The Unknown in Ooo @emerald
Chapter 2

The scene opened to show TME and Atomsk while they were talking about the chapter to be.

"So… I reread the entire first chapter and everything, I'm ready for this chapter, may have lemons in it hehe, may not… quick pop Quiz Atomsk, how old is Finn here and what do you remember last chapter!?" TME quickly said while pointing dramatically at Atomsk.

"Uh I believe Finn is… 18?… and that Huntress met Wirt and then later the group were attacked by vampires and Marceline met her half brother." Atomsk said.

"In order, I checked and we have no definitive age for Finn, as for Huntress and Wirt, yes, as for the Vampires, Yes, and for Marceline meeting her half brother, also yes!... I give you a B+ unless you can give an accurate age for Finn here, if he is 17 or lower, can't use him for lemons yet, as for Emerald he is not going to be with Marceline and in case people forget, he is her half brother thanks to him being Dawn's kid and Marceline being Dawn's kid here… I also checked and yup, her name here as well so even after so many years we still had this name isolated here hehe… anyway to recap on what happened last with everyone… Huntress is traveling with Wirt to a location of a Dark soul… no relation to the game series… Marceline passed out after Hunson dropped the bombshell Wirt is her uncle or at least in a sense since biologically now that I think about it, its similar to a Finn and Bronwyn situation where Wirt would be Marceline's uncle in name only so… eh on the family tree there… and for Emerald… well he got done with talking with Dawn and stuff but will be heading to Saphira after… HOWEVER if you remember Atomsk there was a interesting idea we had for this and I'll give a hint if you can't remember… it involves RE 6… I'll take a minute for you to think on that." TME said while he sipped some diet soda.

Atomsk blinked a bit.

"We had a Resident evil idea for this?… I recall that we agree that Marceline would actually meet Emerald or someone else to the island of Vamps and Humans and Finn follows since we hinted at a possible Finnceline and what not."

"Well there is that though I forget if we gave details on where the home was since we did have the Vamps live underground last I checked with caverns and what not, but the RE 6 idea was parallel chapters, for example we went over what happened with Wirt and stuff correct?... this time we would focus on Finn and the people around him to help explain some things… ring any bells?... we can change things a bit in case I'm confusing you." TME said while he looks curious but worrisome if the idea was bad.

"Hmmm… may have to remind me again on that… though I recall you telling me that Huntress could be a reincarnation of… someone. Forgot who." Atomsk said.

"Hehe, good thing I reread things… I'll explain off screen since it could be a spoiler… instead of explaining more, why don't we get the chapter started and you follow along to see how it works and stuff." TME said while he suggests the idea for now.

"Yeah… let's do that since I'm trying to remember what else we talked about. Fucking haters… their fault for this hiatus." Atomsk said.

"Well more like we had other stories kicking in and what not." TME said when he clarified that they didn't work on this enough for haters.

"Yeah… but I feel like half of the blame goes to them." Atomsk said with a shrug.

"Maybe, for now, we should get started so…" TME said as the scene shifts to the past of sorts...


Currently the scene showed a rather… odd dream… there was nothing but a desert like area and Finn was panting as he walked along the ground while he dragged a heavy sword behind him.

"Oh Glob… I don't know how I ended up in this desert… or how I got this big sword." Finn said as he kept dragging it.

Finn than heard an odd foreboding chuckling around him… multiple chuckles from different sources…

"Huh?… Hello?… Who's there?" Finn said as he checks his surroundings.

The creepy chuckling was heard more as Finn got on guard and he saw that the sword in his hands… look demonic… unnerving… and felt… wrong… when it looked like some heavy bones with a familiar green flame on them and… Finn saw that his left arm after he got the sword before him was… a freaking skeletal arm that emits a familiar green foreboding energy making Finn's blood run cold as the chuckling got louder.

"W-What the Glob?!" Finn said before trying to drop the blade.

However he couldn't and the chuckling was heard all around Finn and he saw many beings similar to Billy who looked partially possessed by the Lich and in the middle of the group of 7… was the Lich who looks amused before he charged Finn and gripped him on the neck.

"Hello child." The Lich said before his face rushed towards Finn like a headbutt of sorts and Finn woke with a start.

Treefort/ reality/ Finn

"AHHH!" Finn yelled as he sat up on his bed with a cold sweat dripping down his face while he pants as he blinks… he had a nightmare it seems but it felt so real and looks at his human hand and clenched it a few times to make sure it was there while his vision flickered to a bony hand for a moment and Finn shook his head and looks to see a normal hand again.

"Oh thank Glob… it was a dream." Finn said as he had his head to his hands.

Though when he looks up he saw a skull before him making him shriek as he fell off the bed as comical laughter was heard.

"Hahahaha!... Oh man, that was a good prank." A familiar voice said as Finn managed to collect himself and avoids a heart attack when he saw that it was Jake the Dog who came around with a skull mask on his face.

"Jake… what the ball man?!" Finn said.

Jake leaned back after he removed the mask and tossed it away.

"Hehe, sorry man, couldn't resist the joke… I came to visit to see how you were doing and wanted to get a prank in for old times sake… something wrong dude?... you look palier than usual for a prank getting you." Jake asked while Finn would answer… but the dream with the Lich and stuff caused him to frown.

"N-No I'm good… just extra surprised by the prank man… good one… going to shower and stuff." Finn said as he moved to get in the bathroom to shower while Jake looked confused and sus about what just happened.

"Okay… that was weird." Jake said.

After this happened, Finn in the bathroom was showering more while he was alone with his thoughts.

'Glob… don't know what's wrong with me. Why am I having these dreams. Are they telling something that will happen?' Finn thought.

And seemingly to answer his question, a holo gem necklace Finn had while he was in the shower went off and Jake answered it for Finn and Bubblegum was surprised when she saw Jake.

"Jake?... what are you doing at the treefort?... I thought you lived with Lady and stuff?... just got done talking with Huntress Wizard after explaining that… makes me look bad." Bubblegum said while Jake rubs his head.

"Sorry?... anyway Finn is in the shower, need something Pbub?... I came to visit Finn and stuff." Jake said when he smiles at the princess.

"Well… I was gonna tell Finn that Huntress was investigating something at this strange forest." Bubblegum said as she told Jake what she knew.

After Bubblegum finished her story, Finn comically, with a towel wrapped around his waist kicked down the bathroom door and he had a determined look on his face.

"Not to worry Princess, give us directions and we will head to where Huntress is and help her!" Finn said and he quickly answered when Bubblegum and Jake look surprised.

"Finished my shower a minute ago, you underestimate how fast a guy like me can get clean with an enchanted showerhead… yoinked it from Wizard City and stuff and left the gold coins on a counter… pretty much has water that cleans you for you, saves on soap… no real scent but eh, the price to pay for fast cleaning." Finn said while he held his towel on his waist to keep an accident from happening.

