Demonic Encounters @emerald
Entering the Queen's castle

The scene opened up to show a Wagon riding along a path to an odd looking village in the middle of winter, complete with snow and two riders were at the front, one was wearing a trench coat complete with a wide brim hat and another was wearing a simple cloak which made it hard to tell who the people are before the wide brimmed hat one spoke up to the cloaked person next to him.

"So Atomsk, first off happy birthday, 13th of December was it?, and hope you like the story later, I have some ideas to spice this up down the line, but want to do the honors of saying hello to the readers and giving a short introduction of what's about to happen?" the wide brimmed hat wearing man said while he grins at the cloak wearing man while he made sure to keep the wagon on the road.

The second figure, now revealed as Atomsk, chuckles before speaking up.

"Certainly." He said before looking at the readings.

"What's up you fabulous readers. As TME said before, today is my Birthday. Though I will not tell the numbers. It ain't right I say! But anyway today TME and I are doing our usual thing of making holiday fics. I already posted my DDS Christmas special and really hope you guys love it. Now our next story will be an Adventure Time fic called "Vampire Queen & Vampire Hunter" featuring two popular characters."

"Yup, Finn and Marceline but not in the ways you would expect, but the idea that I have is not just for Vampires, trust me, I haven't even told him what ideas that I have yet, but I will soon, this story however does have OC's who will be making appearances here, so all I can say is this… enjoy the story… because it will be a real thrill when your imagination really helps the story come to life." The man next to Atomsk said before he moved his hat up a bit to shake some snow off which showed TME's face before he sets it back on his head.

Atomsk chuckled before he spoke.

"I may not know it but I'm already feeling excited with what we're about to do in this story."

"Yeah, and want to go ahead and start this story?, I believe I have the perfect starting point for this… after all… we are coming up on another wagon…" TME said while the scene went to the Wagon which offically starts this story of the supernatural...

Ooo/ ?/ ?

When the scene went to the Wagon, three people were riding on it, all three looked human and two was riding in the back while the shadows of the wagon made it hard to get more details from the two humans who had blond hair, one looked like a woman in her 40's give or take a few years but still looked young and fit and wore some kind of traveling gear but had some kind of satchel next to her with a big plus icon on it.

The other, a male Human with blond hair looked to be in his 20's, had plenty of gear on him and looked like he was ready for battle at any time with a sword, crossbow, and a large backpack that seemed to have other gadgets and devices.

The person up front had brown hair, looked like he wore simple clothing and a cloak that helped with the snow but hid most of his body and the only thing on him that looked valuable was a silver necklace that had a dragon pendant on it before he looked back at the two occupants before the man said this.

"Hey Finn, Minerva, we're nearly there, you two ready?" The man said before the woman named Minerva smiles before she said this to the driver while she equipped her satchel.

"Yes, thanks for taking Finn's turn Emerald, I'm still wondering why you don't bundle up like we did but I guess you traveled longer then we have so I guess you're used to this kind of stuff right Finn?" Minerva said while she looked at the man while he got his backpack and weapons equipped.

"Yes mom." Finn said after making sure to check his bag.

Emerald however just shrugged while he keeps the horse on the road while it pulled the wagon towards the town, it was large in size and had various buildings of various sizes and shapes.

Finn and Minerva, two humans, rare beings nowadays in Ooo were traveling around and working as Vampire Hunters, more like Finn was the Vampire Hunter and Minerva was acting as the healer for anyone injured, they lost their home from various monster attacks and were now traveling to find a new home, they ran into Emerald during one of the adventures and while he was pretty much an enigma to them, he never even told his last name, he pretty much came through when it came to supporting Finn and Minerva when it came to various things, from finding clues to where Monsters were to being able to hunt for food, honestly it was hard to tell what he thought when his face was normally Stoic, but he did made sure that Minerva was safe while Finn fought various creatures.

…the reason the trio were coming to this town specifically was because of a rumor that Vampires had taken over a town and a high ranking Vampire Queen had taken residence inside of the Castle in this land, Emerald had no issues with it as long as it didn't get him involved but here he was making sure that Finn and Minerva would get there safely, seems like he would get pulled into another adventure with them.

For a few minutes of riding on the road, the town on the map that was specifically marked came into view fully and Emerald guided the horse into town and had it slow to a stop when he got the horse near an Inn.

"Hey Finn, Minerva, were here." Emerald said while he got up from his seat and stretched when he got on the ground.

Finn out and stretched a bit as well after grabbing his back before he helped Minerva out of the wagon.

Minerva smiles when her son helped her before she stretched her body.

After everyone got their things in order from the long trip, Emerald spoke up when he grabbed the horses reins and led it away from the middle of the road.

"I'll see if I can get any info on this Vampire Queen from the inn you two, you two make sure we got an escape route in case things go south." Emerald said when he was feeling cautious right now, he was the brains for the group when Minerva wasn't around since Finn did like to fly off the handle when it came to battle.

However before Emerald could get far, a person walking by them spoke up to them to get their attention, he was a male around Finn's height and was carrying some wood.

"Excuse me, but did you say something about the Vampire Queen?" The person said while making sure to not drop the wood he was carrying.

Finn made sure to get in front of his mother in case of anything before speaking up.

"Depends… what do you know about her?"

"Well I know she keeps the other Vampires in town in check and makes sure that the laws are uphold, as long as the humans here make monthly donations to her and the vampires, they protect us from the various monsters around town, some even work as guards here, I mean look, there is a few over there." The man said while he nudged his head in a certain direction which made Finn, Minerva, and Emerald look over to see a couple men in full body armor while the visors gave a red glow while they watched things going on in the town, though the man didn't seem scared of the Vampires...

Finn blinked a few times when he heard that before asking this.

"How is it that you're so calm after telling us this?"

"Well I was recently Vamped when I had a fatal injury a few years ago, so I can understand why vampires prey on humans but at the same time know that if they go crazy with the hunting, they lose their source of food, blood, I mean I have to use a special charm to make sure I don't get burned up in the sun, but aside from that, I didn't change much, then again getting Vamped is just a step, need to actually drink blood for the full transformation to take effect, you a Vampire Hunter with that getup?" The man said while he looked Finn up and down.

Finn has bad feeling when the guy asked that before the human said this.

"No. I'm just a traveler."

"Well just in case you are a Vampire Hunter, the Queen doesn't mind the fights but try and at least look at her schedule in the center of town so you can go to her on her free time, other Vampire Hunters are here and they took their time with fighting the Vampire Queen but she hasn't been beaten yet, and then there is the case with the loser doing whatever the winner says, though considering what the Queen does, I'm sure the Vampire Hunters lose on purpose just to experience what she will do, depends on how much of a fight they give her but let's just say they keep coming back for more." The man said with a grin on his face while Emerald and Minerva looked confused when they had no idea what happened…

Finn blinked in confusion as well before he asked this.

"What do you mean? Like being a servant? How can anyone enjoy that?"

"Weeellll… first off it's not a full time thing pretty much a 24 hour thing and boom your free to go, mainly repairing damages done, making sure certain items are back in place, obvious stuff and second… well… you'll have to find out if you go and fight her, she's definitely not like most vampires, did you know she's looking for a way for Vampires to not drink blood but the color red oddly enough, heard that is a work in progress but it's coming along, anyway, see you later Mr…. Traveler… but just to give a heads up, try and not expect the Vampire Queen here to be like the other Vampire Royals in other lands, trust me, you'll be doing yourself a favor so you won't be caught off guard." The man said with an amused look on his face before he went back to what he was doing when he carried the wood away.

Finn waited for the man to get into a good distance before he looks at Emerald and Minerva before saying this.

"Okay that guy was strange."

"Yeah but informative, might as well find that schedule so we know what she's doing during the day or something, might as well not try and piss off a village full of Vampires… though the Vamps here seem… relaxed and what not compared to the stiff ones we saw before." Emerald said while he looked around and saw some strange couples, some people looked like iconic Vampires with human's walking next to them and even some human children walking next to some Vampire children and to some shock, half vampire kids, and thanks to the constantly cloudy, it helped with making sure the vampire beings didn't burn up, guess that's the reason why Vampires set up shop here since the sun was pretty much nonexistent except for light hitting the clouds to show the time of day.

Finn blinked in surprise when he saw the people and vampires actually getting along before saying this.

"This is beyond strange."

"Yeah but not too bad if you think about it Finn, at the very least, we're not getting attacked from the get go when monster like beings normally find out about your profession." Minerva said when everyone seemed relaxed, even with other Vampire Hunters here, guess people here made it a sport to see if the Hunters can even take on the Queen, either that or as long as the Hunters left them alone, they knew the Queen would protect them and the Queen must have made a way to keep the citizens safe.

"Maybe… but I'm still keeping my guard up just in case. I'm still wondering about what the guy said about losing against this Queen if these hunters here are still alive." Finn said as he sees some of the hunters talking to one another.

Some seemed to be talking about tactics to use on the Vampire Queen while some looked like they were getting gear while a small crowd of them were gathering around in front of a large sign, seems that the schedule for taking on the Vampire Queen.

Finn sees this before he starts to head over to see what the schedule is like.

After managing to get through some people who looked like they would try again later, Finn saw that the sign… shockingly looked like it was made to flash with lights from an old kind of premushroom war tech called light bulbs and other things which said this.

"The Rocking Vampire Queen, Marceline Abadeer's schedule…" The sign oddly ready before the schedule showed that the morning time was basic royal stuff, lessons with etiquette, musical lessons, lunch, etc.

Though from 5 pm to 9 pm was her free time, thankfully that time was in an hour so it left Finn with enough time to get his gear touched up while Emerald and Minerva, who followed Finn after Emerald got the horse and the wagon secured so the horse could eat and drink, and Minerva said this when she got over her surprise from the odd looking sign.

"W-Wow… guess we're lucky that we have an hour before you go to the Vampire Queen's castle, more than enough time to get everything ready." Minerva said while she had Finn move out of the way so that other Vampire Hunters could look at the sign without Finn getting in the way while Emerald followed the duo.

"Well even so, that Queen better watch out because I'm gonna bust her buns good." Finn said.

Though a Vampire Hunter passing by Finn said this with a grin on his face.

"I bet you will." The Vampire Hunter Cryptically said which confused the trio but wasn't able to ask since the Vampire Hunter walked away with a chuckle.

"Okay am I missing something here?" Finn said with a confused look but was starting to feel annoyed.

Emerald and Minerva didn't know how to respond to that and just shrugged at Finn before Emerald said this.

"Well… I'll see if I can find a room at the Inn we stopped at earlier, I'll meet up with you two at the schedule here in an hour so we can find out what that guy means." Emerald said while even he sounded confused and that was saying something since he was normally the calm one in the group next to Minerva, so that spoke volumes before he walked off with a thoughtful look on his face.

Minerva in turn just rubbed her head before she said this to Finn when she turned to him.

"Try and not get annoyed sweety, personally I think we're getting a lot of info already and this Vampire Queen shows mercy, granted you may need to clean up after the fight in the off chance she gets the drop on you, but at least you won't die and learn from the fight, you know the saying, better to live to fight another day right?, I'll go around and see if I can't find something to do to aquire potions and what not so we can stock up on supplies, we were running low on water so I'm going to work on getting that first and foremost." Minerva said before she starts to walk away from Finn… in a Vampire infested town… without anyone to guard her…

Finn felt like he should be by her side but... since no one is doing any harm to her, it probably be okay if she walked alone which would give Finn some time to think on his strategy.

Meanwhile inside the castle near the town while the time for Marceline's free time was approaching…

The scene showed a very large royal looking castle, complete with gargoyles, pillars, even a massive fountain that flowed with water.

The camera then went inside to show a massive foyer and staircases that led into the upper levels of the castle before the scene went to one room to show that a few people was in the room while one was eating a meal while three stood near the person eating.

The person eating was in fact the Vampire Queen Marceline, she had her hair slicked back and into a ponytail and she wore a sleeveless dress that didn't have much detail but definitely showed off her curves well, she even had red lipstick on her lips to help complete the look.

The three people near her were in fact her maids and butler, the butler was named Simon Petrikov, an ancient butler who lived much longer then Marceline and was here to help aid the Abadeer family from before Marceline's parents, he wore an iconic black and white butler outfit that had Bat like icons on various parts of the outfit, mainly the back of the outfit, the shoulders, and the pockets of his pants.

The maid next to him was his wife Betty Petrikov, and while she was not as old as Simon, she was here to help care for Marceline when she was born and wore a poofy maid like outfit that hid her legs well but the tight part of the top did show she has a busty figure.

The third maid standing next to Marceline was in fact a childhood friend of Marceline and her name was Maite, she was assigned from birth to be Marceline's personal maid and Simon was teaching her the ropes from day one, all in all, she took to her profession well and not only followed Marceline's orders to the letter, but also helped her relieve her stress when Marceline needed it, sometimes Marceline did it for fun so she and Marceline had a tight bond even for Mistress and servant.

"Are you enjoying your meal milady?" Maite asked.

Marceline took another bite before she said this after making sure her mouth was clean.

"Indeed, seems you took to Simon and Betty's lessons well, hope their lessons haven't been too hard on you since you got here recently after some training away from the castle, especially since Simon is a stickler for manners." Marceline said with an amused tone which made Simon chuckle before he said this when he bowed a little.

"Well I have watched over you since you were a baby Milady, so of course I would train the best for you in case Betty and Myself are not around." Simon said while he looked to his wife with a smile on his face.

Betty smiled as well to her husband as she remembered some of things she taught Maite to.

Simon then pulled out a pocket watch after he stood up and said this when he flipped it open.

"Seems it's getting near the time when the Vampire Hunters gather in the courtyard, do you want me to summon the guards to thin out the weaklings?, no offense to them or your skills but we are on a time table, especially with the gathering of the Demonic Royals in the next few days to discuss various matters and the Abadeer's were always the ones to host the meetings." Simon said before Marceline takes a moment to think before she said this after making her choice.

"Very well, but make sure they don't get too rough with the Vampire Hunters, ironically enough in order to try again, they make sure to try and aid the guards here to keep the town safe so let's at least make sure their wounds are treatable, though… if one of them happens to get to me, mind clearing my schedule since I doubt they will be leaving anytime soon if they can impress me, hard to find good entertainment nowadays that doesn't involve some good music." Marceline said while she grins when she remembered some of the pre-mushroom war music she listened to and really like the Rock and roll style of music that some mortals came up with.

Betty chuckled a bit before speaking.

"We will make sure of it milady."

Marceline chuckles before she got up from her seat after she finished her meal and said this when she looked to Maite.

"Just in case, make sure my chambers are ready for a possible guest, depending on how well they do, I may share with you since I'm not greedy after all." Marceline said while she grins at Maite.

Maite blushes a bit brightly when she heard that before saying this.

"Y-Yes milady. I will do so at once."

Marceline smiles at Maite before time went to much later with Finn and Emerald following some Vampire Hunters to some kind of courtyard in front of the Castle while Emerald carried supplies for Finn, Minerva stayed behind to see if she could help out in the village and learn more about the medicinal plants in the area and Finn and Emerald saw how massive the castle was, they could see it from the town and had to walk a mile to get here but the castle itself made the town look small in comparison.

"Dang. You can see this place above the clouds or something." Finn said as he felt a bit impressed with the castle… but not too much.

"Yeah, then again there was that floating castle you went through so I bet you could see the top if you wanted… too bad you accidentally crashed it into a mountain." Emerald said while giving Finn a half lidded look.

Finn chuckled nervously when he remembered causing that much damage.

A moment later, and Finn and Emerald's attention was brought to the castle gates opening and a single person walked out, he looked like a butler and had glasses on, from the feel of him and from his red eyes, he was a Vampire.

"Greetings everyone, to those who do not know me, my name is Simon Petrikov, I am the head butler of this Castle and I have taken care of Marceline and worked with her parents long before they were even in power here, but I doubt you all came for a history lesson right?" Simon said while many Vampire Hunters grin and what not when they got pumped for what was about to happen while Emerald looked indifferent, he was just here for support so he didn't know why Simon looked at him for a moment though Emerald could take a guess as to why before Simon looked away to the others, honestly Simon's head moved to fast for normal mortals to notice.

Finn was just pumped as he was ready to face the Vampire Queen. He had thought of some good moves and he also had his special weapon with him.

A moment later, Simon cleared his throat before he spoke up while he held his hand in the air to get everyone's attention.

"Now considering the large number of Hunters for this week, Milady has decided to use a some of the defenses here to thin the herd so to speak and only the strongest of Vampire Hunters will be able to get to her at the throne room, I'll explain more to those who get inside of the castle… for now… everyone, get on guard because the first test starts now!" Simon said before he snapped his fingers and the many gargoyles and stone soldiers around the Vampire Hunters spring to life and shake the dust on their bodies off and look at everyone of the Vampire Hunters while a gargoyle looks at Emerald who just raised an eyebrow when it charged him and a stone soldier charged Finn while the rest of the stone monsters charged the Vampire Hunters.

Finn blinked a bit before he got on guard and waited till the gargoyle got close so Finn can strike.

However he got knocked aside by the stone soldier who keeps charging him and Finn was forced to fight the stone solder, sword to stone sword while Emerald dodged and side stepped the Gargoyles attacks, seems the stone monsters had their targets and when a Vampire Hunter was knocked out of seriously injured, the monster fighting them dragged them back to town.

Finn grunts as he deflected the stone soldier's attack before he tries to swing some attacks as well.

Thankfully for Finn, the Stone soldiers strikes, though strong, were easy to predict which allowed Finn to easily parry the blows before the magically constructed creature could land a blow.

Emerald in the meantime was still jumping away from the Gargoyle before he called to Simon and said this.

"Hey Butler guy Simon right?, why the hell am I being targeted?, I'm just this guy's pack mule for support." Emerald called while he points at Finn when he said he was Finn's support, though to his shock, Simon just smiles at Emerald without saying anything while Emerald grit his teeth while he keeps dodging the attacks from the Gargoyle.

'No doubt he's supporting that young man and true he does look formidable but this one… something tells there's more to him than meets the eye.' Simon thought as he examined the two.

For Finn's side, he had some serious expertise unlike some of the other Hunters who came and got knocked out and dragged away, when the stone soldier tried to make various combos when it decided to get a bit serious, Finn was able to adapt easily and slowly damage it while he waits for a chance to find a finishing blow.

For Emerald's side, he didn't even attack the Gargoyle who had trouble hitting him, for every swipe and punch it threw, Emerald either side stepped or used a hand to redirect the blows which caused the Gargoyle to stumble and trip up more often than not, and Emerald barely looked like he was trying in Simon's eyes… seems Finn and Emerald were not like normal Humans since most Vampire Hunters here were already taken back to town from injuries brought on by arrogance and recklessness, in fact, only a quarter of the hunters were left and they were slowly taking out the stone creatures now until Emerald and Finn were the only ones left since unlike the past hunters, they hadn't fought creatures like these in awhile, however Finn and Emerald, unlike the Hunters left, barely looked winded.

