Dragon Ball Request Section @emerald
Chapter 1

The scene opens up to show TME while he was playing on his Switch with Dragon ball Xenoverse 2.

"Hehe, so many timelines so little time, maybe I should play world mission soon… oh hello everyone." TME said when he noticed the readers.

He then put the Switch on Sleep mode and charged it in its dock before he looks at the readers.

"Welcome everyone to a new story, this one stars Bulma and King Cold from DBZ, now contrary to what some may think, if you read this porn comic, Bulma gets taken by King cold and is used as his plaything while the other Zfighters are helpless to stop this while they all stay in hiding, point is… you could say the requester, Sky-Kaiser, requested this based on that but from what I got, seems like it was purely a coincidence on if this was inspired by that or not… going to need to talk with him about that later but if you want a more image based story, look for that porn comic… anyway this is a what if with two specific things in mind, A, the Earth is not destroyed and instead enslaved with Goku not showing up for some reason, maybe a malfunction for his pod sent him way off course or something, and B, this mainly stars King Cold and Bulma when she had an Afro at the time, the rest is just gravy more or less… anyway I'll end the intro here and get into the story, this is 4000 words after all so need to get to work on this now otherwise it will be awhile before I finish this." TME said as the scene shifts...


Timelines… they are funny things, even the tiniest thing can change things big time if that one thing impacted many things down the line.

For the most part there were three small things that impacted this kind of story.

First off Goku, who was on his way to earth never seemed to get there, there are many reasons as to why… faulty ship, miscalculated trajectory, ran into something on the way and knocked off course… many reasons… the point is though, thanks to that and thanks to how different this timeline was, it might as well not be connected with the canon timeline which ergo meant no Future Trunks coming to the rescue against the Androids, in fact in this timeline, there were no androids either from what happened soon plotwise, even if there were, they would most likely be reprogrammed and what not.

Second instead of instantly killing the Z fighters or destroying earth aside from Vegeta with Frieza landing a Death beam similar to what he did last time on Namek like some kind of twisted blast from the past, King Cold and Frieza instead lets the rest go to try and make a pointless resistance of sorts, granted before everyone could get away, Bulma was captured somehow in the fleeing when King Cold gave the order for her capture since a powerless woman like her wouldn't be here for no reason and after some… talk… he found out that she was pretty much a inventing genius which helped his choice in keeping her alive for now and that was just the start of earth's troubles… without Goku and with the fact Frieza and King Cold totalling the Lookout while keeping Kami prisoner to keep the dragon balls and Piccolo in line as well by their link… well things were just looking worse and worse for earth as King cold summoned his men from far off to take over the earth.

Thanks to the military might and well… a mountain destroying show from King Cold, earth pretty much surrendered instantly while any who resisted were either killed or tortured into being subserviant to King Cold's rule.

Finally thanks to King Cold being well… a King… he had a harem of women from various planets to amuse him while he was at his home on his home planet, however thanks to the fact he was off planet, he had no playmates so to speak and well… the captured Bulma got his eye and while things would get rather worse for Earth thanks to Frieza and Cold puting in various rules and laws for earth to follow, he decided to take Bulma off planet with him… however while he would leave Frieza in charge here and have many females on earth satisfy his troops, he would do one final thing before leaving earth and this would be televised for all to see…

Timeframe/ 4 days after total earth takeover/ Square of West City

The scene showed a random human group with some frieza force soldiers getting off work and while Humans were more or less staying in the same status quo aside from wearing special collars that would forced them to listen to high ranked Frieza force members, nowadays many were just trying not to piss off anyone who can pretty much blast a hole through their skull while many females were taken from here or there and people were helpless to stop it.

Currently some women were being walked with handlers so they wouldn't try and run off and right now in West City, the largest tallest building with the hugest monitor in the city equipped on it lit up and when everyone looks over, they all saw King Cold sitting on a throne.

"Greetings beings of Planet Earth, in case any need a reminder I am King Cold, former emperor of the Galaxy while my Son is the current one… anyway I have an announcement to make so listen well, I am planning on heading back home but not without doing a number of things first… you see there is a small resistance here on Earth that would normally be quelled instantly by my forces or my son, but considering the history they have with him, I'll let him handle them in his own time, either with letting them live as slaves and being powerless to do anything against him or he could end them in his own way… either way I won't be here, but not without taking souvenirs back home… you see unlike my son who has no interest in the opposite gender, I happen to prefer the comforts of a lover or two, so I have picked a small number of women to take back with me to my planet so they can grace my bed chambers… in fact… I'm planning on making a public show with one of them here and now while this broadcasted life to all who can view this." King Cold said as he grins at the monitor while many humans looked shocked and frieza force soldiers smirk as King Cold grins more when he saw something off screen.

