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Chapter 32

Not long after they had sat down to talk about why she was there, the king, and several of the other former Avengers managed to make their way into Bucky's room to join them. And once everyone was seated, introductions were made.

It was difficult not to notice that Ichigo was far more polite than she'd been when she'd been trying to maim Bucky. But Steve supposed that that was more because of the fact that T'Challa was sitting with them now than anything else.

"So...uh, Ichigo? Can I call you that?" Natasha asked kindly and got a nod from the teen before going on. "Why don't you go ahead and tell us all what your doing here." She said when no one else decided to try and say anything.

But then to be perfectly honest, everyone was probably more interested in reason why Bucky was currently trying to use Steve as a human shield than they were about why the girl was there.

And Bucky had already more or less explained the whole 'teleporter accident' thing. So the question of how she'd gotten there- especially through Wakanda's barrier- had already been answered.

"Do you want the truth?" Ichigo asked.

Steve thinned his lips a little bit in displeasure. Already figuring out that the girl was there for a specific reason. And it wasn't just because of a teleporter accident either.

"Yes, please." Sam said in response. Cutting Nat off while she was opening her mouth to reply and earning a small glare from her.

The girl heaved a sigh and ran a hand through her dark hair before saying. "Alright, then..." There was a small pause before she continued. "I'm sure that all of you have been watching the news lately."

It wasn't a question.

She already knew that they were monitoring the news to see what the accords council would decide to do about them. So far they just had warrants out for their immediate capture and arrest. But all of them knew that it was entirely possible that they may be facing execution if they were ever caught by the U.S government.

"We have." T'Challa replied.

"Then you know that the three headed snake has finally slithered out from under it's rock."

Again, it wasn't a question. However Steve and Bucky both blinked and repeated her words because it was the oddest reference to Hydra that they had ever heard before.

"Yes. We're aware." Natasha said with a slight nod of her head.

"Then you should also be aware that they have decided to make a move." Ichigo said as she then fished a cell phone out of her pocket and then flipped it open to something and then turned it to face all of them and replayed the message that she'd gotten on speaker.

The loud voice of a man shouting, "Ichigo Kurosaki you keep your mouth shut!" over the speaker as they saw the picture of the young girl lying dead on the teen's phone screen made them all squirm a little bit. Especially when they heard. "You are not so far away from us that we can't still reach you girl. Those pictures are to remind you of what will happen to your family and friends, if you talk."

Once the message ended, she flipped her cell shut and then looked at them with an oddly calm expression on her face and then explained that the girl whom had been killed is one of her friends and former school mates.

This naturally didn't sit well with Steve or Bucky for a variety of reasons. One of which being that Ichigo and her deceased friend were both children.

It also didn't sit well with the others. Though for different reasons.

"What did the guy mean by 'keep your mouth shut'?" Sam asked after a moment or so. "It kind of sounds as if you're working with those goons."

Clint, Bucky, Natasha, and T'Challa all nodded their heads in agreement.

Ichigo scowled at him. "I wouldn't work with such people. It would go against everything that my uncle- and many of you have worked to do."


Ichigo cut Sam off with a hand motion. "The man who sent the message and murdered my friend has recently become one of Hydra's goons. What was mentioned in the message was something else. Something that I'm forbidden to speak of to outsiders without dire consequences. For others."

"Dire consequences for others huh? Sounds fishy."

"I would imagine so. Especially since I can't tell you anything much. But I will tell you what I can so that you can understand things a little bit better."

"Alright then. Go ahead."

The girl smiled at them and began to talk. About her home town, the strange phenomenon that tended to occur there, of the people who disappeared and died under mysterious circumstances and how she wound up on the radar- and even drafted- by a 'super' military group. And once she finished speaking, they could do nothing but stare at her in utter disbelief.

After all, if she were to be believed, then they were currently sitting in the room with a child whom was a former military general whom had battled against super humans the likes of which even they had never even come into contact with. Much less heard of before. And she had just decided to come out of retirement just long enough to avenge the death of her friend.

Frankly Steve thought that she was crazy.

Her story was simply too outlandish to really be believed and just as he opened his mouth to call her out on her lies- Wanda finally spoke up, confirming everything that the girl had just told them as the truth.

"Y-You really did all of those things." Her words sounded like a question, but even Steve knew that it was only because she was startled by what she had found while digging around in the teen's mind.

"Everything... The world. The people. Before the Avenger's even formed. And even while we were having a civil war between ourselves; you were fighting on the front lines of a war where mass, world wide genocide- no, that isn't right. The deaths of hundreds upon billions on Earth and in other worlds- would have happened if you had failed to win."

There was something about hearing Wanda speak of the mass genocide of hundreds of billions that had everyone turning their heads to stare at her in disbelief.

