Sleight of Hand @babykitsune_9
Chapter 11

Aside from the smear campaign that Ross seemed to have launched after his first encounter with Ichigo, things were fairly quiet. Freakishly so. Which wasn't bad or anything.

At least not in Rhodey's opinion.

Pepper managed to push back taking Ichigo to SI and beginning her hands on training to run the place for a little while. Which was also good since the few days after first arriving at the compound seemed to totally exhaust the kid. And yes- while jet lag could be a bitch- it didn't explain exactly what the kid was up too behind closed doors.

In fact Rhodey was kind of freaking out because he thought that maybe the kid was avoiding them.

And they did tend to get curious when they didn't see her for a few days at a time. So they occasionally had to use Friday to spy on her and see what she was up to when she refused to come out of her room after a little bit. But aside from that, everything was fairly calm and uneventful.

Ichigo tended to keep to herself.

It was one of the first things about her as a kid that the three adults noticed. The second thing that they noticed was several days after Rosses visit. Ichigo had been weirdly absent for two or so days.

Keeping in contact only to have Friday ask them specific questions about specific things. Some of which was stuff that she didn't need to know- mostly because she was a teenager. And they simply felt that they should protect her from some of those things since they could be particularly dangerous or even damaging.

At least in their opinion anyways.

It wasn't lost on any of them that the girl was carefully collecting intel. Checking to see what would be allowed and what she should be careful to avoid to keep from causing them any trouble.

Which was pretty smart since most kids would simply assume and get their asses into trouble of epic cluster fuck proportions.

So maybe it shouldn't have been quite as surprising as it was when they found out that she had been keeping herself busy since Rosses visit. Not to avoid them like they might have originally thought.

But because she was actually, legitimately busy.

Nearly a week after secluding herself, the kid finally decided to finally come out of her room. And she brought goodies for them when she did. And not just any goodies. But goodies that came in the form of information on the location of the Hydra agents from the press conference, and a newly written draft for the Accords, complete with amendments.

Walking into the common room, she walked right over to the couch and promptly flopped herself down onto it, next to Rhodey, with an exhausted sigh.

"You okay kid?" He asked as he took a moment to look her over.

Ichigo looked like she hadn't slept in days. She had dark circles underneath her eyes, and her face was paler than usual. How many days she'd gone without rest he couldn't be sure. But he was guessing that it had to be about four.

"I'm fine." Ichigo said as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes before asking. "What have you and the other's been up too?"

"Hm, this and that. Pepper's at work at the moment-" She raised her hand to stop him from talking for a moment and waited for him to pause before saying,

"Friday, could you please email the new Accords documents that I've been working on to Pepper. And add a note to please have the legal department look them over."

"Of course little boss."

"Thank you," Ichigo said as she dropped her hand and then looked at him. "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. And also- do you know who I should send information on Hydra's goons to? To have them apprehended?"

Rhodey's first impulse was to tell her that it was okay, she hadn't hurt anything when she interrupted him. However the second that his mind registered her second question, his jaw opened, closed, and then he simply asked, "What?" Hoping that he hadn't heard her right.

"Hydra goons. I have their location. Who do I give the information too? CIA, FBI- someone else?"

"I- You- When?" He stammered out.

"The day of the press conference. I started tracking them through various street camera's. I ran the car's license plate and I even managed to hack into a few systems so that I could keep my eye on them..." She said tiredly before frowning for a moment at his shocked expression and then tacking on hesitantly, "Friday helped too."

"No one likes a tattle tail, little boss." Friday chimed in. Her voice echoing with amusement.

Ichigo actually cringed a little bit and then said, "Yeah well, I figure that if I go down- I might as well drag you along with me." Friday didn't laugh. It was literally impossible in this stage of her development. But her voice pretty much sounded like if she could- she would have been cracking up right about then.

And Rhodey couldn't help but appreciate this fact immensely since Tony's robots/A.I.'s were literally like the man's kids. Having the trust and friendship of a one of Tony's 'kids' was like having your own minions.

Rhodey had rarely seen anything more awesome than what he was seeing right now. Well, aside from the time that Jarvis flat out refused to be Pepper's partner in world domination, that is.

Though that had been pretty damned funny in itself.

But he digressed.

"You aren't in trouble, Ichigo. It's sort of startled me with the," He waved a hand as the girl looked at him. Her exhaustion growing by the moment. She'd be asleep within an hour if he'd just shut his mouth. However he couldn't quite get his brain to comply at the moment. "Hydra stuff."

She hummed and closed her eyes again as he slowly started to settle back down in his seat and said, "Friday, send the information on the Hydra agents to the FBI."

"Of course, Rhodey." Friday said, her tone gentle before she then pointed out, "I think little boss has finally managed to doze off."

Rhodey grunted and cast the kid a quick look before asking, "How long has she been up working?"

"Since the day that Ross visited."

"So..about a week then."

"More or less."

"Has she eaten anything?"

"Yes. Off and on."

"When was the last time that she ate?"

"Several hours ago. She had a sandwich."

"Alright, then. I'll..just let her sleep."


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