A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 39

I do not know if this even makes sense, but I felt it was more or less about time someone got told something. There is brief mention of assault in this.

So...steer clear of it.

"A word, Mr. Sado." Nezu said once the young man had Ichigo settled on one of the beds, in the school's infirmary.

The girl was still asleep for the moment. But depending on how well Chiyo did her job, she just might wake up and panic and throw one hell of a tantrum in a few minutes. Obviously the young man must have realized this since he was hesitant to go any further than outside of the infirmary door.

Still, once he was finished depositing his friend on one of the beds, the young man didn't waste any time in removing himself from the room. And once the door was shut, he waited for Nezu to say what he needed to say.

"I would imagine that this is quite exciting for you. With Ichigo being a sub species of human and all..." Finally the little chimera decided to stop beating around the bush and simply asked, "Did you know that she might be expecting when you came here? Are you the father?"

Chad cast a look at the little fur ball, a frown marring his face before firmly saying. "No," Nezu tilted his head to the side a little bit as Chad elaborated, "She's been missing for over four years. Remember?"

"Ah." Nezu said thoughtfully. He hadn't forgotten that little bit of information actually. He was merely wondering why the young man was so...high strung about the girl possibly being pregnant. "I haven't forgotten that. I merely felt that I needed to ask."

Chad didn't answer him right away, he seemed to be weighing the pro's and con's of answering him at all. Finally he made a decision and started talking. "Before Ichigo and Rukia disappeared, a lot of bad things happened-"

Nezu gave the young man with a questioning look, but didn't interrupt him as he went on to say in a slightly shaky tone. "The baddies this time were...closer to us than we expected them to be. We'd fought along side them for years. Called many of them friend. But they had betrayed us...seeing us as a threat as long as we were alive. And on top of that, they had allied themselves with some top ranking Espada."

"A friend, Orihime was at ground zero during the first few attacks. She tried to fight the Espada and had her abilities ripped from her. As well as suffered some very severe injuries. Her heart stopped four times. And she was finally pronounced dead. But Ichigo wouldn't give up on her. So she took a huge risk and summoned her Souten Kisshin. And fed them as much of her own power as possible until she was practically on the verge of collapsing- and directed them to help save her."

"While she was doing that, people were being dragged out of their homes and killed. Men, women, children...there was almost no end to it..." He paused for a second. "Entire families were wiped out. Friends who were out in town, tried to evacuate as many people as they could- died. With Ichigo preoccupied with saving Orihime. The fighting was left up to some of the rest of us."

"Myself, Ichigo's dad- Isshin, and a few select others did what we could to stop the senseless slaughter before it got even more out of hand. We lost Isshin and two others during that time. But we managed to save some of the victims of the attacks. Not all of them, but some. It was while she was resting to regain her strength that Rukia got captured while attempting to gather information about the enemy."

"When Ichigo finally woke up- our home town had suffered devastating loss after devastating loss. And on top of that, some of our friends had been captured and were suffering god-knows-what. She went after them, alone. Because the rest of us were injured and exhausted. And would have only been a hinderance to her if we had went with her."

He paused and looked down at his hands, as if studying them.

"We don't exactly know how bad things were when she got there and began to engage the enemy... In fact, we didn't find out for weeks after she'd returned with Rukia and a few others...that she'd been forced to preform mercy killings on some of the others because they were so badly hurt that even attempting to move them...probably would have killed them anyways. And leaving them in the hands of those monsters to suffer even more before they finally died was just...unimaginable and cruel."

Nezu's eyes widened a bit at the sheer horror of what the poor girl must have had to do. Still he stayed quiet even as he heard the vague sounds of feet approaching them. It was probably Toshinori and Shota. Or maybe even Izuku and another student. And he took a moment while Chad was still distracted to motion for silence since this was something that someone else needed to hear.

Because as much as he was loathe to admit it- the girl would need far more help then they could probably offer her at the school. And the more eyes on her, the better. Especially if she was pregnant.

"Rukia had been sexually assaulted repeatedly by various people. But the most damage to her had been done by someone who could physically alter themselves to look like her husband. So that she couldn't even look at him without screaming or going catatonic."

"So after his first...horrible visit to see her- Renji went to Ichigo and begged her to help him make things right for Rukia by erasing her fear. He then ran off to avenger her after that and got himself killed. But he managed to take out at least a few of the enemy when he died."

"Things escalated when we found out what had happened to him. Rukia was trying to pull herself together. But she was utterly terrified of being captured again. For very obvious reasons. So when it come to the last fight, we had to split up into small teams. Rukia went with Ichigo and an Espada that we had made friends with- Nel."

Chad had to pause to explain about Nel. And while hearing of her being an Espada and friend to Ichigo was fascinating to the little chimera, he couldn't help but wish that he'd had a chance to meet the woman since Chad seemed very fond of her too.

"Nel had come to warn us about a mass attack that would wipe out a whole lot of people. And had stuck around to help us fight when she found out about Orihime, and Rukia both being hurt. She was worried about what would happen to all of us without the extra help. So she wound up being on their team since she knew how to work with the two of them pretty efficiently."

"Sometime after we split up, the attacks and fighting started in earnest. We'd anticipated something pretty large scale so...we had evacuated almost everyone in our hometown so that they wouldn't get caught up in it. Rukia got separated from Nel and Ichigo at some point and while help was on the way- wound up being confronted by several of the guys that had assaulted her."

He paused again and took a deep breath before going on to say. "I reached them when she started to self destruct. I guess that she thought it was the lesser evil. Between a choice of being captured and tortured again or dying slowly? The last thing I saw of her and Ichigo- was when Nel and I were trying to reach her and stop her from self destructing, because if she did...we'd have all likely died."

"But we couldn't reach her. She couldn't hear or see us anymore and Ichigo killed the guy that she was busy fighting and rushed in to help. She grabbed Rukia and told us to run because she wasn't sure how much time she had to get her away. And then she just...disappeared."

"Did the fighting ever end?" Nezu asked after a moment or so.

The pieces of a puzzle coming together in his mind as he realized that Chad and Ichigo were likely either from somewhere that was very isolated from the world. Or were from another world altogether since large scale attacks and deaths like the young man had mentioned- would have been televised world wide in an effort to gain the attention of the hero community, in an effort to seek assistance.

"It did. But we lost a lot of good people first." Chad said quietly as he finally noticed the others standing a good distance away listening to him talk.

Toshinoir looked as if he were going to be physically ill. He had such a horrified look on his face while Shota remained oddly silent and contemplative about everything that they'd just heard.

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