Dragon Ball Request Section @emerald
Chapter 2

(Requested by Vegito is King)

The scene opened to show TME while he was busy playing another round of Xenoverse 2 on Switch, he paused the game when he saw the readers and looks at them.

"Hey everyone, welcome to another chapter of the Dragon ball request section, this chapter stars our favorite perverted turtle hermit and Goku's strong as hell wife Chi-chi, if this weirds you out or grosses you out, please turn away, if not then please… enjoy the story, its 4000 words long and it's going to be lemon heavy but with decent amount of plot as well to help explain how this happens, anyway I won't keep you here any more so I can get back to my game so…" TME said before he snapped his fingers and the scene went to...

West City/ Capsule Corperation/ Timeframe/ Celebration of Buu's defeat (Most people forgot about Buu thanks to wish from dragon balls so only people excluded and Good buu will be here

The scene showed that the Party at West City held by Bulma was well underway and many people were there from the Z fighters for the most part to people like Roshi, Oolong, Puar… ETC.

The only ones not here were the main stars of the party like Goku and well… Chi-chi was pissed that Goku was not here at all for the celebrations, why he wasn't here was probably one reason and one reason only… training... the timeframe here was a few weeks after Buu was beaten and peace was brought to earth so enough time would have passed for everyone to recover and with senzu beans added to that… well… plenty of healed bodies galore so no reason for waiting for injuries to heal.

Chi-Chi at this time was busy during the party and to most peoples shock to those that knew her… well… she was drinking back drink after drink while she ranted a bit about Goku and her being tired of not seeing her own husband for events like these.

Most tried to calm her somewhat to varying degrees of failure, but it seemed Chi-Chi wanted none of that and wanted to vent somehow… however the drinks made her tipsy and a lot more relaxed and while many would wonder about her tolerance, many would be a bit glad she wasn't screaming up a storm now and dancing with others when she went from anger mode to a surprising party girl mode.

She was dancing with random people but mainly by herself for most of the party.

Bulma shakes her head while she watches a drunken Chi-chi dance.

Roshi chuckles at the dance Chi-Chi used while he loved the sight of her shapely body as she danced really well with some others.

Chi-Chi's body didn't really know the meaning of the word sag and her body was just as perky as it was years ago… in fact many ladies of the Z Fighters had that trait… it was a bit strange but no one complained…

Though as the party starts to die down, Gohan was worried for Chi-chi since she wanted to party more and he looked at Bulma when he got near her.

"Hey Bulma, mind if my mom crashes here for the night?, can't exactly bring her home in good consciousness while she is like this, she could wander off into the woods or something." Gohan asked while Bulma hums as she looks at the drunken Chi-Chi.

"Well… I don't mind but just in case you better expect her to have the mother of all hangovers when you pick her up tomorrow, I'll try and keep her under control but don't expect miracles if I can't find her or something… still can't believe Goku didn't show up, honestly would have thought he would have dropped in for the food at least." Bulma said when she crossed her arms and shook her head a few times.

Gohan couldn't really argue with that though he really hoped Chi-Chi wouldn't do anything bad in her intoxicated state… oh how regretful he will be later but that would be a possible story for another day.

For now though, he and many others were finishing up the party and as Chi-Chi objects, though in a really slurred way, she was calmly escorted to Bulma and Vegeta's room by Gohan and Bulma and when the trio got there, Bulma looks at Gohan as a giggling Chi-Chi sat on the bed.

"Alright, I'll go check to see if any guest rooms are clean enough to be used, if not Chi-Chi can bunk here for now… I'll be looking for Vegeta or Trunks for some things… who knows Vegeta and I could celebrate quite a bit later in a way that won't annoy him." Bulma said before she exited the room and left and surprised Gohan alone with Chi-Chi who was laughing as she bounced lightly on the bed as she sat on it.

"Well mom, I'll see you later, hopefully you'll be better tomorrow, I'll have dad call or something later, who knows, he may actually be doing something important enough to cause him to miss this party." Gohan said when he tried to defend his father though he sighs when Chi-Chi didn't seem to listen to him thanks to how intoxicated she was.

