A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 41

The second that Izuku and Shoto were off of the helicopter, the green haired boy grabbed his friend's wrist and took off running so fast that the other's boy's feet nearly came up off of the ground. Which startled the other boy a bit.

Especially since he didn't know why his friend was literally dragging him behind him as he ran straight for the dorms.

But...when he really thought about it, he got a vague idea. Especially since he and Bakugo had sort of decided to become Ichigo's unspoken guardians/protectors whenever All Might wasn't around.

Which meant that not only was Izuku suddenly off to see if he could find the blond. But he was also going to speak to him about the latest developments since the two of them practically reported to one another about everything that had to do with the girl now.

And it wasn't really as if he could blame his two classmates any either.

Between her sudden appearance, her tragic loses, and everything else- the girl obviously needed more help than All Might could give her. Hell, at this point she probably needed more help than simple therapy could give her.

So the more people informed of the new situation- the better.

Or at least that was what Shoto figured that Izuku must be thinking anyways.

It probably didn't even occur to the other teen that everything just wasn't any of their business. After all, kids- even teenagers like them- could be cruel and judgmental. And would likely start horrible rumors about the girl that would not only embarrass her, but isolate her, and make it even more difficult for her to blend in and make new friends.

Not only that, but being an unwed single teenage mother was difficult enough. And there was always the fact that she might not want the baby if she was pregnant.

What if she wanted an abortion? People tended to get up in arms about things like that even though it wasn't their body, or choice. Hell, they didn't even like it when unfit people gave their children up for adoption anymore.

Granted he understood many or the reasons why those things seemed to upset people.

But again, it wasn't their choice.

However at the same time, he knew that Ichigo had mental issues. She was suicidal, fighting against depression, and yeah- she seemed okay now. But he had a feeling that the news of being pregnant if she didn't already know before hand- just might do more harm than good with her.

Especially when she was struggling to get back on her feet again.

There was also the possibility that All Might might not want to remain her guardian if she was pregnant too. He might find the strain of continuing to help her- overwhelming. And what if he didn't want to help her while she was pregnant? What if he wanted her to have an abortion? Or even the baby up for adoption?

In truth Shoto knew that All Might was far too kind for such things and would likely continue acting as Ichigo's guardian regardless of what condition she was in. Baby or not. And mental issues or not.

But the possibility still existed.

After all, as amazing the man was- he was only human.

The second that Izuku managed to get them in the door to the dorms, he skidded to a stop and doubled over panting while simultaneously letting go of him. Which was good since Shoto couldn't feel his hand anymore.

Rubbing the tingling appendage while the other teen took a few minutes to catch his breath before he grabbed him and started running again. And didn't stop again until he reached Katsuki's room and barreled right through the door.

Chiyo watched her three co-workers carefully once she finished speaking with them about Ichigo's condition while chaos reigned inside of her office. She didn't know what that young man was doing, but he was obviously failing to calm the girl down.

And if the girl didn't stop screaming and carrying on Chiyo would have to go in there and sedate her to prevent her from miscarrying due to stress.

"So...let me get this straight," Toshinori finally managed to say. "She is pregnant? About a month and a half along?" He asked as he tried to figure out how this had even happened in the first place.


"Then she was in the hospital at the time she was-" He paused and suddenly looked torn between being pissed and very, very concerned. "Did you find any traces of- of her being..." Crap! He couldn't even say the word without feeling as if he should go marching right to the hospital and beating the fuck out of anyone male!

"No." Chiyo said, understanding his question easily enough from the look of utter fury on his face. Shota wasn't much better since he also thought that someone at the hospital must have crossed a line too. "There's no evidence to suggest that she's ever been assaulted. She's totally intact."

The meaning of her words must have gone right over poor Toshinori's head since he seemed to calm himself down just enough to feel relieved. Whereas Shota and Nezu both merely looked surprised.

"T-Then how did-" Nezu started to ask how the girl had wound up pregnant in the first place if a line somewhere hadn't have been crossed. Buy Chiyo only shrugged and decided to announce that it might have something to do with her biology or being a subspecies or something.

Which was...unhelpful to a degree. But if Chiyo didn't know, and the girl was intact and obviously hadn't known that she was in the family way- what other explanation could there be?

Katsuki wasn't really sure what to make of Izuku's crazed babbling at first. Because despite the fact that the other teen tended to speak tongues frequently- didn't necessarily mean that he was fluent. After all, Izuku speak was a complicated language to understand sometimes.

Especially if the other boy was wound up and somewhat hysterical. Sort of like now. However the fact that his friend had dragged the half-and-half jerk along helped him immensely.

So much so that after Todoroki finished explaining things to him, Katsuki let out a whistle as he flopped back down into the chair that he'd been sitting in before the other two had come running into his room. And ran a hand through his hair as anxiety gnawed at him, because- goddamn.

Who knew that Princess was such a dirty little girl? He thought in bemusement before sobering up and taking a deep breath before then asking, "Where is she now?"

"Probably being examined right now to determine whether or not she is pregnant." Todoroki said helpfully. Besides him, Izuku was literally bouncing around in place anxiously.

"And what does All Might think of all of this?" Katsuki asked curiously.

"He and Gran Torino got into an argument about who's going to be the baby's grandpa. I thought that he was going to actually kick Gran Torino at one point." Izuku said automatically, which made the blond teen snort.

Because of course All Might would do something like that. The man loved kids. And he really wasn't likely to take very kindly to anyone trying to weasel in on his girl and his maybe first ever grandchild.

The blond was actually surprised that their teacher hadn't been more hostile. Even he knew that the man was already weirdly attached to Ichigo. He didn't care if she was his ward or not. He saw her as his own kid.

Still...the fact that she could at this very moment be pregnant didn't sit well with him. And he was betting that it was throwing everyone else for a fucking loop too.

Finally he sighed and stood up and cast a glance at the other two as he said, "Come on. Both Princess and All Might are going to need some moral support." Izuku stopped bouncing around and nodded his head enthusiastically as he quickly fell into step behind the blond.

Leaving Shoto to to himself for a moment before deciding that he might as well go along too. If only to keep the other two out of trouble.

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