daisyland and the movies and Gumball and Darwin would get 10 each so fair is fair in a sense.

As the trio got a bit closer to their house, Darwin then saw something on the door before he asked this.

"Could that be the sign?"

Gumball and Anais both looked at the sign and got confused before Gumball says this.

"What could those Video things b-!" Gumball tried to say before they heard some loud thuds and groans and moans from inside the house from their parents before Gumball says this.

"Oh my Gosh!, are Mom and Dad fighting!?" Gumball says before he tried to peek through the curtain, but he couldn't see anything but the silhouette of what was most likely Richard holding Nicole's legs apart while it looked like he was bouncing on top of her, but the silhouette was really blurry thanks to the added darkness in the room so he couldn't make out much more while the groans and moans keep going inside.

Darwin was a bit shocked when he heard that before Darwin said this.

"M-Maybe they're playing a game."

"What game could so contact like that Dad has to hold mom on the couch, looks like she's trying to pry his arms off her shoulders while he's body slamming her now." Gumball said while he saw the silhouette of Richard… body slamming Nicole… while she make feminine pants, moans, and groans while Anais, the intelligent person that she was, got a thoughtful look on her face before she says this when she climbed on Gumball's head to look before she says this.

"But couldn't mom easily fend him off?, what if she's helping him exercise?, you two did say he was on a exercise craze lately so maybe mom is giving some aid to you two since you two did start it." Anais said while Gumball, Darwin, and Anais saw Nicole and Richard's silhouettes shift before they saw Nicole's silhouette bouncing on Richard's a bit while he seemed to use his legs to help her bounce while the two inside groan and moan more.

Darwin had a tough time looking through the window before he asked this.

"Well if it is exercise should we go in?"

Gumball just gave Darwin a raised eyebrow before he says this.

"And lose the 20 to be?, nah, we can wait a bit more, maybe we could go to joyful burger and get something to eat to pass the time, we got 5 bucks leftover so why not get something there, we can let mom do the work for us." Gumball said with a grin on his face when he showed Darwin the leftover 5 bucks that he had, had about 75 cents worth in change as well so they could get some… gumballs… from gumball machines as well.

Darwin blinked a few times before he spoke up.

"Well… I am a bit hungry."

Gumball grins more before he says this when he pockets the cash.

"Good, let's get going guys." Gumball says with a smile on his face before he starts to walk away from the house while Anais was on top of his head which left Darwin behind for a moment while he keeps hearing Nicole and Richard's moans and groans.

Darwin was curious on what type of exercise they were doing before he shrugs and follows Gumball and Anais to Joyful Burger.

Thankfully, The kids got pretty far from their home before the camera went inside to show that Richard had Nicole on the coffee table in the living room and he had his hands on her breasts while she held the edges of the table while she looks at Richard with love and lust in her eyes while she could feel an orgasm about to hit her hard when his dick enters and exits her ass at a rapid pace.

Richard stares at his wife's eyes with the same look as he squeezes Nicole's breasts while fucking her ass hard.

Nicole in turn just leaned up and kissed Richard on the lips when she came hard on his dick and her juices hit the underside of his gut and made a mess on the ground but Nicole didn't care right now when she hugged Richard tightly with her arms and legs while she waits for his load.

Richard moans in Nicole's mouth as the pink rabbit kissed back before he climaxed hard inside Nicole's ass before Richard uses his tongue to interact with Nicole's tongue.

Nicole moans from that before she rides out her orgasm which tapped off a bit before Richard's did.

Richard continues to kiss Nicole while he hugs her in a loving way.

Nicole then let Richard go before she rests her body on the coffee table while she pants for breath and sweat glistened on her fur which made her look much more sexy than usual.

Richard just look at his wife's nude and sweaty body which made him feel very turned on.

Nicole blinks at that before she says this.

"Hehe… g-guess you love t-this kind of exercise huh?, this dick hasn't tapped out yet." Nicole says while she could feel Richard's erect dick still in her ass.

Richard chuckles before he spoke up.

"Guess like me, this little guy ain't done just yet."

Nicole chuckles before she says this.

"Well… why don't we finish with me sucking your dick clean and I can clean this mess up before the kids get home." Nicole lustfully says while she grins at Richard.

Richard grins at Nicole before he pulls his dick out of Nicole's ass before Richard's dick was now seen with semen on it and was still hard.

Nicole just licks her lips and kneeled on the floor in front of Richard and opened her mouth before she starts to lick his dick clean from the base for a few moments before she moved and surprised Richard when she deep throats his dick all of a sudden and gagged a few times before she starts to bob her head while she worked to relax her throat.

Richard was indeed surprise before he shudders and groans from his wife's actions before he uses one hand to pet Nicole's head.

Nicole in turn really purrs from that while her tongue dances on Richard's dick before she used her hands to fondle his balls and to stroke what she couldn't get into her mouth.

Richard groans again for a few times before he spoke up.

"O-Oh honey… I wish I can be in your mouth forever."

Nicole just gave Richard a lustful look from that before she bob's her head faster and faster on Richard's dick while she plays with her pussy until...

Richard groans loud before he grunts as he unload his cum inside Nicole's mouth.

Nicole moans from that before she attempts to drink the load down while some got free of her mouth and got on her chin and breasts while she waits for Richard to tap off.

It was only 30 seconds before Richard finally taps off before he pants for breath.

Nicole in turn slowly pulls her head away from Richard's dick and pants for breath when she managed to swallow the rest of the semen in her mouth before she shakingly got on the couch and sat there when her orgasm really took it out of her.

Richard was able to see that before he walked to the couch and sat next to his wife.

Nicole looked over and smiles a bit at Richard before she says this.

"Hey Richard, considering things, mind starting the shower while I clean things up down here and put the videos up?, don't want the kids to be scarred for life and we could go one more round in the shower before we rest." Nicole says while she grins at Richard after she cleaned her face off with a rag that she got earlier.

Richard chuckles before he spoke up.

"Okay honey." He said before leaning in to kiss Nicole on the lips.

Nicole returned the kiss for a moment before she says this when she pulls her head away.

"Tell you what as well, lend me a hand with getting the videos under the bed again and I'll make us some sandwiches, don't know about you but I worked up an appetite, though not that much of one considering what I just drank." Nicole said while she winked at Richard.

Richard blushes but did felt happy when he heard about the possibility of food before he gets up and made sure to grab the video from the VCR before putting back in the suitcase.

