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A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 3

"So..." Toshinori said the moment that they were on their way back to the school. "I'm not sure if anyone has told you anything young Ichigo, but you've been granted a court appointed guardian to look after you until you are of age to do so yourself."

"That's nice." Ichigo said without looking at him. She was a tad bit occupied by attempting to memorize their current surroundings so that she could leave at some point and not get lost. "Who's the sucker?" She asked after a moment or so.

Toshi gave her his best million-watt-smile and waited for her to turn her head to look at him. It took her nearly ten minutes to finally do so, and Shota was desperately trying not to laugh at his friend's expression up till then.

Especially when the blond did his best puppy eyed expression at the back of her head.

"Ah, so you're the sucker."

"I am not a sucker." Toshinori grumbled at her in a good natured manner.

"Do you even know how to take care of a kid?"

Shota actually snorted aloud at that question. He'd caught the man attempting to teach some of their student's how to change diapers on some dolls as part of a school assignment once.

That poor doll had died a horrible and degrading death.

After that Toshinori had been banned from being in that class ever again. Much less teaching it. He'd also been advised to stay far, far away from any honest to god infants during his hero work as All Might.

"Of course I know how to take care of a kid-" Shota nearly had to pull the car over, he was laughing so hard by this point. Toshi shot him a perturbed look, that did nothing at all to make him stop laughing and quickly tacked on, "I'm a school teacher and a Pro-hero. Taking care of children is a basic that is pretty much taught to us first thing."

"That doesn't sound ominous at all." She muttered more to herself than either of them as she turned back to the window and started to ignore them again for the rest of the trip.

Once the car was parked in the school garage. Shota decided to walk with Toshi and his problem child back to the dorm where the rest of the problem children were undoubtedly waiting to ambush them.

After all, it wasn't as if Toshinori had been very subtle about the fact that he was taking the girl in. And despite how much they both may occasionally bitch about their students not paying attention.

It would have been incredibly difficult even for the most unobservant of kids not to notice Toshi's hulking seven foot two form zipping around in his All Might outfit trying to get everything ready before the girl's release from the hospital.

The man had practically done everything but attach a neon sign to himself that would have read, I'm someone's dad now and damned proud of it!

After all, Toshinori had grown up alone himself. So he knew how difficult it was for someone in Ichigo's position to find a good home. Especially at her age. Even he knew that most foster kids weren't adopted once they were in their teens. It took a special kind of person to open up their homes and their hearts to someone old enough to sass them.

Which Shota suspected was just one of the main reasons why he had volunteered himself to be her guardian. The other main driving force behind Toshi's current madness was a combination of his Hero/savior complex and his guilt over her friend dying.

They had been walking for several minutes in total silence when Toshinori finally chimed in. "I hope that you don't mind, my dear girl, but when preparing your room I wasn't sure if you would want one across the hall from me. Or if you would like one attached to my own living space-"

"Which one is quieter?" Ichigo asked as she reached up to tuck a strand of her hair behind one of her ears.

Toshi opened his mouth to tell her that both were pretty quiet, but Shota interrupted him. "Neither one." Toshi shot him a scowl as he shrugged and merely explained, "Either way you look at it, your going to have unwelcome and nosy neighbors barging in on you all the time. I'd run while I had the chance if I were you."

Ichigo's lips twitched a little bit. A sign that she was amused by his words as she muttered.

"I think my nosy neighbors better watch themselves. I know karate and I'm not afraid to use it."

"Really?" He and Toshinori asked in unison. Their tones colored by their piqued curiosity about her aforementioned skills.

"Yeah. I've taken karate since I was seven."

"What belt did you earn last?" Shota asked, suddenly worried about what she might be able to do to the other kids if they scared or startled her before she was used to being around them.

"A black one."

Crap. Shota thought to himself before quickly saying, "Please don't violently maim or kill anyone."

"I make no promises." She deadpanned.

Shota relaxed a little bit knowing what that deadpan tone of hers meant while Toshi let out a hysterical sounding giggle that was creepy as hell. And caused him to reach out and shove him in an effort to get him to stop giggling like that.

It seriously freaked him out whenever the blond giggled like that. He sounded like an evil doll or something.

Finally the dorm was within sight and the two men could see some of their students hanging out, waiting for them. The second that the kids saw them, the few outside started jumping up and down and calling out to them.

Both men exchanged a glance with each other and then sighed before shifting their attention back to Ichigo for a moment. The girl didn't seem to be paying any attention to the fact that their students were waiting- not exactly patiently either- to finally meet her.

In fact she seemed to have zoned out completely for the moment.

So much so that she was slightly startled when Toshinori reached out and took one of her sleeves between his fingertips and gently tugged on it to get her attention.

She jerked a little bit before turning her head to look at him and saw him motion to the dorm ahead of them. Or rather she saw him motion to the kids jumping around like little monkeys.

"Who are they?" She asked. Feeling slightly relieved of some of her anxiousness by the fact that she wasn't the only teenager that was present here.

As much as she missed being around people, she wasn't sure that she was up to the task of being around nothing but adults twenty four/seven. Especially if she needed someone her own age to talk to.

There were simply some things that a girl couldn't say to a grown man without eliciting panic, horror, dread, tears or even fainting.

She'd learned that lesson from her dad when she'd first started her period, and had to ask him for help getting 'stuff' to take care of the issue. He'd fainted on her. And essentially got himself labeled as useless. So she had taken his wallet while he'd been unconscious and left to get her stuff herself.

"They're some of our students," Shota said as he caught sight of Izuku and Bakugo slipping away from the rest of the kids to make their way over to them. "The two coming this way are Izuku Midoriya, and Katsuki Bakugo." Shota said as the boys drew closer.

Ichigo frowned but didn't say anything else until the boys finally reached them.

"Evening Aizawa-sensei. Yagi-sensei." Bakugo drawled, as he took a moment to look Ichigo over before finally commenting. "You look a bit underfed. And your hair is longer and shaggier, but I guess ya look alright."

Izuku shot him a disapproving glare and then elbowed him out of the way so that he could introduce himself to her.

"Forgive Ka-chan. He has all the manners and unrepentant social gracelessness of a feral cat that just got caught in a downpour." Izuku said as he seized her small hand in his and shook it while introducing himself. "I'm Izuku, by the way. And your name is Ichigo? Right?"


He smiled at her and then quickly started to tug her along as he started to walk away from them. Leaving Katsuki to quickly take possession of the duffle bag in Toshinori's hands before waving the men off with a- "Don't worry. We'll have her in her room at a reasonable hour." as he walked off.

Leaving Shota standing there grinning to himself as he pulled out his cell and quickly took a picture of Toshi's comically disbelieving expression. This will be my new wallpaper.

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