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A Hero's Call @babykitsune_9
Chapter 21

Toshinori couldn't help the way that his eyes kept alternating between staring at the nine year old boy in his arms and Ichigo. He just couldn't seem to help it any. His thoughts were all jumbled, and he felt...weirdly stupefied and just a smidgen upset by the events that were currently unfolding around him.

For someone who seemed to be so emotionally and mentally unstable- his girl also seemed to be an honest to god pro at handling the police. Almost as if she'd been had to do it a number of times before and understood how things went intimately. Which was more than just a tad bit telling about her past.

Though he didn't want to think on that right this moment.

She was currently surrounded by officers, some local news reporters, and even a few stray people who happened to be passing by and had come over to see what was going on- being asked all kinds of questions.

How did she find the boy?

Which Toshinori felt was an excellent question. But was disappointed when she side stepped it and ignored it in leu of answering someone else's question.

Where did she find him?

Another good question. Where? And she gave some vague details about the kid being held in a secret room underneath someone's basement.

Which was interesting, he supposed. But it didn't really answer the question much. He supposed that she was sticking to the vague stuff for now because she probably didn't know the area well at all. After all, he had no way of knowing if she'd ever been through the town before now.

Had she run into the person responsible for taking him?

Toshinori's fingers flexed and tightened a little bit around the boy, as anger surged through him, making the kid let out a loud whine that had the man's fingers automatically loosening again as he tried to sooth the boy and even apologized for holding him too hard. He hadn't meant to squeeze him like that. But he hadn't been able to help it any.

The thought of Ichigo running into the person/person's responsible for the boy's kidnapping didn't sit well with him. The fact that she could have run into them and had to fight them or something sat even worse with him.

Naturally Ichigo had made sure not to mention any confrontation with the perp/perps, however produced a picture that she'd tucked inside of her jean pocket of the person/persons responsible for the crime. Or at the very least someone who knew them.

Wasn't she scared?

That was the multi million dollar question in Toshinori's mind. Wasn't she scared to have possibly incurred the wrath of some sick psycho?

She smiled prettily for the camera and deadpanned a sickly sweet sounding 'no' that had the man pretty much agreeing with her there. Ichigo may have her issues, but she wasn't afraid of much of anything from what he'd been able to tell from his observations of her so far.

Huffing from the back of the ambulance while some medics jumped out to check the boy over for any injury that he might have sustained during his three days missing.

Toshi himself- after managing to fix his hair like that of his hero alter ego to protect what little bit of anonymity he had- was presently being detained since the boy had attached himself to him like a tiny little leech after realizing who he was attached to and was refusing to let go without throwing a screaming fit.

It wasn't the boys fault, he knew. The kid was still scared nearly petrified by what had happened to him and had simply latched onto the biggest and strongest person present in the hopes of feeling safe again.

But the last screaming fit that the boy had gone into after being pried off of him had had Toshinori nearly jumping out of his skin while looking for the source or reason for all the boy's damned screaming. he was, basically being held hostage by a terrified nine year old. Which was frustrating to him. Especially with his attention elsewhere since he was trying to listen to everything that Ichigo was being asked as well as her carefully worded replies.

He still didn't know how she'd managed to find the boy in the first place. Much less how she had dealt with the person/person's who'd had him. But he was slightly irked that she'd done something so stupid without saying something to him first.

After all, he was a Pro-hero. He could have gone with her to make sure that she didn't get into anything that she couldn't get out of without some sort of backup.

For gods sake! He hadn't even had a chance to check her over for injuries before she'd handed the boy to him and walked off!

All he knew was that at this rate, they weren't going to get back to the cabin for a good long while. And there were perishables in the car in desperate need of a fridge or freezer.

All in all he was starting to worry that he and everyone else were going to be suffering from a bad case of food poisoning this year. Not only that but he was also worried about what was going to happen when Ichigo's face wound up all over the news in affiliation with him.

He didn't have his PR team on standby to do any damage control at the moment. Because he'd honestly thought that he could leave the city without something happening for once. So he could only imagine what sort of rumors would start circulating about her.

Or even the both of them unless he stepped in to give the reporters something to chew on. Add to the fact that she wasn't a hero and had no provisional license at all. And she could really get into trouble.