He then closed it and locked it good before he starts walking upstairs to their bedroom while holding the suitcase.

Nicole smiles at that before she got to work with cleaning the living room and a few minutes later, the area was spotless and Nicole went to the bathroom to see how things were going after she double checked things, she even took a minute to do some last minute cleaning in the bedroom in case Gumball, Darwin, or Anais walking in there and saw the suitcase with the videos tucked away safely.

After Richard made sure to safely put away the suitcase where no one can see it, he was then in the bathroom and turned on the shower before making sure the temperature was right.

Nicole entered the bathroom before Nicole says this when she closed the door.

"Hey Richard, thanks for the help, I'll make the sandwiches after we get cleaned and I get the sign from the door, but for now, how's the water?" Nicole says while she looked in the mirror and saw the semen on her breasts which could be a bit of a pain to wash out if it wasn't taken care of soon.

Richard looked at his wife before he spoke up.

"It's just right."

Nicole smiles at that before she says this.

"Well then, let's get in and who knows… maybe we can try some shower based stuff while we're here." Nicole says before she steps into the tub and starts to wash the semen from her body with some soap she got from the soap holder nearby… she even teased Richard a few times when she sensually and slowly used her hands to rub soap on her ass and breasts to really get Richard in gear.

Richard blushes brightly as he watched his wife clean herself which causes his dick to get erect before twitching in excitement.

Nicole keeps on cleaning herself like that while she looked at Richard to see if he would join or not.

Her question was answered when Richard locked the bathroom door before he enters the showers and closed the curtains before he got behind Nicole and grabbed her breasts before squeezing them.

Nicole moans from that before she leaned back to rest her body against his while she lets Richard do his own thing while she moved her hands to Richard's dick and had it poke out from between her legs and she starts to play with the head of his dick with her hands.

Richard shudders from that as he continues to fondle Nicole's breasts for a moment or two before he grabs some soap and lathers them good before the pink rabbit helps to clean those melons while squeezing them.

He even kissed and nip Nicole's neck while doing that.

Nicole moans from that before she used some soap to clean off Richard's dick lovingly before she turned her head back to Richard and kissed him on the lips before the scene went to much later with Nicole and Richard fully dressed, fed, and clothed before they enter the living room and Nicole removed the sign from the front door and saw the kids returning and smiles before she says this.

"Hey Kids, how was the trip to Daisyland and the movies?, everything go well?" Nicole asked while she stands aside to let them in.

"Oh it went great mom. We even went to Joyful Burger." Gumball said as he was the first to enter the house.

"Yeah, though we came by the house after we got done with the movies and Daisyland and had to leave for Joyful burger when we saw you and Mr. Dad exercising in the living room, but because of how dark it was and because of the curtains, we couldn't make out much, what did you do to get dad to move that much?, he must have lost plenty of weight with the way he was moving, seemed to be very intense with how much noise you and Mr. Dad made." Darwin said which made Nicole's eyes widen at that while Darwin passed her while Anais and the kids seemed oblivious to what was going on.

Richard, who was there to greet his kids, felt his heart stop when he heard Darwin say that before wondering what Nicole will say while Anais looked a bit curious as well when she wondered how Nicole got Richard so active.

Nicole however smiles before she says this.

"Oh don't worry yourselves about that you three, let's just say it's an exercise that Adults, preferably 18 or older, simple as that, very intense and I know how you three don't like it when things get too intense… besides, Gumball, Darwin, got you the 20 here in two 10 dollar bills, so why not just take it and go upstairs or something, same to you Anais, looking at the time, it's close to bedtime and you have school tomorrow, who knows, if I'm able, I could do this again with helping Richard exercise and give you three some cash to do things out of the house but… if you want to ask questions and don't want to do it for the reward then no skin off my nose…" Nicole says while she looked like she was about to pocket the two 10 dollar bills.

Gumball and Darwin looked at the cash and even though they did have questions, they didn't want to lose the money before Gumball spoke up.

"H-Hey no sweat it mom. If it's something personal with you and dad then we won't ask. So yeah we'll take the cash and try to be out of the house more often."

Darwin nods his head vigorously in agreement to that before Nicole smiles and she says this.

"Thanks for understanding boys, don't worry, once you three are older, I'll explain some things, all I can say about it is that it deals with puberty and your body goes through some changes, so give it your all in health class Gumball, it will help with Penny much later in life, trust me." Nicole said while she smiles at her son's.

Gumball was a bit confused but hearing something that can help him with Penny was more than enough to make the young feline nod at his mom.

Darwin was confused as well but seeing Gumball looking happy made Darwin happy while Anais got a half lidded look on her face before she says this.

"Well that's not fair, I got to wait for a long time to find out about this puberty thing, wonder what's so good about it anyway?, Would it help me in getting friends?" Anais said while she got excited near the end.

Richard was now paling when he heard his daughter asking that before he starts to panic when an image of Anais being older with hormones and being with something that would make Richard have a heart attack… boys.

The kids looked at Richard with confusion when he seemed white as a ghost before Anais asked this.

"Uh… Dad… you OK?, You look like you found out that the food in the refrigerator expired again, was it something I said?, Hmm, well I'll find out about this puberty thing later so who knows, I can make plenty of girl friends and boy friends who I can hang out with who are not my brothers normally, statistically speaking, I could look like mom when I'm older… then again… statistics also show that I could get Dad's figure so… I'm not getting my hopes up to much just in case… but that's years away for me." Anais said while she didn't think of what her out loud thoughts would do to her father when boy friend and girl friend and possibly of getting Nicole's figure was mentioned.

Richard's mind was going haywire after imagining Anais with Nicole's figure being pursued by guys and girls, but mostly guys, before the large pink bunny comically faints as he fell on his back.

Nicole just sweatdropped at that while the kids looked confused before Nicole says this.

"Come on kids, help me get your father to bed so we can get some sleep tonight." Nicole said before she showed some serious power when she managed to lift Richard by the arms which left the legs to the kids.

The trio were a bit surprised to see Nicole using that much strength but then again, she has done some crazy stuff.

So the kids helped grab Richard's legs even though they were a bit heavy.

After some struggling, the four managed to get Richard in bed while they heard him muttering things in his sleep.

"N-No… No boys in the house." Richard said.

Gumball just looked confused by that before he says this to Darwin.

"What does Dad mean by that?, Are Darwin and I getting kicked out of the house?" Gumball said while he looks to Darwin with some serious worry on his face while Nicole sweatdroped when she tries to think of something to help calm Gumball and Darwin down who looked like he was about to panic.