Bubblegum blushes a bit as she clears her throat.

"R-Right… Once you get dress Finn, I want you and Jake to help assist Huntress. I'll give Jake the directions."

"Nice, before you give Jake the directions I'm going to towel whip him for that scare earlier." Finn said as Jake looks confused when Bubblegum closed her eyes.

"Wait wha-OW!" Jake said as Bubblegum opens her eyes to see Finn putting the finishing touches on his towel to give him some modesty after hearing a whipping sound while Jake rubs his reddened bum.

"OK… had that coming and stuff… anyway princess the directions please." Jake asked while his butt slowly returned to normal in coloring.

Bubblegum took a few minutes to explain to the duo where to Huntress.

Finn nods his head after hearing it.

"Okay PB. We'll call you once we find Huntress Wizard."

Bubblegum nods her head as she ends the call… after that the scene showed Finn and Jake, with Finn dressed while he was riding Jake and the duo were making it to where Huntress was.

Currently they heard some panicking voices and when they got to the exit of the place Huntress and Wirt at this time were going to, they heard this.

"Mercy?... you attack us with a war machine and you expect mercy from me?... something you call a monster?" Wirt said while he and Jake didn't know the context and Jake saw the downed bandit boss and well… after sending a massive fist towards Wirt which knocked him away… the scene showed the stuff from last chapter happened with Huntress getting onto the duo for the sudden attack, the bit with Wirt's moral code, and the scene showed Finn while he was waiting with Wirt for Huntress and Jake to follow but he had enough time to have a thought about what happened just now as Wirt stands there silently.

'Okay… maybe I judged this Wirt guy too soon. But… I still think there should be a fair trial for some people. Though it looks like Wirt won't listen to me and call me crazy but… I got a weird feeling that Huntress is agreeing with him and will do it a lot from here on.'

After this happened, after Huntress and Jake joined Wirt and Finn, they moved to the treefort and after Wirt looks at the treefort.

"... Personally… sometimes I wonder if I'm still in a half dead state and this is all just some kind of dream… hard to tell when so many amazing beings pop up one after the other… and I get the feeling more will appear soon… like this tree for instance… for some reason I can tell its content… like its lived a full life sheltering its inhabitants over the years and as long as it did its job… it wouldn;t mind if it was sacrified to protect them... " Wirt said like he was in his own world right now and as Jake went to explain things, Finn had another thought when he looks at the treefort a moment later as Wirt starts to walk towards the candy Kingdom.

'The second he mentions something about a dream, I'm reminded of the dream I had… though with the way Wirt spoke… do I have something… inside of me too?' Finn thought.

This caused Finn to shudder when he heard the Lich's laughter echo in his mind and he shook that off as he followed the group more… after Finn experienced things with the Gumball guardians and then the talk with Wirt, after Finn left to help some maids, Marceline followed after him a minute later when she wanted to make sure he was OK.

Marceline also noticed something off about the human.

"Hey Finn, you feel okay?"

Finn sighs when he walked next to Marceline.

"Not sure, I'm not trying to cause issues but that Wirt guy… for some reason he pushes a lot of my buttons." Finn said when he had his hands behind his head.

"Really? How so?" Marceline said.

"You heard him… he talked about dark souls and stuff and PB may need to watch out with him." Finn said while he looks at Marceline.

"Well I'll admit that he's… odd and I do sense some dark magic on him but let's at least give him the benefit of the doubt. He hasn't caused Bonnie any harm." Marceline said.

"Maybe… but what if…" Finn tried to say as a Gumball guardian speaks.

"Evil presence detected!" A gumball guardian said and while Finn and Marceline would have shrugged it off as Wirt getting them worked up into a habit, they knew Bubblegum wouldn't let them say that about Wirt as long as she welcomed him and the duo rushed back to see Bubblegum running outside of the Castle and followed her… a minute later the group ran to see many people like banana guards rushing out to see Wirt looking at a cloaked figure… and after the incident with the Vampires that showed themselves and left… Finn was now laying in a guestroom after Bubblegum invited him to rest up for now while Finn thought about what Emerald said about training and stuff… Finn couldn't even react to Emerald's speed and even if he did… he could have attacked others around… Finn sounded pretty stupid since Emerald made him look bad and Finn growls while rubbing his head.

'Can't believe I let this happened. I'm supposed to be a hero and I somehow ended up getting beaten before I could fight by a few seconds.' Finn thought since Emerald had a hand on Marceline's shoulder and he let her go thanks to a whim on his end...

After this he left the room and saw Marceline heading to a kitchen while she was looking for something.

"Hey Marcy. You looking for something." Finn said.

"Yeah, need to get bug milk so I can speak with my dad about that Wirt guy, if you're curious about that link, ask Bonnie more details… I also need to tell my dad about my mom being alive… and remarried it seems." Marceline said when that talk would be awkward for her…

"You wanna to talk about it?" Finn said.

"Hmmm… maybe later… for now I got one drama bomb to talk with… AKA my dad and hopefully he won't try and invade Ooo to get to my mom… pretty sure the Vamps are enough as is… don't want a demonic army as a third party right?" Marceline said when she rubs her head.

That's when Finn remembers what Emerald said.

"So… are you actually thinking of… taking Emerald's offer to go see your mom?"

"I… honestly don't know… I mean sure it could be a trap but he did say I could bring that Wirt guy to make it not seem trap like… I mean you saw how that Wirt guy fought and beats that Vampire guy before his leader ally helped him so Wirt isn't a weak guy." Marceline said while she crossed her arms a bit.

"That is true… though maybe I should come with you too." Finn said.

"Maybe next time with my dad, pretty sure when he hears about this he will be a bit… soul sucky and you know how hard it will be to keep my dad under control and stuff, you can tag along but better make sure to get ready to run the moment he locks onto you." Marceline said and chuckles when Finn pales… though he was reminded more of that dream he had with the Lich charging at him than a fear of Hunson at the moment… but was still horrifying.

"R-Right… need to run… fast." Finn said.

"Yeah… anyway I'll just head on ahead and give my dad the news, if he is good to go I'll come back and invite you, think of me scouting things out and stuff." Marceline said when she smiles at Finn in a calm and cute way.

Finn lightly blushes from that smile.

"We'll still… be careful Marcy."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine Finn, my dad maybe many things but he wouldn't harm me… especially after that amulet bit we went through." Marceline said as she moved to kiss Finn on the cheek to calm him before she left the surprised Human behind while he had a now happy dazed look on his face as he touched where Marceline kissed him.

"I'm never washing this cheek again." Finn said.

Though comically a Candy maid came by and she squirts some water from a squirt bottle on Finn's face.

"Oh let me do that for you then." The Candy woman said as she used a rag to clean Finn's face and she walked away with a hum while Finn had a dropped jaw at what just happened… was Glob mocking him!?

