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A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 40

Toshinori didn't know how to react to what little bit he'd heard. Honestly he didn't. But then it wasn't like he heard such horror stories everyday. Though such things were definitely becoming more and more common with everything that he managed to uncover/discover about his girl.

So while he was attempting to figure out what to say, Shota decided to go ahead and ask his questions. Which started with, "You're both from another world?"

Well, okay. Maybe that wasn't really a question despite how it had been phrased.

Still, this simply gave Toshinori another thing to worry about as he heard his girl's friend inhale deeply for a second, maybe so that he could settle his nerves? Before finally saying slowly, "Yeah. Yeah we are."

He had a vague moment of clarity where he managed to think, that Ichigo being from another world explained so much. But he lost that trail of thought when Nezu asked, "How did you both get here?"

"I've already told you what I'm willing to about Ichigo and her abilities. So I won't go into how she got here since you can probably imagine how. As for myself, her godfather back home is a little bit of a mad scientist. He's good at doing impossible things too. And he along with many, many others all have been worried about her. He's been searching various worlds, parallel universes ect...looking for her."

Chad paused for a moment so that he could cross his arms over his chest.

Nezu noted that the young man's hands were shaking ever so slightly. Likely from the emotions that his explanation had invoked in him, and he was now attempting to either calm himself down the best he could. Or simply trying to hide the shaking so that he wouldn't appear weak to them.

"He found her energy signature pretty fast compared to some of the other times we've lost her. Usually when she winds up in another world, we're able to not only locate her but open up a gateway for her to return pretty quickly."

"So things like this have happened before?"

"Yes and no," Chad said honestly. "Those other worlds were...technically a part of our own. They all inhabited the same space. We just couldn't really interact with them without being able to see and sense them first. And since that's very, very rare. We all more or less existed together and yet apart. So when she'd wind up in one of the other worlds- she was pretty easy to get too."

"Because she was still technically inhabiting the same space?" Shota asked curiously. His mind awhirl with various possibilities.

World jumpers were rare, even for them. But they did happen on occasion. So knowledge of alternate universes and parallel worlds was something that they tended to run into from time to time.

However those world jumpers also tended to destabilize and die after a short time. Which is why they'd never had more than one or two appear in their world for a day or so before returning back to their own.

Chad shrugged his shoulders. "Basically."

"So how did you get here then?"

"Well, once Kisuke managed to locate her energy signature-" Chad started when Toshinori finally managed to shake himself out of his funk and ask.

"What's an energy signature?"

"It's basically like a combination of a heartbeat and a fingerprint." Chad explained. "Literally everyone has one. And each one is distinct for each person. Because Ichigo is who she is- hers tends to be incredibly distinct unless she's trying to hide it. Anymore questions?"


"Alright- so once he found her energy signature, he noticed some things. One was that her signature was all that could be found. Two, she was much, much farther away this time. And three, we didn't know if she was going to wind up trapped in a possibly hostile environment or not. So Kisuke called a meeting with everyone able bodied and came up with a plan."

"He needed someone close to her to come here and find her. So that she wouldn't be alone, and unprotected."

"She'd have backup, you mean."

"Yeah. Basically." Chad said with a faint smile in Shota's direction. The dark haired man scoffed and the younger man's smile grew a tad bit until they could see fangs. Literal fangs! Peeking out of his mouth!

"Ichigo is a juggernaut on her own. But she's also reckless and depends on others to keep her from being...quite so reckless. I volunteered to come after her because I've always followed that girl. I've always watched her back, and helped her no matter what she wanted or needed to do. And since I've followed her through multiple battles, wars, tragedies and such- it was determined that aside from Rukia, Kisuke, Orihime, Uryu, or one of her baby sisters- that I was the best to come here and stay with her since she would respond to me better. I'm to keep her calm, out of trouble. But most of all, stable."

"The others were worried that she might self destruct like your other friend did, weren't they?"

"It did come up a few times. But even I know that she couldn't do that." Chad said firmly. "Ichigo's a lot of things, but a mass murderer isn't one of them."

"What do you mean, by 'mass murderer'?" Toshinori asked, uncomfortable with the fact that anyone could say such a thing about his girl.

"Give me a second to explain." Chad said and then carefully did his best to explain his 'mass murderer' comment by letting them know that 'self destructing' was different for them.

There were various levels of it, sure. Emotional destruction, physical, and then there was flat out death. But instead of dying alone, you took people with you.

He then explained that part of the reason that Ichigo had grabbed Rukia when she had been doing it- was so that she could remove her from the world's immediate vicinity to prevent a possible cataclysmic event from taking place once she finally destructed completely.

Lives were at stake at the time. Hundreds upon thousands if not more. And she just couldn't let her friend take a bunch of innocent people with her when she died, just because she was afraid. It would have been a monstrous act that would have left the world itself scarred.

Which was...beyond horrifying to find out.

But then it was also sort of upsetting for them all to learn that they might have been collateral damage. However Chad merely shook his head and told them that they wouldn't have been collateral anything as Ichigo had had the strength to keep going.

Toshinori understood that his girl's position had been a difficult one. Especially in the middle of a huge battle and stuff. So he knew that holding it against her would be pointless. She'd been trying to save as many lives as she could. Not kill others.

Which did explain quite a bit. But not everything.

"So how did you get here?" Shota asked for like the tenth time. Apparently growing impatient to know.

Chad merely slipped a hand into his pant's pocket and held up a small piece of tech. "This is one of Kiskue's inventions, the Hogyoku. And it's purpose is to grant wishes."


"I used this to get here. And now that I have, it needs to be recharged before it can be used again. However it will likely take many, many years before it's able to do anything else large scale since it's dormant for the moment. But since I'm here now- it belongs to Ichigo."

"Huh?!" Nezu, Shota, and Toshinori all said in unison again.

"She's it's guardian. So no one is allowed to touch it. Understand?" Chad shot them all a withering look before he slipped the small piece of tech back into his pant's pocket again.

And not a moment too soon either since they all suddenly heard a commotion in the infirmary followed by Ichigo shouting all kinds of obscenities. As Chiyo opened the door to the room and poked her head out into the hallway and blinked at them before saying, "I think she's taking the news rather well. Don't you?"

Chad huffed a quiet laugh despite hearing his friend still cussing and then told them that he'd enter the demon's den and calm her down.

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