Finn continues advancing against the soldier before he finally sees an opening and goes in for the kill.

Thankfully for Finn, his last parry did cause the stone solder to stumble and Finn's sword smashed through its head and went into its torso and caused it to fall to the ground which made Simon smile from how efficient Finn was with his moves.

Emerald on the other hand was still dodging and redirecting attacks and was getting annoyed with this test which caused his arm to reach for his necklace for some reason, however he stopped and lowered it and jumped away from the Gargoyle and waits for it to charge him again, this time Emerald charged towards it and when it sent a swipe at him, he jumped on the attack and over the gargoyle and tossed something from Finn's backpack that help his supplies and a bomb was planted on the Gargoyles back.

When it tried to get it off, it was unable to and a moment later, it blew up which caused stone pieces to fall to the ground while Simon, though impressed… did have a thought when Emerald hesitate to grab his necklace… was there some kind of secret with it?

'Hmmm… interesting. It seems this young man was hesitant when he grabbed his necklace. Methinks there's some story behind that necklace…. And that scent… could be that he played with some dogs in the village… but the scent of canine is coming off him in waves...'

While Simon continues to think, Emerald rubbed the back of his head while he made sure the gargoyle was not going to pull itself back together by nudging it with his foot and didn't notice Finn approaching him.

"Hey Emerald. Good thinking on that bomb. You okay?" Finn asked after getting closer.

"Yeah, sorry for using a bomb though, heard it was pricey." Emerald said while he got the backpack and double checked things to see if he lost anything or not, and thankfully aside from the used bomb, nothing else was missing.

Finn shook his head a bit before speaking up.

"No worries although I noticed you were a bit hesitant when you grabbed your necklace. Were you worried that the gargoyle was gonna take it?" He wondered.

Simon in turn listened in while Emerald got a rare nervous look on his face before he said this.

"More like making sure it didn't get knocked off me in the confusion and blasted away by the bomb… one of the few things that I've had from my mother before she died and I wanted to make sure it was still there, I mean aside from my normal getup, the necklace does seem out of place for a reason." Emerald said which told the eavesdropping Simon that not even Finn knew why Emerald reached for his necklace… must be some kind of secret that not even Finn or Minerva knows about…

Finn blinked in surprise when he heard the part about Emerald's mom before speaking up.

"Oh man, I'm so sorry if I asked that."

"Eh no worries, anyway it looks like we can get a bit further in the castle now." Emerald said when he saw Simon leading the remaining Vampire Hunters in the castle, though he did wait for Emerald and Finn to catch up before he followed the group.

Finn grins a bit before saying this.

"Heck yeah! Can't wait to beat this Queen good."

"Whatever you say Mr. Slayer, I'm just along for for the ride." Emerald said while he shook his head at Finn's excited state while the scene went back to Marceline, Maite, and Betty in the throne room in the Castle while Marceline used a spell to spy on the Hunters.

"Hmmm… bit more then I would think, but I can see plenty of veterans here… a few newbies who show promise… hmmm…. Wonder how many will make it through Trial number 2, Betty, Maite, any takers?, got a favorite?, personally I'm rooting for the blond haired one, seems like the perfect guy to break in a little, seems like a real submissive person if I'm getting the right vibe from him..." Marceline said while she looked at the Hunters and eyed Finn and his hair, was a real eye catcher compared to the other hunters after all.

Betty had a thoughtful look on her face while Maite… was apparently not listening as she was eyeing Emerald for some reason.

Marceline saw that look before she grins and says this when she saw where Maite's gaze was going.

"Hooo…. Seems you got your eye on someone, looks like that guy with the blond haired man, maybe I should… separate him so you can have some fun?" Marceline said while she grins at Maite's reaction.

Maite this time blinked a few times when she heard that before she quickly starts talking.

"N-No it's not like that I was just… c-curious about why that guy with the blonde one didn't use any attacks." She said even if part of her answer was truthful though Maite did have a slight blush on her face.

Marceline chuckles before she said this when she rests her head on her fist.

"Well why not get that curiosity sated by bringing him to your bedchambers?, when was the last time you went for a guy that I didn't share?" Marceline said while she grins at Maite before a hologram of Simon appeared in the room before he said this.

"Milady, I have a small list of people of interest that may make it to the throne room, may I go into detail?" Simon said which caused Marceline to huff since her teasing time with Maite had to end.

Maite was blushing brightly from the teasing while Betty, who chuckled, did sweatdrop a bit.

"Yeah might as well, who do you have?" Marceline said before Simon smiles and he pulled out a small sheet of paper.

"Well for starters for the two who caught my interest and after a quick scan magic, the first one, the blond haired one is named Finn Campbell, is a professional Vampire Hunter for a number of years, his main forte is with his Sword which has been blessed so it may be a small issue for you since we Vampires are undead." Simon said while Marceline grins at the challenge and for the fact that a Human was actually planning to fight her, bit rare believe it or not.

"Next is…" Simon said before he read a few names and traits of certain people, some were goblins, some were Elementals, some were even Wizards which bored Marceline a bit since she already fought beings like that.

"...Next is the odd one of the group, for some reason my scan magic didn't get much but it was the one on support for the Human and all I could get for a name was Emerald, even his species is unknown at the moment." Simon said which surprised Marceline since Simon's spells are normally top tier and never failed before.

Maite and Betty were surprised when they heard that.

Just who is this Emerald person?

"Hmmm…. Betty, keep an eye on him during the climb, things may get interesting soon." Marceline said while she looks at her top maid.

"You can count on me milady." Betty said before she starts leaving the room.

Marceline in turn smiles before she looks at Simon and says this when she got a mischievous look in her eyes.

"Anything else to report?" Marceline said while Simon took a moment to think before he said this after a moment.

"Indeed, that Emerald man had the scent of Canine on him and not a simple one, could be from playing with the dogs in town, but I think he maybe… well… I'll hold that thought till more proof is gotten, if you'll ladies excuse me, I'm about to start the next trial for the Hunters." Simon said before his hologram vanished.

Maite blinks a bit before she turns to Marceline and asked this.

"Do you think he knows what Emerald is?"

"Maybe, but you know thorough Simon wants to be when it comes to getting proof before doing something revealing, besides, considering you may get your own fun, complaints if he's… that species of Humanoid?, Heard those guys like to be intense, then again most Vampires don't think like that but eh, more fun right?" Marceline said while she grins at Maite when she had her own idea on what Emerald could be.

Maite blushes brightly for a moment before she spoke up.

"W-Well… I d-don't have no p-problem with any species that we met."

Marceline chuckles at Maite's reaction before the scene went to Finn and Emerald while they followed Simon a bit more with the other Hunters until they were in a large lobby, it looked massive, complete with a large staircase that led to the upper levels.

Finn blinked in surprise when he saw this before speaking up.

"Dang, the inside looks bigger than the outside."

"Illusion maybe?" Emerald said before Simon cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Now then, since we're here, the second trial is starting, all you have to do is make it to the throne room 3 floors up, however instead of golems, there are actual monsters that will be blocking your path, work together, go solo, anything will go as long as it helps you get to the Queen, all that I ask is that you keep the damage to a minimum, now if you'll excuse me, I'll be waiting for everyone at the throne room door." Simon said before he vanished with a burst of speed, however to Simon's surprise, Emerald's eyes seemed to track him as he left the room… while everyone else, mainly the new guys here looked shocked.

Finn was also shocked when he saw Simon disappear before he looks at Emerald and asked this.

"Ready Emerald? I know you don't want to be here for this but still."

"Eh someone has to make sure you don't get us all killed, knowing your luck if left alone, you may find some kind of self destruct device here and blow this place sky high." Emerald said with a slight smirk on his face when he messed with Finn a bit.

Finn blushes a bit in embarrassment when he heard that before saying this.

"Oh come on, my luck's not that bad."

Emerald gave Finn a half lidded look before he spoke up while he walked up the stairs.

"Do I need to remind you about that time you got me locked in a room and nearly squashed by a ceiling right after when you triggered a trap?, I was nearly an Emerald sandwich." Emerald said while he shuddered at the memory.

Finn did shudder a bit as well before speaking up after he followed Emerald.

"Okay fair point."

"And then there was that time you accidently got engaged to a princess when you two happened to wake up together in bed, honestly if it wasn't for Minerva and her finding out that the Royal advisor at the time was trying to stir up trouble by using medicine to make you two drunk and what not, you would either be in A, a loveless marriage, or B, on the run from the law in that kingdom… gotta say though, she wasn't bad looking." Emerald said while he and Finn keep walking.

Finn facepalm at the memory before he spoke up.

"Okay I thought we agreed that we would not talk about that." He said with a half lidded look.

"Hey you brought the luck issue." Emerald said before he and Finn were followed by other Vampire Hunters and they work their way through the castle, the first level was mainly simple skeletons that used swords, bows, and some even used magic for long ranged attacks, coupled with the fact that they used cover, it seemed that they had military training in life and it went over to their servitude in death, some even had really old looking weapons that looked like rifles, but even older which caused many to hid behind rocks and what not.

Finn was able to hid behind a pillar with Emerald before the young hunter spoke up.

"Well this is interesting."

Emerald peeked a bit from behind the pillar and pulled back quickly when the pillar was grazed by a bullet before he spoke up.

"Yeah, but I think we can get by them if we flank them, I'll draw their fire, you go around and jump them from the side." Emerald said before he reached into the backpack and surprisingly had a pistol, looked a bit rusted but seemed to have been remade to work when Emerald checks the various parts like he owned the gun.

Finn blinks when he saw the pistol. Though he admire the weapon ever since during his travels with Minerva and Emerald when Finn came up an old book of weapons that humans have used during the centuries before the mushroom war happened.

The Weapon Emerald had was a simple six shooter revolver, it could only fire 6 bullets and though they were hard to come by, the processing of bullets being a rare form of crafting nowadays, Emerald made due when he filled the chambers with magical energy, normally he wasn't able to cast spells but he had this enchanted to draw on his energy so that he can use it at anytime if needed and after a quick peek, he took aim and fired and shot a skeleton in the arm where it was holding its sword which signaled Finn to get going when the Skeletons attention was drawn to Emerald.

Finn took a deep breath before he quickly jumped out of the pillar and starts running to attack the skeletons while making sure to not be seen.

Thankfully for Finn, Emerald made sure to distract the enemy while a few Vampire Hunters followed Finn's lead and went with him to take care of the skeletons, some however were injured badly and crests appeared under them and took them back to town for healing, the fight took about 30 minutes since many were cautious and there were plenty of skeletons, but all in all, only a third of the hunters were taken out of the Castle and everyone took a moment to relax when the fight was over and Emerald was examining a rifle that was dropped.

Finn pants a few times after beating that last skeleton before he looks at Emerald and spoke up.

"Nice… work on the distraction."

"No worries, we might as well take 5 before continuing." Emerald said while he seemed like he was barely winded at all, granted his was mainly distracting the enemy and couldn't move much but the magical ammo did eat up a bit of his energy so he was now collecting actual rifle ammo and was testing the rifle at the moment to get a good feel for it.

However a few of the hunters, mainly the newbies, were on some kind of adrenaline rush and pretty much went on ahead while Emerald shook his head at their stupidity, they would be lucky to see any of them in the castle for awhile.

Finn believed those hunters were fools if they choose not to rest bit first.

Thankfully, aside from a few screams of pain and agony from ahead which told what happened to those who rushed, nothing else happened in the room which caused a few hunters to go on a snack break to recharge while Emerald pulled the backpack off and set quite a bit of ammo in various pockets and pulled out a few sandwiches he made and passed one to Finn before Emerald ate his meal.

"Thanks." Finn said before he took a bite of his sandwich.

"No problem, so what do you think of this place exactly now that you got a good look around town?, seems to me that Vampires aside, this place is pretty peaceful." Emerald said while he munched on his sandwich.

Finn had a thoughtful look on his face before speaking up.

"Maybe… though that doesn't mean I can fully trust Vampires yet."

"Never said you had to, was just saying the town doesn't seem too bad, I mean compared to past Vampires, these ones seem… to light hearted, I mean for all we know, the Queen here may take the loser to her bedroom or something if they give her a good enough fight, maybe the reason for the tests with Vampire Hunters is to find a strong husband or something and we're not aware of it yet." Emerald said while he threw that idea out the window… though from how happy that guy they met when they first got here, that could be part of the reason at least… the bedroom part anyway.

Finn blinked few times when he heard that before gulping when he said this.

"Dude… I hope you're wrong with this because the last thing I want to do day is sleep with a Vampire."

"And yet you hit on this princess made of gum recently, so I wonder what kind of tastes you have if your preference is food based women, I mean seriously Ooo maybe odd, but food gaining sentience and actually making various kingdoms like that Breakfast Kingdom, another as the Candy Kingdom… wonder if there is a cloud kingdom or something." Emerald said while he raised an eyebrow at Finn.

Finn blushes a bit before he shook his head and spoke up.

"T-That's different. Bottom line, I rather die a virgin then be some Vamp's toy."

"Hehe, maybe if she's an old bag of a Vampire, but what if she's a hotty and you trip over your tongue?, I mean think about it man, an eternally beautiful woman with plenty of experience under her belt, you can't tell me that you're not at least curious on what she looks like right?" Emerald said before he munched on his sandwich more.

Finn almost had a feeling that he wanted to know before he shook his head and spoke up.

"No. the only thing I want is to meet her… and beat that bitch senseless."

Emerald in turn just raised an eyebrow at that before he asked this.

"You know… I know we made an agreement to keep our reasons for joining one another a secret but I do have to know, why do you hate Vampires so much out of all the strange creatures in Ooo?, you held out pretty well in the village and we haven't explored much of it so we could prep to storm this place, but we do have time and if you don't want to say anything, that's fine, but try and at least keep an open mind, from what I can gather… this Vampire Queen doesn't seem evil like most." Emerald said while he glanced at Finn to see how he would react.

Finn did have a thoughtful look on his face before he looks at Emerald and spoke up.

"Perhaps to you but no. Until I see it with my own eyes that this Queen of theirs is… nice… she and her kind are still my enemies. Same thing applies to those werewolves too since that feud that they have with Vampires caused my mom and I to run from our home before it was destroyed and Mom has a scar on her back when one of them clawed her before it got distracted with a Vampire."

Emerald in turn just placed his hands behind his head after he laid on the ground after he finished his meal and spoke up.

"Yeah… well… main reason I stick with you and Minerva… well… I never did explain my reason for joining right?" Emerald said while he looked at Finn with a rare serious look in his eyes.

Finn was a bit surprise when he saw the look before he spoke up.

"True but it was a personal thing for you so I never did pry anything from you."

"Well considering that you told me why you hate Vampires and Werewolves with a passion, might as well tell you mine… I was raised alone by a single mom, she was the kindest person I know of... no offense to Minerva if you gave her a best mom medal…" Emerald said before joking a bit when he looked at Finn.

Finn blinked before he chuckled at the joke before he waited to hear the rest.

Emerald saw that before he continues with his story.

"... well I have no idea who my dad is… mom would always say he was a strong handsome man and that I remind her of him when I got bigger and said I would have to bat the ladies away with a stick to keep them away, personally I don't think I have much in the looks department but eh… but I never knew why my dad was never around… all I know was that my mom and I lived a decent away from the town I grew up at so we could have some peace and quiet…" Emerald said while he got lost in thought… however… it looked like things were getting to the heart of the matter when he got a really really rare and frightening look in his eyes… one that showed raw bloodlust and hate in his eyes.

Finn, who listened, was now feeling a little worried when he saw the look on Emerald's face before speaking up.

"If you don't want to continue, I understand."

Emerald looked at Finn before he said this.

"Nah, might as well tell someone… you see… when I was around 6 or so, I wanted to do something special for my mom and went to catch a fish and bring it to her, also tried to find a four leaf clover, heard those things are lucky… pretty dumb for a 6 year old at the time but I had a lack of things to get…. Anyway… after I got my fish but failed to get the four leaf clover… I went home to give mom the fish that I caught…." Emerald said while he got a haunted look in his eyes when he was about to get to the heart of the matter.

"W-What happened?" Finn asked as he got a bad feeling in his gut.

"I opened the door… and saw blood and gore everywhere… and my mom's upper and lower half on the bed, even her arms and legs were ripped away… but the sick things was… and I didn't know at the time since my mind wasn't processing much… but she was raped and tortured…. Before she was in that state… and the sick thing was… she was still alive at the time but barely… and while my mind was breaking down at the sight…. She managed to call to me weakly…." Emerald said while he looked to the ceiling with shadows covering his eyes from the light now when a candle was lit over his head by a Vampire Hunter when the room was a bit dim for his tastes…

Finn was shocked when after hearing this and the lighting just made things more dramatic when Emerald continues the story.

"I went over to the bed and with her dying breath told me to be strong, strong enough to not let anyone beat me, no matter if they were Human, Vampire, Werewolf or anything else… shortly after she passed on, I burned my home down with my mother's remains in them as a way to keep the rest of her dignity so others wouldn't see her corpse in that state… all in all… I've been traveling… fighting… trying to survive ever since… and years later with some of my own personal adventures… here we are..." Emerald said while he keeps looking at the ceiling.

Finn was still shocked at the story before being silent.

It was only some seconds before the human spoke up.

"I'm… sorry. I had no idea you had went through such a thing."

"Eh no worries, you had no idea nor were you the one to end my mother like that, all I'm saying is I'm not blaming a full species of beings for what happened but I will make the fucker who did it pay, all I know was that on my mom's back was a claw mark similar to a Werewolf's and part of the claw that seemed to have chipped off was not the iconic brown or black claws of the Werewolf but a dark red in coloring, I thought it was blood but I washed it off but..." Emerald said while he pulled out something from a pouch tied to his side and Finn saw a ruby colored claw bit.

Finn blinks a few times when he saw that before asking this.

"What type of claw is that?"

"No clue, if its a mutation, could be a werewolf, but not 100% sure of it, still, I'm not going to try and let this issue rule my emotions, not a very smart thing to get your head blown off if you barrel into a battle without a plan." Emerald said while he pockets the claw shard before he sat up when he saw many Hunters packing up for the next level.

Finn sees this before he starts preparing for the next level as well.

After a bit of work on cleaning up, and Emerald getting more ammo and reloading the rifle he had, the duo followed the Vampire Hunters to the next level, this time to see them fighting some Fire and Ice wolves that really worked to bite people on the asses or breath fire or ice on them, Emerald and Finn saw that some Hunters got taken out of the battle and only half of them was left by the time Finn and Emerald joined in the battle, Emerald supports Finn with the long range rifle and used energy to cover the bullets to make them more effective against the wolves.

