Dragon Ball Request Section @emerald
Chapter 3

(Requester from Viva La Goat) (Warning: Futa on female moment later in chapter near the end.)

The scene opened up to show TME while he was playing Dragon ball FighterZ on Switch and was grinning up a storm since he was going through the story mode at a breakneck pace, he was warming up for PVP battles and he noticed the reader, paused the game like usual and looks at the readers fully.

"Hello one and all, and welcome to another DB requested story, this stars Beerus and Bulma but with a twist, not only does Beerus like the ladies more, he has his own harem here who will aid him in his lemony ventures with Bulma, there will be Futa on female as well and well… I won't hold you here long, for now… enjoy the story." TME said as the scene went to Beerus's planet.

Universe 7/ Beerus's home planet/?

The scene showed the upside down pyramid shaped planet while the camera approached the planet of the G.O.D., or God of Destruction for short ironically enough, and as the camera approached… moaning and groaning was heard from the planet which originated from Beerus's room.

When the camera entered the room, the scene showed Beerus's bedroom in full, bomb like hourglass clocks, floating beds, various other things.

But the scene had three things that made a difference to the canon Beerus and his ways.

One… there were many beds in the room floating around his main bed…

Two… there were many naked or scantily clothed and shapely women laying on the floating beds, sometimes with one another.

Third and finally… the camera turned to show Beerus while he was naked and he was fucking one of the ladies hard while she groans and moans from the feeling, in this story, instead of loving food, though Beerus would enjoy some good food sometimes, Beerus normally collected various women from various planets that were desperate enough to sacrifice a woman or two to not get destroyed and he had his way with them… Some even came to his planet when they heard of his exploits and power and many women who survived the poundings of the God of Destruction made return trips to experience the pleasure more.

This resulted in Beerus slowly gaining a harem and while he had to destroy a few women who tried to assassinate him in the past… and their planets by proxy if said lady was sent from there… well Beerus slept less than he usually did and thanks to that he was tougher then he was in canon.

But that's another story entirely… right now this story is mainly focused on Beerus, and Bulma later to a lesser extent when the G.O.D. goes to earth later as he was fucking this woman under him.

She had large F to G cup breasts that defied gravity, wide hips, demonic wings and a tail while she was taking quite the pounding from Beerus and his tail was thrusting into her ass again and again.

This woman with the abnormal proportions was Lillum, she was a Succubus like alien from a planet that had sex crazed people more or less… large universe... had to have a planet like this somewhere one of these days…

Point is that Lillum was moaning and groaning as she took the pounding from Beerus, unlike most mortals, Lillum was enjoying it as her body jolts with pleasure from each thrust and as Beerus's cock barraged her womb, he snarls, growls, and pants as he worked up a sweat with thrusting his hips hard and fast.

Lillum keeps moaning as she wrapped her legs around Beerus's waist so he wouldn't pull free… like he would do that… and she claws at his back to egg him on in fucking her harder.

While many would wonder if that was a good idea, again, Lillum was able to take the pounding from the God of Destruction rather easily and as he used more power, all she could do was moan, groan, and get a fucked up look on her face as her orgasm slowly approached while her breasts pressed into Beerus's chest which kept them somewhat steady.

Beerus in turn growls as he fucked Lillum harder while he used a hand to smack her ass hard while she groans from each impact… with every thrust of his hips he was brought to the edge more and more until he tossed his head back, yells at the top of his lungs which shook the planet and well… filled Lillum like a damn balloon… for most women their wombs would be bloating but Lillum, who groans loudly from her own orgasm which gripped Beerus's cock, was able to absorb the sperm thanks to her demonic properties so no real mess was made.

This pretty much made Lillum Beerus's go to woman for sex, after all, not only could she take a pounding from him at 100%... without god Ki since going all out would probably destroy the planet… she could take his loads as well which WERE filled with God Ki so it gave Beerus an unexpectedly high payload to fire… long story on how that works but will probably never be explained in this story… the G.O.D. tapped off about 30 seconds later and pants for breath while Lillum groans a little when her own orgasm ended and Beerus pulled his cock from Lillum's folds to show no leaks which amused Beerus while he looks down at Lillum.

