Sleight of Hand @babykitsune_9
Chapter 27

Ichigo finished making the plans on how to approach the former Winter's Soldier and even took the time to decide on who to send to the US to keep an eye on Rhodey, Pepper, and Happy until everything was resolved before finally meandering back to where Thor, Loki, and Bruce were and finally collapsing next to them.

"Are you alright, young one?" Thor asked worriedly as he took a moment to access her.

She gave him a tired looking smile, but didn't bother to speak because in all honesty her shoulder and side were throbbing like crazy where she'd been shot. She was just a tad bit surprised that they had seemed to forget about the fact that she was injured.

No matter though. She could push through it without too much difficulty. So there was no point in saying anything and risking Banner's head actually exploding on them.

"I'm fine Thor," She said after taking a moment to absently rub at her sore shoulder as she asked, "How's the doc doing?"

Banner had been in a nice mood ever since he'd been given the tranquilizer earlier. And at present the man was draped across Thor's lap chewing on part of his cape while he dozed.

It was a strange thing for anyone to see, in her opinion.

Luckily Thor seemed totally fine with the doc making a little bit of a spectacle of them. Otherwise he would have already dumped the man out of his lap and walked off.

"Bruce is...sleepy?" Thor said, not sounding too sure of what else he should say at the moment. Which made Loki snort in amusement as Banner's leg started kicking at the air.

Thor got an excited look on his face and then suddenly said, "Ah, he's already preparing for what will happen next. See, he's kicking ass while he sleeps! I knew he was doing something aside from chewing a hole in my cape."

Something told her that Thor was a few sandwiches short of an actual picnic basket. Possibly from taking a thousand years worth of beatings.

It was even on the tip of her tongue to ask if he'd ever suffered head trauma, but she stopped herself and shrugged her shoulders instead. Whatever. She thought as she watched Thor happily pat Banner on the head and croon at him to kick those asses most viciously.

"Are you sure that your alright?" Loki asked her in a quiet tone so as not to worry Thor or wake Bruce.

"I'm fine. I promise." She said with a reassuring smile. He frowned at her but patted the ground next to him and shifted his body a little bit as she crawled over to where he'd just patted the ground and then suddenly found herself toppled over when he hooked a hand around her nape and tugged her off balance.

She made a small strained sound as she found herself laying on the ground with her head resting in the man's lap where he somehow managed to keep her in place by laying a hand on her forehead. "You're tired, I can tell. Why don't you get a bit of rest." He suggested gently.

She opened her mouth to argue with him that she wasn't sleepy- but he stopped her with a pointed look. Huffing quietly, she grumbled underneath her breath for a few seconds and then reluctantly, very reluctantly, closed her eyes.

She supposed that an hour or two wouldn't hurt anything since everyone already knew what to do. She'd get some rest, and then be up in time to get herself to Wakanda.

Easy peasy.

She didn't know how long she managed to rest. But it must have still been dark outside when she felt a large hand on her shoulder, gently shaking her awake. Cracking open an eye, she stared up at the person waking her and noted that it was Ukitake.

"Time to go?" She asked in a sleep rough voice.

"Yes," He said softly as he moved back a little bit so that she could sit up and stretch while he took a minute to explain. "I've finally stopped giving everyone instructions and cleared for the next week so that I can guard your guardian and new friends in the U.S."

"Who are are you taking with you?" She asked once she was done stretching, and dropped her arms back to her lap with a slight wince when her both of bullet wounds in her shoulder and side pulled a bit.

"I'm taking Toshiro and Rangiku. I thought that they would be the best choice since everyone else is...rather rambunctious."

She nodded her head in understanding and then told him to take Unohana and a medical team with him too. Especially since she wasn't exactly sure what to really expect of Hydra and she wanted all of their bases covered.

Ukitake looked a little bit startled at her suggestion to take the doctor and a medical team too. But didn't question her about it since he knew that she was being overly cautious.

Instead he merely nodded his head and then got up and left to do as she bid him. Leaving her with some time to fully wake up and decide who would go with her to Wakanda. If she decided to take anyone with her at all.

He couldn't sleep again. It seemed to be becoming a bit of a regular occurrence of late. Mostly because of the nightmares. Although he did occasionally have some trouble closing his eyes in general.

He blamed the half assed super soldier serum pumping through his veins just as much as he blamed Hydra. Which was why he was outside at the moment, sneaking a cigarette that he'd bummed off of one of the guards in the palace. He figured that having a nice relaxing smoke would help him calm down.

Or rather he was hoping that it would.

Though he wasn't exactly sure just how relaxing it could possibly be. To be fair, for it to help him relax at all, he'd have to manage to smoke the stupid thing before Steve realized that he wasn't in bed, sleeping, again and came looking for him just like he had every night for the past few months.

It was warm outside again, which was nice. Especially since he'd had more than enough of freezing temperatures to last him several lifetimes.

Digging his lighter out of his pocket, he held it up to his mouth and lit his cigarette and started to take a drag when all of a sudden something fell on him from overhead, knocking him to the ground with a startled yelp.

It took him zero point two seconds to fight off the urge to have a panic attack and access what had hit him.

