A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 6

Breakfast wasn't a big affair. Despite how nervous Toshinori felt after cooking a nice meal for himself and Ichigo. He hadn't been sure what she would like for their first meal as a guardian and charge. All he'd known was that he wanted her to like what he had made.

So naturally he'd gone a little bit overboard.

He'd made some rice omelet's with a side of sausage and bacon, some miso soup, some french toast, stir fried veggies, and fruit slices that he had carefully made into bunnies.

And because he knew that she wasn't eating a lot lately, he had made the portions extra big. So much so that they almost literally fell off of the dishes that he'd used to place them on the table.

And for them to drink, he'd made sure to have some different stuff, just in case she wasn't exactly a juice or milk kind of girl.

So, here he was waiting on her to finish getting cleaned up- because she had decided that she wanted a shower before she did anything at all today. Which had left him with some free time before she joined him to sit, and be as nervous as he damn well liked.

He was fidgety enough as it was on a normal day. And as if already was, he was nearing his snapping point. So he was terribly relived when she finally came walking out of her bedroom fully dressed, with a wet towel draped around her neck to keep her hair from getting her shirt wet, and sat down across from him.


"Ah, good morning Ichigo. How did you sleep?" He asked as he relaxed slightly while she removed the towel from around her neck and tried to dry it some more.

"Like I haven't slept in a month." She said as she tugged the towel off of her head and took a moment to finger comb the messy, wild, blue-black locks down into a somewhat less messy style.

"Did you not sleep well while at the hospital?" He asked curiously as he watched her take a few strands of her hair between her fingers and frown at them as if she hadn't expected them to be so long.

"I was in a hospital. I don't know anyone that would sleep well without the aid of medicine. And without being at least a little bit paranoid that someone was going to sneak into their room and steal their blood for dubious reasons."

He blinked at her and tilted his head to the side inquisitively as she then said, "It's a legitimate concern back home."

"P-People steal blood for dubious reasons?" He almost squeaked as he asked the question.

"Sure. There's power in blood, ya know?" She said as she finally stopped frowning at her hair and let her hand drop back to her lap.

He wasn't really sure what she meant by that last sentence, so he just smiled and nodded his head while making a mental note to maybe ask Recovery Girl or someone else if such a thing was true.

The 'stealing blood' thing, anyways.

He felt like he suddenly really should know if people were stealing blood somewhere in the world. He also felt as if he should avoid the hospital's in that place, like the plague.

Ichigo stared at him for a heartbeat or so before then looking at the table between them at the various piles of food and then looked back to him after a moment. "That's a lot." She said as she stared him down.

"Ah, yes. I wasn't sure what it is that you would like so-"

"I'm not a picky eater. But I do like curry, and tempura dishes. And matcha green tea made with some sugar and milk. Does that help?"

"Yes, it does. Thank you." Toshinori said with a grin before then waving a hand at her to indicate that she should grab what she wanted to eat and then sat back and watched her fix herself some french toast with some fruit and bacon. And then grabbed her glass and checked out the different drink options before finally settling on some orange juice. "Go ahead and eat, my girl. You have medicine to take once your done."

Her eyes flickered to him for a second, her expression unreadable. Though he got the distinct impression that she was displeased about him reminding her that she had to take her medicines as she tucked into her meal.

They both ate in relative silence for a few minutes before he finally decided to tell her what he had planned for them to do. "So, I was thinking that we might spend the day shopping, and getting some things that you will need while your here. You know, clothing, shoes, formal attire for when there is a social function that requires myself or your classmates-"

"I can't just skip those?"

"No." He said with a small frown before then explaining. "Our school is well known for being popular due to how many Pro-Heroes we train and such. Sometimes going to social gatherings and such are simply part of the deal. I'm fairly certain that you won't mind it much if someone decides to hire you as a bodyguard." Before then tacking on. "It also counts as part of your school grade for the year."

She didn't exactly look that thrilled at the mere idea of attending a nice party. Probably because she would be expected to wear a nice dress and heels.

Even he had the common sense to know that some of the dresses and heels that some girls wore nowadays were simply ridiculous. It was a wonder that there weren't any 'formal dress/heel' deaths being reported on in the media.

Especially since many women and young ladies did die just to make themselves beautiful.

"How about we take a few minutes to look at some stuff, just in case. And then we'll leave." He said, deciding that if she didn't want to be one of those people who died to be beautiful- then he'd write her a fucking note excusing her from having to dress up.

It might irk the hell out of Shota, but he'd be perfectly fine with it. Even if she got a bad grade for it later on.

"I can live with that." Ichigo said after a second or so of thought. "What else did you want to do?"

"Well, since you have some talent in drawing I thought that I would take you by the craft shop too. Maybe get you some sketch books, pencils, pens-" He said when she interrupted him.

"Actually...if it's okay, I had something else in mind as far as hobbies go."

He sat up a little bit straighter in his seat. "Oh? Like what?"

"I'm good with my hands. Not just as far as drawing goes. I like to make things. Usually small things, but on occasion I do tend to deviate from the usual stuff so that I can make holiday stuff."

"Like what? Give me some idea's."

"I paint. Embroider stuff. Design and make jewelry. I sometimes make scarves, and stuffed animals..." She paused as a pained look flickered across her face for a moment. "M-My mom taught me how to make scarves and stuffed animals before she died. And I took up the other stuff because both of my baby sisters pitched a fit once because they saw some really nice stuff in a Boutique window when they were four. So I took up making jewelry and embroidery so that I could make special gifts for them. For things like Valentines day, their birthday, and Christmas."

Toshinori stayed quiet as she seemed to struggle with herself not to give in to tears before she finally managed to center herself enough to look up at him with a small, fake smile. "They really liked it when I made them things. Dad even asked me to make him a couple of things too. And once he got them, he'd take them to work at the clinic and the hospital to show them off to everyone."

"It got so crazy after a little while because some of the parents and families of sick kids in the cancer and burn wards would ask for toys. Or pieces of embroidered clothing- like a princess dress, or even sometimes little handmade baby blankets for sick newborns and preemies. Dad was always so...proud every time I finished making what the parents and families had asked for. He would take pictures of the kids playing with their toys or wearing their clothing, or wrapped up in their little blankets and show them to me once he got home."

He stared at her for a moment in silence, feeling as if he'd been punched in the gut. Honestly, it was hard to breathe right then as he imagined a younger version of her working diligently on the items that she'd mentioned.

"I bet that the children and their families greatly appreciated all that you did for them, however small."

"Maybe." Ichigo said as she lifted her hands to scrub at her face before then saying. "I'm not really hungry anymore..."

"Of course." He said, understanding how the gloomy turn in conversation might have turned her stomach a little bit. No matter, she'd still eaten something. And he could always put the rest of her food back in the fridge for her to eat later.

After he put her leftovers away, he handed her her medicines and watched her take them. Just to be on the safe side. And then began to clean off the table so that they could go and get everything over with.

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