A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 33

Ichigo let the Souten Kisshen heal her broken bones, any internal injuries that may have she had, her little spine issue as well as the worst of her bruising. Everything else was considered to be superficial and would heal on it's own in a few days or more. So she felt no reason to use the healing abilities in excess.

Besides, it took a lot out of her to feed the Souten Kisshen as much energy as possible just to help them be able to heal her. And once they were finished, all she wanted to do was rest.

Not sleep exactly, more like...just lay there and be boneless and lazy or something. Conserve her strength while she could. However the moment that the Souten Kissen had finished and returned to their 'new' original state.

Which basically consisted of the crystal flower that had once rested in Orihime's hair being fused with her heart. The crystal flower rested, embedded now, in her skin barely a hairs breath right above the valley of her breasts. Where it was visible to everyone if she allowed them close enough to see it.

She was just laying where her guardian had placed her, letting her mind drift when she suddenly heard an astonished sounding, "Holy hell!" come from somewhere to her...left?

And turned her head to see Izuku, Shoto and Gran Torino standing there looking freaked.

Well, maybe freaked was the wrong word to use.

They just looked really, really excited by something. So like a dumbass, she decided to look around and see what it was that had them looking like that. But she couldn't see anything worth getting excited over.

It took her several minutes for her brain to get out of neutral and realize that they were excited over the Souten Kisshen's healing abilities. And that made her anxious since she knew that the little fairy's could be used for a lot more than just healing. Especially when she recalled all of the trouble they had unintentionally caused over the years.

Mostly due to specific incidents involving Aizen and his bullshit experiments.

"Oh wow! Those little fairies healed you!" She heard Izuku said excitedly as he practically skipped over to her and latched onto her and then started to bombard her with questions. "How do they do it? Do they have limits on what they can heal? What about the barrier that you put up before? Is it really one of their abilities or did you simply use them as a focusing tool? What else can they do?"

Ichigo didn't answer him because it was wiser not too. So instead she tuned him out and waited for someone- at this point she'd settle for anyone really- to pull him off of her. However the others seemed to have similar thoughts about the little fairies.

To say that she was displeased by this turn of events would be a gross understatement.

So she was fairly happy- sort of- when her guardian finally rejoined them and took one look at Izuku, attached to her, and chattering away excitedly. And dropped what was in his arms to quickly pull the teen off of her.

"Young Midoriya!" Toshinori said sharply. Causing the teen to abruptly shut his mouth and stop talking as he felt carefully himself being pried off of Ichigo by his master. "What do you think that your doing? She's injured!"


"No buts." The man growled as he gave the teen a small shake to emphasize his displeasure before then setting the boy on his feet on the ground nearby. "She's injured and you shouldn't be chattering at her like that until she feels better."

After which he turned his attention to his girl and blinked when he automatically noted that she looked better. Not totally better. But her broken bones were fixed and some of the really bad bruising that she'd been sporting before was gone too.

It took him a second to register everything, but once he did, he was on the ground wrapping his arms around her and hugging her as tightly as he dared. Which...wasn't very tight at all considering that he didn't know if everything was fixed or not.

Still, he was so overwhelmed by everything that had happened and been learned about her. He still felt guilty for his mistake, and for being unable to be of any help to her at all when she'd been fighting- that all he could do once he realized that she was okay- was hug her.

If nothing else he could say that his relief was so great that he couldn't contain himself anymore.

"I'm so glad that your okay." He said after a heartbeat or so of silence before then slowly releasing her. "Are you still hurt anywhere?" He asked almost anxiously.

"It's mostly minor scrapes and bruises now. They'll heal on their own." Ichigo said, still feeling tired. Her guardian merely nodded and instead of asking her how she'd healed like she expected him to, smiled at her and asked her if she wanted to rest for a bit. He mentioned her having a rough time earlier as she nodded her head in confirmation to wanting rest. After which he got up and practically scrambled to grab the pillows and blanket that he'd brought outside to make her comfortable, and then used them to wrap her up like an human burrito.

Which would have been nice. If she were going into shock or hypothermic. However in this instance, it was just oddly baffling to her. Who in their right mind would find being a human burrito comfortable? She just didn't get it. But she also wasn't going to waste any time dwelling on it when she could be resting, either.

The second that she had a pillow underneath her head, she checked out.

Chad sat across from the little chimera, the old lady who seemed to be a medic of some kind, and 'Scruffy' as they rode in the helicopter in the direction where their friends who'd sent out an SOS for assistance, were.

"Does anyone know what exactly we're walking into?" He heard the old lady ask one of their companions.

"Not really. All we know is that Toshinori, Gran Torino and the kids might have suffered some sort of injury and can't be moved."

"They didn't say anything else?"

"Well, Naomasa was the one who left the message for us. But he was vague on what exactly was needed. However since the earthquake seemed to have originated from close to their location- we can only assume at this point that something must have happened that Toshi didn't plan for." Aizawa said.

Chad didn't bother to add his two cents about how Ichigo had probably been fighting someone. He wanted to get closer to the mountain before he decided on any specific course of action.

It took them almost two hours to nearly reach their destination, and once they got close enough he felt the sensation of a chill shoot down his spine and the hair on his nape standing on end in warning. However he knew enough about what he was sensing to know that the threat was already taken care of.

Still, he paled and suddenly looked as if he were going to fling himself from the helicopter once he realized that there had been an Espada fighting Ichigo. However instead he simply spat a few choice words in an venomous tone that had his current travel buddies looking at him like he was possessed.

Finally he simmered down some, but it took him nearly fifteen minutes due to the fact that he was really riled just by feeling the former Espada's presence so close to his friend.

Seeing that the height they were flying at was gradually getting lower to the ground, Chad made a choice.

"Hey," He said turning to look at the little chimera. "I'm going to go ahead and check the area and stuff to make sure it's really safe. I'll meet up with you guys once I'm done."

He watched the curious expression flicker across the furry little face for a second, and then reached out and opened the door closest to him.

They were still a fair distance up from the ground. Probably a few hundred feet or so. But it didn't matter any since he'd fallen and even jumped from higher heights before without any sort of trouble or injury.

Besides, he liked the feeling of freefalling.

"We're still really high off of the ground, Mr. Sado."

"I'm aware." Chad said as he slipped his safety belt off.

"Do you really think jumping from here wise?"

Wise, no. Never. But then, he wasn't like everyone else or he would exercise more caution. But he didn't bother to say that aloud. He merely shot the three a smile and stepped out of the helicopter and let himself fall.

He wasn't sure if they could even see him once he landed because of all of the trees and such. But if they did, they would have seen him land deftly on the balls of his feet, rise up to his full height, and wave at them to let them know that he was fine before he ran off into the surrounding trees.

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