A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 27

Soon after the two started planning to wrap Ichigo in 'bubble wrap' and protect her from everything that could possibly hurt her now that she was under Toshinori's care- the two decided that since there was absolutely no bubble wrap anywhere in the cabin, that they should instead get started on the decorations.

It was sort of an odd tradition for the blond to drag out a synthetic Christmas tree out for this specific holiday. But he had been oddly insistent on having one this year. Which might have had something to do with the fact that he was already thinking ahead to Christmas.

And was probably thinking of leaving the tree up just in case he and Ichigo decided to use the cabin again in a few more months.

So after collecting it and a box or two of decorations, the two men had settled themselves in various spots in the living room to get to work, quietly so as not to disturb Ichigo any. Since she had actually managed to go to sleep on the couch, a little while ago, and Toshi wanted to be close by just in case she had more nightmares while she rested.

Now here they were, Toshinori putting the tree up as starting to decorate it with some odds and ends. While Naomasa sat on the floor trying to untangle the string of colorful little lights that his friend wanted to put on the tree.

The lights were tangled up pretty good.

And he couldn't help the fact that the occasional frustrated growl escaped him. Especially since he was fairly certain that his friend didn't usually pay the decoration any real attention when he was putting them away.

In fact he would swear on his mother's grave that the man simply wadded up the string of lights and carelessly tossed them wherever until he needed them again.

His frustration at being unable to untangle them after an hour straight of non-stop struggling finally gave Naomasa the excuse to throw the damned things at the tall blond once he figured out that he wasn't going to be able to untangle them any.

After all, they were Toshi's damned lights. Let him break his fingernails trying to straighten that mess out!

The lights hit Toshi in the back and caused the man to stiffen ever so slightly and slowly turn his head to look at him with a totally affronted look. "Throwing things now are we?" He asked, his tone somewhat irked despite the presence of his trademark smile being on his face.

"You try to untangle that mess."

"I'm busy decorating the tree. I want it to look nice."

"Well let's see how far you get without those hell-ishly lovely lights." Naomasa said in a sweet tone as he gave his friend an innocent smile. Knowing that if the two of them had been totally alone here, they would have broken down and had a water balloon war or something already to help them sort out their difference's in opinion.

However since Gran Torino and the kids- especially Ichigo were all present, Toshinori was attempting to take the high road and not let his temper get the best of him. It wouldn't work any.

But the blond man could try as much as he liked.

It really wouldn't change the fact that they'd likely be at each others throats for an hour or so from this point on. And there was nothing wrong with that really.

Toshinori was just as human as anyone else in the world so he occasionally needed the outlet so that he had an excuse to be a jerk.

And Naomasa didn't mind being the one to give him that excuse since it was fin to watch his friend try to be 'bad'. Try being the operative word here. After all, as dark as Toshi's thoughts could get from time to time- the man really was a frigging saint.

He almost literally didn't have a mean bone in his body unless he was in costume.

Seeing the gears in the blond's head turning, Naomasa tried to hide his grin from the other man as he tried to untangle the lights and wound up getting pissed enough to use his quirk.

He nearly howled with laughter and fell off of his perch when Toshinori sent some of the Christmas lights flying everywhere and startled Ichigo awake when a couple of them hit her.

"The hell?!" The girl said as she turned her head to look in the direction the lights had come from. And blinked her blurry eyes in an effort to clear them while her guardian quickly pointed at Naomasa and made himself look as innocent as possible so that he wouldn't suffer her wrath.

After all, disturbing the rest of someone who was sickly was a terrible thing to do. Especially since people tended to get really short tempered and upset.

Weirdly enough, Ichigo had already figured out who was responsible for waking her. And even weirder still, was the fact that she wasn't the least bit angry about it. If anything she seemed sort of amused to find him standing there trying to sell his Naomasa up shit creek.

Snorting, she shook her head and then slowly stood up and took a moment to stretch, her back popping as she did so, before she then meandered off towards the kitchen. Probably to check on the soup that he forgot that he was supposed to be watching.

Realizing what he'd done, Toshinori let out a loud 'eek' sound and quickly bolted for the door at the exact moment that Ichigo could be heard cursing in the kitchen.

He got all the way to the woods across from the cabin before he heard her shout, "Get back here right now and explain this mess!" at him and decided that he needed to run faster.

He walked down the school hallway behind the little chimera creature and a woman in a BDSM type outfit. The second that he'd felt her energy, he'd grabbed his bike and rode straight to where he felt some lingering traces of her and decided to investigate.

Getting past the wall surrounding the school was much easier than it probably should have been for him. However he'd been caught snooping rather easily by a shaggy looking guy with long black hair. Which was probably just part of the reason why he wasn't being hauled off in handcuffs at the moment.

The only other reason that he could think of was curiosity. After all, these people didn't know him, but even he knew that they would be erring on the side of caution after everything that he knew the school, teachers, staff and kids had been though. And he couldn't blame them any for it.