Finn was using his sword to strike at one wolf before striking another while making sure to dodge any incoming attacks.

Meanwhile Simon was watching the battle unfold and liked how the weaker Hunters were being sent back to town, honestly he shook his head when he saw the previous group rush in and got decimated before they knew it, still… he was watching Finn and Emerald since out of everyone, they intrigued him the most, granted Finn was Human no doubt but he had skills with hunting that bordered on superhuman, could be a mutation or something… but that still didn't explain Emerald fully other then the idea that Simon had about him…

'Hmmm… Finn shows extraordinary talent with skills as Hunter either its genetic or something else as for Emerald… Hmmm he's still an enigma. Maybe I should up the ante on the test.' Simon thought as he keeps observing them.

Shortly after making it through this trial and resting up, Finn, Emerald, and the Vampire Hunters, or what's left of them, about 10 left, made it to the final level which had Simon in the middle of the room while he waits for them to get close so he could speak up.

"Hello everyone, I'm happy you made it, seems there only 12 of you left, before I start the final trial, how was your time in the castle so far?" Simon said while he smiles at the group.

"I say it was riveting. Especially with the challenges." Said one random hunter.

"Indeed, I'm surprised Fire and Ice Wolves are working in tandem here, makes me wonder what the final trial is." Another Hunter said while he looked around the room.

The other hunters, including Finn, were wondering the same thing.

Simon however just chuckles before he said this when he bowed to the Hunters.

"Oh just fighting one of the strongest monsters here to see if you can take on Marceline, a mid boss so to speak, if you can't beat him, there is no way you can take Marceline on." Simon said with a grin on his face when he would love the Hunters reactions soon.

The hunters all blinked in surprise when they heard that before one of them asked this.

"W-What's the strongest monster here?"

All Simon did was smile before he vanished in a burst of speed while something massive fell from the ceiling and it was a monstrous looking Cerberus, a three headed dog demon from a high level dead world… how in the ever loving Nightosphere did one of these creatures get into this plain of reality!?

"OH SHIT!" One of the hunters yelled.

And that caused a chain reaction of everyone scattering while the Cerberus roars while it not only breathed fire and ice, but Lightning as well which shot everywhere and a couple Hunters were blasted and teleported out of the room which showed how strong the Cerberus was and its sights for some reason sets on Emerald who grit his teeth when he had a feeling that this guy would come for him mainly…

Finn looks at Emerald before speaking.

"Dude, we need a plan."

"Yeah… but for now… HIT THE DECK!" Emerald said before he tackled Finn out of the way when a torrent of Fire, ice, and lightning flew at him and Finn and the duo crashed behind a pillar for cover while 3 hunters got taken out from the unexpected move.

Finn groans from the tackle before he tries to think of a plan to beat Cerberus.

Emerald in the meantime got up and used the rifle to take aim at the Cerberus who was distracted when a thin looking Hunter used a staff to lob a barrage of fireballs at it which caused the creature to look at the mage who gulped and ran behind a wall before Emerald shot at a hindquarter with a magically encased bullet, causing it to yelp for a moment when the bullet hit the joint area which slowed its turning speed down while Simon who was watching things saw Emerald working the Cerberus's weak spots like he knew all of the creatures weak points by heart.

Finn stares at with an amazed look as he watched Emerald fight the beast.

However Emerald only got a few grazing shots at the Cerberus before it looked at Emerald and shot a breath of ice at him which forced him to get behind the Pillar again for safety.

Finn was glad that Emerald was safe before Finn peaked a bit to see what the Cerberus was doing.

Turns out it was slowly walking towards them with an intent to rip Emerald and by proxy Finn apart and the other Hunters were to cautious to approach right now.

Finn looks at Emerald before speaking up.

"Dude it's coming this way. We need to act fast."

Emerald in turn looks around for something to use and decided to try this…

He ran from the pillar all of a sudden and said this to the Cerberus.

"Hey tiny, I'm over here!, Come get me!" Emerald yelled at the Cerberus, he even spanked his ass a few times to mock it so the Cerberus's rage would be fixed on him.

Finn and the hunters that were hiding couldn't believe Emerald did that as they watch this.

The Cerberus in turn got a pissed off look on it's face before it charged towards Emerald… who shocked the Hunters when Emerald ran towards them and the Cerberus gave chase.

Finn again was shocked while the Hunters quickly tried to get away from the duo.

Though it was comical when Emerald gave chase and all the Hunters screamed in terror while Emerald gave Finn a look to do something while he distracted the Cerberus.

Finn blinks before realizing what Emerald meant before Finn waited a moment before the young hunter sprang into action.

Meanwhile with Marceline, Maite, Simon, and Betty while they watched what was going on…

Marceline was laughing a few times from Emerald's antics which caused the Hunters to flee in terror while Cerberus chased Emerald down.

Betty was serving the group snacks while they watched and worried Cerberus was a bit to gungho for this match, granted Emerald did aim for a hindquarter but Cerberus was an immortal guardian and it had a much smaller form by shedding the larger one… so why the hostility to Emerald himself?

Maite couldn't help but giggle when she watched Emerald's antics.

Simon in turn smiles a bit since his plan was working… somewhat… Cerberus was indeed focusing on Emerald but he wasn't doing anything that would be considered inhuman, he used the area to his advantage to avoid Cerberus's attacks, used the Rifle he got to great effect, and caused a distraction to help Finn… speaking of the Human… Simon looked over to see what Finn was doing since Emerald was distracting Cerberus quite a bit.

Finn was surprisingly running behind Cerberus before he got under and started doing something to its legs.

Cerberus in turn stopped running and looked down at Finn with a surprised look in its eyes before it tried to snap at him since it… or he from the obvious gender… didn't like Finn putting something around it's paws.

Finn was able to finish his work before he starts running out fast.

However he did taunt the hell hound by saying this.

"Come get me you dumb mutt!" He said with a taunting grin.

Cerberus in turn growled at Finn before he tried to jump at the human, however thin wires held its legs together and it crashed to the ground as a result when it got tripped up and all three heads looked at Finn with pissed off looks in its eyes.

Finn grins at that before he said this after reaching in his bag.

"Here boy. Let's play some… BOMBS!" He said before throwing 3 ball like bombs at Cerberus.

To Finn's shock however, they opened their mouths and surprised Finn when the three headed hell hound ate them, and when they explode… Cerberus burped in Finn's face before sending him a three headed grin when bombs didn't work like intended.

Finn frowns from before grinning when he grabbed his sword and said this.

"Laugh while you can but you won't be laughing after I… spay and neuter you."

Cerberus in turn blinked a few times from that before they emit multicolor flames, red from the fire breathing head, blue from the ice, and purple from the lightning and all three heads rage induced eyes were zeroed in on Finn while the demonic hound used a burst of strength to break the wires and got up on all fours… looks like Finn's taunt really pissed it off.

"Oops." Finn said after be backed a few steps back when the Monstrous hound towered over Finn.

Emerald in turn turned and aimed his rifle at the Hound… however Emerald stopped for some reason and called to Finn when he noticed something.

"HEY FINN!" Emerald called to get Finn's attention which got the Cerberus's as well.

Finn wondered what Emerald needed right now since he got the hellhound pissed off.

All Emerald did was use a unique hand gesture for Finn to look up while the Cerberus was a bit confused when it didn't know what the gesture meant.

Finn was also confused before he looked up to see what Emerald was pointing at.

Turns out it was a massive chandelier and that it was hanging from the ceiling high above on a thick chain, looks like a well placed shot or two from Emerald's rifle would cause it to fall and seemed to be Emerald's plan for the Cerberus.

Finn sees this before he looks at Cerberus and said this in a way to distract him.

"Hey uglies, I ain't done with you yet! Your balls have a date with my sword!"

The Cerberus three heads perked up for a moment before growling in a deadly tone while it looked to Finn before the lightning dog head roared and sent a blast of lightning Finn's way before the other two heads joined it with fireballs and icy blasts.

Finn quickly stuck his sword to the ground before a he was surrounded by a blue sphere which acted as a barrier.

Thankfully for Finn the blasts either hit the shield and it held or the blasts barely missed though it did kick up a lot of smoke while the three Cerberus's poured on the energy.

Emerald in the meantime was running around to find the perfect shot to hit the chain from while some Vampire Hunters tried to be brave and help Finn, though thanks to Finn's taunt, a couple got rear kicked by the hellhound and crashed into the wall or got blasted till it was only Emerald, Finn, and the lone mage who was left.

Finn, who was holding his ground, felt bad for the hunters that got kicked out but was also confused about the lone mage as the young hunter wondered if said mage will do something while also wondering if Emerald got the shot yet.

Unfortunately for Finn and Emerald, the Cerberus's attention was gotten by the mage who tried to cast a blast of pressurized water at the creature which caused a decent wound but in turn pissed off the creature more which caused it to roar and charge at the Mage who in turn stumbled in fright and fell on their ass which made Emerald's eyes widen in shock when he wouldn't help in time, taken to town or not if the mage got hit by a full body tackle or something, forget a healer, its straight to the morgue for them!

Finn's eyes widen as well before he deactivates the shield and quickly starts running for the lone mage.

The next moment happened in a blink of an eye, the Cerberus jumped for the mage, Finn dived for the mage, Emerald's eyes widen before he saw a small dust cloud happen when the beast lands and Emerald called this out.

"FIIINNN!" Emerald yelled with worry before Finn ran from the cloud while carrying the mage bridal style since the sliding catch caused his arms to go under the person's legs and back and Finn looked safe.

Finn huffed and pant he ran quickly towards Emerald while holding the mage close.

However to Finn's shock, he felt something soft with his left hand and heard the mage make a pretty… feminine… gasp when Finn gripped his hand a few times… uh-oh…

Finn stopped running as his eyes widened a bit in realization before he looks at the mage and spoke up.

"So you're really…"

Emerald however called to Finn with this wide eyed expression on his face.

"DON'T STOP RUNNING YOU DUMBASS!, THE CERBERUS IS ABOUT TO CHARGE!" Emerald called while gesturing for Finn to look behind him while the Cerberus was indeed getting ready to charge before it ran towards Finn.

"OH SHIT!" Finn shouts as he resumes running for his and the mage's lives.

Emerald in turn saw that the Cerberus was running under the chandelier and took aim before he fires after charging the bullet with energy, all in all it sailed true and blasts through the chains holding the chandelier which caused it to fall ontop of the unaware hellhound and the force launched Finn and the mage through the air and by some kind of comedic law… Finn and the mage landed in a way where Finn was on top of the mage and her hood fell off to reveal a beautiful looking Elf woman who had snow white hair, pointed ears, and bright green eyes, she had flawless skin and soft looking plump lips… all in all… looked like beauty incarnate.

Finn, who at first groans a bit, had his eyes widen when he saw the elf woman before he blushed brightly from how beautiful she was.

Emerald got a half lidded look on his face before he cleared his throat to get Finn's attention.

"Er… Finn… I'm pretty sure you can get off of her now…" Emerald said when Finn stared at her for a full minute and the Elf woman blushed from how intense Finn's gaze was.

Finn blinked when he heard that before he looks at the elf woman again before realizing where he was positioned before he quickly jumped up and stepped back a bit before speaking up.

"Oh Glob I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that! I'm not a pervert or anything!" He said while panicking.

The Elf woman however just keeps blushing while she sat up and had a hard time looking Finn in the eyes while she placed a hand lightly on the breast that Finn groped and blushed more while Emerald gave Finn a raised eyebrow when he realized why Finn stopped in the first place.

Finn remembered where his hand was before blushing brightly as he tried to speak up.

"Oh Glob… I'm so so sorry. I didn't know what you were under that getup. I was just too busy trying to save you."

"I-I… know… j-just never happened before… w-was saving myself for my beloved if I ever met them..." The Elf woman said while Emerald gave Finn a half lidded look that if he didn't do something fast, this woman may try and get Finn to marry her if this was anything to go by.

Finn blinked in surprise before he spoke up.

"W-Well look, nothing happened and knowing that I saved you, you can still find that special someone. Although… why were you taking this test? Are you a hunter as well?"

The Elf woman however blinked a few times in surprise before she said this.

"You mean you don't know?, not everyone here is a Hunter like yourself kind sir, the main reason Hunters and others come here is to not hunt the Queen here, but to best her and get one wish from her, you see she's not only the Vampire Queen, but the daughter of Hunson Abadeer, the Ruler of the Nightosphere so unlike most Vampires, the Queen here is someone to not underestimate, so to keep sneak attacks and the like from happening, she made a deal that to whoever can best her, she would grant one wish if it was in her power, money, fame, power, if it was within her own power, she would grant it, she even gave the person who loses to her a consolation prize, though only if they make it to her throne room, but I think she can explain more later… my wish… well… is to… well… become a Vampire but not for selfish reasons… you see my home is infested with a plague and only the most healthy of elves can withstand it for only short periods of time, I'm hoping a Vampire can get close enough to study the effects of this illness so a cure can be made without having to worry about health issues down the line…" The Elf woman said while she worried Finn may try and kill her or something since she did overhear him earlier about his hatred for Vampires and werewolves.

Finn was shocked on all levels after hearing everything. I mean not only does Marceline grant wishes but… she's also the daughter of Hunson Abadeer. Not to mention that the elf woman had a agenda for her own reasons.

Somehow Finn didn't know whether to help her or not.

That's when he said this.

"You know… the difference between us is simple… I'm not in it for the fame or money. I only hunt and kill vampires as I wish since I hate them with every fiber of my being. But after hearing your story… I can… probably let this go and help you get your wish."

However what he didn't expect was the Elf woman to glare at Finn before she said this.

"Let this go?, with all due respect I came here knowing full well what the consequences are, many back home weren't sure this would even work... all I can say is that if you tried and force me away or tried to stop me from leaving if we met outside of the castle if I somehow became a vampire, I would fight you here and now... I came way too far to let a young mortal man stop me from saving my home, so believe me, while I can appreciate the sentiment, I don't need your permission to do anything, I'm over 100 years old… and while I can respect your life choices for hunting Vampires with a passion, I've been in the village for a few weeks and saw many here who wouldn't hurt a fly, the main reason I want to be a Vampire is to help my people and I did my research... Vampires are for all intents and purposes, undead, beings who can't die under normal means and are immune to diseases that are not geared towards Vampires themselves and the ravages of time so that would give me plenty of time to work on spells and cures to help my people… and I saw plenty of Vampire Hunters who harmed and killed not only Vampires but their children as well in cruel and painful ways, so before you get onto me about your profession and how good you are, try and remember that not everyone shares that zeal, some would make deals with devils and became monsters to help loved ones if they have no other option… and believe me… me and my people tried many options to help our kind…" The Elf woman said to Finn with a glare that spoke volumes.

Finn, though surprise from the glare, returns it before he said this.

"You know… I never hit a woman in my life so you better be damn lucky that I'm not gonna start now. I don't give a fuck about the people here or this village. They're not my target. I'm only here to fight the Queen and that's it. So shut your fucking mouth."

The Elf woman flinched at the glare before Emerald sighs and walked up to Finn from the side and said this to get his attention.

"Hey Finn…" Emerald said with a hard to read tone.

Finn sighs as he had a feeling where this is going before he looks at Emerald.

Though to his shock, when he turned his head, he got the mother of all punches from Emerald right in the face and got launched back with surprising forces while the elf woman looked on in shock when Finn got launched pretty far and crashed hard on his back.

Finn groans a bit loud while his nose and lip got a bit bloody as he tries to get up before speaking up.

"K-Knew that was gonna happen b-but fuck man."

Emerald in turn cracked his knuckles before he said this when he gave Finn a rare angered look.

"Consider that the mother of all wake up calls then, I know Minerva taught you better and my master who taught me how to fight always told me that no matter what, you never make a woman uncomfortable, sure the way she talked did make her sound aggressive but you made it sound like she had a choice in the matter and you made it sound like she could have made a mistake, I don't let my anger get the better of me but this really pushed my buttons Finn, sometimes I feel like a saint with how patient I am when you have your anger moments, I mean take a good look at this lady and tell me she actually deserved that threat." Emerald said while his voice had a slight growl while he points a thumb at the elf woman who looked like she was about to cry now.

Finn sees this before he lowers his head a bit while feeling some shame on his end.

That's when he said this to the elf woman.

"I… apologies."

"N-No… I-I'm sorry… I shouldn't have gotten aggressive l-like that… I-I'm just desperate and I just want my home to be safe again… t-the healers are having a hard time… alchemists potions are only delaying the effects at best, no one can get close enough for to long or we risk catching the symptoms… I-I… geeehhhh!" The Elf woman said before she starts to cry her eyes out while Emerald rubbed the back of his head when he didn't know if he should say something or not.

Finn groans as he finally gets up before he starts walking towards the elf woman.

The Elf woman keeps crying while she didn't notice Finn getting close, she was really crying her heart out now.

Once Finn was close enough, be surprised the Elf woman by actually hugging her.

The Elf woman was surprised by that but because of her state of mind, all she did was hug Finn and cry onto his shoulder while he and Emerald wait for her to calm down.

Finn continues hug the Elf woman as he waits for her to calm before he starts talking to cheer her up.

"I'm sorry but please don't cry. I may not know what's going on but I know what it is to fight for something important. You just need to be strong for your people."

The Elf woman seemed to calm down from that while Emerald cleared his throat and said this.

"Er… guys… not to ruin the bonding moment… but where the fuck did the Cerberus go?" Emerald said when he looked around… and didn't see the Cerberus under the remains of the chandelier or anywhere for that matter.

Finn blinked before he pulls back and looks around for the Cerberus while making sure to protect the elf woman.

The Elf woman blushed a bit from that while Emerald looked around again… however before the group could do anything, the massive doors to the throne room opened which got everyone's attention… looks like the boss of the place was next..,

Finn got into a defensive stance as he took out his blade while preparing to see who or what is coming out.

However nothing happened after a minute which caused Emerald to look at Finn before Emerald got on guard with the rifle stored on his back and he pulled out his pistol before he starts walking to the throne room while the Elf woman got up after she calmed down and grabbed her staff and followed Emerald while she had both hands on the staff with a spell at the ready.

Finn followed Emerald while making sure to cover the elf woman as he checked his peripherals.

Thankfully nothing else happened from the middle of the room to the throne room doorway before the trio offically enter the room and heard a new voice speaking to them which made them look at the throne with various reactions.