Gohan then said one final goodbye to his mother before he exits the room and Chi-Chi giggles a bit as she bounces a few more times on the bed, normally she would fall asleep and stuff but given she was on an unexpected high, she wanted to party a bit more so she decided to raid Bulma's closet for a change of clothing.

What she found after rummaging through the massive stockpile of expensive clothes and shoes and what not was well… something that would cause most to wonder if Chi-Chi was a model or something.

She wore a rather revealing Cheongsam while she forgone leggings to showed off her well toned legs with some heels that accented her ass a bit, the slit on the side of the dress was mid hip so it really showed off the legs well… either the size was a bit small for Chi-Chi or this style was made to be pretty sexy… she had no idea why Bulma has this when it seems more Chi-Chi's style then Bulma's but the drunken Chi-Chi didn't care when she put some finishing touches on the outfit.

For starters she picked a Cheongsam that had a rather revealing V neck so plenty of clevage was seen and she even undid her hair to have it all trail down her back when she moved her hair behind her ears.

She would take this chance to unwind and get a stress relief like no other… hey Chi-Chi never had the chance to do so and she might as well do this… could help with her easing up on Goku later but that would be for MUCH later… for now Chi-Chi, after she got fully ready, went to the window and after taking a moment to open it, she chuckles mischiviously when she hopped out of the window.

Though before she fully fell, she gripped the ledge and pulled herself back in and to make sure no one would kill her fun, she made a dummy in the bed so in case Bulma checked in on her, she wouldn't be found out and jumped out of the window again, this time fully and lands on her feet before she walked from the Capsule corp building, she grabbed her wallet from her clothing on the way out so she would have cash for more drinks.

Though what she didn't know was as she approached the seedier part of town, Chi-Chi never noticed, especially with how hammered she was right now, was that she was being followed by a grinning Roshi… he heard Bulma and Gohan talking about the possibility of Chi-Chi wondering off so instead of doing the right thing and I don't know… WARNING THE OTHERS!... well Roshi pulled a Roshi and decided to take advantage of the situation and would use Chi-Chi's drunken state to his advantage.

This resulted in him trailing behind Chi-Chi to one of the bars and as Chi-Chi approached it, Roshi used his speed to zip to one corner out of Chi-Chi's view and he hummed as he walked around the corner and pretended to notice Chi-Chi.

"Oh Chi-Chi?... what are you doing here at this time of night?, shouldn't you be sleeping?" Roshi said in a faux caring way… though given how drunk Chi-Chi was, he did feel a bit bad for the girl when she had a bit of a wobble in her steps as she noticed the Turtle hermit.

"Oh Master Roshi, nice to see you here, I could ask you the same thing… shouldn't an old guy like you be napping by now hehehe!" Chi-Chi said before she giggles at the counter question and Roshi sweatdrops from that.

"Hehe… fair enough, I couldn't sleep and I'm feeling like going to another bar or two for a few more drinks, you look like you are about to really party so why don't we tag together?, I could be the escort and make sure you don't get into trouble hehe." Roshi said while giving a peace sign.

Now one may wonder if Chi-Chi would object but… given her… again… drunken state… her lack of judgement caused her to giggle.

"Well aren't you the gentleman Master Roshi… I would be happy if you joined." Chi-Chi said as she smiled at the lecherous Turtle hermit.

This caused Roshi to smile and in no time, the duo were hopping from bar to bar while Chi-Chi was the main one getting drunk while Roshi controlled himself with other drinks like tea and sodas to keep a clear head and while Chi-Chi noticed the pervy hermit looking her up and down… instead of being disgusted… well she oddly felt pretty desirable and felt like a beautiful woman again.

In fact she even teased Roshi after one of their bar trips when she couldn't stop thinking about that and wanted to know something.

"Oh Master Roshi… I'm wondering, how come you never try to make a move on me?... I noticed you hitting on Bulma or 18 so I know married women are not off that pervy list of yours." Chi-Chi said while she smirks at Roshi as he blinks at the question.