"Oh come on Glob! Let me have this!" Finn said.

Up above… a lone featureless figure on a cloud grins as they watched Finn.

"Sorry but I'm having too much fun messing with you human… though when you hit 18… hehe… so many women in mind for you for my and the onlookers amusement." The featureless figure said before grinning at the readers.

Meanwhile after Marceline left… the scene went to the present with Wirt and Huntress as they approached a building that Wirt's lantern led them to.

"So Huntress… is that your real name or is that just a thing people call you?" Wirt asked while he looks at Huntress… he deflated a bit to not be as bulky but was still bulky enough to cause real damage if he and Huntress were attacked.

Huntress was quiet for a moment.

"People know me as Huntress but… I only reveal my real name to those I can… truly trust. Not saying anything bad to Finn and the others but… the only people that knows my true name are my mothers."

"I see, guess I won't know than for a long time if you never told your friends… anyway we're about to enter a base of a Dark soul… last chance to back out since it could get ugly." Wirt said when he looks at Huntress with a serious look in his eyes.

Huntress had a stoic look.

"I'm not afraid of a challenge."

"I see… well lets go." Wirt said as he approached the door to the building which had a foreboding aura… Wirt didn't have much of a reaction from the mothers thing but inside his head.

"Mothers?... was there an S at the end or did I hear things?... she adopted or something?" Wirt thought while he had a mentally curious look on his mental face.

"Who knows… unless women found a way to actually have what men have. Though if you two get further into this… hehe… partnership, better hope she doesn't have one." The Beast said follow by a chuckle.

Wirt nearly fell on the ground from that but managed to make the fall look intentional when he placed his hand on the door and Wirt would have to crouch down to enter anyway and when he opened the door… he frowns when he saw blood and guts all over the place… the floor… walls… ceiling… hell… it was like something straight from a nightmare when it looked like so many people were killed and even Huntress's normally stoic look broke when she saw how much gore and blood was around with skeletons were around while they look… shattered?… hell the dripping blood looked even fresh when it dripped from the ceiling and stuff.

"My Glob." Huntress said.

"Told you this would get ugly… the dark soul here from what my lantern can sense is a high tier sicko…" Wirt said when he entered the building and ignored the blood dripping on him and the blood he walked through… Huntress thankfully had a hood so she could ignore the blood dripping down to the floor.

Huntress also tried to stay clear from the blood on the floor as she follows Wirt but stayed on guard.

Though Huntress was unable to when she followed Wirt into the basement when the Lantern led him down there and Huntress heard crying from some women and kids as mad kackling was heard while Wirt had his Axe at the ready.

Huntress had a narrow eyes look as she ready her bow and magic arrows.

When the duo moved to get by a door to a lower area… they saw a sickening sight with many people in cages while they came onto a crazed looking man who was fondling a bound woman's breasts but frowns when he didn't like what he felt and before Wirt or Huntress could do much, she screams when she was charged with magic and well… she explodes into blood, guts, and a skeleton which fell to the ground and shattered which explains the blood and stuff above… there was two younger women and an older woman who looked shocked at what they saw while Wirt frowns as he really didn't like what he saw and smacked his axe against some stones in the basement to get the mans attention and he gave the duo a crazed look when he saw them but grins at Huntress mainly.

"Who the fuck are you and why are you interrupting my sacred mission!?... though I should thank my lord and master that a new woman is here to help with the sacred choice!" the crazed man said while Wirt wondered if the man was on something for saying that.

Huntress was now glaring at crazed man.

"I don't know what your deal is you fucking sicko but we're gonna save these ladies. So back away… or I'll shoot this arrow to where the sun don't shine."

The man laughed with madness in his eyes as he smashed his fist into the ground without breaking his fist and thanks to some unknown magic, the ground under Wirt and Huntress rumbles before the ground broke apart with a massive sandtrap opening under the duo, Wirt used a quick movement to shoot roots from his body and they latched at the edge of the sandtrap and worked to have Wirt hover over the trab while he moved to hold Huntress with one arm while she sat on his forearm… Wirt used his axe holding hand to throw his axe with great force and the man had to dodge to the side at the last second and well… many had dropped jaws when Wirt's axe busts through the wall and into a hidden area with a well… looks like a hidden torture room with many bodies hanging from hooks… honestly Wirt would have figured this would be the man's home and he kidnapped women… but no… the surprised look on his face… the fact Wirt and Huntress had so much blood being seen above on the way here all blown up and not tortured like this… honestly something wasn't adding up right now… and his lamp was going nuts while the Beast was getting a bit excited when the Beast felt more than one Dark soul here…

"Oh finally this is getting good. So many dark souls… Hehe, this will be a great feast." Beast said.

Wirt frowns and would have questioned things… but the only living beings besides Huntress and him were the remaining women and Wirt frowns when he glanced at them… he was able to tell that the elder woman seemed to have some kind of issue but given she was tied up with the two younger women, Wirt focused on the man for now who glared at Wirt and Huntress while he looks just as confused but would finish things here… Huntress on her end when she saw the room…

Huntress almost wanted to throw up from the sight of so much blood but she kept her cool as the mad man rant.

"You fools were supposed to be killed! Though no matter, my master will grant me power to kill you both. Well maybe that annoying wooden guy. I'll say that leafy bitch for my amusement." He said with a crazed grin.

Wirt rolls his eyes when he realized the man was a low tier if insane grunt it seems… he ignored the women for now as he lifts his hand and recalled his axe.

"We will see." Wirt said when he threw Huntress forward in the air to give her a perfect shot for the man while Wirt got out of the sandtrap.

Huntress was a bit surprised but took this chance as she starts firing her arrows at the man.

The Man dodged the hits for a bit as he lifts his arms and earthen spikes shot from the ground and smashed the arrows which busted the rocks… though two rocks managed to get by but while Huntress was able to avoid the hit with a good turn in the air… her mask and top was ripped off her body showing D cup breasts and a nearly flawless face but with a scar over her nose and right eye… nuff said Wirt blushed big time when he saw this.

"Hehehe… nice." The madman said.

Huntress blinked before she felt a chill on both her breasts… and face.

"You bastard!" She said as she covers her breasts but couldn't do the same for her face since she won't see.

Though that didn't stop the grinning madman from charging Huntress but a large foot going by Huntress surprised her when Wirt kicked the man in the family jewels and away from the duo through a wall into another torture room with more bodies and Wirt had a raised eyebrow as he looks at Huntress.

"We can worry for modesty after we get out of here… if you want leave him to me… keep an eye on those ladies… that man has a different method of killing and and the bodies in these rooms are not blown up…" Wirt said in a low tone to not let the tied up ladies hear what he said as Wirt passed Huntress a few leaves since he heard Huntress could make clothing from leafs and Wirt made a few for her.

Huntress blushes as she took the leaves from Wirt.