"Well Well Well, interesting way you took down Cerberus here…" The voice said while the person who sat on the throne looked like a beautiful Vampire woman with long black hair, a black sleeveless dress, and grey skin, was petting a miniature version of the Cerberus that was fought a bit ago, she had C to D sized breasts, wide hips, flawless skin, beautiful blood red lips, all in all, this woman looked mesmerizing with how much her beauty stood out, she didn't even wear shoes which showed feet that looked well kept as well.

Finn blinked when he saw the woman petting the smaller hellhound and somehow couldn't fight back the blush as it showed a bit but still showed no other emotion besides a slight frown before asking this.

"I take it you're the Queen here?" He asked while still being on guard.

"Well I'm no body double, then again if a person could look as sexy as me, I would hire them in a heartbeat so they can take my place after some concerts, man those get annoying sometimes, anyway, thanks for giving Schwabl here some time to play, he's really been fidgety since he doesn't get enough time to play around, isn't that right my little hellhound… isn't that right?" Marceline said before she pets the miniature hell hound's back and stomach while Emerald and the Elf woman blink a few times at the sight and also wondered how a tiny three headed hell hound could get that big and… back like that...

Finn also blinked a few times before he asked this.


"Yup, seriously, Hell hounds are normally this size and use a powerful magic to make a large shell around their bodies, why do you think theres no injuries on Schwabl?, all he did was dispel the shell and poof, was able to get back to me and we are talking right now." Marceline said while she gave Finn a relaxed grin.

All Finn can do was facepalm before grumbling this.

"I don't believe this."

"Well believe it weenie, I'm the rocking Vampire Queen and I play music for the townsfolk every week when I want to party, so how was the fun times in the castle?, play nice with the undead and spirits of Fire and Ice wolves?, no worries about permadeath for them, I can just summon them again when I need a good time waster." Marceline said while she picked up Schwabl and sets him on the throne after she got up to stretch her body a bit and floats in the air as a result which was strange since Vampires normally needed to transform or had some kind of unique ability to do that.

Finn blinked a bit in confusion as he wondered how is Marceline doing that.

Marceline however didn't say anything to the stares before she spoke up after she got a relaxed look on her face.

"Alright, so how do you three want to do this?, a one on one fight?, three on one?, personally I don't care, I'll win anyway so might as well try and make this fun for me at least." Marceline said while she looked over her shoulder and spoke up to an unknown person.

"Hey Maite, you find my Axe yet?" Marceline called when she looked over her shoulder while not paying much attention to Finn, Emerald, or the elf woman, Emerald and the Elf woman tried to stay calm… Finn on the other hand…

Finn so wanted to do a sneak attack against the Vampire Queen but surprisingly, besides the obviousness of the Elf woman's mission, something within Finn was making him not do it before a moment later the duo sees the maid, which revealed to be Maite, entering the throne room while holding what appears to be an odd looking Axe before Maite spoke up.

"Here it is. Sorry for that milady."

"Eh no worries Maite, better late than never, anyway say hello to the three who got here, if they play their cards right, we could bring the two guys and the elf lady to the bedroom when I kick their collective asses." Marceline said with a teasing tone to her voice while Emerald and the Elf woman took a moment to register what was just said before Emerald facepalms when he realized he was right about why the man that they met seemed happy.

Finn blushes brightly before he facepalms and said this.

"Son of… no wonder those guys from before look so happy. Dammit, dammit, dammit."

"Well at least she's not an old hag… and her maid looks nice so no worries it seems" Emerald said when he looked Marceline up and down and saw that she was not an old lady which made Marceline grin before he looked Maite up and down and saw her in a similar young looking state.

Maite blushes a bit brightly from the stare while Finn blinked when heard that before he spoke up.

"Dude if you want to get with them, then go ahead I ain't interested."

"Ah what's wrong with beauties like us?, or do you play for the other team?, no offense to them I can respect that, I mean I do have lots of fun with Maite here so I'm not picky and she can be very flexible." Marceline said while she posed a bit in front of the trio and Maite before Marceline placed a hand on Maite's ass and shocked everyone when she pulled Maite in for a kiss.

Emerald was stunned that a Vampire Ruler would do that and the elf just straight up blushed when she saw how heated Marceline's kiss was.

Maite blushes brightly from the kiss before she returns it while Finn who was shocked at the scene was now blushing a bit brightly but was taken back when Marceline questioned his sexuality before Finn spoke.

"Hey! I'm not into dudes!"

Marceline pulled her lips away from Maite's before she said this.

"Could have fooled me, but the choice won't really matter much when you lose, if you came here, you should know that the loser will have to spend 24 hours doing whatever I say and being a sex slave is definitely one of them, and if you don't want that, well… just beat me and I'll grant one wish if it's in my power, simple as that, I mean you did come into my home, bust the place up and you expect me to not get at least something out of it?, your friend here took down a pretty pricey chandelier, that thing was hanging up there for 300 years and it will take a bit to put it back to normal." Marceline said while Emerald sweatdrops since he did shoot the Chandelier down…. And it looked pricey as hell…

Finn sweatdrop as well before he spoke up.

"I'm only here to fight. I don't want a wish and I'm sure I don't want to have some lay with the likes of you." He said making Maite frown before she spoke up.

"Hey, do not insult milady here."

"Oh what are you gonna do about it?" Finn said with crossed arms.

"Dude… I'm pretty sure she's not a maid here for pretty looks alone, do you really want to deal with two super powered women coming after you instead of one?, I got a gut feeling Marceline alone would be a tough fight… don't make it worse for us man." Emerald said while he gave Finn a half lidded look while the elf woman looked like she was wondering if Finn had a screw loose.

"Considering what the stakes are, Emerald, we're already screwed." Finn said as he returned the look.

"Yeah but…" Emerald said before Marceline speaks up with an amused tone.

"Very well… Maite… you can join in, just make sure not to damage the Human to much if you go fight him, I'll need him in one piece after all." Marceline said while she lifts her axe and sets it so that it rests on her shoulder before she flew at Emerald and he barely dodged a strike from the axe and got kicked through the throne and out of the room when Marceline appeared behind him in a burst of speed which caused her to chase him which left Finn and the elf woman with Maite.

Finn was shocked at the scene before he looked at Maite only to see said maid already coming in at full speed towards him.

"Oh bloody hell!" The Elf woman said before the scene went to Emerald after he crashed on his back and quickly got to his feet before he saw Marceline appear near him with an amused look on her face while Emerald frowned and aimed his weapon at her and waits to see what she would do next.

Marceline grins at Emerald before she said this.

"If you think you got the stones then give me your best shot."

Emerald in turn however stayed silent when he surprised Marceline when he charged at her while he made sure Marceline's gaze was on the pistol, and to some shock, Emerald tossed it into the air which made Marceline look at it while Emerald pulled out the rifle and aimed it at Marceline in one swift movement and got ready to pull the trigger when he got close.

Though Marceline was surprised, she did however grin before she quickly took out her Axe and swung it to hit the rifle away.

To her shock again, Emerald let that happen to get her off guard when he quickly steps in and threw a punch towards her face with surprising speed and accuracy which clocked her in the jaw and forced her back a few feet while Emerald got into an odd looking but oddly familiar combat stance… however it was hard to pin down…

Marceline was able to regain her composure before she adjusted her jaw.

She did how chuckle before saying this.

"This is gonna be fun." She said before she starts to charge at Emerald.

Emerald in turn got ready for what Marceline planned next while with Finn and the Elf Woman and Maite…

Finn was trying to hit Maite with his sword with quick practiced strikes, however unlike most Vampires who used spells, Maite seemed to use a mix of both physical and magical attacks to cover the normal Vampire weakness and for every strike Finn did, Maite made two which forced Finn back more and more and it was only thanks to the Elf woman's magic, healing and offensive based magic, that Finn was still standing from the powerful blows and Maite was in a combat stance of her own that was really strange since most Vampires don't have a style of fighting…

Finn grunts as he was having trouble getting a hit on Maite before Maite said this.

"Maybe this will teach you to not disrespect milady here." She said as she continues her strikes.

The Elf woman then cast a barrier around Maite to stop her attack for a moment while the Elf woman pants for breath when she used quite a bit of energy to do so and gave Finn some breathing room.

Finn looks at the elf woman before speaking up.


The Elf woman nods before Maite used a bit of energy to break through the barrier which caused the Elf woman to look at Maite with wide eyes, if Maite was able to break it that easily, how would she be able to take Marceline?

Maite looks at the duo before she had her eyes and the elf woman and said this.

"I should've got to you first." She said before starts to go after the elf woman.

The Elf woman's eyes widen before she casts a few fireballs at Maite while the scene went back to Emerald while he barely parried and dodged Marceline's hits by the skin of his teeth, he managed to get a few punches and kicks in but that only seemed to get Marceline more excited about this fight.

Marceline was laughing a bit as she was enjoying this spar as she put in a few punches and kicks as well.

Emerald in turn decided to switch things up when he waits for Marceline to get a good swing with her Axe in and stepped in, gripped her arm, and threw her over his shoulder and slammed her into the ground while Finn got launched out of the throne room and lands on top of Marceline with a groan while Emerald looked surprised to see Finn come in like that.

Finn groans before he spoke up.

"D-Damn that's a tough maid."

Marceline in turn chuckles before she said this when Finn was over her.

"You can say that again handsome, reason why I like her since she can kick almost as much ass as me, though if you wanted to get on me, all you had to do was ask." Marceline said while she used her leg to rub Finn's dick through his pants to tease them while Maite dragged in the knocked out Elf woman by her hood.

Finn blinked shock before he quickly got up made sure to get away from Marceline while blushing brightly.

Marceline chuckles before she said this when she got up from the ground.

"You know, I must say bravo, for a Human your well equipped, I'm going to enjoy my time with you later, same to your friend since he can put up a good fight with the current me." Marceline said with a fanged grin while Emerald blinked in surprise from that.

Finn continues to blush before he frowns and said this.

"For the last time not interested!"

"Thats what all the Hunters say, or at least the secretly perverted ones but then after a time with Maite or myself and bam, can't get enough of the good stuff, isn't that right Maite?, you didn't rough her up to much did you or did you just knock her out with one blow?" Marceline said before she looked to Maite to see how the Elf woman was doing.

Maite just shrugged before she spoke up.

"Just a simple love tap."

"I see, well considering things, why don't we go ahead and get a little serious so we can have some real fun in the bedrooms, want this guy while I get blondy here and we switch after?, we can share the Elf lady later after she wakes up from her beauty rest." Marceline said with a fanged grin on her face while Emerald got into a defensive stance again when the air seemed to change around Marceline.

Finn got into a defensive stance as well while Maite gently put the elf woman down before she spoke up.

"Well that depends on the elf woman but I don't mind fighting this one." She said as she looks at Emerald.

Emerald in turn grins before he says this to Finn.

"Hey Finn… ever get the feeling your up shit creek without a paddle?" Emerald said while he felt the air around Maite change when she got serious.

Finn blinked for a second before he said this to Emerald.

"Pretty much… but you're also gonna get punched by me later when this is over."

"Hey with all due respect, you deserved that one, you can punch me but don't be surprised if I punch back." Emerald said while he gave Finn a half lidded look while Marceline rolled her eyes and said this to get things in track.

"Dudes, you know you're fighting us right?, Two sexy vamps ready to make you our boy toys for a day right here." Marceline said in a taunting way while she gave Finn and Emerald a half lidded look.

Finn blushes before he frowns and said this.

"Well excuse me… lady, but that ain't gonna happen. I'm gonna beat your ass to submission and later I'm still gonna tear Emerald a new one."

Emerald however gave Finn a look that showed that Finn was really pushing him and all he did was say this when he raised his arms.

"Alright, I surrender ladies, have at the stubborn idiot here while I get out of your way." Emerald said while he walked out of the way while shaking his head.

Finn blinked in shocked before he shouts this out.

"What the fuck Emerald?! You get your lazy ass back here right now!"

"Oh really?, lets see, Win, get a wish from a Vampire Queen here and I get my ass kicked by you later or lose and get my ass kicked by you and get a good time with two sexy ladies… hmmm… choices choices…" Emerald said while he got into a thinking pose which made Marceline laugh when Emerald was really funny to her right now, especially with the look on Finn's face when he brought this on onto himself.

Finn was seething in anger before he said this.

"Forget it. You can have those two bitches for yourself. I quit this fight!" He said before he practically starts walking out of the throne room.

However before he could get far, the axe that Marceline had flew in front of him and smashed into the ground which made Finn fall when the ground under him rumbles before Marceline spoke up.

"Now now boys, no fighting amongst teammates right?, as funny as it is, do you think we would let you leave after all of this?, besides you were technically the douche first blondy, we saw the conversation with the elf and while Mr. Mystery here might just let you hit him, I can't really ignore the insult to us, so tell me, aside from being Vampires that you seem to have the mother of all hate boners for, what's got you so worked up?, Vampire Queen Marceline is all ears right now so why not vent a bit." Marceline said with an amused tone while she walked around Finn with a swing of her hips and Emerald raised an eyebrow at the Mr. Mystery title he just got.

Maite blinked at Emerald's nickname while Finn tries to not look at the Vampire Queen as he gets but said this.

"Why should I tell you of all people my problems?"

"Oh I don't know… considering if you forfeit this match, your my slave for 24 hours, I mean this is the golden rule here, what would the people of the town say if they knew you didn't honor your end of the deal?, besides… I'm not just a Vampire remember?, I'm a demon who honors deals, I hate liars who try and get out of them… besides you were the one to lose your cool with a beauty like that elf and a friend who's just trying to knock some sense into you." Marceline said while she points a thumb at Emerald.

Finn frowns at Marceline before he spoke up.

"I won't deny that I did lose my cool but that punch was something I did not deserve."

"Maybe, but consider it karma for threatening a woman, I mean try and say you'll threaten her again and try and tell me that Emerald here won't slug you again for it." Marceline said while she grins when Emerald rubbed the back of his head, he didn't say he wouldn't so…

Finn grumbled before saying this.

"I wasn't threatening her. But she didn't have to be a jerk."

"Well you could have worded things better yourself, I mean not only did you insult my people a bit with a what if threat that if someone put a hit out on them, you would hunt them and you pretty much caused the elf woman to get defensive when you made it sound like she had no choice in the matter if you tried to stop her from becoming a Vampire, maybe I should vamp her to spite you since I don't like stupidly insensitive men, take my donk of an ex named Ash, a Wizard who pretty much personified stupidity, he was a grade A jerk when he went down the path of the Wizard and gave away a stuffed toy that Simon gave me when I was a child, nearly tried to use memory powder to try and get the breakup out of my head but thankfully Maite stopped him, point is, your like an aggressive Ash right now, granted you probably won't steal things but treating ladies like that… seems human quality has dropped in the last few hundred years." Marceline said while she shook her head from how Finn was acting.

Finn was now getting angry as he balled his fist before he quickly throws a punch at the Vampire Queen.

Marceline in turn sighed before she raised her hand and stopped it with her index finger alone while she raised an eyebrow at Finn and didn't say anything while she lets what just happened sink in.

Finn blinks in shock he saw that his attack was stopped before he tries to use his other fist.

However Marceline used her other hand to flick Finn's fist away which forced him to stumble back a bit while Marceline tossed her Axe to Maite and said this.

"Maite, considering things, you can take Emerald with you to start your fun if you want, I'll stay here a bit and make this guy see the error of his ways and make him submit to a stronger being that simple training won't hope to overcome." Marceline said while she slowly walked towards Finn while her body bursts with power.

Finn blinked before he readied his blade and said this.

"It will be a cold day in hell if I ever submit to you. I rather leave in a body bag."

"Well… that can be arranged, my uncle is Death after all so I can just get your soul back from him and restore your body with magic and boom, back to normal, but the trauma won't fade that's for sure, so I'll do you a favor, make one hit on me and actually cause a wound and I'll do one thing that you want... anything… and if not… in say… 30 minutes... well… 24 hours as a slave of mine won't kill you so… besides… just think of the sexy perks if you swallow your pride and be a good little boy..." Marceline teasingly says while she messed with Finn a bit by pulling the front of her dress a bit to tease Finn, she didn't show much but it was obvious Marceline was serious about this.

Finn would've blush but quickly shook his head and spoke up.

"Stop messing with me! I swear you and this fucking village are perverts."

"Oh really?, would you rather I be an old school blood sucker and terrorize people?, well guess what Blondy, I'm no stereotype Vampire, I get what I want and it so happens that I prefer a peaceful solution so Hunters like you can't do jack shit to me or my people, also doesn't hurt that Vampires are immune to diseases so HIV's and STD's are no issue for anyone, all we ask for is a little blood from those who can each month and we Vampires in this area protect humans, and if they want to have some fun with us, why stop them?, they are the ones who ask and we don't do anything to trick or harm them, in fact it was thanks to me and a few Vampires who came to this land and started a town that people were able to come and go in peace, have you ever heard of anyone getting attacked by Vampires in this area?, maybe once, twice… possibly three times, but they get sorted out since I don't like outside Vampires trying to muscle in on my territory, I'm the fucking Queen and I'll make anyone who pisses me off submit and boy you made that list easy, I'm just making it so that you actually have a shot at winning… so you can't say I'm not fair." Marceline said while she gave Finn a fanged grin.

Finn however wasn't phased by that before saying this.

"You can try all you want but I won't be convinced. If I ever get out of here alive, I'm leaving this place and never returning,"

"Oh really?, and what about what your mom or friend thinks?, I heard from a few of my minions that you just got here, what would it take to convince you that not all Vampires are evil incarnate?, because aside from letting you put that blessed sword through me, I don't see how I can convince you conversation wise that I'm not the bad girl here." Marceline said while she got a serious look when she crossed her arms under her breasts.

Finn surprisingly lowers his blade down before he spoke up.

"Even if you did, my hatred will still be with me since that's all I have ever since your kind's war with wolves."

"I see… well how about a bet then to show I'm not a complete bitch… simply put… if you can put even one wound on me… I'll let you kill me no questions asked, simple enough for you… but in exchange if I win… you stay here for 1 month as my personal servant and bodyguard and see that this place and the Vampires here are not bad people, after all, it's not their fault you got some serious hatred, it was those dumbasses who did it, besides, you get brownie points for killing a Royal Vampire so should be a real boasting thing with the other hunters huh?" Marceline said with a wide grin at Finn's reaction while Emerald had wide eyes at what Marceline just said.

Maite was also shocked at Marceline while Finn who couldn't believe what heard lowers his head a bit before he said this.

"You know… I've been known to be brash and impatient and sometimes being called an idiot… by Emerald… however even I can see that this bet would pointless since I know I can't win this fight."

"Oh really?, well then if you're going to be like that, I might as well take your friend here for 24 hours since he did surrender and join Maite in her fun and you can leave, if you change your mind you can always fight your way back but personally, I expected more from you to be honest, more fight so to speak." Marceline said while she shrugged and floats towards Maite and Emerald while Emerald looked surprised from what just happened.