That's when Richard said this in his sleep.

"G-Get your hands off my daughter you… horny apes."

The kids looked confused by that before Gumball asked this.

"Mom… What does Horny mean?" Gumball innocently asked Nicole which made her jolt before she says this.

"W-Well… I'll tell you when you're older, you three go to bed now alright?" Nicole said before she ushered the kids out of the room before Richard could say anything else in her sleep that could make things worse.

The kids were still very confused on what Richard said before they were outside of their parents bedroom.

Nicole then passed Darwin and Gumball the two 10 Dollar bills and shut the door in front them before she says this.

"You three go to bed now you hear me?, I got work tomorrow so I got to sleep now so good night Gumball, Darwin, Anais." Nicole says before she walked to the bed and got on it next to Richard before she got under the blanket.

Gumball looked at his two siblings before he spoke up.

"Well… that was weird."

"Yeah… still we got 10 bucks each and I am tired so why don't we go to sleep and worry tomorrow, my back hurts from helping Mr. Dad to bed, wonder what caused him to pass out like that." Darwin says before he went to get in his fishbowl while he held his aching back which left Gumball with Anais.

Gumball was still confused before he yawns and spoke up.

"He is right. And I'm pretty darn tired."

Anais stretched her body a bit before she says this.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired as well, see you tomorrow Gumball." Anais said while she walked away from Gumball to get to bed after she got Daisy from the living room when she set the stuffed doll on the couch to help get Richard onto the bed.

Gumball yawns and stretch before he starts walking to his room so he can get some good sleep.

When the footsteps were leaving Nicole and Richard's room, Nicole just smiles before she closed her eyes and was about to go to sleep but sweatdrops when she heard Richard mumbling this.

"Hmmm… oh yeah Nicole… work that tail good." He said.

Nicole just rolled her eyes before she snuggles up to Richard before she dozed off while she let's Richard have his wet dream.

Richard, in his sleep state, wraps one arm around Nicole to bring her closer before you see a big tent form in the covers.

Nicole in turn used a leg to angle it to her a bit so that it wouldn't poke up through the sheets before time passed to many weeks later with Richard continuing his training until He, Darwin, and Gumball came home after Richard's latest issue after he went all narcissistic and went on a selfie spree and they came home with plenty of takeout.

Granted she would miss the muscles soon since it did make her hot a bothered when she saw them, but the obnoxiousness really turned her away so she would be glad to have her lovable Richard back since he was slowly returning to normal, and after the dinner they had tonight, Nicole decided to have some fun with the bulked out Richard when he seemed to be back to normal and made some plans which caused the kids to go to Granny Jojo's for a bit while she and Richard watched as the kids were driven away by the bus that would take them there after some calling… though she had to deal with Granny Jojo's complaints for a bit, she did managed to talk her into letting the kids visit for a few hours since Granny Jojo did want the kids to visit.

Richard watches as the bus left before he whispers this to Nicole's ear.

"Alone at last huh?"

Nicole shudders pleasantly at that before she whispered this back to Richard.

"Yeah, now before you return to normal, get that sexy bod of yours in the house so we can really tear things up, maybe the kitchen this time or maybe on the table were we eat?" Nicole whispered back while she reached a hand over and pinched Richard's ass and purred a bit from how strong it felt now.

Richard did jolt before he growls at Nicole in an alluring way before he slaps Nicole's ass a bit before entering the house.

Nicole jolts from that before she grins and gave chase while her body warms up greatly.

It wasn't long before Richard was in the kitchen while waiting for Nicole to come.

Though to Richard's surprise, Nicole came into the kitchen after she went to hers and Richard's room and came back and she was wearing a robe which barely hid her figure from the currently muscled Rabbit man.

Richard blinked in confusion as he wondered why Nicole was wearing her robe.

Nicole just giggles at that before she says this.

"Figured I should try and spice this up a bit… close your eyes real quick, got a surprise that may get you really active for this part." Nicole says before she went to the refrigerator and opened it before she leaned down and dug around in the refrigerator for something… and because of the Robe's length… Richard saw that she wasn't wearing panties and saw everything.

Richard was confused for a moment before he closes his eyes as he waits for Nicole's signal.

A moment later, he heard the sound of some whooshing like sound going on for a few moments before Nicole spoke up.

"Alright Richard, you can open your eyes." Nicole says when she sounded really close to Richard now.

Richard was very confused for a second before he opened his eyes to see what the surprise was only for the pink rabbit to have his eyes widen at what he saw.

He saw that not only was Nicole in front of him in the nude… she had used whipped cream to cover her breasts and pussy for a faux underwear like look before she grins when she saw the state of Richard's pants when his eyes drank in her form and her... Food based outfit.

Richard's dick, which was very erect, was twitching in his pants which shows that Richard did like at what he saw.

Nicole chuckles for a moment before she says this.

"So Richard… ready to dig in?" Nicole teasingly says when she brought her body to Richard and her whip cream covered breasts hovered in front of Richard's face.

Richards mouth watered as he looked at his wife's cream covered breasts before he nod his head at her.

"Well then… dig in… all for you after all." Nicole says while she gave Richard a lustful grin when she wiggled her breasts in front of his face a few times to tempt him into acting.

Richard quickly brought his mouth to Nicole's right breast and starts to lick the whip cream off before he greedily goes to her right nipple.

Nicole moans from that before she lets Richard keep on going thanks to the buildup, Milk was leaking on Richard's tongue while she placed her hands on his shoulders to keep herself steady.

Richard hums as he tastes his wife's milk before he happily drinks it while sucking on Nicole's tit.

Nicole purrs a bit from that while she held Richard's head there and after a minute, pulled Richard's head away when her breast from much better before she moved her left cream covered breast in front of Richard's face.

Richard didn't need to be told twice as he gave Nicole's left breast the same treatment he did to the right breast.

Nicole in turn moans from that while she lets Richard do his own thing while she wondered what he was thinking right now, though she did have this thought when she saw how intense Richard was.

"Hehe, when it comes to food, Richard just loves this stuff, add that with sex and I think I got a good way to get him to do this more." Nicole thought before she felt the pressure leave her left breast when Richard drank her breast milk.

Richard keeps drinking Nicole's breast milk before he had this thought.

'Oh man… Nicole's breasts with whipped cream and milk, creates a perfect snack. Gotta make sure we keep doing that.'