Agh! Nezu was going to chew him out later via text message, he just knew it. Not to mention what Shota was going to say once he found out. Undoubtedly there would also be what his master and Naomasa would also have to say to him once they found out about this- this debacle as well.

Finally the medics gave the boy something to keep him calm so that they could take him to the hospital where his parents were waiting to see him and pried him off of Toshinori and finally allowed him to leave. The second that he was free, he quickly jumped out of the back of the ambulance and waved as the back was closed up and the vehicle started moving away.

He took a moment to say a private prayer of thanks that the boy was okay and then turned to his next task. Extracting his girl from the police and local news reporters before too much damage was done.

The reporters were getting pushy with her when her guardian finally walked up to intervein. And the exact second that he reached her side, she was quick to duck almost completely behind him so that she could peek around his large figure and scowl at them all menacingly while he settled a hand on her shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze.

"Hello everyone, how are you today?" He said politely while her scowl intensified.

"All Might!" The reporters all shouted at once before quickly clamoring to see if he had had anything to do with the boy's rescue.

After all, the man was the biggest thing to ever hit Japan's Pro-hero circuit. Having a story about him would probably get them better ratings than some random kid saving a kidnap victim.

"All Might! There have been rumors lately about some retired pro-heroes in the area that have had family and friends go missing in the past few years," Toshinori kept his smile in place though the reporter's words had the gears in his head turning at a rapid pace as the reporter finally got to the point. "Did the request from the local hero office finally reach you? Are you going to help aid in the rescue and retrieval of the retired heroes missing family and friends?"

He was quiet for a moment as he mulled over the questions. After all, he hadn't heard- and couldn't recall anything about a request from former hero's for help. But if the reporter's information was accurate then someone at his office was obviously turning the people away for some reason.

The main question right now was why?

"Actually, I haven't heard or gotten anything about any requests from retired former hero's asking for help. I was just in the area for the holiday-"

"Does that mean that you aren't going to help with the rescue or retrieval efforts?"

"I never said that." He was quick to cut the reporter off. Not liking the fact that they were trying to make him look as if he were ignoring the request for aid for his fellow heroes. "If the former heroes truly need my help, then I will help them. I've never been the type of man that could walk away from someone in need before and I don't plan to start now."

"I'm sure that the local retired heroes will be pleased to know that, All Might." The reporter said before then asking, "Did you have anything to do with Jamie Aldren's rescue today?"

"No. The boy's rescue is entirely the young lady's work." He said, hoping to manage to keep Ichigo's name out of things.

"And what is the young lady's name? She's refused to give it to us so far."

"Well, she probably doesn't want her name mentioned for anonymity's sake. She's...very shy like that."

He heard a loud gagging sound behind him and thought that Ichigo might be making faces at the reporter when someone yelped and he turned his head to see her vomiting several feet away while trying to get one of the camera men to leave her alone.

"Ichigo!" He nearly shouted in alarm- accidentally giving the reporter her name as he turned and quickly walked over to her, taking a moment to remove the camera man from her personal bubble with a warning look that sent the man scampering back to his friends while he rubbed her back and tried to figure out what had made her sick.

To his knowledge she had been feeling fine a few minutes ago. Unless she'd been hiding the fact that something was wrong from him this whole time.

"My girl-"

"I'm okay." She rasped after spitting a little bit. She was still doubled over, so he couldn't see her face. So he couldn't really tell if she was being honest or not. "I'm okay. I really, really dizzy all of a sudden and it made me-" She didn't have to finish her sentence.

Toshinori may not be the smartest man who'd ever lived but he was certainly quick to catch onto things.

"When you went to save the boy, did you hit your head or get hit?"

"No." She rasped out in an annoyed tone that he knew all to well.

"You weren't hurt at all?"


"Alright. Next question, have you been feeling sick lately?"

"J-Just earlier today. When we first got here to get the food." She said as she finally straightened up a little bit and looked at him. He took a moment to feel her forehead to make sure that she wasn't actually sick. And was more than a little bit relieved when she didn't feel feverish.

Sighing, he gave her a small smile and then bent down a little bit and scooped her up.

She huffed quietly and grumbled at being 'toted around like a frigging teacup sized dog all the damned time', but otherwise didn't really react as he made excuses for them both to the reporters and then carried her over to the car and set her down in her seat on the passenger side and then walked over to the other side and climbed in.

It was past time for them to have returned from their errand and the others would be looking for them.

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