"Not bad once again Lillum, always my favorite Bitch to fuck when I need to let off some steam." Beerus teased while Lillum blushed and smirks at Beerus while she laid on the bed.

"And you my lord top many in this universe in fucking me." Lillum said which caused Beerus to chuckle a bit, he knew Lillum had other lovers though he could never get an answer from her on that list… probably a smart move on her part so she wouldn't lose a source of food so to speak.

Though while Beerus, with a large 11 inch cock and 3 in width was seen, had his dick cleaned by Lillum when she moved to suck it, Whis entered the room and saw what was going on.

"Oh!, pardon me Milord, I didn't see a sign on the door that said you are busy, I may come back later when you are not having fun." Whis said while Beerus rolled his eyes and pets Lillum's head.

"What do you need Whis?" Beerus said while Whis eyesmiles at Beerus.

"Well Milord, I was just messaged by Bulma recently and we are invited to a birthday party of hers, she says this time there will be a pool filled with pudding or something pool sized that will be sanitary so we won't have to worry about missing out on the stuff." Whis explained as Beerus hums when he looks thoughtful and watched as Lillum deepthroats his dick again and again.

"Interesting, tell her I'm bringing a plus one to the party alongside you… when is this party?" Beerus asked while Whis smiles more.

"In a couple hours Milord, she is putting in the finishing touches on the pudding and making sure that Majin Buu fellow won't cause issues again like last time… oh and she asked if we are stopping by King Kai's place to see if we can drag Goku along, he nearly missed last time and she said she would make it worth your while if you did so Milord." Whis said which for a moment ticked off Beerus… but the reward for dragging Goku there was tempting.

"Hmmm… interesting… tell her that if Goku is not already there and is indeed at King Kai's place, I'll drag him here myself but she better be serious about that reward… I don't like being used without a good reason." Beerus said with a narrowed eyed look though the grin on his face showed how excited he was while he had Lillum deepthroat his cock a few times at a rougher rate.

Whis in turn bowed before he starts walking out of the room.

"As you wish Milord, I'll let you know when to get ready in say, an hour or so?, should be enough time to get your libido in check yes?" Whis said before he closed the doors as he exits the room while the camera turned to show Lillum as she was getting face fucked by the G.O.D.

Lillum gagged a bit a few times on Beerus's cock but she quickly adjusts while she used one hand to fondle his balls and the other to finger her own pussy when she enjoyed getting this rough of a treatment from the G.O.D. here.

It took Beerus a minute or so with him face fucking Lillum and he could feel his orgasm approaching while Lillum gagged more on his cock as time goes on right before Beerus growls and he pushed his cock so deep into Lillum's mouth that her nose touched his pelvis and he unloads his sperm right in Lillum's stomach while she muffly groans as her eyes rolled back into her skull and she climaxed on her fingers as her stomach slowly bloats before her body's powers kicked in and her stomach shrank to normal.

By the time Beerus tapped off, Lillum was starting to get a bit blue in the face so Beerus pulled his cock free of Lillum's mouth before she could pass out and she pants for breath as she laid on her back after Beerus lets her go when he threw her a bit so she would lay on her back.

As she pants, Beerus chuckles a few times when he looks at Lillum and a few other ladies in his room.

"Oh I believe I can pass the time for an hour or so… while Lillum recovers… any takers?" Beerus said while he grins at the ladies around him while his cock was iron hard still which made many blush… though before more could be see… the scene went to a few hours later to show...

Universe 7/ Earth/ West City/ Capsule Corporation

The scene now showed Bulma as she was looking at the sky, she got a message from Whis that he would be here with Beerus and a guest of Beerus… that confused her a bit which showed that Bulma had no idea Beerus had a harem it seems and they would be stopping by King Kai's world for Goku… Bulma heard it would take 30 minutes for Whis to bring the group over… though while she gave them an extra 5 minutes or so in case Goku gave Beerus some issues, she finally saw Whis's light beam transport or whatever its called heading to Earth and when it lands in front of her, she saw Whis, Beerus, and Goku while he was slightly dazed and what not while a strange yet shapely woman was behind Beerus with demonic traits on her body…

That made Bulma blush a bit even while she wore a modest dress… there was no hiding her figure from Bulma's view and as Whis and Beerus approached while Goku was dragged along, the woman floats behind Beerus and moved to hug his free arm while she had a smile on her face.