After a couple minutes and with Nicole's breasts thoroughly licked and sucked, Nicole pulled away before she says this when she sat on the counter and spreads her legs.

"Oh Richard, time for the main course." Nicole says with a lustful tone to her voice while her juices mixed with the whipped cream on her pussy when she liked the look on buff Richard's face.

Richard grins before he approached Nicole and lowers his head down and brought his face close to Nicole's cream covered folds before the pink rabbit starts to lick them after sticking his tongue out.

Nicole moans from that while she pets Richard's head while she enjoyed his work greatly, if it was one thing, Richard knew how to eat that's for sure.

Richard looks at Nicole with love and lust in his eyes before he really starts eating out his wife's pussy.

Nicole groans from that while her toes curl on the counter when she really spreads her legs to help Richard get his tongue much deeper.

Richard sees that as he pushes his face forward making his tongue go deep in Nicole's pussy before Richard starts moving his tongue around.

Nicole moans more from that while she used both hands to pet Richard's head while she smiles lovingly at him when he was giving his all to pleasing her, she could even feel her orgasm approaching which was felt by Richard when her pussy was twitching more and more as time went on.

Richard could feel that which made him go double time to really please Nicole's pussy as he looks at her with love in his eyes.

A minute later, Nicole threw her head back and yowled when she came hard on Richard's face, and thanks to his large mouth, he was able to get most of it into his mouth while Nicole rides out her orgasm.

Richard greedily laps up Nicole's juices while still eating out her pussy to make the feline's orgasm stronger.

Nicole in turn groans while she had a fucked up look on her face before she tapped off 20 seconds later before she pants for breath and her head rests against the wall.

Richard finishes lapping up his wife's love juice before he pulls his head back to see how Nicole was doing.

Nicole pants for breath for a bit more before she chuckles and says this to Richard.

"M-Mind getting on the table where we eat?... I'll f-follow in a moment." Nicole says while her breathing slowly calms down.

Richard nods at his wife before he walks to the dining room table.

Before getting on, he decides to remove his clothes and placed them on the chair before he sits on the table.

Surprisingly, all that exercising really did wonders to his body.

Nicole, after she catches her breath, felt her breath hitch a bit at the sight before her heat hits her big time while she grins and grabbed the whipped cream and walked to Richard… but not before getting a cherry as well.

Richard looks at his wife before wondering what she was gonna do with the whip cream and cherry.

To his surprise, Nicole used the whip cream on his dick and pecs, abs, and to put the cherry on top… she put it on the tip of his dick where the whip cream sat before she says this.

"Leave that on while I do this to this body of yours before you go back to normal." Nicole says before she starts to make loving licks to Richard's body, starting near his pecks, the left pec first, to get the whipped cream off before she lightly licks and bit his nipple a few times.

Richard shudders before he let out a pleased groan before he uses one hand to lovingly pet his wife's head.

Nicole purrs from that before she walked around when she finished with his left pec and starts to work his right, this time really putting some oomph into the bites on his nipple without getting too hard to cause real damage.

Richard groans again and even though he cringes a bit, he still enjoys it nonetheless.

Nicole then finished with a couple gentle licks before she starts to lick his abs clean while she used her tongue to really get in between the cracks that showed to help define them.

Richard shudders again as he feels his wife's scratchy tongue licked his abs clean with each lick.

Nicole purrs from that every time Richard's abs twitched from her actions before she finished a minute later before Nicole says this to Richard.

"Hey Richard, heres your phone…. I got a perfect view for you to get a pic… better make sure to put a password or something on the phone so the kids won't have accidents." Nicole says before she got Richard's phone and tossed it to him for some reason.

Richard was able to catch it before he made sure to add the password on his phone to make sure the kids won't see what's in it before getting the camera ready as he looked at Nicole.

What he saw was a grinning Nicole when she placed her breasts around Richard's dick just under the whip cream and gave Richard the perfect view to get a picture of that sight, seems she would wait for Richard to get a picture before she would start.

Richard blushes brightly before he instantly took a couple of pictures of Nicole since to him, she looked very sexy.

Nicole smiles cutely at that which gave Richard a picture of Nicole looking innocent which was all kinds of lewd that it looked sinful before she says this.

"So… got enough pictures for now?" Nicole says while she smiles cutely at Richard like she was pretending this was her first time or something.

Richard comically took a few more pics from his phone before the pink rabbit nods his head at Nicole.

Nicole chuckles at that before she says this.

"Well then… time to dig in." Nicole says before she leans down and starts to lick off the whipped cream from Richard's dick while being painfully careful to not touch the cherry yet while Richard got a few more pics of the sight when Nicole looked so sensual when she did her job for now and looked happy to do it.

Richard felt so turned from what Nicole do her thing as he continues taking pictures of her.

Nicole in turn just smiles at Richard's antics now before she carefully took the cerry into her mouth and after a bit of chewing and tongue work, she opened her mouth to show the cherry stem was somehow tied into a heart like shape while she stuck out her tongue and winked at Richard.

Richard blushes brightly before he said this.

"Oh wow." He said as he took more pics of Nicole being her cute and sexy self.

Nicole then moved her head and caused the tied up cherry stem to fall onto the ground before she says this.

"Time to dig in for the real meal of the day." Nicole says before she opened her mouth wide and took most of Richard;s dick into her mouth and squeezed her breasts together while she looks at Richard to give him a sexy sight of her bobbing her mouth up and down his dick while she gave him a titfuck combo when she moved her breasts up and down at a steady rythem.

Richard shudders as he let out a pleased groan before he spoke up.

"O-Oh fuck." He said before he uses his phone to not only take a picture but to also record Nicole sucking his dick.

Nicole winks at that that before she sped up her actions while she gave the camera a good show when she opened her mouth and moved her tongue around on the head of Richard's dick before she went back to bobbing her head on his dick while she moved her breasts up and down more, this time by making one go up and the other down in a pattern to switch things up.

Richard shudders and groans as he kept saying 'oh fuck' while making sure that the camera stayed on Nicole as the pink rabbit keeps recording her.

For a couple minutes, Nicole keeps her actions up before she set Richard off when she moved her head back and licked the tip of his dick with her scratchy tongue hitting his urethra to really get him to lose it big time.

Richard's eyes widen before he moans loud when he climaxed hard inside Nicole's mouth and on her face and breasts.

Nicole just swallowed what she got in her mouth with a purr before closing her mouth and gave Richard's camera a good sight of her getting covered in Richard's sperm while he rides out his orgasm.

