A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 25

Ichigo was back downstairs within the time frame that she had asked for. Her hair was damp, and pulled back into a high ponytail. And she was also dressed in a nice outfit and wearing a little bit of makeup. Blush and eyeshadow from the looks of it since her cheeks had a nice natural-ish rose color to them that hadn't been there before. And her eyes- those lovely green orbs looked as if they were glowing a little bit with the extra color around them.

Which was fine since Toshinori already knew that she wasn't much of a primping of fussing sort of girl. In fact he would bet anything that she was wearing the stuff to try and look...better. Less tired than he already knew she was anyways. Probably so that she wouldn't worry anyone.

"You look nice." He said as soon as she walked into the kitchen. She literally got a deer-in-the-headlights sort of look on her face at his complement and looked down at herself for a second before muttering.

"Dammit. It's too much isn't it?"

He took a moment to look her over a tad bit more carefully this time and grinned before replying. "I think if Gran Torino were any younger than his nearly eighty years- you'd have to beat him off with a stick."

She scrunched her nose up in a disgusted manner and let her shoulders slump a bit. "That's just wrong."

Toshinori chuckled in amusement as he finished up making her breakfast and grabbed a bowl so that she could eat it. "I agree. It is wrong. So we must never speak of this again." He said as he finished up dishing her food into the bowl and then grabbed her a spoon and set them on the small table across the room.

She eyed him as he did so, and waited for him to move back over to the stove to grab his own breakfast before finally sitting down at the table to see what he'd laid out for her.

She was somewhat surprised to find that he'd made her some oatmeal with some sliced banana and brown sugar. Sitting down, she tucked into the meal since her stomach was cramping from not eating the day before as he walked back over and sat down across from her and watched her for a second to see if she was actually going to eat it. And smiled once she had taken several bites of it.

"Do you like it?" He asked after a bite or two of his own meal.

"Hn. Yeah." She replied as he watched her finish her food off in record time.

He wasn't the least bit bothered that she'd barely said anything about how it tasted since she had wolfed it down so fast that she probably hadn't tasted it at all. In fact he was fairly certain that since it hadn't been able to cool very much that she might have burned her tongue just eating it.

His eyes flickered over to her for a second, noting that she was looking almost longingly at the pot still sitting on the stove. Making another amused sound around a bite of his breakfast, he asked. "Do you want seconds?"

She gave him another deer-caught-in-the-headlights look. So that was a yes.

"I probably shouldn't. The others haven't eaten anything yet."

"You were ill yesterday and weren't able to eat anything all day. I'm sure that they won't mind." He said encouragingly.

"What about the old man? Won't he be upset to miss out?"

He paused eating for a moment and set his spoon aside after taking a moment to lick it clean before finally replying. "Gran Torino will be his usual charming self regardless of whether he's starving or not. So help yourself."

She didn't need any further prompting and grabbed her bowl and got up and went and fixed herself another serving and then returned to sit at the table. This time she had some blueberries and bananas in her oatmeal. And she wasted no time at all at tucking into the meal either.

Toshinori watched her with a bemused expression, thinking of how quickly he'd probably lose a hand if he were to reach over and try to come between her and her food right that moment.

She wolfed down her second bowl nearly as quickly as she had the first, after which she decided to get started cooking. And after setting the dirty dishes in the sink went about pulling out some of the stuff that Toshinori had prepped for her yesterday after she'd gone to lay down.

She made some small stuff first. Side dishes like slaw, spiced cranberry, and even some punch that was part apple cider, orange juice and cranberry juice that he'd managed to taste test. And it was delicious enough to give the 'cocaine' coffee that she'd made a definite run for it's money.

She also made some cookies, fudge, some stuffing for the turkey, some mint flavored cookies with some chocolate chips, and some small cakes with white chocolate and caramel drizzled over some fruit.

Of course while she was making those, Toshinori was prepping the outdoor oven so that he could cook the ham and the turkey in it. After all, it wouldn't do for him not to start cooking those inside while Ichigo was working on the sides, desserts and other stuff.

None of the food would ever get done due to the limited capacity and space of the indoor stove. And while it was true that the cabin's kitchen was big enough to accommodated a second oven, or even two more of them if he wanted to be technical- having so many ovens in one place would have been confusing.

Besides, cooking the turkey and the ham in the outdoor oven would give them a nice wood smoked taste. And he really, really liked the whole wood smoked taste.

It tended to remind him of the few holidays he'd been able to share with Nana before her passing. And those memories of his late master were something that he stubbornly clung to even after so long because it was all that he had left of her.

Izuku, Shoto, Naomasa, and Gran Torino finally woke up around ten or so. And by then Toshinori had decided to grab himself a seat at the dinning room table and watch Ichigo work since his small part of the cooking was currently being taken care of outside.

It was a good thing that he'd decided to do so too. The second that Gran Torino walked into the kitchen and smelled all of the goodies that Ichigo had made/was still in the process of making- the old man turned into a kid let loose in a candy store.

He didn't even have time to warn the girl to protect the sweets before the old man was making a beeline for the nearest plate of cookies. If not for the fact that Toshinori and the others had talked a bit in length about some of the stuff that the girl had mentioned last night before she'd retired.

Plus tossed out some ideas about what sort of abilities she might have. If he were anyone else then he might have been thoroughly convinced that Ichigo was just another powerless person.

However the fact that she managed to smack the old man's hand away from the plate of cookies without even looking at him. Coupled with what she had done when she had saved that kidnapped boy yesterday, both sort of clued Toshinori in on the fact that his young ward seemed to have an...extrasensory type of ability that she used to gather information on specific people and things.

In this case, she was using said ability to prevent Gran Torino from getting his hands on those cookies.

Which was just hilarious. Especially when the old man resorted to using his quirk and literally bounced off of the walls as fast as he could in an attempt to get to them. And still failed.

Not only that, but Ichigo plucked the old man out of thin air and held him upside down by his ankle as she stepped away form the counter, and walked over to the kitchen door, and then promptly tossed the man outside and slammed the door shut again.

"No one gets any dessert if he touches any of the cookies, fudge or other sweets." She warned as she brushed past Izuku and Shoto so that she could get back to fixing the soup that she'd been preparing as another side dish.

The boys wasted no time upon hearing her warning in grabbing the plate and making themselves into a living barrier.

"We'll defend the cookies with our lives!" Izuku said in a determined tone. Shoto merely gave his friend a side eyed glance and corrected him.

"He'll defend them with his life. I'm hoping to live long enough to eat something before I die horribly."

Which just made Toshinori shake his head at the silliness of his students as he resumed talking to his friend about various things. Naomasa had some theories about some cases he'd been working lately and wanted Toshi's thoughts on them.

"My heroes." She said playfully, causing Izuku to beam at her while Shoto blushed a little bit and looked embarrassed.

Who knew that having someone call the two their hero would reduce the two boys to such a state? They both looked so oddly pleased with themselves.

It's weirdly cute. Ichigo thought to herself as she finished cutting up some of the vegetable that she was going to put in the soup and then picked up the cutting board and dumped it all into the pot of beef stock. After which she added some salt, pepper and a few other things and then placed a lid on the pot so that it could cook for a little bit as she sighed and went to sit down for a little bit.

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