Once the group got close, Beerus tossed Goku in front of Bulma while he groans and has swirls in his eyes.

"There, got you Goku here… you owe me one since he gave me a bit of a hard time subdueing him… guess he is starting to show good progress on being a decent rival though still needs some work done hehe." Beerus said while he smirks at Bulma while she gulps, blushed, and nods her head a couple times since arguing with Beerus was a bad idea.

Whis though ran damage control somewhat.

"My apologies for Milord Bulma, we did try and leave a bit early just in case but as you can see… Goku was pretty adamant on wanting to test his new strength out on Lord Beerus so it may be a bit before he comes to… so… we late for the party?, I can explain who this woman is on Beerus's arm in a moment but want to make sure everything is going OK this time." Whis said which helped Bulma collect herself.

"Y-Yeah… got a large vats full of pudding and have it sealed away from Majin Buu so he won't try anything, got them extra chilled so you can enjoy some of them being extra cold as well… even have some with ice cream and frosting on them too boot." Bulma said while Beerus grins and wiped his arm of drool.

"Good… not sure how good pudding tastes like and not sure if those vats are pool sized but seems like I get a top tier set either way." Beerus said while Bulma chuckles.

"Yeah, can't get a pool filled with the stuff but have many Vats that can be stacked together to make a pool sized shape… anyway follow me and I can show you, as for your question Whis, the party started about… 10 minutes ago so I guess you can say you fashionabbly late though…" Bulma said when she looks at Lillum while Whis looks at her.

"As yes, Bulma, meet Lillum Demonica, the closest thing that I can classify that may get some kind of recognition from you on earth terms would be that fantasy creature called a succubus I believe… a demon that thrives on sex… well Lillum's species has a similar concept and she can actually take Milord's actions and is his favorite woman of his harem if you haven't heard about that, seems Lord Beerus is willing to bring a few women here but want to see how well Earthlings deal with Lillum first before he brings others." Beerus said while Bulma blinks and sighs before she looks at Beerus.

"Look Lord Beerus, with all due respect with what you saw last year with Majin Buu, Piccolo, and many other strange beings… pretty sure bringing a full on… harem as surprising as that sounds here would be a lower key thing on the strangeness meter." Bulma said which made Beerus sweatdrop and he cleared his throat.

"M-Maybe… but enough about this, we got a party to get to… even brought a gift on my end which I hope you'll enjoy later hehe… oh and make sure kids are not around alright?... don't want to scar children after all." Beerus said before he walked by Bulma and smacked her ass on the way by which made Bulma jolt and she blushed big time… thanks to some… favors she had to pull to keep Beerus from destroying the earth… Beerus pretty much had Bulma as a fuck buddy while on earth and even if Vegeta was in hearing range, he couldn't do much since A, Bulma does start some things like slapping Beerus up the head a few times, or B, questioning him a lot… but point is, after more or less a year of this going on… many didn't really question this though Bulma really blushed since for events like this with a warning like that… looks like Beerus would be talking about a few times he had with her and she was a bit… hesitant on wanting to open his gift later… but unless she wanted to be bent over a table and getting it from behind by the God of Destruction in front of others, she might as well swallow her pride and take it.

Whis in the meantime was amused while he used his staff to have Goku float in the air behind him.

"I'll make sure that Goku is ready for the party Bulma, oh and I have plenty of birth control so remember to find me if Lord Beerus has his way with you again hehe." Whis said which made Bulma blush more before she rubbed her head as she went to the party.

For the most part, it went pretty well, Beerus introducing Lillum... though getting teased by Roshi did cause her to giggle and when she teased Roshi back he got a serious nosebleed that took him down for a bit... her greeting the others in a mannered way, Whis getting thanks from Chi-Chi for bringing Goku here.

The food went well as well, Beerus enjoyed himself while Vegeta made sure that the kids were nowhere near him with anything water gun related so no issues would happen.