"Well... if you want the honest opinion… well…" Roshi said as Chi-Chi waits for an answer while Roshi looks thoughtful.

"Not sure if I should say Chi-Chi would slug me through a wall normally so why not use this card." Roshi thought as he smiled at Chi-Chi.

"Well to be fair it's because we rarely meet and well… easily angered… no offense, I mean you live all the way on Mt. Paozu and I live all the way in the ocean, 18… well I learned not to try and touch her when she slapped me a lot and Bulma… well… Vegeta does seem to be more protective of her nowadays so I'm worried I would get a ki blast to the face so I haven't done much with her… as for you my dear… well… normally I would but considering various things like you being the daughter of an old friend of mine and being Goku's wife, pretty sure you wouldn't be interested in an old geezer like me… sure I maybe lustful and can still give it good to the ladies but considering how strong Goku is and what not, pretty sure when he is home he gives it to you good." Roshi said while Chi-Chi hums from that and smirks at Roshi.

"Well Goku's not here and he rarely does anything with me… why don't we… find a place to rest and we can see how well you can do with the ladies if you're as skilled as you claim MASTER Roshi." Chi-Chi said as she smirks lustfully at Roshi which surprised him since it sounded like Chi-Chi was the one coming onto him now.

"U-Uhh… sure… follow me I know a place near here." Roshi said while he gestured for Chi-chi to follow him.

Chi-Chi smirks when she could finally get the fun she wanted and then some as she followed Roshi, she knew Roshi was stronger then he looked and while her normal self would never go near the old man, she wasn't in a fully rational state and only wanted a good time that was pretty much taken from her for years on end.

This resulted in the duo pretty much heading to a nearby hotel… and not just a simple one, it was a love hotel well known for its fancy furniture and being well equipped for their customers tastes… as Roshi and Chi-Chi entered, Roshi walked to the receptionist with a smile.

"Hey Matilda, mind giving me the usual room?, I got a lady friend with me so I hope to get there soon." Roshi asked while the receptionist looked at Chi-Chi and smiled when she didn't ask questions.

"Very well, let me just get the paperwork filled so when you leave you can fill this out and you two can head on up, here is the key, I'll get the funds from the usual place so enjoy yourselves." The receptionist said when she passed Roshi the room key and he smiled at the woman before he looked at Chi-Chi.

"Well you heard her, lets get going." Roshi said before he and Chi-Chi went up to the… penthouse suite of all things?

Chi-Chi was surprised when she saw how fancy this place was.

"Wow… nice place, looks like you are loaded Master Roshi." Chi-Chi said which made the turtle hermit chuckle as he placed his staff near a nightstand.

"Well all the better to impress the ladies when I show them this place or other places but they won't be impressed for long unless I show my moves… now then…" Roshi said as he unbuttoned his shirt and when Chi-Chi looked over, she saw Roshi remove his shirt and while he was skinny for an old guy, he narrowed his eyes and bulked up a little when he used his Max Power form to a well… not so max state… the form was similar to how he used the form when he fought Tien as Jackie Chun so his weak looking body looked pretty powerful now and Chi-Chi blushed at the sight before she smirks and as Roshi starts to remove his pants, Chi-Chi was already well underway in undressing herself and faster then even Roshi could react, Chi-Chi was nude and looking at Roshi with lustful eyes and Roshi blinks at that as he removed his sunglasses last.

He saw Chi-Chi's body and it looked glorious… C to D cup breasts, wide hips, and a clean shaven pussy… honestly Roshi was surprised at how well she grew and how gracefully Chi-Chi aged.

"My my… talk about beauti-FUL!" Roshi tried to say before he was pretty much tackled onto the bed and Chi-Chi sat on his body with a look of raw lust in her eyes when she eyed his cock.

"Enough talk old man, time to see if you can really please a pussy." Chi-Chi said while she moved to sit on Roshi's face and she looked at his cock… for an old man he was well equipped with a 9 to 10 inch cock while it was 2 inches in width which made Chi-chi gulp and what not before she leaned down and starts to lick the head of Roshi's cock… thankfully Roshi had it cleaned before he followed Chi-Chi to the bars.

