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A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 32

Chad was in the midst of upholding his part of the deal that he'd made with the heroes. And was trying to vaguely cover the fact that she was considered a half breed. But explaining to everyone what he meant when he called her a 'half breed' was proving more problematic than he'd anticipated.

After all, how did one explain the existence of Soul Reapers and Quincy's as anything but a sub-species of human- granted a sub-species that didn't quite exist in this particular world?

Not only that, but they looked really, really skeptical until he pointed out that they had mutants and metahuman's running around their cities and towns pretty much unchecked.

And really, how was a half breed sub-species any different than them? Especially since she had some similar abilities. Not a lot. But definitely some. Though he didn't really elaborate on what abilities she possessed any.

He would just leave that up to their imaginations since they likely had a better idea of what was what anyways.

Naturally, that seemed to shut down any skepticism and ideas of running any tests on her for the time being. Which was great.

But while he was patting his back for a job well done he felt Ichigo's power spike dangerously and let out a loud, feral sounding, "What the fuck?" As he quickly got to his feet, knocking over the chair that he'd been offered after everyone had signed their NDA's, so that he'd have somewhere to sit during the undoubtedly lengthy questioning.

His sudden and abrupt action startled a few of the heroes who tensed and expected him to attack them or something. He didn't mean for it to to startle them. But it couldn't be helped. He could see something akin to blue-white pillar of light appear in the distance through the window, behind the little chimera and 'Scruffy', and knew that it was her doing.

However they quickly got over any need to defend themselves from him when the earthquake hit not too long afterwards.

It was a bad one judging from the way the whole building shook or the damages that it suffered. And Chad was quick to grab several of the heroes and shield them from any debris that might have harmed them when parts of the ceiling fell and some of the windows shattered.

Thankfully no one was hurt by what happened. Though many of them were slightly panicked. And for good reason too since some of their co-workers and some of their students were still around campus and had probably gotten caught in the quake and they were worried that someone might be hurt.

While others were more concerned about what may have caused the earthquake since they didn't tend to have them very often in this region of the country.

Chad didn't bother to tell them that it was Ichigo's doing since he wasn't sure what they might do to her, signed NDA's or not. And the last thing that he wanted or needed for either of them was to wind up on the other side of the law.

Not that he would mind entirely. Being a baddie for once.

Not as long as Ichigo didn't mind either.

He had literally followed his friend to hell and back before. So he was up to anything that she would and could lead him through. He really didn't give much of a damn what it was anymore.

"Some of you need to go check on your co-workers and the student." Chad finally said once he was able to pull his mind away from his thoughts enough to use his voice again.

Everyone was shaken by what had just happened and needed no further prompting. Several people were practically flying out of the room the second that they had the door open. Leaving him alone with the chimera and two others.

All of whom were already checking their cell phones and computer for anything that could tell them what the hell was going on.

Moving Ichigo would have proved to be a very tricky thing. Especially with how badly she was hurt. However when it was time for them to leave, she was up on her feet and ready to go. Despite how much he, Izuku, and Shoto all fussed and tried to get her to let one of them carry her back.

After all, she didn't need to exacerbate her injuries any and make them even worse.

Besides they could all see how much they hurt her whenever she started to take a step. She flinched and had to bite her lower lip just to keep from letting out any sounds of distress.

They all worried about how difficult it would be for her to remain on her feet with so many broken bones in her legs, and torso. And though Toshinori didn't say it- he was utterly terrified that his shameful actions prior had pushed her back into a dark place mentally.

"Ichigo, please- let one of us carry you the rest of the way." He pleaded when she started to take another step and suddenly doubled over and started coughing.

He wouldn't swear to it. But he was pretty sure that he saw fresh blood staining the palm of her hand that she used to cover her mouth once she dropped it back to her side again. And felt his heart plummet in dread.

Finally after letting her walk a good distance, he'd finally had enough of her ignoring their fretting and when she started to stagger a little bit, he took the chance to step forward and scooped her up in his arms. Eliciting a pained gasp from her because he'd had to jostle her a little bit just to get her settled into place.