It took the pink rabbit 30 seconds before he finally taps off but still had the camera set on Nicole.

Nicole just purrs when she could feel Richard's load on her before she gave the Camera some peace signs of all things while Richard's dick sat between her semen coated breasts… all in all… her heat really made her act sluttish and the sight alone really hit that home.

Richard blushes brightly as he paused the recording before he spoke up.

"Oh honey, you're so cute and sexy when you pose like that."

Nicole blushed a bit from that before she says this.

"Well if you think that is sexy, then you will like what I'm about to do next… mind sitting up in the table while I pull up a chair?" Nicole says before she went to get a chair and sat it near the table for some reason.

Richard wondered what Nicole is gonna do before he did as told and sat up to looks at his wife.

Nicole in turn then set the chair in front of Richard and sat on the chair before she leans back and surprised him when she starts to use her feet all of a sudden to rub the sides of his dick while her tail plays with his balls while she grins at his reaction to that, this was a new thing for them after all.

Richard was indeed surprise before he let out a pleased groan when he felt Nicole's soft feet rubbing his dick.

Nicole smiles at that when Richard liked what was going on before she says this.

"Don't forget those pics and the video could still be recording… and I don't think you're aiming right now." Nicole says before she rubbed her feet more and more on richard's dick while her tail really went to work on his nuts.

Richard shudders before he picks up his phone and took a bunch of pics of Nicole as she rubs his dick with her feet before Richard starts recording her again.

Nicole in turn keeps this up for a few minutes while she grins at the camera and gave a peace sign again when she could feel Richard throbbing more and more as time went on and she lightly squeezed his balls with her tail until…

Richard grunts before he threw his head back before he felt his dick spurt out his cum like a fountain before some of them landed on Nicole's legs and feet.

Nicole moans from that while some hits her stomach as well which completed the semen covered look while she waits for Richard to tap off while she keeps on rubbing her feet on his dick to help his orgasm get as strong as it could get.

Richard continues to climax while he kept recording Nicole before Richard taps off after 35 seconds passed.

Nicole in turn gave one last peace sign while semen was covering her body from head to toe while she waits for Richard to calm down before getting to the real final round.

Richard pauses the camera again before he took a moment or two to finally calm down.

Nicole in turn says this when she saw Richard looking a bit tired.

"So Richard… got enough for one last round?" Nicole says when she grins to see how Richard would reach when she turn over on the chair and showed her clean back and ass to him while she bends down and placed her hands on the seat before she says this.

"I believe you have my back and ass to coat now with semen after you fill my pussy up." Nicole teasingly says while she shook her ass at her husband.

Richard felt his dick twitch in excitement before he got behind Nicole and shoves his dick inside the feline's pussy before Richard starts humping away with serious power backing him from his buff boy body.

Nicole moans and groans from that while she got a fucked up look on her face when she felt serious pleasure when Richard seemed to have more of a sex drive then normal.

Richard keeps fucking Nicole's pussy hard before he uses one hand to grab his phone and brought it in front before he took pics of Nicole making that face while the pink bunny leans down and kiss her neck.

Nicole moans and groans from that while she didn't mind, seemed a bit like a pornographic selfie with Richard right now who really seemed to put some power in his thrusts while time went on.

Richard decides to record Nicole moaning and making that face before Richard said this during the recording.

"F-Fuck yeah. Who's my cute slut?"

To some surprise, Nicole says this in a lustful tone.

"I-I am… I-I'm your c-cute slut!" Nicole groans out while she got a more lustful look on her face when her orgasm was about to hit her hard.

Richard, though surprised, can feel his dick twitching before he said this.

"Gonna cum soon. Just think all that cum I'll release inside that tight pussy of yours. Imagine yourself being bathed by it."

Nicole could only groan and moan more from that before her back arched a bit while her head looked upward and she yowled when she came hard on Richard's dick which put it through the mother of all vice grips while her pussy spasms hard on it.

Richard groans loudly before he hugged Nicole and ignored the semen on her body and came super hard inside Nicole's pussy before Richard flooded her womb.

Nicole moans loudly from that while her mind blanked out for a moment when the pleasure overloaded her and all she could think about right now was how much she loved semen when it was fired into her womb, most of all Richard's, buff or not she did love the guy for many reasons and this was one of them.

Richard continues to climax for almost 40 seconds before he taps off but was still hugging Nicole.

Nicole was still having mini orgasms throughout it all before she tapped off and her head lowered before she pants for breath heavily.

Richard then brought his head to his wife's neck before he starts to kiss it a bit before Richard said this between kisses.

"Fuck you're so beautiful."

Nicole just looked back at Richard and thankfully with her lips clean earlier from all of her licks and a small rag to keep it from causing issues, she just kissed Richard on the lips while her eyes closed while she moans lovingly.

Richard moans in Nicole's mouth as he returns the kiss before making it passionate.

Time then went to a couple minutes later with Nicole aggressively blowing Richard's dick while his dick hits the inside of her left cheek while she gave Richard a lustful look, it just made her look more sexy to the camera when she was so focused on getting Richard's load one last time while he was throbbing hard in her mouth.

Richard was using one hand to hold the phone as he recorded Nicole blowing him before using the other to pet her head before Richard said this.

"Y-Yeah… that's it. You keep working for that cum."

Nicole didn't need to be told twice when she bobbed her head more and more on his dick while the phone camera has a good close up of Nicole's face until…

Richard groans loud before he uses his free hand to hold Nicole's head closer making the rabbit's dick hit her throat before he climaxes his load inside.

Nicole groans from that while she tried to drink his load down while some got on her chin and breasts while the phone got everything on view… all in all, she had the mother of all lustful looks while Richard's dick pulsed hard in Nicole's mouth with each shot.

Richard groans for a bit before he taps off before saying this.

"O-Oh… fuck yeah." He said with a pleased look.

Nicole just licked his dick clean while she had a pleased look on her face before she pulled away and showed plenty of semen in her mouth before she closed her mouth, swallowed, and opened her mouth to show nothing in there to show she drank it down.

Richard, though blushed, grins when he made sure to record that before saying this.

"D-Damn that's sexy."

Nicole just smiles at that before the scene went to one last round with Richard who was really fucking Nicole hard up the ass this time while she was on her back on the table while she played with her breasts big time.

Richard made sure to have his phone lean on something as it recorded him plowing his wife's ass like there was no tomorrow.