If it wasn't for the very noticeable feeling of a nice curvy butt pressing down on his back, and the vague sound of a feminine voice- that sounded really damned familiar- whining about 'damned portals and their ridiculous minds', he might have actually thought that he was under an attack of some kind.

Instead, he just lay there with the...uh, woman? Dame? Or was she a girl? Sitting on his back for another minute or so before finally deciding to say something.

"Um...Excuse me." He literally could feel her stiffen in place where she was sitting on him and could even almost feel her looking at him in horror and embarrassment before she quickly scrambled off of him.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?!" She asked as he felt a small hand wrap around his flesh wrist and try to tug him up.

She made a valiant effort. But he wasn't moving any because of the weight of his metal arm. Or at least that was what he initially thought, until she adjusted her grip and actually managed to pull him upright.

He made another startled sound as she pulled him up, and quickly jerked his wrist free and then scowled at her as he wondered. Dames aren't usually that physically strong. Are they?

Now that he had a second to think about it, the only strong dames that he ran into nowadays were usually enhanced. Also, now that he had his eyes on her- he was finally able to place why she sounded so familiar.

His eyes widened a little bit in dismay while confusion filtered through his mind as he wondered.

What the hell was Stark's niece doing here? In Wakanda? Which was systematically followed by, Had she been tinkering with some experiment and somehow wound up being teleported there? Was that even possible?

He knew for a fact that some of Stark's tech was advanced enough to pull something like this off.

After all, Stark tech had made quite a reputation for itself over the years with the use of such tech. But he also knew that that tech was finicky at best. If one ruled out the improbability of the tech being used unwisely, that is.

"W-Were you messing with something back in the U.S and somehow got teleported here?" He finally managed to ask her once he got his mouth to start working again.

She just blinked at him and smiled in a weird way that pretty much had him thinking, Well okay then. As he sighed and then reached out and grabbed her wrist and then turned and started to drag her into the palace along with him. Totally forgetting what he'd come outside for in the first place. Amongst other things.

He also ignored the funny little squeaks and squawks of protest that escaped her as he dragged her along behind him.

He'd let her spend the rest of the night in his room, and then go and see T'Challa about her presence in Wakanda and what it could mean for himself and the rest of the rogues, once he was up for the day. He was pretty sure that the king wasn't going to be terribly happy. But there was little that they could do about anything at the moment.

First thing was first though. Sleep.

She needed sleep. He could tell that she wasn't very well rested by the serious dark colored circles underneath her pretty blue eyes.

And then once she got up, he'd sit her down with T'Challa and interrogate her. Maybe over breakfast? No- during breakfast. He was hoping that Steve fixed pancakes again. It was one of the very few things that he had recently found out that he liked.

Homemade pancakes. Warm ones with melted butter and maple syrup. He thought that they were nice.

And he liked nice things since he got a little bit of joy and happiness out of them. Which was also nice considering how he'd spent most of his time over the past seventy some odd years.

Finally reaching his bedroom door, he pushed it open and then dragged the girl inside and then shut the door again and locked it before he let go of her wrist.

He locked it more for everyone else's safety than his own. And at the moment he wasn't terribly worried that the girl would be able to do any damage to him. Certainly not enough to really hurt him, regardless of whether or not she had really been trained as an assassin.

Besides, Steve could unlock the door easily enough if anything happened and he really needed help. So he wasn't overly concerned.

Turning around to face her, he took in her appearance with a slight frown. Aside from looking tired, she was pale too. Maybe a little bit too pale.

"You okay, kid?" He found himself asking. He sounded just a tad bit worried about whether she'd been hurt when she'd...fallen on him?

She visibly twitched a little bit and winced as if the action hurt her. One of her hands raised almost up to her shoulder but then fell again before it could make contact. It was a subconscious reaction, absent, but it was also very telling.

"Your shoulder hurt?" He asked as he moved closer to her and reached for her shoulder before her reply stopped him.

"I think the stitches tore."

"Stitches?" He asked, trying to recall if he'd seen or heard anything about her being injured. It took him a moment, but he finally recalled her being shot during the attack while she'd been in town. It had been all over the news that she'd been injured.

"I was shot."

Of course she was. Why the hell did I forget that? He wondered as he grasped her shirt collar and then tugged it aside to see if he could see how badly the stitches had torn.

He was automatically assaulted by the nauseating smell of blood. And had jerk his head back to avoid possibly getting sick on her.

After all, dames hated being puked on. Or at least he thought they did. Plus there was the fact that vomiting on her injury while it was bleeding would lead to infection. And he didn't really think that she would appreciate becoming an amputee like himself.

Though having a girl with a metal arm running around would be pretty cool in his opinion. Even if it was a tad bit difficult to adjust too.

"Come with me." He said as he turned and started walking towards the bathroom. He'd found a first aid kit in there on his first day here and knew that the thing was well equipped with pain meds, a needle and thread as well as many other things. Which were almost useless to him. But to others...not so much.

He'd use it to re stitch her shoulder and give her something for the discomfort that hopefully would knock her out and keep her out of trouble.

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