"Sorry." He said quietly. Meaning it with all his heart.

He was so sorry that he'd hurt her with his carelessness. It honestly hadn't been his intention to do so. He just...didn't know what to do.

He'd balked. It was stupid of him. But well, he was only human. And he tended to balk sometimes when he was faced with something he couldn't quite wrap his mind around. And after seeing what she was capable of there was bound to be a small adjustment period for him. So it wasn't as if he'd ignored her on purpose. Really!

"I really didn't mean to hurt you." He finally said, letting his eyes flicker away from the scenery up ahead so that he could look at her.

She was biting her bottom lip in an effort to stay silent since he wasn't exactly the lightest and most sure footed of people. Her breathing was also harsh as if she'd run a marathon or two. And he could hear a distinctive rattling sound coming from her chest.

A punctured lung? He wondered to himself before then turning his head and ordered the two boys to go ahead of him and check on Gran Torino and Naomasa and make sure that they were okay.

He figured that the were. But it always paid to be cautious when dealing with situations like this one. Besides, once they were back at the cabin, they could use his long range radio to call for help for Ichigo. Naomasa would know where it was and how to use it. So he could help them with that.

He waited until the two boys were well on their way back before finally asking, "Do you have a punctured lung? Your breathing is labored."

"No. Just...really bad bruised ribs." She gasped out with a small wince.

"You have broken bones though."

"Not anywhere in my chest." She wheezed out before then hissing at him from between clenched teeth. "Now stop talking to me."

He thought that she didn't wish to talk to him both because of the pain she was in and because of his blunder. So he stopped talking figuring that she would need time to forgive him even a little bit.

All he could do until then was keep apologizing for his mistake.

He could see Izuku and Soto waiting for him when he finally reached the cabin. He also noted that whatever means of protection Ichigo had put up around the area when she had run off- was gone now.

And all that remained of it were the little fairy thingy's.

All of whom flew over to him and fluttered anxiously around Ichigo. Their little voices calling out, asking questions, there was even one that sounded really annoyed with her. It- er, he- he meant to say, he when referring to it.

He called her a 'stupid girl'.

Not knowing what to do about them, Toshinori let them be for now and just kept walking.

It wasn't as if the tiny beings were hurting anything. And he was rather curious about how they were connected to his girl. So decided to just sit back and just observe them all. He wasn't the only one either.

He could already see Gran Torino, Izuku, and Shoto observing them curiously too.

"Ichigo are you okay?!"

"You've gotten torn to pieces again!"

"What the hell did you think you were doing dividing up your power like that, you stupid girl!" The annoyed fairy roared at her. Ichigo merely blinked at him in an bemused manner.

"Now, now, calm down Tsubaki," One of the other fairy's said in a mollifying tone. "Ichigo had her reasons to do it. She wanted to protect her companions from becoming collateral damage."

"I don't care! She could have been killed, again!"

Toshinori's mind latched onto the words, 'killed' and 'again' and he felt something in him just shatter into pieces in mounting horror. He wasn't the only one either. Izuku, Shoto and Gran Torino all seemed upset too.

Though he couldn't help but wonder if maybe the reasons that they seemed upset were different from his own. Finally he placed Ichigo down on the ground outside of the cabin, and then slowly moved away so that he could go grab a first aid kit, some bandages and other stuff. Including a blanket and pillow for her.

Which meant that he missed out on some more of their interaction. However he ran into Naomasa on his way back outside.

"Toshinori! Your back!" His friend said as he walked over to him and took a moment to look him over for any injuries. And upon finding none, let his eyes flicker to the items in his arms before saying, "I just managed to get a message through to UA. Someone will get into contact with Nezu and a rescue should be here in an hour or two."

Toshinori grunted in response to his words and then tensed up a little bit when he heard the man ask, "Who got hurt?"


"What?! How? Was it the earthquake?" Naomasa asked in concern.

"No. There really was someone out there."

"Huh?! Who?"

"I don't know. But whoever he was, he beat the ever loving hell out of her." He said as he stepped through the door to rejoin everyone outside. So he missed anything that his friend might have been about to say next.

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