A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 35

Sorry this is so late-ish.

I had a medical flair up and got a really, really bad infection that caused me to spend all day in the local ER. Pain meds are awesome. And so is the doctor that took care of me. I'll go for a follow up on Weds. this week. And while I'm there, I'll probably be scheduling surgery.

I'll tell you something more about it once I know something a little bit more definite.

In the meantime, enjoy the chap. I worked through some seriously excruciating pain just to write it.

After punching Toshinori in the stomach, Shota made an automatic beeline for his problem children so that he could check them over for injuries.

Izuku went first because...well, he was usually the one who got the hell beat out of him the most. To say that Shota was relieved to find the boy in one piece would be an understatement.

However he wasn't done just yet.

Once he finished looking Izuku over, it was Shoto's turn. And he had a terrible feeling that if the boy was in anything but sterling condition after whatever had happened- Endeavor would have all of their asses in a sling.

Turned out that he lucked out there too. However upon scanning the area for U.A's newest problem child, and finding her laid out on the ground seemingly unconscious- the man nearly had a stroke.

Ichigo was in less than sterling condition. A fact that pissed him off immensely.

He did a slow once over, cataloguing the injuries that he could definitely see, and understandably worried about the ones that he couldn't see. While curling his hands into fists and trying to simultaneously decide if he should punch Toshinori a few more times for letting this happen on his watch.

Honestly he didn't know what the man did anymore but he was so not going to be teaching or vacationing with any of their kids without some form of parental supervision ever again.

The girl had definitely seen better days, he noted.

From what he could see, her face was messed up pretty good. It was covered in bruises and dried blood and god knew what else that made him fucking cringe.

Walking over to her, he quietly knelt down next to her and hesitantly put a hand out like he wanted to try shaking her awake when Izuku interrupted him by saying, "She was so cool sensei!"

He paused, wanting to hear whatever information Izuku had to offer about how she had gotten in such bad shape as the boy continued in an excited manner, "She's a sensor Aizawa-sensei! A sensor!" Shota tilted his head to the side a little bit to indicate that he heard him and to get to the point already.

"She was able to sense someone trying to sneak up on us all for an ambush. And she even managed to put a barrier up to protect the cabin, and kept me and Todoroki-kun from being killed by an attack that we couldn't see-" At this point he was looking at the teen from over his shoulder. His normally dark eyes glittering red with anger and something else that the teen couldn't quite place.

Izuku must have noticed anyways because he quickly tried to wrap the story up.

"She saved us." He squeaked out.

It was at this point that Shoto decided to chime in. "She was grabbed by whoever nearly killed us. He ran off with her and when we and All Might finally found her- she was beaten up pretty bad. She was bloody, bruised, suffering multiple broken bones- All Might handed her to us and said to run. But she managed to throw herself out of our grasp and get in front of him. She told him 'no' and 'don't fight him'. And then to keep All Might from fighting the guy anyways, she blew a freaking crater in the side of the mountain just to get rid of him."

"With extreme prejudice." Izuku added before then falling strangely silent for a moment.

Shota was about to call for Chiyo to come over and do what she could for the girl. Cause she had to be in pain. He could tell that much just from looking at her. Her current unconscious state wasn't a natural one.

If it were, then she would have woken up already when she felt him get near her. The fact that she hadn't done so, especially after Izuku had just outed her as a 'sensor' was troubling to him.

Being able to sense things, even from a distance, was rare. Very rare. And having a strong enough ability to sense danger, emotions, malicious intent and such- was practically unheard of. Even for them. Despite being part of a Hero/Villain based society, having people who could sense such things was considered impossible.

A work of fiction at best.

And that fucking crater was at least half way down the mountain...and it was insanely huge. There was no way that the girl could have that kind of power. Right?

But then again, so little was known about her. Sure she'd told Toshinori that she didn't have a quirk. But he couldn't really fathom anything else managing to blow a hole as big as the crater from before, in the mountain.

Either way, he and everyone else would have a shit load of questions for her and her friend Sado. If the guy ever showed up again.

He finally managed to shake himself from his nearly frantic inner thoughts enough to call Chiyo over to double check her. And once he was absolutely certain that it was okay to move her, he carefully scooped her up in his arms- barely managing to rouse her enough to even crack an eye at him as she sleepily muttered something along the lines of 'happy holiday' to him and Chiyo.

She closed her eyes again seeming to go back to sleep for all of two seconds and then nearly startled him into dropping her when her eyes suddenly popped opened again and she shouted in an excited tone. "Chad!"

Said young man appeared out of fucking thin air to Shota's right and easily took the girl from his arms and immediately cuddled her against his chest and started speaking to her in spanish between pressing kisses to her forehead and temple while Ichigo wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him as if he were her lifeline.

Shota watched the exchange with some trepidation since he hadn't been totally sure that Sado had been telling the truth. And it wasn't totally unheard of for villains to pretend to be someone else just to get close to specific people. Despite the fact that knowing that Ichigo somehow had ties to UA could have meant just about anything if one watched and studied them enough.

So seeing the man cuddle the girl and practically rain affection on her while she clung to him was...oddly relieving to him. Probably not so much Toshinori and anyone else not in the loop at present.

But that could be cleared up easily enough.

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