The gift giving stuff started and while many gave their own gifts to Bulma, some hand made like food and some like sweaters and stuff or the occasional dragon ball if they happened to find one… irony, giving the Dragon balls to the richest woman in the world who can get anything with cash.

Though as Beerus approached, he had Whis take the kids away while Beerus had an amused look on his face.

Once he sets the gift in Bulma's lap, he smirks at her.

"A Gift from Lillum and I, she helped pick this out… hope you enjoy using it later." Beerus said while he stepped back as Bulma raised an eyebrow and when she went to open it, she blushed big time and well… many around blushed when they saw that in Bulma's hands was a very strange looking… butt plug…

Bulma got wide eyes while she looks at Beerus.

"Are you insane!?" Bulma said as Beerus raised a finger.

"Nope, had the kids leave for this very reason, at least no one will be scarred… again… hope you enjoy it hehe, Lillum doesn't take shortcuts when picking gifts and since I don't have the eye for detail like she does… well you can thank her for this." Beerus said as Lillum smiles adorably at Bulma.

"You can thank me later, one of the better products on my home planet." Lillum teased when she grins at Bulma, floats over and whispers in her ear.

"It inflates as well like a canine knot if were using earth terms correctly… try and hide this from your kids really well and no worries, its enchanted to not do anything unless its used for its intended purpose." Lillum whispered before she floats back away from the blushing Bulma while she couldn't believe this was given to her and everyone could see it… they missed the part with Lillum whispering but well… things were going to get a bit… worse for Bulma here when Beerus moved to one table so he could drink some punch.

"Anyway you can enjoy the rest of the gifts now, in the meantime might as well tell my favorite listeners about some of the fun times we had together." Beerus said while Roshi, Oolong, and Yamcha came by to listen while Bulma blushed when she couldn't believe… oh scratch that she could believe Beerus would go through with this while Roshi raised a hand.

"Oh do you have any recent stories with you and Bulma Lord Beerus?" Roshi asked as Beerus hums.

"Hmmm… maybe, not quite recent but I do have this one story... now that you ask… it's when Goku and Vegeta were sent to take care of this Broly fellow and I was forced to be a damned babysitter… hehe, you can guess how I got my reward after everything was settled." Beerus said with a teasing grin as the trio who listened… and everyone else who could hear from a distance blushed while Bulma looked like a tomato and Vegeta looked like he was about to blow a gasket as he dunked his head in the punch and screams which caused bubbles to be seen but his yells were muffled to near silence.

Beerus chuckles at that before he looks to the listening males.

"Anyway this story starts right after Bulma and the others get back and she is alone… can't have a talk with her and stuff with others around though not like it stopped me…" Beerus said with a fanged grin as the scene flashes back too….

Flashback/ Post DBS Super Broly movie arc/ Bulma's room/ Bulma

As Bulma was changing outfits for the day after her trip to the… former arctic thanks to how damaged things were during the fight with Broly when Goku and Vegeta fought him, she was in a good mood though her door being forced open and closed got her attention while she was in a simple shirt and panties and she saw Beerus while he had a serious look on his face while his eyebrow twitched.

"You woman… owe me big time for making me a damned baby sitter for your hellspawn of a kid." Beerus said when he walked up to Bulma while she had a nervous look on her face.

"W-What do you mean hellspawn?, she wasn't that bad right?" Bulma asked while Beerus held up three fingers.

"Six times she made a mess on my watch… three times I had to clean up after your runt from dirty diapers to cleaning up puke on me… three times each for both… now we can skip the do's and don't's and let me remind you that we already done this shit before so let's just skip to the part where you reward me for making me your unwilling babysitter and I won't want to either change the topography of the earth or erase it entirely." Beerus said while he grins evilly at Bulma who blushed and sighs.

"Fine…" Was all Bulma said while she got undressed and Beerus grins when he saw Bulma's mostly nude body, she went braless which showed her C to D cup breasts which leaked a bit thanks to her leaking breastmilk a little and Beerus licked his maw like lips when he moved to approach Bulma with a greatly lustful look in his eyes.

