A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 45

When Toshinori woke up again, he was lying on Ichigo's bedroom floor and she was sitting a few inches away from him. She'd taken a shower and gotten dressed for the day while he'd been unconscious. And she was currently fighting to dry her dripping hair.

He could hear her muttered some choice words of annoyance underneath her breath before letting out a loud frustrated sound and practically ripping the towel that she'd been using, from her head and snarling. "Dammit! I need to cut my hair."

Seeing that he was awake now, she took a moment to push her frustration aside and then asked him, "You okay there, big guy?"

He groaned and absently rubbed his head as he slowly sat up as he tried to recall what caused him to faint in the first place. It took him a second to remember all the zeros and other numbers on those bank papers. And when he finally did...he quickly blurted out.

"Why didn't you mention before that you were an heiress?" He asked, genuinely curious about why she had never said anything. He knew that a lot of people didn't trust specific information to strangers for a reason.

Which, hurt him a little bit to be totally honest.

Don't get him wrong, as her guardian and the number one Pro-hero, he had more than enough money to take care of them both. He'd already set everything up a bank account for her, gotten her a card, and everything else before he'd picked her up at the hospital.

So the fact that she had more money than a kid should have- didn't exactly bother him. In fact, it was a huge relief to know that she would be able to take care of herself no matter what. Money wise.

Still, he couldn't believe that she would have purposely hidden this information from him. But then again, he sort of understood that she still didn't know him very well. So maybe it was a trust thing? Because she still didn't know him very well.

He just wanted to understand. That was all.

"To be perfectly honest," She started to say with a slightly thoughtful look. "I've never really needed it. So I tend to sort of push it from my mind and totally forget about it."

He would be lying if he said that he didn't openly gape at her at that lame reply. I mean, how could a kid like her forget something so important? And what did she mean by, 'She'd never really needed it before' anyways? Did she have so much wealth that she really didn't realize that she was practically sitting on a gold mine?!

However before he could think of another question, she decided to go ahead and explain a bit more.

"Besides, my former boss didn't exactly pay us in the normal manner." He couldn't help but wonder what she meant by that. And it must have shown in the inquisitive manner he tilted his head and waited for her to elaborate. Which she did after a few second.

"In fact the first time I got paid, my boss gave me about a hundred and fifty large trunks full of gold bars-" His eyes widened in shock and he began to feel dizzy again. "He also gave me a few medium sized chests of silver bars, and antique diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Like the kind that you get from really old buried treasures or from sunken ships and stuff. I think altogether I've managed to accumulate more than a thousand gold and silver bars and several hundred trunks of gems."

After which she then said, "It was a real bitch to hide it all too. I usually had to bury it all back in the woods outside of my home town just to hide it so that no one would steal any of it," He made a squeaking sound while she shrugged her shoulders and then went on to say, "Anyways, when Chad came here a few years back; he brought his own and a good portion of my own and just left the rest to my sisters. Which is fine. I know that it can be a pain to convert it to normal money. And finding museums, and other places to buy the gold and silver and gems can be difficult. But he somehow managed to do it anyways."

Finally managing to shake himself from his stupefied state a little bit, he asked. "So...it's actually not a trust thing? You've never really touched it at all? It stayed buried?"

"More or less. The only times I ever touched it was to donate money to my dad's clinic for new machines and tools, medicines and stuff. And to help pay for Rukia's wedding. She wanted something really elaborate. The perfect fairy tail event, ya know?"

He didn't have any idea what to say to that. Any of it. It was just so...strange that he couldn't seem to wrap his mind around it. After all, what sort of work had she done to get paid in such a way? I mean, he knew that she had been a soldier of some kind and had even participated in a war before coming there.

But...not even Pro-heroes were so well paid. And they worked for the government!

"How often were you paid in such a way?" He asked curiously. Wondering if the payments had been consistent or not since it seemed like an overwhelmingly excessive amount of treasure to give to anyone for any reason.

"Every six months or so. Depending on what was going on and the difficulty of some of our latest jobs. The boss wanted to make sure that if we ever wound up irreparably damaged, or unable to fight anymore- that we'd be able to afford proper care and not have to worry about living expenses for the rest of our lives. And whatever was left over would be used for our families so that they wouldn't be burdened by anything and could live comfortably for however long the money lasted."

"That's...amazing." He said after a heartbeat or so of careful thought, "You must have had a very kind boss."

She shrugged her shoulders again. "Yamamoto wasn't a terrible man. He had his moments where he was cold and calculating. But he did warm up to us. Especially when we kept saving his ass whether we were asked too or not."

She ended the conversation about why she never brought up the fact that she was rich beyond even his imagination after that. Deciding that she didn't want to talk about her old work again as she grabbed a pair of scissors from somewhere and then walked back into the bathroom.

Leaving him alone for the time being. Which was fine by him. They still had other things to talk about once she was done messing. Besides, he hadn't even started their breakfast. So he finally got up and went to do that while she was busy.

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