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A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 9

Once everything was finally purchased- Toshinori led Ichigo out of the mall and several blocks over to where one of his Hero offices was, so that he could put her things someplace safe while he was taking her around with him on patrol. And after stuffing everything in an old friend's office, he changed into his outfit and then motioned for her to follow him as he stepped back out of the building and back onto the street again.

"What are you doing now?" She asked as she followed him back out onto the street.

He gave her his trademark 'All Might' smile and then explained. "I'm taking you on a round of patrol with me. I thought that it would be good for you to see what I do for work up close instead of seeing it on the evening news at some point. Especially if things go awry like they sometimes do. I wouldn't want you to sit back at the school and worry needlessly."

She didn't say anything. Merely thinned her lips a little bit and stuffed her small hands in her pant's pockets and moved to walk beside him instead of trailing along behind him.

One of the first things that she noticed and asked him about was the attention that he always seemed to get everywhere he went. Sure he was a hulking and incredibly noticeable seven foot two inch guy with the physique of a Greek god- but why was he getting so much damned attention?

He'd found her question a tad bit amusing, so he'd launched into this long-winded explanation about who he was and why he got so much attention.

However his amusement quickly turned into shock, disbelief, and maybe a little bit of horror too, when she'd not known anything about him at all.

Apparently she'd been living under a rock or something all her life.

She didn't know his hero name. In fact she had even commented that she'd never even heard it up until her two month stint in the hospital. She also really didn't even know why he was such a big deal.

Which was...weirdly disconcerting to him. After all, how could she not know the name of All Might? The man who was hailed by everyone in the world as the Pillar of Justice?

So he told her a little bit about his abilities.

Not much, just the basics. Super strength, super speed- she muttered something about that not being very special since every Tom, Dick, and Harry had those things nowadays too. Which had him gaping at her in disbelief again- because, ow! His pride!

"I'll have you know that I worked very hard to be the Pro-hero that I am today." He said. Irritation. Unbidden, was bubbling up just beneath the surface of his usually calm and friendly exterior.

Had being told that he- no, his quirk- wasn't that special really bothered him that much? He wondered for a moment. Before realizing that it had.

He always tended to get a bit defensive when it came to the quirk that Nana had given to him.

"I never said that you didn't." Ichigo said with small frown as she cast a side eyed look his way. "Even I know that it would take years to be able to properly train yourself to use those abilities to the fullest without harming yourself and others."

That mollified him some, but only slightly as he mulled over her words for a moment before latching onto something and deciding to say, "Your speaking from personal experience."

The fact that he was pointing out that she was speaking of personal experience was telling to him. She turned her head a little bit and gave him a grim look as he asked her.

"What sort of abilities do you have?"

"Nothing that you need to know." She said the words slowly. Trying not to snap or be harsh about something that he was merely curious about.

After all, even she knew that the question would come up inevitably. It was just bound to since her arrival in this place had got a lot of people curious. And it wasn't as if none of them hadn't noticed her Hollow-fied state. Not to mention the big assed sword that she'd had on her that had later disappeared on them without any sort of explanation.

There was the Soten Kisshun too.

She would be the first to say that she hadn't been totally aware of who was close to her that day. But she did know that some of the people close to her then had seen the tiny fairy-like beings that had once belonged to Orihime. Back before she'd been stripped of her abilities, and crippled in an incident that she had yet to heal from.

Orihime had given her her Soten Kisshun in a last ditch effort to save them from disappearing. Because they were alive, and deserved to continue living even if she couldn't bring them forth anymore.

It had taken Ichigo a month to manage to even manifest them. Which had been very tricky for her since she wasn't as gentle natured as Orihime was. And Kisuke had explained that her spirit energy might make some changes to them.

After all, Orihime wasn't much of a fighter. She was a healer and defender, sure. But not a fighter. Ichigo was nothing but a fighter. Her spirit energy had been tempered by past experiences to be as sharp- if not sharper- than Zangetsu.

And Zangetsu was sharp and powerful enough to cleave the Heaven's themselves into pieces if she so desired.