"Oh and this is also a double whammy of punishment for the resistance because it is someone they know quite well… in fact why don't we show her." King Cold said as he gestured for someone to approach and well… to many in West City's shock and well… blushing faces… they all saw a mostly nude and well endowed Bulma briefs walk near Cold and many could see her D cup breasts and her wide hips with a nice looking bubblebutt was seen with thick hips while she wore a metal collar, armbands, and anklets that were made to show her status as Cold's slave.

"Hehe, as you can see this fine human woman is more or less coming with me since not only because of her beauty but her talents go to waste here… and in case the man who injured my son Goku somehow arrived here and is in hiding… I'm taking your Wife Chi-Chi with me… she is hanging over there so… ah yes Cameraman, please turn the camera if you would be so kind." Cold said as the cameraman nods before he turned from a blushing and frowning Bulma to show a chained up and hanging Chi-Chi while she was on the wall nearby.

She had C cup breasts was covered with fluids and was pretty much dripping with sperm from her pussy and ass as Cold gestured for the camera to turn back to him.

Once it was back on him, he grins at the camera again.

"As you all can see, I made sure this female wasn't going to waste, seemed pretty voracious and tired me out a bit, I mean does her mate even satisfy her?..." Cold said in a joking manner before shrugging as Bulma frowns.

"Anyway, back on point, I have a deal that as long as I don't let this woman die or get too tramatized with my fun with her… this blue haired beauty here will satisfy me whenever I ask… we had a few fun moments where I had her get used to my size but now… this is where I really get rough and all of you lucky viewers will get to see this on live television." Cold said as the scene went from west City to King Cold's ship as it was floating high in the sky, ready to take off once the fun was over with.

Earth/ Sky above earth/ Cold's ship/ Bulma, Chi-Chi, King Cold, Cold's men

The scene now showed Cold while he was looking at Bulma who had a small blush on her face when she stands in front of the massively framed Cold… what cold didn't say was that she was only given some time with Cold in one of his smaller forms, similar to Frieza he could transform so this second stage form was the biggest of all the forms and Cold knew it which was why he wanted to use this form after Bulma got by his other forms which she did.

However those forms pale in comparison to this form in size… honestly she was worried for her heath when she saw Cold looking at her and when she approached, he ripped his pant like cloth away and while nothing was seen for a second, a clit on his pelvis opened before a massive cock was seen which caused Bulma's eyes to widen in shock when she saw it… it was around 15 damned inches long and 4 in width.

Cold enjoyed the look on Bulma's face, his smallest form in his first form had a cock of 8 inches or so, his third had one of 11 inches, and his final form which he only used once in a shielded place before he went to Bulma was only 12 inches or so… so this one was pretty much his most impressive size so it made sense on why Bulma was hesitant. (To be fair I'm downplaying Cold's general size because I've looked and in some cases Mecha Frieza was up to his knee… his knee… others show otherwise so… yeah, unless he can control his forms size that I'm unaware of… going to keep him on the lower yet still big size here.)

"Hmhmhm… I know it's a bit intimidating but remember the deal… you satisfy me and I'll keep your friend safe under my care as another of my ladies, still needs work to take my larger forms so I hope you can please me in this form…" Cold said while he licked his lips when he would enjoy getting Bulma to scream for him.

Bulma gulps again before she approached Cold's cock while he sat in his chair, good thing too because if Cold stood… well it would be pretty hard for Bulma to reach his cock with it being so erect.

When she got a good look at this forms cock, she gulped when not only did it have an alien like look, it had bumps running up and down the sides while she blushed a bit.

Cold looks amused before he watched as Bulma licked her lips and she licked the head of his cock a few times which made the former emperor of the universe groan from the feeling.

"Oh yes… I rarely use this form so this dick is a bit sensitive." Cold said while he was amused by the blush on Bulma's face.

This caused Bulma to open her mouth more and attempted to get the cock into her mouth though… that didn't work when she could barely fit the head in her jaw… she did have an alternate way of doing things when she moved her body so her breasts were around the cock and squished them together and Cold groans when Bulma licked the head of his cock and gave him a top grade titfuck.

Many on the TV's around the world could see this and many were blushing up a storm when they saw the camera circle around to show this while it moved away to get a good view of Bulma's round ass as it lightly jiggles from her efforts to please the former emperor when she had to raise up on her tiptoes a few times.

Cold groans a bit more as his orgasm was slowly approaching after a couple minutes and as Bulma worked her breasts more, Cold gave a deep growl as he climaxed hard in Bulma's mouth and on her breasts when she couldn't take the entire load down her throat.