"Make sure he suffers greatly."

Wirt nods as he walked by Huntress with a serious look on his face.

"You don't look bad without the mask though… quite beautiful even." Wirt said though he was surprised when Huntress in her embarrassment actually shot an ass cheek of his with a freaking arrow and he looks back at Huntress with a twitching eyebrow like asking why… just… why?... but was surprised when he heard this.

"Y-You… perverted… tree man!" Huntress said with a bright blush on her maskless face while Wirt blinks as the Beast laughed his ass off in Wirt's mind.

"Oh man… you sir are in big trouble." Beast said as he laughs more.

Wirt was confused by this as Huntress moved to cover herself while Wirt ignored the arrow in his ass since the madman was chuckling as he pulled himself from the room with a couple meat hooks in his hands like he was dual wielding weapons now.

"This is rich. Once I get rid of you. I will have some interesting fun… with that wood nymph. Maybe I'll force her into a bond." The mad man said.

"Bond?... you lost me… lets just say I'm new to Ooo from sleeping for awhile… as old as Marceline but let's just say I'm behind the… what's the word… the hip times?" Wirt said and smirks when he heard the crazed man groan.

"No one says hip times man. Either way, I'm getting rid of you old timer." The man said before before he launches his attack.

Wirt shrugged when that didn't explain things and he moved to swipe at the madman while saying this as the madman backed up fast when he felt something bad with the axe.

"Good instinct as twisted as they are… one good hit is all I need to turn you into ink for my Lantern… as insane as you are… know of the Forest beast?" Wirt said while getting his evil grin to see if he could intimidate the crazed killer.

The crazed man blinks before his eyes widened.

"Wait… Lanturn and axe… y-you're the beast?!"

"Indeed...and I hunt guys like you… such delicious souls for my Lantern… honestly makes it hard for me to hold myself back in killing you with my Axe." Wirt said while he enjoyed the fear on the man's face.

"N-No… you can't be real." The man said as he backs away.

"What?... think I'm just a delusion of your mind?... wouldn't blame you for that given the situation you were in… but reality isn't kind sometimes… now since you know what I can do… lets see what you can really do… fight for your life… do whatever it takes… but know I won't stop till your ink burning in my lantern." Wirt said with his looks getting more demonic with each word.

The man was so scared now, he actually starts trying to run away.

This caused Wirt to sigh since he was having fun but a quick and well aimed throw of his axe quickly hits the man square in the back making the man cough up blood as he fell to the ground while Huntress was surprised by the lack of ink.

This was answer when Wirt moved to pull his axe from the barely alive man's back.

"I can turn the enchantment off making it a normal axe… figured you would want payback first before I end him and stuff… I'll let you finish this guy off but only within an inch of his life… anything else is OK… can't turn the dead into ink after all." Wirt said while he smiles a little at Huntress when he saw her face again… he didn't know why she was hiding it and stuff… must be a cultural thing.

Huntress blushes a bit but glares at the crazed man before she starts shooting some arrows into the man's body.

But she made sure that the crazed man stays alive.

As the man screams in absolute agony when he was hit in places no man should be hit… Wirt frowns as he walked to the three tied up women and Huntress saw this as Wirt held his lantern near the trio… it didn't react near the younger women but with the elder woman… his lantern shook like no one's business.

"Hmmm… so you're the owner of this place I take it… that man may be an intruder and a killer so I doubt he would do much with those bodies like hanging them on meat hooks… mind explaining since those bodies are way to fresh… maybe… you're more than you look Vampires?" Wirt shocking said when he looks at the trio.

Huntress blinks as the elder woman frowns.

"What gave it away?"

"My lantern can tell good souls from evil souls… I'm guessing these two are newbies or daughters given the similar looks… first off I've seen what that guy does when Huntress and I came down here and he blew up a woman… the victims didn't hang themselves on meat hooks to get drained of blood… not gonna lie, given your looks, you probably lured people in and tricked them… pretty sure you tried the same with this guy here but he turned the tables… I'm guessing you were going to break free and kill that guy after I weakened him more or less… and since you and your daughters didn't react to that woman getting killed earlier, must have been a victim of bad timing from one bad situation to another… need I go on?... as for why my lantern didn't react to your daughter's… either they didn't know and just drank blood like it was a drink or if they did know, they kept quiet if you taught them that that this was the only way to live… either way, would explain by those 10 Vamps knew where Marceline was… scouts for the enemy Vampire Queen I take it?" Wirt said while he rests his axe on his shoulder.

The woman frowns more.

"I deny nothing. That so-called Queen deserves it for what she put my people through."

"And yet Here you are before a guy who can kill you in an Instant, and that reasoning is rich given the hanging bodies of various people here… thought the color red was edible and stuff… guess your one or those old schoolers I heard about who may have survived?... well no matter, I may not kill your daughters if they are your daughters but I can end you… however I will make a deal if you want to prolong your life a bit longer… hey Huntress you done torturing that guy here?" Wirt said when he looks at Huntress who got done with castrating the man who screams in absolute agony while Wirt shuddered at the sight… him and the beast both…

"Oh yeah… I'm done with him. Though you and I need to talk right after this." Huntress said with her arms crossed.

"Uhhh… sure?" Wirt said when he used a root to pool the screaming man to the Vampire woman.

"Drain him till he is nearly dead… if you want to survive, you'll have to fight me at your best, if you manage to get away, you're free to go… if not… your ink." Wirt said when he waits for the Vampire woman to break free from her bindings.

The Vampire Woman glares at Wirt for a bit.

"Fine." She said.

After this happened, she broke free with a quick flex of her arms and she moved to bite the man on the neck and drained him of plenty of blood… this made her moan while her body felt strengthened and as the man shrunk like he was drying out, she stopped as the man was barely alive and Wirt used his axes enchantment to turn the man into ink and the ink was drained into the axe for later use… the two beings eyes one another with serious looks on their faces.

The two girls were concerned.

"B-Be careful mother." One said.

The elder Vampire woman frowns when she looks at Wirt more while he was ready to strike… for Wirt, even if it was for her daughters, from the state the bodies were in, the mortals died in agony or close to it… so even if the daughters despised him he would end the mother as he got in a striking stance.

It was only a second before the Vampire Woman charges at Wirt.

Wirt used some quick dodge to barely dodge a swipe from the Vampiress and he used a quick punch to knock her into the air and tried to swing his axe at her but she dodges at the last second though Wirt blinks and blushed when his axe pretty much ripped the front part of the mother Vampires dress off and well… Wirt got a bit of an eyeful when he saw large C to D cup breasts and stuff before him.

The Vampiress blinks before her eyes widened when she saw the state her dress.

"My dress?!" She said as Huntress had a half lidded look.

"Really Wirt?"