She was so quiet that it would have been difficult not to tell that she was thinking of something. And while he still wanted answers to his question, she didn't seem very willing to give them at the moment.

Sighing because he was fairly certain that he must have upset her with his question about her abilities- he was about to apologize when she said, "The power to break apart the world and re-create it into whatever you desire is a terrifying thing. One wrong move, one wrong wish, or want, or desire could break apart the very foundation of reality and unravel it at the seams."

He stopped walking to look down at her.

A frown marring his expression as he considered her words as she then shrugged her slender shoulders and said, "Rukia always said that 'We stand in awe before that which cannot be seen.' She also said, that the unseen stood in awe before me. But...I think I'm still trying to figure out what she meant."

Toshinori blinked at her and then frowned, not quite understanding right then that she just may have answered his question while managing not to at the same time.

Not too long after that, there was some trouble and he had to run off to stop a bank robbery. Which meant that Ichigo was left alone at least a good fifty feet or so from the place being robbed. So naturally he thought that she'd be safe there. After all, it wasn't as if just anyone would be able to pick her out of the faces in the civilian crowd.

He was wrong. Dreadfully so.

He realized that when three of the robbers managed to escape the building while another two kept him busy. He had just managed to knock the other guys out and was running outside when he heard some hysterical screaming coming from the area where he'd left Ichigo, and felt his blood run cold.

Rushing over to where the civilians had gathered, he took a moment to scan everyone for injuries while also looking for his young charge, and gnashed his teeth and growled when he couldn't see her anywhere.

"Fuck." He snarled as he dug his cell phone out and then grabbed one of the less shaken Civilians for a moment and got what information he could out of them.

Once that was done, he let them wander off as he quickly dialed Shota's number.

The phone barely rang once before he heard the man's voice demanding to know why he was calling him.

Shota couldn't help the frustration curse that left him when he heard that Toshi had fucked up already. Sure he'd been expecting it at some point- but to fuck up quite so soon was practically unheard of.

I mean it wasn't as if he were trying to raise another Bakugo for crying out loud.

And yet- that frustration quickly bled away to anxiousness and concern when Toshinoi told him that he'd taken the girl with him on patrol. The reasons why he had done so didn't matter at the moment.

What did was the fact that he believed that the escaping villain's had Ichigo as a hostage, however, meant everything right then.

It had him dropping what he was doing at the school and quickly running out of the lounge and going down the halls. It had his heart beating so quickly that it was a wonder that it didn't explode in his chest as he ran past a couple of the kids hanging out at the dorm- damned near knocking them down as he barreled out the door. Barely managing to call out an apology to the ones he nearly knocked down as he went.

After all, Toshi was obviously going to need help finding the villains before they hurt the girl. Otherwise he wouldn't have bothered to call him in the first damned place.

With the holidays right around the corner, Katsuki wasn't about to get caught without gifts for his family and friends this year. Partially because the old hag had nearly pummeled him to death last year when he'd dropped by for an impromptu visit to see his parents without any.

Because apparently remembering gifts for your friends and loved ones was a very serious matter to everyone. It made them feel appreciated and stuff.

He knew this now because even Kirishima had been miffed at him for not getting him anything last year for the holidays. And he was usually a fucking annoying ray of sunshine all the time! So having him miffed at him had...been an experience.

One that he didn't really want a repeat of anytime soon. Especially since they shared a room and he'd be subjected to some more of the other boy's weirdness.

So today he'd left the school dorm to do some holiday shopping, figuring that he'd try to get a jump on things before he forgot again. So far, he'd managed to get stuff for just about everyone in his class- teachers included. And at the moment, he was trying to find something nice for Ichigo since he didn't want her to feel badly for being left out by any of the kids.

Sure he knew that Deku was going to get her something. He'd even had an idea for something small, but fetching like a fashion jewelry pearl set or something. Or maybe an item or two made of crystals.

Katsuki was going to skin him alive if he got her anything nicer than what he was planning to get her. He already had some magnolia, lily, and orange blossom scented perfume picked out for her. Which smelled really, really good to him.

