A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 5

I don't even know if this makes any sense. But I am trying.

They'd been watching movies for hours now when he'd finally realized that Ichigo was out. She'd been quiet since the first movie had started. But the fact that he'd missed her finally falling asleep, propped up against his chair with her head resting awkwardly on his leg, bugged him a little bit.

Especially when he glanced at the clock and took note of the time. It was nearing ten thirty in the evening and he had promised All Might that he and Deku would have her in her room at a reasonable hour.

He supposed that since she'd fallen asleep on him that now was as good as any other time. It's not like anybody would mind anyways. The few people left over in the common room- aside from the one's asleep on the floor or who had already gone to their rooms for the evening- were all so engrossed in the latest movie that they probably wouldn't even notice the fact that she was gone.

Taking a minute to catch Deku's eyes by waving his hand at him. The other teen looked at him wide eyed and mouthed, 'What's wrong?' because he was probably thinking that the princess was crying or something. Only to have Katsuki answer him by pointing down at Ichigo and see his face soften bit at seeing her asleep.

He had to wait for the damned nerd to get up and move over to the chair he was sitting in to carefully remove the girl's head from his leg- just so that he could get up. They did a quick round of rock-paper-scissors to see who would take her to her room. And who would be cleaning up the small mess that she'd made with her uneaten food.

He won the round to see who would carry her to her room. Whereas Deku was to clean up the mess on the floor.

Woo-hoo! He thought as he moved to bend down so that he could collect the girl in his arms while the other boy picked up her plate of barely eaten food and looked at it with a slight frown.

"She barely ate anything at all."

"She was probably too nervous to eat." Katsuki said as he scooped her up in his arms and took a moment to arrange her body so that she would be a bit more comfortable. He was already sure that she was going to have a really bad kink in her neck in the morning from falling asleep as she had. There was no point in him making it worse.

Once he had her exactly as he thought she'd be more comfortable, he told Deku goodnight and then started walking.

He almost had no time at all to focus on how light she felt in his arms for someone her age, height, and build. Much less how it felt to have her head resting on his shoulder or anything else. It only took him a few minutes to reach All Might's door and use his foot to tap on it so that he could get the man's attention.

A second later the blond opened his door and looked at him for a second before moving back to allow him inside.

"She fell asleep huh?"

"Yeah," Katsuki said in a low tone. "She konked out during one of the movies." He said as All Might led him through his personal living space so that he could reach her bedroom. Once there, the man opened the door to the room and then stepped inside out of the way so that he could carry her in and put her on the bed.

"Did she at least have fun?"

"I think so." Katsuki said as he moved to slip her shoes off of her feet. "Do you have any idea how she likes to sleep? I mean, do you know if she sleeps dressed, semi dressed-"


"With or without pants, Sensei?" Katsuki clarified for the confused man, causing him to sputter and turn red before choking out in a strangled tone.

"I-I haven't g-got a c-clue."

"Then get out of the so that I can do this." Katsuki muttered as he waved the embarrassed man out of the room before then turning back to Ichigo and sighing as he leaned over her and gently shook her shoulder until she stirred.

"Hey, princess." She groaned and turned her head towards his voice, but didn't open her eyes. "Do you usually feel more comfortable sleeping with or without pants on?" He asked in a whisper tone.

She cracked an eye open to look at him for a second before slowly pushing herself up a little bit and grabbing the waist of her pants and quickly stripping them off while he stood there in shocked disbelief.

She hadn't really seemed to notice or care that he'd still been standing there. And he didn't move until her pants were lying on the floor at his feet and she was curled up on the bed with her arms around one of her pillows. Sound asleep again.

He made a funny little sound in the back of his throat and then made fast work of flipping the covers up over her and collecting her pants from the floor and folding them so that he could lay them on her dresser before finally leaving. Deciding not to bother telling All Might that she slept without pants.

Such knowledge was bad for a man's heart. Especially a man like All Might.

Besides, knowing she slept pantless and keeping it to himself just seemed like the more...gentlemanly thing to do at the moment. Shutting the bedroom door softly behind him, he called out a soft goodnight to his sensei and then quickly ran off before the man could ask him anything else.

The next morning was the start of a long weekend thanks entirely to a holiday falling on a certain day, and thus cutting the school week in half by five days. Which was just perfect as far as Toshinori was concerned.

It meant that he would have a little bit of time to get to actually know/bond with Ichigo and get her settled in before her first day at U.A. And because he wanted to get to know her and stuff- he already had a whole day planned out.

First, he'd take her shopping for some more clothing since she didn't really have very much to begin with. And a few other things that she would probably need. Both in and out of school.

Then once that was done, he'd take her by a craft shop and see about getting her some nice sketch books, pencils and pens, since he'd noticed on one of his visits to see her while she'd been in the hospital that she seemed to like drawing.

She was very good at it too.

He'd noted on a number of occasions that when she didn't want to talk to anyone then she'd simply doodle or draw something. Sometimes it was flowers, sometimes it was a bird, and sometimes she drew people.

Very realistic people.

Her favorites seemed to be a small, waif-like dark haired beauty of a girl with wide violet eyes. A couple of kids- both also girls. One with shoulder length dark hair and the other a sweet looking young lady with short light brown hair. And the last couple were a set of three teens.

Another girl, this one with auburn hair and a kind smile, a muscular guy with long-ish and shaggy wavy hair and dark eyes. He seemed to have a mixed ethnicity that she managed to capture very well on paper. He had a very striking look to him.

And then there was a young man with glasses. She seemed to like drawing him together with the auburn haired girl.

Just like she liked drawing the other guy with the dark haired little girl and some animals. Like birds, or rabbits, and sometimes even some fluffy little kittens.

Who knew, maybe she had more hobbies than just drawing and might appreciate his efforts to encourage her to do it more.

After that he intended to take her by a music store- especially since he'd researched and had it on very good authority- that many teens liked having music to listen to whenever they worked on school work or something. He also knew that they also liked to use it to drown out loud sounds such as yelling and shouting.

And while he was hoping that he never yelled at her for anything. He knew that he probably would at one point or another. Not out of anger, but frustration.

He was only human after all and despite his nearly endless well of patience sometimes even he shouted and yelled.

So giving her something that might help her to avoid a panic attack because of any yelling or shouting that he might do, was paramount in his mind. After all, music and other artsy things could be soothing to teenagers.

Especially when they'd suffered something traumatizing like Ichigo had.

After that he planned to see if there was anything else that she would like to do and then he'd feed her, maybe do a little bit of patrolling to show her how his job worked. And then he'd bring her back to the school for dinner and a nice quiet evening of unpacking her stuff and letting her set everything up however she liked.

But first- he needed to wake her up and give her breakfast and her medicines.

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