"Hey to be fair, that guy was the one who did the deed with you with ripping your outfit, she dodged my attack, not my fault she moved like that and my Axe got her dress." Wirt said while he blushed more when he looks at the Vampiress but blushed more when the Vampiress didn't cover herself to try and get Wirt to trip up when he seemed shy around women.

"Enough talking… continue this fight!" The Vampiress said before she charges at Wirt again which comically made her breasts bounced.

Wirt blushed more from this as he blocked a few hits from the Vampiress with his axe while trying to not look at The Vampiress's breasts making Huntress roll her eyes as she used her magic to make powerful roots around the Vampiress, pinning her in the air but comically a couple wrapped around the Vampiress breasts… this made Wirt give Huntress a half lidded look in turn like he was asking really on his end visually.

"Oh don't give me that look. You were the one that had trouble fighting since you didn't want to look." Huntress said.

"Hey at least it was an accident, you on the other hand…" Wirt said before he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Ok… this is getting ridiculous… look mrs… Vampiress?... I'll make you a deal… if you use a royal promise to not harm people as you have and drain red and stuff, I'll let you go since I got the main Dark Soul I came from… would have continued but considering how… comical things got… may have to save things for later and stuff." Wirt said when he lost the drive to fight the Vampiress for now.

The Vampiress grumbles.

"Fine… I Royal Promise to not harm any person that crosses my path."

"Good… Huntress you can let her go and stuff… I'll handle the dead bodies here…." Wirt said as he raised his lantern holding hand and any roots shot up to the dead bodies and pulled them down from the meat hooks and what not into the ground to bury them.

Huntress nods her head before she releases the Vampiress on the floor.

When that happens, Wirt used a set of vines to bring the daughters to him and saw that they were adults as well.

"I'll let you two go but know that If you two do anything, I'll come for you… situation aside I took on a Vampire named Gerald and I barely tried against your mother… just to let you know… this is my 15% form right now… I took him on with 40% power." Wirt said as he used a hand to grip the ropes and with his muscles flexing, he ripped the ropes off effortlessly.

The daughters were shocked when they heard as was the Vampiress but she was more shocked at the percentage.

"What?… You were holding back?!"

"Ask Huntress, she saw me fight that Gerald guy with a stronger body more or less." Wirt said while he sets the daughters on their feet and they got a good closeup of seeing his powerful body and seems seeing their mother and Huntress caused a large root to form in his pants… right… a root…

The daughters noticed as Huntress rolls her head.

"Wirt…" She said as she points at Wirt's pants.

"Huh?" Wirt said as he looks down and blushed as he turned to look away and looks at Huntress.

"I'll meet you outside…" Wirt said as he left the basement.

"Okay… despite what you saw, he wasn't bluffing. Wirt was very strong when he fought Gerald." Huntress said.

The three Vampiress's were surprised as Huntress turned to leave, though she looks back to say this.

"Oh and just to let you know, Marceline will hear about this later make no mistake there but the promise with Wirt as well, so in a nutshell Wirt just helped your daughters not lose a mother's… better thank him later if he comes back… oh and good luck cleaning the blood around your home." Huntress said as she left the trio alone.

The daughters sighed in relief before they look at their mom to see if she was okay.

The mother was frowning but she sighs as she looks at her daughters.

"Guess we should get cleaning… one of you get me a new dress and we can start." The Vampiress said as the scene went to Wirt as he waits for Huntress to arrive and he blinks… when he saw her wearing a paper bag on her head that had holes cut into it.

"Uhhhh…" Wirt said when he didn't expect that while she had a new shirt on.

"My mask is destroyed so this is the best solution." Huntress said though you can't tell but she was frowning.

"I see… again… not my fault… so… want to leave now to head back to the candy Kingdom or continue for two next dark soul?" Wirt asked while he wondered what Huntress was thinking so far and she did want to speak with him later… Just the two of them now.

"Alright… but to remind you, you and I need to have a talk since you don't know what has happened." Huntress said.

"What?, seeing your face?, not sure whats so bad about that, you looked beautiful, if it's the scars they gave you a nice battle hardened type of look." Wirt said when he moved to walk where his lantern was directing him.

Huntress was blushing brightly from the compliment.

'If only you knew Wirt. If only you knew.' She thought before following Wirt.

after a few hours with the group getting close to the Fire Kingdom territory when Wirt's lanturn led him this way, the duo had set up camp and Huntress went to hunt for some food and as Wirt set up camp… after a bit, Huntress returned with a large boar like monster to gut and what not.

"Alright. I'm back with food." Huntress said before she starts gutting the creature.

As Huntress worked to do that, Wirt brought over some branches and stuff to help set up a campfire and as he sharpened his axe against a rock, some sparks caused the campfire to light up and as the sun had set at this time, the Campfire gave a beautiful glow that lit up the area.

Huntress noticed it as she kept working on the boar before she starts cooking it.

After Huntress finished cooking, she and Wirt were eating the food while Wirt hums at the taste.

"Not bad… If you had a husband or wife or mate or whatever… well they would be a happy person thanks to your good food." Wirt said to compliment Huntress a bit.

Huntress was quiet after hearing that.

"Yeah… well now that we're alone. I need to talk to you about what happened earlier."

"About what?" Wirt asked when he looks at Huntress while he used a leaf to wipe his lips clean.

"About my mask being destroyed and how you and that crazed bastard saw my face." Huntress said.

"What?, that guy is dead and I've been calling you pretty and stuff, unless there is a culture thing where complimenting your face offends you, my apologies, I'll stop and stuff… sorry for seeing your body as well but again… that time was that crazed bastard, not me." Wirt said while he remembered the crazed guy doing the damage there.

"It's not the compliment." Huntress said before sighing.

"There's this… thing my people have. See… wood nymphs like me make a bond with… someone that can be a strong mate and… only they can be allowed to see their faces when alone. Now if I'm not bonded with anyone and someone… like you saw my face, I would have to… well kill them."

Wirt was surprised by that and he just raised an eyebrow.

"Ok… first off… that's pretty dumb… I only saw your face by accident… we could pretend that I never saw your face… as for you killing me… you really think you can do that?, I mean aside from making me a mate of yours, no other way out and we just met." Wirt asked with a raised eyebrow since Huntress saw what he could do and he always kept his lantern with him in his hand or on a high root under his control so Huntress couldn't take control of it.

"Look I don't make the rules and whether or not it was an accident, you still must take responsibility, especially since the that fucker is dead. Besides, not like we're getting married." Huntress said.

Wirt raised an eyebrow and he just said this.

"And aside from death, you're pretty much forcing me to be your mate more or less… I'm not sure with you against Marriage it seems but know if you do this, I won't cheat and stuff, I lived hundreds of years… I may not be… hip with this generation of people… but an old dog like me can learn knew tricks, know what I am saying?" Wirt said while the Beast groans in his head at the bad hip lingo Wirt used.