This caused Cold to ride out his orgasm and when he tapped off with a groan he takes a moment to pant for breath before he looks at his pet and smirks when he saw her coughing and what not while a Frieza force goon passed her a damp towel so Cold wouldn't have to deal with cleanup on his women.

Once Bulma was cleaned up with Cold being patient since he was getting relief in his 2nd form, he gestured for her to approach him which caused her to blush as she moved to get on Cold's wide and imposing lap, she couldn't believe she was doing this but again… guy could blow up mountains and trying to get on his good side would probably be the smartest and safest course of action for her… and lets not forget in this timeline Vegeta was killed way before Trunk's was even concieved so in this timeline, no Trunks.

Cold smirks as he watched Bulma get on his lap, he loved how warm she was thanks to his body being well… cold blooded... and not only that her ass and thighs really got his attention mainly, especially when her ass rests on his cock though he would enjoy her ass in a moment, he wanted to really show the earthlings a sight when he used a hand to lift Bulma's body so she was standing over his cock and lifted a bit while she gulps when Cold's cock was aimed at her pussy… the cock was monstrous and that was an understatement… honestly in a personal moment she had shortly after she ran into Goku as a kid, she ran into this flying dino who wanted to have his way with her and while Goku helped her before anything happened… well… cold outclassed that guy by a large margin.

A moment later, Cold lowered Bulma and she grits her teeth and groans when she felt Cold's cock enter her pussy rather roughly, not enough to cause damage but it was still a tight squeeze and when Bulma's feet touched Cold's hips, his cock was already near cervix.

"U-Ugh!" Bulma groans from the feeling when she felt so full that it wasn't even funny, she was used to toys but nothing came close to what Cold's second form had when he looks amused as Bulma tried to recover.

Cold however chuckles when he used his index fingers to lightly tap Bulma's legs to the side and well… Cold's cock pierced Bulma's cervix in no time and she had a wide eyed and shocked look on her face as she shakingly looked down at the massive almost abnormal looking bulge in her womb and Cold smirks when Bulma shakes more when she not only had a great feeling of discomfort like something was not supposed to be in her body like this, but from an unexpected and overwhelming orgasm happened to Bulma when she surprisingly loved this feeling… guess she was a size queen of all things.

Cold in turn groans from the tight feeling before Bulma placed her feet on Cold's hips and after she got a lustful look in her eyes, she starts to raise and lower her body and she moans, groans, and pants as her pussy was slowly ruined for others as she worked to get fucked by Cold's cock and Cold leaned back in his chair so he could watch her do so while the camera filming it all watched Bulma's ass mainly as she pretty much rode Cold's cock and it was seen by all in the world.

As this went on, Chi-Chi starts to stir and thanks to how weak she was, all she could do was look upwards and her eyes widens when she saw Bulma riding Cold's cock like she was enjoying it and thanks to her weakened state, Chi-Chi couldn't say much though… she did shudder a bit in some kind of sick way when she was a bit heated from watching the show before her.

Said show went on for a bit as Bulma's ass shook again and again while she continues to ride Cold's cock though he did tease her when he used his tail to tease her asshole and while that did make her jolt, all she did was lean forwards with a blush as she gripped her ass with her hands to spread her ass cheeks apart and Cold grins evilly when he forced his tail pretty deep into Bulma's ass which made her groan whorishly when she couldn't even register pain right now.

Chi-Chi was shocked by that and more shocked and blushed when Bulma went to ride Cold more and he thrusts his tail into her ass again and again while Bulma's eyes roll back into her head when she felt so much pleasure and groans when she keeps on riding Cold's cock as his orgasm slowly approached as time went on.

After a couple minutes, Cold grits his teeth and thrusts his tail a bit harder in Bulma's ass before he growled and Bulma groans in turn when she felt her womb getting flooded by Cold's sperm and contrary to his name it was quite warm as it filled her up like a balloon of sorts.

After 15 or so seconds… the former emperor tapped off with a groan while Bulma pants for breath while she shuddered from the afterglow as she tapped off and long story short she nearly fell off of Cold if he didn't use his telekenesis to keep her steady before she was lifted from his cock and tail.

Bulma was having trouble focusing as she was turned in the air to face away from Cold as he stands tall while Bulma's legs were brought up and Cold held her in his hands while his fingers held her thighs and his thumbs were on her back to support her while his cock was aimed at Bulma's unguarded yet slightly gaping ass thanks to what Cold did and after a Goon used a sprayer to get Cold's cock lubed up more, he lowered Bulma and many on earth could see Cold's cock going deep in Bulma's ass this time and she groans from the rough penetration… honestly at this point she couldn't feel anything but pleasure and it showed on her face which looked a bit fucked up from how well… fucked she was…

Once Cold lowered Bulma more, he starts to lift and lower Bulma at a slow rate to get her used to the cock inside of her while he hums in enjoyment at the feel of Bulma's ass gripping his cock tightly like it didn't want to let go of him and well… as time went on many could see that Bulma was utterly fucked when Cold starts to thrust his hips and he lowered Bulma onto his cock in a rythem of sorts and many wondered if Bulma would be alright considering she was getting her ass pretty much ruined by a cock on an alien monster.