The blue haired woman blushed when she saw that and blushed more when she saw Beerus undoing his pants and when they dropped, his cock sprung free and well… one thing was clear was that Bulma was glad Beerus bathed beforehand when he told her he bathed recently because she was held upside down in Beerus's arms as he ate her folds out while she was forced to suck his cock from upside down… they were in the 69 position while Beerus stood in the middle of the room and he wasn't being gentle when he had his tongue explore Bulma's pussy and that in turn made her groan from the feeling while she worked to suck his cock while she had her hands on his hips so she wouldn't choke on his cock.

It took a few minutes of Beerus teasing Bulma and Bulma sucking Beerus off, but Beerus got Bulma to climax on his face a moment later while he growls and came hard in Bulma's mouth which made a mess on the floor when she couldn't take the huge load and her face was a mess as she struggles to drink it down.

The next round showed Bulma as she rode Beerus's cock while he had his hands behind his head and he grins when he saw how lustful Bulma looked as she played with her breasts and she could feel her cervix getting hit again and again as time goes on.

This resulted in Bulma moaning more while she rides Beerus's cock and as she rode him, he moved to grip her hips and he fucked Bulma hard after he placed his feet on the bed and really worked to break her womb when his cock bashed into her womb again and again as time goes on and as Bulma got a fucked up look on her face Beerus made a few good thrusts and growls loudly when he came hard inside of Bulma's womb with great force.

Bulma groans from the feeling while she felt her womb bloat and sperm leaked from her folds and made a mess on the bed while most of the mess ended up on Beerus though right now he could care less as he rides out his orgasm while Bulma rode out her own orgasm.

The final round with Bulma in the flashback showed that after Beerus used his ki to destroy the sperm on him, he was fucking Bulma while she was on all fours on the bed as sperm dripped from her pussy while he fucked her ass hard and fast and Bulma had a fucked up look on her face as Beerus gripped her shoulder and was using his tail on the bed for support while he thrusts his hips to have his cock go deep into her ass again and again.

Bulma couldn't take much of this kind of pounding when Beerus didn't hold back on her ass and after two or so minutes, Bulma groans loudly when she had a rather intense orgasm while Beerus grins as he fucked her ass harder and in no time, Beerus growls deeply when he climaxed in Bulma's ass after he pushed his cock as deep as it could go without harming Bulma and he roars when he ejaculates so much sperm that her stomach bloats a bit.

The scene then went a bit later to show Vegeta walking to his room though… he was confused on seeing Beerus exiting Bulma's room while he had a towel on his head.

While Vegeta wanted to ask Beerus why he came from Bulma's room though… as he walked inside he got a wide eyed look when he saw Bulma on the bed with a fucked up look on her face as she was facedown on the bed, had her ass in the air, and had sperm dripping from her ass and pussy while her stomach was somewhat normal and a stunned Vegeta could only look on when he was stunned silent and had a gapping mouth when he saw this and the scene went back to the present to show Beerus finishing his tale.

Present/ Earth/ Capsule Corperation/ Beerus, Bulma, Lillum, many other participants

"...After that I heard a scream from Vegeta with my name and I laughed my ass off as Vegeta had to get to Whis for some birth control pills when he already knew what to do in situations like this." Beerus said with an amused tone to his voice.

Vegeta in turn really turned red and to not do anything that would cause the earth to be destroyed, he flew from the party as fast as he could while Goku looks on and sweatdrops as he worried Vegeta may as well change the local maps soon if he destroyed some landscapes.

"Uh… I'm going to make sure Vegeta doesn't accidentally destroy the planet so…" Goku said as he flew after Vegeta while Beerus laughed a bit at the sight as Bulma fumed while she really wished she could knock Beerus upside the head but with Goku and Vegeta gone… well that kind of attempt would be a recipe for disaster and as Beerus laughed, many around blushed at the story while they had a hard time looking at Bulma which made her blush more and as Beerus laughed his ass off, the scene went to much later after the party settled and many people were saying goodbye to Bulma while many people had trouble looking her in the eyes.