Roshi in turn shuddered and groans before he opened his mouth and licked Chi-Chi's folds, she tasted pretty sweet and while she did get drunk and stuff, she bathed before the party so her folds were clean as a whistle, he even surprised her when he licked her asshole which caused the black haired beauty to groan and suck Roshi's cock harder then ever, she even deepthroats it a few times much to Roshi's surprise.

"O-Oh fuck!... either she is desperate even when drunk or she hasn't gotten laid in a long time… maybe both!" Roshi thought as he fought to keep from climaxing as his orgasm slowly approached.

The same could be said for Chi-Chi when she groans more and more as Roshi ate her holes out for a bit.

He then used a few fingers to finger her pussy and ass and Chi-Chi really groaned from that unexpected move and worked to fondle his balls to help him blow hard.

It didn't take long since he seemd to have a bit of a hair trigger on his first orgasm and he gave a strained groan when he climaxed hard in Chi-Chi's mouth and as a result, Chi-Chi's cheeks puffed out a bit as she didn't expect him to be this virile and as she tried to drink his load.

It took her a bit and while a small mess was made on her breasts and chin, she was able to take it quite well.

When she pulled her mouth off Roshi's cock after licking it clean, she wiped her mouth clean with a nearby rag that was set on the bed earlier.

She looks back at Roshi while she moved her lower body off his face so he could breath while she had a smirk on her face.

"Not bad Master Roshi… seems you have quantity at least… got the stamina to match?" Chi-Chi teased while Roshi grins as he pushes Chi-Chi onto the bed on all fours.

"Chi-Chi… I hope you're ready because you flipped a switch in this old body of mine that has long been sealed!" Roshi said when he powered up his Max form for a moment but not on his body… but his cock which made it grow longer and thicker to 12 inches in length and 3 in width.

That caused Chi-Chi to blush and look at it with a more lustful look and all she did was smirk at Roshi and shook her ass at him.

"Then what are you waiting for… fuck me as hard as you want!" Chi-Chi taunts while Roshi moved to get behind Chi-chi and after breathing for a second and huffing air, he aimed his cock at her folds and jammed himself deep inside and as Chi-Chi groans from the feeling, she felt so full right now and since she wasn't in discomfort, Roshi chalked it up to Goku being well equipped himself hince the quick adjustment.

After giving Chi-chi a few moments, he starts to thrust his hips and his cock barraged Chi-Chi's pussy again and again as time goes on, thrust after thrust, hump after hump, Roshi worked to fuck Chi-chi with rising levels of power while Chi-chi moans and groans from the feeling while she thrusts her hips back to meet with Roshi's thrusts.

This went on for a bit with the duo pretty much just acting like animals and with Roshi slowly using more power, he pretty much took full control of Chi-Chi's thrusts when he slammed himself inside of her pussy again and again while he grits his teeth.

"O-OH FUCK!... FUCK ME MASTER!, FUCK ME!" Chi-Chi yelled while Roshi really liked being called master and he used a hand to smack her ass a few times which caused her to get a fucked up look on her face when she really felt wanted and pleased.

"Hehe, I know she will not like this in the morning so might as well feign being drunk later… good thing this place stocks birth control otherwise things would be really complicated nine months from now." Roshi thought as he was getting close again.

Though thanks to his earlier shot, he was able to last quite a bit longer and after an number of thrusts he pushed his cock balls deep into Chi-Chi and she groans with wide eyes when she climaxed hard on Roshi's cock with surprising force, so much so that Roshi growled and climaxed inside of Chi-Chi's womb with great force as well like a geyser… maybe even more so than last time and Chi-Chi's womb bloats a bit… maybe because Roshi, while Chi-Chi was unaware, used his max power form on his balls specifically and right now was doubling his potent load that fired right into Chi-Chi's eager womb.

