A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 42

Ichigo freaks out, Chad is a good friend and Toshinori reaches his limit.

I don't actually know if this one makes sense. I'm not a hundred percent happy with the chap and how it turned out. But I don't want to rewrite it either.

The second that Chad had entered the infirmary- he had to place himself firmly between Ichigo and the window when he'd caught her attempting to break the re enforced glass so that she could jump out of it and flee to god-knows-where.

And since he'd cut off the one escape route that she had actually been considering using- he now had no choice but to stand there and watch his friend pace back and forth like an angry, caged animal.

It had been nearly thirty minutes since she'd been told that she was expecting.

And he could tell that she wasn't taking the news very well. But he was hoping that that might change once she settled down enough to talk about things rationally.

However even he knew that that was a ways off by how she was acting.

At least she's stopped screaming swear words for the moment. He thought to himself as she made a frustrated sound before finally blurting out, "How the fuck did this even happen? I mean, I haven't been near a guy's penis unless I was trying to tear the damned thing off!"

Ah, now they were sort of getting somewhere.

"You haven't engaged in sex? At all?" He asked curiously.

"Ew. No." She snapped before going on to say in a less waspish tone that was more disgusted than anything. "Boys have cooties."

He merely blinked at her for several moments before finally saying in an incredulous tone, "Really?"

He didn't know if he should point out that if boy's had cooties... Then what did that mean he had? I mean, seriously. Was she even aware that he was a boy?

He knew that she tended to overlook specific details quite a bit sometimes. But even he had to admit that this was a whole new level of ridiculous even for her.

Whatever. He'd address that particular issue later on, once she was a lot calmer. For now the two of them really needed to figure shit out. He hesitated to ask because he worried about what her answer may be. But...he needed to know what she wanted to do.

"What do you want to do?"

She stopped pacing for a moment and looked at him wide eyed. "Do?"

"Yeah, do? With the baby?"

"Abortion is out." She said automatically. Which was a relief to him.

Not because he actually thought that she would kill the baby. Ichigo was a lot of things, but a baby killer wasn't one of them. It was just...with her being so wound up- he worried that she might decide to abort it and then freak out again later from the overwhelming amount of guilt.

And that frankly wouldn't be good for her or the kid.

"What about adoption?" He asked. She answered him by growling like an enraged tiger. So that was obviously a no then too. And of course once she was finished growling at him for merely putting the option out there, she stopped pacing again and run a hand through her long dark hair and then said tiredly.

"I didn't want this Chad."

He wondered what she meant exactly. And tried to narrow down the list a bit in his head.

But it was a loooong ass list.

She didn't want to be powerful, she didn't want to be a fighter- a warrior without equal. She hadn't wanted to be a Soul Reaper or able to see ghosts or to kill or hurt people. She hadn't wanted to lose her home, her friends, her very life to things beyond her control. She hadn't wanted to lose the one place of solace that she'd ever had.

But most of all...she probably hadn't wanted to be an unwed teenage mother.

Ah, that's what she means. He thought to himself with a sigh. It made sense that she wouldn't have wanted that. Ichigo was a tad bit OCD when it came to her wants and needs.

She needed to finish her education and live a little bit. And then maybe settle down before welcoming any kids into the world. But now- those choices had basically been taken from her without any regard for what she wanted or needed. So it was no wonder that she was so pissed.

She was probably regretting all of her life decisions right now.

Still, he tried to think of what he could say to make things better for her. He kept coming up a bit blank though. Which left her open to start rambling.

"I wanted to finish school. Maybe even go to college for a little while. Possibly do some experimenting- ya know, sexually." He cocked his head as he considered those words, carefully. And mentally seeing Ichigo making out with another girl or maybe even having sex with one would have been fucking hot. Even to him. "I wanted to get a decent job, make something of myself. Be a productive member of society. Maybe even marry Yuzu and Karin and the rest of you off first-"

"You were planning to marry all of us off? Even me?" He asked, feeling just a tad bit surprised that she would do such a thing. Especially since she usually left the matchmaking up to the girly-girls.

"Dude, I had bunch of people picked out for you."

"Male or female?" He felt the need to ask since he technically swung both ways and had quite a few kinks.


He grunted and muttered as he looked away from her with his face flushed, "You know me so well."

"That movie that you made to pay the rent helped." She said soberly while he blushed a bit more and then shot her a odd look that had her saying in a slightly defensive tone. "What? You looked good in that movie!" And then she tacked on in a thoughtful tone. "I never would have imagined that you were that wild in bed."

He made a rumbling growling sound but didn't say anything since she wasn't exactly wrong. But they had veered dangerously off topic and needed to go back to the baby and what she planned to do about it. Especially since he was planning to stick around and keep an eye on her.

"What do you want to do?" He asked again. But her mind had apparently slid right into the gutter.

"Well, after watching that movie, I sort of wanted to ambush you and tie you to the bed-"

He bristled a little bit and hissed, "Pervert! That isn't what I meant!"

She blinked at him and heaved a sigh. "Oh, right...sorry." She said before tacking on, "In all honesty, I just don't know what I want to do yet. I'm still trying to figure out where the little parasite even came from."

He huffed, though he understood. Still he couldn't help but ask curiously, "Parasite?"

"That's what I'm calling it until it grows legs or something. And then it will graduate from Parasite to Tadpole." She explained as she paced a hand over her stomach.

He couldn't help but let his lips twitch a little bit at the pet name that she'd picked out for it. Especially since it sounded so much like what Renji or Kisuke would have affectionately called it.

"You're going to drive that poor kid crazy with nicknames like those." He muttered with a small grin.

"Meh, it'll get used to them." She said with a shrug.

"Do you need anything?"

"A father for the baby?"

Chad rolled his eyes at her and let out a small laugh. "Baby girl, I'll put a ring on your finger myself if it really bothers you so much."

"It does." She said automatically.

He hummed knowing that she really didn't like how being unwed and pregnant would make her look to others. Especially since she was so new here and no one knew her all that well to begin with.

People tended to be judgmental assholes about the stupidest things.

"Alright," He said after a few seconds of silence. "I'll put a ring on your finger."

"Appreciate you taking one for the team, Chad."

"Team nothing. It isn't like being attached to you that way would be any sort of trial or anything."

"Then you get to tell my guardian."

"Oh come on! That's just wrong. I just met the man and he already doesn't like me!"

She chortled at him and decided to sit down on one of the cots while he snarled at her and then spat out. "Fine. But if he kills me-"

"He won't." She said. She sounded so sure of that fact. But he wasn't.

"If he does, then you'll be stuck to zombie me. I can't imagine that would be good for you or the baby."

"I'll deal."

"Damn right you will, spaz," He growled playfully at her as he pushed away from the window and stalked over to her so that he could kiss her temple before then heading for the door. He paused when he put his hand on the knob and looked back at her and asked almost hesitantly. "You know that I love you, right? Ichigo?"

She looked at him for a moment and smiled. "And I adore you, Chad."

He grunted and then muttered, "Just checking to see if we were on the same page." As he turned the knob and pushed the door open.

She had to bite her bottom lip to suppress her laughter when she heard Chad say while he stepped out of the room, "So we have a few things to go over. One, Ichigo's...okay now. I think? Two, she's still trying to figure out where the kid came from. And three, we're sort of engaged now. I really need to go and get her a ring."

Which was followed by a tense heartbeat of utter silence before she heard her guardian suddenly roar, "NEVER!" And she heard the sound of two bodies hitting the floor and the sounds of several people yelling and screaming.

"No! Toshi don't kill him!"

Ichigo buried her face in her hands and whimpered. She was going to catch hell for this later. She just knew it.

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