Finn however did say this.

"Hey! I didn't say I was leaving… bitch."

Marceline blinked a few times at that before she chuckles and says this.

"Well now, seems you got some fight back in you after all… still considering things, why not just go back to the simple fight and win you get a wish, lose and your my servant for 24 hours, or are you chicken that I'm too much of a woman for you to handle?" Marceline said with a teasing tone near the end.

Finn readied his blade before he said this with a taunting grin.

"The only woman I see is your maid. You are nothing but a dumb bitch." He said which made Maite frown at the human.

Marceline however chuckles before she said this.

"Hey Maite, better get ready to have some fun with this Emerald guy here soon, because this guy will be down for awhile when I'm done with him." Marceline said while she cracked her knuckles and flies towards Finn which starts their fight when she raised an arm and brought it down to try and slam Finn into the ground while Emerald blushed a little when he looked at Maite when it sounded like no matter what, he would get it on with Maite here soon.

Maite did blush a bit as she looked at Emerald while Finn quickly dodges from the attack as he readied his holy sword.

Marceline in turn grins before she shockingly shoulder charged Finn and tackled him which caused him to crash onto his back before Marceline said this in a teasing way.

"You know, maybe I should make this a little game for me while we fight, every time I get a good hit on you, I rip a piece of clothing off, should be interesting to see what your packing, who knows, if you can hit me a few times, maybe I should strip a bit for you so you'll know what you'll be having fun with when you lose." Marceline teasingly said while she posed a bit in front of the downed Finn like she sounded like she was already the victor of this match from the get go.

Finn frowns before he said this.

"Don't get cocky!" He said before he gets up and quickly goes in to attack.

Marceline grins before she dodged each hit while saying this.

"Nope… no way… too slow… so sad… too bad." Marceline said with each missed hit, and on the 10th one, she moved with a burst of speed to dodge one of Finn's attacks and slapped his ass which made him stumble forward while Marceline clinched her hand a few times and said this.

"Well you got a tight firm ass, that's for sure, next up to see how well equipped you are." Marceline lustfully said while she licked her lips.

Finn blushes brightly before he gets angry and spoke up.

"Shut up!" He said before getting really angry as he tries to punch her hard.

Marceline in turn laughed quite a bit when Finn really got flustered and said this when she wanted to mess with him more.

"Awww what's wrong?, never got felt up by a beauty like me before?, or are you a virgin?, hard to know with how aggressive you are." Marceline teased while she used each of Finn's attacks to tease him more when she rubbed his arms and legs and hummed in a pleased whay when she felt that he had strong arms and legs.

Finn, though blushing, was now beyond getting pissed off as he keeps trying to hit the Vampire Queen.

Marceline just keeps on laughing while she poked and prodded Finn's chest which made her grin more when he not only stumbles but from the feeling of how firm his chest was… now onto the lower levels.

"Stop poking me and fight for real!" Finn said as he continues this action.

Marceline however grins before she flew towards Finn, flicked him on the forehead to make him stumble back and pushed him onto his back a moment later before Marceline floats over Finn and with a quick motion, pressed the palm of her hand against Finn's dick through his pants and got a surprised look on her face before she said this to Maite.

"Hehe, seems we got a guy on the large side Maite." Marceline said while she rubbed her palm on his pants to see how Finn would react while Emerald blushed a bit when Marceline was practically fondling Finn in front of him and this weirded him out a little since he didn't expect that.

Finn was now blushing like a tomato from that action before he desperately tries to get Marceline off.

Marceline just grins at the attempt while she used her hair shockingly enough to bind Finn's arms and legs to the ground while she keeps on messing with the front of Finn's pants.

That's when suddenly, Finn starts to get very angry as he starts to grind his teeth.

That's when his body pulsed with a familiar feeling before in front of Maite, Emerald and Marceline, Finn's body starts to change a little, muscle wise, his arms, legs, chest, practically everything was starting to bulk up while Emerald facepalmed before he said this.

"Welp, now you did it, I kept quiet but in case anyone wonders, Finn got a bit of a side effect from one of his monster hunting missions and when he gets pissed enough, he starts to bulk up and get stronger, I really suggest moving away… like now." Emerald said while he steps back from Maite, mainly away from Finn… did he have friend and foe issues in this state?

Maite blinked in surprise when she heard that and wanted to know what happened but decided to wait before moving away from Finn.

Finn in turn, when his body finished bulking up and growing in height after a moment to help with his stronger from, growled loudly when he shockingly starts to move slowly even with Marceline's hair holding him down, and when people got a good look, his body was about two to three heads taller then normal while Marceline, after getting over that shock, grins when she felt that Finn's muscles didn't just get bigger.

"My my, I'm going to enjoy teasing you later if this monster here is anything to go by." Marceline said while Maite saw that Finn's dick grew in size as well to monster level proportions, seemed to be a 12 incher in his tight pants.

Finn growled before he said this.

"You won't be teasing when I'm through with you!" He said before he charged against Marceline but with a surprising burst of speed.

Marceline in turn got a bit surprised by the speed and with a quick maneuver got away from Finn and rightens herself so she can look at the juggernaut human who had to slow his charge to a stop which showed Finn's weakness was speed in this state.

Finn snarls a bit before he charges at the Vampire Queen again.

Marceline in turn moved to the side while she used her hair to trip Finn up which made him crash on the ground while Marceline looked at her nails, blew on them, and wiped them on her dress while she waits for Finn to get up.

Finn groans as he got up before he glares at Marceline with hatred in his eyes.

Marceline just gave Finn the come get me gesture with her hand and waits to see what Finn's next move was, she was getting a bit bored so she decided to try something a bit different and test Finn's power in this state…

Finn would've got up and charge again but he sees his blade on the floor before grinning as he picks it up and throws it directly at Marceline.

"Milady!" Maite shouts with wide eyes.

To everyone's shock, the sword went in Marceline's mouth and her head was tossed back and the sword stood straight up in the air like the sword was Excaliber and Marceline was the stone it sat in, it didn't go through her head oddly enough but blood was seen coming out of her mouth thanks to the Blades blessed properties.

Finn blinks for moment before he chuckles a bit believing he won.

That's when Maite shouts this out.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" She shout before she gets ready to swoop in with a determined look to kill Finn.

However Marceline starts to shockingly chuckle even with the sword in her mouth which got everyone's attention while she lowered her head and the blade was set between her sharp teeth before she mashed them shut and the blade shattered before Marceline spat out the pieces and to add insult to injury, Marceline opened her mouth while she used a finger on one side to make the opening wider while sticking her tongue out a bit and Finn was that the wound in her mouth was rapidly regenerating right before his eyes.

Maite was relieved while Finn was shocked that not only did his attack failed but his favorite weapon was destroyed.

"You bitch… that was my only weapon."

"Hey your the one who threw it, gotta say though nice aim, too bad you aimed for the worst place imaginable and went for a Vampire's mouth, then again most Vampires would have lost their head… good thing I'm not a normal Vampire." Marceline said while she gave Finn a fanged grin and gave him the come get me gesture again.

Finn was now pissed before he starts to charge at the Vampire Queen.

Marceline in turn brought a hand up and waits to see what Finn would do, it was like she was giving Finn a target with her hand out in front… she wouldn't be trying to test his berserked forms strength was she?

However, Finn thinks that's what she's doing before he ducks under her hand after getting close before he aims his fist at Marceline's gut.

Marceline in turn grins oddly before the hit connects before Marceline got launched back and into a wall while a dust cloud formed where Marceline crashed.

Maite blinks in surprise when she saw that while Finn grins at his handy work.

Shockingly enough for Maite, when the dust cloud fades, everyone saw to their shock that Finn's attack had enough force rip through the left side of Marceline's stomach and her insides poured out a little while she coughed up a bit of blood while Emerald's eyes widen in shock from how gory it was.

Maite was very shocked when she saw that while Finn chuckles at the sight before asking this.

"Had enough now? This is an example of what your kind's war with the werewolves had me become."

Marceline however shocked all when she starts chuckling to everyone's confusion even though blood poured from her mouth.

Finn narrows his eyes before asking this.

"What's so damn funny?"

"S-Simple… you think I care about that?, you think you're the only one to have a fucked up life?, my dad was never here because of his restriction to the Nightosphere and when he tried to bond... Well… lets just say he normally screwed that up big time, my mom vanished for some reason when I was a child and Simon here had to take care of me on his own until Betty came by… so trust me… I'm not dissing you or your past… all I'm saying is that being a Vampire Queen has it's issues and believe me… I didn't get where I am today from good looks alone… I trained hard, cried plenty of tears when things didn't go my way, and one thing I should tell you… my mom was human… I was forced to be a Vampire by the former king… so let me tell you… I trained hard to not lose myself to my Vampire urges and I'm so damn close to finding out a way to help Vampire Kind change for the better…." Marceline said while all the blood and gore that spilled from her seemed to rewind back into her body before she says this while her eyes glow with power.

"My father's main ability is soul stealing… I used mine to get not one, not two… but 5 Vampires worth of power… one was forced by the Vampire King before I killed him… the other four… I took and trained them all so I can use them like second nature… the Empress… a woman who had the power to manipulate minds… the Hierophant… a shapeshifter but was really old school… the fool… like his name, he was nothing more than an idiot but I got this floating from him… the moon… her power was a very powerful regenerative ability as you can see…. Makes me damn near impossible to kill by normal means… and finally… the Vampire King… I may have his skills but I barely scratched the surface of what those abilities are… so… tell me… you may hate Vampires… you may despise werewolves… but can you look me in the eyes and tell me that I'm lying?" Marceline said while her body bursts with more power while her wounds heal completely in front of Finn's eyes while Emerald was straight up shocked at what he heard and saw...

Maite felt sad when she remembers some parts of the story while Finn was feeling shocked after hearing this along with witnessing Marceline's power.

After Marceline waits for a response and got nothing, she chuckles and decided to end this when she moved with so much speed that no one saw her appear behind Finn and poke a spot on the back of his neck and he fell forward and fell unconscious before he even hits the ground and returned to normal while Marceline stretched her body, she felt pretty good after moving around that much before she looked at Maite and grins when she knew that she won this fight.

Maite sweatdrops as she sees where this is going before she looks at Emerald and spoke.

"As you saw, my Queen has won despite what efforts your idiot friend did."

Emerald rubbed the back of his head before he said this.

"Yeah, though considering how overpowered she is, not exactly a fair fight all things considering but I can't really complain since I gave up a bit ago… so… what now?, I think he's down for the count right now so no servant time for him for awhile." Emerald said while Marceline grins before she said this when she floats around Emerald and placed an arm on his shoulder.

"Oh I believe we can find some things for you to do here, though I do have to ask… what's with you and holding back?, pretty sure you got some kind of ability… though it deals with that necklace right?" Marceline said before she reached for Emerald's necklace and Emerald shocked Marceline a bit when he gave her a really cold look on his face.

"I believe that's for me to decide on if I should tell or not, I'm sure you have your own secrets that you keep secret right?" Emerald coldly said while he emits a surprising amount of killing intent that wasn't something that a normal human could use… far from it…

Maite shudder when she felt that while Marceline who did felt that did say this.

"Dude you need chill. I just asked a simple question. Knowing that you're in my Castle for 24 hours, you're not aloud to get hostile with me and everyone else that lives here especially my maids and butlers. Now play nice and I won't have to cause permanent damage to your boys down there." She said with crossed arms.

"True but I believe my temporary Mistress should have certain standards and not try and reach for things that may get her servant defensive yes?, or will you try and take it and prove a point that you pretty much don't respect a servants privacy?" Emerald said while he grins at Marceline when he counter questioned her.

Marceline blinks for a second before she chuckled and said this to Maite.

"Definitely a keeper Maite. You better make sure to keep him for yourself." She said with a teasing grin that made Maite blushed brightly.

Emerald blinked a few times at that while he wondered what that was all about before he said this.

"So… where do we place Finn?, and I'm guessing this elf lady as well, and what do I do as a first order…. Mistress." Emerald said before he bowed slightly to Marceline when he got into character for now.

Marceline chuckled before she said.

"Oh don't worry about Finn. I'm taking him to my private quarters so I can really teach him a lesson about things. As for the elf woman, pick her up and Maite will take you to one of the guest rooms so she can rest."

"Very well, though considering how fast he got knocked out… I'm pretty sure he won't wake for a few hours at least, same with this Elf woman if Maite here did the same thing…" Emerald said while he gently picked up the elf woman after he walked to her before he said this.

"Need me to do anything for you later Mistress?, 24 hour servant today after all." Emerald said while he made sure to get a good grip on the elf woman so she won't fall.

Marceline chuckled before she spoke up.

"Oh I'll think something but for now, you do exactly what Maite says until further notice." She said making Maite blink in surprise.

"Very well, so I guess I should call you Mistress Maite for now right?" Emerald said while he looked at Maite and missed the amused look on Marceline's face while she fought from laughing.

Maite was blushing brightly from that before she clears her throat and spoke up.

"Y-Yes. So follow me so we can give this elf woman a proper rest area."

Emerald nods before he starts to follow Maite while he made sure to keep up with her which left Marceline alone with the knocked out Finn.

Marceline grin as she stares at the unconscious human before saying this.

"Now what to do with you?" She said before she to pick Finn before taking him to her quarters.

Meanwhile with Emerald after he placed the elf woman on a bed in a fancy looking room, he looked at Maite before he said this.

"Your next order milady?" Emerald said while he slightly bowed to Maite like she was a Queen right now, guess when he gave his all for a role, he put 100% into the role.

Maite did blush a bit from that before she tries to think on her next order.

However… knowing that she got teased by Marceline a lot did made Maite feeling… mischievous right now.

Emerald however just looked confused when Maite seemed distracted and rubbed the back of his head when he saw her blush brightly for some reason.

Maite then looked at Emerald before saying this.

"Let's get out of this room so we can have a nice and… private chat."

Emerald blinked a few times before he nods and followed Maite out of the room before he found himself in some kind of high class bedchamber before he looks around and away from Maite, he looked impressed with how the room looked, the bed was large and soft, the room wasn't bright in colors so it was easy on the eyes… and for some reason… a mirror was on the ceiling?... weird, thought Vampires couldn't be seen in mirrors or was this one special?

That's when Maite closed and the locked the door before she starts to walk towards Emerald.

Emerald in turn stood up fully and turned to ask what Maite wanted to talk about but was stunned silent from what Maite did next.

"Alright servant, for my next order… I want you to… get naked." She said with a slight grin.

Emerald was stunned silent for a full minute before he managed to find his voice after he registered what Maite just said.

"P-Pardon?... thought those teases and what not were just to throw us off… but … seriously?" Emerald said to make sure he heard Maite right.

"Well they did a bit but to be honest, that spar did get me worked up. And when I get worked up, I get slightly horny. So as I said before, off with those clothes. Unless you want me to do it for you." She said while grinning.

Emerald in turn gulped when he saw she was serious before he sighs and starts to undress, first by removing his boots and socks, followed by his shirt, and to some surprise, his body looked like it was sculpted out of marble and the heavy looking clothing made him look pretty weak… but with how strong his body looked, definitely not a normal person.

His pants went next and like his upper body, his legs and what not looked like there was no fat on them whatsoever and looked like pure muscle, all in all, side from some underwear and a large bulge that was seen, Emerald's body looked like something every man dreamed of attaining.

Maite blushes as she starts at Emerald's muscled body before she said this.

"Amazing. With a bod like this, you can get any woman to please you."

"Really?, never really heard something like that before, was mainly focused on surviving and what not so never really tried to get with a lady before, I'm a virgin believe it or not." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head when he thought that was a bad thing right now.

Maite blinked a few times when she heard that before speaking.


"Seriously, I am looking for someone after all so I never really paid much attention to what others thought of me and I joined Finn and his mother since they have a knack for getting into trouble..." Emerald said while he got a very cold look in his eyes for a moment, seems that the reason for his own travels and… they seemed to be on the killing type of travel.. And it could be a trick of the light… but did his eyes shift for a moment?...

Maite was a bit caught off guard when she noticed that before she shook her head and spoke up.

"Well looks like it's your day since I'll be the one to help you get rid of that pesky V-card of yours. And with the experience you'll receive, I'm sure you'll be able to Wow your… special someone." She said though surprisingly felt… bothered when she pictured Emerald in another woman's arms and has no idea why.

Emerald however didn't noticed the bothered thought and shrugged before he said this.

"Well maybe, not getting my hopes up since I do travel a lot, and if Finn and Minerva stay here, I may leave town soon, can't really find someone if I'm in one place for a long time." Emerald said before he decided to get to the reveal when he gripped the waistband of his underwear and slipped it off which revealed his dick in full and it was a shocking 10 inches in length and 3 in width.

Maite blushes brightly as she eyed how big Emerald's... weapon was.

Though hearing the part about Emerald leaving did cause Maite to pout before she spoke up.

"You sure about that? I'm sure you can find a decent home here since this Kingdom is peaceful if you haven't noticed."

Emerald however sighs before he said this when he got a few quick flashbacks and the pouch that he had.

"That's just it though, I have a certain reason that I can't stay in one place long… after all… it's been a major reason why I even survived in some of Ooo's more hellish landscapes till this day, so while I can't make any promises, I can at least say thanks for helping me become a real man." Emerald said while he surprised Maite when he walked up to her and gripped her chin and kissed her on the lips, he wasn't a complete fool when it came to romance, just never had the chance to use it before now.

Maite was completely shocked by that sudden action as she blushed brightly for a moment or so before the maid actually melt into the kiss.

That's when she hugged Emerald's neck gently before Maite returns the kiss.

Emerald in turn keeps the kiss up before the scene went to Marceline while she was floating to Maite's room after she set Finn up nice and comfy in her room and wanted to see how Maite was doing with her temporary servant.

Marceline went to the entrance of Maite's room before she heard something that might sound like a muffled groan or something.

Marceline in turn took a moment to think before she closed one eye and pressed her fingers at the door's underside were there was a tiny crack and her finger warped and slipped under the door before her fingers made it past the door and she morphed an eye on the tip of her finger and took a quick peek to see what was going on and blushed a bit for a few reasons, one of them was seeing Emerald's body, another was Maie in the nude, but most important of all, Emerald had Maite laying on the bed and his head was between her legs and was eating the maid out with a serious hunger behind his actions, seems they were at it for a bit because Emerald's face had plenty of juices on it.

Maite was moaning a bit loud as had a deep blush on her face while playing with breasts which were around C to D in size.

Marceline then grins before she got a thoughtful look on her face before she starts to slip under the door while the duo was distracted while Emerald starts to finger Maite's pussy with a few fingers.