So fuck what anybody else thought.

But just in case she didn't like the perfume much, he'd also gotten her a sterling silver and crystal drop pendant necklace. The pendant was wire wrapped with eye catching coils here and there, suspending the crystal carefully from them.

It had looked really neat to him. So he'd grabbed it up before someone else did.

He was currently walking down the street towards a cafe to grab something to eat when he heard a commotion and some screaming up ahead. Wondering what was going on, he switched over to a jog in an effort to reach where the screaming was coming from and damn near tripped over his own feet when he saw Ichigo staring down some assholes with what looked like gun quirks.

"What the fuck-" He muttered as he stared at her wide eyed. His mind racing between, What the actual fuck is going on? Did she run away? Where the hell is All Might?! Everyone and their cousin knew that this was All Might's usual patrol area- so where was he? Did he get held up helping someone else? Or fighting?

And what was Ichigo doing with those losers? Was she trying to kill herself? He wondered in vague alarm as two of the guys suddenly fired shots at her.

Katsuki visibly bristled as they laughed, expecting her to hit the ground screaming or something. He didn't really have any time to think any more. His body moved on automatic out of worry that she may have actually been shot even if she didn't fall to the ground.

One second he was on the sidelines and the next he was decking one of the guys so hard that his head cracked the pavement when it hit it. Which suddenly had all eyes on him as he snarled, "Hey fuckers!" As he took a second to visibly check Ichigo over.

His scarlet eyes landing on the small patch of crimson staining her sleeve before flickering away again. The words, 'Hurt', and 'Flesh wound' slithering through his mind as he growled angrily.

"What the fuck do you think your doing with this girl?"

Ichigo stared at the blond boy that she'd hung out with yesterday with an mixed expression that was between relief, panic, and something akin to very strong rage. And tried to figure out if she wanted to laugh, cry, or beat the ever loving hell out of someone.

At the moment, she was strongly leaning towards the last option. But that was only because she was steadily getting more and more pissed.

Oh sure, she hadn't been all that upset before when she'd been grabbed by the three idiots and toted off. But that was merely because she was used to people unceremoniously grabbing her for one reason or another. It usually led to something either really scary or insanely entertaining.

There was literally no middle ground with her friends. And though she wasn't with her friends- she had also figured that the trend would run the same even here.

So she figured, why not? She hadn't actually been kidnapped in a little while.

And if the moron's really did try something then she could just take them out. Easy-peasy. Right?

Well, as it turned out, she'd been sort of wrong there. But then she had so little information on...what were they called here? Quirks? That she was kind of flying blind at the moment.

How was she supposed to know that having guns growing out of a person's arm was sensitive to the touch when you grabbed it and tried to yank it off? Also, how was she supposed to know that the stupid thing worked like an honest-to-god gun? She'd never seen a quirk work before.

So when she'd yanked on the thing attached to the guy's arm, she'd not only hurt him- but pissed him and his friends off.

She'd not been expecting the damned things to function like actual guns. She'd expected bones to be shot out of it! At least she could see those coming at her and frigging dodge!

So naturally when she'd felt one of the bullets hit her arm...she'd froze up for a second to rethink her initial plan. Which was what she had been doing while the three assholes laughed. And then blondy had shown up.

And all she could think at the moment was something between, 'He's going to get himself turned into swiss cheese.' and 'I should have stayed in bed this morning.'

Blondy's hands were starting to spark the longer he stood there waiting for someone to say what the hell they were doing with her. And Ichigo reacted to the opening the only way that she knew how.

She attacked. Quickly, viciously, and...despite the fact that the men were armed- she put them all on their asses within the blink of an eye.

She didn't think that she'd ever seen anybody ever look quite so amazed and cheated all at once before. But blondy certainly did from the way that he was openly gaping at her.

She spent a moment breaking each of the men's ankles- just one of them, so that they'd have trouble running away from the authorities before she felt an arm suddenly snake around her waist, and quietly huffed as blondy practically picked her up and then ran off into an alley with her tucked underneath his arm like a football.

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