Nicole moans and groans from that before she used her hands to hold onto Richards back and she wrapped her legs around his waist and thrusts her hips to meet his thrusts to get him as deep as possible, all in all, they were at the final stretch and things were really intense with how hard Richard was going which made the table buck and wobble from each powered thrust.

Richard continues to fuck Nicole's ass very hard before he said this.

"Oh fuck Nicole!... If we were on an island… I-I would fuck you forever."

Nicole in turn looks at Richard and says this.

"S-Same here R-Richard… k-keep f-fucking me!, I m-may do d-damage control… b-but I come b-back to y-you for a r-real fucking… s-so… b-blow those o-others out of the water!" Nicole groans out when she mentioned the tapes but also told Richard that he was a class above them for many reasons.

Richard blinks when he remembered the tapes before he growls and went overtime on fucking Nicole's ass with a desire to show anyone that he was number one.

Nicole in turn screams with pleasure when she had an orgasm after orgasm right then and there when Richard was practically hellbent on remaking her ass to be able to take his dick with ease now, and with people like Mr. Rex and possibly others going to her ass, that spoke volumes, and considering how many tapes there were if the Larry ones were excluded… well… looks like Nicole was a highly sought after by many in Elmore... Might as well show who owns Nicole then… marriage and what not after all so Richard deserved to be a bit selfish even if it something simple as making sure that many wouldn't stack up to him.

Richard made sure to hold back his climax as he wanted to make Nicole keep having an orgasm before Richard leans down and kisses his wife's neck while making sure to leave a hickey or two as a way to mark her and to let any other sex partner that Nicole met knows who she belongs to.

Nicole groans and moans from that while her face still had the fucked up look on it while her ass tightened more and more until…

Richard growls loudly before hugs Nicole's body close before he unleashed a very big load of cum inside the blue feline's ass. And judging by the amount, if it was Nicole's pussy, Richard would've immediately knocked her up if she wasn't on the pill.

Nicole yowled loudly from that when she came one last time on Richard's dick while her pussy squirts on Richard's stomach.

Richard kept climaxing for at least 40 seconds before he groans as he finally taps off.

Nicole in turn felt her strength leave her body and she just fell limp on the table and pants for breath before she she says this.

"W-Wow… d-doubt you would… k-keep this… b-buff figure…. B-but you g-gotta admit… that this w-would be a-a good perk f-for some serious s-sex i-if you a-at l-least k-keep some-somewhat thin." Nicole pants out while she had trouble catching her breath.

Richard pants a bit as he looks at Nicole before he said this.

"O-Oh believe… m-me… I plan t-to do… j-just that… my b-beautiful and… s-sexy wife." He said before kissing Nicole's cheek.

Nicole blushed from that before she says this.

"W-Well c-considering things, mind g-giving me a lift t-to the bathroom so we can get clean?... I w-would walk… but I c-can't feel my legs." Nicole said while she chuckles lightly when her legs felt like jello now.

Richard chuckles before he spoke up.

"A-Anything for you… h-honey." He said before took a deep breath and picked up Nicole while making sure his dick was still in his wife's ass so no semen would leak out before the pink rabbit starts walking to the bathroom while carrying Nicole.

Nicole groans and moans from that before she and Richard were sitting in the bath after a quick shower to clean them off real quick of various fluids and were just relaxing in the warm water while Nicole rests her head on Richard's chest, she did like the feel and if he did keep the muscles somehow, but keeps the obnoxiousness to a low key, she would enjoy the buff Richard, though he did eat a lot today from what she heard, seems she'll have to find a happy medium or be happy with her roley poley Richard again, his stomach was soft to lay on after all.

Richard was enjoying his time in the tub with Nicole before he uses one hand to softly pet Nicole's head.

Nicole purrs a bit from that before time went to a few minutes later with Richard cleaning things in the kitchen while Nicole worked hard to clean the mess up in the dining room and the dining room table, all in all, aside from some issues from Richard and some accidents with cleaning products, the two managed to do pretty well before they heard multiple footsteps approaching the front door, and thanks to the small thuds and the four sets, looks like Granny Jojo was coming with the kids it seemed, thankfully Nicole and Richard were fully dressed and what not which helped them have innocent looks when the kids and Granny Jojo walked into the house.

"Hey kids. How was it with Granny Jojo?" Richard asked.

"Oh it was pretty great, Grampa Louie gave us a 50 dollar check again after we went out to eat, were getting a lot of money lately for some reason." Darwin said while he showed Richard and Nicole the 50 dollar check.

Richard was a bit surprise when he heard that before he spoke up.

"Well that's certainly nice of him and where is Louie?"

"Oh he had some heartburn after the dinner we had so I offered to give the kids a lift back here, and I gotta say Richard, I heard the kids story about you being buff and I didn't believe them, guess I owe you three 20 bucks each later when I get the money." Granny Jojo said which made Nicole sweatdrop when she just heard that the kids had a bet with Granny Jojo and she doubted that Richard had lost weight.

Richard blinked in surprise before he spoke up.

"What? You didn't think I lose weight mom?"

Granny Jojo just looked at Richard before she says this.

"Considering your track record, can you blame me?" Granny Jojo said with a half lidded look on her face to her son when most of his life he was roley poley, not a buff boy.

Richard sweatdrops a bit before he spoke up.

"You have a point."

"Yup… still gotta show Louie a picture of this." Granny Jojo says before she pulled out a cell phone and took a picture of Richard and pockets her phone before she says this.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go, got to pick up some meds for me and Louie later and some denture cream, I'll tell you placue can get in the most weirdest of places I mean I found it right here-!" Granny Jojo said while she got ready to point to an area before the kids ewwed and Nicole says this in a hurried tone.

"W-Well Granny Jojo, better get going before the pharmacy closes, good luck on the road." Nicole says before she rushed Granny Jojo out the door and closed it before she leaned on it and sighs with relief when they dodge a nasty story bullet.

Richard sighs in relief as well before he said this.

"That was a close one."

The kids shudder while they nod in agreement before Nicole says this.

"Well kids, I bet you have plenty of stories but hopefully they can wait till tomorrow, considering the time, mind getting ready for bed and go to sleep?, its nearing your bedtime anyway." Nicole says before she looked at the clock and saw that it was nearing their bedtime anyway.

"Aww, do we have to mom?" Gumball asked.

"Do you want to lose the 50 dollar check for a week and get Darwin and Anais mad at you?" Nicole questioned back while she gave Gumball a half lidded look.