"Enough with that crap." Beast said as Huntress rolls her eyes.

"Look, maybe I'll let it slide if it helps you. Though should let you know that even if we do bond, I won't stop you from sleeping with other ladies. In Ooo, you can have other sex friends… or a harem."

Wirt and the Beast both blink making Wirts eyes flickered between the usual rainbow color and white color.

"Come again?" Wirt said when he wondered if he and the Beast heard things.

Huntress raised an eyebrow.

"I'm assume you mean the harem part, right?"

"More or less…. Just a reminder I became part or the Beast when I was a kid and rarely got with women… last was about a couple hundred years ago… so the harem thing threw me off… but uh… where I was from… there was a thing called marriage… isn't that a thing in Ooo or did things change when I was in the Unknown?" Wirt asked while the Beast was berating him for trying to not get a harem and stuff.

"Well actually, marriage still happens but there are times that most people can have a harem. Makes sex quiet more interesting." Huntress said.

"I uh… see… but what about you, say I agree… what about your feelings about this?" Wirt asked with a concerned look since even if the situation was forgotten about, Huntress wouldn't that's for damn sure.

"Well I'm not one for romance. But like I said, if we did form a bond, it won't bother me if you claim another lady or two. Plus I'm no stranger when it comes to… having fun with others, whether be another male… or female." Huntress said.

"Uhhhh… I see?... mind letting me take a moment to think about this?" Wirt asked while he looks a bit nervous.

Huntress shrugs.

"Go right ahead."

Wirt nods before he zoned out… and heard the Beast comically chewing him out in no time.

"What are you doing to yourself. This fine piece of ass is telling some good stuff. Not to mention she's willing to let you form a 'bond' of sorts." Beast said.

"And do you know what this bond entails?... ever consider that this bond may have her effected by you thanks to you being linked with me?, what if she turns into Edelwood or something?" Wirt counters as he remembered what happened when he merged with the Beast.

"There's no way that can happen… I think. It's not like she'll be like you since she's a plant being already." Beast said.

"Maybe… I'll inform her of the possibility and see what she says… but know I warned you, she could turn into Edelwood and last I remembered… the body you possessed last time didn't look good… no offense." Wirt thought as he looks at Huntress.

"Got two questions before I say my answer to this… they are serious so no sas or anything like that since it deals with you and your health." Wirt said while he had a serious look on his face.

Huntress blinks a bit before playing along.

"Okay, what is it?"

″First off, not sure what this Bond entails but there maybe a chance your body could be altered by the Beast thanks to this bond… it's not just me in here, the Beast is here and there could be side effects, you OK with risking that?" Wirts asked when he reminded Huntress about the Beast and stuff.

Huntress was thoughtful on her answer.

"Well I never heard of bond where a nymph's body is altered by their mate's physique. But only thing I would feel is your emotions and what not."

"I see… though you may feel double and stuff with him as a plus one… but have any wood nymphs bonded with a guy like me?" Wirt asked while he got to his second question.

"Hmmm… well I wouldn't say a guy like you but there are these beings called Trents. They're basically big walking trees." Huntress said.

"Ah…" Wirt said though he had an amused thought.

"Relatives I bet?" Wirt thought to the Beast to mess with him.

"Oh haha." Beast said with a half lidded look.

"Still… you really want to take a risk with me?, we barely know one another and stuff… I mean I don't even know your true name." Wirt said when he looks at Huntress since she said only those close to her know her name and even Finn and others didn't know it.

Huntress was quiet for a bit.

"It's Dusk."

Wirt blinks as he looks at Huntress or Dusk.

"What?... Dusk?" Wirt asked when he wondered if he heard right.

"Yeas, that's my real name. I was born on the time of dusk so my mothers decided to name me from that." Dusk said.

"I see… well Dusk… guess with that move of trust, it would he rude of me to decline so why don't I ask properly… after you remove that bag since it would be really odd asking this to a Wood Nymph with a bag on her head." Wirt said as he looks at Dusk with an amused look.

Dusk rolls her eyes before she removes the bag from her head.

when that happened, Wirt moved to get before Dusk and got on one knee.

"Dusk… would you make me a happy man and bond with me?" Wirt asked like he was proposing to Dusk all of a sudden.

Dusk blinks a bit at the gesture.

"Okay… I can't fault you for doing that but you didn't have to propose like that."

"Hey if I have to spend my life or a supposedly immortal life with someone, may as well do it right with my first and possibly only wife and mate… will need a ring later and stuff but that can be done later." Wirt said when he gave Dusk a surprisingly gentle smile.

Dusk lightly blushes a bit.

"W-Well… a ring isn't necessary. There's actually ritual when forming a bond."

"Oh really?, is it a blood ritual or something or is it purely magical?" Wirt asked when he looks curious about this bond ritual.

"A bit of both… What we do is make… and then we both add a bit of our own blood… once we put them in a cauldron it's done." Dusk explained.

"I see… well need a necklace to make than… good thing we are near the Fire Kingdom but how would we get in?, sure I could use some oil to get in if I axe a flame person or whatever they are if they are evil but my Lantern isn't getting anything near us and-!" Wirt starts to say as he turned from Dusk and as that happens, Dusk undressed behind Wirt and stuff and when he turned around he got wide eyes when he saw Dusk in the nude.

"U-Uh…… Dusk… what are you doing?" Wirt asked as Dusk rolls her eyes.

"Need to make sure to get the rust shaken off you so may as well have tier 15 here and now, will have to do it soon and stuff so why not?" Dusk said while the Beast with Wirt's eyes got one hell of an eyeful of her body.

"Oh heck yes. I'll tell you, her body is much better then the old woodsman's daughter." Beast said.

Before Wirt could respond, Dusk used a foot to kick him on the shoulder and knocked him onto his back and Dusk licks her lips as she approached Wirt while he looks confused and blushed when he saw her swaying hips.

"W-Why the kick?" Wirt said as he kept blushing.

"Simple, with a guy as shy as you, may as well take the lead, so lose the clothing and go as nature intended or I'll rip if off you." Dusk said while teasing Wirt with Roots being summoned near her while the Beast was enjoying this immensely in Wirts head at how… mate like Dusk was now.

"Hehe… better do what your… new wife says kid." Beast teased.

Wirt blushes before he starts removing his clothes but did felt nervous.

After he undressed, he stood in the nude before Dusk and she saw he was taller than her, had decent muscles, and had one massive cock of 11 inches in length and 2 in width.

"Not bad… nice cock size for starters… may use some oil later to see if you can make a real monster cock later… for now… ever get a serious deepthroating?" Dusk asked when she knelt before Wirt and licks his cock to help get it hard and she starts to suck it as it slowly got hard in her mouth.

Wirt shudders a bit from the licking.

"W-Well… not really."