Besides they didn't know why he was even there. Much less why he'd bothered to break into the school's grounds to begin with. So he at least expected them to be pissed about his intrusion.

"Here we are." The chimera chirped happily as he threw open the door to a room and then stood back out of the way while the woman roughly grabbed one of his shoulders and shoved him into it.

He stumbled a little bit because he wasn't expecting such rough treatment from a woman and it startled him. But he quickly regained his footing and took a moment to look around.

He was in a conference room of some sort. He could tell that much by the placement of the long tables that made a U shape around the room. Wondering what he was doing here, he turned his head to ask, but soon snapped his mouth shut when the guy who had captured him as well as a bunch of other people came filing through the door.

Everyone grabbing a seat while he stood there wondering what was going on now.

Sure he understood intimidation tactics. Displays of power or higher enemy numbers, but this was just ridiculous. He was unarmed for fuck's sake! And though he didn't have a quirk like just about every other person in the world, he wasn't dangerous to them unless he was pushed.

So what did this display of numbers and strength even do? Aside from sort of piss him off?

"Thanks so much for coming on such short notice everyone," The little chimera said as he quietly closed the door to the door and locked it before then walking between the tables and chairs to get to the only unoccupied seat in the room and took a moment to climb into it and settle himself. "I know that today is a holiday that each of you would rather use to visit your families and friends but this couldn't be avoided since we have an unexpected-"


The chimera stopped talking and looked at him oddly. Almost like a disapproving father would. It rankled, but there was little that he could do about it.

Everyone in the room was looking at him as if they'd like nothing more than to bury him in a shallowly dug grave somewhere. The sheer amount of displeasure and malicious intent filling the room was nearly tangible.

It was just that damned strong.

If he were anyone like Uryu, he would have been knocked off of his feet by it by now. Luckily for him, he was much sturdier than he seemed.

"Now, guest-" The chimera said, suddenly addressing him. "If you would be so kind as to explain to us why you broke into our school grounds? Why your here? Your occupation. And give us your name too, please."

"Which one do you want me to answer first?"

"Whichever you prefer is fine." The chimera said with a wave of his paw? Hand? Whatever.

"Alright," He said before then giving his name. Or at least the variation of it that he'd been using all this time since he figured that it make searching for Ichigo easier. "My name is Chad Sado. I'm a musician. And I broke onto your school grounds because I'm looking for someone, a friend. She's been missing for more than four years now and I could feel residual traces of her energy located here... So I came to investigate." He finished talking with a slight shrug.

Everyone was looking...a little bit less like they wanted to bury him somewhere and a tad bit more concerned now.

"Wait so-"

"Someone who's been missing for more than four years was here? At our school?" Someone asked in an incredulous tone.


"What's your friend's name? And give us a description of him too." One of the people- a blond guy who looked as if a cockatiel was nesting in his hair, said as he quickly pulled a pad of paper and an ink pen out so that he could write everything down.

Probably so that he could tell anyone else on the staff or amongst the students to keep their eye out for Ichigo. Which was a smart move, but even he knew that if his friend didn't want to be found, then she wouldn't be.

"Her name is Ichigo Kurosaki," He began, and paused when the man's head snapped up. His eyes widening ever so slightly behind his shades. "She's about six foot tall, has long black hair, green eyes that sometimes look like they're glowing- she tends to scowl a lot. You really can't miss her if she's actually around here. She's a really noticeable girl." He said and then watched the chaos that unfolded around him next.

Everyone started chattering at one another at once. Their voices steadily becoming louder and louder as the moments wore on.

Because they were all talking at once, he had some difficulty catching some of the conversation here and there. Though he kept a careful eye on everyone for any sort of suspicious movements.

Some distant part of him was very aware that not watching them could lead to trouble. Especially since he'd noticed at least three people amongst them who could really fuck him up badly if he wasn't at least on guard a little bit.

Finally everyone quieted down and the little chimera asked, "You say that your her friend? Can you prove it?"

"I have a few pictures in my wallet of us. I also have a few other things that belong to her. But she'd have to be here to confirm everything is actually hers." Chad said. And tried not to cringe when the scruffy dark haired guy from before shoved his chair back, and stood up, and then circled around the table to dig in his back jean pockets for his wallet.

It took the man a minute or so longer than Chad would have liked, and he was beginning to suspect that 'Scruffy' was actually using this as an excuse to feel up his ass. But he finally pulled out his wallet and held it up and then flipped it open and upon finding several pictures of himself and Ichigo in the wallet- handed it over to the chimera so that he could see for them for himself.

The pictures were old and worn around the edges and back then Ichigo had been a strawberry blond with warm amber eyes. And while she hadn't changed all that much over the years, her hair and new eye color tended to throw people a little bit.

But she was still the same gorgeous girl that he'd befriended almost twelve years ago.

Finally after studying the pictures to his content, the chimera asked curiously. "Why are her hair and eyes different now? Dye and contact lenses?"

Chad snorted at the randomness of the questions but didn't bother to reply since it wasn't any of the furry little fella's business. Nor anyone else's.

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