Darwin and Anais frowns at Gumball making said feline flinched before he said this.

"Uh, on second thought, I think I should go to bed so night." He said before he quickly starts running to his room so he can protect his share of the check and Darwin and Anais's as well before Nicole yelled this.

"Don't forget to get ready for bed first!" Nicole called before she looked to Darwin and Anais and says this with a smile.

"Could you two do me a favor and make sure Gumball gets ready for bed while you two do the same?" Nicole asked Darwin and Anais with a smile on her face.

"You can count on us Mrs. Mom." Darwin said with a one fin salute.

"Yeah, we'll tie him up and Darwin will brush Gumball's teeth if he has to." Anais said while she walked up the stairs after pulling some rope out of who knows where.

Richard blinked for a second while Darwin follows his sister upstairs before Richard asked Nicole this.

"Where did she get the rope?"

Nicole however sighs before she says this.

"Considering what this family gets into, I try and not ask questions for the small stuff, otherwise I could get a tumor or something from all the times I held my anger in, why do you think I power through most things?, pretty good stress reliever." Nicole says before she sighs again before they heard a screaming Gumball who was getting dragged by Darwin to the bathroom with Anais following to make sure Gumball doesn't try and claw his way to freedom.

"Gah! Untie me you guys!" Gumball said as he tries to break free.

"Never!, our cash is at stake here, keep this up and you'll only get 10 from the 50." Darwin said which made Anais chuckle at that while she and Darwin grin evilly at Gumball.

Although Gumball did say this.

"The second I get out you both will get whipped cream in the face!"

Nicole sweatdrops from that before she blushed and kept quiet when she and Richard used pretty much all of it during their fun in the dining room and kitchen.

Richard blushed as well before he whispered this in her ear.

"Well luckily we used up all of it for our… special treats."

Nicole blushed from that before they heard Darwin say this.

"Well I don't mind, would be a nice treat but…. You wouldn't get anything from the check and I'd split it with Anais, I mean if she had Daisy and things turned out bad… what do you think she would do, I mean… you know how hard it is to clean Daisy right?" Darwin says while Anais reminded Gumball of Nicole when she looked like rage incarnate right now.

Gumball did stop fidgeting for a moment before he said this.

"Okay fine you guys win but I'm keeping my share."

"Fair enough, now come on, let's get those teeth to shine like those pearly whites should, I think Mr. Dad and Ms. Mom got a new toothpaste that really helps, tastes horrible but the teeth are so healthy that they are like super teeth." Darwin said with a smile to show a full set of teeth with abs on them before he went back to a regular smile while he drags Gumball to the bathroom.

Gumball groans before he spoke up.

"Oh I hate that toothpaste. Couldn't I use the one that taste like cinnamon?"

"Oh were out of the cinnamon for some reason, not sure where it went, but saw some of it in the kitchen for some reason, anyway I'm not talking about that Toothpaste, this is a new one, four times worse in taste but 4 times the cleaning power." Darwin says which made Nicole blink a few times before she raised an eyebrow at Richard… he did have an accident in the kitchen and stayed in there for a bit… guess that's what happened with the cinnamon flavored toothpaste.

Richard chuckles nervously before he whistle nonchalantly.

Darwin and Anais then continues to drag Gumball to the bathroom before Nicole says this.

"Guess Darwin checked on the toothpaste before going for Gumball… but really Richard?, it was a full tube…" Nicole says before she just sighs and says this.

"Well at least your breath smells nice now, let's get to bed, I'm exhausted right now after what we went through and I do have work tomorrow, speaking of which is my time with Mr. Rex so want to join?, should be interesting to show him the new you." Nicole says with a grin when she wondered how Mr. Rex would react to a buff Richard, would probably freeze in shock or his jaw would drop or something.

Richard blinked for a second before he grins and said this to Nicole.

"Oh I will definitely join. Gotta show Mr. Rex that you can't always come alone." He said before squeezing Nicole's ass.

Nicole jolts before Nicole grins before she says this.

"Hmmm… I don't know… depends on if you keep the obnoxiousness to a low level, I mean I did hear about those firefighters and what now… if you can do that, I may let you show Mr. Rex what you can do." Nicole sais before she returned the favor and pinched Richard's currently tight ass.

Richard did jolt before he grins at Nicole and said this.

"Oh trust me honey, I'll keep my obnoxious so low, it would be a tiny bean."

"Nice, but try and remember that you may not be able to join in sometimes because the kids would get suspicious, that alright with you?" Nicole says while she gave Richard a serious look since to the kids, Nicole was normally at work and Richard was usually at the house.

Richard did flinch at the stare before he spoke up.

"Y-Yes dear, I'm cool with it."

Nicole smiles at Richard before she kissed him on the cheek and said this.

"Good, now let's get to bed… and maybe if you want… I could rest on you while you have your dick inside of me, maybe have a few pleasant wet dreams from that I wouldn't mind." Nicole says before she whispered that last bit to Richard before she walked away from him while her hips swayed to and fro to tempt him while she walked up the stairs.

Richard did perk up when he heard that before he quickly follows Nicole upstairs before he heads for the bedroom.

A couple minutes later, and like Nicole says, she was resting on top of Richard while she used her tail to stroke Richard's dick to life before she used her hand to move her panties out of the way and moved back to take his dick into her pussy while she shudders pleasantly from that.

Richard groans a bit before he wrapped his arms around Nicole before he uses one hand to rub the feline's back.

Nicole purrs from that while she rests her body on his before the duo fell asleep while the scene fades to black, how would this story unfold now that Richard knew about Nicole's damage control methods?, would he join in or would he have issues down the line?, find out next time on Nicole in Heat!

The scene opens with Atomsk and TME sitting in a booth at Joyful Burger while the two where enjoying a meal before Atomsk spoke up.

"Man, those are some good burgers."

"Yup, but I bet the story was much better for the readers, thanks for treating me with some burgers, I'll pay you back next time." TME said while he put the trash up and went to toss it in the trash.

Atomsk waved his hand a bit before he spoke up.

"Eh, no sweat it. We were both hungry. But I will say that I think we did a good job with this story considering it was our first AWOG one."

"Yup, and considering you have one up soon on your end will make it the start of story two, got any thoughts about this story that could help the readers?" TME said when he tossed the trash and walked back to Atomsk.

Atomsk had a thoughtful look on his face before he spoke up.