Dusk chuckles and she adjusts her body and Wirt and the Beast were surprised when they watched Dusk actually deepthroat Wirts cock to the base a few times while her tongue ran across the cock during that movement as she bobs without gagging on Wirt's cock.

"W-Whoa!" Wirt said with a surprise look before he starts groaning.

Dusk mentally chuckles before she fondles Wirt's balls to really get him to feel good.

Wirt groans a few more times as felt that. Even Beast was enjoying it.

"Oh man… she's good." He said.

"Y-Yeah… fuck… definitely not like past ladles." Wirt thought as his cock throbs in Dusk's mouth.

Dusk felt the throbbing before she really bobs her head faster and harder while making slurping sounds.

It didn't take long for Wirt to grit his teeth when he felt his climax about to hit him but he used his hand to grip Dusk's branch antlers and held her head steady when he came hard inside of her mouth with great force.

Dusk was surprised by how much cum Wirt let out before she starts drinking it down.

By the time Wirt rode out the overly long overdue orgasm, Dusk's stomach was a bit bloated and Wirt lets go of Dusk's horns to let her breath and stuff after 30 seconds… man he was not backed up anymore thats for sure.

Dusk was able to drink down the rest of Wirt's cum before she takes her mouth off of his cock.

"Wow… you're really backed up."

"H-Hehe… yeah… wow it's been awhile… sorry for the horn thing Dusk… got a bit rough." Wirt said when he saw how bloated Dusk's stomach was but he blinks when Dusk snapped her fingers and after she glowed, she was back to normal.

"No need for apologies, you should know that wood nymphs like a strong mate so no need to be gentle." Dusk said with a smirk.

Wirt blinks at this and thought to the beast.

"Doesn't that just make Wood Nymphs masochistic or something?" Wirt thought thought his hard cock pretty much enjoyed that thought.

"Maybe… but she is giving you permission to be rough so… let's get rough… hehe." Beast chuckled.

Wirt would have shrugged that off but given what Dusk did… well…

"Alright… I'll get rough but after I warm you up… maybe rusty but even I remember a woman not wet won't have fun." Wirt said as he formed some roots under Dusk and they lift her while carefully leaning her back while using some roots to spread her legs so she was presented to Wirt and he was eating her folds out in no time… surprisingly minty which egged Wirt on in his fun.

Dusk was a bit surprised by these actions before she starts groaning a few times.

"Oh fuck."

Wirt continues his actions and he moved to eat Dusk's ass out while he carefully fingers her folds to see how she would react.

Dusk was again surprised before she groans a bit loud as Beast was amused.

"You still got it hehe."

Wirt rolls his eyes as he focused on Dusk as he forced his tongue deep in Dusk's ass when it lengths like a root he was commanding… same with his fingers when they extended as well to really finger her folds deeply.

"F-Fuck!" Dusk groans loud as she starts to enjoy it as her toes curled.

Wirt keeps his actions up as he worked Dusk up more and more until…

Dusk groans a bit loud before she climaxed on Wirt's tongue and fingers.

Wirt keeps his actual up as Dusk squirms during her orgasm while Wirt waits for her to ride it out.

After about 15 seconds, Dusk finally taps off and pants a bit for breath.

Once this happened, Wirt pulled his fingers and tongue from Dusk's holes and waits for her to catch her breath.

After a moment or two, Dusk catches her breath.

"Wow… that was good."

"Thanks… ready for more?" Wirt said when he lowered Dusk so her pussy was near his cock.

Dusk though licks her lips before looking at Wirt.

"Bring it."

Wirt nods his head as he gripped Dusk's hips.

"Just let me know if I get too rough." Wirt said as he slowly slipped the head of his cock into Dusk and worked his way into her pussy while groaning at how tight she is.

Dusk lightly groans as she feels her pussy getting penetrated.

After a minute of letting Dusk adjust, he looks at her to see how she was doing when he felt her cervix.

Dusk groans a bit before she looks at Wirt.

"D-Don't worry about me. Just use that cock and give me a good pounding."

Wirt nods his head.

"Very well, just a heads up… may put that ink from that bastard who ripped your mask to good use later… remember my form bulks up the more ink I use… and it's not just for my muscles." Wirt said with a teasing look in his eyes.

"Wait what?" Dusk said after hearing that.

"Like I said… I use Oil to power up and in not just simple power… why explain more when I could show it later… for now… lets see how well you take me as is!" Wirt said when he thrusts his hips and his cock barraged Dusk's pussy again and again in no time.

"Oh fuck!" Dusk groans as she didn't expect that before she starts groaning loud.

Wirt keeps his actions up as he moved to kiss Dusk while he used his hands to fondle her breasts… he did wonder what she was thinking from all of this.

'Oh fuck. For a guy that hasn't had any action for a while… he's starting to get the hang of it. Wonder what else he can do?' Dusk thought as she groans more into the kiss.

As this happened, at the edge of the fire Kingdom, a certain Flambit heard noises that got his attention… this was Flambo the Flambit as he approached the source of the noises… he saw that Wirt was fucking Dusk or to him, Huntress Wizard and boy was he surprised to see her in such a state of bliss right now… seems time passed since Wirt first started and didn't stop fucking Dusk with merciless thrsts.

'Whoa… that's that Huntress lady I heard about and she's getting fuck by… errr… is it a Trent?… could be a runt but either way, that Huntress chick has got a great body.' Flambo thought.

Flambo would have left but he saw something shocking… Dusk on closer inspection without a mask… something no one ever saw without unless a mate or parents.

'Holy… she doesn't have a mask!… wonder if I should take a picture of her… though I don't want to get caught but damn she's cute.' Flambo thought.

Thanks to this, Flambo stepped on a twig when he was a bit enamored by Dusk and this got Wirt and Dusk to look at him as Wirt raised an eyebrow at the strange fiery creature.

"Dusk… who or what is that?... is that a living fireball… cat thing?" Wirt asked when he thought Flambo was an animal of the fire Kingdom.

"Uh oh." Flambo said as Dusk has a narrow look.

"Flambo… you better have a good reason to be here."

"Uh… heard a damsel moaning possibly in distress nears my home and came to investigate?" Flambo said as Wirt raised an eyebrow.

"Guess unless you want to die since I heard Dusk, Huntress by the way, has a thing where if I didn't become her mate, I would die so unless you got a secret or something that can make up for the mask thing, pretty sure I would suggest running." Wirt said making Flambo jolt.

"S-Seriously?... ummm… does a trade secret among flambits count?, we have something not many even in the Fire Kingdom knows." Flambo said while he nervously looks at Wirt's eyes and the axe nearby.

"Oh really like what?" Dusk said.

"Uh… gots a lot of coal?" Flambo asked as Wirt raised an eyebrow and formed a massive root near Flambo.

"Made a root that has the composition of wood that is similar to charcoal." Wirt said when he made about 100 pounds of coal like roots.