Of course that also may have been because the woman had also mentions the people of Earth as well as other worlds. Which implied that the teen had been in a conflict much, much, much worse than the one that had occurred during the invasion of New York.

"That's right."

"But you were killed." Wanda said in a slightly confused tone as Sam latched onto the word, 'killed' and sort of ran with it.

"Killed? As in dead? No heart beat-" Sam asked in a totally aghast tone.

"Her heart was ripped right out of her chest!" Wanda snapped at him looking very much as if she wanted to cry, effectively silencing him so that they could stare at the teen again. All of them trying to figure out what to say as Bucky reached out and experimentally poked her with one of his flesh fingers.

And then nearly jumped out of his skin and fell out of his chair when the girl grabbed his finger and bent it until there was a painful sounding pop. Eliciting a small unmanly scream from him as he quickly retracted his hand and then sat there shaking it and scowling.

"I already know that you are different than us," Wanda began, deciding to fill in the uncomfortable silence. "Not quite human, not quite mutant, not quite enhanced. But having your heart torn out of your chest would kill just about anything. So how?"

"Absolute regeneration," Ichigo muttered before then going on to explain. "It takes anywhere from the blink of an eye to several moments to regrow lost organs, limbs, ect. I've had a lot done to me over the years. I've had my heart torn out repeatedly, my eyes destroyed, my skull crushed to a fine powder, my organs liquified- It was all agonizing on a level that I've never experienced before. But even though things like that would kill anyone else- I always regenerate."

She paused for a moment before then tacking on in an aggrieved tone. "It's sort of disappointing really. I've died for the sake of the people of the world multiple times and for some reason I can't even rest in peace."

"It sounds as if you're practically immortal." Clint said with a frown as the rest of them realized one thing while Ichigo gave the archer a thin lipped smile and a small, curt nod of her head.

Hydra was well and truly fucked this time. The girl would dog their every step from now till doomsday and throw a serious monkey wrench in all of their evil plans. And since she couldn't die- then she'd be able to escape every one of their attempts on her life.

And despite being wanted by the U.S government; among many others, all of the ex-Avengers suddenly wanted in on what happened next. Especially if an immortal was going to lead the way.

"Alright," Steve finally said after a second or so of careful thought. "What do you need from us?"

"Information from Mr. Barnes about the locations of as many of Hydra's bases as he can recall. I need exact latitude and longitude. If you can manage it, please." Ichigo said nicely while Bucky blinked at her. Obviously startled at the sudden niceness that she was showing towards him.

"That's it? That's all that you need?" Bucky asked in stunned disbelief.

Steve couldn't help but wonder the same. After all, she had come all the way to Wakanda for something as small and simple as that. She didn't want anything else?

"You don't want us to help you take them down? You know that we're all Avenger's right?" Sam asked in concern.

Clint, Natasha, T'Challa and Wanda all looked as if they were now very worried about her answer.

"All of you are currently in hiding from the world's governments. It's best to stay put and continue hiding. Besides, I'm more than able to fight my own battles. And even if I wanted to take you with me, I still couldn't without certain assurances."

T'Challa started to open his mouth to ask her about what assurances she would want. But she beat him too it by simply going on to say.

"One of which would be an agreement that someone- or in this case several someone's- are to act as bodyguards for Mr. Barnes if he decided to go too. He's healing, after all. And I don't want him so close to those vipers that they can get their hooks in him again."

"Which is understandable." Steve said with a small nod of his head as he said firmly. "And if Bucky goes, he will stay with me so that I can keep him safe."

"With all due respect Mr. Rodger's I have people that can beat back an entire alien army alone, and unarmed. I think several of them could easily decimate Hydra and it's soldiers if they came too close to Mr. Barnes."

Steve opened his mouth to argue with her. But she shrugged her shoulders and merely said. "But I guess it won't really hurt anything if you stay with him."

"Great." Steve said as Nat asked her about weapons.

The girl got this weirdly sweet smile on her face that made the fine hairs on the back of his neck stand on end in warning as the teen held her hand out to Nat and then once she was up on her feet, tucked her hand into the crook of her arm in a very old and outdated manner that reminded Steve of someone courting their sweetheart and Ichigo dug something small out of her pocket and then tossed what looked like a bead across the room. Where it hit the wall and then seemed to explode.

However instead of fire, falling stone and chaos like he'd expected. He blinked at finding himself staring at a portal of some kind while Sam goggled at the sight and Clint let out a whistle of appreciation.

"Damn, I need toys like hers." The archer muttered as he got up out of his seat while she led Natasha through it. It barely took any of them a second to decide to follow the teen through her glowing rabbit's hole.

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