Maite groans for a moment before moaning more for a minute or so till she felt her climax approaching.

A moment later Marceline fully formed behind Emerald right when Maite came hard on his face, drenching it in fluids which Emerald licked up while he waits for Maite to tap off.

Maite pant a few times for a moment before her eyes widen when she saw Marceline in the room before speaking.


Marceline chuckles while Emerald blinked a few times before he looked back at Marceline with a slight blush on his face when he didn't expect her to come in… how did she get in?

Marceline just said this when she saw Emerald's gaze go to the door.

"Shapeshifting can really make it easy for getting by a locked door, really got to make sure the cracks under the door are protected with spells Maite, you could get an unexpected guest after all… though I will say… bravo Maite, didn't expect you to work this fast, but I will say not bad if this guy's body is anything to go by." Marceline said before winking at Maite.

Maite blushes brightly when she heard that before speaking up.

"W-Well we haven't got to the serious part yet j-just taking things a bit slow."

"And yet you came like a geyser... so… mind if I join in?, seems like your having plenty of fun and a servant of my servant is my servant after all, can't leave your mistress out of the fun right?" Marceline said before she licked her lips when she looked Emerald and Maite over, she saw how strong looking Emerald's body was and saw how perfect Maite looked from the tip of her head all the way down to her toes which made Emerald blush more when this may turn into an unexpected three way.

Maite blushes brightly as well before she said this.

"W-Well, I don't want to be selfish or anything."

"Hehe, good girl, so what did I miss exactly?, this guy experienced?" Marceline said while Emerald cleared his throat before he said this to get Marceline's attention.

"Actually I'm a virgin believe it or not, traveling does kind of make it hard for a guy to get… well.. Guess in my case at this moment, lucky with two beautiful women." Emerald said when he could see where this would be going.

Maite blushes brightly from being called beautiful while Marceline was a bit surprise when she heard that before chuckling when she said this.

"Seriously?... Damn Maite, we bagged ourselves a nice one. Don't know if Finny boy is a Virgin but I'll still have my fun either way." She said with a grin.

"Well I'm not sure if he lost his V-Card knowingly, since a few adventures had him waking up with a princess or in some ladies room and not know why, sometimes its funny when he found out that one of them was a dude in drags and worried that something horrible happened but nothing did thankfully to more… political ones with a princess and a corrupt advisor trying some funny business, lets just say thanks to Minerva's medical skills she was able to help Finn prove his innocence and Finn stopped that advisor so he wouldn't steal a pretty powerful treasure from that kingdom… I will say though he did hit on this princess made of gum, think her name was Bonnibel Bubblegum." Emerald said when he took a moment to remember the two incidents and Finn trying to flirt with a candy based princess.

Marceline and Maite's eyes widen a bit when they heard that name before Marceline asked.

"Whoa back up a minute… you mean the kid actually tried to hit on Bonnie?"

Emerald blinked a few times before he said this with a confused tone.

"Bonnie?... well… guess so, Finn did help her a few times and when we are in the area, the princess let us crash at the castle and she was very friendly, not sure if it was love at first sight or some kind of crush, but Finn would do things for her for free and I think Bubblegum took advantage of that for some free muscle, granted free housing but still, she never did give in to his advances so hard to say on what she was thinking… no offence to you but she just rubbed me the wrong way since it looked like she was using Finn." Emerald said while he frowned from a few memories.

Marceline sighs a bit before she said this.

"No offense taken. Bonnie has always been like that. She has never had anytime for romance whether it's her kingdom or her precious science. On of the reasons why I broke up with her."

Emerald sweatdropped before he said this.

"Don't know about you and could be rich coming from me… but she seriously needs to get laid or get out more." Emerald said while he had a half lidded look on his face.

Maite and Marceline blinked a few times though Marceline however chuckles before she said this.

"Dude, I've know Bonnie since before you were born so believe me… you have no idea."

Emerald shrugged at that before he said this when he got up from the bed.

"Fair enough, but considering you're joining in, do you want me to do anything Milady?" Emerald said while getting back in character again.

Maite blinks for a bit while Marceline grins before she twirls around in a fast motion which surprisingly made her clothes come off before the Vampire Queen stops twirling and was fully nude.

She had a hourglass figure like a supermodel. Her legs look slender and smooth, same with her arms while her breasts were at least D size and her nipples were a darker grey compared to her lighter grey skin color.

Emerald blushed a bit from the sight while his dick, already iron hard, was now throbbing when it was so full of blood that it looked a bit painful and looked a tiny bit bigger than normal, not an inch or anything, just a bit swollen from how turned on Emerald was when he saw two beautiful women in the room and was about to actually get it on with them.

Maite blushes bright when she saw that while Marceline licks her before she said this.

"Okay, before we get things started, I think it's time that you, servant, should give your Queen's pussy a thorough licking." She said while pointing at her folds.

Emerald cleared his throats to help clear it before he said this.

"Yes Mistress." Emerald said while he walked up to Marceline and kneeled on the ground in front of Marceline and used a hand to bring Marceline's floating body to him and with a quick shift in angle, Emerald's face was in front of her folds before he gave it small licks for a moment to see how Marceline's pussy tastes… and when he liked the taste, he really went wild with his licks while Maite watched the entire thing.

Marceline couldn't believe how good Emerald was before she shudders and lets out a moan or two.

Emerald in turn keeps on going with his licks and sucks while he made sure to try and get his tongue as deep as it could in Marceline's pussy while with Maite who watched the scene in front of her…

Maite blushes brightly as she watched the scene as Marceline moan from having her pussy eaten out before a moment later, Maite eyed Emerald's dick.

It was iron hard right now and he ignored the ache he felt while he keeps pleasing Marceline for a couple more minutes before he felt Marceline about to cum soon.

Marceline did felt her orgasm approaching before she made sure to hold herself back so she can keep enjoying this sensation before Marceline used one hand to pet Emerald's head to let him know that he's doing a great job.

Emerald then surprised Marceline a bit when he used a few fingers to finger her pussy while he shocked Maite as well when he actually pulled them free after a minute and poked and prods Marceline's asshole before he actually slowly pushed it in and Marceline's juices acted as a lube to help get his fingers in easily.

"O-Oh fuck yeah! Don't know how you knew that trick but keep going!" Marceline said before moaning a bit loudly.

Emerald didn't need to be told twice before he keeps going with his fingers before he starts to thrust them in and out of her ass for a bit and licks her pussy for a couple more minutes until…

Marceline moan loud as she held Emerald's head close to her pussy before the Vampire Queen climaxed on his face.

Emerald in turn keeps licking Marceline's folds while he keeps fingering her ass before he waits for her to tap off.

About 25 seconds pass before the Vampire Queen taps of as she tries to catch her breath a bit.

Emerald pulled his head away to breath as well while he waits for Marceline to catch her breath while Maite in the meantime…

Maite felt turned on and could feel a wetness between her legs from just watching this while Marceline continues to pant but chuckles before saying this to Emerald.

"D-Damn… that's some g-good tongue work you did there."

"Thanks, sorry for being vulgar Mistress but you have one tasty pussy, Maite's was tasty as well, guess you Vampires are naturally sweet or something." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Maite blushes from that and even though Marceline did blush a tiny bit, she chuckled before speaking up.

"Cute, very cute. Now it's time for you to earn your reward." She said while grinning.

Emerald in turn returned the grin before he said this when he let Marceline go.

"Thank you Mistress, mind if I ask what the reward is?" Emerald said while he played the part of the servant well.

Marceline grins before she said this.

"Simple, just lay on the bed so Maite and I can get a taste of that dick of yours." She said making Maite blushed brightly after hearing that.

"Very well Mistress, my apologize in advance if anything is wrong, I wasn't able to shower or anything after the fight so I believe I may have a slight odor, unless you have a spell for cleaning bodies instantly that you can use." Emerald said while he looked at Marceline after he walked to the bed and sat on it before he laid on the bed next to Maite and his dick stood like a tower.

Maite blushes as she stares at it while Marceline chuckles before saying this.

"Oh I do but that won't be till later. Besides, I think the odor suits you. Gets me and Maite a bit hornier." She said making Maite feel a bit embarrassed.

Emerald blinked a few times at that before he shrugged and said this.

"If that pleases you Mistress... I'll just lay here and see what happens next then." Emerald said while he smiles at the duo.

Marceline chuckles again before she looks at Maite and said this.

"Time to get our treat." She said before floating towards Emerald before get on his side and brought her face close to Emerald's dick.

She took a big whiff before sighing as she enjoy the musky scent before the Vampire Queen sticks out her fork like tongue and starts to lick one side of Emerald's dick.

Emerald shuddered from that before he moved a hand over and lightly pets Marceline's head since the licks alone felt nice to him.

Marceline chuckles from that as she continues this action while Maite blushes a bit before a moment later she approaches the duo and gets on top of the bed before getting into position and starts licking the other side of Emerald's dick.

Emerald groans from that while his dick throbbed a few times from the duo's licks and he pets Maite's head a moment later when he liked what she was doing.

Maite blushes from that while she and Marceline continues their work before the duo starts to lick up towards the head before Marceline and Maite use their tongues to lick the tip.

Emerald groans from that when he felt a spike of pleasure before he moved his hands to the bed and gripped the sheets, all in all, he had a hard time believing a Vampire Queen and her maid were both pleasing him like this, and wondered what they were thinking.

Marceline chuckles from that reaction before she had this thought.

'Love it when virgins like Emerald give that reaction. I bet Finn will feel the same thing once he wakes up.'

Maite thought what Emerald did was cute since this was his first time getting a double lick.

For a bit, the duo keep up their actions while Emerald keeps fidgeting under the duo's tongue work but Emerald had a surprising amount of stamina and hadn't come after awhile, seems things would need to be taken a step further to get him to blow.

Marceline knew what needed to be done before She moves her head down leaving Maite with licking the head before the Vampire Queen was in front of Emerald's ball sack.

That's she starts to lick and suck on it a few times to see what his reaction will be.

"Oh… FUCK!" Emerald groaned out loudly when he didn't expect that to happen.

Marceline grins from that which made continues this action.

Maite, who saw that, decides to up the ante as well by opening her mouth and swallows Emerald's dick as much as she can though being Vampire, breathing was no problem.

"Oh...F-Fucking… w-wish I-I did this sooner!... s-so nice in… y-your mouth… and M-Mistress… h-hitting s-spots t-that I never knew existed..." Emerald groans out when he couldn't even move when the pleasure was overloading him right now.

Maite and Marceline did enjoy hearing that while Marceline continues pleasing Emerald's balls before Maite starts bobbing her head on Emerald's dick.

Emerald groans loudly from that and pets Maite's head and even helped speed her up a bit when his hand helped her move a bit faster on his dick.

Maite blushes a bit brightly from that continues to bob her head nonetheless. She even tried to push Emerald's dick deep in her mouth.

Emerald grit his teeth from that before time went to a minute later with his dick throbbing more and more in his mouth before he managed to get this out.

"A-About to… blow…" Emerald said while he weakly looked at Maite and Marceline while they keep pleasing his dick which pulsed quickly in Maite's mouth.

Maite and Marceline knew what that meant before duo doubled their efforts to make sure that Emerald climaxed good.

Emerald in turn, after a few more seconds surprised Maite when he gripped her head lightly and said this.

"S-Sorry!" Emerald said cryptically before he pushed Maite's head down on his dick before he blew his load down her throat while he yelled when the pleasure from his climax was intense, and to add to further shock, his load was massive, much more than a human was capable of without any magical augments on them.

Maite was very much caught off guard while shocked at how much cum Emerald let out.

Marceline was also surprise when she noticed her maid's cheeks puffing greatly before she saw some of Emerald's cum escaped Maite's mouth.

'Damn… something tells me this guy never masterbated in his life.' Marceline thought.

Emerald then tapped off a shocking 20 seconds later with a loud groan and his hand fell to the bed which freed Maite's head so she could pull away.

Maite was able to pull her head up before she was seen with puffy cheeks.

Emerald however never noticed for a moment since he was looking up at the ceiling and to his shock saw Maite and Marceline in the mirror, guess it was enchanted to show them or something and saw her puffed out cheeks a moment later and realized he made more semen then he thought possible… and add to further shock, Emerald's dick was still iron hard ever after all of that.

Marceline noticed that before she grins as she got up to Maite's level and said this.

"Oh Maite…" she called.

Maite turns her head to see what her Queen needed.

That question was answered when Marceline wrapped her arms around her maid and smashed her lips on Maite's lips before Marceline slides her tongue in so she can have a taste of Emerald's cum.

Emerald got wide eyes from that before he shockingly saw Maite return the kiss after getting over her own shock before the duo start to share Emerald's semen and some of it dripped down onto their breasts, all in all, if Emerald wasn't turned on before, iron hard dick aside, he was now when he saw the hot scene before him.

Maite and Marceline moan in each other's mouths as their tongues battle each other though Marceline was winning in this as the duo continues to share Emerald's cum.

Emerald continues to watch wiith a slight blush on his face before Marceline and Maite finished kissing and what not a couple minutes later after making sure their bodies were clean and Emerald saw the lustful looks in their eyes when they eyed his dick.

Marceline licked her lips before she said this.

"Now it's time for the main course."

Emerald blushed a bit more before Marceline spoke up when she looked at Maite.

"So… want the honor of taking his V-Card with your pussy and I take it with my ass next round?" Marceline said while she gave Maite a lustful look.

Maite blinks a bit in surprise when she looks at Marceline before speaking up.


"Well I did join in without warning but if you don't want to…" Marceline said while she counts down from 3 while Emerald looked at Maite to see how she would respond.

Only a second pass before Maite was already climbing on top of Emerald before the maid positioned her folds above Emerald's dick.

Emerald gulped when he saw the look on Maite's face while realising he was about to become a full on man.

Maite did smile but had a crazed lust filled look in her eyes when she looked at Emerald before Maite starts lowering herself down til her pussy starts to swallow Emerald's dick.

Emerald grits his teeth before he groans and tossed his head back when the pleasure of Maite's tight hole really overwhelmed him, honestly he had a hard time not blowing his load already when her pussy gripped his dick with an iron grip.

Maite groans from how big Emerald's dick was as she continues to go deeper.

Marceline grins at the sight and when Marceline saw Maite going as deep as she could go on Emerald's dick, she casts a spell on Maite and herself to prevent unwanted knock ups and waits for Maite to act.

Once Maite was able to adjust, shen places her hands on Emerald's muscled chest before she starts bouncing hard on his dick.

Emerald groans from that while he looked up at Maite and saw her bouncing breasts and brought his hands to them and starts fondling the large globes to see how Maite would react.

Maite moans from having her breasts fondled which caused her to bounce a bit rougher.

Emerald in turn grits his teeth when Maite really went wild with her bounces while Marceline grins at the sight before she looked to Maite's ass and licked her lips while she leaned in and her tongue starts to lengthen while Maite was too distracted to notice before Marceline starts to lick and tease Maite's asshole.

Maite jolts from that action which caused her to groan for a moment before bouncing faster and rougher.

Emerald grunts and groans for a bit when he fights to keep from cumming for a few minutes, however he got this out when he couldn't hold it for much longer.

"G-Gonna… Gonna…" Emerald muttered while he tried to hold back his orgasm which caused Marceline to chuckle before her tongue goes deep in Maite's ass and wiggles around like a tentacle thanks to her shapeshifting lengthening her tongue.

That action caused Maite to bounce faster and harder like she had never did while her own orgasm was approaching as well.

A minute later, Emerald roared while thrusting his hips up once to fully hilt his dick in Maite's pussy before he came hard inside of her which quickly starts to fill her and make her womb bloat a little from how much he was firing while Emerald groans and shuddered through the orgasm.

Maite throws her head back before she moans loud as her pussy tightens around Emerald's dick before the maid climaxed on it.

Marceline chuckles from this as she continues to eat out her maid's ass just to make her orgasm stronger.

About 20 seconds later and Emerald tapped off with an audible grunt before he fully fell on the bed while Maite was on top of him.

Maite pants after tapping off as she lays her head on Emerald's chest after she laid down to relax.

Marceline pulled her tongue out of Maite's ass and grins when she was wet enough and leaned back so that she could sit on her knees before she cleared her throat to get Maite and Emerald's attention before she shocked Emerald when she grew a dick that was 11 to 12 inches long and 2 to 3 in width and grins at how comically wide Emerald's eyes were.

Maite blushes brightly when she saw her Queen's dick before realizing on what she's gonna do.

Marceline chuckles before she gave this order.

"Hold Maite down servant, I want her to really feel every inch of this dick enter her nice round ass." Marceline said while she grins while Emerald, who blinked a few times at the order, just shrugged and quickly hugged Maite with his arms to keep her pinned, even if she could break free, it wouldn't be for a few seconds at least and Marceline took advantage of that by placing her hands on Maite's ass and massaged Maite's ass to get her worked up again.

Maite shudders when she felt her ass cheeks getting fondled before squirming a bit in Emerald's hold.

Marceline however keeps on playing with Maite's ass before she said this to the maid.

"Now Maite… what do you ask your Mistress to do?" Marceline said while she keeps on playing with Maite's ass cheeks.

Maite shudders again before she this.

"P-Please stick your enormous cock in my ass."

Marceline didn't need to be told twice while she grins at how submissive Maite was before she spreads Maite's ass cheeks and placed the head of her dick at Maite's asshole, and most likely from experience, Marceline didn't hold back when she shoved her entire dick all the way into Maite's ass and starts thrusting away while Maite's holes tighten on both Marceline and Emerald's dicks which made Emerald groan before he surprised Maite when he thrusts his hips which caused his dick to enter and exit her pussy again.

"GAH!" Maite yelps from having her ass penetrated before starts to moan and groan loudly as her face blushed deeply.

Marceline chuckles at that before she used one hand to smack and lightly grip Maite's ass after a few smacks which made the cheek red after a few smacks.

Maite yelps a few times which made her moan more as she continues to blush cutely in front of Emerald.

Emerald in turn surprised Maite when he smashed his lips onto hers and thankfully her mouth was clean before he had his tongue enter her mouth and dance around her fangs to play with her tongue.

Maite was indeed surprised from that action as she blushed brightly before Maite melts into the kiss and returns but surprisingly made it passionate as she wrapped her arms around Emerald's neck.

Emerald in turn keeps on thrusting his dick at a fast pace while Marceline leaned down and gripped Maite's breasts and starts to fondle them, all in all, for the next few minutes, Maite was getting pleased in multiple places at once.

Maite was muffly moaning loud with ecstasy from how good it was as she continues to kiss Emerald as her tongue interacts with Emerald's tongue before Maite had this thought.

'O-Oh wow… this is the best pleasure I have ever received. Mistress's cock is always impressive but there's something about Emerald that makes me… want have more of him.' She thought as she looked into Emerald's eyes with lust.