"Okay, that can work." Flambo said before he starts consume the wood.

After he devoured as much as he could… Wirt and Dusk shields their eyes when Flambo flashed a bright light and when it fades… well to say shocked was an understatement for the duo when Flambo looked to be about shin high to most to well… a towering fiery beastial being on hint legs… he was now around Wirts height… had more muscle and deadly fiery claws and one hell of a fiery cock at 12 inches and 3 in with that hung low between his legs and Flambo grins at the looks the duo had.

"Hehe, how's this for a secret for yous two?... give a flambit enough coal and yous get a fiery beast who could top most flame guards… we were made by flame Royals of the past after all so gives us some fuel and we can tap into that potential somewhat." Flambo said with a deadly fanged grin.

Huntress and Wirt were still surprised when they saw Flambo's look as Beast hums.

"Interesting… even though he's full on flame."

"Yeah… he does have some darkness but it's similar to that Jake guy, faded so not much reason to kill him…" Wirt said before he had an idea.

"Hey Flambo was it?… agree to a deal I have in mind and not only will I and Dusk not kill you… but you may be able to join in on the fun." Wirt said with a calculating look on his face.

Dusk blinks a bit as Flambo was intrigued.

"What kind of deal yous talking about?"

"Simple… it's a three conditional deal… first I'll need info about the Fire Kingdom and the criminal underbelly of it… heard about this honestly policy on the way but I doubt everyone would follow that deep down… second I want to meet with the best blacksmith in town… need to request a couple necklaces after all and finally… seems you'll be working with Dusk and I when we call you so you may want to think about joining us long term… doubt Dusk would let you live if you tried to talk your way out of leaving and stuff." Wirt said with a smirk on his face.

Flambo did jolt since he forgot he saw Dusk's face.

"Okay in order… first… I'll tell yous everything that I know about the Kingdom. Second… yeah everyone is following that policy. No one can tell a lie or keep secrets. As for a blacksmith… I know one that is the very best but… she's quiet foul mouthed but still the best. Finally… I don't want to get hunted down so as long as yous keep providing coal or wood… yous got a deal."

"Well you'll have to talk with Dusk since I won't be around her 24/7 but I think we can agree in that… and really?... everyone follows that policy?... I call bull on that since my Lantern is leading us to evil souls." Wirt said when he wondered if Flambo was serious on that.

"Okay… don't know about that lantern biz but it's true everyone follows it. Truth is, our Queen hates secrets and liars. Only reason was because her pops wasn't a good pops, then there was her beef with Princess Bubblegum. Oh… she got tricked by her old boyfriend, Finn. Not sure if you met him." Flambo said.

"Really?... maybe there was more to that stained soul thing than I thought and may need to examine Finn later… for now though unless you know a way for Huntress to touch you, you may not be able to join in and stuff." Wirt said he didn't know the flameshield spell yet.

Flambo chuckled.

"Guess yous didn't hear about the flame shield spell. Allow me." He said before saying the incantation.

once he said it, Wirt and Dusk got a blue hue while Wirt looks confused.

"What in the…" wirt said but he mentally…

"I'm guessing you memorized that spell since it would save us on trips for flame person oil I bet." Wirt thought to the Beast since he was a crafty beast.

"Oh I have. Though you might need some practice as I teach you this." Beast said.

"As long as I don't have to alter my mouth like that Flambo guy just did for complex mouth movements, I'm fine with practice." Wirt thought as he gestured for Flambo to approach.

When Flambo did he touched Flambo's Shoulder and hums.

"Fascinating." Wirt said when he didn't burn… not much heat as well.

"Hehe, yeah that spell works wonders." Flambo said while grinning.

"I see… well if Dusk allows it, want Flambo to join in?" Wirt asked when he looks at Dusk.

Dusk was thoughtful for a bit.

"I'll allow it. Consider yourself lucky or I may have extinguished you for seeing my face." She said to the large Flambit.

Flambo shudders at the threat but in no time, after a quick position change… Wirt had Dusk on all fours while he fucked her pussy as Dusk deep throats Flambo's cock eagerly… situation aside, she enjoyed herself and hey… technically got a flambit pet of sorts that could grow into a fiery fuck machine now.

Dusk groans a few times from having her pussy fucked as she sucks Flambo's cock while Flambo groans as he enjoys it.

Wirt growls as he keeps his actions up as he fucked Dusk's pussy, he than smacked her ass to see how she would react with the rough stuff she wanted.

Dusk was surprised by this action but moans loud as her pussy tightens around Wirt's cock.

Wirt repeats his actions as he fucked Dusk harder with one hand smacking her ass as the other mover to finger her asshole with his thumb.

Dusk moans more from that action before she really sucks Flambo's cock hard.

Flambo groans loud thanks to that action.

"Oh fuck." He groans before petting Dusk's head.

Dusk on her end moved to fondle his balls after she tasted precum… made her eager as she sucked the fiery cock harder and faster as Wirt fucked her harder until Wirt groans as he forced the head of his dick by Dusk's cervix and came directly in her womb and Flambo followed suit by flooding her mouth with a fiery load.

Dusk's eyes widened as she felt that while her cheeks puffed up before she climaxed on Wirt's cock while drinking down Flambo's cum.

After the trio ride out their orgasms, the position changed to show Wirt fucking Dusk's ass while Flambo fucked her pussy while they lift and lower her on their cocks.

"Oh fuck… Oh fuck!" Dusk groans loudly as her face starts to look fucked up.

Wirt and Flambo keep their actions up with Wirt smacking Dusk's ass while Flambo moved to kiss Dusk's lips with a long tongue going deep into her mouth for a faux kiss.

Dusk was caught off guard by that action before moaning loud as her holes tightened on the duo's cocks.

This made the two men fuck Dusk harder and faster as their orgasms got closer and closer and the two males growl when they forced their cocks deep in Dusk's pussy and ass and flood her insides with plenty of sperm.

Dusk groans loudly with ecstasy as climaxed hard on the duo's cocks as the wood nymph's holes tightens around them again.

As the trio ride out their orgasms, Flambo keeps the kiss up and in no time, the two large males tapped off while waiting for Dusk to calm down after Flambo pulled his tongue free of Dusk's mouth.

As Dusk catches her breath, Flambo had an amused look.

"Who knew kissing a wood nymph would taste… sweet."

Dusk blushed from this as Wirt chuckles.

"Well the fun is just starting, hope you don't run out of energy since I'm sure Dusk will take awhile for us to please." Wirt said when he and Flambo look at Dusk with lustful looks.

"Oh I'm far from done hehe." Flambo said as he grins at Dusk.

Dusk blushed from this but knew she would have an interesting time as Wirt and Flambo continue their fun… after this the scene fades to black for now… if things would contine with more lemon filled fun, it would be a mystery for now… for now enjoy the Unknown in Ooo.

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