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A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 8

I'm trying to figure out a good Katsuki/fem Ichigo story idea.

I mean I have some that would be fun to do. But starting them is such a bitch.

Anyways, here's this chap.

Toshinori was more than a little bit impressed by the fact that Ichigo hadn't moved so much as an inch while he was zipping from store to store, getting some cute stuff for her to wear, since she seemed to be avoiding such things on her own.

In fact he was starting to get a mite concerned about whether or not she was even breathing. She was utterly still. Almost like a living statue. It was disconcerting to say the least.

Seeing a child- even a teenager- so still was eerie. Especially since children/teens always seemed to be moving around for one reason or another.

Still, he'd had an eventful dash around the mall and had gotten everything nice that he'd been intending to get for her since she seemed to be avoiding specific things.

He'd gotten her sweaters, t-shirts, buttons downs, some dresses, extra pants, socks, a couple of winter jackets- even some shoes. He made sure to get a couple of pairs of flats, slip on's, and a few pairs of sneakers, small heels and heeled boots too. Since he knew that heeled boots were all the rage now, fashion-wise.

He got every nice thing that he could possibly think of. Everything that would have been remotely flattering to her appearance.

After all, he couldn't have his charge running around looking like a bargain bin rag-a-muffin.

People would begin to talk about how he wasn't taking very good care of her. And that would be bad for a great number of reasons. Some of which had little to do with his pro-hero job.

And had far more to do with his pride as her guardian.

Walking up behind her, he slipped everything that he'd bought for her in with everything else in the cart that he was toting around. Hoping that he'd be able to hide his purchases from her until they were back at the school and he could surprise her with them.

"Back already?" Ichigo asked as she finally turned her head to look at him. "I guess that you finished up what you wanted to do."

"Yes." He said with a small smile. She made a humming sound and then turned back to the animals in the pet store window and quietly- if perhaps a little bit sullenly- told them goodbye and then got up off of the floor and dusted her pants off.

"Okay, where to now?"

"The music store." He said with a wide grin. She blinked at him for a second, and then cocked her head a little bit to the left but otherwise didn't react to his words at all. Which caused his grin to fall a little as he groused, "Do you ever feel enthusiasm for anything?"

"I do," She said with a slight nod as she moved to help him collect some of the bags that weren't already in the cart, but was waved off as he quickly intercepted her. "I just...don't really feel a lot right now because of the depression..."


"Or maybe it's the PTSD that the doc said that I have." She muttered to herself with a frown.

"Oh." He said again, feeling like a jerk for complaining in the first place when he should have remembered that her emotional state was still not quite right. "Sorry."

"Don't apologize." She suddenly growled at him in annoyance. Startling him a slightly with her tone as she went on to say, "You haven't done anything wrong. So don't ever apologize for the little things."

He looked at her oddly for a moment and silently nodded his head in understanding and then motioned for her to follow him as he started walking. Silently wondering if he would ever solve the puzzle that she presented him with.

After all, he had a lot to learn about her. Much of which was based on trust.

He still barely knew even the basics about her. Like what was her favorite color? Her favorite food- no wait- she'd mentioned that her favorite food was curry, right? But he still didn't know other things. Like when was her birthday? How old was she?

He was certain that she was in her teens, he just couldn't quite gauge where.

He already knew that she had a multitude of hobbies. She had had two younger siblings. Twin girls. Right? A dad who apparently worked in the medical field. She wasn't a picky eater. And she was at least a black belt in karate.

But not much else aside from those.

And then there was the even more important things that nobody seemed to know just yet.

Things like what had happened to her? What had brought her to U.A. that day? Who had hurt her and been responsible for the ultimate fate of her young friend?

He still found it a tad bit strange that she wasn't telling them anything about those things. But figured that maybe pushing her in her present state would be a very bad idea. Especially since she didn't seem ready to talk about any of it just yet.

Sighing quietly he led her to the music shop and decided to hang back and observe her and see what she did. She didn't get much in the way of CD's or anything else. And what little bit she did get- she didn't take any real time to look at.

She just walked in, grabbed a small boom box with a CD player in it, and four CD's and then went to the counter. Toshinori sighed, feeling a little bit...frustrated that she didn't act like a normal teen would and grab everything within reaching distance- no wait! Maybe that was a toddler?

He'd have to double check his parenting books once they were back home.

He payed for her stuff and then led her to the craft store, and once again found himself attempting to observe her.

Unlike the music store, her behavior here was far, far more energetic and enthusiastic. In fact, she seemed to display far more emotion than he'd seen from her so far, here. She literally seemed to vibrate in place with excitement before he told her to go on and see what she could find.

Despite the fact that he knew he just might wind up hating himself for unleashing her in the store unsupervised later.

She certainly seemed to come out of her shell a little bit, that was for sure.

He observed her as she went down various isles here and there, occasionally reaching out and taking items from the shelves and looking them over with a critical eye. Sometimes she put the stuff back and sometimes she didn't. But she didn't always put anything in the cart either.

Some stuff, she just seemed to like so much that she didn't want to part with it. At all. So she carried it everywhere she went while she was browsing.

He was so interested in watching her that he wasn't paying any real attention to what she did put into the cart. So he was a mite startled to see the stupid thing nearly overflowing with all kinds of things.

Things like knitting needles, lotion bases, body butter bases, stuff to make beaded jewelry, embroidery stuff for multiple projects, clothe, needles, thread and yarn, things to make her own homemade soaps, melt and pour bases for the soaps, scented stuff, liquid dyes, candle making supplies, some DIY books, catalogs on where to buy craft stuff online and then finally- she came to a stop in the floral section of the store where she sat down on the floor- just like she had outside the pet store earlier.

And began to systematically make some floral arrangements out of whatever she could reach while he watched her in fascinated bemusement.

She must have been making little flower arrangements for the better part of an hour before he finally decided that he just might have to drag her from the place, tossed over his shoulder, kicking and screaming if he wanted to go on patrol anytime soon.

Reaching out, he rested a large hand on top of her head to draw her attention to him and smiled when she tipped her head back and blinked at him owlishly. "Do you want to get any of the flowers? You could make some arrangements if you like. I don't think anyone back at the school will mind any."

She blinked at him again and then looked around for a second with a small frown while he eyed the steadily growing pile of little arrangements that she'd already made, and then reached down and grabbed them up and carefully set them in the cart with everything else before then grabbing some vases and some different colored ribbons to be used with them and put those in the cart too.

"Okay, I'm ready if you are." He announced as she got up off of the floor and nodded her head.

"Alright. Let's go."

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