Though the same couldn't be said for Roshi, Oolong, and Yamcha when they pretty much undressed her with their eyes though the threat to either sue them in Yamcha's case or slap Roshi and Oolong had the trio retreating away from Bulma while the only ones behind were Beerus, Lillum, and Whis though Whis was enjoying some food of his own.

Bulma frowns when she looks at Beerus.

"OK… now that you embarrassed me at my own party, I believe you, your lady friend, and Whis should go now since I doubt Gods can stick around one place for long." Bulma said while she didn't look pleased while Beerus looks amused.

"Hold on… we will leave soon but only after two things are done… one is that Whis needs to gather plenty of food to take back and two… you owe me for getting Goku back here remember?... and I won't take no for an answer." Beerus said when he gestured for Bulma to follow him while Lillum giggles as she moved to follow Beerus and picked up the sex toy butt plug too boot and Bulma blushed brightly from that… though while she hated to follow… she knew she couldn't refuse… thankfully aside from Whis, no one else was here… how bad could the situation get with Lillum involved?

A little bit later…

Bulma was moaning and groaning as she was naked, in her room while she laid on her back on the bed while Lillum was eating her out as she was naked as well and all fours over her while Beerus was naket as well as he slowly stroked his cock a few time while he enjoyed watching Lillum work her magic on Bulma's pussy.

Seems things went on for a bit beforehand because Bulma was was close to an orgasm and she grits her teeth and groans when she came on Lillum's face and Lillum lapped up the juices greedily which made Bulma blush while she looked at Lillum do that.

Once Bulma tapped off, Lillum grins when she leaned back on her knees and she looks at Beerus.

"Hey Lord Beerus… mind if I go first with fucking Bulma here?, I'll clean her out first before you go." Lillum asked with a cute look on her face as Beerus looks amused.

"Fine buy me, work her good and I may join in by fucking her ass." Beerus said as he got the butt plug from earlier.

"Use this on her ass first though… I want to be able to slip in with ease." Beerus ordered while Lillum smirks as she caught the Butt plug.

"Yes Milord!" Lillum said and before Bulma could say no, Lillum used it on Bulma when Lillum applied some kind of gel like magic to the butt plug and slowlly forced it into Bulma's ass while the blue haired woman got wide eyes and she groans from the rather rough entry and before she could try and stop Lillum, the plug was fully inserted into Bulma's ass and Lillum licks her lips when she saw only the end out of Bulma's ass.

"Hehe, now then, what Lord Beerus didn't tell you is that this has one other feature so…" Lillum teased when she hit some kind of hidden button on the butt plug and the butt plug starts to vibrate madly which made Bulma gasp from the pleasure that hit her ass and as Bulma fidgets from the feeling, Lillum hits another button which starts to make the knot inflate and surprisingly deflate in a pattern which really made Bulma groan more when she didn't get what was going on right now as her ass was worked more and more to become looser and looser thanks to the inflating and deflating butt plug while it vibrates.

Lillum licked her lips when she knelt back to stand on her knees and in front of Bulma's gaze… Lillum shockingly grew a Beerus sized cock from her bud which caused Bulma to get wide eyes as she stares at the sight.

"W-What t-the!?" Bulma tried to say but groans when she couldn't focus on even talking.

Lillum in turn licks her lips and placed a finger on Bulma's lips.

"Shush… just enjoy for now, all you need to know is I can shapeshift my body and do the same with others with a spell… nuff said… now for the fun." Lillum teased when she rubbed her cock against Bulma's folds and after feeling how soaked she was, Lillum slowly thrusts her hips forward and her cock went deep into Bulma's folds as a result.

And thanks to the tightness from Bulma from her ass being filled with the Butt plug, Lillum groans when she could feel Bulma tighten and loosen on her cock many times while Bulma got wide eyes and groans through gritted teeth as Lillum worked her cock deepr and deeper into Bulma until Lillum felt the head of her cock touch Bulma's cervix a few times.

When Lillum felt that she thrusts her hips hard a moment later and Bulma groans when she could feel Lillum's cock barrage her cervix a moment later, as this went on Beerus sat in a nearby chair to strome himself off more as he watched this go on, it was like two women having fun before him so he had no real issues with Lillum growing a cock as long as it didn't go anywhere near his ass.