Well… it was hard to say but one thing was obvious… Bulma would not only not be able to walk right after this, not many would be able to satisfy her and as the camera got a close up look of Bulma's ass as Cold worked to ruin it for others, not like he would let many near it aside from maybe his close aides to bring the kink factor up but for now all he could think of was how good Bulma's ass was and how well she was taking his powerful thrusts and drops.

Bulma gasped and groans while she got a more fucked up look on her face as she couldn't withstand the barrage and after a couple minutes of straight up fucking while the camera filming her ass saw her climax hard and the camera had to avoid juices that flew from Bulma's pussy and all she could do was twitch and make inchorient groans when she couldn't believe how good this felt… right now her throught process was turning from most things to just Cold's cock when she could feel it get deeper and deeper in her ass and she could feel her orgasm approaching again from another orgasm coming along while Cold's own orgasm was finally approaching.

A minute later, Cold made one good thrust and got about 13 or so inches in Bulma's ass which caused a large bulge to be seen in Bulma's ass and as many looked on in wonder from how Bulma was able to take that, her stomach bloats greatly when Cold came hard inside of her ass with a roar and Bulma's stomach bloats greatly like she was many month's pregant before sperm blasts from her ass around Cold's cock and she coughed up plenty of sperm when she couldn't take anymore of the monster sized loads.

This caused many watching to blush, gasp, or look on in worry, or in Cold's mens case, they were looking turned on when they watched their former emperor have his way with this blue haired beauty.

Though considering she looked like she couldn't take much more, Cold lets her lay on the ground when he lets her go and he used his telekenesis to make sure she didn't crash on the ground and he was now stroking his cock off after it was cleaned by a towel passed to him again.

Bulma was just shuddering and shaking on the ground while her ass gapped from the abuse it took, Cold didn't mind that Bulma couldn't move, it just made her an easier target for his next load and he could think of this as a before moment before he trains her to withstand the future fucking she would get and as he gets close, he looks at the camera.

"Get a good look earth, this beauty is about to be officially claimed as one of my women and no one can stop this hehe… better enjoy this sight while you can earthlings because this won't happen for awhile." Cold said before he looks at Bulma, stroked his cock more and more while Bulma starts to come back to her senses and blushed when she saw Cold jerking it off over her body and Cold waits for this to happen before he grits his teeth and aimed his cock at Bulma more and groans when he starts to fire his load onto Bulma's body and she had to close her eyes from getting pretty much coated in Cold's load in various places on her body.

First was her hips, each shot coating them decently, next was her breasts, each shock hitting home on her nipples to give them an even coating, finally was her face, she had to close her eyes when she saw that coming and thanks to her slightly open mouth, she took some of the alien load into her mouth and when it was decently filled, she swallowed it which amused Cold while Bulma laid on the ground.

After Cold tapped off with a pleased groan, he looks at the camera again with a smirk as a female goon came over to clean his cock again with a wet towel.

"As you all saw earthlings, I'm done for now with pleasing my newest addition to my harem so I'll be leaving earth, again my son will be in charge so all I can say to you resistance members is well… good luck… you'll need if it if my son catches you and gives you a painful death instead of a quick one." Cold said before he had the camera feed cut.

He then looks at a nearby male goon.

"Alright, tell the ship's captain we are getting ready for takeoff, we are heading to my home officially so lets make it swift and depending on various factors, we could have some females taken from this planet that are on my ship please you all for some much due stress relief, though this blue haired beauty will be gracing my chambers again so… you and you… get her cleaned up so I can have fun with her later." Cold said as he looks at two nearby female goons and while they blushed from watching the entire thing, they nod as they work to get Bulma cleaned up when they picked her up and took her to a bathroom, as for Chi-Chi… Cold looks at her and smirks before he looked away.

"Oh and make sure the one called… Chi-Chi… if I remember right is well taken care of, I am a man of my word in making sure as long as she sticks near me, she won't be harmed so lets get her clean as well… hmm… who knows, maybe I could train her to join her friend Bulma… now if you'll excuse me, I need to get going and get clean myself, don't want to be filthy for future fun right?" Cold said before he starts walking away as some goons approached Chi-Chi before the scene fades to black.

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