Chi-Chi's eyes roll back into her skill and she really moans when she had the strongest orgasm of her life right now, she wasn't sure what was happening but the last thing she remembered fully was her upper body falling to the bed and her ass pointing at Roshi.

When he tapped off he grins at Chi-Chi's ass and takes a moment to recover… well he pulled his cock free of Chi-Chi's pussy, aimed his cock at her ass… and well… he brought her back to reality somewhat when he forced his cock balls deep up her ass and well…

The Receptionist in the Lobby was working on the paperwork while she hums a small tune and well… she jolts a bit when she hears this.

"OH MY FUCKING SHENRON!" The receptionist heard before she chuckled a bit when she recognized where the scream was coming from since only one room was taken for now.

"Ah, getting the Dragon in the cave huh?, interesting times for her." The receptionist said as the scene went to show Chi-Chi as she bit into the blanket while Roshi fucked her ass hard and fast while he smacked her ass red and she was loving every moment of it while her juices and some sperm flowed from her abused pussy and down one hip to the bed.

This went on with Roshi enjoying the sight of Chi-Chi's ass rippling with each thrust and like before, his orgasm was approaching as well as Chi-Chi's orgasm and after a few minutes of intense anal fucking… Roshi gives one final roar and he thrusts his cock deep in Chi-Chi's ass and unloads a ton of sperm into her while his balls shrank.

Chi-chi groans loudly when she had another body shaking orgasm while her toes curl and her fingers gripped the bed hard… by the time the duo rode out their orgasms Chi-Chi was weakened greatly not only because of the alcohol but from going three rounds with Roshi, granted she could go longer but intoxication does not mix well with sex and before Roshi could go another round… well… he heard snoring on the bed and looked to see Chi-Chi asleep in the same position with a happy relaxed look on her face.

"Huh… that's new." Roshi said to himself while he moved to get Chi-Chi under some covers while he himself went to get cleaned, he wasn't sure how long Chi-Chi would be out but he would have to make some calls so a search party wouldn't come after her.

As that happened, the scene went to Gohan who knows how much later, he was panicking a bit and searching for Chi-Chi through the house and as Goku arrived, Bulma walked to the group with a phone in hand.

"Hey Gohan… and hey Goku… nice to see you here finally… got a call from Roshi with an unknown number… says he wants to talk with Goku if he is there.

"Me?" Goku asked when he got the phone from Bulma and held it to his ear.

"Hello?, Master Roshi?" Goku said while Roshi's voice was on the other line.

"Oh hello Goku, sorry for the late call but figured you would would be at Bulma's place by now, I'm calling to let you know Chi-chi is fine, she is with me, she drunk a lot at the party earlier and I had to make sure she didn't get into much trouble, she is sleeping right now so tell Bulma and Gohan not to worry, I'll send her home tomorrow once she wakes and isn't feeling the effects of a hangover." Roshi said on his end which confused Goku.

"Party?, there was a party?" Goku said but before he could answer or explain to Bulma and Gohan how he didn't know, Roshi hung up and he grins on his end in the Love hotel while he had a mischievous look in his eyes.

The scene then flashbacked to a few events as dramatic opera music played in the background...

One was Roshi giving Yamcha an all you can eat coupon to pass to Goku, he told Yamcha that it was thanks for saving the earth.

Another was him pretty much keeping Goku out of the loop and would pretend to forget to tell him about the party.

Finally… the call to Bulma… thanks to the talk with Goku, he knew no one had any idea and even if Goku spilled the beans about the coupon, no one would think the wiser.

The scene then went to the present as the opera music fades...

This caused Roshi to look at Chi-Chi and grins while he gave the peace sign to her sleeping form when he pretty much conquered the Chi-Chi route… what that meant in his head could be many things but married women… watch out… Roshi is going to come for you when you least expect it.

The scene then fades to black as Roshi went to get Chi-Chi covered fully and she snuggles up into the covers… how she would react in the morning would be a mystery and how the old Turtle hermit would survive would be another… but one thing was clear… Master Roshi had no regrets so if he was killed… he would treasure this memory in the afterlife for a good long while.

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