"Yeah, I think the lemon with Nicole and Mr. Rex was a bit shocking considering how big the T-Rex is lol. Though I did leave a nice clue somewhere in the story for the readers to find that would to one of my stories hehe." He said while chuckling.

"Indeed, though considering how much damage the Watterson's make on a daily basis, it wouldn't be to strange for Nicole to try something to try and keep the rebound to a minimum, thankfully Richard was understanding all things considering, then again he did have to give Nicole a free pass since he's not fully innocent as well, just goes to show how strong a heat cycle is for anyone, and Richard worrying about Anais when she gets older would be rich… hmmm… could be a good story for an 18 year old Anais to have heat cycles of her own but that's for another time perhaps." TME said when the idea peaked his interest.

Atomsk chuckles before he spoke up.

"Oh I think I know what you're thinking hehe… though I do wonder who Nicole will do next besides Mr. Rex… the choices are limited. Although we should definitely not included Mrs. Simian and Principal Brown."

"Well could have princable brown but definitely no Miss Simian…. *Shudder*... I don't think all the flames in the world could make me feel clean, besides in Principle Brown's case, he has the added benefit of his fur so his real looks are hidden, besides with how much damage Gumball and the others did to the school, wouldn't make sense to leave him out." TME said when he remembered that for most of the time, Princable Brown did have his fur on… when not shoved in a locker… or chemically burned… or shaven…. Or other things...

Atomsk had a thoughtful look on his face before he spoke up.

"Well you have a point… okay Principal Brown can stay, but Mrs. Simian goes. Maybe we can have her go on a trip. Maybe she goes to the hospital for a month after a unfortunate *accident* with a… shovel to the head… multiple times." He said.

TME sweatdrops at that before he says this.

"W-Well I can agree that getting rid of her would be good, lets at least keep any deaths to a zero if we can, got to at least keeps this stuff somewhat out of Dark territory, who knows, maybe we could have them having issues in their relationship and Nicole made the deal with him to take advantage of that so she could keep any bills for damages to a minimum, not too far fetched given how Miss Simian treats principal brown." TME said while he gave Atomsk a half lidded look.

Atomsk chuckles nervously before he said this.

"Hey I didn't say kill her. Maybe in a coma but yeah let's go with your plan."

TME just looked to the readers while he points a thumb at Atomsk with how dark a coma was before he says this.

"Can you believe this guy, seems all the Dark lemons and what not really caused him to be loose with his morals, anyway want to show the pairing for Nicole next time aside from an obvious round with Mr. Rex and Richard?, maybe get Principal Brown out of the way or maybe go for Penny's parents?, options after all." TME said while he gave Atomsk a curious look.

"True, true. Perhaps we should do a list to see which guy and gal that can go in this lemon. Maybe we can have a lemon when Richard gets it on with one woman." Atomsk said.

"Yeah… and if we keep him on being a buff boy… maybe Tobis's mom?... payback for what Tobis's dad did to him for many years?" TME said while he smiles evilly when he could picture it while his inner Darkside showed a little.

Atomsk blinked before he chuckles evilly and said this.

"Oh that is so priceless. Let's really use that."

"Yeah… why not use one of the videos that Nicole has as blackmail?, I mean Nicole had to do something for Tobias's parents probably since the Watterson's did cause them some damage as well… maybe… Nicole makes a plan with Richard to distract the dad while he shows Tobias's mom what a real man is, let's see, the mom's name is Jackie, and the Dad is Harold, hmm, been awhile since I last remembered their names so I looked them up just now… hmmm… quick Q… doesn't Tobias have a sister?, Rachel I think... what age was she again?, could use her after a time skip to when she's 18 or something… think she was in highschool but not really said what year she was right?" TME said before he got confused when he tried to look up Rachel and her age but had trouble.

"Nope. Didn't say how old. Only said she appeared in seasons 1,2 and 5." Atomsk said.

"Ah, well considering she's technically the only good one of the Tobias family, being fond of Darwin and all that, maybe we can work it so that when she graduates, Nicole and Richard could… train her so when Darwin hits 18, she could have some fun with him, I mean I heard in one episode that Carrie is over a few hundred years old so who knows how much experience she is holding from Darwin, I mean seriously, I heard that when she was meeting her Ex in one episode that she was over a few hundred years so bit hard to gauge where Carrie is… is she a kid?, she an adult ghost stuck in a kids body?, dammit this is confusing!?" TME said while he rubbed his head big time from confusion.

Atomsk shrugged before he said this.

"Eh, who knows."

"Yeah… though thinking about it now, Rachel could be younger than she made herself out to be, and for all I know, Darwin my evolve into his final form at the season finale of the show and Gumball could have been a rabbit all this time… knowing this show…. I wouldn't be to surprised, or would I?, I don't know anymore." TME said while steam emits from his head while he tried to make sense of Cartoon logic… before a ploom of smoke bursts from his head before he fell face first onto the table when his thoughts were overloaded and like in comical fashion a digital like sign appeared over his head before Atomsk saw this.

" has crashed, rebooting…." The sign read while a loading bar was under the sign.

Atomsk sweatdrops before he spoke up.

"Well Carrie and Rachel are a mystery. Although i did not care much for Rachel here." He said with a stoic look.

Once TME rebooted he did say this.

"H-Hey, in Rachel's defense, she's technically one of the good wilson's, I mean compared to the rest of her family after Darwin helped her." TME said while he still had side effects of the crash he just had.

"Oh I'm not saying she's bad, maybe a bit shallow, I just don't like her in general." Atomsk said.

"And yet she's still redeemable compared to her parents and brother, I mean she could be worse right?" TME points out that compared to her parents and brother, she might as well be the tame one in the Wilson family as far as TME knew.

Atomsk shrugged before he spoke up.

"Whichever floats your boat."

TME just shrugged at that before he says this.

"So any final words before I end the outro?" TME said while he looked mainly recovered from that meltdown now.

"Nope." Atomsk said.

"Alright well everyone, you heard everything Atomsk and I have to say about the chapter and a up and coming AWOG story for Atomsk, the clue for that one is the island bit with Buff Richard and Nicole and that's all, for now, see you all next time, I'm going to try and recover from what I never should have tried to rationalize so enjoy the story and what ifs." TME while he got up from the chair and stumbles away from Atomsk after summoning an ice pack to his hand and used it on his head which steams more.

Atomsk looks at the readers with a stoic look before he said this.

"What he said so see yeah." He said before the scene fades black.

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