Emerald returned the look but didn't know what she was thinking about before he moved his hands to Maite's ass and thrusts his dick harder and faster into her.

Marceline chuckles as she watched how intense the duo were before she thrusts her dick in Maite's ass even harder with gusto.

Emerald in turn keeps thrusting his hips more and more while he could feel his dick throbbing more and more in Maite's pussy while Maite could feel him and Marceline getting close after a few minutes.

Maite continues to moan while feeling her climax approaching as her ass and pussy tightened around Marceline and Emerald's dicks.

A couple minutes pass before the duo groan loudly while hilting their dicks in Maite's holes before they came hard in her, and quickly fill her with their semen.

Maite's moan very loud as she felt her insides getting filled up before she climaxed hard on Emerald's dick.

Emerald groans from that before the duo tapped off after 15 seconds with grunts and groans before they pant for breath to try and recover from the intense orgasm.

Maite taps off a few seconds after before she tries to catch her breath as well.

Emerald pants for breath for a moment while Marceline, after catching her breath, said this when she looked to Maite.

"So Maite… mind if I take our servant for one last round?" Marceline said while she grins at Maite.

Maite continues to pant while having a deep blush on her face before she just nods her head at her Queen.

Marceline grins before she helped Maite off of Emerald's dick after Marceline pulled her dick out of Maite's ass before making it go away.

She then placed her maid beside Emerald before the Vampire Queen looks at Emerald's dick to see how it's doing.

To her surprise, Emerald's dick was still iron hard and throbbed intensely, all in all, with how much he fired and how many times he came, hard to tell if he's human or not but eh… more fun for the Vampire Queen and her ass…

Marceline grins before she floats down a bit to Emerald before she had her ass rub the base a few times.

Emerald shuddered from that but he did have this thought when Marceline and Maite did most of the work here.

"Oh hell no, I'm not going to just let these two do the work… time to switch things up!" Emerald thought before he surprised Marceline when he suddenly pushed himself up and with a quick maneuver, had Marceline on all fours while Emerald was behind her and had his dick rest between her ass cheeks to show what was about to happen while he seemed a bit off… his features looked a bit more wild with his hair getting a little spiky, he had a slight growl between some breaths, and his muscles seemed tense like he was ready to pounce or in this case fuck a Vampire Queen up the ass doggystyle.

Maite, who was resting a bit, was surprised when she saw Emerald act this way while Marceline who was caught off guard, looked at Emerald before she spoke up.

"Whoa dude, where did that come from?"

Emerald however grins before he said this.

"I wouldn't be a real man if I didn't do some work right?" Emerald said while his voice oddly shifts from normal sounding to a deep growl every few words while he gripped Marceline's ass cheeks and slid his dick back till the head was touching her asshole… and to some great shock, Emerald just slammed himself balls deep inside of Marceline's ass, leaned down over her like some kind of animal and starts to hump away after he gripped her breasts roughly, it was like he was trying to dominate Marceline now and had some kind of serious second wind when he wasn't even looking tired.

Maite was again shocked when saw that before looking at Marceline who was surprisingly enjoying this before the Vampire Queen said this.

"Oh fuck yeah! That's the stuff! Though you better try harder if you're planning to dominate me!"

For some reason, Emerald didn't say anything, but his thrusts got more animal like and in turn got rougher, harder, faster, he even shocked Maite when Emerald aggressively bit Marceline's neck with his teeth and while they didn't cause injuries, Emerald wasn't gentle either while he gripped Marceline's breasts hard, it was like he was turning more and more animal like the harder he fucked.

Maite and Marceline were surprised at Emerald's actions as Marceline was moaning loud with ecstasy as her tongue hang out from her mouth.

Emerald in turn when he saw that used a hand to roughly grip Marceline's face and turned her head for a kiss that quickly turned heated while Maite at this time…

Maitr eyes widen as she watched Marceline moan into the kiss before seeing her Queen use her tongue to fight Emerald's tongue for dominance.

The sight alone made Maite feel turned on but surprisingly it also made her feel… jealous. Yet she has no idea why.

Emerald however didn't notice while he keeps on fucking Marceline's ass for a few minutes, a shocking 5 straight without slowing down.

Marceline kept moaning from having her ass pounded as she kept the kiss up before thinking this.

'Fuck… never in my undead life have I encounter anyone that actually fucks like an animal. Just who is this guy?' She thought while Maite was having similar thoughts as well.

'Wow… Emerald is very different than before. I mean he was just Virgin earlier and now he's like a pro.'

After another minute, Emerald threw his head back and roared when he fired a shockingly large load up Marceline's ass while he pushed himself as deep as he could go.

Marceline groans loud from having her ass receive the biggest creampie before she throws her head back and climaxed hard from her pussy.

For 20 seconds, Emerald keeps on coming in Marceline's ass before he tapped off while he pulled his dick free roughly and quite a large amount of semen poured from Marceline's ass.

Maite was surprise at how much cum leaked out of Marceline's ass while said Vampire Queen pants as her body shudders for a moment.

Though to some surprise Emerald acted odd when he didn't say or do anything for a moment while his hair covered his eyes before he shocked Maite and Marceline again when he reached forward and gripped Marceline's hair and dragged her forcefully into another heated kiss and gripped the back of her head to make it really deep.

Marceline was indeed caught off guard by this action before she and Maite now wondered what the deal with Emerald was.

A moment later however, Emerald quickly pulled away from the kiss and stood up on the bed in front of Marceline while he still had a good grip on her head before he shocked her when he forced his dick into her mouth and pulled her head all the way down so that her nose hit his groin before he starts facefucking her with audible slaps.

Maite was very shocked by this action while Marceline, who was very surprised as she gags a bit, didn't know what overcame Emerald but would worry about that later since she was gonna make sure that she can't be out done.

Though Maite did see that Emerald keeps going for a few minutes again before the door to the room opened with a click to show that the lock was undone to show that Betty entered the room.

"Hey Maite, how are… wow, didn't expect this." Betty said while she had a slight blush on her face when she saw Emerald practically making Marceline's mouth his fuck toy.

Marceline was beyond busy to respond while Maite was a bit surprise to see Betty here before she spoke up.

"Y-Yes… seems there was more to Emerald than meets the eye."

"Yeah, though if Simon is right about what Emerald really is and from the way he's acting, well… good luck you two, if this is his first time, you two may have trouble since he may be going for hours now, he told me not to say what Emerald maybe though since Simon is not fully sure and needs proof before he says anything, makes sense right?, anyway, good luck Maite, Milady, I'll make sure that things are taken care of so no need to worry about your duties today." Betty said before she left the room, but not before saying this with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Maybe I should bring Emerald to my room later and see if Simon can join in for some real fun times… hard to find a good thrill nowadays…" Betty said while she closed the door to the room and relocked it.

Maite and Marceline were a bit surprise when they heard that but was more surprised hearing that Emerald can last more. Just what in the world is he?

However that train of thought was halted when Emerald forced Marceline's mouth balls deep onto his dick before he came hard down her throat, however he came so hard that some got forced out of her mouth and nose while Emerald held her head with a surprisingly strong grip.

Maite's eyes widen as she sees this while Marceline, who was shocked at the amount, gags a few times before she tries to swallow the load as best as she can.

Thankfully for Marceline, Emerald pulled her head back after 10 seconds and he came hard on her face for 5 before he tapped off and let go of her head which caused Marceline to fall back onto the bed without the support of Emerald's hands.

Marceline groans for a bit before she coughs a few time while trying to catch her breath before wiping some of the semen off her face.

Emerald, who was still standing on his feet and his dick was iron hard still while he pants for breath while he looked down at Marceline with a lustful animalistic look in his eyes, seems Betty was right about Emerald still going strong now.

Marceline, after wiping the cum off her face, blinked a few times when she that look before looking at Emerald's dick for a bit.

Though Marceline was still curious, she shrugged as she will figure this later before looking at Emerald with a challenging grin and said this that surprised Maite.

"Alright big boy… come and get it." She said before opening her legs which revealed Marceline's wet folds before opening them with her fingers.

A moment later, Emerald quickly moved so that he was over Marceline and shoved his dick in her pussy before he starts humping away while he gripped her breasts.

"GAAAAHHH!" Marceline groans before moaning very loud as she was really enjoying this before a moment later, Marceline wraps her legs around Emerald's waist to make him go deeper.

Emerald then leaned down and licks, sucks, and bites the side of Marceline's neck where her bite marks were while Maite at this time…

Maite was now using one hand to finger her pussy while using the other to play with one of her breasts as she was feeling very turned as she watched.

Emerald keeps going with his actions before he growls loudly and creampied Marceline's pussy after he made one last move to slam himself inside of her.

"OH FUCK!" Marceline screams before she wrapped her arms around Emerald's neck and pulls him down for an intense kiss as the Vampire Queen's pussy tightens around Emerald's dick before climaxing hard on it.

Emerald tapped off about 15 seconds later and pants for breath while he pulled away from the kiss and looks Marceline to see if she could continue.

Marceline had a deep blush on her face as she pants for breath after tapping off.

Emerald then starts to fuck Marceline again after he gripped her hips and ignores the semen dripping to the bed.

Marceline, though surprise that Emerald can keep going, was moaning loud with ecstasy as she wrapped her legs again around Emerald's waist while Maite was now fingering her pussy harder as she pants and moans while blushing at the sight.

Unfortunately Emerald was too preoccupied with Marceline to notice while he leaned back a bit and gripped one of Marceline's legs and turned her so that she was laying on her side and facing Maite before Emerald resumes to fuck the ever loving Nightosphere out of the Vampire Queen.

Marceline was very surprised by that action while also surprised seeing Maite finger herself as Marceline kept on moaning before she had this thought.

'Fuck this is amazing. Never thought I be in this position but I can't complain. Wonder if Finn will give me the same treatment when I see him. If not well… I have plenty of time to teach him."

Emerald then leaned down to lick, nip, and suck Marceline's neck again before he came hard again into her pussy after a couple minutes of intense fucking.

Marceline groans and moans a bit loudly from that before she felt her climax approaching as her pussy tightens around Emerald's dick.

Emerald shockingly keeps on fucking Marceline even as he keeps cumming in her even after he tapped off until…

Marceline moans very loud before she climaxed hard on Emerald's dick as her juices sprayed on his groin and balls.

Maite throws her head back when she reached her orgasm before her juices sprayed on her fingers and on the bed.

Emerald however didn't notice while he keeps on fucking Marceline even with her sensitivity raised to pretty high levels.

Maite and Marceline, after tapping off, were both shocked to see that Emerald was not stopping before the duo had this thought.


Time then went to a bit later with Emerald still going strong with Marceline with her getting lift and lowered onto Emerald's dick with surprising force while Emerald held her ass while she was resting on his chest and her face was on the crook of his neck.

Maite stares with AWE when she saw that while Marceline was moaning beyond loud as she hold on to Emerald.

Emerald in turn really slammed Marceline on and off his dick a few times before he went balls deep into her and roared when he fired another load into the Vampire Queen's pussy.

Marceline moans loud again before she had her fangs on Emerald's shoulder but not to draw blood as she climaxed hard again on Emerald's dick.

Emerald in turn tapped off and pants for breath for a moment while Marceline rests on his body before he starts to fuck her again to the Queen's shock.

As Marceline moans loud again, Maite, who sees that her Queen needs rest but… was also feeling beyond jealous that she hasn't got a turn yet.

That's when the maid had enough of this before she gets up and marches forward towards Emerald.

Emerald however didn't notice while he keeps on fucking Marceline's pussy.

As Marceline continues to moan loudly, Maite got next to Emerald before she taps him on the shoulder to get the berserked man's attention.

Emerald stopped humping Marceline for a moment to look at Maite with eyes that were completely clouded over with raw animalistic lust.

Maite blinks when she saw the look before she spoke up.

"You know… my Queen here seems to be getting tired so why not let her rest and you can take your urges on me. My pussy seems to be very lonely. Do this and I can call you… Master." She said in a seductive way.

However that tease didn't seem to have much effect, however the scent of Maite and her arousal did cause him to quickly use a hand to grip Maite on the back of the head roughly and pulled her in for an intense kiss before he keeps thrusting his hips to finish up with Marceline before he would go to Maite it seemed.

Marceline, though surprised, was at least thankful for Maite as she went back to moaning as she waits for Emerald to finish while Maite moans in Emerald's mouth as she returns the kiss before using her tongue to play with Emerald's tongue.

After a couple minutes of intense thrusting, Emerald thrusts one last time into Marceline's pussy and growls before he came hard into her while he held Maite tighter and made the kiss deeper while he rides out his orgasm.

Marceline moans loud before climaxing for the last time as Maite continues kissing Emerald as she stares at his eyes with lust.

Emerald then dropped Marceline onto the bed while he turned fully to kiss Maite with an intense lustful hunger while plenty of semen flowed out of Marceline's pussy as a result.

Marceline pant a few times after tapping off while feeling some relief that Emerald was done with her while Maite wrapped her arms around Emerald's neck before the maid use one of them to grip the back of the berserk man's head to make the kiss very deep.

Emerald in turn just lets Maite do that while he gripped one of her legs and raised it while in Marceline's view before Emerald just pressed the head of his dick at her folds before he shoved himself inside and starts fucking her with the same intensity as he fucked Marceline with.

Marceline's eyes widen when she saw that while Maite muffly groans loud from that action as she hugged Emerald's torso a bit tight.

Emerald In turn keeps on fucking Maite before his foot slipped on the bed which caused him and Maite to fall on the bed with Maite on her back and Emerald on top of her while still in her, however he just used the new position to keep on fucking her which caused Marceline to see his dick piston in and out of Maite's pussy with powerful thrusts.

Marceline was surprise as she saw the raw power of Emerald's thrusts as Maite was moaning very loud before she surprisingly said this.


Emerald in turn, while not really registering the words at this time, did hear how much Maite liked this and gripped Maite tighter so he could thrust harder and faster into her, and thanks to her vampire nature, his grip strength didn't bother her body at all.

Maite moans and groans loudly before saying this.

"Yes Master!… YES!... M-Make my pussy remember your dick!"

Emerald in turn just keeps on going for quite a bit and even changed positions a bit when he leaned back while Maite laid on the bed and gripped her hips so he could thrust his hips while he had a animalistic snarl like look on his face from how much effort he was using to reshape Maite's pussy.

As Maite moans with ecstasy, Marceline was still surprise with the way her maid acted before Marceline had this thought.

'Whoa… never seen Maite act this way before… well except with me hehe… but seriously, she seems to be really enjoying the pleasure that Emerald's bringing. Something tells me that Maite will want more of him later. Can't wait to see how this turns out. Luckily I still have Finny boy in my room. Once I'm done with him, he'll finally see that my village and kingdom ain't that bad and that he'll also want more of me.'

Emerald then came hard in Maite's pussy while he pushed himself as deep as he could go before the scene went to a moment later to show Emerald fucking Maite's ass doggystyle while semen dripped from her pussy.

Marceline continues to rest as she watched while Maite moans and groans loudly as she greatly enjoys having her ass fucked hard before Maite thrusts her hips back and forth to meet with Emerald's thrusts.

Emerald then used his right hand to spank her right ass cheek hard while he keeps fucking her like she was his bitch.

Maite yelps a bit before moaning a bit louder as she enjoyed that.

Emerald in turn keeps going with his actions before he switched hands when Maite's right ass cheek was thoroughly red and gripped it with his right hand to keep a good hold on her.

Marceline was surprise to see Maite enjoying this as said maid continues to moan very loud as her ass tightens greatly around Emerald's dick before Maite said this.


A minute later, Emerald roared when he gripped both throughly reddened ass cheeks and came hard up her ass, all in all, Marceline could see Emerald's balls throbbing hard to supply the semen needed.

Marceline blinked a few times when she saw that while Maite moans very loud as her ass tightens again around Emerald's dick before Maite felt her pussy squirt out her juices on the bed and Emerald's balls.

Emerald tapped off about 10 seconds later and pulled his dick free before semen poured from Maite's ass while Emerald looked down at her.

Maite pants a few times after tapping off as her body shudders when she felt Emerald's cum leaking out.

Emerald then gripped Maite's shoulder before she could recover before Emerald forced her head to take his dick in her mouth, all in all, she was getting the same treatment that Marceline got while Emerald kept going strong.

Marceline's eyes widen and felt like she should do something before she was surprise to see Maite, after gagging a bit, was able to take Emerald's dick well in her mouth before the vampiric maid tries to bob her hard with great force.

Emerald used his hands to help her while the sounds of slapping flesh was heard a moment later when Emerald fully got Maite's face to hit his groin with each thrust.

Maite gags a few times but was still bobbing her head strong with gusto before she uses one of her hands to fondle and play with Emerald's balls.

Emerald growled in a pleased way from that while he keeps his actions up for a few minutes before he roared loudly when he came hard down her throat while he fully hilts his dick into her mouth.

Maite gags as she felt her mouth and throat getting filled up before she tries to swallow Emerald's cum while still massaging his balls to make his orgasm stronger.

Emerald managed to cum for 15 seconds before he tapped off and let Maite go so she could breath as needed and she fell next to Marceline while he pants for breath.

Marceline looked over at her maid to see if she was okay.

Maite, though panting, gave her Queen a slight wink which shows that she was alright much to Marceline's relief.

Emerald however starts to walk to the two women with animal like pants and what not which showed he was far from done.

Marceline and Maite blinked a few times before they had just one thought.

'Oh boy.'

Emerald then had not just Maite, but Marceline in one last position where the two women were on top of one another and Emerald was sliding his dick between them which grinds up againsts their buds, from the look of things, Emerald was running out of steam finally with how long he was going strong.

Maite and Marceline were a bit surprise from this position as they moan loudly in unison before they looked at each other.

Marceline then surprised Maite when she kissed her and hugged her tightly while she enjoyed what was going on, granted she was sensitive but she had time to cool down and hopefully she can last one final round to help calm Emerald down.

Maite was a bit surprise from this action before she went with it and returns the kiss before hugging her Queen as well before making the kiss passionate as she slides her tongue in Marceline's mouth.

For a few minutes the two keep the kiss up while Emerald pants and groans when he felt himself getting close to finishing but decided to switch things up when he pulled free and put his dick in Marceline's pussy and fucked it for a few seconds before he switched to Maite's and repeats in a pattern.

Maite and Marceline moans and groans from this action as they continue to hug and kiss each other hard before they feel their approaching orgasms.

A moment later, Emerald pushed himself as deep as he could go into Maite's pussy before he came hard into her for a few seconds before he pulled free and shoved himself inside of Marceline's pussy to fill her as well before he repeats the actions.