As he watched… he saw Lillum make out with Bulma and used her hands to play with Bulma's breasts and she used her demonic looking tail to wiggle the butt plug in Bulma's ass a bit which really made her groan loudly from the feeling and as Lillum thrust her hips wildly, her orgasm was slowly approaching with Bulma's orgasm doing the same as Lillum's cock barraged Bulma's cervix more and more until she tossed her head back and groans loudly when she pushed her cock womb deep after it bashed through Bulma's cervix and she climaxed hard right inside of Bulma's womb with great force.

Bulma in turn gasped and she felt that and groans loudly when she climaxed hard on Lillum's cock to milk it for all it had and as the duo rode out their orgasms, Beerus smirks when he saw the fucked up look on Bulma's face.

"Hehe, not bad looking from the sidelines but now I should join in." Beerus said teasingly as he stand while Lillum and Bulma's orgasms ended and when they looked over, Lillum smirks when she turned herself and Bulma over so that Bulma was on top and Lillum was on bottom, she then gripped Bulma's ass and as Beerus got behind Bulma, she gulps when she looked back as Beerust gripped the Butt plug, turned it off so it deflated to normal, and he just pulled it out slowly which made Bulma groan loudly from the feeling as Beerus pretended to let the Butt plug slip back into Bulma's ass a few times and used a slightly stronger pull to yank it from Bulma's now gaping ass which made her groan deeply from the feeling and Beerus tossed the butt plug away for a moment when he had no need for it for now as he licked his maw at Bulma's unguarded asshole which was twitching a bit as it tried to recover.

Though Beerus aiming his cock at her asshole did make her jolt but before she could say anything, Beerus forced his cock deep into Bulma's ass and she got wide eyes when she had two monster cocks inside of her and before she could adjust to the pressure and pleasure that hit her, Beerus and Lillum thrusts their hips and their cocks barraged Bulma's holes again and again as time goes on while Beerus grits his teeth as he fucked Bulma harder while he used a hand to smack her ass a few times and Lillum did the same to Bulma's free ass cheek.

That caused Bulma to really get a fucked up look on her face as she couldn't believe the pleasure she was getting right now, honestly she had trouble processing up from down, left from right, and if she should scream or moan as she was dominated by the two beings fucking her.

As this went on, all three beings felt their orgasms approaching again while Beerus gripped Bulma's hips and fucked her harder while Lillum gripped Bulma's ass and fucked her pussy more… Bulma lost strength in her arms and fell to rest on Lillum's breasts and Lillum took advantage of the situation to make out with Bulma and while this went on, their moaning egged Beerus on so much that he fucked Bulma harder and faster until he growled and pushed his cock deep in Bulma's ass and blew a large load inside of her while Lillum did the same again with Bulma's womb.

This caused Bulma to groan loudly as she climaxed harder then ever on the cocks inside of her and as she felt her stomach and womb fill, her vision flashed white through the mind numbing orgasm and when the duo tapped off, Beerus pants for breath while he quickly removed his cock from Bulma's ass and sperm leaked from the gapping hole while Lillum laid on the bed under Bulma for a bit more to kiss her as Bulma starts to come down from her pleasure high.

Once that happened and an exhausted Bulma was moved to lay on her back on the bed, Beerus grins when he looks at Bulma.

"Well unless you got a spell to help her recover we should get going and continue back at my place." Beerus said while Lillum smirks.

"Oh but My lord… you know I can do so much so…" Lillum said when she snapped her finger and Bulma, Beerus, and herself were cleaned while Lillum smirks at Beerus.

"Why not switch things up and…" Lillum said as she points a finger at Bulma, hits her with a pink beam of light and as Bulma closed her eyes to prevent herself from being blinded… she opened them when she felt something off and… well… her eyes widedn when she had a massive cock Beerus's size as Lillum licked her lips.

"Why not let her return the favor before we leave?... didn't get you in my ass after all Milord." Lillum teased as Beerus grins as Bulma got wide eyes and the scene fades to black on this situation… what would happen next would be anyone's guess… for now… this ends the one shot...

(End of one shot, may get a sequel later if requester pays for a second part.)

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