Maite and Marceline moan loud in unison when they felt that before they climaxed hard at the same time.

Emerald keeps repeating the actions he was doing to unload his semen in both women before he tapped off in Maite and after a moment, he fell forward and onto Maite before snoring was heard… seems he finally tapped out, stamina wise and out of his berserked state.

Maite, though sweatdrops, pants a few times when she glad it was over before she looked at Marceline and said this.

"S-Seems he's… a-all tired out… M-Milady."

"Y-Yeah… d-definitly going to try and figure out what he really is later if he sticks around town for long, I mean like B-Betty and Simon said… d-definitly not h-human e-even if he tries to pass h-himself as one." Marceline said while she rests on the bed, she could barely feel her body right now even with her regeneration so that was saying something.

Maite was on the same boat as she rests on top of her Queen before speaking.

"T-That's if… h-he wants to… s-stay." She said which surprisingly made her feel bothered for some reason when the thought of Emerald leaving occured.

Marceline chuckles before she said this.

"Well mind getting Emerald to the head of the bed so we can get some rest, I'll signal Betty and Simon to wake us when Finn is awake, I can deal with him unless he has some kind of secret he's not telling us, while you deal with Emerald if he wakes up with no memories of what happened and needs a sexy reminder, did seem unresponsive conversation wise when he was fucking the ever loving Nightosphere out of us." Marceline said while she grins at Maite.

Maite blushes a bit before she nods her head at her Queen before nodding her head as Maite groans before getting up while making sure to be careful with Emerald.

A couple minutes later, Emerald was pushed to rest on his back on the bed and Maite and Marceline were resting on both of Emerald's sides while he snored and had a relaxed look on his face while Marceline used a spell to pull the blanket onto the trio while she used a spell to call Simon and a Crest appeared near her head.

"Hey Simon, you busy?, I got something to ask." Marceline said while she brought the crest a bit closer so she could hear Simon.

"Oh so good to hear from you milady. When Betty told me what was going on, I was almost compelled to come and rescue you." Simon said with relief in his voice.

Marceline blushed a bit from how embarrassing it would be and said this.

"D-Don't be silly, next time I'll make sure I come out on top." Marceline said before her cheeks puffed out a little when it sounded like Simon thought she was weak.

Simon did chuckle before he said this.

"I know you will. Sorry if I offended you, I just think of you as child I never had so I do get a tad overprotective."

Marceline looked a bit down at that before she said this.

"Thanks Simon, sorry for the trouble I caused over the years, and I wouldn't trade you for anyone, not even for my real dad, I mean the guy is locked in the Nightosphere so it's not like I actually know him or why mom got together with that guy… anyway, I'll be napping for now with Maite and Emerald, mind waking me when Finn starts coming to?, sorry about the mess in here but you weren't kidding about Emerald here, now I wonder if Finn has any other secrets besides bulking up… hehe… also on a serious note, did you find out anything on *That* Incident that happened a few days ago?, honestly I don't get who made that type of damage but I won't tolerate anyone making trouble in my land." Marceline said while she got a rarely used serious look on her face… some women have been going missing lately, mainly human women in the village and she wanted to get to the bottom of this before the meeting with the Demonic Royals.

"No, not yet but I'm close to figuring out this mystery. Same thing on figuring out who or what Emerald really is. Won't be long now. And don't worry, I'll make sure that Finn won't cause any trouble when he wakes up. I'm also wondering if Finn is anything like Emerald but to know this, I'm gonna have to speak with this Minerva person."

"Actually, forget finding out more about Emerald for now, we should focus on figuring out who's kidnapping the women here… no rush on Emerald and Finn after all, besides aside from that bulk form that Finn has, his scent it fully Human, its Emerald's scent that is a mystery… honestly I can't place it but I'll worry about it later, the people here come first, I gotta act like a Queen every now and then right?" Marceline said while she grins even if Simon couldn't see it.

"Indeed and if that's what you want then I'll focus on figuring out these kidnappings and make sure those responsible will be punished." Simon said with a serious tone in his voice.

"Great, and sorry for sounding improper, but as a Dad, you're a great one, if you and Betty have a kid, you have my permission to take as much time off as needed to raise the kid, I got Maite and possibly others here so it's not like I'll be alone right?" Marceline said while she chuckles a bit while winking at Maite.

Maite was blushing brightly when she heard that while Simon was a bit surprise from what Marceline said before he spoke up.

"Y-Yes well Betty and I haven't talked about it… yet but I have a feeling she may want one but thank you Milady. Maybe someday I'll see kids of your own. I do like the sound of being called grandpa."

Marceline blushed brightly at that before she said this.

"I-Idiot dad!, I haven't even found anyone to fit the position of husband yet, he'll have to have the required strength before he becomes a Vampire King, I mean it's not like I made easy for weak hunters to get to me after all." Marceline said while she really lost control of her emotions while she blushed brightly, so much so that Maite could have sworn her head looked like a tomato right now.

Maite was trying to hold herself back from giggling while Simon chuckled before he spoke.

"I didn't say you were milady. Though judging from the last batch of hunters, Finn and Emerald seems to be the only ones that have interesting strengths. It probably be too soon to say but I would consider them as placeholders for the time being… after you have your fun with Finn that is."

Marceline blushed a bit from that before she said this.

"Yeah well they still have other trials to pass before I make my choice, though Emerald has the sex department at least so I'll make sure Maite and I have plenty of fun with him while he's here, anyway I'll hang up now Simon, getting tired surprisingly enough and it looks like Maite is about to pass out." Marceline said while she looked at Maite who looked like she was actually about to do that.

"Very well. I'll make sure you both rest until Finn wakes up. Sleep well… my daughter."

Marceline smiles at that before she said this when she got ready to hang up.

"Good luck on the Hunt, Father." Marceline said before she hanged up on Simon and closed her eyes while snuggling up to Emerald's side while Emerald subconsciously moved to hold onto her and Maite and pulled the two in to snuggle with them.

Maite blushes brightly from that before she snuggles a bit towards Emerald's otherside before Maite said this to Marceline.

"G-Good night milady."

"Night Maite, hopefully we can give Emerald a wake up quicky if he wakes up as well, if not, you at least got a nice bedmate for a bit before he does his work in the castle, 24 hours after all, and I think… hmmm… 22 to go, so… minus 8 to 10 for sleep, and around 12 to 14 hours left, nighty night Maite." Marceline said before she closed her eyes and light snoring was heard from her, seems she was more tired then anyone would think.

Maite blushes knowing Emerald will be with them till the 24 hours are up before she closed her eyes before snoring a bit lightly as she snuggles up to Emerald again.

Meanwhile with Simon right after Marceline hanged up…

Simon was surrounded by corpses of many human like beings some werewolf like in nature with brown fur, some were ripped apart, some looked broken, some looked straight up glorified, some were humans with silver based items in similar states, all in all, it looked like Simon was in a fight just now but looked like he wasn't even harmed.

"Okay, clearly someone doesn't want me investigating this which means I'm very close to finding those kidnappers. Hopefully I'll find the women in time." Simon said.

However it seemed one of the werewolf's was barely alive and chuckles while coughing a few times which was odd given his predicament from the state of his body.

Simon had a raised eyebrow when he saw the wolfman before he walks forward and said this.

"Seems you're still alive… for the most part."

The Werewolf keeps chuckling and coughing before he spoke up when Simon got close.

"W-Well c-considering things… c-can you blame me… y-you v-vamps arn't the o-only ones with rankings here… I-I'm pretty sure y-you've heard of the three rankings for Werewolfs right… w-well… b-brown furs l-like us are t-the bottom of the barrel… barely stronger then Humans… f-from your strength…. Hehe… I-I know our boss can h-handle you… h-he's a b-black fur… the m-middle ranking in W-werewolf terms… hehe… a-and h-he studied up on… *Cough** Cough… you... all… m-mainly the Q-Queen h-here… since s-she's the most dangerous…" The Werewolf said before coughing up more blood while his body starts to feel cold but still had a bit of life left in him.

Simon glares at the wolfman before he uses one hand to grip his neck but not too much before speaking up.

"Listen you, I want answers. Why is your leader kidnapping women? And where are they being held? Tell me and I might consider letting you live."

The Werewolf just chuckles and coughed up more blood when he realized Simon couldn't tell he was dying from his wounds right now which told him that Simon lacked knowledge on how werewolves worked… or at least the higher tiered ones..., Werewolves were rumored to have regenerative abilities but that only worked from the black furs and up before he said this.

"I'm… just a grunt so… I don't know why the boss has ordered to kidnap women… b-but… I will say this… they make good bitches for us in the bedroom before we turn some of them into our kind... hehehe... *Cough**Cough*... *Cougaaagh*" The Werewolf said before he coughed up a lot of blood to Simon shock before the werewolf fell limp… dead…

Simon was silent for a moment before he throws the dead wolfman's body to the side before Simon growled this out while a dark red mist emits from him.

"Damn it all to the Nightosphere…" Simon growled out while the lighting in the room shown on Simon and the shadow on the wall while he was angered showed a demonic being of unknown nature that turned more demonic when he remembered the Werewolf saying things about making the women their bitches and then turning them…

"Marceline will not be happy when she hears this."

The scene then went to a different location far from the Village of Vampires to a really old pre mushroom war building, looked like some kind of Hotel that was falling into ruins and near the top in a certain room behind some fancy doors, a black furred werewolf who was larger than what one would expect was plowing a woman's pussy while she was on all fours, and while the Werewolf was enjoying himself, it looked like the woman wasn't which caused the Werewolf to grin since this woman was a mother to a Dhampir and was kidnapped from her home when the Husband, a full Vampire, took the kid out to play with other children, honestly with the way she acted, it was like she was naive or something and just let his men in and now here he was fucking her while she was trying to beg him to stop, granted his dick was massive so could have been that he beat her husband in size but eh...

The woman tries to fight back from moaning before she tries to speak up.

"P-Please… stop!... L-Let me… g-go!"

The Werewolf however chuckles while he keeps his thrusts up before he said this with a slight growl to his voice.

"You kidding bitch?, I'm liking how your pussy is gripping my cock, I wonder if your husband is satisfying you in the bedroom?, maybe I should show you that a werewolf can easily blow those low class lovers out of the water, once you go werewolf, it's hard to go back after all!" The Werewolf growled out before he leaned down and gripped the woman's breasts and gripped them hard before he starts to hump at a faster rate.

The woman groans a bit loudly before she said this.

"N-NO! I don't want to be one of you! I love my husband with all my heart!"

The Werewolf just grins before he said this when he leaned down to speak in her ear.

"Hooo… then why is your pussy trying to milk me for all I have?, you came multiple times on me after all." The Werewolf teased before he starts to lick the side of the woman's neck.

The woman shudders as she felt that before she tries move her neck away before speaking up.

"T-That's a lie! Y-You did something that… e-effected my body." She said as she keeps trying to fight back.

The werewolf however chuckles before he said this between thrusts.

"Maybe a little, you did eat quite a bit after all, certain spices that we werewolves have can cause a woman to go into heat, but the amount you took in was so little that all it did was get you warmed up, the rest was all me, so… try and tell me… is something this good so bad when you enjoy it?" The wolfman said while he keeps thrusting his hips and a knot starts to form at the base of his dick.

The woman groans a few times before she said this.

"I-I am… not e-enjoying… this! Just let me go! I want to see my husband and daughter again!"

"Hooo… well why not give them a surprise… when your carrying my pup and got a new form!" the Werewolf growled out while he thrusts harder and faster into the woman while he got closer and closer to orgasm.

The woman's eyes widen in shock when she heard that before she screams this out.


However the werewolf seemed to ignore the woman's pleas before the door to the room slammed open and a human looking man rushed into the room with a worried look on his face.

"Boss, we got some bad news." The goon said which made the werewolf stop his thrusts for a moment to give the goon a look that this better be good since this was interrupting his fun.

"I'm afraid that the goons that you sent are… all dead."

"Hmph, and I should care for a bunch of weaklings dying why?, I've told you brown furs time and time again to train like your lives depend on it, we're not in a simple Vampire's territory, were in the freaking Vampire Queen's territory and she's one of the strongest Vampires here, and I heard rumors that her butler is even stronger in some cases, if you all didn't expect the risk of dying then I don't know why I gave you weakings a chance, barely better than humans, then again there were a few cases of Brown furs having abnormal power and I was at least hoping a few of you had talent, but am I going to have to clean up your messes again?" The Werewolf growled out while he looked at the goon while he gave the goon a clear look that told him to fix things fast or expect a serious punishment, there were various bases and losing one, while not too bad since it could be replaced, was a set back since they have ample vantage points around the area for various purposes.

The goon pales before he spoke up.

"I-I'll make sure to fix it sir."

"Make sure that you do, and a warning… next time knock while I have the sign on the door... or I will have your head!" The werewolf growled out with serious power emitting from his body and his muscles bulge a little and his dick grew a little inside of the woman's pussy.

The woman groans when she felt that while the goon pales again before he said this.

"Y-Yes sir. I-I'll make sure to remember that. Very sorry."

"Good, now get the fuck out of here and take the Vampire Hunter's book that we got recently, use it to slow those Vamp's down if you have to, worked with keeping our bases hidden from them after all, so should help with weakening them right?" The Werewolf said while he points a clawed thumb at a old book on a table nearby before he said this to the woman.

"Now where were we?... ah yes… giving you a pup and a more desirable form!" The werewolf said before he starts to fuck the woman again while he had a fanged grin on his face.

The goon quickly went to grab the book and starts to run out of the room but he was still able to hear the poor woman screaming when she said this.


However the werewolf didn't care while he slowly leaned down and licked a certain part of her neck while his thrusts got more and more erratic while the knot on his dick swells a bit more as time went by.

The woman was now getting scared of what will happened before she tries to break herself free from the wolfman's grip.

However unlike the brown furred ones who had a tough time bringing her here, thanks to her kicks and what not after her mouth was bound, this Werewolf had no issue with holding her like he wanted, it was like his level of power was leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack before he said this with an amused tone.

"Hehe, I like a fiesty woman, makes me harder then ever." The werewolf said with a deep tone in her ear before he thrusts harder and harder to force the slowly growing knot into the woman, if nothing was done, then it would lock the woman in place after the knot fully grew.

The woman was now desperate before she tries to back kick the wolfman's balls.

However to her shock it seemed to only cause the Wolfman to thrust harder and harder while he said this to her with a grin on his face.

"Hehe, such light kicks, too bad for you even if they did work… I'm a masochist thanks to the regeneration I have so all you're doing is just working me up good now, we werewolves love a fighter… hope your a black fur, then again brown furs do love to please higher ranked wolves so either or works for me… now… about to... " The werewolf growled out before he got an unfocused look in his eyes while he opened his maw and clamped down on the woman's shoulder which drew blood while he forced the knot into the woman and he flooded her pussy with an insane amount of sperm.

"NOOOO!" The woman screams loud as she feels the wolfman's seed flooding her pussy before her body betrayed her as she felt her pussy clamp on the wolfman's dick before climaxing hard on it.

A moment later, the Woman's body starts to shift and morph while to the Werewolf's delight, the woman starts to shift slowly till she looked not only like an iconic werewolf, but more shaply and leith for a fitting female form but had black fur as well, granted even if she was now the same rank and what not as him, she was far too weak to be a threat right now while he rides out his orgasm.

The woman's eyes widen when she saw how her arms changed before realizing she became one of them before she said this after tapping off.

"Y-You fucking monster." She said before tears start to leak out of her eyes.

The werewolf however chuckles before he said this when he forced the woman onto her back after her shoulder healed and her enlarged breasts in werewolf form were seen, they were at least D to E so her initial size was around B to C before he said this.

"Well welcome to the Monster club then my dear since your just like me now… now time to see how long I can last compared to your Husband… FYI… my record is 5 hours of straight fucking without rest, why do you think we werewolves are physically gifted compared to magically gifted Vamps… we have vitality and strength that most would kill for…." The Werewolf said before he roughly pulled his dick free and slammed it back in to keep fucking the woman while she laid on her back and the werewolf leaned down and roughly gave her a kiss on her wolf like lips while he had his hands on her breasts, he was going to show this woman that since she was a werewolf now, he would show her who the Alpha was.

The woman, now wolfwoman, tries to pull away from the kiss as she tries to be defiant before she had this thought.

'No… I need to get away. Need to get back get to my family.'

The Wolfman saw the defiance in the eyes before getting amused when he keeps fucking her to show who the top dog was while the scene fades to black.

The scene now showed TME and Atomsk while they ride into town before TME said this when he got off the wagon and held the horses reins.

"Hey Atomsk, want to be quick and just give the readers a quick word while I tie up the horse?, I'll be back." TME said while he led the horse away which left Atomsk alone with the readers.

Atomsk looks to the readers before he spoke up.

"Welcome back everyone. Man did things get exciting in the story. I mean in the beginning we have Finn and his mom (the good parent), with Emerald tagging along, but that story will be explained later. Then came the challenges and Finn almost making a friend with that elf woman, who would be named later maybe next chapter or two. Man was Finn acting like a dick. Though I can't say that I blame him... entirely since the whole war with werewolves and vampires has that effect on him… hehe… reminds me of those "Underworld" movies. But on a serious note, Finn's anger on both races has greatly clouded his judgement on vampires so hopefully Marceline can give him a better wake up call than Emerald did. Speaking of which, hope you guys like the 3 way lemon between Marceline x Emerald x Maite. However just a reminder, just because the lemon between Emerald and Marceline was intense, doesn't mean that it's an automatic pairing. Way too soon for that and also Finn still hasn't got his hat in the ring yet so for now it's a race to see who gets the be the king/husband for our favorite Vampire Queen."

TME came back after a moment before he said this.

"Indeed, and the bit near the end with Simon and after that with the Werewolf is just the start of the drama bomb that Atomsk and I have planned… though instead of calling this story Vampire Queen and Vampire Hunter, why not call it Vampires and Werewolves?, simple right?, or maybe Demonic encounters?, more than Vampires and Werewolves to come after all." TME said while he grins at Atomsk when he gave the suggestion for the title change.

Atomsk had a thoughtful look on his face before he spoke up.

"Hmmm… hard to say… Just pick whichever works for the story."

"Alright, I'll go simple and just say Demonic Encounters for now, anyway we should end this outro so we can get to the next chapter, not only that I got us a few rooms at the inn here so we should get some rest as well." TME said while he points his thumb at the Inn nearby.

"Well that's good because… *Yawn*... I am pretty darn tired.

"Yeah, let's finish this so we can sleep and I can post this chapter." TME said while he looked to the readers with a grin.

"As you all can see, Atomsk and I are about to sleep so all I can say to you readers is this… see you later." TME said before the scene fades to black with TME and Atomsk heading into the inn to rest.

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